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FALL 2011


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Certified ICF Life Coach Phone: (250) 574-7521

P.O. Box 1104 Station Main Kamloops, BC V2C6H2

Sunday Spiritual Service

A Sunday Service for ALL

We welcome you to come and share your Spirit with us in a service of celebration! Join us for singing, readings from A Course in Miracles and heartfelt sharing of spiritual insights delivered by speakers from all walks of life. Give yourself this time for introspection through prayer and meditation.

Sundays 10:00 am Oct 2* & 23, Nov 6 & 20. (*NEW DAYS*)

Candlelight Service Dec 18 @ 7 pm.

250-554-6707 #204 - 535 Tranquille Road

- Do you feel overwhelmed by all of your obligations? - Do you feel guilty because you are not completing everything as well as you could? - Are you missing out on precious moments with the ones you love because you’re too distracted? Join us for

The Revitalized Woman Weekend October 14-16th at the South Thompson Inn and Guest Ranch, Kamloops BC

Until S e disco pt 26th En te un and re t code YT r D1 0 1 1 ceive 20% o an ad ff inclus the alrea ditional dy low ive pri ce all

Experience fun, yoga and mindfulness while you: • Learn HOW TO Move from overwhelmed to AT EASE – in seconds • Discover creative, PRACTICAL TOOLS AND TIPS for maintaining peace and strength throughout your day – even when things are spinning “out of control” • Learn Ways to Systematically quiet your negative mind chatter and reaffirm your strengths • Become instantly RE-CENTERED and stay there • Learn HOW TO shift gears between competing priorities and get the right things done.

Join Gerrianne Clare (owner and life coach) of the Family Guidance System and Lindsey Lewis (owner and yoga instructor) of Libre Retreats for this amazing weekend of Yoga, mindfulness and connection. You will leave with a practical tool kit full of “in the moment” strategies you can use throughout your day to regroup, recharge, and revitalize YOU when you need it the most. or email or

Vision and Inspiration

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With Elizabeth

When I look at the cover of this season’s issue of Interior Wellness I feel as if I’m looking at a lovingly made vision board. A vision board if you haven’t heard of this before is a fun and creative way to explore what is important to you on any topic that you might be thinking about. You cut out images and/or words from magazines and paste them onto a “board” or paper. The result is a beautiful display or “vision” of what you have been thinking about. It helps to answer questions or remind you of a goal. It becomes like an affirmation when you look at it. This is what I see when I look at the cover. Words like Happiness, Love, Balance, Trust, Faith, Soul and Power jump off the page and right into my heart. This is special because the words and inspirations I gather for each issue come directly from many amazing local professionals. They believe that this publication is a positive resource for our community just like me. I am touched to know how many people come together to make the magazine available for free to our readers. It is truly a community project. I’ve been thinking lately about how each and every person or business who pays to advertise makes it possible for this magazine to be free for you the reader. So go out and thank the people you see advertising here. Even if you don’t use their services right away, thank them! This issue marks our four year anniversary and I am full of gratitude to think how far we’ve come. The magazine started as just a small compilation of yoga schedules with a few supporting advertisers. And now it has grown immensely. We have become a popular resource for everything health and healing in addition to yoga and fitness and just this past spring we changed our name from “Yoga Tree” to Interior Wellness to reflect our growth! I know personally how important it is to have our own local resource for health, spirituality and wellness right here in Kamloops and BC Interior. I grew up in Kamloops and only ever found information on such topics in publications based in the Okanagan and Vancouver. That was one of my inspirations for creating a resource like this here. One that you can open up and find a local class, workshop, event or practitioner, I have had the opportunity over this past year to access some wonderful local teachers and healers. I hope you will too. Empowered with information, good luck on your journey. We’d love to hear from you. Tell us your stories, how has the content of the magazine helped or inspired you or someone you know? We will publish your responses. Please email us Free, local, inspiring. Interior Wellness. & on facebook! The intention of this publication is and always has been to bring local information about what is going on in our community to our readers while inspiring people in to wellness. at the same time practitioners and teachers reach out to their local community through posting wellness services, workshops and classes. ~:) Elizabeth. Editor & Publisher COVER PHOTOGRAPH: Local Yoga Teacher Amber Hooton enjoys her yoga! Photo by Lisa DiGeso of Milk & Honey Photography

Interior Wellness

Issue #21

Acupressure By Michele Botel

“The Eight Strange/Wondrous Flows”, “Windows to the Sky”, “Five Elements Creation and Control cycles”, and “Neck and Shoulder release”. These are some of the terms becoming more familiar around town as the healing of Jin Shin Do® [gin shin doe] Acupressure Therapy reaches more people. Because practitioners use “wei-wuwei”,the“relaxed way of doing”,I will be subtle in describing this lesser known effective healing modality. You may seek Acupressure Therapy when you feel physical pain, and this will be addressed, yet some may take the rebalancing to deeper levels, including emotional and spiritual. Once people experience acupressure therapy, most are amazed with the results! In the words of Wenda Noonan in November 2010, "I felt ABSOLUTELY fabulous after a [JSD] treatment!! I have tried massage, pilates, exercise, chiro and other modalities but never before have I seen such instant results. Thank you so much!!" JSD works cooperatively with your body as thumb and finger pressure are applied to acu-points, dime-sized areas of high sensitivity that act as a gateway to muscles, organs, and connective tissue. You and a practitioner may work on one or several of twelve meridians or pathways down which chi (energy) flows smoothly when all is in balance. A practitioner's hands become highly tuned to varying pulsations that occur in the acu-points, allowing one to determine when armouring is present as well as when blocked chi begins to disperse. People often express surprise when they feel something "moving or tingling" throughout the body as acu-points are released. This is a good thing! Within and around all of us are powerful forces that tirelessly strive to maintain homeostasis, a dynamic state of equilibrium. Why fight against this? Learn more about returning your being to a harmonious state at Michele Botel is a registered Jin Shin Do® Acupressure Therapist who works out of Let's Move Studio Wellness Centre. You can reach her at 778.257.0343.


FALL 2011

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Interior Wellness

Let’s Move Studio Wellness Centre

Acutonics with Karen Houghton Vibrational Sound Healing Therapy $40 – 30 minute session

Live Blood Analysis, $80.00, Body Management $60.00 Herbal supplements & cleanses, 888.804 4773 George Cheyne, Cheyne Health

Auriculotherapy with Karuna Cox Stop your pain TODAY! Acupuncture without needles $35/30min

Nutrition with Alexis Blueschke, RD Registered Dietitian Stone Therapy Massage & Holistic Massage with Brittanya Beddington $80/hr

Bach Flower Consults & PSYCH-K Facilitation with Justine Richmond, Finding the Balance Within


Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Reiki, with Alexa Pongracz - Massage $60. an hour Reiki and Reflexology $45 hr

Counselling with Jodi Wium $65/ 45-75 minute session

Registered Massage Therapy with Danica Crawford RMT $45/ 30 mins $65/ 45 mins $85/ 60 mins MSP

Hypnotherapy with Karuna Cox $65/hr AAH Certified Hypnotherapist Karuna Cox EFT, Anxiety, Natural Birth, phobias, childhood trauma

Reiki with Kim Jensen $60 per 30-45 min session. $75 Reiki session & Wellness Coaching (45-75 m)

Intuitive Reading with Michele Morrison 1/2 hour session: $40/ 1 hr: $80 Intuitive reading & healing 2 hr: $100 Consultation & Deep Healing 2 hr: $100

Thompson Rivers Midwifery Tatiana Demishkevich,RM Free for BC residents. Complete Mother-Baby care Wellness and Life Coaching With Cara Beckett Personalized Stress & Self-Esteem Programs

Infrared Sauna Drop in $10 5x punchcard = $8 per session: $40 10x punchcard = $6 per session: $60 Relieves pain, Improves immune system Detoxifies body and skin, Improves strength and vitality

McGill Place: Sunmore Spa Building 4

Appointments available Daily Call to Book


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Instructor Profile:

Issue #21

Interior Wellness

Let’s Move Studio Yoga . Dance . Wellness

An Interview By Kim Jensen

I had the pleasure of meeting Shalen just a few months ago at Let’s Move Yoga, Dance, and Wellness Studio. I think the first thing that captured my interest about Shalen and her Zumba practice was Shay’s exuberance and “joie de vivre”. Her love of music, movement, and dance was immediately obvious when I met her. She has become one of the very popular Zumba instructors at Let’s Move in a very short period of time. What kind of practice do you have? What services do you offer? Shift Enterprises specializes in creative project management. We are committed to helping ourselves and others shift the way we view our businesses, ourselves, one another and the world through providing creative opportunities to live the lives we have always imagined. Shift Enterprises projects are generally focussed on business or personal improvement. We strive to take a creative holistic approach in all that we do as we believe that with focussed energy, centered by the recognition that we are dynamic beings, we will truly achieve the results we are after. Our projects are as varied and vibrant as our creative minds, and we believe that if an individual can dream up something to create, improve, shape or change, there is a way to achieve this.

Yoga . Bellydance . Zumba Fitness . Nia . Bootcamp . Core Open Level Classes . Ongoing Drop in

Class Schedule Fall 2011 Monday


7am Zumba




7am Zumba

7am Zumba

7am Zumba

We believe that synergy is the key to connecting the gap between dreams and realities; we are synergy experts. What this means to us is that we believe that we do not have to be the expert in everything to achieve our goals, we simply need the belief, will power, perseverance, and personality to find those individuals who have the needed skills, abilities, and knowledge which we do not possess and are seeking.

9am Yoga

9am Yoga

9am Yoga

9am Yoga

9am Yoga

10:30 Yoga*MB

12pm TBA

12pm Yoga

12pm Yoga *B

11am Nia

12pm Yoga *B

5pm Bellydance 5pm Yoga

5pm Bellydance 12pm Yoga

see: for more information on services or descriptions.

5pm Yoga

6:30pm Yoga

6:05pm Zumba

6:30pm Yoga

5:30pm Zumba

How did you come to doing this type of work? My whole life I have been wondering how to best use my skills, talents, passion and ability in the world, to change the world, to improve the world and to help enrich mine and others’ lives. Then at the beginning of this year I awoke from a dream and I knew exactly how I was to bring it all together. Our dream is to open a dynamic studio where we can assist others in making their creative dreams come true. Just as we dream up our projects, we will eventually provide a space and resources for others who dream big and want to put their creative passions into action. Do you know of the perfect building for us? Do you have a creative project that you need assistance in achieving? Have you dreamt up an idea but don’t know where to start? Ask us how we move from concept to creation!

6:15 Bollywood

7:40pm Zumba

7pm Yoga

7:40pm Zumba

6:30pm Yoga

Did you take any training and if so, what type of training and where and when? Bachelor of Business Administration-Thompson Rivers University-2008, Zumba Level 1 & 2-2011 Who were your teachers? Do you have any mentors? I have had countless teachers and mentors in my life who have helped me realize my truest potential. I am eternally grateful for these people. How long have you been doing this work? Since 2009 How long have you been associated with Let’s Move Studio I joined the Let’s Move team in May of 2011 and I am so happy to be there. It’s a beautiful studio with beautiful people, exactly who I love to surround myself with.

7:30pm Yoga

Saturday 10:30am Yoga Sunday 8:00am Yoga

*B = Beginners, *MB = Mom and baby yoga, *

Check for updates, events & workshops: Class prices, more free coupons, information and more

McGill Place, Sunmore Building Kamloops B.C. 250-372-9642

Let’s Move Studio . . Yoga



McGill Place, Sunmore Building


How do feel about the work that you do? I love teaching, coaching and mentoring people. It makes me feel alive and healthy! When I’m teaching I feel like I have purpose and it’s so amazing to find something that you’re good at that people love you at!

One per person, new students only, Expires October 30, 2011

How can people contact you for a session or for more information? I can be contacted at


FALL 2011

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Interior Wellness

Michelle Morrison

Practitioner Profile:

Article and Interview by Kim Jensen of Innovative Changes

I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle over a year ago at Let’s Move Yoga, Dance, and Wellness studio. I think the first thing that captured my interest about Michelle’s work was that it was very similar to my own. We are always attracted to like minds and kindred spirits and the growing number of Wellness Practitioners at Let’s Move can attest to that. Besides Reiki and Shamanism though, Michelle is also an intuitive reader. Her gentle, compassionate and professional approach to her work has grown her practice to be the successful one that is today. What kind of practice do you have? What services do you offer? My practice is all about intuition, meditation and energetic healing and teaching. I do intuitive readings for clients by connecting to their aura, their energy, animal totems and spirit guides. This helps me to communicate to them exactly what I see going on in their energy and what the divine and the universe would like them to know. I always connect with a client’s “highest self” to help bring forward messages that are directly related to their path and their highest potential. Questions are often about health, career, relationships, deceased loved ones, and also about next steps. I also do guided journey meditations that help people to follow along through a guided journey while stilling the mind and taking time for peace and serenity. It is so important to make meditation a part of daily practice and yet this can be really difficult for people, so by attending a class, not only is the energy great in a group setting, there is opportunity to stay with the process and to take a healing journey of the mind, body and spirit. The energetic healing that I do is based on a combination of skills and practices. All of my life I have been able to see energy, to see how it moves, how it doesn’t move and how to help facilitate healthy energetic movement. I am a Usui Reiki Master and a Shamanic Practitioner in the Inca tradition. People always do their own healing and as an energetic healing practitioner, my job is to help facilitate that healing. A part of that healing is understanding the relationship between emotional connections that we make in our body and pain, discomfort and illness. So, acknowledging

that relationship is always a part of a healing session, as well as guided meditation, to help keep your mind, body and spirit with the healing process. My favorite part of my practice is my workshops and sharing all of this information with people. We are all intuitive beings; we are all amazing, we can all see, sense, and feel energy. We can all connect with spirit, we can all connect to higher wisdom; receive messages for ourselves and others. When I am working with and teaching people and they see an aura for a first time or they deliver an intuitive message and they are bang on, it is the most exhilarating moment to see their excitement in their new skills and understandings. It is what I love more than anything.

How did you come to doing this type of work? I have been doing this type of work for the past 12 years and decided to make it my full time job just this past year. I am always seeking out inspiration, positive messages, books, thoughts. The one thing that kept coming to me was “do what you love” and this is exactly what I love! Did you take any training and if so, what type of training and where and when? I began taking workshops and training about 14 years ago. I immediately gravitated towards Reiki and got my first two levels consecutively and then my Master level. I have studied and practiced Inca Shamanism for the past 8 years. I have worked with energy and intuition in some way or form all of my life. I knew that I could see colors around people; I knew I knew things about them without having to ask. This has developed into the skills that I use in my practice, how I gather information and understand the energy and how it is affecting my clients. Who were your teachers? Do you have any mentors? I have so many teachers and mentors and I feel like I am constantly thirsty for knowledge and new understandings. I am so open to many ideas, ways to do things, see things and experience things. Carol Bell has been a huge inspiration, mentor and teacher to me for many years, as well as Jose Louis Herrera. I have worked with Therese Dorer, Michele Geiselman, Julie Severn, and I love the work that they do and the way that they channel information. More recently I have worked with Malavika Suresh, who is such a sweet inspiration. I love collaborating, I love working together with people. It is a way that we can all continue to

learn and grow and I know that clients get such a huge reward from that collaborative spirit and process. How long have you been doing this work? I have been a student of this work for the past 14 years and I have always done readings and healing work for family and friends but this past year I have delved into my practice full time and I am completely loving it. How long have you been associated with Let’s Move Yoga, Dance, and Wellness? I was introduced to Let’s Move Yoga, Dance and Wellness in late 2010 and I have become a practitioner with their Wellness Center. It is a beautiful place to work and there are so many talented practitioners and ways for people to experience wellness. I have met many great people and learned so much more about what is available and ways we can help each other. I have referred many of my clients to the other practitioners as a way for them to experience a very holistic approach to their healing process and I have found the same in return. It has been a very positive and inspirational experience. How do you feel about the work that you do? I feel very inspired by the work that I do. I feel excited to start the day, to meet new people, to gain new understandings and insights. I love to bring forward messages of hope and love. My favorite moments are when people are open enough and let you see their beautiful hearts, their own beautiful inner light. Maybe I can bring them a message that helps them to shine just a little bit brighter, maybe I can share something that helps them to gain insight into their own intuition and to begin to use it. That is my favorite part of what I do. For me, there is always connection to my every movement through the day. I always feel a connection to the Divine, to energy, to nature. There are signs and messages and confirmations everywhere if we just take the time to look for them. So I always feel a sense of connection in everything that I do. For me, that is a great thing. How can people contact you for a session or for more information? To contact me for a session or for more information, you can reach me by email at: or by phone (250)682-8176.

