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Ring In The Holidays With A New You! The only non-invasive procedure FDA-cleared to lift skin on the neck, chin and brow. We offer EXPERT TREATMENT of skin conditions and our physicianadministered treatments include: • Years of Experience as One of St. Louis’s First Ultherapy® Providers • Botox®, Juvederm®, Radiesse®, Dysport®, Perlane®, and Restylane® • Laser Therapy for Varicose Veins • Laser treatments for skin texture and tightening • Combination Therapies for Enhanced Cosmetic Results


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Joseph A. Muccini, MD Board-Certified Dermatologist Member of AAD, ASDS, AMA Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013


Yoga &Spa magazine

Volume 4, Issue 4

Publisher’s Letter

Finding Your Rhythm As the season changes from summer to fall and from fall to winter, we begin to feel our own internal rhythms changing. Some people love the heat of the summer months replete with swimming pools and baseball fields; their bodies are winding down. Other people love the chill of winter and its offerings of snowboarding, skiing, and ice skating; their collective rhythm is quickening in anticipation of blustery days to come.

Stacy Hunsicker Publisher (314) 965-6133 Amanda Kidwell Editor Judy Dante Graphic Design

Whatever your rhythm, the key is to find and to honor that pace in every season, every day, everywhere, and with everyone you can. When we don’t honor our individual rhythms, our bodies become ill, our relationships get dramatic, and work feels overwhelming. If the pace is too slow we may feel stuck, bored, or depressed.

Advertising (314) 965-6133 Contributing Writers Cindy Bambini Megan Ernst Justine Froelker Dr. Judd Fuhr Mary Lou Fitzsimmons Craig Jung Nancy Lipari Logan University Chiropractic Health Centers Missouri Baptist Medical Center Dr. Christine Salter, MD, DC Dr. Humaira Rosinski Jean Scholtes Michael Twyman, MD Rebecca Wiederkehr, LCSW Photo Credits Liz Schneider, Cover On the Cover Creve Coeur Dental Dr. Humaira Rosinski Clothes by Dimvaloo Yoga & Spa Magazine does not endorse any information contained in articles or advertisements and suggests consulting a health-care professional before beginning any therapy or medical treatment.

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One of the best places to connect with your individual flow is on the yoga mat. Yoga is all about getting to know ourselves, our bodies, minds, and spirits. Personally, I love practicing Hot Yoga in the winter — there’s nothing better than 10 degrees outside and 105 degrees in the yoga room. Whenever my life feels off-pace, I can return to yoga to find my sweet spot, the perfect rhythm of my life. What kinds of activities bring you back to perfect rhythm? If your life feels out of order, you’re due for a rhythm check. Today, make the deliberate decision to honor your rhythm; in doing so, you honor everyone around you: your spouse, children, boss, even the family dog. Breast Health Awareness Prevention is the key. Find helpful prevention information and resources for support in this issue’s Breast Health Awareness special section on pages 6-9. Senior Living In this section, Yoga & Spa Magazine shares informative articles and inspiring true stories for seniors and their families; this issue’s theme is “Activities for Agelessness.” Staying active is crucial at every age for continued health and longevity. Stay active; stay young. Annual Living Fit Expo at Plaza Frontenac Please join us January 25th for the Yoga & Spa Magazine Annual Living Fit Expo at Plaza Frontenac, where knowledgeable health and wellness professionals will be available to discuss your 2014 goals for a healthier, happier you. As always, there will be product demonstrations, keynote speakers, samples, and plenty of other goodies. And don’t forget our famous giveaways; this year, you could win a fabulous trip for two to a luxury resort in Panama! (See feature, pp. 18-19.) Find your perfect rhythm through the resources and information in this season’s Yoga & Spa Magazine. Have a wonderful Fall and Holiday season, and we’ll see you at the expo in January!


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28 Balancing Act: Dr. Humaira Rosinski

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The Power of Words, Imagination and Visualization in Wellness


Mammography Saves Lives!


The Best War Against Breast Cancer

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Go! Spa: Where Friends Go! to Have Fun


New Retreat Center Opens in Unity Village, MO


Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa


The Spa at Red Frog Beach Island Resort

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The Power of Words, Imagination & Visualization in Wellness by Rebecca Weidekher

There is growing concern by many of us that we are being bombarded by the word cancer on every level of the media. Words are energy and have tremendous power. Research tells us that the brain is affected and lights up with an imagined or the real thing in front of it. Our brain does not distinguish between cancer and hearing and seeing the word cancer. With this true, do we really want to name a healing place the Center for Breast Cancer? Instead, a Center for Breast Wellness or simply Wellness or Healing Center focuses on the positive desired result. Where does the mind go when it hears such statistics as 2 in 3 women will get breast cancer or we see all the pink that is worn in honor of survivors? Immediately our mind goes back to the word and thought of cancer. What is this doing to our brain, to our psyche? Most often our brain goes to imaging the disease and feeling fear of it. “Am I going to be a statistic?” When we are over-loaded in this way, fear builds up in our minds and weakens our immune system. We must learn to protect ourselves. Since our brain does not distinguish between real or imagined, the self-guided imagery of 6

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013

“worrying” is a mis-use of the strongest faculty we have, our imagination. Worrying is not a good way to use our amazing minds. Using our imagination in a healthy focused way is one of the most extraordinary resources we have at our fingertips. It is a built in resource and a gift beyond compare. Start counteracting negative or unpleasant visuals by visualizing over and over the pictures and outcome we want instead of what we don’t want. Then anchor them in. (An easy generic anchoring tool is putting the forefinger and thumb together on each hand and imagining the positive imagery going deep within the psyche and cellular memory. We can then recall and strengthen it each time we use the anchor. ) We stand on the shoulders of giants in the mind-body connection that has flourished in the past 35-40 years. The late Dr. O Carl Simonton, a radiation oncologist from the 70’s, was a pioneer in the mind-body connection. Another is Herbert Benson, MD, and his continued work. His book The Relaxation Response, written in 1975 that made ground breaking strides in the importance of relaxation and wellness. Benson says, “We claim no innovation but simply a scientific validation of age-old wisdom". There are many others who are fueling us. There are many on-going guided imagery tools available. St. Louis’s Sandy Jost,

PhD of ONE Health Academy and world renowned Belleruth Naperstak with HEALTH JOURNEYS have tools ready for use. Simonton taught his patients that it would be profoundly helpful to learn and live with wellness tools, having them embedded in the body-mind. The person could fall back on the automatic tools when most needed. Visualizing our immune system as healthy, eating a well-balanced diet and regular exercise keeps us ahead in the game of wellness. Through meditation, a style that works for each individual, positive guided imagery, conscious breathing, healing music, yoga, relaxation strategies, etc., we can keep a calm heart and mind. This is an important key to health. Stress is a fact of life. We can’t control stressful situations. We can learn to control our reaction or response to the situation. So breathe and count. The brain can only focus on one thing at a time. When stressed breathe in 1-2-3-4-5; breathe out 1-2-3-4-5... With the above simple, yet powerful tools, we can do what is in our power to reach a sense of well-being and keeping the mind-body in harmony. Be well. Rebecca Wiederkehr, LCSW assists people in releasing stuck trauma as well as supporting personal and spiritual growth within relationships with self and others. See ad in this issue to learn more, or call (314) 822-4752.

Breast Health Awareness

Mammography saves lives! Make Yourself a Priority: 3D for Screening Mammography Now Offered at Missouri Baptist Medical Center As of September 15th, Missouri Baptist’s Breast HealthCare Center now offers digital breast screening mammography with tomosynthesis, or 3D mammography. Previously, 3D mammography was only available for diagnostic exams; now, women also may choose to add this optional evaluation at the time of their screening mammograms. Missouri Baptist is one of only a few hospitals in Missouri to offer 3D mammography. Approved by the FDA in 2011, published studies show that 3D technology’s high resolution helps clinicians find and treat breast cancers more aggressively. Geoffrey Hamill, MD, section chief-mammography and breast imaging at Missouri Baptist’s Breast HealthCare Center said, “During the past year, our team of dedicated breast mammographers evaluated tomosynthesis in our diagnostic patients, and agrees with published studies that report significant improvement in visualization and characterization of breast cancers within dense tissue. We found that breast cancers presenting as a palpable mass, distortion or asymmetry are often better seen in 3D.” With 3D, women can benefit in so many ways: 1. The sooner a cancer is found, the better are one’s chances of surviving it. Our 3D technology helps our doctors find smaller cancers sooner. 2. 3D is especially important for dense breast tissue, because it allows doctors to examine breast tissue one layer at a time, versus in 2D where overlapping tissue can make early cancers hard to detect. 3. The higher resolution of 3D has been proven to reduce call-back visits for additional testing due to unclear results, because with physicians are able to see fine details. Visit Missouri Baptist’s website at for more information, or call 314-996-5170 to schedule an appointment.

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The Best War Against Breast Cancer Is Prevention Breast cancer is the most common worldwide cancer in women. In the US, approximately 200,000 new cases of breast cancer are expected in 2013 and approximately 40,000 women will die from it; only 10% of the new cases of breast cancer will occur in women with an inherited mutation otherwise known as a positive family history. So what is the cause of the other 90%? There are three phases that breast cells must pass through to become a clinically detectable malignancy. Most likely it is a combination of factors that cause or initiate the process. Research indicates that initiation occurs in 3 ways: changing the cell’s genetic blue print by direct damage and or random mutation; secondly by changes in the epigenome which are specialized proteins called histones around the genetic DNA blueprint, and lastly, by damage to the cellular matrix surrounding breast cells. The cellular matrix houses immune cells, nerve cells, fascia, blood and lymphatic vessels which support and nourish the breast cells. Breast cancer is a general term for many different types of cancers that originate within the breast. The exact type of breast cancer is determined by the location and the growth characteristics of the cancerous cells. Research shows that nearly half of all breast cancer can be prevented by lifestyle changes. For example, regular alcohol use, oral contraceptives, sedentary lifestyle, smoking and sleep deprivation all increase the risk for breast cancer. Additional potential risk factors that may impact the breast cellular matrix is the use of toxic underarm deodorants or antiperspirants and the use of non-bioidentical hormones.

On the other hand, legumes such as peas, beans and lentils contain phytochemicals and protease inhibitors which have been shown to inhibit cancer cell reproduction. They are packed with folate, crucial to healthy cell division and repair. Also, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and kale are some of the best known cancerfighters. They are high in many nutrients including glucosinolates which inhibit cancer growth and flush carcinogens from the body naturally. Berries, particularly blueberries, strawberries and raspberries contain a phytochemical called ellagic acid, which has been proven in recent studies to slow the growth and spread of cancer cells. Blueberries also contain anthocyanosides , a phenolic compound that has been found to be one of the most potent antioxidants discovered to date.

