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Volume 8, Issue 2 Ralph Turney Chief Visionary/Principal Stacy Hunsicker Publisher

The "Why?" of the Wedding The expectation in American culture is that we will find each other, fall in love, get married, have troubles, and then scramble to fix, negotiate, and navigate. I am a strong advocate of going to couples counseling and working on intimacy prior to one's nuptials. In our society, we have an alltoo-famous document called the prenuptial agreement. I like to refer to it as a "pre-planned divorce agreement". I realize that, despite its reputation, it is designed to protect one and hopefully both parties. Security and protection and, here we go, the why of the wedding. Why are we having a legal, formal and public ceremony? Here are some questions you might want to ask yourself: Am I doing this for financial security? Am I doing this for emotional security? To feel validated? To feel successful? To have a family due to religious beliefs or societal conventions? Yes, yes and yes. There are no wrong answers and there are no mistakes. This process of inquiry is about awareness and insight. Awareness brings the clarity with which we make conscious choices. Once the romance simmers and the stresses of work, blended families and potentially new children set in, we are left with the why. I would propose a new kind of prenuptial agreement: one in which we agree to remember the why. A document that releases us from the expectation that we will remain the same. A document that reminds us that our partner is not our source for love, money and power. All roads lead us to ourselves and our destinies. We know that growth comes from experiencing difficulty, and there is no better opportunity for growth than within the friction of a relationship. The most important vows we make should be promises to ourselves and to each other that we will continue to grow and expand. What is our mission as a couple? How will our beloved union serve our family and community? Many people in our society jump into marriage, and once the romance and excitement fade, they realize something is missing. That something is intimacy, authentic connection. This is ultimately the why for all relationships. We already have success, love and security because these qualities reside within us. And they reside within us always.

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Elective Egg Freezing: Fertility Preservation for Women ..39

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The Emerging Woman .....................................................40 Thyroid Disease: Ask the Right Questions .......................41

Bride Guide ......................................................13

Taming Chronic Inflammation with the Deflame Diet.....43

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The Secret is Life Energy ...................................................45

Sol Sweat Infrared Sauna: Inner Cleansing for Outer Beauty ...................................17 Discover What May be Hiding in Your Cosmetic Bag .....19 Your Own Private Idaho ...................................................20 Juice Bar St. Louis.............................................................22 Tired of Shaving? Waxing? ...............................................23 Not the Same Vein ...........................................................24

Green Living St. Louis Earth Day ...........................................................27 When Less is More............................................................29

Yoga & Fitness Let’s Talk About S, Baby....................................................32 Men on the Mat ..............................................................35 Osteogenic Loading .......................................................36

Helping Athletes to Prepare, Repair and Recover ..........44 The Joy of the Party .........................................................46 Neuropsychological Testing: What, When, Why?............47

Lifestyle Merging Your Money When You Marry ...........................48 Perfectly Sweet .................................................................50 Wink & Flutter ...................................................................51

Travel & Tourism No Passport Required: Florida's Emerald Coast .............53 Travel Deep Impact Cruise .............................................. 54

Home & Garden The Wedding Feeding Frenzy ..........................................55

Y&S Resource Guide .............................56

What’s for Dinner? ............................................................37 The Power of Sweat ..........................................................38



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Letter from Editor - Elizabeth Diebold

Mindful Action Spring surprised us early this year, and Mr. Groundhog is out of his den to stay. This season of outdoor play is off to an exciting start with the 28th annual St. Louis Earth Day Festival in Forest Park. St. Louis's Earth Day Festival, a twoday event this year, is one of the most prominent Earth Day Festivals in the United States. The St. Louis Earth Day Festival is brought to fruition each year by the St. Louis Earth Day organization, an organization that puts together events and programs related to conservation all year long. These programs and events include Recycling On the Go, the Green Dining Alliance, and Taste of Green. A single word comes to mind when we think about recognizing our actions and how these actions affect the world around us: awareness. We must use this awareness to determine how we can exert the most positive influence on our environment. Being mindful of one's actions is crucial to the creation of a world in which everyone takes responsibility for the footprint he or she leaves behind. On an individual level, the simple commitment to recycling makes a difference. Collectively, engaging in events like Earth Day creates movements that help keep our planet beautiful and vibrant. As you do your spring cleaning in your home, instead of throwing away those hard-to-recycle items, visit The St. Louis Earth Day organization is hosting a Recycling Extravaganza Sunday, April 2, 2017. As spring nears your doorstep, be mindful. Take action. Maybe your next step will be to plant a tree or explore how to conserve energy or water in your home. Our family is preparing once again to plant our yearly crop of tomatoes, bell peppers, and herbs. We can't wait to see what delicious vegetables this season will yield! Let's protect and preserve this magnificent planet together.


From left to right: Vikki Matthews - Regional Sales Manager, Pamela Harding - Marketing Manager, Katie Reigelsberger - Graphic Designer, Ralph Turney - Chief Visionary/Principal, Elizabeth Diebold - Editor in Chief, Stacy Hunsicker - Publisher, MaryAnn Russum - Art Director, Sherry Farmer Ambassador of Goodwill and Promotions

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The Amorepacific Treatment Toner is a calming, balancing toner for smooth, refreshed skin. In addition to soothing, reducing redness and irritation and providing antioxidant protection, the Red Ginsent Root stimulates the skin’s metabolism to energize and revitalize the skin. ($50,, Sephora and


Find your vendors, make decisions, check off lists, get advice, and count down to the big day! WeddingWire makes planning your wedding a fun and organized experience. This free app is available in the App Store and Google Play Store and is sure to help make your special day run smoothly. So, relax and download Wedding Planner - WeddingWire. |MARCH/APRIL 2017


VEDANTA SEMINAR Vedanta is an ancient path of knowledge that removes ignorance and leads to moksha (liberation). This seminar will focus on the Bhagavad Gita, with teachings on Karma Yoga, meditation, self knowledge and liberation. It will be facilitated by Ramji (James Swartz), one of the west’s leading Vedanta teachers with forty years experience. Enjoy the teachings of Vedanta in a one of a kind environment at True Nature Healing Arts, Carbondale, Colorado from June 9 – 11th, 2017. Call (970) 963-9900 or visit for more information.



offers comfortable, versatile, feminine clothing and accessories for yoga or just an active lifestyle. It has simple and original cut, variety of colors, excellent quality of materials, and is screen printed with spiritual symbols from many world wisdom traditions. This reversible black - print snood can be transformed and worn in different ways. It is wide enough to pull one loop up over your head like a hood and have a loop around your neck as well. Pull down over your shoulders as a shawl, or loop twice around your neck. Find more of the Padma Yoga Wear collection at

10 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017

Reach new heights! Aerial arts classes at Upper Limits allow you to train like an acrobat while having a great time. Professional instructors guide participants of all experience levels through aerial silks and trapeze exercises that build balance, coordination, core strength, and confidence through innovative body weight movements. Whether trying to shake up a fitness regimen or begin a new one, aerial arts at Upper Limits will make you fit to fly! To find an Upper Limits near you, visit

Smarter scale. Better results.



This sleek, polished scale gives you insight into your fitness by measuring your weight, BMI, lean mass and body fat percentage — all in one step. After wirelessly syncing your stats to your Fitbit dashboard, Aria turns them into easy-to-read, interactive graphs, so you can see your trends over time and stay on track toward your goals. Body composition charts show whether you are gaining muscle and burning fat, the key to sustainable change. Smart tools put you in control of your results. |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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Belmont Party Rentals Full-Service Party Rental Company Paul Belmont, Owner

Serving St. Louis since 1975

Receive a 10% discount with this ad

. .


Valid through May 31, 2017.


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Bride Guide

For brides-to-be, let Yoga & Spa Magazine help you find the resources you need to make taking care of you a little easier! The coming ceremony and reception take priority and there isn’t much time left to think about your own well-being before your magnificent fairytale day. Make this your go-to guide for everything briderelated to help you plan your wedding stress-free!


Eternity Med Spa Brides and Wedding Party up to 50% off! Want to look your best on the big day with radiantly flawless skin? A combination of exfoliation and hydration is essential! Receive a lite chemical peel, then a week later, receive a dermaplane combined with an oxygen blast facial using pure oxygen, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids that will produce amazing skin for your wedding day. Bride's treatment is free when her wedding party of 4 or more come in for a pre-wedding treatment! 314-469-2946 | | 12309 Olive Blvd, Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Makeup Bliss Beauty Bar is a full-service salon located in O'Fallon, MO. It offering on-trend color and cutting techniques, hair smoothing treatments, spray tanning, facials, chemical peels, waxing, hair styling, brow and lash tinting, and makeup. Blissfully Beautiful Bride is available to go on-location to your home, hotel, or venue. You can also go to their amazing bridal suite, which features a upstyle bar, makeup bar, changing room, and drink bar. | 636-329-9261

Massage Make regular massage a part of your routine and melt the stress of wedding planning away! Olivette Massage Envy provides professional massage services performed by licensed therapists who care about helping you feel your best. Massage therapy can relax your muscles to help relieve common stress, boost overall energy, refresh your mental and emotional outlook and positively impact all aspects of your life. Pamper yourself and your entire bridal party before your big day! Add one FREE enhancement at Massage Envy Olivette ONLY. Your choice: Aroma Therapy, Sugar Foot Scrub Therapy or Deep Muscle Therapy. Offer good at Olivette location ONLY: 9616 Olive Blvd., Olivette, MO 63132 | (314) 567-3777

Weightloss Kingen Chiropractic Wellness Center offers an in-office service called the Shape Reclaimed program. This is a doctor-supervised protocol that will help you to decrease total body inflammation, enhance immune function, detox and cleanse – all while reducing excess weight. Please contact our office at 314-646-0013 to schedule a consult with one of the doctors to find out if this program is right for you. |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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Bride Guide Family

Would you like to experience greater clarity and understanding of yourself and your family while gaining resources and insights that enable you to love your family more fully? Family Constellations is a new genogram that enables you to step into the dimensional history of your family and re-code the effects trauma has had on your life and on your health. Call Dr. Gail Cloud 314-995-9755 to book your session or visit to learn more.

