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MSc Brain Trainer for the Kamloops Blazers, World Cup and Olympic Athletes, Business Owners, Managers and CEOs. She provides cutting edge, step-by-step programs using Hypnosis and NLP. Clear, focused minds are crucial to our evolution. Give a person a good thought and he will be happy in the moment. Help a person to finally clear his mental roadblocks, and those results will last a lifetime...with lasting effects on their family, friends, career, sports and life. Isabelle specializes in helping determined individuals and teams whio know they value of having a clear coherent breain to clear their mental road blocks. She provides them with a fast and convenient process to realease negative emotions and liminting beliefs. This results in huge gains in their professional and personal life as they develop powerful focus and quiet confidence. The techniques that she has developed provide fast access to solutions to lifelong problems. They are consistent and are applied when the client is in their most relaxed state - which means that they results are achieved quickly and easily. www.braintrainwin.com 250-320 7047 Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013 | www.InteriorWellness.com 3

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Spring/Summer 2013

Interior Wellness

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September 27-29, 2013

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brought entrepreneurship and passion together to create a warm, welcoming environment where they encourage and support their clients to be their best. They are coowners of The Pilates Tree and have a shared vision of continuing to educate people to take proper care of their bodies and their health. They look to grow their business and become the premiere Pilates Studio in the interior. 250-320-2639 www.thepilatestree.com


Awakening By Sri Madhuji

Every human being is a citizen of two worlds, the inner world and the outer manifested world. The inner world is the emotions, thoughts, feelings and sensations that we experience daily and is governed by the more subtle divine force. That which takes place in the physical (external) world is a mere reflection of what has already taken place in the inner world. The nature of inner life changes the quality of external life. Most of the people think that outer and inner worlds are separate, but the fact of the matter is that these worlds cannot be separated. They are complimentary and coexist with each other. Each one of us must develop the ability to access both worlds without any confusion. The clarity comes if you have learned to allow the inner world to be still. When awareness expands, it expands on two dimensions simultaneously: one toward the internal Self, where there is peace, happiness, and bliss; and the other towards the external world that brings clarity. It is very important that we have a balance between these two worlds and not be caught by the rigidity of external observances only. There is a general opinion that to be spiritual, we should go into the mountains, desert or a serene place. In some people there is a perception that we must somehow figure out what is happening in our inner world ourselves. Another train of thought in certain people is that we have to wait for our old age to experience life to travel in the path of spirituality, and that during the young days surrounded with worldly things, paying attention to success, career, business, and money will hinder our spiritual progress.

Lacking in foresight, people consider their present condition and circumstances alone to be the truth. Taking their present condition for granted, they refuse to explore the possibility of other states of existence. The conscious part of mind fails to grasp that which lies beyond the spheres of time, space, and causation. Any activity in life can be performed in self-awareness and in order to achieve this awakening, one needs to consider mindfulness, right action, practice and divine intervention. Conquering the inner world is more difficult than succeeding in the external world. Fortunate few are those who successfully create a bridge between the two realms, within and without. Most people are not aware that they are on a voyage called LIFE. They are in the habit of collecting useless garbage that creates problems for them. With a worldwide crisis in the sphere of self-awakening, the solution is not always easy and immediate - especially so, because a whole life of spiritual ignorance and negligence (karma), cannot be corrected suddenly and miraculously in a matter of days or weeks. The only internal healing medicines that can restore us to good inner wellbeing in such crises are self-love, self-knowledge, selfrealization and an awareness of divinity in our life. These comforting treasures are traditionally offered and guided to us in the ancient scriptures. Sri Madhuji is an international teacher for 18 years, now resides in Los Angeles, CA. Through his experiential teachings and private sessions he has guided thousands on their path to a better quality of life. www.healingbeings.org

Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013 | www.InteriorWellness.com 5

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LIFE-CHANGING CHOICES rdon n Goelowna n e K K Dr.

By Pat Zogar


ord na How do we raise up our so that we can see our lives eb. Gconsciousness elow D K . r D from in Lperspective amonputs gst caeverything ncer patients. akers ansense d our u might h e smoked some pot at a rock concer t ora level that et’s tell our landmmakes of it all? We talk. We listen. We exchange ideas. We listen to music. medical system that we want our addicted sons and daughtried a hit of Ecstasy at a ra e when you were in your 20s. Us. R We laugh. hug. We ourYWe tO eensing. ters treaWe ted w ith co u probably tried a beer when you were in yP mpshare. assion We and connect. respect. Studies h e S L A E shown that the addict with the best chance of recovery is u probably drank a lot of soda pop H when you werD id. L eray kdes O O T the one with a support network, people who will encourage Almost certainly you’ve rewa r de d y o ur s e lf w i t h s uga F OLASddictiSveEpoUisoNns. MD serts. Poisons, all oT f tO hem. ost of us them, honour and celebrate their baby steps, not condemn R L E U goWow! When e nbegan ot so planning lucHO the 6th Annual th Choose r evtoerjoin y slipus. at theell Kosmic Kaleidoscope Conference! ith iour t. Scommittee ome wer IV



Canadian New Thought conference we decided upon d bythe theme, teall n e Kaleidoscope.� We were throwing out sorts dis Be“Kosmic s n ould h o n es t. W h a t a r e y o ur t h o ug h ts a b o u t addic ts? I of shideas e e pr nM and when we heard “Kosmic Kaleidoscope,� we didn’t really n “addict� is someone clar ha r our purposes tod think too much about it, we all instantly just knew that was “it!�


It’s May 31, June &p2.llCheck out the great speakers and muey C1am Pat ecula Va . r online at m e ok a Fosicians r every oand thDerregister di s e a s e w e h a n d lewww.cslkamloops.org the symptoms, then lofor T weekend that will truly transform your life! r the cause. We need to first ensure that the addict can get

whose drug of choice is illegal and/or restricted, not you and the substance s/he needs sa l en, we can begin to reduce The Kosmic Kaleidoscope conference is all about changing e , s uga mThen e withI started our addic t io n s t o co ex, s h o w in g o e thinking about it and as I often do when I think, r the perceptions cause. I belie ve raising the neeour contheour depreality endenby ce changing and treat our and and aensyt probably the a liadefinitions inIg got righout t anthe d sdictionary. o on. An addic hiftlessof : Whent Iiscombined hin g ext er n ex, s uga r o r co a l , w h et h er i t b e d a n g sciousness. We’ll be learning in word and song from our ops, cgluodrkshworld-class kelythat a crwhat iminwe al. A hin l “cosmic� robaband ly h“kaleidoscope� as little integrIitrealized arenyt creatn i y speakers t 0 c a in e , a r i s es b e c ause weand do musicians, not know owe’ll ur enbe ougexpanding hness, weour r W a actions, $35narspatand ance P elsing e? is “a succession of variegated, changing phases, f o awareness and creating community as we forge new friendD i d do not know our own power toolcr deenate our own experience onofAlthe terns or scenes of the extraterrestrial vastness Universe i t l Sem et an G a u s o ships and we’ll be celebrating together, our new-found q r e r , d nnection, the loving,tools m tuloaC eco on naoyt Bbaencome iustttehceepytidid in contrast to thetsearth alone.� Wow! of L , we h e lost oDur g r. Jsapiriand a n y addic a r e cr imin a l s. B a l prospering e d P n R and techniques for coping in our (perfectly) p u ngtR ishots because they are crimin cbhe,cSame criminals nlis, B co m p a s sio n a t e s h a t w e l l s u o ur ce o f L p w ithin each of us. n e addic a h e y y u p L ever-changing world. g O Am We know that our lives are a succession r ay of changes – change of d r o . u atiminal acts in order to sur- ps av rgotten that we beaction, cause tchange hey neeofd pattern, to commi tScr o 4 av rFgotten who we are change of scene. But how often ldo o hat -216areJoin metunderstanding hing and theyofwthose ill doa wm vivwe e. raise Theirour boobservation dies need soand theeBHaCentres us. friends Could from we heall lp ed bSpiritual eings, evLiving ery onand e of our divin nd sacrfor  t  Q kthchanges 2 l 8 s M North America on May 31, June 1 & 2 for a life-changing 6 J c S over . e e d o o b t a in i t. I f t h e dr ugs e y n thfrom ey nejust ed tan o do in o r der t Q earthly, materialistic focus? How do2we 50con-DIBOEe"ach other to remember? That could be our only hope. wwoften llega ailvastness BS experience. See details and registration information on oppoc sider life choices wer e noour t illega l, they wasoupart ld nofotthe neeextraterrestrial dw to commi t l lSZac ts. .of r o CSVB F '   site tpage. theonic poster info! Wow! illnto es the right for ge. Next Addic ion isSee a chr ng more challen t Wthe hatUniverse! if there wa s a “war on penicillin?� TheFwa OFU r on drugs B[JO H B w t h a t this is t im e y o u m e et a n addic t o n t h e s t r e et, k n o . but don’t get me is a monumental failure (as are all wa rs, TVFT up our consciousness *Traise So how do we do that? How doXwe X somebody’s child, just trying to survive. started on that). The war on drX ugs really isn’t hurting anyso that we can see our lives from a level that puts everything in Pat Zogar is Spiritual Director at the Centre for Spiritual Living, Kamloops. alreWe adytalk. beinWe g hur t by We the boperspective dy exucep hosmakes e peopsense le thatofarite all? ite t tand listen. Meditation ctor at the C entr r Spatiri10am tual Lifollowed ving, Kamby loothe ps wcelebration here she Pat Meeting Zogar is Sare piriSunday tual Diremornings. 2S drexchange ugs. ideas. We listen to music. We sing. We laugh. We t an Gardens, strivates10:30am. to release Held judgmatenDesert ar and to540 teach only loveStreet. . Re www.cslkamloops.org atricia Zogar Seymour

o o ps l m a K

ister g e R

at e n i on-l

hug. We share. We connect.

ur best to protect our childr om carcinogens and toxins. But if our sons and daughters develop can , diabetes or MS, what do we do? W urture them, love them, drive them to docto pointments, encourage them to move back home, phone them to see how they’re doing. What do we do when our sons and daughters develop addiction? Lecture th oid them, cut them o e our barriers, protect ourselves, even put them in jail. Addiction is not a criminal issue, it is a health issue. Addic#5 tion- i1350 s a medic al emergDrive. ency withKamloops, an abysmal rBC ecovery Summit rate 250.314.9560 ply would no| t towww.naturesfare.com lerate so low a recovery rate

Live Well. Live Organic.

6 www.InteriorWellness.com | Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013


r Spiritual Living, K





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250-314-2028 or www.cslkamloops.org

Change Your Your Thinking...Change Your Your Life! Sharing tools to transform your personal life and make a difference dif ference in the world.

Please join us:

Sundays at 540 Seymour St. Meditation: 10:00 am Celebration: 10:30 am

Teac hing The theScience Science of Mind Teaching of Mind


New Thought ConferencetMay 31, June 1 & 2

Musicians MUSICANS

at Desert Gardens in Kamloops




Eddie Watkins, Jr. Dr. Kenn Gordon Kelowna

Rabin Mendis


Dr. Deb. Gordon Kelowna

presented by

Amy Bishop

Dr. Pat Campbell


Temecula Valley

Registration of $350 includes: Opening Reception, All Seminars and Workshops, Saturday Lunch, Sunday Banquet and Dance Party

Register on-line at www.cslkamloops.org 2 Suite

or call 250-682-2164

Dr. James Golden

Palo Cedro XXX*TTVFT.BHB[JOFOFUt'FCSVBSZ .BSDIBOE"QSJMtQBHF Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013 | www.InteriorWellness.com 7

The ORIGINAL Hot Yoga...

My Changing Body My C h an gin g Practice

By Tania McCartney

I am writing this while my baby, who is one year old today, is crawling around exploring, independent, seeking, and learning. It is a normal and extraordinary day all at once. It marks the transition of baby to toddlerhood. And for me it marks the transition of being a mom who is no longer cooking and birthing babies, so I have this itch as I begin to think about what is next for me, my family, my teaching, and even though we don’t talk about it that often in the yoga world, my business.

A real-life, practical style of Yoga accessible to everyone!

Classes 7 days a week New location! 60 car parking child care steam and sauna rooms lockers and showers fresh juice and coffee bar

Yoga Potion: High Grade Essential Oil Blends

1-888-974-6259 www.yogapotion.com

Intro Special

30 days unlimited

$30 New Students Only

Location: 905A 8th Street Northshore, Kamloops in the NO LIMITS FITNESS building

778-470-4688 www.bikramkamloops.com 8 www.InteriorWellness.com | Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013

I am a Mom. What else am I? My identity was something that I clung to tenaciously in Toronto. I moved there to go to theatre school and pursue my dream of becoming an actor. Everyone who knew me in Toronto knew me as an actor. I loved performing, but it is a tough road, and a road that I found to be too challenging. When I got a job I was happy as anything, but something happened to me when I walked into the audition room. I gave away all my power to the people sitting behind the desk. I diminished myself. The negative self talk and comparing myself to everyone in the waiting room was unbearable. Postulating why I didn’t get the job became a cruel game I played way too often. I literally spent years in therapy trying to figure out what it was all about. What was holding me back? Fear. An underlying fear of not being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough and the list goes on. Patterns of fear and our body’s response to fear are deep, primal and can become deeply ingrained. In yoga deeply ingrained patterns are called samskaras. But the brain and the body are incredibly plastic. With determination and with the use of mindful practice we can shift our response to fear and other negative emotions. We can transform. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to meet the right teacher at the right time. This fall I began working with Isabelle Hamptonstone who runs Brain Train International. She is a trained Hatha Yoga Instructor and Ski Instructor who took those strengths and became a qualified mental performance master practitioner for sport, business, and life. With trust and deep relaxation she allowed me to find the resources to begin to unwind and release old limiting beliefs and reframe my responses to these emotions as they continue to come up in my life. She is an excellent facilitator. She held the space, while I did the work. I take away lessons from my deep subconscious each time I meet with her. But it was the lessons that I took with me on the session as I approached my response to fear that stuck with me the most. It was the tiny voice of the little girl that lives within me that spoke, “You are safe. You are loved. Open your heart.”

"Stop being who you were and become who You are."   ~ Paulo Coelho

Oh, bless Facebook, always giving me little tidbits of inspiration to chew on. But I thought about this a little, and thought, “Well, no. I wouldn’t be who I am without who I have always been.” I made each of the choices that made me who I am, for better or worse. I am quite happy with who I am becoming, feeling more grounded and confident with each year, becoming more content with my life, decisions, and in my ability to be flexible and yielding, yet strong. I will always be a mom now, that role is a permanent fixture, but on top of being a daughter, sister, wife, friend, and yoga teacher, what is yet to come? Tania has been practicing yoga for 13 years and teaching for 6. Her extensive theatre and dance background have also helped inform the explorative style of Hatha Yoga she teaches. Tania has taken several pre/postnatal training courses and interned with Monica Voss in Toronto, who has 35 years of experience teaching prenatal yoga. She and her 2 young girls have also experienced and experimented with both pre- and postnatal yoga. They teach her a lot about yoga. To find out more about Tania, her classes and other musings visit www.groundedandsound.ca or Grounded and Sound Yoga on Facebook.