Thermal Imaging is FDA approved to be adjunctive to mammography for breast cancer screening. Cellular detoxification and hormonal balancing with bioidentical hormones are important components of this program. It is a personalized, tailored approach that identifies, quantifies and corrects individual risk factors and focuses on true prevention…to stop breast cancer before it ever starts, or to find it early before it spreads. For more information and to learn about the October Breast Cancer Awareness special called “Pamper Yourself, Invest In Your Breast Health”, call 314-395-9777 or e-mail

So the best war on breast cancer is to prevent it occurring in the first place... to STOP IT!..before it starts or to find it early before it spreads. This is the operating paradigm at the Centre For Vibrant Health And Wellness.

Our Comprehensive Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Program identifies both lifestyle and cellular matrix risk factors. It also includes breast thermal imaging (BTI), a MammaCare breast exam, and referral for additional imaging if necessary. Breast

Christine Salter MD, DC, is the founder and medical director of the Centre For Vibrant Health And Wellness, and specializes in preventive breast health. She is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, the American Board of Obesity Medicine, and the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine; she also has multiple certifications in Breast Thermal Imaging and is also certified as a MammaCare Clinical Breast Examiner.

Where Friends Go! to Have Fun Go!Spa is a premier boutique day spa set in a friendly, upbeat, playful and clean spa environment. We invite you to come in and try our one-of-a-kind spa services. Whether you seek a signature “Go!Spa” manicure or pedicure, a Spoiled Rotten massage, or a professional facial or body waxing, our services are delivered in a celebratory and energizing atmosphere.

Our manicures and pedicures are different from other salons and spas. We start every pedicure with a soak in an individual bowl of refreshingly warm water. Instead of using traditional pedicure tub massage chairs, you recline in a zero gravity chair without having to worry about whose feet have been in the bowl before yours. Each pedicure bowl is cleaned and sanitized after each and every client. After soaking, our nail technicians file and buff your nails finishing with a leg and foot massage along with your favorite polish. Finish up your spa day with one of our signature manicures. We offer CND Shellac, CND Vinlyux, and traditional manicures. Our nail technicians ensure that your manicure and pedicure is nothing but the best. Experience our new seasonal treatments. Every month brings a new signature scent available for our manicures, pedicures, facials and massages. We feature scents such as pumpkin spice, caramel apple, and peppermint. All services are performed using the highest quality seasonally scented supplies mixed into our signature services to let you enjoy a little bit of the season.

We also offer a great variety of massage therapy. Come in and experience one of our unique massages. One of our massage therapists has just returned from Thailand learning Tai massage. Our other massage therapists specialize in deep tissue massage and sports massage. All of our therapists will work with you to create the ultimate massage experience. We also cater to all kinds of celebrations and gatherings. Our fabulous spa parties are customized to meet your celebration needs. It can be as simple as a birthday party celebrating the birthday girl with facials or a baby shower with a “Mommy-to-Be” pedicure. We also have a wide array of bridal and bachelorette party options. We love making those special days even better with our signature services allowing you and your friends to enjoy manicures, pedicures, facials and massages together all at the same time.

Go! Spa is located in Des Peres, MO at 11735 Manchester Rd. 314-822-0772.

Spa & Beauty

New Retreat Center Opens in Unity Village, MO Awaken Whole Life Center is a place for seekers of balance, harmony and peace. Anchored by the historic Unity Tower and located within Unity Village, Missouri, guests will find all they need for their life journey. Offering an array of services from integrative medicine, regenerative anti-aging and functional medicine, naturopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, skin esthetic health, massage, energy healing, personal training and yoga and fitness classes, Awaken Whole Life Center has all the resources to help guide guests to their best self. Awaken Whole Life Center boasts some of the world’s most exclusive equipment for healing services. An Om Pod, created by artist Alberto Frias, allows guests to personalize their meditation experience in a single, private Pod with light and sound therapy. The MLX Crystal Quartz Table from Germany is a highly advanced body treatment table with warmed quartz crystal for massage or energy healing. Awaken Whole Life Center is the only location in North America to have this one-of-a-kind table, offering clients an opportunity to go deeper during their healing service. HydraFacial™, a skin health procedure that actually replenishes the skin with anti-oxidants, allows for the most advanced application of nutrients to the skin, promoting health from the outside in, as well as the inside out. Awaken Whole Life Center will also host a variety of body-rejuvenating and intellectually-stimulating retreats throughout the year. Retreat facilitators such as Max Strom, don Miguel Ruiz, Dan Millman, Victoria

Moran, Suzanne Giesemann, Renee Trudeau and Joan Borysenko are just a few of the incredible people who will lead these inspirational and transformative experiences. With 1,600 acres of beautiful surroundings including an outdoor labyrinth, a 9-hole golf course, nature walking trails and a LEED-certified hotel, guests have all the amenities to help spark a truly restorative experience. The first three upcoming events and retreats include: Creative Awakening Yoga Retreat, featuring Kim Cope Tait, Making the Connection—How to Awaken Your Spirit and Attune to Higher Consciousness, featuring Suzanne Giesemann and keynote speaker, Timber Hawkeye, author of Buddhist Boot Camp. If the way in which we travel on our journey through this life directly affects all other beings and determines how it is we see our world, then it is essential that we walk in peace, pleasure, and in happiness of mind. In seeking to integrate and balance these truths of Body, Mind and Spirit that combine to express each individual being, we at Awaken Whole Life Center truly believe in holistically healing the Self, so that together we may begin to heal the world. For more information and to schedule an appointment or service, please visit us at or call us toll-free at 855.364.2022.

8 55 . 3 6 4 . 2022

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013


Find out how I lost 70lbs and KEPT it off!

Thai Yoga Massage Phone: (314) 434-8446 Email: 12291 Olive Blvd. Creve Coeur, MO 63141

by Mary Lou Fitzsimons

Ahhhh... As I enter the tranquil interior of Pattaya Thai Massage, I feel the stress of my day dissipate. I close my eyes and inhale the soothing quiet. I remove my shoes and await my assigned masseuse, who bows and leads me to a mat in an enclosed chamber. After disrobing and putting on large, thin pantaloons, I stretch myself out facedown, ready to surrender to healing touch.

Keratin Complex Coppola Smoothing Treatment available HERE! ... $75.00 off a hair-straightening treatment

Elbows, thumbs, hands, knees and feet burrow deeply into my body. Aching muscles are kneaded, sore bones are caressed. Pain, tension, and stress melt away. Fragrant oils are applied, filling my flesh with moisture and my senses with calm. I am carried away to meditative bliss. I am rolled and reversed; lines on my face are eased away by fingers both strong and delicate. This is my sanctuary, in the caring hands of a gracious healer. Your sacred space is waiting for you‌ Only at Pattaya Thai Massage in Pasadena, CA.


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013

Look as Young as You Feel EndyMed PRO™ DISCOVER 3DEEP®. Your Skin, ONLY BETTER!

Transform Your Skin & Body with 3DEEP® Technology Wrinkle Reduction, Regenerate Collagen

Arrange Your Sample Treatment plus 2 oz of our Fountain of Youth Serum for $99 (314) 884.2088

Beautiful Body Laser Center 17539 Chesterfield Airport Rd, Chesterfield, MO 63005 | Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013


Arkansas Luxury Resort & Spa Get Away Nestled within the vast Ouachita National Forest along the shoreline of the pristine Lake Ouachita, Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa is a full-service, 900-acre resort with an array of amenities and services for every family size and budget including: inviting residences; lakeview restaurant; renowned Marina; watersport equipment; Turtle Cove Spa and Salon; riding stables; RV spots; sprawling hiking/biking trails; and much more. Guests choose from a variety of accommodations including: lakeside cottages, poolside cabanas, lake-view guest rooms, and now a convenient roadside inn. Formerly known as the historic Colonial Motel, the Joplin Inn offers the same economy pricing and vintage appeal, now under Harbor’s management. Families now have another way to enjoy the resort’s amenities and lake adventures. Family owned and operated for 55 years, it is no secret what makes Mountain Harbor memorable–its staff and management families are dedicated to sharing this lake village with friends, families, and guests from all over. The Harbor crew ensures that guests arrive to a home, not just a location. Call 870-867-2191 to visit with Harbor Lodge staff about holiday events, restaurant menus, marina rates and services, special packages, unforgettable spa therapies, beautiful lakeside weddings, or just to chat about your lake destination vacation. You can also connect online at, or via Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. Arkansas’ premier resort experience: Mountain Harbor Resort on Lake Ouachita – 25 scenic miles west of Hot Springs, at 994 Mountain Harbor Road, Mount Ida, Arkansas, 71957.

Graceful Aging Intensive Facial Featuring Eminence Organic Skincare and Image Skincare products, the Graceful Aging Intensive Facial at Turtle Cove Spa pairs spa history and tradition with the latest in product technology and skin care expertise. This advanced facial is designed to combat all of the conditions that create the signs of aging. Your licensed skincare specialist will use specialized esthetic procedures designed to promote cellular turnover and renewal, and increase product penetration. You will immediately notice a diminishing in the appearance of wrinkles and an increase in overall skin tone and hydration. The Graceful Aging Intensive Facial includes an enzyme peel, both a lip and an eye treatment, an aromatherapy hand or foot treatment and a relaxing neck and back massage. Prior to your treatment, a skincare specialist will consult with you about your skin type and skin condition. A comprehensive home maintenance program is essential for best long-term results, so your skincare specialist will recommend a regimen suitable for you to continue at home.


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013

Stay at Arkansas’ premier resort on beautiful Lake Ouachita. Spa. Restaurant. Marina. Lodging Variety. Horseback Riding. Hiking. Biking. Boating. Fishing. Special Event Facilities. Excellent Customer Service. Untouched Wilderness. Solitude. Natural Lake Beauty. 1-800-832-2276 (out of state) 870-867-2191

Find all the amenities of a first-class resort spa in the midst of wilderness Lake Ouachita. INDULGE in therapies inspired by native minerals and the sacred space of crystalinfused waters. 870-867-1220

REJUVENATE at the renowned Turtle Cove Spa at Mountain Harbor Resort.

Introducing Turtle Cove Spa’s NEW sister wellness facility, and the only full-service luxury spa on DeGray Lake ... 501-865-2532

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013






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212% 95% Organic Sunless Tan Boutique

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We offer a variety of pre and post spray tan products! Soap, lotion, sunscreen, etc. $5 off Organic Spray Tanning New Clients Only Expires August 31 2013

Please call 314.459.3930 to make an appointment

7931 Big Bend Blvd Webster Groves, Mo 63119 314-378-2459

03% 45%

Sol Clayton

Sol Crestwood

927 DeMun Ave Clayton MO 63105

9744 Watson Rd. Crestwood MO 63126


Heather Roth Fine Art Photography

Salon KJ



Let us help you feel beautiful on your big day! Our stylists take special care to ensure your wedding style is the perfect match for you! We offer in-salon and onsite hair and makeup services. Pantone 322 C Pantone 179 C

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100% Black

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Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013

50% Black

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Dr. Humaira Rosinski of Creve Coeur Dental Helping You Put Your Best Face Forward Compassionate, patient centered care for over a decade – The moment you walk in our door you’ll know you came to the right dental office. Dr. Rosinski expertly handles all of your dental procedure needs. Our facility places your overall health first. We want you to leave our office happy, healthy and with a better smile on your face than the one you came in with! We will exceed your expectations every time you visit. Finding a good dentist can be difficult. Sometimes, people get stuck and stay with the same dentist out of convenience, without investigating their dental options. That’s why our office takes the time to apply their experience, and exceptional skills to ensure our patients know what superior dentistry should be like. We want you, your family, and your friends to become part of our dental family—for a lifetime. Our shared dental experience will be the best! Our promise to you, is this, you will never feel rushed or hurried. We make sure we’ve devoted all the time and energy required to achieve your beautiful smile and overall health goals. All dental care is performed as gently as possible. We want your trip to the dentist to be the same as a trip to the masseuse. Not something you fear, but something you look forward to, something you even enjoy!