Fertility Newlyweds often get the question, “Now, when are you going to have a baby?”. Some couples want to wait and for others it’s not that easy. 1 in 8 couples experience trouble getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term. Our Vios Pulse Fertility Wellness Check Up allows couples to know their fertility status so they can plan for children on their own timetable. Learn more at

Beauty At Arbonne, beauty begins with premium botanical ingredients and an unwavering commitment to pure, safe and beneficial products. Our personal care and wellness products are vegan certified, never tested on animals, gluten and GMO free. We educate, empower and inspire others to make better choices when it comes to health, and we would love to help you look and feel your best in time for your wedding day. Jaime Rutherford | 314-608-7997

Beautiful Skin Find your most beautiful skin at Laser & Dermatologic Surgery Center. We provide cosmetic dermatology and Mohs surgery. Our wide array of cosmetic services include Botox® and dermal fillers for facial lines and wrinkles, skin rejuvenation treatments, microdermabrasion, Kybella for double chin, laser hair removal, tattoo removal and more. Call 314-878-3839 to schedule a free consult with Mary McKaig, R.N. B.S.N. or visit

14 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017

Bride Guide Cleanse

Beautiful Bride Package - 10 Sessions for $700 ($200 discount) Look and feel your absolute best for your big day with Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy. With each colonic, filtered water gently washes away toxins. The appearance of skin blemishes and dullness is washed away, leaving a bright and beautiful glow. Colonics can also minimize belly bloat, allowing your gown to fit comfortably and beautifully. Additionally, colonics can reduce fatigue and the feeling of being overwhelmed by cleansing you of any unnecessary waste. (314) 335-0395 | 7921 Clayton Rd. | St. Louis, MO 63117

Custom Cake Come to Bailey Cakes in Edwardsville, IL for the custom creation of the cake of your dreams! All the cakes at Bailey Cakes are customizable and made to order from start to finish. Your imagination is the only limitation! Many flavors are available, and they include gluten-free, nut-free and vegan options. Since our cakes are custom-made, please call us for a quote or to place an order at 618-656-4800 | | 454 E. Vandalia St., Edwardsville, IL 62025

Nails Urban Nectar is a locally owned nail polish company specializing in long-lasting lacquer influenced by honeybees, the plants they pollinate, and the art of beekeeping. Urban Nectar nail polish is vegan; it does not contain animal products and is not tested on animals. Urban Nectar nail polish is eco-friendly, free from formaldehyde, DBT, toluene, camphor, and Triphenyl phosphate. It’s the perfect gift for you or a friend! For more information, find us on Facebook or at our website,

Anti-Aging Rodan + Fields® is redefining the future of anti-aging skincare. Founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, world-renowned dermatologists and creators of Proactiv® Solution, we are a premium skincare brand built on a legacy of innovative dermatology based kincare products backed by clinically proven results. Our company was established on the principle that living better in your skin means living better in your life. Contact Lynn Schroeder 314-280-9569 or visit for more information |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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Bride Guide Beautiful Legs

The Washington University Vein Center offers the latest technology in minimally invasive treatment options to get rid of painful and unsightly varicose veins. Our boardcertified vascular specialists are expertly trained in all facets of venous disease. To learn more about how the Washington University Vein Center can help you, call 314-362-LEGS (5347) or visit them online at

Stress Relief EveryBody Yoga teaches an all-levels yoga sequence designed to systematically move fresh, oxygenated blood through one hundred percent of your body, to each organ and fiber, restoring all systems to healthy working order. Proper weight, muscle tone, vibrant good health, and a sense of well-being will automatically follow. Wherever you are right now, you are always welcome here. 314.771.1866 | 3121 S. Grand Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63118

Relaxation Your wedding day should be stress-free and serene. Work out the knots before you tie the knot! Precision Massage is there for you! Our staff are experts at melting those knots and soothing the tension away! We love to pamper and soothe the bride, family and friends. Precision Massage therapists are all licensed, have medical backgrounds and are trained in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy. Conveniently located at 270 and Manchester. Call to book a day of relaxation for the whole bridal party! 314-412-2048

Wax & Peel Visit Ashli Friemon at About Faces Day Spa in Ballwin, MO to prepare you for your big wedding day! She brings years of experience in skincare specializing in the newest technology including medical grade peels, dermaplaning, micro-current and led light therapy. She also does full-body waxing, which includes bikini and Brazilian for women. She carries cosmeceutical grade Image skincare products for maximum results in pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Call 636-209-3475 or visit

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Sol Sweat Infrared Sauna Inner Cleansing for Outer Beauty By Stacy Sullivan

The day you have waited for all your life is almost here and you are ready to glow. Why is there so much stress, anxiety and anticipation leading up to the best day of your life? The pressure to look fabulous, feel healthy, and lose weight can be overwhelming. You hope for an easy answer – a way to detox and relax at the same time. Sol Sweat Infrared Sauna Spa in Kirkwood offers the solution you need to let it go, let it glow. Taking time for yourself or with a loved one to prepare for the big day both mentally and physically is essential. The sauna offers the space to be present, experience clarity, and reflect and meditate on what’s about to happen. The experience gets your mind right, so that your body can look the way you want – beautiful glowing skin, less tummy fat, and more confidence in your dress and/or tuxedo. Are you hoping to start a new workout routine? Did you know the sauna is considered a passive workout and one

session can burn up to 600 calories? Endorphins are released to give you a therapeutic, nourishing result. It improves blood circulation as more oxygen and nutrients are being pumped into the body, resulting in an energetic buzz similar to hot yoga or a long walk.

'a mini-vacation for the mind, body, and soul' Why Sol Sweat? Saunas have been declared the #1 Trend in 2017 by the Global Wellness Summit. Don’t call it a comeback, sauna-going has been a way of life in many countries for ages. In the US, some have associated saunas with dry, hot boxes at the local gym. However, the sauna reinvention has hit many major metropolitan cities with urban “sweathouses” using infrared sauna technology in a spa-like environment. Infrared is a safe, radiant heat therapy resulting in a highly-efficient sweat

that eliminates toxins at the cellular level. Unlike the traditional sauna, the infrared sauna heats you gently from the inside out. Forty-minute private sessions feel like a mini-vacation for the mind, body, and soul. Sessions start as low as $20 for one person (Sol Sessions) or $30 for 2 people (Sol Mate Sessions). Coming with your mate creates an opportunity to connect with him or her in a relaxed environment and sweat it out. Up to 9 people can come for Bridal Party events for a social sweat. Stacy Sullivan is the owner of Sol Sweat. After spending the last 13 years in the Wine & Spirits Industry, she pursued her philosophy of self-care and became an entrepreneur. She recently started selling home saunas to help others invest in a healthier lifestyle. |MARCH/APRIL 2017

- 17

Like Summer Camp for Adults • We are an affordable fitness and weight loss resort, located 2 hours southwest of Nashville at the beautiful and historic Natural Bridge. • We have a caring and motivating staff, well-educated in good health and nutrition. photo by Ashley Brilliant

• We are a weekly program, but 3-night packages and extended stays are also available.

photo by Moriah Yex

• Mention this ad for a free one-hour massage with a one-week or longer stay.

Check out our affordable rates, event calendar and specials at For reservations, please visit website, call 1-800-235-8365 or email:

Discover What May Be Hiding in Your Cosmetic Bag By Jaime Rutherford

Listen up ladies! You may be excited about the newest spring makeup colors and trends, but do you know exactly what is in your favorite cc cream or that beautiful hibiscus lipstick you have your eye on? Many of us forget that our skin is a living, breathing organ. It is really important to use products that are free from the “nasties”. Did you know your skin draws ingredients into your bloodstream within 30 seconds? As a fun little experiment, put a piece of garlic between your toes and see how quickly you can taste it! 60% of what you put on your skin every day is absorbed. According to recent studies, the average person is walking around with more than 200 chemicals stored in his or her body at all times. Guess how many the average woman applies everyday? Between 200-500! Makeup, perfume, skin care, lotions and other beauty products all contribute to the toxins that can cause health problems. [Article: The Chemical Burden] You need to be aware of the ingredients in EACH of your products at home.

1. Foundation/CC Cream. This is a great place to start because many women cover their entire face and neck with it daily. Many liquid foundations are known to include parabens and propylene glycol, both of which are known to be endocrine disruptors. These are important to avoid because the endocrine system regulates ALL biological processes in the body. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN recently released reports calling endocrine disruptors a “global threat” to fertility and the environment.

2. Lipstick. A recent study at University of California– Berkeley School of Public Health found that “a wide range of brands contain as many as eight other metals, from cadmium to aluminum.” Those will never appear on a label because they are contaminants of other ingredients. Besides the endocrine disruptors, other harmful substances in typical department store and drugstore lipsticks are tocopheryl acetate and retinyl acetate. They drive into your organs and can cause long-term oxidative damage.

Over time, it’s important 3. Mascara. Since mascara often contains toxic to replace all harmful ingredients like parabens, and quaternium personal care products, 15 & 22 (both of which release cancerous as they break down) it’s but right now we’re going formaldehyde important to recognize just how many harmful ingredients we’re using daily to focus on cosmetics. without paying much thought.

If you combine the list of harmful ingredients mentioned above, you can see how just a few products can contribute to your daily chemical burden and why it’s important to find clean, vegan alternatives that still deliver results. This is in essence what Arbonne International is all about. With a rich 37-year history, this company has been vegan-certified since Day 1 and their mission is to always improve and evaluate the ingredient policy as an everevolving standard of excellence. Arbonne cosmetics are lightweight and filled with botanical ingredients like mint and lilac that actually hydrate and benefit the skin. Combined with Optilight Technology, these vitamin-rich natural botanicals mean the products help give the skin an amazing radiance too. To sum it all up, Arbonne products are PURE, SAFE & BENEFICIAL...PURE meaning they are made of the finest ingredients, SAFE meaning they have been tested before and after formulation & BENEFICIAL meaning they WORK! Jaime Rutherford has been helping people just like you get educated and healthier since 2011. Consulting for Arbonne International, she offers beauty and nutrition guidance for feeling and looking your very best. Contact Jaime now for a free consultation, to sign up for a workshop or to learn how to get a free cosmetic sample. |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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Your Own Private Idaho Top Tips for Buying a Hot Tub By Karen Port

1. Choose the right dealer: A good specialty retailer will provide professional advice as you determine which spa is best for you. They will also be a valuable resource when you have questions about maintaining your new spa and keeping the water clean. Look for dealers who rely on referrals and who have been in business for 15 years or more.

2. Determine location of the spa: Location may be a factor in the size of your new spa. Be sure to leave room for access to the equipment bay and for accessories like steps and a cover removal device. Consider ease of access, privacy, and exposure to wind/sun as you determine your ideal location. The closer to your house the spa is, the more convenient it may be to use.

3. Electrical supply: Check your home’s main electrical panel to determine how much room is available for an additional breaker and what amperage that breaker can be. Most outdoor spas are hard-wired to a dedicated line which usually requires a 50 or 60 amp GFCI breaker.

4. Determine size and seating arrangement: Ask yourself what the main use of the spa is, be it relaxation, relief or socialization. Your dealer will provide pros and cons to seat selection and formation based on these factors. Sit in the spa as the seats vary in size and depth.

