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2 | Spring 2017

BREATHE YOUR WAY TO SELF LOVE BY MARILYN J PUFF She loves me... She loves me not... an an enticing and fun game to pick off each daisy petal and see if the roulette wheel of love will end up in our favour. What feels more empowering though, is to know that we do have a choice. Self love is a choice, an action. You can make it a priority to feel good or feel loved.

But what gets in the way of self love? It’s often the ‘shadow’ that throws a monkey wrench into our quest for happiness. As soon as we choose something that will increase our vibration or our sense of joy and purpose, pain can show up.

Don’t worry - the pain makes sense - everything not vibrating at that increased rate will become visible, and is often painful. It is a spiritual understanding, that whenever there is discomfort emotionally, mentally or in our body, that a jewel of wisdom, a retrieval of a different perspective is being offered to your Spirit, your Soul.

So how can we move through the pain? Just breathe. Explore your thoughts. We can learn to move through every emotion or pain by taking lessons from any babe or young child that expresses their loud and lusty feelings while breathing deeply to clear things! Consciously and freely using the breath whether through running, meditating or sharing strong emotions, can clear blocks and take us to elevated and sometimes euphoric places.

Breath is a magical tool and the body is the vessel that holds the key. Following the sensations in the body with lots of breath, unconditional acceptance and curiosity is sometimes extremely uncomfortable but worth the effort. Work the breath and your body and emotional pain will change, you'll experience healing, increased awareness, transformation and bliss. Marilyn is passionate about emotional health and personal growth, offering Breath Integration as one of her healing modalities. Her vision is to gather sisters together for the Sacred Moon Emergence, a transformational women's weekend. Spring 2017 | 3

On The Cover:

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Todd Inoyue

For almost 18 years, Todd Inouye has studied and built community in Vancouver in love with the positive

transforming benefits of yoga. His classes are a humorous,

infectious blend of deep alignment, brilliant sequencing and reverence of it’s past.

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Editor’s Note

Welcome to the spring issue of Interior Wellness Magazine! I am continually grateful for the growing wellness community we have here in BC Interior both in person and online! You can get more of Interior Wellness on on on Instagram @interiorwellness and Twitter @InteriorWellnes It’s so much fun to be connecting with you on a daily basis.

Did you know we also have a Youtube Channel? Just type in Interior Wellness on Youtube to see all of our inspirational videos and interviews with visionary leaders in the community.

To connect with us in person: save the date for our annual Interior Wellness Festival October 20-22.

And, you have been asking if we would run another event…so here it is: Mountain Spirit Festival. It’s the spring counterpart to our fall festival - and it’s up the mountain! June 24-25 at Sun Peaks Resort. Come experience the Inspirational Speaker Series, yoga, meditation and outdoor activities while enjoying time for relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation. Check the website for more details. Thank you again for your support of the Interior Wellness community! Elizabeth Beeds Founder. Publisher. Editor.

4 | Spring 2017

4 Ways To Slow Down and Smell the Roses



Are you reading this while texting, folding laundry, or pounding the treadmill? When we multi task our attention is divided and no single thing is truly experienced. Multi tasking may look good on a resume - and your ego might think you’re pretty awesome - but at the end of the day are you drained or energized? Focus on one thing at a time.


Several times a day inhale slow deep breaths down to the base of your spine. Breath is spirit, it is source energy. Breath is food and information, focus only on your breath for 12 successive inhalations, let thoughts come but more importantly, let them go.


Do you compare yourself to others? Your life path is not like theirs, you are a unique expression of energy in the universe and comparing yourself to another unique energy spins into self doubt. Take the energy used on comparison and pour it into accepting yourself because no one is better than you, just different.




ith so many messages inundating us, it is difficult to find balance between the head and heart. Our throat is the bridge between the head and our heart. It allows us to speak our truth and be honest first with ourselves and with others. I offer you these suggestions to support you as you navigate these challenging times upon the earth. The heart is pure and knows no malice, hate or greed. One of the functions of the heart in your body is to pump the blood to your organs, muscles, and to feed your body so that your body can be a safe home for your infinite Spirit. The anger, frustration and fear you may feel and observe in others will always come from the mind, not the heart. It is imperative that you notice the words you speak, and the judgements you embrace. The Heart will listen.

I invite you to imagine that a pale pink rose bud rests in your heart. With your intention, call to your infinite spirit through your breath, and with each breath allow the rose bud to expand and flourish. Breathe out the frustration, fear and worry of the mind and expand you heart to open wide.


Notice that as the rose bud opens it comes into full bloom a beautiful rose allowed to come into fruition. Then allow your heart to soften, and you will feel warmth extend to your throat chakra and this will allow the mind to relax, breathe deeply as you clear your thoughts.

When we allow ourselves to have a one-point focus we open an expanded awareness and this is where the smell of a rose is found.

These affirmations will support your mind. This will flow down your throat chakra to your heart and create fluidly. This will flow through your whole body: feeding your physical body, your spirit body, and your mind, creating a strong bond between the mind, body and spirit.

Treat yourself to the absence of devices dinging, beeping, and whistling for your attention. Shut them all off and walk away for an hour or a day. Putting an end to interruptions opens space for you to fall into the colour of a painting, a meditation, playing with your pet, or day dreaming to uplifting music. By creating new patterns in our days we make the brain grow.

Mairi Budreau is author of "Victorio’s Wisdom: Awakening to the Spiritual Evolution" and she guides ‘Forest Bathing’ sessions in Kamloops. Her videos share perceptions of earth communication and living authentically.

You are what you think you are. So as you support the mind it brings you into harmony with your heart. I ask you to remind yourself daily these affirmations. I (your name) Love myself I (your name) Trust myself

Therese Dorer works as a Spiritual Consultant in Kamloops. Her work includes mediumship, Shamanic healing practice, leading Meditation circles, and teaching workshops. Therese is a published author with "Sedona Journal of Emergence".

Spring 2017 | 5



Ways to Love and Nourish the Whole Self

BY KRIS RAE ove is all around and within, if people look. They actually need to decide to cut themselves off from love! Without meaning to, many do. Many people feel, through their experiences, that they don’t deserve love or that they don’t like what they see in themselves. To feel good and to thrive though, one needs to step out from under cover and allow themselves to experience the flow of love from the universe and themselves. Here are 10 ways to bring in more love! 1.

Make a “happy thoughts” list of the people/things you is grateful for or appreciates.


Let go of negativity and emotions that don’t feel good. Forgive yourself and others! Imagine putting those thoughts in a balloon and releasing it.


Boost energy and keep grounded. Picture a tree with good strong roots and leaves that reach for the sun.


Make your health and happiness a priority. Start and end the day that way!


Notice and focus on what can be appreciated about yourself. Walking, talking, or breathing are a good place to start! The body and mind are incredible if one pays attention.


Take care of the “vehicle”. Consume healthy food, reduce toxins, and get more sleep.