See What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying... “I just want to say for someone that is deeply afraid of needles and even more scared of dentist, from a history of bad dental practitioners. Dr. Rosinski and her entire staff did an incredible job at making me feel relaxed and knowledgeable during the entire process. I did the sedation dentistry due to my anxiety and fear, and it couldn’t have gone any better. I have found the dentist I want to go to for the rest of my life! Thank you so much Dr. Rosinski and Staff! God bless all of you!” - Brandon G. “I can’t express how grateful and thankful I am for all of your kindness and compassion you’ve shown and given me. I never imagined I would say this, but I am so happy with my teeth! My dental anxiety is gone now because of the excellent care you have given me and I cannot thank you enough! Who knew a dentist office could be so pleasant? You guys are hands down the best. I will be recommending Creve Coeur Dental to everyone I know. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” - Jennifer T.

Creve Coeur Dental Offers the Following: ∙ General Dentistry ∙ Cosmetic Dentistry ∙ Emergency Dentistry ∙ Smile Makeovers ∙ Facial Cosmetic Services ∙ Financing Options

How to Contact Creve Coeur Dental: Call for your free consulation: (314) 569-3141 677 North New Ballas Road, Suite 207, Creve Coeur, 63141

An Example of Our Before and After Work:

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013


The Spa at Red Frog Beach Island Resort

Hidden within a small lush island valley off Panama’s northern Bocas del Torro archipelago, a new spa promises new levels of relaxation by immersing you in a natural island masterpiece.

Located just off the resort’s Marina Village near the unique mangrove eco-system that gives Bocas del Toro its alluring charm, the Spa at Red Frog Beach Island Resort is found via a jungle trail ascending into the heart of the island with rainforest sounds echoing all around. Small lookout points dot the pathway where you can view the flowing water, a small waterfall, tropical flowers and the towering tree canopy that’s home to large blue morpho butterflies, numerous bird species, and the occasional monkey. Situated adjacent to a national marine park, Red Frog Beach Island Resort overlooks a protected rainforest as well as its namesake beach—designated as “One of the World’s


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013

Best Secret Beaches” by The Travel Channel. Enjoy the calming views from the resort’s secluded and luxurious one- to six-bedroom suites and villas, distantly spaced amid picturesque gardens and private pools. Red Frog Beach Island resort offers a host of outstanding recreational activities and cultural tours. In addition to the spectacular beach, enjoy the resort’s great adventure activities such as the thrilling, two-hour Zipline Rainforest Canopy Tour set at the top of the island, overlooking the vast Caribbean landscape. The resort also has a beachside activity center with a full line of watersports equipment rentals available, including kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards, surfboards and boogie boards.

The spa at Red Frog Beach Island Resort has been designed to blend seamlessly into the pristine natural landscape, with two private massage casitas hovering over a trickling island spring in the midst of a secluded rainforest valley.

For those wishing to explore natural beauty and rich culture of the 300 inlets that make up the Bocas del Toro archipelago, Red Frog also offers more than a dozen New World Discovery Tours to the island’s points of interest and neighboring keys. Venture out by boat to dazzling island keys and barren beaches, see dolphins jumping in wake, enjoy snorkeling amid colorful fish and reefs, immerse yourself in an indigenous Indian village, visit a working chocolate farm, or explore underground caves. Guided fishing charters, horseback riding tours to indigenous Indian villages and surf lessons for beginners also are available. For more information about Red Frog Beach Island Resort, visit, call (888) 655-9573 or Panama (507) 836-5501 or e-mail

Win a trip for two to The Spa at Red Frog Beach Island Resort at Yoga & Spa Magazine’s 5th Annual Living Fit Expo, Jan. 25th, 10am-3pm Plaza Frontenac. Giveaways are during 1pm Fashion Show. Must be present to win. Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013


Can You Imagine Yourself Without Excess Belly Fat?

Be honest with yourself: Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror: a full-length mirror? Do you constantly feel tired and fatigued? Are you dissatisfied with your appearance and energy level?

You don’t like what is happening to your body. And even though you’re inundated with advice from every possible source, you don’t know what steps to take next. You’re not stupid; but intelligence has little to do with it. When someone is desperate for a major life change, it’s easy to be lured into believing the answer is as simple as the latest supplement, diet shake, or fitness gadget. But that’s precisely the problem. Everywhere you look, people promise quick, easy solutions, but their disclaimers about “atypical” results tell the truth. Each new weight-loss fad brings new hope, but fitness cannot be sustained on hope alone. True lifestyle change requires understanding the scientific principles behind health and fitness. If you want to look younger, feel better, and enjoy life more, you must first re-educate yourself. To finally succeed at losing the weight permanently, you need to know a few basic 20

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013

concepts (I’ll share the details at your free consultation): • Modern weight-loss fads are temporary by design. Many people do lose weight on modern weight-loss programs, but they are not losing weight permanently—or healthfully. • Overweight is not a disease. It’s a symptom of diminished health. If you can’t lose weight and keep it off, it means something is wrong, including hormone imbalances. If you want to lose weight permanently, you must correct the imbalance to start getting healthy. • Eating fat does not make you fat. It’s the inability to burn fat that makes you fat. You must enlist the right hormones to burn fat and reverse your signs of aging. • It’s all about body type. The weight loss approach that’s best for you depends on your body type (directly related to hormonal imbalances). Do you know your body type?

• Breaking old habits can be more rewarding than you think. Once you start seeing real results, those old patterns will become a distant memory. Learn the secrets of permanent weight loss. Understand the science. Choose a course of action that works. To find out if you are a candidate for our program, call Dr. Fuhr today at 314-802-7117 to schedule your free consultation. Limited space is available, so call now. Concierge Health Center • 314-802-7117 • “Where permanent, healthy weight loss is finally within your grasp.”

Green Living

Sun Safety is a Yearlong Balance by Cindy Bambini

Fall at last. Not the normal time you’d expect an article on safe sun exposure, is it? By day I help people harness the rays of the sun to produce electricity. In order to make the sun work effectively at powering our homes and businesses, I need to know quite a bit about the amount of sun exposure we receive in St. Louis. Did you know that on an average day in an average year, St. Louisans enjoy 4.7 hours of sunshine? Did you also know that is the same daily average received in Tampa, Florida and the South of France? It’s true! This is a really high amount of sunshine, and it means that my solar client’s panels produce electricity all year long. It also means that here in St. Louis we are all exposed to the sun for an average of 4.7 hours per day, so we need to practice sun safety all year long. How do we do that? I went first to the expert, my family dermatologist, Dr. Jason Amato. Here's what he says about safe sun practices: “I ask my patients to apply a sunscreen after showering in the morning to exposed skin every day of the year with a 30 SPF containing either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as the active ingredient. If enjoying the outdoors for longer than two hours, the sunscreen should be reapplied. Early prevention of skin cancers is key, so monitoring your skin frequently for new or changing spots and seeing your dermatologist yearly for a skin exam is very important.” I then asked Leeny Hoffmann, CrossFit Instructor and Paleolifestyle enthusiast, her thoughts on safe sun practices: "I know how important it is not to get sunburned and I regularly apply sunscreen for long exposures outside. However, our skin makes vitamin D with the help of the UVB rays of the sun so getting a few unfiltered rays each day goes a long way in shoring up vitamin D levels. Factors that affect vitamin D production from the sun include angle of the sun, time of day, season and latitude where you live, and skin type among other things. I use an app on my phone called D-minder which gives you your optimal times to get your D safely from the sun without burning. There is even a timer that lets you know when you have received optimal levels of D. When I'm done getting my "natural supplement", I lather on the sunscreen.” I think we’ve all heard many times that life is all about balance. Of course, this is often easier said than done, but it’s also something that as conscious citizens, I think we’re all quietly working towards. Well, sun safety is now about a yearlong balance too. So this fall, as you’re appreciating that golden sunlight peeking through gilded trees, lather on the sunscreen, but not until you’ve first reaped some sunny benefits!

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Beautiful Winter Skin

50% off

first time cut or color

by Jean Scholtes

The dry air of the fall and winter months can wreak havoc on your skin. With cooler days come uncomfortable tightness, itchiness, and flakiness for many people. Natalie Clark 1028 Old Des Peres Rd. Loft 6 St. Louis, MO 63131 (314)229-4735

To make matters worse--and skin even drier-many people reach for the antibacterial soaps and sanitizing gels with alcohol and Triclosan to stave off those seasonal cold and flu bugs.

Triclosan, sulfites, synthetic fragrance, and dyes you’ve got a recipe for dry, irritated skin.

Most of the products available to consumers today, whether in bar form or liquid gels, are synthetic detergents that harshly and indiscriminately strip away dirt and debris along with all of your skin’s natural oils. Couple this process with all the alcohol,

A good handmade bar soap will keep your skin hydrated with an excess of moisturerich oils, butters, and lubricants by a process called “superfatting”. It’s the superfatting and glycerin-retaining properties of natural

Superfatting: Fat Has Never Been So Good for You

handmade soap that make them so incredibly creamy and moisturizing--as opposed to the blocks of detergent, alcohol and synthetic fragrance found on most store shelves.

Buyer Beware (of Triclosan) Beware the hype: For the die-hard liquidlovers, make sure the gel you are using is free of sulfates, alcohol, and Triclosan. Triclosan has been proven unnecessary and even dangerous: In 2005, the FDA found no evidence that antibacterial washes containing Triclosan were superior to plain soap and water for protecting consumers from bacteria.

are accumulating in water systems and negatively impacting the environment. Triclosan is toxic to algae (and since algae is a first-step producer, the destruction of algae is particularly disruptive to aquatic ecosystems), and is there is evidence that Triclosan is accumulating at high levels in fish and other aquatic life. A study reported by the Associated Press on 9/9/2000 reports that nearly half of all hand and bar soaps contain anti-bacterial ingredients, which some experts say could be killing harmless germs and contributing to the spread of hard-to-kill germs: "With

- Handma de Soap - Spa Pro ducts - Natural Remedies

“Anti-bacterial soaps and lotions should be reserved for the sick patients, not the healthy household." 20 Allen Ave. Suite 105, Webster Groves Not only is there no advantage to Triclosan cleansers, studies indicate that use of Triclosan provides a suitable environment for the emergence of antimicrobial drug-resistant bacteria, even at the low concentrations found in many FDAregulated products and cosmetics. Studies have also found concentrations of Triclosan in three out of five human milk samples as a result of exposure through personal care products containing Triclosan (it has also been found in umbilical cord blood of infants).

more commercial soaps containing antibacterials, bacteria may become resistant to these soaps, and the speed with which the resistance develops is likely related to the amount used by the public. Anti-bacterial soaps and lotions should be reserved for the sick patients, not the healthy household."

