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Yoga, Health &  Spirituality in B.C. Interior

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I n t e r i o r We l l n e s s Festival &  Conference

November 7-8

Small Changes go a long way Camelina oil

Listening Choices, Growth and Inner Freedom in the Second half of Life

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7th Annual

Interior Wellness

Interior Wellness





November 7-8, 2015

Coast Kamloops Conference Centre


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Yoga, Health &  Spirituality in B.C. Interior

Elizabeth Beeds Founder • Publisher • Editor

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“When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way.

~ Wayne Dyer

Fr o m t h e P ubl i sh er , E l i z a b e t h B e e d s

How do you feel about change? Do you seek it out? Do you embrace it? Do you shy away? We’ve heard it said so many times ‘change is inevitable’ but what does that really mean? I think we are actually seeking stability as much as we can in an ever-changing and moving sea of life. As the seasons change, we witness this most dramatically in nature. Fall is particularly ripe with change (here in our area of the world!) Change is more than’s essential. Change is what keeps things both in nature, and in our lives fresh. I hope you’ll let this fall be about trying new things, changing old habits that aren’t healthy and adding life-enhancing new ideas and practices to your routine.

We are excited here at Interior Wellness about a change to our annual event: The Interior Wellness Festival and Conference. We have been visioning to implement these changes for the past few years, and now we are looking forward to our best event ever.

The date has changed to November 7-8. This new timing leaves lots of space after the

busy-ness of September to recover & re-set. The event has been runing for seven wonderful years at two differnt locations. We have now moved to our dream venue: The Coast Kamloops Convention Centre on Rogers Way. (previously known as KCC, the Kamloops Convention Centre.) This venue is unparalleled in class, beauty, space and accessibilty.

This year we have also added the feature of all workshops taking place within the format of a conference which inlcudes all classes, lunch and a special gift pack. Advance tickets are available so you can schedule the workshops you most want to attend.

The Interior Wellness Festival and Conference is a gathering of the best in healthy living and Yoga in BC Interior. It is a celebration and an inspiration. Each year, Businesses, teachers, leaders and volunteers come together to create a connection for the community. I hope you will join us there.


T h a n k Y o u I n t e r i or W e l l n e s s Te s t i m o n i a l s f r o m o u r r e a d e r s a n d l o c a l v i s i o n a r y b u s i n e s s e s

“Elizabeth has amazing skills to organize the annual Interior Wellness Festival and each year of the three that I've been a participant it has gotten better and better... Bigger sponsors, bigger crowds... Awesome job by a Great Visionary, & go-getter.” ~ Linda Wall

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& Stress By Chelsea Gimby, R.Ac.

Stress is an expression of the body’s natural instinct to protect itself. Modern life is becoming more complicated, and our ancient stress response isn’t able to keep up. The mind perceives a threat, whether real or imagined, and the fight or flight response floods the body with hormones. Varying life circumstances and harmful thought patterns cause our bodies’ natural alarm system to get stuck in the on position. This chronic stress impacts our physical and emotional health. Over the long term, it causes inflammation and a weakened immune system. Stress is becoming the root of many diseases. Tension, fatigue, headaches, irritability, and exhaustion are common symptoms. There is a difference between stress and pressure. To have goals and deadlines and push to perform at capacity is stimulating. But it gets out of hand when the mind/body perceives even small insignificant problems, as an emergency. We get so caught up with looking into the future, that we lose sight of what’s in front of us. The mind becomes dull and unable to see the beauty in life. How can we tame this stress Dragon? First, identify what is causing the stress, and make plans to address it. Monitor your state of mind, keep a journal, talk to a friend or family member and spend time in nature. Plan time for exercise and relaxation every day. How can we release stress in the body? We must take action to create a true state of relaxation. Exercise is key; by moving and stretching our bodies, we relax our minds. Nature walks, yoga, or any physical exercise are excellent stress relievers.

Acupuncture can effectively relieve stress and muscle, or body tension. Acupuncture is a clinically proven way of lowering levels of stress hormones, increasing immunity, and helping the body to return to a balanced state. Specific point combinations can move stuck emotional energy out of the body. Reducing stress is a key factor in maintaining true health. Acupuncture helps create and maintain physical and emotional balance in the body, mind and soul.

6 | Fall 2015

Chelsea Gimby is a Registered Acupuncturist. She has extensive training in Therapeutic Asian Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy and Reflexology. Chelsea has recently joined Vital Point Acupuncture in Kamloops. 250-376-3070

Everything you need to know about Canada’s newest Super Oil...

Camelina Oil

By Three Farmers

What is Camelina oil?

Camelina sativa is an ancient oilseed that originated in parts of Northern Europe and Central Asia and is now being grown in Saskatchewan. The light, nutty, earthy tones of cold pressed Camelina oil make it easy to include into your everyday diet and your favourite meals. The seeds are expeller cold pressed at temperatures less than 40°C, with no solvents or chemicals added to ensure pure and natural oil.

Why should you start using Camelina oil in your kitchen?

Camelina oil has a favourable balance of Omega-3, Omega6 and Omega-9 and is also high in Vitamin E. Just one tablespoon is equivalent to 4mg of an Omega-3 supplement. Camelina oil is also perfect for cooking. With a 475°F smoke point, it is ideal for stir-frying, grilling, searing, and sautéing and you do not have to worry about compromising the nutritional qualities of the oil. In its raw form, it is perfect to make spreads, dips, marinades and dressings. The lightness of the oil and its fresh flavor enhances other ingredients rather than overpowering them.

What else makes Camelina oil superior to other culinary oils?

Camelina oil has a 24-month shelf life from press date. Even though camelina is highly polyunsaturated and rich in Omega-3, it remains stable due to its high levels of Vitamin E called gamma-tocopherols. These tocopherols act as an antioxidant in camelina oil extending its shelf life beyond most other cold pressed oils. Appropriate storing conditions are out of direct sunlight and away from humidity and heat (room temperature is fine). Refrigeration is also an option as this oil will not change consistency when chilled. Camelina oil is your salad oil, your cooking oil and your healthy, Omega-3 supplement wrapped into one great tasting product.

Three Farmers is a small group of Saskatchewan farmers passionate about growing natural, sustainable and healthy foods through value added agriculture. You can find out more about Three Farmers at or email

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The Return of Bone Broth

By Helen Whittle

Arriving home on a crisp fall day, an enhancing aroma drifts through the house. The huge stockpot on the back of the stove is wafting out a delicious smell. Bone Broth has been simmering for hours releasing all the goodness from the organic pasteurized chicken bones.

Traditionally, Bone Broth was a staple in cultures around the world. Living off the land was a way of life and the way nature intended it to be. Being sustained by the best fuel possible people thrived and evolved on whole foods that were nourishing.

Today, homemade Bone Broth is making a comeback. The slow cooking culture may have had a hand in it. Or possibly people are returning to their kitchens determined to learn to cook from scratch again. Packaged, processed foods filled with preservatives,

chemicals, artificial flavours and colours are the fast food culture of today. Many allergies, sensitivities, and illnesses are showing up in young and old. Perhaps it is time to turn back the clock and have a look at the traditions of our ancestors. Eating "food" that will sustain and nourish the body is the only way to remain healthy. By listening to the body you can become very aware of what the body needs in the way of food. The body has an innate ability to heal itself if given what it needs.

