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Mighty Oak

Midwifery From a tiny acorn, grows the mighty oak

Midwife Natalie Talbot and beautiful baby girl Augusta, born October 10th 2014, to proud parents Brianna and Chris Maurer.

Midwifery Care: home and hospital, complete prenatal care fully covered by BC Care Card

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Yoga, Health & Spirituality in Kamloops & B.C. Interior

From the Publisher,

Elizabeth Beeds

Happy New Year! We hope it’s an excellent year for you and that you will use Interior Wellness Magazine to inspire your journey in 2015. Last year was an incedible year of abundance and growth, the peak of which was our Interior Wellness Festival that brought it all together in the fall.

What makes Interior Wellness so valuable to our community? It’s local. It’s our people and businesses right here in BC Interior. It’s the experts that live amongst us that we can learn from; the teachers that we can access; the classes we can find; and the workshops and special events we can attend. Look through the pages and you will find local authors, educators and experts their knowledge and passions with you. We are truly lucky to have them gathered in one resource offered free to our readers.

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Stay tuned for exciting developments this coming year with our annual wellness event it’s growing! Also watch for Interior Wellness reaching far and wide at other events throughout BC Interior. From the Kootenays to the Coast, from the Cariboo to the Okanagan, Kamloops is at the centre of the hub of yoga, health, healing, nutrition, wellness and vitality in BC Interior. We’re glad you’re joining us by reading these pages and hope you will enjoy and get inspired for a great new year. Join our online community for even more local inspiration.

International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, March 8th 2015, thousands of women in hundreds of communities around the world will participate in events that share experience, strength and hope for women. The theme this year is ‘Equality for women is progress for all’

In Kamloops, Barbara Maher is proud to have created an annual event that brings together speakers to inspire us and an event that is building community spirit.

More importantly, the proceeds from her Kamloops event goes to support The Spirit of Women Fund - under The BC Interior Community Foundation that provides for 2 bursaries for women in our communitywomen who are generously volunteering in our community.

Barbara strives to create an event that supports the needs of the women in our community. The organizing committee works tirelessly (and voluntarily) to build partnerships with businesses and organizations so


that they can offer an event that is educational and affordable. Last year they were fortunate to have 5 businesses sponsor seats at the event so they could offer them to women who would otherwise miss the opportunity to hear their message. They are hoping that more such generous offerings will come forward this year.

They invite you to join them at the South Thompson Inn & Conference Centre on March 8. The day will be started with mini presentations. One by Tamryn Fudge, helping to start the day grounded and the other by Karen Moilliet on the important discussion of sexual intimacy in relationships.

At lunch, you will be introduced to the first bursary recipient and Barbara Maher willhelp women redefine TGIF. In the afternoon, they are excited to have Janet Whitehead who will wave her magic wand and teach everyone ‘To Dream!’ Then, Janice Otremba speaks about the importance and ways ‘To be Heard.’ The Keynote speaker is Chantelle Stone. She will inspire you with what it means ‘To Lead.’ They are encouraging everyone to stayplay- connect- be part of the movement!



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FULL MOON Meditation By Sri Madhuji

Full moon occurs when the sun, moon and earth all line up, where the moon is in opposition and fully illuminated by the sun that is facing the earth.

Ancestors (Creative scientists) consider the movements of the moon very auspicious and an integral part of our lives. Our energy and that of the moon are interconnected and that influences our life’s journey. Some psychologists have found evidence that there are both positive and negative effects on human behavior around the time of a full moon. Our body enjoys both matter energy (gross) and divine energy (subtle). The matter energy is centered at the pineal gland in the brain. Ancestors talk about the light energy from the moon affecting the vital hormones of this gland during the nighttime.

Full moon occurs after every 27 or 29 days of the month. Many ancient cultures celebrate this day as a festival. ‘Full Moon Meditation’ is done to help connect within yourself, to clean your body and clear the mind. It cleanses any negative feelings and provides great opportunity to let go of all emotional baggage.

Full moon Meditation is a great time for reflection, to unleash your creativity, express gratitude, release negative patterns, and build more self-awareness. The full moon is the day when you reap the benefits of your life’s harvest. Come and sit in the cool rays of the moon.

An intuitive, informative and insightful speaker, Sri

Madhuji teaches some proven tools and techniques drawn from ancient Hindu philosophy that can awaken

one’s higher self. He provides individual coaching, family counseling and Energy balancing work. Contact: Lori Putoto, loriputoto@healingbeings.org

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What is Your Body Telling You? By Nature’s Fare Markets

Often times, our bodies give us clues about our overall health without us even realizing it. The external areas of our bodies can actually provide us with a lot of useful information about illness and ailments; we just need to know how to interpret it!


Most Canadians do not get all the nutrition they need from diet alone. Often, we are lacking in one or many different vitamins and minerals. Our bodies express this lack of nutrition in a number of ways. Magnesium deficiencies often take the form of restless or cramping legs. Central to almost every system in our body, magnesium is an incredibly important mineral. After intense exercise, athletes drink sports beverages filled with magnesium and potassium. That’s because magnesium is excellent for relaxing muscles and preventing cramps. Most holistic doctors will swear by supplementing with magnesium for people experiencing restless legs syndrome or night cramps. Perpetual feelings of anxiety have also been related to mineral deficiency. Studies have shown that selenium, a mineral that protects neurotransmitters, and GABA, an amino acid, both help to reduce anxiety. GABA (Gamma Aminobutryic Acid) is able to inhibit nerve transmission in the brain, which helps to stop nervousness. A zinc deficiency will often reveal itself in cuts that take longer than normal to heal or in white spots on fingernails. Minerals are essential for the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies. The enzymes that are present in all of our bodies’ functions cannot perform with minerals present. That is why it is important to supplement with a multivitamin which contains adequate amounts of all the necessary minerals.


Our fingernails are like a window into our internal wellbeing. Symptoms of a greater problem may occur first in our nails and nail beds. Brittle nails, coupled with weight loss and dry hair may be an indicator for thyroid disease. The thyroid gland plays a role in virtually every system in our bodies, and our hair and nails are often the first to show signs of distress if the thyroid isn’t able to keep up to demand. Horizontal ridges called Beau’s Lines appear in our nails during times of high stress or serious illness. The lines reach to either side of the fingernail and can

represent uncontrolled diabetes, high fever, pneumonia, or other serious illnesses. Dark bands at the tip of each fingernail may symbolize aging, or may have a more serious cause, like kidney disease, congestive heart failure, or diabetes. Spoon nails are soft nails that look like they have been scooped out. They are most likely the sign of iron deficiency or a liver condition. Clubbed fingernails occur when the tips of the fingernails enlarge and the nails curve around the tips of the fingers. Clubbed fingernails often signal lung disease, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, or AIDS.


Our largest organ, our skin, is also a good indicator of our overall health. It is easy enough to notice someone who has spent too much time in the sun or who is a heavy smoker because their skin will be wrinkled, leathery and coarse. In contrast, healthy skin is smooth, and free from a multitude of blemishes or deep wrinkles. Our skin can provide early warning signs of cancer, endocrine related issues and gastro intestinal disorders. Deep ulcers that appear on the legs are likely a symptom of a gastrointestinal problem, whereas dark patches of skin with a thick texture are probably a sign of diabetes. Cancer shows itself on our skin in blemishes and lesions. Using the ABCDE test can help to determine if a blemish is cancerous. A stands for asymmetric, B for irregular border, C for changing colour, D for a diameter greater than a pencil’s eraser, and E for elevated. This is just a preliminary test however and should never replace a visit to a doctor. Keeping a watchful eye on the external signs that our body exhibit is a good way to stay in tune with what is happening internally. Knowing what to look for is important and a first step in recognizing serious illness or disease. The most important thing to remember when dealing with any sort of irregular condition in your body is to not leave anything to chance. If it looks like it is out of the ordinary, be sure to check in with your physician for more information. Nature’s Fare Markets offers articles on a variety of wellness, environmental, and social topics available through their blog, The Good Life magazine, and social media pages. Connect today. www.naturesfare.com Winter 2015 | www.InteriorWellness.com 7

By Maggy Davidson

Stress is all too common in today’s world. We are constantly bombarded with information in its many forms – personal and public – friends, Facebook, and the drama – television, movies, the news, the world stage and its wars. There is much to stress about and we need to recognize how challenging stress is to our physical and etheric bodies. We have four etheric bodies that are evident in our aura – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Each of these etheric bodies have an effect on our physical body.

physical), nor do we tend to our physical body. We ignore it. We have practiced to perfection the art of stuffing our emotions and not recognizing our feelings. These stuffed feelings eventually play out on our physical body. The physical body works hard for us, despite the abuse we subject it to – eating in excess, incorrect foods, too little sleep, etc. Eventually, this will play out as an ailment or dis-ease. Often, it is only then that we will pay attention.


