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Visualize the New You


By Tania Niedbala

instein’s famous formula, E=MC2, implies that the properties of energy and mass are present at the same time. Matter is simply compressed energy, therefore, everything in the universe is energy. This includes our physical body, our thoughts, emotions and intentions. Thoughts and intentions are a form of energy that radiate out to affect the universe, the collective consciousness and every cell in our body.

Energy vibrates with a range of frequencies from loving support to disempowering fear. An imbalance of energy can result in health issues. Using the inherent energy within ourselves, we can manifest a healed state using visualizations. This innate ability that all humans possess is being recognized, remembered, and slowly accepted as truth.

Visualizations are focused intentions in the form of mental images and emotions involving all of our five senses. Be specific and clear with your intentions. Feel, know and trust that your visualization is activating a cascade of healing throughout your body. It is important to recognize that our brain responds to our visualizations as reality. Our brain does not distinguish between what you see with your eyes and your visualizations.

Create a visualization specific to your health concern. You may imagine a river of healing light flowing through your body, releasing, restoring or repairing your body. Imagine being cleansed in a healing waterfall, breathing in transformational light, or laying on the earth and allowing the universal life force energy to heal you. Simple visualizations with pure intention are effective and there is no wrong way to visualize. Trust yourself and your positive healing intentions. Visualizations demonstrate to oneself that you are serious about making changes. Maintain a focused intention and accept that your body is healing during your visualizations. Experience it. Visualize your balanced, healthy body and accept this as your new reality. Tania’s mission is supporting personal empowerment & transformation. Tania offers Spiritual Coaching, Energy & Sound Healing, Hypnosis, Raindrop Massage and Young Living Essential Oils. 250-434-9171

Our annual fall event:

Interior Wellness Festival In our 7th year, has changed to better serve our growing commmunity and we’re so excited!

• New Dates • New Location • New Format The 7th Annual:


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November 7-8, 2015 Watch for updates

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Spring 2015 | 3

Yoga, Health & Spirituality in Kamloops & B.C. Interior

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Yep that’s me, in one of my favourite places (anywhere on the planet that’s beside a body of water!) In this one, it’s Kalamalka Lake in BC’s Okanagan.

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4 | Spring 2015

From the Publisher , I love spring. It feels like a new year and when everything can start again. The quiet, internal reflection time of winter is over and the sap of spring starts to flow as does my own creativity. As an entrepreneur, this is a time of new ideas and connections.

If you are also looking for connections and inspiration, we have some incredible local events coming up: from health shows to workshops and classes. It’s a wonderful time to get inspired and welcome change.

Check out the changes that we’ve made to our to our annual Interior Wellness Festival. The event has been evolving over the years from a small yoga day in a local studio, to a popular, all-encompassing wellness event. Now it is changing again to become the premiere health, yoga and

Elizabeth Beeds

wellness conference in British Columbia Interior! Watch for it coming up in the fall: The Interior Wellness Conference & Expo, November 7-8, 2015 at the Coast Kamloops Conference Centre.

If you are a local, visionary business, providing health and wellness services as your passion and service to the world, please connect with us. We’re building community, connection and a hub of healing, fitness and wellness right here in BC Interior... And it starts with you and what you offer the world!

I hope this issue inspires you: Thought today, action tomorrow. So get out there and do the things you’ve been thinking about, the best time is always now.


Thank You Interior Wellness Te s t i m o n i a l s f r o m o u r r e a d e r s a n d l o c a l v i s i o n a r y b u s i n e s s e s

“Elizabeth's magazine is such a blessing! It is always wonderfully done, very professional and informative while creating a sense of community. It is one of my favorite places to advertise. Elizabeth is such a pleasure to do business with!” ~ Nicola Diepdael, Owner/Director Aina Organic Spa “Elizabeth has an inate love of community... healthy community... and this is reflected intelligently and beautifully in her publication, Interior Wellness Magazine.” ~ Marilyn Manderson, Attunement Server and Energy Worker Interior Attunement Service “Elizabeth has provided great opportunities for our business and has went beyond the call of duty to promote/introduce our business to the Kamloops Yoga community.” ~ Dwight Ergang, President at DT Yoga Studios Ltd. Kamloops Hot Yoga

What role does Horticultural Therapy play in our need to be connected with Nature? By Ingrid Davis


n the late 1400’s, Marsilio Ficino (a follower of Plato) advised “You should walk as often as possible among plants that have a wonderful aroma, spending a considerable amount of time every day among such things.” In succeeding centuries, as civilizations became more urbanized, philosophers and physicians continually wrote about the importance of our exposure to nature, parks and gardens. This exposure, they professed, had positive effects on our mental and physical health, mood and sleep. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, physicians intuitively accepted and prescribed nature retreats (sanitariums, outdoor vacations, and hospitals with gardens) to their patients as beneficial healing for a number of ailments. As the 1900’s unfolded, nature prescriptions became increasingly replaced with chemical prescriptions. Our intuition and observations about the healing effects of nature were no longer valid in a world requiring scientific evidence to prove efficacy of treatment.

programs on television do not substitute for first-hand contact with Nature. Scientific studies are revealing this lack of direct contact is having detrimental consequences on human health, and social wellbeing. We even have a general term for these symptoms, “Nature Deficit Disorder!”

Many of you practice HT regularly if: you garden; visit parks; jog, walk or meditate in green spaces; work with plants; grow and process food; work or play outdoors; etc. Intuitively, you are aware of the health benefits of these interactions. You are getting that vitally needed Vitamin G (green). Many of you may have practised HT in the past, but have somehow drifted away from it. Many urbanites (particularly children) are being unnaturally restricted from having direct experiences with Nature.

The research is compelling. Direct connection with Nature and plants is vital to our well-being. Horticultural Therapy is a means of maintaining that vital connection. Make sure you practise your connection with Nature whichever way suits you best – get outside – commune with plants – get your quotient of Vitamin G – do your own HT - as many times a week as you can!

Ingrid Davis has a Certificate in Horticultural Therapy complimenting her BSc Forestry Degree. She has designed & built healing gardens. Plants and Nature provide a wonderful medium in which to practice physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. Email:

Commencing in the 1980’s, scientific studies started proving what former philosophers and physicians intuitively knew, humans thrive better when connected to the natural world of plants. Since 2008, a large body of scientific work has been published, assessing the health benefits of human interactions with plants, green spaces, horticultural and nature activities. This new science is multidisciplinary and continues to develop; it includes a new healing modality currently known as Horticultural Therapy (HT) or Therapeutic Horticulture. Horticultural Therapy definitions vary. Simply put, HT provides opportunities for passive and active experiences with plants to maintain or improve physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social health. It can be administered alone or with therapeutic guidance.

In matters surrounding our need for connection with Nature, we seem to have lost the wisdom of the ages. Our urban lifestyles, institutions, work environments, extracurricular activities (e.g., indoor exercising, electronic entertainment) all help to keep us from having direct experience with plants and Nature. Nature compensations, like reading about nature or watching nature

Spring 2015 | 5

Sacred Andean Medicine


By Carol Bell and Laureen Block

t’s about heart, around heart and through heart,” were the sacred words of wisdom spoken by Don Manuel Q’espe, Q’ero Elder, as he eloquently defined Sacred Andean Medicine.

The Andean Medicine path returns us home to our innate wellbeing; our Healed State. Through direct experience of the Ancient Teachings, we bring awareness to the unhealed aspects of our being, replacing stories of wounds and disempowerment with stories that grow corn. Through consciously facing our fears and Dying to the Old, which no longer serves us, we deepen into our healing. This allows us to tap into the Sage within, freeing us to be fully claimed by Vision. We engage in a true discovery of Who We Are and Who We Are Becoming, stepping into our highest possibilities and potential. This is the absolute truth of Sacred Andean Medicine.