Calm the mind. Closing the eyes and breathing until the mind calms.


Love and nurture your inner child. Be playful!


Consult the higher self regularly. Imagine a place where you can talk freely with a “wiser” self and pay attention to the ideas that come from the imaginings.

10. Be your own coach and cheering section! There are always things to appreciate and celebrate daily. Even the smallest of wins! Kris Rae teaches quick and easy stress relief and relaxation techniques for all ages in workshops in Kamloops plus develops self-healing tools and guided meditations for home use. 6 | Spring 2017

A New Dawn of Awareness BY TANIA NIEDBALA


re you being guided to go within and explore your existence from a new perspective? Are you having lucid dreams, or find yourself awakening at 3 am for no apparent reason? Do you see synchronicity unfold in your life through unexpected interactions or divine timing?

Do you see repetitive numbers such as 1111, or other unique number patterns frequently? Are you struggling to have patience for dynamics, situations and relationships where your voice is not encouraged? If you can relate you may be one of the many souls meant to awaken and share their innate gifts on our planet during this transformational time.

Humanity is actively awakening, and our bodies are rapidly changing to support this process. Many are experiencing fatigue, feeling foggy, body aches, changes in sleep patterns, headaches and heart discomfort. Our planet’s vibrational frequency, the Schumann Resonance is rapidly fluctuating and increasing which creates an awakening activation within our bodies. This has never happened in recorded history and signifies great change

This can influence our emotions, thoughts, patterns, behaviours, energy levels and mood. We are actively processing information differently than in the past and this may explain why at times you may lose your train of thought or words in conversation. New pathways are becoming activated in our brain as we begin to perceive and assimilate our environment differently.

As personal awareness evolves you may find that what you felt content with in the past is no longer acceptable. During these times emotional outbursts, confusion and feeling overwhelmed are common. You may not feel like yourself: because you literally are changing emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually everyday.

Slowing down and taking time for self care are profoundly important during these times. Self acceptance and thoughtfully using your free will and free choice is vital. Be the love you want to see in the world, and so it is. Tania offers Spiritual Coaching & Intuitive Readings, Tesla Metamorphosis Energy Healing, Dolores Cannons Past Life Regression (QHHT) and Quantum Sound Therapy 250-434-9171 Spring 2017 | 7

What Bali is Awakening in Me BY LORI PUTOTO

As I turned fifty last year a new line of energy came forward for me, one that spoke towards the deeper truth of 'Who Am I?' I have allowed this question to percolate and it's been brewing some dark, bitter coffee at times.

Bali has created a thawing inside of me and as I melt I continue to let go of the subtle games of the mind. I continue to see what I absorbed as a child, aware how seductive and ruthless the mind can be. The backbone of Bali is God and they call it the 'Island of the God's' by no accident.

The reverence, devotion and daily rituals has changed me, It has taught me to sit deeper within myself and create my own daily rituals. Healing has a rhythm and timing, it cannot be rushed or bypassed. The practice of being present to what is within me and learning to not cling or fight with it has become a holy experience for me, allowing once again my little girl to heal and feel what she absorbed at a root level. Holding space for her to grieve, empty, with the greatest love and compassion I have to give. No fixing, striving or trying hard...just allowing what is until it no longer is. When I became fearless with my pain I now no longer make decisions to avoid pain.

Embracing this richness and texture of life, the impermanence, it can soothe us as we choose to relax into it.

So let us sit deeper in the waters of our inner altar and see what is claiming space. If it is stifled or suppressed ask for it to come sit, it is safe.

Holding the energy like a baby, with holiness and love. Let it speak, weep, sing or dance. We then learn to hold our pain with reverence not flinging it away or 'trying' to be positive. The owning of our power assists us to altar our state to wholeness inside and out. Lori Putoto is a practitioner of mind/body/spirit wellness. She is a deep diver and guides others to move into the depths of their being. Her own antidote for the label of In-Cure-Able cancer gave her the answer to her own wellness. 8 | Spring 2017

A Soulful Sisterhood

Inspiration through connection BY DEANNA DEACON

Have you connected with other women lately? Did you know that connecting could help you live your best and most fulfilled life?

When you connect with the energy of another woman: one who understands you, celebrates you and honours who you are, you are energetically lifted. As you begin to feel this stable, steady framework of heartfelt support beneath you, you can then begin to unfold into the nurturer, creator and leader you are meant to be. It is from this higher vibration of connection that you are able to live as you are at your core: confident, powerful, empathetic, passionate and INSPIRED!

We are women and so one of our deepest instincts is to be connected to others. By honouring your intuitive desire to connect with other women and especially a group or community of women, you are opening your world up to the infinite possibilities of living as your true self.

Together we women are being called to RISE UP. To rise up to our greatest potential, rise up to our highest selves, and rise up to the sense of sisterhood our souls have been aching for. When you connect with other women, reaching your greatest potential is easier and more powerful!

Join your sisters as a true sisterhood of love and compassion. Celebrate the communion of the feminine, honour your intuitive nature and invoke your powerful Shakti energy. It is through connecting and lifting one another up as women that we can open, evolve and grow to live our best and most inspired lives. Lives of true power and universal service. Deanna Deacon is a Holistic Health Coach and Founder of the Soulful Sisterhood. Deanna’s clients live an empowered and inspired lifestyle courtesy of their body’s natural wisdom and soulful accountability. Spring 2017 | 9

To the Postpartum Depression Moms Suffering in Silence


I remember holding my son for the first time, looking at him and thinking how beautiful he was. He was perfect, and I think to myself, how can I not do this again? I felt on top of the world! I felt like I could give him the world and that nothing was going to get in the way. It was not long after delivery that a familiar feeling of dread started to slither it's way in. I tried to fight it, and tried to deny that it wasn't the same as it was the last time… it was. The loneliness and the helplessness was 100 times worse and it consumed me everyday. Thoughts of wanting to get into a car accident so that I could lay in a bed and sleep and not have to take care of anybody began to consume me. I had all the love and support I could've asked for, but inside nobody could fix how sad, anxious, lonely and broken I felt. I was stuck facing a dark tunnel of despair, guilt and fear; crawling my way through was long and tedious. Regaining my trust, my belief in myself, and figuring out who I am is something I'm still getting curious about uncovering. The biggest gift is that I've been able to share my journey through

PPD and that I have been able to give support to other women

in my life. This is an opportunity to empower and love each other.

I know that I'm not the only one, and I think it's time for us to

start sharing and reaching out so we can support one another. Something I can share from experience is that although those

of us who struggle with PPD feel alone, we are not; and I don’t ever want someone who’s been in my shoes to believe that they are.

To read more of Kyla’s full length article, check out the online edition of Interior Wellness Magazine at Kyla Erlandson is an Executive Regional Vice President, Independent Consultant at Arbonne International. 250-319-1803 10 | Spring 2017

Vedic Astrology is The Science of Light BY CAROLE DAVIS If you’ve ever felt the need for guidance in your life, try looking to the stars for answers.

