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certified or degreed professionals exclusively in the health care industry. The recruiting process and the talent supply and demand are similar in nature to the acquisition of technical or creative game development talent.

The table to the right covers the average highest price for a single job posting across s i m i l a r s i t e s. Th e re a re fo u r c a t e g o r i e s : Major Job Boards: These are the big brand online job boards that have set the direction of the market since internet recruiting began. High-Performing Niche Boards: These online properties narrowly focus on technical talent and skills from mid-level to higher-end positions in ‘traditional’ tech fields (e.g. enterprise IT ). Game Development Industry Boards: These are online properties that offer a job posting or advertising package that is targeted exclusively to technical or creative game development talent. Health Care Industry Boards: To provide perspective we’ve included boards that are focused on recruiting

On average, game development industry boards perform better than major job boards from a conversion ratio perspective, but not as well as other comparative niche focused boards. At face value, the premium required across game development focused sites is extraordinarily high, and appears to suggest that return on this talent acquisition investment, if there is any, would be modest at best. Is this an apples to oranges comparison? Maybe, but it is important to consider that the same job on a major job board would result in a higher number of candidates. We would have paid less for more candidates but the quality of candidates may not be in alignment with what we are looking for in the open position. Therefore, we must determine what

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