Andean Medicine People teach us that we must reconnect to Pachamama (the land) in order to remember the part of us that walks hand-in-hand with Creation. By awakening our memories of Right Relationship (Ayni)

6 | Spring 2015

and Healed State, we walk in grace, held by the land. Medicine People are guided on their healing journey by engaging with their Mesa through Sacred Ceremony and Ritual. The Mesa is the living embodiment of the land and the Shaman’s journey, and is the tool that moves the Medicine Person from the personal way of being into the Collective. Shaman are Caretakers of a Vision of Light, Ayni, Fertility and Wellbeing for Pachamama; her plants, animals, people, water, and crops.

Weaving these profoundly simple, yet powerful Organizing Principles of Sacred Andean Medicine into daily life allows us to move beyond our suffering so we can soar. By walking connected to the Earth and releasing Hucha (heavy energy), we embrace Sami (light energy) and can truly step into our power, living our lives fully awake and guided by conscious choice. The Andean Medicine People and their Sacred Andean Medicine teach us how to live a life connected to Joy, Laughter, Heart and Healing. Our healing then ripples out to our families, our communities and the Global Village.

“Releasing Hucha makes room for dancing, singing and playing.” ~ Don Manuel Q’espe.

Carol Bell and Laureen Block are passionate about sharing and preserving Indigenous Ceremony, Ritual and Healing through teaching and private practice. They received the Personal Rite of Passage from Don Manuel Q’espe, revered Q’ero Elder. Visit them at

Spring 2015 | 7

The Truth about Food Allergies May be Hard to Stomach


By Cathy Lidster

o you remember when food allergies and sensitivities were almost never heard of? That was before more than 80,000 man-made chemicals were dumped into our water, air and soil beginning in the 1980s. It was before genetically modified foods hit the supermarket shelves in an estimated 30,000 products.

As a Canadian consumer, you will likely not know if the foods that you buy have been genetically modified since there is no mandatory food labeling of GM ingredients. GM corn can be used in many other foods such as cereal, yogurt, frozen entrees and canned soup. In other parts of the world like Europe, it is mandatory to label GM foods. For export only, our food industry giants reformulate their products to comply with non GMO standards. What can we do right now to protect our health and reduce adverse food reactions?

Eat natural, whole, organic foods.

Learn what labels and produce stickers mean • A 4 digit PLU code means grown "traditionally" with pesticides. • Five digits starting with "8" means it is genetically modified. • Organic produce will have a 5 digit number beginning with "9."

Organic foods, by definition cannot be genetically manipulated, or grown in soils with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides for at least 3 years.

Since 1990, there has been a reported 265% increase in allergy related visits to hospital emergency rooms. Peanut allergy cases doubled between 1997 and 2002. One in three children is diagnosed with autism, and/or ADD related to food allergies. It seems like no family is left untouched by the food reactions epidemic.

Since 1994, Health Canada has approved the sale of over 81 genetically modified (GM) foods, including canola, corn, lentils, potatoes, rice, soybeans, squash, tomatoes and wheat. Our government has deemed many GM foods to be safe, however, no studies have been done to substantiate this.

Look for labels that state "Non GMO" and "Made without genetically modified ingredients."

Avoid eating packaged, processed foods.

Avoid packaged foods containing soy, corn, and vegetable oils (especially canola) artificial and corn syrup sweeteners. Beware of commercially raised meat, fish, eggs or dairy where the animals have been fed GM foods as again, long term health effects to humans are not yet known.

Monitor your food intake and note your body's reactions.

If you react to only a few foods or chemicals, try abstention to see if your health changes. If you react badly to many foods or toxins, do not experience change from eliminating them from your diet, or if you have other unresolved health issues that you suspect are food related, then you might seek help from a practitioner trained in an allergy elimination technique. When it comes to healthy food choices for you and your family, you can not be too vigilant. As a consumer, you have the right to demand a healthier food supply in the grocery stores.

Are these foods safe? Doctors in Quebec discovered that the Bt toxin which is present in Monsanto's "safe" GMO seeds and which kills insects by rupturing their stomachs, was circulating in the blood of 93% of pregnant woman tested and 80% of their unborn babies. 8 | Spring 2015

References: Unhealthy Truth, Robyn O'Brien, 2009 Broadway Books Physicians for Social Responsibility, Dr. Curt Hamilton, CCN, and Science & Environmental Health Network Health Canada,

Cathy Lidster, Energy Nutrition / Allergy Clearing Practitioner, offers free nutrition classes monthly (see ad for schedule). She can be reached at Centennial Building Wellness Centre, 250-819-9041, or


24 HOURS TO WELLNESS By Audrey Meuse

ould you like to transform your metabolism, posture, cardiovascular-fitness, mental health and more, all while burning excess calories? Well, then, Nordic walking is the activity for you. Originating in the off season fitness training of Finnish cross-country skiers, Nordic walking has not only attracted over 10 million Europeans to its ranks, but has proved to be the best all round conditioning sport out there, and it’s relatively easy to learn.

But why twentyfour hours? The sport scientists agree that for the body to respond to this specific type of exercise to make the neuromuscular and physiological changes to reach fitness and weight loss goals, a weekly three hour Nordic walking program is needed. Now this can be either a half hour a day or less frequent but longer stretches of walking; nonetheless, three hours is the gold standard. And interestingly enough, although the basic technique of swinging the arms and planting the poles behind you while you walk is simple enough to learn, it still takes the brain approximately eight weeks to integrate this technique so that Nordic walking becomes an effortless, flowing technique, or as some devotees call it: “walking yoga.” Hence, three hours a week for eight weeks equals the “24 Hours to Wellness” commitment.

To be truly honest, however, the aspiring Nordic walker will want to add some flexibility stretches to their walking routine. Flexibility and stretching enhance the moving range of your joints, stretch your muscles and keep tendons flexible. As an example, back pain is often due to lack of flexibility. When you are not exercising your hip flexors, they shorten and tense up, eventually pulling your pelvis forward. The result is continuous tension on your back muscles and continuous pressure on your discs in the lower back region.

And to return to the subject of caloric burning: although everyone talks about losing body weight, it is more correct to talk about losing body fat. Exercise, not diet, is the key to losing weight (body fat). One German study compared two groups: one group followed a strict diet; the other group followed the same diet while walking. The walking group lost 5 pounds more in the same time.

So, if a walking/stretching program is something that appeals to you, if you’re looking to “cure” a stiff and painful body, if you’re needing to regulate diabetes or depression, if you’re wanting to gain better cardiovascular and bone health, join Audrey in her unique walking and warm salt water stretching program: Walkin ‘n’ Woga.

Audrey is the owner of the therapeutic spa, Centennial Building Wellness Centre, where she conducts classes in Ai Chi (aquatic tai chi), Woga (water yoga) and gives sessions in Watsu (water shiatsu). Audrey now combines Nordic walking with aquatic exercise for a unique program: Walk ‘n’ Woga. Give Audrey a call 250-374-7383, or book online:

Spring 2015 | 9

Another Way to Experience

a Little Nature


By Kris Rae

eople don't always have the time in nature that their bodies and minds would benefit from. Walks in nature are known to be stress releasing, idea provoking and good for your overall wellbeing. The spring weather is beginning, but it is often still cold, wet or just plain miserable out, and people aren't always drawn to the outdoors! Understandably!

The 5 elements are: air, water, fire, wood and earth. A person can often acquire all the elements together in one outing. The gentle breeze, a pond, stream, or ocean, plants, the sun and the vitamins it provides, beautiful trees and the ground, rocks or sand. When the current "elements" keep folks indoors, there are techniques to bring the outdoors in! One technique is to use guided imagery with a visualization:

Start by relaxing the body with nice, deep breaths. Imagine walking along a short path leading to a special space called the Element Pool. Activate all the senses and imagine the vivid details. Feel the temperature of the air and texture of the path. Notice any sounds and smells. See the colors and beauty. Upon arrival at the pool, notice the natural pool of warm water, a gentle breeze, and large trees surrounding the pool. There is perhaps grass, rock, or sand around the pool. The water is heated from deep inside the earth. This space gives all the elements and is a perfect little getaway. Enjoy relaxing and taking in these elements. If drawn to one element, then trust an extra dose of it is just what is needed!

One can stay here for any length of time. When ready to return, just take the path back to the beginning. This exercise will give revitalized energy, a calm, balanced feeling and provide good grounding/connection to the earth!