­ This is new momma Taya and her son Theo Denis Patterson, born gently into water, at home on May 9th in Kamloops.

250-377-8611 Now accepting new clients. Midwifery Care is covered by BC Care Card. 6

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Interior Wellness


A WONDERFUL In the spring of 2010 I retired from an exciting, long, and varied career as a Registered Nurse. This ending truly represented the beginning of the rest of my life and I was eager to be about it. For many years I have offered and received the spiritual energy healing of Attunement. In 2009 and 2010 I participated in training which allowed me to teach Attunement. It has been my dream to set up an Attunement service from my home. After consideration and meditation around specifics, I was ready by late spring to receive those interested in sharing Attunement. It is a practice which evokes balance in the energy flow of an individual. The endocrine glands of the body provide an anatomical base for this work. Each gland represents an essence of spirit. The consciousness of the giver and receiver are stepping stones to increased clarity at all levels which can emerge through this experience. This is a non touch modality which can be shared either sitting or lying down. My home in the country provides a beautiful setting for this work. I provide this service by donation. Following the initiation of my Attunement practice I noted that the Let's Move Studio was sponsoring its first health fair. I contacted Elizabeth Beeds and she welcomed me to share my Attunement work in that venue. This was the perfect step as it introduced Attunement into the public arena and there were several people keen to participate in what I was offering. I had business cards and pamphlets available to give out. This year, I attended the Wellness Festival as a volunteer and healer, and was impressed by the depth and breadth of connections made. This is such a valuable event to meet and greet folks interested in healing energy, and those eager to share their particular service. I formally initiated my Attunement teaching career in 2010 and have had a fine experience in doing so. I am able to share with my students the power and delight of this practice, as well as introduce them to many other people around the world who are experiencing the life current through this particular means. One person completed her Level 1 Attunement class and two others are in the midst of their Level 1 experience. There are six levels in the Attunement teaching process which I offer at this time. There are various locations in North America and around the world where Attunement is taught.

Freeing the Body in Water

"Amniontics" - the Prenatal Experience A Restructuring program through sound and water

by Marilyn Manderson

In the autumn of last year I initiated Transformation group sessions from my home. This was a series of seven sessions held every two weeks on Tuesday evenings. These sessions move from the premise that through conscious choice, the spirit of love can allow one’s day to day experience to be changed, energized and made light. This was a very exciting series! This spring I sponsored an event at the Lets Move Studio entitled "Consciousness and the Human Energy Field". I invited speakers David Karchere from Colorado and Hugh Duff from the Abbotsford area to speak. It was well attended and ended with folks asking for more. I hope to provide a longer, possibly daylong, event on a similar theme, in the near future. Many thanks to Elizabeth Beeds for providing the perfect setting for the presentation. The speakers were delighted with the interchange and response regarding this vital topic. Throughout this year I have participated in a Spiritual Leadership Course which included people from around the world. It’s all about the art of enhancing one's unique ability to be of service in one’s world. This has been good work ......and very enjoyable. Another thrill for me this year has been to participate in the Medicine Women group, which has started up in Kamloops. It works with the concept of mentorship and is truly an innate aspect of each generation. Ladies named Wendy and Angela base some of this work out of the Let's Move Studio. One can certainly feel the growth of this venue in providing a hub for the expansion of the yoga and healing practices in the city of Kamloops. And this is just the beginning....I welcome enquiries about what I have introduced in this article and I would like to convey my excitement to be part of a community which is so eager to enhance wellness. Marilyn Manderson is a retired RN who has had keen interest in the process of Transformation and the practice of Attunement for over thirty years. She offers and teaches Attunement at her home office in a country setting conducive to enhancing connection with Source and appreciation for the natural world. (250) 579-9444


Relax & Rejuvenate with a membership to a warm salt water pool, infrared saunas & aquatic fitness programs; Woga (water yoga) Ai Chi (water Tai Chi). or Book a private Watsu(water shiatsu) or Water Dance session. Simply Bliss!

Issue #21



Centennial Building Wellness Centre Reception 9:30 - 12:30 M-F # 103-153 Seymour St.

Marilyn Manderson (250) 579-9444 7

FALL 2011

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Interior Wellness

The Path to Happiness

by Michelle Morrison

What makes us happy? I am pondering this question as this past summer I went through some big changes in my life. Change is not always easy and we can dig in and hold on and try our best to delay what can ultimately be inevitable. I call this stage denial, which thankfully I am now well past! The reality of the changes has now set in and even though it may have been hard to accept at first, at the heart of it all, I feel content, happy and peaceful. How is it that we get to this place? How is it that we find happiness in times of difficulty or challenge? Well, the answer is really simple, yet profound. Happiness is a choice. I didn’t really think about happiness this way all of my life, this is something that I have learned, that I have come to understand. We are all energy, our thoughts and emotions carry energy that is emitted from us to our environment all around us. Have you ever met anyone and just known that they are a little down or that something is wrong? Well that is their energy in that moment and as energetic beings, we pick up on that energy, we sense it. Have you ever met, or perhaps you are the type of person, who is always happy, smiling and just seems content? That is the type of energy that they feed to themselves and that they emit to the world around them. These people have made a choice to be happy, whether they are aware of the fact that this is the energy that they send out to the world, it is a choice that they have made.

Many of us have ideas about what could make us happy. If you were to ask people, “what would make you happy?”, they could easily answer about things they wished they would have in their lives. Goals, that once achieved, would bring happiness in abundance. Things like financial wealth, vacations, the perfect relationship, to lose weight, the list could go on and on. The fact of the matter is that we often over estimate what would ultimately make us happy. We tend to think of what it is that we are missing, as the key to the happiness that eludes us, the “if only I had this” statements, or “when I get this” or “when I go there”, “when I meet the right guy or girl”, “if only I had more money”. These are all thoughts we can have that we believe will truly make us happy. Certainly we need to have dreams and goals, but when we are so focused on believing that we will be so much happier once we achieve those goals or dreams, we miss all the wonderful opportunities for happiness that are right in our face in this moment! Our North American culture is so focused on material goods, looks, wealth, status, popularity and an unrealistic picture of success. We see all the time people in entertainment or media who we visualize as having it all, we imagine them to be completely fulfilled and happy. Many times when you hear the true stories of these people, there is sadness, loss, self criticism, insecu-

rities, financial trouble, addictions, relationship issues and loneliness. If these same types of things bother people in all types of socioeconomic situations and environments, then what makes you think that you will be happy once and only when you achieve them? The path to happiness is right here and right now! It is the same for each and every person on the planet. You don’t have to wait until that ship comes in, until the right person comes along, until you lose weight, you can make a choice to put your attention to positive and uplifting thoughts right now.

When we can take our thoughts away from unrealistic cultural expectations, when we remove ourselves from what we perceive to be the problem, we can then focus on the moment. We can make a choice to look at what is right, what is working, little and simple things that we can appreciate. For me these things include a sunset, a walk with my dog, sitting down by the river, a conversation with a friend, a hug from a loved one, a kiss, meditation, holding hands, meeting new people and connecting with friends and family, cooking a beautiful meal, reading a great book, sipping lemonade or a glass of wine. The list of things I love is long yet simple and when you talk to people, many of us share the same likes. What I mean is that when you make your list and you look at all of the simple things that you love you can begin to understand that maybe it is not so complicated as we make it, that maybe there is lots of opportunities to experience happiness all around us, that we simply have to choose to see them. Whether you are a millionaire or not, we see the same sun, the same moon, the same stars, the same rivers or oceans. Wherever we are in the world, we have an opportunity to enjoy what is around us and if you are unable to do that now, it is unlikely that a change in your financial, social status, weight, career or marital status would bring happiness about. We can choose right now in this moment to find happiness, to find appreciation, to find contentment. The payoff is that we begin to feel better, our health improves and most importantly, when we choose happiness, more happiness will find us. Like attracts like, that is a universal law and that is a really great reason to choose a path of simplistic happiness wherever you are in life. From my heart to yours, Namaste. Michelle is an intuitive, Usui Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner. You can book your own private in-tuitive session, energetic healing session or guided meditation session. During an intuitive reading, Michelle connects with your aura and energy, animal totems and spirit guides to give you a great deal of information that you will find positive and productive. An energetic healing session is a gentle and holistic way to help heal the body and transform negative energy or to change the patterns that may be causing “dis-ease”. You can also join Michelle for a weekly guided meditation experience as a part of a meditation group. For more information, please contact Michelle 250-682-8176 or by email:

Energy and Intuition An interactive and experiential workshop that will leave you brimming with information and opportunities to understand your energy, aura and intuition and use it in your everyday life. For the full workshop information, please email or contact Michelle.

with Michelle Morrison

Saturday September 17th 9:30am to 4:00pm To register please contact Michelle 250-682-8176 Investment $125 8

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Issue #21

Interior Wellness


Dreams Your

There is so much information out there on how to manifest your dreams, how to manifest all of the things in your life that you desire. We all hear that we can do these things but how many of us are actually doing this successfully? Maybe you are completely on the right track and manifesting everything you want perfectly, others of you may be watching the world and wondering, what am I doing wrong? Why don’t good things come to me? What am I missing? Maybe sometimes what you manifest works, maybe sometimes it doesn’t. What it is that is keeping you from making this law of attraction thing work for you? What do you have to do to be in a place where manifesting your dreams and the laws of attraction work for you all the time?

What does manifestation mean? It means that you become clearer about things that you want in your life and what you want to attract and that you focus your attention on the positive feelings, emotion and energy that is associated with having what you want in all areas of your life. Wanting something and bringing it into fruition are two different things, yet completely related. The relationship between wanting and receiving is a vibration, it is a vibration that you hold, that you emit from your thoughts, feelings and energy. So how do you go about creating the right energy that is a great place from which you can manifest anything that you desire? The first place to start is with gratitude. Right now, in this very moment you are walking on a beautiful path of diamonds. Begin to look at the treasures that you have right now at this very moment. Are you feeding yourself and your family? Are you grateful that you have enough to sustain yourself? We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and you may have enjoyed the nature around you or your own beautiful surroundings. Perhaps someone smiled at you, held a door open for you or maybe you heard a beautiful song. Whatever it is for you, begin to see your

life as a series of blessings. Make sure that every part of your day is focused on anything and everything that you can be grateful for. For us, many of these things are small, but if you keep putting a penny in a bucket every time you receive, acknowledge or experience one of these blessings, very quickly they add up and you will see that your bucket begins to overflow. From this place of gratitude, you begin to create an energy around you that is about gratitude, giving and receiving. This builds a beautiful foundation from which you can focus upon and then begin to manifest the well being, abundance, relationships and experiences and anything you would like to create in your life. There is so much more we would like to share and we would love to have you join us for our exciting and upcoming workshop called The Path of Diamonds, Manifesting Your Dreams on Saturday October 22, 2011. This is an opportunity for you to look toward what you truly want to create and then build the base upon which you will continue to successfully manifest everything you desire. We would love to have you join us for an amazing day and to support you as your very own dreams come true.

Michele Gieselman is an Intuitive Healer and Shamanic Practitioner. Michele is a well known healer in the Kamloops area, working in the healing and intuitive arts for the past 15 years. Michele loves to teach, share and spread knowledge and to help empower people on their own beautiful life paths. Michelle Morrison is an Intuitive, Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master. Michelle does intuitive readings and healings by connecting with your energy, aura, animal totems and spirit guides. Michelle is always most excited to connect to your own highest potential and to support ways that will enable you to share your beautiful light and power with your world.

Join their workshop! See information below:

Path of Diamonds

Manifesting Your Dreams The path that you are currently walking on is rich with diamonds and other priceless treasures. Are you pondering your hopes, dreams and your life purpose and how to manifest everything you have ever wanted? Then this workshop is just for you!

by Michelle Morrison and Michele Gieselman

Join Michele Gieselman & Michelle Morrison for an inspirational, interactive and experiential day that will include a variety of activities. Discover your true potential and manifest your dreams!

Saturday, Oct 22 10am to 4pm (registration 9:30am) 535 Tranquille Road (upstairs) Investment $125 Call to register 250.682.8176 or 250.851.0966


FALL 2011

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Trust, Faith

Interior Wellness

and the Present Moment By Wade Stewart

What’s going to happen tomorrow? What’s going to happen next week? Next month? Next year? What’s going to happen 5 minutes from now? Honestly, I cannot tell you with any degree of accuracy what’s actually going to happen. I can tell you what I think might happen, or maybe even what I want to happen, but the truth is, the future is changing by the minute, filled with mystery, uncertainty, excitement, hope and possibility. So, with all the unknowns, all these question marks ahead of us, what can we do to bring ourselves back to the only thing truly certain: Right Here, Right Now, Present Time? The answer, for me, resides in Trust and Faith. Trusting that I can handle whatever life presents to me, trusting that everything is moving forward according to plan (and not necessarily MY plan, but A plan). And most importantly, having Faith that Universal Spirit walks with me every step of this life. I want to share with you how learning and practicing a sense of Trust and Faith has assisted me in living a more present, peaceful, love-filled life…



Wade Stewart has been a Breath Integration Practitioner in Kamloops for 2 years, he can be contacted at: (250) 852-1331


Create The Life You Want

IN DAILY LIFE Sunday Mornings with Ajahn Sona






250.554.6707 lli g ng n cell: 250.319.7364 i a n d Tr a i n #204-535 Tranquille Kamloops, BC V2B 3H5 Tranquille Rd.



Cou 10


Right now, today, choose trust. Allow yourself to acknowledge your faith within. I have a challenge for everyone: Over the next few weeks, pay attention to how often you buy into fear over trust. How often you seek intensity rather than peace. How often you allow anger and uncertainty over love. You have the ability to choose differently. You can choose love. Even when things seem to be going sideways, trust that you’ll pull through, have faith you’ll get to the other side. I read in a Hallmark card once: “Remember, God never gives us more shoes than we can handle!” and if it’s a Hallmark, it’s got to be true! Today, I choose excitement, I choose happiness, I’m going to be a dad, and it’s going to be awesome!



Five and a half months ago, my beautiful wife Pam and I learned that we’re pregnant! (Well, I guess she’s really the pregnant one, but I definitely helped!) Anyways, when we heard the news, or rather saw it on a little white stick, all of a sudden my mind jumped on the Ego Express Train to the Future. Rather than feeling excited and happy, I found myself feeling anxious and worried. Questions filled my head during the days: What’ll it be like to be a father? How does the childbirth process work? Where do I buy a stroller? How do I change a diaper? Will I be strong enough? Will my wife be strong enough? Will I be a good enough dad? I understand now that every father probably feels this way to a certain degree, so I started to ask myself a different question: “What good is it doing me worrying about all these things that haven’t actually happened yet and that I haven’t actually learned? All this fretting was keeping me in a state of uncertainty and fear; so I had to flip it. I had to literally tell myself: “Wade, trust that everything will work out, you will learn the things you need to learn. Have faith, that with the love & support of your friends, family and community, you will rise to the challenge of fatherhood.”

By acknowledging my fears and uncertainties, and looking at them from a place of trust, it allows me to focus more on the tasks at hand: Loving and supporting my wife, who has the uncomfortable physical and mental task of actually carrying our child; preparing the house for the addition of a new human being; and most importantly, learning how I want to be as a father. See, the trick of fear and anxiety is that it paralyzes us. Fear stops us from doing the very things that will eliminate it. Fear protects itself that way. Many of you have probably heard the term “Feel the fear and do it anyways” right? That is a powerful statement, and sometimes easier said than done. So, what is it that assists us through that fear? For me, it is a belief, or rather a feeling, even deeper than the fear that you CAN get through, you CAN do it, you have what it takes. And that’s what faith is to me. It’s that feeling, somewhere inside of you, that no matter what happens, you will get through, and you will be provided for. Even when we’re faced with something we’ve never experienced before in our lives, it’s that internal knowing that things will work out. That’s God, taking us by the hand and gently leading us ahead. Dan Millman, author of “The Peaceful Warrior” says this on faith: “Faith means living with uncertainty, feeling your way through life, letting your heart guide you like a lantern in the dark.”