Pilates By Nicole Bruce

Pilates has been around since the early 1900’s but is considered to be a relatively new form of exercise for many. Pilates is steadily gaining popularity although we still hear incorrect beliefs about the method. We hope to dispel some of the biggest misconceptions about Pilates and provide facts to create awareness about what Pilates really is about. Myth  #1:  Pilates  isn’t  Challenging  Enough: A traditional gym workout is often associated with “no pain no gain”, in a Pilates workout it is not this way. Pilates focuses on quality and precision of movement rather than the quantity of repetitions. This quality and precision with great focus on the mind body connection ensures a full body workout that challenges even the most fit individual. Although this method of exercise is different than what people are used to, it offers a tremendous full body conditioning workout. If you like to “zone out” mentally while exercising – for example headphones on the treadmill – it may not be for you. But if you like to focus on performing exercises with accuracy and ensure you are getting the most from your exercise, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve had a good workout with Pilates.” The Truth: For people who are willing to rethink the “ no pain no gain” mentality, Pilates will provide a full body conditioning workout that will leave you stronger and ready to take on the things you love to do in your life. Myth #2: Pilates is not For Men: Pilates was originally developed by a man, for men! Joseph Pilates held a career as a boxing coach, martial artist, and athletic trainer in WW1. Although Pilates has taken off slower with the male population, it is an excellent form of exercise regardless of gender as it provides strength, flexibility and agility. The Truth: Pilates studios around the world and locally here at The Pilates Tree in Kamloops offer classes specifically for men. More men are discovering the benefits of Pilates every year and taking it up as a regular maintenance program for their health. There are many players from sports teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL and athletes from golf and tennis among others who do Pilates regularly and value the benefits they receive. Myth #3: Pilates is too Hard: Pilates is a system of exercises done in sequence. It is important at first to be patient and learn the fundamental techniques of the Pilates work and not jump to the more advanced exercises before your body is ready. Finding an instructor that has a strong training in the full Pilates method is essential. Your instructor should have a good understanding of the importance of modifying exercises at a beginner level. The Truth: If performed with a qualified instructor at a beginner level who understands the importance and knows how to modify the exercises for a beginner, the work is not too difficult. You should be able to start Pilates whether or not it is a rehabilitation program, your regular exercise program or as an addition to your current training. Myth #4: Pilates is too expensive: People often comment on the price of their Pilates classes and often forget what they are receiving for their dollars. The price of a private Pilates session is usually on par with a personal training session at $50 - $100. When you sign

up for equipment-based classes the class size is maxed at 4 people at The Pilates Tree. This provides each member with plenty of hands on attention much like a semi-private session. There is far more “bang for you buck” than a traditional group class where there can be up to 40 other people in your class. The equipment-based classes average at $20.00 per class. For the Mat based classes, the price is usually similar to your local yoga class at $12-$15 per class and the class size is maxed at only 8 people. Again this gives you more attention than in your traditional workout class where the room can be full. The Truth: The price is good considering the high level of one on one attention, the quality of instruction and the reward in the work. Pilates gives you a high return on your investment that will carry you through your life with a healthy, strong, balanced body. Nicole is co-owner of The Pilates Tree and is currently taking the fully comprehensive classical teacher training program out of The Pilates Tree. She has been teaching Yamuna Body Rolling as an additional service offered within the studio. info@thepilatestree.com 250-320-2639. Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013 | www.InteriorWellness.com 9

Spiritual Pilgrimage By Val Theroux

The Significance of Place An Anglo-European history of colonization and pioneering, immigration or exile, and familial and tribal dislocation has left many with lost cultural roots and spiritual disconnection from their ancient peoples and lands. When encoded in our DNA this collective history has contributed to the great sense of separation among our parts of self, our families, from the interconnected web of nature itself and from our hereditary Spiritual Sources. Disconnection on ancestral, unconscious levels, adds to contemporary spiritual distress and a sense of unexplainable loss or brokenness, also known as “soul loss”. Spiritual Pilgrimage which connects us to “significance of place” opens the doorway to profound healing and spontaneous return of lost “soul parts”.

Val Theroux

Reiki Master, Teacher & Pilgrimage Facilitator

Meditations - Pilgrimages Energy Healing Sessions Discounted sessions available with this ad.

Ringwood Healing


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Each of us holds a unique landscape within. As we engage with spiritual pilgrimage outer landscapes stir the inner landscapes, reflecting and holding precious wisdom to heal, illuminate and bring us home to ourselves. Thus the places we choose to journey to, within and without, can indeed be significant in our search and return to wholeness. Since my first visit in 2005, I’ve felt called to UK landscapes; and since 2009 called to share this “significance of place” with groups of friends. I believe the outer landscapes I seek, stumble upon and return to, connect with an ancestral memory deep within myself and my fellow pilgrims. These places have a way of re-calling parts of us lost to the darkest places of our personal, ancestral and collective history. These experiences can be truly life changing. Although difficult to describe, my personal experience illustrates this “significance of place”; namely entering and being held by the Earth. For others it has been the world peace gardens of Chalice Well or Stonehenge or Dartmoor etc. My first experience within the Earth was on a Welsh coal mine tour with my husband and a young school group. For 1-2 minutes while underground, we were silent with all head lamps turned off. Surprisingly unafraid, I had the most wonderful sensation of merging with the earth and lost all sense of separateness. The following year my Celtic Reiki Master took me to a small English Neolithic barrow. I crawled into the low chamber, curled up for several minutes experiencing amazing freedom from pain, fear and time which I couldn’t consciously locate, despite trying. Last year while working with a Celtic Shaman in Ireland I went solo into another Neolithic Chamber and embraced the Crone within me and my place in my matriarchal lineage, restoring and releasing me from “aloneness”. Supported by a Shamanic Teacher and Pilgrim Sisters, last month I entered West Kennett Barrow alone and experienced pure Love and Joy on my 65th Birthday night! I felt the energy of the ancestral women encouraging, inviting and singing me home to a timeless circle again. More than skeletons in museums, our ancestors hold the key to who we are or need to be today on the inside, at our core, within the outside context of our 21st century lives. Val Theroux is a retired counsellor and nurse, Reiki Master/Teacher and Pilgrimage Facilitator. Contact Val @ 250 372 1424 or 319 6457 valtheroux@shaw.ca


A dear friend of mine has the Sanskrit word Mrityunjai tattooed across his left chest. The word means “victorious over death.” This friend is a true yogi, someone who has faced death, and knows for himself that death does not exist. We met after he’d had a bone marrow transplant due to a second episode of cancer. Now, 10 years later, he’s in a third episode, once again being forced to go farther and look deeper into living than most of us ever have to do. It’s as if he’s destined to be god-realized in this lifetime, whether he chooses to or not! This word Mrityunjai gets to the heart of the most esoteric and spiritual message of yoga. Of course this does not mean that our bodies won’t die. Everything in this changing world must continue to change. Doing yoga poses, practicing breath work and eating a vegetarian diet makes you healthier, and can possibly extend your lifespan, but it is in meditation and self inquiry that the profoundest meaning of yoga is known. In meditation you simply sit, with your eyes closed. At first you only see the changes in your mind, but after settling into stillness, you start to witness the ever-present space of being in you. This unchanging space is always there when you meditate. Behind the colourful and varying imagination and memory of your fantastic mind, this formless space of awareness is always there, waiting for you to notice it’s subtle existence. This subtlest space is your eternal being. This pure presence is the base of your existence and what you were before you were born, who you are now, and who you will be once your body has lived its years. The miracle of this space is that it can be known to you immediately. Right now, know that the purest sense you have of who you call ‘I’, is this pure, ever-present space of being. Normally, you automatically associate this ‘I’ with your name, your body, your status and a thousand other qualifications. But if you meditate on the words “I am I”, then you will come closer to realizing that you are this subtlest space of pure being. In deep meditation, when your mind has become still, you’ll witness that the purity of your real being exists. It’s incredible that we assume to fear death so much. Of course, we see bodies dying and passing away. But we really don’t have any direct proof that the existence of a person is extinguished. We see a body die, but is a person just their body? This begins the inquiry into who a person is, who you are. Meditators ask themselves, “Am I just this body?” Intuitively, some of us realize that we are more than this. You might say there is also no proof that life doesn’t die. But there is proof: the direct experience of countless visionaries who

came to know in their own awareness that life is one, eternal, immortal, ever-present, and pure existence. These true sages have spoken to people in all cultures, in all centuries. Their message is simple:

“Know that you are pure and free forever.  Do not have any fear due to an idea of death. You are immortal and blissful.” This is the message for my dear friend, who will never die. And for anyone who desires pure freedom. Padma Meditation: Meditation Teacher Training www.padmayoga.ca Padma is one of Canada's most respected and popular teachers of meditation and yoga. Since 2003, she has hosted four nationally-aired yoga television series, totaling 143 episodes. Padma has over 30 years experience in yoga and meditation, including a nineyear advanced meditation retreat in the Himalayas of India. She is certified to teach Advanced Yogic Studies, Meditation and Hatha Yoga by the International Meditation Institute of India. She holds a B.Sc. in Biology from McGill University, Canada. Padma’s teachings expertly integrate western science and eastern knowledge, presenting timeless wisdom for lasting health and calm strength in our modern, dynamic world. www.padmayoga.ca

C HANGE The Way You Work Out! •Improve your posture •Develop longer, leaner muscles •Gain core strength •Increase flexibility •Rebalance your body •Sport-specific training •Classes for ALL fitness levels

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What other people think of you... is their concern, not yours!  By Isabelle Hamptonstone

My Tip

Introduction What happens when you feel like someone doesn’t like you? A whole room of people may like you, but if there is one that doesn’t does it become your whole focus, zapping energy out of you like a slow leak in an otherwise full balloon? Let me tell you, if you are worrying about who likes you and who doesn’t, it is just like juggling kittens. Worrying about people liking you and tossing the family pets around is senseless, and draining, because cats don’t like to be thrown and all people are not going to like you all the time. It is not empowering or constructive, and it destroys your focus.

Being open minded is of course, crucial for learning, and accepting there are always going to be people who do not resonate with you, lessens your burden and helps you to focus on what you really need to, YOU.

Learning Bill Cosby is famous for saying that he doesn’t know what the key to success is, but he does know that trying to please everyone all the time is the key to failure. Smart man, that Bill Cosby, because if you know what you are looking for you will be much more likely to attract people with the same goals and strengths as you. Letting go of the need to please, is freeing and will enable you to focus all that energy to go for what you really want.


Enjoy the release and relief of letting that heavy energy go!

While trying to please everyone, all the time, you run the risk of wasting energy trying to please the wrong people and leave the person who you need to please, YOU, drained of energy.

Call to action

Education Have you ever met someone and you felt your soul rejoice because this person just laughed at your jokes, and was immediately sympathetic to your plights? What a gift!!! Why can’t everyone be this way you wonder? Conversely have you ever met someone, who you felt like you just couldn’t get through to, and it felt like they were from some alien planet? Some people react to this situation by thinking, ‘I have to get this person to like me.’ In the impossible task of trying to get everyone to like you, you are just wasting time and energy, which could be used to focus on your real dreams and goals.


Create The Life You Want







Isabelle Hamptonstone is a specialist in dealing with mental self-sabotage through retraining the subconscious mind of athletes and business owners. Simply go to her website: www.braintrainwin.com and experience all the ways she can help you to think in new ways to change how you concentrate your thoughts, maximize the extraordinary in all things, big or small, and help you to make life change that will create a confident, successful and peaceful life! Change your thoughts; change your results and Train Your Brain To Win. Izzy: isabelle@braintrainwin.com 250-320-7047



This need to be liked comes from your subconscious and is a result of past painful experiences of someone not liking you.

Many times, this need to please everyone stems from your subconscious. To be rid of this impossible need to please, contact Isabelle Hamptonstone MSc, whose main focus in life is freeing the subconscious from the negative, and helping to reprogram the powerhouse that is within your subconscious to soar to unbelievably successful heights.


250.554.6707 g ng n cell: 250.319.7364 i a n d Tr a i n lynn@breathintegrationkamloops.ca www.breathintegrationkamloops.ca #204-535 Tranquille Kamloops, BC V2B 3H5 Tranquille Rd.





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Nancy Plett, Certified Professional Life Coach Personal & Professional Development Helping people manage change, clarify goals and move towards a desired future with solution-focused action.



Ever yday


By Wendy Marr

A recent conversation with my 12 yr old son got me thinking about the term 'everyday passion'. With one year of elementary school left he is beginning to think about 'what he wants to do' with his life. 'Living in a rural area, in a log cabin, but not too far from people...Growing organic food to bring to the farmer's market in his Ford pick-up' are high on the list at this point in his life. His question to me was, "Is this an okay way to want to live?" "Is this important?" I was elated at the clarity and sincere desire he exuded when describing his life envisioned as an adult! And 100% supportive of his aspirations! Later that evening as I pondered my own twelve year-old dreams of growing up, I clearly remembered being told that my best bet for success was to be a nurse or a teacher. If I was truly ambitious, with the 'woman's lib' in full swing, aspiring for the professions of a doctor or lawyer was possible, but be prepared to 'fight' it out in a male-dominated domain! At that time all I wanted to do was be a mom and play the piano! With years of living under my belt, 30 of those spent as a mother and piano teacher, I feel blessed to have the mindset that my everyday passions are my life passions! How can you not be happy doing what you LOVE? Not to diminish the role of those who are professionals in the slightest! The world needs passionate people in all walks of life. My perspective is that no job is too menial or undeserving of gratitude for the energy and effort that must go into it, despite the monetary compensation. And in the words of the late philosopher, Alan Watts, who is featured in a popular YouTube video 'If Money Were No Object' I invite you to take the time to dip into your heart and examine what "makes you itch, what do you desire," what really lights your fire, what brings you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment? These are your true passions! I challenge you to make these things a part of your 'everyday' and watch your zest and joy for life expand! Wendy Marr is a devoted mother, wife & lover of life! She delights in fortuitous moments of facilitating others passion discoveries. To connect for a private session or register for the June 2nd group workshop in Kamloops call (250) 3144106 or email wlmarr@shaw.ca


By Dr. Stephanie Hutchins

Is your world in a spin? There are many potential causes of dizziness, some benign and some more serious. The root cause of dizziness is often determined by the symptoms that accompany it. For example, is there hearing loss associated with the dizziness? Does the episode occur with motion of the head, such as rolling over in bed? Are the episodes constant or recurring? All of these factors (and more) are important in determining the potential cause and therefore the appropriate treatment. One of the most common causes of dizziness is a condition known as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). This condition is characterized by sudden onset of episodic dizziness lasting only a few minutes, which often follows movement of the head. This relatively benign but very debilitating condition is a cause of concern for many, especially since it appears to arise out of the blue and often results in time away from work and no clear treatment options. The most widely accepted theory behind the cause of BPPV is crystal deposits (otoliths) within the inner ear (semi-circular canals) causing inadvertent stimulation of the hair cells found within the semi-circular canals. While stimulation of the inner ear hair cells by otoliths is a normal mechanism for us to determine our head position; there are times where head movement and/or body positioning can cause these otoliths to become lodged in an area where they give our brain erroneous information on our body positioning. Luckily, there is a highly effective and non-invasive treatment option for this condition. The Epley maneuver is an otolith-repositioning maneuver with success rates reported as high at 92%. It involves systematic head positioning following a determination of which inner ear is the affected side. The only potential side effect from this maneuver is the triggering of a dizzy bout. It is often repeated a number of times to reach full therapeutic potential. While not all causes of dizziness are benign it is important to know that if you have been diagnosed with BPPV there are options available to you that are safe, non-invasive and fast. Chiropractors, physiotherapists and medical doctors are all trained in how to perform the Epley maneuver so feel free to ask them any questions you may have regarding this condition or treatment. If you are experiencing any forms of dizziness it is important that you bring these up with a health care provider as soon as possible. Dr. Stephanie Hutchins is a chiropractor, kinesiologist, and certified Active Release Techniques 速 (A.R.T.) provider at Kamloops Active Health. Dr. Stephanie can be reached for an appointment at 250-372-8856, stephanie@kamloopsactivehealth.ca www.kamloopsactivehealth.ca

Heart Bound Discoveries

...inspiring transformation

Wendy Marr

Certified Passion Test Facilitator

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It's about

time... By Dawnica Flatt

Being a parent is a wonderful experience, but there are definitely challenges along the way. Sometimes, we even hear our own parent’s words coming out of our mouths or saying things we never thought we'd say to our children. We shape who they become by what we say and how we say it so it's crucial to create healthy communications. So how can we develop healthy communications? We can start by taking note of our tone, by listening, and by giving our time. Children grow quickly and we are often wrapped up in our fast paced lives and can find ourselves saying “not right now, I'm busy”, “I need you to go play” or ignoring them but this gives children the feeling that they are not important. When they feel their needs are not being met, children can resort to negative behavior because it gets them attention, which is better than none at all. At these times, it's important to use appropriate language, separating the behaviour from the child. It's what they did that was wrong, not who they are so we should refrain from saying things

Mighty Oak Midwifery From a tiny acorn, grows the mighty oak


Joanna Nemrava Elaine Barnes Rosalynd Curry Julia Moxley

Proud momma Shawna Mackenzie-Melis and her new baby girl, Meila Vade Paul, born February 1st at Royal Inland Hospital with the Midwives of Mighty Oak! Now accepting new clients. Midwifery Care is covered by BC Care Card.

