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TESLA METAMORPHOSIS with Anya Petrovic Seminars could change your life forever! Reach beyond healing with Tesla waves. Let’s Move Studio, 925 McGill Place @ Sunmore Spa, Kamloops, BC


09 September 7-10pm free entry TESLA METAMORPHOSIS I 10 September, 11am - 7pm 11 September, 10am - 6pm Fee $520 (Before 09/08/2011 $460 - save $60)

TESLA METAMORPHOSIS II 13 - 15 September, 6 - 10pm Fee $520 (Before 09/08/2011 $460 - save $60)

TESLA METAMORPHOSIS III 16 September 6-10pm 17 September, 11am - 7pm 18 September, 10am - 6pm Fee $720 (Before 09/08/2011 $650 - save $70)

Information: Cornelis Brink, tel: +1 778 472 3537, e-mail:

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Issue #20

Practitioner Profile:

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What happened to our Yoga Tree? Since our humble beginnings as a small 12 page, blackand-white-only listing of yoga classes around Kamloops four years ago, we have grown into our city's best resource for much more than just yoga, in colour and now up to 40 amazing pages! We are proud to be Kamloops’ first and only publication of its kind!

You can find everything related to: health, wellness, healing, spirituality, meditation, yoga, dance, fitness, nutrition, recipes, book reviews, articles, info, environment, nature and practical information on holistic living! We've realized that we are so much more than just yoga and have changed our name to reflect that and to be more inclusive. Everything wellness! We've also expanded out beyond Kamloops into many of our outlying communities: Okanagan, Shushwap, Caribou and even to the Coast! We hope you'll join us in celebrating this change with our FIRST issue of Interior Wellness Magazine and at our second annual Wellness Festival! June 17-19. & on facebook! The intention of this publication is and always has been to bring LOCAL information about what is going on in our community to our readers while inspiring people in to wellness. at the same time practitioners and teachers reach out to their local community through posting wellness services, workshops and classes. We’d love to hear from you! Please email us ~:) Elizabeth. Editor & Publisher

Find us at the festival! June 17-19 Look for this symbol throughout this issue of Interior Wellness Magazine, match up the symbol with the people you will meet 17-19 at the festival. Submit your entry at festival registration to win a June prize!

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One of the first questions that Cara Beckett, of Carajaz Coaching, will ask you is, "are you willing to take control of your life, your health, and your energy?". Cara has been involved in health and wellness for many, many years. She offers an "emotional cleanse" which helps people clear unwanted emotions from their lives. She uses various kinds of energy psychology including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Tapas, and acupressure. Cara also does life coaching over the phone with some of her clients who may be local or international. She assists her clients with stress management, sometimes using Energy exercises and sometimes utilizing the other tools she has learned. In her Stress Management workshops, Cara includes, what she calls, "First Aid for stress". She is currently writing a new book about Energy exercises for people with Chronic Fatigue type illnesses such as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Fibromyalgia, and mild depression.

Cara's teachers and mentors include Tamara Messenger from Source Synergy and Val Theroux from Ringwood Health whom she learned EFT from in 2000. Cara learned about NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) from Erickson College International and she uses a quote from Albert Einstein to guide her work with her clients as well, "is the world a friendly place or not?". Cara developed an anxiety protocol (energy work for clients to do on their own every day). She incorporates NLP (how you feel about something; your unconscious thought patterns) into the work she does as well. She states that if you "change your way of thinking; it helps to open the possibilities". She helps her clients to "reassess, confirm, and move on". She also says that there is a "spiritual component to what I do". Besides her own work, Cara is the co-organizer of the annual Interior Wellness Festival on June 17 - 19 of this year. She is organizing the Healing Garden, the Marketplace and looking after some of the "background logistics". Cara encourages all Wellness practitioners interested in participating in this year's Festival to visit Article and Interview by Kim Jensen of Innovative Changes to contact Cara: Cara Beckett: Wellness & Life Coach 250-554-7902


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Interior Wellness

Yin, Yang and your

Fertility Signs

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a therapeutic system, more than 2000 thousand years old, with its own diagnostic and treatment methods utilizing a range of medical practices including acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet therapy, moxibustion, cupping, tai chi, and more. It has a unique understanding of the body where the physical and emotional aspects of a person are integrated, uses abstract concepts that includes meridians, qi (energy), and it also has the understanding that we are interconnected with nature and our environment. Throughout the history of TCM, the art and practice of reproductive medicine has developed and flourished. In treatments for fertility TCM does not separate reproductive organs from the rest of the body; each part is considered, examined and pieced together to form a whole unit – a microcosm. Although TCM is an ancient system, it is exceptionally effective in interpreting menstrual patterns tracked using modern methods. TCM has proven to be remarkably effective in helping couples achieve pregnancies and this success is enhanced with the use of Fertility Awareness Methods. Fertility Awareness Methods or FAM are modern practices used to help avoid or achieve pregnancies. There are a number of different methods commonly practised by women and their partners to track when ovulation occurs, informing them of their fertile days and when best to have intercourse. The Billings (or Ovulation) Method tracks cervical fluid and the Sympto-Thermal Method observes cervical fluid, charts the basal body temperature, monitors changes in the position and feeling of the cervix throughout the cycle, and maps these signs and symptoms along with other more general symptoms on a calendar. These are the most commonly used methods. When a couple first come into the clinic hoping to become pregnant, I first ask if they know when she is ovulating and when it’s ideal to have intercourse. Women may not be aware that they do not ovulate 12-14 days after menstruation; they menstruate 12-14 days after ovulation. Monitoring the amount and duration of cervical fluid can guide you in knowing how many days prior to ovulation you are most fertile and along with the quality and quantity of sperm will help to gauge the amount of intercourse required or recommended. I will often suggest to women using FAM as a way of learning about their fertile times and for us to use as a diagnostic tool so as to measure of progress. Learning how to follow one of the methods mentioned here is simple but can take time to get used to. Please inquire further if you have any difficulties or questions about the method as there are many ways to adapt this to suit your life, body and needs. 4

Recording the information collected from FAM not only helps us understand when a woman is ovulating but we can observe patterns, and changes throughout her cycle which can then be interpreted with Chinese medical thinking and theory. This is where it becomes more than a form of birth control or just an ovulation and fertility map, but a day to day window into a woman’s reproductive health, or in TCM terms, the relationship between yin and yang in her body. Understanding the balance and flow of yin and yang in the body is crucial in developing a diagnosis and treatment for an individual with a history of infertility and is at the core of what TCM has to offer. Before I begin discussing the interpretation of FAM and how it is integrated into TCM thinking, I want to provide an introduction to the menstrual cycle according to TCM theory. The two phases of the menstrual cycle relate to the flow of yin and yang in the body. In very broad terms the first phase is the follicular phase (the blood and yin phase) and the second phase is the luteal phase (the yang and qi phase). The smooth transition from menstruation to the development and ripening of follicles onward to the process of ovulation and finishing with either conception and implantation or the beginning of a new menstrual cycle – all depends on the balance and health of yin and yang. The first phase is yin and blood dominant (form, substance, liquid, moisture) when the uterus has been emptied from menstruation and begins to refill as it prepares for the next cycle. This phase has higher levels of estrogen, a building force for the uterus, and it is here when the chosen follicles will begin to ripen. As estrogen levels increase, cervical fluid is produced and gives us a sign that ovulation is soon going to occur. The second phase is governed by yang and qi (function, heat, movement, maintaining) when the corpus luteum (the capsule that surrounds the ovulating follicle) begins to secrete progesterone post ovulation and when the thickening and maintaining functions of this hormone are directed towards the endometrial lining in hopes of implantation. The lower temps in the follicular phase coincide with the cooler energies of yin and blood, whilst the higher temps of the luteal phase correspond to the heat and accumulation associated with yang qi and progesterone, and why we see a temperature increase once ovulation has occurred. A sufficient increase in temperature here confirms to us that ovulation did in fact occur. As I provide examples of possibilities within ones charts I would like to clarify that there are no fixed rules in TCM and these are general thoughts on the interpretations of these signs. As every body is unique so would her chart be, and as would her diagnosis be found. Many other factors could contribute to her patterns not fitting perfectly with my explanations

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here such as past medical issues unrelated to reproductive health in the western sense, yet quite consequential here. After 3 months of recording temperatures, symptoms and signs; patterns can be observed. We will be able to evaluate if ovulation is occurring. This may not be absolutely clear for some woman but for most ovulation has clearly occurred when there is a clear and definite rise in temperature 12-14 days prior to the end of the cycle. Without these two clear phases, (low temperatures in the follicular phase and then higher temperatures in the luteal phase - a biphasic chart) the woman is not ovulating and should be investigated further. If there was a clear rise in temperatures mid cycle, then one could determine the length and integrity of the two phases which is notable and important information in understanding reproductive potential. A lengthened or shortened follicular phase will indicate a disturbance in the yin/ blood or qi in the woman’s body and yet generally does not interfere with her ability to conceive or maintain a pregnancy. Insufficient yin to nourish and anchor yang ovulation can occur earlier than scheduled. If blood is deficient or the qi that regulates blood is stuck due to stress then the yang will be held back and ovulation can be delayed. If temperatures in the first phase appear erratic or higher than usual here is not enough cool moist yin to keep the temps low. A lack of yin here can also lead to scanty cervical fluid. Deficiency of blood will contribute to stagnation and any of these irregular patterns can disrupt the potential for ovulation being on time thereby contributing to early or delayed ovulation-long or short cycles. Once ovulation has occurred, there needs to be enough yang qi (progesterone) to raise the temperatures and dry the cervical fluids. A short luteal phase or low temps in this phase, (luteal phase defect - LPD), can be of concern for those trying to conceive. This will not allow enough time for the endometrial lining to develop in order to support implantation and could contribute to early pregnancy loss. Dips in the temperatures mid phase or falling temperatures can tell us that the corpus luteum is not producing enough progesterone to maintain and support a pregnancy. In TCM this is showing us a lack or interference with yang qi. This may be accompanied by weakness, fatigue, bloating, coldness, and a tendency to spotting before the period arrives or when there are signs of stagnation, and fullness; headaches, irritability, and breast tenderness. Whether there are shortened cycles with high FSH, delayed and anovulatory cycles due to PCOS, painful and heavy periods in a case of endometriosis, recurrent pregnancy loss with coldness and fatigue or unexplained infertility, a TCM diagnosis and treatment will be enriched and more clearly developed after we have observed patterns of temperatures and cervical fluid over three cycles.

This thinning and more slippery quality of discharge is the transformation into ovulatory fluid / CF. As hormone levels rise the discharge can be more and more obvious. There may even be sensations of wetness and the fluids could be likened to egg whites and called “spinnbarkeit” (German for stretchable). This may continue generally from 2-5 days. The peak day or day with the most noticeable amount of discharge is your most fertile day. These are the best days to have intercourse! Shortly after this peak day, ovulation occurs and the mucus will quickly become dry again. During the premenstrual days the discharge will become stickier or tackier again and is then followed by menstruation. It is important to note however that this CF does not always appear clear and stretchy. It may be cloudy or milky, thick or watery, scanty or profuse. These features are also used in the development of a diagnosis and treatment as well as to monitor change. Discharges away from the time of ovulation may have many other possible explanations. The position of the cervix is another aspect to the NFA method yet not commonly used or applied to the TCM model. This practice of palpating the cervical position and opening would be an extra or confirming sign for those not sure when they may be ovulating. This fertility sign can be especially helpful for those using FAM in the postpartum period or with extremely irregular or long cycles. In summary, when seeing a practitioner or Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine like myself, there are many factors considered and monitored when developing a diagnosis, and treatment plan. Whether we are monitoring the basal temperatures, cervical fluids, or all of the other symptoms and signs that occur within the complex nature of the body, we are looking for patterns to help us understand a woman’s balance in yin and yang. This process of watching cycles and patterns so closely can provide a deep sense of empowerment as a woman begins to learn more about herself and her body. There are many delicacies in this immaculate cauldron…and the gift of insight.

Dr Andrea Hansen started her career at the Kamloops Acupuncture Clinic 12 years ago as an assistant and have since lived in Vancouver, studying and working, becoming licenced as an Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She worked at Acubalance Wellness center, a TCM clinic with a special focus on reproductive health while living in Vancouver and has done further education in fertility, acupuncture and pregnancy / postpartum care, TCM gynecology, advanced diagnosis, and internal medicine. Now in her own private practice downtown Kamloops; Wild Roots TCM and Acupuncture Clinic. She welcomes newcomers. 250-682-7283

It is also important to discuss the significance of cervical fluid (CF) in treatments for infertility. Traditionally there was an emphasis on morbid discharges as a sign of ill health, while cervical fluid (CF) at the time of ovulation was an important indicator of ample yin, blood, essence (that which is visible, cool, moist, still etc. generally translates as hormones, reproductive juices and essential ingredients for life). We know now that the presence of CF indicates an estrogen surge that occurs just before ovulation. Its role is to provide nourishment for sperm, filter out abnormal sperm, and carry sperm through the uterus and fallopian tubes.

Wild Roots Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic Dr. Andrea Hansen

In a woman free of morbid discharges the pattern typically seen in her CF is as follows: Post menstruation vaginal discharge is dry and scanty and then develops into a tacky or stickier discharge sometimes slightly whitish or yellow. Slowly the discharge thins and becomes more slippery.