Bone Broth with its healing qualities is one way to change the way you eat. By using organic pasteurized bones and organic vegetables in a water filled stock pot a flavourful rich broth will emerge hours later. Strained, seasoned and cooled, it can be used in soups, stews, or in a stir fry or sipped as is. Research continues on the health benefits of Bone Broth. Folk wisdom confirms that Bone Broth has many healing powers. Take chicken soup for example, it was and still is used when a cold or flu strikes. Nourishing chicken soup made from scratch was known as the "cure". Bone Broth has been known to assist in healing digestive issues, arthritis, and skin problems. Bone Broths can be made very inexpensively; a good way to cut down the food bill nourishing yourself and your wallet.

8 | Fall 2015

Helen Whittle RHN/CMI, Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Certified Medical Intuitive. Through Helen's innate intuitive abilities, clients have been helped with physical, emotional, & relationship issues. 604-802-4495

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5 ways to get your voice heard at the office By Janice Otremba

Is anyone tired of seeing men write articles telling women how to be successful in business? I am.

I’d rather hear how women can be successful from women who've been there and done that. Oh sure, they might know how to get ahead in the corporate world as a man but until they’ve walked a mile in our heels, they really have no idea.

7th Annual

Interior Wellness F e s t i va l & Conference

Sure, there can be some value in understanding how the ‘boys club’ — or any clique in your organization — functions but that doesn’t mean I want to become someone I’m not.

The difference between 'aggressive' and 'assertive' Here's my idea: Be more assertive, not aggressive.

Yes, there's a difference between being assertive and being aggressive. Being assertive means you're confident and own who you are, what you need and what you want to achieve. Being aggressive means you aren't considering anyone else's needs or feelings.




In short, it's the difference between being the “Leadership Lioness” and being “the bull in a china shop”. When you become the Leadership Lioness, you are strong and powerful. You roar with pride while you nurture your pack and help lead the hunt.

When you're a healthy, assertive person, you stand up for your beliefs, values and desires but you respect others to do the same – even if they aren’t in accordance with yours. You must: • Be persistent. • Use “I” statements. • Understand the difference between passive, assertive and aggressive. • Encompass the self, others and the situation’s context. • Look for the workable compromise. You can be a Leadership Lioness and find success in the office.

It just takes some work. Most importantly, it takes remembering to stay human and true to who you are.

If you want to learn more, go to the blog at for the full version of this article. Kick your life into high gear. Janice helps you beat burnout and get stuff done. Learn how to lower your stress levels and achieve your goals.


November 7-8, 2015 Coast Kamloops Conference Centre

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What Magnet are You? By Kris Rae

Fairwinds Counselling Tammie L. Oram Certified Professional Counsellor

Master Practioner Counselling Psychology

Centennial Building 301-153 Seymour St.

Kamloops 250-320-6018


person is driving to their next appointment, time is tight, the to-do list is looming and they realize that they forgot something for the next meeting! They have been thinking constantly of what is challenging about their day. More challenges are jumping on the pile as the next meeting is getting closer. They hit many red lights and miss a turn! They appear to be a magnet for problems and chaos and, in fact, they are!

This is an example of the law of attraction not working in their favor. The law of attraction is defined in basic terms as what is focused on will increase; it doesn’t differentiate between good and bad, that is the individual’s perception. They will get more of whatever they focus on. It can be argued that none of these events were in the person’s control. However, the opposite is true!

Back to the example, what is the person a magnet for and how can the magnet be changed? An easy way is to simplify it by considering whether the person is attracting positive or negative to them. This person doesn’t appear to be having a great time! If it doesn’t feel good then they can change their magnet – like flipping a switch. They can look around for neutral and positive things to focus on; anything at all as long as it is not negative. Focus on colors, a happy memory, mental images of loved ones, a funny story, or a favorite song. That is all it takes to switch the magnet! They should keep going as long as needed to not rebound to the negative magnet. They will know when they start to feel better that the switch is working. Change to the good magnet and the positive must come! Kris Rae teaches meditation and relaxation techniques for all ages in classes in Kamloops plus develops self-healing tools and guided meditations for home use. Visit

14 | Fall 2015

Is A Detox Really Necessary? By Margery Corrigan

While more people are enjoying new-found energy and vitality to their lives following a whole food detox, there are those that argue that our body internally cleanses itself and there is no need for detox program.

The liver, kidneys, lungs, bowel and skin serve as built-in systems that filter, neutralize and eliminate noxious substances from our bodies and are continually at work taking care of us. But what happens when more junk is coming in than is going out? Compare this to a fuel filter in our car or a sink drain that gets plugged when more is going in than out. And how does our body tell us this?

The liver is the second-largest organ in our body and is a star player in the process. It not only eliminates, but is also a manufacturing plant for red blood cells and our get-up-and-go energy (glycogen). When the liver becomes congested, bloating, fatigue, body aches, sadness, anger outbursts are indicators. Fatty liver disease (a more advanced stage of congested liver) has now become such a concern in Canada that in some of our provinces, fatty liver disease is estimated at 40% of the population. The numbers are so high that it is affecting the availability of liver transplant donations. (CBC News May 19, 2015). We are continually exposed to unknown chemicals from traffic and industrial emissions, agricultural practices, cleaning supplies, food enhancers, and personal products. Out of 50,000 known chemicals used in America, only 300 were tested and of those only 50 were deemed safe. (Scientific American, 2010). Hormone imbalances due to stress and other factors can further load the elimination systems. People who have done a whole food detox say: • It was easier than they thought. • The food was delicious that the whole family enjoyed. • Their enthusiasm returned. • Sleep was good. • They lost weight (6 to 16 lbs) without trying. • Their skin glowed.

A whole food detox program is not a fast! It feeds rather than starves you! It is a self-care and nutrition program with foods to stimulate and support eliminatory organs while putting a temporary hold on foods that load the liver. So, is a detox really necessary? While some still argue not… those who have experience voice impressive results. Margery Corrigan, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach has over 2 decades of experience serving in wellness. She also holds Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor certifications and is owner of To Your Health.


FOR YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY a light in the night Ronik Security Ltd Available 24 hours a day providing Guards, Patrols & Alarm Response


Fall 2015 | 15


Therapy By Ingrid Davis

In the last two issues of this magazine, the topic of Horticultural Therapy (HT) was introduced as a means of promoting healing with Nature and plants. It is now time to discuss the “professional” side of HT. Normally we understand therapy to be an activity that is applied when healing is necessary, a means to help maintain or restore health. How is the practice of HT applied by a trained practitioner, in what context, and what might be the benefits and outcomes?

The HT therapist has training in: assessing (abilities, need, challenges, gifts, interests); planning (goals, activities, therapeutic treatments); implementing (accessibility, activity participation, safety, comfort) and; evaluating (participation, effectiveness, measures, documentation). Whether HT is applied to an individual or a group, the therapists’ function is to facilitate healing through Nature and plants. The beauty of this therapy is that Nature’s gifts, the outdoors and plants themselves, provide the context. Any embellishment of Nature’s backdrop (parks, gardens, conservatories, terrariums) is simply a means of physically bringing Nature closer to our human settings (cities, urban centers, institutions, work place, homes).

