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I was able to talk to him and hear firsthand stories about the game’s development, and it was just so cool.

YOH INSIDER | What are the key skills or talents needed to be successful in the gaming industry?

Tiana: Hard skills and talent are crucial to landing a job in the gaming industry. However, soft skills such as flexibility, communication, and collaboration are essential to success. Key skills are determined by the role; however, attention to detail and accountability are universally expected. It is extremely useful to have more than one set of skills. For example, I often rely on my user experience and user interface skills, which are related but are considered two separate disciplines. I have extensive front-end development skills, which I might not use in my current role. However, my development skills provide a deeper understanding when challenges arise.

Liz: You have to be extremely adaptive and keep up with the latest trends and technology. I also can’t stress this enough...but networking. You need to be good at networking. Even if you’re already in the industry, knowing somebody is more than half the

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Yoh ebook March 14