R. Acupuncturist, R. Herbalist, Dr. TCM Suite # 260 -546 St Paul St. Kamloops BC V2C-5T1 Email: Phone: 250-682-7289



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Awesome Alignment: Push-Ups and Down Dog Empower Your Poses With Intention And Technique - Therapeutic Hand and Wrist Focus Isn’t it amazing how many different ways there are to do things? ,Q\RJDDVZHOODVLQWKH¿WQHVVZRUOGWKHIRUP\RXXVHFDQYDU\ GHSHQGLQJRQWKHWHDFKHURUWUDLQHU\RX¶UHZRUNLQJZLWK%XWKDYH \RXHYHUGRQHDSRVHRUH[HUFLVHWKDWMXVWGLGQ¶WIHHOJRRGRUPDGH DSDUWRI\RXKXUW"











Get Fit, Have Fun, And Align With Your Highest Potential! Next camps: June 6-30, July 11-29, see website for August

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Alignment for Hands and Wrists:

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Optimal Alignment in Downward Dog






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Yoga Therapy by appointment: 250-374-6493

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Touching the Light Tesla Metamorphosis attracts great interest among scientists and health professionals because of the often amazing healing results. People report healings from afflictions which are considered incurable in orthodox medicine, such as cancer, AIDS, lupus, spine injuries, chronic fatigue syndrome, even healings from birth deformities. Also, healings happen very quickly. The founder of Tesla Metamorphosis is Anya Petrovic. She is coming from Australia to teach seminars in Kamloops. Specific for Tesla Metamorphosis is that healers use Tesla Waves which (unlike Hertzian waves with which we are familiar) get stronger with distance. Scientist Goran Marjanovic explains: “Tesla Waves have their quant carrier. They are not only quantitatively different in their frequency; they are qualitatively different in their energy structure and form. They are a dimensionally richer form of energetic vibration which (in this our quasi-real space which we define with three space and one time dimensions) we are able to register only as their shadow; or in the form of electromagnetic waves with some unusual way of propagation; or in the form of longitudinal waves; or in a form

of some gravitation anomalies, and so on. But they are actually all of this together; only, we do not have a name that would unite all this.” All functions in our body are of an electro-magnetic nature. It is scientifically proven that every living cell radiates light. Healthy and young cells radiate strong, vibrant light, while with ill and old cells this light diminishes. Those Tesla healing frequencies of energy bring human (and any living beings) cell to the perfect balance of light, and this is how the healing takes place. Light has intelligence. Prof. Velimir Abramovic states:”It was Tesla’s opinion that the electrified state is a fluid-state, based on the substance having the properties of perception and elements of consciousness.” Tesla Healing Metamorphosis is more than just energy healing, here we have light and information; there is some higher intelligence at work. Dr. Prof. William A. Tiller, Ph.D. explains: “There are many energies involved in light. There is, of course, electromagnetic light, which everyone knows about. The coarsest level of the human body is all about electromagnetic energy.” Tesla Healing Metamorphosis is a very simple hands off modality. Tesla Waves are accessed directly from the field (no machines are involved). During healing sessions practitioners are able to notice light around some clients, and in some seminars students could see light moving on the stage toward Anya Petrovic and staying by her side - with their naked eyes. Apart from Tesla Healing Metamorphosis there is a process named Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis which might be even more important than healing because it is about our personal growth; it initiates consciousness evolution and soul purification. It directly affects the process of evolution on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The frequencies of energy, light and information stimulate the reconstruction of broken DNA strands science calls “junk DNA”. It seems that humans once had 13 DNA strands that hold our genetic code and the code of information and light. To illustrate this, imagine that you had 13 TV channels, and suddenly you have only two? How much information and light would be missing? Nikola Tesla laid the foundation for all modern science. His investors questioned the validity of his free energy inventions when they found out that they could not charge people for energy usage. That is why they tried to discredit him and erase him from history. Back in the 19th century he said: “The energy that runs the universe directs life… Thus, everything that exists, organic or inorganic, animated or inert, is susceptible to stimulus from the outside.” According to him, the whole Universe is an indivisible alive organism, including the Earth. Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis triggers the process of the reconstruction of human DNA strands and brings them in resonance with the frequency of the planet Earth’s DNA and the DNA of the Universe. That is related to the evolution of human consciousness which is crucial in this period before 2012. There is, amazingly, a lot of scientific evidence that an evolutionary leap of human consciousness can be expected in this period and that the Mayan prediction is not without foundation. It was almost like in a fairy tale how Anya was attuned to the healing Tesla


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Interior Wellness

waves: “I was looking through the window, waiting for a client to arrive. All of a sudden two white doves flew straight into the window, in front of me, knocking on the glass with their beaks. They then both flapped their wings on the spot, in synchronicity, like two ballerinas following the same choreography. They then turned around, and flew away. I laughed. This episode filled me with joy. I did not understand why, but I felt that something significant had just happened. The client came, and during the session I ‘heard a thought’ in my head:"Tesla Healing. You need to reconstruct Tesla Healing." Of course, I knew who Nikola Tesla was, but, he was a scientist. This message did not make sense to me. "To reconstruct?" I thought, "I am not an engineer or a physicist. How could I 'reconstruct' something he invented?" The message came again, but I still could not find logic in it. In those 24 hours there were 9 ‘coincidences’ which forced me to understand that this is the way I need to go.” There was no proof that Tesla Metamorphosis had something to do with Nikola Tesla until Dr. Prof. Ljubo Ristovski from the Institute for Bio-energetic Research in Belgrade made photos during seminars Anya held in Serbia, using a PIP camera constructed by Dr. Henry Oldfield from London. ‘Just by chance’, Dr. Prof. Ristovski had made the PIP camera photos of the Tesla Magnifying Amplifier with extra coil that radiates Tesla waves which, unlike Hertzian waves, increase their energy with distance. The images made during Tesla Metamorphosis seminars unequivocally proved that the energy frequency used in Tesla Metamorphosis was equal to the frequencies of Tesla Waves. Dr. Prof Ristovski states that no other healing modality has those purple colours that are specific for Tesla Waves. So the message Anya had received was scientifically proven. Anya has been in healing work for almost two decades (11 years as a Reiki Master and 8 years as a practitioner and assistant on The Reconnection seminars) but she claims that, since she has been using Tesla frequencies she is receiving feedback about achieved healings more often than ever before. Also, the appearance of light around some clients during the session never happened before in her previous experience.

Issue #20

It is not obligatory to attend Level II in order to enrol in Level III, however, before attending Level III students need to have their personal Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis done. Tesla Metamorphosis III – Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis Seminar enables you to perform this activating and balancing procedure on others. You will learn how to activate energy streams (axiatonal lines) and centres (small and large chakras) in the human body, bringing it toward the perfect light balance. This process enhances human potential and elevates human energy consciousness to a higher level. The more we evolve, the more is available for us. We just need to be able to recognise when we are ready to reach it. You also can connect to the Tesla frequencies of energy and master this amazing healing at seminars in Kamloops: For more information visit or contact local sponsor, Cornelis Brink, 778 472 3537 Anya Petrovic is an internationally recognised healer. She has been in healing work for over two decades. For eleven years she was practicing and teaching Reiki, for eight years she was practicing Reconnective Healing and assisting Dr. Pearl with his seminars, until Tesla ‘happened’ to her. She is now travelling the world and teaching seminars, in her sincere desire to make those precious Tesla frequencies available to as many people as possible. Tesla Metamorphosis seminars could change your life forever! Join Anya for this special experience!

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Tesla Metamorphosis Seminars with Anya Petrovic at Let"s Move Studio Remember That You Are Light: September 9 FREE 7-19 Tesla Metamorphosis I: 10-11 September; Fee $520 - before Aug. 09 $460 June 1 Tesla Metamorphosis II: 13-15 September; Fee $520 - before Aug. 09 $460 Tesla Metamorphosis III:16-18 September; Fee $720 - before Aug. 09 $650

Anya wants to make this precious gift available to as many people as possible. She travels the world and teaches seminars. People from all walks of life who have a personal or professional interest in health, consciousness evolution, spirituality and the growth of human potential will be interested in attending these seminars. Everybody has equal possibilities; teachers, farmers, doctors, plumbers, Reiki masters... You also can easily learn how to utilise Tesla healing frequencies. Tesla Metamorphosis I – Tesla Healing Metamorphosis Seminar might bring about the metamorphosis of your life. You will immediately access Tesla healing frequencies that can initiate establishment of the perfect balance of light characteristic for a healthy body, mind and emotion. No other modality uses these complex, multidimensional frequencies of energy, which can bring transformation of the whole being to the degree where even birth deformities and a physically injured spine could be reconstructed. Over one weekend you will master how to heal others, to heal yourself, your pets, your plants and even situations. Tesla Metamorphosis II – Tesla Distant Healing Seminar will empower you to perform distant healing with the possibility to create telepathic contact with the conscious, subconscious and integrative mind of your client. Using Tesla’s waves with Anya's assistance, you will discover your telepathic abilities that you might not be aware of at present. This seminar not only empowers you to help your family and friends that could be far away, it will help you to elevate the frequency level of your consciousness, towards the level of consciousness of the Light Beings who communicate telepathically and in images, transcending communication with words. The special challenge of this seminar is to use 'distant healing' on yourself, which will help you get a better understanding of your dilemmas and problems, and a better understanding of the Self.



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Interior Wellness

Taking Your Yoga Practice

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to the Next Level

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Each time you leave your yoga mat you feel balanced and renewed. On the mat you are inspired and curious. You find yourself looking at yoga articles on the web. You are feeling unmotivated and having a hard time getting onto the mat. Alert!! Maybe itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to take your practice to the next level!

*sa *save *s avve a an ad add additional dd diittiioon na al $ $10 110 iff you yyoou pre-register prree--rreegggiisstteer p before bef b effoorree Ju JJuly ully 11s 1st! stt! (full ((fffu full ulll workshop woorrkkssh w hoop only) oon nllyy)

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The Next Level- what exactly does that mean? Well- that depends! One thing I love about the yoga world is that the â&#x20AC;&#x153;next levelâ&#x20AC;? is unique for each of us. There are many paths, and we each follow our own unique evolution through life. So hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s some food for thoughtâ&#x20AC;Ś

What Can I Do to Take My Practice to the Next Level?

*$IkdZWo"@kb'-j^r/0&&#''0)&Wcr9eij0*&$&& *$I Ik kdZW Wo" o @@kb kb''-j^ -j^r/ /0&& 0& #'''0) 0)& &Wc W r9 9eij0 eij * *& &$&& $&  &MFNFOU & MFNFO " "JS J # #BMBODJOH BMBODJO 1 1PTFT 1P PTF  ) )B BOETTUB UBOET  &MFNFOU"JS#BMBODJOH1PTFT )BOETUBOET

â&#x20AC;˘ Add a 2nd class into your once a week regimen â&#x20AC;˘ Add in a 15 minute home practice every few days â&#x20AC;˘ Try out a 30 or 60 day challenge of daily practice â&#x20AC;˘ Try out a new class or a new type of yoga, with a new teacher or at a new time- for a new experience! â&#x20AC;˘ Attend one of the local workshops hosted by your local studio- start with one session, or two- or give the whole event a try â&#x20AC;˘ Add meditation or some breathing practices to your asana practice â&#x20AC;˘ The bigger stepsâ&#x20AC;Ś seeking out workshop and trainings around BC, Canada and the US that will move you forward into a deeper practice or even teaching

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Why Would I Want to Step It Up?

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By Marcia Wilson

â&#x20AC;˘ To feed your inevitable human desire to learn, grow and be inspired â&#x20AC;˘ To bring ease into your current practice â&#x20AC;˘ To give your sagging practice a boost â&#x20AC;˘ To deepen your understanding of how yoga applies to life on and off the mat â&#x20AC;˘ Knowledge! How to prevent injuries. How to heal injuries. â&#x20AC;˘ To deepen the impact that yoga is having on your life. I am heading to Calgary with two of my students to practice with Noah Maze- a renowned Anusara ÂŽ Yoga teacher from California who will surely leave us tired but inspired. Not up for travel? Start at home! Workshops are taking place more and more often- right here in Kamloops. Book off a weekend and jump in! Marcia Wilson is hosting Todd Inouye from Vancouverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Yogapod for a weekend of Anusara yoga July 15-17. For more details visit:

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Wellness through 5 Element Transformation


Using the 5 Elements to Balance Chi By Audrey Meuse

Every living thing and every person on the planet is a unique embodiment and combination of the Five Elements – the spirit of the five seasons. The life force, or Chi , constitutes and shapes everything on the face of the earth. It is in a state of constant change and transformation, and the patterns of its movement create and sustain all living things.

To Fly

By Katrina Ariel

What is the ultimate expression of freedom for you? To me (and I know I’m not alone) freedom conjures up images of standing with my arms out, heart lifted and open, head back, smiling at the beauty of the world. This gesture echos the open winged flight of birds. Flying seems to be the ultimate expression of freedom. Don’t you feel like you’re flying sometimes, when you’re riding the high points of the waves of life? The two main purposes of yoga are awakening and freedom. Freedom and awakening. This is why we do the myriad practices. This is what we dedicate ourselves to. This is what yoga promises to infuse into your life if you are devoted and open to experiencing it.

Your Chi is your physical and mental as well as your spiritual make up. Your health is based on the quality of your Chi – whether it is flowing smoothly in the right place at the right time, whether it is well balanced or even how well it is nourished. Through its movements, changes and transformations, Chi can be the cause of both health and disease. For example, when Chi flow is obstructed or Chi is stagnant joint pain, poor digestion, irritability, fatigue and inflammation may result. Five Element Transformations through water and sound shiatsu (watsu, ai chi, and acutonics involves unblocking your meridians and strengthening your internal organs. Once this is achieved and your balance of Yin and Yang is restored, your body will return to its natural state of health, rejuvenated and revitalized, ready to fight off illness or infection. Your chi is likely to require re-balancing if you notice any of the following:

poor memory, lack of concentration, no will power poor sleep, restless sleep, nightmares poor digestion, reflux, loose stools, constipation pain of any type, anywhere in the body easily stressed, anxiety, panic attacks tired all the time, feel unwell irritable, angry, unhappy, moody overweight, unfit, or fitness does not improve with exercise

Freedom and awakening are shimmering in each breath and dancing with you on your path through life. They are your constant companions, even when you forget they’re there. They are always beckoning you, “come, Dear One, deeper into the joy of the Self where your spirit knows no boundaries”.

Mini - Meditation

You don’t have to be ill or in pain to improve your quality of life. If you would like to maintain good health, help prevent disease, and avoid the impact of stress on your mind and body for a happy life, you can schedule a free consultation by calling the Centennial Building Wellness Centre

Sit with exquisite posture.

Find the f me at

Offer the weight of your pelvis respectfully to the earth. Invite your inhale to grow your spine taller. Lift your chin ever so slightly until your head feels perfectly balanced. Become spacious from the inside like a wide open sky. Watch your breath move. From the inside, just with your intention and inner body, spread your wings. Feel your heart lift naturally. Picture yourself as your favorite bird soaring high up in the endless blue sky. Glide on your breath like you’re riding currents of sweet scented breeze.

Breathe yourself completely into the feeling of freedom. Fly high! Meditation by Katrina Ariel. For free meditations visit

Issue #20

Interior Wellness

estiv For Sound Health! Audrey Meuse or Alex MacDonald al! Centennial Building Wellness Centre Kamloops Inc. June 1 7 -1 103 - 153 Seymour Str. Kamloops, B.C. 250 374 7383 9 Ways to Wellness Radio - Thurs. 92.5

Freeing the Body in Water Enjoy a membership to a warm salt water pool Includes; far infrared sauna's and aquatic programs Ai Chi, (Tai Chi) & Woga (Water Yoga) Or book a private Watsu (water shiatsu)


NEW! E.A.S.Y. Starting in May Energetic Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga---- Centennial Building Wellness Centre

Reception 9:30 - 12:30 M-F # 103-153 Seymour St.