Beware the harm: Triclosan is a synthetic antibacterial ingredient with a chemical structure similar to that of Agent Orange. It is also classified as a chlorophenol, a chemical class suspected of causing cancer in humans. It is a hormone disrupter, which means it affects sexual function and fertility and may foster birth defects. Its manufacturing process produces Dioxin, a powerful hormone-disrupting chemical.

So, what’s your best bet for beautiful winter skin PLUS a healthy body and environment? Stock up on all-natural handmade bars of soap that have been superfatted and are free of synthetics such as fragrance and dyes, like our own KIND products. Wash hands often and hydrate hands, face, and body with a complementary all natural moisturizer as needed. It really is that simple!

Beware the habitat: Since the majority of the products that contain Triclosan are eventually washed down consumers’ residential drains, high levels of Triclosan

Synthetic antibacterials such as Triclosan have been banned in Europe, but AntiBacterial is still available in the United States.

St. Louis Green Smartphone App

Be KIND to Yourself (and the Planet)

For more information on Triclosan and other ingredient issues in the personal care industry, go to Ingredients_the_bad.html

St. Louis Green and AT&T are pleased to announce that our new smartphone app for IPhone and Android phones is now ready to download! Looking for an eco-friendly restaurant, business, or the recycling location closest to you? Receive all of this information right to your smartphone with this new app from St. Louis Green & AT&T! Visit for more information or to download.

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The original hot yoga. Sweat, smile, and be amazed! Intro Special: $40 for One Month of Unlimited Yoga

Newly Renovated!

Bikram's original hot yoga class is designed for all levels. The series of 26 postures helps improve circulation, increase flexibility and strength and eliminate toxins. Come sweat with us! 6630 Clayton Rd. • St. Louis, MO 63117 • 314.644.2226 •

Tis the Season to Recycle!

by Craig Jung

Reduce waste and spread cheer this holiday season by donating your broken or unwanted holiday lights to St. Louis Green's 2013 Holiday Light Recycling Drive! Since 2009, St. Louis Green has coordinated all aspects of recycling unusable holiday lights and extension cords in the St. Louis region. Each year, this recycling event brings together hundreds of schools, businesses and non-profits, five media outlets, and dozens of volunteers. Since its inception four years ago, St. Louis Green has recycled 194,000 pounds of holiday lights otherwise bound for landfills. Not only does the Holiday Light Recycling Drive divert thousands of pounds of waste from our landfills, but it also helps those less fortunate have a happier holiday season. Monetary proceeds from the drive help fund Operation Food Search's backpack program, which provides nutritious food to low-income children in need. As a result, the 2011 Holiday Light Recycling Drive recycled 62,000 pounds of used holiday lights and raised enough money to provide 3,500 meals for hungry children through Operation Food Search. In 2012, the Holiday Light Recycling Drive recycled 117,000 pounds of used holiday lights and provided 7,000 meals for hungry children.

What do we do with the lights? After the lights have been collected and weighed, they are processed in St. Louis, which means separating all of the plastic, glass, wire, and other materials. These materials are then completely reused to manufacture new items.

When does it start? Beginning November 16th, St. Louis Green will be collecting holiday lights at Wal-Mart stores, schools, and businesses around the St. Louis metropolitan area and beyond. Wal-Mart stores will accept lights until December 29th, and all other drop-off locations will accept lights until January 12th.

How can you contribute? 1. Look for a drop-off location closest to where you live or work at The Holiday Light Recycling Drive has expanded to include the Metro East area of Illinois, as well as locations around Missouri, including St. Charles, Springfield, Columbia, Jefferson City, Troy, Warrenton, Washington, Union, and more. 2. Drop off holiday lights of all kinds, including extension cords. With your help, St. Louis Green hopes to collect over 135,000 pounds of lights during this year’s Holiday Light Recycling Drive. Thank you for helping us make a difference for needy children and our planet! 24

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MEN on the MAT Bikram Hot Yoga Midwest - St. Louis was opened by Jessica Rask (business consultant turned yoga instructor) as her second school in December of 2012. It offers 90-minute hot yoga classes (the Bikram Method) that is perfect for beginners of all shapes and sizes. Hot Yoga Midwest strives to give people the space to grow and change their bodies at their own pace. There is always a place to begin...never a place to end!

Top Photo: Standing Forward Bend (Padahastasana) stretches the hamstrings and lengthens entire spine; massages internal organs, especially the digestive organs; relieves problems with sciatica digestive problems such as constipation; invigorates the nervous system; and increases the supply of blood to the brain. "I started doing yoga several years ago after injuring my back in an accident. Before getting into yoga I experienced frequent flare ups of excruciating back pain, but when I practice regularly I find that I have virtually no pain. As a side benefit it also helps manage stress and promotes overall health." Mark Schoon

Middle Photo: Awkward Pose (Utkatasana) helps to open pelvic area; alleviates joint pain and arthritis of the knees; strengthens lower limbs; relieves sciatica, improves flexibility in toes and ankles; and strengthens quadriceps and deltoids. "I started taking yoga in June of this year to help regain some lost fexability. The practice of Bikram yoga has exceeded my wildest expectations and given me so much more! I highly recommend it. Don't be afraid to try it out for a month - even the heat, you will get used to. I love that there are so many types of people in class that can practice the same postures." Mark Carter

Triangle Pose (Trikonasana) works all of the major muscle groups at the same time; strengthens quads, glutes and abdominal muscles; stretches hip flexors, spine, neck and shoulder joints; and stimulates respiratory, cardiovascular systems, reproductive organs, nervous system, kidneys, thyroid and adrenal glands. "I am a skateboarder and began seeing a chiropractor to help realign some bumps I have received along the way. I noticed when I started Bikram Yoga that I was addressing my muscular system as well. Since beginning my practice, I have not just received physical benefits, but also a mental stillness. I find it easier to calm myself down and have stress relief for school. It's so easy for even the most basic beginner to start!" Adam Ehlen Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013


Recharge at a Weeklong Surf-Fit Retreat in Costa Rica by Megan Ernst

This ain't your typical Costa Rican vacation. Put the fanny pack away and pull out your best bikini and surf shorts! This Surf-Fit retreat package provides our guests with an exotic opportunity of daily surf lessons, yoga, beach bootcamps and healthy meals. You'll spend seven days on the rich coast of Central America's beaches in Jaco, Costa Rica. Room2Board is a brand new boutique hostel with beach access, a pool, rooftop restaurant and bar, community kitchen, yoga room, unique private rooms with a/c and hot water. Wilson will be sure to take great care of you!! With daily surf lessons, morning yoga, sunset beach bootcamps, access to a local gym,

hiking and other excursions of your choice you'll return home feeling fit, tan and naturally recharged. The exciting details of the package can keep you as busy as you wish or you can choose to fill your day with yoga, massages and happy hours! Jaco, Costa Rica is located on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The town is full of surfers enjoying warm ocean waves, hills to be hiked, mellow beach restaurants, inexpensive and happenin' happy hours, shopping and other exciting attractions. The town locals will greet you with a warm Pura Vida, so grab your man, your bestie or even your Mom and start the year off right with fitness fun in the sun!

Midwest Yoga Surf Trip February 24 – March 2, 2014 Sponsored by St. Louis Yoga & Spa Magazine

Package Includes ($ 999):

*Semi Private A/C Room for 6 Nights (Max 4 People) *Transfer to/from Airport *Daily Breakfast & 4 Dinners *5 Day Surf School; Unlimited Use of Surf Board *Choice of Daily Yoga Class or Boot Camp *Daily Nature Hikes *7 Day Membership to Plantinum Gym *Solo Travelers Welcome!!! Contact Or Call 636-219-9686 For more information 26

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Please Note The Following: 1. Room2Board Shuttles will leave SJO Airport at 10 AM & 3 PM. If you have to make your own transfer arrangements, please deduct $ 50 from the cost of this trip. 2. If you would like a private room, please add $ 300 to the cost of this trip.

Live your best active life with Dimvaloo The newly opened Dimvaloo Active Living exclusively carries Australia’s Premier Women’s Activewear label St. Louis, October 2013 – Dimvaloo, located at 8813 Ladue Rd. in the Colonial Market Place, is a new women’s retailer that exclusively carries Australia’s fashion-forward athleisure wear for your every day active life. Whether your active life includes running, biking, yoga or leisure activities, our activewear is designed in fashion and function to keep up with women’s active lifestyle. It is the hope of Dimvaloo to inspire women to live their best life through active living, adhering to the three pillared philosophy ‘move, nourish, believe.’ Dimvaloo, along with the label we carry, encourages and motivates women globally to be the best that they can be; while providing them with Hi-Tech Fabrics, such as the trademarked material that is designed for high intensity activities

and contains the following properties: shrink and fade resistant, antipilling and moisture wicking, 100% UV Protective, quick drying and breathable, durable and long lasting, and 4-way stretch for support. A brand that truly represents where fashion meets sport, we have built our company to motivate women to achieve their best life through Active Living. Dimvaloo Active Living 8813 Ladue Rd. St. Louis, MO 63124 (314) 824-8224

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Balancing Act


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013

“I’m driven because I know what I’m capable of, and the last person I want to fail is me." Health advocate, entrepreneur, and family “ma’am” Humaira Rosinski, DDS, discusses her professional mission, preferred fitness routine, and the person who has influenced her the most. Y&S: So, tell us a little about yourself: What is your family background — do you come from a long line of medical professionals? My father is an architect/ developer in Karachi, Pakistan. I grew up in Karachi but moved to the United States when I was 28 years old. There are doctors in our family, but many more of my relatives are business moguls, primarily in Import/Export. Y&S: You own and operate Creve Coeur Dental. What goals does your practice have for patient care? I want my patients to enjoy comprehensive health and well-being, not just oral care; I want them to get the right treatment for their long term dental, medical, mental, and financial health. Balancing them can be tricky, but I want to do what’s best for the patient in all aspects of their health. Y&S: You provide extensive dental, orthodontic, and cosmetic services. What are your favorite procedures, and why? I have favorite cases; I like cases that are not routine. For example, I have a patient in renal failure whose dental infections had “tipped” the scale in regards to his body’s ability to cleanse itself and fight infection. He needed several extractions and implants, and each procedure had to be coordinated with his medical treatment. This was a case I really enjoyed because of the complexity and forethought required to put together a treatment plan. So, I love what I do, I like to reshape smiles and faces; but the part I love most is solving complex problems.