5. Massage jets: A quality hydrotherapy spa will have a variety of jets and various ways to adjust the flow and pressure to the jets in each seat.

Take advantage of these amazing specials!

• 5 star custom facial with Ashli $40 (value $100) • Micro-current/LED light therapy face lift $65 (value $150) • Brazilian waxing $30 (value $55) • Dermaplaning $30 (value $60) • Medical Grade Peel $65 (value $125) choose from Lightening or Wrinkle Lift

Ashli is the owner of About Faces Day Spa in Ballwin Missouri, she was voted Esthetician of the year by Image Skin Care. You can book online 24/7 at or call (636)209-3475

SPRING into a new spa!

6. Shell material: Acrylic is the preferred material for spa shells. Acrylic is beautiful, durable, and versatile. For added strength, the acrylic shell should be fused with a polyester fiberglass backing.

7. Filtration & water purification: The larger the spa’s filter the more water it can process and the better it will be at keeping the water clean. Micro-clean filters, similar to those used in drinking water purification systems, will filter down to a smaller particle size and will make it easier to keep the spa water safe and clean.

8. Energy efficiency: The best-built hot tubs are fully insulated with foam to make them more energy efficient. The foam also provides support for the plumbing to prevent vibration and sagging, resulting in fewer leaks down the road.

9. Warranty: Check that the warranty is not pro-rated and that it includes labor. For more information go to: 469 N. Kirkwood Road, St. Louis, MO 63122 314-965-0660

20 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017

Spring is the perfect season to explore the many benefits of owning a Sundance® Spa... a relaxing way to pamper yourself, your family and your friends! Mirage Spa has been providing quality products and service  for 27 years.  A Sundance® Spa can be an ideal centerpiece for your backyard! Stop in and visit with our friendly staff to learn more.

469 N. Kirkwood Road St. Louis, MO 63122 314 965.0660


best value health,fitness destination spa in the country

Take a deep breath, your journey begins…


2 Night Stress Buster 3 Night Reboot & Relax 5 Night Detox & Rejuvenate 7 Night Life Changing UnBootcamp Full Day Program




Drink Juice. Feel Amazing.

Juice Bar St. Louis

Juice Bar St. Louis strives to provide the freshest possible product to its customers, using produce delivered daily (organic when possible). Through the use of organic superfoods, Juice Bar will provide all of its customers with a nutrition-packed powerhouse in a glass. They have several rootbased (carrots and beets) and several greens-based (spinach and kale) juices that they love to serve their customers.

Now Open at Berry Road Crossing off Manchester Road in Rock Hill.

Juice Bar’s juice and smoothie flavor profiles are designed in a way that allows customers to taste each individual ingredient and appreciate its full flavor. A root-based juice that is not only tasty but also extremely nutritious according to Juice Bar is “Orange You Glad”, which contains freshly juiced carrots, apples, pineapple, mint, lemon and ginger. The carrots and apples deliver a massive dose of vitamins B6, K and E, as well as minerals such as niacin, folate and manganese. Due to the standard diet of most Americans, many people are deficient in these vitamins and minerals, affecting their ability to live a healthy life. The ginger in "Orange You Glad" aids in digestion and boosts the immune system – why take a synthetic multivitamin when you could just drink it in the form of a delicious juice? Another popular juice on Juice Bar’s menu is “Sweet Greens.” Sweet Greens has a base of spinach, kale, parsley and lemon. To that base, Juice Bar adds cucumbers and apples and ta-da… the result is a folate-rich antioxidant “salad in a cup” ready for consumption. The greens provide massive doses of antioxidants and folate; the lemon is a great alkalizer (it prevents disease from forming within the body!); the parsley is an amazing detoxifier capable of pulling heavy metals from the body; and the cucumbers provide silica – a mineral that does wonders with joint lubrication and connective tissue strengthening. What’s not to love about all these benefits?! If you’re looking to really up the ante, Juice Bar allows customers to add organic superfoods to any juice or smoothie. Looking to add some fiber to your drink? Add some chia. Need protein? Go for some hemp seeds. Want even more alkalization? Add some matcha powder or spirulina. Juice Bar also offers maca, goji berries, bee pollen, flax oil, coconut oil, cacao and local honey. Juice Bar is now open in Rock Hill at 9849 Manchester Road, Saint Louis, MO, 63119. They hope to see you soon!

22 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017

Tired of Shaving? Waxing? Consider the Many Benefits to Laser Hair Removal The average woman shaves her legs 11,500 times during her life* and spends $23,000 on waxing*, yet her hair grows back again and again. No wonder over a third of women polled say ridding themselves of unwanted hair is the most loathsome part of their beauty routine. Also loathsome is the pollution created by over 2 billion razors that end up in landfills each year. Laser hair removal is a long-lasting, economical, and environmentally friendly alternative for women and men. Men are choosing to reduce back and chest hair while women continue to treat underarms, legs and their bikini area. And now, with technological advancements, safe and effective hair reduction can be achieved on all skin types. To ensure you are safely treated, choose a clinic with a doctor and nurse on site who understand all skin types and have the right laser for each, because the wrong laser can cause permanent damage to skin, especially to dark skin.

One of the highest rated lasers for laser hair removal is the LightSheer DUET® diode laser, which removes unwanted hair without topical anesthetics and with greater speed and comfort than other methods. For darker-hued skin, the CoolGlide® Nd: YAG laser has been proven safe and effective at reducing hair without damaging the skin. Both lasers generate highly concentrated laser energy through a cooled hand piece placed on the skin. The lasers pulse for a fraction of a second – enough time to allow the pigment in the hair follicles to absorb the light and heat up. As they heat up, the hair shaft and bulb are damaged, without causing damage to the skin. Each treatment causes more damage and typically by the sixth treatment, the hair will not regrow. Because the hair pigment must absorb the light and heat up to incur damage, white, grey, platinum blond and very light shades of hair cannot be removed by laser; waxing is best to remove these colors of hair. The Laser & Dermatologic Surgery Center is the premier center for laser skin treatments and Mohs surgery in the St. Louis area. Its services also include wrinkle relaxation treatments with Botox®, Dysport®, and Xeomin®, as well as a variety of dermal fillers. Visit www.LaserSurgeryUSA. com or call 314.878.3839 to learn more or to schedule a complimentary consultation with Mary McKaig, R.N. B.S.N. *Source American Laser Centers |MARCH/APRIL 2017

- 23

Not the Same Vein

Getting Skin Celebration Ready

Brides and wedding party up to 50% off! Bride’s treatment is FREE when her wedding party of four or more come in for a pre-wedding treatment

(314) 469-2946 www.Eter

It is a common misconception that spider veins and varicose veins are the same. Though both can be visually unattractive and are caused by faulty valves in the vein, these problems are very different and are treated in very different ways. Both conditions result when the valves that should keep blood from running backward from the heart to the legs become damaged, stretching the veins.

Spider veins look like a nest of fine blue or red lines just under the skin. Spider veins are generally more of a cosmetic concern, and people develop them as they age and they are more prominent in women. The outpatient procedure uses tiny needles, with minimal discomfort and no sedation required. The injection destroys the lining of these small veins, which are then squeezed shut so they don’t fill with clotted blood. Often two to three treatments are needed to obtain the best results. Varicose veins, on the other hand, are enlarged "superficial" veins that often have a bulging, twisted or coiled appearance. Varicose veins can cause aching, ankle swelling, night cramps or feelings of leg fatigue or heaviness after prolonged periods of standing. If left untreated, they can progress to cause skin damage, darkening of the skin or even ulcers. Both men and women can develop varicose veins and they can occur in any age group, starting in adolescence. Pregnancy, weight gain, long periods of standing, and a family history of varicose veins are all risk factors for this disease. Before treatment of varicose veins, most insurance companies require that a patient completes a trial of compression therapy by wearing

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prescription-strength stockings to see if this cures the symptoms. If compression stockings don’t solve the problem, then the insurance company typically agrees to pay for treating the vein problem. There are two components to varicose vein treatment. The first, known as radio frequency ablation (RFA), is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure performed under mild sedation. The physician makes a puncture into the saphenous vein (main superficial vein in the leg), and a slender catheter is placed in the vein using painless ultrasound guidance. The catheter applies radio frequency energy to the vein walls, sealing it off from the inside. Patients are able to return to work within one to two days. For most patients, after RFA, the majority of varicose veins become much less prominent. In some, however, a portion of the large varicose veins still remains. In this case, the veins are removed by micro-incision venectomy. This outpatient procedure is performed with mild-to-moderate sedation. The veins are removed through a series of small incisions. Most patients are able to return to work within two to seven days. Patrick Geraghty, MD; Jeffrey Jim, MD; and Brian Rubin, MD, are the board-certified vascular specialists of Washington University Vein Center. If you suspect you have a vein condition, visit or call 314-3625347 (362-LEGS) to learn more about treatment options or schedule an appointment.

Varicose veins and spider veins are treatable. Trust your legs to a board-certified Washington University vascular specialist and get rid of painful and unsightly varicose veins for good. Call today for more information on our non-invasive treatment options.

Varicose veins

Spider veins

Effective treatment is available for both spider veins and varicose veins.

Four convenient locations:

St. Louis City | St. Louis County | St. Peters | Rolla

314-362-LEGS (5347) | |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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St. Louis Earth Day 2017 2 Days of Sustainable Fun in Forest Park

April tends to be the first full month we feel like winter is finally over. Flowers begin blooming and trees and lawns begin looking green again. Speaking of green, April is like the All Star game for St. Louis Earth Day! Many big events occur this month: Recycling Extravaganza, a sustainability summit and of course, our St. Louis Earth Day Festival. Has the unseasonably warm weather prompted you to begin spring cleaning? Do you have a lot of stuff that you no longer need? We are kicking off April, err, Earth Month, on April 2 with Recycling Extravaganza, sponsored by St. Louis Earth Day and Anheuser-Busch Seed to Sip. Once again we will be hosting more than 15 collectors on the parking lot of St. Louis Community College-Forest Park Campus. Cars begin lining up, facing west on Wise Avenue at 9:30, and unloading begins at 10 am when the collectors are all in place. They will be on site until 2 pm. Drivers follow a path past all collectors, who have signs in front that indicate the materials they are accepting. Cars can pull over as needed, and others may proceed

past those pulled to the side. Check the map on our website (www.stlouisearthday. com/events/festival/rex) so you can pack your car in the order you’ll be unloading. More information is also available about each collector, including their contact information if you need to reach them throughout the year. Once you’ve unloaded your car, find an open spot to park and enjoy learning more about St. Louis Earth Day while you grab a bite from one of our favorite Green Dining Alliance certified food trucks, Holy Crepe! The weekend of April 22-23 will be the main event, the Earth Day Festival. This is the very first year that we’ve expanded to a 2-day festival! Special activities are scheduled on Saturday in honor of the global recognition of Earth Day on April 22. Vendors and exhibitors are asked to be there both days, but there will be entertainment and activities unique to each day. Each year, we strive to be a zero waste festival, meaning we reduce the amount of waste going to a landfill by over 90% every year! Beyond event waste reduction,

we look at many other areas to reduce our environmental impact. St. Louis Lambert Airport provides us with shuttles fueled by biodiesel or CNG, and electric carts to assist with festival logistics. Green2Go will be powering the Festival with appropriatelysized generators fueled with propane, creates significantly less emissions. We align our booths to maximize the efficient use of electricity and reduce the number of generators. And don’t forget about our 100% organic cotton grown and sewn in the U.S.A./local sustainably printed t-shirts! They sold out last year! Live and local entertainment on two stages will help you find your groove, while the best sustainably produced food and drink (including Schlafly beer!) are proudly served up by fine Green Dining Alliance (GDA) restaurants. Learn about urban farming and local environmental initiatives, buy groceries at our farmer’s market, enjoy our pet adoption area, make art, and participate in the fun educational activities that make Saint Louis’s Earth Day Festival the best in the world. |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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Give Your Guests the Most Unique Wedding Favor The Wine-TapaÂŽ wine glass cover solves the ageold problem of protecting your glass of wine from bugs and insects. Never throw out a glass of wine again.