Many spiritual belief systems teach that the spirit is the most important aspect of our being. We are here to heal the spiritual body. A Shaman, when doing healing work, focuses on the spiritual (etheric) body. Even in ancient traditions, the spirit is the most important – heal the spirit and etheric bodies first, then the physical body will heal what it can. The spirit needs to be healed and free. Spirit has to come first. And there is no healing without feeling.

In our western lifestyles, something we do poorly is to look after our etheric bodies (spiritual, mental emotional and 8 www.InteriorWellness.com | Winter 2015

How well are you tending to your needs? Listen to your emotions. Feel them. The best cure I have found for stress is meditation – Science has proven that meditation keeps you healthier, lowers yours stress levels and increases your life span.

A healer with over 40 years’ experience, Maggy Davidson is the proprietor of Spirit Quest Books in Salmon Arm, offering services such as aura pictures and analysis, neuro-spa sessions, psychic readings, past life regressions, and astrological charts, [MD1] as well as courses in numerology, pendulum dowsing, and energy awareness and meditation. Contact her at 250.804.0392 or www.spiritquestbooks.com.

You Make the Difference

By Therese Dorer

As a spiritual consultant, some of the most prevalent questions that come from clients are, “Why did I come to this lifetime?” “How I can make a difference in the world?” The answers to these questions that come through from Spirit are always full of love and are often simplistic; it is only our minds that make our life journey more complicated. Each of you has chosen your own unique way to make a difference and you are asked to trust that living your life with the highest light, love and truth creates an energy vibration that supports the whole.

You may be a school teacher supporting young children, a grandmother who loves her grandchildren, a farmer who grows food or a father working away from home to support his family. Whatever your role, spirit encourages us to honor ourselves and trust that we make a difference by the everyday choices we make.

As we look for answers to why the world struggles with sadness, war, fear, and hatred, the simple truth is we can make a difference in the world just by living our lives in an ordinary way. The earth is proceeding with a fragile balance at this time and is affected by the choices and decisions that are being made each day by the humans who walk upon her belly.

Every day, you have a choice, your voice can be used to gossip and tear down each other or to inspire your fellow mankind. You can choose to use your eyes to find beauty or see the ugly side of life. You can decide to hear the songbirds or the internal voice of criticism, the choices you make create the reality you live in and extend to your destiny, you are manifesting your life journey with each thought, word and deed. Spirit always suggests we envision a life full of love, kindness and peace, beginning today, to create that life with your intention and attention to the small details, no matter how mundane.

Notice your internal dialogue, do you use language that uplifts your confidence and self-love, or are you critical of each decision and move you make. Do you trust in the universe to provide you with enough abundance, to sustain your life or are you constantly micromanaging each step you and your family take? All of these small choices make a difference; they are the seeds you are planting for the life you desire to live. Therese Dorer has 16 years’ experience working as a medium and spiritual consultant: she provides Shamanic energy healing. She has been channeling for the Sedona Journal of Emergence since 2004. 250-578-8437

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them, honour and celebrate their baby steps, not condemn th r every slip.

uld one u and ess and hing

For every other disease we handle the symptoms, then look r the cause eed to first ensure that the addict can get the substance s/he needs sa l en, we can begin to reduce the dependence and treat the cause. I believe the nee r anything external, whether it be dang ex, sugar or cocaine, arises because we do not know our enoughness, we do not know our own power to create our own experience of L , we h e lost our spiritual connection, the loving, compassionate source of L hat wells up within each of us. av rgotten that we av rgotten who we are are divine and sacred beings, every one of us. Could we help each other to remember? That could be our only hope.

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Addiction is a chronic illnes ng challenge. Next time you meet an addict on the street, know that this is somebody’s child, just trying to survive. Pat Zogar is Spiritual Director at the Centr r Spiritual Living, Kamloops where she strives to release judgment an ar and to teach only love. Re atricia Zogar Centr r Spiritual Living, K loops ww l loops.org 250-314-2028 Join us on facebook!


250-314-2028 or www.cslkamloops.org

Change Y Your our Thinking...Change Your Your Life! Sharing tools to transform your personal life and make a difference dif ference in the world.

Please join us:

Sundays at 540 Seymour St. Meditation: 10:00 am Celebration: 10:30 am

Teac hing The theScience Science of Mind Teaching of Mind

Dealing with the W o r l d ' s Tr a v a i l s By Rev. Joy-anne Fournier

As our beautiful weather shifts into cooler evenings, cozy fireplaces and a winter wonderland, I offer the possibility that here is a new way to look at the world and all that is happening. I invite you to just consider these possibilities: What if: Instead of the world falling apart, it is actually falling together? We are in a deep exploration of awakening to the True Self. You and I are in the right place at the right time for such a remarkable undertaking. What if: It is not a question of “finding” our True Self, but a question of remembering.

What if: Your Awareness is growing right now and you are hearing its voice more clearly than ever before.

What if: This is the perfect storm - a confluence of expanding energies, enlarging and rapidly multiplying events that are producing some very interesting times.

What if: There is a collective awakening and you are being invited to meet your True Self, your Soul Self, your Divine Self. What If: You came here to Earth precisely to express your Divinity?

What if: All of the circumstances on our planet, all of the conditions of our lives, are placed before us, by us, in order that we may awaken and experience who we really are?

What if: This is exactly what is happening upon the earth today. Everything that is happening, is happening perfectly so all may awaken. When you and I fully comprehend exactly what is taking place on this planet at this time, in our lives as well as the process of Life Itself, then we can be awake fully to our Divinity. Centre for Spiritual Living Kamloops is an Interfaith Spiritual Community that honors all paths to God, providing spiritual tools for personal transformation and helping make the world a better place. www.cslkamloops.org 250-314-2028 10 www.InteriorWellness.com | Winter 2015

Spice Up Your Health Keep Warm and Healthy this Winter Without Eating Inflammatory Foods.

As the cold stillness of winter settles in, it seems natural to think about curling up on the couch with a bowl of warm and spicy soup. Winter is a time for comfort foods which help to warm the body and support immunity and digestion. The abundance of squash and pumpkins in our gardens and grocery are chock full of nutrients our bodies need to keep our systems healthy and strong throughout the cold months. Spices help with digestion of cooked foods, but they can also provide excellent nutritive value in themselves.

One such spice is turmeric, the yellow-pigmented "curry spice" often used in Indian cuisine. Turmeric contains curcumin, the active component which exhibits over 150 potentially therapeutic activities, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. As an immunity booster, turmeric is nearly 8 times stronger than Vitamin C or E!

Curcumin is capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and holds promise as a neuroprotective agent in a wide range of neurological disorders. This is very good news for those suffering from collateral damage to the brain from long term drug intervention. When they first noticed that the rate of Alzheimer's among older adults in India is more than four times lower than in North America, scientists began studying the beneficial effects of curcumin on Parkinson's and other degenerative brain conditions. With its anti-inflammatory properties, curcumin may also help with gallstones, Crohn’s disease, cataracts, IBS, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Along with using turmeric as a healthy spice, it is important to include black pepper, which increases the bioavailability of curcumin by 2000 times. Black pepper stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid for better digestion and contains piperine, which, according to the

By Cathy Lidster

University of Michigan Cancer Center, can help keep breast cancer down, especially in combination with turmeric.

Go ahead! Spice it up this winter with this recipe. It will keep you feeling good and ensure that you get all the health benefits of curcumin.

Homemade Curry Powder with Black Pepper Ingredients (use organic)

2 tablespoons ground coriander 2 tablespoons ground cumin 1 tablespoon turmeric powder 1 ½ teaspoon ground black pepper ½ teaspoon ground mustard seeds ½ teaspoon ginger Instructions

Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl. Stir well and store in an airtight container. Add to soups, rice, stir fry dishes… Enjoy! Cathy Lidster, hands on Energy Nutrition Practitioner and Health Educator, offers free nutrition classes monthly (see ad for schedule). She can be reached at Centennial Building Wellness Centre, 250-819-9041, www.cathylidster.com, or cathylidster@gmail.com.

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The Energies of the Wind By Marianne Ferguson EEM-CLP

With the colder temperatures of winter upon us, you might benefit from some valuable Energy Medicine understanding – the Climate Points. These are points on the body where the energies of the environment can enter if the aura is not vibrant and strong. The wind can carry external damp, dry, wind, and heat energies into the body. Once they are in the body, the point is left open and unprotected. These open climate points become a portal for your vital life energy to leak out and the mischievous effects of the external climates can continue to flood into your whole system. These energies have various names in the traditional Chinese texts, Wind Points, Climate Points, and even the 5 Pernicious Devils! It is common to have challenges with the wind points when we are ill or when the seasons are changing, but increasing numbers of people have challenges with the wind points during a stable season.

If you are someone who feels affected by being out in the wind, often chilly and feeling changes in the weather, then you may need to work with these points until they are more resilient.Below is information about the points and ways to keep them stable. Locate the points: • At the top of the neck where the spine joins the skull (Gallbladder 20) • Where the spine of the back joins the spine of the neck (Gallbladder 21) • Just behind the earlobe (Triple Warmer 17) • The top of the head (Gallbladder 17 and 18) • In the hollows at the top of the shoulders.

