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Satchidananda Ashram

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Program Guide Winter /Spring January–June 2020

Sri Swami Satchidananda

(1914–2002) founded Integral Yoga®, the worldwide Integral Yoga Institutes, and Satchidananda Ashram– Yogaville. An apostle of peace, he served as a living example of the teachings of Yoga and the goal of SelfRealization. He helped shape the modern Yoga world in the West and is one of the most beloved Yoga masters of our time.

The LOTUS (Light Of Truth Universal Shrine) is a holy site dedicated to the light of all faiths, world peace, and the universal teaching, “Truth is One, Paths are Many.” The grand opening of the LOTUS took place in 1986. Since then, people from all walks of life visit daily to enjoy its beauty and sit in silent meditation. Doors to the second LOTUS were opened in 2014, in Chettipalayam, India, Sri Swami Satchidananda’s birthplace. lotus.org

Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville A 501c3 nonprofit organization, the

worldwide headquarters of Integral Yoga®, a dynamic Yoga community with over 200 members, and a vibrant spiritual center that serves as an oasis for spiritual evolution.

Maintained by a staff of devoted yogis, reverends, and swamis (monastics), and supported by donations.

Located on the banks of the James River

in Buckingham, VA, with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop. Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville was founded in 1979 and encompasses over 700 acres of serene, wooded landscape in the Virginia countryside. Five sacred sites, including LOTUS, provide a variety of options for meditation and spiritual gatherings.

Mission The mission of Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville is to practice, live, and impart the Integral Yoga teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda, in order to experience supreme peace and joy and to share that peace and joy with one and all.

Vision Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville is a thriving spiritual center where people from diverse backgrounds come to study and practice the teachings of Integral Yoga with the goal of realizing their essential oneness. We envision our community as a vibrant Yoga village, a peaceful environment where people of all ages live and serve joyfully. Dedication, cooperation, mutual support, and trust are the pillars of our community. The Ashram is a place of pilgrimage—a setting imbued with the guiding spirit of Sri Swami Satchidananda and his teachings. We are internationally recognized as a beacon of interfaith harmony and known for our commitment to individual and global peace.

Core Values Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville’s core values are based on: • Respect for Sri Swami Satchidananda • Faith and trust • Nonviolence • Truthfulness and integrity • Ecological awareness • Healthy living • Accountability and stewardship • Equanimity • Love and compassion • Selfless service to humanity • Interfaith harmony 1.800.858.9642



Integral Yoga® is a complete system of Yoga that integrates all

aspects of life and enables one to maintain the natural condition of an easeful body, a peaceful mind, and a useful life. It synthesizes six branches of Yoga: • Hatha Yoga: Yoga postures, breathing practices, and relaxation • Raja Yoga: self-mastery through meditation techniques • Jnana Yoga: self-inquiry • Karma Yoga: selfless service • Bhakti Yoga: devotion and prayer • Japa Yoga: mantra repetition Integral Yoga was one of the first systems of Yoga in the Western world 50 years ago. Today there are over 6,000 Integral Yoga teachers worldwide.


Integral Yoga




Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville, Buckingham, VA, the worldwide headquarters of IY


San Francisco, CA Fair Lawn, NJ New York, NY Montreal, QC, Canada Coimbatore, India

US Centers Maui, HI New Berlin, PA Richmond, VA Princeton, NJ

International Centers

Buenos Aires, Argentina Melbourne, Australia Belo Horizonte, Brazil Lavras, Brazil Tampere, Finland Bobingen, Germany Town Range, Gibraltar Port Harcourt, Nigeria Milano, Italy Teramo, Italy Barcelona, Spain Naller Jaffna, Sri Lanka Taipei, Taiwan Dominican Republic Hong Kong, China



Maha Sivaratri


Guru Poornima

An all-night vigil honoring Lord Siva with four pujas (worship services), chanting, and stories Friday, February 21

A service to celebrate the birth, enlightenment, and mahasamadhi of Lord Buddha Thursday, May 7

Puja, chanting, offerings, and interfaith programs Friday–Sunday, July 3–5


Mother’s Day

A service to commemorate the freedom of Jewish people celebrated with a seder ceremony and a traditional meal Wednesday, April 8

A celebration of the Divine Mother with puja and sharings Sunday, May 10


Morning puja at Chidambaram Sunday, June 21

A worship service to Christ Sunday, April 12

Father’s Day

Ashram Weekly Evening Programs Sundays


Group chanting/singing to the Divine

LOTUS and Chidambaram open and illuminated

Mondays Interfaith presentation or Yoga philosophy talk

Tuesdays Bhagavad Gita scripture study class

Thursdays Raja Yoga scripture study class

Saturdays Satsang (gathering of seekers of the Truth) — devotional chanting, Sri Swami Satchidananda video, a presentation by a senior member or guest speaker, and universal prayers Events are subject to change 1.800.858.9642




Immerse Yourself in Silence and Peace Integral YogaÂŽ Silent Retreats



200-hour Integral Yoga (IY) Teacher Training

CE, IY 300-hour Program, and IY Therapy 800hour Program for Yoga Teachers and Health Professionals

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher

Advance Your Career


Renew with LifeTransforming Programs All Programs




Create Your Own Group Retreat Group Services


Enrich Your Spiritual Life in 28 Days Living Yoga Training (LYT) and Other Residential Programs

10 14

Integral YogaÂŽ (IY) Academy

Integral Yoga Teachers Association


20 24

IY 300-hour Program and IY Therapy 800-hour Course Integral Yoga Presenters

General Weekend Program Schedule

48 51 53 54 54

Yoga Vacation in Greece Camp Yogaville Personal Retreats Karma Yoga Weekend


General Daily Ashram Schedule

55 Guest Stays 57 Community 60 Accommodations 61 Discounts and Reservations



Integral Yoga


Silent Retreats




Integral Yoga


Silent Retreats


of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This restorative environment nurtures your connection with inner stillness.

Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville is a perfect setting for an inner journey. Our signature Silent Retreats take place in a serene oasis nestled near the foothills

Take time to step back from the demands of daily life and reconnect with your inner peace. Through mental silence and Yoga practices in a quiet environment, you become reacquainted

ince 1970, Integral Yoga Silent Retreats have provided the sanctuary and solace everyone needs from time to time.

Join like-minded seekers for a time of self-discovery. The benefits of silence continue after the retreat ends—you’ll go forward with tools you can use to enjoy a more peaceful, useful, and happy life.

New Year’s Silent Retreat

Spring Silent Retreat

December 27, 2019–January 1, 2020

April 2–5

Seek the Light Within Swami Gurucharanananda “Mataji” (Retreat Director) and Senior Staff

“ 8

with your true nature of peace and joy.

I needed to reset physically, mentally, and spiritually. I needed to regain inspiration. I received what I sought! A beautiful experience of silence and support. I have never felt so optimistic about a new year! Each of the Yogaville staff is a gift to each of us retreatants.—Sheila S. Tuition $395 + 5 nights accom. p.60

Time to Reflect, Relax, and Renew Reverend Prakasha Shakti Capen (Retreat Director) and Senior Staff

I wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I also wanted to challenge myself by staying silent. This retreat and all that was involved was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much.—Taylor V. Tuition $270 + 3 nights accom. p.60

Silent Retreats

What to Expect

Immerse yourself in silence while teachers offer experiential classes in: • • • • •

Yoga philosophy Meditation Breathing techniques Yoga postures Deep relaxation


During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to seek support and clarification by asking questions in written form. Private mentoring is also available.

All Are Welcome

These retreats are open to everyone, from beginners to advanced Yoga retreatants. Those who are new to meditation or Yoga practices will receive full instruction, while those with experience will have the opportunity to deepen their practice.

Summer Silent Retreat

Ten-Day Silent Retreat

June 11–14

August 7–16

Abiding in Your Light Reverend Sam Rudra Swartz (Retreat Director) and Senior Staff

Being silent for four days was such a scary concept to me! That’s precisely why I convinced myself to do it. I desperately needed to slow down, get still, and be quiet. It was a great way to reboot. I can definitely feel a shift in my core.–Leila D. Tuition $270 + 3 nights accom. p.60

The Inward Journey Swami Divyananda Ma (Retreat Director) and Senior Staff

Ten wonderful days of silence. The staff was amazing. Grounds are incredible. I’ll do it again. The food was amazing. Yoga classes were awesome; I really improved my practice. It was peaceful and quiet.—Mary Beth S. Tuition $495 + 9 nights accom. p.60 1.800.858.9642



Integral Yoga ®



Serving as the global center for Integral Yoga® Teacher Trainings, the Integral Yoga Academy at Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville is a vibrant learning center.

Our mission is to provide

inspired trainings of outstanding quality to a worldwide community of Yoga practitioners, teachers, therapists, and healthcare professionals.


Goal of Integral Yoga and the birthright of every individual is to realize the spiritual unity behind the diversity in the entire creation and to live harmoniously as members of one universal family. This goal is achieved by maintaining our natural condition: a body of optimum health and strength, senses under total control, a mind well-disciplined, clear and calm, an intellect as sharp as a razor, a will as strong and pliable as steel, a heart full of unconditional love and compassion, an ego as pure as crystal, and a life filled with Supreme Peace and Joy.”




200-hour Integral Yoga


Teacher Training Become a Certified Yoga Teacher Integral Yoga (IY) trainings have been offered for more than 50 years and there are over 6,000 IY teachers worldwide. Our IY 200-hour Teacher Training (TT) is a hands-on program designed to give you all the qualifications you need to become a successful Yoga teacher.

What to expect • Instruction in teaching Yoga postures, deep relaxation, and breathing techniques • Guidance in your personal Yoga practices • Classes in yogic health principles, including vegetarian diet • Lessons in anatomy and physiology • Meditation and chanting workshops • An in-depth course in the philosophy and psychology of Raja Yoga • Lessons in the nature of the mind, the science of meditation, and yogic lifestyle guidelines • Guidance on how to set up, conduct, and publicize classes

“ 12

I do feel that I can teach, which I did not imagine at the beginning. The program is well balanced with theory and practice. It’s so well organized that if you show up in class and follow each step offered, you are ready to teach! Thanks to the teachers and staff for their passion, love and generous support.—Y.S., 200-hour TT graduate

Immerse yourself fully in an ashram environment and live the life of a yogi for one life-changing month. As part of your Yoga practice, you will meditate daily in one of our three meditation halls, including the Light Of Truth Universal Shrine (LOTUS). During your free time, you can enjoy the tranquility of nature on our 700-acre wooded property, watch a sunset from the overlook, walk to LOTUS Lake, swim in the James River, study in our Yoga library, or relax and socialize at the local cafes and dining hall.

Prereqs Regular practice of Hatha Yoga for at least six months before applying and familiarity with the Integral Yoga Hatha style. Tuition $2,400 + 27 or 28 nights accom. $1,175–$3,185

200-hour IYTT


Split Teacher Training


April 13–May 10


October 25–Nov. 22

You have the option of splitting the month-long training into two 2-week segments if circumstances prevent you from taking it all at once.

Lead Teachers Asana and Pranayama Satya Greenstone, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, has been a student of Sri Swami Satchidananda since 1971. She is a primary teacher for the 200-hour and Intermediate Integral Yoga® Teacher Trainings at Yogaville. She also helped develop and continues to teach the Adaptive, Restorative, and Children’s Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Philosophy Swami Karunananda, E-RYT 500, has over 40 years of experience teaching all aspects of Yoga and now specializes in instructing meditation, Yoga philosophy, and pranayama. She designed and currently conducts the Integral Yoga teacher training programs in Raja Yoga and Meditation. She is the author of Awakening: Aspiration to Realization Through Integral Yoga.

Health and Wellness Amrita Sandra McLanahan, M.D., has an M.D. from Wayne University and for 20 years, she served as director of stress management for Dr. Dean Ornish’s research to reverse heart disease and cancer. She is the co-author of the book, Surgery and its Alternatives and helped to write the books Dr. Yoga and After Cancer Care. She now practices integrative medicine and teaches at Yogaville.

yogaville.org/200hr IYAcademy@yogaville.org • 1.434.969.3121 x153 13

The Integral Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) is a membership organization founded in 1993. IYTA keeps Integral Yoga teachers connected and facilitates ongoing dialogue and learning. Members receive access to special promotions, discounts, webinars, and more.

Membership Benefits

Bring a friend with you to Yogaville for FREE, Mon.–Thurs. up to three times a year ($50–$540 value)

Private access an interactive monthly webinar with senior Integral Yoga teachers

Our Global Community

10% OFF guest stays at Yogaville

Since its beginning in 1966, Integral Yoga has established centers all over the globe. Nearly 50 years later, the IY global community includes over 6,000 IY teachers, five institutes, and 17 centers on six continents. Find an IY teacher, institute, center, class, workshop, or teacher training near you.

45% OFF at IY Distribution: books, Yoga accessories, essential oils, teas, clothing, and more

Enjoy all this for less than $6 per month! Join the global community of Integral Yoga teachers today! Annual dues $70

IntegralYoga.org/directory iyGlobalNetwork

10% OFF programs and 5% off teacher trainings offered at Yogaville and the New York and San Francisco IY Institutes Discounted Liability Insurance through Be Yogi Insurance Plus

iyta.org membership@iyta.org • 434.969.3121 x177 14

Access to the Living Yoga Training (LYT) Program p.56 for only $108 ($600 value)

200-hour IYTT

What is Integral Yoga Hatha? ®

by Brianna Patten


inyasa, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Hot Yoga are just a few of the many types of Yoga being offered in studios around the world these days. With such a variety of classes to choose from, it can be overwhelming for any Yoga practitioner, let alone a beginner. Integral Yoga Hatha, the practice instructed at Satchidananda Ashram– Yogaville, is unique in its own right. Integral Yoga (IY) is for those who want an approach that addresses all aspects of their life, including the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.

The Science Behind the Sequence The general sequence in every basic IY class is the same. This sequence is not arbitrary. It was thoughtfully crafted by Sri Swami Satchidananda so that by the end of the class, the practitioner is completely relaxed yet alert. The first thing we do in each class is chant a mantra. This initial chanting gets the student out of left-brain thinking, and helps raise the vibration of the group. Next in the sequence is netra vyayamam, or eye movements. The eyes are the only part of the brain that you can see on the outside of the body, so if you exercise and relax the eyes with Netra Vyayamam, you subsequently exercise and relax the brain. Following the eye movements is surya namaskaram, or sun salutations. The rounds of 12 poses work every part of the body and are a great warm-up for the entire system.