Currently, there are three broad models within HT practice: Social; Therapeutic/Medical; and Vocational. Social HT programs deal with wellness or improving our general health and quality of life. Community gardens and garden clubs fit this model. Benefits derived within this model are often qualitatively measured. Therapeutic HT concentrates on improving or assisting recovery from an illness, or the prevention of health deterioration. Some retirement homes (Banfield Pavillion & George Derby Centre), public schools (Grandview & Pitt Meadows Elementary), private (Providence Farm, Vancouver Island) government health (Open Door Group) and corrections (Regional Health Centre, Abbotsford) facilities offer this model. Benefits derived within this model are generally quantitative and measurable (specific results are expected). Vocational HT falls into the realm of improving job related skills (rehabilitation). The Gardengate (Kamloops) and the Can You Dig It (Vancouver) programs offer components of this model. These three models can have considerable overlap. The benefits of HT include the maintenance of and/or the improvement and healing of the: Physical; Emotional; Cognitive; Social and Spiritual. Each of these realms will be discussed in future articles. Let’s prevent Nature Deficit Disorder from becoming greater in our society. Let’s self- prescribe for ‘Nature Connection’. Let’s make the need for therapy obsolete by boosting our lives with Vitamin G (green) everyday!

16 | Fall 2015

Ingrid Davis has a Certificate in Horticultural Therapy complimenting her BSc Forestry Degree. She has designed & built healing gardens. Plants and Nature provide a wonderful medium in which to practice physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. Email:

Are You Estrogen Dominant? By Cathy Lidster

Estrogen dominance is a term John Lee, M.D.1 created to refer to an all too common and potentially dangerous type of hormonal imbalance. In short, it is too much estrogen relative to the amount of progesterone. Estrogen dominance is not just a female problem. Take a minute to score yourself with the following checklist: _ sore, swollen breasts, breast tenderness (for women or men) _ swollen fingers and ankles, _ feeling impatient or bossy, _ fatigue _ aging process accelerating _ allergies, including asthma, hives, rashes, sinus congestion _ autoimmune disorders (including lupus erythematosis, thyroiditis) _ blood sugar disturbances, especially low blood sugar _ breast cancer _ cold hands and feet (a symptom of thyroid dysfunction) _ decreased sex drive _ depression with anxiety or agitation _ dry eyes _ fat gain, especially around the abdomen, hips, and thighs _ fibrocystic breasts(women or men) _ gallbladder disease _ hair loss _ headaches _ hypoglycemia _ inability to focus _ increased blood clotting (increasing risk of strokes) _ infertility _ irritability _ insomnia _ memory loss _ mood swings _ sluggish metabolism _ water retention, bloating _ history of xenoestrogen exposure when you were an embryo (from your mother eating foods containing DDT or taking DES (diethylstilbestrol), a drug used to prevent miscarriage)

For women, do you or did you: _ take birth control pills _ take conventional ERT (estrogen replacement therapy) _ take HRT (hormone replacement therapy) _ undergo a tubal ligation _ develop fibrocystic breasts _ have irregular periods or no periods _ uterine fibroids _ uterine cancer _ pass clots during your period _ out of control bleeding _ cervical dysplasia _ endometriosis _ endometrial polyps _ early onset of menstruation _ PMS (premenstrual syndrome) _ menstrual pain _ suffer miscarriage _ premenopausal bone loss

What Your Score Means:

Regardless of your gender, the higher your score, the more likely you have estrogen dominance. Before jumping to a conclusion, please note that it is the cluster of symptoms, the combination of them, and not the existence of any one of them, that indicate a problem. What can you do if you do score high? First, don’t panic or over react by trying to battle it out with drugs or progesterone supplements. This will only aggravate the imbalance. A holistic approach yields the best results. What you can do to start is make absolute dietary change such as avoid dairy, wheat and soy (most soy is GMO and mimics hormones) and eat organic whenever possible. Cathy Lidster, Health Educator/Nutrition/Allergy Practitioner, offers free seminars monthly (see ad for schedule). She can be reached at Centennial Building Wellness Centre, 250-819-9041, or Questionnaire is from Pam Levin, RN. CNC., author of Perfect Bones. 1 John Lee, M.D. and Virginia Hopkins. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause, Warner Books, New York, 2004, p. 42-43

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Yoga, Health & Spirituality in B.C. Interior

Interior Wellness



Dr. Andrea Hansen: Wild Roots Clinic Create the Conditions for Healing with Chinese Herbal medicine, acupuncture & food therapy Kamloops, 250-682-7289

Vital Point Acupuncture 250-376-3070 Jennifer Larsen,R.Ac. Classical Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation, Reiki, Acutonics Kamloops,

Vital Point Acupuncture welcomes, Chelsea Gimby, R.Ac. to Kamloops. New services offered: Sports Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, Therapeutic Asian Massage 250-376-3070


Erin Maze, 4 Winds Energy Medicine Energy Medicine for Animals, Healing Touch for Animals, Gemstone Therapy, Reiki. Kamloops 250-571-6331


DM Toques: Creative and inspired knitting – handcrafted toques, accessories, yoga socks, and more. Lytton,

Nooks Design: Functional baby and children's clothing and footwear made with upcycled and vintage materials. Kelowna,


Ayurvedic Health Coach Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedic Astrology Live with the rhythms of Nature Merritt,

18 | Fall 2015


THE PILATES TREE New BARRE classes. Come for a fun, cardio workout using a blend of Pilates and ballet principles. No TUTUS required! 4th & Seymour 250.320.2639


Kamloops Back Solutions Spinal Decompression

Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC



Organic skin care & organic essential oils. Handmade with Spirit in 108 Mile Ranch, BC HENNA BEE DESIGNS -natural organic hennaProfessional Henna Artist. Book today or Come pamper yourself or treat a friend. Kamloops,

Salt of The Earth. Locally-made products feed and nourish your skin without harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances to pollute your body. Kamloops,

Style For Everyone Hair Studio Offers private, professional hair care in beautiful Sun Peaks. Cuts, colours, waxing.

Sun Peaks Soap Works Offering natural, handcrafted soap and bath products 250-578-7331

Interior Wellness Festival and Conference

Bringing together the best of healthy living in BC interior November 7-8, 2015 At the Coast Kamloops Convention Centre


Threading and Henna Tattoo Specialist Bhumika Talla: Esthetician & Hairdresser Bridal packages, house parties, events 250-376-9765

Young Living Essential Oils Pure Plant Based Skin, Body & Hair Care Personal Products & Supplements / Monthly Wellness Gatherings - Raindrop Oil Massage Tania Niedbala 250-434-9171 Kamloops


Yoga Potion: Available @ Kamloops Saturday Farmers Market, Save On Foods Kamloops & Natures Fare Kamloops, Vernon & Kelowna. 250-574-6259


Dr Kelly Ouimet B.Kin, Chiropractor Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC

Young Living: highest quality therapeutic grade oil that offers pure, natural products that provide effective results without harmful side effects. 250-575-9045


Butterflies Healing Spa & Gift Shop



Colour Energy Therapy, Reiki, Ionic Foot Detoxing Women Workshops & Retreats Clearwater BC

Emotion Code with Evelyne Stremel CECP Are Trapped Emotions the underlying cause to your mental, emotional & physical suffering? Salmon Arm,

Inner Moves Wellness Center: Enhancing life from the inside out! Fuelling passion, joy of movement, health. Nia, Hula, Somatic Yoga, Hawaiian bodywork, retreats.

