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C.P.R. AL-DEHECÚN C/ Matosa, 18 18328 Dehesas de Guadix- Granada Spain.

21st January 2011

Dear Authorities, We are children who study in 1 º ESO at C.P.R. Al-Dehecun school. Some of us live in ‘Villanueva de las Torres’, others in ‘Alicún de Ortega’ and the rest of us in ‘Dehesas de Guadix’.. We are carrying out a “Comenius” project at our school, which consists of ‘THE WORLD OF WATER’, how to save it and to help our planet to against pollution.. It's called "Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink". Eight European countries take an active part in this project. These are: Germany, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Denmark and Spain. We are very concerned because water is life, and if it is contaminated because of oil spills, organic waste, seepage from landfills, increased algae in the rivers as a result of increased water temperature ... animals and plants that depend on water are disappearing and we are the responsible of this wrong actions about water. As we do not want this to happen, we must work on it and not to litter the rivers and we have to be more responsible about use of water at our homes, neighbourhoods and towns; however the Goverment and the industry must put into practice more ecological agreements about water for a better planet. For this reason, we ask our authorities to carry on programmes to avoid contaminated water, and to study the circumstances that may pollute it in each area. We hope this letter can be heard and that contributes to live in a healthy planet with clean and potable water.

Yours faithfully, the students from Secondary School from C.P.R. Al-Dehecún in Dehesas de Guadix (Granada-Spain). We enclose you our leaflets about “Save water, each drop counts” y “Water pollution, each drop counts” Our Project website:


Letter wrote by Secondary Education children to the authorities to save water and to avoid water pollution

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