The next poses are backward bends. They tone the sympathetic nervous system while invigorating and energizing the body. They are relatively more difficult to hold than the following asanas (Yoga postures), which are the forward bends. Forward bends do the exact opposite of the backward bends: they activate the parasympathetic nervous system response, which relaxes the body. Following the backward and forward bends, we practice inversions, which help circulate and drain the lymph. After inverting the body, we practice fish pose, which stretches the neck and allows the lungs to open fully to take in more oxygen. With the final twists, we balance the energy systems in the body and massage the kidneys to drain waste products that may have been brought to the surface during the class. The yummiest part of the class is Yoga Nidra, or the yogic sleep. This process promotes a deep relaxation that is not achieved in the average meditation practice. After slowly waking from the yogic sleep, we practice pranayama, or breathing practices. Kapalabhati, or skull shining breath, is energizing and invigorating. Then nadi suddhi, or alternate nostril breathing, balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain and prepares the mind for meditation.

with the sloka, or prayer: “May the entire universe be filled with peace and joy, love and light!”

The Integral Yoga Approach Not only does the sequence of the class relax and invigorate the body on a physiological level, but the way Integral Yogis approach the class adds to the benefits as well. IY teachers guide the class in a gentle, non-competitive way. You will often hear Integral Yoga Instructors encourage their students not to strain, even in the more difficult asanas. This is not only the way Integral Yogis approach their Hatha Yoga practice, but also the manner in which they live daily life, approaching challenges without strain or competition and breathing through the discomfort.

Is Integral Yoga for You? With the many types of Yoga being offered today, it can be difficult to find the right class. Each lineage offers something different to the practitioner. Integral Yoga Hatha is for those searching for a non-competitive approach to Yoga that provides tools for the whole being, including the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects. It is for those who want knowledgeable, approachable teachers who encourage their students to ask questions. It is for those seeking the peace that is their true nature. Still not sure if IY is for you? Come to Yogaville, take a class, and find out!

After meditation, we offer all the benefits of our practices to the world 1.800.858.9642



Advance Your


Programs for Yoga Teachers and Health Professionals Advance your professional career with various programs offered at Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville. When browsing our catalog and website, look for the following symbols to see which programs qualify for training hours.

Continuing Education The Integral Yoga® Teachers Association (IYTA) can provide you with a certificate for a $10 fee (free for IYTA members p.14). This certificate is not required by Yoga Alliance, but it is useful for the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) CE submission. You can request this CE certificate while you are at Yogaville or by email. The final program schedule will determine the actual total hours.




434.969.3121 x177

Yoga Alliance CE

Any program with this logo is eligible for YA contact hours—classroom hours in the physical presence of a qualified teacher (experts in their field, YACEP, and/or E-RYT 200 and above). You can input your contact hours using your YA login information on YogaAlliance.org.

International Association of Yoga Therapists CE A program with this logo is an Approved Professional Development (APD) course eligible for the IAYT continuing education credits. You can submit the CE credits for that course by going to iayt.org and clicking on the course Verify Credits link. You will answer a few questions about your satisfaction with the course, upload your evidence of completion, and the CE credits will be posted to your profile. 16


Integral Yoga 300-hour Program ®

IY 300

Advance your teaching skills and become an RYT 500


IY 300


The Integral Yoga 300-hour Program allows you to decide how, when, and where to train. It offers options tailored to your interests and needs so that you can get your RYT 500 designation with Yoga Alliance as easily as possible. To ensure a strong foundation, it is required that your 300 hours of study include either the Intermediate, Advanced, Raja Yoga, or Meditation Teacher Training. The remainder of your curriculum may be customized to meet your goals as a Yoga teacher. You can specialize in teaching Yoga to specific populations by choosing from our list of programs p.18. Prereq 200-hour Integral Yoga (IY) Teacher Training. Teachers who have completed RYT 200hour trainings from other traditions may also apply.

See p.18 for more information. Apply for Free on our website.



434.969.3121 x159

Integral Yoga Therapy 800-hour Course

Enhance your career and become a Certified Yoga Therapist



The Integral Yoga Therapy* 800-hour Course was developed in accordance with the longstanding therapeutic teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda. It is an IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) Accredited Yoga Therapy Training Program. See p.18 for information on which trainings are included or visit our website.



434.969.3121 x160

* These Yoga Therapy components of trainings are not derived from status with Yoga Alliance. 17

Integral Yoga® Teacher Trainings leading to RYT 500

IY 300 Required Choose one or more of the following Integral Yoga Teacher Trainings • Meditation

• Raja Yoga

105 hours

165 hours

• Intermediate

• Advanced

170 hours

170 hours

Optional Choose a combination of the following trainings to complete the remaining 300 hours. Please note, not all programs are offered every year. Some are held in the Integral Yoga Institutes of New York (IYINY) and San Francisco (IYISF). Stress Management – 90 hours

Yoga of the Heart – 100 hours

Restorative Yoga Parts I and II – 50 hours each

Healing Relationships – 30 hours

Adaptive Yoga – 88 hours

Healing and Chakras – 30 hours (at IYISF)

Accessible Yoga – 30 hours

Yoga for Cancer and Chronic Illness: YCat – 90 hours

Beyond Basic – 80 hours

Yoga of Recovery® – 50 hours

Children’s Yoga – 95 hours

Yoga for Teens Certification Program – 34 hours

Prenatal (IY-based) – 85 hours (at IYINY)

Yoga for Arthritis – 35 hours

Postpartum (IY-based) – 22 hours (at IYINY)

Cardiac Yoga – 75 hours

Labor and Delivery (IY-based) – 18 hours (at IYINY)

Kidding Around Yoga – 15 hours

Therapeutic Yoga – 40 hours (at IYINY and IYISF)

Gentle and Chair Yoga – 90 hours (at IYISF)

Bringing Yoga Therapy into Hospitals & Academia – 17 hours

Yoga for the Core: Anatomy and Physiology – 13 hours

Neuroscience, Yoga, and Mindfulness – 20 hours

Yoga for the Special Child® Parts I & II – 95 hours both parts (at IYISF, IYINY, and Jai Vida Brazil)

Integral Yoga Therapy Modules leading to 800 hours Required Modules 650 hours of study Adaptive Yoga* – 88 hours

Integration Module (Capstone coursework)

Raja Yoga* – 165 hours


Restorative Yoga Parts I and II – 50 hours each

Practicum Cohort Learning Groups

Stress Management – 90 hours Healing Relationships – 30 hours Foundations of Integral Yoga Therapy – 50 hours The Human Body: Ease and Disease – 60 hours Psychology and Mental Health – 50 hours Basics of Ayurveda – 50 hours Integration Module – 70 hours * One of the two modules to be taken first 18

Practicum Yoga Therapy Practice 150 hours

Elective Modules At least one in addition to 800 hours Yoga of the Heart – 100 hours Yoga of Recovery Modules A and B – 50 hours each Yoga for Arthritis Parts I and II – 34 and 40 hours Yoga Therapy in Cancer & Chronic Illness: YCat – 90 hours Yoga for the Special Child – 95 hours LifeForce Yoga® Practitioner Training Level I – 65 hours


Programs for Yoga Teachers and Health Professionals

Programs that qualify for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

Approved professional development (APD) for Continuing Education

IY 300

Trainings that qualify towards RYT 500 through Yoga Alliance

Trainings that may be applied to the Yoga Therapy Certification Program

Trainings and Modules at Yogaville Teacher Training (TT)

Intermediate Integral Yoga® TT – India IY 300 Bringing Yoga Therapy into Hospitals and Academia

IY 300

Adaptive Hatha Yoga TT

IY 300

Yoga for Arthritis Teachers Intensive – Level I


Jan. 12–Feb. 2



March 12–15



March 22–April 1



March 27–31



May 28–31



May 29–June 7



June 5–7



June 14–July 5



June 18–25



July 13–August 2


July 17–21


August 2–7


August 19–30


September 18–20


November 6–13

IY 300

Yoga for Hips and Knees Intermediate Integral Yoga TT IY 300 Yoga of Recovery® Module: Between the Mat & the Meeting

IY 300

Raja Yoga TT

IY 300

Neuroscience, Yoga, and Mindfulness Five-Day Retreat

IY 300

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training – Part I: Foundations

IY 300

Stress Management TT

IY 300

Yoga for the Core: Understanding the Anatomy of Your Center IY 300 Foundations of Integral Yoga Therapy


IY 300

Kidding Around Yoga Training IY 300 Yoga Therapy in Cancer & Chronic Illness: YCat – Level I

Approx. hours




Integral Yoga


Reverend Prakasha Shakti Capen 8 Reverend Bhagavan Metro 26 Reverend Sam Rudra Swartz 9, 51 Brother Arjavan 50 Amrita Sandra McLanahan 13, 28 Aramati Akke Hulburt 31 Bharata Wingham 25, 26, 32, 38

Swami Asokananda 25, 44, 48

Bhaskar Deva 51 Debora Nitya Jackson 29 Gita Kali Natarajan 41

Swami Divyananda Ma 9, 48

Haris Harini Lender 44 Hope Mell 30 Janaka Avallone 26

Swami Gurucharanananda “Mataji” 8, 27

Lalita Dagny Vigander 27 Letícia Padmasri 25, 39, 44, 48 M. Mala Cunningham 33

Swami Karunananda 13, 34, 35

Nitya Griffith 30, 45 Raama Das 25, 32 Ramakrishna Sackett 28

Swami Ramananda 27

Ram Wiener 48 Ranjani Bayne 28 Rukmini Ando 28

Swami Vidyananda 41

Sandra Susheela Gilbert 46 Satya Greenstone 13, 25, 34, 37 Steffany Moonaz 38


Life Challenges

by Sri Swami Satchidananda

Peter Max


here is an ancient scripture that compares our human mind with a monkey. It says that the mind is like a monkey—a drunken monkey. And not just like a drunken monkey, but like a drunken monkey bitten by a scorpion. Just imagine the condition of that monkey! So, how are you going to control the mind? How are you going to make it one-pointed and peaceful? That is the challenge given to each of us in this life. The monkey mind is given to you to see how you can train it and how you can make use of it in the service of humanity. If at the outset, you were given a nice, well-trained mind, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to develop your expertise. So it’s purposely given to you in this untrained condition. It is as if you have been issued a challenge: Here is a wild monkey. Tame it! Let us see your abilities. That is nature’s way of helping us to develop our abilities. To better understand this idea, let’s take a look at weight lifters. If someone wants to develop their muscles, would they try and lift feathers? That would be very comfortable and easy to do, but will it help build muscles? No. To develop the biceps and triceps, you need some resistance to push against. And as

you progress, you add a little more and a little more weight. The pushing and pulling against the weight is what creates the resistance which in turn develops the muscles. If we are ready to do all that for the physical muscles, wouldn’t we want to do that to build our mental and spiritual muscles? There is more required of you to develop your total and full potential in life. We can also look at the surfers who enjoy the challenge of big waves. Once they have reached a certain level of skill, they will look for bigger and bigger waves to challenge them and to enjoy. But isn’t it the nature of the ocean to create big waves that come and dash up against you? Yet, the surfers seem to realize that and, still, they seek out the bigger waves. Can you imagine seeing a surfer sitting on the shore and crying, “Oh dear, I went into the sea to surf and the water came up and created all kinds of big waves.” The surfer goes into the water just for that purpose and to have that kind of challenge and fun. That is why they are called “surfers” and not “sufferers.” We too should realize that the nature of the mind is to constantly change and be “wavy.” You should learn how to surf on the waves of the mind, rather

than to be tossed and beaten by them. Always affirm that you are going to be the master of your mind. Use challenges and obstacles as opportunities to exercise your mastery. Obstacles are tests that draw out our inner capabilities. That is the very reason that life is filled with all kinds of challenges. Only by challenges can you bring out your energy, your intelligence, your capabilities. We should never get disheartened by the challenges. I also like to use the example of a little seed to explain this principle. When you plant a seed in the earth, how easily does it grow? It has to push itself out of the earth and into the sunlight. The beautiful thing is that you are not putting something into you that wasn’t already there. Abilities and talents are not put in from the outside. It’s like the example of the seed. Does the gardener come along and open up the seed and place a tree inside of it? It already contains the potential of a tree within it. Nature only draws out that potential and enables it to express itself. The same thing with human beings. We are all a part of nature and all kinds of capabilities are in you already. Remember that and never give up! Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. 1.800.858.9642




All Programs 1.800.858.9642



General Weekend Program Schedule Friday 4–6 pm



Hatha Yoga or Yoga Nidra


Evening Meditation




Ashram Orientation


Program Session

Saturday 6 am

Morning Meditation


Hatha Yoga




Program Session

12 pm

Meditation at LOTUS




Ashram Tour or Free Time


Program Session





Sunday 6:20 am

Morning Meditation


Hatha Yoga




Program Session



12 pm

Meditation or Laugha Yoga®



2 pm


* Unless otherwise noted


All Programs

November/December 2019

How to Keep Improving as a Yoga Teacher Swami Asokananda November 22–24

Navigate the Holiday Season with Yoga and Ayurveda Letícia Padmasri December 6–8

Elevate Your Soul: The Power of Divine Sisterhood Faith Hunter November 22–24

The Art of Prayer Prema Mayi and Eric Archer December 6–8

Loosening the Knots Raama Das Bell November 22–24

Total Relaxation with Restorative Yoga Satya Greenstone December 6–8

Everything Comes to You: Yoga of Gratitude Bharata Wingham November 29–December 1

Yin Yoga and Storytelling Module III Biff Mithoefer

Finding Freedom: How Wild It Is to Let It Be Tara (Becky) Eschenroeder and Narayani Noelle Whittington December 13–15

December 1–6

For everyone

For Yoga teachers and health professionals




Free All-Day Laughter Yoga Workshop Live, Laugh, Love! Bharata Wingham January 4

For everyone

Join us and spend a day laughing for no reason! And experience the joy of laughter and the bliss of Yoga with Bharata Wingham, a “Laughter Ambassador.”

