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Natural Nurturing Tidbit

Get outside....not only is the fresh air good for us, but there is a world to discover out there.

Handmade Diapers Made with Natural and Organic Fibres. Specializing in Zorb II, Dimples, Bamboo, Hemp, Organic Cotton, AOI's, Prefolds, and PUL's.

Jennifer Collins 250 434 4855

Welcome to the Natural Nurturing

Guide Here at Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service, we wanted to create this Natural Nurturing Guide as a resource for ways that exist in our community that support locally, and support you and your family naturally. We teamed up with Interior Wellness Magazine because, well, it was a natural fit. Our business is built around offering another choice for cloth diapers in Kamloops and allowing more people to experience the benefits of cloth, for the baby, the family and the environment. We have expanded on this notion to include even more natural ways of nurturing your little ones. From the way you carry them, and your different options in cloth diapering to various ways of living a healthier and more active life for you, your children and your family. We hope you enjoy the information that is gathered in these pages and that you find ways of incorporating it into your every day lifestyle.

Living in a disposable world ...but it doesn't have to be. I remember growing up and for a period of time, there was a lot of emphasis on reusing both sides of paper, ripping off what wasn't used, saving trees, and so on. But then there seemed to appear new products that shifted the focus including throwaway containers, throwaway cleaning wipes, and many one time use products. Recycling and reusing is still present of course, but many of these products are seen as more convenient and therefore replace many reusable items, just as in the case of diapers. However, convenience isn't always better because often there is a price. In this case...the increase in the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills.

Our actions and our choices can make a huge difference and it only takes simple changes. Here are just a few.

• Use cloth wipes instead of throw away wipes when cleaning your house or your kid. It's not really that much more laundry and you have more control over the chemicals that you expose your family to. • Cloth bag it! Whether you are going to the grocery store, or just packing a lunch, there are always reusable items to help do the job.

By Dawnica Flatt

• Use cloth diapers. This can reduce your household waste by more than 50%. They come in lots of fun prints and also different styles so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences. This is also the case for feminine products.

• Think before you buy. When we buy products, there is always some sort of packaging but look at how it's packaged and what you could possibly use it for after. Or, better yet, bring your own cup or container for example so you don't have to add another 'to go' cup to the landfill and buy refillable containers for your child's squishable food instead of buying store bought brands. Even by partially incorporating these ideas, it still makes a huge change.

Dawnica Flatt is owner of Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service. Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service provides everything needed to use their service and offers another choice for cloth diapering in the Kamloops area. They have expanded to include a deep cleaning of other people's diapers and stock several products that make parenting a little easier and divert thousands of diapers per month. As host to the Kamloops site for the Great Cloth Diaper Change, they participated in a new Guiness World Record for most diaper changes around the world in a 24 hour period.)

Natural Nurturing Tidbit

When child is teething, wet a facecloth for them to chew and sooth their gums. As Seen on ƌĂŐŽŶ͛ƐĞŶ͊ The best quality loose leaf tea and accessories all from STEEPED TEA!

Lori Sison Independent Tea Consultant

Nurturing Naturally Getting back to the basics with babies. By Dawnica Flatt

Having a baby is one of life's greatest moments for sure. It's up to us as parents to answer their needs. Equally important is to focus on the more natural way of providing the basics.

• Nursing. This is the best form of nutrition that you can offer to your child. Educate yourself with the various products out on the market to make nursing more comfortable for you, baby and for ways to include both parents in nursing. And seek resources if you need help.

• Food. Will you be making your own food? Not everyone chooses to make their own but it's great way of knowing exactly what your baby is eating. • Baby Wearing. Ie: wraps and carriers. There are various of ways transporting your child be-

sides using a stroller. So look into all the different types of wraps and carriers for comfort. Baby wearing is a great way to bond with baby.

• Diapers are one more consideration. There are many more options in the style of cloth diapers and there are great benefits for baby too. These benefits include earlier potty training, fewer chemicals against baby's skin and waste diverted from the landfills. Cloth diapers are also easier to use than many think and with diaper services, they do the work for you.

Natural Nurturing Tidbit

It's just as important to take 'you' time as it is to take care of others.

Essential Peace

Home Based Business Christy J Horvath Owner/Operator

Creating Essential Oil Blends and Salves that provide a variety of benefits for individual needs enhancing the mind body and spirit. Each package is uniquely packaged and will deliver to your door. Will accept custom orders allow up to two weeks.

250-579-0207 or 250-574-2078 or visit my Facebook Business Page: Essential Peace (Christy Neidy Horvath)

Dr. Tracy Levins

Naturopathic Physician

• Love and Comfort is one of baby’s most crucial needs. We often want to give them much more than they need in extras like the bouncy chairs and swings and toys but instead need our time and our love.

By being more in tune naturally, we can better determine our babies needs because the bond only grows stronger.

Dawnica Flatt is owner of Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service. They provide the diapers and even wash them too. Ease of Disposables with benefits of cloth. Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service, 250-554-9722

Focus: Women's Health & Hormones, IV Therapy, Pain Management

Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic 754 Seymour St 250-377-3077

Raising Kids Who Care “As you sow, so shall you reap,�

By Krystal Williams-Gardener

Our children are increasingly found indoors watching television, playing video games or constantly busy with structured activities such as dance, music lessons, soccer practice. We are losing the opportunity for unstructured play and it is hurting our kids development.

Playing in a playground where the grass is closely manicured and every tree carefully planned, trimmed and planted has a different quality than play that takes place in a natural environment. Try to think back to a summer vacation where your children played for hours on the beach while you restfully watched and imagine spending even an hour at the park that way.