Work the points: Trace figure 8s deeply into the point on the skin for a minute or more, followed by tracing figure 8s from the point out through the aura several cm off the body. Do this several times over 3-5 days to keep the point vibrant and resilient to external winds. Support the climate points by keeping your aura strong and of course, by wearing a scarf when you go out into the wind!

Marianne is an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, EEM teacher and herbalist in Kamloops BC. Eden Energy Medicine explores the body's many layers of energy, and brings them to balance. Splinterhillwholistics.ca

12 www.InteriorWellness.com | Winter 2015

F r e e d o m Yo g a with Erich Schiffman

Bob and I recently returned from a 5 day yoga teacher’s training with Erich Schiffmann at Exhale Yoga in Venice Beach. I always look forward to continuing to learn and deepen my knowledge of yoga. Even though Bob and I have trained for more than 100 hours with Erich since I first experienced his yoga in 2005, we are continually so very grateful for his depth of spirit and incredible ability to inspire our personal practice. Erich Schiffmann is one of North America’s most accomplished and revered contemporary yoga masters. He is the author of Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness, published by Pocket Books.

So what makes Erich so different from other yoga teachers? Of course the asana instruction is awesome... it starts so easy and then, the next thing you know, you are in something so very deep and you wonder how you got there! His hip-opening sequences create amazing space leading to the ultimate achievement of the lotus position. His backbending is delightful to watch, and his dog sequences are liquid while they open up the heart. But it isn’t so much the asana that is so incredibly inspiring, it is his union with the Divine that takes me to places beyond.

By Mugs McConnell

Erich lives his yoga ALWAYS. “Yoga is a lifestyle, which means living it all the time. ‘All the time’ is the new NOW that you are in all-the-time.” Whatever comes into your day, good or bad, it is your “new now” and how you handle it is a reflection of your state of yoga, your current level of consciousness. We are very excited about the fact that Erich is returning to teach at the SOYA Annual Yoga Retreat next June 5-7, 2015 at Sorrento Centre in Sorrento BC! He rarely comes to Canada so we are really very fortunate that he is making the trip to help us celebrate 20 years of SOYA Yoga! Registration for this event will open in January, so be sure to register early! His retreats fill fast, of course! Who would want to miss the chance to study with him?

Yoga Master Erich Schiffmann will be teaching at Sorrento Centre June 5-7, 2015 For more information on Erich Schiffmann:

www.erichschiffmann.com. To Register for the SOYA 20th Anniversary Annual Retreat, visit www.soyayoga.com and click on the link for Retreats.Mugs McConnell, E-RYT500 is the Co-owner of SOYA, the South Okanagan

"Your personal practice is being in class with the Infinite. Having your notebook ready is like inviting the insights in. The insights are the fruits of your work. Write them down right away, when they are the most clear." Erich reminds our class that the Infinite, the Universal Consciousness, or Big Mind - otherwise known as God - is LOVE. And Love is oozing out of every one of his pores as he teaches us teachers. “Put more love into your asana” and "That's YOU in there. Be gentle!" His words transport your practice into something more, something special, and something deep.

Erich has trained with the best of the best… He studied with Krishnamurti and taught yoga for many years in Krishnamurti’s Brockwood School in England. He lived in Madras, India for a year and studied with Desikachar. He studied with Mr. Iyengar in Poona, India in the 1970’s. He studied with Dona Holleman and Vanda Scaravelli in Italy. And in USA, Joel Kramer made it all click for him by taking it beyond the physical to an understanding of the flow of energy.

According to Erich, self-trust is the advanced technique of yoga... as you trust YOU, you are trusting in the ALL. We learn self-trust through the practice of meditation – regularly – on and off all day. Start when you wake up in the morning by sitting up in bed with pillows supporting your back. In that early stage of waking, enjoy the inner quiet as you enter your day. Let those insights come into your mind and then trust them. With self-trust, you are opening up to the Universal Wisdom. As you think less, and listen more... then “new knowing” will flow into your mind.

The SOYA Annual Retreat with Erich Schiffman is brought to you by:

Interior Wellness www.InteriorWellness.com

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Muladhara The Root Chakra By Reanna Costa


FOR YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY a light in the night Ronik Security Ltd Available 24 hours a day providing Guards, Patrols & Alarm Response




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250.554.6707 cell: 250.319.7364 lynn@breathintegrationkamloops.ca www.breathintegrationkamloops.ca Tranquille Rd. Kamloops, BC V2B 3H5 #204-535 Tranquille






n a n d Tr a i n i


Yt|Üã|Çwá VÉâÇáxÄÄ|Çz Tammie L. Oram

Certified Professional Counsellor

Master Practioner Counselling Psychology

Centennial Building: 301-153 Seymour St.

Kamloops 250-320-6018 www.fairwindscounselling.com

14 www.InteriorWellness.com | Winter 2015

Muladhara is Sanskrit for “Root Support” and is the first of the 7 major chakras that make up the chakra system and our energy body. It is the foundation upon which all the remaining centres are built and holds the lowest vibrational frequency of all these vortices. Nerves sprouting from the pelvic region meet at the Perineum, creating a “seat” for this chakra. These nerves then travel down into our legs and feet, connecting us to and supporting us on the earth, which is the element of this energy centre. Bring your awareness here and you will likely sense the colour red, which has the longest wavelength and slowest vibration in the colour spectrum visible to the human eye.

The lower vibratory energy here keeps us connected to the physical world; holds or anchors our essence or spirit in our physical bodies, grounding us here and now. Many spiritual modalities tend to believe we are trapped in this physical existence and long for release; however, in order to have a healthy and balanced foundation, we must vibrate with the intelligence of our body and celebrate the physical manifestation of who we are! So, it is important that we take care of our vessel with love. This includes everything from what we put in our body, on our body, to the thoughts we have about our body. It is also important to practice rounding your energy so that you stay connected and in-tuned to the messages your body sends you. While keeping your feet on the ground, actively seek to increase and raise your energetic vibration through passionate and creative expression in all areas of life. Remember that all negative thoughts are manifested from fear; the lowest vibrational emotion and trust that you are safe and exactly where you are meant to be at all times. Reanna Costa is an E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher who owns and teaches at Breathe Yoga Studio in Sorrento, BC. Learn more at www.breatheyogastudio.ca or www.reannacostayoga.com.




By Kris Rae

Overwhelmed? It certainly does happen! Sometimes, it takes a lot and other times… well, not much! When people have too much on their plates, there are some simple things that can be done that will help immensely. Here are some tips that can be put into practice right away:

1) When there is a long list to do or a “stacked up” day, take either a smaller item from the list or just the next thing to tackle and say, “This is easy!” Then, when finished with the task or even the first step of it, say, “That was easy!” These words serve as a reminder that it can be done, they harness the “law of attraction” by affirming what is wanted instead of what is not, and when the focus is on just one thing, it is quite easy!

2) With any goal or list, break down the activities into smaller components. The smaller the better! There will be a sense of accomplishment for getting more things done. Plus, the tasks will be more manageable, which calms those feelings of overwhelm!

3) Lastly, always come back to breathing. When overwhelmed, the diaphragm can get tight, which makes breathing shallow. Taking nice deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, will give those deep belly breaths that calm the body and mind down. Try imagining, for about 5 breaths or so, being on a beach, watching the waves gently rolling in and receding back. See them matching the rhythm of the breath (eyes can be open or closed). This mini meditation will have a nice, calming effect. Finding relief from being overwhelmed is very important as long-term stress is a major cause of illness in our society. Making stress reduction a daily habit helps immensely towards longterm health!

Kris Rae teaches meditation and relaxation techniques for all ages in classes in Kamloops plus develops self-healing tools and guided meditations for home use.

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Turning Over a New Leaf… making change that lasts

By Tammie Oram

“To turn over a new leaf” is used to refer to making a new start.

It is often specifically used to describe changes in personal behaviour that are made with the goal of being a better person, which will enhance all interpersonal relationships as well as internal monologues. Many people are encouraged to do this if they struggle in interpersonal relationships, as a way of asking them to think about how their own behaviours might be influencing their interactions with other people, especially their loved ones... what we call the “ripple effect.”

The term actually refers to turning the page of a book dating back to the 1500s. The implication is that one is turning over the previous page with the bad behaviour, and starting anew on a fresh page. With a new year, parents seem eager to start a new family system; starting off the school year on a fresh page. Parents of secondary school aged children will be talking about how to establish better study habits, looking for solutions with tutors. Teams are starting tryouts for a new volleyball, hockey, football and soccer season, to name a few. Elementary school parents are looking towards support for their child’s learning, anxiety with making changes in classrooms and consequently, friends; perhaps a more routine of household responsibilities, bedtimes or childcare.