Using laughter as a focus for meditation is such a great idea. It has increased my desire to meditate more!—Joy Very enjoyable! I had forgotten how great laughter can feel.—Arjuna

Bharata Wingham, E-RYT 200, CLYT, has trained hundreds of Laugha Yoga® Leaders and led thousands of people through Laugha Yoga sessions. He is also an Integral Yoga instructor, guiding students in physical postures, deep relaxation, and meditation. LaughaYoga.com

January 2020

Tuition Free

Basic Meditation

A Journey to Peace Reverend Bhagavan Metro and Janaka Avallone January 10–12 For everyone

Meditation has the potential to significantly reduce stress and enhance your ability to enjoy life. The genuine desire to learn, combined with self-discipline and the guidance of experienced practitioners, is a powerful recipe for your ultimate freedom. This weekend, you will explore: • Effective ways to calm the mind • Powerful concentration techniques • Guidance on addressing obstacles that arise during meditation


This program exceeded my expectations. It was informative, open, and grounded in spirituality.—Jamilla P.

Rev. Bhagavan Metro has been living at Yogaville since 1981. He is a certified Integral Yoga instructor and an ordained minister of Integral Yoga. As co-owner of New Age Builders, he built many of the buildings at the Ashram and in the community.

Janaka Avallone, RYT 500, B.S., graduated from the University of New Hampshire. He moved from Boulder, CO, to become a full-time member of the Yogaville sangha (spiritual community) in 2017. He currently serves in the Transportation Department and as a lead instructor of Jnana Yoga. Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60

All Programs

Intermediate Integral Yoga® Teacher Training – India Swami Ramananda and Lalita Dagny Vigander January 12–February 2 For Yoga teachers

Travel to the birthplace of Yoga and earn your certification as an Intermediate Integral Yoga (IY) teacher. While in the motherland of Sri Swami Satchidananda, you will train with master Yoga instructors at the Integral Yoga Institute of Coimbatore. You’ll study the subtle aspects of Yoga and acquire the skills needed to teach them.

Sw. Ramananda, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, is the executive director of the Integral Yoga Institute in San Francisco. A senior teacher in the Integral Yoga tradition, Ramananda offers practical methods of incorporating the timeless teachings of Yoga into daily life. IntegralYogaSF.org

In this program, you will: • Learn important additional Yoga postures, their benefits, and how to safely guide students into and out of them • Explore skillful sequencing and adaptations • Gain a fuller understanding of prana and pranayama (breathing techniques) • Study the Bhagavad Gita • Expand your knowledge of anatomy and physiology

I wanted to deepen my practice. I wanted to know more about the Bhagavad Gita. I feel completely happy about my decision to come here!—Shraddha

Lalita Dagny Vigander, E-RYT 500, LMT, RCYT, has over a decade of experience teaching Integral Yoga. She is certified in Advanced Hatha, Stress Management, Raja Yoga, Meditation, and Restorative Yoga. She is also a Reiki master and massage therapist. Prereqs 200-hour Integral Yoga Teacher Training and at least six months of Yoga teaching experience. Certified teachers from other traditions may also apply. IY 300

170 training hrs Tuition $2,950 includes double accommodations and meals

Make Your New Year’s Resolution Last Aspire, Ask, Act, Achieve! Swami Gurucharanananda, “Mataji” January 17–19 For everyone

Do you need to make a meaningful change in your life? Are you looking for a complete transformation? Join Mataji for a weekend dedicated to creating a practical plan to achieve your goals. The “4 A’s” are essential steps to achieve anything in life. Each “A” represents an intention to follow until you succeed. You can even reach the highest goal of realizing spiritual union! This weekend, bring an aspiration with you. You’ll apply the “4 A’s” and receive guidance on how to achieve your personal goals.

Mataji’s peaceful grace and warmth were genuine and her humor put me at ease. I felt she genuinely wanted the best for us and wanted to help us on our journey. Mataji is the real deal. She truly is a real teacher and has such love. It was a privilege to be in her company. —Past Participants

Sw. Gurucharanananda, lovingly called Mataji, is a senior sannyasi (monk) and disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda. She is a guided meditation leader, Hatha Yoga teacher, inspiring speaker, and mentor. Tuition $235 + 2 nights accom. p.60 1.800.858.9642



Experience the Joy of Health

Dr. Amrita Sandra McLanahan and Ramakrishna Sackett January 24–26 For everyone

If you know the benefits that support living a healthy lifestyle, you can better navigate daily life. Even more, taking a retreat can establish you firmly on your road to achieving and maintaining optimum wellness. This health-filled retreat is designed to help you detoxify and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. This weekend, you will learn Eastern and Western techniques that will assist you in: • Losing weight • Decreasing high blood pressure, cholesterol, and stress • Preventing and reversing diabetes, heart disease, and cancer

Jan. / Feb. 2020

You’ll have the tools and motivation to continue making your health a priority when you return home.

I like that there was both the spiritual and physical side to health in this workshop. We wanted to make more healthy choices at this stage of our lives. It was extremely informative and life-changing. —Past Participants

Amrita Sandra McLanahan, M.D., has an M.D. from Wayne University and for 20 years, she served as director of stress management for Dr. Dean Ornish’s research to reverse heart disease and cancer. She is the coauthor of the book, Surgery and its Alternatives and helped to write the books Dr. Yoga and After Cancer Care. She now practices integrative medicine and teaches at Yogaville. Ramakrishna Sackett began studying Yoga in 1967. In 1970, he joined the Integral Yoga® Institute of San Francisco as a founding member. Since then, he has been teaching Yoga and serving in various capacities, including construction at Yogaville. He enjoys dancing, writing poetry, and climbing mountains. Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60

Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate Reduce Stress with Gentle Yoga Ranjani Bayne and Rukmini Ando January 31–February 2 For everyone

Release tension in the body, calm the mind, and experience inner peace during a playful weekend with Ranjani and Rukmini. During this workshop, you will be supported on your healing journey with gentle and nurturing Yoga practices. Throughout the weekend, you’ll enjoy: • • • • •

Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation Restorative Yoga to rejuvenate the mind and body Yin Yoga as a tool to balance a busy lifestyle Stress management to deal with daily stressors Raja Yoga, pranayama (breathing practices), and meditation for compassionate reflection and peace

This program is accessible and suitable for every body.

“ 28

I think that “Gentle” must be Ranjani’s middle name. She is a special Yoga instructor with extraordinary gentleness, knowledge, patience, and pacing.—Siva W. Rukmini is a very gifted Yoga teacher indeed. Her voice is gentle and her pacing is as close to perfect. I can’t wait to experience her masterful teaching again.—Thomas B.

Ranjani Bayne, RYT 200, enjoys using props and modifications to assist students and create accessibility for all bodies. Before relocating to Yogaville in 2015, Ranjani shared the teachings of Integral Yoga in studios, churches, gyms, and with private clients in home settings. Nathalie Rukmini Ando, E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP, serves as a Yoga teacher, program development director, graphic designer, and Leadership Team member at Yogaville. She has numerous Yoga certifications, and she is also a fine artist. See her artwork at Nathalie-Ando.pixels.com. 7 training hrs Tuition $235 + 2 nights accom. p.60

All Programs

Building Resilience

Winter Practices for Self Care Debora Nitya Jackson February 7–9 For everyone

According to Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science, winter is a natural time to reflect inward and recharge for Spring’s renewal. During this retreat, you’ll enjoy: • Contemplation, meditation, and nature walks • Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga Nidra • Ayurvedic drinks to balance the body and delight the palate You will participate in thoughtfully designed practices to help you align with the cycles of nature, boost your immune system, and create a daily self-care routine that is customized to your individual body type. This retreat is beneficial for all levels of Yoga practitioners, as well as for teachers seeking a broader understanding of how to adapt the yogic practices to the individual. Special guest teacher: Rukmini Ando

I have been taking Yoga classes with Debora regularly since 2010 and have gone on several retreats that she has organized at Yogaville. She’s always present with an unwavering commitment to the practice of Yoga on and off the mat.—Cristina S.

Debora Nitya Jackson, E-RYT 500, has extensive training and over a decade of teaching experience. She also trains new Yoga teachers. Her passion for Yoga runs deep, and she brings a sense of humor to every class she teaches. Debora’s commitment is to help her students realize their potential and take their unique gifts into the world. 7 training hrs Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60

Agape AUM

Evolutionary Music Weekend Paradiso and Rasamayi February 14–16 For everyone

Treat yourself to a meditative weekend of sound healing with award-winning musicians Paradiso and Rasamayi. This workshop is charged with healing performances, hands-on practices, and transformative information sessions. This weekend, you will: • Play and directly engage with gem-infused crystal alchemy singing bowls • Reduce discord and remove spiritual blockages • Tune in to the infinite energy of sound and learn to continue to shift your life experience with activating key frequencies • Augment the harmonious vibrations of love, health, abundance, and peace You can use sound to immediately shift your life experience by activating key frequencies. Imagine a lasting massage for every cell, available at your fingertips.

What a beautiful experience of deeply resonant, authentic, loving sound with masters of alchemical transformation.—Past Participant

Paradiso and Rasamayi are internationally renowned musicians and three-time Album of the Year award winners. Their audiences have frequently reported experiences of deep meditation, visions of their guides, life purpose and past lives, as well as profound healing during their performances. They have been identified as the #1 Independent World Music band in the world, and they have produced four albums together. ParadisoAndRasamayi.com. Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60 1.800.858.9642



Create Your Happy Body

Combining Alexander Technique and Pavanmuktasana Hope Mell February 21–23 For everyone

Are you frustrated by pain in your body, stiff joints or restricted movement? Living life in even mild pain can be an emotional and energy depleting experience. The opportunity is here to learn the techniques that have transformed the lives of many who have suffered from pain and difficult movement. The Alexander Technique offers a greater sense of self, while bringing a revolutionary approach to finding your natural balance and exploring the connection between thinking and movement. The Joint Freeing Series offers simple and accurate movements to rehabilitate joints and gently open the body.

Feb. / Mar. 2020

Using the tools of Alexander Technique and Pavanmuktasana (the Joint Freeing Series), you will be guided in a practice that will transform your movement. The choice to never move the same painful way again, is yours.

I was able to discover my body in ways I hadn’t before. I learned how to properly stretch my muscles. I felt free and One with myself.—Shana J.

Hope Mell, RYT 500, ATT, has a passion for helping people find freedom of movement. For three decades, she has refined her skills and developed an approach that combines the powers of Yoga and the Alexander Technique. 7 training hrs Tuition $250 + 2 nights accom. p.60

The Feng Shui of Yoga Creating Harmonious Spaces Nitya Griffith February 28–March 1 For everyone

This workshop combines two ancient philosophies and lifestyle practices to create an incredible path for harmony, health, abundance, and well-being. In this workshop, you will learn: • The foundations of traditional Feng Shui and the five elements (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire) • Ways to lay a harmonious floor plan • Design tips on color, art, and fabrics To prepare for the workshop, please bring a copy of the floor plan of your home. Using a compass, stand facing your home and note the degree your home faces. Be prepared to learn a lot, have fun, and be greatly inspired by Nitya’s warmth, wisdom, and inspirational approach to teaching.


Nitya has proven to have rare insight with her incredible knowledge of Feng Shui, skills, enthusiasm, and energy she has made an impact on my life. She has improved my life not just professionally, but also personally.—Irene M.

Nitya Griffith E-RYT 200, CRYT, the founder of Nitya Living™, has been an Integral Yoga teacher since 2005. She has been offering creative children’s Yoga programs with asanas, meditation, mindfulness practices, and breathing practices through storytelling and original songs. NityaLiving.com

7 training hrs Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60

All Programs

Become a Better Guide

Teaching People with Limited Mobility Aramati Akke Hulburt February 28–March 1

For Yoga teachers and health professionals

When students show up to your class with pain and limited movement, do you know how to accommodate them and keep them safe in their practice? Join Aramati Hulburt for a workshop designed to teach you how to keep your students safe and allow them to get more out of their practice. This weekend, you will: • Take anatomy lessons to recognize the most common misalignments that cause pain • Develop awareness of movement patterns and movement possibilities • Learn how to safely guide your students back to improved balance, flexibility, and strength

Aramati Akke Hulburt, E-RYT 500, is a Yoga teacher, massage therapist, and structural Yoga therapist. Teaching classes with students ranging from teens to seniors has given Aramati a deep understanding of movement potential. She is an anatomy geek and loves to share her enthusiasm with her students.

Add powerful tools to your Yoga teacher toolbox and refine your knowledge of anatomy in relation to Yoga poses.

Aramati was a delightful workshop instructor. It is clear that her knowledge of anatomy and Yoga is profound. Her energy and spirit were calm and lovely.—Kit M.

7 training hrs Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60

Strengthen Your Container with the Chakras Re-Membering Wholeness Karla Helbert March 5–8

For everyone

The power of your own energy system can help you move through life-altering, painful events. Designed to support you on your personal journey toward a natural state of wholeness, this retreat will assist you in exploring the deep wisdom held in your energetic body. In this program, you will: • Learn about your chakra system and how each energy center is impacted by traumatic events • Practice techniques to strengthen and maintain balance of your energy body • Engage in ritual to acknowledge divinity and strengthen conscious connection with your chakras This program is for people who are facing challenges of all kinds, including grief, trauma, and loss.

I’ve had a difficult time with grief. This program met my expectations and helped me to cope better.—Bonnie S.

Karla Helbert, E-RYT 200, LPC, YACEP, C-IAYT is a licensed professional counselor and certified Yoga therapist. Her award-winning book, Yoga for Grief and Loss, examines how Yoga can support us when we experience trauma and grief. KarlaHelbert.com. 18 training hrs Tuition $270 + 3 nights accom. p.60 1.800.858.9642



Loosening the Deep-Seated Knots Raama Das Bell March 6–8

For everyone

Do stiff muscles prevent you from getting on the Yoga mat? Do you find it difficult to breathe fully and evenly? Are racing thoughts driving you crazy? Loosen the deep-seated knots that bind you during a weekend designed to release physical and mental tension. This weekend, you will: • Loosen the physical knots in preparation for subtle practices • Practice meditation techniques for inner silence • Unblock subtle energy channels by utilizing mudra (attitudes) and bandhas (locks) • Relax with Yoga Nidra • Learn how to achieve goals with sankalpa (yogic resolution) • Explore Nada Yoga (Yoga of sound), mantras, chakras, and brahmari pranayama (humming breath)

Raama Das, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, YACEP, is a former director of the Integral Yoga® Teachers Association (IYTA) at Yogaville. He has numerous Yoga certifications and is a lead trainer for both 200 and 300-hour Yoga Alliance accredited teacher trainings in Yogaville, Fredericksburg, and abroad.