10 | Spring 2015

Kris Rae teaches meditation and relaxation techniques for all ages in classes in Kamloops plus develops self-healing tools and guided meditations for home use.

GOALS and the Head-Tripping Revolution


By Sherrie Manholt

s we head into spring, it is a perfect time to either evaluate the goals we have set or to establish some new ones. With that in mind, it is also a perfect time to talk about head-tripping.

We have all experienced that feeling of things not moving along as quickly or as smoothly as we would like. That can cause us to re-evaluate or to change directions. While that can be frustrating, it does not typically cause uncertainty and a loss of self-confidence. Setbacks, re-evaluations, and finding alternate routes are all a part of the lifecycle of any goal that you want to achieve and the challenges can serve as additional sources of motivation.

What is common but not natural, however, is our uncanny ability to ‘head-trip.’ For all of the wonderful aspects of our evolved brain, we are masters of using our minds against ourselves and rather than motivate, it can cause paralysis of judgment, inaction and fear. I call this head-tripping and it is the #1 reason that people don’t achieve their dreams.

Head-trippers come in several varieties, but regardless of how you arrive there, the outcome is the same. Inaction. And the antidote is the same. Action.

Sometimes, the causes of head-tripping are obvious and sometimes they are not. Always, they relate to our known and unknown held beliefs. Sometimes, there is a lack of confidence or a lack of self-worth. In such cases, a person might take workshop after workshop under the guise of enjoying the learning, but may, in fact, be looking for outside validation because they are not actually implementing the things they have learned.

Other times, they may be unwilling to take action on a project until after they have learned and understood everything they can find. On the surface, this may look like planning and being prepared, but it goes beyond that. The time of action never arrives because the project becomes more and more overwhelming and with it, an increase in stress, fear, judgment and uncertainty.

The way to move forward is with action. Learn one small piece and implement it. Don’t wait to figure it all out. Allow for the unknown. Be flexible.

Before you know it, the goal will be achieved, your confidence will soar and you will be better able to detect and stop your next head-trip.

Sherrie Manholt, success coach, multi-faceted energy healer and consciousness facilitator located in Kamloops, BC. 250-574-4325.

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August 15-21

Tai Chi Summer Camp 8JTF 8PNFO T 'FTUJWBM t 8 JTF 8PNFO T 'FTUUJJWBM t Aug 28-30 Spring 2015 | 11

Amber oil a gift from Heaven


By Billy Feistmantl

verybody loves the scent of Amber Oil as a natural perfume, but it has multiple benefits too, on the physical and spiritual, emotional and sexual. The oil is an anti- oxidant and is believed to prevent aging of human cells. Amber acid is used to stimulate the thyroid gland and to regulate hormone production in the human body. Here are just some of the main reasons why you will become an Amber Oil Lover‌ Psychological Benefits: Studies have shown that Amber oil relaxes brain waves (alpha, beta and theta waves). Amber oil soothes the mind and helps fight problems such as depression, anxiety and stress. It promotes sleep.

Amber oil has amazing benefits when used during your practice. The aroma of this oil has a pleasing effect that matches the ambience while practicing yoga and meditation. The oil eliminates negativity from the mind and brings an influx of happy and pleasant thoughts. This helps in promoting wholesome health of the body.

Rejuvenates skin and hair: Amber oil is used for skin rejuvenating massages. It refreshes the skin and rejuvenates the growth of new cells, thereby lending anti-aging benefits for the skin. The oil can also be used for scalp massages for rejuvenation of hair follicles.

Relieves respiratory ailments: Amber oil helps relieve accumulated mucus in the respiratory system. It can be used by people suffering from asthma and bronchitis. The oil can be inhaled in the form of steam or massaged on the chest. Boosts immune system: Amber oil boosts the immune system of the body and is very effective in treating fever. Enhances heart energy: Massage Amber oil on the heart area, to enhance heart energy.

Relieves rheumatism: Amber oil is a good source of healthy negative ions when the oil is applied on the affected areas. For wounds: Amber oil reduces inflammation and quickens wound healing.

As an aphrodisiac: Amber oil has been documented as being a very good aphrodisiac. The oil promotes blood circulation and stimulates hormones in the body, which lead to higher sexual stimulation.

As pain killer: The oil can be applied where pain is felt and much relief is felt within a short time. Massaging with Amber oil helps improve blood circulation through deep penetration into the skin tissues and eases muscular pain 12 | Spring 2015

Green Sisters handmade with Spirit Amber Oil is available @ and


Perfect Health is Humanity’s Birthright By Reverend Ken Serl

ow! It appears that winter is done and spring is upon us. Warmer temperatures promise a natural rebirth, a renewal soon springing forth. u mig ht h Spring e smoas keda snew ome way pot aof t a seeing, rock coancer t orin Can we accept time ourtrlives ied a of hitrenewal of Ecstaor sy ainner t a ravibrancy? e when you were in your 20s.

Science ise our u proof babMind ly dranteaches k a lot of that soda perfect pop whenhealth you wer a kid. birthright, our true inner state of being. This is contrary Almost certainly you’ve rewarded yourself with sugary to desour common human belief that sees perfection as being serts. Poisons, all of them. Addictive poisons. Most of us based on something that we can see on the outside. We are ith it. Some were not so luc go used to scores of perfection in figure skating or gymnastics or diving being handed out in rare situations where a Be honest. What are your thoughts about addicts? I should competitor is judged to have performed required r our pur n “addict” is someone clar haor actions es tod level. movements atpaosflawless

u probably tried a beer when you were in your teens.


FOR YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY amongst cancer patients. Let’s tell our gh l makers and our the ni t weht wanint our addicted sons and daughmedical system thaatlig mpassion Ltd and respect. Studies h e ters treated Ronik with coSecurity withours h the baesday t chaproviding nce of recovery is shown that tAvailable he addict 24 Guards, Patrols & Alarm Response the one with a support network, people who will encourage not condemn them, honour and celebrate their baby steps, 250-828-0511 r every slip. th

Yt|Üã|Çwá VÉâÇáxÄÄ|Çz

For every other disease we handle the symptoms, then look r the cause eed to first ensure that the addict can get whose drug of choice is illegal and/or restricted, not you and the substance s/he needs sa l en, we can begin to reduce L. Oram me wor ith ospiritual ur addictioperfection ns to co e, is sugadifferent, ex, showtoday’s ing o e- the dependence and Tammie Inner tCertified reat the cProfessional ause. I believCounsellor e the nee r less and anything external, whether it be dang ex, sugar or coing right and being so on.the Anproduct addict iof s pcontributions robably a lia ofhift understandings many Master Practioner Counselling Psychology great Teacher ly a crimin al. AJesus nything robabteachers ly has littover le intthe egriages. l spiritual t keMaster c a in e , a r i s es b e c a u se we do not know our enoughness, we described else? perfection as being “inclusive of all things.” Jesus Centennial do not know our own power Building: to create301-153 our ownSeymour experienSt. ce stated, as did Dr. Holmes, founder of Science of Mind, that Kamloops 250-320-6018 e los o f L , w e h t o ur s p ir i t u a l co nn e c t io n, t h e lo v in g , beyond the physical, every human being is included in any addicts are criminals. But they did not become receiving blessing compassionate source of L hat wells up within each of us. addicts bDivine ecause tgrace hey arand e crimin als, thewithout y becamcondition, e criminals simply spiritual perfection av rgotten who we are av rgotten that we becaubysetheir theybeing. need toThus, commi t crimin al acts inisornot derbased to suron a performance standard, such as being good, doing well, vive. Their bodies need something and they will do what are divine and sacred beings, every one of us. Could we help or presenting an unblemished appearance. Rather, it is one of t h e y n e e d t o do in o r der t o o b t a in i t. I f t h e dr ugs t h e y n e e d each other to remember? That could be our only hope. spiritual consciousness or awareness in which we perceive w er e n o t i l lega l , t h e y w o u ld n o t n e e d t o co mmi t i l lega l ac ts. being “one with The Infinite” and accept the gifts of the Addiction is a chronic illnes ng challenge. Next Whafully t if thand ere wa s a “wa r on phealth enicillin? Theofwa r on gifts drugs Divine freely. Perfect is ”one those t im e y o u m e et a n addic t o n t h e s t r e et, know that this is i s a m o n um en t a l fa i l ur e (a s a r e a l l wa r s, b u t do n ’ t g et m e – simply one for us to receive. somebody’s child, just trying to survive. started on that). The war on drugs really isn’t hurting anyThebo Centre for tSpiritual Spiritual dy excep those pLiving eople tKamloops t by the hat are alrisean adyInterfaith being hur Pat Zogar is Spiritual Director at the Centr r Spiritual Living, Kamloops where she Community That honours all paths to God, providing spiritual tools for drugs.transformation and helping make the world a better place.. strives to release judgment an ar and to teach only love. Re atricia Zogar personal 250-314-2028