Vedic Astrology is used to interpret the energy of the planets;

the magnetic and electrical fields they emit; and how that energy influences the lives of all living things on earth.

A person's astrological chart is a snap shot of the solar system

and the heavens (stars) at the moment of your birth. It is a unique and valuable map of who you are and what you will experience in your life.

Throughout the centuries, astrology has been studied by some of the greatest scientists in history, including Ptolemy, Newton,

Einstein, Freud and Yung. Many world leaders have and still do consult astrologers.

How Vedic astrology can help you: Vedic Astrology can work in harmony with Ayurvedic medicine to heal the body, mind and spirit. A person’s Vedic Astrological chart shows weakness and strength in the body and the mind;

with this knowledge preventative measures can be taken to perfect heath and prevent diseases before they develop.

Because Vedic astrology is highly predictive, a consultation with

a Vedic astrologer will give you direction and understanding

with all aspects of your life. For example, what type of career is

best suited for you and what is the timing for advancement? Your health: which areas of your body are susceptible to disease

and the timing of issues that could result without preventive

action. Your finances: such as the right time to invest in the

stock market or real estate. These are just a few of the areas that can be focused on in a Vedic Astrological consultation.

Vedic Astrology is an undeniably powerful tool that enables you

to understand circumstances and events in your life. It can help

you to access who you are innately, and then in turn, can guide you to understand your purpose in this life time.

Carole Davis M.A.UVA has been a Vedic Astrologer for over 35 years and operates an astrological practice in Kelowna. Carole has just completed her second book, “It’s Just the Beginning”. Spring 2017 | 11

Pedicure Season is Coming! BY TRINA GOEBEL Spring = pretty feet = pampering your feet and setting them free in a pair of sandals. Foot care is important all year, and for anyone. This is especially true if you have health problems that require regimental foot treatments like diabetes. Requesting a foot care specialist that is trained in working with diabetics is preferable for the client’s safety and beneficial results. The spring sends women on the hunt for the perfect colour for their toes so they look pretty when they are bare. With that perfect colour, ladies are booking appointments to have a professional pedicurist to work on their feet. More and more men are seeking professional foot care services now that the stigma of it being just a service for women is changing. Men need to take care of their feet and there are many spas that have male specific treatments that include aromas and creams more masculine and attractive to their needs. Choose your place of treatment wisely; It is very important to know that picking a safe environment to have your feet done is imperative to your health. There are diseases and funguses that can be transferred from client to client if safety precautions and sanitation procedures are not carried out diligently at the spa you chose. Ask your friends for referrals and ask the technician what their cleaning and sanitizing procedures are. Make sure they are using clean tools, files, and buffers. Are they using disposable liners in the pedicure baths and if not ask them how they can reassure and guarantee you it is free of any harmful pathogens, viruses or fungus. They should respect and welcome those questions if they are a reputable business. Show off your toes knowing you made the right choice! Trina M. Goebel has been a certiďŹ ed esthetician with a C.D.E.S.C.O International Diploma for 24 years, she has experience as a Practitioner, Business owner, Product Educator, and College Instructor . She is presently the Spa manager for Le7ke Spa at the Quaaout Lodge situated on the little Shuswap lake in Chase B.C. 12 | Spring 2017

Lessons in Community Expansion in Times of Contraction


BY TODD INOUYE ess flexible than you used to be? Are you patinated or getting a little crusty as a yogi? Bitter to the evolving modern yoga scene? OmmmmmmMG how did that happen?

There seems to be a trend with many who have a love-hate relationship with social media and the world of yoga. At any given time we can check our feeds to find a plethora of saccharinenlightened one-of quotes (Thankfully meeting max 140 characters for Tweets). Many people are victims to the merciless exposure of people doing tree pose or handstands in parks, sand-butt beaches, and even on the busy city streets in Times Square.

Yes, it can be something of a problem when the algorithms of Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat trap us within the golden cage of a self-created environment. So much so that we can become totally unaware of the reality of the our own communities, countries and world around us. Were we not just a little bit surprised when the new president of the US took office?

it serves as a brilliant way to see how others do what you are doing and vice versa.

By being supportive and understanding, rather than being competitive, it offers new insights, new perspectives for brainstorming original ideas. And there’s also a brilliant sense of accountability that we just never get if you were trying to do something on our own.

As new and lasting friendships are being made, we are invited to see things once again from a place of positive possibility rather than aversion and scarcity. In a world that seems at times to be closing its doors in fear, we have another brilliant example of love and growth in action.

Even within the communities and traditions of yoga there are several walls that have been built to help us deeper identify what we are, what you are and what we are not. “No, I don’t do Hot yoga”... “A white turban!?! No thanks”. “I’m more Yin”, “No I’m more Yang”… More separation?... Interesting.

These days even running a yoga studio can be an increasingly competitive environment. Like many service industries, it competes for it’s market share and as such can be very protective of it’s membership - creating a similar self contained bubble.

Recently however, something happened between 2 studio communities that spoke beyond words and for me (as an ex-yoga studio owner) It was an inspiration in openness, empathy, flexibility and camaraderie.

The Yoga Loft and No Limits Fitness announced that they would collaborate in their next 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training offered to the city of Kamloops starting April 2017. This might not seem like that big a deal to most people, but it really is. By choosing to open its doors and invite each other’s perspectives and communities in, For almost 18 years, Todd Inouye has studied and built community in Vancouver in love with the positive transforming benefits of yoga. His classes are a humorous, infectious blend of deep alignment, brilliant sequencing and reverence of it’s past. Spring 2017 | 13


March into Spring with Gut Health! BY CATHY LIDSTER

id you know that our gut microbiomes, and therefore our digestion, naturally fluctuate and change with the seasons? Everyone has noticed preferences for comfort foods in winter and lighter foods in summer. This is your gut microbiome speaking to you. We produce different enzymes for the different seasons so it makes sense to eat seasonal foods in their time. To best support your changing microbiome, enzymes and digestion, consume natural probiotic sources such as a little bit of fermented food and natural plant fibre every day (e.g. kimchi, pickled veggies, sauerkraut). Just one serving of high quality fermented foods provides a wide variety of beneficial microbes and in terms of CFU’s (colony forming units) provides the equivalent of a full bottle of store-bought probiotic. Start with a tiny forkful a day.

Cultured, fermented drinks such as kefir (milk), KeVita (coconut water), and kombucha (tea) will also encourage the growth of good bacteria in your gut. Here is an easy to make, tasty drink1 that even your kids will love: 3 cups coconut water (no additives) ¾ cup organic tart cherry juice 1 packet of Body Ecology kefir starter.

Warm the liquids over low heat to 92° F /33° C . Pour into a glass jar. Add the kefir starter and screw the lid tightly. Gently shake to combine. Set the jar at room or warmer temperature to ferment for 24 to 48 hours or until slightly bubbly. Let it sit on the counter for another day or two. Use caution when opening as there will be pressure from the gases formed. Enjoy!!!