Many people believe that any time is a good time to turn over a new leaf and that there is always room for personal improvement. This year (usually we see the increase in the New Year), there seems to be an increase in relationship struggles and people wanting to make lasting change. This increase is what prompted this article. How does one make lasting change? Answer: A lot of work, insight, honesty, healthy communication skills, dedication, perseverance, specific goals, ideas and trust. Trust in yourself; trust in others. By 16 www.InteriorWellness.com | Winter 2015

carefully examining one's past relationships and present behaviour, sometimes it is possible to find an area for improvement that could be addressed by resolving to change and start a fresh page. Author and relationship guru, Gary Chapman, gives us simple ways to get this process started in his book series, The 5 Love Languages. How do you feel loved, appreciated, maybe respected for who you are and what qualities you bring to the relationship? How do you show love, appreciation and respect to those around you or do you assume people in your life “just know”? We hear this quite often, “If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t be here.” We say, “That is not enough,” you have to show and tell individuals in your life, in their language how much they matter to you.

This is the most difficult part, trying to understand that every person speaks a different language in a different dialect. Simply, the 5 Love Languages are: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch. Which one is yours, which one is your partner’s, your children, your friends and even your co-workers; every single person you have contact with? This “tool” is limitless in who this change in behaviour or “turning over a new leaf” can and will affect. Most importantly, this takes time, education and practice along with patience and awareness. Remember, it is what you give to a relationship, not what get out of it that is most important. If everyone is giving, your Love Tank can’t help but be overflowing.

Tammie Oram of Fairwinds Counselling Services is an incredible resource in our community. A private practice counsellor and Mental/Emotional Health specialist, she believes in individual identity, personal wellness and brings a wealth of expertise to our topic.

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Interior Wellness Kamloops Class Directory Winter 2015


Class Types PILATES

9:00 - 10:30 am YOGA: All Levels Christine S @ Let’s Move Studio




9:30 - 10:45 am (Starts Jan. 20) Wellness Yoga for the Older Adult Margaret @ The Mind-Body Connection



7:00 - 8:15 pm YOGA: Stong Flow Power Yoga Drop in Amber H @ The Yoga Loft 5:00 - 5:55 pm Bellydance Beginners All Levels Welcome Tammy @ Let’s Move Studio

6:30 – 7:30 pm Gentle Nia Carole @ North Shore Community Centre

5:00 – 6:00 pm Nia Trudy & Carole @ St. Paul’s Hall



9:00 - 10:30 am YOGA - All Levels Bonny @ Let’s Move Studio

9:30 - 11:00 am (Starts Jan. 16) Wellness Yoga for the Older Adult Margaret @ The Mind-Body Connection 4:00 - 5:00 pm Yoga: Teens @ The Yoga Loft

St. Paul’s Hall 360 Nicola Street, Kamloops

Mt. Paul United Church 140 Laburnum St. The Yoga Loft www.youryogaloft.com #201-409 Seymour Street, Kamloops 18 www.InteriorWellness.com | Winter 2015

3:15 - 4:15 pm Kids Yoga Marcia @ The Yoga Loft

Margaret @ The Mind-Body Connection

5:00 - 6:15 pm (Jan. 19 - Mar. 9) Yoga: Gentle: Strengthen, Stretch, Relax Margaret @ The Mind-Body Connection

7:00 - 8:15 pm Yoga: Prenatal Yoga Tania M @ The Yoga Loft

12:00 - 1:00 pm YOGA: Any Shape Any Size! Bonny @ Let’s Move Studio

5:00 - 6:15 pm (Jan. 14 - Mar.11)

3:15 - 4:15 pm Kids Yoga Marcia @ The Yoga Loft

5:00 – 6:00 pm Nia Trudy & Carole @ St. Paul’s Hall

10:45 - 11:45am Gentle & Restorative Yoga Angie @ The Yoga Loft

Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Stress

10:30 – 11:45 am Parent & Baby Yoga (pre-register) Tania @ The Yoga Loft

5:00 - 5:55 pm Bellydance with choreography All Levels Tammy @ Let’s Move Studio


5:00 – 5:50 pm ZUMBA: All Levels Imogen @ Let’s Move Studio


Amber Hooton 250-318-5370 www.yogawithamber.com

Bonny Ziegler 778-470-5803 bonnyziegler@hotmail.com

Carole carole.ramage1953@gmail.com 250-828-2109

Christine Schieberle 250-374-5421 c.yoga57@gmail.com

Shay Curle 250-372-9642 shalen@shiftenterprises.ca Susan McDonald info@lotuslaneyoga.ca

Marcia Wilson marcia@youryogaloft.com 250-828-6206 Trudy



The Mind Body Connection 250-374-2748 or 250-374-5421 253 Victoria St. Kamloops Nuance Studio 253 Victoria St. Kamloops

7:00 - 8:00 pm YOGA: Beginner Bonny @ Let’s Move Studio


8:00 - 8:50 am ZUMBA Imogen @ Let’s Move Studio

8:00 - 9:00 am Yoga: Foundations @ The Yoga Loft 9:30 - 10:30 am Kids Yoga Marcia @ The Yoga Loft

10:30 am - 12:00 pm Yoga: Classes and Workshops Contact Margaret @ Mind-Body Connection


9:00 - 10:00 am Yoga: Flow Yoga @ The Yoga Loft 7:00 - 8:00 pm MEDITATION @ Let's Move Studio

For class updates and changes, more information & free subscription:

www.InteriorWellness.com North Shore Community Centre 730 Cottonwood Avenue, Kamloops

Let’s Move Studio www.letsmovestudio.com 250-372-9642 NEW: 831 Victoria Street





a l u J t i o r u i

to Peru We are conditioned by our environment and our perspective is greatly affected by what we are exposed to on a daily basis. Having recently travelled to Peru, my perspective on life has transformed. I accompanied a small group of likeminded people who are studying the ancient Inca Medicine Tradition together. In the first evening, we gathered for a ceremony with a medicine woman, Dona Bernardina, who gave the group a traditional reading using sacred coca leaves. She prayed in Spanish to the Santa Tierras (earth and water spirits) and Apus (mountain spirits). As her words were interpreted, I deeply connected with all that she revealed, a magic filled the room. From the first day, I observed the way the shamans honoured and respected the mountains, waters, and each other. Their connection to the land awakened deep facets of my heart, my emotions soared being in the presence of these wise souls. Their humble nature, the profound multidimensional energy they carry, is deeply inspiring. I felt I remembered clearly the actual purpose we all choose to inhabit this earth.

By Tania Niedbala and Jason Hogue

We experienced ancient traditions, walked the land, climbed mountains, and explored lagoons. We shared ceremony daily and every interaction was “made sacred” effortlessly. The ego has no place there, these people live in their heart. Life there is simply pure, rich with cosmic awareness and unconditional love. In our western world, much of our life is navigated in our head and through ego. As our collective consciousness grows, I pray our connection to the land is restored, as we remember we are all one. Jason & Tania’s life journey is to support personal empowerment and transformation within others so they can live freely and without limits. They offer a complementary blend of energetic, physical and sound healing therapies. Tania offers Spiritual Coaching, Energy & Sound Healing, Past Life Regression, Raindrop Oil Massage and Young Living Essential Oils. Jason offers Shamanic Energy Healing, Journeying (Intuitive Readings) and utilizes many of the other tools of the Ancient Inca Medicine Tradition. 250-434-9171 www.SacredValleyEnergetics.ca Winter 2015 | www.InteriorWellness.com 19

SPIRITUAL GROWTH Spiritual growth is an undressing, of sorts: a disrobing of the beliefs, fears, stories and themes that have become part of our framework, but are not part of our truth. As we grow, we let go of the untruths and misconceptions about ourselves and the world around us.

Spiritual growth challenges us to continue searching and moving towards ourselves. It is a call that each of us hears, and few of us can ignore. And so we embark on this journey that is unknown, exciting and scary all at the same time.

As we venture to move past the old stories, ideas and opinions that have misinformed us, we are confronted by the unknown; not sure of the destination we are moving towards. Not sure what our truth will really be like or what we will experience and how others will respond to us as we change along the way. Even with these uncertainties, we venture forward. With the understanding that there is no final destination and there will be

By Tamryn Fudge

no certificate, badge or diploma for our hard work. We carry on the path, fueled by a love and curiosity for our deepest selves that draws us forward. Spiritual growth won’t eliminate our experiences of heart ache, sadness or fear. It is not a magic potion that creates perfection in our lives. Rather, it is a gathering together of all the parts of ourselves that contain truth, energy and power.

It is through spiritual growth that we find the strength and courage to become ourselves, regardless of our circumstances. So that we may navigate and understand our lives in such a way that we feel fulfilled and free, brave and wise, loved and heard. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, know that you are truly a brave soul. As you step into the New Year, may you be gentle with yourself as you uncover your many gifts and the memory of your truest self. Many blessings to you, my friend.