ur best to protect our childr om carcinogens and toxins. But if our sons and daughters develop can , diabetes or MS, what do we do? W urture them, love them, drive them to docto pointments, encourage them to move back home, phone them to see how they’re doing. What do we do when our sons and daughters develop addiction? oid them, cut them o e our barriers, Lecture th protect ourselves, even put them in jail. Addiction is not a criminal issue, it is a health issue. Addiction is a medical emergency with an abysmal recovery rate ply would not tolerate so low a recovery rate


r Spiritual Living, K





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Sundays at 540 Seymour St. Meditation: 10:00 am Celebration: 10:30 am

Teac hing The theScience Science of Mind Teaching of Mind

Spring 2015 | 13


Book Review

By Marion (Mugs) McConnell

From the Gita to the Grail

ntil I started reading this book, I didn 't realize how much my culture has influenced the way I think. I mean, I knew it influenced me, but the book opened my eyes a little wider with regards to this. It isn’t just my culture that has an impact on the way I think, but also the cultures I have adopted during my lifetime.

I will try to shed some light on what I mean. In a society influenced by Christianity, I grew up knowing the story of Adam and Eve. The myth is that Adam was lonely so God created Eve from Adam’s side, near his heart. Symbolically, this implies women are second to man and more emotional than intellectual (she came from the area near Adam’s heart, not his head). And our society still reflects this belief in many of its behaviours.

In a Babylonian story of creation, there was only water in the beginning… waters on the land and salty waters of the ocean. The sweet waters of land were male and they merged with the salty waters of woman in the ocean and from this mixing together, life was created within her. The soil from the land was made fertile through sacrifice and hard effort from the gods. Through the blood of sacrifice of a god, man was brought to life, but this life is only to serve the gods. Growing up with this as a basis for belief leads one to understand their purpose in life is service to a higher power, or to those more powerful than himself.

Immobile Without Your Mobile?


By Janice Otremba

hat’s the first reaction that comes to mind when you lose your cell phone? PANIC! It’s something we can all relate to. (Yes, dropping a cell phone in the toilet isn’t fun either, but at least you know where it is!)

It begins with the initial panic, you panic some more, followed by more panicking. In desperation, you frantically call your phone, hoping that someone, anyone, will answer and save the day… no answer. You freeze; it’s gone. For some of us, this reality induces an extreme level of stress and anxiety. How did we get to the point where our cell phones became so crucial to how we function?

We’re probably not going to get any better in terms of attachment to our cell phones, so let’s just mitigate the damage and create the best scenario we can. Here’s my five stressless tips:

The myths in Bernie Clark’s book are far more detailed than what I have stated above, and after each myth is an explanation of how the myth leads one to their belief system. It soon becomes apparent how malleable our beliefs can be!

The book takes a look at how myths affect us in our cosmological function, sociological function, psychological function and mystical function. The myths in these sections unveil how our beliefs guide us in how we live and interact with each other, how we view the spirit, what boundaries we live by (such as the ten commandments or the yamas and niyamas), how we love one another, our attitudes toward life and its struggles, and so on. Lastly, we are given guidance on how we can transcend the boundaries created through our beliefs. It is a magical journey of stories that are sometimes very light-hearted and other times quite poignant and troubling. For me, the book gave me so much appreciation for all matter and species and their role in our amazing universe. It gave me a much deeper insight to the vast array of beliefs and where they came from while at the same time showed me how similar we all are with our search for our purpose in life. Bernie Clark sums up very nicely where this book can take you.

“These myths are maps to our inner landscapes. These myths are models of the way we are supposed to behave. We all have our own maps, our own myths by which we live our lives. …A clue to your map can be found any time you find yourself thinking about the way things or other people, or even yourself, should be. The idea of should is based upon a map you hold internally; the map defines the way life is supposed to be. …It is easier to blame the outside world for not meeting our expectations of it than to go inward and find the flaws in our own map.

To explore a dark territory requires a light, and the light we use to explore the darkness of our deep, inner realms is the light of consciousness. … Be prepared to be shocked or pleasantly surprised – in either case, what you will find will be unexpected.” This book is a great read that gives you a choice in how you live your life. Take your time in reading it while you discover why Siva dances on a dwarf, or Vishnu sleeps on an endless snake. See how your attitudes spark and change as you grasp a deeper understanding of the Eastern lifestyle as compared to ours in the West. I hope you enjoy the journey thoroughly!

From the Gita to the Grail: Exploring Yoga Stories & Western Myths by Bernie Clark is published by Blue River Press. ISBN 9 781935 628316 Marion (Mugs) McConnell is a co-owner/teacher trainer for the South Okanagan Yoga Academy, a Registered Teacher with Yoga Alliance (ERYT500), and the Canadian Representative for the International Yoga Teachers’ Association. Mugs has been teaching yoga for 37 years. 14 | Spring 2015

1. Practice withdrawal. Have a ‘no tech day’ or afternoon.

2. Back it up. Are your photos from the best holiday ever backed up? Is your phone synced to another device? 3. Is your phone password protected? Sorry, ‘1234’ doesn’t count!

4. Make a rule to turn your phone off at a certain time every night, say, 9 pm. We’ve become so comfortable with our cell phones as an accessory, but they’re not a wedding ring - they’re not attached to us.

5. Don’t sleep with your phone. It’s not a teddy bear, so there’s no need to have it next to you in bed. Not to mention the numerous sleep hygiene studies on why this is counterproductive.

It’s crazy to think we’re becoming hardwired to technology beginning to believe it’s necessary to function. Practice life without your phone. Your life will go on. By practicing stressless strategies, we can prepare ourselves for the ‘what if’ scenarios and reduce overall stressful situations.

Janice is a certified adult educator, life coach, counselor and body work therapist that specializes in stress management. Beat burnout, lower stress and leverage happiness!



By Nakul Dey


he use of different oils on the body is an ancient practice passed on through generations in India. I remember when I was a child, the first time I saw my grandmother massaging her toes with mustard oil in winter. I was curious and asked her “why?” She smiled and replied, “winter and cold weather is really hard on me at this age. The mustard oil on my toes makes me relaxed and calm, helps me sleep, improves my eyesight and clears the sinuses.” She explained to me all the benefits of different oils to massage on the body.

Mustard oil is heating in nature. In addition to the above,

applying this oil before bathing protects the body from cold and helps maintain inner body temperature.

Sesame oil is the most commonly used base for herbed oil preparations in Ayurveda. It balances all three doshas (dispositions) in the body and is good for the skin and detoxification. It also affects the heart chakra, love for

ourselves and others, as well as the root chakra, bringing stability and steadiness if we are feeling flighty, scattered, or ungrounded.

Coconut oil is cooling and good for use in summertime. Massaged into the head, it prevents dry scalp and makes hair roots strong. It is useful for delaying wrinkles and sagging skin. Apply it on burnt skin to heal and prevent scarring. Almond oil is very nutritious to the skin. It opens the pores and helps to eliminate toxins. Almond is also good for bones and hair growth. It is a natural memory booster.

Massage regularly with oils to enhance immunity, remove toxins, and balance the elements within your body.

Nakul Dey is an Ayurvedic massage specialist in Kamloops, born in Rishikesh, India and trained in traditional Ayurvedic treatments. Contact 250-319-9855.