March 2020

Join Raama to learn practical, scientifically proven yogic tools from the Tantric tradition.

Joint pain from impact sports and muscle fatigue from standing long hours at work kept me from enjoying Yoga. This class educated and helped me with stretching to prepare me for comfortable Yoga practices.—Mary Beth S.

11 training hrs Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60

Laugha Yoga® Three-Day Leader Certification Bharata Wingham March 6–8

For everyone, including Yoga teachers and health professionals

Experience firsthand how intentional laughter can lead to being happy for no reason. Through yogic laughter sessions, pranayama, meditation, and Laugha Nidra®, you can reach a profound level of peace, joy, and relaxation. In this program, you will: • Learn to lead a Laugha Yoga class • Discover why prolonged, intentional laughter is being recognized as therapeutic • Learn how to use laughter as a form of social medicine

“ 32

It was more fun than I even imagined! I’m leaving with new ideas about how to make laughter and joy a part of my spiritual life and also plan to incorporate it in some of the organizations where I volunteer. You don’t need plans to teach Laugha Yoga to take this course. All you need is a desire to bring joy in your life!—Kara B.

Bharata Wingham, E-RYT 200, CLYT, has trained hundreds of Laugha Yoga Leaders and led thousands of people through Laugha Yoga® sessions. He is also an Integral Yoga instructor, guiding students in physical postures, deep relaxation, and meditation. LaughaYoga.com

12 training hrs Tuition $250 + 2 nights accom.

Refresher course $135 Early registration 2 pm

All Programs

Bringing Yoga Therapy into Hospitals and Academia Dr. Mala Cunningham March 12–15

For everyone, especially Yoga teachers and health professionals

Are you a Yoga Therapist seeking work in an academic or hospital environment? Join Dr. Mala Cunningham to learn planning strategies, marketing tactics, negotiation techniques, interviewing skills, and important formulas to successfully implement your ideas in a hospital or academic setting. Develop the confidence and skills to succeed. In this workshop, you will learn how to: • • • • •

Format a comprehensive Yoga Therapy business plan Write an effective and professional proposal Hone your interviewing skills and sell your idea Negotiate a salary Increase referrals from medical providers

This course is for anyone interested in teaching Medical or Therapeutic Yoga practices in an academic or hospital setting.

I highly recommend Dr. Mala Cunningham’s course. She is a brilliant teacher and imparts information in the most interesting and useful way! Those who took her course in Gibraltar absolutely loved it. We had amazing, positive comments from all participants.—Nalanie C.

M. Mala Cunningham, Ph.D., C-IAYT, is an assistant professor at UVA Nursing School where she teaches courses in Medical Yoga. She is the founder of the Cardiac Medical Yoga Teacher Training Program and a senior disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda. Prereqs Complete online component before the in-person course.

IY 300

17 training hrs in person + 23 hrs online study Tuition $275 + 3 nights accom. p.60 Tuition does not include online component.

Unlock Your Creative Inspiration Breath, Sound, and Movement HuDost March 13–15 For everyone

Creativity is a powerful tool that can liberate your love and empathy in ways previously unknown. Using creativity as a spiritual practice can open up space within and allow you to become a healthier, happier human. Join award-winning musical duo HuDost for a weekend designed to foster health, prosperity, love, and connection with the source. This weekend, you will: • Explore breath, sound, movement, rhythm, and emotion • Enjoy teachings on healing • Dance and sing your way through blocked energy channels • Sing, draw, and participate in writing exercises Please bring your own writing and art supplies.

HuDost’s blend of exotic traditional Sufi chants, world folk music, and powerful electric guitar licks makes a unique cultural bridge. We love HuDost.—Allyson and Alex G.

The music of HuDost weaves a seamless tapestry that renders tears and laughter in listeners, cultivating the nameless longing that abides within all our hearts and invoking total celebration. HuDost’s message comes from real experience, real emotion, and real concern for the world—from the birth of a child, to the healing of the body, to the healing of the planet, their words and music echo the human experience. HuDost.com Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60 1.800.858.9642



Yoga for Detox

Spring Cleaning for Body and Mind Satya Greenstone March 13–15 For everyone

In Spring, a time of rebirth, we yearn for vibrancy and rejuvenation. Join Satya Greenstone to shed old habits and create new revitalizing practices in a supportive, healing environment. Under expert guidance and instruction, you will: • Enhance digestion and elimination with asana (yogic posture) sequences • Calm the mind and body with pranayama (yogic breathing) • Harmonize your vibration with mantra (sacred sound) • Cleanse the internal body with kriyas (yogic cleansing)

March 2020

In addition, you will enjoy delicious vegan meals, opportunities for fasting, and Restorative Yoga sessions for rest and rejuvenation. This is also an opportunity to detox from media as well. Unplug and free the mind of unnecessary thoughts. Join us to begin your fresh start!

Work and life have definitely beaten me up. However, after spending these last couple days here, I am more relaxed and ready to navigate my peace throughout my life.—Megan Hi.

Satya Greenstone E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, is a primary teacher for the 200-hour and Intermediate Integral Yoga® Teacher Trainings at Yogaville. She helped develop and continues to teach the Adaptive, Restorative, and Children’s Yoga Teacher Trainings. 7 training hrs Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60


Practical Approaches for Letting Go Swami Karunananda March 20–22 For everyone

Feeling stuck in your habits, environments, or relationships? Wondering why you can’t let go? Now is the time to actualize your potential and realize your goals. Join Swami Karunananda to learn how to use yogic practices to make positive changes in your life. This weekend, you’ll explore: • • • • •

Affirmation Visualization Meditation Prayer Witnessing the mind

With every thought, word, and deed, you pave the way for liberation or greater bondage. Come to learn how to walk through life more peacefully, skillfully, and joyfully.


This program was life-transforming! The knowledge, time, and love put into this program for each participant’s experience are more than I could ask for!—Megan Ha.

Sw. Karunananda, E-RYT 500, has over 40 years of experience teaching all aspects of Yoga and now specializes in instructing meditation, Yoga philosophy, and pranayama. She designed and currently conducts the Integral Yoga teacher training programs in Raja Yoga and Meditation. She is the author of Awakening: Aspiration to Realization Through Integral Yoga. 7 training hrs Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60

All Programs

Exit Strategy for Suffering

by Swami Karunananda


veryone wants to be happy, but the happiness we seek is elusive. Our lives are spent seeking happiness through possessions, positions, and relationships; even our addictions are a misguided search for happiness. And what do we find? Generally, we get a little happiness mixed with a lot of problems and pain. A little analysis will show that, if we expect permanent happiness through external attainments, we are destined for frustration and failure. This is because everything external is part of nature and, as such, is subject to change. Think of all that has changed in your own life over the past ten years: all the people who have come and gone, changes in your living situation, your work, your finances, your health, or simply how you spend your days. In everyone’s life, the pendulum swings between pleasure and pain, loss and gain, praise and blame. In the midst of all the change, where is the happiness that we are seeking? Raja Yoga provides an answer: Our essential nature is supreme happiness. It’s as if we are looking for our glasses, while all the time they are perched on top of our head. Our true nature is happiness. As Sri Swami Satchidananda often said, to experience one’s true nature is like trying to see your own face. To see your face, you need a mirror. We have a mirror within— the mind. If the mirror of the mind is straight and clean, we see an accurate reflection and experience the peace and joy within. However, if the mirror is colored, curved, or twisted, we see a distorted reflection. Even though we are still perfectly fine, we see that reflection and think that’s who we are. Because of this false identification, we suffer in life.

We forget our true nature, and then we look for external things to make us feel better, which only perpetuates the problem. We can never find lasting happiness this way because everything external is subject to constant change. Second, every time the mind goes outward to experience objects, it takes their form and gets colored by them. Thus, the mental mirror is continually distorting, and we never get to see the true reflection. The very act of seeking happiness outside prevents us from experiencing true happiness within. Instead, if we restrained the mind from going outward and let it rest calmly within, we would experience the happiness we are seeking. This is the essential teaching of Raja Yoga. When we forget our true nature and seek happiness outside ourselves, that is the basic ignorance and the root of all suffering. This situation leads us to some ultimate questions: Why don’t we remember our true nature? Why do we identify with the distorted reflection? Why is there suffering? An explanation is provided in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, in which the teachings of Raja Yoga are presented. Raja Yoga can be understood as an exploration into the nature of suffering and how to overcome it. Patanjali speaks of basic defects, or afflictions, of the mind, called kleshas. These are the underlying cause of suffering. Avidya (ignorance) is the first klesha. It’s defined as regarding the impermanent as permanent, the impure as pure, the painful as pleasant, and the non-Self as the Self. We don’t understand who we are. We forget our true nature and, if that weren’t bad enough, we think we

are something else. That’s when the next klesha, asmita (egoism), comes in. We identify with what is closest to us, the mind and the body, and we think that’s who we are. Then we become attached to all that we find pleasurable and averse to all that is painful. This is known as raga and dvesha. We are ever running toward things we think will make us happy and away from things we find painful, leaving little time for simply staying still, poised, balanced, resting in the supreme happiness within. The final klesha is abhinivesha (clinging to bodily life). We cling to the body because we think that defines our existence, who we are. Additionally, we have had many births and died many times before, leaving painful samskara (mental impressions) associated with death in the deeper levels of the mind. Yoga never speaks of suppression. If you suppress a desire, it will only spring back forcefully when you relax your vigilance or are a little weak. Instead, it says to attach and detach. Just start doing the positive, and automatically you’ll stop doing the negative. Engage in Yoga practice and, eventually, you will be able to resolve and release your attachments. When the mind is free of all desire and attachment, it becomes pure and steady, and we experience our true Self. This approach constitutes the underlying methodology that is threaded throughout the Yoga Sutras. It is, in effect, Patanjali’s main exit strategy for overcoming suffering. From Awakening: Aspiration to Realization through Integral Yoga, by Swami Karunananda 1.800.858.9642



The Spiritual Art of Memoir

Discovering the Invisible Thread of Grace Joan Borysenko March 20–22 For everyone

If you’re thinking about this workshop, you weren’t born yesterday. You’ve lived and loved, won and lost, celebrated and grieved. You have many stories to tell. All stories have an inside and an outside. The outside is linear—it happened in what the Greeks called chronos— or clock time. But inside there is a hidden thread of grace, an archetypal story of awakening that lives in the multidimensional world of kairos—the timeless dimension. During this weekend of memoir writing, you will:

March 2020

• Journey down the metaphorical river of your life • Identify transformative experiences, angels, and sacred enemies • Identify one or more narrative arcs in your life • Write from your soul • Laugh, cry, love, celebrate, and heal • See your life as a spiritual journey

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., is a Harvard-trained cell biologist, licensed psychologist, and spiritual educator. A pioneer in mindbody medicine and psychoneuroimmunology, she is founder of Mind-Body Health Sciences, LLC and a New York Times bestselling author of sixteen books. JoanBorysenko.com

This experience helped me grow spiritually, connect with amazing people, and ignite a passion for listening to and telling stories.—Laura V.

Tuition $270 + 2 nights accom. p.60

The Universe Insists on My Makeover by Joan Borysenko


want to start this story by telling you I’m perfectly fine and healthy.

I had an episode of transient global amnesia. It sounds much worse than it is. I was sitting with my husband and a friend, having breakfast and chatting. Later in the day, I had the sudden awareness that I had no recollection of those two hours. It would have been much more distressing if I hadn’t already heard about this from a friend who had a similar experience. I had an MRI which was completely normal, and I’ve learned that, fortunately, transient global amnesia is rare, seemingly harmless, and unlikely to happen again. Interestingly, it is related to migraines, with which I’ve had a lifelong history.


What else happened that week? I hadn’t been kind to myself. I over-committed myself with a local conference and friends visiting from out-of-town, along with my normal, heavy workload—not to mention the house being rewired with a new internet service. Then my computer died. I was stressed. I overlooked the little warning symptoms of impending migraine and tried to push through. Over-commitment is so common in our busy, busy culture, even for a “stress management expert” like me. So, what is my new plan to manage my stress and to be kinder to myself? I’m working shorter stints, no more than four hours at a time. I’m taking my entire weekend for R&R unless there is something truly urgent to complete.

I’m exercising. I’m stretching. I’m eating mindfully. I’m meditating. And every time someone asks me to do something, even though my heart leaps with the desire to do it for them, I’m not automatically saying “yes” right away. I’m being mindful and saying, “I’ll get back to you shortly about that.” And now, I’m making a promise to you. That I’m going to be much kinder to myself. And I hope you’ll make the same promise to someone—that you are going to be much kinder to yourself! So, that is the makeover that the Universe insisted I do. What will your makeover look like?

All Programs

Adaptive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Satya Greenstone, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT March 22–April 1

For Yoga teachers and health professionals

Yoga is for every body, regardless of shape, size, or ability level. Join Satya Greenstone to learn how to make the sacred practice of Yoga accessible to more people. This ten-day course teaches you to adapt the Integral Yoga® practices to meet the needs of any individual. You will explore the essential benefits of each asana and determine how to best implement them without strain—regardless of your students’ physical, mental, or emotional conditions. This training explores: • • • •

Adaptations of asana (postures) Chair Yoga (helpful for students with limited mobility or space) Gentle warm-ups and stretches Safe and effective prop use

Satya held such a large healing and supportive space for us. She teaches from the heart and leads me to my heart while “sneaking” lots of “academia” in under the radar. When you fully show up, and sometimes just barely at that, you’re blessed with knowledge, support, and growth.—Past Participant

Satya Greenstone E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, is a primary teacher for the 200-hour and Intermediate Integral Yoga Teacher Trainings at Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville. She also helped develop and continues to teach the Adaptive, Restorative, and Children’s Yoga Teacher Trainings. Prereqs 200-hour Integral Yoga Teacher Training or the equivalent. Certified Teachers from other traditions may also apply for consideration. IY 300

88 training hrs Tuition $1,295 + 9 nights accom. p.60

Discover the Heart of Yoga Asana and Pranayama John Schumacher March 27–29 For everyone

What lies at the heart of Yoga is the desire to wake up to who we really are. As Sri Swami Satchidananda said, “Truth is One, Paths are Many.” The path we will explore this weekend is one laid out by Patanjali as interpreted by Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar. In the practice of asana and pranayama, we can see the manifestation of all eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. Svadhyaya, the deep study of ourselves, through the alignment of body, breath, mind, and spirit, can take us on a journey to our innermost Being and light the way for us to realize our full potential.