SUNDAYS 9:30 am – noon


Oct 23, Nov 27, Dec 18 Donations will be gratefully accepted.

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Issue #21

Interior Wellness

Saying ‘No’ to No-Fat

By Dr. Melissa Bradwell

and ‘Yes’ to Good Fat Very rarely does a day go by in my office where I am not discussing the importance of ‘good’ fats to my patients. More and more often, I am seeing the detrimental effects that a no or low fat diet has had on a person’s body and health. In a society where sadly, size has certainly come to matter, a lot of emphasis has been placed on reducing fat from the diet, but without much information on how important ‘good’ fats are and why we still need them. What is the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ fats? To understand good and bad fats, you first need to know the different categories and some information about each of them. fats Type

Effect on Body

Some Sources

Monounsaturated fats

Reduces LDL levels (bad cholesterol)

Olive oil, avocados, nuts, and nut butters

Increases HDL (good cholesterol)

Polyunsaturated fats

Decreases risk of heart disease/diabetes

Flaxseed and fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines)

Saturated fats

Increases risk of heart disease

High fat meats, cheese, lard, ice cream

Trans fats

Increases LDL cholesterol

Fried foods, processed/packaged foods

Fats and your Cholesterol When I ask people about their cholesterol levels, I’m often faced with a look of shock when I tell them there are actually two types of cholesterol. ‘Good’ or HDL cholesterol that carries cholesterol from artery walls and delivers it to the liver for disposal and ‘bad’ or LDL cholesterol that accumulates in and potentially clogs artery walls. Achieving an optimal ratio between the two is ideal. Omega 3 Fatty acids (such as fish or flaxseed oil), along with other sources of ‘good’ fats help to increase the ‘good’ cholesterol, which not only improves the cholesterol ratio in the body but also works as a protective agent against numerous diseases and health concerns.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids This polyunsaturated fat, as we know, is highly beneficial for prevention and reduction of depression symptoms, protection against memory loss, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, reducing inflammation and supporting a health pregnancy. This essential fatty acid is essential for good health, but your body can’t make it and therefore, needs to be obtained through food. The best sources are fatty fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, or sardines, or high-quality cold-water fish oil supplements. A dietary intake of two servings per week or 12g per day of total omega 3’s is recommended.

Dietary Tips Increase good, unsaturated fats in your diet. Fat gives food its flavor so most non-fat, low-fat foods are often replaced with sugar, refined carbohydrates and calories. Be heart smart and still maintain your waistline with these tips: • Cook with olive oil. Use olive oil for stovetop cooking, rather than butter or margarine • Make better butter. Whisk together ½ lb of butter with 1/2 cup of olive oil and place in an airtight container in the fridge. Will remain soft and perfectly spreadable. • Eat more avocados. Try them in sandwiches (instead of mayo), salads or make guacamole. • Reach for the nuts. High in protein and good fats. Opt for the unroasted kind as you’ll lose some oils in the roasting process. • Snack on olives. Olives are high in healthy monounsaturated fats and make for a low-calorie snack when eaten on their own. • Dress your own salad. Commercial salad dressings are often high in saturated fat or made with damaging trans fat oils. Create your own healthy dressings with high-quality, cold-pressed olive oil, flaxseed oil, or sesame oil as the base. Dr. Bradwell likes to experiment with her salad dressings and her current favourite is made with olive oil, red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, a little agave nectar and salt & pepper to taste. Practicing in downtown Kamloops, she can be reached at 250-374-9700.

Cholesterol and Hormones Hormones are made from cholesterol so when we concentrate on a nofat diet, there is often not enough ‘good’ cholesterol to make hormones, which causes a disruption in hormone synthesis. Ensuring optimal levels of cholesterol can help to treat conditions caused by hormone imbalance in both men and women (PMS, infertility, menopause, low testosterone). In pre-menopausal women, cholesterol levels may actually increase as the body’s natural response to declining hormone levels and attempting to make more.


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Interior Wellness


Let’s Move Studio Yoga . Dance . Wellness


With Kim Jensen Reiki (霊気) is a spiritual practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It uses a technique commonly called palm healing as a form of complementary and alternative medicine and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine by some professional bodies. Through the use of this technique, practitioners transfer healing energy in the form of ki through the palms.

$60 for Reiki Relaxation session (30 – 45 minutes long) $75 per hour of 1:1 Reiki and coaching

Reiki introductory workshops By donation, space is limited: please pre-register

Kim also offers workshops on “Surviving and Thriving through Change and Transition”, Meditating and Journaling, Reiki and Journaling, “Decluttering, Clearing and Calming Mind, Body, Spirit and Environment” as well as other life and living well topics. These workshops are offered as requested and pre-registration is required. Please note: If you are interested in any of these workshops and can get a group of friends and colleagues together (at least 5 plus you) who are also interested, Kim will gladly offer you (but only you) the workshop free! Workshop fees vary depending on the length of the workshop and the materials provided. 1:1 sessions available by appointment weekdays, evenings and weekends.

Kim Jensen, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher. Holistic (Mind, Body and Spirit) Health, Wellness and Life Coaching including: Change Management and Surviving and Growing through Transition, Time Management, Visioning, Planning, Communication and Interpersonal Relationship skills, Problem solving, and Decision Making.

Kim Jensen: Innovative Changes Toll free 1-877-374-6614 250-376-6676.

McGill Place, Sunmore Building Kamloops B.C. 250-372-9642 12

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By Shanon Harwood, Shamanic Practitioner

Interior Wellness

Issue #21

Destinistic Shamanism The Archetypes in Your Life

Informing the organization of everything physical in the universe, from the smallest cells to the largest planets, is a matrix of energy. It is the same energy that seems to come from nowhere one morning, to put you in a bad mood, and the next, to make you feel on top of the world. What is clearly visible to us always has this invisible energetic aspect. Shamans have long been able to bridge between the visible and invisible worlds, to help inform others and guide healing. But what if you could personally and directly engage those energies that guide and shape our moods from day to day, and our whole lives for that matter? How would you change your life journeys? Could you shift the momentum of a destiny across many lifetimes? What is an Archetype? An Archetype is energy so repeatable and so quantifiable that we can actually name and classify it. An archetypal energy may express itself in many forms but it is still the same energy, e.g. Mars (as a planet) and Mars (as the Roman God of War). What’s more, the energy of this archetype has been observed and re-named countless times throughout human history but it’s still the same energy. So whether it was the classical Roman name, Mars - The God of War; or the ancient Greek title, Ares - The God of Violence; or even the label used by modern day tarot readers, The Chariot, the inherent energy is one and the same. It just depends on who’s looking! These Archetypes or Universal Energies influence us every day, driving our lives and powering the journey. They are primordial organizing principles essential for our development. Being in a direct relationship with them is the only way anyone can really take control of life. As abstractions, they occur as inaccessible, but they are actually very real external forces as Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, expressed, “a second psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals”. (The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, 1934) What does this have to do with you and your life? The branch of shamanism that deals with divination and destiny is called: Destinistic Shamanism. Universal Archetypes are explored in this stream of shamanism, specifically designed to go beyond the stories and myths, to help you see that the Archetypes are real and influence you every single moment of your life. By revealing your archetypal blueprint or Archetype Life Chart, we begin to understand the stellar cast of universal energies that comprise the matrix in which both your soul’s journey and the drama of life unfold. The Archetypes come to life because they are alive.

Who’s been whispering in your ear all your life? Each and every one of us has Archetypes whispering in our ears – influencing us, challenging us, encouraging us. Getting to know what they’re doing (or not doing) is profoundly empowering on its own. Coming to a place of working with them and negotiating the terms of your engagement with them can be lifealtering. The intent is to intimately access and work with these universal guiding principles and draw on shamanic tools to do that on a daily basis. You can create a two-way, dynamic and interactive exchange of energy in a new relationship with the Archetypes that will change your life. "It can't help it." The result is a new human awareness, a chance to "lift the veil" and see what's really running the show, to identify choices made before we were even born. The experience is deeply transformative and empowering; rather than being resigned to a “fate” of how the Archetypes impact your life, you start to make choices that redirect the momentum of your destiny. How are the Archetypes relevant in our modern world? What happens for people when they can see the unseeable? How are they empowered when they take that glimpse behind the curtain, like the moment the Wizard is truly revealed in Oz? What if you could lift the veil and peek into the past and future all at the same time? Of what value is a chance to see what you chose before you were born… a chance to be truly responsible for everything? The world is ready to encounter itself; we are all reaching the point where we are ready to encounter our own inner truth… our becoming. “My hope is to take these Universal Energies “The Archetypes” that we all feel every moment of every day and show the world how accessible they really are. We each may have applied our own labels to them and they therefore may appear differently to each of us, i.e. ‘It depends on who’s looking’, but regardless of the individual labels, these energies represent the organizing principles of the universe and there they are – ready and willing for us to come into new relationships with them.” Shanon Harwood, It Depends on Who’s Looking, 2010 Shanon Harwood is a practicing Shaman and teaches Energetic, Animistic and Destinistic Shamanism at the Kimmapii School in Crowsnest Pass, Southern Alberta. As a Master Astrologer and Tarot Reader, she has been bridging arcane knowledge with timeless shamanic tools to serve a modern world in transition. Forty years ago she began making radical and brave new correlations that resulted in a manuscript, “The Archetype Project - It Depends on Who’s Looking”, the basis for a series of workshops and now being adapted for the big screen. She can be reached at 403-627-3756 or by email at: Website:


Destinistic Shamanism: The Archetypes in Your Life Join us as we explore the primordial energies of life, the organizing principles of the universe... D]YjfYZgmll`]Yj[`]lqhYd]f]j_a]kl`YlafÛm]f[]qgm]n]jq\YqafYemdlalm\]g^oYqk&

For more information: 403-627-3756

D]lkEgn]Klm\agO1*-E[?addHdY[]$Kmfegj]:mad\af_$CYedgghk 13

FALL 2011

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Interior Wellness

Soul Whisperings of the Creative Spirit … especially for those with a creative calling

even if you’re not ever getting to it!

By Janet L. Whitehead

recognize the immense spiritual value of showing up regularly to any or all things that might be called ‘creative.’ These ‘creative things’ can range from the obvious visual, performing and written arts to the less obvious; inventing, mind mapping and stream of consciousness thinking, high risk individual sports (really!), to living life ‘differently,’ and to one of the most powerful and easiest accessible: imagination.

There is a pathway to spirit, soul, intuition, and connections to the ‘more than what we see’ that is so easily accessible for some that it is dismissed ‘unlikely’ and few truly recognize its potential for miraculous discoveries. And that pathway is simply this: If you are creatively inclined, or always yearning to be creative, then show up. Show up to your creative process.. in any way, shape or form. Even if you aren’t sure what your ‘true calling’ is, show up to something. ‘Showing up’ is the yoga of the creative being. “Being in the zone” is their meditation. The process (not the product) is where the creative person opens the door to the whisperings of their soul, the channellings of spirit, and the magic of… okay.. honestly? …the magic that can begin to happen is almost ridiculously and unbelievably amazing. I know. I’ve experienced it. When characters, who initially introduced themselves as faeries, (and later fine-tuned this to ‘realm travellers’) showed up in my clay.. well, I wasn’t exactly pleased. “That’s not art!” I cried out. “I’m trying to connect to spirit here, what do you have to do with it?” I complained. It’s a long story what happened from there; so long that it’s now a nearly complete novel. But for now, I will say, the doors to new thinking, intuition, easy access to spirit, and ‘impossible things becoming possible’ flung wide open. Not just while I was creating, but life as a whole shifted to something new and magical. There’s little being modelled or taught in our logical left brain world, nor a lot in our alternative wellness world, that has supported the creatively-inclined to

Unsupported in the left-brain world, the individual creative person finds many reason not to show up to their calling; not enough time, not feeling like you are ‘good enough’, perfectionism, overwhelm, procrastination (we are the masters of that one!), fear of failure, fear of success, not giving it the same value as more commonly recognized self-awareness paths … well, the list can get pretty long. If this is you, you’ll know the yearning to show up to your creativity doesn’t stop. You might feel guilty for not showing up, and guilty when you do because you ‘ought to be doing other things.’ But there is a part of you that always wants to get to your creative process. For those whose gift to connect to spirit is through their creative process, there may even be unconscious fears around this unknown feeling of ‘other worldliness’ that happens if you allow yourself to go there. Liken this statement to those who have prophetic dreams and visions, but will do whatever they can to avoid exploring this more because it is scary to go into the unknown alone and unsupported. You’ve all witnessed singing performances where you knew the singer was connecting to angels. Possibly you’ve seen an artist in the zone of creating and realized there is much more going on than just paint on a canvas. Very likely you’ve seen friends who excitedly come up with the most bizarre ideas that you are certain have come from some inspired ‘out there’ place. If you are yearning to be more in touch with your creative side, you too have the ability to hear the whisperings of your soul in a way that is truly and uniquely yours. A great first step is to simply ponder the possibility. A good next step is to give yourself permission to ‘show up’ to a creative calling for just five minutes. Just five minutes.. that’s do-able, right? Janet L. Whitehead is a Certified Life Coach and Creativity Coach. “Your inspired life begins here” Musings and Mud Coaching Studio

THE PILATES TREE Formerly Body Control Pilates

New c


Christine Waterman #101-409 Seymour St. 250-320-BODY (2639) 14

OPEN HOUSE Sept. 24 & 25 10am-2pm

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By Jodi Wium artwork by Rita Loyd

The Self- Love Project Self- love. The idea probably inspires, confuses and scares us. I have decided that I will be looking deeply at the concept and helping myself and others define self-love for themselves. The interesting part for me is that we are bombarded with ideas about how to love ourselves, and at every corner self- love or illusions there of are marketed to make us feel good or for a quick fix. So many are ideas of how to love ourselves are distracting by imposing material or unattainable goals. My goal in starting the SelfLove Project is for a short period of time- 6 weeks- to sit down and have a conversation with people who are seeking the very same answers to that question. One of the powers of doing this work in a group is that we will be able to compare and contrast our experiences of self-love. It takes courage to answer that question honestly: If I loved myself more would I be in that relationship, doing that job, putting up with that behaviour. If I loved myself more would there be more flowers on the table, more soft music playing at night, more time with our partner. But more importantly how will you love yourself differently than the person next to you. What is it that makes you unique and the spirit in you honoured in ways unknown to others. I can’t wait to go on this journey with a few others who have the courage to love themselves more and to begin to talk to others about the unique concept of becoming more of who we are. Jodi Wium is a wellness practitioner , R.C.C. in private practice , offering counselling and wellness work through the LET’S MOVE studio The Self-Love project will run Mondays from 6:30- 8:00 p.m. starting September 12th. Wellness for WOMEN runs Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 p.m. starting September 14th and includes goal setting, and self-discovery work. Walk and Talk- is therapy in movement; get out for a brisk walk while reflecting with your therapist

Jodi Wium is a registered clinical counsellor , specializing in Bhuddist Psychology, who has been in practice for 5 years now, and has recently joined the Wellness Centre at Let's Move Studios. Jodi has two amazing children who are her greatest teachers, and when she is not working, she enjoys writing and spending time at the lake. Jodi does one to one as well as couple and group counselling at Let's Move. Contact her on her cell phone 250319-4791 or at home for more information. Course costs are 150.00 for for 6 weeks. artwork by Rita Loyd

Interior Wellness

Issue #21

Cara Beckett

One of the first questions that Cara Beckett, of Carajaz Coaching, will ask you is, "are you willing to take control of your life, your health, and your energy?". Cara has been involved in health and wellness for many, many years. She offers an "emotional cleanse" which helps people clear unwanted emotions from their lives. She uses various kinds of energy psychology including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Tapas, and acupressure. Cara also does life coaching over the phone with some of her clients who may be local or international. She assists her clients with stress management, sometimes using Energy exercises and sometimes utilizing the other tools she has learned. In her Stress Management workshops, Cara includes, what she calls, "First Aid for stress". She is currently writing a new book about Energy exercises for people with Chronic Fatigue type illnesses such as CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Fibromyalgia, and mild depression.