202 - 322 Victoria Street


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like “you were a bad boy/girl for throwing that” and instead say what they did was inappropriate. Praising them for positive things helps end the pattern and is another way to create healthy communications. We all like to hear when we are doing something well and children are very much the same: it builds self-confidence.

By doing an activity with your child or including them in what you are doing, you are letting them know they matter which is huge for their development, positive self-esteem and self-confidence Time with children allows the opportunity to really listen to them. By doing an activity with your child or including them in what you are doing, you are letting them know they matter which is huge for their development, positive self-esteem and self-confidence. Listening attentively to what your child has to say encourages them to develop their own ideas and opinions and opens up two-way communication. Also, rather than us stepping in to to do things for them when we are in a rush, they need time to do things for themselves. This shows that we believe in their abilities. It builds skill and competency instead of discouragement. Lastly, our tone and body language say more than our words. We need to talk to children by bending down to their level, making eye contact and speaking with respect. Children will feel criticized, judged and even fear if our tone is too harsh and they will be less receptive to what is being said. Talk to children with a soft tone and tell your child what to do in a positive way because it reinforces what is appropriate and expected. And ALWAYS tell your children how much you love them and OFTEN, they need the reassurance that you love them unconditionally. A little bit of time and a simple “I love you” can go a long way in building strong and confident individuals and in developing healthy communication. Dawnica Flatt is an Early Childhood Educator in the Kamloops area and she also owns Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service, providing parents another option for experiencing the benefits of cloth diapering. snug.glee.bumz@gmail.com You can contact Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service, 250-554-9722, www.snuggleebumz.com

y g r e En

Is All There Is!

By Marianne Ferguson

Everything is energy. We know this, but to deeply and really know it and let energy help us with our wellness is the aim of Eden Energy Medicine. The energy anatomy of the body is as complex and multi-layered as its physical anatomy. Of the multiple energetic systems some are widely recognized, such as the meridians, the chakras, and the aura. Other energetic systems have not been as commonly understood. Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is a rich blend of techniques that Donna Eden has combined through her work with thousands of clients over the years. Donna’s understanding of energy has grown and as such has evolved with her teachings. She and her husband, David Feinstein, have co-written two award winning books for energetic information and self-care.

As we awaken to this energetic era we are redefining the understanding of ourselves. The five physical senses belief become obsolete as we come to know ourselves as multisensory. We are moving at a pace that is racing to keep up with the speed of thought, which is itself an energy that drives the human body. Energy Medicine helps awaken energies that bring vitality, joy, and enthusiasm to your life – and greater health to your body, mind and spirit! Balancing your energies balances your body's chemistry, helps you feel better, and brings clarity to your thoughts. It is the medicine of the future - it empowers you NOW to adapt and help you flourish in the 21st century. Marianne Ferguson, EEM-CP: Marianne is a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, Registered Herbalist, and Meditation Coach. Marianne owns and operates Splinter Hill Wholistics and lives in Kamloops BC. Reach her at: 250 374-1628 www.splinterhillwholistics.ca Marianne@splinterhillwholistics.ca SOURCE: "Energy Medicine" By Donna Eden and David Feinstein.

Donna Eden sees energy and feels the vibrational quality of energy. She describes the many systems of energy interacting with each other and the physical body. Donna’s quest to understand what she had always seen led her to live amongst the Shaman in Fiji and later to study the traditional healings of many different cultures, to see how regular use of each method affected the energies of the body in consistent ways. The EEM practitioner has studied the foundations of EEM, been coached through many hours of hands on practice and is encouraged and mentored to own a way of knowing energy. Eden Energy Medicine works predominately with nine primary energetic systems: Meridians, Chakras, Aura, Basic Grid, Celtic Weave, Five Rhythms, Triple Warmer, Radiant Circuits and Electrics. Eden Energy Medicine explores the many layers of energy, finding blocks and imbalance, clearing pathways and linking weak or broken connections. A valuable and important part of EEM is the teaching of energetic self-care. Eden Energy Medicine enables you to integrate work accomplished in the session and learn valuable tools to keep your own energies in balance. Our energy systems are attempting to adapt to a world of stresses, pollutants, and information overload that was unknown to our ancestors. Our energies are overwhelmed, confused, and settling for imperfect compromises and require significant repatterning if we are to fully flourish. Energy Medicine is capable of such re-patterning. Energy is the patient and energy is the medicine.

Splinter Hill


w w w. s p l i n t e r h i l l w h o l i s t i c s . c a

Eden Energy Medicine Source to powerful healing! Experience an amazing session. Feel your energy move and become empowered to use Eden Energy Medicine self care techniques to enhance energies and maintain balance.

Eden Energy Medicine Introductory Workshops June, 2013. EEM 101 and EEM 102. Two powerful days of learning techniques with lots of hands on practice time. These classes are an opportunity to learn what the energies flowing through your body can tell you.

Marianne Ferguson, Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

250-374-1628 Marianne@splinterhillwholistics.ca

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By Katina O’Neil 

What is the shaman’s way? With so many people exploring shamanic teachers and teachings these days, and almost as many people wondering what it is you do with these teachings after the courses are over, I think it is timely to look deeper at how the shaman’s world view is relevant to everyday life. Most courses focus on personal healing while offering you archetypal tools to accomplish the desired change. This can have great value for those of us looking to heal our woundedness, but shamanism is so much broader a subject than personal healing.

teachings from the Andes are the basis of a huge revival in shamanism throughout North America. What is still evolving is how these teachings inform us – people of the eagle – in everyday life. How do we make them relevant? A core teaching in shamanism revolves around relationships of power. This is not the familiar understanding of power; power over something/someone. This refers to the access you have to sources of power within yourself and particularly to sources of power within the natural world around you.

There are probably an equal number of people looking for a spiritual path that incorporates a personal relationship with something greater than themselves. Shamanism offers this, though the models are often imbedded in cultures far removed from where we live. Having a spiritual relationship with archetypes arising out of a landscape thousands of miles away can lose its immediacy if not its relevance.

This understanding, forming, and incorporating relationships of power in everyday life is where the eagle is trying to fly wing-tip to wing-tip with the condor. We need to find our relationships of power in the places where we live.

“We need to find our relationships of power in the places where we live.”

So – what to do? There is a very ancient prophecy held by both the indigenous people of the Andes and the indigenous people of our land here. It states, “One day the condor of the south and the eagle of the north will fly wing-tip to wing-tip”. This is thought to mean that one day the spiritual teachings of the Andes will come north and will inform the people living in North America. It is interesting to note that these cultures, separated by thousands of miles, have held an identical prophecy. We are in this “one day.” These

16 www.InteriorWellness.com | Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013

So – what is the ‘shaman’s way’? It is a way of power. The question now is, “How do I create these relationships of power in my personal landscape so I can tap into the potential inherent with me? How can I come into a reciprocal relationship with the land where I live; energy to energy, power to power?” You are an infinite being capable of an unlimited life. Shamanism can take you out of your stories and limited beliefs into the life you were meant to live. This is the Shaman’s Way – empowered, evolving, filled with health and joy. Katina O’Neil is a Shamanic Teacher, Healer and Reiki Master



By Donna Martin

Instead of working to correct her standing posture, I invited Pat to Psoma yoga is an approach to yoga practice and yoga therapy based slightly exaggerate her tendency to have her head forward. [This paron the understanding that the body and mind are not separate… that adoxical technique of intentionally doing in mindfulness the very patour body habits may be expressions of habits of mind, such as thinktern that seems problematic has an interesting effect. It tends to bring ing habits, perceptual habits, attitudes, and beliefs. If there is a patup a situation or story, or the memory of a past experience comes into tern of rounding the shoulders, for example, it is possible that this conscious awareness. This helps the person to understand the reason postural habit has an unconscious meaning, for example, as a profor the pattern. Often it is at least partly a result of a habitual reaction tective way to make oneself smaller, or to protect the heart. Typically, to a repeated situation, such as a physician sitting with patients and any attempt to “correct” or change the postural habit will create anxlistening to their report of symptoms. However, a postural pattern iety or set up even more unconscious tension as a kind of resistance may also holdtherapy clues to beliefs, such as those around self image or self to the change. psoma yoga and psoma yoga worth and approval. In Psoma Yoga, any posture or movement that invites this kind psof = mind and spirit quickly connected with a belief that her postural pattern was exhabit to change is offered simply as an experiment for self discovery.soma =Pat body pressing: "I need to put your needs ahead of mine." The Psoma Yoga therapist might ask, what happens as you do this? What do you feel? Where does your body tighten or resist? How When she experimented with moving her head gently forward and does this change the way your body relates to the ground? How do back, into and out of the pattern, to andyoga pausing her head more in you feel different in Psoma your body after doing this? Martin’s integrative mindfulness-based yoga TM is Donna approach andwith yoga alignment with her body, she was very surprised to notice that she therapy using mindful movements and yoga asanas, Patanjali's Sutras, Buddhist practices, felt anxious. Simply by staying with this feeling ofand anxiety, she realWhen we are ready to change, and fully aware of a new alternative the Hakomi Method self-study. It is aIfgently powerful toastransform attitudes, ized thatway it felt though, bylimiting standingbeliefs, this way, she was risking disthat feels more nourishing, the change canofhappen quite easily. we approval and rejection. A flood of memories came up are pressured, even by another of can ourselves, feel forced, we and habitspart that causeorunnecessary stress and suffering. It is a yoga practice of healing asthat helped her understand why, in early retirement now because of her own health will naturally resist. And just because a more nourishing option is rememberingissues, wholeness. she was not able to feel worthwhile as a person unless she was offered, such as a more natural alignment, it does not mean we can taking care of others. Her postural pattern was an unconscious ataccept it (any more than we can always take it in when someone tells tempt to keep her in a reality where she put the needs of others ahead us we are beautiful.) of her own, even when she was unwell.

Patanjali II.48. tato dvanda nabhighatah:

When we find the underlying meaning of a postural pattern, we have In this place of awareness in the practice we move beyond a better chance of addressing the limiting beliefs that need to shift in the illusion of duality, separateness, either/or experiences, order for the body to willingly change. Otherwise the body continues right/wrong, good/bad, pain/pleasure, correct/incorrect, Donna toMartin resist anything that seems incongruent with our self image, or our success/failure… these no longer have any validity. unconscious beliefs about how we need to be in the world to be lovHere is an example of a psoma yoga therapy session:

www.donnamartin.net able, valued, or even to be safe. www.reflectivepractice.com www.hakomi.ca Donna Martin has been teaching yoga since 1970. She studied yoga therapy with

Pat, at age 60, wanted some help with her posture which continued to be a problem for her in spite of a year of yoga classes. In her work as a nurse, she had spent a lot of time sitting with patients. She now tended to hold her head forward, her chest was somewhat caved in and her upper back rounded. She looked collapsed when she was standing, and it was an effort, and felt unnatural, for her to stand tall with her shoulders back and her chest open.

A.G.Mohan and others. Her approach has been influenced by Tibetan Buddhism, Kum Nye, and by the Feldenkrais Method. She was a charter member of the International Association of Yoga and assistant editor of the IAYT Journal for several years. She also worked closely with Ron Kurtz, creator of the Hakomi Method of mindfulness-based psychotherapy, and has been an international Hakomi trainer since 1996. www.hakomi.ca. Donna will offer a one week training May 17-24 at Hollyhock on Cortes Island... www.hollyhock.ca. Her original integrated approach to yoga therapy is called Psoma Yoga Therapy, and is a way to teach yoga classes, as well as yoga therapy to support and assist others in their healing journey.

P som a Yoga The r ap y Tra i ning May 17-24, 2013 & Oct 27-Nov 1, 2013 Hollyhock Educational Retreat Centre November 16-23 Hawaii retreat "Embodied Mindfulness" with Flint Sparks at Hui Ho'olana, Molokai, Hawaii www.huiho.org

Psoma yogaTM is Donna Martin’s integrative mindfulness-based approach to yoga and yoga therapy using mindful movements and yoga asanas, Patanjali's Sutras, Buddhist practices, and the Hakomi Method of self-study. psoma yoga and psoma yoga therapy

www.donnamartin.net ps = mind and spirit soma = body

Psoma yoga TM is Donna Martin’s integrativewellness mindfulness-based approach to yoga and| yoga Interior | Spring/Summer 2013 www.InteriorWellness.com

therapy using mindful movements and yoga asanas, Patanjali's Sutras, Buddhist practices, and

the Hakomi Method of self-study. It is a gently powerful way to transform limiting beliefs, attitudes, and habits that can cause unnecessary stress and suffering. It is a yoga practice of healing as remembering wholeness.



Practice With Shirley de Vooght

It has been said, that music gets in between the cells in our body and changes us...forever. Music heals. Serenity Music, 2 hours north of Kamloops, is a small concert venue on the North Thompson river in beautiful Birch Island. Going into our 5th year of LIVE MUSIC, the journey has been pretty incredible. I am grateful for all the "learning" to make this venue the vision that I had in my heart a reality - with true intention. I built this wonderful environment to share with all who wish to come here and feel the extraordinary energy that surrounds us. It is a family oriented venue, (Camping is FREE, children 12 & under FREE) where LIVE music nourishes the soul. Rock, Blues, Folk, Celtic!! At Serenity Music the fans can actually meet & visit with the artists,"on ALL Stages :)" Serenity is not just a venue: it's an experience, to be shared and remembered. It's about family, friendships ~ old & new and of course amazing MUSIC! The energy here is truly magical. Even the eagles sit in the trees along the river to listen. Just follow the Yellow Guitars...they lead you to Serenity! Live, love and laugh with Serenity and MUSIC!