You have always allowed your teachers to speak from both their practice and heart, which I am finding crucial in these days and times. In short, I just want to say thank you for allowing this blossoming to occur, in its own time and in its own way.—Rocky D. Thank you for being a titan and for giving so much of your time and energy to me and the others.—Jen P.

John Schumacher, CIYT, C-IAYT, is known for his clear, precise teaching style and his engaging sense of humor. Yoga Journal described John as “one of 25 originals shaping Yoga in America”. In 2015, John was named by Yoga Journal as 1 of 12 Lifetime Contributors to help authenticate Yoga in America. SchumacherYoga.com 7 training hrs Tuition $260 + 2 nights accom. p.60 1.800.858.9642



Yoga for Arthritis Teachers Intensive – Level I Dr. Steffany Moonaz March 27–31

For Yoga teachers and health professionals

Over 20% of US adults are coping with arthritis, and the condition is expected to impact 78 million people by 2040. It is vital that Yoga professionals acquire the skills to work with this undeserved and growing population. In this training, you will learn: • Arthritis basics, joint anatomy, and the Yoga for Arthritis protocol • The adaptation of asana (yogic postures) to accommodate joint limitation and pain • The effects of arthritis on all of the koshas

Mar. / Apr. 2020

Yoga for Arthritis was developed by Dr. Moonaz based on her experience conducting clinical research at Johns Hopkins University and The National Institutes of Health.

This is an amazing training. It provides you with the tools to make your classes safer and more accessible to a greater number of people.—Christa F. I loved the freedom of exchange of ideas and the “how to.” I can’t wait for my next YFA class and to use the teaching points I learned. — Judy M. L

Steffany Moonaz, Ph.D., E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, MFA, is a Yoga therapist and researcher specializing in rheumatic diseases. She currently serves as director of Clinical and Academic Research at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, which offers the nation’s only M.S. in Yoga Therapy. www.Arthritis.Yoga Prereq A 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification. IY 300

34 training hrs Tuition $595 + 4 nights accom. p.60

Yoga of Forgiveness

A Course in Miracles Retreat Bharata Wingham April 10–12

For everyone

A Course in Miracles is a practice of forgiveness which allows you to reunite with your True Self. The course’s principles can help guide you through times when forgiveness doesn’t come easily. It can help you open your heart, restore your health and joy, and resolve conflicts. In this workshop, you will learn to: • Release guilt, fear, and worries • End long-standing conflicts, make peace with anyone or any condition in your life • Strengthen the connection with your inner teacher

“ 38

Complex concepts were explained in an easy way to understand. The class turned out to be a great experience. The duality of time and space in a spiritual context was elaborated quite eloquently.—Past Participant This program changed my mindset and will change my life as I apply it. I cannot express my gratitude the gift Bharata gave me.—Rebecca R.

Bharata Wingham, E-RYT 200, CLYT, is a longtime student of A Course in Miracles. For 13 years, he hosted and produced an internationally distributed TV program on the course. He is also the author of A Course in Miracles: An Ancient New Idea. 7 training hrs Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60

All Programs

Taking Ayurveda to the Mat Letícia Padmasri April 17–19

For everyone, especially Yoga teachers and health professionals

Yoga and Ayurveda, the ancient Vedic healing practices, function together to balance the body and mind. Unique to each individual, these practices will guide you toward a new realm of vitality. Explore how full-spectrum asana sequences can help to balance your nature. You’ll learn to adapt your Yoga practice according to your dosha (individual nature) when needs arise—such as the change of seasons, aging, digestive complaints, insomnia, or anxiety. In this workshop, you’ll experience: • Classes tailored for each dosha, allowing you to feel the distinct effects of each asana sequence • Daily Ayurvedic self-care regimens • The link between the Integral Yoga® Hatha sequence and a balanced constitution

What a full and wonderful experience. Padmasri is a warm, funny, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic teacher. Her ability to combine Ayurvedic and Integral Yoga teachings are unmatched. Her dosha-pacifying Hatha classes were a real treat, and the best Hatha I’ve ever experienced.—Meghan K.

Letícia Padmasri, M.A., C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Advanced Integral Yoga Teacher Trainer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a master’s in education. Her engaging teaching style helps produce conscious, wellequipped Hatha Yoga instructors. LeticiaPadmasri.com Prereqs Basic understanding of Ayurveda and familiarity with Yoga. 10.5 training hrs Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60

Living in Your Truth

Be Fearlessly Free Tara Becky Eschenroeder and Christie Lenée April 17–19

April 17, Friday Concert

For everyone

How often do you wish for more instead of being content with what you already have? How could you live more fully and deeply? Explore these questions and begin to work toward answers as you contemplate yogic philosophy for guidance in trust and acceptance. In this program, you will: • Gain an understanding of the chakras and explore them in relation to trusting • Experience a rhythmic Vinyasa flow accompanied by uplifting music performed by Christie Lenée • Savor the layers of orchestral elements with Christie’s unique guitar work and profound instrumental compositions during a live concert on Friday night

The live music by Christie and Tara’s guided Yoga was amazing! Very cathartic!—Past Participant

Tara Becky Eschenroeder E-RYT 500, RCYT, YACEP, an accomplished yogini, has been teaching Yoga for over ten years. She was recognized as one of the top three Yoga instructors by Richmond Magazine in 2015. GreatabidingYoga.com Christie Lenée is a captivating, internationally recognized performer who combines guitar mastery with her passion for storytelling. Her pieces have been showcased live on national television, radio, and onstage. ChristieLenee.com 7 training hrs Tuition $255 + 2 nights accom. p.60 Early registration 2 pm

Friday Concert $15 in advance $20 at the door Doors open at 7 pm




Sacred Sounds

Healing Sounds Jonathan and Andi Goldman April 24–26 For everyone

Explore the scientific and spiritual basis of using sound for healing and transformation. Through teachings, meditations, and sonic exercises, sound healing pioneers Jonathan Goldman and his wife, Andi Goldman, will awaken the joyous and extraordinary healing power of sound in us all.

Jonathan Goldman is an international authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics who has worked with masters of sound from both scientific and spiritual traditions.

This workshop includes:

Apr. / May 2020

• Vowels as mantras: How to use self-created sacred sounds to resonate your chakras • Fundamentals of breath and toning: The importance of breath in resonating your body, brain, and etheric fields • Brahmari pranayama: A powerful technique of sonic Yoga for balance, health, and harmony • The healing vibrational resonance of specially created Sacred Ratio Pythagorean Tuning Forks

A most impressive learning and technique workshop over a weekend; so unique and powerful. Few people can imagine how transforming this subject could be!—Rosella R.


Andi Goldman, M.A., LPC., is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in holistic counseling and sound therapy. She co-authored two books, Chakra Frequencies: Tantra of Sound and The Humming Effect: Sound Healing for Health and Happiness. Andi is the director of Healing Sounds® seminars and the Sound Healers Association. Tuition $260 + 2 nights accom. p.60

Mindfulness, Compassion, and Difficult Emotions Dr. Susan Carol Stone April 24–26

For everyone

Difficult emotions can be overwhelming and stifle the joy in your life. How can you work with difficult emotions so that you are able to peacefully live in the present moment? In this interactive workshop, you will: • Learn mindfulness practices to help you cope with uncomfortable emotions • Develop a kinder relationship with your critical inner voice • Explore why it is essential to hold difficult emotions with compassion Mindfulness practices can powerfully complement therapy. This program is appropriate for newcomers as well as seasoned mindfulness practitioners. Individual conferences with Susan will be available. Silence will be encouraged outside workshop sessions.


I got so much value from this program. Dr. Stone is an engaging and knowledgeable facilitator. What is best is that I now have the tools that I can use in my daily life.—Lauren V.

Susan Carol Stone, Ph.D., teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at the University of Virginia. A mindfulness practitioner for over thirty years, Susan coleads the Insight Meditation Community of Charlottesville and teaches in a variety of settings. SusanCarolStone.com Prereqs If you are in therapy, please consult your therapist before enrolling. An ability to stay with your difficult emotions as they arise is a prerequisite for this workshop. Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60

All Programs

Gentle Chair Yoga: Stay Healthy and Happy Weekend May 1–3 Five-Day Retreat May 1–5

Swami Vidyananda and Special Guests For everyone

Gentle Chair Yoga is a helpful practice after injuries, if you’ve put on weight, or if you simply feel out of shape. It has benefited people with struggling symptoms of health conditions, such as high blood pressure, anxiety, arthritis, depression, insomnia, fatigue, and chronic pain. With the aid of a chair, you will learn: • A personalized set of Yoga poses plus options and variations • Easy breathing practices for pain control and increased energy • Simple mindfulness, meditation, and ways of relaxation No getting down on the floor, no complicated movements, just increased mobility, vitality, and peace. Now is the time to experience the benefits of Yoga for yourself.

Swami Vidyananda’s knowledge is profound and her delivery is very inspiring. Her stories are a wealth of information to remember and retain.—Sumeeta S.

Sw. Vidyananda, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, has been teaching Integral Yoga® and training Yoga teachers since 1973. She presently lives at Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville, where she teaches Hatha, Raja, and Jnana Yoga, as well as meditation and yogic lifestyle. SwamiVidyananda.com 7 or 20 training hrs Tuition Weekend $245 + 2 nights accom. p.60 Five-Day $325 + 4 nights accom. p.60

Connect to Your Self through Five Elements in Nature Gita Kali Natarajan May 1–3

For everyone

Immerse yourself in the five elements of nature through Swakriya Yoga. Swakriya literally means the ‘movement’ (kriya) of ‘I’ (swa)—the Supreme Self in the form of movement. At the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will practice Yoga poses, mantras (sacred sounds), mudras (hand positions), pranayama (breathing exercises), and calibrate your chakras that are connected to each element. You will also have the opportunity to practice kirtan (devotional chanting) and homa (fire ceremony). You’ll even get to connect with nature by spending time in the forest and by the river. All of these practices will seamlessly combine to bring a sense of oneness and connection to all. When you are fully balanced in nature, you feel more connected to yourself, to the Divine, and to all creation.

Gita’s influence is as blinding as her gigantic smile. She can perfect people’s poses with the press of a finger and move from silliness to profundity in the span of a sentence. Her fresh, jubilant, and always amusing methods are unique. What more do you want?—Andy

Gita Kali Natarajan, RYT 500, has been teaching Yoga since 2002 to a wide variety of populations. She has led kirtan for over eight years in and around DC, MD, and VA. She currently lives at Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville and is an avid camper, kayaker, and outdoors-woman. 7 training hrs Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60 1.800.858.9642



Prenatal Yoga Training

Embody a Luminous Pregnancy and Birth Reverend Viviana Collazo May 7–10

For Yoga teachers and health professionals

Yoga teachers, doulas, nurses, and other health care providers: Come learn how to administer Yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation to pregnant women! In this training, you will learn how to lead classes that: • Promote overall well-being and increase awareness during pregnancy • Create a nurturing space for the participants to practice Yoga safely by modifying asanas (postures) according to the needs of each individual and trimester • Alleviate common pregnancy discomforts through asanas, breath work, and relaxation techniques

May 2020

Viviana never fails to impress me with her extensive knowledge of each subject matter. She caters to her classes and trainings to meet the needs of each group. She’s a powerful speaker, delivering thought-provoking content. I highly recommend Viviana’s classes and trainings to anyone seeking a mentor or guide.—Jennifer C.

Rev. Viviana Collazo, Ph.D., E-RYT 500, CPYT, has been teaching Hatha Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, metaphysics, Reiki, and other energy balancing methods since 2000. Her passion is working with pregnant women—from private lessons to hospital settings—and she has been working as a Prenatal Yoga teacher since 2007. Prereqs Familiarity with Yoga. 15 training hrs Tuition $295 + 3 nights accom. p.60

iRest Yoga Nidra Immersion Program Robin Carnes May 14–17

For everyone, especially Yoga teachers and health professionals

iRest Yoga Nidra is a research-based meditation, relaxation, and healing protocol that enables you to deeply calm your nervous system, integrate difficult thoughts and emotions, and awaken to your essential nature. Research shows that iRest effectively reduces stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and post-traumatic stress disorder and enhances joy, equanimity, and well-being. During this workshop, you will: • Learn the ten-step iRest protocol to enhance your personal meditation practice • Open to your own unique creative flow via images and movement • Foster well-being and resiliency to better manage stress and anxiety


I would highly encourage anyone to do this Immersion. Robin is a wonderful teacher. I feel amazing—mind, body, and soul. Thank you!—Ginger D.

Robin Carnes, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, MBA, is a pioneering leader in bringing Yoga-based modalities to mainstream healthcare settings. She has worked with military communities and is a cofounder of the non-profit Warriors at Ease. iRest.us 15 training hrs Tuition $350 + 3 nights accom. p.60

All Programs

Yoga IS for Everyone by Dianne Bondy


s an abundant-bodied person of color, people are often surprised to hear that I teach Yoga. They say to me, “You do Yoga?” and I say, “Yes I do Yoga, and Yoga is for everyone even though we don’t always see everyone represented.” Representation matters a lot! It matters because diversity is a fact of life. Finding opportunities to encounter diversity is a great way to expand one’s perspective, break down stereotypes, broaden consciousness, and increase creativity. Diversity is a superpower that can bring us together if we allow it. It is essential to understand that together we rise. I think we do a massive disservice to our communities and to each other when we don’t make Yoga accessible. When we only offer Yoga to the ablebodied, flexible, strong, and young, we marginalize everyone else and deter

them from trying a practice that may positively change their lives. Yoga is glamorized as a way to look like celebrities and get a better butt, but that is not the essence of the practice. Yoga is about getting to know your Self and communing with the Divine. As a culture, we are overworked and highly stressed. We need tools to help us cope with our everyday lives. Yoga can be this tool if we open it up to everyone. To do that, we need to move beyond the stereotypes. Bodies of all sizes, genders, ages, and colors can do Yoga. We can develop Yoga as an accessible practice by removing the barriers that keep people away from Yoga. We must learn how to create progressive classes with lots of opportunities to explore variations and modifications for all abilities. As teachers, we can encourage body positivity through class themes that are

focused on self-care, self-awareness, and gratitude for what our bodies can do. We can also create affordable classes by teaching in unique and public places like libraries, museums, church halls, community centers, and parks. We can treat each student with empathy, compassion, and understanding as we continue to share this practice with everyone. Yoga is a gift that India has given to us. It is about creating unity and seeing everyone as a whole human who is worthy of human connection. Yoga is for all of us, and it is time that we all step in to make it adaptive, inclusive, and accessible. After all, diversity is a fact; inclusion is a choice.