Cara's teachers and mentors include Tamara Messenger from Source Synergy and Val Theroux from Ringwood Health whom she learned EFT from in 2000. Cara learned about NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) from Erickson College International and she uses a quote from Albert Einstein to guide her work with her clients as well, "is the world a friendly place or not?". Cara developed an anxiety protocol (energy work for clients to do on their own every day). She incorporates NLP (how you feel about something; your unconscious thought patterns) into the work she does as well. She states that if you "change your way of thinking; it helps to open the possibilities". She helps her clients to "reassess, confirm, and move on". She also says that there is a "spiritual component to what I do". Contact: Cara Beckett: Wellness & Life Coach 250-372-5883 Article and Interview by Kim Jensen of Innovative Changes

An Emotional Cleanse Program

Find FREEDOM From Negative Emotions Self Esteem/Body Image/Stress and Anxiety/Fear/Anger/Shame/Guilt and more.

Prepaid package of 6 sessions $559 Or pay by the session - 6 sessions at $115 each All sessions up to 90 minutes long.

Please contact by email: Initial sessions to discuss your issue and determine your suitability for programs are free. 250-372-5883 Cara Beckett


FALL 2011

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Interior Wellness


the answer to reducing inflammation and pain Good health requires a body in proper acid/alkaline balance. Relationship between acid and alkaline is quantified on a scale of 1-14 known as pH; 7 is neutral – below 7 is acid – above 7 is alkaline. Acid and Alkaline are opposites and when they meet in certain ratios they cancel each other out creating a neutral pH. In the blood it takes about 20X as much base to neutralize any given amount of acid, so it’s better and easier to maintain than to regain balance. Of all the balances the human body strives to maintain – most crucial is the one between acid and alkaline. The body goes to great lengths to maintain the slightly BASIC nature of the blood and imbalances in pH sets the stage for chaos, opening the door to inflammation, sickness and dis-ease. Early symptoms may be: infection, fatigue, indigestion, food cravings, depression, itching, joint pain, menstrual problems, irritability, lack of sex drive, skin eruptions, headache, frequent colds and flu, allergies and sinusitis. As time goes on, weakened organs and systems start to give way to such things as dysfunctional adrenals and thyroid – this is not including the general overall bad feeling so common these days. All the body’s regulatory mechanisms including breathing, circulation, digestion, and hormone production work to balance the delicate internal acid/base balance. Our bodies cannot tolerate extended acid imbalance and declining pH just can’t be allowed. To prevent it, the blood begins to pull alkalizing minerals out of our tissues to compensate. There is leaching of calcium out of the

By Melanie Pouliot

bone, and magnesium from our muscles. If the acid load gets too great for the blood to balance, excess acid is dumped into the tissues for storage. Then the lymphatic system must neutralize what it can and try and get rid of the rest. ‘Getting rid of’ means dumping back into the blood and the vicious cycle continues, putting stress on the liver and kidneys. This blood imbalance leads to irritation, inflammation and pain and sets the stage for sickness. Balanced pH = energy, vitality, and full healing potential.

4 Steps to Regaining and Balancing pH Step 1: 80% of diet from alkalizing foods - Increase vegetables (variety and colors of the rainbow) - Raw is best providing enzymes and full nutrient potential - Eat more leafy greens: kale, spinach, celery, chard, beet and carrot tops, dandelion, parsley... Blend 1 part leafy green to 2 parts fruit and water (depending on consistency you like) Greens are liquid ‘Sunshine’ providing chlorophyll (shifts internal pH very quickly and is a natural body deodorizer), rich in minerals, vitamins, protein and fibre. - Eat more sprouts and Super Foods such as Alfalfa, wheat grass, barley grass, Chlorella, E3-Live; – sprouting nuts, seeds, grains, beans and legumes is a simple process and provides a complete protein with alkalizing, nutrient dense, bio-available nutrients.

Step 2: Hydrate with pure water

Mindfulness Movement

YOGA FOR A BETTER BACK DATE & TIME: starting Sept 19th, 2011 weekly at 12 noon COST: $250.00 for 8 weeks FOR INFORMATION OR REGISTRATION: 250-828-6740 Instructor: Natalie Saari

Step 3: Reduce or eliminate: - Processed, refined, boxed, packaged food, fast food and junk food - Red meat: bacon, sausage, prepared and smoked meats - Artificial sweeteners - Sugar: in all its forms – sugar is a toxin and upon ingestion it compromises/suppresses the immune system by at least 50% for up to 8 hours. It is inflammatory stressing all organ systems, activates the sympathetic nervous system impairing digestion and robbing precious B vitamins as does all processed, refined foods

Step 4: Oxygenate tissues through mindful, deep breathing - microbes, pathogens, cancer cells cannot co-exist in an alkaline/oxygenated environment, activates para-sympathetic nervous system – puts the body into a relaxed, healing state. Increased oxygen releases unwanted carbon dioxide and relaxes tense and tired muscles

What to Bring: Yoga mat Pillow or cushion Note pad or journal Pen/pencil Water bottle

Classes are held in a friendly, comfortable environment in the welcome Back Centre Gym. 474 Columbia Street 16

- Alkalize water by adding fresh lemon or lime, oxygen drops (Aerobic Oxygen), Alkaline Stick, minerals - Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of pure water daily: Formula is body weight divided by 2 = oz/s - Increase water during exercise and sweating, eating cooked or processed food

Melanie takes a holistic approach in her work, with consideration of the whole person as being unique with their own specific needs for body, mind and spirit. She designs a program that is client specific, analyzing a person’s unique array of symptoms to discover possible nutritional causes. She provides valuable information and systematic steps to take with diet, supplementation and lifestyle changes with ongoing client support, coaching, instruction and mentoring. Contact Melanie: Direct: 250-571-1932 You can reach Melanie at the Welcome Back Pain Management Center or her private practise located at the Sabino Medspa in the Tudor Village

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Issue #21

Interior Wellness

Increase your life potential simply

By Melanie Pouliot

and easily

Have you ever wondered why your life doesn’t reflect your goals and aspirations, why life at times is such a struggle; working hard yet not getting ahead, taking 3 steps forward and then to find yourself taking 5 steps back? More than likely it is your belief around whatever it is that you’re aiming for. Beliefs at a subconscious level create our reality and these beliefs are often a result of lifelong programming. Studies in neuroscience indicate that as much as 95% of our consciousness is actually subconscious. In western society we have a belief of ‘no pain, no gain’ and that we must try harder and put in more time and effort to achieve what we desire. Our conscious mind loves adventure, change, creating new things and experiences, yet at the subconscious level, where our entire life programming is stored, is the opposite unless there is a belief to support the change we desire. Subconscious beliefs affect every area of one’s life and define you as worthy or worthless, powerful or powerless, fairly treated or victimized, competent or incompetent, loved or hated. Beliefs affect your moods, relationships, self esteem, and physical health. Unless change is made at the subconscious level, the struggle will never end and undesired reactions and behaviours will likely continue. Dr. Bruce Lipton, world renowned cellular biologist, in his book “The Biology of Belief” states: “ ...The secret to life is belief. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives”. A successful key to life is knowing how to change your beliefs at the subconscious level so they will match and support our conscious desires. There are many processes that help with change, but one in particular stands out as a profoundly effective process that directly facilitates communication between the conscious and subconscious mind called PSYCH-K® (Psychological Kinesiology). Dr. Lipton goes on to say: “PSYCH-K® is a set of simple, self-empowering processes to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level”. The results are lasting change in any area of one’s life such as abundance,

reducing stress and anxiety, relationships, eliminating destructive behaviours, improving athletic performance, health, vitality, career and spirituality. PSYCH-K® is a safe and effective way to “rewrite the software of the mind” by changing beliefs that limit you into beliefs that support you...simply and easily. Melanie Pouliot, CNC Advanced PSYCH-K® facilitator, nutritionist and wellness coach 250-571-1932

Basic Workshop October 15-16, 2011 Instructor: Sandra Wallin, BSc, BEd, MA, RCC Registration: Deposit $125+tax Remainder due at beginning of workshop Tuition: $450 before Sept. 23rd $495 thereafter Buddy rate $395 Location: 236 St. Paul Kamlooops Please contact Sandra to register on-line: 604-462-9182 Sponsor: Melanie Pouliot,CNC Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator 250-571-1932

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What is Life Coaching? By Kathy Richins

Life Coaching is a relatively new field, but it is growing rapidly. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization, and now has over 19,000 members. ICF defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” ICF also states that, “Professional coaching is an interactive process that helps individuals and organizations improve their performances and achieve extraordinary results. Professional coaches work with clients in all areas, including business, career, finances, health and relationships. Clients receiving coaching set better goals, take more action, make better decisions, and more fully use their natural strengths.” (

Life Coaching is a partnership between the coach and client. Coaches are trained in deep and empathetic listening, and support and empower clients to focus on their most important priorities, giving them the courage to take those initial steps toward ACTION.

Coaching is a way to quickly move toward your most important goals with the support of a trained professional. A life coach asks powerful questions to help you determine: (1) Where are you now? (2) Where would you like to be? (3) How do you get there?

Coaches are not counselors. They do not delve deeply into past family problems. They are not teachers. They do not “tell” or provide the answers. Coaches ask questions and believe that the clients have their own solutions to their own problems within themselves. Coaches are not advisors, mentors, or consultants. They guide clients toward finding their own solutions through a partnership with the client.

Coaching often leads to new insight and awareness, inspiring change and growth. Basically, a life coach helps you to identify and set goals, take action toward fulfilling your goals, and then provides the accountability that helps to keep you on track.

Coaching is results-focused and coaches help clients move beyond their daily issues and obstacles and find solutions and move forward in their chosen goals either in-person, by phone, or via on-line coaching.

Poet E.E. Cummings summed up the key value of coaching with his statement, “We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. One we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” Some of the reasons people seek out a life coach may be that they: • feel “stuck” and don’t know what that next step ought to be for them • have an important decision to make, and need more clarity • want to make work or life changes • want to lose weight and become healthier • are having challenges with employees, co-workers, a boss, and/or a family member

• want to create more balance in their lives • want to shift attention from taking care of others to putting focus on their own needs and wants • would like a new perspective on how to move forward in a positive way • want to work toward understanding, setting goals, and taking action in any area of their lives

Coaching is still an unregulated field, but there is movement toward increased certification for life coaches and recognition of the value of completing accredited training with high professional standards. Social science research shows that setting goals and receiving even minimal support radically increases the chances for an individual’s successes in life. Kathy became an ICF Certified Life Coach in October, 2009 after two years coaching people with diabetes for the Live Healthy...Work Well project in the Center on Disability Studies at the University of Hawaii (see She has a Bachelor's Degree in Education, and over twenty years of experience working in the field of education, teaching and tutoring subjects such as Leadership and Team Dynamics in universities in Australia and New Zealand. Kathy also has a strong background in disability services, and most recently has been working with DPS Health providing online coaching in their Virtual Lifestyle Management program. She has recently started her own coaching business, Find Strength in Action, and can be reached at (778) 471-2634 or www.findstrengthinaction

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with NATALIE SAARI Kinesiologist & Clinical Exercise Specialist

250-574-3477 18

Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30 - 7:30 PM Drop ins and beginners welcome

Drop in: $9.82 +HST


Let’s Move Studio

Synchronizing breath with movement as you journey between postures. The benefits are physical, mental 925 McGill Place and emotional. Improving your strength, endurance, flexibility, balance & coordination, core stability & posture. Focusing on the breath, helping you to let go of stress, tension, and to relax.


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Inner Body Bright - Outer World Resplendent By Katrina Ariel


In Anusara® yoga there’s a term called “Inner Body Bright.” We’ll JHWLQWRWKHVSHFL¿FVRIWKDWLQDPRPHQWEXW¿UVW,ZDQWWRLQYLWH\RX WRWKLQNRILWLQDZD\WKDWKDVIDUUHDFKLQJLPSDFW« Consider this: The more you light up yourself, the more you light up the world.


Yoga With Katrina Ariel All Levels Welcome! At Let’s Move Studio

Get Fit, Have Fun, And Align With Your Highest Potential! Upcoming camps: Sept. 13-Oct. 7 and Oct. 17-Nov. 10


Deep Healing Restorative Yoga


Anusara-Inspired™ Yoga

www.Yoga With


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5:45 - 6:45 am Monday - Friday YOGA FITNESS BOOT CAMP Pre-Register!

9:00 - 10:30 am Yoga: All Levels Angie @ Let’s Move Studio

5:45 - 6:45 am Monday - Friday YOGA FITNESS BOOT CAMP Pre-Register!

Allison L @ Let’s Move Studio

9:30 - 11:00 am Yoga: Gentle Breath-Body-Mind Yoga Margaret @ Mind Body Connection

7:00 -7:45 am


9:00 - 10:20 am

10:30 am – 12:00 noon Let’s Move Studio

7:00 -7:45 am

Deep Healing Anusara® Yoga: Restorative


Allison L @ Let’s Move Studio 9:00 - 10:20 am

Katrina @ Let’s Move Studio

Therapeutic Yoga Brian @ Hands On Health

Katrina @ Let’s Move Studio

9:00 - 10:00 am PILATES: Beginner Mat Class Cassie @ EVOLVE Pilates Studio

12:05 - 12:55 pm Lunch Hour Yoga Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection

12:00 - 1:00 pm Yoga - all levels Bonny Z. @ Let’s Move Studio

10:30 am - 11:45 am Parent and Baby Yoga: All Levels Tania @ Let’s Move Studio

4:15-5:10 Pilates: Beginner Mat Class Emma @ The Pilates Tree

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Yoga: Beginners Tania @ Let’s Move Studio

5:00 - 6:30 pm Belly Dance: Beginners Rosi @ Let’s Move Studio

4:45 -6:15 pm Yoga: Breath-Body-Mind, All Levels Margaret @ Mind Body Connection

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Awareness Through Movement Susinn @ Nuance Dance Studio

5:00 - 6:30 pm Yoga: All Levels Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection

5:00 - 6:00 pm Yoga: All Levels Robyn @ Let’s Move Studio

5:00 - 6:00 pm Yoga: Heart Centered Hatha

Marcia @ Let’s Move Studio

5:30 - 6:30 pm Nia Natasha @ St. Paul’s Hall

5:15 - 6:45 pm Colleen’s Yoga Colleen @ YMCA Downtown

5 - 6:30 pm Breath-Body-Mind Yoga: Beginner Margaret @ Mind Body Connection

5:30 - 6:30 pm Woga (Water Yoga) Tuesdays & Thursdays Audrey @ CB Wellness Centre

5:30 - 6:30 pm Mon - Fri Ai Chi (Water Tai Chi) Audrey @ CB Wellness Centre

5:30 – 6:40 pm Power Yoga Amber H. @ St Andrews

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Awareness Through Movement Susinn @ Nuance Dance Studio

5:30-6:30 pm Mon -- Thurs YOGA BOOT CAMP Pre-Register

6:10 - 7:10 pm Awareness Through Movement Colleen @ YMCA Downtown

7:00 - 8:00 pm Yoga Danica @ St. Andrews

6:00 - 7:00 pm ZUMBA Shay @ Let’s Move Studio

7:00 – 8:00 pm

7:00 - 8:15 pm Ashtanga Yoga: All levels Colleen @ Mind Body Connection

7:00 – 8:10 pm Power Yoga Amber H. @ St. Andrews

6:30 – 7:30 pm

7:00 - 8:00 pm Yoga: All Levels Bonny Z. @ Let’s Move Studio

Prenatal Yoga (pre-register) Amber H. @ St Andrews 7:30 - 8:30 pm Yoga

Alison @ Let’s Move Studio

Yoga: Vinyasa Flow All Levels Natalie @ Let’s Move Studio

The Pilates Tree #101-409 Seymour St. 250-320-BODY Centennial Building Wellness Centre 153 Seymour 250-374-7383 EVOLVE Pilates Studio #201-1361 McGill 250-372-7237 Hands On Health 103-1315 Summit Drive 250-377-7675 20 Let’s Move Studio

