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Shift Daily Dose


By Shalen Curle

Take a tiny sniff! Did you feel the cold hardwood or the cozy carpet as you slipped out of bed and touched both feet to the floor? Did you smell the Sunlight freshly washed t-shirt as it slipped over your head and down your face?

You were born with 5 senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. And for some reason, perhaps because we’ve used them naturally for so long, our senses are on autopilot. It’s time to take control of your aircraft! Challenge yourself today to pay attention to each of your five senses and notice how magical and alive you feel when you do! Don’t worry if you turn your attention to the nasty smell lingering from the rancid leftovers in your fridge. What you experience either way will be amazing because it will be bold and in your face. You will quickly realize that life is full of little beautiful mysteries and these mystic moments will leave you feeling like you just inhaled a breath of fresh air! Go ahead… take a deep breath, a long look or perhaps a tiny sniff! Enjoy!

You Deserve It! Did you see the sunny blue bird sky? Did you hear the amped bass beat in your favourite song as you drove to work? Did you taste the bold strength of the warm coffee as it slid down your throat? Although we’ve heard the age old expression “stop and smell the roses”, what does this actually mean and how do you find delight from stopping to take a tiny sniff? Happiness can be derived from simple pleasures. But if you’re like me, you want a practical, tangible, step-by-step way to extract the bliss, to make that HAPPY Happen! So here it is: one tactic you can practice to derive happiness is to simply pay attention.

One of the keys to happiness is doing the things we love. So why is it, when we are stressed, under pressure, or stretched too thin the first things we give up are the things that are healthy for us and bring us joy? We all know this is completely backwards, but why is it that we repeat this cycle over and over again? I am a firm believer that life will continue to throw us the same lesson until it’s finally learned.

time with yourself, treat yourself to the things you love, show yourself kindness with your thoughts and actions, surround yourself with the people that make you feel amazing and do the activities that pump you up. YOU deserve it! Shalen Curle (Shay) is an entrepreneur, visionary and writer. She is the owner of Shift Enterprises and teaches Zumba along with a team of inspiring instructors who encourage fun fitness. She dreams big and one day she hopes to coach others to achieve their dreams and live the lives they’ve always

Perhaps it’s time we learned this one. Commit to yourself today. Who are you living your life for anyways? In the end, the only person you’re racing against is you. The truth is that your life is meant for you; to live fully and enjoy. Pledge to yourself, today, that you come first. Spend

Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 3

Deep Vibrations Nada Yoga

For Healing and Self-Realization By Audrey Meuse

For thousands of years people have used sound and vibration, including music to relax, to access deeper states of consciousness, and heal their bodies. Practices like drumming and chanting, or using Tibetan bowls and Chinese meditation gongs, are common examples. In Nada Yoga, however, there is a much deeper belief: a belief that the entire universe and man, himself, consists of sound vibrations or “nada.” and that the right use of sound and music can restore harmony to the inner and outer cosmos. While the goal of nada yoga is ultimately self-realization through anahata, the awareness of our personal vibration, or the sound of our true being--sound has the power to change not only our moods but our health as well. Practitioners have claimed that the vibrations from Tibetan bowls have helped in cancer treatment through effective pain management and stress reduction.

Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleeplessness and depression are other illnesses that respond well to vibrational healing. A new sense of vitality or rejuvenation is also a common experience after the chakras ,or the body’s energy centers, are activated. The use of Tibetan bowls and/or gongs can add much to a yoga practice. On the most basic level sound vibrations facilitate breath and movement flow as well as reduce the strain and tension often associated with holding asanas. On a deeper level these vibrations seem to create brainwave entrainment: the synchronizing of brainwaves to the frequency of the bowls or gongs. Fatigue, tension and pain seems to drop away leaving a state of bliss and sense of oneness with All. Audrey Meuse, has been a Breath practitioner for over 10 yrs, 4 years training in Acutonics healing with sound. & tuning forks, with Watsu, Waterdance and Amniotics as her big love working in the warm salt waters of the CB Wellness Centre, 374 7383

A New Wave in Complementary Healthcare Centennial Building Wellness Centre

We e k ly  c la sse s Mondays The Body Speaks: 4pm Hatha Nada Sound Yoga: 7 pm Wednesdays Awake & Aware: 7:30 am Bones for Life: 9 - 10am Pregnant Pauses: 10 - 11am Arthritis Joint Care: 4 pm Water Moves: 5:30 - 6:30

Sound Water Breath Movement

Thursdays Awareness Through Movement 5:30 - 6:30pm Hatha Nada Sound Yoga: 7 pm Saturdays Astraea Dance: 2 pm

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#103 - 153 Seymour St. visit us on line for our Opening Specials 4 | Interior wellness | Fall 2012

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Pilgrimage By Val Theroux

Pilgrimage is a sojourn into spiritual connection; a response to the (sometimes secret) longing of our soul to discover our true “inner self”. Pilgrimages, whether travelling alone or in a group, can include spiritual and personal physical journeys to one’s home or ancestral lands in search of “roots”. Perhaps pilgrimages are best known as being associated with formal and religiously guided journeys? History has numerous accounts of religious pilgrimages connected to historical figures (e.g. Saints) and places of their birth, life, death, shrine or reappearance. For millennia ancient, indigenous peoples travelled great distances searching for “power places” to encounter the sacred and have their own personal experience of connection to creation, the cosmos and the “divine”. Within these communities, medicine or spiritual leaders led or encouraged such practices of discovery as a necessary and integral part of life for the health of the community to which they belonged. Today peoples of different faiths and paths, religious and nonreligious, seek pilgrimage as a “meaningful” holiday. We are witnessing religious and spiritual pilgrimage resurgence as people seek to explain their faith, spiritual or global experiences in terms of their own place in the 21st century world. Thousands travel to Lourdes in France, Stonehenge in England, Machu Picchu Peru, the Pyramids of Egypt, the Ganges of India, the Holy Land and Mecca each year, just to name a handful of the better known sacred or religious places. Some walk long distances as part of their process, such as the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain. Others have the ability to still themselves and listen to their inner higher self or divine guidance. They find the place calling them to pilgrimage resides within. Consciously they travel deep within themselves, never leaving their current location or physical home. These “inward pilgrims” usually have firm boundaries and the ability to construct an internal and external private space and time where they can “dive in”. They free this time of worldly distractions, roles and responsibilities, people, technology, familial or work commitments which would otherwise prohibit such an undertaking. Some who are motivated to stay “closer to home” seek support from local spiritual advisors; while others have financial constraints as the significant element to their home preference.

However most of us think of pilgrimage as travel with personal purpose and intention; and many chose destination packages designed by numerous organizations and individuals who make their livelihood in conducting these journeys. Whether our pilgrimage takes us to far off places or simply time alone in the cabin at the lake, the specifics of each pilgrim’s inward journey may be somewhat elusive at the outset. For others their expectations may be clearly set, yet unmet or exceeded once the journey of travel is underway. This paradox is the nature of true pilgrimage. Regardless of our dreaming, visions, purpose and intentions, one never knows what discoveries wait within us or what discoveries will be triggered by people and places we will meet along the way! Val Theroux is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, retired nurse, Reiki Master/Teacher and Pilgrimage Facilitator. Contact 250 372 1424, 250-319-6457 or

Ringwood Health Val Theroux RCC, Reiki Master & Pilgrimage Facilitator. (250) 319-6457

Meditation for Women Relaxation & pilgrimage through photography, music, breathing & visualization. No experience or travel needed! Bring blanket and pillow.

Mondays 10am – 11:30am for 7 sessions. September 17th; October 1st, 15th, 29th; November 12th, 26th; December 10th.

$120 for series or $20 each for drop-in. Contact Val - pre-registration necessary (250) 319-6457 Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 5

The Magnificence of being Human

By Michele Gieselman

"This we know: The earth does not belong to man. Man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites one family. Man did not weave the web of life: He is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web he does to himself." ~ Chief Seattle

"Dear Spirit, So far today I've done all right. I haven't gossiped, haven't lost my temper, haven't been greedy, grumpy, nasty, selfish or over indulged. I am really proud of that. But in a few minutes Spirit, I'm to get out of bed, and from then on, I am probably going to need a lot more help"

Taking on human form is not easy. We come here to enjoy tactility. Here in this reality we experience the sensation of smell, touch, taste, walking on the earth, loving and being loved, all the positive components that come with being human. When I am with my clients, my friends, my family, I always want them to remember who they are and embrace their magnificence. I don't actually say it however I think it and I can see them. I can see who they really are and it is exciting. It is usually quite easy to see others in this light. Seeing ourselves as these magnificent beings can be a challenge. Why is that? We forget we are all one.

When we feel grumpy or judgmental it ultimately is aimed at ourselves even though it feels as if we directing it to someone else.

What will bring me joy? Remember we are Spirit so we are very powerful.

I am reading the book: "Dying to be me" written by Anita Moorjani who talks about her NDE (Near Death Experience.) The quote on the cover of her book reads: "I had the choice to come back...... or not. I chose to return when I realized that 'heaven is a state, not a place." Life on earth can be heaven or hell, it is our choice. Anita encourages us to" Live our lives fearlessly." "Be who you are".

Take time out. Create a sacred altar in your home to reflect your sacredness.

For me it is being with people who bring me joy. It is asking myself each day, "What would I like to do? What brings me joy?” We are born of the Creator so that makes us creative beings. We are not meant to dread the day when we wake up in the morning.

Bless you. You and I are Magnificent.

Take the time today, to ask yourself, “What will bring me joy?” Write it down and carry it around. Keep looking at it.

Michele's twenty years experience and her interest in Earth Based Medicine led her to pursue the Shamanic teachings of the Inca Tradition, sourced from the Medicine People of Peru. intuitive

Meditation With Michele Gieselman

Embrace the opportunity to be still, breathe and rest

$15 Drop in

Find a place in nature, go there and be nourished.

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Michele Gieselman |  #1 - 763 Front Street | | Michele’s Intuitive Healing & Massage | Workshops | Meditation | Craniosacral | Intuitive Readings & Shamanic Healing 6 | Interior wellness | Fall 2012


Have you heard?


Yamuna Body Rolling

By Nicole Bruce

Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR) is a completely original fitness and therapy practice that combines healing, wellness and injury prevention all in a single simple workout. YBR heals body problems at the same time that it helps you get in shape. It is great for all fitness levels from athletes to those just starting out with a fitness routine.

YBR Benefits • Tones and elongates muscles - giving full range of motion in the joints • Improves alignment helps the body work evenly • Increases circulation & metabolism helps with weight loss • Decompresses bones, joints & nerves - allows energy to flow though the body

gives a toning effect to the entire body

• Relaxes the nervous system helps with de-stressing & sleep • Promotes deeper breathing

Yamuna Body Rolling is a series of routines taught in small class sizes on six-to-ten inch re-inflatable balls. The goal of each routine is to sink your body weight into the ball to create traction and stretch muscles, free restrictions throughout the body, increase blood flow, and promote healing. YBR empowers people to tone, strengthen, and realign their own bodies. It also helps to prevent and fix all sorts of body problems through a self-given deep tissue massage. Each class will start with the larger muscle groups, and work through to the smaller ones. Some of the more common issues that are drastically reduced by YBR are: back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, herniated disk, shoulder problems, leg foot and ankle alignment, and breaking up scar tissue, just to name a few.

YBR’s UNIQUE Principles

• Develops & maintains core strength improves posture & overall strength • Stimulates nerve roots & organs

What is Yamuna Body Rolling?

Stimulation of the bone is the unique reason why YBR can rapidly create positive structural changes in the body. During a routine the first step is to apply direct gentle pressure to the bone through the ball. This pressure will initiate a release of the tendons of all the muscles that have attachments anywhere on that bone. Release of the tendon will in turn release the muscles. After stimulating the bone, the ball is then rolled out to the tendons and finally the muscles.

When a person has pain due to a sprain, muscle spasm, or nerve impingement, there is compression or restriction in the affected area of the body. In general, wherever there is pain, contraction, tightness, inflammation, atrophy or nerve pain, there will be lack of space. The goal of YBR is to create space by restoring length to the involved muscles. Creating optimum space throughout the body restores full range of motion in the joints. Another major component of YBR’s uniqueness is it educates each muscle to fully release from origin to insertion and to take its optimal space in the body. This work has amazing results. It allows tight muscles to lengthen and gives muscles the opportunity to do more of the work - ultimately allowing the body to work more symmetrically. The body moves more freely and the energy throughout the body flows from head to toe. YBR is a therapeutic system that should be practiced regularly in class and at home to help heal, create new patterns in the body, and to prevent injury.

The Pilates Tree at 101-409 Seymour Street offers privates and group classes regularly. Contact the studio for further information at 250-320-2639

THE PILATES TREE Fully equipped studio offering NEW classes #101 - 409 Seymour St. 250-320-BODY (2639) For full class schedule check out


Ya un! a Bodym Rolling classe s

*See our classes listed on page 20 - 21

Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 7

2012 A Jo urne y to Freedom By Michelle Morrison

I have been speaking and writing a great deal about the universal experiences that seem to be an energetic part of the 2012. One of the familiar themes for many people this year is old issues coming to the surface. I feel like this is the year to get rid of toxicity and to release that which is no longer serving you. It is time to release the old stories and patterns and begin anew with healthy stories and patterns that better serve our highest potential. The journey to freedom begins by acknowledging how you are feeling. You certainly will never heal an issue or an emotion by stuffing it, ignoring it or by constantly turning to a distraction. Where do you feel it in your body? Your body is such an incredible intuitive tool, so use it! Do you feel it in your throat, stomach or shoulders? What does it feel like? Does it have warm or a cool sensation? Does it have a color? Do your very best to describe what you are experiencing. Next thank your body for providing you with this information. You don’t have to know how to heal it, solve or fix it, you just simply have to acknowledge it and open your awareness to the sensations that you are experiencing. So now that you are listening to your body and being real about your emotions, you need help to release it. So many people feel like they are alone, that they must carry burdens, worries, fears and anxiety all to themselves. Rather than relying on negative patterns, why not lean on Spirit? You are surrounded by angels, spirit guides and loved ones and they are utterly and completely willing to be of assistance to you just as soon as you ask. Ask for the help that you need to release any negativity or toxicity and you will begin to feel a greater sense of peace.