Please note that if you have any bloating, gas, or other intolerance from eating these healthy foods, then you may have a chronic digestive issue and should seek qualified support. O’Bryan, Tom, Dr., AutoImmune Fix, Rodale Press, 2016.


Cathy Lidster, Health Educator/Nutrition/Allergy Practitioner can be reached at Centennial Building Wellness Centre, 250-819-9041, or . 14 | Spring 2017

Spring – A Time for Cleansing BY TANYA THOMPSON


yurveda is the medicine of India. The word Ayurveda translates as the “Science of Life”. Ayurveda provides guidance and support in creating and maintaining a harmonious relationship with ourselves and our universe. In Ayurveda, a human being is a living microcosm of the universe and the universe is a living macrocosm of a human being; our existence is inter-dependent. Integral to Ayurveda is the concept of the five elements: ether, air, fire, water, earth. These manifest as three ‘humours’ (also known as types or Doshas): Vata, Pitta, Kapha. The five elements are expressed in changes in the time of day and season. These produce changes in the bodily humours. Awareness of these changes help us to keep in touch with the flow of energy in our external and internal environments.

As the Northern Hemisphere tilts back towards the sun, from winter solstice to summer solstice, there is a steady increase in the fire element. This is translated as warmth and light. During this period it is said the sun captures the ‘rasa’, or the ‘juice’ from our planet which creates a drying effect. The Moon, lord of the water element, releases the ‘rasa’ again from summer solstice to winter solstice. The Earth and all it’s beings continuously adjust to this cyclical withdrawal and release of juice. The variations between hot and cold, dry and wet weather affect the heaviness and lightness of “rasa” in our environment and generate a pattern of dosha increase and decrease.

The period from March to May (our spring) is a transition period, highlighting change. Ayurveda tells us that diseases are generated at the junctions of the seasons so regular seasonal cleansing helps protect against potential ailment of the seasonal changes. Because the spring time is ruled by both water and fire, people with predominant Kapha and Pitta constitution benefit from cleansing during this time. They can do this either by fasting, using their favourite detox kit or by using blood and liver cleansing herbs like stinging nettle, burdock, dandelion and yellow dock.

Tanya Thompson has been a student of Vedic Traditions since 1990. She provides workshops in Ayurveda as well as Jyotiṣh (Vedic Astrology) readings. To learn more, visit her website at or contact her at 250-320-9355

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The Crystals and Curiosities Cabin Destination store opens seasonally in May-October at Akashic Ranch. Find gemstone crystals, jewelry, metaphysical art and other unique gifts. 250-573-1124

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16 | Spring 2017


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Sarah Mostaghel, Health & Fitness Coach Offers online help, support and motivation Email Instagram @aquestforhealth


Bonnie Haywood-Farmer CBCP, CECP Body Code/Emotion Code: Identifying & releasing imbalances affecting our Physical, Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing. Savona, 250-373-2473 Emotion Code: 250-819-8156 Releasing trapped emotions that cause dis-ease Certified Practitioner Sheila Langlois D.PSc Kamloops,

Hawaiian Massage: Health & Wellness Massage & Life Coaching with Kathy Richins Bodymind Center, #205, 635 Victoria St. 250-574-7521 Marilyn Manderson 250-579-9444 Attunement Practitioner A sacred healing art & spiritual practice Kamloops,

Michele Gieselman Speaker and Writer Intuitive Readings, Meditation, Workshops, Shamanic Practitioner. Kamloops, 250-372-0469

Wendy Marr, Certified Passion Test Facilitator One-on-One or Group Discoveries Inspiring Transformation Through Love 250-314-4106 Kamloops,

ReNu-uRadiance Spa, Leah Knight Reiki, Pedicures, Reflexology, Touch For Health Facials & Massage, Non-Surgical Facelift 250-571- 4657


Kwikfit4u Canada Whole Body Vibration Equipment. West Kelowna 1-877-348-5945 10 Mins/Day = 1 Hr. Exercise


Nature's Fare Markets Live Well - Live Organic 250-314-9560 #5 - 1350 Summit Dr, Kamloops BC Vitamins | Supplements | Produce | Bistro

HEALTHY NUTRITION/FOODS/FARMS Afke Zonderland, Raw Chef and Functional food teacher. Fermentation, Ketogenic, quality fats, gut healing diet.

COOKSHACK CRAVINGS Mobile Food Variety of international dishes, homemade sauces & dips. Something for everyone, veggie & gluten free . Facebook & Instagram 250-318-6030

Rina Cooke Holistic Nutritionist Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

MotherLove Ferments, Allisha & Rochelle Raw, Organic, Probiotic 250-317-7217 | 250-870-2874

Patti Basden: Isotonix Consultant Isotonic Liquid Nutrients. Best Delivery System. Rapid absorption, easy to swallow, maximum results!

HEALTH INSTITUTES & TRAINING Foundation for Healing Beings Visit website for 2017 programs 250-682-0466

HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRES Breath Integration Coaching and Training Centre Individual, couples, family counselling. One day workshops, 5 month Personal Empowerment Trainings. Body work. Sunday Spiritual service. 250-319-5175

(DNM) Kathy Deane: Teacher, Educator, Councillor, Lecturer. Discover the Secrets of Health. STOP Treating Disease and START Building Health. Lumby,

Bliss Float Centre Floatation therapy Pain relief, relaxation, meditation, athletic recovery and more. #205 - 1150 Hillside D. Kamloops 250-377-7716

Spring 2017 | 17

HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRES Clearmind Float Spa Float Therapy Spa 3650 Hwy 5A, Knutsford 250-819-7702

Vital Spark Integrative Health Holistic services for the whole community. Christina Lake, BC. 250-443-4000

Exhale Centre � Holistic House of Healing Exercise Physiology, Active Rehab, Therapeutic Services 791 Victoria St. Kamloops 250-574-3477

The Happyness Center : Transformation Begins Here Community, Health, Peacefulness, Growth. Passionate, Happyness Practitioners. 250-852-9906 #203-242 Victoria St.