Anusara Yoga: All Levels

Let’s Move Studio 925 McGill Place 250-372-9642 Nuance Dance Studio Victoria St St. Andrews 159 Seymour St. St. Paul’s Church Hall 360 Nicola St. The Mind Body Connection 253 Victoria St. 250-374-2748/250-374-5421 YMCA - Downtown Y 400 Battle Street 372-7725

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Issue #21




9:00 - 10:00 am Awareness Through Movement Colleen @ YMCA Downtown

7:00 -7:45 am ZUMBA

Allison L @ Let’s Move Studio

9:15 - 10:15 am Awareness Through Movement Colleen @ YMCA Downtown

9:00 - 10:30 am Yoga: All Levels Angie @ Let’s Move Studio

9:00 - 10:30 am Yoga: Heart Centered Hatha Marcia @ Let’s Move Studio

10:00 - 11:30 am Yoga: Breath-Body-Mind, All Levels Margaret @ Mind Body Connection

11:00am Meditation: by donation Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection

10:30 – 11:30 am

12:00 - 1:00 pm Yoga: Beginners Angie @ Let’s Move Studio

9:20 – 10:30 am Power Yoga Amber H. @ Juniper West (call for location) 9:30 - 11:00 am Yoga: Gentle Breath-Body-Mind Yoga Margaret @ Mind Body Connection

12:00 - 1:30 pm Yoga 50+ Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection

11:00 am - 12:00 noon Nia Natasha @ Let’s Move Studio

4:15-5:10 Pilates: Beginner Mat Class Emma @ The Pilates Tree

12:00 - 1:30 pm Yoga - all levels Bonny Z. @ Let’s Move Studio

5:00 – 6:00 pm

Therapeutic Yoga: All Levels Brian @ Hands On Health

5:30 - 6:30 pm ZUMBA Shay @ Let’s Move Studio

5:00 - 6:00 pm PILATES: Posture & Stretch Class Cassie M @ EVOLVE Pilates Studio

Yoga: All Levels Robyn @ Let’s Move Studio

5:00 - 6:30 pm Belly Dance: Advanced Rosi @ Let’s Move Studio 5:30 - 6:45 pm Anusara Yoga Katrina @ St. Andrews (Starting Sept. 22) 6:15 - 7:15 pm PILATES: Beginner Mat Class Amber D @ EVOLVE Pilates Studio 7:00-8:20 pm Prenatal Yoga Tania @ Mind Body Connection

6:30 – 7:30 pm

Yoga: Vinyasa Flow All Levels Natalie @ Let’s Move Studio

7:40 – 8:30 pm

ZUMBA Jacqueline @ Let’s Move Studio

SUNDAY 8:00 - 9:00 am Yoga

Alison @ Let’s Move Studio Sundays 9:30 am - 12 noon

Meditation with Ajahn Sona

6:30 – 7:30 pm

Teachers contact info Alison N.


Amber D.


Amber H.




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Natalie Natasha Rosi


250-574-3477 250-374-5644 250-372-9642







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5:00 - 6:30 pm Yoga: All Levels Christine S. @ Mind Body Connection

Yoga: All Levels Robyn @ Let’s Move Studio


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Work/life balance

is a MYTH

…it is time

to shift gears!

By Gerrianne Clare

Are you a career mom who is trying to find balance? DO you want to hold it all together but things are starting to fall apart? You may be noticing that your kids are in trouble, your relationship is suffering, you haven’t had sex in months, your weight is creeping up or work is starting to become a chore and nothing is going right. How can you possibly balance everything without going a little insane? In my humble opinion I believe that work/life balance is a myth. Want to know why? As a career woman, you have not only invested a tremendous amount of time and energy in your education, but also in garnering the experience you need to excel and win in your career. You are contributing value to society and are passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people/businesses you serve. With this passion you have a commitment to doing your job well. As a career woman, you may also have a loving, intimate relationship (or are looking for one) and are now married or in a committed relationship. Balancing career and a relationship can be fun and exciting. Parallel lives and careers with time for sex and intimacy, hanging out with friends and taking care of yourself. Not bad, life is feeling pretty good. The next progression after career and relationship is kids. Balance up to this point involved juggling two maybe three things in the air. With kids there is tremendous joy in getting to know them and nurturing them. Coupled with this, are your beliefs, expectations, dreams and fears about how to confidently shape their lives. You want to be an expert on child development, health, nutrition, parenting, and your child’s unique needs. You are their advocate, advisor, parent and disciplinarian. Trying to effectively manage all of the demands of parenthood can be overwhelming. For you busy career moms, trying to balance parenthood and its many challenges along with your career, your relationship and taking care of yourself is an enormous task. In my experience and in the lives of many of the moms I serve, busy career moms can feel intensely overwhelmed from all of these demands and their

Your family guide

Gerrianne Clare BSc, MN t 250.434.5132 22

armor starts to crack. The constant push to perfection while pretending that everything is FINE can be too much for some moms. They begin to crumble under all of their obligations and things start to fall apart around them. Balance implies that there is equal attention given to all things so that one thing does not outweigh the other. As noble as this concept sounds, this is impossible. When you spend 8-12 hours at your job, there is not enough time in the day to spend equal time with your relationship, your family or yourself. In my conversations with moms they share that it is not the amount of time that matters to them, it is about being fully present for the things that matter the most even when other things are taking the majority of their time and attention. To effectively do this, it is time to learn how to “shift gears”. Imagine being totally engaged and present with the person and situation in front of you. You are focused and your energy and attention is on what needs you NOW. You are not multi-tasking and doing things half baked. You are here NOW, present, loving the moment, being here for what you need to do. Then once you are done, you shift gears to the next priority. When you are overwhelmed and trying to do too many things at once, your energy is scattered and you are not as effective in getting things done. You spin your wheels, are foggy and distracted. When you learn how to effectively manage your here and now experience, you can shift from this feeling of being overwhelmed and create focused action that gets results. The same is true for when you are with your kids. Kids do not need a lot of time but they need quality, focused time where they feel loved, heard and understood. If they do not get this, they will do things (attention seeking behaviors) until they get the attention they crave. Bizarre as it sounds, kids will take BAD attention over NO attention any time. Imagine if you could shift gears in the moment and be totally present with your kids; listening, problem solving, letting them know that “in that moment” they are the most important thing in your world and you will not allow other things to distract you. In my experience, kids instantly respond to this shift in attention. Once you have given them the quality time they want and need and you feel complete, THEN you can shift gears to your business demands and take control of what you need to do there. Knowing how to shift gears “in the moment” is a learned behavior. It does not come naturally. Yet, done well, it can be the single most powerful tool you can have in your tool belt to be the best career loving MOM out there. You can have the life you crave. With awareness, the right action steps and practice plan, you can create a habit of “shifting gears” consistently to create the results you want in your life. For more information on the Family Guidance System and how to confidently shift gears when you want,visit or contact Gerrianne at or call her directly at 250-434-5132.

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The next three limbs of the eight-fold path are dharana, dhyanam and samadhi. These limbs are the meditation pracIn a conversation about yoga tices of yoga and the directions they can take us. In a nutshell, with a friend, I was sharing some and somewhat simplistically, the process goes something like of the words of my teacher had this: in yogic meditation, we first focus the mind on an object, spoken at the training I'd recently which could be a variety of things such as the breath, an intercome back from: “Yoga is the nal or external image, a feeling, a concept. As the mind's ability mastery of attention,” he’d said. to concentrate and sustain focus on the object for longer periMy friend eventually asked, ods of time without wavering increases, eventually the mind is “Well, what is the point of mastercompletely absorbed and there is no distinction between the ing your attention anyway – seer and that which is seen, and the meditator “knows” the obwhat good does that do?” At ject and its true nature. The meditator's prior conditioning in the the time, I wasn't able to respond form of thoughts, memories, fears, and judgments for example, By Margaret Huff very well to this perfectly reasondo not cloud his or her ability to clearly see and completely unable question, and I have been derstand the object of focus. The meditator, while seeing the coming back to ponder it ever since. When I'd heard the words from my teacher, true nature of the object, experiences his or her own true nature as that of pure it seemed self-evident that this was something desirable, to have mastery over my awareness. Although many of us may not aspire towards the kind of enlightenment attention, since so much of life feels like distraction. I think many people, including that comes with the final three limbs of yoga, I think most of us would agree that demy friend, probably have a similar response to the statement – that being in comveloping our ability to be mindful, to concentrate and focus our attention where mand of where our attention is directed, when, and for how long, sounds like a useful we want it to go without our “baggage” interfering, could be helpful in our lives and skill. But why? relationships. It is often our conditioning – our habits and patterns – that create the lion's share of our suffering. In the eight-limbed path of yoga laid out in one of the seminal texts of yoga, the One of the main goals we come with to yoga is that of changing something about Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, all of the limbs and tools of yoga in some way nourish and ourselves. Maybe we want to improve ourselves physically and functionally, persupport the honing of our ability to focus attention. The first two limbs, yama (the haps we want to feel more balanced and centered. Some people want to change five external observances) and niyama (the five internal observances), include preand let go of patterns of thoughts, moods and behaviors in order to bring forth that cepts such as honesty, non-violence, cleanliness, self-awareness/self-study and conwhich is more positive and life-affirming. Whatever our reason(s) may be, yoga offers tentment, and they are designed to bring attention to our relationships with ourselves a wide array of tools through which we can begin to transform at whatever level and with other beings and things outside ourselves. These first two limbs, when conwe choose. All of these tools involve using the power of our attention, along with templated and worked toward, create the foundation of clarity that keeps us from our intention, to work toward those changes we desire. Most of us are directly fabecoming distracted by the strife that unclear, unclean or unkind actions, thoughts miliar with how difficult change can be, and, without the power of our attention to and words can create. keep us focused in a direction and on a practice that supports our goals; we are often caught up in the distractions of the world. But, when we have have begun to The third limb of the eight-limbed path described in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali is master our attention, we have begun to clear the way to fully developing our what we in the west know best, and often confuse as being tantamount to what human consciousness and our humanity. That is what yoga has to offer. yoga is: asana. These are the postures and movements, the physical practices of yoga. It has been said that the western world's preoccupation with the body has made asana our main interest, and, for whatever reasons, we have embraced it enthusiastically. But in addition to helping us stay supple, strong and healthy, practicing asana is another means of honing our ability to focus attention. In asana, we are often seeking to remove tension and stiffness from the body, and as a result, our mind is also stretched, opened, and made more pliant as well. In order to practice asana safely and fruitfully, we need to be mindful, in other words, attentive and aware of sensations while in postures, and as a result of our movements and positions; thus, we develop the mind's ability to focus attention. Furthermore, we can practice asana as a moving meditation, or as devotion, and we can practice with attitudes, intentions and thoughts that empower and liberate us. The result of all the stretching and strengthening of the body cannot but impact the mind as we learn the extent to which the two are inseparable. Furthermore, asana practice creates the ease and the strength of body to take us to the next limb of yoga. The fourth limb of the eight-limbed path of yoga is pranayama, the breathing practices Once again the practitioner is invited to focus attention; this time the object of focus is the breath. The body is relatively still, and so steadiness and ease in posture is needed to practice effectively since pranayama is classically done in a seated position. The mind has a more subtle focus here as well: the breath, the muscles involved in breathing, the effect of the changes imposed on the breath. Various techniques, from simply observing the flow of breath, too more involved ratios of inhale / retention / exhale / suspension comprise this limb of practice. Its purpose is that the practitioner becomes more attuned to and able to regulate the movement of life force, or prana, in his or her own body, and to actualize a clear, strong, balanced and steady flow of this prana. And, if the practitioner chooses, this prana can be utilized for further transformational practices of yoga. The next limb of the eight-fold path is known as pratyhara, often translated as withdrawal of the senses. While the first four limbs relate to the more physical aspects of ourselves and our lives, at this stage the focus moves more toward the inner world and the mind. The five senses are the channels, through which we receive the world around us, and this engagement requires large amounts of energy since, via the senses, the objects of the outer world pull our attention in multiple directions. And in our post-modern (it must be post post-modern by now) computer and mediaoriented world of 2011, the directions in which our minds can be pulled are endless. The practice of pratyhara, of consciously removing our senses from the outside to the inside, feeds the inner senses so that we can begin to focus attention toward the workings of the mind. The sense organs get a rejuvenating rest from external orientation, and the energy freed up can be used to study the mind, its activities and their effects. Here is where we can, if we choose, begin to focus our attention and energy to transform ourselves at the subtler, more powerful level of the personality: our thoughts, moods and actions.

Change Change thethewaywayyouyou workwork out! out! •• Improve your posture Improve your posture •• Develop longer, leaner muscles Develop longer, leaner muscles •• Gain corestrength strength Gain core •• Increase flexibility Increase flexibility •• Re-balance your body Re-balance your body •• Sport-specifi c training Sport-specific training •• Classes ALL fitness Classes forforALL fitness levelslevels Registration begins August Registration begins August 25 25

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HEALING & BODYWORK Michele’s Intuitive Healing and Massage

Stone Therapy Massage & Holistic Massage with­Brittanya­Beddington;­Holistic­Massage­&­Stone­ Massage­-­Available­evening­&­weekends­250-320-0475­

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Michelle Morrison: The Balanced Soul

Cynthia Yaunish, Certified­BodyTalk­Practitioner BodyTalk­stimulates­recovery,­balance­and good­health­on­all­levels. 250-579-5213­­


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Feldenkrais: Individual Sessions with­Susinn­Shaler Re-discover­flexibility­and­grace 250-572-1887­

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FINDING THE BALANCE WITHIN Justine­Richmond,­BSc.­ Bach­Flower­Consultation,­Stone­Massage­Therapy Advanced­PSYCH-K®­ine. If you have been looking for inner peace, love, joy,­250.374.4073­ health and success or simply a release of emotional pain

then the circular connected breath technique is what you have been searching for.

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What is Breath Integration?

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Breath integration is a method of counselling that allows self-examination. It is an opportunity to see how our decisions have shaped our lives. As we use the Breath technique, our awareness level increases. This allows us to hear our subconscious thoughts, feel the emotions around them and change the belief, creating better results now. What is a Breath Integration Counselling Session?

In a Breath Integration session, guided by a qualified Breath Integration Counsellor, you will have the opportunity to experience a connected circular breathing method. This technique quiets the mind and allows core subconscious thoughts and feelings that block your experience of aliveness to come to your awareness. Becoming more aware of these thoughts empowers you to make clearer decisions and begin creating a happier, more successful life.

George Cheyne 1-888-804-4773 Certified­Live"­­Blood­Analysis,­Body­Management,­cleanses,­herbal­supplements,­instructor These sessions last approximately two hours, include a consultation and are recommended weekly in a series of twelve sessions.,­

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If you want to see that change is possible and that it can be gentle and fun, we encourage you to come in for a consultation and give yourself this incredible opportunity.

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LIFE COACHING BALANCED HEALING -­offering:­Chakra Healing­&­Balancing­-­Susan­Chambers­ 250-392-3850­home­778-961-1000­cell Body Mind Spirit Coaching: Marlena Field, PCC,­CPCC­ Professional­Certified­Coach:­Learn­to­trust­your­body's wisdom­as­you­face­challenges­and­make­decisions.­­250-851-0145

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If you have been looking for inner peace, love, joy, health and success or simply a release of emotional pain then the circular connected breath technique is what you have been searching for.



What is Breath Integration?

Highridge Health Connectors Breath integration is a method of counselling that allows Focusing­on­Regenerative­Nutrition, self-examination. It is an opportunity to see how our decisions have shaped our lives. As we use the Healthy­Aging­and­Peak­Performance. Breath technique, our awareness level increases. This allows us to hear our subconscious thoughts, feel the emotions around them and change the belief, creating better results now. Kenna­&­Geoff­McKenna-Andrew­250-573-2533­ What is a Breath Integration Counselling Session?