15 colors to choose from and customizable too!

See us on 888-646-0598

Bee Hopeful, Bee Inspired, Bee Beautiful

Urban Nectar is a St. Louis based company with an apiary in Innsbrook, Missouri. Our nail polish is inspired by honeybees and the plants they pollinate. 28 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017

When Less is More By Camilla Andersson

A natural food company founder says excess is plaguing the juice industry. Juices and nutritional shakes are a multi-billion dollar industry, but the rapid growth is coming at the expense of consumers. Many companies create products that are not necessarily healthy or natural, says Angela Zeng, co-founder of food company Karuna. Zeng says there are two main problems: an excess of ingredients and the widespread use of protein and other food extracts, which ironically goes against the true meaning of natural food. Companies catering to the juicing trend entice consumers by using as many plants as possible. Some of these lack nutrients but are convenient and cheap fillers, while others lose many of their nutrients when juiced. This approach also is an environmental concern, because if the ingredient has low water content, much of it goes to waste (this is true, for example, of almond milk). These products often contain high levels of added sugar in order to generate acceptable tastes. Karuna’s products, on the other hand, only include a few key ingredients, both because doing so is more sustainable and because each ingredient should serve a purpose. The second problem is that companies rely heavily on protein and other food extracts instead of maximizing nature’s resources. This tends to make products off balance in term of their nutritional compositions. For example, many nutritional drinks over-emphasize the protein content, and yet, their protein extracts such as almond or coconut milk do not offer a complete amino acid profile and lack many other critical nutrients. In essence, nutrients assembled in a lab don’t offer the same health benefits as those occurring naturally in food (in excess, some might even be harmful).

Another example is Karuna’s Fuel nutrition shakes, Divine Chestnut and Divine Three. Chinese medicine uses chestnuts to prevent and treat conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and osteoporosis. The Divine Three refers to black soybean, quinoa and flax seeds, which are packed with high quality plant-based protein including all essential amino acids as well as healthy fatty acids that help lower cholesterol. Karuna shakes offer a well-balanced nutrition and are low in sugar and calories. All the ingredients are gluten-free and non-GMO. Karuna’s Hydrate drinks, Sunny Date and Fruity Longan, also are inspired by ancient remedies backed up by modern science. Many believe that Longan fruit and dates can promote blood production, improve the digestive system, and boost energy and endurance. Since these powerful ingredients exist in nature, why do companies pick them apart and use only bits and pieces of them? Zeng says it is so because many companies do not have a solid understanding of nutritional science, but want to have products that are easy to formulate, quick to produce, and attract consumers who think more is better. In contrast, Karuna emphasizes two things missing in today’s society: simplicity and balance. For more information: Please make sure to stop by and see us at the St. Louis Earth Day Festival on April 22nd and 23rd. We will be sampling "Karuna" at the Yoga & Spa Magazine booth.

In contrast, Eastern and Western medicine agree that certain fruits, vegetables and berries are nutritional powerhouses. Karuna’s product lines Heal, Fuel and Hydrate use these as the core ingredients. Zeng turned to East Asian folk medicine to identify plants that people have used in health tonics for thousands of years. Modern science now backs up these health claims, says Karuna co-founder Dr. Shawn Hu, a medical oncologist. Karuna’s signature Heal product, the Bean Sprout and Aronia Berry drink, is one example. Mung bean sprouts are often used in traditional East Asian detox remedies. Herbalists say they can relieve everything from stomach upset to infection. Aronia berries, common in Native American folk remedies, are one of nature’s best sources of antioxidants. Science shows they can help lower the risk for diabetes and high blood pressure, reduce toxicity in the body, and even prevent cancer. |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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Beautiful Bride

In 2008, Blissfully Beautiful Bride— or “BBB”, as it is affectionately called—founders Sarah Lake and Katie Montgomery (featured on the cover) met while training to become educators for Alterna Haircare. Realizing they shared a passion for all things bridal, the duo brought their vision of a mobile bridal hair and make-up business to life in 2014 with the creation of Blissfully Beautiful Bride. In 2015, BBB expanded to become an onsite bridal company complete with a full-service salon, Bliss Beauty Bar, and the company’s gorgeous Bridal

Suite. The timelessly elegant suite/ salon is located in O’Fallon, MO. Despite a somewhat recent opening, BBB has already been accredited with a number of awards, both locally and nationally. BBB has been a winner of The Knot’s Best of Weddings for three years in a row. Additionally, recognized BBB with its Couple’s Choice Award in both 2015 and 2016. One need read only one of the fifty-plus glowing reviews in The Knot to appreciate what phenomenal services BBB has

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to offer. As one reviewer writes, “Sarah and the rest of Blissfully Beautiful Bride were so fantastic to work with for our wedding day! Even in the June heat, our hair and makeup lasted all night long. Our experience couldn't have been better!” Bliss Beauty Bar is a salon and spa that features a beautiful bridal suite that includes a snack and drink bar, four hair styling stations, three makeup stations, a welcoming, comfortable seating area, and a dressing room. The dressing room’s

elegant, vanilla-white leather chairs and granite countertops make any bride feel especially glamorous on the big day.

area within the larger St. Louis region. BBB has grown to do over 110 on-site weddings a year.

Bliss Beauty Bar is also a Redken Elite Salon. As such, it carries Redken and Pureology products, and the salon’s staff receives the best education possible on cutting, coloring, styling, and product information. BBB offers a wide variety of services for a bride preparing for the big day, including eyelash extensions, airbrush spray tans, facials, waxing, makeup, airbrush makeup, and many more. The BBB’s team of talented makeup artists makes every gorgeous look possible using Jane Iredale Cosmetics.

Sarah Lake and Katie Montgomery share a wealth of experience within the hair and beauty industries. Sarah Lake has been doing hair for over fourteen years, and Katie Montgomery has been in the beauty industry for over twelve. The two women currently put on demos and hair shows and teach product knowledge classes in and around the greater St. Louis region. The two also received a prestigious invitation to style the hair and makeup for a couple of designers at New York Fashion Week.

BBB has up to four wedding teams working each day. The company does Friday, Saturday, and Sunday weddings, and can send a team any day of the week all the way to Lake of the Ozarks, Hermann, St. Genevieve, and any other

Katie Montgomery (featured left and on the cover) and Sarah Lake (featured right) are the proud owners of Blissfully Beautiful Bride

Together, Lake, Montgomery, and the Blissfully Beautiful Bride team are committed to making your experience with Blissfully Beautiful Bride as perfect and effortless as can be! |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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Let’s Talk About S, Baby Sacred Movement’s newest workout immerses women in their own sensuality

Photo credit: Ashley Ferber

By her own admission, Jenn Kasper is a lot of things. Navy wife. Mother. Business owner. Belly dancer. Hippie. And now she has added one more title to her list: Licensed S Factor® teacher. Jenn’s studio, Sacred Movement, is the only studio in Missouri that offers this sultry, sensory-driven workout for women called Fluid Feminine Movement® (FFM®). In 2016, Jenn became one of only a few FFM® instructors in the Midwest

officially trained and licensed by S Factor® in Los Angeles to teach S Factor® classes. Jenn typically spends three or more hours preparing each 60-minute class, precisely planning a perfect playlist and customizing the flow of movements. Minutes before the class begins, she dims the lights to a warm glow, covers the studio’s mirrors and primes the stereo with a wide range of powerful, soulquenching music. As the class

32 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017

starts, Jenn gently guides women to connect to their breath and slow down. She guides them with sensual cues such as, “Feel the floor beneath your fingertips. See the gentle curve of your ankle. Listen to the pulsing rhythm and let it move your body.” Moments later she’ll unabashedly take them through a six-minute ab workout. “Fluid Feminine Movement® classes teach women to listen to their own unique feminine voice and connect

Strong Body. Calm mind. Balanced life.

10% OFF FIRST PACKAGE 2315 Technology Drive, Ste. 121 O’Fallon, MO 63368 Photo credit: Ashley Ferber

it to the language of their body,” said Jenn. “When you move your way through an intuitive flow of challenging sequences, you learn new ways to channel your emotions.” FFM® is suitable for all ages, abilities and body sizes, and is a true workout in every sense. Jenn says the studio is intentionally darkened to give each woman in class a feeling of privacy and safety so they focus on how they feel, not how they look. “If it feels good, you’re doing it right,” said Jenn. “Each class celebrates a wide range of emotions from love and tenderness, to power and strength, to celebration and playfulness, to untamed and seductive.” According to Jenn, S Factor’s® main philosophy is that every woman’s body has a unique voice. Unfortunately, women today have become disconnected from this voice and don’t realize how their body language speaks to the world. Instead of emoting like a flickering candle, FFM® teaches women how to harness their energy and magnify it like a dazzling lighthouse.

636-561-9030 “This class is perfect for women who feel like they’ve lost some of their radiance,” said Jenn. “FFM® is a way for us to learn how to connect with our body’s voice and come alive by immersing our senses, tuning into our breath and speaking through feminine movement.”

Change Your body...change your life!

FFM® classes are currently held on Monday evenings at Sacred Movement, in St. Charles off I-70 at 5th Street. For more information on FFM® classes at Sacred Movement, or the other feminine movement classes they offer, such as Belly Dance, Nia and Vinyasa yoga, visit the studio’s website at or call (314) 398-8184.