Tamryn Fudge practices Inca Shamanism. She offers shamanic readings and healings for people and animals, facilitates workshops and events in her community, and writes about her experiences in her blog. www.spiritpartner.ca.

20 www.InteriorWellness.com | Winter 2015

Is Your Upper Limit Keeping You Down? By Janice Otremba

My 13 year old nephew and his friend had been staying with my husband and I for a few days. During dinner one night, my young visitors began talking about their future goals and aspirations. They talked passionately about their endless career opportunities working as an environmental scientist, professional snowboarder, commercial pilot, you name it! The world was wide open; the sky was the limit. During their discussion, it dawned on me - at what point as adults do we give up on the belief that anything is possible?

Isabelle is the Confidence Consultant that helps determined professionals to accelerate their mental performance. She trains Olympic athletes, NHL players, Presidents and Corporate CEOs to Win From Within. Voted #1 in North America. Call 250 320 7047 www.braintrainwin.com


We’re always asked what we want to be when we grow up. Generally speaking, we have a clear vision in mind and use it to keep our goals in focus. But what happens after this? Where do we go next as successful adults? More often than not, obstacles can get in our way. This makes reaching our goals that much more difficult. I’m talking about financial restraints, feeling locked into a job, or a dysfunctional relationship. Oddly enough, too much positivity in our lives can also unconsciously sabotage our success. Author, Gay Hendricks refers to this as the ULP Upper Limit Problem. All of these factors can limit our success, hinder our vision and ruin our ability to dream. So how can we stay on track with a clear vision? Create a vision board (a collage of dreams) or write in a journal. Play with your imagination and let the possibilities flow! What’s your future vision? Is it aligned with your values? How are you going to get there? It’s when we remove our self-imposed limitations and start taking small steps towards what brings us joy that leads us to experiencing a life of our dreams.

Janice is a certified adult educator, life coach, counselor and body work therapist who specializes in stress management. Beat burnout, lower stress and leverage happiness! www.janiceotremba.com.

Splinter Hill w w w. s p l i n t e r h i l l w h o l i s t i c s . c a

Eden Energy Medicine Every aspect of our physical and emotional being has an energetic core, and working with these energies gives us incredible power to affect and improve our health and happiness. When our energies are healthy and balanced, we feel stronger, happier and more able to handle whatever is happening in our life. 90 minute sessions are offered in Marianne's Kamloops Studio.

Visit my website to find information and dates for learning energy medicine. w w w. s p l i n t e r h i l l w h o l i s t i c s . c a

Marianne Ferguson, EEM-CLP Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

250-374-1628 Marianne@splinterhillwholistics.ca Winter 2015 | www.InteriorWellness.com 21

Yoga, Health & Spirituality in B.C. Interior

Interior Wellness Directory www.InteriorWellness.com ACUPUNCTURE/ACUPRESSURE Dr. Andrea Hansen: Wild Roots Clinic

Create the Conditions for Healing with Chinese Herbal medicine, acupuncture & food therapy



Vital Point Acupuncture Jennifer Larsen,R.Ac. Classical Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation, Reiki, Acutonics www.vitalpoint.ca 250-376-3070


DM Toques Creative and inspired knitting - handcrafted toques, accessories, yoga socks, and more. Visit www.dmtoques.ca


Ayurvedic Health Coach Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic Astrology Live with the rhythms of Nature www.daniellebertoia.com (250)280-4437


Kamloops Back Solutions Spinal Decompression

Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC

250-374-6938 HealthQuestChiro@hotmail.com


Organic skin care & organic essential oils. Handmade with Spirit in 108 Mile Ranch, BC www.greensisters.ca

Holistic Facials “Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin” Discover amazing results using a holistic approach to skin care and to your “Successful Aging” # 301-141 Victoria St.

www.kamloopsesthetics.com 250-828-0909

Look 10 years younger! Optimera Natural Anti-aging Night and Day Cream. 30 Day Guarantee! See more www.tkitt.nerium.com 250-852-1021

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BEAUTY & BODY & HAIR CARE Nature's Face & Body Natural products: mineral makeup, skincare, haircare, bath & body products. www.naturesfaceandbody.ca 250-371-2299

Threading and Henna Tattoo Specialist Bhumika Talla: Esthetician & Hairdresser Bridal packages, house parties, events b_talla@telus.net 250-376-9765

Young Living Essential Oils Pure Plant Based Skin, Body & Hair Care Personal Products & Supplements / Monthly Wellness Gatherings - Raindrop Oil Massage Tania Niedbala 250-434-9171


Butterflies Treasures: Fay McCracken Clearwater B.C. 1- 250-674-1122 Colour Energy Therapy, Vintage & Antique Decor butterfliestreasures@gmail.com www.butterfliestreasures.com

Spirit Quest Books: Salmon Arm, BC 250.804.0392 offers books, sterling silver jewelry, cd’s, crystals, aura pictures & unique giftware. www.spiritquestbooks.com

The Crystals and Curiosities Cabin Destination store opens seasonally in May-October at Akashic Ranch. Find gemstone crystals, jewelry, metaphysical art and other unique gifts. www.AkashicRanch.com 250-573-1124


Dr Kelly Ouimet B.Kin, Chiropractor Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC

250-374-6938 HealthQuestChiro@hotmail.com

Dr Paul Ouimet B.Sc, Chiropractor Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC

250-374-6938 HealthQuestChiro@hotmail.com

Kamloops Active Health Chiropractors and RMTs. Meet our team and get more information www.kamloopsactivehealth.ca





Turner Chiropractic Our Family helping your Family for over 55 years 500-235 1st Ave. 3746223 www.turnerchiropractic.ca

The Spirit of Women Aspiring, passionate women: take action to feel empowered, reduce overwhelm & Love your life! www.thespiritofwomen.com Find Strength in Action Life Coaching

Kathy Richins, ICF Certified Life Coach Health, Wellness & positive change 778-471-2634 or 250-574-7521 kathyrichins@yahoo.com www.findstrengthinaction.com


Oasis Health & Nutrition Counselling Suzanne Lawrence: Colon Hydrotherapy, Biotherapeutic Drainage, Detox, Foot Spa, Health Analysis, Health Workshops, www.healthylivingshuswap.com 250-675-5497


Breath Integration Counselling Lynn Aylward 250-319-7364 Breath Integration, Counselling, Bodywork lynn@breathintegrationkamloops.ca

Compassionate Path Hakomi Therapy

with Angela Davis. A gentle accompaniment to self-discovery. www.compassionatepath.ca 614 Battle St. Kamloops 250-574-6271 Corinne Mackenzie M.Sc,Counselling RTC

Family and Addictions Therapist

Crystal Clear Energy Medicine 250-852-1580

www.therapyrightnow.com corinnemackenzie@ymail.com

Fairwinds Counselling Services Tammie Oram, MTC, MPCP 250-320-6018

Counselling Individuals, Couples, Workshops



Tesla Metamorphosis Healing on a cellular level. Distant healing or in person Dale dharris4@telus.net www.teslametamorphosis.com 250-766-3503

Tania Niedbala 250-434-9171 Spiritual Coaching, Tesla Metamorphosis Healing, Quantum Sound Therapy, Chakra Balancing & Reiki www.SacredValleyEnergetics.ca

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GE Free Kamloops promoting awareness of the negative effects of Genetic Engineering www.gefreekamloops.org Health issues, aches, pains?

You may qualify for refunds $5000.00 -$14,000.00 Contact Nellie: free assessments 250-674-2416 Enabled Financial Solutions, www.enabedfinacial.ca


KIX 4 CHIX A non-competitive, ladies-only kickboxing program. Making women feel healthy, strong, beautiful & empowered. www.kix4chixkamloops.ca. 250-819-4121

North Shore Community Centre Classes, Events, Rentals 452-730 Cottonwood Ave, Kamloops www.nsccs.webs.com 250-376-4777


Steeped Tea with Carly DeBeeld (Director) Fine loose leaf all natural tea & accessories www.mysteepedtea.com/debeeld Order/Book your party 250-318-4910


Suzanne Marsel Footcare Nurse Foreverfeet-footcare Ltd. Nail & Skin Care,

Keeping Your Feet Healthy One Step at a Time



Green Space Services: Carpet,Upholstery, Area Rugs & Mattress Cleaning. Affordable, Effective,Fast Drying. Residential/Commercial. www.greenspaceservices.ca 250 682-1066


Designs by Charlene: Handcrafted jewellery A special gift for the women you love in your life. Etsy : Designs_by_Charlene no1designsbychar@gmail.com


Breath Integration Counselling Lynn Aylward 250-319-7364 Breath Integration, Counselling, Bodywork lynn@breathintegrationkamloops.ca

Body Code/Emotion Code 250-373-2473 Bonnie Haywood-Farmer CBCP, CECP Finding Balance by identifying & releasing the root causes that create DIS-EASE

Winter 2015 | www.InteriorWellness.com 23

HEALING & BODY THERAPIES Angel Energys with Sharyl Johnson

Wellness for Body, Mind & Soul with Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy & Meditation Facilitation 250 378-5385 angelenergys@yahoo.ca