By Joy Demsey

with Running Shoes On! Inhale, step one, step two, step three. Exhale, step one, step two, step three. Inhale the steps, begin again. Running away from the chaos of my mind? Running to my place of serenity. The more I do yoga on my mat, the more I can do yoga everywhere. Hatha yoga on a mat, Bhakti yoga in chanting and jnana yoga found in a book. Why not find yoga in my running shoes? Inhale, step one, step two, step three. Exhale, step one, step two, step three. Hips tucked under, gate forward, shoulders back, hands relaxed, hands relaxed. Sthira Sukham Asanam (Sutra 2.46). My posture is steady and with ease. On the hill I crunch forward. My breath is impaired. My gate shortens, doubt comes to mind. I am almost to the top. I am almost halfway. I am almost around the sharp curve. Still running. I am still running! Hips tuck under, shoulders back, hands relaxed, hands relaxed. My doubt dissipates. I am floating. I amaze myself with the distance I can go when I am consumed with the process of running. The runner's high is not a chance event for me. Yogas-citta-vrtti-nirodhah (Sutra 1.2). Yoga is the restriction of the fluctuations of consciousness. When I run, I run. The uphill is hard, the downhill is easy. There will always be up-hills and down-hills. In my mind, I am just running. If I put my worries and concerns to the side they are to the side. Right now I inhale, step one, step two, step three, hands relaxed, hands relaxed.

Summer 2013 Serenity Music Schedule Fri/May 24: Ray Tarantino ~ House Concert in the Garden - 7pm. $20 Sat/May 25: Melissa Bandura, She Says Electric 7pm. Sun/Jun 2: Alex Vissia Trio 6pm ~ No Cover Sat/Jun 15: Good For Grapes, Elaine Ryan - 7pm. $30 Sun/Jun 23: X2, Keenan Wilcox 2pm & 6pm with Cory Hawthorne Sat/July 13: David Blair, Devon Coyote - 7pm. $30 Sun.July 10: SORA ~ No Cover ~Dessert Deck Fri/July 19: House Concert Shannon Lyon ~7PM $20. Sun/July 21: Keenan Wilcox - No cover~Dessert Deck 6pm Sun/July 28: EMBERFIELD 6pm Dessert Deck ~ No cover Wed/Aug 14: Dirty Grace Band ~ 6PM - Dessert Deck ~No Cover Sat/Aug 17: Benny Walker & Tom Richardson, Danielle Savage ~7pm ~$30 Wed/Aug 21: Bohemian Songstresses - Dessert Deck ~ 6pm Fri/Sept 6: WINDBORN ~ House Concert CD Release 7pm $20

www.s e r e nity m us ic .c a 18 www.InteriorWellness.com | Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013

Exhale, realize. Over the last 27 years I have run one kilometre, then two, three...fifteen, eighteen, twenty one. I have had walk breaks and pregnancy breaks. I have taught others to run, and watched them return to their running routines. I have done distance runs and hill runs; runs around temples in Japan and through the countryside of Kyrgyzstan. Jatyantara parinamah prakriti apurat( Sutra 4.2). Any change into a new state of being is the result of the fullness of Nature unfolding inherent potential. These runs are constant benchmarks allowing for me to reflect on this amazing process of life unfolding. A yoga practice with running shoes on. Inhale, step one, step two, step three, hands relaxed, hands relaxed, exhale realize. Joy Demsey has been doing yoga for almost 25 years, and running for 27. She currently works at Kamloops Hot Yoga where she leads a spring fun run group followed by a Runner's yoga class. www.kamloopshotyoga.com


Solar Laundry


Laun e g n a R Free


The Kamloops Chapter of the BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) is delighted to announce that The Solar Laundry Project will run again in 2013 – with a twist. “We’re building on last year’s success by going bigger and better,” says organizer James Gordon. “We’re still giving away free clotheslines, but we’ve added some great new elements to the campaign.” Organizers are teaming up with Kamloops Youth Soccer to encourage line drying among sports teams, and the BCSEA will have a presence at major tournaments this spring. A video contest is already in full swing.

R o b so n Va l l e y Mu si c Fe sti va l Au g u st 1 6 - 1 8 , D u n ste r BC w w w. R o b s o n Va l l e y M u s i c F e s t i v a l b c . c o m

"We’re excited that the City has joined us as an official sponsor this year," says Gisela Ruckert, vice-chair of the Chapter. "This campaign is a natural fit, since it promotes energy awareness and supports the goals of the Sustainable Kamloops Plan.” BC Hydro has again signed on as the major sponsor. “It ties in well with several BC Hydro initiatives, like Team Power Smart, where people can get $75 cash back for reducing their energy use,” says Ruckert. Across BC, dryers account for 7% of household electricity use. Winners will pick up their new clotheslines at RONA this year. “They’re providing us with a really good quality product – both indoor and outdoor styles,” says Ruckert. “MD Creations has also donated a really cool item, called a ground screw.” The device allows the installation of outdoor umbrella-style clotheslines without the need for digging holes and mixing cement. Why is the BCSEA doing this, you might ask? “Because we think it makes good sense!” laughs Ruckert. Apart from the environmental benefits, a clothesline can allow residents to reduce annual energy bills by $50 – and that’s based on hanging clothes outside only half the time. You’ll also get that "fresh breeze" scent as a thank you bonus, direct from Mother Nature – no chemicals required. Residents can enter online to win a clothesline starting at the end of April. Check out www.bcsea.org/kamloops for details. Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013 | www.InteriorWellness.com 19

Yoga, Your Nervous System, and Stress By Margaret Huff

“If you can attain repose and calm, believe that you have seized happiness.”  ~Julie-Jeanne-Eleonore de Lespinasse

Our nervous system is responsible for so much about our experience of being alive ~ for the way we interact with the outer world, take in information, move, work, play and “do” our lives. It is also responsible for much of what happens inside the body ~ all the activities of organs functioning, minds working, fluids flowing. The outer world activities relate largely to a division of the nervous system known as the voluntary branch ~ voluntary because we normally have control, of our hands, legs, eyes, and whether or not we talk, walk, run, and how fast. The other branch, the involuntary nervous system, is in charge of most happenings inside the body: heart rate, digestion, the fine balance of blood sugar and hormones that keeps things functioning properly, activities we have little conscious control over. If we had to think about the vast majority of the activities that keep us alive, we'd be too busy for anything else! Our short and long-term survival largely depends on this involuntary nervous system, and although we have little control over it ~ we can't normally decide how fast we'll digest food, or how many beats per minute our heart makes ~ the good news is, that, by appropriately practicing disciplines such as yoga, we can effect this side of our nervous system, and, through conscious action, positively influence our heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, pancreas function, and more. The involuntary nervous system is also divided into two branches: the sympathetic, which activates us at certain times, and the parasympathetic, which slows and relaxes us at other times. Their effects create a state of balance in the body ~ homeostasis. Both sides of this involuntary nervous system connect to the same vital and sensory organs, and when one side is stimulated, the other is suppressed. So, what are the causes and effects of these nerves being stimulated? Sympathetic activation gets us out of bed in the morning, keeps us moving through the day, accom-

plishing stuff in the world ~ think “yang.” The parasympathetic slows us down so we can rest, relax, make babies, fall asleep at night ~ think “yin.” Both divisions of the involuntary nervous system directly and dramatically relate to our physical survival. Just as we cannot survive without a functioning liver, neither can we exist if a bear successfully attacks us. But, suppose a grizzly attacks you. Nature has devised it as such that the body can really ramp up and run quickly away or fight for your life. This is the sympathetic “stress response.” If immediate survival is threatened, an amazing series of events rapidly takes place in the body. In a nutshell: the eye spots the rampaging bear, and without conscious control, a gland in the brain begins an intricate cascade of reactions: neuro-chemicals and hormones cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, rapidly pumping more blood (which receives a sudden infusion of sugars and fats) to large muscles, so you'll be able to fight off the bear or flee. Certain blood vessels expand to carry blood more easily, while others, to organs that don't need immediate attention, constrict. The senses become heightened, and before you've barely had a cohesive thought, you're off and running, or ready to fight. Meanwhile, relaxation and its longer-term projects such as digestion, cell repair, growth, and reproduction are on hold. The parasympathetic system ~ the relaxation response ~ has been suppressed. But, fortunately, you manage to escape. The danger passes, and the “negotiation” with the bear effectively burned off the energy and hormones that were dumped into your blood. Stress like this is necessary at times for survival, but it is hard on the body. Once you're safely home, a new cascade of parasympathetic hormones and neurochemicals are released; homeostasis returns. Your breathing and heart rates slow down, blood returns to digestive and reproductive organs; you take a deep sigh of relief, cook yourself a simple meal, take a bath, and go to bed early, with an exciting story to tell your friends over the next few days. And it might take a few days

20 www.InteriorWellness.com | Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013

to fully recover... The chance of confronting a grizzly, or any truly life-threatening situation, is rare. So why is stress so rampant? Well, the nervous system is flawed: the body doesn't differentiate between real and imagined threats. The physiological response to being attacked by a bear is similar to when you're panicked because you'll be late for work or miss a plane, or worried about not having enough money for your retirement, or just imagining the worst. The body responds to many none-lifethreatening situations as though immediate survival were threatened. Many people have this stress response several times a day; the parasympathetic system can't facilitate full recovery from the stress. Their blood pumps with high pressure and high cortisol levels ~ useful during a lifethreatening crisis ~ but with long-term effects of impairing mental and thyroid function, blood sugar imbalances that can cause diabetes, decreasing bone density and muscle tissue, damaging the cardiovascular system, lowering immunity and inflammatory responses so injuries don't heal as quickly, increasing abdominal fat (associated with problems such as strokes, heart attacks, as well as lower levels of “good” and higher levels of “bad” cholesterol, which causes other problems), and so on. When the sympathetic nervous system dominates, the result of all that chronic stress is, paradoxically, a threat to survival. Yoga offers a philosophy for living, and amazingly powerful techniques to help us balance our nervous system, get control of stressful ways of being and thinking, and clarify priorities. Appropriate yoga practice creates stability in the body-mind system, such that the parasympathetic ~ the relaxation response ~ dominates our mode of being. In this way, we are sure to live longer, healthier, happier, easeful, and creative lives. Margaret Huff is a 200-hour trained yoga teacher who has taught in Kamloops since 2005. Since 2011, she's been studying Yoga Therapy with foremost yoga therapist Gary Kraftsow of the American Viniyoga Institute; she graduates this spring. Contact Margaret at yogamindfully@hotmail.com, or (250) 374-2748

Adrenal Fatigue When the Mind and Body Collide By Leanne Oaten

There is a lot of talk these days about the Mind/Body connection, and the link between chronic emotional/ mental stress, and disease. One such stress-related illness is known as Adrenal Fatigue. Adrenal Fatigue is a term first coined by Dr. James Wilson, who wrote the groundbreaking book “Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome,” and is applied to a group of symptoms that otherwise have no other obvious diagnosis, or underlying cause that can be found through basic medical examinations or testing. There are so many factors and possible causes of how this condition manifests itself- too many to cover here- but I will cover the basics to get you started on the right track. There is some controversy among conventional healthcare professionals, and many doctors do not recognize this condition as a true medical condition. This is partly because it cannot easily be detected through standard medical testing. In fact, this condition is very likely something that will go undetected in routine testing that is done to try and figure out the cause of these very real, life-altering symptoms! One of the best ways to find out if your Adrenals are functioning optimally is to visit a Naturopath and get tested through a saliva test. From what I have learned so far, this appears to be the most effective way to test for this condition. Common Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms: ~ Unrestful sleep, ~ Waking in the morning feeling more tired than when you went to bed ~ Difficulty falling asleep, and staying asleep (or wake at 3a.m. and can't fall back to sleep) ~ Exercise intolerance: feeling exhausted/depleted after a vigorous workout ~ Increased need for caffeine to get through the day ~ Weight gain (especially around the middle) ~ Hormone imbalances/ PMS/ irregular menstrual cycles ~ Craving for sweets and carbohydrates ~ Frequent illness and infections ~ Constant debilitating fatigue/grogginess not relieved by sleep or rest These are just a few of the many possible signs you may be experiencing some form of Adrenal Fatigue. If you have chronic fatigue, or one or more of the above symptoms, I encourage you to take action to research more information, seek appropriate medical care through conventional and alternative medicine, find a qualified practitioner who can assist you with testing and treatment, and definitely read Dr. Wilson's book. If you are suffering from some form of this imbalance, the information in this book will change your life! Stress comes in many sneaky forms, and many people are stressed to the max, but aren't even aware that they are! We cannot completely avoid stress in our lives, but we can certainly do a lot to manage it and stay on top of it, with proper attention given to maintaining a healthy balance of the mind, body & soul. Leanne is a Registered Professional Counsellor, Certified Weight Trainer, and Certified Reiki Practitioner. Holistic Counselling assists individuals who want to expand their personal growth on a (Mind, Body & Spirit) level, from the belief that true healing occurs when all aspects are in balance. Leanne Oaten R.P.Cc. Soulwork Holistic Counselling & Wellness Services 250-319-3630 www.soulworkcounselling.com

Love Your Skin

With Kathy Roberts

This morning, do something for yourself – and wake with softer, smoother skin with a noticeable healthy glow. With skin so soft and radiant, your skin will beg to be touched. Skincerity® Nightly Breathable Masque is a revolutionary cosmetic barrier that helps your skin feel smoother and look younger in just days. Skincerity is the world’s only cosmetic product with patented Breathable Barrier® technology that seals in your own natural moisture to deeply hydrate your skin. While the Breathable Barrier® holds in moisture, it both infuses antioxidants and allows oxygen molecules to penetrate the barrier to help restore and rejuvenate your skin. The results are nothing less than amazing.

One product. One solution. • Deep cleans on contact and flash-dries in seconds. • Delivers a continual source of antioxidants to combat sun damage. • Smart-science clinging action helps shed dull skin cells. • Rehydrates your skin naturally. • Nourishes damaged, parched skin. • Diminishes the appearance of facial redness, does not clog pores • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. • Can be used on face, hands, neck, and chest to help prevent the signs of premature aging. • Safe to use on all skin tones and skin types. • Clinically tested. Dermatologist recommended. • Continue your beauty regimen. It took you years to find the skin care products you love. With Skincerity, you don’t have change your regimen or replace your favorites. Just roll on Skincerity last and the barrier technology will help your favorite products perform better, faster, more effective. Clients also are finding that they use less of their favorite products when using Skincerity. Only Skincerity can say, “No need to change your regimen.” Kathy Roberts www.facebook/NuCerityInternationalbyKathy

Nucerity: Turn Back Time Have Healthy, Clear, Radiant Skin TODAY! Call to Book YOUR Demonstration

Kathy Roberts 778-471-1188 www.facebook/NuCerityInternationalbyKathy

www.my s k in c e rity .b iz/ K a th y R o b e rts Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013 | www.InteriorWellness.com 21

Spring/Summer 2013 In Kamloops!




9:00 - 9:55 am Yamuna Body Rolling Nicole @ The Pilates Tree *Preregister*

5:45 - 6:45 am Monday - Thursday YOGA FITNESS BOOT CAMP Pre-Register!

9:00 - 10:30 am

9:00 - 10:30 am

YOGA: Deep Healing Restorative

YOGA: All Levels

9:00 - 10:30 am YOGA : Align and Flow: All Levels Katrina @ Let’s Move Studio

Katrina @ Let’s Move Studio

Christine S @ Let’s Move Studio 10:45 -11:45 am PILATES: Pilates Inspired - Mat Cass

Bronwen @ Let’s Move Studio


10:45 -11:45 am YOGA: All Levels Brenna @ Let’s Move Studio

10:30 – 11:45 am Parent and Baby Yoga (pre-register) Tania @ The Yoga Loft

12:05 - 12:55 pm Lunch Hour Yoga Christine S. @ The Mind Body Connection

Bonny @ Let’s Move Studio

12:00 - 1:00 pm

12:00 - 1:00 pm Awareness Through Movement Colleen @ Let’s Move Studio 9:00 - 9:55 PILATES: Chair Class Nicole @ The Pilates Tree

9:00 - 9:55 PILATES: Reformer Nicole @ The Pilates Tree

YOGA: Beginners

Bonny @ Let’s Move Studio 4:00 - 4:50 pm YOGA: HardCore Yoga

Bronwen @ Let’s Move Studio

12:00 - 1:00 pm YOGA: Any Shape Any Size!