Y&S: When not running a thriving dental practice, how do you spend your time? With whom do you spend your time? My two favorite people in the world: my daughter Sofia and my husband Curt. We spend a lot of time together, yet we find ourselves saying, “I miss you” all the time. My husband brings Sofia out to the car to kiss me goodbye in the morning. If they get home before me in the evening, they wait behind the garage door for me to come inside. My circle of friends and loved ones is small — frequent moves have made those connections hard to keep — but the connections I do have, I wouldn’t trade for anything. Y&S: It must take a great deal of energy to maintain your busy pace. What kinds of activities or fitness help you stay on top of it all? Every morning I spend 45 minutes to an hour cross-training; I especially like fastpaced resistance workouts. A good workout helps me get calm, centered, and focused for the day. My end-of-day routine is a nice glass of wine, a well-cooked salmon filet, and quiet time with my two favorite people. Y&S: Dr. Rosinski, we’re inspired by your ability to manage a successful career and family life, while also finding time for self-renewal. What inspires you? I’m not sure inspiration is the right word. I think my drive — I think that’s the best word — comes from watching my single father struggle to raise two girls to be strong, independent women in a part of the world that doesn’t always prize women who are strong and independent. My father taught me a great deal, but seeing him strive every day to be the best man he could — that was what inspired me to always be my best self. I’m driven because I know what I’m capable of, and the last person I want to fail is me. I’m worth it and the people I love deserve the best from me; after all, I expect it from them.

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Be Young Essential Oils Really Work! My Story It was March 30, 2013--the Saturday before Easter: my adult children, Craig and Monica, were riding horses on a hilly backwoods trail. Then Monica’s horse, Sinbad, became stuck in the thick mud while trying to climb the hill; as he bucked violently to free himself, Monica was catapulted forward head-first. After landing on her head and watching her feet fall in front of her, she realized she could not move. Monica had no feeling in her arms and legs. Her mind immediately went to the teaching job interview she had lined up a week from Tuesday. Monica was rushed to University of Kansas Hospital Trauma Center. She was unable to move from the neck down, her cervical spine was fractured in two places and numerous ligaments and tendons were torn and pulled. Despite the severity of her injuries, she refused all pain medication.

two days after the accident, she was again examined by the trauma team. Amazed by her rapid recovery, they surmised that the radiologist must have made a mistake when reading her MRI and CAT scans. She was released that evening; we made the five-hour trip back home that night.

My Be Young Approach

The following Tuesday Monica aced her teaching interview and earned the new position. When her new employer, the school principal, visited her at home, Monica said, “It’s all because of my mom and Be Young Essential Oils. I was her worst skeptic, but I will tell you now that they really work!”

I offered essential oils for the inflammation, but she declined. A lifelong skeptic, Monica initially doubted that essential oil could be effective for such debilitating injuries; but after two family members urged her to try Be Young Essential Oils, she reluctantly agreed. I began by applying peppermint oil to the bottoms for her feet. Sensation began to return: alternating hot and cold, pain and numbness; even her hair hurt when I touched it. Then into the peppermint oil, I mixed a combination of five Be Young oils known for their healing and pain relieving properties: Helichrysum, Marjoram, Birch, Copiaba, and Cabreuva. Feeling continued to return; pain intensified. This was a good sign: her nervous system was repairing itself. By afternoon on Easter Sunday she had been moved from the ICU to her own room.

An Incredible Turn-Around During the first 24 hours she was kept flat on her back; meanwhile, I continued to apply the special mixture of Be Young Essential Oils every two hours. Then, as feeling increased in her arms and legs Easter Sunday, she was allowed to sit upright. The next morning, 30

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013

Still wondering whether Be Young Essential Oils really work? For me, there is no question; without Be Young Essential Oils, my daughter might still be flat on her back with no feeling from the neck down. Instead, Monica was back at work six weeks later. She went from no feeling at all, to tingling in just one finger. Ten weeks after the accident, her neck brace was removed. This summer, three months after the accident, she and her two children joined us on a family cruise. Be Young Essentials worked for my family; I know they can work for yours. If there is anyone you know that I can help please share this. Donna Langenbacher 314-420-0564

Living Fit

Take the Best Next Step It doesn’t have to be the right step, or the perfect step. Just the next best one. by Justine Froelker Whether it’s deciding to get healthier, find a different job, change your parenting techniques, quit a bad habit or addiction, adopting a new attitude or coping skill, or improve your overall well-being, change is difficult. Purposeful change is a significant act: it’s a journey, one that is not meant to be perfect. Working on a major life change inevitably will include missteps: breaking the diet, overreacting in anger, smoking the cigarette, arriving late, laying in bed depressed all day, etc. It takes a great deal of energy to suddenly change habits and traits you’ve had your whole life, and it’s natural to fall back on those comfortable behaviors every once in a while. So many of us struggle with all-or-nothing thinking: when we “mess up,” we tell ourselves everything is ruined, our past progress doesn’t matter, and we might as well give up. But demanding perfection of ourselves will always leave us disappointed. We are wired for struggle, and life is difficult and demanding. Our steps will not always proceed in a straight line; change will always include steps backwards.

Start Over Choose the best next step or start over. It is never a failure, but always a lesson, a new beginning. Shaming yourself and being too hard on yourself will not help turn things around. What’s done is done, start anew.

Don’t Dwell We cannot change our past actions. At any given moment, we are all doing the best we know how, even when we are our best means making mistakes, hurting ourselves, and/or hurting others. In that moment, whatever choice you made was the best choice you knew to make; if you had known better, you would have chosen better. Learn from it, forgive yourself, and resolve to make a better choice with your next step.

Therapy & Coaching Justine Froelker is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a private practice in St. Louis, MO. Justine’s style of therapy is a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy. Her straight-forward and non-shaming approach creates a safe space to address patients’ concerns. With her extensive training and experience, Justine treats adolescents, college students, and adults on a variety of concerns, such as eating disorders, body image issues, perfectionism, addictions, depression, anxiety, stress management, OCD, and low selfesteem. 314.283.6264 11457 Olde Cabin Road, Ste. 345 St. Louis, MO 63141

Baby Steps Don’t expect a complete turn-around right away. It’s okay to take baby steps. Choose to change one thing and keep it up each day. Then next week add another small step, and so on. A baby step is still a step in the right direction.

Enjoy the Journey Taking the best next step is admitting that we are always learning and growing. Perfectionism is a prison we create for ourselves. All-or-nothing thinking is actually a defense mechanism we create to protect ourselves from being disappointed. Lean into the discomfort of disappointment, learn from it, and move forward. We are never stuck unless we choose to be stuck. And there will be days where that just feels easier. But we are always capable of changing and growing for the better. Tomorrow is always fresh start, if you make it, so take the next BEST step forward.

2718 Sutton Blvd., 63143 (314) 488-6441

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Uncovering the Hidden Risk Factors for Heart Disease by Michael Twyman, MD

Responsible for more than one million deaths each year, cardiovascular disease remains the leading killer of men and women in the United States. Tremendous breakthroughs in medical technology have yielded wonderful lifesaving treatments for heart attack, including stents and bypass surgery; nevertheless, as encouraging as these advances as may be, they are no substitute for preventing heart attack in the first place.

or “bad” cholesterol. There are just different types of particles that shuttle the cholesterol to and from the cells.

Heart disease takes many years to develop and is largely avoidable by making healthy lifestyle choices (i.e., exercising, keeping a healthy weight, eating nutritious food, and not smoking). More than 400 risk factors contribute to developing atherosclerosis (damage to the arteries).

The lining of the arteries are covered by a onecell thick layer called the endothelium. When the endothelium is damaged, a plaque can develop in the artery wall. The endothelium is like a tennis net; small dense particles (golf balls) have an easier time getting through the net than do large “fluffy” particles (tennis balls). A large number of particles also increases the chance a particle will slip through a damaged endothelium. The goal is to have LDL-P (P standing for “particle,” instead of C for “concentration”) less than 1000.

Heart disease is not all about your cholesterol levels. Approximately 50% of heart-attack sufferers have normal cholesterol levels. In this article, I will discuss cholesterol and advanced lipid testing, and how it can help you uncover some of the “hidden” risk factors for developing heart disease.


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013

Cholesterol is a waxy substance made by your body which executes numerous functions in all your cells; without cholesterol, you would die. The majority of the cholesterol in your system comes from your own liver, not your diet. The real problem with "cholesterol" is the carriers of cholesterol in your blood called lipo-proteins. Cholesterol cannot be mixed in blood, much like oil does not mix with water. Cholesterol cannot be mixed in blood; the cholesterol needs to be packaged up in these lipo-protein particles in order to be transported in the blood stream. There really is no such thing as “good”

Recent studies show that it is more predictive of future events (heart attack, stroke, and death) to evaluate the number of lipo-protein particles that carry cholesterol, than the concentration of the cholesterol alone. The traditional cholesterol (lipid) profile measures total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL-C, and calculates the LDL-C. The LDL-C is the concentration of cholesterol in the LDL (low density lipoproteins), and is the traditional target for and lifestyle modification and lipid lowering medications. It is more important to know your lipoprotein particle numbers (and secondarily, the particle size) than it is to know the cholesterol concentration in your blood. Advanced lipid profiles can tell you your particle number and size, and can assess up to 80-90% of the hidden risk to develop heart disease.

In the next issue, I will address the role of inflammation in damaging the endothelium, allowing plaques to form and then rupture, thus resulting in heart attack and stroke. If you would like Advanced Lipids Checked please contact us at: Advanced Heart and Vascular Michael Twyman, MD, MBA Integrative Cardiology 2325 Dougherty Ferry Road, Suite #102 St. Louis, MO 63122 Phone: 314-965-0017 Visit us online at:

Logan University Chiropractic Health Centers Chiropractic is the largest natural health care profession and provides a holistic approach to maintain or increase a person’s quality of life and ability to age successfully. Logan University educates and graduates hundreds of doctors of chiropractic every year. The belief in the fact that the chiropractor-patient relationship is the ultimate gift of trust and care is Logan’s driving force. No other health profession can apply two hands to the healing process and enhance patient health. No drugs, no invasive procedures required. Many Logan students continue to pursue advanced degrees in conjunction with the doctor of chiropractic program. Logan offers two masters’ degree programs in sports science and rehabilitation and in nutrition and human performance. In addition, students can pursue certifications in additional chiropractic techniques and other disciplines such as acupuncture. These additional programs provide the students with a greater understanding of the human body. In each student’s last year of study, they begin an internship offering chiropractic care to patients at one of Logan’s four fee-for-service chiropractic health centers located in Chesterfield, St. Charles, St. Peters or South County. Through the Logan University Chiropractic Health Centers, interns work under the guidance of a licensed doctor of chiropractic and treat patients daily. Chiropractic physicians can assist with complaints beyond neck and back pain, including issues of carpal tunnel, headaches, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. In addition, doctors of chiropractic educate patients about healthy lifestyle choices including sleeping habits, nutrition and custom exercise regimens. Chiropractic care benefits all members of the family from children to seniors. Also available to patients are the BIOFREEZE® Sports & Rehabilitation Centers, located in the Chesterfield and South County health centers. The BIOFREEZE Centers treat athletes of all levels from injury rehabilitation to injury prevention. All athletes can benefit from the services from the elite high school and college athlete to weekend warriors, looking to improve their game.