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Interior Wellness

Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Move Studio Wellness Centre

me at Find stival! fe the

17-1 June


Acutonics with Karen Houghton Vibrational Sound Healing Therapy $40 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 30 minute session

Live Blood Analysis, $80.00, Body Management $60.00 Herbal supplements & cleanses, 888.804 4773 George Cheyne, Cheyne Health

Auriculotherapy with Karuna Cox Stop your pain TODAY! Acupuncture without needles $35/30min

Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Reiki, with Alexa Pongracz - Massage $60. an hour Reiki and Reflexology $45 hr

Bach Flower Consults & PSYCH-K Facilitation

Registered Massage Therapy with Danica Crawford RMT $45/ 30 mins $65/ 45 mins $85/ 60 mins MSP

with Justine Richmond, Finding the Balance Within

$60/session Hypnotherapy with Karuna Cox $65/hr AAH Certified Hypnotherapist Karuna Cox Specializing in EFT, Anxiety, Natural Birth phobias and childhood trauma Intuitive Reading with Michele Morrison 1/2 hour session: $40/ 1 hr: $80 Intuitive reading & healing 2 hr: $100 Consultation & Deep Healing 2 hr: $100 Reiki, chakra balancing 1/2 hr: $30 1hr $60

Reiki with Kim Jensen $60 per 30-45 min session. $75 Reiki session & Wellness Coaching (45-75 m) Shiatsu Massage with Meagan Rutten $60/hr Thompson Rivers Midwifery Tatiana Demishkevich,RM Holistic Maternity Care. Fully funded under your BC Care Card. Wellness and Life Coaching With Cara Beckett Personalized Stress & Self-Esteem Programs

Infrared Sauna Drop in $10 5x punchcard = $8 per session: $40 10x punchcard = $6 per session: $60

Relieves pain, Improves immune system Detoxifies body and skin, Improves strength and vitality

McGill Place: Sunmore Spa Building 12

Appointments available Daily Call to Book



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Let’s Move Studio Yoga . Dance . Wellness

By Alexa Pongracz

Reflexology is communication through the feet and that interaction gives your body the information it needs to heal. There are over 7,200 nerve endings in your feet and each pressure point yields a defined response. Did you know that toes are a channel to the brain, that playing ring around the “toesy” can stimulate a sluggish thyroid, or that the pads of those toes help sinus congestion, and the tips manipulated properly can cure a vicious migraine. Your feet mirror your body and through the process of touch and pressure the body begins to generate the energy needed to start the healing process. How does it work? One belief is that when pressure is applied to the foot, or any other organ in the body, afferent neurons conduct the message to ganglia or groups of neurons outside the spinal cord. Messages pass from the ganglia to the spinal cord then up to the brain for interpretation. Motor nerves then carry responses down the spinal cord, out to the ganglia then on to the appropriate muscles for activation. Stimulation of different areas of the foot is reflected in the brain. In fact an fMRI study, that took place at the University of Tohoku in Japan, investigated three foot reflex areas relating to the eye, shoulder and small intestine. As pressure was applied to each reflex area, the scientists were able to compare the fMRI imaging against the known region of the brain for each individual body part. Knowing it works is something that practicing Reflexologists have been aware of for more than 3,000 years. In various countries reflexology has taken its rightful place in the health care system and in others recognition of its worth is still arriving. The truth is that in the last decade the process of gathering, tabulating, and recording research has created a base that helps to prove beyond doubt that the practice of reflexology works . There are studies showing that reflexology helps in asthma, cancer and cerebral palsy. Pregnancy, fertility, and birth can all be aided. Reflexology can be used for allergies. A group of thirty seven patients who had allergic rhinitis were given a warm herbal sock treatment for twenty minutes along with a reflexology treatment that focused on the respiratory, immune and excretory and nose reflex areas. Those patients showed that the reflexology/herbal treatment was effective and two years later there had been no relapses. Your body communicates, it may tell you that your shoulder is out, or your back aches. Poor Digestion, high blood pressure, problems with elimination, kidney malfunctions, and the aches and pains of arthritis occur as we age. Our bodies tend to slow down. Reflexology can help combat the aging process and keep us feeling younger longer. It is not only physical health that can be aided by reflexology but also emotional issues such as depression or anxiety. Studies now show that children, who at times manifest aggressive, anti-social behaviours have been calmed by reflexology and their behaviour in the classroom has greatly improved making it much more likely that they are able to learn. Reflexology is a joy and communicating that joy is a wonderful experience. Alexa Pongracz is a Reflexologist who has taken both the beginning and advanced Reflexology at the Pacific Institute of Reflexology in Vancouver. She is also a Chartered Herbalist certified by the Province of BC through the Dominion Herbal College in Vancouver. Alexa is the owner of Frog Spirit Holistic Services here in Kamloops. Frog Spirit Holistic Services: Reiki, Reflexology, Chair and Holistic Massage. Call 250-318-0735 or 250-376-5124

Yoga . Bellydance . Zumba Fitness . Nia . Bootcamp . Core Open Level Classes . Ongoing Drop in Class Schedule JUNE 2011 Monday

17-1 June




10:30 Yoga*MB

12pm Bellydance 12pm Yoga

12pm Yoga *B

4pm Zumba

5pm Bellydance 4pm Zumba

4:30pm Yoga

5pm Yoga

6:30pm Zumba

5pm Bellydance 5:30pm Zumba

6:00 Bollywood

6:30pm Yoga

7:30pm Yoga

6:30pm Yoga

7:00pm Nia

9am Yoga


9am Yoga

9am Yoga

9am Yoga

12pm Yoga *B

11am Nia

*B = Beginners, *MB = Mom and baby yoga, *

12pm Yoga

Sunday 5:30pm Prenatal

check for updates, events & workshops: Class Schedule July/August, 2011 Monday


9am Yoga

9am Yoga

10:30 Yoga*MB

Wednesday 9am Yoga



9am Yoga

9am Yoga

12pm Bellydance 12pm Yoga

12pm Yoga *B

12pm Yoga

12pm Yoga *B

4pm Zumba

4pm Zumba

5:30pm Zumba

5pm Yoga

5pm Bellydance 6pm Zumba

5pm Bellydance

6:15 Bollywood

6:30pm Yoga

6:30pm Yoga

5pm Yoga

7pm Yoga

Sunday 5:30pm Prenatal

*B = Beginners, *MB = Mom and baby yoga, *

McGill Place, Sunmore Building Kamloops B.C. 250-372-9642

Find me a the festi t val!

June 17


Let’s Move Studio . . Yoga



McGill Place, Sunmore Building


Alexa Pongracz CH Reflexology, Reiki, Holistic & Chair Massage, Herbal Consultations, Intuitive Readings 250-376-5124 or 250-318-0735 Because a Leap of Faith


9am Yoga

Frog Spirit Holistic Enterprises

me at Find stival! the fe

Issue #20

Interior Wellness

One per person, new students only, Expires August 30, 2011



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Interior Wellness

Gardening as Yoga By Bonny Ziegler

Anything done with mindfulness is a form of Yoga and gardening is a mindful thing. As I was sitting in the middle of a weed patch in the fifty year old garden that I am renovating (in my 55+ year old body) I was thinking of Yoga. I realized that I was sitting in Bhadrasana (nobility pose) in a full forward fold reaching for a digging tool. I was in forward bend getting up from the ground. A wide legged downward dog reaching for that last little weed. A squat as I was patting in and mulching a moved plant. But gardening can also be a form of meditation (Dhyana)-or at least concentration (Dharana). Weeding seems to be the best for letting your mind rest on a single focus, it seems to be just enough to keep your mind busy while letting go of the world and its concerns. It relieves the mind from its busy job of worrying. A garden can also be a place for a devotional shrine- a place to take your troubles and gratitudes to. Planting a garden is life affirming. Whether you garden for food to sustain your body or for flowers to sustain your senses a little yoga warm up will prepare your body for work. Even if you take yoga classes all year, incorporating elements of your practice in the garden will make you less creaky the next day. You will find you that you will really appreciate all those Downward and Upward Facing Dogs for the shoulder strengthening , the Warrior poses for a sturdy stance, the Twisting poses for backing up a truck and reaching in general, and all the forward folds and stretches that keep you limber in the garden.

Here is a warm-up that is good for getting down in the dirt. Washing at the River – Stand in a wide leg position, on a big inhale swing your arms out and up over your head, bounce your fingertips off each other and on the exhale begin a bent knee forward fold , swing your arms down to the ground and pretend you are gathering up water from a river edge and splashing it on your face- inhale to standing by swinging your arms wide all the way back up – bounce fingertips and start the exhale again. Repeat 5 times or more. Try to bend your joints a little deeper each exhale. This warm-up lubricates all the big joints and sends lots of fresh air into the body. If you do nothing else, do this. When the garden calls, gardeners can be in their best clothes but still find themselves down in the dirt pulling a weed or altering a plant placement for the perfect amount of sunshine. They are not likely to think about doing a yoga practise to warm up. So, if Washing at the River is even too long a delay try thinking about the first few chores in the garden as yoga poses, being mindful of your breathing when bending, reaching, lifting, pulling and pushing . When you are done for the day take a rest in your chaise lounge as you would at the end of a yoga class(Shavasana) focussing on relaxing any of the tensions that have built up from work. Your body will thank you and so will your garden. Gardening is having hope for beautiful things to come. Find m e the fes at tival!

Bonny Ziegler is a Yoga teacher at the Let’s Move Studio trained at the Saltspring Center of Yoga in Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga and a gardener. June 1 7-19 Join Bonny in her Yoga Classes - Wednesdays at Noon (1hr) and 7:30pm(1hr) and Fridays Noon (1.5hrs) 778-470-5803


• We offer small group mat and reformer classes, privates and semi privates • Qualified instructors will help you gain strength for life • Fun and relaxing but motivating atmosphere me at Find stival! fe the

17-1 June


9 250.320.BODY (2639) Contact Christine for more information.

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Interior Wellness


Issue #20

By Lana Graham, RScP

and Wellness

“We can no more do without spirituality than we can do without food, shelter, or clothing.” ~ Ernest Holmes

We hear a lot about people being spiritual, but what does it actually mean and how does it tie into wellness? Spirituality is thought to be elusive and hard to define. How about saying that it is sensing the Divine within ourselves? That’s a start! To paraphrase our founder Ernest Holmes: Spirituality is feeling the Beauty, sensing the Presence and, to a degree communing with It; in-drawing our awareness of this Presence into our own soul so that we may out-breathe it through our lives in all ways including wellness. It is a consciousness transcendent and a faith that has surpassed any argument into conviction and union and complete acceptance. We speak of the soul of a person, that subtle and indefinable something which is their very essence of being. Spirituality is communion with Invisible Harmony or connecting with our Divinity within. The rhythm of life flows through everything and our wellness is a natural out-picturing of the living presence of The One. Our teaching (Science of Mind) speaks of God as being All Power, All Love and Perfect, Whole and Complete. We believe that we are one with that Perfection, Wholeness and Completeness. We meditate on that Truth and find wellness – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. We also use affirmative prayer that confirms and supports our Spiritual Truth. Spirituality is consistently seeing the Divine in everything and everyone. We need to first see that truth in ourselves clearly and our wellness shines through. We have a saying “It is all

good and It is all God”. To me that means that when I truly believe that, I will be healthy and sound and glowing from within and without. Spirituality cannot be taught but it can be felt, it can be practised and it can be embodied. Each of us in our own consciousness experience it in our own way and our own way is always the best way for us. Listening daily to that which can only be sensed and communing with that which is too intangible to put into words; we find an incredible Essence flowing through our being – and all is well. Peace and joy are great healers. And Love is the most powerful of all. It brings a healthy glow to all who practise meditation and connect with The One Within. Spirituality is the consciousness that comes through communing with God and Affirmative prayer is our way of knowing the Truth with a capital T about ourselves and speaking it out loud. Wellness is the testimony, the evidence of our belief in that Truth. We live larger, happier and more conscious lives through our spiritual awareness. And we are all here to express our Divinity and to be the Divine beings we are meant to be…… And so we are! The Centre for Spiritual Living™ Kamloops would like to Fin take this opportunity to congratulate the Interior Wellness the f d me at e s ti val! Magazine (formerly Yoga Tree) for their expansion and moving forward – reaching out to more and more souls June 17-1 9 on their wellness journey. It is an exciting path and we are honored to be a small part of your growth. Well done all of you! Lana Graham, RScP Centre for Spiritual Living™ Kamloops Jo in fac us eb on oo k!



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Interior Wellness

Health vs Illness, Abundance vs Scarcity, Can vs. Can’t, Have vs. Have not, Fearless vs. Fearful...

What Is Your Story? me at Find stival! the fe

17-1 June

By Justine Richmond 9

We all have them, whether we acknowledge them or not they are the stories we have created over time, which seem to define who we are. For some, they allow us to grow and move toward our full potential; whereas, for others, they become life-limiting beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world in which we live. The question is, what power do we give these stories and, even more significantly, do we want to re-write them?

the sub-conscious and even the higher-conscious levels to re-write the stories we have outgrown.

It can potentially be an exciting prospect, but also a scary one. For many of us, the stories we tell ourselves and others help to explain or justify our behaviours and choices. Letting that go can be an uncomfortable prospect. As much as we may dislike a current situation or story, at least it is familiar. Although it is worth considering where the stories have come from, it isn’t necessary to know their source in order to make a shift in our beliefs. The significant aspect is being able to recognize what isn’t working and then being able to consider what we would rather have. With this knowledge, we can begin to work with our beliefs at

One very effective way to do this is using a process called PSYCH-K. Using muscle testing and different balance processes, it is possible to make shifts in our beliefs. According to Bruce Lipton in his book, Biology of Belief, “The ‘secret to life’ is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives. PSYCH-K is a set of simple, self-empowering processes to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at the cellular level.” Of course, not all stories need to be re-written. Some have amazing potential and interesting lessons, even the ones that don’t seem to be working out. All of them deserve some attention, even if it is just a bit of curiosity. So, what is your story, what beliefs are controlling your life, and what would you rather have? Justine Richmond, Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator, 250-374-4073 Finding the Balance Within

This is new momma Taya and her son Theo Denis Patterson, born gently into water, at home on May 9th in Kamloops.

250-377-8611 Now accepting new clients. Midwifery Care is covered by BC Care Card. 16

is now

Issue #20

Interior Wellness


Strengthening Your Body, Mind, and Soul

By Natalie Saari

When thinking of the term strength training, many people often think of weight training. As a Kinesiologist, I am often asked if yoga can supplement weight training? In my opinion, yes, it certainly could be a great alternative. This of course is dependent on the style of yoga and the physical status of the individual. There are many types of yoga, some involving more strength requirements than others. The focus must be finding the right type of class for your needs.

Jnana Yoga Jnana yoga is the path of yoga which actively uses the mind to get beyond the mind. The Jnana yogi directs the intellect toward the big questions: Who am I? What is permanent and unchanging? The body and mind are continually changing. By focusing the mind on the nature of the mind, the nature of nature, and the nature of reality, one can achieve highest knowledge.

For apparently healthy individuals, it is recommended that they perform strength training a minimum of two times per week to maintain and improve muscular strength and endurance. Strength training, specifically weight-bearing movements, assist in building bone mass, which is a preventive and treatment measure for osteoporosis. It is known that strength training is an important aspect of physical fitness, but for many, exercising in a gym setting using weights and machines may not be an option, or simply not appealing.

Karma Yoga Karma yoga means action and reaction. It is the path of dedicating one's actions to God or to the higher good. Any job or activity becomes an opportunity to serve a higher purpose, to engage in selfless service. All thoughts, words, and deeds are performed with love and care for the simple joy of doing and without any expectation of reward. When one realizes one's connection to all life, one's actions express great care.

So, can yoga be done instead? If you compare yoga poses to weight training exercises, there are many similarities. When doing a yoga pose, you are placing your body in positions and orientations that you ultimately have to support with your muscles, using your body weight for resistance. You can increase muscle tone and definition — and even muscle size — depending on the pose and the intensity level. But because you are limited to your body weight for resistance, you are at a less risk of injury – if doing the pose with proper technique. On the plus side, yoga offers many other benefits, including breath awareness, mindfulness practice and meditation. There are many important aspects of yoga: Hatha Yoga Ha means sun and tha means moon, therefore, hatha yoga means balancing opposites. Hatha yoga is comprised of postures (asana) and breath control (pranayama). Hatha balances movement and stillness, activity and rest, inhalation and exhalation. Pranayama Pranayama means control of the prana. Prana is life force, energy, chi. Breathing practices help to still the mind, and bridge the physical and mental to work together, which is why it is has such importance in hatha yoga. Bhakti Yoga Bhakti means love or devotion. The bhakti develops an all-encompassing love which surrenders to divine will. The practice of bhakti may include seeing the divine in all beings, events and circumstances. It brings calm and contentment and purifies the feelings and the emotions.

