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DISCOVERING THE TWINSPACE To use the Twinspace , go to and log in : User name : postea.cacrdp password : postea User name : posteb.cacrdp password : posteb And so on …

1. Change the Twinspace language : Your task : Change the language in the Twinspace □

Click on “Welcome + name “

You then end up on your profile page :

And then go to “My account”

Edit profile: postea crdp

And you can change your language by choosing in the menu and you then SUBMIT

For the new language to be taken into account you need to sign out and log in again.

2. Your profile page :

Your tasks :  Write a few words about yourself in the description part.  Upload an avatar picture ( You can find one on )  Publish a message on a colleague’s Wall □

Click on change to add a photo of yourself

Write your message and Post

Write a few words about yourself

□ □

3. Manage members : Your task : Invite new pupils, change their passwords.

From the Twinspace Homepage,

a- Invite pupils In the “Manage members” page:

Do not ignore this + sign, it enables you to enter more than three pupils at a time.

When you have submitted your list of pupils, you are then sent an email with the logon names and passwords.

b- The pupils’ status in the project :

Pupil Member: can take part in the “Pupils’ Corner”, reply to forum posts, participate in group chats, and upload files and photos. Pupil Administrator: can do the above and create “Activities” areas (NB: only teacher administrators can publish content). Please note : User roles can be changed at any time.

c- Change pupil password : When you invite pupils, logon names and passwords are proposed. They can be changed to be identical to your pupils’ network logon and passwords at school, for example ;-)

4. Project activities Projects are usually composed of several activities ( presentation, photos, collaborative work, final tasks etc … ). You can create as many activities as you like – or create a page for each school. You can add tools ( wiki, forum etc … ) in each page at the beginning of the project or add them as you go along. Your tasks :  Add a project activity – give it a name  Add 3 tools in your activity : blog, image gallery, web content  Write a message on your blog  Add photos in your image gallery  Go to and choose a short video, - Copy the link and paste it in the web content. - Embed a video directly into the web content.

□ □ □ □ □ □

Then « Add » and « Done » when the various activities have been added.

Blogs : Any user can publish messages or comments on the Blog Forum : To carry out a discussion Wiki : To publish collaborative work File archive : Different documents can be uploaded ( .doc, .jpeg, .pdf , .mp3, .mp4 ) Image gallery : To upload photos Web content display : Create or display a web page.

a- To add a link First go to YouTube , and choose a short video

Click here to add a link

Paste the link

Do not forget to give it a name !

b- To embed a video in the web content In YouTube : You are then given an HTML code which you copy and paste to the web content

To embed the video to the web content : Click on Edit then click on Source and paste the HTML code

5. The Staff room :

Your task : Add a folder to your name in the « File archive » □ The staff room is for teachers only, pupils cannot access it (it does not appear in their menu). It is the ideal place to work together, to plan, discuss progress and keep track of events before and during your project. You can use it for organising tasks and activities with the other teachers involved in the project. You can use the same tools in the Staff room as for any other project page.

6. Back to the Home page : Your tasks :  Send a message to another member from the Twinspace mail box  Add an event in the calendar.

7. The pupils’ corner Any member can access this space. It might be an idea to get pupils used to writing or exchanging ideas there. Please note Teacher Administrators have the right to moderate it. You can use the same tools as for any other project page.

8. The chat : It works like most instant messaging tools. Pupils can use it independently or class chat sessions can be organised.

Happy eTwinning ;-)

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