Anjelia Boulter 21 years Certified Iridologist, Herbalist, Nutrition Consulting. Shamanic Light Healer, Body Talk Practitioner. www.earthmotherhealings.com

earthmotherhealings@live.com 250-579-9328

Being-In-Balance Christine Karl: Massage CranioSacral, Osteopthic bodywork, Shiatsu, Reiki and Rehabilitative Exercise

1175B Battle St. 250-320-9960

Christine Schieberle 25 years experience Deep Release Bodywork, Massage, Reiki Craniosacral therapy. 250-374-5421 c.yoga57@gmail.com

Creative Transformation for Body Heart & Mind

Marilyn Puff BSW, Energy Healing Massage, Medicine Wheel Coaching, Couple & Family Counselling

250 579-5778 cocreator23@hotmail.com

Emotion Code

Releasing trapped emotions that cause dis-ease


Attunement Practitioner

A sacred healing art & spiritual practice Deepen your connection with Source

marilyn.manderson@shaw.ca 250-579-9444

Michele Gieselman Speaker and Writer Intuitive Readings, Meditation, Workshops, Shamanic Practitioner. intuitivehealing@telus.net 250-372-0469 www.intuitivehealer.ca

Michelle Morrison

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Consultant, Reiki Master Teacher, Inspirational Speaker

TheBalancedSoul.com 250-682-8176

Reflexology and Polarity Therapy by Nataliya Downtown Kamloops natamasis@gmail.com text 250-320-3837 Sherrie Manholt, Limitless Youniverse

Success coach, multi-faceted energy healer, consciousness facilitator. Private & group sessions, workshops

250-574-4325 www.sherriemanholt.com

Solar Soul Massage Kamloops newest healing massage now available at Let's Move Studio. Sol Brooks 250-682-9119 solarsoulmassage@gmail.com

Certified Practitioner Sheila Langlois D.PSc 250-819-8156 or sheilan2@telus.net

Chakra Balancing, Crystal Dreaming, Meditations,

Hawaiian Massage

Thai Massage & Feldenkrais with Tyson Fully-clothed, acupressure-yoga-massage www.thaitouch.ca tyson@thaitouch.ca 1-250-226-6826

Feldenkrais, Life Coach and Reflexology Colleen 250-819-9100 lovecolleen999@gmail.com

Health & Wellness Massage & Life Coaching

Bodymind Cntr, #205, 635 Victoria St. 250-574-7521

Kathy Richins www.findstrengthinaction.com

Innovative Changes - Kim Jensen

Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher. Celtic Reiki Practitioner. Life Skills.

250-572-3103 www.changesforabrighterfuture.com

Julie Severn Spiritual/Bodywork healing, intuitive sessions 778-472-1956 severn2000@shaw.ca Blog: Healing the Planet Human blog

Marianne Ferguson EEM-CLP Eden Energy Medi-

cine Clinical Practitioner. Traditional healing & contemporary scientific understanding of health, wellness & healing. 250-374-1628 splinterhillwholistics.ca

Margaret Huff, Certified Vini-Yoga Therapist Co-create a personal practice for you, to support your healing and health in body, mind, heart. New Year special: $240 for 4 sessions. margaret@kamloopsyogatherapy.com 250-374-2748

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Surya Krishna Ignite Your Spirit Therapy,

Workshops, Spiritual guidance/counselling 250-320-7782 suryakrishna.healings@gmail.com

Wendy Marr, Certified Passion Test Facilitator

One-on-One or Group Discoveries Inspiring Transformation Through Love 250.314.4106



To Your Health – Margery Corrigan Holistic Health Coach. Integrated Nutrition Coaching Individuals, Groups & Workshops 250-571-6262 toyourhealth@shaw.ca www.MargeryCorrigan.ca


Princess House Canada Healthy kitchen and healthy cooking. Unit Organizer: Corinne Laidlaw-Shreeves cshreeves@shaw.ca www.myphproducts.com/corinne/


Natures Fare Markets Live Well - Live Organic 250-314-9560 #5 - 1350 Summit Dr, Kamloops BC Vitamins | Supplements | Produce | Bistro

HEALTHY FOODS AND NUTRITION Booster Juice Kamloops 3 locations to serve you with healthy smoothie and food options. Facebook.com/boosterjuicekamloops

Isagenix Health & wellness product solutions for weight loss, energy, performance &healthy aging to fit any goal. www.katrinasimons.isagenix.com

Juice Plus Virtual Franchise Adds the nutrition of 25 fruits, vegetables & grains to your diet. Only $50/yr. Babette: 250-371-2132 jpliving@telus.net ww.learnandgrow.canada.juiceplus.com

Lake Country Harvest Naturally dried BC fruit, and fruit products. Check us out on Facebook. www.lakecountryharvest.com Rina Cooke Holistic Nutritionist Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC

250-374-6938 HealthQuestChiro@hotmail.com

Raw Fusion Quisine: Paola Ludwig Raw Food Chef & Instructor Sign Up for our next Workshop! www.rawfusionquisine.com 250-574-0252

Thistle Farm Producers of certified organic fruits and vegetables. Convenient home delivery service. www.thistlefarm.com

HEALTH INSTITUTES & TRAINING Foundation For Healing Beings Release your Stress and Anxiety Sunday Healing Circle www.healingbeings.org

HEALING, TEACHING, GUIDANCE Oneness, An invitation to Heal a 12-week course using essential oils to assist you in moving forward with your life. deborah.thescentedgarden@gmail.com

HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRES Breath Integration Counselling

Individual, couples, family counselling. One day workshops, 6 month Personal Empowerment Trainings. Body work. Sunday Spiritual service. www.breathintegrationkamloops.ca 250-554-6707

List your services: interiorwellness@gmail.com


HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRES Centennial Building Wellness Centre

Warm Salt pool-Watsu-AiChi-Woga Trauma & Stress Release Clinic Somatic Movement & Education www.cbwellnesscentre.com 250 374 7383


In~tu~it Nature: Horticultural Therapy Reconnects people with nature through plant cultivation. Promotes well-being. Ingrid Davis ecosys@telus.net 250-374-9622


Sheila Wardman M.H. CHt. 250-517-9690 Clinical Hypnotherapist, BET Practitioner Eagle Bay BC, www.inperfecthealth.ca www.chaganjuu.com Step into your inner wisdom and vision Discover your resources and full potential. HypnoCoaching (NGH member) Uli Johnson-Krack, 250.319.8933

Tania Niedbala 250-434-9171 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Dolores Cannon's Past Life Regression/Healing www.SacredValleyEnergetics.ca


Inspirational Children's Books I AM AMAZING!, My Magical Night Mare, When Gramma Giggled. Education discounts. Pat @ 250-803-1371 www.prwilsonbooks.com


Gordon Marr Sun Life Financial Kamloops BC Bringing your goals and passions into your life Free consultation 250-374-5308 Gordon.Marr@sunlife.com


Spirit Partner Shaman Services Intuitive readings for people and animals

with Tamryn Fudge In-home & telephone sessions

www.spiritpartner.ca 250-573-1744

Therese Dorer

Spiritual Consultations Medium, Shamanic Healing, Meditation, private sessions, empowering you through your Spirit Guides.

www.crystalclearinsights.ca 250-578-8437


Alyse Kirsten Designs Jewelry made from vintage spoons & forks. We also do custom work. info@alysekirsten.co 250-819-3141 Winter 2015 | www.InteriorWellness.com 25

JEWELLERY DESIGN Country Girl Designs

Create personalized jewellery: country girl…. share your story and express your unique style. www.southhilldesigns.com/countrygirldesigns

Interior Wellness Yoga, Health and Spirituality Your Free Wellness Resource in BC! www.InteriorWellness.com


Barb Harris Registered Massage Therapist

Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC

250-374-6938 HealthQuestChiro@hotmail.com

Body: Healthy Reg’d Massage Therapy Let us facilitate your body's natural healing process with effective, holistic soft tissue care www.bodyhealthy.ca 778-220-2225

Colette Swain RMT Relaxation, Rehabilitation, Manual Lymph Drainage. Discover the value of a Registered Massage Therapist www.coletteswain.ca 250-299-3636

Darlene Fair, RMT, RYT Craniosacral, Visceral Massage, Osteopathic Techniques, Myofascial Release and Unwinding. 250-318-6300 www.darlenefair.com #405-153 Seymour

MASSAGE THERAPY: REGISTERED David Wolynec Registered Massage Therapist

Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC

250-374-6938 HealthQuestChiro@hotmail.com

Jenna Nicklas Kamloops Optimal Health Clinic

#101-1120 8th Street Kamloops 778-470-5850

Find me on Facebook: Jenna Nicklas, RMT

Niki Coster Registered Massage Therapist

Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC

250-374-6938 HealthQuestChiro@hotmail.com

Twin Rivers Massage Christine Meroniuk Registered Massage Therapist 500-235 1st Ave, Kamloops 250-320-2715 www.twinriversmassage.com