8 | Interior wellness | Fall 2012

When I ask for help, I often will hear, see or sense steps that I can take that will support my well being. Pay attention to your thoughts as that is one of the ways that your spirit guides can communicate with you. If you feel an urge to give up caffeine, to call a friend, read a book, whatever it is; listen. Following through with the steps that are provided (and trust me, they will be provided) will really help you to move through the situation or the emotions that are no longer serving your highest self. One of the most important gifts that you can give yourself, is the gift of forgiveness. Forgive yourself for doing something that you perceive as wrong, for not achieving what you thought you should have achieved, for not being perfect. You are so utterly and completely loved by the universe. Allow yourself to tap into that love surrounding you. The universe loves and supports you no matter what and you already are perfect, whole and complete. For an expanded version of this article and much more, visit my blog at “” or my website at It is my wish for each of you, that you can release what is no longer serving you, to lean on Spirit for support, to forgive yourself and others, and each day strive to be love. When you do that, your beautiful soul self shines, you feel free and a much deeper sense of peace. From my heart to yours; Namaste. Michelle is an Intuitive, Usui Reiki Master / Teacher and Shamanic Practitioner. You can book your own private intuitive session, energetic healing session or guided meditation session or attend an empowering workshop with Michelle. During an intuitive reading, Michelle connects with your aura, energy, animal totems and spirit guides and your highest potential to help bring you clarity and alignment with achieving your dreams and desires. An energetic healing session is a gentle and holistic way to help heal the body and transform negative energy or to change the patterns that may be causing “dis-ease”. You can follow Michelle on Facebook (Michelle Morrison of The Balanced Soul) and on Twitter (thebalancedsoul). For more information, please contact Michelle at 250-682-8176 or by email:

Living in


By Leanne Oaten

The Key to Stress Management Stress. We all know what it feels like to be under pressure, feeling like we have way too much to do and not enough time to do it. Stress is the leading cause of many health ailments and diseases. Over time it creates an acidic environment in the body, weakens immune function, depletes the adrenal glands and affects all areas of the body. Living in a chronic state of stress and being in balance are interconnected. If you are in Balance, you are better able to handle unexpected or anticipated stressful events that occur in your life. If you are out of balance, burned out and depleted on all levels, a stressful event may lead to an illness or mental/emotional health issues. Poorly managed stress is not something to ignore. Your health depends on how well you take care of your Mind, Body & Soul. So, what can we do? This is where creating Balance in your life comes in. Being balanced, is a mind-set, a way of life, a constant awareness about what areas of our lives need some tweaking and what areas need some attention. It is constantly monitoring and reassessing things based on our current priorities. Being in Balance is “ The recognition that the Mind, Body and Soul (Spirit) are intrinsically connected, and all 3 aspects are considered on a daily basis, with particular care taken to be mindful of what areas in life are being ignored.

“Your health depends on how well you take care of your Mind, Body & Soul.”

A way to check in and evaluate what areas are being ignored is to look at six main areas in your life: Relationships/family, Social, Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual and consider which of these is in need of some attention.

Check in with yourself daily, tune in and ask: What need(s) did I ignore today? What do I need to do to make myself feel better right now? Perhaps you sat at your desk all day today and your body needs to move. Maybe you had a day filled with an endless to-do list and your mind and soul needs some quiet reflection time. If you have been so busy that you realize you have been ignoring friends or family, maybe a phone call to reconnect is in order. The bottom line is that the body needs, and thrives on a balance of activity and relaxation, proper nutrition, and exercise, socialization and solitude, business and stillness, and thinking positive thoughts. The key is recognizing when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and taking action as soon as possible to bring yourself back into Balance. Leanne is a Registered Professional Counsellor, Certified Weight Trainer, and Certified Reiki Practitioner. Holistic Counselling assists individuals who want to expand their personal growth on a (Mind, Body & Spirit) level, from the belief that true healing occurs when all aspects are in balance. Leanne Oaten R.P.Cc. Soulwork Holistic Counselling & Wellness Services 250-319-3630

Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 9

My Changing My Changing Practice By Tania McCartney

It is the night before school begins. No one in my family, including me is beginning school tomorrow. But there is that feeling in the air: the crisp mornings and evenings signal me to focus and take stock. I always feel like this in September. I am beginning to teach a new class at a new studio. I am also beginning to teach a fuller load for the first time since Juno was born. And I will be teaching a lot more in the evenings to avoid childcare costs. Now the negotiation begins. I need to find time to practice yoga, prepare for my classes, return emails, and do paper work all in the two or so hours allotted to me after my girls’ bedtimes and before my head hits the pillow. I don’t often feel like I am doing well at keeping it all together. I also need to find time to spend with my husband. Meaningful time, not just staring at the TV occasionally grunting something at one another because that is all we have energy for. This stage will pass, I tell myself.

“right now my family is my priority and they are also wonderful teachers”

Photography: Sara Schriener of Life Unfolding


I have been going to the YMCA to do a yoga practice in whatever space is free. I have been challenging myself to get up off the floor and reintroduce myself to some of the more challenging poses in my repertoire. This is a constant exploration of give and take. What do I need? What is the right amount to push myself? What will leave me more energized and ready to engage with my family for the rest of the day? And can I forgive myself on the days when no more than a few conscious breaths are possible. Can I forgive myself? I remind myself of one of my favourite quotes from Vanda Scaravelli, “we should practice yoga as if we have limitless time and no ambition.” I want to honour myself, but also honour my students. For the time being I have taken on Pre and Postnatal classes, and Yoga for Relaxation. I want to feel authentic and grounded in my teaching and need to know that I can honestly teach what I am practicing myself. I am trying to expand myself some. While I am unable for a time to attend far flung trainings and retreats, or even classes for that matter, I have been doing some reading on yoga philosophy during my road trips this August (the only time I am able to read denser texts right now without falling asleep). I have also started a facebook forum with my fellow teacher trainees to post queries, lesson plans, and interesting articles and blogs. I have made it a priority to pencil in a group practice every second week. I wish it was more often, as I do crave the inspiration and energy of a group, but right now my family is my priority and they are also wonderful teachers. Every day is an opportunity to learn and make choices and to live and work with this karma. Tania is a 750 hour certified Hatha Teacher who has been teaching for 5 years. After having her first baby and discovering that there was no information for new moms and yoga, she has made it her mission to be better at documenting this journey and sharing it with others. You can find out more about Tania, her classes, and her other thoughts at Next Issue: Unravelling yoga philosophy – how do I explore the other 7 limbs in my life? How and what do I approach with my classes?

10 | Interior wellness | Fall 2012



By Lynn Roberts

When you don’t have time to do a full Corporate Yoga class at work (or get to a studio), take time to do a few minutes of yoga right at your desk. It’s better to do 20 minutes of yoga 5 days a week than it is to do 1.5 hours of yoga once a week. Even 3-5 minutes of mindful attention to your body and breath can make a big difference. When you’re in a time crunch, but could benefit from feeling less stressed and more “innergized”, try the following routine: (1) Breath and Centering – Sitting in your chair, place one hand on your belly, one hand on your chest. Exhale completely. As you inhale, breathe into your belly, then exhale deeply. Repeat several times. Focus on making each breath a count of at least 3 or 4. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable and feel your whole body relaxing while your mind slows down. (2) Shoulder Rolls – Roll your shoulders up, back and down 3 times. Then, as you inhale, squeeze your shoulders up to your ears, and as you exhale, drop them down. If you like, you can open your mouth on your exhale, and let your breath go with an audible "sigh". (Sighing releases tension.) Repeat 3-5 times. (3) Seated Cat/Cow - Sitting up tall, as you exhale, round your back, pulling your abdominals into your spine, tucking your tailbone under and tucking your chin into your chest. Be as round as you can be, pushing your mid-back toward the back of the chair behind you (but not actually touching). Arms should be straight. As you inhale, allow your belly to move forward, arch your back, send your heart forward and (if your neck is okay) look up to the ceiling. Relax your shoulders and jaw. Repeat this motion several times, exhaling back and inhaling forward. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable, taking your attention inwards. STAND UP (4) 3 Breaths with Arms (Standing) – As you inhale, sweep your arms up toward the sky until palms are touching. Lengthen your spine and rib cage. Look up if it's okay for your neck. Keep your abdominals contracted, tailbone tucked slightly. As you exhale, turn your palms down and bring your arms back down by your sides, turning your eyes forward again. Repeat 3-5 times.

(5) Chair Pose – As you inhale, reach both arms up to the sky. As you exhale, bend your knees and sit back, as if sitting in a chair. Do NOT tuck your tailbone in and press your knees forward. Instead, sit BACK, knees aligned directly over ankles. Stay here for 3-5 breaths. To make it more challenging, sink lower and deeper with each exhale. Keep your abdominals contracted. (6) Warrior III – Open your eyes and find a focal point. Shift your weight into your right foot. As you inhale, sweep your arms up to the ceiling, reaching straight overhead, palms facing each other. As you exhale, lift your left toes off the floor behind you slightly. Start to tilt slightly forward, keeping your spine straight. Allow your focal point to shift to the floor as necessary. Soften your right knee slightly so that you don't "lock" it. Stay here if this is enough for you. Otherwise, lift your left leg higher up, and hinge forward more from your hips, bringing your body parallel to the floor. To keep your hips level, internally rotate your left thigh toward the ground. Reach out through your fingers and reach back through your left foot at the same time. Keep your belly pulled in. Breathe deeply, staying here for 3-5 breaths. Repeat on the other side. SIT DOWN (7) Seated Hip Stretch - Place your right ankle on top of your left knee and let your right knee relax out to the side. As you inhale, sit up tall and as you exhale press your heart forward. Continue to inhale as you lengthen, and exhale to move deeper into the stretch. Keep your back flat and spine lengthened as you move deeper. You should feel a deep stretch in your right hip and buttock. Stay for 3-5 breaths, then repeat on the other side. (8) Foot Stretch - Remove your socks and shoes if possible. Extend your right leg straight forward and place your heel into the ground. Lift up your toes and press through the heel of your foot, as if pressing into an imaginary wall. Spread your toes apart. Inhale, and as you exhale, release the stretch and relax your foot. Repeat 3-5 times, then switch to the other foot. (9) Back to Breath and Centering (see above) Return to work refreshed and re-innergized! Lynn Roberts is a yoga teacher, nutritional cleanse coach, business owner, mother, former journalist and is passionate about health and wellness. Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 11

How Bad ARE Bananas? By Jodi Latremouille

Electricity use has a major impact, especially when used to heat water. Put the lid on the pot, and boil gently when possible. Only heat as much water as you need. Get a vegetable steamer. Unplug rarely-used appliances. Avoid using the clothes dryer as much as possible. Take turns (gasp!) in the family bath water. But remember the cardinal rule: moms go first, kids go last!

Most of my trips to the grocery store are similar to what Mike Berner-Lee experienced before writing his book, How Bad are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything. He would wade through the aisles, wondering, “What about these bananas?... How about this cheese?... It’s organic. That must be better... isn’t it?... Or is it?... Lettuce must be harmless, right?... Should we have come here by bus?... At least we didn’t fly!...” He wrote How Bad Are Bananas? to make a first attempt at wading through the complexities of climate change.

So, what to do? Limit business trips with video-conferencing and other creative modes of communication. Take fewer trips, and stay longer. Make your trip count by choosing eco-friendly activities you couldn’t do just as well at home. And for gosh sakes, save yourself some cash and fly economy! The food we eat is crucial, and the cumulative impact is vast. Transportation, nutritional value, growing practices and waste all play a role. Would you believe it, an inseason product shipped by sea is actually more emissions-friendly than a B.C. product grown in a hothouse! Considering how efficiently something was grown is just another way to implement the principles of the 100-Mile Diet a little more thoughtfully. The cattle and dairy industries produce massive emissions.

Waste is one of the easiest habits to change. Water use has a low carbon impact. Wasted water more than doubles that impact. A scandalous 4050% of food is wasted in North America. A Christmas complete with over-the-top gifts that get tossed or go unused, extravagant travel plans, and more food than you can possibly eat, can run an astonishing 1,500 kg per person. Recycling reduces an item’s impact by a full 50%, as does composting. And if you can avoid the packaging in the first place, you are way ahead of the game.

Berner-Lee claims that most measurements of carbon footprints fail to see the entire picture, missing things like the electricity needed to power electronic equipment, or the indirect emissions produced by the extraction and refinement of the oil used to make the plastic for a child’s toy. It gets complicated, really quick, and I am glad he did the legwork that allows me to look at an item and see a clear number- a gram, a kg or a ton of CO2e. A kg of CO2e is the equivalent of burning two cups of gas, releasing one kg of carbon dioxide. There are about 1000 kgs in a ton, and he estimates that the Average North American has an annual carbon footprint of 28 tons.

If you were going to reduce anything at all, even by a little, it should be your beef and dairy consumption. One banana, on the other hand, creates only 80g CO2e, and on top of packing a ton of nutrition, they are grown in natural sunlight, they keep well, so they can be transported by boat, and they require hardly any packaging. So, to answer the burning question: how bad are bananas? They’re not! In fact, they’re great!

Transportation is a high-impact activity. Surprisingly, riding a bicycle is not necessarily a hands-down winner for transportation. It all depends on the fuel: fuel for humans, that is. One person eating cheeseburgers and riding a mile by bike is harder on the earth than two locavore vegetarians driving in a fuel-efficient car. Who knew? Flying is the most damaging activity on (or above) the planet, and where you sit is crucial. A flight from Los Angeles to Barcelona return incurs 3.4 tons economy class, compared to a mind-boggling 13.4 tons first class!


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e ntr




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Organic Produce Delivery Service

Jodi Latremouille is the owner of Footprints Harvest Organic Produce Delivery Service, serving Merritt, B.C. and the Interior since 2009., 250-315-4743



250.554.6707 cell: 250.319.7364 a n d Tr a #204-535 Tranquille Kamloops, BC V2B 3H5 Tranquille Rd.


