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Chairman’s Club 2013

Chairman’s Club 2013 | PRague

Dear Strategic Business Partner:



am pleased to announce our next sales convention which will be held in the heart of Europe, the city of 100 towers: Prague. Considered a cultural heritage of humanity, Prague is a city of the arts: films, bel canto, theatre, music, literature, paintings; it is a city of multiple architectural styles: from Romanesque to Gothic; it offers an award winning international cuisine experience. Prague is a city where legends are made. It was Kafka’s birthplace and Mozart’s muse. Prague is a city of spectacular beauty and the center of endless cultural traditions. Your efforts deserve to be rewarded with the exclusivity that Prague offers through its sumptuousness and history. We invite you to discover an unlimited cultural display. The broker, producer and PGA/ MGA that exceeds the sales qualifications for our new and upgraded Chairman’s Club 2013 will enjoy a thousand-year old cultural festival in this breathtaking city overlooking the Moldova River.

I would like to express my gratitude for the great results obtained so far. Pan-American Life Insurance Group is honored to be able to count on your triumphant spirit to conquer this new challenge, Chairman’s Club 2013 - Prague. I hope I can share with you the wonders of this marvelous golden city. I invite you to work together as a team, just like we have been doing throughout the years. Having celebrated 100 years in the industry motivates us to keep reaching new goals and conquering new challenges. The future of Pan-American Life is magnificent. Hard work brings rewards and Prague is one of them! Looking forward to seeing you in Prague in 2013. Sincerely,

Chairman of the Board, President & CEO Pan-American Life Insurance Group

chairman’s Club 2013

A Cultural Display in the Heart of EuropE Stimulate your senses and discover a cultural celebration in the golden city: Prague.

Stay in the exclusive InterContinental Hotel located in the opulent Pariska Boulevard on the shore of the Vltava River

Be part of Prague’s famous Spring International Festival which presents first class symphonic music and opera shows with world renowned artists

Enjoy the rich and varied Czech cuisine as well as one of the peculiarities of Prague, the abundance of “Pivovar” or bars where their famous beers are served accompanied by delicious “tapas”

Visit its rich museums: The National Museum on the upper end of Wenceslas Square, The Jewish Museum which houses one of the largest Jewish art collections in the world (40,000 works of art) and The Franz Kafka Museum, which houses the first editions of the author’s books

Listen to musical concerts in various environments, from antique churches to magnificent auditoriums such as The Sala Smetana, home of the Symphonic OrchestraOrquesta Sinfónica

Be amazed by the wide variety of architectural styles

Chairman’s Club 2013 | PRAGue PRAGA

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. During your stay in Prague you will be able to:


Travel through the narrow streets and precious treasures of its historic districts:

Nové Město (New Town): The Dancing House which resembles a dancing duo, The National Theatre and the Wenceslas Square, the city’s shopping center

Chairman’s Club 2013 | PRague

Staré Město (Old Town): The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn dates from the XIV Century, the old Town Hall with its most famous feature and popular tourist attraction: the astronomical clock of 1410


Malá Strana (Lesser Quarter): the Charles Bridge that crosses the Moldova River and dates from 1357, the Strahov Monastery, founded in the XII Century and the Church of St. Nicholas in which Mozart played the organ during his stay in Prague

Hradčany (Castle District): Prague’s Castle built in the IX Century is considered the largest medieval castle complex in the world; the Cathedral of St. Vitus is located in the castle area and so is the Golden Lane and the old Royal Palace

Prague is a cultural paradise. Visit the city and fall in love with its beauty.

Qualify to become part of our exclusive convention and enjoy the wonders of this unique opportunity!