Raven - percussion facilitator; drum circles, djembe lessons. Body, mind, spirit, community, team building and entertainment. 250 828 2953

Sherrie Manholt, Limitless Youniverse Success coach, multi-faceted energy healer, Consciousness facilitator. Private & group sessions, workshops. 250-574-4325 Kamloops,

Spirit Quest Books: Salmon Arm, BC

Dr Paul Ouimet B.Sc, Chiropractor Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC

Chiropractic Associates #72 South 1st Ave Williams Lake, B.C. V2G 1H5 We tailor our services to fit your specific needs.

Kamloops Active Health Chiropractors and RMTs Meet our team and get more information 250-372-8856 Dr. Troy Fraser 1966 Harrison Way Kamloops BC V1S 1M9 250-314-9890

Turner Chiropractic: Our Family helping your Family for over 55 years 500-235 1st Ave. Kamloops 250-374-6223


Find Strength in Action Life Coaching

250.804.0392 offers books, sterling silver jewelry, cd’s, crystals, aura pictures & unique giftware.

Kathy Richins, ICF Certified Life Coach Health, Wellness & Positive change The Bodymind Ctr, #205, 635 Victoria St.

Well established turn-key retail business offered for sale (inventory at cost, plus fixtures, equipment, website/reputation) $185,000. Serious enquiries only 250.833.0309

To Your Health – Margery Corrigan Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Getting older is inevitable, Aging is optional 250-571-6262 Kamloops,

The Crystals and Curiosities Cabin Destination store opens seasonally in May-October at Akashic Ranch. Find gemstone crystals, jewelry, metaphysical art and other unique gifts. 250-573-1124

Rights of Passage offers legal, unique wedding ceremonies , Individual and Couples discovery work and Inspirational workshops. 250-318-2930 Kamloops

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Breath Integration Counselling Kamloops *certified practitioner 2002 *certified teacher/owner 2008 Lynn Aylward 250 319-7364

Breath Integration Counselling Kamloops

Cory Erlandson 250-319-5175 Remember to Breathe , it is after all, the secret of life" Compassionate Path Hakomi Therapy with Angela Davis. A gentle accompaniment to self-discovery. 614 Battle St. Kamloops 250-574-6271

Corinne Mackenzie M.Sc,Counselling RTC Family & Addictions Therapist, Crystal Clear Energy Medicine. Kamloops, 250-852-1580

Counselling for Teens and Parents: Sri Madhuji Self Learning is the most precious gift. Foundation For Healing Beings City Center, Kamloops, 778-338-8068

Empowering Women: Lori Putoto You have to go in to cure the in-curable. Foundation For Healing Beings South Shore Kamloops. (250) 682-0466

Fairwinds Counselling Services Tammie Oram, MTC, MPCP 250-320-6018

Counselling Individuals, Couples, Workshops Rolynda Simpson, Certified Counsellor 250-572-3963 She offers personal counselling and educational consulting to individuals, youth, and families. Kamloops,

Interior Wellness Festival and Conference

Bringing together the best of healthy living in BC interior November 7-8, 2015 At the Coast Kamloops Convention Centre

For more, follow Interior Wellness on Facebook! 20 | Fall 2015


Shannon Byrnes, M.A., R.C.C. 778-266-0590 Art Therapy and Meditation workshops and retreats, Group and Individual Therapy. Kamloops Facebook: ShannonByrnesArtTherapyandCounselling


BodyTalk, Meryl Davies, B.Ed., M.Ed. Helps you to manage emotional, physical & environmental stress. 250-299-3639, Kamloops Tania Niedbala 250-434-9171 Spiritual Coaching, Tesla Metamorphosis Healing, Reiki, Quantum Sound Therapy, and Past Life Regression Kamloops,

ENVIRONMENTAL & SOCIAL JUSTICE ORG GE Free Kamloops promoting awareness of the negative effects of Genetic Engineering Norwex: Save time, money and contribute to a safer environment! 60-day satisfaction guarantee! 250-574-3842, Kamloops Shop online


Health issues, aches, pains? You may qualify for refunds $5000.00 -$14,000.00 Contact Nellie: free assessments 250-674-2416 Enabled Financial Solutions,


Centennial Building Wellness Centre Easy Fitness/Weight Loss, Holistic Fitness, Nordic Walking, 'N' Woga (Aquatic Yoga). Regardless of your Age Speed or Need! 250 374 7383

Kamloops Martial Arts, Tae Kwon-Do Classes and Seminars for Kids, Youth/Adult TRY A FREE CLASS. Rob Gill 778-470-1555

KIX 4 CHIX A non-competitive, ladies-only kickboxing program. Making women feel healthy, strong, beautiful & empowered. 250-819-4121


No Limits Fitness Ltd Your one-stop shop for all your fitness needs 905-8th St. Kamloops, B.C. V2B 2X6 778-470-5550

Western Karate Academy The First Month is Free! 250-376-5428 Kamloops, North and South Shore For more info (on facebook)


Green Space Services: Carpet,Upholstery, Area Rugs & Mattress Cleaning. Affordable, Effective,Fast Drying. Residential/Commercial. 250 682-1066


Body Code/Emotion Code 250-373-2473 Bonnie Haywood-Farmer CBCP, CECP Identifying & releasing imbalances affecting our Physical, Mental & Spiritual Wellbeing

Christine Schieberle 25 years experience Cranio Sacral Therapy, unique blend of Deep Release Bodywork, Massage, Joint Release, Reiki, Reflexology 250-374-5421 Kamloops,

Emotion Code: 250-819-8156 Releasing trapped emotions that cause dis-ease Certified Practitioner Sheila Langlois D.PSc Kamloops,

Interior Wellness Festival and Conference

Bringing together the best of healthy living in BC interior November 7-8, 2015 At the Coast Kamloops Convention Centre

HEALING & BODY THERAPIES Marilyn Manderson 250-579-9444 Attunement Practitioner A sacred healing art & spiritual practice Kamloops,

Michele Gieselman, Speaker and Writer Intuitive Readings, Meditation, Workshops, Shamanic Practitioner. Kamloops, 250-372-0469

HE’S BACK PAUL LAVIOLETTE HHP, CCP, RCRT Myofascial Trigger Point Pain Therapist Registered Reflexologist. 785 Seymour Street Call Wanda for more information 250-319-7292

Shirley Gasparin: Ph/text 250-819-8354 Registered Ortho-bionomy Therapist Cranio Sacral Therapist Cert. Therapeutic/Spa Massage. 411 Lansdowne Street, Kamloops

