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Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink!

The seagull and the cat who taught her to fly (Freely adapted from the novel by L. Sepulveda.)

Scene one

A flock of seagulls is migrating towards the hot spots. Kenga is among them, She is swooping into the sea to eat the good fish…suddenly… The seagulls Quickly!

Danger, danger….get up in the air!

1st seagull

Friends, there is a seagull in the water

2nd seagull

She did not hear the alarm

3rd seagull her out of there

We must save her! We have to pull

4th seagull

She is trapped in that huge black spot

5th seagull

My God she is in the oil , the black plague. We have to save her.

6th seagull The seagulls

Let’s form a chain…. Ooh… no heave, ooh…I can’t heave, ooh… heave she is too slippery, ooh…it’s impossible ……. IV CIRCOLO DIDATTICO“TOMMASO FIORE” (GRAVINA) ITALY

Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink!

7th seagull

But what are they doing?

8th seagull

They are trying to save her from the black plague

9th seagull

Come on, are you crazy? Do you remember our law?

10th seagull

You can’t, you shouldn’t save a seagull , who has crashed into the black plague.


Could die! Let’s go away, now!

11th seagull fly.

Look at that. She is trying to take off. She is trying to

12th seagull

Wait, she might just make it... oh no she’s falling again. The oil has damaged her wings. Poor seagull!

13th seagull

Let's go, we're late for the gathering of gulls. We have to hurry. We can’t do anything for her now. She is beyond help. Scene two

Kenga is alone now, but she does not surrender. She tries with all her strength to get out of that slick, to save her egg. She is finally able to fly and eventually reaches the land, totally exhausted. Her flight ends at the feet of a big, fat cat called Zorba Zorba I have

Oh, I'm finally alone! They are all leaving for the holidays. three weeks of peace and freedom.

1st cat

Zorba hey, my friend, come with us to explore the harbour

2nd cat

Come with us… Don’t be lazy…


Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink!


No, I don’t want to come with you, I'm fine here. And then…explore the harbour? Why visit the harbour? What are we going to do at the harbour?

While they are talking, they hear a big noise ... the cats are frightened and intrigued. 1st cat

What is that ?


I don’t know. It’s soft, black and smelly.

2nd cat it's a bird!

It appears to have a beak) beak. Oh my goodness

1st cat

It’s true, it’s a seagull. The seagull tries to move her tired and aching wings


It wasn’t a very elegant landing.


I'm sorry, I couldn’t avoid it.


What is that stuff you are wearing?

Kenga I have been struck by a black wave from the black plague - the curse of the seas! 2ndcat

What is the black plague?


It is the oil. Seagulls call it the black plague because of the foul, black substance that sticks to the birds’ feathers . It is almost impossible to get off. For them it is the worst misfortune that could happen.

1st cat Human beings! Huh, what people! They believe themselves to be the most intelligent animals on the planet but they are the ones who pollute the seas IV CIRCOLO DIDATTICO“TOMMASO FIORE” (GRAVINA) ITALY

Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink!

and the oceans with the oil that causes the deaths of so many other living creatures. 2ndcat

I cannot understand them


That was probably my last flight.


What do you mean? You're just tired and dirty


It’s no use, I fear I might be about to die.

Zorba Kenga

You will not die. You need to rest and recover your strength and then you will get better.

My friend, I need your help, I have to lay my egg. You are an animal so kind and good, so you must promise me three things …


I want to help you, but tell me how


Promise to hatch my egg, promise not to eat it and promise to teach my baby how to fly.

Zorba can’t fly!

What? To fly? But how can do that ? I’m not a bird, I


Please take care of my baby. I'm sure you can do it.


OK, ok, I promise! But now hurry up, come on, you can’t leave me in this way. In the meanwhile, the gull dies….

Two cats

Oh no, she’s dead!!

The three cats are very sad, they take away the poor seagull and they find the egg .... Zorba begins to deliver on his promises: he takes the egg and hugs it.


Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink!

Scene three


I’m here to hatch an egg! I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!

1st cat

Come on, Zorba! Remember the promises made to Kenga


Of course! I also promised to teach him how to fly. How am I going to do that? I really don’t know!

2nd cat Zorba

Don’t worry, we'll help you! Wait! What is happening? The egg is breaking...Oh good heavens! The baby is being born...What shall I do?

The seagull begins to stretch out of the egg... The seagull

That's great. I’ve just been born! I’m alive! That’s great, that’s great! Oh mum, my wonderful mum.


No, no baby, I’m not your mum!

The seagull

Yes, you are my mum. I know you are, I heard your voice from inside the egg! IV CIRCOLO DIDATTICO“TOMMASO FIORE” (GRAVINA) ITALY

Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink!


Little darling, your mother has gone. The evil humans have taken her away from you but don’t worry, I’ll take care of you until you are ready to fly.

The water Thanks to the care and love of Zorba and his friends, the gull can live and enjoy the beauty of nature! This is my dream: to see, one day, human beings and nature together in perfect harmony for ever more living as true friends till the end of time

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