“I see a place in the middle of the woods that is divided in ravines. On the south side of it is a high mountain that is declining to a great river (Moldova River, “Vltava” in Czech.) There you will find a man that is making a threshold (“Prah” in Czech language) from wood. This place shall be named Prague (English term for “Praha.”) Royalty and people strong as lions bow their head at the door. The castle that will be built there will be equally powerful. It will be worshipped by kings and it will be the first and largest castle in our country. People from other castles will look up to it because it will be a mansion of kings. The city surrounding the castle will become the pride of our nation. I see a great city whose glory will touch the stars.”

prague: Legend and Glory Qualifications for Chairman’s Club 2013 - Praga Qualification Period: January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2012 Event Date: May 30 –June 3, 2013 Who Qualifies? MGA, Brokers and General Agents with active contracts

Individual Life Sales PAIIC, PAACI, LATAM Qualifications for Brokers and Producers • Single: $144,000 – total gross annualized premium* • Double: $288,000 – total gross annualized premium*

Qualifications for General Agents/MGA General Agents/MGA (double) $1,000,000 – Total gross annualized premium*

Chairman’s Club 2013 | PRAGue

According to a legend, the wise medieval Princess Libuše predicted the glory of Prague from a hill in Vysehrad:


Chairman’s Club 2013 | PRague

Qualifications for General Agents/MGA, Brokers and Producers


• 100 percent of the total gross annualized target premium* for UL and Term products • 4 percent credit on UL excess premium

Who can attend? • Single Qualification: General Agent/ MGA, Broker or Producer • Double Qualification: General Agent/ MGA, Broker or Producer and a spouse or member of immediate family • Double exception: If the General Agent/MGA cannot attend, the Broker or Primary Producer and their spouse or the 2 Primary Producers can take the place of the General Agent/MGA

Additional qualifications for Individual Life:

*Total Gross Annualized Premium - Gross first year annualized maximum commissionable premium (MCP) includes the annualized premium for all policies at the time of issue. These premiums are not adjusted for surrenders, lapses or decreases.

Group & Mass Marketing -LATAM • Single: $1,680,000 in collected premium - new sales and renewals • Double: $2,880,000 in collected premium - new sales and renewals

•90 percent persistency during the qualification period

• Mass Marketing: 100 percent of total annualized premium

•The persistency will be based on the total annualized premium* of new business

Who can attend? • Single Qualification: The owner of the Brokerage Firm or the Primary Broker

International Major Medical SalesPrivate Client

Individual Health-LATAM

• Single: $120,000 – total annualized premiums in new sales and renewals

Qualifications for Brokers and Producers: • Single: $120,000 – premiums collected in new sales and renewals • Double: $200,000 – premiums collected in new sales and renewals

Additional Qualifications for Individual Health – LATAM: • Health Trust and Panamedic Sales

Qualifications for Brokers and Producers:

• Double: $200,000 – total annualized premiums in new sales and renewals

Additional Qualifications for Individual Health – LATAM: • WorldAccess and PreferredAccess sales

Contest Rules • All cases must have an effective date within the qualification period • All qualifiers must be under contract with Pan-American Life or any of its subsidiaries • The qualifier must be in good standing with the company. Those who receive a termination letter prior to the start of the event cannot attend • Individual and group performances may not be combined with the purpose of fulfilling the requirements – each line of business must separately qualify

• Individual Life LATAM and Individual Life International performances may not be combined with the purpose of fulfilling the requirements • A General Agent/MGA may qualify with his/ her own production at the Producer level • Awards may not be transferred or substituted. Cannot receive cash payment in lieu of attendance • If a General Agent cannot attend; the best producer and his/her spouse; or the two best producers can replace the General Agent. If the two best Producers do not want to share a room, the additional room will be paid for by the agency that they represent. PanAmerican Life will not pay for an additional room • If an MGA or Producer cancels a trip after registering in the program, he/she will be responsible for any airfare expenses • Qualifications are defined as: -Single: 1 person/1 hotel room

Chairman’s Club 2013 | PRAGue

• Double Qualification: The owner of the Brokerage Firm and his/her spouse or a member of his/her immediate family or 2 Primary Brokers

-Double: 2 persons/1 hotel room


Your effort will be rewarded with the elegance and cultural heritage that Prague has to offer.

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