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Awaken Your Inner Healer Reframing Depression Foods That Detoxify Create More Happiness!

Wearable Art - Leggings By Kristina Benson

Interior Wellness Festival & Conference October 14-16, 2016 Sahali Centre Mall Kamloops BC

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How today’s children & youth can Happy It Up, Peace It Up, Health It Up…


Through Yoga'ing It Up!

ith anxiety continuing to be the largest mental health challenge our children and youth face in Canada - and our youth suicide rates amongst the highest in the industrialized world - creating more access and opportunities for emotional and mental well-being resources is paramount. At Yoga It Up we believe this is our role. By utilizing evidence-based research findings from the fields of Social and Emotional Learning, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Development Cognitive Neuroscience alongside traditional yoga postures, breathing techniques and philosophies, we are able to provide effective programming for children and youth ages 3 – 18 years.

Thankfully, we also have the support of BC’s new school curriculum that similarly values the emotional and mental wellbeing of students and the role that mindfulness and movement has in creating this for students. This is an ideal foundation for

our successful evidence-based Mind Your Movements© school program.

Our programs are designed to empower happiness, peace and health in a fun and inclusive environment so that children and youth of all abilities can feel supported and guided in their needs while dealing with challenges faced in their everyday lives, such as anxiety, depression, poor body image, bullying, environmental stressors, lack of self worth or other special needs.

Would you like to be able to offer this yourself? Then please join us this November in Kamloops for our Professional Development and/or School Immersion Training! Delivered by Founder & Director of Yoga It Up, Julia Johnson Baker (BA, MA, CCYT), who has worked within Preventative Health Education for Children & Youth for over two decades, working as a consultant both nationally and internationally to develop effective programming within a Positive Youth Development framework.

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Kristina Benson is an artist and designer from Kamloops, B.C. She creates and designs art onto leggings, capris and yoga leggings. Her Wearable Art is beautiful and unique – just like you! Over 20 designs. Made in Canada. ONLINE SHOP: Facebook: @Kristina Benson Art

The information in this magazine is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to substitute for advice a reader might seek from a physician or other health care professional.

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Ways to Create More Happiness


In a chaotic world, carving out time for yourself is key. Although you may not be able to control the outside world, you can foster happiness on the inside. Here are some simple tips:

INTEND YOUR DAY Try setting an intention for your day. By getting clear about your intentions, the universe can reorganize itself to bring about those intentions for you.

VISUALIZE YOUR DREAMS Our dreams are our hope for tomorrow. Whenever you are feeling down, think about your dreams and you will feel uplifted.

WORDS OF AFFIRMATION Find an affirmation that speaks to you and affirm it often.

CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT The mind can be an never-ending hamster wheel. Get outside, go for a walk or meet a friend. Whatever it takes, to get out of your mental cage and set yourself free. DANCE Put on your favourite music and dance. It’s virtually impossible to stay down when you allow yourself to move.

EXERCISE Exercise helps increase the natural endorphins which make us feel good. If you can’t control your mood with your mind, let your body lift your spirits. NATURE Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Let nature clear your energy and revitalize your spirit.

ACTS OF SERVICE If you can’t help yourself, help another. When you give of yourself freely, you will feel good doing so.

BE SILENT Enjoy spending time in silence to reflect. A quiet mind can reset your entire system. FIND A MENTOR Mentors inspire us and push us to reach higher.

ENCOURAGEMENT Seek out people who will encourage you. None of us can be successful on our own.

GRATITUDE Remember to say thanks daily. By giving thanks, you create more of that which to be grateful for. Angela Strank is often referred to as the Life Changer. Using her gifts and talents she helps clients move through major life challenges into successful outcomes. Fall 2016 | 5

MADHATTER Aligning the Pieces of You BY JANICE OTREMBA We all wear different hats.

Most of us have jobs that keep us busy for most of the week. Then, we have our families, community events, and hobbies to attend as well. All the things we do and the different hats we wear, are what make us interesting humans.

Wherever you go, there you are Jon Kabat-Zinn is the founder of mindfulness as a stressmanagement strategy, which teaches us to commit to being present in each moment. He believes that mindfulness and self-awareness teach us to manage all the hats we wear.

We can be five different people — all under the same hat. As long as we act with integrity, we hold true to our core values and every hat feels natural and comfortable.

Finding the right fit our core values guide our behaviour and decisions. They define who we are, not how others see us. Bring those values into every facet of your life and you’ll be aligned, no matter what hat you wear. If you’re in misalignment — if you don’t experience honesty at work, if you don’t experience compassion while coaching kids soccer — you’re in the wrong role.

Now you’re stepping into the territory of Imposter Syndrome. Our different hats come with different demands and expectations and when our choices don’t match our core values, we lose track of what’s best for us.

When we’re clear on who we are, when saying “yes” or “no” to anything that’s asked of us, life is easier. If we say “yes” to something that aligns with what we truly want and believe in, the hat fits better because our behaviours are in line with our beliefs and we live truly authentic lives, feeling confident, strong and healthy. “And wherever you go, there you are.” - Jon Kabat Zinn. Janice Otremba, is a certified facilitator and coach specializing in Beating Burnout, Lowering Stress and Powering Up Your Happy! “Let’s have a conversation and if we’re a fit, we’ll kick some butt and get you to where you really want to be.”

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Create Not Compete



t is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and all animal species learn by imitating one another. Even the process of learning to walk is learned by imitation – if you doubt that, think of how in some families everyone in the family is prone to the same type of gait. We learn by imitation. Want more friends? Looking for a partner in life? Have a look around at people who attract you, make a list of what it is that you like about their actions, ideals, morals, etc. Then focus on becoming like that type of person. When you become that which you desire, that which you desire will come into your life. Have more self love, become more honouring, become more inspiring to yourself, cherish who you are, and you will attract those influences into your life – and the people. The real key here is to create a different you. Not to compete with others, but to create something similar but different. One of the best examples of this behaviour and how it works is to look at ART (which stands for “arrange reality tastefully”). The great artists, first worked as an apprentice where they copied according to the instructions of the Master. As they become more competent, they moved out into their own career, exploring styles, shading, colours and form to allow more exploration of who they are. Developing their own style as they grew into their individuality and became who they really are. This would mean not competing with the Master who taught them, but creating their own style. Step out of your comfort zone and create your own style!

Maggy Davidson is a Wayshower, Coach,Teacher and Healer with over 49 years' experience. Find out more at or

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Will You Divorce in The Next 3 Years?



here are several reason why a couple may end up in divorce, but the main one is COMMUNICATION. We can name many other reasons, but the main reason for divorce is the lack of communication, all the rest fall under the umbrella of communication. Lack of communication brings disengagement and ultimately a feeling of isolation, loss of friendship and intimacy with your partner. So what types of communication are warning signals? These could predict divorce in 3 years or less:

CRITICISM AND VILIFICATION When you criticize your partner you are basically saying that there is something wrong with him/her. You have taken a problem between you and put it inside your partner’s mind. Using the words: “You always”, or “You never”, or “Because of you” are common words when we criticize. Your partner is most likely to feel under attack and to respond defensively.