He is not proposing a magic number, but he feels that we could each easily reduce our carbon footprints by over half- to 10 tons per year. How do we go about doing this?

n ini


Chiropractic Care

for Pregnancy and Beyond

By Dr. Laura McCall

Chiropractic care may include soft tissue treatment to the affected muscles and ligaments, adjustments to the spine and pelvis, and a stretching and exercise routine to assist the body to adapt to the extra stress of pregnancy. If you are one of the lucky women who doesn’t experience pain during pregnancy, chiropractic care can help keep your joints and pelvis moving and in an optimal position for your baby and delivery. After your baby arrives, lack of sleep, carrying your newborn and nursing postures can tax the muscles of the neck and back. Chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue therapies can alleviate tight muscles and painful joints. Your chiropractor can also provide you with at-home stretches to minimize the strain.

As a recent addition to motherhood, I was able to experience first-hand the many pre and post natal benefits of chiropractic care. Did you know it is a safe, effective and conservative form of care during pregnancy? Due to changes in our shape, body mechanics, sleep and posture, many pregnant women experience neck or back discomfort. Different tension created by body changes place stress on certain muscles and joints during pregnancy. The increase in the hormone relaxin, (especially during the first and third trimester) causes the spine and pelvis to undergo a variety of changes.

For a safe pregnancy, delivery and mother - infant after care, the chiropractors and registered massage therapists at Kamloops Active Health enjoy being an integral part of your health care team along with your midwife, naturopath, acupuncturist, and/or family doctor. Dr. Laura McCall has been a chiropractor for 8 years and has taken additional courses in pregnancy care and Active Release Technique (ARTÂŽ, which is a soft tissue method of treatment). Dr Laura can be reached for an appointment at 250-372-8856, or visit for additional information.

865 Seymour Street, Kamloops 250-372-8856

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A community of practitioners offering beautiful and holistic treatments to empower individuals to achieve harmony in Mind, Body, and Spirit 0LGZLIHU\




Holistic and complete Maternity Care, home or hospital birth, fully funded under MSP. Phone: (250)572-0632

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Intuitive Readings, Energetic Healing and Guided Meditation (250)682-8176

Reflexology, chartered herbologist, holistic massage, intuitive readings (250)318-0735

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Vera Stark Emotional Life Coach Quantum Energy Transformation Practitioner 250-318-0616

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Wellness and Personal Development Coach, EFT, meditation, weight loss and much more 250-372-5883�

MSc (Hons) AIP Certified NLP Mental Performance Trainer for Sports and Business 250-320-7047 14 | Interior wellness | Fall 2012

The Beauty and Power of

Mantra Yoga

Chanting and Sound By Margaret Huff

“Lowering the volume of worldly noise and directing our attention to the divine whisper within is sadhana (spiritual practice). Through sadhana we develop the ability to minimize mental and emotional static, making it possible for the voice of the soul, the Word, to reveal itself.” ~ Pandit Rajmani Tigunait We all know the power of language and sound. The ancient yogis knew it too, and thus, one of the oldest forms of yoga is the sacred science of Mantra Yoga, the yoga tradition that involves the use of sound: chanting sounds, words and phrases. As language-making creatures, the sounds we make carry our stories, our aspirations, even the issues that limit our possibilities for actualizing what we desire the most. If some of our stories don't serve us, sound-making is said to actually help change/release those stories. Using sound in your practice is a powerful tool to bring your awareness to and transform yourself in the realms of thought or cognition, moods or emotions, and even behaviour or actions. While it is important to have a skilled teacher guide you in the study of mantra, it can be practiced in a less intensive way as part of your more regular yoga practice. As always, sankalpa ~ your intention, your will and your determination ~ are important. The sounds we make have an energetic vibration that impacts our whole system in a subtle, yet powerful way. Energetically, the pitch and volume are the two most important aspects of sound, and vowel and consonant sounds are also significant. Progressively raising the pitch and volume has a more energizing effect on the system, while lowering the pitch and the volume has a more calming effect. Vowels sounds flow without any blocks, while consonant sounds block the flow of air and create some degree of friction, and they have differing effects.

Mantra is a powerful tool in creating a focal point for the mind. If your goal is meditation, chanting is a powerful tool to move your mind in the direction of greater stillness and focus. If you are chanting while practice asana, your mind is challenged in the direction of one of the chief goals of yoga: mastery of the attention without distraction. Mantra practice also has the unusual effect of transfering meaning to the deepest levels of the self. If the sound you are using has a symbolic value for you, chanting the sound delivers this message to the cellular level of your being. The universal mantra Om is sometimes discussed as having four parts: AUM, an “ah” sound, an “oh” sound, and the humming “mm” sound; the fourth part is the silence that Om emerges from and returns to. Om is considered as to be a sacred mantra which is the origin of all sound, the sound that creates the universe, invokes the Divine, and that awakens universal consciousness. It may feel strange to chant unfamiliar sounds in a yoga class, but if you open yourself to the experience, you will very likely be pleased with the results.

“Loud is good, softer is better, silence is best.”

Margaret Huff is a certified 500-hour Yoga Teacher, and presently a Yoga Therapist in training. She teaches at the Mind-Body Connection, 253 Victoria Street, upstairs. Phone (250) 374-2748, email

Some of the effects that incorporating sound in your asana practice include the intensification of the power of your asana (posture) practice. If you have less time to practice, chanting as part of the movement practice increases the effect of the postures so you can do less with a similar effect of doing more. The use of mantra also has the effect of deepening the breath. Chanting can increase both your awareness of the breath ~ a foundational aspect of your yoga practice ~ and actually creates a deeper inhalation and exhalation in preparation for a pranayama (conscious breathing) practice. Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 15

Is What You’re Saying

Yes to

Working for You? By Eivind Andersen

All things in our lives are things we’ve agreed to. Our relationships, job, home, our car, we’ve said yes to it all. Nothing has been forced upon us, so we cannot blame anyone for anything in our lives, including anything negative. You could say that you need the job you hate so much to pay the bills, and have no choice in the matter. The reality is you always have a choice. You could simply search for another job; therefore you are never really stuck. Owning all our choices is the first step in making positive change in our lives. Many people say yes to their partner, family, job or other things, and leave themselves last on the list. There are many reasons for this such as fear or lack of selfworth, but until we say yes to ourselves first, we may never have the experience that we desire. If you were to take an inventory of your life and put your experiences in a couple of lists, one being a list of all the things that bring you joy and the other a list of all the things that are undesirable to you, it’s easy to take credit for the things in your life that you like. However, when you look at the second list, do you find yourself blaming others or making up excuses for why things need to be in your life such as an unhealthy relationship?

16 | Interior wellness | Fall 2012

Perhaps you had kids together and feel you need to live with the abuse for them. Do you fear letting go of that grungy apartment? Do you believe you could never afford something better? Keep in mind that everything on both lists are what you agreed to. When you look at the things that are not working for you, it may surprise you on how many things you would keep in your life because of fear. If I quit my job, how will I pay my rent? If I leave this relationship, can I make it on my own? Fear can stop us from creating change in our lives. So how do you change something when you are faced with fear? When it comes to things that are present in our lives, we have three basic choices on how we deal with them. First choice is to live with it and do nothing. Second choice is to stop saying yes to it and say yes to something else instead. The third choice is to change our thoughts around it. When you change your thoughts your feelings change and so does your experience. Changing your thoughts around something can help you overcome the fear that is blocking your change. Remember, it may not be the situation at all that needs to change, but rather your thoughts and how you feel about it. Eivind Andersen is a holistic Practitioner with Together in Wellness. he can be reached at 250-372-8887 or

Mighty Oak Cleansing

Are you trying to lose a few pounds this fall? Summer is over, and for many of us, it involved lots of overindulging. Time to get back into the healthy game again! There are so many diets and weight loss programs out there that it can be confusing and overwhelming to know which ones are healthy, which ones work, and which ones might even be dangerous. Have you ever considered losing weight without actually doing a weight loss program? And I don’t mean just by eating right and exercising. Many of us are proof that exercise and diet alone are often not enough to reach our weight loss goals. I was one of those people for years! Let me explain. One of the reasons we gain weight in the first place is because toxins from our environment, water and food enter our bodies when we breathe, drink and eat. Years ago, our organs had no problem eliminating these toxins from our systems, but now there are too many and our systems are simply in “overload”. Our organs can’t keep up. Where you have toxins, you will have fat, as your body attempts to prevent these harmful toxins from going directly into your internal organs.


F rom a tiny acor n, grows the mighty oak

Both of these babies were born with Mighty Oak Midwifery!

Big sister Aubrey welcomes her little brother Dallas.


Born at home in Kamloops, to Malonie & Brad Emsland.

Joanna Nemrava Elaine Barnes Rosalynd Curry

Image: Kelly Tuohey Photography

By Lynn Roberts

Now accepting new clients. Midwifery Care is covered by BC Care Card.

202 - 322 Victoria Street


What kind of toxins are we talking about? Jet fuel from the air, car exhaust, pesticides from the non-organic produce we eat, fire retardant chemicals from our furniture and mattresses - the list goes on and on. It’s why we’re seeing things like an increase in breast cancer rates and other illnesses and diseases. Eliminate the toxins and amazing things start to happen. One of them is weight loss, but it’s simply a side effect of this cleansing and replenishing process. When your body is healthy on the inside, you naturally have more energy, are less tired, stop craving junk food AND lose weight. We should ALL be cleansing our bodies on a regular basis, just like we would change the oil in our cars. You can get cleansing kits at various health food stores or from independent distributors. Make sure you know what ingredients are in the products before you start taking them. Thursday, September 20th – 7:30 pm: Sample products before you commit at my Isagenix home party. Monday, October 1st - 30-day group cleanse challenge starts. Win exciting prizes while you get healthy! Lynn Roberts is a nutritional cleanse coach, business owner, yoga teacher, mother, former journalist & is passionate about health and wellness. The Isagenix vision is to free people from physical & financial pain. 250.572.4162 Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 17

Celebrating our

Five Senses By Therese Dorer

As human beings we are blessed to have five senses. These senses are a beautiful gift we have while enjoying the opportunity to be in human form. The senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste are your road map to awareness and the key to negotiating these changing times. When we allow these senses to become acute it gives us the opportunity to heighten our awareness and allow for clarity and wisdom, while enjoying the honor of being in human form. In noticing our five senses we open the door to opening our sixth sense, the entry to your intuition. Your sixth sense is connected to your soul wisdom and as this doorway opens you can access wisdom from the universal mind, here you can see your past lives, be conscious of your Spirit Guides, communicate with loved ones who have passed over, and trust as your journey on earth unfolds. You can be given access to the future potential of your human journey, and allow the wisdom of the etheric to inform you directly. The gift of this opening will be that you disengage from the fear- based society and will be allowed to see the vast potential that is here for you and for others. In this way you become a beacon of light upon the earth for your own journey and a mentor for others to follow.

Sight We are so blessed to have the gift of sight. It allows us to be present in our daily life and notice the beauty that is offered by Mother Earth. Many people walk on the planet heads down so absorbed in their stories and drama they are unaware of the gifts that are offered to them each day. Each morning we are given the beauty of the sun rising in the east, the promise of a new day new beginnings. Each evening we are bathed in the glow of sunset, in the west giving you the gift to die to the old to be reborn the next day.


We have two ears that nestle on either side of our

head. This is intentional, so that we can listen carefully before we speak with our one mouth. Notice the words you speak and the sounds that come to your ears. Beautiful music can take you to expanded heights of awareness, but also I encourage you to be silent and allow that to be your time to allow the quiet to feed you as well.

Taste How do you choose to taste life? Do you take big bites of life and find it hard to digest all that comes to you creating stress and strife for yourself, or do you nibble at life, only allowing yourself bland food so as not to rock the boat? We are meant to be discerning with our choices on earth but I encourage you to allow the diversity to intrigue you. Imagine that life is a huge feast in which the table has been set and all of the delicious food is there for you to enjoy. Taste life and enjoy the opportunities offered to you each day. The more we allow ourselves to appreciate what is offered, the more will be offered.


Our sense of touch is so important to celebrate!

Imagine the soft touch of a loving hand on our shoulder. In human form you have the opportunity to hug one another and touch the different textures of the earth. Enjoy the contrasts of touch, the grit of a sandy beach, the rough of the bark of a tree, or the soft skin of a new baby. These tactile joys can be celebrated, and honored as a part of the human experience. This also helps us to keep in touch with our emotions and gives us permission to feel what we need to feel, releasing what no longer serves us.

Smell The sense of smell is connected to our discernment. Notice if something does not “smell” right. We are bombarded with many thoughts, ideas, sensations every waking minute of our days. With technology we may be overwhelmed with what is right and what is not. It is important to be discerning as to where we choose to put our energy and who we trust with the unfolding of our spiritual wings. If it does not smell right for you, pay attention to this. This is not the time to follow blindly, but to be clear as to your intention and who you trust with your health, spiritual practice, and emotional well being. So as you go forward into the autumn season, enjoy all of your senses as the crisp air kisses your face, smell the leaves as they fall on the earth, stand in awe at the colours of fall, and taste the nectar of a sweet apple. Therese lives, works and plays in Kamloops. She has a private healing practice and loves to provide meditation opportunities, workshops and offers private consultations. For more information on her meditation CD’s, workshops and private practice go to or phone 250-578-8447

18 | Interior wellness | Fall 2012

Building Community Conne ctions

u might h e smoked some pot at a rock concert or tried a hit of Ecstasy at a ra e when you were in your 20s. u probably tried a beer when you were in your teens. u probably drank a lot of soda pop when you were a kid. Almost certainly you’ve rewarded yourself with sugary desserts. Poisons, all of them. Addictive poisons. Most of us go ith it. Some were not so luc

amongst cancer patients. Let’s tell our l makers and our medical system that we want our addicted sons and daughters treated with compassion and respect. Studies h e shown thByaPat t thZogar e addict with the best chance of recovery is the one with a support network, people who will encourage them, honour and celebrate their baby steps, not condemn th r every slip.