Raja Yoga The Yoga Sutras is another text translated and interpreted by a widevariety of yoga teachers, Raja yoga is the study and practical application of these sutras (sutra means thread). These are bare threads of thought, available in translation with commentary by many different teachers. The name raja yoga was bestowed by Swami Vivekananda, who wrote prolifically about the six paths of yoga,. raja yoga, karma yoga, hatha yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga, japa yoga. Pratipalksha Blhavana Bhavana means feeling and pratipaksha means to interject the opposite or act as if. The first strategy of pratipaksha bhavana is to literally change one thought or feeling for another one -- for example to replace a negative thought for a positive one, or replace an unkind word with a kind one. The purpose is to remove us from the reactive mind; to get us back to our ground of being. Considering that the physical component is only one aspect of yoga, it is obvious that there is so much more that one can obtain from yoga practice. When thinking of the physical aspects, yoga can be an effective way to build muscular strength and endurance, core stability and posture, balance and coordination, and we must not forget flexibility. But yoga also focuses on the mental, spiritual, emotional aspects to improve overall wellbeing. NATALIE SAARI BSc(Kin), ACSM CCES Kinesiologist & Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist


Vinyasa Flow Yoga with NATALIE SAARI Kinesiologist & Clinical Exercise Specialist


Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30 - 7:30 PM Drop ins and beginners welcome

Drop in: $9.82 +HST


Let’s Move Studio

Synchronizing breath with movement as you journey between postures. The benefits are physical, mental 925 McGill Place and emotional. Improving your strength, endurance, flexibility, balance & coordination, core stability & posture. Focusing on the breath, helping you to let go of stress, tension, and to relax.




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Interior Wellness





5:45 - 6:45 am Monday - Friday YOGA FITNESS BOOT CAMP Pre-Register!

9:00- 10:00 am PILATES: Beginner Mat Class Cassie @ EVOLVE Pilates Studio

5:45 - 6:45 am Monday - Friday YOGA FITNESS BOOT CAMP Pre-Register! Let’s Move Studio

9:00 - 10:20 am Let’s Move Studio

Deep Healing Restorative Yoga: All Levels

Katrina @ Let’s Move Studio

9:00 - 10:30 am Yoga: All Levels Elizabeth @ Let’s Move Studio

Anusara-Inspired Yoga: All Levels

10:30 pm - 11;45 am Parent and Baby Yoga: All Levels Tania @ Let’s Move Studio

9:30 - 11:00 am Yoga: Gentle Breath-Body-Mind Yoga Margaret @ Mind Body Connection

12:00 - 1:00 pm Yoga - all levels Bonny Z. @ Let’s Move Studio

12:00 am - 1:00 pm Yoga: Beginners Tania @ Let’s Move Studio

10:30 am – 12:00 noon

12:10 - 1:00pm Pilates: Mat Pilates for Well-Backs Cassie @ EVOLVE Pilates Studio

12:05 - 12:55 pm Lunch Hour Yoga Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection 12:00 - 1:00 pm Bellydance Lucille @ Let’s Move Studio

12:15 - 1:15 pm Pilates: Beginner Mat Class Christine W @ Body Control Pilates 4:45 -6:15 pm Yoga: Breath-Body-Mind, All Levels Margaret @ Mind Body Connection

Yoga: Heart Centered Hatha

Marcia @ Let’s Move Studio

5:00 - 6:30 pm (new time in July!) Belly Dance: Beginners Rosi @ Let’s Move Studio

5:00 - 6:00 pm (new time in July!) Yoga: All Levels Elizabeth @ Let’s Move Studio

5 - 6:30 pm Breath-Body-Mind Yoga: All levels Margaret @ Mind Body Connection

5:00 - 6:30 pm Yoga: All Levels Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection

6:00 - 7:00 pm (new time in July!) ZUMBA Shay @ Let’s Move Studio

5:30 - 6:30 pm Woga (Water Yoga) Tuesdays & Thursdays Audrey @ CB Wellness Centre

6:00 – 7:10 pm Power Yoga Amber H. @ Downtown OUTSIDE!

6:30 – 7:30 pm

7:00 - 8:0--0 pm (new time in July!) Yoga: All Levels Bonny Z. @ Let’s Move Studio

5:00 - 6:00 pm (new time in July!)

Therapeutic Yoga Brian @ Hands On Health

Yoga: Vinyasa Flow All Levels Natalie @ Let’s Move Studio

Body Control Pilates 142 Victoria 250-320-BODY Centennial Building Wellness Centre 153 Seymour 250-374-7383 EVOLVE Pilates Studio 1361 McGill 250-372-7237 Hands On Health 103-1315 Summit Drive 250-377-7675

e scrib b u S ! free 18

9:00 - 10:20 am Katrina @ Let’s Move Studio

Let’s Move Studio 925 McGill Place 250-372-9642

Wh e fin re to di t

KSOC: kamloops Sport and Orthopedic Clinic 1201 Summit St. Andrews 159 Seymour St. St. Paul’s Church Hall 360 Nicola St. The Mind Body Connection 253 Victoria St. 250-374-2748/250-374-5421

For class updates and new classes check out:

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Interior Wellness





9:00 - 10:30 am Yoga: All Levels Elizabeth @ Let’s Move Studio

9:00 - 10:30 am Yoga: Heart Centered Hatha Marcia @ Let’s Move Studio

10:00 - 11:30 am Yoga: Breath-Body-Mind, All Levels Margaret @ Mind Body Connection

9:30 - 11:00 am 11:00am Yoga: Gentle Breath-Body-Mind Yoga Meditation: by donation Margaret @ Mind Body Connection Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection

10:15 am Pilates: All-Levels Mat Class Amber D. @ EVOLVE Pilates Studio

12:00 - 1:00 pm Yoga: Beginners Angie @ Let’s Move Studio

12:00 - 1:30 pm Yoga - all levels Bonny Z. @ Let’s Move Studio

11:00am - 12:15 pm Women's Yoga Janis @ KSOC

12:00 - 1:30 pm Yoga 50+ Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection

5:30 - 6:30 pm ZUMBA Shay @ Let’s Move Studio

1:00 - 2:15 pm Women's Yoga Janis @ Let's Move Studio

6:30 - 9:30 pm

4:30 – 5:30 pm

Therapeutic Yoga: All Levels Brian @ Hands On Health

ReStructuring Tools for Transformation Restoring Health & Harmony Audrey MeuseCB Wellness Centre

5:00 - 6:30 pm Yoga: All Levels Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection



5:00 - 6:30 pm Belly Dance: Advanced Rosi @ Let’s Move Studio

Burlesque Classes at Let's Move special group rates available. Lilly Danger: Lill Scott 250-320-8768

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm Prenatal Yoga: All Levels Tania @ Let’s Move Studio

6:30 – 7:30 pm


Sundays 9:30 am - 12 noon

Yoga: Vinyasa Flow All Levels Natalie @ Let’s Move Studio

Meditation with Ajahn Sona June 19 @ Let’s Move Studio

Teachers contact info Amber D.




Amber H.




Lill/Lilly D


Bonny Z
















Christine S.


Christine W.












e scrib b u S ! free

For class updates and new classes check out:



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Interior Wellness

Everything is

ENERGY By Michelle Morrison Everything on our planet, the beautiful mother earth and in our universe contains energy. We can’t always see it, but we know that water, air, rocks and plants are all examples of “matter” and matter contains energy. People are made of energy as are all plants, animals, furniture, art and even our thoughts and emotions. When you begin to become aware of energy, you can begin to feel it, sense it, hear it and see it. We can work cooperatively with universal energy in such a beneficial and transformational way that not only does it change the way we look at the world, but at what we give out to the world in each and every moment. Every living thing has an aura. An aura is the flowing of energy through our bodies. When I connect with a person’s energy, I want to see how it is flowing, where it is flowing more slowly and where there might be any blockages. This allows me to hone in on any areas of your life that may be holding you back from reaching your own greatest potential. It allows me to see where any pain, worries, fears, responsibilities or karmic ties are held. You can do the exact same thing for yourself. The ability to sense and channel energy is a part of every one of us, we just need to tap into that energy. We all have our own ways of sensing energy and there is not one way that is better than another. For example, rub your palms together. You will begin to feel the generation of heat, which is your very own energy. Now take your hands and hold them about two inches apart. Moving your palms towards each other and then away, you can begin to feel the energy. Now engage your visualization, close your eyes. Can you see it as you move your hands together and apart, can you visualize a beautiful glowing ball of energy? With practice, you can become more sensitive to the energy. You can also begin to channel positive universal energy into your body. Just as we source energy from the sun, imagine a beautiful swirling vortex of energy circling above your head, available for just you to use. Imagine that you invite this energy to come down through 20

your crown chakra at the top of your head and move through your body like a wave of peace. You can visualize this beautiful energy circulating and moving through your entire body, filling each and every one of your cells with a beautiful, luminous, light energy. This energy is healing, positive, nurturing and full of love. When we understand that our bodies, spirit and mind are made of energy, we can be aware of the type of energy that each of them are emitting. If you constantly have thoughts of worry or fear, you are sending out worried energy, to the rest of your body and to your world. If you have feelings of anxiety, you are sending anxious energy to your body and your environment. If you have feelings of peace, of happiness, then that is the energy that you are sending to your body and environment. We all want to be well, healthy and happy and to thrive in a beautiful world. When you begin to deepen your understanding of how energy works, you can begin to increase your awareness of what kind of energy you hold in your body and what kind of energy that you are sending out into the world. You have the ability to see or sense energy, so how do you see your energy body, what type of energy signals are you sending throughout your body and to your corner of the world. Take care and time to source from and channel positive energy for you, for your health and well being and for your world. From my heart to yours, Namaste. Michelle is an intuitive, Usui Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner. You can book your own private intuitive session, energetic healing session or guided meditation session. During an intuitive reading, Michelle connects with your aura and energy, animal totems and spirit guides to give you a great deal of information that you will find positive and productive. An energetic healing session is a gentle and holistic way to help heal the body and transform negative energy or to change the patterns that may be causing “dis-ease”. You can also join Michelle for a weekly guided meditation experience as a part of a meditation group. For more information, Find me at please contact Michelle the festiv al! 250-682-8176 June 17-1 or by email: 9

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Free Workshops & Classes|Health & Wellness|Healthy Cafe|Entertainment|Marketplace|Yoga|Healing Garden Second Annual

Interior Wellness Festival FRE

Admis E sion

Womens Health

Spirituality OPS H S Yoga K OR Developing Your Intiution W E Hypnotherapy FRE

Intentional Laughter Path to Self Love & Passion Bellydance Reflexology Breath Integration Tesla Metamorphosis Zumba Auriculotherapy Reiki Harmony and the Bhagavad-gita Pilates Body Management & Live Blood Analysis Neck & Shoulder Self/Partner Acupressure Group Resonance Repatterning Vocal Toning Living an Extraordinary Life Energy Exercises to Deal with Stress & Tiredness The Passion Test

n Dance Full MooNight Friday

What is Breath Integration?

tion is a method of counselling that allows ation. It is an opportunity to see how our have shaped our lives. As we use the hnique, our awareness level increases. ur subconscious thoughts, feel the emotions around nge the belief, creating better results now.

Breath Integration Counselling Session?

ion, guided by a qualified Breath Integration Counsellor, ty to experience a connected circular breathing method. he mind and allows core subconscious thoughts and experience of aliveness to come to your awareness. hese thoughts empowers you to make clearer decisions creating a happier, more successful life.

roximately two hours, include a consultation and are ed weekly in a series of twelve sessions.

3 days of connection, learning and transformation

Workshops 3PM - 5:45PM Opening Ceremonies 6PM - 6:30PM Panel: Women's Health 6:30 - 7:15pm Workshops 7:30-8:30pm Marketplace 6:30 - 9pm Yoga Tent: 5:30 - 8:30pm Dance Performance 8:30pm Healing Garden 6 - 9pm Global Dance 9 - 10:00pm Fire Dance 10:00pm

McGill Place, Sunmore Building 250-372-9642

Saturday, June 18, 10am-6pm Marketplace 10am-6pm Healing Garden 10am-6pm Workshops 10AM-7:00PM Yoga Tent 10AM-6:00PM Entertainment: All day! Hoola hooping and more!

Sunday, June 19, 9:30am-2pm 9:30am - 12pm Meditation with Ajahn Sona of Birken Monastery *By donation Marketplace 10AM-2PM Ordinary Miracles Sunday Service 1PM Speakers & Mini-Workshops 12-2PM Healing Garden 10AM-2PM Yoga Tent 10AM-2PM Birke n Mo Closing ceremonies, 2PM nas Su

nd tery Perfec ay Mornin t for Fa g thers D ay !


possible and that it can be gentle and fun, we encourage tation and give yourself this incredible opportunity.

Body, Mind and Spirit

Reiki and Coaching BodyTalk Jin Shin Do Acupressure Neck & Shoulder Release Chair Acupressure Massage Inuitive Readings Reflexology Attunement Heal Ortho-bionomy ing G Shiatsu Massage arde $ 1/mi Thai Massage n nute Bach Flower Consultation PSYCH-K Stone Therapy Sound Therapy Quantum Energy Resonance Repatterning Registered Massage Therapy Acutonics Dreamwork Hypnotherapy Healing and more! ment Entertain ers Bellydanc Musicians, nce a d re Fi d n Hooping a

June 17 - 19, 2011

Friday, June 17, 3pm-10pm

been looking for inner peace, love, joy, ccess or simply a release of emotional pain ar connected breath technique is what you have been searching for.


Find your Passion, Ignite your Energy Connect with Spirit

Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Move Studio

h To Peace

quille Road sh Columbia

Issue #20

Interior Wellness

The Emotional Cleanse

Breath Integration Counselling & Training Centre

Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Move Studio Cheyne Health Beyond the Box Solutions

Hands On Health

Interior Wellness Magazine Tesla Metamorphosis

Nature's Fare Centre for Spiritual Living Kamloops Dropping Form Designs | TAB Custom Fitted Bras | Kamloops Hypnotherapy | Body Language Acupressure | Laughter Unlimited | Centennial Building Wellness Centre | Karuna's Wellness Studio | New Dimensions In Wellness

Free Workshops & Classes|Health & Wellness|Healthy Cafe|Entertainment|Marketplace|Yoga|Healing Garden



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Interior Wellness

With Laurie Madison and Justine Shelton

"When I heard my teacher, Gary Kraftsow, use the term 'sustainable yoga' it took me aback. What exactly does that mean? Well, over the years I have come to understand it wholeheartedly. Sustainable yoga is the yoga we can practice throughout our entire life, the practice that will serve us throughout each stage of life as our needs, interests and physical abilities change. I have studied a wide variety of yoga traditions, and still use them to inform my teaching and practice. It is in Viniyoga, however, that I believe I have found the most healing and therapeutic style of yoga. I say this after feeling the effects in my own body, and witnessing it in my clients' bodies," says Justine Shelton, E-RYT and Certified Viniyoga Therapist practicing in Southern California. Laurie Madison is an EYT and Certified Viniyoga Therapist from Nelson, B.C. Forever a student, Laurie's intrigue with yoga has encouraged her to study different approaches to teaching, and she was fortunate enough to study with teachers of several traditions, including Iyengar, Ashtanga and Anusara. Laurie experienced a spinal injury in 2006, which gave her an opportunity to review and re-assess the appropriateness of her practice with her condition. She was looking for a practice with the potential to nourish her body, mind and spirit, despite the injuries she had sustained. As life most times presents us with what we need, Laurie was introduced to Viniyoga. This approach to yoga targets individual need to maximize personal benefit. Laurie found what she was looking for and used this approach successfully in her own healing. "Viniyoga has since become my yoga niche, because it is accessible to every body as it utilizes all yoga tools, treating symptoms of many different conditions. Very exciting!" says Madison. We are very excited to share with you our passion for Viniyoga!