IQ Massager, Located in Kamloops' Aberdeen Centre, Kelowna's Orchard Park Mall

The Flower of Life Compassion Club Society 1-844-CARE-CBD-227-3223 Vist website for more info,

Jose Hernandez : Inner Immersion Breakthrough, Mindfulness Practice. Group Workshops and Private Sessions available. Penticton, Kelowna, Vernon. 778-381-8123


Edward Kent Watson: Certified HeartMath Trainer Stress, heart/brain function, resilience, performance self-regulate emotions. 250-828-2020 Kamloops,


Miss Alexa -Frog Spirit: Reiki, Reflexology, Herbal Consultations, and Psychic Readings. Beautiful surroundings and good energies. 250-376-5124 or 250-319-7827

Therese Dorer 250-578-8437, Kamloops Spiritual Consultations Medium, Shamanic Healing, Meditation, private sessions, empowering you through your Spirit Guides. Donna Hartt, The Mountain Medium 250-420-7913

Encompassed by Dreams Unraveling mysteries of your dream life. Dream Interpretation, Spiritual Reading, Spiritual Healing 250-878-3424

18 | Spring 2017

MASSAGE THERAPY: REGISTERED Barb Harris Registered Massage Therapist Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

Cheryl Gray: RMT, Therapeutic Yoga Instructor Effective treatment for Postural Health, Stress Relief and many other conditions. Salmon Arm,B.C. 250-517-8050

Darlene Fair, RMT, RYT 250-318-6300 Craniosacral, Visceral Massage, Osteopathic Techniques, Myofascial Release and Unwinding. #405-153 Seymour, David Wolynec Registered Massage Therapist Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938 Jenna Nicklas, RMT #5-231 Victoria Street Kamloops 250 319 4871 Facebook: Jenna Nicklas, RMT

Niki Coster Registered Massage Therapist Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

Nalu Massage Therapy and Wellness 214-3121 Hill Road Lake Country BC (professional building beside A&W) Direct Billing, Online Booking


An inter-denominational contemplative/meditation group whose focus is the wisdom/mystical tradition in Christianity. Monday evenings 2x/ month. *FREE* Brian Mitchell Kris Rae Mind and Body Wellness: Stress Reduction, Self Healing Techniques, Guided Meditation Classes, Workshops. See website for *complimentary* meditation. Kamloops, 250-571-1009

Shambhala Meditation Group offers meditation in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. Thursdays 7:00-9:00pm Free and open meditations. #7-231 Victoria Street. 250-318-6257


Daniel Mandelbaum: Certified Mediator from Justice Institute of British Columbia. Divorce/Couples Mediation Family Mediation Centre: #307-2011 Agassiz Rd Kelowna, 250-863-6399

MIDWIFERY, CHILDBIRTH, BABIES Mighty Oak Midwifery Care Personal, professional, woman-centered maternity care. 250-377-8611 Kamloops


Dr. Alison Beach BSc.,ND: Allergies, Bioidentical Hormones,Depression/Anxiety, Pediatrics, Women's Health.Thompson Valley Naturopathic 875 Seymour 778-471-2949


Andrea Edwards PT Kamloops Massage Matters Patient Centered Care - Team Effort Approach 250-299-3636


Cloth for a Cause: Non profit, volunteer run organization that loans cloth diapers to interested families. Apply or donate (Facebook too!)

Dr. Clayton Bostock, ND: Allergies, Weight loss, Depression/Anxiety, Pediatrics, Sleep disorders, Digestive Health. Thompson Valley Naturopathic 875 Seymour 778-471-2949

Dr. Kaleb Falk, Naturopathic Physician: IV Therapy, PRP/Prolotherapy, Digestive problems, Heavy Metal Chelation, Bioidentical Hormones, Ozone therapy Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic 754 Seymour St. 250-377-3077

Dr. Melissa Bradwell, ND, Full Naturopathic services: Acupuncture, IV Therapy,Women's health, Bio-identical hormone therapy & prescriptive authority. 250-374-9700 735 Victoria Street

Dr. Steven Jones, 17 Years of Experience:EECP, PRP, Prolotherapy,Chelation Therapy,Ozone Therapy, Cancer Therapies, Bioidentical Hormones, Full Lab Services 250-377-3077

Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service 250-554-9722 Ease of Disposables, Benefits of Cloth.


Infinite Dog ~ dog training with spirit. Tamryn Fudge specializes in aggression and behaviour problems, everyday issues and puppies.


THE PILATES TREE @ 4th & Seymour Kamloops' premiere Pilates Studio Teaching you to stand tall & stand strong. 250-320-2639

Dr. Marissa Gaucher, Naturopathic Physician: Chronic pain, Autoimmune conditions, IV therapies, digestive and hormonal imbalances. Pharmaceutical prescription 250-377-3077

Dr. Tara Drummond ND 250-374-6938 Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria Street Kamloops

Dr. Tracy Levins, Naturopathic Physician Pediatrics, Women’s health, hormones, fertility, PAP & breast exams. Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic 754 Seymour St. 250-377-3077


Kamloops Osteopathy: Osteopathy, personal training Obstetric Osteopathy, Sport Taping, Sports Rehab, Arthritis Care. Imogen Wood M.Ost & Paul Roberts M.Ost Kamloops, 250-299-5554


Exhale Centre ॐ Holistic House of Healing Exercise Physiology, Active Rehab, Therapeutic Services 791 Victoria St. Kamloops 250-574-3477

Health Quest Cold Laser for Pain Management Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938


Evolve Pilates Studio 250-372-7237 Achieve improved posture, balance & strength! Personal Training Studio & Group Classes. #201-1361 McGill Rd

Panda’s Healing Den–Kamloops: Providing Reiki Master Healing Services. Allow me to hold space so you may embrace the bright light within you 250-572-7820 Val Theroux, Reiki Master Energetic Healer, Pilgrimage Facilitator, Meditation, Mentoring, Reiki Workshops. Kamloops 250-319-6457 Reiki Healing with Kaylee Sprietsma New or familiar, I come to your home! Affordable price, multi session discount. 250-572-1988


Exhale Centre ॐ Retreats with Natalie Saari Incredible Retreats Locally and Worldwide For Information and Registration 250-574-3477

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Akashic Ranch & Stables Private, natural healing environment available for your workshop, class or getaway. 250-573-1124 Kamloops,

Equinisity Retreats, Liz Mitten Ryan Transformational, healing retreats with a herd of equine higher beings. Kamloops 250-377-3884

Paradise Found Salt Spring Island "Where Sights and Sounds Soothe the Soul" Classes, Retreats,Workshops and now, Food! 888-989-9642

Santa Tierras, Earth Medicine Traditions Trainings, Retreats and Private Practice Sacred Medicine Ocean Retreat August 24–27, 2017 or

Rachel’s Vineyard – Kamloops: Confidential healing retreats for after abortion. Find us on Facebook or Call/text 250-267-5081


Yoga Retreat Halcyon Hot Springs November 3 - 5, 2017: 2 nights, Yoga, meals @ $435 all levels. Namaste Yoga 250-832-3647 Quaaout Lodge & Spa At Talking Rock Golf Resort 1663 Little Shuswap Lake Rd. Chase BC 1-800-663-4303


Janice Otremba: Catalyst for Change Beat Burnout. Lower Stress. Power-Up Your Happy. Training programs, Workshops, Coaching 250-574-3734


Sunday Speaker Series @10:00 am April 16 & 30, May 14 & 28, June 4 & 25 Services held at the Holiday Inn #675 Tranquille Rd 250-319-5175

The Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth Sunday Celebration Circle10:00 am Music, meditation, tea, sharing Schubert Centre, Vernon. Drop in 250-306-5432.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Kamloops Inclusive, caring & spiritually nurturing. Sunday services, lifespan programs & Spirit Play for kids.

