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Real Estate Consultants & Brokers

Engaged in dealing for Buying, Selling & Leasing of Flats, Shops, Offices,

Showrooms, Bungalows, and Buildings & Plots in Mumbai for the last 30 Years.

• Property Search & Acquisition • Brokerage Charges Applicable

• Title Search & Legal documentation • Property Valuation • Commercial/Industrial Leasing • Co-ordination with Client's Legal Advisers

The search part of our service is exactly that – searching out

the best property both on and off the market. Once found, we need to get you round as soon as we can, and if you like the

property, we will encourage you to view again and again, while we begin the due diligence.

Funds India charges a brokerage rate of Rs. 25 or 30 basis points (bps), i.e., 30 paise on every Rs. 100 charged, whichever is higher. Please note that there are additional charges that all brokers are legally required to charge on equity transactions as required by the Securities and Exchange Board of India


In real estate business and law, a title search or property title search is the process of retrieving documents evidencing events in the history of a piece of real property, to determine relevant interests in and regulations concerning that property. A title search is also performed when an owner wishes to mortgage his property and the bank requires the owner to insure this transaction.

An instant and approximate valuation of your commercial property The valuation is done basis the following 1. We finds nearby properties of similar type in terms of size,


nature, locality etc 2. We use powerful algorithm and local market evidence to get the

nearest base value of your property 3. We uses property analytics to arrive at the property valuation basis the information provided by you.

Renting commercial space is a big responsibility -- the success or failure of your business may ride on certain terms of the lease. Before you approach a landlord, you should understand how commercial leases differ from the more common residential variety, and before you sign anything, make sure

you understand and agree with the basic terms of the lease, such as the amount of rent, the length of the lease and the

configuration of the physical space.

The international employment lawyers we work with are from independent, similarly minded firms. Our clients want consistently high levels of service, which we ensure through carefully monitoring all of the work that we refer to these firms, so we are confident that our clients will always be in good hands.

Contact Info Office Address:- Mamta "D", Shop No. 26, Appa Saheb Marathe Marg, Opp. Chaitanya Towers, Prabhadevi, Mumbai-400025. Cell:

09757022255 / 09821014555 0 7506371188 / 09619131666

Phone: 022-24339444/ 022-24365382 Email:

A1 Yogikripa Sale Rent and Property Resale  

A1 Yogikripa in Mumbai and sub cities:Sale Rent and Property Resale

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