Real Women. Real Workouts. Personal Training | Group Training | Nutrition Coaching

Convenient to St. Louis Hills

314.932.7747 |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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St. Louis’ original hot yoga studio Designed for all fitness levels Offering 60 and 90 minute classes

Now offering Pure Hot HIIT! High Intensity Interval Training designed with the yogi in mind. Come try the hottest workouts in town! {hot yoga} 314.644.2226 {cool people} 6630 Clayton Rd.

FIRST WORKOUT FREE What Makes 9Round Different? No Class Times 30 Minute Full-Body Workouts Trainer ALWAYS Included

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Memberships Include: - Unlimited Workouts with a Trainer - Championship Boxing Gloves - Results Guaranteed

- Protective Hand Wraps - Nutrition Program with Meal Planning - Access to all locations under same ownership

MEN MAT on the

by Natalie Piontek

Yoga is and remains a powerful attraction for both men and women. With its integration of strength training and attention to correct posture and body alignment, yoga is an excellent way for men and women to balance out their exercise regimens – particularly when those regimens include such high-impact activities as competitive handball and distance running, just a couple of the hobbies enjoyed by the men in this issue’s Men On the Mat.

Studio: Namaste Yoga (top Hassan began practicing yoga in 2013. He immediately became a dedicated yogi, practicing six days a week. As his yoga transformed into a more personal practice, he decided to take the Ashtanga-based Teacher Training Program under the guidance of Andrew Eppler. Since the beginning of his journey with yoga, Hassan has attended hot vinyasa and power yoga classes and workshops under inspiring instructors such as David Williams and Dylan Werner. Hassan is a positive, open-minded student who continues to learn life’s daily lessons from his teachers, family, and students. As a teacher at Namaste Yoga, he is committed to offering all students – from those taking their first-ever yoga class, to those more seasoned yogis, and all students in-between – a great attention to postural alignment. He combines practical techniques with Asana and Pranayama, a pairing that provides students with clarity both on and off the mat.

Studio: Bikram Yoga Chesterfield (middle) Bernie works as a consultant in the biotech industry. He started practicing yoga one day a week over seven years ago in the hopes that doing so would improve his distance running. Distance running is one of Bernie’s great passions: he has completed more than 350 road races.

Bernie is now as passionate about yoga as he is about distance running. He practices hot yoga six times a week at Bikram Yoga Chesterfield and Sumits Hot Yoga. Yoga has allowed him to remain injury-free, enhanced his mental well-being, and resulted in the generation of many new yogi friends. Bernie’s other hobbies include weight lifting, gardening, and travelling.

Studio: Pure Hot Yoga (bottom) Two years ago, a friend told Neil about the extraordinary benefits of practicing yoga in a 105-degree room. After experimenting with numerous forms of exercise, Neil, who practices at Pure Hot Yoga, finds hot yoga to be one of the most challenging and rewarding workouts he’s ever experienced. Neil’s stressful job in the insurance industry led him to seek solace in yoga. For many years his go-to activity for stress relief was competitive handball. The high-impact sport took a toll on his body: in his early 40's he had both hips replaced. Since beginning practice at Pure Hot Yoga, Neil’s stress has melted away and his joints have healed. Additionally, Neil’s yoga practice has provided him with improved strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance that help him on the handball court as well as in everyday activities. He strongly recommends yoga to any man (or woman) who is thinking about trying it. |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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Osteogenic Loading

St. Louis Juice Press Fresh. Simple. Delicious.

Because EVERYBODY should feel this good! (314) 771-1866

We Deliver!

Increase Your Body Strength with One, 10-Minute-Per-Week Effort

Because EVERYBODY Should Feel This Good!

314.771.1866 3121 S. Grand Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63118

Improving vitality and strength after age 30 can be difficult. At best, we hope to slow the musculoskeletal atrophy that comes with aging through rigorous exercise and a healthy diet. What if science discovered a way to actually reverse bone loss, increase strength, and improve balance and agility well after age 30? What if this technology could benefit all ages and were possible in just 7 to 10 minutes of sweat-free effort per week? Would you want to know about it? This is not just a scientific theory, or some interesting piece of research. It is actually available for practice today. In fact, it has caught the attention of worldfamous speaker and philanthropist Tony Robbins. He has personally used this system and he says at the age of 57 he is in the best shape of his life after adopting it. For over a century it has been believed that simple weight-bearing exercise would increase bone strength, and could help prevent osteoporosis. Recent research, however, shows that standard exercise for strengthening muscles and bones is not nearly as effective as has been traditionally believed. A peer-reviewed study in 2012 determined that to increase bone density faster than one is losing it requires using osteogenic

36 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017

loading, which is resistance of at least 4.2 times one’s body weight. Did you ever think you would be able to achieve resistance 4.2 times your bodyweight? At OsteoStrong, not only can people of all ages achieve this, but most can achieve more.

Tony Robbins Partners with OsteoStrong Entrepreneur, author and self-help guru Tony Robbins is also known for his dedication to fitness. Tony has been a long-time user of osteogenic loading, and is now a partner with OsteoStrong. Tony says, “I’ve improved my body’s strength by 164% in the past 10 months, and I am in better shape than I have ever been.” In addition to making a commitment to help grow the brand, he has contracted to open three OsteoStrong facilities of his own. The first OsteoStrong in Missouri is now open in Creve Coeur. All who are interested in experiencing how their system works may request 2 FREE sessions by calling 314-300-6902 or by submitting through their website Bring a friend with you; it’s more fun!

What's for Dinner? By Risa Brown

Everyone is busy…work, kids, sports, family…you get what I'm saying. As the day starts to wrap up, all of a sudden you are left with the neverending question…what’s for dinner? Ugh! Who wants to run to the grocery store at 4pm and figure out on the fly what they are going to make that night? Instead, we end up ordering pizza or take out. I am a firm believer in preparing easy, nourishing meals for my family at least four times a week. In the time it takes to have pizza delivered, you can have a new family favorite on the table; it just takes a little planning. How many times a week do you “run to the store?" Pick a few new recipes, plan what you'll be having, hit all the grocery stores and be done. Take the time you “run out” to PREPARE what you ALREADY have! With a little planning you can prepare 30-minute meals for your family that you can sit down and enjoy together, building

tradition, healthy habits and even saving money. Making a grocery list over the weekend will allow you to plan out at least 3 dinners for the week. You make one run to the store and get everything you will need, always stocking up on fresh veggies and protein. When buying protein, don’t just think about eating it just for one meal, think about repurposing it for lunches for you or packed for your kids, snacks or another dinner. Buy 10 chicken breasts at a time! You could have chicken stir fry one night, a few days later chicken parm and add it to salads for a filling lunch.

takes no time to prepare and can be used for tomato soup, sauce for turkey meatballs, dipping sauce, and chicken parm. You will be amazed at the freedom you will feel and the time you will save with just a little planning! Monica Koch AFFA personal and group fitness Dimvaloo Presenter Sponsored by 1st Phorm Climawear Ambassador Lululemon Ambassador

Spring is the perfect time to start these habits with your family. Home cooked meals do not need to be difficult or take a lot of time to prepare to be delicious and healthy. Visit my website, for my klean&lean red sauce recipe that |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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The Power of Sweat

(From the upcoming book Sun, Moon, Earth: The Sacred Relationship of Yoga and Ayurveda) By Mas Vidal

The fascination with sweating is nothing new. It has been a healing practice in many ancient cultures and traditions for centuries. The hammam or Turkish bath, the Mexican temescal, and the Native American sweat lodge were all used to purify the body and as spiritual rituals for releasing negative energies. The Finnish sauna was a popular social practice and a place to relax and share time with family and friends. There is obviously a psychological aspect to perspiring, because sweat is regulated by the sympathetic nervous system and adrenal glands. The modern lifestyle’s tendency to stress the adrenal glands can cause excessive sweating in some individuals, and over time this leaves a person feeling depleted, and can eventually lead to chronic fatigue issues. The adrenal cortex produces cortisol, a hormone that functions to produce and store energy. When sweat therapies are used for detoxification purposes, they must always be combined with some form of restoration and cooling. This is what distinguishes Ayurvedic sweating or fomentation therapies from the practices of other cultures.

While all dosha types can benefit from sweating, length and frequency should be adjusted according to type. Kapha types take the greatest time to perspire and can enjoy steam baths at high temperatures without any concern of provoking an imbalance. Vata types also benefit from sweat therapies, but should take heat in lesser amounts and for shorter durations to avoid drying out. Pitta types should enjoy a small amount of sweating therapy administered infrequently, especially for those living in tropical climates. Oiling the body also has a powerful nourishing effect, bringing nutrition (rasa) to the tissues. This is like feeding the body through the skin to nourish the plasma, purify and strengthen the blood, improve muscular flexibility and joint mobility, balance nervous system function, increase immunity, and calm the mind. Steam or any heat therapy, including yoga asana practice, aims at detoxification. While oiling the body promotes energy intake, the process is complete only when sweat, moved by subtle pranic currents, releases toxins

There are many practical ways to integrate body-oil massage and sweat therapies into a lifestyle routine. I often tell my clients that there is no better way to begin the morning than with detoxifying practices such as these, which enhance the sadhana and set the course for the entire day. The easiest type of sweat therapy is a hot shower taken after performing oil massage in the morning. The frequency of the therapy depends on the dosha and also the climate you live in. Yogi, mystic, practitioner of Ayurveda and founder/director of Dancing Shiva Yoga Ayurveda, is an international non-profit educational organization based in southern California. His teachings are based on the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship, and Mas has also participated in the triumphant film “Awake, The Life Of Yogananda”. His first book “Sun, Moon & Earth” will be released in October 2016 and he continues to offer many certification programs in USA, Hong Kong and India and as an Ayurvedic practitioner he maintains an active counseling practice.