This is a destructive pattern to get into because neither person feels heard and both may begin to disengage. DEFENSIVENESS AND SELF-VICTIMIZATION When you attempt to defend yourself from a perceived attack with a counter complaint you are being defensive. Another way to be defensive is to whine like an ‘innocent’ victim. Unfortunately, defensiveness keeps partners from taking responsibility for problems and escalates negative communication. Even if your partner is criticizing you, defensiveness is not the way to go. It will only fuel a bad exchange. DISRESPECT Disrespect is any statement or nonverbal behaviour that puts yourself on a higher position than your partner. Making fun of your partner, calling them names, etc. Couples have to realize that these types of put-downs will destroy the admiration and love between them. STONEWALLING This happens when the listener withdraws from the conversation. Physically or emotionally. Either the stonewaller is overwhelmed and is trying to calm or just does not care. It can be a vicious circle with one person demanding to talk and the other looking for escape. Reproach and Claims Reproach is to charge the other person with your own faults and your own lack of happiness. She/he is the reason you can not grow, you can not travel you can not be happy etc. Constant reproach brings claims. When I receive a new couple for divorce, I expect to see many of these 5 NO-NO communication patterns. These patterns will show me not only the reason for divorcing but will tell me the way I may need to set up the rules of communication during the process of mediation for divorce. Believe it or not. Infidelity can be overcome easier than the lack of communication. So take a look at where you might be engaging in no-no communication. Look at the path it may lead you to and ask yourself if you want to do something about it before it’s too late. Originally from Argentina, Daniel Mandelbaum is a Registered Clinical Psychologist who specializes in Family Therapy and is is a Certified Family Mediator through the Justice Institute of British Columbia. He obtains successful, mutually beneficial results for countless families and partners. Daniel works with a team of collaborative lawyers that share the belief that mediation is the most effective means of resolving conflict. 250-863-6399

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Foods That Detoxify



he word “detoxification” conjures up all sorts of reactions these days. It has been interpreted to mean different things to different people. Medically, detoxification is most often viewed as a withdrawal method for drug or alcohol dependency. To others it might mean a spiritual ritual or a way to lose weight (fat cells store toxins). For most of us however, detoxification is a healing strategy particularly if we suffer with chronic pain, fatigue, allergies, immune disorders, musculoskeletal problems, depression, brain-fog, digestive complaints, headaches, cancers, arthritis and many other ailments.

Did you know that your body goes through its own natural cycles of detoxification, mostly during the night? While you are resting, the body’s job is to repair, replenish, and replace so that you are ready to go in the morning. So, if you are waking up stiff and sore, or are not feeling rested, alert and ready to go in the morning then your body has not been able to do its proper job during the night.

Your body, if given the correct raw materials and not over-burdened, is an amazingly efficient waste treatment plant. The problem is that in our modern world we are living, breathing and eating in a toxic soup.

The best way to detox the body is to provide the quality raw materials it needs to clean out the elimination pathways and filter and convert the toxins to water soluble compounds that can be eliminated. There are certain foods that help the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms. They are, of course, naturally grown foods in the form of vegetables and fruits. It is no accident that Mother Nature provides a bountiful harvest every fall. Autumn is the ideal season for your body to be supported with a detox diet: after indulging in summertime snack foods and before needing winter comfort foods.

Here are some of the more helpful foods: Lemons, oranges, caraway and pumpkin seeds, beets, endive, and escarole, the cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, watercress etc.), spinach, tomatoes, peas, yams, dandelion, kale, radish, garlic, grapes, and berries.

Some of the more helpful herbs are: Yarrow, yellowdock, chamomile, peppermint, milk thistle, burdock, yucca root, Siberian ginseng, chicory, cilantro and radicchio.

Nature has provided us with all these plants and more so that we can live healthy, happy and long lives in spite of ourselves.

What is definitely NOT on this list? Big Macs, corn dogs, pasteurized dairy products, diet sodas, bagels, pastas, breads and cereals, low fat and fat free snacks, “healthy heart” products, synthetic supplements, etc. These processed products erroneously described by some as “foods” are made with human ingenuity which alas, cannot hope to meet the standards that nature has set for us. Cathy Lidster, Health Educator/Energy Nutrition & Allergy Practitioner, offers free seminars monthly. To book a seminar seat or for more information on safe and effective detox please visit, phone 250-314-4106 or email Fall 2016 | 9

Whole Body Vibration


BY LAURA PELLETIER ith Whole Body Vibration training &

therapy, hormones such as Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Intrinsic Growth

Factor 1 & testosterone, have been shown to

increase. This in conjunction with the strength &

flexibility increases that the body experiences, may

explain why athletes using this system find they are less likely to get injured & heal much faster. With

less than 3 min. per session, two to three times per week for 3 weeks' strength increases with improved communication between the nervous system and

muscle fibers. This creates larger, stronger and more flexible muscles.

Cortisol levels, have also been shown to decrease. Cortisol is the hormone released when we are under stress, high levels of cortisol have been linked to

many diseases. Lowered levels of cortisol have been shown to be a good indication of slowing down the aging process.

Whole Body Vibration exercise improves circulation

& oxygen delivery to peripheral tissues such as the feet, hands, skin & hair, as well as organs, glands,

muscle & fat. The increase in oxygen & blood

circulation has been shown to increases the ability

for the cells to eliminate waste, improving these

critical body functions necessary to stall & in some cases even reverse the aging process.

Kwikfit4u is here to support you on your path to optimal health and wellness! Feel free to contact them with any questions. Toll free – 1 877 FIT KWIK (348-5945)

10 | Fall 2016

Knowing Your True Self Is The Key


BY SRI MADHU SAI ach one of us is seeking something beyond material achievements: something that cannot be disturbed by circumstances, thought or human corruption. We have asked the question: what is life all about? Has life any meaning at all? We see the enormous confusion of life, violence and endless divisions. And with a sense of deep frustration we ask: What is living? Is there anything beyond it? What are we to do? In the constant battle that we call living, we try to set a social, economical and cultural code of conduct. We are brought up in this and in following the pattern our behaviour and our thinking have become mechanical and our responses automatic.

We can observe this very easily in ourselves. For centuries we have been spoon-fed by our teachers, authorities, books and saints to tell us what is right or wrong. We have been either guided by our inclinations, our tendencies or compelled to accept by circumstances and environment. We are secondhand people and the result of all kinds of influences, and there is nothing new in us. We have discovered nothing for ourselves; nothing original, pristine, and clear.

To see whether there is or is not something beyond this anxiety, guilt, fear and competitive existence, it seems that we must take an entirely different approach altogether. We must be adventurous and ask ourselves if it is possible to have knowing from inside our own self.