Yoga for Everyone

Creating Inclusive and Accessible Yoga Spaces Dianne Bondy May 15–17 For everyone, especially Yoga teachers and health professionals

Join Dianne Bondy for a series of sessions that seek to make Yoga an inclusive practice for bodies of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. Through in-depth, open forum discussions, practical hands-on asana labs, and interactive Yoga practices, you’ll learn how to deconstruct the values, norms, and perceptions that guide the current Western view of Yoga, beauty, and success. By the end of this workshop, you’ll learn how to apply the principles and practices of Yoga in order to create inclusive spaces where all bodies can be supported, challenged, and able to participate.

Dianne’s enthusiasm is infectious. She goes so much further than merely creating a safe and inviting learning environment. It’s only day one and I’ve already learned so much.—Stacy S.

Dianne Bondy, E-RYT 500, is a celebrated Yoga teacher, social justice activist, and leading voice of the Yoga For All movement. Her inclusive approach to Yoga inspires thousands of followers around the world of different shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and ability levels. DianneBondyYoga.com and Yogasteya.com.

11 training hrs Tuition $260 + 2 nights accom. p.60 Tuition includes Dianne’s book Yoga for Everyone Early Registration: 2 pm 1.800.858.9642



Mantra Initiates Reunion Weekend Rekindling the Fire for Spiritual Growth Swami Asokananda and Special Guests May 15–17

For everyone with mantra initiation

Receiving mantra initiation in the Integral Yoga® tradition was a critical juncture on our soul’s long, long journey. It was a big decision and commitment on our part. Just as temples need to occasionally have their energies restored and re-infused, just as it is helpful for couples to renew their marriage vows, so also can disciples benefit from returning to their initial intention and re-establishing their desire for spiritual growth. Let’s come together to share how we are doing, to practice together, and to remind each other of the blessing of having a teacher, teachings, and a sangha (spiritual community).

May 2020

Special guests: Reverend Paraman Barsel, Jeevakan Abbate, and Letícia Padmasri.

This program offered me everything that I needed. Thank you for offering me the chance to reconnect to my faith and community.—Alexus M. Thank you for this reunion! What a brilliant idea. It was a truly uplifting, empowering weekend. What an amazing spiritual family we have.—Jyoti L.

Sw. Asokananda, E-RYT 500, a monk since 1975, is one of Integral Yoga’s foremost teachers—known for his warmth, intelligence, and good humor. He presently serves as president of the Integral Yoga Institute in New York City. iyiny.org

Prereqs Mantra initiation in the Integral Yoga tradition. Tuition $108 + 2 nights accom. p.60

Kidding Around Yoga Training Haris Harini Lender May 28–31

For everyone, especially Yoga/school teachers and health professionals

This blended training combines online independent learning with four energetic, dynamic days of classroom instruction. The four exciting days of hands-on instruction cover breathing practices, meditation, deep relaxation, asana, games, activities, arts and crafts, and business and marketing. The Online Kidding Around Yoga (OKAY) component contains the entire training in videos and online modules for you to study before and after your live training. You’ll also receive a complete manual, access to KAY Teachers’ Resources, marketing videos, discount on insurance, inclusion in the KAY facebook support forum, and a huge catalog of original KAY music. Incorporating Yoga poses and fun cardio activities, our music takes any kids’ class up a notch. Kids love Kidding Around Yoga, and so will you!


Haris Lender, is such an inspiration. It is not often you go to a training and meet the founder, and much less, get trained first hand by that founder.—Linda

Haris Harini Lender E-RYT 200, RYT 500, RCYT, YACEP, is the founder of KAY and a certified Integral Yoga teacher at the 500 level. She is also certified in Stress Management, Prenatal Yoga, Raja Yoga, and Children’s Yoga. During her 11 years of running Camp Yogaville, Haris wrote songs and skits, managed counselors, teachers, and kitchen staff, and developed the skills that helped her create KAY. KiddingAroundYoga.com Prereqs All students are required to finish online modules I and II of OKAY before the in-person training. No prior Yoga teacher training is necessary. KAY is designed for anyone who loves to work with kids. IY 300

15 training hrs in person + 8 hrs online Tuition $425 ($275 in person + $150 online component) + 3 nights accom. p.60

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Yoga of Devotion

A Retreat with Krishna Das May 22–25

May 22, Saturday Concert

For everyone

Join world-renowned musician Krishna Das in an experiential weekend filled with kirtan (chanting of sacred sounds). In this special concert and kirtan workshop, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in chanting holy mantras with the Grammy-nominated “rockstar of Yoga.” Krishna Das will guide you in ancient chants, making the practice of chanting Divine mantras exciting and simple. A personable, down-to-earth presenter, he’s gifted at dispelling any beginner’s hesitation or fear and guiding everyone into lively, responsive chanting. Join us and elevate your mind, relax your body, and open your heart!

Krishna Das layers traditional kirtan with accessible melodies and modern instrumentation. With a remarkably soulful voice, Grammy nominated Krishna Das, also known as KD, has taken the call-and-response chanting out of Yoga centers and into concert halls. KrishnaDas.com

10 training hrs Tuition $395 + 3 nights accom. p.60

Saturday concert $40 in advance, $45 at the door

Bring your kids with you while you enjoy Krishna Das! Kid’s Yoga Program, with Nitya Griffith p.30, is childcare for guests’ children. Ages 5–11 are welcome. While you are in your program, your kids will be well looked after by Nitya and experienced staff. They will be entertained and inspired with Yoga, arts and crafts, chanting, meditation, swimming, and outdoor adventures. In addition, they’ll learn about ashram life, Integral Yoga®, and Sri Swami Satchidananda. Kid’s Program Tuition $185 + $90 for 3 nights accom.




Yoga Therapy in Cancer and Chronic Illness YCat – Level I Sandra Susheela Gilbert and Senior YCat Teachers May 29–June 7

For Yoga teachers and health professionals

This ten-day intensive training of the YCat–Level I curriculum is both knowledge-based and experiential. It provides an understanding of concepts in teaching Yoga to people with cancer and chronic illness. The curriculum includes: Biology, physiology, and pathophysiology of cancer Common chronic illnesses Aging and end of life Rationales and adaptations of Yoga in medical settings Introduction to Yoga research and Yoga philosophy as it applies to illness and disease • Pain and suffering, life and death, and challenges of daily living

Sandra Susheela Gilbert, B.A., E-RYT 500, YACEP, C-IAYT, is the director of YCat and is the senior trainer for the 300-hour YCat training. She has mentored and taught alongside YCat founder Jnani Chapman for 12 years. She is appreciated for her patience and dedication to those going through the experience of cancer. YCatYogaInCancer.com

• • • • •

May / June 2020

Level I offers 90 training hours. Levels I, II, and III add up to 300 hours. The 300-hour graduate-level certificate can be used toward the Integral Yoga® 300-hour Program.

The YCat curriculum is so needed in the world. It offers practical valuable tools that can be used in daily life. It empowers people with cancer and chronic illnesses to participate in their own healing. To learn how to facilitate this as a Yoga teacher is very satisfying.—Karen D.

Prereqs Any 200-hour Yoga teacher training graduate or licensed healthcare professional is welcome to attend. To receive complete certification of the program, LHP’s need a 200-hour Yoga teacher training certificate. Preprogram preparation is required through reading, writing assignments, and video.

IY 300

90 training hrs Tuition $1,395 + 9 nights accom. p.60

Yoga for Hips and Knees

Dr. Loren Fishman and Gabriella Barnstone June 5–7

For everyone, including Yoga teachers and health professionals

People often look to Yoga as a means to alleviate pain. But knee and hip joints can sometimes present a challenge, as they are frequently a source of movement limitations in a Yoga practice. While Yoga can be helpful in alleviating hip and knee discomfort, it is crucial that you know how to address these parts of the body. In this program, Loren Fishman and Gabriella Barnstone will provide you with a solid understanding of the do’s and don’ts of Yoga for the hips and knees.

“ 46

Balance is the word here. There was no indoctrination or proselytism, just lots of knowledge and wisdom. Great for all ages, ethnicities, all walks of life.—Pierre C. If you can attend only one more workshop in your Yoga life, make it here with Dr. Fishman.—Bev G.

Loren M. Fishman, M.D., B. Phil. (Oxon.), is a rehabilitation physician currently on staff at Columbia University. He spent a year studying Yoga with B.K.S. Iyengar before going to medical school, and he has written ten books and over 90 articles. Sciatica.org Gabriella Barnstone, C-IAYT, RYT 500, is a certified Yoga therapist working at Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation under the guidance of Dr. Fishman. She has taught courses with Dr. Fishman on Yoga for Back Pain, Yoga for Osteoporosis, and Yoga for Arthritis at various organizations. HomeYoganewyork.com 7 training hrs Tuition $350 + 2 nights accom. p.60


ost Yoga postures or asanas do more than one thing. However, the ravages of aging and the unpredictable events of life often leave an individual unable to do full postures because of disabilities unrelated to the primary goal of the position. Therefore, we have honed down some asana and focused as much as possible on specific joints to enable practitioners to benefit exactly where they want to. The shoulder is a particularly good example. Very little Yoga is dedicated exclusively to this joint, though it plays a part in almost every asana. So let us start with a brief introduction to the anatomy of the shoulder. The system of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones that make up the shoulder joint is unique. Although most bones connect to specific places— usually the ends of other bones—the scapulae, or shoulder blades, are different. They hang loosely and slide over a large region of the backs of the ribs. They are capable of raising, lowering, moving to the midline and considerably out toward the sides, and tilting in all three dimensions. The scapulae are not held in place by inelastic ligaments, as are the knees, hips, ankles, elbows, and vertebra. Rather, a large group of muscles, each flexible and independently contractile, move the shoulder blades or hold them in place each time the arms move. These muscles span an enormous spatial range in the body; they include the omohyoid and pectoralis muscles arising from the

jaw and sternum, to the latissimus dorsi muscles that originate way down at the back of the pelvis. When you consider how moving the arms and shoulders changes your center of gravity, the activity at the shoulders is practically the whole body’s business. The shoulder’s function is mostly related to supporting the arm and helping us do things with our hands, such as reaching and turning, twisting and carrying, and operating devices as various as a tennis racquet, a button, an automobile, and a scalpel. Sometimes the job of the shoulder is to hold things steady, as when you are taking a photograph, brushing your teeth, or performing tasks that utilize the fine muscles of the hand, such as typing. At other times, the shoulder does the lion’s share of work, for example, when you are throwing a ball, where the hand only controls the release of the ball. As osteoarthritis degrades the actual structure of the joint, encroaching at the edges of the glenoid fossa (the socket of the shoulder joint) or distorting the smooth spherical perfection of the head of the humerus (upper arm bone), the range of motion of the joint itself decreases. At first, there is ample room for adaptation: the shoulder blade tilts farther forward or back, shifts up or down, angles right or left. This increased movement of the shoulder blade makes up for stiffness in the shoulder joint itself. The muscles that govern the scapula’s position and orientation “give” enough so that the joint motions in question,

All Programs

The Shoulders

by Dr. Loren Fishman

those of the humerus in the shoulder socket, are not really challenged. But as the degenerative process continues, the ligaments and joint capsule begin to tighten, exactly because adaptation is so effective. A vicious cycle develops—the less the joint moves, the less it is able to move. There is no straining at the new limits on the joint range: therefore, that range quickly decreases. And soon the easy adaptation stage is over, and the arm simply will not go up high enough to reach the top shelf in the garage or will not twist far enough to hook on a brassiere. The idea with Yoga is to challenge these limitations before they outstrip your shoulder’s built-in capacity to adapt to them. But this is not easy, precisely because of the joint’s inherent adaptability! When you try to stretch the knee joint, you stretch whatever is stopping you, but when you do the same thing with the acromioclavicular joint, the shoulder will just slide further on the back of the ribs to accommodate your limitation. So the exercises have to be more sophisticated, and have to fix the shoulder blade in place on the back of the chest before any of the shoulder’s motions actually move the glenoid fossa around it! In our Yoga we take full note of this fundamental setup intrinsic to the shoulder’s anatomy. Ancient Yoga, with a modest amount of modern anatomical sophistication, can improve the range of motion and decrease the pain of just about anyone. 1.800.858.9642



Yoga Vacation in Lesvos, Greece

Sw. Divyananda Ma, RYT 500, took monastic vows in 1975 from Sri Swami Satchidananda. She has served at Integral Yoga Centers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and India. Swami Divyananda leads annual Sacred India Tours in addition to international Yoga retreats and trainings. SacredIndiaTours.org

Swami Divyananda Ma and Ram Wiener June 10–17

Retreat for everyone

Grant yourself the luxury of visiting Lesvos, Greece during a spectacular time of year. Savor the sunny days, blue skies, and warm weather with like-minded spiritual seekers.

Ram Wiener, E-RYT 500, is a 200hour Yoga teacher trainer and the vice president of the IY Academy and Ashram businesses. He has organized successful Yoga vacations in Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Italy, and Alaska. He is fluent in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

During this Integral Yoga® (IY) vacation, you will enjoy: • Access to a beautiful beach • Daily meditations and Hatha Yoga classes • Talks and classes led by two of the most senior disciples of Sri Swami Satchidananda • Delicious vegetarian meals • Excursions to quaint Greek villages • Time to relax and rejuvenate

Double Room $1,395

Single Room $1,450

June 2020

Price includes accommodations, three vegetarian meals each day, Hatha Yoga classes, and inspiring talks. Price does not include airfare, transportation to and from the retreat center, excursions, or tips. $100 off if paid in full by March 10, 2020.