Be honest. What are your thoughts about addicts? I should clar ha r our purposes tod n “addict” is someone There’s a segment of society known as the “cultural nd/or res trictOne ed, of nothe t you and whosecreative” drug of (google choice itis–ilyou’re legal aprobably one). ex, s h o w in g o ee , s uga me witcharacteristics h our addictof ion s t o co a cultural creative is a disillusionment right left ing rigwith ht anpolitics, d so on. Anwing, addic t iwing s proand babcentre. ly a lia hiftless and robably has little integrit kely a criminal. Anything l else? More and more people are coming to realize that we

For every other disease we handle the symptoms, then look r the cause. We need to first ensure that the addict can get the substance s/he needs sa l en, we can begin to reduce the dependence and treat the cause. I believe the nee r anything external, whether it be dang ex, sugar or cocaOur ine,teaching arises bofecself-responsibility, ause we do not kacceptance now our and enonon-judgment ughness, we has transformed many lives and our intention is that this life-changing do not know our own power to create our own exp erience teaching be available to all, that no one should be denied this teaching ofbecause L , wof e hfinancial e loststatus. our spTherefore, iritual conn ection, the loving, our fall classes this year are o ur ce o f L h a t w e l l s up within“Foundations” cooffered mpassio n a t e s each of us. on a pay-what-you-can basis. A metaphysical classavwill be rgooffered tten won gotten athLiving at we the hoTuesday we are evenings av (10 rweeks), Serenity Prayer workshop will be offered on Wednesday we help are divine and sacred beings, every one of us. Couldevenings, and a Communications Workshop will be offered on October 12-13 hope.“WorkThathe t coWellness uld be odirectory ur only under eac h otwill her be to homework!). remember? See (there

really can’t rely on government to create a more loving society; we have to do that as individuals and as comany addicts are criminals. But they did not become munity organizations. We are building a web of interaddictsconnectedness because thethat y areis cr iminals, they becaand mecaring criminals allowing compassion becaustoe grow they nineour ed tcommunities. o commit criminal acts in order to sur-

vive. Their bodies need something and they will do what intention at tthe Living, they nIteeisd tour o do in order o oCentre btain it.forIfSpiritual the drugs they need Kamloops, to participate in this web, this coming to- l acts. were not illegal, they would not need to commit illega gether with community organizations that promote a What if there was a “war on penicillin?” The war on drugs higher consciousness of peace, unity and love. In the is a mopast num tal faparticipated ilure (as arin e athe ll wa rs, but donDay ’t getofme weenhave International startedPeace on thasat). Th e wa r o n dr ugs r e a l l y i sn ’ t h ur ting anywell as the Peace, Environment and Social Justice cooperating with t are alread y being hur t by the body ex cept tday, hoseand peowe pleare thacurrently drugs.Kamloops Players, The Phoenix Centre, Desert Gar-

dens Community Centre and Pride Kamloops GALA onur a theatrical will financially best to pproduction* rotect our that childr om carbenefit cinogens and each of these charities and give us the opportunity to toxins.share But our if ovision ur sonwith s aneach , diad daother. ughterThis s deisvealready lop cantaking ture them,by lovthe e them, betes oplace r MS,aswwe hatrecently do we do? W aur enjoyed presentation poLewis intmen ts, en co ura g e t h em drive tPhoenix hem to Centre’s docto Sian at one of our Sunday cel-to move have di-hat back hebrations ome, phoand neIth em been to segiven e howthe thopportunity ey’re doingto .W and tion? do we alog do wwith hen detox our soclients ns andondaspiritual ughters connection develop addic Lecturself-worth. e th oid them, cut them o e our barriers,

protecWe t our selves, even put them in jail. Addiction is not a will continue to connect wherever possible, with crimincommunity al issue, it groups is a heathat lth promote issue. peace, non-violence, Addictenvironmental ion is a medic a l em er gen cythe witthings h an awe bysm al recovery stewardship – all “cultural rate creatives” plycare wouabout. ld not tolerate so low a recovery rate

shops & events” on page 32 of this issue or our website at

illn es details. ng challenge. Next ddiction is a chronicfor full time you meet an addict on the street, know that this is individual soTo meevery body’ s child, jand ust tgroup ryingworking to survto ivbring e. light and love to our community and our planet, we love you. Let’s connect. Namaste

Pat Zogar is Spiritual Director at the Centr r Spiritual Living, Kamloops where she strPat ivesZogar to reis leaSpiritual se judgm arCentre and tofor teac h onlyLiving, love. RKamloops, e atricimeeting a ZogarSundays at ent an at the Director Spiritual Cen tr atrDesert SpiritGardens, ual Livin540 g, KSeymour loopsStreet. w w l 250-314-2028 10:30 Join us on facebook!


250-314-2028 or

Change Y Your our Thinking...Change Your Your Life! Sharing tools to transform your personal life and make a difference dif ference in the world.

Please join us:

Sundays at 540 Seymour St. Meditation: 10:00 am Celebration: 10:30 am

Teac hing the Mind Teaching TheScience Science ofof Mind Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 19

Interior wellness

YOGA, DANCE & FITNESS CLASSES Fall 2012 In Kamloops!




9:00 - 10:00 am PILATES: Yamuna Body Rolling Nicole @ The Pilates Tree

5:45 - 6:45 am Monday - Thursday YOGA FITNESS BOOT CAMP Pre-Register!

9:00 - 10:30 am Christine S @ Let’s Move Studio

7:30 - 8:30 am Awake and Aware with Feldenkrais Cathy @ CB Wellness Centre

Katrina @ Let’s Move Studio

9:30 – 10:45 am Yoga: Gentle Yoga for the Older Adult Margaret @ The Mind-Body Connection

9:00 - 10:00 am Bones for Life: Anti Aging Program Cathy @ CB Wellness Centre

10:10 - 11:05 am PILATES: Yamuna Body Rolling Nicole @ The Pilates Tree

12:05 - 12:55 pm Lunch Hour Yoga Christine S. @ The Mind Body Connection

9:00 - 10:20 am YOGA : Align and Flow: All Levels Katrina @ Let’s Move Studio

10:30 – 11:45 am Parent and Baby Yoga (pre-register) Tania @ The Yoga Loft 11:20 - 12:15 pm PILATES: 1/2 chair, 1/2 mat Tricia @ The Pilates Tree

12:00 - 1:00 pm Awareness Through Movement Colleen @ Let’s Move Studio 12:30 - 1:25 pm PILATES: Beginner Reformer Tricia @ The Pilates Tree

10:00 - 11:00 am Pregnant Pauses: Movements for Moms Cathy @ CB Wellness Centre 10:45 - 11:45 am YOGA: Chair Yoga: Gentle Bonny Z. @ Let’s Move Studio

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm YOGA: Beginners Carrie @ Let’s Move Studio

4:15 - 5:10 pm PILATES: 1/2 chair, 1/2 mat Tricia @ The Pilates Tree

11:20 - 12:15 pm PILATES: 1/2 chair, 1/2 mat Tricia @ The Pilates Tree

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

5:00 - 6:25 pm

Awareness Through Movement Susinn @ Nuance Dance Studio

Bellydance: Beginners

12:00 - 1:00 pm YOGA: Any Shape, Any Size! Bonny Z. @ Let’s Move Studio 12:30 - 1:25 pm PILATES: Beginner/Intermediate Mat Christine W. @ The Pilates Tree

9:00 - 10:15am YOGA: Power Yoga Drop in Amber H @ The Yoga Loft

9:00 - 10:20 am YOGA: Deep Healing Restorative

4:00 - 5:00 pm The Body Speaks: Healing through African Dance

Sangoma Pauline @ CB Wellness Centre 5:00 - 6:15 pm YOGA: for a Healthy back & Supple Spine Margaret @ The Mind-Body Connection

YOGA: All Levels

Amanda & Tammy @ Let’s Move Studio 5:00 - 6:30 pm YOGA: All Levels Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection Let’s Move Studio

5:30 - 6:30 pm Woga (Water Yoga) Audrey @ CB Wellness Centre

Cheryl @ Let’s Move Studio

5:30 - 6:30 pm Nia Trudy & Carole. @ St. Paul’s Hall

4:15 - 5:00 pm PILATES: Yamuna Body Rolling Nicole @ The Pilates Tree

5:25 - 6:20 pm PILATES: Beginner Mat Mira @ The Pilates Tree

6:35 - 7:35 pm PILATES: GUYS ONLY Mat Class Emma @ The Pilates Tree

YOGA: for the Shoulders and Hips

6:15 - 7:05 pm ZUMBA: All Levels Shay @ Let's Move Studio

YOGA: Ashtanga Flow, All Levels

Colleen @ Let’s Move Studio

5:00 - 6:00 pm YOGA: Intermediate Cheryl @ Let’s Move Studio

6:45 - 7:40 pm PILATES: for Healthy Backs Cassie M @ EVOLVE Pilates Studio

6:45 - 7:40 pm PILATES: Beginner Amber D @ EVOLVE Pilates Studio

5:30 - 6:30 pm Water Moves: Feldenkrais Cathy @ CB Wellness Centre

7:00 – 8:00 pm Prenatal Yoga (pre-register) Amber H. @ The Yoga Loft

7:00 – 8:15 pm YOGA for Relaxation (drop-in) Tania @ The Yoga Loft

6:15 - 7:05 pm ZUMBA: All Levels Shay @ Let’s Move Studio

7:00 - 8:30 pm Sound Yoga: Hatha/Nada Janis Goad & Audrey @ CB Wellness Centre

7:15 - 8:15pm Awareness Through Movement Susinn @ Nuance Dance Studio

7:00 - 8:15 pm YOGA: Power Yoga Drop in

7:10 - 8:00 pm Urban Abs & Buns Jaime @ Let's Move Studio

7:30 - 8:30pm ZUMBA @ The Club Cactus Jacks: with Shay & Friends

5:00 - 6:00 pm YOGA: Rehabilitative

6:35 – 7:35 pm

4:45 - 6:15 pm Margaret @ the Mind-Body Connection

Amber H @ The Yoga Loft

7:15 - 8:15 pm YOGA: Beginners Any Shape, Any Size! Bonny Z. @ Let’s Move Studio

Try something new this fall! Get fit, healthy and balanced




9:00 - 10:30 am YOGA: All Levels Cheryl @ Let’s Move Studio 11:20 - 12:15 pm PILATES: 1/2 chair, 1/2 mat Tricia @ The Pilates Tree

9:00 - 10:30 am YOGA: Morning Yoga, All Levels Bonny @ Let’s Move Studio

9:30 - 10:30 am PILATES: Mat Class Emma @ The Pilates Tree

9:30 – 11:00 am Margaret @ The Mind-Body Connection

10:15 - 11:10 am PILATES: All Levels Melissa @ EVOLVE Pilates Studio

12:00 - 1:30 pm YOGA 50+ Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection

10:45 - 11:45 am PILATES: Mat - All Levels Susy @ Let’s Move Studio

10:25 - 11:25 am Pilates: Yamuna Body Rolling Nicole @ The Pilates Tree

12:00 - 1:00 pm PILATES: Mat - All Levels Susy @ Let’s Move Studio

10:10 - 11:05am PILATES: Beginner Mat Class Christine W. @ The Pilates Tree

10:00 – 11:30 am Integrated Yoga Practice Margaret @ The Mind-Body Connection

4:15-5:10 pm PILATES: Beginner Mat Tricia @ The Pilates Tree

10:30 - 11:30 am Nia Trudy & Carole. @ CB Wellness Centre

YOGA: All Levels Cheryl @ Let’s Move Studio

5:00 - 6:30 pm YOGA: All Levels Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection

12:00 - 1:00 pm RIPPED fitness - All Levels Susy @ Let’s Move Studio

5:00 - 6:25 pm Rosi @ Let’s Move Studio

5:00 - 5:50pm Hula Hoop Fit: Beginner (hoops provided) Daryl @ Let's Move Studio


6:00 – 6:50 pm

7:00 - 8:00 pm

Hiking With Haylz: All Levels - Various Locations

ZUMBA: All Levels Avery @ Let’s Move Studio

by donation @ Let’s Move Studio

Bellydance: Intermediate/Advanced

YOGA: Gentle Yoga for the Older Adult

Visit for schedule

10:30 – 11:30 am

SUNDAY Meditation

6:30 – 7:20 pm ZUMBA: All Levels Shay & Friends @ Bentos Lodge Sunpeaks 7:00 - 8:30pm Prenatal Yoga (pre-register) Tania @ Mind Body Connection

6:35 – 7:35 pm

Teachers Contact Info Amanda & Tammy


Amber D.


Amber H.


YOGA: All Levels Angie @ Let’s Move Studio



Bonny Z


7:45 – 8:35 pm



ZUMBA: All Levels Tara @ Let’s Move Studio



Where to find it Centennial Building Wellness Centre 153 Seymour 250-374-7383 EVOLVE Pilates Studio #201-1361 McGill 250-372-7237 Let’s Move Studio 925 McGill Place (Sunmore) 250-372-9642 The Mind Body Connection 253 Victoria St. 250-374-2748 or 250-374-5421 Nuance Dance Studio 253 Victoria St. The Pilates Tree #101-409 Seymour St. 250-320-BODY St Paul’s Hall 360 Nicola Street The Yoga Loft #201-409 Seymour Street

Christine S.


Christine W.




















Tricia Trudy

250-320-2639 250-374-1370

For class updates and changes, more information and a free subscription:

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How to Bring Healing Yoga Alignment Into Your Everyday Posture so You Feel Great! by Katrina Hokule’a Ariel

It works like this: Healing occurs when

Things to be Aware of in Your Everyday Posture

you align your body with its optimal design. This is the natural alignment of the body in its healthiest state: full of vitality—the highest potential of your Individual self, and your birthright. When your body is in optimal alignment you have maximum range of motion, strength and stamina. Circulation flows, bringing nutrients and life into all areas, and all parts of your body work together as one. Thus, the body heals itself, which is what it is designed to do! When you focus on alignment in your yoga practice, it is amazing how much you can learn about your body! And though the key principles are the same, you may need to apply the alignment differently in your body than someone else. For example, if your lower back tends to be sore because it is somewhat flat, your body will thank you when you make space by widening your thighs back while stretching the big muscles that contribute to that tightness (quads, hip flexors, hamstrings, hips). However, if your lower back has too much curve happening, you’ll need to focus on creating length (for instance by scooping the tailbone). Both conditions are very common, and the same alignment is needed by each example, but one person will need to create more of the natural curve of the lumbar spine, while the other person will need more lengthening. Using mindful alignment on your yoga mat is great, but think of how fantastic you can feel if you apply this knowledge to everything else you do in day to day life!