Books, priests, philosophers or saviours cannot answer the question of whether or not there is a God or truth or reality, or whatever you like to call it. Nobody and nothing can respond to the question but you, and that is why you must know yourself. Immaturity lies only in total ignorance of self. To understand your true self is the beginning of wisdom.

Sri Madhu Sai is a lead trainer, with over 20 years as a monk; he has a unique ability to help you understand the root cause of your problems. His trainings, teachings and counseling are practical and experiential.

Art therapy and the Body

Body Scan Meditation and Body Mapping



rt therapy can be a powerful therapy to work with the body. A body-scan meditation and body mapping art exercise together can contribute to the health and healing of the body. It is important to go gently with any therapeutic activity and to respect your limits. If these practices bring up difficult feelings that you cannot work through on your own it is wise to consult a professional therapist. Remember art therapy is all about exploration with materials and not judging yourself or the final product!

Instructions on body scan meditation and body mapping:

1. Find a comfortable seated, or lying down position. Notice what is going on in your body with a non-judgmental, gentle awareness. Scan through your body, beginning from the left toe, moving up through the left side of the body, through the core and organs, the back, the left arm, up to the neck and face, and move down the right arm, back through the core and finishing at the right toes. Pay attention to your brain and heart, and finally to your skin. Spread your awareness out further to the energy field around your body. Rest for a few minutes, going back to places that need a little more attention. 2. With this same gentle and non-judgmental awareness begin your body mapping art activity. Have a friend trace an outline of your body on a large piece of paper. Alternatively, draw a body outline free hand on a smaller piece of paper. It doesn’t have to be too detailed: a “ginger bread man” outline is ok! 3. Fill the inside of the body and the space around the body with colours and images of your choice. Follow your intuition in choosing your design. You can use any art supplies you have on hand including pencil crayons, felt pens, pastels, sparkles, and paint. You may even choose to collage pictures or words onto your body map. 4. Enjoy your creation and the benefits of calming yourself and caring for your body. Shannon Byrnes, MA, RCC, BCATR is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Registered Art Therapist. If you would like to join her fall Meditation and Art Therapy series, contact: 778-266-0590. Fall 2016 | 11

What is SIBO?

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

from the large intestine into the small intestine, Bacteria are a normal causing abnormal part of our overgrow of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and small intestine. The bacteria serve many functions in our produce gases and other byhealth such as making vitamins, products that may lead to many aiding in digestion, improving different symptoms including but not absorption of nutrients, and supporting BY DR. KALEB FALK limited to gastrointestinal symptoms. our immune system. SIBO refers to, firstly, Bacterial overgrowth interferes with normal the chronic bacterial infection in the small intestine digestion and absorption of food, and may be associated with due to the overgrowth of normal bacteria in the small intestine, damage to the membrane or lining of the small intestine. This by bacteria that are typically found in the large intestine. These is associated with inflammation and damage to the mucous bacteria colonize the small intestine, where they don’t belong. membrane lining of the small intestine leading to ‘leaky gut’. In Secondly, these bacteria can also be invasive, pathogenic turn, this can lead to nutrient deficiencies and a host of species that are not part of our normal flora, such as yeast and symptoms listed above. other species of bacteria, found in the small intestine.

Do you suffer from?

Abdominal Pain & Cramping, Belching, Bloating/Distention, Constipation Diarrhea, Flatulence, Food sensitivities, Heartburn, IBS… SIBO is a specific type of dysbiosis (imbalance in gut flora). The normally sterile environment of the small intestine is the result of proper nutrition, digestion, assimilation and intestinal muscular contraction that flushes bacteria through the ileocecal valve into the large intestine. When a person has SIBO the bacteria that normally live in the large intestine, can migrate

12 | Fall 2016

Did you know that about 80-90% of patients suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) have SIBO and it has been estimated that 1 in 5 visits to a GP are the result of chronic digestive symptoms typical of IBS. Dr. Kaleb Falk is a Naturopathic Physician at Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic. He has a special focus treating SIBO & other digestive problems, Hormone therapies, Ozone therapy, Intravenous therapies & Heavy Metal Chelation. 250-377-3077

e h t g n i h s i Nour Inner Child



eople's lives are significantly impacted by their childhoods. Children absorb from their environment: events and experiences that happen to them or around them, beliefs of their parents, problems at school or with friends, the list goes on. There are many ways for people to connect with that part of themselves and to help heal those wounds with their current knowledge. This is helpful as often adults are ready and willing to let these events and beliefs go but there's that inner part of them that isn't ready yet or holds onto the belief as truth. The other benefit of connecting to the younger self is to find their passion and interests. Often children naturally gravitate to what truly interests them before they are told to do other things or are told then can't make enough money doing what they enjoy! Here's an exercise to connect with your inner child:

Imagine walking along a path and into an open field. In that field, up ahead, is an amazing and beautiful rainbow! Walking toward you is a young version of yourself. He or she will be excited to see you and is going to show you this rainbow and it's incredible rainbow slide! They take you, by-the-hand, over to the base of one of the sides of the rainbow and there you'll find a rainbow staircase. You both step up on the first stair, which is red. It magically lifts you both up higher and higher into the sky. Next you step onto the orange stair and it does the same thing, then yellow, green, light blue, deeper blue or indigo, and purple. When you get to the top there is ample room to sit and look at the view. It's wide and sturdy and a great place for the two of you to sit and talk. Here you can ask them how they're doing, what's been bothering them, what they want to be when they grow up and give them your thoughts on situations that you recall. Give each of you the opportunity to talk and in particular, tell them how special they are, how unique, and most importantly, how loved!

Use the space as a way of dealing with past events and beliefs that you're ready to let go of. Help with any issues that they bring to the table. When you're ready, it's time to go down the rainbow slide together. You can both sit down together and take off down the slide! It may be slow and curvy or it may be straight down and fast. Whatever is right for you! Enjoy the time together and go up and down the slide as many times as you want! When you are ready, say your goodbyes and hug them. Look them in the eyes and tell them that you're there for them and that they are loved unconditionally. Then make your way back along the path to where you began. Kris Rae teaches quick and easy stress relief and relaxation techniques for all ages in classes in Kamloops plus develops self-healing tools and guided meditations for home use. Fall 2016 | 13

14 | Fall 2016

A Musical Perspective Of Life



e are all musicians by nature. Music is in our DNA. We hum, we whistle, we sing and swing. Our everyday vocabulary is infused with musical terms: we resonate with people, words strike a chord, we feel upbeat or downbeat and do things in concert. But more importantly, we have within us two very powerful instruments, the brain and the heart. The brain is the keyboard where we play our mind’s compositions. The heart is the metronome that beats the rhythm of our emotions, the soundboard that amplifies the subtle music that plays within us. So, in effect, we have all we need to create a wonderful life symphony. Or do we? In fact, most often we create a cacophony. A musical cacophony is characterized by discordant sounds and incoherent rhythms. In life, it is created by a lack of congruence between the energies of our thoughts, words and actions. How often do we think one thing only to say and do something altogether different? And so, in the course of our daily lives we produce a number of dissonances —subtle as they are— that create a conflict of energies and therefore disharmony, which, if prolonged, turns into disease.