Solar Soul Massage, Sol Brooks Kamloops' newest healing massage now available. Contact Sol or Theresa 250-682-9119

Surya Krishna Ignite Your Spirit Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Dreaming, Meditations,

Workshops, Spiritual guidance/counselling 250-320-7782

Thai Massage & Feldenkrais with Tyson Ancient & modern body/mind therapies Enquire for Free Intro 1-250-226-6826

Feldenkrais, Life Coach and Reflexology Colleen 250-819-9100 Kamloops,

Wendy Marr, Certified Passion Test Facilitator

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Hawaiian Massage

Bodymind Cntr, #205, 635 Victoria St. 250-574-7521

Kathy Richins

Margaret Huff, Certified Vini-Yoga Therapist Co-create a personal practice for you, to support your healing and health in body, mind, heart. 2015 Special: $240 for 4 sessions. 250-374-2748

One-on-One or Group Discoveries Inspiring Transformation Through Love 250.314.4106


Float Space: Floatation-isolation therapy for: stress reduction and pain management, positive mental health, and performance enhancement. Kelowna,

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Kwikfit4u Canada Whole Body Vibration Equipment. 1-877-348-5945 10 Mins/Day = 1 Hr. Exercise


Nature's Fare Markets Live Well - Live Organic 250-314-9560 #5 - 1350 Summit Dr, Kamloops BC Vitamins | Supplements | Produce | Bistro

HEALTHY NUTRITION/FOODS/FARMS Alligga Flaxseed Cooking Oil: North America’s first high-heat flaxseed oil for all your culinary needs with rich Omega-3 content. 604-244-7687

Energy Response® Testing and/or Accelerated Allergy Clearing® Technique. Chronic conditions resolved! Free monthly seminars 250-819-9041 Cathy Lidster, GCFP, ANRC.

Isagenix 250-572 -4144 Health & wellness product solutions for weight loss, energy, performance &healthy aging to fit any goal. Kamloops, (DNM) Dr. Kathy Deane: Teacher, Educator, Councillor, Lecturer. Discover the Secrets of Health. STOP Treating Disease and START Building Health. Lumby,

Real Raw Food: Wholesome and truly raw organically grown NUTS, SEEDS, DRIED FRUIT, CACAO, COCONUT and more. 250-496-5215 Naramata, BC.

Thistle Farm Producers of certified organic fruits and vegetables. Convenient home delivery service. Kamloops,

Three Farmers are Saskatchewan farmers, passionate about growing natural, sustainable and healthy foods through value added agriculture.

HEALTH INSTITUTES & TRAINING Foundation For Healing Beings

Thrive for better quality of life through self-knowledge.” Mastering Soft Skills for Work place - Training program Interpersonal Development for Teenagers - Mentoring program Integrative Yoga Therapy Course. Women’s Empowerment Course

22 | Fall 2015


Breath Integration Counselling Kamloops Individual, couples, family counselling. One day workshops, 6 month Personal Empowerment Trainings. Body work. Sunday Spiritual service. 250-319-7364

Centennial Building Wellness Centre Warm salt theraputic pool, Infra-red sauna's, Watsu, Woga Sound Bath, Acutonics, Bowen Nordic Walking Headquarters. 250 374 7383


Nguyen Therapy 778-363-0030 Assisting you to regenerate and rebuild the Physical connection between your mind & body


In~tu~it Nature: Ingrid Davis Implementing the science of Nature’s influence on your physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual health for well-being. Kamloops, 250-374-9622


Tania Niedbala 250-434-9171 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Dolores Cannon's Past Life Regression/Healing Kamloops,

Interior Wellness Yoga, Health and Spirituality

Your Free Wellness Resource in BC!


Angela Strank: GET INspired, MOTIVATED and empowered. I'll show you how! PHONE Intuitive Readings • Energy Healing • Transform Limiting Beliefs. Vancouver, Ask Helen will be doing intuitive readings. Kelowna Wellness Fair, Oct. 24th & 25th Parkinson's Recreation Center, Kelowna

Michelle Morrison Psychic Medium, Spiritual Consultant, Reiki Master Teacher, Inspirational Speaker 250-682-8176


Stephanie Banks, author of A Soulful Awakening. Intuitive, medium, spiritual counselor, delivers personal messages from our non-physical guides. 250-320-5239

Therese Dorer 250-578-8437, Kamloops Spiritual Consultations Medium, Shamanic Healing, Meditation, private sessions, empowering you through your Spirit Guides.


Barb Harris Registered Massage Therapist

Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC


Cheryl Gray: RMT, Therapeutic Yoga Instructor Effective treatment for Postural Health, Stress Relief and many other conditions. Salmon Arm,B.C. (250)517-8050

Darlene Fair, RMT, RYT Craniosacral,

Visceral Massage, Osteopathic Techniques, Myofascial Release and Unwinding. 250-318-6300 #405-153 Seymour

David Wolynec Registered Massage Therapist

Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC

250-374-6938 Jenna Nicklas, RMT #102-1120 8th Street, Kamloops 250 319 4871 Facebook: Jenna Nicklas, RMT

Kamloops Active Health Chiropractors and RMTs Meet our team and get more information 250-372-8856

Niki Coster Registered Massage Therapist

Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC



Kamloops Skin Solutions A comprehensive Varicose Vein and Cosmetic clinic offering cutting-edge treatments. 250.372.9995


Weeds Kelowna Compassion Society 515 Bay Ave. Kelowna, BC


An inter-denominational contemplative/meditation group whose focus is the wisdom/mystical tradition in Christianity. Monday evenings 2x/ month. *FREE* Brian Mitchell Inner Bliss-Meditation & Wellness: Stacey Mayne Chopra Centre Certified Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master & Wellness Practitioner. Individual/group sessions. Kamloops, 250-299- 5559

Kris Rae Mind and Body Wellness Stress Reduction, Self Healing Techniques, Guided Meditation Classes, Workshops. See website for *complimentary* meditation. 250-571-1009 Kamloops,

Shambhala Meditation Group Offers meditation in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. Thursdays 7:00pm-9:00pm with available meditation instructions. Saturdays drop-in between 9:30am-11:30am, #7-231 Victoria Street. See our website for special events/programs or call Liz (250) 318-6257

MIDWIFERY, CHILDBIRTH, BABIES Mighty Oak Midwifery Care Personal, professional, woman-centered maternity care. 250-377-8611 Kamloops ,

Nurture Mama Doula Care Cat Taylor Professional Birth & Postpartum Doula Care (DONA Trained) - Placenta Encapsulation Kamloops, 250-318-1463

Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service 250-554-9722 Ease of Disposables, Benefits of Cloth.