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Experience the Logan Vision As a Patient or as a Student

At Logan, we practice integrated health care by treating the whole person. Through chiropractic, we restore function, alleviate pain, promote wellness or improve our patients’ quality of life. Consider becoming a patient at one of Logan’s four health centers or a career as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

For additional information regarding Logan University or the Logan University Chiropractic Health Centers, visit Chesterfield

South County

St. Charles

St. Peters





Learn more at or call 636-227-2100 Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013


Kelly Porter

Personal Trainer & Fitness Expert

Areas of Specialty General Fitness Body Composition Transitioning • Weight Loss • Prenatal Conditioning • Postnatal Strengthening • Senior Wellness • •

(314) 452-8345 2521 Adie Road Maryland Heights, MO 63043

A Fresh Start in Old Age: Jessica’s Story Born and raised in Houston, Mississippi, 81 year-old Jessica Slaughter spent her entire youth and most of her adulthood hating herself because of her weight. Despite spending countless hours and many dollars on everything from diets and home fitness equipment to luxury health spas, the weight always came back within a year, with interest. The mirror became her enemy; she tried to avoid it, but glass doors and store windows echoed its judgment. Scouring the racks of shapeless plus-sized frocks was time-consuming and depressing; no matter how she styled her hair or fixed her makeup, nothing looked right. She envied her thin friends and their ability to wear whatever they wanted. A chance meeting at her church changed everything; a young man she had known since he was a child appeared, suddenly svelte after a lifetime of obesity. The young man shared that he had found success using the Atkins program and encouraged Jessica to read the book that had inspired him. She bought the book that afternoon and pored over every page.

went from 240 pounds with a 22/24 dress size to 170 pounds and size 10/12. Jessica was proud of her progress, and her family and friends were happy that she was taking better care of herself. Nevertheless, Jessica felt her weight loss had reached a plateau. One night after a speaking engagement about her weight loss success, Jessica was introduced to a woman who was a raw-food vegan. The woman consumed only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains--and no foods derived from any kind of animal contact whatsoever; She claimed that she did not even own a kitchen stove. Fascinated with this new option, Jessica decided to try a vegan lifestyle. Upon inquiring about veganism to the manager at her health food store, she was surprised to learn he too was vegan. He gladly helped her select the right foods for her new lifestyle: fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. Starting that day, she resolved only to consume whole vegan foods. And she did.

To this day, Jessica continues to eat to live, As she read the recommended book, she was using exclusively vegan foods. Now, five years surprised to discover that the foods she craved later, she weighs in at a height-appropriate 130 were making her fat and damaging her body. pounds and wears a 4/6 dress size. No longer Deeply inspiredBy: by the words Elizabeth she read, Jessica Mary Beary does she envy other women; today she feels purged her entire kitchen of the toxic foods and happy, joyous, and free: at the age of 81, she is donated the items to a men’s shelter. That day grateful to have lived long enough to learn how she made a complete list of health-supportive to maintain a healthy lifestyle. foods and pledged to consume those foods oga in Columbia in Columbia, Illinois is a hidden gem within a studios in Califo exclusively from that day forward. hidden gem. As a small, rural, bedroom community just across the If you’re in need of a lifestyle change,from takeSt. Louis in Mississippi from Mehlville, Missouri, Columbia still holds traces of and heart: Jessica’s story is encouraging proof thatbreath work Jessica’s subsequent transformation was a slower, friendly pace, land has belonged to families forfor centuries played such an it is never too late someone to take control nothing short of amazing: Using the slow and and culture…. well, culture can be hard to find. Yoga in Columbia, wanted to offer of their health. steady approach set forth in the Atkins book, however has added not only a cultural edge to this tiny community,

magic of yoga b

but it has inspired an acceptance of the new within the community by reflecting that health is more than the occasional jog or salad for

“I am truly bless

lunch, it is caring for the whole self in a healthy and meaningful way. The community has embraced this perfect little oasis of health and sanctuary, and its inspiring leader and founder, Jami Marsoun, has created a way to spread its bountiful wings even further into our little gem across the river, by reaching our (its?) children.


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YoCo Kids (an acronym for Yoga-Columbia-Kids) will introduce yoga poses to children ages 5-12 through interactive storytelling, music and games. Sure to be both fun and fit, yoga sessions will be taught by Eagleview Elementary teacher, Mary Holtkamp, with the assistance of Columbia High School state and national champion cheerleader, senior Emma Marsoun. YoCo Kids begins in early June and will be held every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9:00 - 9:50 am for ages 5-8, and from 10:10 - 11:00 am for ages

honored to witn connections bet health. It is a be

Both Jami and M interaction, safe workshops. “Yo with proper align should eat a ligh and water is a m workshops that T-shirt for just $7 age group.

ACTIVITY IS AGELESS… Baseball’s Perfect Knight Never Stopped Hitting.

Staying active is the key to living a happy and healthy life. Find out why the leader in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care never stops moving. * Stan’s Number Six is on permanent display at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.

Chesterfield 636-537-3333 O’Fallon 636-240-2840 Dougherty Ferry 636-861-0500 Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013


Seniors Home Care: Specializing In Home Care Since 1987

“I started Seniors Home Care to provide a support system for older adults,” said Kit Whittington, R.N. and founder of Seniors Home Care. “SHC allows individuals the benefits of assisted living while maintaining independence in the comfort of their home”. The range of services is reassuring to client families who find it difficult to raise their own families while trying to be supportive caregivers to their elderly parents. Alzheimer’s and dementia care, companionship, personal care, medication reminders, transportation, shopping, light housekeeping, and cooking are among the many services offered.

Yoga & Spa Magazine Senior Living Section Call to participate 314-965-6133 36

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013

SHC employs a full time, 24/7 nursing and caregiver staff to assist with health related issues. One of SHC’s nurses meets with each client personally and conducts a detailed complimentary assessment. This comprehensive evaluation is the basis for the overall expectation of the client’s needs and provides the blueprint for addressing health objectives. Through carefully screened, bonded and insured employees (not contractors), SHC is equipped with a caregiver team capable of achieving the goals and needs of all clients. All caregivers undergo drug testing, a thorough

background search and complete a training program, administered by professional instructors, that includes basic nursing skills and physical therapy applications. SHC offers clients flexibility with care ranging from a 30 minute QuickVisit™, hourly care and 24-hour care 7 days a week. Services are also offered to those in a nursing home, recovering from an illness, or who are hospitalized. At SHC, we create a partnership with families. Providing individually tailored service allows your loved one to enjoy a dignified, independent and safe life, which lessens the stress on family members and allows time together to focus on what really matters. It’s important to know what lies behind a company logo, especially when the lives of our loved ones depend on it. SHC has received an A+ rating, as well as the Torch Award, from the Better Business Bureau and is currently celebrating its 26th year in business serving the St. Louis area. If Seniors Home Care sounds like a good fit for your situation, please call 314-962-2666 or visit us at

Senior Living

Let’s Go Cardinals! Clap! Clap! The residents of all three Garden View Care Centers cheered on the St. Louis Cardinals to a victory on September 25th, 2013. Everyone had a blast! The familiar smell of hot dogs, popcorn, beer, and pretzels was a warm reminder of years gone by. Just because someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia, doesn’t mean life has to be gloom and doom. There is so much fun yet to be had! Since people affected by Alzheimer’s disease can’t come into our world, we go into theirs. Instead of discussing your daughter’s tee-ball game, ask who their favorite baseball players were. People with mild cognitive impairment or memory loss often remember their distant past rather than current events. They can relate to an event that happened 40 years ago, but not be able to tell you what they had for lunch. Dementia is a general term describing a gradual deterioration of mental functioning that affects memory, mood, thinking, concentration and judgement; these changes often affect a person’s ability to perform normal daily activities. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, and takes place in three stages: beginning, middle, and late. The other commonly diagnosed dementias include vascular (multi-infarct), Lewy Body, and frontal lobe dementia. The type of dementia can usually be determined by a neurologist or geriatrician and various tests. Regardless of the specific form of dementia, those affected with memory loss still have emotions and feelings, much the same as someone not affected. What hurts your feelings

Virginia Nagle, Jean Richert, and Marilyn Shelley from the Chesterfield Garden View Care Center, cheer on the Cardinals.

will still hurt theirs. For instance, if they say they can’t remember, do not insist or demand they remember. No one likes to feel less capable than another individual. Put the diagnosed loved one in the position of authority. Set up a scenario they can achieve. An example would be to ask your mother how she made sweet potato casserole. Often when asked a question like this older people become excited at the memory and can recall a recipe detail. There is no right or wrong response. They know something you do not, and they can teach you. Another example would be to ask your father about the make of his first car, for example, was it a stick shift? Men enjoy discussing cars and money. Women generally like to talk about their mother and their children. It may seem sexist, but consider the generation gap. What was important to them when they were young? Always encourage them to talk about their happy memories from the past. Living with a person affected by memory loss is challenging. By focusing on their abilities

rather than limitations, you can still have a rewarding, loving relationship. If you would like a presentation for your exercise group or congregation, don’t hesitate to call Rhonda Uhlenbrock of Garden View Care Center at 636-861-0500. All presentations and home assessment are free! If you would like a confidential consultation, please call me directly, or visit me at Garden View Care Center at Dougherty Ferry: 13612 Big Bend Road, St. Louis, MO 63088.