What then, can we do to instead create harmony and therefore wellness? One word: Awareness. Of course we have all experienced the most basic symptoms of its deficiency, the glasses, the car keys we desperately look for, the car itself we can’t find in a busy parking lot. We simply don’t pay attention. But awareness is much more than that. We could compare it to an embedded multidirectional antenna that allows us to naturally and effortlessly scan our inner and outer environments. Awareness is what helps us attune to the subtle symphony that is played by our personal orchestra: the trillions of cells that play the sacred music of our lives. Serge Mazerand is a pianist, composer, recording artist and author. He has made it his late-in-life mission to heal people and nature with music and



t is so interesting to watch people set goals. They decide what they want, make their plan on how to get it, start off motivated, but in a short time, quit. Somehow they lose their way even though they planned effectively. It’s like going to the mall. You know what you want and you know the store name. You head to the store directory where it lists your destination and then shows it on a map for you. But there is one thing on that map people take for granted. It shows ‘YOU ARE HERE’.

Suddenly, the destination to your store is much clearer.

Can you imagine if that bit of information was missing?

You’d venture off and get distracted by other stores, asking other people for advice along the way, and in the end, you forget all about your store, are tired and just want to go home.

This is exactly what people do when they set goals. They have the map and the destination they just don’t know their starting point.

To have a clear path to a goal you must have clear knowledge of who you are. You want to know before you venture out that you believe in your goal and more importantly, yourself. This will keep you focused and on track.

If you don’t have a strong belief in yourself, it is just like being lost in the mall. You will lose your passion and motivation. You will be led by your environment and lose your way.

Know yourself so well that you can take control and move through any obstacle with confidence. Mark yourself on your map of achievement and start heading towards your destination. Just like shopping, it is much easier and a lot more fun!

Fran Banting is a Leadership and Performance Consultant, and founder of Dreampath Consulting.

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Yoga, Health & Spirituality in B.C. Interior

Interior Wellness



Dr. Andrea Hansen: Wild Roots Clinic Create the Conditions for Healing with Chinese Herbal medicine, acupuncture & food therapy Kamloops, 250-682-7289 Shawna Wafler R. Ac: Wild Roots Clinic NADA Certified, Acupuncture and Reiki Kamloops, 250-682-7289

Vital Point Acupuncture Jennifer Larsen, R.Ac. Classical Acupuncture, Acutonics, Reiki, TuiNa Massage. Kamloops 250-376-3070 Vital Point Acupuncture, Chelsea Gimby, R.Ac. New services offered: Sports Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, Therapeutic Asian Massage Kamloops, 250-376-3070

Debra Jonasson R. Ac. Vernon Active Health Clinic Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, NADA certified 250-545-2468


Martin Comtois, Astrologer and Jungian analyst. Natal, transits, relationship readings - dream work. The Healer and the Dreamer workshop series.


Dabs,Dots,Decor & More: Dawnica Flatt Custom signs, gifts and home decor. Kamloops,

Kristina Benson Art - Wearable Art You are unique. What you wear should reflect that! Leggings, Capris, EcoFabric. Made in Canada (Online Shop)


Jessica Ganton-Stanley, RCAT, DVATI, BFA Registered Art Therapist 778-220-2607 Art Tree: Healing Arts and Art Therapy

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Shannon Byrnes, MA in Art Therapy, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Registered Art Therapist 778-266-0590


Ayurvedic Health Coach Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic Astrology Live with the rhythms of Nature Merritt,


Kamloops Back Solutions Spinal Decompression Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938


Back to Earth: Organic, Vegan, RAW, Natural, Non GMO, Earth Friendly. SuperFood Toppings, Personal Care and Cleaning line 250-550-6789

GREEN SISTERS Organic skin care & organic essential oils. Handmade with Spirit in 108 Mile Ranch, BC

“Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin” Holistic facials and skin care that give amazing results and peace of mind 250-828-0909 #301-141 Victoria St.

MONAT: Fuller, stronger, youthful hair. Hair growth solutions. Naturally-based, non-toxic. Teslynn Laycraft 778-257-5478 Knutsford,

Threading and Henna Tattoo Specialist Bhumika Talla: Esthetician & Hairdresser Bridal packages, house parties, events Kamloops, 250-376-9765 Thentix™ Skin Conditioner relieves dry, sensitive or irritated skin conditions without fragrance or common additives. 250-374-6482


BUTTERFLIES HEALING SPA & GIFT SHOPPE Angel card reader, Intuitive Healing, Reiki, Colour Energy Therapy & more 250-674-2700 Join BUTTERFLIES on Facebook Clearwater BC Mystic Dreams - now in Clearwater! 249b Glen Rd. Across from Fields. Now serving fair trade organic coffee. Stop by and say hello. 250-674-2612


Deanna Deacon, Holistic Health Coach Increase your energy, ignite your motivation and deepen your relationship with yourself. 100 Mile House, Dreampath Consulting Lead yourself and your business to success. Let me show you how! Fran Banting 604-880-5889

Safe Journeys - For the Mind, Body & Soul Reiki Services, Metaphysical Products & Artistic Designs. Kamloops,

Find Strength in Action 250-574-7521 Kathy Richins, ICF Certified Life Coach Health, Wellness & Positive change The Bodymind Ctr, #205, 635 Victoria St.

The Crystals and Curiosities Cabin Destination store opens seasonally in May-October at Akashic Ranch. Find gemstone crystals, jewelry, metaphysical art and other unique gifts. 250-573-1124

Rights of Passage offers legal, unique wedding ceremonies, Individual and Couples discovery work and Inspirational workshops. 250-318-2930 Kamloops,

Spirit Quest Books: Salmon Arm, BC offers books, sterling silver jewelry, cd’s, crystals, aura, pictures & unique giftware. 250-804-0392


Green Space Services: Residential/Commercial Carpet, Upholstery, Area Rugs & Mattress Cleaning. Affordable, Effective, Fast Drying. 250-682-1066 Kamloops,

CHAIR MASSAGE THERAPY Certified Chair Massage Practitioner Deep Relaxation For Mind & Body Jana Lundy 250-299-9330


Dr Kelly Ouimet B.Kin, Chiropractor Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

Dr Paul Ouimet B.Sc, Chiropractor Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

Dr. Troy Fraser 1966 Harrison Way Kamloops BC 250-314-9890


Cate Baio Coaching 250-551-4451 Helping busy people thrive with more joy and balanced lives Nelson, BC

Maggy Davidson Coach, Teacher, Wayshower Salmon Arm, BC 250-804-0392

Soul Designs Coaching-Lerae Gidyk You are the change. You have the answers. Free Coaching Q&A Teleclass Scotch Creek,