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Dr. Alison Beach (Assmus), BSc., ND Women's health, Bioidentical Hormones, Pediatrics, Allergies. Thompson Valley Naturopathic Clinic Inc., 875 Seymour Street. 778-471-2949

Dr. Melissa Bradwell, ND Full Naturopathic services: Acupuncture and IV Therapy. 735 Victoria Street



Infinite Dog ~ Dog training with spirit For aggression and behaviour problems, everyday issues and puppies. Tamryn Fudge. 250-573-1744 Kamloops


EVOLVE Pilates Studio 250-372-7237

Cassie Marchuk: Change the way you work out! Achieve improved posture, balance & strength. #201-1361 McGill Rd

Dr. Steven Jones, ND: Chelation therapy, PRP, EECP, Prolotherapy, Lab services, Ozone therapy, Lyme disease testing/treatment, Cancer Treatments Aesthetics

Dr. Tracy Levins, Naturopathic Physician

Pediatrics, Women’s health, hormones, fertility, PAP & breast exams. Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic 754 Seymour St. 250-377-3077


Insight Natural Healing: Tracy Munson Aromatherapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Massage (8), Chakra Balancing, Body Balancing, Muscle Testing, & Iridology. Kamloops 250-682-0707


Kamloops Osteopathy: Imogen Wood M.Ost & Paul Roberts M.Ost Osteopathy, obstetric osteopathy, personal training, Sport Taping, Arthritis Care, Sports Rehab 250-299-5554 #205 - 635 Victoria Street, Kamloops


Change Your Pain Kamloops Pain Management, injury rehab, kinesiology, movement therapy, yoga therapy, fitness.

Health Quest Cold Laser for Pain Management

Health Quest Wellness Center 659 Victoria street Kamloops BC



Cloth for a Cause: Non profit, volunteer run organization that loans cloth diapers to interested families. Apply or donate (Facebook too!) Snug Glee Bumz Diaper Service 250-554-9722 Ease of Disposables, Benefits of Cloth.

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THE PILATES TREE @ 4th & Seymour Kamloops' premiere Pilates Studio Teaching you to stand tall & stand strong. 250-320-2639



Norma Cowie, Psychic Life Consultant Psychic Tarot Card Readings, Transformation Clearings Past Life Regressions, Workshops. Penticton, 250 490 0654

Val Theroux, Reiki Master Energetic Healer, Pilgrimage Facilitator, Meditation, Mentoring, Reiki Workshops. Kamloops 250-319-6457


Akashic Ranch & Stables Private, natural healing environment available for your workshop, class or getaway. 250-573-1124 Kamloops,


Awakening to the Tao Retreat 12 Lessons to Cultivate Body, Mind & Spirit. The Hermitage on Denman Island, September 18-21

Equinisity Retreats: 250-377-3884 Transformational, healing retreats on 320 acre sacred land with Liz Mitten Ryan and her herd of equine higher beings. Kamloops,

Mountain Trek Regain your vitality at our all-inclusive luxurious mountain fitness hiking retreat Ainsworth Hot Springs,

Interior Wellness Festival and Conference

Bringing together the best of healthy living in BC interior November 7-8, 2015 At the Coast Kamloops Convention Centre

Interior Wellness Festival and Conference

Bringing together the best of healthy living in BC interior November 7-8, 2015 At the Coast Kamloops Convention Centre


YOGA RETREAT- Halcyon Hot Springs – Nov 6-7th Yoga & Healing Waters retreat- renew, rejuvenate and re-find yourself. $395 includes meals, accommodations, retreat, pool access. W 250 832 3647 call/text

W I NSUSTAINABLE D WATER PTECHNOLOGIES OWER Split Rock Sustainable Technologies Sun ~ Wind ~ Water ~ Power Renewable Energy Systems


HE’S BACK: PAUL LAVIOLETTE, HHP, CCP, RCRT Myofascial Trigger Point Pain Therapist Registered Reflexologist. 785 Seymour Street Call Wanda for more information 250-319-7292





Ronik Security Ltd is available 24 hours a day to provide Guards, Patrols & Alarm Response. 250-828-0511 Kamloops,

Jason Hogue 250-434-9171 Shamanic Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing Intuitive Readings via Shamanic Journeying Kamloops,

Katina O'Neil: Integrating Shamanism with Reiki for healing.Introductory workshops, Mastery classes and Monthly mentoring available. Kamloops,


Janice Otremba: Catalyst for Change

Beat Burnout. Lower Stress. Power-Up Your Happy.

Training programs, Workshops, Coaching 250-574-3734


Centre for Spiritual Living. Change Your

Thinking...Change Your Life. Sundays Meditation at 10:00 am Celebration at 10:30 am 540 Seymour Street 250-314-2028 Find us on Facebook!

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Kamloops Freedom of religious thought

Sunday services, Children's programs, Social and Environmental Projects Sunday Spiritual Service Kamloops 10:00 am: Sept. 27th, Oct.11th & 25th , Nov. 8th & 22nd, Dec. 6th. Candlelight Christmas Evening Service on Dec. 20th @ 7:00pm # 201 - 535 Tranquille Rd 250-319-7364 www.breathintegrationkamloops.c

Patients as Partners | Patient Voices Network Help make a difference in B.C.’s health care system! Jacquelyne Foidart 250-879-1077

HEALTH BY DESIGN Certified Nutritionist Melanie Pouliot, CNC 250-571-1932


Individualized Nutri-Body® Assessments Certified Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator

Atma Gian: Kundalini yoga and meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Ongoing yoga classes, addictions consultations, numerology readings Kamloops 250.682.1127

Grounded and Sound Yoga Kamloops Offering hatha yoga including: pre/postnatal, kids, therapeutic, and restorative.

RC Yoga: Sorrento, BC 200hr Teacher Training 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training


No Limits Hot Yoga The Hottest Yoga in Kamloops! 905A 8th St. North Shore 778-470-4688

Kamloops Hot Yoga (250) 374-7426 Sahali - 953 Laval - 75 classes p/week Brock - 17-1800 Tranquille

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Interior Wellness Festival and Conference

Bringing together the best of healthy living in BC interior November 7-8, 2015 At the Coast Kamloops Convention Centre


Kids•adults•pre & post natal full details on web site 4th & Seymour @ 409 Seymour Street 250-828-6206

Let’s Move Studio: Yoga, Dance & Fitness For Adults & Kids. Kamloops’ Most Diverse Studio. 831 Victoria Street. 250-372-9642


Namaste School Of Yoga RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training starts Oct 16th in Salmon Arm. Awaken and shift your life. 250 832 3647

South Okanagan Yoga Academy: 250-492-2587 RYT200, RYT300 hr Upgrade to RYT500. In BC, AB & Mexico! 20 years of training teachers at international standards.