38 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017


Elective Egg Freezing: Fertility Preservation for Women

By Julie S. Rhee, MD, FACOG | Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist | Vios Fertility Institute

Many women feel that as they reach their 20’s and 30’s that they juggle multiple goals, such as pursuing advanced education degrees and career goals, all while trying to fathom the idea of starting a family. A woman’s ability to have children is very age dependent, as women are born with a finite number of eggs that they will have for the rest of their life and this egg pool gradually decreases as a woman ages and the reproductive window starts to close. Egg freezing (also known as oocyte cryopreservation) has become a viable option to help women better plan their future without missing out on the opportunity to build a family. Historically, egg freezing was technically difficult due to the formation of ice crystals using slow freezing, which then would cause damage to the eggs when they thawed. However, a newer technique of fast freezing called ‘vitrification’ has greatly increased the success of thawing. Due to the dramatic improvement of success following egg freezing as well as promising safety data, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine removed the experimental label from egg freezing in 2012. Success rates after egg freezing depend on a patient’s diagnosis, history, as well as age at which eggs were frozen. Due to increased chromosomal abnormality in eggs as they age, egg freezing is recommended at younger ages. In a 2013

meta-analysis of more than 2200 cycles using frozen eggs, the probability of having a live birth decreased dramatically every five years starting at age 25. At younger ages, frozen eggs work as well as fresh eggs. At Vios Fertility Institute’s Center for Egg Health Excellence, we help patients understand egg freezing and if it is the right option for them. Contact us today to learn more – 314.266.2062 or visit Dr. Julie Rhee is a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist and founding physician of Vios Fertility Institute. She is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and completed her fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Washington University in St. Louis. About Vios Fertility Institute: Established in 2015, Vios Fertility Institute has offices in St. Louis, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois. The staff at Vios is dedicated to helping each patient, couple and family with all their reproductive health needs by focusing on the patient from day one and developing a personalized plan best suited for the emotional, physical and financial needs of each individual. For more information, please visit |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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The Emerging Woman By Dr. Ed Katcher

There exists a new population of mature women. Out with the term seniors for this dynamic population of mature women with infinite potential. 60 is the new 40. 80 is the new 60. As the demographics of mature women changes in a turbo charged positive direction, so do these women's needs. One of the needs reflects a basic human requirement, the profound necessity for communication, dialog, networking and support with like-minded individuals. Never in American history has the need for additional support, understanding and growth venues been more necessary for our growing population of women bursting with potential. Workshops, collaborative initiatives and venues for talking about what has not been talked about before are needed. Physical health, emotional intelligence and communicative opportunities must be created and initiated. Topics such as divorce, parenting of the adult child and grandchildren, relationships, travel and technology must be addressed for these emerging women. With change comes opportunity. Old solutions for new issues never have and never will work. A new group of players are entering the world arena, creating the need for defining and initiating new services. We can see that in every historical revolution leaders have emerged to provide cutting-edge new perspectives for a changing world. We can look to Yoga & Spa Magazine as a wonderful example of a leader in the creation and implementation of new services for women. Yoga & Spa Magazine recognizes the power of social, educational and motivational networking in this changing and exciting world. Dr. Katcher is presently Vice President of ABC Parenting, an organization that enhances parenting skills and offers foreign language opportunities for preschool children. Dr. Katcher earned his doctorate from the University of Missouri in Columbia, has been an executive educational administrator, university professor and is an active consultant in multiple areas.

40 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017

Thyroid Disease: Ask the Right Questions By: Seth Gerlach, DC, DABCI

Today, many people suffer from thyroid disease. This can come with a multitude of unwanted symptoms, ranging from anxiety, depression, mood swings, fatigue, weight gain (or loss), PMS, and many more. Most people with thyroid disease are looking for answers to questions like these: What kind of medications will I need? What can I do to feel better? The better question to ask is: Why did this happen and how should we get to the root cause to fix it? The truth is, the majority of people with thyroid disease (90%) have autoimmune thyroid disease. When this occurs, the immune system goes awry, eventually turning on the thyroid gland and attacking it. The immune system has multiple jobs, the most important being to seek out and eliminate foreign invaders. When the immune system can no longer recognize good from bad, it may think parts of the body are foreign. In Hashimoto’s disease, the thyroid gland is attacked, leading to aberrant production of thyroid hormone and eventually that production can come to a halt. The key to managing the immune system of the Hashimoto’s patient is to first find out whether the patient indeed has Hashimoto’s. A full thyroid panel must be run that shows how the different hormones from the thyroid are being produced, converted, and used by the

body. Also, antibodies to the thyroid must be analyzed to rule in or rule out autoimmune thyroid disease. Unfortunately, most doctors don’t run these tests because insurance won’t pay for them. Therefore, the conventional medical treatment remains the same in both instances: hormone replacement. In functional medicine, the goal is to find and fix the root cause of the immune dysfunction, therefore allowing the thyroid to work as it should. Instead of balancing different hormones for decades, the diligent functional medicine doctor looks for GI disturbances, blood sugar problems, poor dietary choices, stress, and underlying hormonal imbalances. Granted, some may need thyroid hormones if the organ has been damaged for years or decades, but in order to have the best chance to get well and stay well, you must ask a different question: Why did this happen and how should we get to the root cause to fix it? Seth Gerlach, DC, DABCI is a functional medicine practitioner and wellness mentor. His professional practice includes nutrition, hormone balancing, lifestyle modification, functional lab testing, chiropractic, and permanent weight control. He is also the founder and clinical director of Core Health, 1034 S Brentwood Blvd Ste 1450, Richmond Heights, MO 63117. 314-449-1712

STRESS, HORMONES, AND HEALTH Are you at your wit’s end trying to deal with it?

Seth Gerlach, DC, DABCI



Core Health is functional wellness clinic committed to breaking the mold of conventional medicine by finding and fixing root-cause ailments for people suffering with chronic disease.

1034 S Brentwood Blvd, Ste 1450 Richmond Heights, MO 63117

314-449-1712 |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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Start 2017 with a Fertility Check-up!

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Julie S. Rhee, MD, FACOG Board Certified OB/GYN and Fellowship Trained Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist

Our $99* Vios Pulse Fertility Wellness Checkup can give you peace of mind. Alone these tests can total over $500.

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Asset Protection, Trusts, Probate Avoidance, Wills, and Powers of Attorney

Randall J. Levesque a







The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements. 42 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017

Taming Chronic Inflammation with the Deflame Diet By Dr. Adam Hughes

If you’re like most people, you overindulged during the holidays and now you’d like to reboot your health with some healthy lifestyle changes in 2017. The Deflame Diet calms inflammation, stimulates repair and recovery, and boosts energy while preventing hunger. It also helps tame autoimmunity and repair leaky gut. Many foods people eat daily can be inflammatory, causing fatigue, rashes, joint pain, digestive issues, headaches, anxiety, depression, autoimmune flare ups, and more. The foods most people react to are gluten, dairy, various grains, eggs, nuts, and nightshades. Sugar, artificial sweeteners, and sweet fruits also cause inflammation. People new to this lifestyle often wonder if there is anything left to eat. There is plenty to eat on the Deflame Diet! In fact, this way of eating more closely resembles what people have eaten for most of human history. The diet is based on grassfed and organic meats, wild fish, healthy fats, fermented foods, and lots of veggies. Eating plenty of vegetables will help build good gut bacteria, detoxify the liver, and boost immune health and tolerance of more foods. Healthy fats include coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and ghee. Avoid processed vegetable oils and strictly avoid hydrogenated oils, or trans fats. This antiinflammatorya diet is certainly more work than eating fast food or microwave meals. The rewards in how much better it will make you feel are worth the effort. This lifestyle requires planning and preparation. You may experience cravings, low energy, and some detox symptoms for a few days in the beginning. Online support groups can be very reassuring and helpful. However, it doesn’t take long before most people feel an increase in energy and well being and actually come to enjoy the diet. Many also lose unwanted fat! After following the protocol for 30 to 90 days, you may wish to add in some of the eliminated foods – one at a time every 72 hours – to see whether you react to any of them. This will help you customize a lifelong diet that is healthy but satisfying. Many find going off at least gluten and dairy brings substantial health benefits. Making these dietary lifestyle modifications is the first step to decreasing chronic inflammation and creating better health from the inside out! -Dr. Adam Hughes is a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Provider at Kingen Chiropractic Wellness Center in Brentwood, MO.

Kingen Chiropractic Wellness Center $49 Initial Consultation/Examination

Call 314.646.0013 to schedule your appointment! Helping You Achieve & Maintain Optimal Health Live Strong. Be Your Best Self. Chiropractic Acupuncture BStrong4Life Program SHAPE Reclaimed Program Functional Nutrition Natural Thyroid Support Posture Correction Program Adults, Seniors, Children | Dr. Brenda L. Kingen Dr. Adam Hughes

314.646.0013 2001 S. Hanley Rd., Ste. 220 Brentwood, MO 63144

He can be reached at 314-646-0013, or go to and |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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Helping Athletes to: Prepare, Repair, and Recover Dr. Ed Ernstrom has been treating athletes and everyday people for the better part of the last 16 years. Although he is a chiropractor by trade, his focus in his office is to Prepare, Repair, and Recover the human frame due to physical activity. Between Aspen Laser Therapy, RockTape, RockBlades, and Chiropractic techniques he accomplishes these tasks.


Aspen Laser Therapy aids in physical activity preparation. The energy of the laser beam catalyzes the cells to make more energy from the inside out. This energy produced with this treatment is great to prepare muscles and joints, increase oxygenated blood to the area, and reduce inflammation before physical activity. RockTape works great to prepare your muscles, joints, and nerves for activity. When RockTape is applied correctly, the skin is lifted to decompress your blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and local nerves. This allows for increased circulation and better nerve conduction. RockTape can be applied directly before activity. However, the best results are 2 or more hours ahead of activity. RockBlades are new IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) tools that came out in the summer of 2016. These tools are used to free the muscles from adhesions/scar tissue and trigger points.

This freedom will allow for increased movability, circulation, and reduced pain during activity. Chiropractic care will prepare the frame and skeletal system for activity. On regular occasion, our joints may become stuck due to over or under use. Many times we may try to stretch and maybe even self-adjust ourselves. The joints that lack motion will cause compensation problems usually causing dysfunctional movement patterns. The chiropractic adjust will open up the restricted joints to allow proper motion throughout the skeletal system.


Aspen Laser Therapy accelerates tissue healing. Whether you sprained an ankle, have a torn muscle or overcoming surgery, the laser speeds up the process of healing. The cells will have more energy available to regenerate, produce proteins and increase blood supply for nutrient delivery. RockTape, RockBlades and Chiropractic will help keep the circulation free to the injury and prevent dysfunctional movement while the body is attempting to heal itself.