Breath Integration Counselling, Lynn Aylward Certified individual, couple & group counsellor 2002. Teacher/co-owner 2008. 250-319-7364 Kamloops,

Breath Integration Counselling Kamloops Cory Erlandson 250-319-5175 Remember to Breathe , it is after all, the secret of life" Crystal Clear Energy Medicine: New location #32-750 Fortune Shopping Centre, Kamloops Corinne Mackenzie M.Sc, Cell: 250-852-1580 Family and Addictions Counselling


Goodbye Scarcity, Hello Abundance FREE - Join the White Light Healing Circle with Angela: Transformation Expert, Intuitive Healer, Author, Speaker. Jason Hogue 250-434-9171 Inca Shamanic Healing, Chakra Balancing Intuitive Readings via Shamanic Journeying Kamloops,

Tania Niedbala 250-434-9171 Spiritual Coaching, Tesla Metamorphosis Healing, Dolores Cannon’s Past Life Regression (QHHT), Quantum Sound

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Health issues, aches, pains? You may qualify for refunds $5000.00-$14,000.00 Free assessments Contact Nellie 250-674-2416 Clearwater, BC Enabled Financial Solutions, Caroline Knox CFP 778- 470-3100 Certified Financial Planner. Retirement and Insurance Specialist. Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.


Kangoo Club Kamloops Low Impact/High Calorie Burn! Terra Lundy 250-299-5222

KEENFIT - The Pole Walking Company Special Discount for Interior Wellness Followers Call Sheri Simson Toll-Free 1-877-533-6348

KIX 4 CHIX A non-competitive, ladies-only kickboxing program. Making women feel healthy, strong, beautiful & empowered. 250-819-4121

North Shore Community Centre Classes, Events, Room Rentals 452-730 Cottonwood Ave, Kamloops 250-376-4777

Total Energy Fitness 250-571-9199 Fitness classes, Reiki massage Laurie Forner Kamloops,


Bonnie Haywood-Farmer CBCP, CECP Body Code/Emotion Code: Identifying & releasing imbalances affecting our Physical, Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing. Savona, 250-373-2473 Emotion Code: 250-819-8156 Releasing trapped emotions that cause dis-ease Certified Practitioner Sheila Langlois D.PSc Kamloops,

Hawaiian Massage: Health & Wellness Massage & Life Coaching with Kathy Richins Bodymind Center, #205, 635 Victoria St. 250-574-7521

Marilyn Manderson 250-579-9444 Attunement Practitioner A sacred healing art & spiritual practice Kamloops,

Margaret Huff, Certified Vini-Yoga Therapist Co-create and refine a personal practice. 2016 Special: $260 for 4 sessions 250-374-2748 Kamloops,

18 | Fall 2016


Michele Gieselman Speaker and Writer Intuitive Readings, Meditation, Workshops, Shamanic Practitioner. Kamloops, 250-372-0469

ReNu-U: Leah Knight 250-571- 4657 Reiki, Pedicures, Reflexology, Touch For Health Facials & Massage, Non-Surgical Facelift

Wendy Marr, Certified Passion Test Facilitator One-on-One or Group Discoveries Inspiring Transformation Through Love 250-314-4106 Kamloops,


Kwikfit4u Canada Whole Body Vibration Equipment. West Kelowna 1-877-348-5945 10 Mins/Day = 1 Hr. Exercise


Nature's Fare Markets Live Well - Live Organic 250-314-9560 #5 - 1350 Summit Dr, Kamloops BC Vitamins | Supplements | Produce | Bistro

HEALTHY NUTRITION/FOODS/FARMS Cathy Lidster, GCFP, ANRC: Energy Response® Testing and Accelerated Allergy Clearing® Technique. Free monthly seminars. 250-819-9041 Kamloops, (DNM) Kathy Deane: Teacher, Educator, Councillor, Lecturer. Discover the Secrets of Health. STOP Treating Disease and START Building Health. Lumby,

Jagannatha Express, Local Organic Vegan Gluten-Free East-Indian & Kootenay Fusion Food. Relaxing Family Friendly Atmosphere. Open Daily @ 8am-7pm (3pm Sunday) Rina Cooke Holistic Nutritionist Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938


Foundation for Healing Beings: RYT 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Informational Sessions Sep 13, 20, 27 & Oct 4. 250-682-0466

HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRES Breath Integration Counselling Kamloops Individual, couples, family counselling. One day workshops, 5 month Personal Empowerment Trainings. Body work. Sunday Spiritual service. 250-319-7364

HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENFloat Space: Kelowna, The Science of Nothing • The Art of Well-Being Floatation therapy for stress reduction & pain management, positive mental health & relaxation

Vital Spark Integrative Health Holistic services for the whole community. Christina Lake, BC. 250-443-4000


Edward Kent Watson: Certified HeartMath Trainer Stress, heart/brain function, resilience, performance self-regulate emotions. 250-828-2020 Kamloops,



Darlene Fair, RMT, RYT 250-318-6300 Craniosacral, Visceral Massage, Osteopathic Techniques, Myofascial Release and Unwinding. #405-153 Seymour, David Wolynec Registered Massage Therapist Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

Karen McLean RMT Kamloops Massage Matters Patient Centered Care - Team Effort Approach 250-299-3636 Niki Coster Registered Massage Therapist Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

Theresa Draper RMT Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

In~tu~it Nature, Ingrid Davis 250-374-9622 Implementing the science of Nature’s influence on physical, emotional, cognitive, social & spiritual health for well-being. Kamloops,


Miss Alexa -Frog Spirit Psychic Readings, Chartered Herbalist Reflexology, Reiki Healing 250-329-7827



Shari Hrycenko - Clairaudient &Claircognizant Bringing you loving messages from Spirit! Contact today for your intuitive reading 250-319-9132 Facebook: ShariH-Intuitive

Therese Dorer 250-578-8437, Kamloops Spiritual Consultations Medium, Shamanic Healing, Meditation, private sessions, empowering you through your Spirit Guides.