Christine Schieberle 15 years experience

teaching yoga,focus on mind/body connection, graceful aging & lightheartedness,private sessions,workshops

Kamloops, 250-374-5421 Margaret Huff, American Viniyoga Institute Certified Yoga Therapist. Five regular classes/week in the Viniyoga tradition ~ supporting health and healing in mind, body, heart. 250-374-2748


Margaret Huff, American Viniyoga Institute certified Yoga Therapist. Private, small group

Yoga sessions for individuals' needs & conditions 250-374-2748 26 | Fall 2015

Interior Wellness Kamloops Class Directory Fall 2015






11:00 -12:00 pm Nia Trudy @ Downtown Y

6:30 – 7:30 pm Gentle Nia Carole @ North Shore Community Centre 7:00 - 8:30 pm Tribal Fusion Belly Dance all levels Tammy @ Nuance Dance Studio


5:00 – 6:00 pm Nia Trudy & Carole @ St. Paul’s Hall


7:00 - 8:15 pm YOGA: Stong Flow Power Yoga Drop in Amber H @ The Yoga Loft


5:00 – 6:00 pm Nia Trudy & Carole @ St. Paul’s Hall


Amber Hooton 250-318-5370

Carole 250-828-2109

Trudy 250-374-1370

Tammy Morrison 250-572-6967

Shay Curle 250-372-9642

St. Paul’s Hall 360 Nicola Street, Kamloops

Downtown Y 400 Battle Street, Kamloops

The Yoga Loft #201-409 Seymour Street, Kamloops

North Shore Community Centre 730 Cottonwood Avenue, Kamloops

Nuance Studio 253 Victoria St. Kamloops

For class updates and changes, more information & free subscription:


What on Earth is it all about? Time to bring our innate wisdom and to own the magnitude of our significance. Our world depends on us. Saturday Oct. 17 at Edenvale Retreat, Abbotsford 604 857 4939

The Passion Test© Discover how to live a life of Fulfillment and Joy effortlessly with Certified Passion Test Facilitator and Inspirational Speaker Wendy Marr. Experience this simple, fun & effective clarity process during a One-on One Session, Discovery Party or Workshop. 250-314-4106

Healers On Healers - FREE 250-819-9041 All Healing/Transformation Practitioners Welcome! Free exchange. Join Facebook Group "Healers on Healers - Kamloops"

Seeking tree/garden owners and Harvest Volunteers to pick leftover/ unwanted produce from fruit trees/ backyard gardens. 250-851-6111

The 5th annual Kelowna Wellness Fair Oct. 24-25 from 10am-5pm, Parkinson Recreation Centre

Two Roads in the Woods: Love or Fear Workshop October 4, 2015 Desert Gardens Seniors Centre 540 Seymour St. Kamloops, Morning Sacred Circles with Therese Dorer Kamloops: Wednesday Sept.23 & Oct. 28 Sunday October 4 & November 22 10:00am ~12:00 noon Investment $20 250-578-8437

Wise Women's Festival October 2 - 4, 2015 Penticton B.C.

Kootenay Spirit Festival September 18-20, 2015 Nelson BC Yoga, dance, meditation and music Visit

Golden Ears Fruit Stand and Café Open from May long weekend until mid-Sept 2016. 6252 Trans Canada Hwy, Chase. 250-679-8420

Volunteer Kamloops Please volunteer! For a list of current opportunities visit our website or call for more info : 250-372-8313

Sacred Valley Energetics, 250-434-9171 Offers monthly Quantum Sound Group Meditations & Young Living Essential Oil Wellness Gatherings. For more info email: Kamloops,

The Yoga Rave, October 2nd at The Rex on Seymour, Kamloops. Yoga Raves have become an international party experience. All over the world, yoga and movement lovers have come together to practice yoga in a highly stimulating environment that blends light, sound and projections into a complete flow of experiences. For tickets, please visit

Nourish Your Heart: An Introduction to Hakomi Part I & II Saturdays, Oct.17 & Nov.14, 2015 614 Battle St. Kamloops Cost: $100/day $180/both dates ($50non-refundable deposit). Join us for a day of fun as you learn new tools for your life journey. Contact & Registration: Angela Davis

Free public events during Culture Days Sept. 25, 26, 27. Check for events in Kamloops. Contact Daniela O'Fee at 250-372-8678 for more details. Follow Kamloops Culture Days on Facebook.

Conversations In Health

A free event to share common sense ideas and content rich information. We start a conversation, get you thinking, talking and leaving with specific action steps that can make a difference right away.1st Tuesday, Monthly: September-June, 7:00pm-8:30pm. LIKE us on FB or call Janice 250-574-3734

Interior Wellness Festival and Conference

Bringing together the best of healthy living in BC interior November 7-8, 2015 At the Coast Kamloops Convention Centre


20th Annual Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival A two day family event celebrating the return of the eagles to the valley. Eagle viewing, activities, speakers and more! The Kamloops Arts Council Fall Events: Kamloops Writers Festival Fundraiser, Lumière Lantern Festival + the KAC Main Gallery at the Old Courthouse. 250-372-7323

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Does Nature Actually Have

Healing Power?

By Audrey Meuse

Surprisingly, the answer is yes! A recent article in the New York Times, titled A Walk In the Park, referred to the work of Gregory Bratman which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Bratman, a graduate student in environmental studies at Stanford was intrigued by research the seemed to show that urban dwellers with good access to public parks and other green spaces seemed to have significant lower levels of stress hormones. This seemed to corroborate the findings of earlier researchers that city dwellers have a higher risk for anxiety, depression and mental illness.

But how does just a visit to a park support our mental balance? The question Bratman posed was this: Does experiencing nature actually change our brains in some way that affects our mental health. Bratman decided to turn this question into a testable hypothesis by looking closely at what Cognitive scientists call “morbid rumination” and what the rest of us term. “brooding.”

Much more common among urban dwellers, brooding or fretting is not only an unhelpful mental state, can be a precursor to depression, but is strongly associated with increased activity in a portion of the brain known as the subgenual prefrontal cortex. Bratman’s experiment consisted of splitting a group of volunteers into two groups: one of which would walk for ninety minutes along the tree-lined paths of the Stanford campus, while the other would do the same next to a multi-lane highway. The two groups were then tested psychologically to assess their level of “brooding” as well as having the blood flow to the subgenual prefrontal cortex measured. The “nature-walking” volunteers had decreased blood flow and an improvement in their negative thinking, leading Bratman to say that while more studies need to be done, there seems to be little downside to strolling through the park and “ some chance that you might beneficially muffle, at least for awhile, your subgenual prefrontal cortex.” So, if you add the effects of walking (Nordic, or otherwise), on overall fitness as well as on our neurotransmitters and we have a real prescription for well-being and mental health!

And Seniors take note: as little as three hours a week of brisk walking a week has been shown to halt and even reverse the brain atrophy that starts in a person’s forties, especially in the regions responsible for memory and higher cognition. Exercise increases the brain’s volume of gray matter (actual neurons) and white matter (connections between neurons). In other words, walking not only makes us feel better it makes us smarter too! How much exercise/walking is necessary? Dr. Alvaro Fernandez in the book, The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness suggests three “active” hours a week for optimal brain health. So, the prescription is clear: get outdoors; get walking! Easy fitness and weight-loss programs now offered through Centennial Building Wellness Centre 250-374 7383 28 | Fall 2015

Interior Wellness Reviews...

~ A few great products to try ~

Three Farmers Camelina Oil

Camelina Oil from Three Farmers is a very special product. The oil has a beautiful taste to it. It has a very high smoke point of 475F which makes it ideal for cooking with.