20 | Spring 2017

WOMEN’S HEALTH & WELLNESS Holistic Health Practitioner ~ Certified Nutritionist Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator ~ Mind Body Wellness Coach. Individualized Nutri-Body® Assessments Contact Melanie:


The Pilates Tree YBR is self massage with balls of various sizes used to release tension from necks, backs, legs and more. 250-320-BODY (2639) #101 – 409 Seymour St.

Atman Yoga with Nicole Aracki RYT 200 Yoga, Energy Work: Guiding you to the Light Within. 250-255-5512


Yoga For Youth Teen Yoga. Empowering Youth to Thrive! Mentorship & Support. Exhale Centre ॐ Holistic House Of Healing 250-574-3477


Drop-In, Pre + Post Natal, Teacher Training 4th & Seymour @ 409 Seymour Street Full details on web site 250-828-6206

Kamloops Hot Yoga 250-374-7426 Sahali - 953 Laval - 75 classes p/week Brock - 17-1800 Tranquille

No Limits Hot Yoga The Hottest Yoga in Kamloops! 905-8th St. Kamloops, B.C. 778-470-5550


Foundation for Healing Beings: RYT 200 Prana Yoga Teacher Training. Starts Oct 15. First in Kamloops! 250-682-0466

South Okanagan Yoga Academy: 250-492-2587 RYT200, RYT300 hr Upgrade to RYT500. In BC, AB & Mexico! 20 years of training teachers at international standards.

RC Yoga: Sorrento, BC 200hr Teacher Training 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Interior Wellness Presents: Mountain Spirit Festival Elevate Your Self June 24-25 at Sun Peaks Resort


Yoga Retreat Halcyon Hot Springs November 3 - 5, 2017: 2 nights, Yoga, meals @ $435 all levels. Namaste Yoga 250-832-3647

200 Hr Teacher Training in Kamloops Faculty: Todd Inouye + Lila Rasa Brown (Vancouver) April - July 2017 Details + application info 200hr Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Kristin Campbell Summer 2017. Kamloops Hot Yoga Contact: Trina 250-374-7426

No Limits Fitness & Hot Yoga Try our themed yoga - heated & unheated classes 905 8th St. Kamloops BC 778-4705550


Margaret Huff, American Vini-Yoga Institute Certified Yoga Therapist. Private/Small group Yoga sessions for individuals' needs & conditions Kamloops, 250-374-2748

Therapeutic Yoga Program for Chronic Pain, Physical & Mental Wellbeing. Exhale Centre ॐ Holistic House of Healing 791 Victoria St. Kamloops 250-574-3477


The Passion Test Discover how to live a life of ©

Fulfillment and Joy effortlessly with Certified Passion Test Facilitator and Inspirational Speaker Wendy Marr. Experience this simple, fun & effective clarity process during a One-on One Session, Discovery Party or Workshop. 250-314-4106

Healers On Healers - FREE 250-819-9041 All Healing/Transformation Practitioners Welcome! Free exchange. Join Facebook Group "Healers on Healers - Kamloops"

Santa Tierras, Earth Medicine Traditions NEW! Cosmology for Empowerment Series April 20-23, 2017. Inca Initiation April 27-30, 2017 Sacred Medicine Ocean Retreat August 24-27, 2017

White Light Healing Circle: Every Sunday Night @ 4 PM PST. Get powerful affirmations and additional support to Live Your Best Life. IT’S FREE! Holistic Market and Psychic Fair: April 16, May 21, June 18, Sept 17, Oct 15 & Nov 19 @ 11AM – 4PM Laurel Packinghouse 1304 Ellis St, Kelowna. Carly Penfold 250-870-8183


May 5 - 6, Public Marketplace & Wellness Workshops: Live music, wine & cheese sampling & mini services Get your tickets at Canlan Ice Sports 250-395-1353

Forest Bathing with Mairi Budreau Guided sensory immersion in nature boosting immune system and developing communication with the earth. 4 session pkg or try a sampler

Medicine Woman Series: A four part Series for the Empowerment for Women beginning October 2017 for more information contact Therese call/text 250-578-8437 Wellness Tool Box: All Ages, All levels, Drop-In Mondays 1:00-1:50pm. ongoing, drop in anytime! Let's Move Studio, 831 Victoria Street.

Los Angeles Yoga Studio Sampler May 25-29, 2017. Yoga, Hiking, Spas, Shopping, Fabulous Food! Paradise Found 888-989-9642

Self-Compassion 8-week Course Building emotional strength and resilience Cultivate a balanced, mindful awareness

Women for Sustainability: April 18th, 2017 @ 6-9pm Lake Country Art Gallery & Lake Country Coffee Shop $40 / Register at EventBrite (Women4 SustainAbility) ÞBring a friend!! Stokefest Psychic Fair at Akashic Ranch August 12-13, 2017. For more info visit 250-573-1124

The 5k Foam Fest, Canada's #1 Fun Run Saturday, June 17th at Sun Peaks Resort For more info and registration Let's Boogie, Sunday April 30 Starts 8:30am Riverside Park More info:

Healing Your Feminine Heart June 7,14,21,28 and July 5 Foundation for Healing Beings

Interior Wellness Presents: Mountain Spirit Festival Elevate Your Self June 24-25 at Sun Peaks Resort

Spring 2017 | 21

Don't Let Life Pass In The Blink Of Your Eye!



ime Flies”, “Where did the time go?” Have you heard these phrases? At the end of your life will you count your toys, investments and superficial relationships? Or will you count the time you spent truly enjoying your life?

The art of spending time well is not as complicated as we make it. We often find ourselves on a hamster-wheel of tasks and commitments; moving from point A to B only focussed on the destination and never taking the time to see the journey in between. In actuality, the time spent in between A and B is often the same. We simply choose not to notice what is going on between those two markers! This is the key: noticing.

Start thinking about “noticing” as a skill you develop rather than an action you occasionally take. Just like learning to play the violin or becoming a carpenter, noticing is also a skill that can be honed. As you master this power, your life unfolds like a flower, opening in slow motion around you.

If you can first pin point those moments when the shift to autopilot occurs, this is the opportunity to seize. A practical tool in these times is an exercise called “Animad”, short for Animadverto or “take notice of” in Latin. Touch your thumb and pointer finger together (sight): What can you see around you? Touch your thumb and middle finger together (smell): What do you smell in your vicinity? Touch your thumb and ring finger together (taste): What can you taste in this moment? Touch your thumb and pinky finger together (hear): What can you hear? Clench your fist (touch): What can you touch and/or what do you feel?