Amber Rhiamon RMT Kamloops Massage Matters Patient Centered Care - Team Effort Approach 250-299-3636 Barb Harris Registered Massage Therapist Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938

Cheryl Gray: RMT, Therapeutic Yoga Instructor Effective treatment for Postural Health, Stress Relief and many other conditions. Salmon Arm,B.C. 250-517-8050

Colette Swain RMT Kamloops Massage Matters Patient Centered Care - Team Effort Approach 250-299-3636

Family Mediation Centre: Daniel Mandelbaum Divorce Mediation, Couples Mediation # 307-2011 Agassiz Rd Kelowna 250-863-6399

Kamloops Skin Solutions A comprehensive Varicose Vein and Cosmetic clinic offering cutting-edge treatments. 250-372-9995


An inter-denominational contemplative/meditation group whose focus is the wisdom/mystical tradition in Christianity. Monday evenings 2x/ month. *FREE* Brian Mitchell Kris Rae Mind and Body Wellness: Stress Reduction, Self Healing Techniques, Guided Meditation Classes, Workshops. See website for *complimentary* meditation. Kamloops, 250-571-1009

Shambhala Meditation Group offers meditation in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. Thursdays 7:00-9:00pm Free and open meditations. #7-231 Victoria Street. 250-318-6257

Surya Krishna: Ignite Your Spirit Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Dreaming, Meditations, Workshops, Spiritual guidance/counselling 250-320-7782

Walking Meditation: Walk through sacred places around Kamloops for spiritual development and healing. Individuals & groups 250-299-1238

Fall 2016 | 19

MIDWIFERY, CHILDBIRTH, BABIES Mighty Oak Midwifery Care Personal, professional, woman-centered maternity care. 250-377-8611 Kamloops

Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service Ease of Disposables, Benefits of Cloth. Kamloops, 250-554-9722


Health Quest Cold Laser for Pain Management Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC 250-374-6938


Cloth for a Cause: Non profit, volunteer run organization that loans cloth diapers to interested families. Apply or donate (Facebook too!)


Dr. Alison Beach BSc.,ND: Allergies, Bioidentical Hormones,Depression/Anxiety, Pediatrics, Women's Health.Thompson Valley Naturopathic 875 Seymour 778-471-2949

Dr. Clayton Bostock, ND: Allergies, Weight loss, Depression/Anxiety, Pediatrics, Sleep disorders, Digestive Health. Thompson Valley Naturopathic 875 Seymour 778-471-2949

Dr. Tara Drummond ND 250-374-6938 Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria Street Kamloops

Dr. Melissa Bradwell, ND Full Naturopathic services: Acupuncture and IV Therapy. 735 Victoria Street 250-374-9700

Dr. Steven Jones, 17 Years of Experience:EECP, PRP, Prolotherapy,Chelation Therapy,Ozone Therapy, Cancer Therapies, Bioidentical Hormones, Full Lab Services 250-377-3077 Dr. Kaleb Falk, Naturopathic Physician Digestive problems, IV Therapy, Heavy Metal Chelation, Hormones, Ozone therapy Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic 754 Seymour St. 250-377-3077

Dr. Tracy Levins, Naturopathic Physician Pediatrics, Women’s health, hormones, fertility, PAP & breast exams. Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic 754 Seymour St. 250-377-3077


Kamloops Osteopathy: Osteopathy, personal training Obstetric Osteopathy, Sport Taping, Sports Rehab, Arthritis Care. Imogen Wood M.Ost & Paul Roberts M.Ost Kamloops, 250-299-5554


ACTIVE REHAB | CHRONIC PAIN: NATALIE SAARI Clinical Exercise Physiologist| Kinesiologist Exercise Therapy, Pool Therapy, Yoga Therapy 250-574-3477

Change Your Pain Kamloops Pain Management, injury rehab, kinesiology, movement therapy, yoga therapy, fitness.

20 | Fall 2016

Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service 250-554-9722 Ease of Disposables, Benefits of Cloth.


Infinite Dog ~ dog training with spirit. Tamryn Fudge specializes in aggression and behaviour problems, everyday issues and puppies.


Andrea Edwards PT Kamloops Massage Matters Patient Centered Care - Team Effort Approach 250-299-3636


THE PILATES TREE @ 4th & Seymour Kamloops' premiere Pilates Studio Teaching you to stand tall & stand strong. 250-320-2639


Evolve Pilates Studio 250-372-7237 Achieve improved posture, balance & strength! Personal Training Studio & Group Classes. #201-1361 McGill Rd

inSpire Wellness Studio,Teresa Krehel Jikiden Reiki - Shoden & Okuden level classes Reiki & Reflexology sessions offered. 250-308-4201

Panda’s Healing Den–Kamloops: Providing Reiki Master Healing Services. Allow me to hold space so you may embrace the bright light within you 250-572-7820 Val Theroux, Reiki Master Energetic Healer, Pilgrimage Facilitator, Meditation, Mentoring, Reiki Workshops. Kamloops 250-319-6457


ABUNDANCE ॐ YOGA. TRAVEL. LOVE. WITH NATALIE SAARI Incredible yoga retreats locally & worldwide 250-574-3477


Akashic Ranch & Stables Private, natural healing environment available for your workshop, class or getaway. 250-573-1124 Kamloops,

Equinisity Retreats, Liz Mitten Ryan Transformational, healing retreats with a herd of equine higher beings. Kamloops 250-377-3884

Paradise Found Salt Spring Island "Where Sights and Sounds Soothe the Soul" Classes, Retreats,Workshops and now, Food! 888-989-9642

Santa Tierras, Earth Medicine Traditions Trainings, Retreats and Private Practice Carol Bell and Laureen Block or

Rachel’s Vineyard – Kamloops: Confidential healing retreats for after abortion. Find us on Facebook or Call/text 250-267-5081

Yoga Retreat Halcyon Hot Springs November 4th-6th, 2 nights, Yoga, meals, $425 all levels. Namaste Yoga 250-832-3647


Janice Otremba: Catalyst for Change Beat Burnout. Lower Stress. Power-Up Your Happy. Training programs, Workshops, Coaching 250-574-3734


Sunday Spiritual Service Kamloops @10:00 am Sept 11th, Oct 2nd, 16th & 30th, Nov 20th Services held at the Holiday Inn #675 Tranquille Rd 250-319-7364

The Centre for Awakening Spiritual Growth Sunday Celebration Circle10:00 am Music, meditation, tea, sharing Schubert Centre, Vernon. Drop in 250-306-5432.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Kamloops Freedom of religious thought Sunday services, Children's programs, Social and Environmental Projects Interior Wellness Festival & Conference October 14-16, 2016. Sahali Mall, Kamloops Workshops, marketplace, entertainment 3 Days of Transformational Wellness


Health By Design Certified Nutritionist 250-571-1932 Individualized Nutri-Body® Assessments, Certified Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator. Melanie Pouliot,CNC Kamloops,


The Pilates Tree YBR is self massage with balls of various sizes used to release tension from necks, backs, legs and more. 250-320-BODY (2639) #101 – 409 Seymour St.

Atman Yoga with Nicole Aracki RYT 200 Yoga, Energy Work: Guiding you to the Light Within. 250-255-5512

Margaret Huff, American Vini-Yoga Institute Certified Yoga Therapist. Five regular classes/week in the Viniyoga tradition. 250-374-2748 Kamloops,


YOGA FOR YOUTH | TEEN YOGA Empowering youth to thrive! Yoga off the mat. NATALIE SAARI, Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher, Mentor 250-574-3477


Drop-In Yoga, Kids, Perinatal, Therapeutic 4th & Seymour @ 409 Seymour Street Full details on web site 250-828-6206

Kamloops Hot Yoga 250-374-7426 Sahali - 953 Laval - 75 classes p/week Brock - 17-1800 Tranquille

No Limits Hot Yoga The Hottest Yoga in Kamloops! 905-8th St. Kamloops, B.C. 778-470-5550


Foundation for Healing Beings: RYT 200 Prana Yoga Teacher Training. Starts Oct 15. First in Kamloops! 250-682-0466

Namaste School Of Yoga RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training starts this October, Salmon Arm. AWAKEN & SHIFT YOUR LIFE 250-832-3647

South Okanagan Yoga Academy: 250-492-2587 RYT200, RYT300 hr Upgrade to RYT500. In BC, AB & Mexico! 20 years of training teachers at international standards.