Let’s Move Studio Yoga . Dance . Wellness

ViniYoga Therapy Workshop

With Laurie Madison, EYT 500, AVI Certified Viniyoga Therapist Nelson, BC and Justine Shelton, E-RYT 500, AVI Certified Viniyoga Therapist, San Diego, CA, USA

Explore and experience Viniyoga Therapy. Viniyoga is the intelligent application of the many tools of yoga to lead the practitioner to their highest personal potential at every level. You will learn adaptations to specifically serve your body/mind structure. Open to all levels - even if you’ve never practiced before! If you can breathe, you can do yoga! Give yourself the gift of taking your health into your own hands. An Introduction to Yoga Therapy

Saturday 1:00pm - 4:00pm Yoga Therapy For a Healthy Back Sunday 12:00pm - 3:00pm Expanding your Yoga Tool Box

For more info on the workshop... call Laurie 250-354-0269 Private sessions available all weekend.

Come for one session or all three! $60/session or $170 for all 3 sessions early bird $150 for all 3 sessions

McGill Place, Sunmore Building Kamloops B.C. 250-372-9642


What is it that sets Viniyoga apart from other traditions? Far beyond asana, the tools include breath technology, chanting and mantra, personal ritual and meditation. It is a style that can provide challenging, developmental practices, as well as gentle, therapeutic practices for those whose needs lie in building prana and a return to health. Here are some major points that distinguish Viniyoga: Breath as the primacy of movement – meaning every move is initiated by the breath first, on inhale and exhale. The breathing pattern may also be regulated to affect different results. Adaptation of the form of asana. Not all bodies are alike – in Viniyoga, we adapt the form of the posture to suit the practitioner and their unique structure, rather than try to fit their body into the textbook version of the pose. The form can also be adapted when one wants to change the primary function of the pose, such as bending the knees in forward bends to stretch the musculature of the lower back more deeply, and limiting the intensity of the stretch to the back of the legs. Combination of repetition and stay in a posture. This is probably the most obvious difference of Viniyoga from other lineages. When repetition is done consciously and correctly, we can change/correct movement patterns in the body. Repetition also serves to increase circulation by alternately stretching and contracting the muscles you are working – circulation is what induces healing. Staying in the posture allows the fascia in the body to release and open, keeping our bodies flexible and fluid. The Art and Science of Sequencing. Viniyoga has definitive principles of intelligent sequencing to keep the body, especially the spine, safe. There are many factors to consider, including preparation and compensation to avoid repetitive stress, the time of day and year so as to heat/invigorate or cool/calm appropriately depending on the desired effect of the practice, and the age and condition of the practitioners. While Viniyoga can be and is taught in a group format, it is traditionally, and most effectively, taught in a one-on-one situation so as to tailor the practice to an individual’s exact needs and interests. Much can be learned from this lineage transmitted by Krishnamacharya, and taken into other forms of practice and daily life, to keep the body, mind and spirit healthy and well aligned as we age. Viniyoga Workshop

June 10, 11, 12, 2011

Friday 6:00pm - 9:00pm


Give yourself the gift of taking your health into your own hands! This approach to yoga is an intelligent application of the many tools of yoga, specifically modified and adapted to serve your unique and present condition. Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you will receive the many benefits of this practice leading you to your own highest potential, in mind, body and spirit! Laurie Madison and Justine Shelton are your leaders for this workshop. They have both studied Viniyoga for years with a deep passion and are Certified Viniyoga Therapists, the highest level of certification from the American Viniyoga Institute under the tutelage of Gary Kraftsow. Having worked together for four years, their separate areas of interest and expertise complement each other, allowing them to take you ever deeper into the exploration of yourself through the teachings of yoga. Each of them have had life changing experiences through Viniyoga and enjoy sharing the lineage with the intention of promoting healthier living.

For more info on the workshop... call Laurie 250-354-0269 Private sessions available all weekend.

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Interior Wellness

Yoga Instructor Profile:

Tania McCartney

Yoga teacher, Tania McCartney, teaches Hatha Yoga to yoga students of all ages and levels. "Hatha" is the physical practice of yoga; the foundation of all postures. Her approach to the practice focuses on 3 things: feeling the ground, feeling the breath moving in the body, and finding fluidity and length in the spine, sometimes referred to as "the wave". For Tania, yoga is about being curious about the body and not getting involved in our stories that keep us from moving forward. She has always loved expressing herself through physical form; she danced from a very young age, and received an honours BFA in Theatre from York University.


Article and Interview by Kim Jensen of Innovative Changes


Classes with Tania...

Prenatal Yoga Sundays 5:30 - 7:00 pm 4 week sessions $50

Parent & Baby Yoga


Mondays 10:30 - 11:45 pm 4 week sessions $50


250.554.6707 cell: 250.319.7364 a n d Tr a #204-535 Tranquille Kamloops, BC V2B 3H5 Tranquille Rd.

1 7 -1 9

Yoga . Dance . Wellness

Create The Life You Want


e 17-19 June






Find m the fe e at stiva l!

Let’s Move Studio


Cou me at Find stival! fe the


Tania has continued her professional development by taking more workshops on pre-natal yoga and yoga therapy. She recently offered workshops integrating breath and voice at the Let's Move studio which were well attended. Tania offers Parent and Baby Yoga, Pre/Post-Natal Yoga, and Beginner's Yoga, all at the Let's Move Yoga, Dance, and Wellness Studio. You can check the studio schedule for classes online at



Tania has been a student of yoga since 1999. After a 2 year search for the right yoga for her, she started teacher training in 2007 at Esther Myers Yoga Studio in Toronto and graduated from their 750 hour program in 2009. She has been teaching for 4 years now. Tania became reflective when asked about the main benefits of practicing yoga for her and for any student. She talked about how the regular practice of yoga helps you see your habits especially "the more you observe and are curious about your body". "I have grown so much and managed to let go of the “me” that I thought I was and let go of my stories that kind of trapped me in the past", she shared very sincerely. She has learned that she "needs to face her fears and that she can't impose her fears and limitations on her students". In her yoga training she was encouraged to always remember how to be a student so she adapts poses, and the language she uses, to suit the needs of her students while keeping her lesson plan in mind. She doesn't do adjustments, she assists to "undo" and "unravel" tension and show the body how it is capable of grounding. She does this by adapting postures to suit every person and encouraging inquiry, asking the question, "how can the body move more efficiently and functionally?”. She used to believe that you had to work hard to get results but now she knows that you can "achieve greater results with less work while having more awareness of tension creeping up into the poses. What is necessary to breathe and move?" She also tries to be creative and never teaches the same class the same way. She can explore cat pose from the perspective of grounding the limbs, observing the breath, moving from

the base of the spine, the top of the spine… the possibilities are endless!

n ini


McGill Place,

Sunmore Building

call or email to register 250-372-9642



is now

Healing & Wellness

me at Find stival! the fe


Interior Wellness




June 1



Vital Point Acupuncture

Inspire Chiropractic & Wellness Studio Drs. Lisa and Robert Conroy "Live the life you were meant to live" 250-819-8585 (Lisa) 250-851-1145 (Rob)

Jennifer Larsen, R.Ac. #102-1120 8th Street 250-376-3070 Wild Roots Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic Dr. Andrea Hansen Reproductive/hormonal health, fertility/ Natural Fertility Awareness Method, pre/postnatal, menopause 250-682-7289

FITNESS HOME STRETCH FITNESS Home Stretch Fitness 250.319.7890 Wendy Peterson Owner & Certified Fitness SIGN UP NOW for your FREE consultation and join one of my Results DrivenYour Fitness Programs Professional: success is my passion! “Your success is my passion” Wendy Peterson


Acupressure Therapy: Michele Botel Registered Jin Shin Do Acupressure Therapist, Shiatsu Massage Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, Individual Sessions, Workshops, Guest Speaking website: Phone Michele to book 778.257.0343 • 250.319.7890 •

Yoga Fitness Bootcamp for Women Have fun while you get in shape. Get strong & inspired!


Open to ALL LEVELS. Come out and play!

Global Goddess Aromatherapy Ellen Huggett Certified Aromatherapist 250-374-0755

Fluid Fire: Lisa Hyder: firedance equipment, LED toys & custom hula hoops. lessons and performances 250-572-4615



Kamloops Esthetics: Jan Wynnychuk Discover amazing results using a holistic approach to skin care. “Successful Ageing” # 301-141 Victoria St. 250-828-0909

BOOKS When you think books…think second first! At Second Glance Books 448 Victoria St across from the Library- Downtown 250-377-8411

COUNSELLING Breath Integration Counselling Lynn Aylward 250-319-7364 Breath Integration, Counselling, Bodywork Emotional Cleanse - Detox Your Emotions! Deal with anger, fear, unwanted memories, romantic baggage and more Cara 250-554-7902 24

Find m e the fes at tival!

Aina Massage and Spa with Nicola Diepdael, Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, #248 Victoria St. 250-319-4111 by appointment only Alexa Pongracz CH: Frog Spirit Holistic Enterprises: Reflexology, Reiki, Holistic & Chair Massage, Herbal Consultations, Intuitive Readings

250-376-5124 or 250-318-0735 Because a Leap of Faith Angela Clark Certified Metaphysical Practitioner Resolutions Personal Development Co. 250-318-2930 Ariadne Sassafrass - New Dimensions In Wellness Integral Energetics Practitioner, Yuen Method tm, Reiki Master 250-837-9276 Brittanya Beddington: Dynamic Massage Works Stone Therapy Massage - Swedish Massage - Deep Tissue Massage - 280 West Victoria In Audra's Day Spa

250-320-0475 -

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Interior Wellness

Issue #20



Michelle Morrison: The Balanced Soul

Centennial Building Wellness Centre Freeing the body in water: Watsu, Ai Chi,

Intuitive Readings, Meditation & Energetic Healing

Usui Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner 250-682-8176

Woga, Aqua Jogging, Aqua Prenatal, Sound Baths 250-374-7383

One-On-One Fitness and Massage Christine Karl: Personal Trainer Ortho-Bionomy, Shiatsu, Reiki Master. #7 231-Victoria St. 250-320-9960

Cynthia Yaunish, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner BodyTalk stimulates recovery, balance and good health on all levels. 250-579-5213

Suki Fox: Energy Worker Resonance Repatterning and Energy Work. Shift energy around any issue for individuals and groups. Quantum change made easy. (250)307-7301

Wellness Practitioners and Workshop Leaders Looking for treatment room or workshop room to rent?

Join us at the Let’s Move Studio Wellness Centre! 250-372-9642

A Path To Peace

Feldenkrais: Individual Sessions with Susinn Shaler If you have been looking for inner peace, love, joy, Re-discover flexibility and grace health and success or simply a release of emotional pain then the circular connected breath technique is what you 250-572-1887 have been searching for. What is Breath Integration?

Breath integration is a method of counselling that allows self-examination. It is an opportunity to see how our decisions have shaped our lives. As we use the Breath technique, our awareness level increases. This allows us to hear our subconscious thoughts, feel the emotions around them and change the belief, creating better results now.

FINDING THE BALANCE WITHIN Justine Richmond, BSc. Bach Flower Consultation, Stone Massage Therapy Advanced PSYCH-K® ine. 250.374.4073 What is a Breath Integration Counselling Session? In a Breath Integration session, guided by a qualified Breath Integration Counsellor,

you will have the opportunity to experience a connected circular breathing method. This technique quiets the mind and allows core subconscious thoughts and feelings that block your experience of aliveness to come to your awareness. Becoming more aware of these thoughts empowers you to make clearer decisions and begin creating a happier, more successful life.

Where does the Dance of Magic take root? In the Sacred Flame of Your Heart Sangoma Pauline channels an Ancient African Magic Ubuntu 778 220 2720 for your session

Therese Dorer Spiritual Consultant, Private consultations, Workshops and Meditation CD’s 250-578-8437

Wake Up to Your Potential Harness the Energy of Faith, Love and Sex

George Cheyne 1-888-804-4773 These sessions last approximately two hours, include a consultation and are Certified Live" Blood Analysis, Body Managerecommended weekly in a series of twelve sessions. ment, cleanses, herbal supplements, instructor If you want to see that change is possible and that it can be gentle and fun, we encourage you to come in for a consultation and give yourself this incredible opportunity.,


HARMONICS HEALING Val MacKay-Greer Vocal Toning for Bodymindspirit#204-535 Healing Tranquille Road Kamloops, British Columbia 250-374-6907 250-554-6707 Visit us at

Email us at

HEALTH BY DESIGN Certified Nutritionist Melanie Pouliot, CNC 250-571-1932 Individualized Nutri-Body® Assessments Certified Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator

Innovative Changes - Kim Jensen Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher Celtic Reiki Practitioner 250-376-6676

Breath Integration Counselling Individual, couples, family counselling. One day workshops, 6 month Personal Empowerment Trainings. Body work. Sunday Spiritual service. 250-554-6707

Centennial Building Wellness Centre Freeing the body in water: Watsu, Ai Chi, Woga, Aqua Jogging, Aqua Prenatal, Sound Baths 250-374-7383 Hands On Health: Therapeutic Yoga Classes Small group classes and 1-on-1 sessions Customized for you by a yoga therapist and a physiotherapist. 250-377-7675

Paul Laviolette HHP ACTP RCRT Cynthia Yaunish, Practitioner Trigger Point Therapy Certified Massage -BodyTalk Trigger Point Chair BodyTalk stimulates recovery, balance and St. Massage, Advanced Reflexology - 213-141 Victoria good health -on all levels. 250-319-7292 250-579-5213

Let’s Move Studio Wellness Centre Yoga & Dance classes, Infrared Sauna, Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Acutonics & more 250-372-9642

Marilyn Manderson, Attunement Practitioner A sacred healing art & spiritual practice Deepen your connection with Source 250-579-9444

24/7 Tanning, Whole Body Vibration, Infrared Sauna, Ionic Foot Baths, nutrition & more 778-470-5812 601 Fortune Drive

Sound Bodeez: Natural Health & Fitness


Interior Wellness


Ashley Leighton, Registered Massage Therapist Hands On Homeopathy: Constitutional Optimal Health Therapeutic Massage. approach for acute and chronic concerns. With manual chi gong for maximum benefit. Pain/Stress Management, Relaxation, Injury Brian Scrivener, Hands On Health,Tudor Village Prevention, Sports Massage 250-376-3070 250-377-7675 REGISTERED MASSAGE THERAPY



BODY: HEALTHY Registered Massage Therapy Wendy McLean, RMT 778-220-2225 #260 - 546 St. Paul Street, Kamloops BC


Cameron Grant MA REH ARW Kamloops Hypnotherapy in the Bodymind Centre KAMLOOPS R e g i McLEAN s t e r s e d M a sB.A., s a g e R.M.T. Therapist CHIROPRACTIC On the mezzanine 635 Victoria Street WENDY & MASSAGE New Patients Welcome! RYT: Cranial Sacral, Visceral Darlene Fair, RMT, 250-318-3008. 2hr parking on 600 block Seymour.

Darlene Fair

In the kamloops naturopathic clinic 704 SEYMOUR ST. Massage, 100 - 1315 Summit dr., KAMLOOPS, BC V2C 5R9 Energetic

Healing, Myofascial Release KAMLOOPS, BC V2C 2H3 and Unwinding. Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic 778-220-2225 250.374.7783 372-2002 #202-1150 Hillside Dr.