The natural world offers sensory stimulation and physical diversity which is critical for childhood experiences outdoors; it impacts their morals, values and actions. Children who live and play in close relationship to nature form a bond with the natural world that lasts a lifetime.

Research shows that kids who are in-

volved in nature have increased academic performance, attention spans, language and social skills. Nature also gives kids the opportunity to be more creative, imaginative, to problemsolve, and to self-regulate, which increases self-confidence and reduces stress.

Children need unstructured play time in order to learn about themselves and the world. Playing in a natural environment allows children to take risks, discover their limitations and make judgments about their environment to a greater degree than playing in a soccer field. A child who has played in the hills of their community is more likely to care about and have respect for what goes on in that community.

From the shores of the Thompson River to the hills of Kenna Cartwright and Peterson Creek Kamloops is full of natural exploration opportunities. Best of all none of it will cost you a dime.

Krystal Williams-Gardener is a mom to three children under 10 in Kamloops BC. She is also the owner of Kamloops first Outdoor Preschool for children aged 3-6 years. To learn more visit

Keeping Kids Healthy By Leanne Oaten

Our children are exposed to so many different germs and come into contact with superbugs and viruses on a daily basis, and even more so when they are in daycare and school. While we can’t prevent them from getting sick at all, and getting exposed to viruses is what actually builds their immature immune systems, there is a lot we can do as parents to reduce the number of illnesses per year, as well as lessen the severity when they do get sick.

As a Mom of 3 I have tried many things to keep my children healthy, happy with their immune systems functioning to the best they can be. I look to the holistic model (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) for balanced health, and consider that everything is connected. If they are not well rested, eat too much of sugar, have 10 activities they rush around to every week (on top of school) and their home life is tense and stressful (with unbalanced and stressed out parents) these factors all have an effect on their immune systems and overall well-being. So, what are we to do? Here are some tips to keep in mind when considering your child’s health:

• Sugar depletes the immune system,

period. Sugar is also in just about every single processed food and drinks. Read labels, and avoid foods that have more than 3-4 grams (or less) sugar per serving. It all adds up. • Proper sleep. Young kids need 11-12 hours of quality sleep per night.

• Teach them proper hand washing habits. Remind them to use these same habits at school as well. • Whole food nutrition is the best platform for a healthy lifestyle. Whole foods as much as possible is the way to go!

• Strategic supplementation is helpful. A quality multi vitamin, vitamin C, Vitamin D, and (Echinacea or Elderberry extract when they are sick) are a good place to start.

Research and learn all that you can. As a parent we can do a much better job of raising healthy, happy kids if we use an ounce of prevention along with being proactive and informed about healthy living. We also must practice what we are teaching, by living well as a healthy role model for our kids. Leanne Oaten is a Holistic Counsellor, and Wellness Coach. She can be reached at 250.319-3630

Natural Nurturing Tidbit

Remember to slow down....breathe and relax.

Lindsay Perestrelo Independent Younique Presenter

(250) 320-8539

Feel Beautiful. Look Beautiful. Be Beautiful. Inside and Out!

One of a kind hand crafted clothing for your baby, toddler or pre-schooler. Hand dyed organic cotton clothing, custom hand knits or hand wovens, and of course wool soakers for your little one. Did you know that Twisted Fae now offers knitting classes including beginner classes? Visit the Facebook page for information or to register.

Babywearing By Torin Dearin

I started up Babywearing Kamloops because I am passionate about babywearing. What does babywearing mean to me? How does it fit into our lives? Well, I’m not much of a writer so I will borrow these words:

“I wear her because I prefer our hearts squarely leveled and the space between us perfectly sized for the whispering of secrets and the exchanging of smiles. I wear her because something of the days when we shared one body returns to us, and we are a unit, watching and interacting from the same vantage point. With her head close to mine, I can see what she’s seeing – I can track her interest as it locks onto new objects and identify them for her … move closer so her sticky wondering hands can touch and learn and name. I can bask in the glow of the smiles she receives, she can sit in on my conversations, we can watch ducks and count them and bounce our way home. I wear her because we are together, and isn’t that beautiful, and isn’t that everything?” -an excerpt of “Why I Wear My Daughter” written by Karyn ( Join us to find out more Tori Dearin has recently moved back to her hometown of Kamloops, BC with her patient husband, tantrum-ing toddler, cranky cat and overaffectionate bulldog. Wanting to replicate the close-knit babywearing community that she left behind, she quickly went about creating Babywearing Kamloops. She is overjoyed with how quickly the group has caught on and all of the new connections and friends that she's made.

Natural Nurturing Tidbit Aloe Vera plants make great houseplants. Not only are they easy to grow, but they also help speed up the h e a l i n g process.

Natural Nurturing Directory

Babywearing Kamloops A community group for everyone who's interested in babywearing. Providing support, information, friendship & social activities in the Kamloops area. Tori 778-471-0546 Cloth for a Cause: Non profit, volunteer run organization that loans cloth diapers to interested families. Apply or donate (Facebook too!)

Dr. Andrea Hansen: Wild Roots Clinic 250-682-7289

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LEANNE OATEN Holistic Counsellor, Certified Reiki practitioner, Fitness Leader and wellness coach. 250.319.3630

Little Squirrel Creations Custom & handmade gear for Mamas & their Babes. Custom Bedding, blankets, travel change pads, bandana & apron-style bibs, soother clips, burp cloths, gifts & more! Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service 250-554-9722 Ease of Disposables, Benefits of Cloth.

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Natural Nurturing Tidbit

Take your baby and kids to the farmer’s market. It’s good for the planet and you’ll meet the community. Shop Local!

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