Lynne Kraushar, Certified Rolfer #6-231­Victoria­St. 250-851-8675­

In a Breath Integration session, guided by a qualified Breath Integration Counsellor, you will have the opportunity to experience a connected circular breathing method. This technique quiets the mind and allows core subconscious thoughts and feelings that block your experience of aliveness to come to your awareness. Becoming more aware of these thoughts empowers you to make clearer decisions and begin creating a happier, more successful life.

30-day Cleanse Challenge begins October 11th SUNDAY SERVICE Prizes­to­be­won!­Boost­Energy,­Lose­Weight­&­Eliminate­ Centre for Spiritual Living Unhealthy­Cravings.­Sign­up­deadline­is­September­30th These sessions last approximately two hours, include a consultation and are Change­Your­Thinking...Change­Your­Life recommended weekly in a series of twelve sessions. Lynn­Roberts­250-572-4162­ Sundays:­Meditation­10:00­am­Celebration­10:30­am If you want to see that change is possible and that it can be gentle and fun, we encourage you to come in for a consultation and give yourself this incredible opportunity.


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Craving­Change workshops.­Change­your­life­one bite­at­a­time­Alexis­Blueschke,­Registered­Dietitian #204-535 Tranquille Road 250.319.7521­or­ TM


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Sharing tools to transform your personal life and make a difference in the world.

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ACUTONICS TUNING FORKS Applied­to­acupuncture­points­for­vibrations­of­wellness for­physical,­emotional,­mental­and­spiritual­Self.­­ Trinity­Sound­Therapy­Karen­Houghton,­BSW*­­ Certified­Acutonics­Instructor­­­­250.280.4285­­

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WORKSHOPS & EVENTS ­Yoga Thon! Saturday, October 1, 11am-6pm

Tesla Metamorphosis Seminars with Anya Petrovic

Yoga­Classes­By­donation­to­the­Love­of­Lill Fundraiser.­Wellness­treatments­$1/minute!

at­Let’s­Move­Studio Remember­That­You­Are­Light:­September­9­FREE Tesla­Metamorphosis­I:­10-11­September;­ Fee­$520­-­before­Aug.­09­$460 Tesla­Metamorphosis­II:­13-15­September;­ Fee­$520­-­before­Aug.­09­$460­ Tesla­Metamorphosis­III:16-18­September;­Fee­$720­ Info:­Cornelis­Brink­778­472-3537­


­Transitioning Through 2012 Exploring Evolutionary Consciousness and Engaging your Emerging shift from Ego to Essence with­Katina­O’Neil­Saturday­October­15 1pm­to­5:30pm­Cost­$75­Space­is­limited­ please­pre-register­with­Susan­O’Shaughnessy­ 250-828-9503­

­Tribalicious 2011: Dinner, Show & Bazaar Sunday,­September­11­Doors­5pm,­Dinner­6:30pm bellydance­show­7:15pm­@­Flavours­of­India A­fundraiser­for­the­“Love­of­Lill”­tix­$45­

­ GLOBAL DANCE! Saturday, October 1, 7-9pm Dance to the Beat of World Music By­donation­to­the­Love­of­Lill­Fundraiser. Let’s­Move­Studio­

Available­at­Kamloops­Y­and­Flavours­of­India Energy and Intuition with Michelle Morrison September­17th­9:30am­to­4:00pm,­Kamloops Learn­to­see­and­sense­energy­and­to­use­your­intuition each­and­every­day.­Investment­$125­250.682.8176

­PADMA YOGA WEEKEND WORKSHOP EFFICIENCY:­Meditation­&­Yoga­for­Focus­&­Efficiency Oct­1­&­2­at­Eagle­Bay­Hall­Shushwap­ Contact­­or­604.850.4799

­ acred Scalarwave Technology: Group Session S technology­used­by­the­ancients­to­transmute­energetic patterns­with­BioFeedback­Specialist,­Bill­Little, 7-9pm,­­September­18th­at­Let’s­Move­Studio Sept­19­in­Westsyde.­Logan­Lake/­Merit­TBA­­­ Contact­Marilyn­Puff­250-579-7688­­­­­­

Full and New Moon Crystal Bowl Meditations

with Therese Laforge Friday Sept 23. Oct 14, Oct 28, Nov 11 and Nov 25 from 8 to 10 pm, no preregistration required,$10 Let’s Move Studio

­ Join­Registered­Dietitian,­Alexis­Blueschke,­for­a­Craving

True­Balance Nutrition

Change­workshop­Wednesday­October­12,­19­and­26.­Come­to this­workshop­to­learn­about­personal­eating­behaviours,­the tools­to­change­them­and­strategies­to­keep­the­change.­ Contact­Alexis­Blueschke­at­250.319.7521­or­to­register­or­for­more­information.­

The Path of Diamonds – Manifesting Your Dreams with­Michelle­Morrison­and­Michele­Gieselman­­$125 Saturday,­October­22,­10am-4pm­535­Tranquille­Rd An­amazing­and­packed­workshop­that­will­help­you­discover­your true­potential­and­manifest­your­dreams.­250.682.8176­­­or­­250.851.0966

­ estinistic Shamanism: D The Archetypes in Your Life A­free­public­presentation­from­the­Kimmapii School­of­Shamanism­ Saturday,­September­24­­-­7:00­pm­at­Let's­Move­Studio Info:­­­403-627-3756


Namaste Counselling: Group Sessions The Self Love Project Mondays. Starting Sept 12 6:30-8:00 p.m. 6 weeks, $150.00 The Womens' Well Group Thursdays Starting Sept 15 6:30-8:00 p.m. 6 weeks $150.00 A Buddhist Way Through Any Addiction Saturdays starting Sept 17 4:00-6:00 p.m. 6 weeks 150.00 Jodi Wium

Registered Clinical Counsellor, specializing in Buddhist Psychology. One to one, couple and group counselling.

Thriller dance Workshop Learn­the­choreography!­all­welcome! 7-8pm­Oct­21­ or­8-9pm­Oct­22 @­Let’s­Move­Studio Lilly­Danger­250-320-8768­­ Meditation in Daily Life With­Head­Abbot­ Ajhan­Sona from the Birken Forest Monastery Meditation,­potluck­and­Q&A­­ Sundays,­­Oct­23,­Nov­27,­Dec­18 @­Let’s­Move­Studio­9:30am-12:00 BY­DONATION­

More: YOGA,­250-319-4791 Let's Move Studio Wellness Centre.

RADIO SHOW: Wellness Coaches With­Cara­Beckett:­Tuesdays­at­2PM Listen­in­to­Kamloops'­only­radio­show­on­ Holistic­Health­&­Wellness!­92.5­FM­The X

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Kamloops Hot Yoga Seven­Styles­of­Hot­Yoga­Offered 954­C­Laval­Crescent­(beside­Cliffside­Climbing­Gym)­­­250-374-7426 By Val MacKay- Greer

Let’s Move Studio: Yoga­-­Dance­-­Wellness­ Yoga,­Bellydance,­Nia,­Core,­Fitness­&­more Kamloops’­Most­Diverse­Studio­250-372-9642 signup­for­a­free­class Yoga with Amber ~ RYT500 with Yoga BC Power­(Drop­In)­~­Prenatal­(Preregister)­ ~­Private­classes­­­­or­250-318-5370 yoga with marcia wilson kids,­tweens,­teens­&­adults 250-319-8583­­

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING ­South Okanagan Yoga Academy - Yoga­Teacher­Training­ Registered­Yoga­School­for­RYT200­and­RYT500 Flexible­Training!­Immersions­ or­Extended­programs­in­BC,­AB­&­Mexico!­­­250-492-2587

YOGA THERAPY Optimal Health with Optimal Alignment Katrina­Ariel­~­250-374-6493 Freedom­from­pain­through­empowerment.­­

Psoma Yoga Therapy: Donna Martin 635­Victoria­St.­250-374-2514­­­­,­­

Sacred Body Yoga Therapy for Body & Soul Explore­your­physical,­emotional­and spiritual­issues.­Certified­Yoga­Therapy­Practitioner:­Brian­Scrivener,­Hands­On­Health 250-377-7675­Tudor­Village,­ Let’s Move Studio: Yoga­-­Dance­-­Wellness­ Yoga,­Bellydance,­Nia,­Core,­Fitness­&­more Kamloops’­Most­Diverse­Studio­250-372-9642 signup­for­a­free­class

“ Of all the methods…discussed to alter your awareness, sound is one of the most ancient and primeval. Sound touches us with an eloquent and universal language that speaks to our very cells. “ Tom Kenyon “ Throughout history, human beings have used toning, chanting and singing to heal their bodies and spirits.” Joy Gardner - Gordon What is toning? Toning is the intentional sustained use of the human voice for transformation and healing of bodymindspirit. Intentionality is an essential part of the creation of sound during toning. When we use our voice on ourselves or with others we immediately come into the present moment, the ‘ now’. The now connects to the breath, building a bridge with the sound that opens the heart laying a foundation for whole body healing. Building on this ‘sound ’ foundation, we tune into our essential being and aliveness…our wholeness. How does toning work physiologically in the body? Human beings are composed of 70% water and vibrating electromagnetic particles with extensive space between the particles. Sound is a vibrational energy that takes the form of standing waves. When we produce our own sound using our voice, this energy generates a progressive resonance throughout the body to the brain, bones, organs, tissues and cells. This resonance produces a sense of expansion and deepening into the core of the body restoring balance. The benefits of toning / sounding are: decreased stress, anxiety, depression, balanced chakras, reduced pain, increased lung capacity, blood oxygenation and self healing using your unique sounds which activate specific states of consciousness. The following exercise will give you an opportunity to experience the use of your voice in your body i.e. toning. It is easy, interesting and fun. Take 3-5 slow, deep centering breathes into your body feeling the gentle rise and fall of the breath. Now with the next 3 breaths, imagine a blue - green river running through your body from the top of your head to the very tips of your toes. Really allow yourself to be gently carried by the breath and the river. Then on the next inhale / exhale sound ** the mantra ‘ OM ‘ for as long as your breath comfortably carries you. If this feels comfortable to you, repeat this for up to 3 minutes to sense the integration of breath, colour and sound flowing through the body. Enjoy! It is important not to worry about the sound you produce having perfect pitch/ tone. Whatever sound you make is perfect. The point is to use your sound to vibrate the body creating resonance so you experience how that feels. Val MacKay- Greer has practiced as a registered nurse in clinical practice and teaching for 35 years. She has been involved in holistic healing work for 16 years. She began her vocal toning / sound practice 1 year ago. She has lived and worked in Kamloops for 28 years. E-Mail: Telephone: 250-374-6907 REFERENCES Clow- Hand B., Clow, G., Alchemy of Nine Dimensions. Charlottesville: Hampton Roads, 2010 Gordon - Gardner, J. The Healing Voice. Freedom: The Crossing Press, 1993 Goldman, J. Healing Sounds. Rockport: Element, 1995 Kenyon, T., Essene, V. The Hathor Material. Orcas Island: ORB Communications, 1996 Kenyon, T. Brain States. Lithia Springs: New Leaf, 2001


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YOGA AND MEDITATION Living yoga and meditation means living everyday in the purest delight and with deep and clear appreciation of yourself and of every living creature. It is to experience every day as wonderful and new, positive and full of love. Often it is believed that yoga and meditation are two distinct entities: yoga consists of physical exercising while meditation is equal to Buddhism. Let me clarify that these two topics are like two colors in a rainbow; they are varieties of one light. All of these esoteric arts together aim towards enlightenment and a life filled with love and peace. In the rustic Himalayan mountains of northern India I spent nine glorious years immersed in study and the practice of meditation and yoga. Living full-time as a yogi, in meditation, yoga and in the study of ancient scriptures, was a blessing and I grew to appreciate the value of taking quiet, un-appointed time to myself, and being happy every day no matter what was going on or not going on! Now back in Canada, I have been working to integrate the wisdom, insight and beauty of that retreat into my life in urban North America. I have continued to meditate daily and do yoga, do breath work and study. I have run a yoga studio, produced a yoga television series, and

Celebrating September 2001 - September 2011

An article by Padma

taught yoga and meditation to many, manyfriends across the country. I have developed a meditation method, Padma Meditation that is solidly based on the classical wisdom scriptures yet is updated to suit life here and now in Canada. Living yoga and meditation really means more than merely doing yoga techniquesor spending time in silent meditation. Living yoga meditation means you feel friendly towards people, meeting them with the assumption that you already like them, and you are happy for them when they are happy. Living yoga meditation is to have compassion when friends are sad, confused or suffering, and to be patient with them when they are angry. If you can simply be kind, compassionate, and loving to everyone, every day, including to yourself, then you are living yoga meditation! Your warmth and love extends out to others and also inwards to yourself. You allow yourself to enjoy when you are happy, and you are compassionate towards yourself when you are suffering. Just as with someone else, when you get angry, you do not condemn yourself but you let the anger pass. Yoga, and especially meditation, might still be considered by some to be odd, eastern practices that have nothing to do with our everyday life here in Canada. More and more, however, people are discovering that these practices are enjoyable and with only a little effort they add a tremendously high quality to our daily life. Not only is it simple to add these practices to our lives, it is also a pleasure. You'll find that waking up to stretch and then to sit in quiet peace for twenty minutes before running off to your day, is really an exquisite treat. Your mind and spirit will feel wonderful and joyful. Padma is one of Canada's most respected and popular teachers of meditation and yoga. Since 2003, she has hosted four nationally-aired yoga television series, totaling 143 episodes. Padma has over 30 years experience in yoga and meditation, including a nineyear advanced meditation retreat in the Himalayas of India. She is certified to teach Advanced Yogic Studies, Meditation and Hatha Yoga by the International Meditation Institute of India. She holds a B.Sc. in Biology from McGill University, Canada. Padma’s teachings expertly integrate western science and eastern knowledge, presenting timeless wisdom for lasting health and calm strength in our modern, dynamic world. For more information visit Padma Yoga Weekend Workshop EFFICIENCY: Meditation & Yoga for Focus & Efficiency. Oct 1 & 2 at Eagle Bay Hall This workshop emphasizes understanding the power we have, both energetic and mental. A yogic saying is “Maximum results with minimum effort” and this workshop reveals how we can access this inner dynamism and learn to manifest perfectly in the world. Contact Wendy, or 604.850.4799 to register.