4:15 - 5:10 am Yamuna Body Rolling Nicole @ The Pilates Tree

5:00 - 6:00 pm

3:00 - 4:30 pm

YOGA: Restorative

Bellydance: Beginners

Cheryl @ Let’s Move Studio

Lucille @ Let’s Move Studio

5:25 - 6:20 pm PILATES: Chair Class Nicole @ The Pilates Tree

Bellydance: Beginners

Amanda & Tammy @ Let’s Move Studio

5:00 - 6:00 pm YOGA: All Levels Cheryl @ Let’s Move Studio

6:15 - 7:05 pm ZUMBA: All Levels Shay @ Let's Move Studio

5:00 - 6:30 pm YOGA: All Levels Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection

5:30 - 6:25 pm PILATES: For Well Backs Amber D @ Evolve Pilates Studio

6:30 - 7:30 pm Gentle Nia Carole @ North Shore Community Centre

5:30 - 6:25 pm PILATES: Beginner Reformer Amber D @ Evolve Pilates Studio

6:15 - 7:05 pm ZUMBA: All Levels Shay @ Let’s Move Studio

6:45 - 7:40 pm PILATES: for Well Backs Cassie M @ Evolve Pilates Studio

5:30 - 6:30 pm Nia Trudy & Carole @ St. Paul’s Hall

7:00 - 8:00 pm Prenatal Yoga

6:30 - 7:20pm HOOP FIT @ The Club Cactus Jacks: with Daryl

5:00 - 6:25 pm

Amber H @ The Yoga Loft *preregister*

6:35 – 7:35 pm

7:10 - 8:00 pm Urban Abs & Buns Jaime @ Let's Move Studio

For class updates and changes, more information and a free subscription:

YOGA: Ashtanga Flow, All Levels

7:00 - 8:15 pm YOGA: Power Yoga Drop in

Colleen @ Let’s Move Studio

Amber H @ The Yoga Loft

7:30 - 8:20pm ZUMBA @ The Club Cactus Jacks: with Shay & Friends 7:45 - 8:35 pm Glutes and Boots Jaime @ Let's Move Studio

7:15 - 8:15 pm YOGA: Beginners Any Shape, Any Size! Bonny @ Let’s Move Studio

www.InteriorWellness.com 22 www.InteriorWellness.com | Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013

Find it by Colour!





Nia Meditation

Get Fit | BE Healthy | Find Balance THURSDAY


9:00 - 10:30 am YOGA: All Levels Cheryl @ Let’s Move Studio 9:00 - 9:55 PILATES: Reformer Nicole @ The Pilates Tree

SATURDAY 8:00 - 8:50 am ZUMBA Imogen @ Let’s Move Studio

9:00 - 9:55 am Yamuna Body Rolling Nicole @ The Pilates Tree

9:00 - 9:55 am PILATES: Beginner Reformer Jump! Melissa @ Evolve Pilates Studio

10:45 -11:45 am ZUMBA GOLD Shay @ Let’s Move Studio 11:20 - 12:15 am Yamuna Body Rolling Nicole @ The Pilates Tree

9:00 - 10:30 am YOGA: Any Shape Any Size! Bonny @ Let’s Move Studio

9:00 - 10:00 am YOGA: All Levels Susan @ Let’s Move Studio

12:00 -12:50 pm No Sweat Stretch Paul @ Let’s Move Studio

10:45 - 11:45 am PILATES: Mat - All Levels Bronwen @ Let’s Move Studio

10:15 - 11:10am PILATES: Mat - All Levels Melissa @ Evolve Pilates Studio

10:30 – 11:30 am

12:00 - 1:30 pm YOGA 50+ Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection 12:30 - 1:30 PILATES: Mat Class Nicole @ The Pilates Tree 5:00 - 6:30 pm YOGA: All Levels Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection 4:15 - 5:15 PILATES: Reformer for Rehab Nicole @ The Pilates Tree

10:30 - 11:25 am Yamuna Body Rolling Nicole @ The Pilates Tree YOGA: All Levels Cheryl @ Let’s Move Studio

6:00 – 6:50 pm ZUMBA: All Levels Jacqueline @ Let’s Move Studio


7:00 – 8:00 pm

7:30 - 8:30 pm

Hip Hop: All Levels Charese @ Let’s Move Studio

Various Instructors @ Let’s Move Studio


Teachers Contact Info

Where to find it

Amanda & Tammy



Bellydance: Intermediate

Amber D.



Rosi @ Let’s Move Studio

Amber H.



Bonny Z



Let’s Move Studio **NEW LOCATION**

5:00 - 6:25 pm

5:25 - 6:25 PILATES: Mat Class Nicole @ The Pilates Tree 5:30 - 6:25 pm PILATES: For Posture Cassie M @ Evolve Pilates Studio

5:30 - 6:30 pm Nia Trudy & Carole @ St. Paul’s Hall 7:00 - 8:30pm Prenatal Yoga (pre-register) Tania @ Mind Body Connection

6:35 – 7:35 pm






info@evolvepilatesstudio.com c.yoga57@gmail.com

EVOLVE Pilates Studio #201-1361 McGill 250-372-7237 www.evolvepilatesstudio.com

#200-1201 Summit Drive (Scotia Building) 250-372-9642 www.letsmovestudio.com

Christine S.


Christine W.















The Pilates Tree




#101-409 Seymour St. 250-320-BODY www.thepilatestree.com

The Mind Body Connection 253 Victoria St. 250-374-2748 or 250-374-5421 North Shore Community Centre 730 Cottonwood Avenue







St Paul’s Hall

7:45 – 8:35 pm




360 Nicola Street

Latin Dance: All Levels Susy @ Let’s Move Studio




The Yoga Loft


Facebook: Interior Wellness for updates


#201-409 Seymour St. www.youryogaloft.com

YOGA: All Levels Bronwen @ Let’s Move Studio


250-320-2639 250-374-1370


Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013 | www.InteriorWellness.com 23

Interior Wellness Intervie w Interior Wellness Magazine staff get out in the community to sample some wellness treatments and services while we meet local practitioners and teachers.

~ Michelle Morrison ~

When I met Michelle Morrison of the Balanced Soul the first thing I noticed was that her eyes smiled more brightly than anyone I had ever met. She beamed with joy and welcomed me as if I was someone she had known for years, even though we had just been introduced. We had a short intuitive reading, and as she spoke, the feeling I had was that of a deep sense of understanding and support from her. What unfolded in the session was so amazing that I knew I had to learn more about this wonderful woman and what she does. Michelle Morrison’s passion is helping people discover their highest potential and empowering them to make the changes they want. Michelle is an Intuitive, Medium, Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner. She works one on one with individuals through intuitive readings and healing sessions. Michelle is also a writer, speaker and workshop presenter. Recently, I had the pleasure of taking her weekend workshop in Tigh Na Mara called Awakening, Empowerment & Miracles.

ers. The awakening is when you become aware of where you put your energy--into anger, frustration, guilt --or into happiness, joyfulness and gratitude. Do we make decisions based on fear or on love? So how can we make these shifts? Michelle: Being mindful of your thoughts. Knowing you can make conscious choices to change thought patterns. Why is the workshop format so effective? Michelle: When you gather like-minded people who are looking to let go of what isn’t serving them, it is so powerful because they learn so much from each other. When we share ideas with others we realize we are not alone with these thoughts - that we are more alike than we are different. It isn’t easy to travel this path alone, and it helps to find people who are cheerleading along with you.

What inspired you to create this workshop?  Michelle: In my practice I am seeing a theme with clients right now- people are seeking a deeper meaning in their lives, and are wanting to make every moment count. They want to get off that merry go round and bring forward something that creates more happiness and fulfillment. Are they doing what they are meant to be doing? What can they do to remove blocks and fear to live a truly empowered life? The most powerful tool I learned is the awareness of miracles, which is what you describe as simply a shift in perspective from fear to love. What happens when we experience   this shift? Michelle: We live the life we truly want to live for ourselves. We become guided by our own inner voice and not by the ideas of oth-

I can attest that after the three day intensive with 16 other amazing people, I had a bunch of cheerleaders on my team! The amazing thing was, when I was connected to them, I felt absolutely connected to myself. This brought forth a feeling of peace and pure trust in myself. I have since been able to tune into my intuition and it has helped me focus on want I truly want. Thank you Michelle for your kind guidance, support, and help to trust my inner power. Michelle has another workshop Empowering and Creating an Exceptional Life May 25th and 26th. We have the benefit of her amazing talent being offered here in Kamloops. (250) 682-8176 michelle@thebalancedsoul.com www.thebalancedsoul.com Interview by Cassie Marchuk. Cassie is a writer, body movement educator, and Pilates studio owner. She can be reached at cassie@evolvepilatesstudio.com 250-372-7237 Know someone who should be interviewed? Contact us! interiorwellness@gmail.com

Massa ssage ge ŏ Yoga ŏ AromaSpa Kamloops Location 14 Ȃ 219 Victoria St. In Kamloops for Massage & Yoga once a month, call for dates and bookings.

Nelson Location Please contact Yoga classes at The Loft! Watch for more to comeǥ

250-551 51-5141 ww ww w.dynamicmassageworks.com 24 www.InteriorWellness.com | Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013

Art Therapy and Bereavement By Shannon Byrnes, MA, RCCc

Art Therapy Activity Bereavement, the time of mourning after the loss of a loved one, is a period when people need the support of others and the strength of their inner resources to move forward with their lives. Art Therapy, a healing modality incorporating the therapeutic use of art in the counselling frame, can be a powerful and fitting source of support to the bereaved. Elizabeth-Kubler Ross is well known for her therapeutic work with those who are dying and their family members. Her model of the grieving process consists of stages of denial, bargaining, anger, despair and acceptance. These stages can overlap, but the goal to healthy grieving is ultimately to arrive at acceptance. More recently theorists have moved beyond the stage model. Stroebe and Schut (1999) developed a model called the “Dual Process Model of Coping with Bereavement” (DPM). This model identifies two orientations of grief: the loss orientation and the restoration orientation. The loss orientation encompasses coping with the direct impact of the loss, such as feelings of sadness, loneliness, anger and helplessness. The restoration orientation involves dealing with the more action-oriented and practical issues associated with grief such as dealing with financial changes, family needs, housing issues, etc. Stroebe and Schut identify this process as an oscillation between these two orientations. Sometimes the bereaved are working through the emotions of grief, and other times they are taking care of practical issues and building a new life after the loss. Healthy grieving thus involves a movement between both of these orientations with focus on one or the other at different times. Visual expression is a powerful means through which the bereaved can work through the grieving process and move towards rebuilding a new life. Art Therapy can give a person a tangible record of their grieving process as well as commemorate and honour the deceased. It is important to hold onto memories of loved ones. People can explore relationships to lost loved ones through creative means such as making a collage with photos or writing letters to them. This keeps loved ones alive in their hearts and minds and expands the relationship beyond the boundary of a limited lifetime. According to the International Art Therapy Organization “Art has the potential to change lives in profound ways. When words are not enough, we turn to images and symbols to tell our stories. And in telling our stories through art, we can find a path to health and wellness, emotional reparation, recovery, and ultimately, transformation.” Through therapeutic art making those who are bereaved can honour their grieving process and hopefully arrive at a sense of peace with their loss.


Your Own 

Mem o ry   B o x

Take a small cardboard box, such as a shoebox and convert it into a memory box. Paint with acrylic paints and/or collage the inside and outside of the box in a way that represents the relationship between you and your lost loved one. You might want to include photos, newspaper clippings, coloured paper, the person’s name, and or poetry in your collage. Use acrylic medium to paste the materials onto the box. This box can be a special container to store photos and objects that belonged to your loved one. The great thing about a box is that it can be taken out when you want to remember the relationship and work through your emotions of grief (loss orientation). Then it can be put away when other practical matters are calling your attention (restoration orientation). The act of creating the box also helps to “re-create” our identities and lives after a loss by creating something new from mementos and art materials (restoration orientation). A memory box can be stored away on a shelf or placed somewhere prominent in the house, like an altar to your lost loved one. Be gentle with yourself and try to let go of self-criticism and accept the images that arise while creating art. Art Therapy is more focused on the process of healing through art, rather than achieving a particular outcome. Shannon Byrnes, MA, RCC is an Art Therapist and Registered Clinical Counsellor in private practice in Kamloops. If you are interested in an art therapy bereavement group or in individual therapy please contact her at 250-320-6345 or shannon@byrnescounselling.com

Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013 | www.InteriorWellness.com 25

Sunday Spiritual Service A Sunday Service for ALL We welcome you to come and share your Spirit with us in a service of celebration! Join us for singing, readings from A Course in Miracles and heartfelt sharing of spiritual insights delivered by speakers from all walks of life. Give yourself this time for introspection through prayer and meditation.

Sundays 10:00am

May 12th May 26th June 9th July 7th July 28th 250-554-6707 #204 - 535 Tranquille Road

Cheyne Health Live and Dry Blood Analysis Body Management & Cardio scanning Herbal Preparations and Cleanses The clinic is located 10 km west of Salmon Arm just off the TCH #1 on the beach at 5182 Pierre’s Point Road For an appointment call 250-804-4776 or 250-804-3803 

Body Management Course This “knock your socks off course” is very intensive!  It includes anatomy, energy meridians, muscle testing, getting “turned on”, correcting sacroiliac back pain, adjusting the pubic bone, colon, stomachs, closing the ileocecal valve, untwisting the Houston fold, moving the uterus, strengthening the thyroid, correcting carpal tunnel, and tennis elbow. This course has been dramatically shortened to just two days. It is therefore very intensive, mixing theory and a lot of practical working on your classmates. $350.00 in clu d es  a man u al. Ju n e 1-2 , 20 13 Space is LIMITED! Register: 888-804-4773 gdcheyne@shaw.ca 26 www.InteriorWellness.com | Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013

health Tips From Cheyne Health By George Cheyne

Cardiovascular Disease: 30% of the deaths in Canada last year were due to a heart attack or stroke! My Cardioscan findings seem to reinforce these annual Canadian death statistics. If you do not know, then you, like many others may pay a price that includes loss of life or serious debilities arising from a heart attack or stroke. See Cheyne Health for a ardioscan to determine if your arteries are blocked, and to what degree - it may save your life! Heart Attacks: People should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting. Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line. You may never have the first chest pain during the course of a heart attack. Nausea and intense sweating are also common symptoms. Sixty percent of people who have a heart attack while they are asleep do not wake up. Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep. Let's be careful and be aware. The more we know the better chance we could survive. Why we Age: The cause of ageing is the gradual breakdown of our cells by free radical oxygen molecules, and other pollutants. Any free radical oxygen left over after the combustion process that occurs in our cells, is chemically compelled to stabilize itself. It does this by attacking your cells, kind of like rusting you out. This cellular bombardment happens in each cell at a rate of up to 10,000 times per day! This relentless attack eventually damages our cells and they die. Before they die, each damaged cell replicates itself and forms a perfect replacement cell! This constant replication is what keeps us young! For many years scientists wondered why each cell had only a finite number of times that it could replace itself. Well now we know why! Telomeres are shaped like a spiral that is attached to the end of your Chromosomes. Each time a cell replicates itself, it uses up a small piece of a telomere. When telomeres are used up, the cell can no longer replace itself, and the cell dies. This remorseless death of cells eventually compromises our organs and we then succumb to any number of disease processes. If one uses antioxidants then the rate of cell replacement slows down, since free radicals attack the anti-oxidant instead of our cells. Therefore people who regularly use anti-oxidants will likely live longer. But the real breakthrough will see telomeres that reproduce themselves as well as the cells they inhabit. Longevity: Long lasting cell health depends on five things: good nutrition, detoxification, protection (antioxidants), and exercise! Fruits Should be Eaten on an Empty Stomach!  You have heard people complaining: “Every time I eat watermelon I burp, when I eat durian my stomach bloats up, when I eat a banana I feel like running to the toilet” etc. All this will not arise if you eat the fruit on an empty stomach. The fruit mixes with the putrefying other food and produces gas and hence you will bloat! Acid/Alkaline: Some fruits, like orange and lemon are acidic, but all fruits become alkaline in our body, according to Dr. Herbert Shelton who did research on this matter. If you have mastered the correct way of eating fruits, you have the secret of beauty, longevity, health, energy, happiness and normal weight. When you need to drink fruit juice - drink only fresh fruit juice, NOT from the cans. Eating a whole fruit is better than drinking the juice. George Cheyne 1-888-804-4773 e-mail gdcheyne@shaw.ca See ad to the left!