Kamloops Skin Solutions A comprehensive Varicose Vein and Cosmetic clinic offering cutting-edge treatments. www.kamloopsskinsolutions.com 250.372.9995

w w w. I n t e r i o r We l l n e s s . c o m

26 www.InteriorWellness.com | Winter 2015


An inter-denominational contemplative/meditation group whose focus is the wisdom/mystical tradition in Christianity. Monday evenings 2x/ month. *FREE* Brian Mitchell bmitchell@tru.ca

Inner Bliss – Meditation & Wellness

Chopra Centre Certified Meditation Instructor, Reiki, & Wellness Practitioner. Individual/group sessions

Stacey Mayne 250-299-5559 www.inner-bliss.ca

Kris Rae Mind and Body Wellness

Stress Reduction/Self Healing Instructor and Intuitive Energy Healer, Meditation classes, sessions for deep healing and relaxation 250-571-1009 www.KrisRaeMindandBody.com

Shambhala Meditation Group is in a new location, #7-231 Victoria Street. Meditate with us Thursdays 7:00pm-9:00pm with meditation instructions, Saturdays 9:30am11:30am. See website for special programs. www.kamloops.shambhala.org, Liz 250-376-4224

Transcendental Meditation Reduce stress & live life to its full potential Call Chelsea at 604-263-2655 cmccooey@tm.org


Boho Birth Doula Collective Seven women passionate about birth provide pre and postnatal services. Facebook or www.bohobirthcollective.ca

Mighty Oak Midwifery Care Personal, professional, woman-centered maternity care. 250-377-8611 www.mightyoakmidwifery.ca

Nurture Mama Doula Care Cat Taylor Professional Birth & Postpartum Doula Care (DONA Trained) - Placenta Encapsulation www.nurturemama.ca 250-318-1463

Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service www.snuggleebumz.com snuggleebumz@gmail.com 250-554-9722 Ease of Disposables, Benefits of Cloth.

Thompson Rivers Midwifery Complete Mother-Baby Care. Free for BC residents. Choose Home or Hospital Birth. Accepting new clients 250-572-0632 www.thompsonriversmidwifery.com


Dr. Alison Beach (Assmus), BSc., ND Women's health, Bioidentical Hormones, Pediatrics, Allergies. Thompson Valley Naturopathic Clinic Inc., 875 Seymour Street. 778-471-2949 www.kamloopsnaturopath.ca


Dr. Tracy Levins, Naturopathic Physician

Women’s health, hormones, fertility, PAP and breast exams

Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic. 754 Seymour St

www.kamloopsnaturopathicclinic.com 250-377-3077

Dr. Melissa Bradwell, ND Full Naturopathic services: Acupuncture and IV Therapy. 735 Victoria Street

250-374-9700 www.naturopathkamloops.com

Dr. Steven Jones, ND: Chelation therapy, PRP, EECP, Prolotherapy, Lab services, Ozone therapy, Lyme disease testing/treatment, Cancer Treatments Aesthetics www.kamloopsnaturopathicclinic.com


Insight Natural Healing: Tracy Munson Aromatherapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Massage (8), Chakra Balancing, Body Balancing, Muscle Testing, & Iridology. www.insightnaturalhealing.ca 250-682-0707


Kamloops Osteopathy: Imogen Wood M.Ost & Paul Roberts M.Ost Osteopathy, obstetric osteopathy, Sport Taping, Arthritis Care, Sports Rehab 250-299-5554 www.kamloopsosteopathy.com

#205 - 635 Victoria Street, Kamloops


Health Quest Cold Laser for Pain Management

Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC

250-374-6938 HealthQuestChiro@hotmail.com


Cloth for a Cause: Non profit, volunteer run organization that loans cloth diapers to interested families. Apply or donate www.clothforacause.org (Facebook too!) Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service www.snuggleebumz.com snuggleebumz@gmail.com 250-554-9722 Ease of Disposables, Benefits of Cloth.


Christine Waterman & Nicole Bruce 101-409 Seymour St. 250-320-BODY (2639) info@thepilatestree.com www.thepilatestree.com Building strength from the inside out.

EVOLVE Pilates Studio 250-372-7237

Cassie Marchuk: Change the way you work out! Achieve improved posture, balance & strength. #201-1361 McGill Rd www.evolvepilatesstudio.com


Val Theroux, Reiki Master Energetic

Healer, Pilgrimage Facilitator, Meditation, Mentoring, Reiki Workshops.

250-319-6457 valtheroux@shaw.ca


One Tooth Activewear Location: Aberdeen Mall www.onetoothyoga.com FB: One Tooth Kamloops Instagram: onetoothactivewear


Akashic Ranch & Stables Private, natural healing environment available for your workshop, class or getaway. 250-573-1124 www.AkashicRanch.com

EQUINISITY RETREATS: Transformational, healing retreats on 320 acre sacred land with Liz Mitten Ryan and her herd of equine higher beings. www.equinisity.com 250-377-3884 Relax your mind, rejuvenate your body a haven for lifting your spirits near SunPeaks

Ulis Mountain Retreat & Massages

www.ulismountainretreat.com 250.319.8933


Ronik Security Ltd is available 24 hours a day to provide Guards, Patrols & Alarm Response. 250-828-0511


Jason Hogue 250-434-9171

Shamanic Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing Intuitive Readings via Shamanic Journeying www.SacredValleyEnergetics.ca

Katina O'Neil Integrating Shamanism with Reiki for healing. Introductory workshops, Mastery classes and Monthly mentoring available. katinaoneil@hotmail.com

Spirit Partner Shaman Services

Shamanic energy healing for people & animals

with Tamryn Fudge In-home & telephone sessions

www.spiritpartner.ca 250-573-1744


Biological Recall Gain your life back using your own biology to awaken your inherent ability to heal info@verdelljessup.com (250) 571-4350

Winter 2015 | www.InteriorWellness.com 27


Aina Organic Spa 778-471-6411 ainaspa.ca


Body: Healthy Reg’d Massage Therapy Gentle, safe and effective techniques for pelvis, bladder, muscle balance and more www.bodyhealthy.ca 778-220-2225

Customized bodywork, reiki, reflexology, chinese cupping, lomi lomi, acupressure, organic skin care, couples treatments, manicures, pedicures.

Coffeecounsellingandcourses : Jodi Wium Interested in self development? Join coffee counselling and courses. 7782577627 ww.coffeecounseelingandcourses.com

Studio Massage and Spa Brittney Matte Massage/Spa Technician Wellness, Couples, Deep-Muscle, Thai Massage and more 248 Victoria St. Kamloops 250-819-1089



Janice Otremba: Catalyst for Change

Beat Burnout! Lower Stress! Leverage Happiness! Training programs, Workshops, Coaching

www.janiceotremba.com 250-574-3734


Centre for Spiritual Living. Change Your

Thinking...Change Your Life. Sundays Meditation at 10:00 am Celebration at 10:30 am 540 Seymour Street 250-314-2028 www.cslkamloops.org Find us on Facebook!

Sunday Spiritual Service 10:00 am

October 5th & 19th November 2nd, 16th & 30th

# 204 - 535 Tranquille Rd 250-554-6707 Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Kamloops Freedom of religious thought

Sunday services, Children's programs, Social and Environmental Projects www.uukam.bc.ca


Consulting, Design, Sales, Service, Installation & Education www.splitrockst.com solarwendy@gmail.com 250-318-7524


Patients as Partners | Patient Voices Network Help make a difference in B.C.’s health care system! Jacquelyne Foidart 250-879-1077 jfoidart@impactbc.ca www.patientsaspartners.ca/network


Interior Fengshui Create a cozy and nurturing atmosphere for you and your family members, feel comfortable and loved at home. www.interior-fengshui.com

WHOLISTIC HEALTH PRODUCTS Gescina-The Chemistry of NATURE, Inc. Unique colloidal Gold, Silver, Elixir Skin and body products with vital minerals, Seabuckthorn oil. www.gescinaselixir.com

28 www.InteriorWellness.com | Winter 2015

HEALTH BY DESIGN Certified Nutritionist Melanie Pouliot, CNC 250-571-1932

Individualized Nutri-Body® Assessments Certified Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator healthbydesign@telus.net www.nutritionmel.com


The Pilates Tree www.thepilatestree.com


Nicole Bruce: Experience a self given deep tissue massage: small class sizes & personal attention! 250-320-BODY (2639) #101 – 409 Seymour St.