If one can start to train the mind to recognize the auto-pilot state, then there exists opportunities to derive the true key to happiness and your enjoyment of life. Mastering the art of “Animad” will take one from years passing in the blink of an eye to eyes opened through one's blessed years of LIFE! Shay is a public figure, entrepreneur, visionary and writer. Owner of Let's Move Studio; living life well! 22 | Spring 2017

Spring 2017 | 23


ith the arrival





take the time to deep clean

their homes. But you can also

take this concept to your life as

Spring Simplification

a whole. Too often we find ourselves


bogged down by things like clutter, emails

and excess commitments. To help you simplify,



Whether its old makeup, hotel

shampoo samples, or mostly

empty perfume and cologne

bottles, we’ve all been there. But

now is a great time to purge and

create more space for yourself. 4.

Email – A full inbox can weigh on a person,

here are 4 ways in which you can “spring clean” your life.

if only in the back of their mind. Schedule some time to

1. Wardrobe – Create a small capsule wardrobe for yourself

start with a clean slate. Start small, doing a little at a

to wear exclusively for the next three months. Box up the

rest of your items. You might be surprised how easy it is

delete old messages, save special ones to a folder and time, and you will feel so much lighter.

to create new outfits with fewer options. Plus it saves

Enjoy your possessions, don’t let them own you. Letting go,

just don’t, so let them go. You can donate items that no

space physically and emotionally. Happy Spring Cleaning!

you time! We all have those items we want to love but longer fit or go unworn, for someone else to enjoy.

2. Schedule – Time is precious and how you spend it,

demonstrates your priorities. Take time to look through your schedule to see if what you value, lines up with how you spend your time. Make cuts and adjustments where needed.

even if it’s just one item that you no longer use, creates more

Sarah Mostaghel is an aspiring minimalist living in

Kamloops. She is an avid reader and is learning how to live more with less.

Spring 2017 | 25


To the Postpartum Depression Moms Suffering in Silence


remember holding Bo for the first time, like really holding him. I had been stitched up, cleaned up and settled back in bed, and I was on top of the world! I'd worked and prepped as much as I could to have a VBAC and was soooo proud of myself, it was the hardest thing I had ever endured! I felt like a warrior. My husband Cory and I had discussed that 2 kids was it for us, but I remember looking at Bo and thinking how beautiful he was and the tremendous, all encompassing, enormous, inexplicable love I had for him. I thought to myself, how can I not do this again? He's so amazing, and this love I feel is so amazing. My husband is so amazing. Our little family is so amazing! I felt on top of the world! I felt like I could give Bo the world and that nothing was going to get in the way. But something did get in the way...and not too long after that moment holding my son, my joy was slowly stripped away. It was about 7 to 10 days post delivery that Postpartum Depression started to slither it's way in. The feelings were familiar to me as PPD was something I had already experienced with my first son. That first experience however, was more of a blur as I was a first time mom and just so tired that I had no idea what was going on. This time I recognized the dreaded feelings that started to slowly consume me. They felt too familiar, and although I tried to fight it, and tried to deny that it wasn't the same as it was the last time… it was. And it was 100 times worse. I'll never forget the loneliness and the helplessness that washed over me. Thinking to myself, “what have I DONE??” thoughts of wanting to get into a car accident so that I could lay in a bed and sleep and not have to take care of anybody began to consume me. I felt in utter despair. I felt guilty. I felt afraid. I started to lose trust that I knew what to do and I felt sooo anxious and sooo exhausted. I also had a toddler running around that needed me and I had nothing to give him. It broke my heart. Anxiousness coursed through my veins. If someone phoned or texted me I felt panic and anxiety that I would have to answer or respond. I’ll never forget sitting in the kitchen with Bo, and my husband saying to me, “I'm just gonna go hop in the shower”, and I thought to myself… “please don't leave me.”I felt terrified to be alone and yet the bathroom was only 5 feet away. My husband ended up finishing his work for the year three weeks early to be home with me. Every day felt like a struggle. I had all the external support I needed. My family and friends were super loving and supportive, but inside nobody could fix how sad and anxious and lonely and broken I felt. Any sort of trust I had within myself as a parent felt diminished, although I did find some brief moments of relief. The movie Pitch Perfect

26 | Spring 2017

was a go-to for me, laughing made me feel good. Walking daily, getting outside, feeling sunshine, these all made me feel better, or at least better than what my normal was at that time. Talking about it, all the time with my husband allowed me to get out whatever I needed to share. I doubled up on my sessions with my spiritual life coach Susan Hewins, and I took supplements that supported my emotional health as well as other vitamins. I had moments where I thought, “that's it! I'm going on antidepressants, this is too fucking hard!” but the intense moments would pass. I kept telling myself, “this too shall pass.” It became my mantra. I kept encouraging myself by thinking that in 6 months from now, or in a year from now, I would feel better. And that in two yearsfrom now.. I had to feel better. But it felt so far away. Most days felt daunting. I can look back now and tell you that it took me 1 year to feel better. I will also tell you that my journey from the first year to the 2nd year of postpartum depression has been another stage of struggle for me. Regaining my trust, my belief in myself, and figuring out who I am is something I'm still getting curious about uncovering. I've created so many paths of guilt and “should haves” in my life as a wife, parent, friend, and entrepreneur that at this point I'm in a new place of self-discovery, a new chapter of me. I'm becoming more aware of the places I've suffocated my creativity and spirit. It excites me but also terrifies me to look so deeply into myself. I'm looking closer at what it is that fulfils my spirit, my heart, and my life. I wonder who I am and what my purpose is these days. My world has been rocked since Postpartum Depression made its way into my life, but in this moment I look forward to what will come out of this experience. In many ways it's been a beautiful gift. The biggest gift is that I've been able to share my journey through PPD and that I have been able to give support to other women in my life. It’s a topic we don’t talk about enough, and it is NOTHING to feel shameful for. This is an opportunity to empower and love on each other. Being a new mom can be lonely and hard as it is, and PPD on top of that is, quite frankly, brutal. I know that I'm not the only one, and I think it's time for us to start sharing and reaching out so we can support one another. Something I can share from experience is that although those of us who struggle with PPD feel alone, we are not; and I don’t ever want someone who’s been in my shoes to believe that they are. Kyla Erlandson is the Executive Regional Vice President, Independent Consultant at Arbonne International.

Vegan Mayo It is difficult to find mayonnaise that does not contain GMO Canola Oil. Here is an excellent easy to make vegan version. ½ cup unsweetened organic soymilk (or other non-dairy mylk) 1 tbsp + 1 tsp lemon juice 1 tsp apple cider vinegar 2 tsp sugar (or maple syrup) 1 tsp dry ground mustard 1 tsp fine sea salt Pinch of pepper Pinch of paprika 1 ½ cup grape seed oil (or organic olive oil) Blend all the ingredients in a blender ( or immersion blender) EXCEPT oil. Add the oil slowly while the blender is running. Store in a glass jar in the fridge. You can add garlic or your favourite herbs.

Ketogenic Halva spread A high protein and calcium spread that beats ‘Nutella’ hands


We love it on our apple crisps! 1 cup tahini

¾ cup almond or organic crunchy peanut butter ½ cup coconut oil

1 – 2 tbsp cacao powder 1 - 2 tbsp maple syrup

Melt all ingredients in a bowl over a double boiler and stir to blend when the coconut oil is liquid. Pour into a glass container and cool.