Karuna Cox AAH Certified Hypnotherapist Serving Kamloops and Ashcroft 778 207 4108

Kamloops Sport and Orthopedic Clinic Massage Therapy, Kinesiology, Oxygen Therapy, Core Stabilization Therapy, Yoga & more! 250-377-3367 BE FIT, FEEL HEALTHY, LIVE PAIN-FREE! Book 24/7 at:

Clinical Hypnotherapist Karen Beck DHsc,CHt,MH 250-571-9328 Stress, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias,Stop smoking Performance enhancement,Goal Setting and More.

Mobile Massage Therapy - Danica Crawford RMT Pain management, rehabilitation, stress reduction and education! Bringing health and wellness to you! 778-220-2613,

JEWELERY ART Feather and Leather accessories handmade in Kamloops! Facebook: Dropping Form Designs Email: * Special rates available for performers/dance troupes!

MEDITATION Meditation in Daily Life With Head Abbot Ajhan Sona from the Birken Forest Monastery: Meditation, potluck and Q&A Sunday, June 19 @ Let’s Move Studio 9:30am-12:00 BY DONATION

LIFE COACHING BALANCED HEALING - offering: Chakra Healing & Balancing - Susan Chambers 250-392-3850 home 778-961-1000 cell Cara Beckett: Wellness & Life Coach Upcoming wellness program for chronic pain. 250-554-7902

s stress?

.com m

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Experience the Benefits of Meditation! Shambhala Meditation Group of Kamloops

433b Lansdowne St. (above Frankly Coffee). Free. Meditation instruction offered. Thursdays 7:00 pm For info: or Liz 250-376-4224.

MIDWIFERY & CHILDBIRTH Mighty Oak Midwifery Care

Family Guidance System : Gerrianne Clare MN Personal, professional, Navigate through the chaos of raising kids while Craving moree p peace eace a and less stress? woman-centered maternity care. doing everything else 250-434-5132 250-377-8611 Thompson Rivers Midwifery: Holistic Maternity Li coaching solutions Care. Fully funded under your BC Care Card. Gerrianne Clare SStress t ss management management BScN MN Choose Home or Hospital Birth Tatiana DemishkeMusings and Mud Coaching Studio i balan e vich Registered Midwife Now accepting new clients! Create the life that sings to your soul. (250)-572-0632 Janet L. Whitehead, tel: 250.434.5132 a d m i n @ c l a r e c o n s u l t i n Certified Professional Life Coach 250 376-8402 Gerrianne Clare Wellness BScN MNCoaches With Audrey and Cara www.clareconsultiRADIO SHOW:

Do you like Interior Wellness? LIke us on FACEBOOK : free on line subscription! 26

Thursdays at 2PM Listen in to Kamloops' only radio show on Holistic Health & Wellness! 92.5 FM The X

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Interior Wellness

Issue #20



Helping You Make Healthy Moves Theresa Takacs Royal LePage Westwin Realty 250-682-3232

Dr. Melissa Bradwell, ND Full Naturopathic services: Acupuncture and IV Therapy 735 Victoria Street 250-374-9700



Highridge Health Connectors Focusing on Regenerative Nutrition, Healthy Aging and Peak Performance. Kenna & Geoff McKenna-Andrew 250-573-2533

Pure Cuisine, Food Bar & Learning Space 250-851-8194 Find out about our classes that will change your life!


30-day Cleanse Challenge Begins July 4th - Prizes to be won!

Boost Energy, Lose Weight & Eliminate Unhealthy Cravings Lynn Roberts 250-572-4162

Lynne Kraushar, Certified Rolfer #6-231 Victoria St. 250-851-8675

VEGAN FOOD COACHING: Recipes Cleansing *High Net Gain Nutrition *Plant-Based Alternatives Nicola Aichele @ (250) 490-4628

Rolf Method of Structural Integration Tamara D. Duncan, Certified Practitioner 250-819-9300

PARENTING Kamloops Momma Magazine The free magazine for local momsâ&#x20AC;Ś and dads too!

SUNDAY SERVICE Centre for Spiritual Living Change Your Thinking...Change Your Life Sundays: Meditation 10:00 am Celebration 10:30 am

PHYSIOTHERAPY Hands On Health Clinic: Spirited, manually oriented, professional care for your health concerns. Physiotherapy, Homeopathy, Therapeutic Yoga. Tudor Village 250-3777675

540 Seymour Street 250-314-2028 Find us on Facebook! Sharing tools to transform your personal life and make a difference in the world.

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$# #%

&&&'! (

Holistic Physical Therapy Cathie Levin, BSc. PT: Registered Physiotherapist The Bodymind Centre, #205-635 Victoria St. or 250-374-4383 Focus on Health Physiotherapy Erna Stassen BSc. PT. Registered Physiotherapist Advanced PSYCH-Kâ&#x201E;˘ facilitator, Balance Mind, Body

Sunday Spiritual Service 10:00 am, Sundays June 12th & 26th, July 10th & 24th, Aug 14th & 28th # 204 - 535 Tranquille Road 250-554-6707

" ' )

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Kamloops Freedom of religious thought Sunday services, Children's programs, Social and Environmental Projects


& Emotion. Pool therapy and home visits

Sustainable Living For Sale 250-682-4477

PILATES Body Control Pilates 250.320.BODY (2639)

Christine Waterman: Building strength from the inside out. Mat & reformer classes, privates and semi-privates. #202-142 Victoria St.

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Approximately 5 acres on two flat levels with 2 bedroom, one bathroom home for sale. Excellent and unlimited water from well, plus irrigation rights. Creek runs through property; irrigation rights on both sides of property. Space for chickens, growing grain, raising sheep, llamas, rabbits or even a cow. Large sub-irrigated area for vegetable gardens on lower level of land. Upper land is grazing land that also grows potatoes very well. Home is well insulated with views of property from large windows. Also fish pond and oasis like flower garden, hundreds of baby trees have been planted. Mixture of wood, propane and solar heat, 2x6 construction, quiet area. Asking $249,000; Reduced! $195, 000 will look at all offers. Family reasons forcing a



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VIBRATIONAL SOUND THERAPY ACUTONICS TUNING FORKS Applied to acupuncture points for vibrations of wellness for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Self. Trinity Sound Therapy Karen Houghton, BSW* Certified Acutonics Instructor 250.280.4285


Yoga with Amber ~ RYT500 with Yoga BC Power (Drop In) ~ Prenatal (Preregister) ~ Private classes or 250-318-5370


Burlesque Workshop 7 to 9pm on the 23rd of July @ Let’s Move Studio: Contact Lilly Danger 250-320-8768 Meditation in Daily Life With Head Abbot Ajhan Sona from the Birken Forest Monastery Meditation, potluck and Q&A Sunday, June 19 @ Let’s Move Studio 9:30am-12:00 BY DONATION

South Okanagan Yoga Academy - Yoga Teacher Training Registered Yoga School for RYT200 and RYT500 Flexible Training! Immersions or Extended programs in BC, AB & Mexico! 250-492-2587

YOGA THERAPY Optimal Health with Optimal Alignment Katrina Ariel ~ 250-374-6493 Freedom from pain through empowerment.

Tesla Metamorphosis Seminars with Anya Petrovic at Let’s Move Studio Remember That You Are Light: September 9 FREE Tesla Metamorphosis I: 10-11 September; Fee $520 - before Aug. 09 $460 Tesla Metamorphosis II: 13-15 September; Fee $520 - before Aug. 09 $460 Tesla Metamorphosis III:16-18 September; Fee $720 - before Aug. 09 $650 Info: Cornelis Brink 778 472-3537

YOGA Bikram Yoga The Hottest Yoga in Kamloops! 250-314-3636 340 Victoria St.

Psoma Yoga Therapy: Donna Martin 635 Victoria St. 250-374-2514,

Sacred Body Yoga Therapy for Body & Soul Explore your physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Certified Yoga Therapy Practitioner: Brian Scrivener, Hands On Health 250-377-7675 Tudor Village,

ETC! Intuitive Interiors Design: Leah Zacharias color consultations, redesign/renovations, new home designs, complete project management, professional & reliable Phone: 250-376-8029 Cell: 250-572-1871 email:

Grounded and Sound Pre/Post Natal & Beginner Hatha at Let's Move Studio Hatha Yoga for Every Body! Yoga with Tania McCartney. 250-572-1668

RADIO SHOW: Wellness Coaches With Audrey and Cara: Thursdays at 2PM Listen in to Kamloops' only radio show on Holistic Health & Wellness! 92.5 FM The X

yoga with marcia wilson kids, tweens, teens & adults Grounded Kids Yoga Summer Camps 250-319-8583

TAB Custom Fitted Bras: Are You Wearing the Right Bra? No Wires. No Elastic. Better Support FREE personal fitting

Kamloops Hot Yoga Yoga for your Whole Family

Bev Day, Certified Tab Bra Consultant 250-376-9641 Or 1-888-909-9641

954 C Laval Crescent (beside Cliffside Climbing Gym) 250-374-7426

Wellness Practitioners and Workshop Leaders Looking for treatment room or workshop room to rent?

Let’s Move Studio: Yoga - Dance - Wellness Yoga, Bellydance, Nia, Core, Fitness & more Kamloops’ Most Diverse Studio 250-372-9642 signup for a free class 28

Join us at the Let’s Move Studio Wellness Centre! 250-372-9642

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Interior Wellness

Issue #20

By Karuna Cox

Your very own Secret Garden Hypnosis is a tool naturally used by the subconscious on a daily basis, which allows the conscious mind to rest, recalibrate and refocus. We find that these mini “trances” envelop us while driving (“Where did the last 3 kms go?”), doing dishes, meditating, being “lost in thought”, watching TV (especially seen in young children), reading (noted by the need to read and reread the same paragraphs, if not pages), just before falling into slumber and just upon waking. Our brother and sister scientists have offered us solid explanations on the topic of brain wave patterning. Entering into hypnosis is a natural biological activity with a state of heightened awareness and concentration. It produces symptoms such as a deep feeling of calm and relaxation and a decreased awareness of sound. You may have noticed that some of our BEST ideas come at that time. A common misconception is that clients in hypnosis cannot respond, and therefore the hypnotherapist has full control over the client. In trance, the client is always in the driver’s seat, and is fully capable of reacting and making good decisions. It is, simply put, a positive non-addictive therapeutic tool and natural manifestation of the mind at work.

Blueberry Ice Cream 1 cup frozen blueberries 1 cup frozen banana (small chunks) Blend until finely chopped with S blade in food processor. Add 1/8th cup of raw almond milk or coconut water and continue blending until smooth. You may need a little more if the machine is gumming up. The whole idea is to keep it as thick as possible. You may need to stop the processor a few times and scrape down the sides.

So, why do we do find ourselves in these light trances throughout the day? I like to call it “Gardening for the Subconscious”. Especially when the state of hypnosis is purposefully activated for the sake of pulling out personal obstacles (weeds) from our stored memory bank or Subconscious (Garden).

This is lovely and delicious as is, but to add a flare, crunch and excitement...

The function of your memory bank or subconscious can be likened to having your own personal burglar alarm. It is monitoring everything that is going on around you, every moment, while awake, asleep and even while unconscious. And in doing so, it protects you from consciously retaining the charged emotions of a particular event, causing a repression, so that we may “function properly”.

¼ cup unsweetened organic coconut 1 Tbsp. goji berries (they give a delicious candy crunch) 1 Tbsp pecans Recipe serves 3

Now, just as weeds do, these repressions can wrap their roots around the bounty of our growing garden and choke the quality of life right out of it. This can manifest in the form of anxieties, phobias, neuroses, depression, alcoholism, stuttering, etc… It may also look like stumbling blocks, resistance, self-sabotage, and even better explained, something which is inside us, but outside our control. Through Hypnotherapy with a qualified practitioner, the client can allow the conscious mind to relax and invite the subconscious mind to come forward for “weeding”, being perfectly conscious, alert and in control. When the garden of our subconsciousness is healthy, we are awarded the ability to live an abundant life of quality and purpose. You deserve it. F Karuna Cox is an AAH Certified Hypnotherapist practicing in Ashcroft and at Let's Move Studio in Kamloops 778 207 4108

ind m the fe e at stival!

June 1


Add and blend till mixed in (10- 20 seconds):

This ice cream is so healthy you can have it for breakfast. It provides protein, fiber, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Delicious on a hot summer day! Enjoy ☺ From the kitchen of Melanie Pouliot, CNC Holistic Nutritionist



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Interior Wellness

Let’s Move Studio Yoga . Dance . Wellness


With Kim Jensen Reiki (霊気) is a spiritual practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It uses a technique commonly called palm healing as a form of complementary and alternative medicine and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine by some professional bodies. Through the use of this technique, practitioners transfer healing energy in the form of ki through the palms.

$60 for Reiki Relaxation session (30 – 45 minutes long) $75 per hour of 1:1 Reiki and coaching

Reiki introductory workshops Sunday, June 26, 1 – 3:30 pm Sunday, July 24, 1 – 3:30 pm Sunday, August 28 1 – 3:30 pm By donation, space is limited: please pre-register

Kim also offers workshops on “Surviving and Thriving through Change and Transition”, Meditating and Journaling, Reiki and Journaling, “Decluttering, Clearing and Calming Mind, Body, Spirit and Environment” as well as other life and living well topics. These workshops are offered as requested and pre-registration is required. Please note: If you are interested in any of these workshops and can get a group of friends and colleagues together (at least 5 plus you) who are also interested, Kim will gladly offer you (but only you) the workshop free! Workshop fees vary depending on the length of the workshop and the materials provided.

Kim Jensen, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher. Holistic (Mind, Body and Spirit) Health, Wellness and Life Coaching including: Change Management and Surviving and Growing through Transition, Time Management, Visioning, Planning, Communication and Interpersonal Relationship skills, Problem solving, and Decision Making.

Kim Jensen: Innovative Changes Toll free 1-877-374-6614 250-376-6676.

McGill Place, Sunmore Building Kamloops B.C. 250-372-9642 30

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Issue #20

Interior Wellness

Begin today to

Reverse the Effects of Aging

Find the f me at estiv al!


1 7 -1


…without drugs!

By Lisa & Robert Conroy, DCs

Do you want to live a more active, pain free life - with youthful energy and health? Then read on to discover how simply wellness chiropractic care will help you “turn back the clock”.

alive…you’ll concentrate better…have better focus…fall into a restful night’s sleep…and find a deeper sense of peace and wellness. But that’s not all…

Why Age is NOT Your Real Problem Daily stresses – both mental and physical – and your body’s response to them combine to silently wreak havoc on your health. It’s a mess. And in an effort to shield itself from these strains, your body automatically increases blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, metabolism, and blood flow to your muscles. These increases are “hardwired” responses that we all come pre-programmed with to help us react quickly and effectively to high-pressure situations.

Live An Active, Energetic Life! Now that your body is in alignment internally, you’ll begin to notice that all the aches and pains you’ve been living with will begin to shrink and disappear.