Is your head neutral? If your head tips forward, it rolls the shoulders forward and lessens the circulation to your shoulders, neck, arms and wrists. Think about looking evenly out of both your upper and lower eyelids to find neutral with the angle of your head (looking in a mirror can help). You may also like the phrase “throat open,” imagining a clear channel through the front and back of your throat physically, and also being sure to speak your truth—expressing yourself with confidence and skill rather than diminishing the throat chakra. Is your heart lifted? When you collapse your chest and slouch your back, your shoulders roll forward, your head will tend to fall forward, your breath will be restricted, and you are far more likely to have feelings of sadness, depression, frustration and the like. As soon as you lift your heart brightly, your breath will have more space, your attitude will shift towards happiness and it will be far easier to align your head and shoulders, which helps the posture of your whole body. Are you evenly placing your weight on all four corners of your feet? Do your ankles roll in or out? If your feet roll in or out, or if you have more weight in your toes or heels, it can create an imbalance all the way up your body. Remember that your feet are your foundation in life. A great exercise to do is to stand in bare feet and just feel where your weight is. If you notice that (like most people) your weight is not evenly distributed, try the following: t

If you bring the same awareness you do in yoga into your posture while driving, working on the computer, gardening, brushing your teeth, and cooking, you are less likely to fall into the patterns of t misalignment that create pain. I know, it takes awareness. Personally, I suffer from tension headaches when I let my head fall forward and slouch at the computer. But when I keep my head and heart balanced above my pelvis I avoid the headaches and feel so much better!

Keeping the balls of your feet on the ground, lift up your toes and spread them wide. Distribute your weight evenly on the four corners of your feet (as shown here). Notice how this lifts the arches of your feet, and helps align your ankles. Lifting your toes helps to increase integration and strength throughout your feet and legs. Once you feel this engagement, you can stretch the toes and place them back down to increase space and extension.

Get in shape with fun workouts and dynamic, alignment focused yoga. Feel good, de-stress, have more energy and happiness. Cultivate vibrant health and take time to care for yourself.

Yoga Fitness Boot Camp Kamloops

Get Fit and HAVE FUN! Women Only Program. Go online for session dates, details, and registration.

Get your FREE Yoga Boot Camp video series online: www.KamloopsYoga Boot 22 | Interior wellness | Fall 2012

Quick Fix Yoga: For optimal alignment and circulation.

2. Shoulder/Chest opener at wall: Stand with your palm facing up and your body facing a wall (you can also use a door frame, tree, or other surface).

These two exercises are fantastic if you just need a pick-me-up or t to open your shoulders and breath. You’ll also get a nice increase in circulation through your spine, hips, legs, internal organs, chest, and neck. t If you need to refresh yourself but don’t want to get on your mat, or you’ve been sitting for long hours, these two simple stretches can make a big difference in how you feel.

Set yourself up with the alignment we’ve just gone over, inhaling to grow tall with your head neutral, and taking your shoulders back gently.

As with any activity, it is your responsibility to assess whether these stretches are right for you. Always make sure to go only as far as it feels good—yoga is a peace offering to your body. Be kind.

1. Forward bend at wall:


Then press the edge of your hand into the wall and exhale, turning your feet and body away only as far as comfortable. Remember to extend from your heart through your hand and down from your pelvis through all four corners of your feet. Breathe and invite increased circulation. Be sure to keep your head neutral. For extra goodness, smile!

Photos by Nat Anfield:


t Place your feet parallel so your knees and toes face forward. Focus on distributing your weight evenly through the four corners of your feet with lifted arches, lower legs strong. Take your inner thighs back and feel how that widens your sit bones. t Stay here for a few deep breaths, then inhale to come out of the twist and proceed to the other side. t From there, scoop your tail bone down and slightly forward without Benefits: This is a very effective chest opener. It stretches the fronts letting your lower back round. of your shoulders and opens your breath in a big, beautiful way. t Lengthen your torso using your breath, breathe into the backs of your lungs, and take your shoulder blades back while looking at the wall rather than down at your feet (this helps your head stay neutral).

This can be freeing for your neck and lower back as well as the shoulders and chest because tension in the front body often relates to tension in the back body. Once you have done the chest opener, repeat the forward bend at the wall to bring symmetry and lengthen your spine.


Extend from your pelvis out through your feet and out through Remember to take a few breaths after you do these stretches to your hands. Be sure your lower back stays long, even if you have notice how you feel and allow your body to integrate. Even though to keep your knees bent a bit. it will only take you a few minutes, this quick fix yoga practice can Benefits: When you do this pose it is similar to downward facing make a profound difference and help you align yourself optimally dog. It stretches the backs of your legs and creates space in your in everything else you do! lower back while opening the chest and shoulders gently. You will Katrina Hokule’a Ariel is the author of Yoga for Dragon Riders, in which you likely feel your breath expand and experience a sense of relief or can find much more about alignment and how yoga can help you walk your calm because your body recognizes that you are taking time to own path of happiness. She teaches everything from very gentle yoga and private yoga therapy to challenging classes and Yoga Boot Camp. Katrina has earned an nurture yourself. E-RYT 500, the highest designation from Yoga Alliance.

Yoga from the Heart

Katrina Hokule’a Ariel

Playful, Empowering, and Profound Yoga Instruction Local Author ~ Yoga for Dragon Riders

Check Online for Class Schedule and Descriptions:

www.Yoga With Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 23

Mindfulness Meditation

How to do

By Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

“Mindfulness practice is simple and completely feasible. Just by sitting and doing nothing, we are doing a tremendous amount.” ~ Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

In mindfulness, or shamatha, meditation, we are trying to achieve a mind that is stable and calm. What we begin to discover is that this calmness or harmony is a natural aspect of the mind. Through mindfulness practice we are just developing and strengthening it, and eventually we are able to remain peacefully in our mind without struggling. Our mind naturally feels content. An important point is that when we are in a mindful state, there is still intelligence. It’s not as if we blank out. Sometimes people think that a person who is in deep meditation doesn’t know what’s going on—that it’s like being asleep. In fact, there are meditative states where you deny sense perceptions their function, but this is not the accomplishment of shamatha practice.

Creating a Favorable Environment There are certain conditions that are helpful for the practice of mindfulness. When we create the right environment it’s easier to practice. It is good if the place where you meditate, even if it’s only a small space in your apartment, has a feeling of upliftedness and sacredness. It is also said that you should meditate in a place that is not too noisy or disturbing, and you should not be in a situation where your mind is going to be easily provoked into anger or jealousy or other emotions. If you are disturbed or irritated, then your practice is going to be affected.

Beginning the Practice I encourage people to meditate frequently but for short periods of time—ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes. If you force it too much the practice can take on too much of a personality, and training the mind should be very, very simple. So you could meditate for ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening, and during that time you are really working with the mind. Then you just stop, get up, and go. Often we just plop ourselves down to meditate and just let the mind take us wherever it may. We have to create a personal sense of discipline. When we sit down, we can remind ourselves: “I’m here to work on my mind. I’m here to train my mind.” It’s okay to say that to yourself when you sit down, literally. We need that kind of inspiration as we begin to practice. 24 | Interior wellness | Fall 2012

Posture The Buddhist approach is that the mind and body are connected. The energy flows better when the body is erect, and when it’s bent, the flow is changed and that directly affects your thought process. So there is a yoga of how to work with this. We’re not sitting up straight because we’re trying to be good schoolchildren; our posture actually affects the mind. People who need to use a chair for meditation should sit upright with their feet touching the ground. Those using a meditation cushion such as a zafu or gomden should find a comfortable position with legs crossed and hands resting palm-down on your thighs. The hips are neither rotated forward too much, which creates tension, nor tilted back so you start slouching. You should have a feeling of stability and strength. When we sit down the first thing we need to do is to really inhabit our body—really have a sense of our body. Often we sort of prop ourselves up and pretend we’re practicing, but we can’t even feel our body; we can’t even feel where it is. Instead, we need to be right here. So when you begin a meditation session, you can spend some initial time settling into your posture. You can feel that your spine is being pulled up from the top of your head so your posture is elongated, and then settle. The basic principle is to keep an upright, erect posture. You are in a solid situation: your shoulders are level, your hips are level, your spine is stacked up. You can visualize putting your bones in the right order and letting your flesh hang off that structure. We use this posture in order to remain relaxed and awake. The practice we’re doing is very precise: you should be very much awake even though you are calm. If you find yourself getting dull or hazy or falling asleep, you should check your posture.

Gaze For strict mindfulness practice, the gaze should be downward focusing a couple of inches in front of your nose. The eyes are open but not staring; your gaze is soft. We are trying to reduce sensory input as much as we can. People say, “Shouldn’t we have a sense of the environment?” but that’s not our concern in this practice. We’re just trying to work with the mind and the more we raise our gaze, the more distracted we’re going to be. It’s as if you had an overhead light shining over the whole room, and all of a sudden you focus it down right in front of you. You are purposefully ignoring what is going on around you. You are putting the horse of mind in a smaller corral.

Breath When we do shamatha practice, we become more and more familiar with our mind, and in particular we learn to recognize the movement of the mind, which we experience as thoughts. We do this by using an object of meditation to provide a contrast or counterpoint to what’s happening in our mind. As soon as we go off and start thinking about something, awareness of the object of meditation will bring us back. We could put a rock in front of us and use it to focus our mind, but using the breath as the object of meditation is particularly helpful because it relaxes us. As you start the practice, you have a sense of your body and a sense of where you are, and then you begin to notice the breathing. The whole feeling of the breath is very important. The breath should not be forced, obviously; you are breathing naturally. The breath is going in and out, in and out. With each breath you become relaxed.

Thoughts No matter what kind of thought comes up, you should say to yourself, “That may be a really important issue in my life, but right now is not the time to think about it. Now I’m practicing meditation.” It gets down to how honest we are, how true we can be to ourselves, during each session. Everyone gets lost in thought sometimes. You might think, “I can’t believe I got so absorbed in something like that,” but try not to make it too personal. Just try to be as unbiased as possible. Mind will be wild and we have to recognize that. We can’t push ourselves. If we’re trying to be completely concept-free, with no discursiveness at all, it’s just not going to happen. So through the labeling process, we simply see our discursiveness. We notice that we have been lost in thought, we mentally label it “thinking”—gently and without judgment—and we come back to the breath. When we have a thought—no matter how wild or bizarre it may be—we just let it go and come back to the breath, come back to the situation here.

Embrace Your

October 27th 2012

Silent Power

Take this day to reconnect. Enjoy a day of gentle reminding.  Everything we need to know is inside of us.  

With Michele Gieselman

Receive a gift from spirit Embrace your silent power Spend time in Nature Meditation Review the Seven Chakras Create a despacho, A gift of ourselves, of our magnificence, to offer to the Mother Earth

Registration: 9:30 am Workshop: 10am - 4pm Investment: $160.00 Lunch provided

Michele Gieselman  |  250-851-0966 |  #1 - 763 Front St.  | tu itiv e h e a le r.c a

Did you know... There is a


Each meditation session is a journey of discovery to understand the basic truth of who we are. In the beginning the most important lesson of meditation is seeing the speed of the mind. But the meditation tradition says that mind doesn’t have to be this way: it just hasn’t been worked with. What we are talking about is very practical. Mindfulness practice is simple and completely feasible. And because we are working with the mind that experiences life directly, just by sitting and doing nothing, we are doing a tremendous amount. Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche is holder of the Buddhist and Shambhala lineages of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. He has received teachings from many of the great Buddhist masters of this century, including Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Penor Rinpoche and his father Trungpa Rinpoche. In 1995 he was recognized as the incarnation of the great nineteenth-century Buddhist teacher Mipham Rinpoche. copyright 2011 Mipham J.Mukpo used with permission For more teachings For practice and free meditation instruction: Shambhala Meditation Group of Kamloops 433b Lansdowne St. (above Frankly Coffee) Thursdays 7.00pm call Liz 376-4224


Sunday Services Stimulating, meditative, joyous

Children’s program Enriching children’s lives ages 4 - 12

Social and environmental action Local and global

We are a welcoming congregation Check us out! Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 25

An Introduction to

Manual Osteopathy By Paul Roberts and Imogen Wood

What is osteopathy?

What does treatment involve?

Osteopathy is a form of natural complementary healthcare that works following the principle that there is a strong relationship between structure and function of the body. As the body possesses its own self-healing mechanisms; manual osteopathy aids these mechanisms by using techniques to restore the body to harmony with the aim of relieving pain and improving mobility, thus returning the body to health and vitality.

Once an osteopathic manual practitioner has taken a full medical case history, they will examine you performing dynamic and passive movements, as well as a standing postural and often gait analysis. They will also palpate your tissues, a skill which takes osteopaths years of study to develop. This will aid them to making an informed diagnosis. Manual osteopathy often involves osteopathic techniques such as soft and deep tissue massage, visceral technique, cranial technique, inhibition, fascial release technique and many more.

Osteopathic principles 1 The body is a unit incorporating mind, body & spirit 2 The body possesses self-healing mechanisms 3 Circulation of healthy blood

is fundamental to well-being

4 Structure and function are interrelated and dependant on each other

What sort of people does osteopathy treat and what can it help? As osteopathic manual practitioners we often say that we do not treat conditions, we treat people. Whilst adhering to modern principles of anatomy and physiology, Osteopathy is fundamentally a holistic healthcare system. Osteopathy looks at the person in a global way, where some therapies may look at a problem in a more isolated way. For example, a patient may present with a painful back, but this may be a symptom of a larger picture. What If the patient had a problem with their foot which affects how they walk? What if the patient has dietary issues which are stopping their back pain improving? Perhaps the osteopathic manual practitioner finds a restriction in another part of the spine, which is making the painful area become overworked? By treating the body as a whole in addition to focusing on just the symptomatic areas, Osteopathy can work on factors which can lead to dysfunction, and help to make the whole body function as the best version of itself.

How does osteopathy fit into modern healthcare systems? Osteopathy is a complimentary therapy that works well in conjunction with medical treatments, and can be a great way to maintain or improve function and reduce pain before things like surgery. Because it is a non-invasive therapy it will rarely be contraindicated entirely, and because its goal is to make your own body work in its most efficient way, it can work well alongside most other therapies.