Sacred Ceremonies

By Angela Clark

The human life is composed of a series of triumphs, accomplishments and crises. From the time we are birthed until the time we leave this physical body, we are in a constant state of change and evolution. How do we mark the many stages of this life? How can we express our delight, our joy, our love or our sorrow? Since the beginning of time ceremony has been our conduit in which we express the spiritual representation of a human experience.

The act of coming together to celebrate birth, love and even death has been a universal calling, there is a solid confirmation that comes with the ritual of participating in ceremonies that are authentic and truly speak to our desire to be fully alive. Whether you are getting married, having a baby, or saying farewell to someone you love, planning a ceremony is a beautiful way to mark this event. Coming together in community to support each other creates a spiritual strength that will sustain us in this physical life. Whether the ceremony you are planning is for you or someone dear to you, let it speak the truth, allow it to represent the authentic self at this point in time. The beauty of soulful expression in ceremony can be an inspiration and a catalyst for important changes to be made. In a way we are so far removed from who we are with external distractions that being authentic can be a challenge. Ceremony is a beautiful way to enhance your life, to create rituals and traditions, but most of all to remind us that every stage of life is a miracle, one to be celebrated and revered. Perhaps it is time to re-visit a more simple way of life, to begin where it all started, to feel the many gifts of life as we take back our Rights of Passage. Angela Clark has been officiating ceremonies for over 10 years. It is her passion to work with family to create and tell the authentic 'story' for each individual using ceremony. Her background lies in counselling sciences and Metaphysical Studies. She is licensed with both the International and Canadian Metaphysical Ministries as well as Vital Statistics. rightsofpassage@shaw.ca

C e l e b ra t i o n s o f L i f e

Custom Weddings Weddings, Funerals, Celebrations of Life, Blessing ways, Coming of Age and Christenings.

Angela Clark 250-318-2930 rightsofpassage@shaw.ca Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013 | www.InteriorWellness.com 27

Love Your Body! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First of all, I invite you to sit up tall and take a nice, deep breath as you read this. Feels good doesn’t it?

by Katrina Hokule’a Ariel

“GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY� WORKOUT: This workout is about being strong, inside and out—and playful, like all our Yoga Boot Camp workouts! You can do it in a park or your own neighborhood. Just put this in your pocket, or memorize the basic idea and make up your own. Listen to your body and modify as necessary to stay safe and honour yourself. If you don’t know an exercise, think of something you do know, and HAVE FUN! :-)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alright, let’s get to it. Working out, doing yoga, and eating well are all acts of self-love—or they can be if that’s your intention. There are so many reasons to love your body! First and foremost, it feels good, right? So, here are some ways you can integrate a practice of self-love into everything you do: 1. When you get out of your own way amazing things happen. What I mean by this is, when you can come from a place of not judging yourself and allowing your own unique experience to be fully accepted, WKHWKLQJV\RXZDQWÀRZPXFKPRUHIUHHO\

- Take a moment to set your intention and connect with your breath.

2. Do it from the inside out. By using your breath, intention, and inner wisdom to initiate all action and change, you not only feel better during the “doing� and “transforming,� but you will be so much more effective at creating what you want. You’ll also get to know yourself better, which is a life skill for sure.

- Twisting Lunges across that area (half a block or what you can do)

3. Strength is a very good thing! When you love your body and play in a way that creates strength, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll feel more capable, have a higher metabolism, support healthy bones and joints, create more stability DQGKDSSLQHVVLQ\RXUEDFNDQGVSLQHKDYHPRUHHQHUJ\DQGÂżQGDQ inner strength as well! <RJDEHQHÂżWVHYHU\VLQJOHSDUWRI\RXUERG\DQGOLIH From the physical systems (circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, musculo-skeletal, reproductive, immune and nervous systems) to the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, yoga can bring balance, harmony, health and happiness to every part of your being. Incorporating yoga into your life on a consistent basis is one of the best things you can do for yourself. 5. You get to do it YOUR WAY. Every time you practice yoga, meditation, exercise, or any other mode of self-care, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a chance to see where youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re at that day. You re-center yourself, honour your mental and emotional VWDWHÂżQG\RXUSK\VLFDOHGJHDQGGDQFHWKHUHZLWKUHVSHFWDQGDMR\IXO feeling of accomplishment! And have fun while youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re at it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remember, 100% of what youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got each day is always enough, and when you realize that this changes all the time, you can practice in whatever way is most appropriate for you in each moment.

Yoga Boot Camp

- Warm-up with movement prep or dynamic stretches and exercises :DON-RJ5XQWRÂżQGDORQJVWUDLJKWDUHD VLGHZDONRUVWULSRIJUDVV

:DON-RJ5XQWRÂżQGDFXUERUEHQFK - 15 Push-ups - 30 Toe Taps on the curb OR Step Ups if itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a bench (alt legs) :DON-RJ5XQWRÂżQGDĂ&#x20AC;DWVRIWVSRW JUDVV

- 20 Jump Squats (or squats) :DON-RJ5XQWRÂżQGDFXUERUEHQFK - 30 Cross over mtn. climbers - 25 Dips - Walk/Jog/Run to grassy area - 15 Burpees ~~~ Repeat! ~~~ BONUS::DON-RJ5XQWRÂżQG an overhead bar (playground). Do as many pull-ups as you can. You can also do supported pull-ups by using some leg strength to help if the bar is low enough. FINISH: Walk/Jog/Run home and get your Yoga Cool Down on!

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Love your body and your lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;come out and play!â&#x20AC;&#x153;


Feel good, de-stress, have more energy and happiness. Cultivate vibrant health and take time to care for yourself.

Go Online for Details, Registration, and Get Your FREE Yoga Boot Camp Video Series:

www.KamloopsYoga Boot Camp.com 28 www.InteriorWellness.com | Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013

Just for Women!

Get Your Body Ready for Summer with this Fun Workout and Yoga Practice. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ YOGA COOL DOWN (or as a practice on its own!)

Pigeon Thigh Stretch Set up with one knee wide, create integration, drawing your legs together. Widen the back thigh, square your hips, and then scoop your tail bone down. Take your back foot with your hand. Push foot and hand into each other, and extend strongly through your legs. Do a thigh stretch on your belly to modify. Transition thru Down Dog.

Downward Dog / Childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pose Stretch back and feel your breath. Keep your lower back long, even if you have to bend your knees a little. Modify with Childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pose or a Standing Forward Bend.

Pigeon Hip Opener Front knee toward the outside edge of mat, create integration by drawing legs together, then extend from your pelvis out. Fold forward over your shin for a deep hip stretch. Breathe. Be sweet. To modify, do Thread-the-Needle on your back.

Anjaneyasana With strong legs, front knee over the ankle, extend from your pelvis through your feet into WKHHDUWKDQGLQKDOHWRĂ&#x20AC;RDW\RXUDUPVXSWRWKH sky. With each breath, get brighter, feeling your EDFNKLSĂ&#x20AC;H[RUVDQGWKLJKVWUHWFKDQGRSHQ

Supine Twist Inhale to lengthen your spine, exhale to twist. Breathe your shoulders back. Inhale to center, exhale to the other side. Finish by hugging your knees in and rocking gently side to side.

0RGLÂżHG3DUVYRWWDQDVDQD With hips square and legs straight, draw your legs toward center, pressing the thighs back and lengthening your lower back. Extend through feet and spine. Use blocks to modify.

Savasana Take a deep breath. Soften and surrender. Feel your breath move IUHHO\5HOD[DQGHQMR\

Triangle Pose Strengthen your legs, toning the muscles above your knee caps, and then stretch out from your pelvis through your feet. Expand through both arms, ZLWK\RXUORZHUKDQGRQWKHĂ&#x20AC;RRURUDEORFN Breathe into the stretch in the top hip.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When you invite love into your body, heart, and mind, it ripples out to WRXFK\RXUHQWLUHOLIH<RXIHHOPRUHDOLYHPRUHIXOÂżOOHGPRUHMR\IXO and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re able to naturally and effortlessly help those around you.

Wide Legged Forward Bend with Shoulder Opener From standing, feet parallel and even, make your legs strong and draw them toward each other. Clasp your hands behind you and inhale to lengthen taller, taking the heads of your arm bones back before exhaling into the forward bend. Extend from your pelvis into the earth and up through your hands. Inhale up slow, with shoulders and head back. 3KRWRVE\1DWDOLH$QÂżHOGZZZVWXGLRÂżYHRFRP

Yoga from the Heart All Levels Welcome! At Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Move Studio

However you practice self-love, remember that the simple act of being authentically YOU brings more love and goodness to the world, because you are conscious of the love and goodness you create in your own life. All you need is love! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Katrina Hokuleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;a Ariel is an experienced yoga instructor and the author of Yoga for Dragon Riders. Katrina teaches everything from Restorative Yoga and Private Sessions to Challenging Classes and Yoga Boot Camp (a.k.a. Peaceful Warrior Training). Find the book at www.YogaForDragonRiders.com, and Katrinaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s class info below.

Katrina Hokuleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;a Ariel MONDAYS 9-10:30am Deep Healing Restorative Yoga

WEDNESDAYS 9-10:30am Align and Flow Yoga

www.Yoga With Katrina.com Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013 | www.InteriorWellness.com 29

Yoga, Health & Spirituality in Kamloops & B.C. Interior

Interior Wellness Directory www.InteriorWellness.com ACUPUNCTURE/ACUPRESSURE Vital Point Acupuncture Jennifer Larsen,R.Ac. Classical Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation, Reiki , Acutonics 250-376-3070 #102-1120, 8th St. www.vitalpoint.ca Wild Roots Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic Dr. Andrea Hansen Acupuncturist/Herbalist. Reproductive, digestive and emotional health www.wildrootsclinic.ca 250-682-7289 dr.andreahansen@gmail.com

AROMATHERAPY Global Goddess Aromatherapy Ellen Huggett, Certified Aromatherapist 250-374-0755 www.globalgoddess.ca

ART Stained Glass by Cindy Hayden Let me design your custom stained glass piece

clhayden@live.ca FB: Cindy Hayden's Stained Glass

BEAUTY & BODY CARE Holistic Facials “Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin” Discover amazing results using a holistic approach to skin care and to your “Successful Ageing” # 301-141 Victoria St.

www.kamloopsesthetics.com 250-828-0909 Nucerity: Turn Back Time: Have Healthy, Clear, Radiant Skin TODAY! Kathy Roberts 778-471-1188 www.facebook/NuCerityInternationalbyKathy

w w w.m y sk i n c e ri ty.b i z /K a th y R o b e rts

Yoga Potion: High Grade Essential Oil Blends; Medicinal, Skin Care. Environmental & Perfume Potions. No chemicals or synthetics added. 1-888-974-6259 www.YogaPotion.com

BRAIN TRAINING Brain Train International 250-320-7047 Isabelle Hamptonstone MSc www.braintrainwin.com Specialist: Human Performance, Train Your Brain & Win

The choice of the Kamloops Blazers 30 www.InteriorWellness.com | Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013

COUNSELLING Breath Integration Counselling Lynn Aylward 250-319-7364 Breath Integration, Counselling, Bodywork lynn@breathintegrationkamloops.ca Breath Integration Counselling Cory Erlandson 250-319-5175 "Remember to Breathe. It is after all, the secret of life."

Cory@breathintegrationkamloops.ca Shannon Byrnes Counselling Services MA, RCC. Masters of Art Therapy, Registered Clinical Counsellor www.byrnescounselling.com 250-320-6345 shannon@byrnescounselling.com

DANCE Beginner Belly Dance:Traditional, Modern and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with Amanda & Tammy @ Let's Move Studio 250-372-9642 beginner.bellydance@gmail.com Shift Enterprises The Ultimate in Dance & Entertainment...Private Classes, Stagettes, Birthday Parties, Flash Mobs, Entertainment & More... www.shiftenterprises.ca 250-852-0564

FITNESS Nia with Carole and Trudy: Suitable for Every Body – Come experience the Joy! Trudy: trugoo21@gmail.com 250.374.1370 Carole: Carole.Ramage1953@gmail.com 250.828.2109

Peaceful Warrior Training for Women Have fun while you get in shape. Get strong & inspired! Open to ALL LEVELS.

www.KamloopsYogaBootCamp.com Let’s Move Studio: Yoga, Bellydance, ZUMBA, Pilates, Fitness & more Kamloops’ Most Diverse Studio. #200-1201 Summit Dr

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Being-In-Balance Christine Karl: Massage

Heart Bound Discoveries

CranioSacral, Osteopthic bodywork, Shiatsu, Reiki and Rehabitaitve Exercise

Gordie & Wendy Marr, Certified Passion Test Facilitators One-on-One sessions or 3 hour workshop 250.314.4106 or 250.574.5330

#7-231 Victoria St. 250-320-9960 Breath Integration Counselling Lynn Aylward 250-319-7364 Breath Integration, Counselling, Bodywork lynn@breathintegrationkamloops.ca Christine Schieberle 20 years experience Deep Release Bodywork, Massage, Yoga inspired breathing, Craniosacral therapy. 250-374-5421 c.yoga57@gmail.com

Creative Transformation for Body, Heart & Mind. Marilyn Puff BSW, Intuitive Bodywork, Breathwork, Coaching 250 579-5778 cocreator23@hotmail.com

Innovative Changes - Kim Jensen Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher. Celtic Reiki Practitioner. Life Skills. 250-572-3103 www.changesforabrighterfuture.com

Julie Severn Spiritual/Bodywork healing, intuitive sessions 778-472-1956 severn2000@shaw.ca Blog: Healing the Planet Human blog Katina O'Neil Shamanic Teacher, Reiki Master katinaoneil@hotmail.com

Cynthia Yaunish: Start off the new year by treating yourself to a wellness session incorporating BodyTalk, Body Code and Emotion Code. 250-572-4690

Paul Laviolette, HHP, CCP, RCRT Trigger Point Therapy Massage - Advanced Reflexology. Roots Therapeutic Pain Management Centre #316-141 Victoria St. Call Wanda: 250-319-7292