And that’s not all. As stresses continue to build - and your body’s nervous system becomes impaired - degeneration, scarring, and damage begins at your nerve roots. This damage of nerve roots decreases the flow of signals from the brain to the body that regulate your organ function, and allow your body to handle stress. (Imagine trying to water your flower garden with somebody standing on the garden hose!). Trouble is, this reduced flow actually speeds up degeneration and decline in overall body functions. At that point it’s only a matter of time before lowered body functions literally wrench your spine and vertebrae out of place, pinching or damaging vital pathways. Needless to say, this mis-alignment (called a “subluxation”) chokes out nervous system flow. Internal decay begins But get this: there is a simple remedy for this condition – one that unlocks your body’s natural self-regulating, self-healing power and… “Bullet Proof” Your Immune System from the Inside Out Do you remember when I said that your spine would misalign and “pinch” or interfere with your nervous system and you discovered that this was called a “subluxation”? Here’s the point: Wellness Chiropractors specialize in identifying and eliminating subluxations and nerve interference! By simply pinpointing and removing your body’s subluxations they pave the way for your brain to launch critical information through your nervous system at warp speed – the way it’s supposed to, the way it used to, before stress took its toll. Now here’s the important part: with renewed power and capability, your body will…digest food better…absorb life giving nutrients like a sponge… naturally lower resting heart rate and blood pressure… and rapidly boost your immune system function! What else? Well…as the internal effects of wellness chiropractic care take root you’ll quickly realize that your mind has! Regain Mental Clarity and Focus How does that happen? The trained hands of a chiropractor free your body’s systems to function as designed and promote life anew. As your spine, nervous system, organs and muscles operate in concert, and your heart pumps nutrient rich blood like a well-oiled machine – mental stresses of chronic pain and impaired body function melt away.

No more cracking and popping in your knees and ankles when you get out of bed each morning...say goodbye to that aching lower back as you bend over to open the sock drawer...stiff joints are gone as you hike your favorite trails...gardening for hours or keeping up with the kids and grandkids never felt so good! Lasting Health and Wellness Now you’re on the road to long-term health and wellness, and you want to keep it that way, right? By meeting with your local wellness chiropractor - as little as twenty minutes a week, over the next few months - you’ll develop a personalized step-by-step blue print for long-term health including: • Proven strategies and sure-fire tactics you need to maintain alignment…better cope with stress… recreate health... and continue to reverse the effects of aging • Simple ways to increase your “quality” of’ll be healthier five years from now than you are today. This is a straight forward process, but it does take commitment from you and some time. Remember, it’s taken your entire life to get to the point where you’ve made a decision to visit a chiropractor. But, with just a few months of implementing the strategies laid out in your weekly meetings, you’ll not only maintain your alignment but finally experience true health. It’s true what the old saying says...“If you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results.” The question is: Do you want to spend the rest of your life fighting episodes of back pain, and an ever-growing list of health concerns - Or partner with your local wellness chiropractor to take charge of, and live out your best possible life? The choice is yours, and we would be happy to help you reach your health goals. Get a FREE Consultation, A $75 value, just for mentioning this article. Pick Up the phone and call Dr Lisa Conroy at (250) 819-8585 to schedule, now. Let your road to better health start TODAY!!! Dr. Lisa has learned by experience and training what it takes for people to create and sustain the highest levels of energy, vitality and passion in their daily lives. Now she teaches people from Kamloops and its surrounding areas how to take themselves to the next level by transforming and awakening to a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Dr Rob believes no matter the state of a person’s health, the right lifestyle choices, and mental outlook will without question improve the quality of their lives. By educating people on the importance of chiropractic care, nutrition, Once your mental decks are clear, it’ll virtually eliminate mood and wellness principles clients will no doubt experience life swings and “crankiness”… your senses will become more to the fullest each and everyday.



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Interior Wellness

Coming Home By Therese Dorer

with Jaysone Tylor

Find me a the festi t val!

June 17


The card system from which I use for Readings comes from a very ancient and highly revered mystical sciencethat originatedbefore the days of early Egypt. The Cards are the regular playing cards, however thet contain very accurate and specific information as confirmed by mant thousands of my clients. From your date of birth, you will connect to a Birth card, this reveals and explains in detail your character and personal karma with opportunities and challenges, also the Reading consists of the next12 months ahead, giving you valuable information to clarify many situations that arise in the future. Jaysone Tylor Palm- Reader, Destiny Card reader. Jaysone was born in England to Mother a natural psychic, and father with artistic talent, his early life was spent travelling and living in Australia, then New Zealand where he started his Spiritual Path wth personal growth groups & Meditation and Yoga. He left for India 1979 to be with Osho the Spiritual Master, and had many amazing experiences with Cosmic Energy.Jaysone moved to Canada in 1989 and started practise with Astrology Numerolgyand Palm Reading. he now reses near Penticton.

Fundraiser for the K Ka aml a mloops SPC A


Yoga Fitness Boot Camp Presented By:

Kamloops Ka K amloops

Sponsored by:

Interior Wellness

Katrinaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ss SPCA kitties: Katrinaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Jasmine & Josie

Weds, W eds, June 22nd from 6:00-7:30pm In Riverside Park at the Band Shell

-RLQ.DWULQD$ULHOIRUD)81ÂżWQHVVDQG\RJDSUDFWLFH Please bring a yoga mat or towel, a water bottle, and invite your friends!

EQ QMR\DQHPSRZHULQJ SOD\IXOSUDFWLFHLQWKHSDUNDQG MR\DQHPSRZHULQJ SOD\IXOSUDFWLFHLQWKHSDUNDQG IIHHOJUHDWDV\RXKHOSORYLQJDQLPDOVZKRQHHGKRPHV HHOJUHDWDV\RXKHOSORYLQJDQLPDOVZKRQHHGKRPHV Please come ear early ly to rregister, egister gister,, dona donate, te, and enter to win priz prizes! es! The Grand Prize Giveaway is 3 free months of Y Yoga oga Fitness Boot Camp!


Coming home from an amazing trip to Italy I became reflective on the experience and how it transcended to my life here in Kamloops. Italy is a wonderful country, full of cultural history, fine food, and a diverse landscape that intrigues with each step you take. When I travel I find it is easier to be in present time, there is so much to enjoy and my mind is not as distracted by the mundane life of email, telephone, media and the day to day engagements. Italy is full of history, and stories which seem to be known and loved by all that live in this fascinating land. As we visited Cathedrals, Roman Coliseums, and villas, feasted our eyes on the Sistine Chapel, and experienced the magnificence of Michael Angeloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s statue David we were told of the history and stories of this land. The food and wine have stories to tell about the soil and regions that the grapes were grown on, and how this affects the wine. The art of pressing olives for the olive oil, and how this affects the oil and what foods can be created from this oil, the cheese and where in Italy you can find the best mozzarella, or parmesan, and even a wonderful story about pizza. I was struck at the difference in our cultures. The Cathedral in Milan took 500 years to complete and is made of solid marble, and this amazing structure can fit 40,000 people inside comfortably. The people that built, and supported this amazing place of worship, must have been patient and dedicated to the future that they would never see, the completion of the cathedral, this must have taken a huge amount of faith and dedication to complete this dream. In our modern day culture we are far more interested in instant gratification and the notion of waiting generations for a project to be completed is foreign. In the Shamanic teachings we are encouraged to release our personal stories and live in present time, not to dwell in the past or project too far into the future. This way of walking in the world makes sense to me and I have embraced these teachings, and aspire to live by this philosophy. The experience in Italy gave me an opportunity to observe the benefit of holding onto a dream and to notice that in knowing our history we can learn from our triumphs, and failures. I respected and appreciated all that I saw in Italy and as I came home to Canada I had a renewed appreciation for our life here. It struck me that the balance of the two can be very empowering, and the key is being in present time as much as possible. This gives us the benefit of awareness of the past, the importance of envisioning, but also appreciating where we find ourselves to be in each moment. Coming home I took the gift of being in present time and embraced our season of spring with all of the beauty that unfolded for us, I walked through my days as though I was a tourist in my own land.I realized that the painters and sculptors of Italy gave us the gift of beauty, and allowed us to see the world as they saw it. This legacy is priceless and we have the opportunity to view our world through the eyes of an artist and appreciate each nuance as it unfolds. Mother Nature paints a picture of brilliant beauty each day for us to observe and enjoy, we only need show up, and to be the observer of her gift. So as you go into your summer time I invite you to embrace the gifts that show up for you each morning and savor the opportunity to be in present time, you will then truly come home to yourself and your life. Submitted by Therese Dorer: Therese Dorer: Spiritual Consultant, Private consultations, Workshops and Meditation CDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 250-578-8437 250-578-8437 I have been interested in the invisible realms since I began to meditate in 1993, the visions and wisdom that have unfolded for me has been intriguing and nurturing. Because of my own experiences I began to do intuitive readings for others, and love to offer workshops to encourage everyone to find their own path to wisdom. We all have intuition and like a muscle we can expand this and open ourselves to new awareness.

is now

Issue #20

Interior Wellness



An Interview By Arlene Soloman with Kathleen Roberts about Children’s Yoga Arlene: How did you become interested in Yoga? Kathleen: My mom suggested yoga because she thought it would be fun for me. I had always wondered what Yoga was like. Then she said she might make a group of my friends and I was all goes! Arlene: Tell me about your instructor. Kathleen: My instructor’s name is Marcia. She is very creative and took water colour pencils and drew a T shape on our feet so we would know if our

feet were straight. Marcia is also kind, considerate and enthusiastic. She really likes to laugh and makes us laugh too. Arlene: What are your favourite poses? Kathleen: I love these poses! [Kathleen drew a heart with the words “Favourite Poses” in the middle, with the names of the poses radiating from the heart.] Lean on Me, Downward Dog, Plough, Dolfin, Child’s Pose, Rock and Roll, Mountain, Gratitude. My least favourite is: “Go to Your Room”

Ten year old Kathleen Roberts began her yoga training several months ago. She has a wonderful imagination and Marcia’s inventive teaching methods are very inspiring for this young miss. Arlene Soloman has been practicing yoga for many years and is a regular contributor to this publication. Marcia Wilson teaches yoga to kids, tween, teens & adults in Kamloops. For more information about summer kids yoga camps in Kamloops check out Marcia's web site:

Arlene: Do you like your Yoga studio? Kathleen: I really like my Yoga studio because it’s so roomy and has mirrors all around it so you know if you’re doing something wrong. I also like the way the light streams in and there are plants all over. It’s lovely. Arlene: Do you think you will do Yoga for many years?

Kathleen and her yoga teacher

Kathleen: Yes, I think so because it’s fun and good exercise. Certain poses are also very calming, like Child’s Pose and Tree. To me, it’s one of the best activities out there.

Kathleen and fellow students 33


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You Snooze... You

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The Power of Sleep

Are you tired of being tired? Have you decided that you’re never going to get another good nights’ sleep ever again? Well, you’re not alone. In times where there often doesn’t feel like there’s enough hours in a day, the area that usually gets affected is our sleep. While people are often striving for that perfect ‘8 hours’ of sleep a night, sleep disturbances and health concerns, as a result, are becoming more and more prevalent. This has just as much to do with the importance of sleep quality as well as its quantity. Stats Canada conducted a study in 2005 using close to 20,000 participants and highlighted how, while 8 hours may not be practical for all Canadians, that other lifestyle characteristics can affect your sleep. Some interesting points in this study are: • Single (never married) and widowed Canadians had the highest average levels of sleep compared to people living with a partner and those separated or divorced. • Compared to Canadians with no children, those with 2 or more children averaged 25 minutes less of sleep. • Working longer hours was associated with sleeping less, as were higher levels of income. Incomes over $60,000 per year were associated with sleeping 40 minutes less than people who made less than $20,000. • Commutes over 60 minutes cut sleep back by about 22 minutes on average, compared to workers with shorter commutes of 1 to 30 minutes. • Shift work has a significant effect on worker fatigue and affects quality of sleep for both men and women shift workers. • Men slept 8 hours and 7 minutes, 11 minutes less than women. Although women sleep more than men, they reported a higher rate of trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. The gender sleep difference disappears for people who care for children over 90 minutes a day, for unmarried Canadians, for part-time workers and people not in the labour force, and for the weekend nights of Friday and Saturday.The gender gap remains for men and women that fall into the following groups: work full-time; have no children living in the household; and, live with a partner. Shift-Work and Your Health As soon as work hours start to merge with ‘typical’ sleep hours, your natural circadian rhythms become affected. Your internal clock is designed to use cues such as clock time, light/dark cycle, meal times and social activity to stay on track. This natural rhythm can easily become out of sync when the body

BY Dr. Melissa Bradwell, ND

starts to receive confusing signals. One major hormone in the body called cortisol is produced by your adrenal glands and is what keeps us awake during the day and puts us to sleep at night. Obviously, working shifts opposite to this pattern will affect our sleep/wake cycle. This puts a lot of ‘stress’ on the body and can disrupt the body’s natural pattern of rest and rejuvenation. Studies have shown that this disruption is related to a variety of physical and mental problems, including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, asthma, diabetes and depression. Keeping Rhythm While you can’t necessarily change jobs or add more hours to the day, there are things you can do that will help improve both the quality and quantity of sleep and maintain a natural rhythm. • Set a routine. Weekdays and weekends should be set to the same clock. Try and maintain the same sleep/wake times as much as possible. • Try not to eat too close to bedtime. Having a full belly can affect the quality of your sleep if your body is too busy ‘digesting’ instead of relaxing. Ensure your last meal before sleep also has good levels of protein to help keep your blood sugar levels balanced during sleep. • Avoid too much caffeine, especially later in the day when cortisol levels are starting to decline. Sugar cravings are a sign that you are not getting enough sleep as we reach for carbohydrates or sugary foods to give us that ‘pick-me up’. • Turn off the TV and extra lights (cell phone chargers, computers, etc). Any light will cause brain stimulation and affect the quality of your sleep. Ensure that, especially in the summer, your room is as dark as possible for your entire sleep. • Exposure to daylight in the morning will set your levels of melatonin (the sleep hormone) for that night. Exercise or having your breakfast outside will do the trick. • Relaxation and stress management. You need serotonin to make melatonin and serotonin is our feel-good hormone. Reduced levels will not only affect your mood, but also your sleep, resulting in a very slippery slope. • Supplements such as melatonin and 5-HTP, Valerian, Passion flower, and Chamomile can be very beneficial when used properly. Magnesium-rich foods, or magnesium as a supplement can also provide a nice relaxing sleep when taken in the evening. For shift workers, an additional adrenal supplement to help manage fluctuating cortisol levels can help reduce the side effects of poor sleep and the incidence of illness associated with it. Dr. Bradwell is a big fan of her sleep and taking full advantage of it before she has children. She would also like to credit her mom for the title of this article. Practicing in downtown Kamloops, Dr. Bradwell can be reached at 250.374.9700 or References Shields, M. (2002). Shift work and health. Health Reports, 13(4), 11-33. Statistics Canada, Catalogue no. 82-003-XIE.