Who can do osteopathy? In the province of BC there are 29 osteopathic manual practitioners registered with the Society for the Promotion of Manual Practice Osteopathy (SPMPO). Many of whom trained in Europe at universities such as The British School of Osteopathy (BSO) or here in Canada at the Canadian College of Osteopathy (CCO). Imogen Wood (M.Ost) and Paul Roberts (M.Ost) trained together at the oldest school of osteopathy in Europe, The British School of Osteopathy in London, where they completed their Master of Osteopathy Degrees. There in London they also completed Diplomas is Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy. Imogen also enjoys using dry needling techniques whilst Paul often takes a cranio-sacral approach in treating his patients. In August they moved to Kamloops, BC, from London, UK to start a new life and begin working within the multi-disciplinary clinic, Sabino Medspa. 26 | Interior wellness | Fall 2012

Anx iet y Symptom or Disease? By Julie Severn

Anxiety is a symptom of a deeper-rooted problem, it is not the disease itself. Anxiety allows us to feel the deep-rooted issues without having to deal with the emotions that caused it in the first place. It's akin to a one-way door allowing the person’s unresolved emotions to come out but stops them from going over the edge. Many feel that medication can help the anxiety but they act as a bandage to cover the pain and scars and thereby stop them from healing altogether. When we choose to open ourselves to our emotional body, we allow our feelings to unloose and free us to heal. We are spiritual and emotional beings here in a physical body. Our mental body goes along with the other three bodies and it is governed by what is happening around us in our day-to-day lives. The mental body will make decisions if there is imbalance in the bodies. The emotional body is heart based and when it feels unsafe, the mental body takes over and causes the body as a whole to follow its lead. Its not an easy road because all of humankind, especially the scientists and doctors believe that the brain and the mental body should be in charge. In all of history and with humankind’s challenges our hearts and souls have cried out for the emotional body to take over and lead us back to our heart centers. We are so heart oriented that mental imbalance occurs when we don't listen to that part of us. In our heart resides our soul and so our heart is our guidance, our salvation and the best part of us. We deny that part of us when trauma happens and we damage ourselves but it is not as irreparable as we think it is. Once we open the heart centers we can allow ourselves to heal all four bodies and learn to listen to our hearts. We are so full of feeling when we are born and time and traumatic experiences make those feelings become numb. We play hide and seek with ourselves until we are ready to face our fears and traumas. We are so powerful that we can hide from ourselves for as long as it takes for our emotions and heart centers to come out when they are ready. It is all about being ready to feel safe enough to allow our emotional body to begin leading the way again. Severe trauma (your interpretation only) is a catalyst for you to hide from yourself until you are ready to come back out into the light without fear or the pain overtaking you to the point you cannot return. The psychiatric wards are full of poor souls who cannot allow themselves to open up and so they stay in there, fully medicated and continue to run from what they are feeling and what they truly desire and require to jump the hurdle of their own minds. That hurdle can be insurmountable when you cannot see anything but darkness, danger and emotional trauma all around you.

The doctors and scientists have spent all of their time researching the mental body and they think that they are in the right track by prescribing medications to people with anxiety and post-traumatic stress and it covers up those unsafe and painful feelings. It's completely okay to do that as long as you desire and if it makes your world feel safe. Yet, anxiety and depression still come through when you feel stress and fear. It's easy to mask those cellular feelings, but they never really go away and they will take power over you until you decide to take power over them. The unfortunate part about the anxiety releasing the deep-rooted problems inside is that those emotions come out inappropriately and run rampant throughout us they cause imbalance in the fourbody system. We feel overwhelmed and cannot handle the way those emotions release and we automatically define those feelings as a bad thing. Our growth or lack of growth throughout the years also defines us as we age and how we deal with our emotions are ingrained in us through our human bonds and family ties. Our families teach us how to behave, how to hide what is inside us and to deny our power because it is how they were trained and so it is not their fault, it is just their human experience and they will train us in the same manner. The time has come to jump off the train of fear and change your paradigm into love and spiritual awareness. Anxiety and trauma are curable and all it takes is a bit of devotion to yourself and some time to make your reality happen for you. It is not as hard as you might think it would be. You are so powerful, come and learn how. It’s simple and it truly helps you to take control over your four-body system once again. When you were a small child, you cried when you hurt and you expressed all emotions freely until you were told to be quiet and it did not hurt. It is time now to learn how to access your emotions without feeling as if you are a bad child and allow your power centres to reactivate in order to become who you truly meant to be. Julie Severn is a spiritual healer and psychic. She learned through her own unfortunate accidents that anxiety can rule you until you desire to rule it and remove its power over you. See Julie’s blog: Healing the Planet Human Blog, and her two books published on “Linear to Zig Zag” and “A Faerie Tale”. Join Julie for her workshop in Kamloops in October on teaching others how to do bodywork and aura healing. Energetic Bodywork workshop. October 21, 2012 Learn your intuitive powers! $80 per person, 9 to 4:30, lunch included or 778-472-1956. Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 27

Yoga, Health & Spirituality in Kamloops & B.C. Interior

Interior Wellness Directory COUNSELLING ACUPUNCTURE/ACUPRESSURE Vital Point Acupuncture Jennifer Larsen,R.Ac. Classical Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation, Reiki , Acutonics 250-376-3070 #102-1120, 8th St. Wild Roots Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic Dr. Andrea Hansen Acupuncturist/Herbalist. Reproductive, digestive and emotional health 250-682-7289

AROMATHERAPY Global Goddess Aromatherapy Ellen Huggett, Certified Aromatherapist 250-374-0755

BEAUTY & BODY CARE Kamloops Esthetics: Jan Wynnychuk Discover amazing results using a holistic approach to skin care. “Successful Ageing” # 301-141 Victoria St. 250-828-0909

Yoga Potion: High Grade Essential Oil Blends; Medicinal, Skin Care. Environmental & Perfume Potions. No chemicals or synthetics added. 1-888-974-6259

CHIROPRACTORS Kamloops Active Health Chiropractic | Rehabilitation | Massage 865 Seymour Street 250-372-8856 865 Seymour Street, Kamloops

COUNSELLING 250-372-8856

Soulwork Holistic Counselling & Wellness Services: Leanne Oaten, Registered Professional Counsellor, R.P.C (Cand.) Wellness & Lifestyle Coach. #302A-153 Seymour St 250-319-3630

DANCE Bellydance: Traditional, Modern & Tribal Fusion. Beginner & intermediate Let's Move Studio. Workshops & performances with Rosi 250-318-5445

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Home Stretch Fitness: Wendy Peterson. 250-319-7890 SIGN UP NOW for your FREE consultation and join one of my Results Driven Yoga Fitness Fitness ProgramsBootcamp for Women   while you   get in shape. Get strong & Have fun inspired! Open to ALL LEVELS.

“Your success is my passion” Wendy Peterson HEALING & BODY THERAPIES

ZZZKRPHVWUHWFK¿WQHVVFRP Angela Strank, Intuitive Consultant, 250.319.7890 Life & Abundance ZHQG\#KRPHVWUHWFK¿WQHVVFRPCoaching: The 'Living Your

Best Life’ Series


Ariadne Sassafrass: Intuitive Awareness Intuitive Healer/Reader, Life Coach, Access Bars Facilitator, Quantum Energy, Reiki Master. 250-837-9276

Breath Integration Counselling Lynn Aylward 250-319-7364 Breath Integration, Counselling, Bodywork

Cameron Grant - Healer-Chakra Stone and Ke ala hoku Shamanic Massage. Breath Integration Healing. 250-318-3008

Creative Transformation for Body, Heart & Mind. Marilyn Puff BSW, Intuitive Bodywork,

DISEASE originates from an unexpected emotional trauma. German New Medicine - the mind body disease connection. Seminars with John Theobald B.Sc.

Breathwork, Coaching, Scalarwave Technology 250 579-7688, 28 | Interior wellness | Fall 2012

HEALING & BODY THERAPIES FINDING THE BALANCE WITHIN Justine Richmond, BSc. BFRP. Bach Flower Consultation, Stone Massage Therapy Advanced PSYCH-K® ine. 250.374.4073

HEALING & BODY THERAPIES Reiki by Shelly Strank: Certified Usui Reiki Practitioner. In Person & Distant Healing 250-554-1221

Feldenkrais, Yoga and Reflexology Colleen 250-819-9100

Scott Fisher, Wellness in Motion CranioSacral Therapist and student of Osteopathy. treatments in Merritt and Kamloops.

HARMONICS HEALING Val MacKayGreer. Vocal Toning for Bodymindspirit Healing 250-374-6907

Sharyl Johnson: Angel Energys Reiki, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Meditation Facilitation Ceremony & Blessings: Merritt. 250-378-5385

Heart Bound Discoveries Gordie & Wendy Marr, Certified Passion Test Facilitators One-on-One sessions or 3 hour workshop 250.314.4106 or 250.574.5330

Stone Therapy Massage & Holistic Massage with Brittanya Beddington - Available evening & weekends. 250-320-0475

Julie Severn Spiritual/Bodywork healing, intuitive sessions 778-472-1956 Blog: Healing the Planet Human blog

Susinn Shaler Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel Method for children and adults. Expect a difference. 250-572-1887

Katina O'Neil - Healer/Spiritual Consultant

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Innovative Changes - Kim Jensen

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Thai Massage & Feldenkrais with Tyson

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acupressure massage By Donation



Paul Laviolette, HHP, CCP, RCRT

Therese Dorer Private Consultations: Medium, Shamanic Healing, Meditation, empowering you through direct connection with your Spirit Guides.

Trigger Point Therapy Massage - Advanced Reflexology. # 316 - 141 Victoria Street 250-319-7292

Marilyn Manderson,

Attunement Practitioner

Relax - Release Stress - Reduce Pain Fully-clothed 250-578-8447 250-579-9444

Therese Laforge Access Consciousness Bars facilitator, energetic facelift, Theta, Yuen, Body Talk and Scalar Sound practitioner. 778-471-5598 or

Michele Gieselman Intuitive Healing & Mas-

Together in Wellness 250-372-8887

A sacred healing art & spiritual practice Deepen your connection with Source

sage, Workshops, Meditation, Massage, CranioSacral & Intuitive Readings & Shamanic Healing. 250-851-0966 Christie Sound – Owner /Workshop Facilitator Eivind Andersen – Wholistic Practitioner

Michelle Morrison of The Balanced Soul Intuitive, Medium, Meditation, Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner

Val Theroux RCC, Ringwood Health.


One-On-One Fitness and Massage Christine Karl: Personal Trainer Ortho-Bionomy, Shiatsu, Reiki Master. #7 231-Victoria St. 250-320-9960 List your services:

250 372 1424. Registered Clinical Counsellor, Reiki Master, Pilgrimage Facilitator, meditation groups. 1:1 counselling, energy based healing, reiki classes,

HEALTH FOOD STORES Natures Fare Markets Live Well - Live Organic 250-314-9560 #5 - 1350 Summit Dr, Kamloops BC Vitamins | Supplements | Produce | Bistro Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 29

o experience a connected circular breathing method. mind and allows core subconscious thoughts and perience of aliveness to come to your awareness. e thoughts empowers you to make clearer decisions ating a happier, more successful life.

mately two hours, include a consultation and are weekly in a series of twelve sessions.

ssible and that it can be gentle and fun, we encourage ion and give yourself this incredible opportunity.


MEDITATION Shambhala Meditation Group of Kamloops free weekly meditations Thursdays 7 pm, instruction offered. 433b Lansdowne St. (above Frankly Coffee) See our website for programs Liz 250-376-4224, Evelyn 250-573-5519.

Breath Integration Counselling

ille Road Columbia


Individual, couples, family counselling. One day workshops, 6 month Personal Empowerment Trainings. Body work. Sunday Spiritual service. 250-554-6707

Centennial Building Wellness Centre

Meditation Group - No Charge Step into your week with sweetness Let's Move Studio, Sundays 7:00-8:00pm Info:

Freeing the body in water: Watsu, Ai Chi, Woga, Aqua Jogging, Water Dance & Sound Baths 250-374-7383 Let’s Move Studio Yoga & Dance classes, Infrared Sauna, Workshops, Events, Meditations and more! 250-372-9642

METAPHYSICAL STORES InyouGo Inspiration: downtown Armstrong, Crystals, gemstone jewellery & imports for mind, body, spirit & soul. Workshops & classes for your well-being. 250-546-2741

Sabino Medspa, Imogen Wood M.Ost & Paul Roberts M.Ost Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy, Obstetric Osteopathy, Dry Needling. 250-377-3901 #7-1315 Summit Drive, Kamloops

Mystic Dreams: Your North Shore Metaphysical Store! Books, Tarot cards, crystals, jewelery, clothing, CDs, buddhas, statues, incense, candles & more! Tranquille Rd. Near Cowboy Coffee, North Shore

Thompson Rivers Wellness Centre

Craniosacral Therapy, Energetic Healing, THOMPSON Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy and much more for your RIVERS WELLNESS well-being # 104 - 418 St. Paul Street

And Midwifery Centre



Mighty Oak Midwifery Care Personal, professional, woman-centered maternity care. 250-377-8611

Cameron Grant, MA Clinical hypnotherapy, Dreamwork, Breathwork and Shamanic massage. "Look outside and sleep, look inside and awaken" Mindbody Integration Therapy Studio. 248 Victoria St. 250-318-3008

Thompson Rivers Midwifery Holistic Mother-Baby Care. Free for BC residents. Choose Home or Hospital Birth. Accepting new clients 250-572-0632

LIFE COACHING Body Mind Spirit Coaching: Marlena Field, PCC, CPCC. Professional Certified Coach: Learn to trust your body's wisdom as you face challenges and make decisions. 250-851-0145

NATUROPATHIC DOCTORS Dr. Melissa Bradwell, ND Full Naturopathic services: Acupuncture and IV Therapy. 735 Victoria Street 250374-9700

Find Strength in Action Life Coaching Kathy Richins, ICF Certified Life Coach Health, Wellness & positive change 778-471-2634 or 250-574-7521

MASSAGE THERAPY: REGISTERED Darlene Fair, RMT, RYT Craniosacral, Visceral Massage, Osteopathic Techniques, Myofascial Release and Unwinding. 250-318-6300 #405-153 Seymour


BODY: HEALTHY - Wendy McLean, RMT cranial osteopathy - myofascial - visceral - headache neck/back pain | pregnancy | injury | stress

Effective Holistic Care #260 - 546 St Paul St. 778-220-2225

WENDY McLEAN B.A., R.M.T. MEDITATION In the kamloops naturopathic clinic in Daily Meditation 100 - 1315 Summit dr., KAMLOOPS, BC V2C 5R9

Life With Ajahn Sona

Meditation, Potluck, Q&A Sundays 9:30am 778-220-2225 12pm at Let’s Move Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 16 By Donation.

