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Five Steps to Creating Your Perfect



ffirmations. You’ve heard of them. Those “go to” statements that shift you from one mood or energy to another. Delivering a powerful message to yourself can have a powerful effect on your day, your behaviour, and your results. So, why is it then that so many people have affirmations that just don’t work? Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at affirmations and how they can be better worded to get greater results.




What is the purpose of your affirmation? This may sound logical but many people are not clear on the result they want to achieve. What is the action that will occur? Is it to increase something such as your energy, or is it to control something and bring it down? Understanding the action you want will create some clarity for you.

When do you plan to use this affirmation? Is this statement something you want to use at a set time of day, or is it a statement you want to call upon when you are faced with certain situations? Knowing when you will be using it will help you in your planning which in turn will keep you prepared and focused. Decide your time, place and situation.

How do you want to feel when you use the statement? Your affirmation is there to help you “be” a certain way. Do you want to be happy, excited, calm, relaxed, patient, understanding? Knowing how you want to feel will help you define your statement.



State your affirmation in the present tense. Your affirmation should be recited as if it is already here and happening. Own the statement as if you are already being, doing or having the result you want. Start with “I am” or “I have”.

Use “Superlatives”! Praise yourself to the highest degree. Make yourself the best, the greatest, the most wonderful. This will magnify your feelings and your results!

When you are clear on these points, you will be able to build your affirmation with clarity and understanding. It should bring a visual picture in your mind so clear that you can see and feel the end result.

And if you do it correctly, it should bring a smile to your face every time and begin to attract the results you want to achieve!

Fran Banting is a Performance Consultant and International Best Selling Author, “Your Life as a Movie” and is located in Vancouver, B.C., 604-880-5889

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