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Generative Trance

New Dimensions

Cracking our Cosmic Egg By Cameron Grant

Not so long ago, all humans ate food that their community could grow and forage. After the sun went down they often gathered around a fire, told stories, danced and sang songs. This way of life still persists in many parts of the world, and I had the privilege of sitting for several evenings in February 2011, with tribal families in the rural part of Rajasthan, India. Women, men, and children gathered around a large fire, with only the pitch black night encircling us, and bright stars overhead. Nearest the fire, ancient stringed instruments were strummed, drums kept a resonant beat, hand cymbals were struck in cadence, people danced and voices sang songs about crops and community, songs that are more than four thousand years old. This is how many generations each family can trace their ancestors back through time, to this very place. I only had to look into their eyes to witness the collective thoughts and actions whirling out from within this cosmic egg, set in the inky night, that endlessly re-cast the journey of this tribal community through time and place. You may wonder how this has to do with trance; and my answer is, everything. I trained in Jungian Process Work and hypnotherapy years ago, added meditation and Buddhist philosophy to the mix, and today I feel so far away from my roots, yet I know I am also still very close. I learned to produce formal trance, the kind that you may have seen on stage, or in a movie, the trademark signs of eyes “going within” and becoming more than you believe. Trance permeates our lives, I see it hundreds of times each day played out within cars, texting on smart phones, and listening to music, yet it has also always been around a campfire, far from the reach of electronic media. It is in trance that our true nature emerges, the greater part of who we are, actually. It is when we experience negative trance such as illness, depression, anxiety and phobias that we are confronted with the sheer power and magnitude and stubbornness of our unconscious mind. Paradoxically, in positive trance such as love, joy and dance we experience the transcending power of the unconscious mind, but how can the same unconscious mind that brings depression, also bring us bliss? This is when trance becomes generative for in this state, new ways of being in the world are created. It is within a state of generative trance that we take the first steps toward what we are becoming. I call it a journey that is beginning, and you will return from this kind of journey with gifts for your greater self, your community and the world. A lofty goal you say? A Buddhist monk once told me that each positive thought, word or deed changes everything in the world. It is the “butterfly effect” playing out in our every action. Generative trance is far removed from wishful thinking; we now know that MRI (magnetic resonance imagery) brain scans, show how rapidly the brain can rewire itself when it is focused on a new path. When we enter a state of surrender to our greater mind, the unconscious mind, we enter a state so powerful that what we experience inside, can become our new path in the outer world, or reality as some call it. When we return to normal conscious reality, we sense something profound has happened, but we really cannot fully describe it, because the conscious mind does not have the breadth of bodymind understanding that the unconscious mind has. The unconscious mind lives in a realm of eternal now-ness, where past, present and future operate in a timeless but dynamic dance. When we are in a generative trance state, neural pathways between past and future are pruned, replaced by new pathways for the conscious mind to use in the present reality of daily life. Generative trance is another way of describing the process I use, in helping you change behaviours and perceptions, in manifesting a new world - cracking the cosmic egg from the inside. Cameron Grant is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in private practice at the Kamloops BodyMind Centre. 250-318-3008

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New Dimensions in Wellness approaches your health and well being from a holistic and energetic perspective. Utilizing the Yuen Method tm, energetic weaknesses, as well as the causes and effects, behind your issue, ailment, disease or pain are shifted completely out of your being instantly and effectively. Sessions can do more than remove pain or disease (any kind), emotional or psychological blocks, relationship difficulties, addictions, etc., they can also energetically align you with business and personal success in whatever you do. Did I mention that all this happens effortlessly? Everything in life is energy: each cell, down to its atoms and nuclei, is connected with the source of energy that is entering you from every level of existence. Even thoughts have energy because in the thinking of a thought an energy field is created. When your vibration is negatively affected, ailments and dysfunctions appear. Disconnections of energy cause disruptions and disturbances which in turn affect every level of your being, often leading to pain or disease, unhappiness or lack of success. This non touch method is highly effective and begins with the practitioner intuitively keying into your energy field, to examine and identify every layer of energetic weakness and the route cause of your issue. These are instantly corrected with energized intent while the old energy imprints and all subsequent effects on all levels of your being are cleared right down to the smallest level. Not only does pain disappear almost instantly, but the phobias, tensions, expectations, and other causes of weakness and discomfort also get corrected preventing the illness, pain or dysfunction from returning. All issues that prevent you from attaining your goals can be cleared and the energetic grooves, habits and mental programs deleted. Conditioned limitations are eliminated and you are aligned with infinite potential. Having said all this, you don’t need to understand or believe in this method in order to receive its profound and lasting effects. All you need to do is be willing to change and ready to choose to feel better. And you will… .instantly. Sessions by phone are just as effective as in person. Long distance fees are at no extra cost to you. First sessions are 1/2 price at 50$/hour/ $30 for 1/2. To discover how amazingly powerful and transformative this work is please email: to set up a time for your first session or call 250-837-9276. You can visit a website that’s currently a work in progress.

Explore the possibilities. Improve yourself. Live your best life ever. me at Find stival! fe the

17-1 June

Ariadne Sassafrass - New Dimensions In Wellness Integral Energetics Practitioner, Yuen Method tm, Reiki Master 9 250-837-9276



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The Motivation That Leads to

A talk by given by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, the spiritual leader of Shambhala

True Happiness

When we wake up in the morning, our first thought is often some variation of “What about me?” If this thought drives our lives, fear and self-absorption rule us. When our motivation is to make “me” happy, our mind begins to shrink, and with it, the possibility of true happiness. Our days are difficult because other people are inevitably getting in the way of our plan. In meditation practice, we begin to notice how we go around and around, continually wanting happiness for "me." Even though we’ve made our world technologically sophisticated, most of us are still caught in this simple cycle. This is the meaning of samsara. We have all kinds of expectations and make all kinds of plans, but because our motivation is small, we’re always setting ourselves up for disappointment. True happiness comes from a bigger motivation. It is marked by egolessness, lack of struggle, and a fundamental joy and sense of celebration, not only in our own happiness, but also in the happiness of others. The Buddha taught that fundamentally, our nature is stainless, basically good. Within that goodness is wisdom, compassion, and the ability to care for others. When we experience the truth of that goodness, we feel content. From that perspective, we automatically notice what is happening with other people. Just like us, they want happiness. Like us, they do not want to suffer. The crowning jewel of the heart and mind is the ability to extend love and compassion to others. Love means that we want them to experience happiness. Compassion means that we wish for them not to suffer. If we generate this motivation, this noble mind and heart, we will have true happiness. Extending ourselves to others increases our life-force energy. That love and care begin to bind our family, our business, and our life. Considering others is the basis of any spiritual and worldly success. I’m defining “success” as having a fulfilled, meaningful, and permanently happy mind. If we help others, we will all find the happiness and success that we want. In meditation, we go through the process of making our motivation bigger. Why do we meditate? First, we want to become familiar with our inherent strength. Then we want to get familiar with love and compassion. We’re mo-

tivated by the desire to sit in a mind that is opening up. The kind of openness we’re talking about—compassion—is a sign of weakness in the ego. At the beginning, sitting in the mind of compassion and love may feel overwhelming. Our motivation has been “What about me?” for such a long time that this bigger view is scary. But if we start with someone close to us, someone who doesn’t present any threat, we find that it feels natural to hope for that person’s well being. We can generate those feelings of love, care, gentleness, and kindness. In the absolute sense, it’s easy to think, “I would like everyone to have the root of happiness, enlightenment.” Then, on a relative level, there is the wish for others to have mundane happiness, to enjoy their lives and feel fulfilled. It is important to include this level of detail in the practice. If we are visualizing someone we don’t like so much, wishing them enjoyment, we may feel jealousy, agitation, and other emotions. The point of expanding our motivation to include the happiness of others is not especially to bring up negativity. However, if negativity does arise, we can use it to deepen our understanding of samsara and habitual patterns, which will help us feel what others are going through. Everyone suffers in the same way for the same basic reasons. At a certain point we will begin to recognize the basic condition of the human realm, but not with a sense of one-upmanship, as in, “I see you doing it, too.” Genuine compassion is not demeaning to others. There’s an element of letting go. Continuously working with our mind by making our motivation bigger has a positive influence on our environment. Specifically wishing happiness for people we don’t like can make them easier to deal with. If we have a list of ten people we are angry with, as we work our way through the list, we will find it becoming easier to forgive. Because we’ve practiced, we can let go. Suddenly, we feel a sense of height, which comes from having created a platform of loving-kindness. We begin to see the transparent quality of our grudges and opinions. Waiting in an airport, we can think, “May all these people want to be happy. May none of them suffer.” If we can look at people from that point of view,

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rather than letting our mind chatter away with thoughts like, “Get out of my way,” or “What a strange haircut,” we can make our whole day into practice. No matter how much time we’re putting in on the cushion, we will always be practicing. Big motivation comes from confidence and understanding. The Tibetan word for confidence is ziji. A person with ziji has dignity, the radiant power of a mind that has relaxed into its own inherent strength. With such a mind we are content, because we trust ourselves. We’re satisfied. Especially in this modern culture, we often feel that we don’t have enough; we need more to be complete. But if we haven’t learned what is enough, then even when we have enough, we will not know it. The mind of ziji knows that we have plenty. Expanding our motivation through meditation and then taking that mindfulness and compassion into the world doesn’t mean we’re always going to get the perfect parking spot, or that everything will be on sale wherever we go. There are always going to be hassles. But with a big motivation, we are more prepared to face the hassles. We will no longer take suffering as an insult— “Why me?” We will know that we can either crumble beneath unfortunate events, or we can use our powerful mind and rise above them. If our mind and heart are fully present in whatever we are doing, our lives have meaning. There’s a sense of fulfillment. But if, at the end of the day, we lack a sense of contentment, life feels empty. When we feel that there is no meaning, what has really happened is that our growth and curiosity have stopped. We’ve forgotten our motivation. Learning to balance the worldly with the spiritual has nothing to do with vocation, and everything to do with intention. Can we feel comfortable in our own mind and heart? Every morning, we need to contemplate what we’re doing in our life today and how we will grow by benefiting those around us. We need to give ourselves the opportunity to foster a sense of love and care. Compassion and love are not simply a feeble response to hard times. If our motivation is to generate compassion and love for everyone—beyond the notion of friend and enemy—all our wishes will be fulfilled. With this motivation, true happiness is ours. This talk was given by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, the spiritual leader of Shambhala, an international network of Buddhist meditation and retreat centers. Copyright 2011 Mipham J.Mukpo used with permission For more teachings see: For practice and free meditation instruction: Shambhala Meditation Group of Kamloops: 433b Lansdowne St. (above Frankly Coffee) Thursdays 7.00pm Saturdays drop-in 12.00-1.00pm call Liz 376- 4224

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What does ‘Zumba’ mean? ‘Zumba’ actually doesn’t mean anything – it’s a made-up name. But now, the Zumba Program has become a movement and has come to mean different things to different people all over the world. Words like happiness, health, dance, inspiration, culture, liberation, empowerment and self-expression come to mind. Who We Are Zumba Fitness® is the only Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps to form a "fitness-party" that is downright addictive. Since its inception in 2001, the Zumba® program has grown to become the world's largest – and most successful – dance-fitness program with more than 12 million people of all shapes, sizes and ages taking weekly Zumba classes in over 110,000 locations across more than 125 countries. Our Story Sometimes great ideas are born from accidents. In the mid-'90s, no one could have predicted the success of the Zumba® program, not even Alberto "Beto" Perez, who created the Zumba experience, after what many have called a true "happy accident." The Original "Fitness-Party" As a fitness instructor in his native Cali, Colombia, Beto's life took an unexpected turn one fateful day in the mid-'90s when he darted off to teach an aerobics class and forgot his traditional aerobics music. He improvised using his own mix of music from tapes he had in his backpack (salsa and merengue music he grew up with). Spontaneously he created a new kind of dance-fitness, one that focused on letting the music move you (instead of counting reps over the music). Energy electrified the room; people couldn't stop smiling. His class loved it! And on that day, a revolutionary new fitness concept was born – the Zumba® Fitness-Party. From "Happy Accident" to Worldwide Phenomenon Fast forward to today, the Zumba program is now taught in gyms and studios all over the world to millions of Zumba enthusiasts. And as the program continues to evolve – from its humble beginnings, to a global movement, to a way of life – its growth has only deepened our commitment to providing accessible fitness, without the strain, without the sacrifice, just the pure joy of a party. So, whether it’s a life-saving drug or a new kind of dance-fitness, a "happy accident" can move you in a new direction and change your life forever. That’s what happened to us. And now we look forward to sharing the Zumba program with you. Source: Jacqueline is your Zumba Fitness Instructor! She has been instructing group fitness classes for the past two years. With a solid foundation in fitness theory and individual conditioning, choreography and instruction Jacqueline is ever striving to learn more and improve your workout experience. Try something new, experience Zumba Fitness,

MEDITATION IN DAILY LIFE Sunday Mornings with Ajahn Sona SUNDAYS 9:30 am – noon

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This Summer


By Lynn Roberts

SUMMER is most definitely here, and it's this time of year that some students stop flocking to yoga classes, including our corporate ones. Instead, they want to be outside doing the other things they love - tennis, golf, swimming, running, you name it! We can certainly understand, since the weather has been so nice lately. And it's Canada! We have cold or rainy weather so many months during the year, that when it's finally nice outside, it's all we can think about. However, it is CRITICAL that you keep up your yoga practice. (Psst . . . You'll thank us in September.) 5 great reasons why you should CONTINUE doing yoga this summer: 1. You'll keep so much of the good you have done by having a regular yoga practice. If you stop, you'll notice you're a little stiffer, less energetic, less focused, more stressed . . . the list goes on and on. By the time September rolls around, you'll notice a big difference in how you feel. 2. By sticking to a regular yoga practice, you'll perform sports and athletics better, improving performance and minimizing the risk for injury. 3. Your health could suffer. Yoga boosts your immunity, lowers harmful stress levels, improves circulation and much more. Skipping your yoga practice for 2-3 months could make you sick or just plain ol' more stressed. 4. It's a great chance to take your yoga practice outside. It's too cold most of the year to do yoga in a park or your backyard. Get up early before work and enjoy the great outdoors before it's too cold again. 5. If you go on vacation, it's a great chance to try out a new yoga class at a studio in the town or city you're visiting. This will keep your yoga practice fresh and inspired! 5 simple ways to keep yoga in your life this summer, for your health and wellbeing: 1. Find ways to do yoga without really doing yoga: do down dog at your desk to stretch out your spine, Take 3 deep breaths while you raise and lower your arms when you first wake up in the morning or stretch your neck when you feel tension coming on. Just a few minutes of stretching or careful attention to your breath can restore a sense of balance and well-being and get you through the day.

your community, join one! If not, roll out your mat in your own backyard, public green space or park. Maybe even on the beach! Before 8:00 am most public spaces will be quiet and you can do yoga in peace. 3. Take a yoga vacation. Treat yourself and book a yoga getaway out of town. Jump on google and search away! 4. Buy a new video or sample one of the many online video companies, like My Yoga Online. Many of these companies offer a free trial or a free video of the day. 5. Book a Corporate Yoga class at your workplace. Corporate Yoga classes are convenient, time-saving AND inexpensive. You book the class at the day and time that your workplace wants it. At Innergy, we offer a free initial wellness consultation at your workplace. To book one today, email us at We'd love to help you get started!

SUMMER HEALTHY WORKPLACE POSE 足Seated足Calf足Stretch足 BENEFITS Stretches calf muscle (back of leg below the knee), strengthens legs, improves circulation to legs, rejuvenates tired feet and legs and more. INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Sit slightly forward on your chair, feet flat on the floor, legs at a 90 degree angle. Contract your abdominal muscles slightly, lift up through your chest and lengthen your spine. Drop your shoulders down your back. Step 2: Extend your right leg forward and lift it up off the ground. Press through the heel of your right foot and flex your right toes, pointing them upward. Step 3: Stay here for 3-5 breaths, then lower the leg down, and repeat on the other side. Step 4: When you are finished, rotate both ankles a few times, then return to work.

2. Do Yoga Outside! If you're lucky enough to have outdoor yoga classes in

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We welcome you to come and share your Spirit with us in a service of celebration! Join us for singing, readings from A Course in Miracles and heartfelt sharing of spiritual insights delivered by speakers from all walks of life. Give yourself this time for introspection through prayer and meditation.


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