30 | Interior wellness | Fall 2012

NIA Nia with Carole and Trudy: Suitable for Every Body – Come experience the Joy Trudy 250.374.1370 Carole 250.828.2109

NUTRITION Deborah Petrovitch Registered Holistic Nutritionist Live Blood Analysis 250-525-0423 Food allergies? Need to Detox? Cathy Lidster: Master Clinician. Take the guess work out of your diet & supplement program. Clinical Nutrition Response Testing. 250-819-9041 List your services:



Lynn Roberts - Health & Wellness Coach Boost Energy, Lose Weight & Eliminate Cravings With the Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse 250.572.4162

Yoga Retreat. Nov 2-4 Halcyon Hot Springs. Includes 3 day 2 nights, room, food and yoga

Rhonda Eden, RHN, ACSM Personal Trainer Nutrition, lifestyle & fitness consulting If you have been looking for inner peace, love, joy, "Eat Well to Live Well" 250-319-0818 health and success or simply a release of emotional pain then the circular connected breath technique is what you have been searching for.

SOYA Annual Yoga Retreat Mark Stephens, Author of "Teaching Yoga" & "Yoga Sequencing", June 14 - 17, 2013 in Naramata BC!

A Path To Peace What is Breath Integration?

True Balance Nutrition and Wellness


Breath integration is a method of counselling that allows self-examination. It is an opportunity to see how our decisions have shaped our lives. As we use the Breath technique, our awareness level increases. This allows us to hear our subconscious thoughts, feel the emotions around them and change the belief, creating better results now.

Alexis Blueschke, Registered Dietitian, Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor. 250.319.752

Lynne Kraushar, Certified Rolfer #6-231 Victoria St. 250-851-8675

What is a Breath Integration Counselling Session?


$395. Contact Nancy 250-832-3647

In a Breath Integration session, guided by a qualified Breath Integration Counsellor, you will have the opportunity to experience a connected circular breathing method. This technique quiets the mind and allows core subconscious thoughts and feelings that block your experience of aliveness to come to your awareness. Becoming more aware of these thoughts empowers you to make clearer decisions and begin creating a happier, more successful life.


Sabino Medspa, Imogen Wood M.Ost & Paul Roberts M.Ost Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopasessions last approximately two hours, include a consultation and are thy, Obstetric Osteopathy, Dry These Needling. recommended weekly in a series of twelve sessions.

Centre for Spiritual Living. Change Your Thinking...Change Your Life. Sundays 250-377-3901 #7-1315 Summit Drive, Kamloops If you want to see that change is possible and that it can be gentle and fun, we encourage you to come in for a consultation and give yourself this incredible opportunity. Meditation 10:00 am Celebration 10:30 am 540 Seymour Street 250-314-2028 Find us on Facebook!



Sharing tools to transform your personal life and make a difference in the world.

Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service #204-535 Tranquille Road Kamloops, British Columbia # $ $# #% 250-554-9722 250-554-6707 VisitBenefits us at Ease of Disposables, of Cloth. Email us at

EVOLVE Pilates Studio 250-372-7237 Cassie Marchuk: Change the way you work out! Achieve improved posture, balance & strength. #201-1361 McGill Rd The PILATES Tree - Christine Waterman - Quality, classical instruction, personal attention. Building strength. 250-320-BODY(2639) #101-409 Seymour St.

PRODUCE: Local, Organic Footprints Organic Produce Delivery Service Serving Merritt & Interior B.C. 250-315-4743

RETREATS Ulis Mountain Retreat & Massages Personalized Massages, Hot Stone Massage, Reiki, Bowen Technique and Health Coaching 250-319-8933

For Sale: Dream 160-acre creek-front solar home & retreat centre for up to 30 people. 5,000 sf activity building. Near Merritt, completely private. $598,300 List your retreat:

Sunday Spiritual Service 10:00 am,

! &&&'! (

Sept 23rd, Oct 14th, 28th, Nov 18th, Dec 2nd evening candlelight service Dec 16th @ 7pm # 204 - 535 Tranquille Rd 250-554-6707

" ' )

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Kamloops Freedom of religious thought Sunday services, Children's programs, Social and Environmental Projects

WEDDINGS & CEREMONIES Sacred Bliss Wedding Ceremonies. Ceremonies customized to fit every relationship. Let your ceremony tell your story! Licensed with Vital Statistics Can.

Angela Clark 250-318-2930

YOGA STUDIOS Bikram Yoga The Hottest Yoga in Kamloops! 250-314-3636 340 Victoria St. Let’s Move Studio: Yoga, Bellydance, ZUMBA, Pilates, Fitness & more Kamloops’ Most Diverse Studio 250-372-9642 Kamloops Hot Yoga: 7 styles | two locations 954 C Laval Crescent (beside Cliffside Gym) #17 - 1800 Tranquille Rd.(Brock Shopping Centre) 250-374-7426

YOGA LOFT Yoga for you. Yoga for your family. Your yoga community. 4th & Seymour @ 409 Seymour Street 250-828-6206 Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 31


WORKSHOPS & SPECIAL EVENTS Communications Workshop Friday, October 12th 7:00-10:00 p.m. and Saturday, October 13th noon to 3:00 p.m. PLUS homework!!! Not for sissies! Learn to communicate in a more compassionate, loving and effective way. Lots of ideas, great tools and practice. Couples welcome. Desert Gardens at 540 Sey-

See pages 20-21 for a full list of classes in Kamloops!

Andrea Jittler-Friesen, Yoga Instructor North Shore Community Centre Tues 6:30-8pm, Thurs 10-11:30am All Levels 250-375-0082

Innergize YOUR workplace! Bringing the

Sharing tools to transform your personal life mour and make a difference in the world.


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' )

Yoga with Amber ~ RYT500 with Yoga BC Power ~ Prenatal ~ Private classes or 250-318-5370

Marcia Wilson Now find me downtown at The Yoga Loft 250-828-6206 kids, tweens, teens and adults

Energetic Bodywork workshop October 21, 2012 Learn your intuitive powers 880 Serle Road, Kamloops $80 per person, 9 to 4:30, lunch included Call 778-472-1956 to book. Julie Severn

Yoga With Katrina - Teachings from the Heart Quality Yoga Instruction for All Levels

Meditation in Daily Life With Ajahn Sona Meditation, Potluck, Q&A Sundays 9:30am 12pm at Let’s Move Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 16 By Donation.


Embrace Your Silent Power - Workshop With Michele Gieselman Oct. 27th 2012 10am - 4pm $160.00 Lunch provided. Nature, Meditation, Spirit, Chakras & more 250-851-0966

South Okanagan Yoga Academy - Yoga Teacher Training - RYT200 and RYT500. Flexible Training. In BC, AB & Mexico! 250-492-2587


Living The Serenity Prayer Wednesdays at 6:30 starts November 7: six weeks. Bring the Serenity Prayer to life in our very real human experience. As we take a fresh look at the Prayer we think about the meaning of each word. Desert Gardens 540 Seymour St pay-what-you-can :)

Optimal Health with Optimal Alignment Katrina Ariel ~ 250-374-6493 Freedom from pain through empowerment.

Foundations for a Successful Life Tuesdays at 6:30 starts October 9 for 10 weeks An introductory, yet in-depth look at the life-empowering principles of metaphysics. Learn your own ability to create a life more in keeping with your dreams and desires. Desert Gardens at 540 Seymour St Sharing tools to transform your personal life and make a difference in the world. pay-what-you-can :) ! #


$# #%

&&&'! (

" Meditation Group - No Charge ' ) Step into your week with sweetness Let's Move Studio, Sundays 7:00-8:00pm Info:

32 | Interior wellness | Fall 2012

Learn the essentials of developing a full personal practice: yoga, meditation, breath & philosophy. October 13 & 14, 2012 at Eagle Bay Hall, Shushwap. Register at

Art of Alignment: Yoga Workshop ~ Katrina Ariel Oct. 14th @ Let's Move Studio. Therapeutic alignment: How to practice yoga safely, address pain, and feel more comfortable in your body and practice. Your foundation for all levels of yoga. Register at


Elemental! Foundations Workshop with Padma " #

benefits of yoga into the corporate world 250.572.4162

Psoma Yoga Therapy: Donna Martin 635 Victoria St. 250-374-2514,

St. pay-what-you-can :)

Sharing tools to transform your personal life and make a difference in the world.

! #


$# #%

&&&'! (

Livestream Global Access Bars Teleclass First Ever! - presented by Dr Dain Heer. "

Wed, Nov 7th - 9 to 6 Location TBA. call: Therese Laforge 778-471-5598, or Cathy Lidster 250-819-9041.

' )

The Passion Test® Workshop Discover your destiny effortlessly! Passion Test Facilitators Gord & Wendy Marr, learn this simple, powerful process of discovery. Let's Move Studio. Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012, 1:00-4:00pm $35/pp $50 with a friend, Info & register: 250.574.5330 Freedom! An exploration of the Bhagavad Gita with Padma December 2 8:30am - 3:30pm at Let's Move Studio by Nov 15 is $165.00 +tax | After: $205.00 +tax Register at Email: for information List your events with us:

Interior Wellness Practitioner & Treatment

Re vie w

Interior Wellness Magazine staff get out in the community to sample some wellness treatments and services offered by local practitioners and teachers. While we’re at it, we ask a few questions of the practitioner so you could learn more about them too!

Intervie w

R eWith ik i Shelly Strank

Interior Wellness: What is Reiki? Shelly: Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is hands-on healing that is Universal Life Force Energy and is administered by the practitioner to the patient to enhance energy and reduce stress, pain and fatigue.

Re vie w

Interior Wellness: What should I expect in a Reiki session? Shelly: A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.

The Practitioner. I found Shelly easy to find and so easy to talk to. We chatted throughout my session which helped to keep my normally busy-mind focussed on the present moment. She is warm, welcoming and her smile put me at ease right away!

Interior Wellness: What are the benefits of receiving Reiki? Shelly: It creates deep relaxation and aids the body to release stress and tension. It aids better sleep, helps relieve pain and injuries. Removes energy blockages and supports the immune system just to name a few.

The Setting. Shelly offers treatments in her bright healing space: a clean, simple room with some elegantly placed crystals and a peaceful water fountain. I was transported!

Interior Wellness: What led you to Reiki? Shelly: I have been working with energy healing modalities for over 15 years and my intuition guided me to Reiki. The healer template from within was activated and it was time to use the healing gift in my hands through Reiki to assist my clients back to their divine essence.

The Treatment. I love Reiki! I haven’t received it much before now but I am an advocate as of today! I lay on the massage table, had my feet covered and Shelly began the session with a prayer. She then placed her hands at various places on my body throughout the rest of the treatment: underneath my head, on my shoulders, heart, solar-plexus, hips and feet.

Interior Wellness: What is your advice to someone who’s struggling? Shelly: Struggles are the pathway to healing. Struggles are showing up to let you know that you are not in alignment with your highest vision for yourself. Do not see struggles as a hindrance, see it as an opportunity to grow and expand into the divine being that you are. Interior Wellness: What should we all pay attention to now? Shelly: To what our hearts are showing us in each moment. Pay attention to the whispers and calling of your spirit. The heart is the pathway to peace so always asks your heart what the next step is for you. Listen to your intuition to guide you on your journey, it will never steer you in the wrong direction. Think of your intuition as the GPS for the soul. Interior Wellness: What are you grateful for? Shelly: For every experience that has led me up to this beautiful moment as it allows me to be in a state of grace. When we live from our heart and live in a state of gratitude it opens up wonderful opportunities for us. When you are in a state of gratitude, the Universe blesses you with even more to be grateful for. Interior Wellness: How can people contact you? Shelly: They can reach me at: Email: Tel: 250-554-1221 Cell 250-371-1350

What I experienced was a feeling of warmth and a very subtle, yet powerful feeling like “buzzing” or a high-vibration tingle throughout all of my cells. I say “my cells” because the feeling was not just on the surface of my skin or in my muscles - it was everywhere, all-atonce. I felt aware of my body and surroundings in an expanded way as I felt my physical and energetic bodies coming into balance. After the session I felt thoughtful and as if I had space to breathe and be in my body for the first time in a long while. Why don’t I do this more often!? I am also more tuned in to the emotional and energetic parts of me and how they relate to the energy centres, chakras - This treatment went way beyond the physical. Choosing to invest in our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being through treatments such as the one I received from Shelly is invaluable.I am grateful for what Shelly provides to our community. To have your services reviewed, contact Elizabeth Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 33

2012 is the year to get HOT! Real-life, practical style of Yoga accessible to everyone!

Book Review

Yoga for Dragon Riders by Katrina Hokule’a Ariel

“The Original Hot Yoga” Classes 7 days a week

#50 - 340 Victoria Street. 250-314-3636

Monday-Thursday 11am-1pm

The title and cover of this new book on yoga immediately engages one’s mind and senses. Yoga for Dragon Riders is a substantial volume and can seem overwhelming at first glance because of its depth. Further investigation, though, reveals a wealth of knowledge on the practice of yoga. Katrina’s grasp of the spiritual path is extensive and she writes of it simply and meaningfully. The reader is not only introduced to valuable information about yogic philosophy and poses, but also of other spiritual paths that support our yogic path. The author, however, has managed to keep the content light and mystical. She has sub-titled the book “A Training Manual for Those with Inquisitive Minds and Fiery Spirits,” inviting us to play in the profound world of magic. Located in Bikram Yoga Kamloops #50 - 340 Victoria Street.