Intermediate Integral Yoga Teacher Training Swami Asokananda and Letícia Padmasri June 14–July 5

For Yoga teachers

Sw. Asokananda, E-RYT 500, a monk since 1975, is one of Integral Yoga’s foremost teachers. He is one of Yogaville’s primary instructors for Intermediate and Advanced Hatha Yoga teacher trainings, and presently serves as president of the Integral Yoga Institute in New York. iyiny.org

Intermediate Integral Yoga Teacher Training offers an opportunity to profoundly enrich your understanding and practice of Integral Yoga. As a student, you’ll dive deeply into the subtle aspects of Yoga and acquire the skills needed to teach them. In this training you will: • Learn additional asanas, their benefits, and how to safely guide students into and out of the poses • Explore making skillful sequencing choices and adaptations that will enhance your classes • Gain a fuller understanding of prana and pranayama • Study the Bhagavad Gita, which expounds the philosophy and practices of the four main paths of Yoga (Karma, Raja, Bhakti, and Jnana Yoga)

“ 48

Swami Asokananda is such a joy to learn from; the energy and lessons from Gurudev spring from his every word! His guidance has been my jumping off point to deepen my yogic journey.—Jeremiah S. Padmasri has incredible knowledge. Her ability to teach, listen, and explain is amazing!—Margaret S.

Letícia Padmasri, M.A., C-IAYT, E-RYT 500, is an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant and an Integral Yoga Hatha teacher trainer for the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. She holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a master’s degree in education. LeticiaPadmasri.com. Prereqs 200-hour Integral Yoga Teacher Training and at least six months of Yoga teaching experience. Certified teachers from other traditions may also apply. IY 300

170 training hrs Tuition $1,850 + 21 nights accom. p.60

All Programs

Yoga of Recovery®: Between the Mat and the Meeting

Weekend June 18–21 Module June 18–25 Durga Leela

For everyone, including Yoga teachers and health professionals

Quite simply, this module is for those who struggle and suffer— those who are beginning to suspect that the way they’re living is not sustainable—and now you’re ready to say, “I’m done with it!” Health and recovery involve fully living in the wholeness that you are. By recognizing your innate strengths and stress-response tendencies, you can learn to revitalize your body’s systems rather than to depend on addictive, unhealthy behaviors. This Module includes: • Ayurvedic healing tools for all addictive tendencies • Teachings to build a strong foundation for living well • Discussions on stress, digestion, sleep, hygiene, and detoxification • Practices for deep self-care and emotional regulation through simple Ayurvedic daily routines that you can practice at home Optional 12-step meetings will be offered throughout the course. If circumstances prevent you from taking the eight-day Module, you have the option to register for the Weekend, June 18–21. Durga Leela will also offer a Yoga of Recovery Symposium at Yogaville with Reverend Jan M. Brown, on June 26–28, p.50.

Yoga of Recovery: Between the Mat and the Meeting not only helped to deepen my understanding of my addictive/ destructive behaviors, but also gave me specific practices to integrate into my daily life. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone!—Surya H. I thought this program would be a neat recovery boost and a fun getaway. It was so much more! I got more than I could’ve ever imagined.—Past Participant

Durga Leela, E-RYT 500, is a down-to-earth speaker who has worked on her own path of recovery. Trained in Ayurveda in both the U.S. and India, she is the director of the Ayurveda programs at Sivananda Yoga Farm in Grass Valley, CA. YogaOfRecovery.com Prereqs Open to all. We suggest at least three months of continuous sobriety for alcohol/chemically dependent guests, as we are not a medical/detox facility. Please contact us if you feel able to attend in your early sobriety—we’d like to ensure that the retreat is the best option for you. Those with eating disorders or behavioral addictions should have enough stability to embark on this work.

IY 300

Weekend Module

12 or 50 training hrs Tuition $295 + 3 nights accom. p.60 $795 + 7 nights accom. p.60

The Integration of Ayurveda into Yoga of Recovery


ur understanding of our suffering defines the nature of our solution. My own path in founding Yoga of Recovery stems from being a child of an alcoholic, becoming alcoholic myself in my teens, finding Yoga in my mid-20s, attempting suicide, and losing my mother to alcoholism when I was 32 years old. Shortly after that, I was fired from a job I was headhunted into.

by Durga Leela Then I “did a geographic”— moving from London to Lake Tahoe to take a year off and sort myself out. But “wherever you go, there you are,” and after nine months in the United States, my new life was in shambles. I once again felt desperate, but this time I took myself to a meeting of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and experienced almost instant relief from my obsession with alcohol. The transformative experience of sobriety became a sustainable,

ongoing process. This only happened due to the foundation of fellowship (the three pillars of 12-step principles), a life of balance through Ayurveda, and a life of purpose through Yoga. These three modalities are available to me in every moment of my life in the small everyday choices and larger life decisions. And now I get the opportunity to share aspects of that regularly through the Yoga of Recovery. 1.800.858.9642



The Fifth Key

Unlock the Door to Your Spiritual Potential Brother Arjavan June 19–22

For everyone

Discover what’s holding you back and transcend it through the Integral Yoga® approach. Sri Swami Satchidananda taught that Truth is One, Paths are Many. During this workshop, you will be assisted in exploring your spiritual path.

June / July 2020

Integral Yoga is a meditative and mindful approach that integrates the multiple branches of Yoga into a complete lifestyle system. The purpose is to elevate and inspire the harmonious development of every aspect of the individual. Over this weekend, you will learn powerful tools to promote wellness and self-mastery. The effects are subtle, yet profound.

Brother Arjavan is the most recent renunciate in the Integral Yoga monastic tradition, becoming pre-sannyas in 2018. He is a certified Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga teacher and has lived and served in Yogaville for four years. Since then, he has devoted his life to spiritual practices and service, to share this experience with all.

Brother Arjavan’s sharing of his personal experiences helped me to relate and see what is possible.—Patricia C.

Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60

Yoga of Recovery® Symposium Durga Leela and Reverend Jan M. Brown June 26–28

For everyone

Immediately following the annual Yoga of Recovery offering is the Recovery Symposium at Yogaville. This symposium offers provisions for anyone in our communities affected by addiction. Addiction and selfdestructive behaviors can no longer be seen as a problem on purely an individual level; we must rally to create recovery supported systems of care throughout our communities. Join us and contribute to this movement to make change and raise our awareness about all issues surrounding addiction, and how we, our families, and communities can heal.

Durga Leela, E-RYT 500, is a down-to-earth speaker who has worked on her own path of recovery. Trained in Ayurveda in both the U.S. and India, she is the director of the Ayurveda programs at Sivananda Yoga Farm in Grass Valley, CA. YogaOfRecovery.com

Rev. Jan M. Brown, M.Sc., B.A., is the executive director of SpiritWorks Foundation Center for the Soul, a recovery community organization with two locations in Virginia. She is certified as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist, and is an international scholar in the field of Addiction Studies. SpiritWorksFoundation.org

7 training hrs Tuition $240 + 2 nights accom. p.60 50

All Programs

Yoga and Kayaking Bhaskar Deva June 26–28

July 10–12

July 31–Aug. 2

For everyone

Join Bhaskar Deva for a weekend (or two or three!) of kayaking down the peaceful James River—connecting with nature, yourself, and new friends. This is an invigorating way for beginner and intermediate kayakers to combine Yoga with the joy of the outdoors. Each day begins with morning meditation, Hatha Yoga, and a delicious, hearty breakfast. After an instructional orientation, you’ll launch your kayak and explore many miles of the lush, historic James River under the expert guidance of our trip leaders. Stop for meditation on the banks of the river, supported by the magical sound of the flowing water. Before returning, nurture your body with Yoga poses meant to soothe your muscles.

Thank you so much for this beautiful experience. It was everything that I had hoped for. Bhaskar is truly a wonderful instructor and guide.—Past Participant

Bhaskar Deva’s love of nature has drawn him to lead many kayaking groups. He was a monk for several years at Yogaville, where he served as development coordinator, board member, and Swami Satchidananda’s pilot. AbundantWellbeing.com Prereqs Ability to swim and to have fun. Tuition $325 per weekend + 2 nights accom. p.60 Tuition includes kayak rental

Camp Yogaville

Reverend Sam Rudra Swartz and Staff July 12–26

July 12–19

July 19–26

For kids

Rev. Sam Rudra Swartz, IYM, E-RYT 200, RCYT, YACEP, is an Integral Yoga and Interfaith minister. He leads Yogaville’s Silent Retreats p.9, Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) teacher trainings, and has served as a Camp Yogaville director since 2011. SamSwartz.com

Camp Yogaville is Integral Yoga® for kids—a two-week-long Yoga summer camp in the heart of Virginia for children ages 8–12 (we’re flexible!). It’s a great opportunity for your kids to share and relate to one another in a yogic way. Your children will: • Enjoy 700+ acres for activities like swimming, hiking, and crafting • Learn about yogic ideals like compassion and nonviolence • Eat delicious, nourishing, and healthy vegetarian meals • Practice Hatha Yoga every morning • Learn about Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras • Sleep in rustic cabins • Learn a few Sanskrit chants • Gain strength, confidence, and experience peace

Tuition One week Two weeks + sibling

$795 $1,320 $660 per week


Tuition includes accommodations. Campers sleep in rustic cabins supervised by a counselor.


Create Your Own

Group Retreat

If you want to see a Heaven on Earth, come to Yogaville.—Sri Swami Satchidananda

Group Services at Satchidananda Ashram– Yogaville is here to serve you every step of the way. Your group can move at its own pace and have access to private locations for activities catering to every style of Yoga and ability level. We can help you organize your retreat by offering a wide variety of services: • • • • • •

Schedule planning Priority check-in Hatha Yoga and deep relaxation classes Lectures Private seating in the dining hall Visits and tours available upon request

Get ready for your own unique Yogaville experience. Choose from two very special mountainside properties:

Lotus Conference Center or

Shri Nivas Retreat Center Main campus accommodations are also available. 52



434.969.3121 x147 or x113


Personal Retreat A Personal Retreat offers spiritual



It is a unique opportunity to experience an individualized program with the guidance and support of a senior monastic, minister, or teacher during your stay. At the beginning of your retreat, your guide helps you clarify your goals and design your program. Your schedule may be open or more structured, and it can include Ashram classes (General Ashram Schedule p.54). You may also choose to spend some of your stay in silence if you wish. The peace and natural beauty of the ashram environment, along with the spiritual atmosphere generated by daily prayer and meditation, help you to go deeper in your practices. You will return home renewed, filled with insight and resolve, ready to proceed on life’s journey with greater skill and ease. Please register at least one week in advance.

Mon.–Thurs. Accommodations with Guidance Sessions* Nights

Private Dorm and Shared Bath

Lotus Guest House Private Room and Bath










* Number of guidance sessions will vary on an individual basis




yogaville108 arc@yogaville.org


yogaville yogaville.org


Karma Yoga Weekend

A Work Exchange Opportunity Your heartful service is invaluable, and this offering can support you on your journey towards peace, joy, love, and light. Enjoy the peace of a weekend devoted to Karma Yoga (selfless service) at Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville. The new Karma Yoga Weekend program is a free opportunity for you to stay at the Ashram while practicing Karma Yoga in various areas: the kitchen, farm, and/or landscaping. Your service will include two shifts plus one clean-up throughout the weekend.


We are not going to change the whole world, but we can change ourselves and feel free as birds. We can be serene even in the midst of calamities and, by our serenity, make others more tranquil. Serenity is contagious. —Sri Swami Satchidananda

In exchange for your service, you will receive:



Karma Yoga /



Sc h

Wake Up


:30 2 1 – 12 Noon

Breakfast / Puja (worship service) at Chidambaram Temple

Meditation (6 am on Sat. 6:40 on Sun.)


Integral Yoga® Hatha (6:55 on Sat. 7:30 on Sun.)

–6:15 5 5 am 4 : 4


45 : 1 1


Talks / Free Time

6:20–7:5 0

Please contact Ashram Reservation Center (ARC) for availability and more details.


limited to five Karma yogis at a time.

Genera l Dai ly A

Please note Program available once a month and

n: 1 pe o S

– 30 : 8

ed ul

Prereqs A previous two-night weekend stay at

Yogaville, a commitment of about eight hours of service, and the ability to stand for several hours at a time.




• Friday–Sunday dormitory accommodations • Organic vegetarian meals • Opportunity to join the Ashram scheduled classes and events: group meditations, Hatha Yoga classes, Saturday Satsang (gathering of seekers of the Truth), and talks

5, 2 12:4 – m a


Guest Stays

Choose your arrival/departure dates

Welcome Weekend

Visit Anytime

The Welcome Weekend Program is designed to help you experience, perhaps for the first time, the benefits of Yoga in your life. You will be introduced to the Yogaville way of life and will have the opportunity to join various activities on the Ashram schedule.

Join us for the day, overnight, or longer

Activitie s


12:45 p Lunch

dep e


n di

ng on t

he d

Free Time

• • • • • • • • •

ft he

we e

• •


2– 5:4 Karma Yoga / 5

ay o

When you come to Yogaville, you are welcome to:

d he Sc


10 p

Lights Out


(Satsang on Sat.)

6:30 pm

Yoga Philosophy Class / Karma Yoga / Free Time

ge chan


Supper (5:30 on Sat.)

ct to

6– 6

Evening Meditation

e ubj is s

0 6:3 5–

Integral Yoga Hatha (4 pm on Sat.)

Join us for group meditations Take Hatha Yoga classes Explore hiking trails Visit our library Take the Ashram tour Participate in Karma Yoga (selfless service) Visit our beautiful interfaith shrine, LOTUS, and our other sacred sites, Chidambaram and Kailash Enjoy delicious, organic vegetarian meals Come to Satsang, our Saturday evening program of devotional chanting, a video of Sri Swami Satchidananda, a guest speaker, and universal prayers. Attend scripture study classes and evening programs Find personal support and guidance from one of our senior monastics or ministers with our Personal Retreats p.53

Yogaville Gift Certificate Know a friend or loved one who would treasure the experience of Yogaville? Help clear the path with the purchase of a Yogaville Gift Certificate. It can be used toward accommodations or program tuition and is good for five years.

Come to Yogaville Often?

Become a member! Stay for at least two nights, three times in one year, and get your next two-night accommodations free. Let us know at registration or upon arrival of your first stay. Exclusions apply. Use your free accommodations within six months after your third stay.