Dynamic Massage Works Brittanya Beddington Massage, Yoga, AromaSpa Kamloops and Nelson: 250-551-5143 www.dynamicmassageworks.com

Marilyn Manderson,

Emotion Code

Michele Gieselman Intuitive Readings, Meditation, Workshops, CranioSacral, Shamanic Practitioner. intuitivehealing@telus.net 250-851-0966 www.intuitivehealer.ca

Releasing trapped emotions that cause dis-ease

Certified Practitioner Sheila Langlois D.PSc 250-819-8156 or sheilan2@telus.net FINDING THE BALANCE WITHIN Justine Richmond, BSc. BFRP. Bach Flower Consultation, Stone Massage Therapy Advanced PSYCH-K® ine. 250.374.4073 www.findingthebalancewithin.ca

Feldenkrais, Yoga and Reflexology Colleen 250-819-9100 lovecolleen999@gmail.com

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Attunement Practitioner

A sacred healing art & spiritual practice Deepen your connection with Source marilyn.manderson@shaw.ca 250-579-9444

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Reflexology, Reiki, Herbal, Psychic Counseling Reiki Master Teacher. Chartered Herbalist Basic & Advanced Reflexology Book your appointment: Alexa 250-376-5124

Certified Live Blood Analysis, Body Management, Herbal Preparations, Cleanses, cardio-scanning. www.cheynehlthmgmt.ca, gdcheyne@shaw.ca

Sharyl Johnson: Angel Energys Reiki, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Meditation Facilitation Ceremony & Blessings: Merritt. 250-378-5385 angelenergys@yahoo.ca

German New Medicine - the mind body disease connection. DISEASE originates from an unexpected emotional trauma. Seminars with John Theobald B.Sc. john@learninggnm.com

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List your services: interiorwellness@gmail.com

www.studiomassageandspa.com “Work is love made visible”

~Khalil Gibran

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Suki Fox: Resonance Repatterning What will your extraordinary outcome be? Check out the info and testimonials on www.sukifox.com (250)307-7301


Susinn Shaler Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel Method for children and adults. Expect a difference. 250-572-1887

Cameron Grant, MA Clinical hypnotherapy, Dreamwork, Breathwork and Shamanic massage. "Look outside and sleep, look inside and awaken" Mindbody Integration Therapy Studio. 248 Victoria St. 250-318-3008 cameron@mindbodyintegration.ca

Tania Niedbala Tesla Metamorphosis Energy Healing Intuitive Massage & Mobile Reflexology 250-434-9171

LIFE COACHING Find Strength in Action Life Coaching

Thai Massage & Feldenkrais with Tyson Fully-clothed, acupressure-yoga-massage Kamloops bookings in May/June/July thaitouch@yahoo.com 1-250-226-6826

Bodymind Cntr, #205, 635 Victoria St. 250-574-7521

www.crystalclearinsights.ca 250-578-8447

h To Peace Therese Laforge

hat is Breath Integration?

Access Consciousness Bars facilitator, energetic facelift, Theta, Yuen, Body Talk and Scalar Sound practitioner. 778-471-5598 or terez@shaw.ca

Together in Wellness 250-372-8887

n is a method of counselling that allows n. It is an opportunity to see how our ve shaped our lives. As we use the que, our awareness level increases. subconscious thoughts, feel the emotions around e the belief, creating better results now.

www.togetherinwellness.ca Christie Sound – Owner /Workshop Facilitator Eivind Andersen – Wholistic Practitioner

, guided by a qualified Breath Integration Counsellor, o experience a connected circular breathing method. mind and allows core subconscious thoughts and perience of aliveness to come to your awareness. e thoughts empowers you to make clearer decisions ating a happier, more successful life.

Wellness Practitioner Office for Rent

ath Integration Counselling Session?

mately two hours, include a consultation and are weekly in a series of twelve sessions.

Downtown Kamloops - Rates starting at $10/hr. Massage table supplied, comfortable space! 250-551-5143 info@dynamicmassageworks.com

ssible and that it can be gentle and fun, we encourage ion and give yourself this incredible opportunity.

ille Road Columbia


HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRES Breath Integration Counselling

rationkamloops.ca grationkamloops.ca

Individual, couples, family counselling. One day workshops, 6 month Personal Empowerment Trainings. Body work. Sunday Spiritual service. www.breathintegrationkamloops.ca 250-554-6707

Centennial Building Wellness Centre Exclusive memberships - Warm Salt Pool; Ai Chi, Woga, Infrared Saunas, Sound Baths, WATSU - Water Shiatsu

www.cbwellnesscentre.com 250-374-7383

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Craniosacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, THOMPSON Mental Training, Childbirth Support RIVERS (See picture adWELLNESS on page 3) # 104 - 418 St. Paul St

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Shamanic Healing, Meditation, empowering you through direct connection with your Spirit Guides.

en looking for inner peace, love, joy, ss or simply a release of emotional pain connected breath technique is what you ave been searching for.

Coaching Insights Embrace change & fulfill your true potential

Health & Wellness Massage & Life Coaching

Therese Dorer Private Consultations: Medium,

Kathy Richins, ICF Certified Life Coach Health, Wellness & positive change 778-471-2634 or 250-574-7521 kathyrichins@yahoo.com www.findstrengthinaction.com

Nancy Plett, Certified Professional Life Coach

Treat Yourself to Hawaiian Massage

Kathy Richins www.findstrengthinaction.com

Natures Fare Markets Live Well - Live Organic 250-314-9560 #5 - 1350 Summit Dr, Kamloops BC Vitamins | Supplements | Produce | Bistro


BODY: HEALTHY - Wendy McLean, RMT cranial osteopathy - myofascial - visceral - headache neck/back pain | pregnancy | injury | stress

Effective Holistic Care #260 - 546 St Paul St. 778-220-2225

WENDY McLEAN B.A., R.M.T. Darlene Fair, RMT, RYT Craniosacral, Visceral Massage, Osteopathic Techniques, and Unwinding. 250-318-6300 www.darlenefair.com #405-153 Seymour

In the kamloops naturopathic clinicRelease Myofascial 100 - 1315 Summit dr., KAMLOOPS, BC V2C 5R9


Jamara Joyal Massage Therapy 2070 Quilchena ave, Merritt BC 250-378-6469 Available Tuesday-Friday 8:30-6:00 & Saturday 9:00-4:00 Jamara Joyal, BC RMT

Kamloops Optimal Health Clinic Ashley Leighton, RMT 778-470-5850 Pain/Stress Management, Pregnancy, Injury Prevention www.kamloopsoptimalhealth.com

MEDITATION Shambhala Meditation Group offers meditation in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. Saturdays drop-in between 9:30am-11:30am, Mondays 7:00pm-8:30pm, Thursdays 7:00pm-9:00pm with meditation instructions. 433b Lansdowne St. (above Frankly Coffee) See website for prorams. www.kamloops.shambhala.org, Liz 250-376-4224

Meditations at Let's Move Studio Sundays 7:30-8:30pm (Doors 7pm) $11 or Use Let's Move Studio Punch Card www.letsmovestudio.com “Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


PILATES EVOLVE Pilates Studio 250-372-7237

free yoga & mediation classes contact Manjit 250 574 7067 or artoflivingkamloops@gmail.com

Cassie Marchuk: Change the way you work out! Achieve improved posture, balance & strength. #201-1361 McGill Rd www.evolvepilatesstudio.com


The PILATES Tree www.thepilatestree.com Christine Waterman - Quality, classical instruction. Building strength from the inside out! 250-320-BODY(2639) #101-409 Seymour St.

InyouGo Inspiration: downtown Armstrong Crystals, gemstone jewellery & imports for mind, body, spirit & soul. Workshops & classes for your well-being. 250-546-2741 www.inyougoinspiration.ca

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Footprints Harvest Organic Produce Delivery Service Serving Merritt & Interior B.C. 250-315-4743 www.footprintsharvest.com

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If you have been looking for inner peace, love, joy, health and success or simply a release of emotional pain then the circular connected breath technique is what you have been searching for.

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Dr. Melissa Bradwell, ND What is Breath Integration? ROLFING Breath integration is a method of counselling that allows Full Naturopathic services: Acupuncture self-examination. It is an opportunity to see how our decisions have shaped our lives. As we use the and IV Therapy. 735 Victoria Street Lynne Kraushar, Certified Rolfer Breath technique, our awareness level increases. This allows us to hear our subconscious thoughts, feel the emotions around 250-374-9700 www.naturopathkamloops.com them and change the belief, creating better results now.


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What is a Breath Integration Counselling Session?

In a Breath Integration session, guided by a qualified Breath Integration Counsellor, you will have the opportunity to experience a connected circular breathing method. This technique quiets the mind and allows core subconscious thoughts and feelings that block your experience of aliveness to come to your awareness. Becoming more aware of these thoughts empowers you to make clearer decisions and begin creating a happier, more successful life.

Deborah Petrovitch SUNDAY SERVICE Registered Holistic Nutritionist These sessions last approximately two hours, include a consultation and are Centre for Spiritual Living. Change Your recommended weekly in a series of twelve sessions. Live Blood Analysis 250-525-0423 Thinking...Change Your Life. Sundays www.MosaicNutrition.ca If you want to see that change is possible and that it can be gentle and fun, we encourage Meditation 10:00 am Celebration 10:30 am you to come in for a consultation and give yourself this incredible opportunity.

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The Passion TestÂŽ Workshop Discover your destiny effortlessly! Passion Test Facilitators Gord & Wendy Marr, learn this simple, powerful process of discovery. Let's Move Studio. Sunday, June 2, 2013, 1:00-4:00pm $35/pp $50 with a friend, Info & register: 250.574.5330 check our facebook page for more local events posted daily! facebook: interior wellness

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Does Pain affect your lifestyle?

CHRONIC PAIN SELF MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP SERIES With Paul Laviolette, HHP, CCP, RCRT Trigger Point Therapy Massage & Advanced Reflexology

Workshop #5: Sciatic

Self Treatment for Sciatic Pain Monday, May 27th, 2013 Workshop #6: Runners

Self Treatment for Knee,Lower Leg and Foot Pain (for Runners)

Monday, June 24th, 2013

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0 per w orksh op

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Rotator Cuff 


By Martin Giguere

The shoulder joint is surrounded by 4 muscles that build the rotator cuff. Because the shoulder joint is made like a ball in a very shallow socket, it has great mobility but tends to be unstable. The rotator cuff muscles, aside to move the shoulder joint, also stabilize it. There is one muscle at the front of the shoulder, one on top, and two at the back. These muscles extend deep into the joint, at bone level. There are many ways to injure a rotator cuff, but here are the most common causes of injury: (pre-existing factors) - Lifting something heavier than expected or in an awkward way - Repetitive motion at shoulder level or overhead - Sedentary lifestyle so when needing to lift, the body and muscles are not prepared to do so, therefore straining easily - Poor posture with shoulders rounded forward, so the ball of the shoulder is no longer in the center of its socket. Most rotator cuff injuries cause inflammation in the tendon(s) and are called tendonitis. More severe shoulder injuries that involve a fall or a joint dislocation can lead to a partial or complete tear. In either ways, the pain is quite deep and difficult to pin point. The pain often refers to your arm, even elbow. The shoulder joint also gets quite stiff due to the swelling build up. It is usually quite sore to move your arm past your shoulder height. It is reasonable to seek emergency medical care if there is worry about a broken bone, if there is numbness or change in sensation in the arm or hand. You should see your doctor if you are unable to lift your arm after several days after the initial injury. A physiotherapist is well trained to assess your rotator cuff injury and give you advice on the appropriate measures and exercises that will accompany your various stages of recovery. Icing for 10 min as often as every hour can be helpful in the first 3-5 days after the injury. KineTaping can also provide support to the injured shoulder and calm down the pain. After that comes a short or long rehab period depending on how many pre-existing factors there was before getting hurt. The main point is to avoid getting injured in the first place and identify your injury risk factors such as shoulder stiffness, poor posture and sedentary lifestyle. A fit shoulder is less likely to get hurt. Yoga is a popular activity that can help improve your posture and overall mobility. Fitness training and physiotherapist guided conditioning can assist you in keeping fit and properly strengthen your shoulders. In case of early signs of shoulder pain, consult with a physiotherapist. Remember, prevention is the best medicine. Martin Giguere is a Physical Therapist practicing at Sabino Medspa and can be reached at 250-377-3901. sabinomedspa@me.com

Breathing easy for your health

By Tanya Orozco

Nine years ago Manjit Judge was tired, stressed and looking for a solution. The owner of the Tranquille Market did a little research, learnt what other people were doing to transform their health and stumbled upon something that would transform his life – both mind and body. “I was very stressed out and had so many problems,” tells Manjit. “I came across the Art of Living Foundation, attended one of their courses and learnt how the art of breath can transform your life. My stress level decreased, my cholesterol levels went down and my lower back problems disappeared. It was such a great experience that I wanted to be able to help bring the courses to Kamloops for others to benefit from.” The course he is talking about is the Art of Living Part 1. The course, which is open to all adults 18 years and over, focuses on enabling you to get closer to your goals and enrich your life. It teaches the power of breath, meditation and yoga and more specifically a breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya, which was developed by Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Our breath is our lifeline. The first thing we do when we come into the world is take a giant breath and it is also the last thing we do before we die. The idea behind the Art of Living or the Art of Breath is that by learning to properly harness our breath we can use it to control our emotions, our stress levels and harness it to help us lead better lives. By learning how to breathe better you can help supply more oxygen to your cells that, in turn, will help to rejuvenate your body and mind. It is also said to help calm the mind, which can bring more focus and help you to live in the present moment. Part of a larger series of courses offered and taught all over the world, the Art of Living Foundation has been teaching world citizens how to breathe their way back to good health for more than two decades now. Their students have found through practice that they have been able to shed away stress, medical conditions such as depression and high blood pressure as well as other physical ailments. Some students have had such drastic health improvements that their doctors have also signed up for the course to see how it all works. “The benefits of the course include reduced stress, more joy and enthusiasm, enhanced health and well-being, improved efficiency and productivity and more mental clarity among others,” continues Manjit. “The International Service faculty comes to Kamloops and they conduct the course. The class will be instructed by Ami Soni and Aditya Mahajan, a dynamic husband and wife team. They are both International Faculty with The Art of Living Foundation, educated in the US and were senior executives in Corporate America. After over 10 years in the U.S., at the peak of their careers, they voluntarily gave it all up to devote their lives to the humanitarian work of the Art of Living. For the last several years, this couple has been traveling extensively in India, North America and South America, delivering workshops to various audiences including youth leaders, academicians, professionals, government and business leaders, and politicians, and implementing service projects. For more information about the Art of Living and the course being held here in Kamloops you can check out www.artofliving.ca or call Manjit at 250-574-7067. Reprinted with permission from North Shore Echo newspaper. Written by Tanya Orozco Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013 | www.InteriorWellness.com 37

Breathing into the Joy of

Thai Massage

By Tyson Bartel

Breath is life.  And breathing is a living metaphor of how life unfolds: inhaling expressing new beginnings and renewal, exhaling representing completion and letting go. And breath changes according to the activity being undertaken: to run requires a faster exchange of air to feed muscles working energetically; while reading these words needs a mental focus better fed by a slow, quiet, cycle of breath. Become aware of breathing for a moment: notice the flow of air through the nostrils down into the lungs; and how the lungs expand gently with in breath and empty gently with out breath. Experience the centering effect conscious breathing has on mind and body. Any time attention is focused on breathing is an embodied experience of the present moment. Experiment with following the breath for several cycles, perhaps intending to gently deepen the breath without much effort. And notice the calming effect. The Buddha is one of countless teachers recommending the breath as an ideal process for meditation practice. Ideal because it is always available and it reflects the state of mind so clearly. Simply observing the breath becomes a meditation if one intends to put everything else aside for a time and simply be with breathing. The power of mindful breathing can also be applied to activities like yoga, tai chi and bodywork.