Impressive, also, is the “Map,” an engaging outline of nine initiations that lead us to our practice. Each of the initiations includes supporting information and could provide the format for a worthwhile study group. Yoga for Dragon Riders supplies the student of yoga with a useful reference for their practice. Included are detailed photographic images of the yoga poses and practice sequences. This book is a recommended read for both the experienced and beginning disciple of yoga. Respectfully reviewed by Arlene Soloman. Yoga for Dragon Riders is available in Kamloops at Let's Move Studio, Mystic Dreams, The Art We Are, and The Yoga Loft. It can also be ordered online at or from, where you will also find two free yoga videos! Check out Katrina's blog at Join her classes at Let's Move Studio: gentle Restorative Yoga at 9am on Mondays, and strong Align and Flow Yoga at 9am on Wednesdays. 34 | Interior wellness | Fall 2012

Your Personal Connection with

S piri t By Teresa Brownrigg

Your connection with Spirit is a very personal connection. It is so important that this be explored. By recognizing the dialogue that is already in process between you and the Source, and being in conscious awareness of this communication, will hold open a sacred space for processing energy and gaining knowledge about your spiritual venture. There are many times in my own life that I have thought that my connectedness to Spirit needed to be expressed from within the validation and recognition of a group, and I thought that their opinion of me or my experiences was relevant to its authenticity. This is a common misconception of our spiritual exploration.

While our relationship to community and service to others is very important, and the support we can receive from those that are close to us can be our saving grace at times, it is our personal and intimate relationship to Life Source that is the foundation for our growth. It is through this connection that we can discover ourselves, and the many perspectives that we have owned throughout our lives. It is a chance for clarity and high resonance, a beautiful bond that can be remembered that is only yours. It increases your sense of purpose, your confidence and and your creativity. It will allow you to see your life and your lessons in a more honest and forgiving manner by opening your heart to embrace your human condition with unconditional love.

This dialogue can be expressed in whatever way feels right for you. Whether it be in meditation, ritual, ceremony, going for a walk, praying, sitting on the grass, writing a poem, singing a song, journaling, or simply speaking aloud to your guides and angels; there is always opportunity to tune into your personal communion with the loving support system that always surrounds you, though you may not see it. It is the key to a greater feeling of fulfillment and richer vision of your purpose and your path.

So, explore your inner being and the tender spots that reach outward like an umbilical cord in unbreakable connectedness to the is-ness that is our magnificent Universe, because no matter the influence we think others have on our availability to transition and knowingness, ultimately you have the key to your own creation. There is a place that is held only for you and it waits for all that you may bring to it; the lessons, the love, the gratitude, the questions, the joy and the awareness of your own personal connection to the vast and wondrous Spirit.

Teresa Brownrigg has lived most of her life as a free spirited transient musician, and has now settled in Kamloops to finish her studies. She loves the work and energy of Peruvian Shamanism and has been initiated into the lineage of the Incan Pampamesayok tradition. Presently she holds a Bachelor degree in Metaphysical Sciences and on her journey to obtain her Doctorate. She hopes to weave her spiritual studies together with her future intention of manifesting a Diploma in Professional Counselling Psychology, eventually weaving it all together to bring a balanced perspective to counselling. Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 35


Ques ters Societ y

Hosts A Group Abundance Repatterning Session With Suki Fox "I attract and enjoy a consistently growing abundance of love, time, currency, joy, freedom and community" Ever wanted to be two places at once? I have spent a glorious summer doing group Abundance Repatterning Sessions at festivals around BC, and at the recent 1 Big Tree festival that is exactly what happened! Out of 40 participants only one was physically present because our session coincided with the opening ceremony. so I simply proxied, or energetically included, the 39 other participants into the session.

This is the wonder of the Quantum world! They gave me their information and permission to muscle-check on their behalf; their energetic systems were included while their physical bodies were elsewhere. Muscle-checking, also known as applied kinesiology is a simple, accurate way to identify the information stored in us since birth (and before) from anyone's hologram or database. This data base, or you may also call it your higher-self, knows what, why and how energies are affecting you; most importantly how to change it. I work on the level of Resonance with clients, and help them shift so they have energy for their intentions instead being stuck with their limitations. This also works with groups by proxy. Group common issues will surface and the specific modalities used will permanently shift each participant’s resonance. I proxied the session through the one person who did attend. Proxy work can also be done on animals and children, when they give me permission to check on their behalf. The statement we shifted for this group was "I attract and enjoy a consistently growing abundance of love, time, currency, joy, freedom and community". Participants in the session told me afterwords they enjoyed the session and sought me out to share the experience of their energy shifting even though they were not physically there! My next goup Abundance session is for the Kamloops Questers meeting on November 22. It’s ideal to attend in person as it is a more complete experience but if not possible, just let me know and I can proxy you in so you can also experience being in two places at once! (250)307-7301

Twin Rivers Questers is a new Chapter of Canadian Questers Society. (non-profit) We meet once a month to discuss, explore various topics: dowsing, energy systems, and holistic health, remote viewing, orbs, crop circles, science as it pertains to new developments and events. We have a speaker at our gatherings, once a month. In Kamloops, we meet 3rd Thursday. 7-9pm at 814 Lethbridge Ave, Kamloops. Come to a Questers meeting, and you can connect with other like minded people! Call Corinne Mackenzie Cell: 250-852-1580 for more information. 36 | Interior wellness | Fall 2012


Katrina Ariel with

author of Yoga

for Dragon Riders

Interior Wellness: Katrina, the title of your book is quite arresting. What made you choose “Yoga for Dragon Riders” as the title?

It was a chance to assimilate all I’ve learned and extend an invitation for others to come to their own conclusions.

Katrina: I didn’t choose the title, really. The title popped into my head one night and insisted on becoming a book. Symbolically, a dragon is very powerful, a being that connects with the power of life and transformation. You can substitute the word ‘yogi’ for Dragon Rider, if you prefer. Using the idea of being a Dragon Rider is a call to the imagination, and a reminder to awaken and participate more fully in living your life with intention. It is about reclaiming your power in a context of pure goodness; being true to yourself, balanced with love and wisdom.

Yoga offers many ways to refine all aspects of living and to get more out of life. I want readers to feel the inclusiveness yoga can embody and to realize that everything about them is divine. That is so important, and it allows for more joy in the practice. I invite people to play in this profound universe. Yoga for Dragon Riders is “A very comprehensive yoga manual, written in a rather unconventional way.”

Interior Wellness: In reading your book I am impressed with the depth and breadth of your knowledge of Vedic scripture, shamanism, mysticism, theosophy and Akashic records. You are very young to have embraced such vast knowledge. What is your background? Katrina: I am the only child of two educators, which meant I developed skills in reading and writing rather early. I was writing short stories in kindergarten. I always looked for the magic in life and was very close to nature. Being in nature is what called me back to myself through all of life’s challenges. I found God in nature. I was very rebellious as a child, and pushed away from anyone telling me what to do. I began reading the Bible at age 5 after dropping out of church, just to see what it was all about. I consumed Richard Bach’s Illusions in Grade 3, which became a rather liberating foundation for my belief system. My desire to find more in life has led me to explore and study many spiritual paths, and I’ve taken the things from each of them that spoke to me, weaving together a tapestry that has informed my journey in life. Interior Wellness: What was your intention in writing this book? Katrina: Really, it’s all about living the song of your heart, discovering your purpose and truth. Writing this book provided me with the opportunity to offer a well-rounded discourse on yoga and what it means to me.

Interior Wellness: Although the book is somewhat unconventional, it is also well organized and comprehensive. It reads somewhat like a manual. Can you comment on the map and the sections of the book? Katrina: The map symbol is the “Flower of Life,” and it delineates the different areas of study you go through in the book. Though it is a proper yoga manual, the Dragon Rider theme makes it juicy and fun to read. The map takes you on an inward spiral into the heart of yoga, which is the practice. Each of the aspects take us deeper into our true self. And just like the book, this map came to me quite spontaneously. Interior Wellness: The inspiration and actual accomplishment of this book came to you rather quickly. Can you comment on this? Katrina : Yes, no one was more surprised than I was. It took 3 months and 3 days from the first idea to the published book. I was lying in bed on the night of a full moon eclipse, and at 1:00 am I was hit with a clear message that said, “You’re going to write a book. It’s called Yoga for Dragon Riders. It starts like this…” And I got up and typed all night! I had no plan for the outline until the map diagram showed up in my mind a week or so later. However, I did have some of the content already written as blog posts, so it was a matter of rewriting and reediting some of the material. But a lot of it was original for the book. Writing, editing, rewriting and doing the layout consumed my life until it was finished. There was no stopping the birth of this book. This information wanted to be out and to be able to help people now. There are so many meditations, contemplations, and different practices offered in it, each person can find the ones that speak to their heart. Interior Wellness: Thank you so much for this interview, Katrina. Yoga for Dragon Riders provides opportunity for both individual and small group study. Perhaps we could continue this interview at another time and further explore your work with yoga and its philosophy.

“It is about reclaiming your power in a context of pure goodness; being true to yourself, balanced with love and wisdom.”

Katrina: Thank you! I’d love to continue the conversation. Really, this book is about living fully. It tells us that if we all live our purpose, the world is truly going to be okay.

Yoga for Dragon Riders is available in Kamloops at Let's Move Studio, Mystic Dreams, The Art We Are, and The Yoga Loft. It can also be ordered online at or from, where you will also find two free yoga videos! Check out Katrina's blog at, and join her classes at Let's Move Studio: gentle Restorative Yoga at 9am on Mondays, and strong Align and Flow Yoga at 9am on Wednesdays. Interior wellness | Fall 2012 | 37

Nutrition Response Testing a Case Study By Cathy Lidster Loree sat down in my waiting room and began to cry. “Cathy, do you think you can help me?” Loree was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. For the past 5 years she had been in constant suffering. She was considering retiring from teaching early but was not looking forward to having to stay home while her husband travelled for his work. Her dream had been that they would travel together once she retired. She had always loved to hike and could no longer walk comfortably around the block Loree had been through all the medical tests, drugs, acupuncture and naturopathy . Nothing had helped. She had heard of this wonderful, relatively new, state of the art technique called Nutrition Response Testing. It is a targeted, prioritizing way of assessing the body’s exact nutritional needs and also of zeroing in with laser like accuracy, on stressors impeding healing and repair, such as food allergies, immune challenges, metal/chemical toxicities and scars. I myself had experienced almost immediate benefits with Nutrition Response testing, including quick disappearance of my menopausal discomforts, an easy loss of 21 lbs of fat, and best of all, complete remission of my 45 year seasonal allergy that rendered me useless every June since childhood. And, though I was still relatively new at the method and still engaged in the training for Master level certification, it was a delight to accumulate more amazing stories from my clients every day in my practice. So we tested Loree and found her to be allergic to oats, as well as carrying metal toxicities. She only needed about 5 pills/day to start her program. This made her skeptic as she took over 30 pills daily for 3 months on her naturopathic program with no results. I reminded her that this was exactly what her body asked for, that synergy was involved in the dosing, and that the most important thing she could do is honor her body’s request to stay off oats for now. This took some convincing as her favorite breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal. Should be good for you right? Five short days later, Loree came unscheduled into my office and sat down crying again. My heart went out to her. We had failed, I thought. She must be feeling worse. But, she looked up at me and said “You are not going to believe this. I woke up this morning with no pain at all for the first time in 5 years!” Loree did eventually retire, went travelling with her husband and began to write poetry. On her first 3 mile hike she wrote me a lovely poem of thanks. We both would cry with gratitude for this method when she came in for a checkup. How lucky are we to have bodies that can tell us exactly what is needed and to change that fast? And, if we can honor that request, what we thought was impossible becomes entirely possible. Cathy Lidster, Master Nutrition Response Clinician, and Health Practitioner serving 35 years, practices at the CB Wellness Centre in Kamloops. She also teaches and consults physicians and practitioners of this method internationally. For more information about the Nutrition Response Method please call 250-819-9041.



It started with an idea.

Five Years ago, I was in Nature’s Fare (which is one of my favourite places in Kamloops) where I would see people leaving the store with hands full of grocery bags and only seconds to look at the bulletin board by the exit door. What they skimmed over quickly were posters of local wellness events and yoga classes. At the time, I was teaching yoga and knew most of the other instructors in town. We all put up separate posters, and people passed them by. That’s when I had the thought: “Those people need something they can take with them like all the yoga schedules stapled together.” So I decided to organize that and I called it “Yoga Tree”. I thought I was just putting some yoga schedules together but this magazine had a life of it’s own and wanted to be more than that right from the get-go. You know a project is inspired when you feel like an observer watching it happen effortlessly with very little pre-planning. I had also noticed that when I picked up other free publications in Kamloops that NONE of them had any classes, events, workshops, practitioners or teachers who were local. There was great information out there but none of it was in our community. So that became my “mission”. 100% local BC Interior. It started as a humble trial, 12 pages, black and white...created in WORD no less! And now it has grown to encompass all things health and wellness, fitness, dance, meditation, spirituality and more. We have connected the community of wellness practitioners, teachers and students. I would like to thank everyone who has supported this project over the past 5 years. Our advertisers make the magazine free to the readers; our writers provide incredible content; local yoga teachers AND my family help to distribute; volunteers give their time at our annual wellness festival; Wenda from the Echo who found my first issue and has given me lots of tips, inspiration and laughs ever since; The crew of wonderful women at the Echo who are all so patient as I proof and proof before printing; Friends who believe in this, in me and in our community, Thank you. Free, local, inspiring. Interior Wellness. & on facebook! The intention of this publication is and always has been to bring local information about what is going on in our community to our readers while inspiring them toward wellness. It is also a free resource where practitioners and teachers reach out to their local community through posting wellness services, workshops and classes. ~:) Elizabeth, Editor & Publisher

Yoga, Health & Spirituality in Kamloops & B.C. Interior

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Interior Wellness Magazine Fall 2012  

Interior Wellness Magazine Fall 2012 A free magazine featuring yoga, health and spirituality in Kamloops and BC Interior

Interior Wellness Magazine Fall 2012  

Interior Wellness Magazine Fall 2012 A free magazine featuring yoga, health and spirituality in Kamloops and BC Interior

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