One of the coolest things about the oil is unlike other oils that use hexane-extraction, Three Farmers Camelina oil uses a cold pressed chemical free method that retains the oils delicious flavour and nutritional components. Most other oils use hexane-e traction. All that and it’s Canadian, does it get any better? Three Farmers Camelina oil is also a great source of Omega 3 oils and Vitamin E. Find it at your local Nature’s Fare, health food stores and at

Vancouver Island Sea Salt

Yes, BC has its own salt and a very good salt it is. Handcrafted artisan salts. This salt is harvested with care from the cold, clear waters of Vancouver Island. It’s a beautiful, full-flavoured, high quality salt. Salts include: First Canadian Fleur de sel, pure sea salt, smoked sea salt and seasonal sea salt flavor infusions. Keep it local for everything including your salt! An amazing salt that captures the essence of Coastal BC. Great salt can be Canadian Find it at

Pax 2 Vaporizer

Truly a Premium portable herbal vaporizer. USB charging, pocket size, 4 temperature settings, easy to clean and superior vapor quality. The Pax 2 is perfect for anyone looking for quality vapor in a portable device. It’s sleek, classy and feels great in the palm of your hand - the best vaporizer on the market for sure! Find these at local vape shops and

Dr. Bronner’s

Almost everyone is familiar with these great products, but what about the company? This is a rare company that does ZERO advertising and decided to put their money into helping fund fair trade projects but is also one of the most ecological companies there is! Dr. Bronner’s is certified fair for life, otco, not animal tested, vegan and non gmo. their soap has many uses and we just love reading the labels! Find these at your local Nature’s Fare, health food stores and

5 Simple Steps to Practise Self-Care


By Rolynda Simpson

elf-care is the act of taking care of yourself and leads to a satisfying, healthy life. When we care for ourselves consciously and purposefully, we naturally start to care for others in a more effective way; our choices come from a grounded place. Nurturing ourselves requires small steps combined with patience and commitment. But it is worth it! Cultivate the practice of self-care and you will see that the ripple effects are far-reaching; you will give to others from a place of abundance and warmth, rather than guilt or obligation. Here are five simple steps to help you get started!

One: Self-Care is about Self- Love

• Make a list of activities that leave you feeling positive and vibrant. • A 5 minute activity can be just as nurturing as a 30 minute one. • Believe that you are worthy of time, attention, and love from yourself.

Two: Minimize Time Wasters

7th Annual

Interior Wellness F e s t i va l & Conference YOGA




November 7-8, 2015 Coast Kamloops Conference Centre

TICKETS, SCHEDULE, INFO w w w. I n t e r i o r We l l n e s s . c o m

• Schedule specific times to check emails or to surf through social media. • Block the time on a calendar for paperwork, grocery shopping, or chores. • Be present in the moment, rather than thinking about what is next.

Three: Know Your Limits

• Try saying, “I will get back to you” rather than “yes”. • List 1 to 3 tasks at the beginning of each day. • Listen to your body.

Four: Learn to Delegate

• Take responsibility for your choices. Take on tasks because you want to. • Hand over the tasks that someone else could do. • Try saying, “You can best support me by _____.”

Five: Talk Nicely to Yourself • • • •

Notice when your inner critic is talking. Try daily affirmations. Positive self-talk will change how you feel and think. Don't give up: change takes practise!

Rolynda Simpson is a Certified Canadian Counsellor and has a private practice in Kamloops. She strongly believes in the importance of self-care and has helped many clients cultivate their own self-care practice

Fall 2015 | 29

Medical Cannabis as Effective Relief for Migraines, Insomnia, Arthritis and Anxiety Migraines are debilitating. I have personally witnessed how cannabis extracts changed a lady’s life after suffering from intense migraines for nearly a decade. The medical marijuana eliminated her migraine within an hour and allowed her to sleep through the night for the first time in seven years.

Medical studies have showed us that two of the active ingredients in marijuana, delta-9tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), provide medical benefits in many patients. Medical marijuana is available in several different forms. Modern cannabis extracts can be ingested in a pill form, applied as a cream, edible drops blended with hot tea, or as infused foods such as brownies, cookies and chocolate bars.

Arthritis and Chronic Pain Relief

30 | Fall 2015

In the world of cannabis, there are a wide variety of topical, non-psychoactive products that specialize in muscle and arthritis relief. These products are designed to locally reduce aches and pains and come in the forms of creams, bath salts and various cosmetic products.


Cannabis has long been known as insomnia medication. Certain varieties in specific specialize as non-addictive sleep aids and come in the form of edible capsules and liquid drops.


In 2010, researchers at Harvard Medical School suggested that that these benefits may actually be from reduced anxiety, which would improve the patient’s mood and act as a sedative in low doses.

By Brendan Pogue

Migraine Relief

Certain extracts of cannabis are known for their ability to treat migraines; CBD and THC alike have a calming effect on the brain, releasing tension and stress.

Appetite and Anti-Nausea

Medical marijuana users claim that the drug helps relieve pain and suppress nausea — the two main reasons it's often used to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy. Furthermore, for those suffering from debilitating diseases, such as AIDS-related wasting syndrome or cancer, THC has been shown to be effective in maintaining body weight. Brendan Pogue is a founding member of the Kelowna Compassion Society. A recent master’s graduate, he wrote his thesis on Medical Cannabis under Health Canada Regulations.

Fall 2015 | 31

7th Annual

Interior Wellness Festival & CONFERENCE




Coast Kamloops Conference Centre

November 7-8, 2015 S! E T A W D ION!



w w w . I n t e r i o r We l l n e s s . c o m






FALL 2015

Interior Wellness

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The Business of



By Rolynda Simpson

o, what is all this talk about MINDFULNESS these days? In the scientific or medical world, practitioners have been cultivating a practice of mindfulness for themselves, or others, for approximately 40 years. Yogis, Taoists, Buddhists, and Aboriginals have been exploring the practice of cultivating an awareness of our inner selves and the present moment for thousands of years. Regardless of where it came from and how long it has been around, the benefits of mindfulness are all encompassing. From areas of science and medicine, education, therapy, and self-care or self-improvement, significant research is showing the advantages of mindfulness, some of which include improvements in sleep, joy, emotional regulation, and overall well-being as well as a reduction of chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and hyperactivity.

In Western society, stressful careers, busy, fast-paced lives, and schedules mean we are often living on “autopilot�. Perhaps we are stuck in the past or future, or focused on things we have to do. Over time, this can affect our decision-making and behaviour and we lose the ability to create satisfaction and happiness for ourselves. Mindfulness is exactly the opposite of automaticity. In the present moment, we can nurture a greater understanding and nonjudgmental acceptance of ourselves. It connects us to the idea that life is lived in the moment happening right now.

Here are a few ways you can start experimenting with mindfulness. Try stopping where you are, you can sit or stand, and simply breathe, allowing yourself to be in the present moment, following the pattern of your breath; inhaling: 1-2-3 and exhaling: 1-2-3 while letting thoughts come and go, like a gentle breeze. Another option is to bring your awareness to what you are doing with your senses. For example, if you are eating, notice the texture, smells, colours, and taste of the food. Likewise, notice when you are on "autopilot" and bring your awareness to that activity. Congratulations, you now have some tools to start practice mindfulness! Rolynda Simpson is a Certified Canadian Counsellor in Kamloops. She teaches mindfulness tools to her clients and works at her own practice of mindfulness every day. Visit