Spring 2015 | 15

Cultivating Energetic Awareness


By Marianne Ferguson

daily energy balancing practice is a wonderful way to begin working with the body’s many systems of Energy. It teaches us to feel into our energies and how they are affecting us. As your daily practice evolves, something magical happens – Energetic Awareness awakens!

Learning to understand our energetic situation is not difficult and begins with the act of going home to our body and our inner self.

If you don’t know how it feels to be grounded, then when will you know you need to do extra grounding techniques? If you don’t know how it feels when your aura is attached or detached, how will you know when to strengthen your aura?

Our very survival depends on being able to interpret situations, so we really are wired to interpret energy. We do this all the time! How often do you tell yourself, “I’m tired” or “This computer has made my brain fuzzy.” We do notice how our energy is; we just don’t have a culturally supported language for expressing it.

For example, you may have experienced the sensation of dizziness or lightheadedness. Energetically, this can indicate that you are not grounded or your energy has become stagnant. There are simple tools available for us to work with both conditions. Rather than

16 | Spring 2015

pushing through the feeling, we can adjust our energy in the situation so it is continually evolving into stronger patterns of optimum health. Thus, feeling dizzy or lightheaded can become a rare occurrence.

Below is a list of common situations we may encounter with choices of Eden Energy Medicine techniques to affect change and bring greater balance to your whole-body system.

• Ungrounded: Spoon your feet, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Hook up. • Feeling vulnerable: Zip up, Hook up, Celtic Weave. • Tiredness: Three thumps, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Crown Pull. Cross Crawl. • 3pm slump: Massage Neurolymphatics, Hook up, Homolateral Crossover. • Overwhelm: Wayne Cook, Hook Up. • Frustration: Hook up, Smooth down behind ears, Crown Pull. • Reactive: Hook up, Homolateral crossover. • Sadness: Hold top of head and Heart Chakra, Hook Up. • Sluggish upon waking: Hook up, Homolateral crossover, Three Thumps.

Marianne Ferguson EEM-CLP Marianne is an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, EEM teacher and herbalist in Kamloops BC. You can download free Energy Techniques on the Splinter Hill web site client page.

Taa k e a c t i o n w i t h t h e L a w O f A t t r a c t i o n t o h a v e e v e r y t h i n g y o u w a n t i n l i f e . T

Spring 2015 | 17

Interior Wellness Class Directory Spring 2015: in Kamloops


10:45 - 11:45am Gentle & Restorative Yoga Angie @ The Yoga Loft

12:00 - 1:00 pm YOGA: Any Shape Any Size! Bonny @ Let’s Move Studio 3:15 - 4:15 pm Kids Yoga Marcia @ The Yoga Loft


6:35 - 7:30 pm Spin Aly @ The Pilates Tree

Class Types YOGA




10:30 – 11:45 am Parent & Baby Yoga (pre-register) Tania @ The Yoga Loft 3:15 - 4:15 pm Kids Yoga Marcia @ The Yoga Loft

6:30 – 7:30 pm Gentle Nia Carole @ North Shore Community Centre

7 - 8 am Spin Aly @ The Pilates Tree

5:00 – 6:00 pm Nia Trudy & Carole @ St. Paul’s Hall


8:00 - 8:50 am ZUMBA Imogen @ Let’s Move Studio

8:00 - 9:00 am Yoga: Foundations @ The Yoga Loft 9:30 - 10:30 am Kids Yoga Marcia @ The Yoga Loft


7:00 - 8:15 pm Yoga: Prenatal Yoga Tania M @ The Yoga Loft

7:00 - 8:00 pm MEDITATION @ Let's Move Studio


Amber Hooton 250-318-5370

Bonny Ziegler 778-470-5803

Carole 250-828-2109

9:00 - 10:30 am YOGA: All levels, Any Shape Any Size! Bonny @ Let’s Move Studio

Imogen Wood

Marcia Wilson 250-828-6206

5:00 – 6:00 pm Nia Trudy & Carole @ St. Paul’s Hall

18 | Spring 2015

5:00 – 5:50 pm ZUMBA: All Levels Imogen @ Let’s Move Studio


7 - 8 am Spin Aly @ The Pilates Tree

The Yoga Loft #201-409 Seymour Street, Kamloops

4:00 - 5:00 pm Yoga: Teens @ The Yoga Loft

7:00 - 8:00 pm YOGA: Beginner Bonny @ Let’s Move Studio


St. Paul’s Hall 360 Nicola Street, Kamloops

9:00 - 10:30 am YOGA - All Levels Bonny @ Let’s Move Studio

7:00 - 8:15 pm YOGA: Stong Flow Power Yoga Drop in Amber H @ The Yoga Loft


Aly Davey 250-320-2639

Let’s Move Studio

250-372-9642 831 Victoria Street

For class updates and changes, more information & free subscription:


North Shore Community Centre 730 Cottonwood Avenue, Kamloops The Pilates Tree #101-409 Seymour St.



or a number of reasons, our modern world appears to be coming close to turning its back on the time-tested humanitarian outlook on the whole of life. Globalization, the unprecedented power and progress of science and technology, resulted in our becoming oblivious of the profound healing power of spiritual outlook and way of life. In our day-to-day living, and in our schools, colleges, and homes, we are mostly gathering ‘knowledge of the world’ and very little ‘self-knowledge.’

to help you understand the root cause of your problems and empower you to deal with it directly. He blends common sense with real-world experiences, and eternal teachings to lift you beyond the mundane to a higher level of problem solving, self-awareness, and deeper understanding. Currently he is collaborating with his Master (Guru) in India in bringing this ancient knowledge to the North America. With a pragmatic approach and open heart, Sri Madhuji continues to help thousands achieve better quality of life.

To understand our spiritual life, we must have a theoretical framework, which is called Theology. Ancient cultures and traditions offered innumerable spiritual frame works or worldviews to work with. Yoga is one such worldview. It is a way of looking at life, a way of understanding oneself, understanding one’s destiny, understanding Cosmic Intelligence and Cosmic Consciousness.

Vedic Astrology (VA) is another powerful worldview that offers a comprehensive analytical study about the whole course of your life. It is a science based on the principles of statistics and probability. VA is all about understanding the Divine architecture that represents the benefic and malefic consequences in your life. VA studies the movements of the planets and helps you to learn how the cosmos has structured your body, consciousness, and life movements at the place and time of birth. A detailed chart is prepared that shows a clear road map of your life, which gives you firm indication about your future events. The chart will help you understand about your physical and mental health, profession, business, financial prosperity, Relationships and emotional stability. Later, a Vedic astrologer will guide you with concrete remedial measures to help reduce/nullify the negative afflictions in your life that is indicated in your chart. Vedic Astrological knowledge amounts to teach who we are – our inner and outer life architecture by the cosmic intelligence. Such is the scope and power of astrological knowledge.

The only healing medicines that can restore us to good inner wellbeing are self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-realization. You can build this carefully upon the foundation of Vedic astrology.

An intuitive, informative and insightful speaker, Sri Madhuji has a unique ability

Spring 2015 | 19

Yoga, Health & Spirituality in B.C. Interior

Interior Wellness Directory ACuPuNCTuRE/ACuPRESSuRE Dr. Andrea Hansen: Wild Roots Clinic

Create the Conditions for Healing with Chinese Herbal medicine, acupuncture & food therapy


vital Point Acupuncture Jennifer Larsen,R.Ac. Classical Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation, Reiki, Acutonics 250-376-3070


Suede Hills Organic Farm: 250-682-1188 Certified Organic-Estate Farm Call to get your FREE pH Test Strips Get Alkaline=Get Well


Erin Maze, 4 Winds Energy Medicine Energy Medicine for Animals, Healing Touch for Animals, Gemstone Therapy, Reiki 250-571-6331


DM Toques Creative and inspired knitting - handcrafted toques, accessories, yoga socks, and more. Visit


Ayurvedic Health Coach Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic Astrology Live with the rhythms of Nature


Nakul Dey: 250-319-9855 Ayurvedic massage with homemade herbed oil. Ayurveda: the ancient science of living in balance with nature.