Breathe Yoga Studio Providing yoga, meditation and workshops in Sorrento and retreats all over BC. www.breatheyogastudio.ca


Bikram Yoga The Hottest Yoga in Kamloops! 905A 8th St. North Shore 778-470-4688 www.bikramkamloops.com Kids•adults•pre & post natal full details on web site 4th & Seymour @ 409 Seymour Street www.youryogaloft.com 250-828-6206


South Okanagan Yoga Academy - Yoga

Teacher Training - RYT200 and RYT500. Flexible Training. In BC, AB & Mexico! www.soyayoga.com 250-492-2587


Christine Schieberle 15 years experience

teaching yoga,focus on mind/body connection, graceful aging & lightheartedness,private sessions,workshops

250-374-5421 c.yoga57@gmail.com

Darlene Fair, RMT, RYT Private & semi private yoga sessions available relax-rejoice-renew www.darlenefair.com #405-153 Seymour 250-318-6300

Margaret Huff, American Viniyoga Institute Certified Yoga Therapist. Five regular classes/week in the Viniyoga tradition ~ supporting health and healing in mind, body, heart. margaret@kamloopsyogatherapy.com 250-374-2748

Reanna Costa: 200hr Intensive/Teacher Training Retreat ~ Learn ~ Deepen Breathe Yoga Studio, Sorrento, BC . www.reannacostayoga.com


Reanna Costa 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training Step into the stillness, dive into yourself. Teaches Yin yoga www.reannacostayoga.com


Kamloops Community Healing Garden Jan 24th, Feb 28th, Mar 28th 10am-2pm CB Wellness Centre #103 - 153 Seymour St. Kamloops. Sessions for $1/min reflexology, massage, acutonics, bowen, energy healing, shamanic reading, access bars Pre-bookings recommended: Wendy 250-314-4106 or communityhealinggarden@gmail.com Sessions for $1/min" up with the 10am-2pm Sponsors: Interior Wellness Magazine & Natural Moves

Time for Reflection with Therese Dorer January 28, February 8 & 25, March 8 & 18 10am - 12 noon Kamloops www.crystalclearinsights.ca Conversations In Health

A free event to share common sense ideas and content rich information. We start a conversation, get you thinking, talking and leaving with specific action steps that can make a difference right away. 1st Tuesday, Monthly: September - June, 6:30pm – 8:30pm. LIKE us on FB or call Janice 250-574-3734

The Passion Test© Discover how to live a life of Fulfillment and Joy effortlessly with Certified Passion Test Facilitator and Inspirational Speaker Wendy Marr. Experience this simple, fun & effective clarity process during a One-on-One Session, Discovery Party or Workshop. 250-314-4106 heartbounddiscoveries@gmail.com Seeking tree/garden owners and Harvest Volunteers to pick leftover/ unwanted produce from fruit trees/ backyard gardens. 250-851-6111 info@gleaningabundance.com

Global Chi offers hilarious, interactive and insightful sessions/workshops with a fusion of Improvisational Theatre and Zen Philosophy. Visit globalchi.com.

Kelowna Health Show April 25 & 26, 2015 Exhibits and seminars displaying the latest health products, trends and services! Non-GMO products, vegan lifestyle, gluten-free products, fitness, pain relief, mental health, cholesterol and more! www. thehealthshows.com • info@pvevents.ca • 1-888-999-1761

Erich Schiffmann: Celebrate at Sorrento Centre South Okanagan Yoga Academy 20th Anniversary Registration opens January 1, 2015 info@soyayoga.com soyayoga.com 250-492-2587


Margaret Huff, American Viniyoga Institute certified Yoga Therapist. Private, small group

Yoga sessions for individuals' needs & conditions

margaret.f.huff@gmail.com 250-374-2748

Starting February 2015 with Tamryn Fudge, Spirit Partner Shaman Services: All about grounding (workshop), Connecting with your pet (workshop), Earth Walk (outdoor nature experience). For dates and info: www.spiritpartner.ca, 250-573-1744. Volunteer Kamloops Please volunteer! Help us plan & celebrate our upcoming 30th Diamond Anniversary in 2015! 250-572-4653 (Bobbie Kalsi)

Healers On Healers - FREE 250-819-9041 All Healing/Transformation Practitioners Welcome! Free exchange. Join Facebook Group "Healers on Healers - Kamloops"

Sacred Valley Energetics offers monthly Quantum Sound Group Meditations & Young Living Essential Oil Wellness Gatherings. For more info email: SacredValleyEnergetics@shaw.ca 250-434-9171 www.SacredValleyEnergetics.ca Marianne Ferguson, EEM-CLP Eden Energy Medicine Approved Teacher Energy Medicine Workshops. 250-374-1628 Check my website for info www.splinterhillwholistics.ca

Pagan Coffee Meet Up On the third Thursday of each Month From 7 to 9pm at The Art We Are Facebook: Kamloops Pagan Community

3rd Annual International Women’s Day Women helping women-reach new heights March 7th & 8th 2015 South Thompson Inn & Conference Centre Equality for women is progress for all! Register at www.women-helping-women.com

Wellness Fair: Vernon March 7-8. Over 70 products and services from the health and wellness community! Free admission and welcome bags! www.bodyandsoulwellnessfair.com

For more, follow Interior Wellness on Facebook! www.facebook.com/InteriorWellness Winter 2015 | www.InteriorWellness.com 29

The Benefits of Having a Life Coach Life coaching (also called personal or business coaching) has emerged over the past ten to twenty years as a way to reach your personal and professional goals more quickly. But, what are some of these benefits? Why are people now seeking their own personal life coach or businesses employing coaches within their organizations?

The International Coach Federation (2014) reports that professional coaching leads to: “fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence,” and states that those who undertake coaching also can expect “appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals.” We can all use a little of that, right? Life coach Darcy Luoma in her recent article, “The Effectiveness of Life Coaching on Overall Life Satisfaction,” found that those who received coaching increased their life satisfaction and improved their personal growth listing the following outcomes from her research:

• Life coaching makes a significant difference in one’s overall life satisfaction. • Coaching is an effective approach to goal attainment and personal development. • The coaching experience helped clients be more effective by teaching them how to set concrete, measurable goals made up of specific and manageable steps instead of being overwhelmed by large tasks that seemed too daunting or overwhelming to undertake. • The collaborative effort helped the client identify direction and take action - creating change • Asking challenging questions encouraged the client to look at new ways and seek different solutions

30 www.InteriorWellness.com | Winter 2015

By Kathy Richins

Life coaches believe that their clients have many of their own answers, but sometimes, it helps to have a different perspective and the positive, action-oriented process of working with a coach to achieve the meaningful and targeted results that you want more quickly. We all have those times where we feel “stuck” or don’t know what the next step is, where we want more clarity to make an important decision, where we want to change unhealthy habits, where we want a different perspective on how to communicate with employees, co-workers, and/or family members, or where we just need to reconnect with our strengths. Most life coaches work with their own personal or business coaches to examine choices and decisions in more depth. There is power in the collaborative process and being accountable to a coach creates a situation where individuals are more apt to follow through with their chosen specific goals. Working with a coach to examine and move beyond obstacles to possibilities and ACTION is an empowering process. Sometimes, we feel like we are at a “stand still” or going round and round in circles, trying the same old problem-solving techniques, but as the poet Henry David Thoreau said, “It doesn’t matter how fast you’re going in the wrong direction.” Exploring our choices and taking action is a healthy and exciting process and leads to new growth and satisfaction. Choose to take action today. Kathy Richins is an ICF Certified Life Coach operating Find Strength in Action Life Coaching at The Bodymind Centre, 635 Victoria Street, Kamloops. Contact her for a free ½ hr introductory session, 250-574-7521, findstrengthinaction@ymail.com, www.findstrengthinaction.com. Sources: International Coach Federation (ICF) website, Benefits of Coaching, retrieved 10/28/2014, http://www.coachfederation.org/find-a-coach/benefits-of-coaching/ Luoma, Darcy, “The Effectiveness of Life Coaching on Overall Life Satisfaction,” retrieved 10/28/2014, http://icfwisconsin.org/?articles=the-effectiveness-of-life-coaching -on-overall-life-satisfaction

Confused About Your Supplements? Too Many? Not working? Why not? Do you have Food or Environmental Allergies? If so… now what?

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Nutrition Supplementation!

Free Health Seminars

For you, your Family and others you Care about

Thursdays January 15th, February 5th, March 5th 5:00 – 6:00 pm

at Centennial Building Wellness Centre 153 Seymour Street, Kamloops

Call 250-819-9041 to reserve seating

Are You a Candidate for Nutrition Response® testing and/or Accelerated Allergy Clearing® Technique? Free Pre -Screening to Workshop Attendees

with Cathy Lidster, B.Sc, GCFP, ACNRT Nutritionist and Natural Health Educator cathylidster@gmail.com 250-819-9041


Winter 2015 | www.InteriorWellness.com 31

Profile for Interior Wellness Magazine

Interior Wellness Magazine Winter 2015  

Interior Wellness Magazine Winter 2015 Yoga health and Spirituality in Kamloops and British Columbia Interior. Find info, articles, classes,...

Interior Wellness Magazine Winter 2015  

Interior Wellness Magazine Winter 2015 Yoga health and Spirituality in Kamloops and British Columbia Interior. Find info, articles, classes,...

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