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The Yokohama Advantage Associate Dealer program provides you with everything you need to help drive sales of Yokohama product – then rewards you for doing so. Our goal is to build a stronger connection between you – our associate dealer, and your selected wholesale partner to give you better access to our product line and sales support tools. In doing so we want to give you an advantage in the marketplace, increase customer traffic to your store, and ultimately earn you a greater profit on our product.

As a Yokohama Advantage associate dealer, your counter staff are automatically approved for our Y.STAR program. Y.STAR is an online product knowledge and incentives program that helps your employees become more effective at selling Yokohama product, and rewards them for their achievements. Members can collect points for successfully completing online quizzes, and for selling approved product. They can redeem their points anytime towards valuable rewards like electronics, travel vouchers, sports equipment and more!

THE ADVANTAGE OF MORE REWARDS The Yokohama Advantage associate dealer program will provide you with the following benefits: •

Preferred access to our full line of passenger, light truck and high performance products

Quarterly cash rewards with unlimited earning potential

Presence on our website’s dealer locator tool

High impact point of purchase material

Access to our YSTAR counter staff product knowledge, and rewards program

Register for the program, track your progression and receive program support online at

CASH REWARDS Earn cash rewards over and above your usual profit margin on our products. We will provide a quarterly payout based on the units and threshold levels detailed below:



















HIGH IMPACT POINT OF PURCHASE MATERIAL Receive high-impact point of purchase material based on your overall units purchased. And because every customer is different, you can choose from different POP material based on the needs of your store:

• Floor mats • Wall Graphic • 3’ x 8’ Banner • Poster frame with poster

• Indoor AVID Ascend Display • Outdoor Yokohama Ground Sign • Tire Stack Cover

• Metal Tire Indoor Display • Metal Outdoor Tire Rack

• Outdoor sign • Wall Slat • Podium

• Co-branded counter • $2,500 value apparel

STARTER KIT AT 50 UNITS Once you reach 50 units, we’ll automatically send you a starter kit to help build brand presence, and most importantly help you reach your cash rewards goals! Our kit includes: • 3-tier metal rack brochures stand with brochures • Tire stands • Yokohama tire centers • Yokohama 2’x5’ banner

WEBSITE REFERRALS Generate referrals through the dealer locator tool on our website and drive customers to your location:


Registrations must be done online at Wholesaler submits invoices every quarter to Yokohama Tire (Canada). Cash rewards will be remitted in the form of a cheque Cheques and earned point of purchase material will be sent on a quarterly basis, one month after submissions. Points must be submitted in approved format (see your Yokohama Account Manager for details)

CLAIMING YOUR REWARDS It’s easy. You can submit your claim in the form of a spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet must contain the required columns in in this exact order for your points to be processed: Wholesaler Parent Number, Yokohama Address Book Number, Invoice Number, Item Number, Units Sold, and Sold Date. Please contact your Yokohama Account Manager or email us if you are need confirmation on your Wholesaler Parent Number or your Yokohama Address Book information. Submit your points via email to

SUBMISSION PERIODS Please submit your Yokohama Advantage points for each quarter by the due dates below. Your Yokohama Advantage account points will be re-set to zero at the start of each year. Please note that obsolete items will not be rewarded. Q1 – January 1 to March 31: April 15 Q2 – April 1 to June 30: July 15 Q3 – July 1 to September 30: October 15 Q4 – October 1 to December 31: January 15


Advantage Brochure English  

Yokohama Tire Advantage Program

Advantage Brochure English  

Yokohama Tire Advantage Program