Fall 2016 | 21

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING RC Yoga: Sorrento, BC 200hr Teacher Training 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hr Teacher Training in Kamloops Faculty: Todd Inouye + Lila Rasa Brown (Vancouver) April - July 2017 Details + application info


Margaret Huff, American Vini-Yoga Institute Certified Yoga Therapist. Private/Small group Yoga sessions for individuals' needs & conditions Kamloops, 250-374-2748

THERAPEUTIC YOGA PROGRAM for chronic pain, mental health & wellbeing. NATALIE SAARI Clinical Exercise Physiologist | Kinesiologist 250-574-3477


Centennial Building Wellness Centre 250-374-7383 Yoga, Woga, Poga, Aqua Babies & Ai Chi Warm salt water pool, Nordic Walking Coaching Kamloops,

Find Your Inner Calm with Kris Rae 12:05 - 12:55 pm Friday @ Let's Move Studio +1-250-372-9642

Yoga with Yvette, Hatha, Flow, Yin, Level 2 iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation. Yoga Loft & Kamloops Hot Yoga Private lessons

YOGA: Stong Flow Power Yoga with Amber H. (Drop in) Wednesday 7:00 - 8:15 pm The Yoga Loft #201-409 Seymour St., Kamloops Amber Hooton


Serge Mazerand: Pianist, Composer, Recording Artist, Author. Book launch & concert October 15, 2016 Saturday 7:00 PM Details at

Four Part Medicine Woman Series: Empowerment Series for Woman Beginning Oct. 14, 15, 16 2016 Soul Retrieval Workshop November 4, 5, 6 2016

The Passion Test© Discover how to live a life of

Fulfillment and Joy effortlessly with Certified Passion Test Facilitator and Inspirational Speaker Wendy Marr. Experience this simple, fun & effective clarity process during a One-on One Session, Discovery Party or Workshop. 250-314-4106

22 | Fall 2016


Healers On Healers - FREE 250-819-9041 All Healing/Transformation Practitioners Welcome! Free exchange. Join Facebook Group "Healers on Healers - Kamloops"

Santa Tierras, Earth Medicine Traditions Sacred Altars October 13-16, 2016. Igniting The Healer Within October 20-23, 2016. NEW Cosmology Series, April 20 - 23, 2017. Sacred Medicine Ocean Retreat August 24 - 27, 2017

White Light Healing Circle: Every Sunday Night @ 7 PM PST. Get powerful affirmations and additional support to Live Your Best Life. IT’S FREE!

Penticton Wellness Fair 2016 Oct. 29-30 Sat. 10-5 & Sun. 10-4 @ Penticton Community Centre. Kelowna Wellness Fair 2016 Nov. 5-6 Sat. 10-5 & Sun. 10-4 @ Parkinson Rec Centre

Yoga It Up! Child, Family & School Yoga Professional Development & School Yoga Immersion Training. November 12-18, Kamloops. 604-727-6816



Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) is an original fitness practice that combines healing, wellness and injury prevention in a workout session. YBR assists to reduce pain and discomfort by creating space and restoring length to the muscles, improving the range of motion in your joints. Yamuna Body Rolling evolved from Yamuna Body Logic, a hands-on technique developed by Yamuna Zake. Yamuna Body Logic uses a practitioner’s body to apply pressure at the point where the muscle begins while the other hand applies pressure to the muscle assisting it regain its full length.

Yamuna has designed a series of routines using re-inflatable balls (six to ten inches in size) to stretch and free restrictions in all parts of the body.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF YAMUNA BODY ROLLING? YBR starts by stimulating bone at the point of a muscle’s origin. The pressure of the ball increases circulation to the tendon, which begins to soften and initiates a release in the muscle. YBR is a mild form of weight bearing exercise. As someone’s body presses down into a ball, traction occurs at the muscle’s origin, awakening the muscle memory to encourage its function and to release it into its natural direction from origin to insertion, creating space.

YBR moves systematically, starting with bone, then working tendons and finally muscle. Work starts with the larger muscle groups and then moves through the smaller ones. YBR is a type of stretching which you can learn to free up tight areas in your body. Benefits include:

ï Increased range of motion, muscle length and tone and circulation as muscles are freed from each other ï Improved musculoskeletal alignment ï Better balance ï Increased core strength ï Improved body awareness, as you learn to listen to messages the body sends ï Ability to prevent and heal injuries through problem-solving in your own body ï Reduced stress as the ball directly stimulates the spinal nerve roots Judy has been practicing Pilates for 8 years and has recently certified as a Yamuna Body Rolling practitioner. Come check out her classes and privates at The Pilates Tree.

Why you should Switch to a Natural Deodorant



f you care about eating right, then you should care about what body products you use too: Everything that’s applied to the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream. You may have switched to using natural oil moisturizers and sulfate-free shampoos, but have you considered your deodorant? It’s a touchy subject, deodorant is one of the ‘essential’ products we use to combat body odour. Are natural deodorants as effective at preventing sweat and odour from our underarms?

The Dangers of Aluminum

First, consider what makes deodorant or antiperspirant effective. A popular ingredient in a lot of mainstream antiperspirants is aluminum. Just to start with, rubbing metal under your arms doesn’t sound safe. Aluminum is effective because the aluminum salts used are drawn into sweat ducts to swell them closed so the sweat can’t escape. Not only does that sound incredibly unhealthy, but aluminum use has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.

Also, once the antiperspirant wears off, the body may overcompensate for not sweating by overproducing perspiration. That just defeats the purpose. Deodorants, on the other hand, are often scented and antibacterial with an array of nasty chemicals.

Thanks to research on the risks of aluminum, many companies are releasing aluminum-free alternatives. Other ingredients to avoid are synthetic fragrances, butylated hydroxytolene (BHT), and talc powder, all of which are suspected to have links to cancer.

There are natural deodorant crystals on the market, which claim to act as well as conventional deodorants, but they also contain aluminum, just much larger molecules that claim to not be absorbed by our glands.

The key to remaining odour-free without conventional deodorants is to tackle the odour, not the sweat itself. Sweating is a way for our body to cool itself down. It’s completely natural and actually, odour-free. Sweat smells because it reacts to bacteria, and that causes an odour. Your body may produce a strong odour thanks to your diet, especially if you eat a lot of red meat or garlic. Drinking a lot of water and eating more vegetables may help with this.