Living Yoga Training

28 Days

Enrich Your Spiritual Life Immerse yourself in the yogic lifestyle through Integral Yoga®. The Living Yoga Training (LYT) program empowers you to develop a steady Yoga practice that you can integrate into daily life. Under the guidance of senior disciples of Sri Swami Satchidananda, this program combines spiritual studies and practices with selfless service. If you are committed to your spiritual growth and are 18 or older, you are welcome to apply for this life-transforming program. Integral Yoga practices include: • • • • • •

Hatha Yoga—postures Raja Yoga—self-mastery through meditation Jnana Yoga—the path of inquiry Karma Yoga—selfless service Bhakti Yoga—devotion Satsang—spiritual gathering

16 training hours Tuition $600 Tuition includes classes, three daily organic vegetarian meals, and shared dormitory accommodations.


Open to those new to Yoga and long-time practitioners.







434.969.3121 x152


Other Residential Programs Volunteer at Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville and learn as you deepen your spiritual practices. Residential programs are for seekers who want to go deeper into the Integral Yoga teachings. Sadhana (spiritual practices—meditation and Hatha Yoga) is required. Prereq LYT Program or a month-long Yoga training at Yogaville. Commitment Minimum of two months for Ashram Yogis. Three days to six weeks for Support Staff.

yogaville.org/residential-programs ResidentServices@yogaville.org 56

434.969.3121 x178

General Ashram Yogis serve in various areas, including reception desk, farm, housekeeping, library, kitchen, and guest services. Kitchen Ashram Yogis learn vegetarian cooking and kitchen procedures through hands-on experience. Farm Ashram Yogis engage in sustainable farming activities: planting, harvesting, composting, weeding, mulching, and maintaining farm equipment. Support Staff members serve in various Ashram departments.

and Environment

Yogaville Environmental Solutions (YES) Yogaville Environmental Solutions is an environmentally focused department representing our commitment to a healthy and energy-efficient lifestyle. YES is focused on investing in our community’s sustainable future to provide clean and healthy food, energy, air, water, and soil.

yogaville.org/yes yes@yogaville.org

434.969.3121 x172

We have a duty toward the land that brings us food, toward the rain that brings us water, toward nature.—Sri Swami Satchidananda

How do we honor this responsibility? In recent years, YES has made efforts to support our farm, the implementation of solar energy, and recycling.

Farm to Kitchen to Table Living a natural, healthy lifestyle is part of our Yoga practice, so we seek to live in a sustainable manner in our community. This includes sustainable waste management and recycling, conservation of water and energy, solar energy generation, and operation of our organic farm, which is run by our residents. Delicious fresh vegetarian food comes from our farm to kitchen to table, and provides a quality yogic diet for all our staff, guests, and students.

Solar Energy Project

Comprehensive Quality Recycling

Our first solar implementation was a 64 kW roof-based solar array, installed in 2018. It now generates half of the electricity required for our main building, Sivananda Hall.

In July 2018, Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville and the Yogaville Community Association partnered with Republic Services and Bryant Recycling to create a comprehensive waste management program. This initiative included a new and improved recycling program for the Ashram and the greater community. During the first two months of operation, over 60 cubic feet of recyclable materials were kept out of the landfill. Now, over 400 cubic yards of waste have been recycled due to this effort.

Our second solar implementation was a 45.5 kW ground-based solar array, which now generates all of the power for our LOTUS Shrine. Currently, we are accepting donations to design and implement the second portion of Sivananda Hall as well as a large solar field installation that could generate most of the energy requirements for all of Yogaville.



As a guest of the Ashram, we ask you to help us as much as you can with this effort. Just follow the recycling instructions on posted signs in order to be an effective steward of the Earth. Thank you! 1.800.858.9642



Community and


Yogaville was established by Sri Swami Satchidananda and a small group of people in 1979. Throughout the years, the community has evolved, adapted and accommodated various changes, all while keeping our mission alive: Practicing the Integral Yoga® teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda.


make it yours


July 2018–June 2019 Between July 2018 and June 2019, we have achieved many things with the support of dedicated staff, volunteers, and donors.

We are eternally grateful to every single being who has visited Yogaville since its foundation and all those who have shared Sri Swami Satchidananda’s vision and invested their time, money, and energy so that Yogaville could become what it is today.

1986 58

Served 1,095 Meals

Installed 324 Solar Panels


Trained 209 Yoga teachers

Hosted 1,675 Yoga Classes 1,404 Group Meditations

400 cubic yards

112 Programs

Prison Project

260 Yoga Philosophy Talks

About 2,000 response letters and emails sent to prisoners who wrote with questions about living a yogic lifestyle 200 Yoga mats donated 200 Japa malas donated

74 Live Events 5,509 Guests 675 Volunteers Diversity/Inclusion Training for Staff

How You Can Help


Now and Years to Come

Contributions, big or

small, allow us to maintain this thriving community and serve thousands of people from diverse traditions who come from all over the world to experience peace.

Sacred Sites Repair

LOTUS fountains


Guru Bhavan


Donations are tax-deductible!

Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville is a 501c3 nonprofit organization

Solar Panels Installation 194 Solar Panels $80,000 (2nd half of array in Sivananda Hall)


Elevator in the Academy building


Accessible Entry in Guru Bhavan


Thank you—and may your financial contribution come back to you a thousandfold!

yogaville.org/donate treasury@yogaville.org

434.969.3121 x102


Accommodations 2020 Prices per night weekday weekend

Lotus Guest House (LGH) Private Room and Bath

Rooms have either a full-size, queen, or two twin beds and a full bath. All rooms contain individually controlled heat and air-conditioning.






Add’l persons






Per person






Add’l persons



Per person






Dormitory Shared Room and Bath

Rooms for 2–8 people in upper and lower bunk beds. Private Room / Shared Bath

Rooms available for one or two people.

Tenting and Campers Available March 16–November 30

Quiet, wooded area with 18 campsites and nearby bathrooms, showers, and laundry facilities. Please bring your own tent and bedding.


4 pm on Friday 2–5 pm on Saturday–Thursday


2 pm for program participants 12 pm for all other guests 60

Rates include three daily organic vegetarian meals, meditation, Integral Yoga® Hatha classes, and other activities on the Ashram schedule p.55. * No charge for children five and under. Adult price for ages 15 and older.

Please note Rooms are available for those who are physically challenged. Please inform ARC if you cannot climb stairs. Couples may stay together in a room or tent site only if they are married or have been in a committed relationship for six months or longer.

Discounts First Program Discount Subtract $40 off your first program’s tuition. Not available for programs with Krishna Das, Dr. Loren Fishman, Joan Borysenko, Robin Carnes; or Camp Yogaville, Yoga Vacation, any Teacher Training (TT), Personal Retreat, Guest Stay, Midweek Seminar; or other online discounted programs. Extended Stay Discount 15% off accommodations for stays of seven nights or longer. This discount is automatically applied for TT accommodations. Financial Aid Limited partial scholarships are available for those who can demonstrate financial need.

Member Discount Stay for at least two nights, three times in one year, and get your next two-night accommodations free. Let us know at registration or upon arrival of your first stay. Exclusions apply. Use your free accommodations within six months after your third stay.

10% OFF* accommodations and programs tuition for: • Senior Citizen: all seniors, ages 65+. • Full-Time Student: I.D. required. • Military Personnel: all people currently serving in the US armed forces and retirees, the Reserve, or the National Guard. ID required. Spouses not included. • International: all people permanently residing outside the US. • IYTA Members: 10% off guest stays or programs and 5% off TTs for active Integral Yoga® Teachers Association members. * Limit of 20% total discount per guest.

Reservations Registration Preregistration is recommended at least two weeks in advance for programs. For best housing options, please reserve as soon as possible. No same day reservations are available after 3 pm. Full payment is due at the time of registration, excluding Integral Yoga TTs and Yoga Vacations. Tuition and Accommodation Rates Unless otherwise noted, program tuition and accommodation rates are listed separately. Arrival and Departure Times Unless otherwise noted, standard check-in time on Friday is 4 pm and on Saturday– Thursday is 2–5 pm. Standard check-out time is 2 pm for programs and 12 pm for all other guest stays. Please note, due to our turnover procedure, guests who do not honor the check-out time will be charged an additional half-day fee. For those in private accommodations, there will be a $10 charge for lost/unreturned keys. Travel Charlottesville, VA, is the closest city to the Ashram that provides air, bus, train, and taxi service. To arrange pick-up and drop-off for a $50 each-way fee, 9 am–8 pm, please contact ARC at least three days in advance. You may also rent a car. Driving directions are available at yogaville.org/directions. Phone Calls/Text With the exception of Verizon, cell phone services are limited in our area. You may use call/message apps with free wi-fi.

Wireless Connection Our free wi-fi is called SAYVA_SOUTH. What To Bring Please bring a notebook, pen, toiletries (including soap), a Yoga mat, umbrella, and flashlight. Shoes are not worn inside the buildings, so consider bringing slippers for indoors, slip-on shoes for walking between buildings, and a pair of walking shoes for hiking. Please bring modest, non-revealing, loose-fitting clothing for your visit. Short shorts, spaghetti strap tops, halter tops, low-cut tops, pants or skirts that reveal midriffs, and bikinis are discouraged. Shorts are not allowed at any of the shrines, meditations, or Saturday evening events. White clothing is appropriate for the Saturday Satsang evening program. Do Not Bring Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville is a tobacco-free, alcohol-free, and drug-free community. Therefore, we ask you not to bring these items. If smoking does occur in any of our accommodations, there will be a $250 charge. Also, in an effort to maintain an allergy-free and comfortable environment for our guests and residents, we do not allow pets. Cancellation Policy If a reservation is canceled more than 72 hours before the scheduled arrival date, then the payment is refunded minus a $50 administrative fee. For reservations canceled within 72 hours of the scheduled arrival date, the payment is refunded minus the cost of the first night’s accommodations.

Photos by Bill Geoghegan, Yuli Ama Luna, and Parvathi Faini Graphic Design by Nathalie Rukmini Ando

No refund is available for cancellations made after 4 pm on arrival date. The cancellation policy applies for guests and program participants. Teacher Trainings and Yoga Vacations are subject to a different policy. Disclaimer Our programs are intended to be educational in nature only and are not intended for use in the diagnosis, prevention, cure, or treatment of any disease or ailment. Persons having health concerns and in need of diagnosis, cure, or treatment should consult a medical professional.

Ashram Reservation Center (ARC)

M–F Sat.

9 am–12 pm, 2–5 pm 2 pm–5:30 pm

1.800.858.Yoga (9642) 1.434.969.2048 (outside the US) 1.434.969.1303 (Fax) arc@yogaville.org ARC 108 Yogaville Way, Buckingham, VA 23921



Satchidananda Ashram

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID FARGO, ND Permit No. 684

108 Yogaville Way Buckingham, VA 23921-2229 USA 1.800.858.Yoga (9642) yogaville.org

Winter /Spring 2020 page


Dec. 27–1


Spring Silent Retreat: Time to Reflect, Relax, and Renew

Free-All Day Laughter Yoga Workshop



Yoga of Forgiveness

Basic Meditation: A Journey to Peace



200-hour Integral Yoga Teacher Training – Spring

January New Year’s Silent Retreat: Seek the Light Within

12–Feb. 2


Taking Ayurveda to the Mat

Make Your New Year’s Resolution Last:..., Ask, Act, Achieve



Living in Your Truth: Be Fearlessly Free

Experience the Joy of Health



Christie Lenée Friday Concert

31–Feb. 2


Intermediate Integral Yoga Teacher Training – India ®

Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate: Reduce Stress with Gentle Yoga

page 2–5




13–May 10








Sacred Sounds: Healing Sounds



Mindfulness, Compassion, and Difficult Emotions



February May 29 7–9 Building Resilience: Winter Practices for Self-Care Agape AUM: Evolutionary Music Weekend



Gentle Chair Yoga Weekend: Stay Healthy and Happy



Create Your Happy Body: Combining Alexander Technique...



Gentle Chair Yoga Five-Day Retreat: Stay Healthy and Happy



28–Mar. 1


Connect to Your Self through Five Elements in Nature



28–Mar. 1


Prenatal Yoga Training: Embody a Luminous Pregnancy &...


42 42

The Feng Shui of Yoga: Creating Harmonious Spaces Become a Better Guide: Teaching People w/ Limited Mobility


Strengthen Your Container with the Chakras: ...Wholeness



Loosening the Deep Seated Knots



Laugha Yoga® Three-Day Leader Certification



Bringing Yoga Therapy into Hospitals and Academia



Unlock Your Creative Inspiration: Breath, Sound, & Movement



Yoga for Detox: Spring Cleaning for Body and Mind



Transformation: Practical Approaches for Letting Go





22–Apr. 1


Discover the Heart of Yoga: Asana and Pranayama



Yoga for Arthritis Teachers Intensive – Level I



The Spiritual Art of Memoir: Discovering the Invisible... Adaptive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

• • •

Programs for everyone

iRest Yoga Nidra Immersion Program


Yoga for Everyone: Creating Inclusive Accessible Yoga Spaces



Mantra Initiates Reunion Weekend: Rekindling the Fire...



Yoga of Devotion: A Retreat with Krishna Das



Krishna Das Saturday Concert



Kidding Around Yoga Training



29–June 7


Yoga Therapy in Cancer and Chronic Illness: YCat – Level I

June 5–7


Yoga Vacation in Lesvos, Greece



Summer Silent Retreat: Abiding in Your Light



Intermediate Integral Yoga Teacher Training

14–July 5


Yoga of Recovery®–Weekend: Between the Mat and the...



Yoga of Recovery–Module: Between the Mat & the Meeting



The Fifth Key: Unlock the Door to Your Spiritual Potential



Yoga of Recovery Symposium



Yoga and Kayaking – June



Camp Yogaville

July 12–26


Ten-Day Silent Retreat: The Inward Journey

Aug. 7–16


Oct. 25–Nov. 22


Yoga for Hips and Knees

Trainings and Certifications for Teachers and Health Professionals Integral Yoga Retreats

Ashram Celebrations p.3

200-hour Integral Yoga Teacher Training – Fall

Profile for Yogaville/Integral Yoga International

Yogaville Program Guide- January–June 2020  

Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville is a nonprofit organization, the worldwide headquarters of Integral Yoga, a dynamic Yoga community, and a vib...

Yogaville Program Guide- January–June 2020  

Satchidananda Ashram–Yogaville is a nonprofit organization, the worldwide headquarters of Integral Yoga, a dynamic Yoga community, and a vib...

Profile for yogaville