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people in this industry have a sense of community. Game play conditioned them to interact and engage, and they want to extend that tradition at work.” Smart publishers and studios create a team-based culture through effective management, and also by offering the perks that appeal to this intense drive to belong. Sometimes it’s as simple as sponsoring in-house game tournaments to celebrate the very passion that drives the industry. Or it can be more fun. “Scotch o’clock” is how one West Coast publisher marks the end of the workweek, which brings the team together to sip, socialize, and enjoy rare Scotches in a Friday wind down designed to help everyone check in on progress and direction.

3. CAST NETS FAR AND WIDE. Perhaps the most startling aspect of interactive gaming is the range of talents needed to produce a killer end product. Technology drives development, as does animation and art. But talent draws from just about every imaginable discipline, including music composition and scoring, writing and storyboarding, voice overs and narration, acting, artificial intelligence, and the need to understand an array of computer programming languages. And then there are the business aspect of the industry—finance, management, human resources, investor relations, promotion, and marketing. It’s that unique nexus of business, technology, and the arts that provides boundless opportunity for many in the industry. As Caesar Filori, a Senior Producer in Digital Publishing tells it, “The gaming industry provided a path for me to pursue my two great passions in life. I’ve always loved games, and had worked as a game designer and a producer. I also was pretty hardcore into music, sound design, and all of that. Then, a few years back, a friend of

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