Rhonda Uhlenbrock is Administrator of Garden View Care Center at Dougherty Ferry and is recognized as the leading Dementia Care Trainer in the St. Louis and St. Charles County Metro Areas. Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013


Press the Call Button... Introducing Patient Advocate, Randy Workman, RN: proprietor of the Center for Patient Advocacy. Doctors are busy, exam rooms are full, and when you do see the the doctor it’s only for a few minutes before they’re on to the next patient. But you still have questions, and it’s frustrating when you feel lost in the system. But there’s a solution: hire a Patient Advocate. Patient Advocates work closely with you and your doctor to provide an extra layer of comfort, support, and supervision. A Patient Advocate takes time to sit down with you and answer questions about your medical diagnosis, medications, treatment plan, and many other concerns:

Patient Advocates: • Patient Advocates provide guidance, knowledge and coordination of care to reduce medical mistakes, medication errors, and duplication of services that cost you more money. • Patient Advocates understand and interpret medical terminology so you never have to wonder, “What the heck were they talking about?” • Patient Advocates take notes and provide you a detailed report of your Doctor visit. • Patient Advocates visit you in the hospital and coordinate with the discharge planner to arrange a smooth transition back home. Once you’re home, they continue to monitor your progress and ensure you follow the discharge plan, take your medications correctly, and avoid being readmitted to the hospital. • Patient Advocates review hospital bills for overcharges and will negotiate on your behalf to remove discrepancies and lower out-of-pocket costs. 38

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013

• Patient Advocates help you with denied claims by filing medical necessity documents, which frequently are reversed and now covered by your insurance. • Patient Advocates will always have your best interest in mind and stand beside you every step of the way to protect you during a vulnerable time in your life. The Center for Patient Advocacy is a proud member of the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants and the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates. These organizations share our values for Professional Standards and Ethical Codes of Conduct. The Center for Patient Advocacy hires only experienced healthcare professionals with a commitment to quality care for every patient. Randy is a skilled professional emphatically committed to helping patients get the care they deserve. Call (636) 695 4141 for a Free Consultation or visit us at for more information… because now you have a Nurse in the family.


in Hospice and Palliative Care Rubbing peppermint oil on the back of the neck can help soothe headache and pressure. When applied topically, peppermint oil leaves a soothing, cooling sensation that tends to work wonders. Menthol, which is abundantly present in peppermint oil, can also help to clear the respiratory tract providing instantaneous, though temporary, relief for numerous respiratory problems including nasal congestion, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, cold and cough. Essential oils are very effective in small doses and should especially be diluted for children and seniors. Safety precautions vary with each blend. For more information regarding our complementary services, visit or call Mary Magill, Founder and Executive Director of Alternative Hospice, at 636-343-3839.

Aromatherapy is a type of complementary care that uses essential oils and other plant compounds which are aimed at improving a person’s mood and wellbeing.

References:, The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy,

Aromatherapy consists of topical applications, misting, or inhalation of essential oils. Essential oils are the oil distilled from natural plant matter such as flowers, leaves, bark, wood, roots and fruit peal. Therapeutic grade essential oils are relatively inexpensive, longlasting and available on-line, in specialty shops, as well as several health food stores. Alternative Hospice finds that by utilizing conventional medicine and complementary therapies, we are able to achieve optimal results for our patients. The main goals in using essential oils in a palliative care setting are to reduce stress, increase physical contact and to increase quality of life. Aromatherapy can bring balance to physical, mental and emotional aspects. Examples are: lessening itching, easing breathing, easing allergies, easing muscle stiffness, lessening headaches and stomachaches, relieving pain, lifting mood, decreasing anxiety and depression, as well as lessening frustration and agitation. Several oils that are commonly used in our hospice program: Lavender is the “mother” of essential oils. It has a harmonizing effect on the nervous system. This oil can exert a sedative or stimulant action depending on one’s actual needs and is our first choice for insomnia due to mental stress and anxiety. The very smell of orange essential oil could remind one of happy moments and can bring pleasant thoughts to mind. That is why this oil is so frequently used in aromatherapy. It creates a happy, relaxed feeling and works as a mood lifter, perfect for people who suffer from depression or chronic anxiety.

The Body, Mind and Spirit in Rhythm Alternative Hospice is a pioneer in the St. Louis area in providing true holistic healthcare as part of our standard of care. Complementary therapies are integrated with conventional medicine and are beneficial in achieving optimal patient goals. Therapies include: • Massage / Body work • Aromatherapy • Energy Work

• Vibration Therapy • Guided Visualization • Meditation and Prayer

Proudly serving 12 counties in the St. Louis area

office: 636-343-3839 web:

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• Leak detection • Full pool inspections • Opening, closing and discounted weekly service packages

WATER CHEMISTRY—By  keeping  your  pool’s   water  chemistry  balanced,  you  could  create  a   summer  of  easy  swimming  pool  maintenance.

• Vinyl liner installation • Brick & tile repair/installation • Deck/patio/driveway/sidewalk power scrubbing • Deck resurfacing • Complete range of concrete work • Pool resurfacing/sand blasting & plastering

Clear Blue  Swimming  Pool  Service,  Inc. Clear Blue

Vacuuming your  pool  weekly  or  installing  a   quality  pool  sweep  will  help  keep  your  pool  free   of  debris  and  dirt,  but  testing  and  balancing   your  pool  water  on  a  weekly  basis  can  elimi-­ nate  many  of  the  headaches  of  maintaining   your  pool,  as  well  as  prolong  the  life  of  your   pool  equipment.

A full-service  residential  in-ground  swimming   Swimming Pool Service, Inc. For  example,  a  high  pH  level  can  corrode  the   pool  service  company  servicing  the  greater   heat  exchanger  in  your  pool  heater  and  _____,   P.O. Box 2220 St.  Louis  area,  offering  everything  from  pool   Florissant, MO 63032 openings  to  service  and  maintenance  to  clos-­ not  to  mention  turn  your  hair  green!    A  low  pH   ings,  including  small  to  very  large,  detailed   level  _________________________________.     314-831-6364 phone: 636-391-7640 blog: rehab  jobs—and  Installing  vinyl  liners  is  just web: facebook: The Design Source Limited A  7.4—7.6  pH  reading  is  optimal. one  of  our  specialties! To  correct  a  low  pH  reading,  add  soda  ash.    To   correct  a  high  pH  reading,  add  acid.

        

Pool Equipment  Repair  and  Installation Leak  Detection Full  Pool  Inspections Opening,  Closing  and  Discounted   Weekly  Service  Packages Vinyl  Liner  Installation Small  to  Very  Large,  Detailed  Rehab   Jobs Brick  &:  Tile  Repair/Installation Paper crafting supplies Deck/Patio/Driveway/Sidewalk  Power   Weekly class offering Scrubbing Ready-made gifts Deck  Resurfacing

Checkered Cottage Ideas and more!

Keeping the  chlorine  level  between  a  1.5—2.0   reading  will  help  keep  your  water  algae-free  and   crystal  clear. If  your  chlorine  level  is  too  low,  shock  your  pool   with  granular  chlorine  dissolved  in  a  bucket  of   water.    If  your  chlorine  level  is  too  high,  turn  the   chlorinator  down  a  little  at  a  time  until  it  levels   out. Don’t  forget  about  total  alkalinity—the  alkalinity   reading  should  be  between  125  and  175. To  correct  a  low  alkalinity  level,  ad  bicarb.

Clear Blue Swimming Pool Service, Inc. For pools  with  salt  water  purification  systems,   P.O. Box 2220 salt  readings  should  be  2800—3600  parts  per   Florissant, MO 63032 million. 314-831-6364 Meet the Design Source, Limited team at

Always have  a  supply  of  all  your  pool  chemicals  

Yoga &on-hand and  enjoy  your  pool! Spa Magazine's Annual Living Fit Expo at

135 W. Jefferson in downtown Kirkwood



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Plaza Frontenac January 25, 2014 to begin planning your Personal Home Fitness Retreat.

Home & Garden

Home Fitness & Yoga Studios Transform Unused Space Into a Personal Retreat

Very soon the clocks will fall back and those precious daylight hours will diminish. Shorter days mean your fitness options are limited; by the time you get home from work, the sun has drifted below the horizon, too dark for an evening walk/jog, and driving to a crowded gym is a hassle after a long day at work. For the fall and winter months, you need convenient options for staying active. Our solution: Work out in the comfort of your own home with your own personal gym! Imagine your trainer or yoga teacher coming to you after work (very popular

With design options for every taste and layout, we can help you create a personal health retreat and spa that’s all yours. Think beyond the rubber floor, mirrors, and scale, and create a space that meets your needs. Go ahead, add sassy colors, wall art, and a wallmounted TV. With your own customized fitness space, you’ll feel comfortable and inspired to stay active and healthy. What is not to love? Jump on board with this trend by turning any unused space into your personal retreat!

nowadays); imagine eating breakfast, then walking down the hallway to your private health club; imagine putting dinner in the oven and working out while cooking. Imagine all the time you could be saving, time you could be spending with family and friends or your favorite activities.

Home gyms, yoga studios and spas are quickly replacing home theaters as the preferred recreational space in our clients’ homes. With trendy new rubber floors, you’ll feel like you’re in a professional facility, and you are! Your own space designed just for you, with the equipment that you select and use!

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013


Helpful Hints for Closing Your Swimming Pool Closing your swimming pool properly in the fall can be one of the most important maintenance tasks you will perform on your pool. Proper closing includes draining the water in your pool below the skimmers. It is important to blow all water out of the pool lines to prevent freezing over the winter so the lines don’t crack, causing major problems in the spring. Antifreeze specifically for swimming pools should be added to the skimmer lines, plugs put in the skimmers and all pool equipment should be drained and winterized. The pool water should be balanced and clean prior to closing and if a proper cover is used, your pool’s water should be clear blue when you open your pool in the spring. If you use a salt water chlorination system or have recently had your

pool plastered, it is important that your water is balanced prior to closing and an anti-scaling solution added to prevent calcium deposits from forming, causing scaling and a big headache when your pool is opened the next year. Taking a little extra time to close your pool properly in the fall can save you time and headaches the following pool season. If closing your own swimming pool is unfamiliar or seems daunting, call a professional swimming pool service company and rest easy knowing it has been done right!

60-minute Massage only $19

First visit. New clients only. No membership required.

4704 Shrewsbury Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63119 Phone: (314) 802-7117 Email: Fax: (314) 222-2547 42

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Divine Intervention “Yoga & Spa Magazine Saved My Life.” by Kris Keller In the middle of a health crisis four years ago, while awaiting my trainer, Jeri Ulkus at Ann Thomasson’s GYROTONIC® Studio in Clayton, I experienced what I now lovingly refer to as an epiphany. I had found an issue of Yoga and Spa Magazine; instantly I was engrossed in the intriguing editorials and advertising. Having been involved in the health and fitness community for several years, it surprised me that I had never before heard of such a wonderful and inspiring local publication. Out popped an advertorial from Wellness Alternatives and Dr. Dave Peterson. Unbeknownst to all but my closest family and friends, I had spent the previous year suffering from unexplained fatigue, weight loss, and digestive problems. “Kris!” the page practically shouted, “This is your intervention; if you want to get well, you have to do this Now.” I could feel the hairs stand up on my arm as I tore the page from the magazine and folded it into my bag. That small act of presence has changed my life. That day, I called Wellness Alternatives, and for two years Dr. Dave worked with me, running many blood tests and altering my food plan. By following a tailored health routine, including the use of nutraceuticals (word blend of “nutrition” and “pharmaceuticals”), I have avoided prescription medication and am feeling great. I am thrilled to share that my health crisis has been resolved.