Aspen Laser Therapy will remove inflammation and lactic acid after physical activity. Waste products in and out of muscles usually stay in the area after activity. Our lymphatic system is responsible

44 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017

to remove these chemicals. The laser will open up the lymphatic system sparking the removal of these chemicals by sucking them out of the region. As well as removing waste from the area, blood circulation will open up, supplying many nutrients, oxygen, and hydration for energy recovery. RockTape keeps the blood vessels and lymphatics decompressed. By decompressing these vessels, the removal of waste chemicals and the import of nutrients, oxygen and hydration are improved over time. RockTape can be worn for days on end. RockBlades and Chiropractic allow for motion and circulation to continue after physical activity. Whatever your physical needs are, you can contact Ernstrom Spinal Rehab and Dr. Ernstrom will help get you to your physical goals. Ernstrom is the founder of Ernstrom Spinal Rehab and has been treating athletes and everyday people of the better part of 16 years. Between RockTape, Aspen Laser Therapy, RockBlades, and Chiropractic he will help you reach your physical goals. For more information visit their Facebook page at Ernstrom Spinal Rehab

The Secret is Life Energy By Dr. Christopher Ngo

Ever wonder why despite having a healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious foods, exercising, and taking the right supplements, people still suffer from particular ailments? What about people who have had surgery or taking medications? And what about the people who have “normal” or “negative” tests and still suffer? The secret to understanding health is Life Energy. Life energy is referred to as ki in Japanese. The Chinese refer to life energy as chi. In Hebrew, life energy is referred to as ruach. And in Sanskrit, it is called prana. Prana is a fuel to help the body heal itself. If there is enough prana, then the body maintains its health. Low amounts of prana begin manifesting as fatigue or discomfort. Disease or severe symptoms occur when the rate of deterioration of the body is faster than the rate of healing. The key to health is increasing the amount of healthy prana in the body. Prana can be found everywhere. It is in the air, the ground, comes from the sun, and is in the foods we eat. Our body extracts prana for use during digestion and also pulls it from the environment. If prana is everywhere, then why is there still disease? Disease occurs because the body cannot make use of the prana despite it being abundant. This is similar to having unlimited amounts of wheat, but if there is no mill to process the wheat, it cannot be made into flour to be consumed. The body has processing centers called chakras. They process and distribute prana for health. If the chakras are malfunctioning due to blockages, then the body cannot make use of the fresh supply of prana. By removing these blockages, the processing abilities are restored and the rate of healing increases. The key is to first have these blockages removed. Once the chakra is able to function correctly, everything else we do – exercise, nutrition, supplements, positive thinking – will be able to provide the prana needed to maintain and improve your health! Christopher S. Ngo, DO is board certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and is a Certified Pranic Healing Instructor. He is located at Osteopathic Horizons located at Stillpointe Wellness Center 2135 Dorothy Dr., Ste. 6, Belleville, IL 62223. To schedule an appointment or for more information call 618-235-8422 or email Check for upcoming courses and events. |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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Joy of

the Party By Marilyn Eagan

Dance. Community. Empowerment.

314-398-8184 Read more about Sacred Movement on page 32 of this issue.

Yoga & Spa readers, buy one class and get one free! Register online now for a 2 Class Pass and use the promo code Y&SBOGO to receive your special discount.

When we think of celebrations, brides, grooms and parties, we think of the joy for everyone involved. The summer season in general is about fun and joy. Celebration also requires a lot of energy on someone’s part. The planning, coordinating guests, location and activities while trying to keep participants happy along the way can be draining. As a Shaman and Energy Medicine Practitioner, I have seen a lot of people become disconnected or “unplugged” from the joy of events due to the stress of creating the event. Due to all the things that have to get done and the amount of people-pleasing efforts that are exerted, sometimes the person who wants to celebrate the most is not able to feel the joy that they have been creating for everyone else. Joy is an innate energy and has its own circuit, or system in your body. However, when stress takes over our body, which is never the intention, we may find that no matter how hard we try, we just can’t feel the joy. This is something that is very real for many. The experience feels like trying to turn on a beautiful lamp that is not plugged in. This is also exactly how it looks energetically in the body. There are simple things you can do to plug in the light, so you can feel bright and beautiful at your event.

The Ten Hearts Exercise:

Self-Care for Sensitive People class starting in April 2017 Activate the JOY in your life! Contact Marilyn to register! 314-330-4156 The Peace Place 2841 Barrett Station Rd.Ballwin, MO 63021

Stand outside in a beautiful space in nature. If that is not available, then imagine an outdoor scene. Think of an image, place, person or animal that gives you the feeling of joy. Something or someone that always makes you smile. Now breathe in that energy, feel that smile. Continue with deep breaths as you place both hands at the space between your eyebrows, take a deep breath and draw a heart around your face. When at your chin, move hands straight up the middle of your face back to where

46 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017

you started, and draw two more hearts. Then, drop your hands down to center of your heart and draw three big hearts in the same way around your chest and abdomen, remembering to come straight up the middle from the tip of the heart. Start a last set of hearts close to pubic bone region, draw three more hearts that go around your legs and feet, comes up the middle and repeat. With the last heart, as you bring your hands up the center line of your body, go all the way up above your head, reaching as high as possible and circle your arms around your whole body drawing the last heart. As you are drawing the last heart, take one last deep breath in and exhale. Ahhhhhhh. This very simple exercise can make a huge difference in your energy field. It can actually “plug in” the circuits in your body that carries joy. You are the most important person at your celebration, you deserve to feel the JOY! Marilyn Eagen of Holistic Harmony Lifecare is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Shaman and Life Coach who is certified and trained in many modalities. She is available to help you find peace, calm, balance and joy in your life through one-on-one sessions, classes or small group workshops, speaking at your event or the many ceremonies and groups that she offers at her office, The Peace Place, located at 2841 Barrett Station Rd. Contact her at,, 314-330-4156, or Facebook at Holistic Harmony Lifecare. You can also join her closed Facebook group, The Peace Place.

Neuropsychological Testing

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What, When, Why?

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From time to time, we all experience forgetfulness and distraction. If they occur frequently, these everyday frustrations could be a warning sign of a more serious problem. When the need arises to assess one’s mental fitness, there is no substitute for neuropsychological testing. In clinical neuropsychology, we evaluate brain function by objectively testing thinking skills such as memory, attention, and language. Neuropsychological assessment provides a detailed roadmap for identifying effective behavioral interventions. Evaluations are designed to identify an individual’s unique cognitive strengths and weaknesses by testing a wide variety of abilities. As the school year begins to wind down, many children look ahead to summer break. Summer can be a good time to take stock of academic and cognitive skills and plan for the future. Children struggling in school can benefit from a comprehensive examination of academic skills and executive function, in order to better understand how they learn. In the case of learning difficulties like dyslexia and ADHD, neuropsychological testing can diagnose the problem determine which interventions are needed. For children who aren’t being challenged enough in school, testing can also be used to identify giftedness. For older adults, memory concerns can become worrisome if they interfere significantly with everyday life. Neuropsychological testing involves more than just a quick memory screening, as multiple areas of thinking, reasoning, and problem solving are tested. Since some forms of age-related cognitive decline are reversible, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis as early as possible. If memory loss is associated with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, medications and lifestyle changes can help to increase quality of life. David Kaufman, Ph.D., ABPP, is a board-certified clinical neuropsychologist, psychology professor at Saint Louis University, and owner of Gateway Neuropsychology, located at 989 Gardenview Office Parkway, St. Louis, MO 63141. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call 314-591-5564 or visit


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Merging Your Money When You Marry By C. Michael Unterreiner, ChFC

Getting married is exciting, but it brings many challenges. One challenge that you and your spouse will have to face is merging your finances. Planning carefully and communicating clearly are important, because the financial decisions that you make now can have a lasting impact on your future. 48 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017

Discuss your financial goals The first step in mapping out your financial future together is to discuss your financial goals. Start by making a list of your short-term goals (paying off debt, new purchases, vacation) and long-term goals (children, college education, retirement). Then, determine which goals are most important. Once you've prioritized, you can focus on achieving.

Prepare a budget Next, prepare a monthly or annual budget that lists all of your income and expenses. If both you and your spouse are going to be involved in managing

LIFESTYLE the finances, make sure that you develop a recordkeeping system that both of you understand. Also, keep important documents in a system that you both can access.

List your income (salaries, wages), and expenses (it may be helpful to review several months of entries in your checkbook and credit card bills). Add up those expenses and compare to your income. Hopefully, you spend less than you earn. If not, review the expenses and see where you can cut down.

Bank accountsseparate or joint? Do you want to combine your bank accounts or keep them separate? Maintaining a joint account does have advantages, such as easier record keeping. However, it's sometimes more difficult to keep track of how much money is in a joint account when two people have access to it. Fortunately, most banks have online access so that each spouse can see when the other has made a transaction. Or, you could decide to maintain separate accounts.

Credit cards Having credit cards in joint name may not be the best idea. When you and your spouse have joint credit, both of you will be responsible for 100 percent of the credit card debt. Also, if one of you has poor credit, it will negatively impact the credit rating of the other.


If that is equivalent, you may both want to choose the plan with lower deductible and/or co-payments or other better benefits. Examine your auto insurance coverage, too. If you have different auto insurance carriers, consider pooling your insurance policies with one company. Many companies will give a discount for insuring multiple cars with them. If one of you has a poor driving record, however, make sure that changing companies won't mean paying a higher premium.

Employer-sponsored retirement plans If both you and your spouse have employer-sponsored retirement plans, you should be aware of each plan's characteristics, but you should each continue to participate in your own plan.

C. Michael Unterreiner, ChFC, founded Financial Legacy Associates to create an environment where financial professionals could serve their clients better by sharing their experiences and ideas. He has served his clients by recommending investment and insurance solutions to their financial planning, retirement planning, and college funding challenges. 16020 Swingley Ridge Road, Suite 100 Chesterfield, MO 63017 | 636-777-7099,

Most likely, you have separate health insurance coverage now, but you'll want to analyze each plan to see if one of you should join the other’s plan. Many times, employer contributions are the deciding factor. |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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Perfectly Sweet Nothing Bundt Cakes To find the perfect recipe, you first need the perfect ingredients. That’s what Nothing Bundt Cakes’ founders, Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz, were for each other.

make any moment

a Celebration Turn every day into Nothing Bundt the best.

FREE Bundtlet when you purchase a bundtlet Chesterfield

159 Lamp & Lantern Village • (636) 220-6087 Must show employee badge. Limit one coupon per guest. Cannot be combined with anyother offer. Redeemable only at the bakery listed. Must be claimed in-bakeryduring normal business hours. No cash value.

A specialty clinic in NEUROPSYCHOLOGY

Gateway Neuropsychology is a clinical neuropsychology practice, providing comprehensive services to help identify psychological problems and pinpoint behavioral solutions. Schedule your appointment, today!

989 Gardenview Office Parkway Saint Louis, MO 63141 314-591-5564 |

50 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017

In 1997, they joined forces, or better yet kitchens, to make cakes to entertain their friends and family. The cakes they made were delicious and unlike anything anyone had tasted. As a result, their friends and family asked them to entertain more and more. They quickly realized this side project of theirs could be something more. There was a gap in the world for delicious cakes, readily available, that didn’t compromise on their ingredients.

