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What is PST?? Hello APPS. Do you want to know Japan charm? Japan has variety of charm points that entrenched in one’s local community. If you join The Post Symposium Tour, you can know them and have a great time with us. There are t wo options; Kanto-area and Kansai-area in PST and you can choose one that you are interested in or match your schedule. Not only foods, history and cultures but also the personality differ bet ween Kanto area and Kansai area !!! Both has a lots of interesting points and you can know each tour charm points, P2~ P3. In the tour you can enjoy Japan such as foods, coltures and history !! You will be pleased with Japanese hospitality , Omotenashi ♡ For any questions, you can contact us at We all hope to see you at the Post Symposium Tour after the 12th Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium 2013 in Japan. PST Leader Ayaka


There are t wo options; ・Kanto-area (28/Aug/2013-30/Aug/2013) ・Kansai-area (28/Aug/2013-31/Aug/2013) in PST and you can choose one that you are interested in or much your schedule.


Asakusa Asakusa is one of the most popular places among foreigners in Japan. This area thrived in the Edo period, ( from 17th century to 19th century.) Kaminari-mon Gate is the symbol of Asakusa . It is the main gate and the entrance of the Sensoji-Temple, which is a very popular Buddhist temple. There is a shopping area inside the gate, and we call it “Nakamise-Street�. You can find traditional snacks and souvenirs and feel the atmosphere of Japanese old good downtown area.

Yokohama Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan with regard to the number of the population. So there are many places appropriate for hanging out. There is the biggest Chinatown, in which more than 500 shops and Chinese restaurants exist. Besides there are a lot of sightseeing spots, for example The Yokohama red brick warehouse, Landmark tower, Cosmo Clock and so on. You can enjoy shopping or sightseeing.

Kanto is located in the east side of Japan. There are many famous sights here, such as Tokyo Disneyland, Asakusa, Yokohama, and so on. You will feel the atmosphere of ancient times and modern times of Japan. 2

Kyoto In Kyoto, which was the capital of Japan from 794 to 1868, we’ll visit the Kiyomizutemple and you can enjoy the wonderful view from the famous stage, too. Many important aspects of Japanese culture originated in ancient Kyoto, for example: hiragana way of writing Japanese characters and the 12-layered ceremonial kimono that women wear.


Nara ser ved as Japan’s capital from 710 to 784. The era culture is influenced by Buddhism also Buddhism was introduced through areas along the Silk Road. That means we can find cultural common ground bet ween Japan and your country in Nara. In Nara we will visit one of the most famous Nara culture spots The Great Buddha of Nara.

Osaka Osaka is the second biggest city in Japan also Osaka people considered warmer and friendlier than people from Tokyo. Osaka is also the home of Japanese comedy and Osaka people like has a fun. In Oasaka, we will visit Osaka's busiest street, Dotonbori and you can enjoy cheap and good foods in there.


Kansai Kyoto and Nara are one of the traditional city in Japan and both of them are declared world heritage sites as the “historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto” and historic Monuments of Ancient Nara”.

FAQ ・Airport if you choose Kanto … We recommend Narita airport.

Kansai …

We recommend Kansai International airport.


Please check APPS2013 website.


There is no extra room for praying. (You can use a vacancy)


You can change money at the airport and banks but business hours are short, so we recommend cash or a VISA Card if you buy some souvenirs. You can change money at the hotel where APPS is held on.


PST and APPS registration term are the same period. Check the APPS2013 website. ※In spite of when you applicate, PST FEE is always SAME.

The number of PST participants is limited so please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in attending.


Don't worry about infection. You can drink tap water. Don't worry about earthquake and tsunami right now.


If you have some questions contact, here :) -> -> -> -> ->

Are you Ready? PST FEE : Kanto

€300 (8/28∼8/30)

Kansai €420 (8/28∼8/31) APPS FEE : 1st €280 2nd €300 3rd €325 4th €350 (8/22∼8/28 held in bayside Tokyo, Makuhari) LIT : €120 (8/19∼8/22) URL : APPS2013 in Japan APRO:


Design Yoko Ueyama

2013 PST in Japan pre booklet  
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