THE PILATES TREE New BARRE classes. Come for a fun, cardio workout using a blend of Pilates and ballet principles. No TUTUS required! 4th & Seymour 250.320.2639

20 | Spring 2015


Kamloops Back Solutions Spinal Decompression

Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC



dōTERRA® Essential Oils: Michelle Whibley Independent Wellness Advocate Safe, pure, natural, holistic health alternative 250-541-0050


Organic skin care & organic essential oils. Handmade with Spirit in 108 Mile Ranch, BC

Holistic Facials “Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin” Discover amazing results using a holistic approach to skin care and to your “Successful Aging” # 301-141 Victoria St. 250-828-0909

Nature's Face & Body Natural products: mineral makeup, skincare, haircare, bath & body products. 250-371-2299

Sun Peaks Soap Works Offering natural, handcrafted soap and bath products 250-578-7331

The Oil Factory: For all your essential oil needs. We sell Young Living therapeutic grade oils Cell 7783630338 Threading and Henna Tattoo Specialist Bhumika Talla: Esthetician & Hairdresser Bridal packages, house parties, events 250-376-9765

young Living Essential Oils Pure Plant Based Skin, Body & Hair Care Personal Products & Supplements / Monthly Wellness Gatherings - Raindrop Oil Massage Tania Niedbala 250-434-9171


Mystic Mountain Healing Spa : Fay McCracken Colour Energy Therapy, Reiki, Ionic Foot Detoxing Women Workshops & Retreats Clearwater BC

Sherrie Manholt, Limitless youniverse

Success coach, multi-faceted energy healer, consciousness facilitator. Private & group sessions, workshops


Spirit Quest Books: Salmon Arm, BC 250.804.0392 offers books, sterling silver jewelry, cd’s, crystals, aura pictures & unique giftware.

The Crystals and Curiosities Cabin Destination store opens seasonally in May-October at Akashic Ranch. Find gemstone crystals, jewelry, metaphysical art and other unique gifts. 250-573-1124


Arise Chiropractic Wellness Clinic Family Chiropractic Care, Yoga Studio Decompression Therapy, Registered Massage 250 275 7616

Brix Family Chiropractic & Wellness Complete Wellness services: Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Clinical Counselling, Sleep Training, Nutritional consultations

Creekside Chiropractic 250-545-7107

Individualized care for soft tissue, joint and spinal health Chiropractic and Registered Massage Therapy

Dr. Dale C. Forsythe: 250-765-1466 Chiropractic & Cold Laser Therapy 202-125 Hwy 33 E., Kelowna, B.C. Dr. James Whillans 250-868-4880

LifeWorks Family Chiropractic 204 - 1740 Gordon Dr. Kelowna, BC V1Y 3H2

Dr Kelly Ouimet B.Kin, Chiropractor Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC


Dr Paul Ouimet B.Sc, Chiropractor Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC


Holroyd Family Chiropractic Inc. 250-707-0711 Leading, restoring, and empowering the community to embrace its full health potential. West Kelowna


Dr. Jenna y.S. Kim, D.C. Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist Chiropractor #101-3989 Henning Dr. Burnaby, B.C. 604-299-0821

Kamloops Active Health Chiropractors and RMTs Meet our team and get more information 250-372-8856

Peachland Chiropractic and Massage Therapy Let us get you out of pain and moving again. Dr. Peter Stapleton 778-479-3232

Turner Chiropractic Our Family helping your Family for over 55 years 500-235 1st Ave. 250-374-6223

vernon Active Health Clinic Sports Injuries, Back Pain, Tendonitis Rotator Cuff, Headaches. We Can Help!!


Perfect Balance Health & Wellness Coaching

Chanda Martens: Wellness Coach for Weight Loss & Fertility 250-571-9942

The Spirit of Women Aspiring, passionate women: take action to feel empowered, reduce overwhelm & Love your life! Find Strength in Action Life Coaching

Kathy Richins, ICF Certified Life Coach Health, Wellness & Positive change The Bodymind Ctr, #205, 635 Victoria St.


Breath Integration Counselling: Lynn Aylward *certified practitioner 2002 *certified teacher/owner 2008 250 319-7364 Breath Integration Counselling Cory Erlandson 250-319-5175 Remember to Breathe , it is after all, the secret of life"

Spring 2015 | 21


Compassionate Path Hakomi Therapy

with Angela Davis. A gentle accompaniment to self-discovery. 614 Battle St. Kamloops 250-574-6271 Corinne Mackenzie M.Sc,Counselling RTC

Family and Addictions Therapist

Crystal Clear Energy Medicine 250-852-1580

Fairwinds Counselling Services Tammie Oram, MTC, MPCP 250-320-6018

Counselling Individuals, Couples, Workshops


Tesla Metamorphosis Healing on a cellular level. Distant healing or in person Dale 250-766-3503

Tania Niedbala 250-434-9171 Spiritual Coaching, Tesla Metamorphosis Healing, Quantum Sound Therapy, Chakra Balancing & Reiki

ENvIRONMENTAL & SOCIAL JuSTICE ORG GE Free Kamloops promoting awareness of the negative effects of Genetic Engineering


KIX 4 CHIX A non-competitive, ladies-only kickboxing program. Making women feel healthy, strong, beautiful & empowered. 250-819-4121

No Limits Fitness Ltd Your one-stop shop for all your fitness needs 905-8th St. Kamloops, B.C. V2B 2X6 778-470-5550 North Shore Community Centre Classes, Events, Rentals 452-730 Cottonwood Ave, Kamloops 250-376-4777


Steeped Tea with Carly DeBeeld (Director) Fine loose leaf all natural tea & accessories Order/Book your party 250-318-4910

22 | Spring 2015


Epicure: Dori Moores

Good Food Real Fast. Come Join the Movement with Epicure. Reduce salt, add flavour. Cook faster and smarter


Suzanne Marsel Footcare Nurse Keeping Your Feet Healthy One Step at a Time Nail & Skin Care 250-554-4500


Green Space Services: Carpet,Upholstery, Area Rugs & Mattress Cleaning. Affordable, Effective,Fast Drying. Residential/Commercial. 250 682-1066


Anjelia Boulter 21 years Certified Iridologist,

Herbalist, Nutrition Consulting. Shamanic Light Healer, Body Talk Practitioner. 250-579-9328

Body Code/Emotion Code 250-373-2473 Bonnie Haywood-Farmer CBCP, CECP Identifying & releasing imbalances affecting our Physical, Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing

Christine Schieberle 25 years experience Deep Release Bodywork, Massage, Reiki Craniosacral therapy. 250-374-5421 Creative Transformation for Body Heart & Mind

Marilyn Puff BSW, Energy Healing Massage, Medicine Wheel Coaching, Couple & Family Counselling

250 579-5778

Emotion Code

Releasing trapped emotions that cause dis-ease

Certified Practitioner Sheila Langlois D.PSc 250-819-8156 or Feldenkrais, Life Coach and Reflexology Colleen 250-819-9100

Hawaiian Massage

Health & Wellness Massage & Life Coaching

Bodymind Cntr, #205, 635 Victoria St. 250-574-7521

Kathy Richins


Marianne Ferguson EEM-CLP Eden Energy Medi-

cine Clinical Practitioner. Traditional healing & contemporary scientific understanding of health, wellness & healing. 250-374-1628

Margaret Huff, Certified vini-yoga Therapist Co-create a personal practice for you, to support your healing and health in body, mind, heart. New Year special: $240 for 4 sessions. 250-374-2748

Marilyn Manderson Attunement Practitioner A sacred healing art & spiritual practice 250-579-9444

Michele Gieselman Speaker and Writer Intuitive Readings, Meditation, Workshops, Shamanic Practitioner. 250-372-0469

Solar Soul Massage Kamloops newest healing massage now available at Let's Move Studio. Sol Brooks 250-682-9119

Surya Krishna Ignite Your Spirit Therapy,

Chakra Balancing, Crystal Dreaming, Meditations, Workshops, Spiritual guidance/counselling 250-320-7782

Thai Massage & Feldenkrais with Tyson Fully-clothed, acupressure-yoga-massage Enquire for Free Intro 1-250-226-6826

Wendy Marr, Certified Passion Test Facilitator

One-on-One or Group Discoveries Inspiring Transformation Through Love 250.314.4106


Nature's Fare Markets Live Well - Live Organic 250-314-9560 #5 - 1350 Summit Dr, Kamloops BC Vitamins | Supplements | Produce | Bistro


Dietitian/Author vesanto Melina: Consultation; nutritional analysis; healthy recipes; pregnancy; children, seniors.($282) phone/skype/email: 604-882-6782

Glutenull Bakery: Gluten-free, yeast free, vegan and raw goods baked with love Trusted & Certified Gluten-free and GMO free.