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Delight By Natasha Lyndon

This summer I had the delight of hearing a maxim that was attributed to a Feldenkrais practitioner in Victoria BC named Helen Workman. I’ve never met Helen Workman, but my friend Brigitte who knows her, tells me that Helen is brilliant at making up creative expressions that capture the essence of Feldenkrais and convey the beauty of how body/mind exploration and self-aware movement enquiry can promote more flexible minds and more flexible bodies. According to Brigitte, Helen has described Feldenkrais as a practice for “space making, habit breaking, and pleasure taking.” ...Isn’t that beautiful? As a teacher of Nia, the body/mind/spirit movement fitness practice founded on the Joy of Movement, I instantly lit up when I heard that expression. Space making, habit breaking, and pleasure taking;to me, that succinctly, richly and purely, expresses what many of us involved in wellness and holistic fitness innately knows to be the reason we keep practicing and embracing ways of finding balance, health and vitality. Space making can be the essential fundamental action we choose to activate each time we enter into a practice such as yoga or dance, or a healing session of bodywork or counseling. How can we make space in our minds, in our bodies, in our emotions, in our spirits? What is taking up space in those realms and getting in the way of joy or peace? How can we allow something that feels annoying or unpleasant or frustrating to be still in us, and give it all the space it needs to dissipate in its own time? How can we unhook our mind and nervous system from the narrow focus of attention on pain or anxiety, and turn them instead to an internal landscape that feels like a wide-open prairie sky? How can we ground more, breathe more, stretch more, mobilize our joints more, bend, yawn, be round instead of flat in our movements, fold and unfold?

and challenge your brain to come up with synonyms. If you always sleep on your side or your tummy, see if you can retrain yourself to sleep on your back. Moving our bodies in new ways with awareness will set in motion changes in our minds and emotions. I’ve seen this happen over and over again in my own self in my six years practicing Nia. Pleasure taking: even more ahhhh;this is the place that movement enquiry can begin and end and can ultimately transform us! It gives us the impetus to keep exploring. This is the treat and the reward for our determination and resolve, and for our surrender. I call pleasure the nectar of Nia. Pleasure is cultivated by awakening our relationship with comfort and ease. Even if we feel lousy or upset or we are dealing with a difficult life situation, we can choose to be aware of the physical sensation of subtle joy in our joints, bones, muscles and skin as we move. Taking the time to savour sensory experiences enlivens and deepens our appreciation of comfort and pleasure. Natasha Lyndon teaches Nia classes in Kamloops BC. Website: www,

Poet Mary Oliver asks, “Are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?” Ahhh, habit breaking; this is one of my favorite topics, and also the bane of many of our existences! Who among us hasn’t at some time in our lives resolved to become a different shape or size, quit smoking, adopt a more healthy eating program, stop swearing, be more patient with the kids, or limit how much time we spend on Facebook! Through a complex system of brain/nervous system function, habitual thoughts and behaviours somehow get “hard-wired” into our reflexes and reactions and daily patterns. We do and say things without even realizing it. We come to believe that there is no other way of doing or thinking something or that changing it is too difficult. We can start with making little changes in the way we use and move our bodies,but howow can we challenge ourselves to do things with our non-dominant hand? How can we sit, walk, stand, turn or lie in a slightly different way that feels more free and balanced? How can we bring our selves lower to the ground? Try taking one word out of your vocabulary, like “awesome”,


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By Pat Zogar

It is impossible to laugh and be sad at the same time. It is impossible to laugh and be worried at the same time. It is impossible to laugh and be depressed at the same time. But when you are down, does your doctor tell you to go home and laugh? Laughter has been called internal jogging; it exercises the abdominal and back muscles, the face muscles (including those that hold the worry lines and wrinkles at bay) and it massages all the internal organs of digestion, assimilation and elimination. But when you are experiencing a gastrointestinal problem, does your doctor tell you to go home and laugh? Laughter actually alters the body chemistry, increasing endorphins and disease-fighting T-cells and B-cells and strengthening our immune system. But does your doctor advise you to supplement your cancer treatment with raucous bouts of laughter? Laughter clears phlegm from our throats and reduces the chance of infection from airborne bacteria and viruses. But does your doctor suggest adding laughter to your prevention regime?

Laughter lowers our blood pressure and releases stress, lowering the likelihood of stroke and heart disease by as much as 40%. Does your doctor even know this? Laughter increases our pain threshold as well. In his books, “Anatomy of An Illness” and “Head First,” Norman Cousins recounts his journey of healing himself of a “terminal” autoimmune disease with laughter. His friends were ordered not to bring flowers to the hospital, but to bring Charlie Chaplin movies. He found that 10 minutes of sustained laughter offered him 2 hours of pain-free sleep. What makes you laugh? Tickling? A joke with its elements of surprise and incongruity? A baby’s giggle? Hearing others laugh? All of these are legitimate but not necessary. You can learn to laugh just because you choose to laugh. All over the world, Laughter Yoga Clubs and Laughtercise classes are springing up. In these classes, we learn to laugh just for the joy of laughing. Just 5 minutes of sustained laughter will leave you feeling calm, relaxed – and lighter!! It’s one of the easiest, most fun and most effective ways to exercise, more effective than a stationery bike and second (they say) only to sex! What have you got to lose? Laughter is a spiritual discipline as well. When we laugh with someone, we connect. And spirituality is connection. It is finding that “something” which is common to us all, that which unites us all. I call that something “Spirit.” We like to say that joy is the surest sign of the presence of God. Come laugh with us. Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails. What puts man in a higher state of evolution is that he has got his laugh on the right end. ~Max Eastman Rev. Patricia Zogar is Spiritual Director of the Centre for Spiritual Living, Kamloops, Call the centre at 250-314-2028 for the next Laughtercise class. Jo in fac us eb on oo k!


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Back to School With Bach 3 KEYS TO YOUR BEST YOGA PRACTICE By Justine Richmond

School, such a little word, but it certainly conjures up a mix of emotions for many of us. Whether it is elementary, high school, or university, there can be any number of feelings, both good and less so. When those feelings become challenging, why not take a few minutes to think about how to ease the transitions and make the change more enjoyable for everyone? Using the Bach Flower Essences, we can do just that. This safe, natural, and effective system can be used by the whole family to quickly restore emotional balance to the day-today. Fear can be a big factor as we move into a new situation. For some, there can be very specific fears, such as “Will I know anyone?”; “Will I be able to do the work?”; “Will the teacher like me?” Mimulus can be very helpful here, giving the courage and understanding to face the challenges. When there are unknown fears and a general sense of apprehension or anxiety, Aspen would be a good choice. This remedy has the potential to allow us to embrace the experiences and adventures and face the difficulties, unafraid. For the parent who possibly feels fearful about the well-being of their child heading off to school, Red chestnut can help to allay that sense of anxiety. Instead of dwelling on fear for the well-being of loved ones, this remedy helps to focus on thoughts of safety and courage for others. If focus is the challenge, Clematis might be a good choice. The day-dreamer or the person who tends to live in their thoughts can benefit from this remedy. Often, these are the artists, the creative individuals. Using this remedy can help to harness that potential and restore interest in what is occurring in the present moment.

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When people are struggling with their self-esteem, Larch is a great addition. For the person who tends to compare themselves to others or who expects to fail, they can benefit from this remedy as it restores confidence and a willingness to take chances. Anytime there is change that seems difficult, Walnut is a great essence to use. It helps to ease the transitions, gives protection from outside influences, and reinforces that inner strength that allows a person to follow their own path.

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Everyone’s experiences and reactions are unique, so it is important to consider the individual’s specific emotions. Whether a person chooses a single remedy or a blend of several, the focus needs to be on the feelings you are experiencing right now. By making a selection based on the feelings that are causing the most unhappiness or distress, you should be able to select the correct remedy(s).

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With the changes that accompany a return to fall and school, why not take a few minutes to consider the Bach essences to help ease those transitions? Many people are pleasantly surprised by the speed with which the remedies work to reduce the stress and tension that life’s experiences can bring. (Individual remedies are available at local health food stores, where there is often a guide book to help you make your selection. You can also find instructions there on how to make and take a blend.)


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By Amber Hooton

Taking what you need from each teacher and/or lesson is important. At different times in our lives we are open to different lessons, we hear the words differently and it twigs something within us to make change. Incorporating my learning from senior teachers into my personal practice and the classes I teach is fundamental to having a fun and authentic flow. I have recently been training with Sadie Nardini, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga. Sadie's teachings can be applied to many styles of yoga as well as your everyday life. The 3 keys developed by Sadie are Foundation, Core and then Expression, once you apply then you refine by circling back and completing them again. Check out the table below to find some simple ways to apply these concepts to your practice and life: Key

Your Yoga Practice

Your Life

Rooting through your feet (or

Ground yourself by being present in the moment. Withdraw earth). Connect all four corners yourself from distractions. Feel of each foot with the earth. solid and connected to the From here you draw the energy issue / person / decision you up. This is the starting founda- are facing. Ground your tion of any pose, similar to the breathing with slow and steady roots of a tree. breath.

Foundation body parts in contact with the

/ Ground

Core / Engage

Engage through your core drawing muscles, limbs and energy from the foundation to core. This is more than abdominals/back and hips, it includes energy meridians that Let them connect the feet to all other places in the body. Building the strength and connection necessary by lifting the pelvic floor and pit of the belly (engage the bhandas, energy locks). Your core is like the trunk of a tree.

Engage in listening to your energy and intuition, to your body and your response to the situation. Have you: an uneasy feeling? Stomach knots? Tightness in your throat or chest? Quickening or relaxing in your breathing? Clenching of facial muscles? Connect with your inner source to build the strength and integrity enabling you to honour what is right.

Express / Manifest

Glow from your core energy centre as you move into pose. Stay grounded with the feet as you let the energy connect and engage through the core muscles. Let the energy flow through to your fingers, toes and top of head. Try to let go of rigidity. You express yourself like a tree lifts the branches to the sky, defying gravity without fighting it. Finding a perfect balance between push and pull, light and dark, female and male, lunar and solar qualities. Between being relaxed in the pose and lifting to the sky!

Express yourself, act rather than react. Stay present and observe your impact without attachment to the outcome. Stay grounded and connected to your inner source of who you are. Perhaps your expression is no action at all, or finding a way to clearly communicate your needs. Regardless, find the fluidity of the moment. Be present. Remember, even a tree can bend in the wind when required.


Bach­Flower­Consultation,­Stone­Massage­Therapy Advanced­PSYCH-K®­ine.­250.374.4073


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Seeking a Child...

Infertility Treatments with Chinese Medicine By Dr. Andrea Hansen

Seeking a Child, as the quest for fertility was referred to in ancient China, has an honoured place in classical Chinese medical literature. Many volumes of ancient texts elaborate on the functional differences between men and woman, the ‘Arts of the Bed Chamber’, the close study of the menstrual cycle, and the practice of nurturing life. Fertility, like longevity, was extremely important to the ancient Chinese. As a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) who has seen many fertility success stories, I am convinced that the Chinese medical treatment of infertility continues to be as effective and relevant as it was thousands of years ago. TCM-based fertility treatment is especially significant, not only for younger couples with difficulty conceiving, but also for the many women who delay their attempts to have children until their late thirties or early forties. Indeed, many clinical studies in North America and Europe have shown TCM practice to increase significantly the chances of conception and healthy pregnancies. Because TCM operates from a non-western conceptual and practical framework, interested couples often do not initially know what to expect from a consultation with a TCM doctor. During a typical consultation, a TCM practitioner will go through a detailed system of diagnostic procedures to assess where in the network of the organs and meridians there is imbalance and how the body can be helped to return to its optimal state of equilibrium. Diagnosis at this stage is usually based on comprehensive inquiry, inspection of complexion, skin, and tongue, palpation of the abdomen and pulse taking. Comprehensive inquiry includes elaborate questioning regarding bodily functions, sleep patterns, emotional tendencies, appetite and dietary history, as well as many other details that allow the practitioner to make an informed diagnosis grounded in TCM theory. One of TCM’s most unique elements is its process of differentiation—the way it interprets patterns leading to a mode of treatment. TCM practice lets go of specifically naming diseases and instead focuses on assessing patterns in the body, which vary from person to person even those with the same ‘disease’. As a result, treatment is rarely the same for two people with the same western pathology. Five women with endometriosis, for example, will have five completely different TCM treatments plans. This would also be the case for five women with unexplained infertility or five men with poor sperm morphology. Every treatment plan is unique and individualized. This mode of differentiation may seem mysterious to those used to the western medical approach, but TCM has its own complex internal logic that has proven itself over time Of course, the outcomes of TCM fertility treatment can be expressed using western anatomical terminology. They are to improve the quality of the endometrial lining, to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, to regulate the hormones, to support menstrual irregularities and discomforts, and to improve organ function. TCM has the additional goal of regulating qi (energy)

Wild Roots Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic

Dr. Andrea Hansen R. Acupuncturist, R. Herbalist, Dr. TCM Suite # 260 -546 St Paul St. Kamloops BC V2C-5T1 Email: Phone: 250-682-7289 34

and balancing yin and yang in the body thereby improving digestion and sleep, easing stress, and improving overall health. Fertility treatment also includes any other correlated concerns a person may be dealing with. In fact, in TCM everything is correlated and treatment is systemic. A strong healthy child is the most obvious and desired outcome in these treatments, but improved overall health along the way is the beautiful bonus: healthier pregnancies, faster recoveries, and a stronger foundation for future pregnancies—and on a whole, a healthier and happier body. Women and men seek TCM fertility treatment for many different reasons. Conditions commonly seen in TCM clinical treatment of infertility are advanced maternal age, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, high levels of follicle stimulating hormone hypothyroidism or other hormonal irregularities, luteal phase defects, recurrent pregnancy loss, structural abnormalities, sperm abnormalities, varicoceles, and diagnosed unexplained infertility. General ongoing preconception and post-conception care is also an important aspect of TCM fertility support. Treatments consist of acupuncture, along with cupping and or moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine and diet therapy. As in ancient times, fertility treatment is supplemented by lifestyle and behavioural recommendations. Excessive behaviours are warned against, such as extreme and improper emotions, improper eating and drinking, physical exhaustion and prolonged staring, sitting, standing, walking or lying. ‘Life cultivation’ and proper dietary practices are of the utmost importance. Any troubles that persist outside of these guidelines are treated with herbal and acupuncture prescriptions. Despite their profoundly different conceptual paradigms, there is no adversarial relationship between TCM and western medicine, and it is not uncommon for western and TCM treatments to have a complimentary effect. In fact, in China’s general practice of medicine dual treatments are the norm and many TCM doctors are also concurrently qualified western physicians. Here in British Columbia, your TCM doctor can work along side your GP or your medical reproductive endocrinologist to reduce the unwanted side effects of Clomid, for example, thinning of the endometrial lining, emotional instability and abdominal swelling. TCM is also effective in preparation for IVF (In vitro fertilisation) or ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) cycles, significantly improving outcomes. It is also used in conjunction with certain medications to increase their effect, as in the case of progesterone therapy used in the treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss. Together TCM and western medicine can move reproductive medicine forward. Seeking a child is an exciting, rewarding quest. Grounded in ancient theory and practice, Traditional Chinese Medicine is proving to be current and relevant to women and men on their journey towards parenthood. Your doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine is there to help you along the way. A licensed Registered Acupuncturist, Registered TCM Herbalist, and Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Andrea Hansen began her work with Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Kamloops Acupuncture Clinic over thirteen years ago. Andrea practiced at Vancouver’s Acubalance Wellness Centre, one of Canada’s busiest and most prestigious TCM and acupuncture clinics in the field of reproductive health. There she worked with a team of TCM doctors alongside gynecologists, obstetricians, and reproductive endocrinologists treating reproductive and gynecological health. In 2008, Andrea opened her private practice, Wild Roots TCM and Acupuncture Clinic, in Kamloops, BC. Andrea welcomes newcomers to experience the balance and wholeness that Traditional Chinese Medicine offers. 250-682-7283 Dr. Andrea Hansen Wild Roots TCM and Acupuncture Clinic Traditional Chinese Reproductive medicine

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How to Raise Children with Healthier Minds and Bodies 3 Things Smart Parents Give to Smart Kids By Dr. Lisa Conroy

Every parent wants their child to succeed in life, right? But did you know that your child’s dietary habits may be crushing their ability to succeed not only in school, but life as well? Some startling facts: • More drugs are being prescribed in North America than any other place in the world yet people are getting sicker and sicker each year. • ADHD, asthma, ear infections, and annual cases of whatever flu is on the menu are growing every year. • 80% of people in North America have dangerously low levels of essential Omega 3 Fatty Acids (20% of people are actually considered depleted!) In fact, studies show the westernized diet (which is the accepted diet) to be almost devoid of Omega-3 FAs. In the face of these horrifying truths, the question now becomes: What can parents do to help ensure their children have the best chance to succeed not just in school, but rather, in life? Read on to discover the three keys to laying a dietary foundation that will give your child the best chance for future success.

MORE FAT PLEASE! Not just any fat... We’re talking about Omega 3 Fatty Acids. They’re absolutely vital for healthy overall body function and they’re found in these foods: Excellent Sources: Salmon, flax seeds and walnuts. Very Good Sources: scallops, cauliflower, cabbage, cloves and mustard seeds. Good Sources: halibut, shrimp, cod, tuna, soybeans, tofu, kale, collard greens, and Brussels sprouts.

function. The 'good' bacteria in your gastrointestinal system can only provide you with optimum health if the proper balance of different types of bacteria is maintained in your gut. This is where probiotics can have a profound effect... not just on your GI health, but on your overall health as well. Major benefits of high-quality probiotics: • Aids in digesting food • Enhances calcium absorption • Supports overall immune function It should be noted that after any course of antibiotics - which kill almost all of the bacteria in the gut - you can immediately start restoring a balance of the healthy bacteria with a high quality probiotic. (This may help reduce the risk of reoccurring bouts of illness.)