Afke Zonderland is the enthusiastic chef behind Okanagan Rawsome’s Apple, Carrot and Beet Crisps. Afke regularly hosts raw food workshops promoting a plant-passionate foodie lifestyle. Living and loving abundant health. Spring 2017 | 27

Spring Clean Your Skin The Benefits of Body Exfoliation and Spa


BY TRINA GOEBEL he skin is the largest organ of our body; it is also the most visible one, and the only one we can physically touch. Skin protects the inner organs from the outside environment and maintains the body temperature. We have a cell turnover rate that slows down as we age. But we can boost that rate by exfoliating our skin and replenishing it with good oils and moisturizers that benefit and prevent it from getting to dry or aging too quickly. Body scrubs make your skin feel amazing and besides removing the dead skin cells it also unclogs pores, removes dirt and oil and it increases the circulation rejuvenating the healthy glow back to your skin. There are many types of exfoliating procedures and all of them 28 | Spring 2017

have benefits, it just comes down to your preference. Heading into spring is a good time to get rid of the dry, dead accumulation of skin cells since it is the time of year we all tend to show more skin, rather than covering it up. It is good to explore the different menu offerings at a spa to see what they offer and to see what appeals to you. Services can range from salt glows, sugar scrubs. Dry brushing, and more. They can use AHAs (alpha hydroxyl acids) or BHAs (beta hydroxyl acids) both safe and effective. Some spas have add ons and body treatments that infuse your skin with moisture after the exfoliate treatment. Masks, oils, creams and serums feed and nourish making your skin feel luxurious. Another treatment to add on with your scrub is the Vichy shower – after the initial scrub this shower heads above your perform a massaging technique that is invigorating and very relaxing. Add on a full body massage after that and you will be transported into relaxation heaven. It is imperative to protect your skin from the sun and environment so take caution when your skin is exposed by applying SPF protection products. Healthy skin is youthful skin! Trina M. Goebel has been a certiďŹ ed esthetician with a C.D.E.S.C.O International Diploma for 24 years, she has experience as a Practitioner, Business owner, Product Educator, and College Instructor . She is presently the Spa manager for Le7ke Spa at the Quaaout Lodge situated on the little Shuswap lake in Chase B.C.

The Best Commercial!


BY FRAN BANTING arketing companies really know how to get into our heads don’t they? They can convince us to buy their products just by advertising it to us repetitively. They know how our minds work.

All we have to do is recreate our dream or goal in our mind as a commercial.

They run the same commercial over and over again because our subconscious minds are designed to absorb whatever is repeated to them. And it doesn’t matter if it is the truth or a lie.

Once you have a vision of what it looks like, you just need to run it over and over again in your mind a few times a day.

If it is repeated enough times, our subconscious mind accepts it and it becomes a belief. We can become believers in a product we know nothing about, but will buy it based on what was told to us, just by the advertisements. We are subjected to this on a daily basis. So, if this works for products, it should work for our dreams and goals, right? If seeing something over and over again can make us go out and do something, why aren’t we spending more time reviewing our visions? If it works, we should do it!

What is it that you want and what does it look like?

Just like advertising, you will impress the idea into your subconscious mind and it will become a belief. Once you believe in your goal and your ability to achieve it, you will go out and get it! You will have faith in the product, and in yourself. Finally, you can watch a commercial of a product you really want!

Fran Banting is a Leadership and Performance Consultant and founder of Dreampath Consulting.

Spring 2017 | 29

Get Fit, Stay Fit 4 Life

Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease and Whole Body Vibration



r. Alois Alzheimer, a German physicist, was the person who discovered Alzheimer’s disease in 1906. Since that time, we've been conditioned to believe that there's little we can do to prevent, slow or reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease (and many other types of dementia) except hope for the best and wait for a pharmaceutical cure. This is a misconception because the truth is you can actually reduce your risk by exercising, eating right, staying mentally and socially active, and keeping unnecessary stress at bay. Research has conclusively shown that physical exercise is fantastic for helping people struggling with depression, and now recent studies have shown it to be one of the singularly best ways to ward off Alzheimer’s and nearly every other form of dementia. Published in the January 2006 edition of the British Medical Journal, there was an article titled, "Regular Exercise Reduces Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease". And now a new study from the journal “Archives of Neurology” is saying the same thing. So beyond knowing that it works, we really need to look at why it works.

Another study, lead by Dr. Denise Head of Washington University in St. Louis looked at 200 healthy individuals (between the ages of 44 to 88) with a family history of Alzheimer's, but no cognitive symptoms of their own. The team of doctors then reviewed Pet Scans to look for Amyloid Plaques (these accumulated clumps of beta amyloid are the tell-tale sign of Alzheimer's) inside the subject's brains. After looking at genetic tendencies, they observed the exercise habits of the individual subjects in the study over a period of ten years. As surprising as it may sound, the genetically predisposed part of the group (who are 15 times more likely to come down with Alzheimer's), were able to bring their chances of developing Alzheimer's down dramatically with regular exercise. According to the study's conclusion, "a physically active lifestyle may allow e4-positive carriers (those who are genetically predisposed) to experience brain amyloid levels equivalent to e4-negative individuals.” This means that exercise leveled the playing field, essentially erasing the 1,500% increase in genetically induced Alzheimer's; this is living proof that sickness and disease is much more related to epigenetics

30 | Spring 2017

(the way in which the expression of heritable traits is modified by environmental influences or other mechanisms without a change to the DNA sequence) than it is to genetics.

According to the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation, physical exercise reduces your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 50 percent. Regular exercise can also slow further deterioration in those who have already started to develop cognitive problems.

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) could well be the preferred way for older citizens (those most likely to suffer dementia) to get a sufficient amount of daily exercise. Not only is WBV a “cure all” for a wide variety of health problems affecting the elderly, it’s also safe, easy, effective and time efficient (only 10 minutes per day), all attractive features for seniors, who commonly have a natural resistance to engaging most forms of conventional exercises. Plus our body's vibration centers are located in the Cerebellum; stimulate the Cerebellum, and this will prompt the body's ability to do all sorts of beneficial things; including strengthening the control centers for the spinal postural muscles, which translate into better balance and increased range of movement.

For most seniors, many of who have been inactive for a while, starting an exercise program can be intimidating. But you don’t have to take up jogging or sign up for a gym membership. Whole Body Vibration exercise can be done without leaving the privacy, comfort and convenience of your own home. So, if you are one of those people approaching your “Golden Years” who shuns most forms of exercise, consider preparing yourself and your family for the Dementia that you (or someone dear to you) will likely be dealing with, and possibly in the very near future. Don’t take this lying down, instead get up off your butt, step on a WBV plate, and avoid Dementia! For more information... *Home, Contact - *Toll free: 1-877-FIT-KWIK (348-5945) or 778-754-7400 *Email -