HEALTHy FOODS AND NuTRITION Isagenix 250 572 4144

Health & wellness product solutions for weight loss, energy, performance &healthy aging to fit any goal.

Thistle Farm Producers of certified organic fruits and vegetables. Convenient home delivery service.

HEALTH INSTITuTES & TRAINING Foundation For Healing Beings Release your Stress and Anxiety Healing Meditation Circle

Raynor Massage Training & Treatment Centre Clinic/Massage school offering courses in Raynor Naturopathic Massage: 5-Day Certificate and 10-Day Diploma

HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRES Centennial Building Wellness Centre

Warm Salt pool-Watsu-AiChi-Woga Trauma & Stress Release Clinic Somatic Movement & Education 250 374 7383


In~tu~it Nature: Ingrid Davis Implementing the science of Nature’s influence on your physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual health for well-being.


Sheila Wardman M.H. CHt. 250-517-9690 Clinical Hypnotherapist, BET Practitioner Eagle Bay BC, Step into your inner wisdom and vision Discover your resources and full potential. HypnoCoaching (NGH member) Uli Johnson-Krack, 250.319.8933

Tania Niedbala 250-434-9171 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Dolores Cannon's Past Life Regression/Healing

Interior Wellness Yoga, Health and Spirituality

Your Free Wellness Resource in BC!

Spring 2015 | 23

INTuITIvE READINGS Michelle Morrison

Psychic Medium, Spiritual Consultant, Reiki Master Teacher, Inspirational Speaker 250-682-8176

Stephanie Banks, author of A Soulful Awakening. Intuitive, medium, spiritual counselor, delivers personal messages from our non-physical guides. 250-320-5239

Therese Dorer Spiritual Consultations Medium, Shamanic Healing, Meditation, private sessions, empowering you through your Spirit Guides. 250-578-8437


Barb Harris Registered Massage Therapist

Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC


Cheryl Gray: RMT, Therapeutic Yoga Instructor Effective treatment for Postural Health, Stress Relief and many other conditions. Salmon Arm,B.C. (250)517-8050

Darlene Fair, RMT, RyT Craniosacral, Visceral Massage, Osteopathic Techniques, Myofascial Release and Unwinding. 250-318-6300 #405-153 Seymour

David Wolynec Registered Massage Therapist

Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC


Jenna Nicklas Kamloops Optimal Health Clinic

#101-1120 8th Street Kamloops 778-470-5850

Find me on Facebook: Jenna Nicklas, RMT

Kamloops Active Health Chiropractors and RMTs Meet our team and get more information 250-372-8856

Niki Coster Registered Massage Therapist

Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC


24 | Spring 2015


Kamloops Skin Solutions A comprehensive Varicose Vein and Cosmetic clinic offering cutting-edge treatments. 250.372.9995


An inter-denominational contemplative/meditation group whose focus is the wisdom/mystical tradition in Christianity. Monday evenings 2x/ month. *FREE* Brian Mitchell Inner Bliss-Meditation & Wellness: Stacey Mayne Chopra Centre Certified Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master & Wellness Practitioner. Individual/group sessions 250-299- 5559 Kris Rae Mind and Body Wellness Stress Reduction/Self Healing Techniques, Guided Meditation Classes/Workshops See website for *complimentary* meditation 250-571-1009

Shambhala Meditation Group Offers meditation in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. Thursdays 7:00pm-9:00pm with available meditation instructions. Saturdays drop-in between 9:30am-11:30am, #7-231 Victoria Street. See our website for special events/programs or call Liz (250) 318-6257

Transcendental Meditation Reduce stress & live life to its full potential Call Chelsea at 604-263-2655

The HERMITAGE RETREAT CENTRE Meditation & Yoga retreats May to Sept. Location: 60-acre organic farm on Denman Island. 250-335-3377

MIDWIFERy, CHILDBIRTH, BABIES Mighty Oak Midwifery Care Personal, professional, woman-centered maternity care. 250-377-8611

Nurture Mama Doula Care Cat Taylor Professional Birth & Postpartum Doula Care (DONA Trained) - Placenta Encapsulation 250-318-1463

Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service 250-554-9722 Ease of Disposables, Benefits of Cloth.


Dr. Alison Beach (Assmus), BSc., ND Women's health, Bioidentical Hormones, Pediatrics, Allergies. Thompson Valley Naturopathic Clinic Inc., 875 Seymour Street. 778-471-2949

w w w. I n t e r i o r We l l n e s s . c o m


Dr. Melissa Bradwell, ND Full Naturopathic services: Acupuncture and IV Therapy. 735 Victoria Street


Dr. Steven Jones, ND: Chelation therapy, PRP, EECP, Prolotherapy, Lab services, Ozone therapy, Lyme disease testing/treatment, Cancer Treatments Aesthetics

Dr. Tracy Levins, Naturopathic Physician

Pediatrics, Women’s health, hormones, fertility, PAP & breast exams. Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic 754 Seymour St. 250-377-3077


Kamloops Osteopathy: Imogen Wood M.Ost & Paul Roberts M.Ost Osteopathy, obstetric osteopathy, personal training, Sport Taping, Arthritis Care, Sports Rehab 250-299-5554 #205 - 635 Victoria Street, Kamloops


Health Quest Cold Laser for Pain Management

Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC



Cloth for a Cause: Non profit, volunteer run organization that loans cloth diapers to interested families. Apply or donate (Facebook too!) Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service 250-554-9722 Ease of Disposables, Benefits of Cloth.


THE PILATES TREE @ 4th & Seymour Your premiere Pilates studio teaching optimum movement patterns to help you return to health. 250-320-2639

EvOLvE Pilates Studio 250-372-7237

Cassie Marchuk: Change the way you work out! Achieve improved posture, balance & strength. #201-1361 McGill Rd


Pacific Institute of Reflexology: Basic/Advanced Reflexology Training Courses, Books, Charts, Instructional DVD, professional and student sessions.


val Theroux, Reiki Master Energetic Healer, Pilgrimage Facilitator, Meditation, Mentoring, Reiki Workshops.



Akashic Ranch & Stables Private, natural healing environment available for your workshop, class or getaway. 250-573-1124

EQuINISITy RETREATS: Transformational, healing retreats on 320 acre sacred land with Liz Mitten Ryan and her herd of equine higher beings. 250-377-3884

SACRED EARTH MEDICINE TRADITIONS Santa Tierras, Earth Medicine Traditions Trainings, Gatherings and Private Practice Carol Bell and Laureen Block


Ronik Security Ltd is available 24 hours a day to provide Guards, Patrols & Alarm Response. 250-828-0511


Jason Hogue 250-434-9171

Shamanic Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing Intuitive Readings via Shamanic Journeying

Katina O'Neil Integrating Shamanism with Reiki for healing. Introductory workshops, Mastery classes and Monthly mentoring available.


Janice Otremba: Catalyst for Change

Beat Burnout! Lower Stress! Leverage Happiness! Training programs, Workshops, Coaching 250-574-3734


Centre for Spiritual Living. Change Your

Thinking...Change Your Life. Sundays Meditation at 10:00 am Celebration at 10:30 am 540 Seymour Street 250-314-2028 Find us on Facebook!