ALL THE NUTRIENTS YOU NEED IN 30 SECONDS A daily vitamin is a great way to make sure your child gets all the nutrients they’ll need in order to be working at his/her best. You may already be giving your child a multivitamin. If so, that’s great! Benefits of a whole food multivitamin: • Boost your energy and stamina • Promote your immune system health • Improve memory and brain function. So, if your child will benefit from a better mood, increased energy and better health - then in addition, getting outside and playing…getting plenty of sleep…and reducing sugar intake – simply give them these three things daily. They’ll be smarter, and healthier for it. And by the way… this applies to parents as well! If you are serious about learning how you can improve your health, then you are just the people we are here to help. As part of our commitment to serving the City of Kamloops, we are launching a FREE workshop series that will give you all of the tools that you will need to become healthy and stay that way!

The many benefits of Omega 3 FAs include: • Improved mental function and concentration • Improved breathing in asthmatic Patients • Improve symptoms of ADHD

Call to register today! Space is limited so call now!! Phone: 250-372-9642

RESTORING BALANCE WITH PROBIOTICS Did you know that 80% of your immune system actually lives in your gut? That means a healthy gut is essential for optimum immune system

HELPING THE PEROPLE OF KAMLOOPS GET BACK ON TRACK: Dr. Lisa has learned by experience and training what it takes for people to create and sustain the highest levels of energy, vitality and passion in their daily lives. Now she teaches people from Kamloops and its surrounding areas how to take themselves to the next level by transforming and awakening to a more meaningful and purposeful life.


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““The The Original Orig igin inal Hot Hot Yoga Yoga in Yo in Kamloops” Kamlo loops” w


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Today Everything Changes! by Katrina Ariel Have you noticed that time has sped up and the Earth seems to be changing more rapidly than ever? It is time to step into your power! To live the life you have dreamed and shine bright as the star being you are! This is it! The moment youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been waiting for. You have planted seeds of intention. You have nourished them with your practice of being human, and perhaps with meditation and yoga. You have worked with the key ingredients of Gratitude and Trust in the wisdom of the universe. You have cultivated your awareness. Now is the time of change. Now is the experience of fullness. Now is the time of manifestation. The work with intention, gratitude, and belief continues. The practice does not end. Instead, it deepens, becoming ever more integrated until aligning with Grace is habitual, second nature. Yet, it is not all about planting thoughts in the fertile soil of possibility. You have planted so many seeds with love, devotion, and intention. Look! You have created a garden of beauty!

Radha: Diary of a Womanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Search By Swami Sivananda Radha

This engaging book is the diary kept by a Canadian woman, for the six months she spent in the Sivananda Ashram in Rishakesh, India. Radha responded to a deep intuitive call within herself to seek out Swami Vivenanda at his ashram. It became apparent upon their first meeting that their connection was familiar, spanning previous lifetimes.

It was in August of 1955 that this adventurous woman set out in search of her own inner purpose. Leaving behind a comfortable Canadian lifestyle, Radha faced the challenges of heat, physical shelter, insects, change in diet and cultural expectation. Her biggest challenge, though, was to her own consciousness. My thoughts in beginning this book mirrored Radhaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s as she wondered how she, an independent woman, would take to working under the direction of a guru. However, Swami Vivenendaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s patient and compassionate tutelage with his Canadian student also worked its magic on me as I became aware of the great gift of a loving spiritual teacher. Radhaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own gifts of exacting questioning, willingness to participate and offering of her fine dance instruction made her a most welcome student in Rishakesh. Her stories of the physical challenges and of the intriguing people she encountered kept me interested to the end of the book. Swami Vivenendaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s request to Radha to return to Canada and continue his work carried her to the Kootenays of BC where she faithfully developed the beautiful Yasodara Ashram. The remainder of her life was dedicated to helping Westerners understand Eastern teachings.Radhaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s diary was a comfortable read for me and quite enlightening, as I have often seen pictures of the Yasodara Ashram, and felt a quiet urge to visit. Our Western culture has been gifted by those like Radha who have brought the consciousness of Yoga and sacred retreat to our land and to our consciousness.

Abundance is the nature of the universe. Grace delights in granting your wishes. Today, the bar is raised, the evolution continued, your URRWVĂ&#x20AC;UPO\DQFKRUHGLQWKH(DUWKDQGWKHDVFHQGLQJVSLUDOVSLQning to take you up, up, up!

The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice By T.K.V. Desikachar

You are ready. Take a deep breath and open to what you have manifested. Recognize even the smallest blessings that have come from your own intentions and bless the fruits of your actions with acknowledgement and awareness.

In response to a personal request from a good friend to review this book, I must also thank her for the nudge to do so. My personal yoga experience has been enhanced through the reading of â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Heart of Yogaâ&#x20AC;? and I have also gained an enormous respect for the principles behind the practice.

Own your reality. You co-create it. With the support of universal energy, you are the master of your own experience. Keep creating. Keep dreaming your highest visions into being. Take a moment right now, and each day, to set your intention. But donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just dream it, LIVE IT. Be your highest vision of yourself. Play in the garden of abundance. Dance with the beauty of QDWXUH%UHDWKHLQWKHDURPDRIWKHĂ RZHUVEORVVRPLQJIURPWKH very seeds you planted. Take action to be your highest self! The stars have aligned. The universe is conspiring to help you. Today, and from this day forward, everything changes. What do you choose to experience right now, in this very moment? <RXWUXO\DUHPDJQLĂ&#x20AC;FHQW6KLQHEULJKWDQGOLYHIXOO\ More inspiration & meditations: 36

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The author, T.K.V. Desikachar expresses Gandhi like qualities as he relates his own mentoring in Yoga from his father, Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, who was an internationally known yoga master. The book opens with an interview with the author about his father and about yoga in general. Desikachar bases his understanding of yoga according to Patanjaliâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sutras, that â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;yoga is the ability to direct the mind without distraction or interruptionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. He goes on to explain that our minds mostly are veiled in illusive distraction and that as we feel that deep quietness within, experienced through yoga and meditation, our minds are able to perceive life with accuracy and understanding. Although this book is not one that most would consider reading from cover to cover, its chapter headings and spacious layout make this a useful resource for exploring the many aspects of yoga. The chapter on breathing, entitled â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Pranayamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; is one of the best I have read. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The Careful Construction of a Yoga Practiceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; details each asana and includes the principle behind the posture, which is also illustrated. The volume concludes in Part III, with â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Yoga Sutras of Patanjaliâ&#x20AC;? with translation and commentary by Desikachar. I recommend â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The Heart of Yogaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; to those who include yoga as an important part of their life and who are interested in deepening their experience of this fine practice. Respectfully submitted by Arlene Soloman

Cultivating Peace

People often ask me how we can apply meditation in dealing with forces bent on aggression. Without using aggression ourselves, how do we stop somebody determined to harm others?

As practitioners, we try to use whatever we encounter to open up our minds. When the whole world comes to a point of intense aggression, can we go beyond our own anger into openness? Aggression only invites more aggression, and produces further pain. We have no choice but to cultivate peace, which means developing tolerance and understanding. Cultivating peace is a long and difficult process. The challenge begins with practicing peace on the meditation cushion even while we’re having aggressive thoughts. Meditation is the best preparation for working in a world where we are increasingly pressed into each other’s faces. By engaging our mind on the cushion, we learn to work with our own reactivity. In shamatha meditation, we use the breath as the object of meditation. Instead of reacting to thoughts, we recognize, acknowledge and release them, and bring our mind back to the breath. Stabilizing, strengthening and clarifying our mind this way is called peaceful abiding. Once we’ve achieved a sense of stability and strength, we can shift the technique by using thoughts themselves as the object of meditation. This is a form of contemplative practice. In particular, I encourage contemplation on the principles of compassion and love. But anger is another useful subject. How can we deal with aggression in the world if we don’t first work with our own? Contemplating anger helps us see it clearly, and it also adds an element that is usually missing when we’re in the throes of intense feeling: reason. One of the most painful things about any negative emotion is that it feels so solid. Yet there are always at least three separate components: a subject, an object, and an action. For example, when you’re angry about being stuck in traffic, the subject is “me,” the object is the car just in front of you, and the action is being stuck behind it. Your pain is also the object. You’re angry with yourself for being stuck, you’re angry at the car in front of you for being slow, and you’re angry at being angry. These are the elements that have come together to create the emotion. In contemplating anger we can begin to dismantle it.

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to Conquer Aggression By Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

We start by looking into the feeling itself: “Why am I angry? What has made me feel this way?” When our mind strays, instead of bringing it back to the breath, we use these thoughts as the anchor of our meditation. Soon we see the components of our emotion: what someone did or said, some disappointed expectation, the simple fact that we’re tired. In contemplating how our negative emotions have come together—and how they create pain, suffering, and anxiety—we see that they are not as solid as we thought. By dismantling the emotion and looking at the components, we dilute the strength of our attachment. Practicing like this is not about being judgmental. It’s not about whether someone is right or wrong. We’re trying to take the anger a few stages back and work with it in the privacy of our own mind so that we’re not as susceptible to the grip of high emotion. We start to see that the situation or person we would like to blame is not the reason for our anger. The reason is that we’ve rolled subject, object, and action into a reaction and a response, and solidified that thought into a feeling as big as a house. With determination and motivation, we may eventually be able to let go of our anger and return to abiding in peace. But even in the context of meditation, we can usually do it only bit by bit. Off the cushion, it’s very difficult to jump into that peaceful mind when we’re already mad at someone. By the time we’re really angry, we’re already caught in a reaction. In that case the solution may be to derail the intensity of the emotion by going for a walk or taking a bath. We can contemplate it later. Contemplating anger offers the space to become aware that we have a choice: we can try to keep the emotion together by continuing to fester and blame, or we can let it fall apart in the inherent openness of our being. We can allow that angry individual or that difficult situation to plant seeds of aggression and then water the seeds with angry thoughts—or not. One of the benefits of training our mind in meditation is that it gives us more control in how we use it. At some point we might be able to use it to extend love and compassion toward that angry person. That’s why contemplating love and compassion is so useful in working with aggression. In this practice, we wish that others might have happiness, that they not suffer. We start by extending this wish for happiness in

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a small way—that the cut on our friend’s finger might heal. We build in increments until we can hope for it in a big way—that all beings may become Buddha, that all may achieve enlightenment. Contemplating the welfare of others is the quick path to peace, because in wishing for the happiness of others, we rise above our own attachment and aggression. Extending love and compassion toward others in contemplative practice is a rehearsal for stepping beyond stinginess and self-centeredness in daily life. Eventually our training will give us the power to flip the mind instantly by letting go of the “me plan” and considering the happiness of somebody else, whatever we’re experiencing, wherever we are. In that moment, we are cultivating peace. When we live like this, we feel happier. The reason is simple: because love and compassion are the basis of our consciousness, we thrive when we let them come to the forefront. Is sitting by ourselves, doing these funny contemplations, going to counter aggression in the world? Not all at once, but it’s a step in that direction. In meditation practice our mind is no longer pinned against the glass of our life. By contemplating anger, we become familiar with the rigid mind of attachment and aggression. By contemplating compassion and love, we become familiar with the pliable mind of peace. The practice of meditation creates the psychological space in which to choose our responses off the cushion. Through practice we grow as individuals, as opposed to just surviving our life. We learn that by working with our mind—the consciousness we’re walking around with every day—we can discover our love and compassion and use it, instead of being used by negative elements that bring us down. At the end of the day, we’re different from the day before. That’s why we call meditation a “path.” It may look as if we’re doing nothing on the cushion, but in fact we’re engaging our mind in a proactive way. We’re cultivating peace. From that point of view, the practice of meditation is a very courageous activity. This talk was given by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, the spiritual leader of Shambhala, an international network of Buddhist meditation and retreat centers. copyright 2011 Mipham J.Mukpo used with permission for more teachings

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FALL 2011

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The Power of Sound is now

An experience with Scalar Wave Technology

By Teresa Brownrigg

A friend of mine once said to me; “God is sound.” It is only now that I can internalise the relevance of that statement, and its impact on my relationship with that ever permeating Divine Source energy. It was almost five years ago when I first stumbled upon the concept of Scalar Waves and the power held within their secrets, and finally today I am blessed with the chance to experience that celestial gift. As a spiritual seeker and researcher, I was more than curious when I heard that there was a man visiting Kamloops by the name of Bill Little from Just 4 Me Energetics and the Smart Technology Association offering a group session using these technologies. It was the first time I had ever been given the opportunity to witness and experience these methods of transition first hand My beautiful and well respected friend, Wendy Grono, was taking her turn to host this session and the gathering of any inquisitive souls. Upon entering her home, I was excited to find that a large group had assembled to learn and experience this new and exciting transformative modality, each one of us heeding the call of our higher knowledge. As we sat in a circle waiting to begin the session, I immediately began to heat up and sweat – profusely. I have learned to listen to my physical responses, as they are a tell tale of what my mind and heart may be trying to hide. I decided to keep my analytical insides as quiet as possible so that I may stay open and available to the information. As Bill began to speak he carefully and thoroughly explained his intensions, his knowledge and understanding of the technology as well as the path that lead him to where he is today. Upon the small table in front of him sat a computer, some speakers and a handful of new and exciting devices that at the same time to me felt very familiar and unadorned. As he explained the purpose of these sacred scalar tools, he very softly played some of the tones to example the force of said energies. Bill explained that every human voice has a unique frequency that is measurable and will reveal the stresses and strains that block harmonious living. It is upon the examination of the voice, these tonal variations can be measured in accordance to what tones are discordant within the human structure from which they emanate. Thereby, transmutative Scalarwave tones are created that will work with you personally to shift those troublesome areas, whether they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

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“Sacred Scalarwave Energy removes or lowers vibrational energy, a powerful vacuum cleaner on the physical and etheric realms. It is the nature of Scalarwave Technology was used by the ancients to transmute energetic patterns.” ( We were asked, as a group, to speak a specific set of vowel oriented sounds into a microphone for evaluation. We would then be able to experience the tones that were generated to balance and transmute the inharmonious waves within our structure based on the information gathered from our original organic tones. Excitedly, we sat and awaited the outcome of our efforts. My personal experience was more than I expected. As the tones began, I was instantly awakened to a new state of mind. Not only did I encounter physical sensations; such as pulsing, pains, vibrations, swelling and heat within the body, but I also observed flashes of memory and images untold from within my mind. It was a rollercoaster ride of the senses. I felt a transition occur within my hearing and my sight, validating my experience and emotional resonance. By the end of the tonal session I felt very different. I was firmly anchored within the earth as I was also clear in the mind and heart. I couldn’t stop smiling. I was so content to just sit and be without my usual expeditious thought patterns taking control. I was very surprised and happy that there was an unmistakable distinction between my before and after disposition. It had worked, and I knew it in my heart. After my group session with Bill, I also had the opportunity to have a one on one experience with the Technology by booking an individual appointment so that I may be able to continue the work by creating my own personal tones. Honestly, the experience of hearing my own tones was so profound and so revealing that I feel a stronger connection has been made between my higher consciousness that I had not yet encountered. As with any other type of transformation, however, one can always expect a certain amount of growing pains that let you know that something is changing. For the next week, as I listened to my new tones and drank my imprinted water mixture, I encountered physical, emotional, and mental challenges that raised the bar of my patience and strength. My soul knows this path, however, and I would feel the coaxing of a familiar presence encouraging me to wait it out and stay grounded, as it too will pass. I am reminded to be patient and resilient and to find my center in times of transitory growth spurts by a voice that has been with me from the beginning, anticipating my awakening with great love and serenity. A voice that I am now beginning to realize is actually my own. It is with great humility and reverence that I accept this human experience of spiritual evolution, a reminder of our deeper knowledge and connectedness with the greater divine energy of which we are all a part. There is a part of me that is already familiar with Scalarwave Technologies, as you too may discover if you should decide to embark on this journey. And although I may be the exception and not the rule in the details of my transition, I am coming closer everyday to internalizing Bill Little’s greatest lesson: “You as a human being are not all there is of you. Your human expression is only but the baby toe attached to the incredible body that is your higher consciousness. Does the toe lead the body, or does the body lead the toe? It is time to surrender to the love and the knowledge of your higher consciousness, for they know what is best for you.” Teresa Brownrigg See ad above, right “Sacred Scalarwave Technology” to get involved!

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