Thai Massage With Tyson Feldenkrais inspired fully-clothed acupressure massage

Kamloops sessions in May, June & July Office sessions and housecalls by appointment Also Available: Feldenkrais Functional Integration Lessons

Tyson Bartel

thaitouch@yahoo.com 1-250-225-6826 The Body Mind Centre #205-635 Victoria St. 38 www.InteriorWellness.com | Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013

Thai massage is a form of energy medicine that originates from the same historical period in India as the Buddha, and traditionally is an expression of his teachings on loving kindness and compassion. To practice Thai massage is to centre oneself in the heart, and feel gratitude for the opportunity to assist another to be well through healing touch. Awareness of breath for the giver and the receiver brings the massage consciously into the body and into the present moment. Breathing into the massage supports the intention to open and balance the flow of energy through the meridians. When blockages of the energy are felt, the breath can help release them and restore the natural flow of life force through the body. And by sustaining awareness of breathing during the massage there is harmony of mind and body into deep relaxation and integration of the bodywork. An amazing experience! Breath is a gift of life. And it can be forgotten in the fast pace of modern living. While anyone can tap into the power of the breath at any time and in any number of ways and experience many benefits, it is an especially beautiful experience to breathe consciously into the joy of Thai massage. Book your Thai massage with Tyson: thaitouch@yahoo.com or 1-250-226-6826 Tyson Bartel is native to Kamloops. He began studies in the healing arts while travelling around Asia 20 years ago. Now living in the Kootenays, Tyson enjoys returning to Kamloops regularly to offer Thai massage and share the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method.

Allergies No t h i n g t o S n e ez e At ! By Cathy Lidster

The season of outdoor allergies is upon us. For me this used to mean misery. Perhaps you can relate. I was plagued with sneezing, coughing, weepy, swollen and itchy eyes, etc for over 45 years beginning around age 5! The OTC medications would usually knock me out so that I slept away most of the season. I remember getting cottonmouth and having to snack often - which tended to keep my adrenals occupied providing only short-term relief. We called it hay fever but what was it really? As an adult I lived on different continents, in countries and states with different climates and vegetation, yet I could bank on suffering every spring no matter where I lived – Until my whole life changed. When I created a complete change in my dietary habits, based on findings identified through the Nutrition Response method …voila! More than four decades of allergy symptoms gone forever! And, since clearing up my own health and allergies, I have been so fortunate to be able to help others do the same. Take Gavin, for instance: a 19-year-old bright, active, otherwise healthy young man. Every hay season, since age 4, Gavin would be housebound, vomiting and asthmatic, while his brothers were outside helping their dad with the haying. You can imagine how devastated he was: unable to contribute to the family farm. Early in 2012, Gavin received the Accelerated Allergy Clearing Technique. Last summer, I received the following email from his mother: “Here we are in the midst of hay season and I have to share with you what Gavin is feeling. Twice today he has come to me and said, “Mom, it [sic] worked, I can breathe!” So, I thought you’d like to hear that he is baling hay, bucking hay, coming in covered in hay and still breathing… it is amazing – he isn’t wheezing and sleeping all the time and throwing up...he’s got energy and loving it all.” The funny thing is Gavin had shown an auto immune response to many other seemingly harmless foods, supplements and environmental things such as cucumbers, vitamins, eggs, dairy, grains, molds, animal dander, car exhaust, trees, actually almost everything I tested! We had to ‘clear’ everything! It blew me away! How can this be? One major symptom, yet so many ‘allergens’? In fact I was so amazed at what this ‘healthy’ boy showed up with in the testing that I thought to myself: ”this can’t be right, it’s not logical and therefore won’t work.” But time and again, it does. For seemingly strange symptoms such as narcolepsy, acne, pain, arthritis, menopause, rashes, weight loss and more.

Wide-range auto immune response to harmless foods and environmental elements may not be logical but is a very real phenomenon seen daily in my practice. Thankfully there are tools that help so don’t you give up! For more info, Google Accelerated Allergy Clearing or give me a call. You can thrive through Allergy Season and beyond. What Else Is Possible? Cathy Lidster, GCFP, NRC, CHC, ABF, HBCE, has been a Health Practitioner/Educator/Coach since 1980. She teaches classes and helps clients experience What Else Is Possible? You can find her at CB Wellness Centre, 153 Seymour Street in Kamloops, and are welcome to drop in for a visit, email cathylidster@gmail.com or 250-819-9041.

Confused About Your Supplements? Too Many? Not working? Why not? Do you have Food or Environmental Allergies? If so….now what?

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Nutrition Supplementation!

Free Health Seminars For you, your Family and others you Care about

Tuesdays May 14 & June 11 5:00 – 6:00 pm at Centennial Building Wellness Centre 153 Seymour Street, Kamloops

Call 250-819-9041 to reserve seating Are You a Candidate for Nutrition Response® testing and/or Accelerated Allergy Clearing® Technique? Free Pre -Screening to Workshop Attendees

Cathy Lidster, B.Sc, GCFP, ACNRT Nutritionist and Natural Health Educator cathylidster@gmail.com 250-819-9041 Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013 | www.InteriorWellness.com 39

Organic on a budget

So, you have been sufficiently sold on the environmental merits of eating organic food. You have been pledging to make the switch for months. But one look at the grocery store shelves and it is obvious that organic living is often a considerably pricier choice. Here are some ideas for eating more safely and ethically and enjoying the quality of organic food without breaking the budget. Meal Plan before you shop. This is probably the most important step to going organic on a budget. There is a lovely app for smartphones called MealBoard that, once set up, is an excellent tool to help with meal planning, shopping, and keeping the ‘meal rotation boredom’ at bay. The main reason food goes bad before you get a chance to use it is due to the fact that you forgot it in the back of your fridge! Create your meal plan with four principles in mind: 1. Cook in bulk and freeze for later, or use the leftovers the next day. 2. Plan around your family’s busy days: save the gourmet meals for days off. I have whipped up some beautiful 15-minute from-scratch recipes, including our version of ‘Tuna Helper,’ ‘Stovetop Lasagna,’ ‘Deluxe Baked Beans on Potatoes,’ and of course, the classic ‘Mac and Cheese with Cucumbers and Carrot Sticks on the Side’ that all come to the rescue in a pinch! 3. Get a slow cooker. My winter love, that beautiful Crock Pot, makes our house smell divine all day, and reminds us that the hard work is done! 4. Be forgiving! At least twice a week we have a meal all lined up on our calendar and it gets bumped for a special occasion, a ‘Tuna Helper’ emergency meal, or a simple, resounding, “no thanks, not tonight!” from the family. It happens. Your status as super-planner will prevail, we promise, even if you grab burgers or take-out on occasion.

Organic Produce Delivery Service Organic Produce - and More - Delivered to Your Door

250-315-4743 Serving Merritt & Interior B.C. info@footprintsharvest.com

www.footprintsharvest.com 40 www.InteriorWellness.com | Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013

By Jodi Latremouille

Buy in Bulk and In Season to take advantage of discount prices. You just have to know ahead of time that you are going to use it. Our family will go through 50 lbs of blueberries and 50 lbs of jarred tomatoes in a year, so we look for deals on our favourite foods. Ms. Sarah Dobec, certified holistic nutritionist, says eating in season, the way our ancestors did, has an inherent wisdom. "In the winter, we eat warm starchy foods like sweet potato; in the spring, we get to cleanse with fresh greens; and in the summer, we eat foods like fruit that are high in sugar and water." Cook!  "Summer and fall are the seasons to buy organic," says Julie Daniluk, holistic nutritionist and host of Healthy Gourmet on the Oprah Winfrey network. "Every August, I buy a big bushel of basil and make pesto. You have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and cook." She advises organic shoppers to avoid the more expensive convenience and frozen organic foods. In our house, we don’t have room in our menu for packaged foods, so we have learned to plan ahead a little bit and make quick meals with what we have on hand. We keep the basic ingredients for our favourite recipes on hand at all times, and have conditioned ourselves to rely on them rather than picking up instant meals. This helps us steer clear of the expensive boxed goods, while keeping unnecessary sodium, calories, GMO corn and sugar out of our diets. Go Meatless. "Cheese and meat are the most expensive things on the menu, and cooking with beans and lentils is a perfect option," says Ms. Daniluk. Because meat and diary are often the most loaded with chemicals, it does not serve you well to cut these items off your list of organic priorities. Our family buys organic whenever possible, and limits the portions of these items. I like to treat meat as the “flavouring,” rather than the main focus of a meal. Prioritize Your Produce. Certain produce items tend to be highly contaminated with pesticides (buy these organic), while others tend to be lower in residue (buy these organic in season and conventional off-season for the most savings). Both nutritionists say the Environmental Working Group analyzed pesticide residue levels in conventionally grown produce and concluded that consumers could reduce pesticide exposure by almost 90 per cent by avoiding the most contaminated conventional foods and eating the least contaminated foods. Source: www.organicweek.ca/blog Jodi Latremouille is co-owner of Footprints Harvest Organic Produce Delivery Service, operating in Merritt, B.C., since 2009. Contact Jodi: info@footprintsharvest.com, 250-315-4743 www.footprintsharvest.com

The Power of Love and Forgiveness

By Michele Gieselman

Ho'oponopono Dr Hew Len explains the Ho'oponopono prayer A friend of mine suggested the book, Zero Limits by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD. It speaks of the power of Love and Forgiveness and shares the ancient Hawaiian teachings of Self I-Dentity Ho'oponopono. Dr. Hew Len is a psychologist. He was taught the ancient Hawaiian teachings from a woman called Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, the creator and first master teacher of Self I-Dentity Ho'oponopono. Dr. Hew Len shares with the reader the prayer he uses on his clients. The results are astounding. For example, in 1984 when he was working in a mental hospital in Hawaii, he never saw a patient in his office or counselled a patient. He would sit down with their file and say the cleansing prayer. Whatever was going on in them he said was going on in him so he did the prayer to cleanse himself and in return these people were healed. When he first stated working there he said it was a very scary place. After a few months of Dr. Hew Len working there things began to change. One staff member said:" The unit became alive, calmer, lighter, safer, cleaner, more active, fun, and productive. The plants began to grow." (Vitale, pg.182) Medication levels were dropping. Seclusion rooms began clearing. Patients were allowed to leave the unit without restraints. By practicing love and forgiveness he transformed people who were without hope. In 1987 the hospital closed down, never to reopen again. We have to take 100% responsibility for ourselves. What is going on in other people is going on in you. We work on ourselves, clear ourselves and the rest takes care of itself. Self IDentity Ho'oponopono is a process of forgiveness, repentance, problem and transformation done entirely within you.

I LOVE YOU Moves the energy from stuck to flowing. It reconnects you to the divine.

I AM SORRY You are asking the Divine, not to forgive you; you are asking the Divine to help you forgive yourself.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME You say this to acknowledge that something - without you knowing what it is - has gotten into your body/mind system.

THANK YOU You are expressing gratitude. This prayer brings you into the present moment. I use this prayer a lot. Here’s an example of how quickly it can work: I went to Hawaii with my sister in February where I shared the prayer with her. One day, we were having lunch at one of the hotels. The server came to our table, threw the menus down, and walked away. But within a very short time she was back at our table renewed. She was friendly; charming took our order and was a totally different person. I looked at my sister with curiosity. I was wondering what brought on the drastic change in our server. "What just happened?" I asked my sister and she replied, "I said the Prayer!" So as Dr. Hew Len says: “Clean, clean, clean; I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you; Peace, Love, and forgiveness to us all!” Michele's twenty years experience and her interest in Earth Based Medicine led her to pursue the Shamanic teachings of the Inca Tradition, sourced from the Medicine People of Peru. Michele is an Intuitive as well as a Shamanic Practitioner. Michele also offers private Intuitive sessions, group Guided Meditations, and Workshops designed to Empower and align you with your Highest Potential. For more information, please contact Michele Gieselman at: 250 851 0966 or by email: intuitivehealing@telus.net www.intuitivehealer.ca Cited Sources: Vitale, Joe and Len, Ihaleakala Hew. Zero Limits. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Publishing, 2007

Meditation With Michele Gieselman

Tuesday Evenings

Thursday Mornings

6:00 - 7:30pm

10 - 11:30am

May 28 June 25

May 30 June 27

Embrace the opportunity to be still, breathe and rest

$15 Drop in 250-851-0966

intuitivehealing@telus.net Intuitive Readings | Workshops | Meditation | Craniosacral |  Shamanic Healing

Michele Gieselman |  #1 - 763 Front Street

Contact Michele for upcoming fall dates and summer events! Interior wellness | Spring/Summer 2013 | www.InteriorWellness.com 41

• Moksha, Traditional Hot, Vinyasa Flow,  Hot Classic Hatha and now Power Yoga &  Yin Yoga Classes (7 styles of  Hot Yoga offered) • Open every day with 80 classes per week • Low Student Rates • Karma Class - By Donation $5.00 (or more)  every Friday at 5:15pm in Sahali, or 5:30pm in Brock  Karma Class proceeds donated to a local Kamloops charity each month.

“Consistently Hot”

Introductory Special for first time clients




See website for schedule of  class times

www.kamloopshotyoga.com TWO locations to serve you North Shore #17-1800 Tranquille Rd.  at the Brock Shopping Centre 


Sahali 954-C Laval Crescent  Beside Cliffside Climbing Gym 


3rd Kamloops Location 

Opening Fall 2013!!


Are you ready for change in your life? allow joy º live with passion º be open to new possibilities Personal Empowerment Training START DATE

JUNE 22, 2013

Create exactly what you want in your life! Learn to use Universal Principles to assist you, using love rather than fear. Explore ways to live your life with less struggle and more ease. Implement relationship building skills to decrease drama and intensity, and increase intimacy and love. Learn to identify and manage your emotions with more confidence Let go of unwanted beliefs utilizing the power of Breath

Create a successful relationship with yourself and learn the balance of the four dimensions: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual. Learn tools and techniques that will allow you to live a whole, fulfilling life. 4 Month Comprehensive Training Explore who you are through different experiential activities such as group breath sessions, private consultations, meditation, affirmations and individual assignments.

The teaching staff is a group of successful counsellors

peace happiness



and trainers in the field of personal development. They continue to grow and learn themselves to be able to teach from their own experience. Their passion is to join and cooperate with one another as they build a community with love.

FREE Information Evening - 1 hour Learn more about the Personal Empowerment Training and see how one decision will impact your life. ‰ Tuesday, May 14 - 7pm ‰ Tuesday, May 21 - 7pm ‰ Tuesday, May 28 - 7pm ‰ Tuesday, June 4 - 7pm ‰ Tuesday, June 11 - 7pm ‰ Tuesday, June 18 - 7pm


Breath Integration Counselling and Training Centre #204-535 Tranquille Road, Kamloops WHERE:

Tel: 250-554-6707 Email: info@breathintegrationkamloops.ca


Profile for Interior Wellness Magazine

Interior Wellness Magazine: Spring/Summer 2013 ONLINE#1  

Interior Wellness Magazine: Spring/Summer 2013 ONLINE#1

Interior Wellness Magazine: Spring/Summer 2013 ONLINE#1  

Interior Wellness Magazine: Spring/Summer 2013 ONLINE#1

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