Spring 2015 | 25


unitarian universalist Fellowship of Kamloops Freedom of religious thought

Sunday services, Children's programs, Social and Environmental Projects


Consulting, Design, Sales, Service, Installation & Education 250-318-7524


Patients as Partners | Patient voices Network Help make a difference in B.C.’s health care system! Jacquelyne Foidart 250-879-1077

WHOLISTIC HEALTH PRODuCTS Gescina-The Chemistry of NATuRE, Inc. Unique colloidal Gold, Silver, Elixir. Skin & body products with vital minerals, Seabuckthorn oil. 778-484 4827


HEALTH By DESIGN Certified Nutritionist Melanie Pouliot, CNC 250-571-1932

Individualized Nutri-Body® Assessments Certified Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator


The Pilates Tree


Nicole Bruce: Experience a self given deep tissue massage: small class sizes & personal attention! 250-320-BODY (2639) #101 – 409 Seymour St.

RC yoga: Sorrento, BC 200hr Teacher Training 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

26 | Spring 2015


Kamloops Hot yoga (250) 374-7426 Sahali - 953 Laval - 75 classes p/week Brock - 17-1800 Tranquille

Bikram yoga The Hottest Yoga in Kamloops! 905A 8th St. North Shore 778-470-4688

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Spring 2015 | 27



By Reanna Costa

vadhistana, the 2nd of the 7 major centres that make our chakra system, represents the dynamic and ever changing nature of ourselves. Leaving behind solid matter and flowing into the element of water, we connect to the essence of movement; of learning to relax, to go with the flow. When we become stuck in life, it is often because we are emotionally blocked in this area; the seat of our emotional body. Svadhistana is translated as “one’s own abode,” think of your root chakra as being the point where you come into physical being and your second chakra is where you start to come into yourself. It is here the first divide begins to happen; we start to notice different feelings, likes and dislikes, pleasure and pain. Duality becomes a part of our reality and it shapes the personality we take on.

Located in the pelvic region, this centre governs our sexuality, sensuality and pleasure. As humans, we have a natural instinct to move towards what makes us feel good and away from what makes us feel bad. However, we often deny ourselves the passion and sweetness of life. We hold ourselves to unrealistic expectations, compare ourselves to others and often live a life that is not truly ours. In denying ourselves this sweetness, we can turn bitter and cold; perpetuating the cycle of denial, watching how much we eat, how much we weigh and falling into guilt when we allow indulgence.

Feeling pleasure invites us to open and expand to the experience; we let ourselves relax with what is and surrender to the moment; one cannot expect to wake up spirituality through a life of denial. Of course, as with all things, one must come into pleasure with awareness. There are many pleasures that are not beneficial, but potentially harmful to one’s personal evolution. Movement through our chakras requires a constant balancing act, a process which can only come from within yourself and what you resonate with. There is no formula, no right or wrong. Your life and your balance is yours to create.

28 | Spring 2015

Reanna Costa is an E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher who owns and teaches at Breathe Yoga Studio in Sorrento, BC. Learn more at or

Top 5 Ways to Boost Energy By Nature’s Fare Markets

Reciprocity Our Forgotten Gift By Jason Hogue

The next time you are hit with a case of afternoon sluggishness, avoid the energy drinks and try these tricks instead!


Rhodiola - This powerful energy-boosting plant helps multiply energy cells, helping to get you through the day without adding stress to your nervous system. Your body creates energy through the exchange of phosphate groups between adenosine triphopspahate (ATP) and creatine phosphate (CP3) in your cellular mitochondria. When ATP splits, it creates energy, but it also leaves behind a molecule with only two phosphate groups. CP3 saves the day by donating one of its phosphate ions to ATP, the process of which makes it available for energy synthesis again. Known as the ATP-CP pathway, this energy synthesis happens in your body all throughout the day. With age, your level of creatine phosphate declines and so does your ability to re-synthesizse more CP3. Rhodiola has been shown to produce higher levels of both ATP and CP, providing more energy molecules to take you from morning to night!


Hydrate - If your energy tends to lag as the day wears on, you may be getting dehydrated, which can zap your liveliness. Drink lots of water, and munch on H20- rich fruits and veggies like radishes, cucumbers, and watermelon.


Yerba Mate tea - with a higher caffeine content than green tea, coffee lovers will feel comfortable replacing their morning cup of Joe with a mug of steaming yerba mate. It gives a positive boost of energy accompanied by a hefty line up of nutrients.


Feed the Machine - Have you ever have someone accuse you of being “hungry?” You may be one of the many people who quickly loses energy (and patience) if they haven’t eaten enough quality protein fibre. Start your morning with protein from nut butters, eggs, or yogurt, and add fruits and whole grains to give you enough fuel to make it through until lunch.


Sweat! - Exercise is one of the best ways to recharge, but it is one of the hardest ways to boost energy, especially when all you want to do is take a nap. Call up that willpower and head to yoga, spin class, or the running trail. Exercise sends a rush of oxygen and nutrients to blood cells and muscle tissues which stimulates energy production. By the end, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day!

Nature’s Fare Markets offers articles on a variety of wellness, environmental, and social topics available through their blog, The Good Life magazine, and social media pages. Connect with us today.


here is a five year old girl in Seattle who enjoys feeding the local crows. At first, it was accidental but the crows loved it, so she continued. More and more crows began to gather at the bus stop before she would go to school. The crows enjoyed their free meal.

Crows are highly intelligent. Crows are capable of vocalizing just like Parrots and they are easily trainable. Crows have also been able to adapt to city life with Humans as well. Crows also have a love of shiny objects. They will collect them and keep them in their nests as possessions. But what do crows know about reciprocity?

Most people do not understand reciprocity as well as crows do. Reciprocity is a balanced exchange. This can be an exchange of anything; food, clothing, even love. Something of value is given by each party. The giving of the gift needs to be unconditional, meaning that there are no expectations of anything in return. The gifting is done for the pure love of giving. When a gift is given in return, the full exchange is complete. The little girl gave food and in return, the crows gave their precious, beautiful objects. This is reciprocity. We can learn a lot from this story, but there are two lessons that stand out the most. Firstly, reciprocity is part of the natural order. Even crows know and respect it. Secondly, the fact that this story is noteworthy shows that we as humans have a lot to learn about connecting with the natural order.

Articles Cited: BBC News Magazine Jason offers Shamanic Energy Healing, Journeying (Intuitive Readings) & utilizes many of the other tools of the Ancient Inca Medicine Tradition. 250-434-9171.

Spring 2015 | 29

TWO IS COMPANY By Maggy Davidson


veryone has heard the phrase, “two’s company and three’s a crowd” and has seen it in action every day. So what does it really mean? A marriage or partnership is two people. Why does it work, or why does it not work?

When two people are together, they reflect each other’s thoughts, ideals, morals, goals, social and societal viewpoints and more – giving strength to the relationship. We can support one another, explore one another’s thoughts, and grow – however, over time, the growth may be limited by belief systems, curiosity, cultural views, etc. With no outside influence, or growth potential, there will be stagnation in the relationship. For a time at least, we are content with a lack of growth. There is comfort in familiarity and predictability. Then, enter a third person, bringing a new, or interesting point of view. Have you ever noticed how often a relationship is just wonderful as long as there are no outside influences? However, as soon as there are outside influences, one or the other of the individuals may not be entirely “on board” with the conversations, viewpoint or activities.

This will result in a change of view, a conflict, and possibly a solidifying of the current viewpoint. It may introduce a whole new possibility. This will either solidify or weaken the relationship.

Two people together communicate and interact directly with one another. Enter a third person and now, the focus is drawn to one or the other of the three. Watch the interactions where there are three people, and you will see communication is directed to the middle of the group, not to an individual. Eventually, a new or a different point of view is introduced. It may or not resonate with the other two individuals; however, it will create an opening for change. Often, one person in the partnership will change and grow. If the original bond is strong, both will expand and grow. If only one is open to change or growth, the partnership may dissipate.

Growth allows individuals to evolve to a new level. Partnerships must also evolve. Some believe that when individuals are no longer open to growth or change, they cease living and begin to die. For your own sake, become a life learner. Knowledge is free, bring your own container.

30 | Spring 2015

Maggy Davidson owns and operates Spirit Quest Books in Salmon Arm, offering unique gifts for all, big or small. Maggy is a teacher and healer, offering many diverse services. Check out


Spring 2015 | 31

9th Annual

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