To find a natural deodorant that will take care of the odour-causing bacteria, choose one that is antibacterial, preferably with natural essential oils that will kill bacteria and provide a natural scent. Natural antibacterial ingredients include witch hazel, tea tree oil, lemon peel and baking soda. Green Sisters produce all natural deodorant Spays and Sticks. Available @

Fall 2016 | 17

Take Your Walk to the Next Level! Regular Walking vs. Pole Walking

BY SHERI SIMSON THE POLE LADY of all that 30 minutes of Pole Walking is equal to 50 minutes of regular walking. I don’t know about you but who doesn’t like the sounds of that! Studies have been done to prove that by adding poles to your walk and without walking any faster, you will also increase your cardio by a minimum of 20% and increase your calorie burn by up to 48%.


ou know how important exercise is, you’re been thinking about it long enough - you’ve made up your mind – you’re going to get out there and get exercising!

You don’t have a lot of time or a big budget and you love the outdoors so you decide to take up walking. It’s pretty fun and easy to do - but is it enough? The key to fitness success for the average person is to use as much of your body - as often as possible so walking can work well for your lower body and your cardio. Unfortunately though, regardless of how far you go, no matter how fast – or even how much you swing or pump your arms - because there is no resistance in air – regular walking engages less than 50% of or major muscles! Taking a walk is still better than staying home watching television. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to walk and work your upper-body at the same time? Well by just adding walking poles you will not only engage over 90% or your major muscles – but you will actually make walking seem easier to do while increasing your benefits two-fold! On top 24 | Fall 2016

If you want to take your walk to the next level and basically turn a simple walk around the block into an efficient, effective, aerobic, total body workout, you actually don’t have to go any faster or work any harder: you just have to add walking poles. Grab a friend and get pole walking….Walk – on! Sheri Simson, is a Health & Fitness Ambassador who speaks, coaches & writes about taking responsibility for your own health. Check out her story & learn more about pole walking at

Reframing Depression


Is depression an initiation that every human experiences for a window of time? Perhaps depression is a gateway to remembering who we truly are. The consensual reality we live in everyday depletes, distracts and diminishes our connection with ourselves and mother earth. The daily western experience encourages demanding schedules, unrealistic expectations which further separate us from meaningful contact. The intense need to succeed or survive takes over, and the beauty of our life remains unnoticed. With all the intense energy of 2016 a year of completion and letting go, hitting rock bottom seems like a solid place to build a new foundation. Collectively and individually many shadows are coming to the surface to be transformed. This metamorphosis can be experienced as depression. Possibly depression is a global sign that the world we have created cannot continue the way it has. Likely depression is the soul saying lets look within, to find a better way to live that is in alignment with our truth. Truth and authenticity have been reduced to people pleasing, receiving approval, avoiding confrontation and manipulating to get our needs met. This depresses our ability to experience our innate worthiness that we all intrinsically possess. There is an illusion that our value and worthiness are tied to our income, home, job and status. The truth is we are all valuable and worthy and we have simply forgotten. Perhaps individuals experiencing depression are pioneers who are spiritually on strike and are unable to conform to excepted norms. Perhaps depression is a signpost that we are waking up to our life purpose. Let’s allow it to be a starting point to develop meaning and purpose in our daily lives, a catalyst to finding deep treasures within ourselves. Let go of all that does not serve you and be encouraged that 2017 invites new beginnings for us all to embrace. Tania offers Spiritual Coaching & Intuitive Readings, Tesla Metamorphosis Energy Healing, Dolores Cannons Past Life Regression (QHHT) and Quantum Sound Therapy. 250-434-9171

A Dog Is A River BY TAMRYN FUDGE A dog is a river flowing on a bed created by his experiences experiences that are shaped almost entirely by the people in his life.

Do we know the responsibility we carry as the caregivers of this river? Do we understand the depth of impact and effect we have? How do we contribute to the river of a dog’s consciousness?

We can recognize our place in the landscape of a dog’s mind, their spirit, their heart - and allow ourselves to hold this place with honour and awareness. By softening ourselves and tapping into the sweet place in our hearts that longs for the whispered solace of the most unique and unconditional love imagined. To be loved by a dog is to bend and turn towards the sun itself. In return, we are offered the role of shaping and developing this river of a dog. We are given unprecedented freedom to control the life and path of another living being. This control is given freely, without paying any price for the privilege.

It is an uneven exchange, by most measures – a dog gives up his freedom to live with someone who can make or break his life. He places his future in the hands of his people with complete trust, something humbling and horrifying at once.

How can we tend to the rivers that are our dogs?

We can hold space for them as they unfold into our expectations and our rules and our limitations. Knowing that each interaction we have with them, each word we speak, each touch we offer – these make up the banks of their rivers, the stones over which they flow, the rapids through which they navigate. Knowing that we are the very making of their existence; and they are the very reflection of our souls. Tamryn Fudge writes and lives in Kamloops and operates Infinite Dog ~ dog training with spirit | | 250-573-1744 Fall 2016 | 25

Awaken Your Inner Healer and Embrace Your Healed State


BY SANTA TIERRAS he Ancient Ones - the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the lineage of Medicine People of Peru, remind us that we have an innate healing mechanism that allows us to thrive versus survive. The knowledge that we are energetic beings, beyond our physical bodies, allows us to open the gateways of understanding that our wholeness resides in our connection to the earth, stones, the sun, the rivers and the mountains. The Andean teachings inform us that we have an energetic belly that is the mulcher, the digester of our emotions, our stories, our food, our engagements, and our life. Living in Consensual Reality, this realm of consciousness, may cause us to stuff our emotions, override our feelings, ignore our intuition and create congestion, digestive issues, food intolerances, allergies, stress, infertility, and stagnant bellies. When we abandon our bellies we lose our connection to ourselves.

In the Andean Cosmology of Earth Medicine we are reminded that when we drop our energetic belly into the earth we awaken the Medicine of Amaru, the Great Creator Serpent, which allows us to anchor ourselves in the land. We connect with the deep wisdom of Pachamama, Mother Earth, igniting a state of fluidity in our belly. We realign with creation, creativity, fertility and well-being, which is our birthright. Through Andean Rites of Passage, Ceremony and Ritual, this Ancient Medicine connects us to the rivers, the oceans, the streams and our birth-waters so that we can reclaim our Belly of Creation, balance, harmony and self-care. We awaken our Inner Healer and embrace our healed state, allowing us to step into our magnificence. By switching on our inner healing mechanism, we are able to create relationships of power, live from passion, and engage in life through a synchronous flow with the cycles of life, seasons and sacred waters. Carol Bell and Laureen Block of Santa Tierras are passionate about sharing and preserving Indigenous Ceremony, Ritual and Healing through teaching, retreats and private practice. They received the Personal Rite of Passage from Don Manuel Q’espe, revered Q’ero Elder.

26 | Fall 2016

28 | Fall 2016