"…far greater than satisfying a sweet tooth or can make a bad day better" Fresh eggs, real butter, and real cream cheese; nothing was too good to achieve perfection. Perfection are those decadent, slowly melting bites we all know and love. Flash forward and Nothing Bundt Cakes has grown to around 200 bakeries in 31 states across the U.S. and its first Canadian bakery in Burlington, Ontario. Built on Dena and Debbie’s vision, each bakery has the warmth and nostalgia of its home-kitchen roots, while also taking a modern approach for the world today. Nothing Bundt Cakes also believes there are few things in this world that can change people’s attitudes, moods, and excitement levels as much as cake. It has the power far greater than satisfying a sweet tooth or occasion. It can make a bad day better. It can make any occasion, big or small, sweeter. Nothing says it better than a Nothing Bundt Cake. Choose from ten delicious flavors and four different sizes, all crowned with their signature cream cheese frosting. Each cake is made-to-order on-site with the highest quality ingredients and the option for handmade decorations for any occasion. From birthdays to holidays, client gifts to business meetings, make someone's day by making your way to or stop by your local bakery in Town & Country to sample the sweetness. Nothing Bundt Cakes-Town & Country, 159 Lamp & Lantern Village, Town & Country, MO 63017, 636-220-6087 |

Wink & Flutter

- The Lash Boost

By Lynn Schroeder

Eyelashes (just like your skin) are prone to life’s ups and downs. Whether you opt for heavy mascara or an au naturale lash look, it pays to know the full story behind your fringe–that way you can prep for a lifetime of lush, healthy-looking lashes. Here are a few things all of our eyelashes have in common: Your eyelashes work hard every day. Eyelashes demand their fair share of attention – but did you know they also serve an important biological function? It’s true: Those beautiful lashes also protect your peepers from dust, debris, wind and sunlight, in addition to triggering the blink reflex. You are born with a certain number of eyelash follicles (openings in skin through which lashes grow). And, as hard as you might wish on it, this number will not increase during your lifetime. People typically have around 100 eyelashes on the upper eyelid and half as many on the lower lid. But who’s really counting? Remember, it’s not how many you have, it’s what you do with them! Eyelashes are continuously going through stages of growth, resting, shedding, and re-growth.The entire cycle can take anywhere from 5 to 11 months – a good reason not to take your lovely lashes for granted, or risk losing them by rubbing your eyes too hard.

Eyelashes do thin as we age. If your lashes don’t seem as long or as full as they were in, say, your teens or early twenties, you aren’t imagining it. The appearance of our eyelashes not only changes the older we get (sigh), but eyelash follicles can actually stop producing new lashes. Now you’ve got the facts, there's no reason to fret. Set yourself up for the ultimate lash look at any age with R+F Lash Boost. This proprietary formula with Biotin and Keratin deposits an infusion of protein to dramatically improve the look of lashes while protecting them against future damage from everyday beauty routines that pull and tug. The result? Lush, longer-looking lashes that are 100% real and 100% yours. For most of us, primping eyes comes last in our daily beauty routine – but maybe it’s about time we put them first. After all, a lot can happen in the blink of an eye – so why not make the most of every wink and flutter? For more information, please visit Contact Lynn Schroeder by calling 314-280-9569 or email


Lynn Schroeder RFX Circle Leader-Rodan + Fields

314-280-9569 |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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Experience the exceptional service and value of a Newman-Dailey beach vacation. Our “Be Free Bundle” allows you to do more for less. Start planning today!

800-225-7652 * *




(314) 300-6902





Osteoporosis? Poor Balance or Strength? Back or Joint Pain? Type II Diabetes?


w w w. O S T E O S T R O N G S T LO U I S . c o m 52 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017


No Passport Required: Florida’s Emerald Coast Hot Spot for Weddings, Bachelorette Gatherings and Honeymoons Wedding planning can be an exhausting endeavor. Therefore, many brides-to-be are looking for gathering spots that are easily accessible and offer luxury, relaxation and beauty. Florida’s Emerald Coast, which includes the beaches of South Walton and Destin, is an increasingly popular choice among Midwest brides for weddings, honeymoons, and bachelorette getaways. With the perfect backdrop of sugar white sand beaches and turquoise water, brides are discovering the beaches of Northwest Florida are ideal for all types of wedding celebrations. For brides-to-be looking for the perfect destination wedding, Northwest Florida’s beaches offer a wide array of locales to tie the knot. Whether saying “I do” on the beach, on a yacht or inside a chapel, couples will enjoy a picture-perfect ceremony and memories that last a lifetime. After the ceremony, area restaurants, lush greens as well as event halls, such as Celebration Hall in Santa Rosa Beach, provide convenient and attractive locations for the perfect reception celebration.

For brides seeking the perfect honeymoon spot with no passport required, Florida’s Emerald Coast is ready to serve. Fall and winter are the seasons for romance. During the quieter, cooler time of year, couples enjoy uncrowded beaches, award-winning restaurants with no wait times and activities and events that are perfect for newlyweds. Wine, craft beer, food, fashion and art festivals are fun for couples of all ages. In addition, activities such as couples massages, horseback riding, biking and dolphin and sunset cruises keep newlyweds entertained until it’s time to toast another spectacular Gulf Coast sunset. Finally, for those looking for a locale to gather with friends pre-wedding, the Emerald Coast is a popular destination for bachelorette getaways as well. Gals can all gather in a luxury vacation rental home to celebrate the bride-to-be. Area restaurants, luxury spas, live music venues and the vibrant Destin Harbor provide fun gathering spots to celebrate with friends.

friends and families to the beach, providing the ideal beach vacation rental for every occasion. From large luxury rental homes to cozy romantic beach cottages and townhomes to popular Destin condos with sweeping views of the beach and the Gulf, Newman-Dailey features a wide array of accommodation options. In addition, Newman-Dailey’s Be Free Bundle helps brides stretch their budget. Local businesses offer special discounts to NewmanDailey guests and the “Newman-Dailey Gift Card” is good toward complementary activities and free movie rentals. Whether the bride’s style is coastal casual, classic elegance or modern chic, NewmanDailey Resort Properties is ready to deliver luxury, relaxation and the beauty of Florida’s Emerald Coast. To view Newman-Dailey’s premier selection of vacation rentals, visit

To begin planning, Newman-Dailey Resort Properties specializes in Celebration Vacations. For more than 30 years, the team at Newman-Dailey has been welcoming couples, |MARCH/APRIL 2017

- 53

May 7th – 14, 2017

Sailing Date - May 7th – 14, 2017

Call 314 781 8822, x104 to book your cruise today! Terms & Conditions: *Per person based double occupancy. Price excludes taxes, fees, port expenses, and gratuities. Estimated taxes, fees and port expenses vary by sail date and range from $121.54 to $208 per person. Gratuities estimated at $80.50 per person. Only applicable on Dominican Republic Sailings MAY 7 – 14, 2017. New bookings only. Not combinable with any other offers. Limited Capacity and subject to change or cancellation at any time. © 2017 FATHOM TRAVEL LTD. FATHOM AND THE FATHOM LOGOS ARE TRADEMARKS OF FATHOM TRAVEL LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. SHIPS REGISTRY: BERMUDA.

54 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017


Let us hand le the food.

The Wedding Feeding Frenzy By Martha Buckley

Fifty years ago many weddings were simple afternoon affairs followed by a few photos, a cake, and punch reception in the church basement or fellowship hall. Today, the norm has become a day long affair with two venues, photo shoots at various locations, and wardrobe changes. Do you have a plan for your guests for the down time between events? They could go to a restaurant but what about the dinner your caterer is preparing? They could go have a couple of drinks, but what if they overindulge? What if they go home and decide not to make it to the reception?

You hand le the fun! Call today to host the perfect dinner party!

(314) 566-9348 w w w. m a r t h a s g o u r m e t k i t c h e n . c o m

Fine Arts, Antiques & Collectibles

A better solution might be to send your guests straight to the reception for hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Add a little music, even if it’s a CD mix, and get the party started! Passing small bites that will complement your dinner while offering a limited drink selection will engage your guests, satiate their hunger without being over-filled or over-served, and give your wedding a relaxed, welcoming feel. Guests will have a chance to mingle, get to know each other, and start conversations that carry over to the dinner table and the dance floor. Giving your guests a place to go and something to do between events on your wedding day is a thoughtful way to include them in every part of your special day. Martha Buckley is the owner of Martha’s Gourmet Kitchen, LLC, a custom catering company and maker of specialty jams, jellies and marmalade. For more information visit,, email, call 344-566-9348, or find us on Facebook, Twitter (@marthas_gourmet) or Instagram (marthasgourmetkitchen).

One of Kind Items Available | Worldwide Marketplace New Showroom Opening in 2017

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(314) 412-2048

Experience pure, safe and beneficial products wi

Arbonne Internaonal from any of our beauty, heal and wellness lines.

Call Jaime at 314-608-7997 for a free skincare, cosmec or nutrion consultaon and see at makes Arbonne so unique!


Body Presencing Healing the Root of the Matter TM

Planning, protecting, preparing your family's future & your legacy.

Dr. Gail Cloud, D.C. 1561 N. Warson, St. Louis, MO 63132

(314) 995-9755 Chiropractic, Family Systems Facilitator, Psychological Astrology


First class is f ree!

C. Michael Unterreiner, ChFC 16020 Swingley Ridge Road Suite 100 Chesterfield, MO 63017 636.777.7099

Think f it. Get f it. Stay f it. 56 - | MARCH/APRIL 2017

“Securities and investment advisory services offered through Royal Alliance Associates, Inc., member of FINRA/SIPC and a registered investment advisor. Additional investment advisory services offered through Financial Legacy Associates, LLC a registered investment advisor not affiliated with Royal Alliance.”

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Yoga & Spa magazine is partnering by providing exhibit space and attendee discounts to readers of Y&S. The meetings and events industry can be stressful and unhealthy for the companies attending or producing events. Y&S wants to help change that, and now you can too. If you are a Yoga & Spa Magazine reader and plan meetings and events of any kind you can benefit by attending this Expo. We have great prizes, gift bags, food and drink, networking and phenomenal speakers waiting for you. Sign-up today. Call Abby at 314-781-8880.

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Exhibitors who have products and services that can be used by the hospitality industry. Life coaches, speakers, spas, yoga event planners, entertainment, and food & beverage products who want to reach this corporate market would make great exhibitors! If you want to exhibit, contact Stacy Hunsicker or call her at (314) 610-6042. Hurry, while space and discounts are available. |MARCH/APRIL 2017

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An integrated approach to healing and wellness. • Diet & Nutrition • Detoxification • Massage • Acupuncture • Chiropractic • Meditation • Trasformational Breathwork • Energy Therapy • Gifts (Health, Spiritual, Eco, Fun)

Experience The BioMat at The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit

Colon Hydrotherapy (also referred to as colonics)

3 and 6 pack specials available Karen Gelb

Advanced Cer�fied Colon Hydrotherapist, I-ACT

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My Biz is Growing Your Biz!

Shelley Barr

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