Fast forward three years: It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon; 30 amazing women had gathered for the 40th birthday celebration of a dear friend. While savoring the delectable morsels and exchanging wisdom, I noticed sitting directly across the table was a woman I did not know-it was none other than Stacy Hunsicker, the editor of Yoga and Spa magazine! I was moved to tears--“Thank you, Stacy,” I said. “You have no idea how grateful I am for you, and for the beautiful opportunity to tell you face-to-face that you saved me.” Looking back, I know that I was in a dangerous health cross-roads. Four years ago, I had a moment of clarity. Today, I have my life back, and am forever grateful to Wellness Alternatives, along with Yoga and Spa Magazine, for having the hutzpah to advance wellness possibility through thoughtful, alternative medical awareness. Kris Keller is the owner and President of The Design Source, Ltd. in St. Louis, MO.

With Pinot’s Palette Chesterfield


his holiday season, Pinot’s Palette invites you to bring your friends, enjoy your favorite bottle of wine and get ready to be inspired by our local artists who will guide you step-by step through a featured painting. At the end of the night, leave with your own masterpiece! Pinot’s Palette offers public classes, private parties, holiday get togethers and gift certificates too!

Pinot’s Palette – Chesterfield 1641 Clarkson Road 636-778-2111 Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013


“I Can Do That” Honoring Your Child’s Independence “Wow, my child can do THAT?” is a frequently heard exclamation from parents of children enrolled in a Montessori school. The answer is always a resounding, “Yes!” In an authentic Montessori environment, children acquire many new skills that enable them to act with independence, confidence and selfdirection. Teachers facilitate this by creating an orderly, harmonious environment with child-sized furniture, scientifically designed Montessori materials and an atmosphere that welcomes mistakes. Dr. Maria Montessori said, “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” In a Montessori classroom a child is given ample time and space to work at a new task until the task is mastered. Once these new skills are acquired at school, a child is anxious to practice them at home as well. As a parent, it isn’t always easy to see your child struggle while learning something new. Your instinct may be to rush in and help, but if you hold back and let your child do for herself, she will further develop her coordination and concentration and lengthen her attention span. By slowing down and giving your child real life tasks to complete with room to make mistakes, you are making an investment in her future and sending her the message that you believe she is capable. Here are a few simple ways to support you child’s new-found independence and need for autonomy: • Put a small pitcher of milk or water on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator where it is easy for your child to reach. • Designate a lower kitchen cabinet for dishes your child can use to get his own snack. • Create a clean-up area, stocked with a child-sized broom, a floor brush and dustpan, a sponge and a towel. • Assign simple household tasks, such as setting the table or rinsing dishes. • Allow your child to care for the family pet by giving the animal food and water daily.


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013

A young child is very interested in mimicking the work of the adult, and these jobs will help him feel as though he is a contributing member of the family. By honoring your child’s independence at a young age and welcoming his help, you will experience less struggles down the road. So the next time you hear the words “I can do it” from your child, take a deep breath and allow her the extra time that she needs to accomplish her goal. The positive results will reach far into the future. Submitted by: Lisa Trout, Admissions Director and Lise Riet-Lague, Director of Advancement Chesterfield Montessori School 14000 Ladue Road, Chesterfield, MO 63017 314-469-7150


Shopping GUIDE

#1 “Fruit Festival” Arrangement Edible Arrangements Des Peres & Brentwood stores are ready to take your holiday party order. #2 Kind Soap SheaLUXE DeLUXE Gift Set: Our most luxurious collection. The SheaLUXE line is packed with shea butter and that scrumptuously creamy vanilla all natural scent. This set bestows its recipient with supreme moisture for hands and body, a creamy bubble bath, and our famous solid perfume. It's head to toe heaven! 314-942-2024


#3 Activewear from Leopard For the yogi and fitness person in your life, shop at Leopard Boutique in downtown Webster Groves, MO. Gift certificates available. #2


#4 Pinot’s Palette Gift Certificate For the artist in your life, give a gift certificate to Pino’s Palette in Chesterfield, MO. Paint. Drink. Have Fun!


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Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013


Shopping GUIDE

#2 #1 Activewear from Dimvaloo Active Nation Pammy Bra; Rally Skort. Purchase for your fitness diva at Dimvaloo in Ladue.


#2 Go!Spa Give the gift of healing relaxation with a Go!Spa gift certificate. Multiple locations to serve you in St. Louis. #3 Circle of Hope Bracelets Gift the Gift of Hope. All profits support cancer charities. Info at #4 Seasonal Scented Soy Candles Come visit Christmas at Checkered Cottage on Jefferson in downtown Kirkwood for our seasonal scented soy candles, cute critters, beautiful gifts, and variety of ornaments.


#5 Massage Luxe Gift Cards Buy 2 Gift Cards, Get 1 Massage for Free. Participating locations only. Gift cards must total $150. Free Massage ($74 value) must be redeemed at the location it was purchased at. See spa for more details. Exp 12-31-13. #6 Be Young Holiday Gift Essential Oils and Holiday Bath Salt While the holidays usher in joy and cheer, they can also be mixed with strained relations, emotional overload and taxed immune systems. This blend was created specifically to help with those damaging aspects of the holidays by lifting your mood, strengthening your resistance to contagious illnesses and stirring up warm memories with openness-ready to receive new ones. 314-909-7233.



Generosity of Spirit

Become a Volunteer Distributor! Fundraise for your favorite cancer charity at no cost to you.

All profits support cancer charities

by Nancy Lipari

More than 2.8 million dollars in donations!

For details email

For details email

One night last May, more than twenty people gathered in Town and Country to hear a lecture that gave divulging ‘Five Tips for Living Fuller, Longer Lives.’ It began with an overview of the most prevalent causes of death. The audience was asked which illnesses it thought would be listed. Someone said heart attacks; another said cancer. Then a voice called out from the back of the room: “Boredom.” This remark gave me pause: Could it be that healthy eating, a weekly exercise routine, preventative health care, staying involved with family and friends...all these activities and routines weren’t enough to bring an abiding sense of happiness and well-being? I think there is one final, yet overlooked component for a rich, full life: creating a legacy. Living from our passion; inspiring positive change; knowing our participation makes a difference.

Where Friends Go! to Have Fun Put your best face forward for the holiday parties and have a Glycolic peel and mask at Go!Spa for $50 and save $10. expires 1/30/14

11735 Manchester Rd. Des Peres, MO 314-822-0772 48

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Fran Lefrak-Brown, jewelry artist and founder of Circle of Hope Bracelets, certainly connected with two very important aspects of humanity: the desire to do good things and the need to feel we have made a difference in the lives of others. A breast cancer survivor, the talented Fran set out to create beautiful jewelry with a purpose--all profits would be donated to cancer research. Thus, Circle of Hope Bracelets was formed; Fran had found her calling. On any given day in the early 2000s, Fran’s Clayton, Missouri condo was abuzz with the happy voices of volunteers making bracelets. Fran’s husband Jerry would take a daily census by counting pairs of shoes when he came home from work. Always amazed by their loyalty, Fran primarily credited her volunteers for the success of Circle of Hope Bracelets. She often explained that people take pride when they produce something; it was important to her that everyone involved had a sense of fulfillment

and accomplishment. She saw the bracelets as a life symbol that formed a tangible bond and connection for patients, survivors and their circle of supporters. Before Fran’s untimely death from breast cancer metastasis in August 2002, she requested that “No matter what, I want the bracelets to go on.” Fran’s husband Jerry, along with Jeanie Heller, a volunteer instrumental to the organization’s early development, assumed leadership; Circle of Hope was registered as a not-for-profit foundation shortly thereafter. Many hands are involved in completing the thousands of bracelets which are sold by Circle of Hope Bracelets volunteers. More than 300 designs are available, most of which are priced from $17 to $40. All profits are donated in support of cancer research, education, treatment and care. Advocates committed to the cancer fight have an opportunity to become distributors with no investment required. Circle of Hope Bracelets is a living testimony to the fulfillment that comes from selfless dedication, and to the fact that a group of committed volunteers can - and do - make a difference. To think, it all started with one woman making jewelry at her kitchen table and inspiring others with HOPE: Healing Optimism Peace of mind Enthusiasm for life We are pleased to announce that Circle of Hope Bracelets has been chosen as one of the beneficent charities for the Ladue News Show House 2013. Anyone wishing to share the HOPE by purchasing from our collection of bracelets please go to If you want to share in our vision, contact us at

Restaurant Rave

Rave Review: Cyrano’s Cafe in Webster Groves by Amanda Kidwell

In this issue, we’re giving a shout-out to Cyrano’s Cafe in Webster Groves. Last July, Yoga & Spa Magazine hosted our Summer Hot Off the Press party in Cyrano’s Event Room, where over 60 people were served an abundant buffet of tasty appetizers and desserts. The gathering was an undisputed success; throughout the night, Y&S guests could be heard raving about the delectable foods and outstanding service.

items like the Cleopatra, with its notorious rum sauce, have been famous for over fifty years; other treats, like its signature flambées, Caramel Brioche Bread Pudding, and Crack Pie are “new classics,” so good that we couldn’t resist going back for seconds.

The Event Room We found Cyrano’s Event Room, “a beautiful and whimsical private space,” just as the website promised. With a design that reflects the intimacy of the main dining room — plus dashes of vibrant accent colors and textures, mosaic columns, hanging light fixtures, and dramatic pane glass windows — this space preserves the restaurant’s stylistic theme and displays its own dynamic character. Not only was the venue comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, its resounding acoustics permitted us to hold giveaways in a room of more than 60 people without a microphone! While planning our event, we learned the Event Room can accommodate up to 40 guests for a sit-down dinner party and up to 60 for a buffet and/or cocktail reception. Depending on formality and budget, hosts may choose items from every section of the menu, including appetizers, soups, salads, entrées and desserts.

Cyrano’s Desserts: A St. Louis Legacy For our summer soirée, the combination of savory appetizers and exquisite desserts was a natural choice. Since re-opening in 2003, Cyrano’s consistently has been voted St. Louis’ “Favorite Desserts” by both Riverfront Times and Sauce Magazine Restaurant Polls. Some

Sunday Brunch Last but not least, Cyrano’s offers a brunch menu from 11am to 3pm every Sunday. Not a few long, tedious Y&S meetings have been conducted over Cyrano’s mimosas, quiche, and Eggs Florentine. Alas, the publishing industry is full of struggle and sacrifice... mouthwatering, flavorful sacrifice. Cyrano’s Cafe is located at 603 E. Lockwood Avenue in Webster Groves. For more information about exciting events, delicious desserts, or scrumptious Sunday brunch, call 963-3232.

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013


The Perfect Guilt-Free Gift for Everyone! Every year, millions of gift-givers ask the age-old question: “What do I give the person who has everything?” If you’re looking for a fresh, distinctive way to impress everyone on your holiday gift list, it’s time to think outside the box of chocolates. With so many people watching their waistlines and their wallets over the past few years, fresh fruit is the new go-to choice for season’s greetings. This is not the heavy-laden cornucopia of your childhood, however--nowadays, giftgivers are opting for bright bouquets made with glistening chunks of fresh fruit. With vibrant colors, softly-sweet aroma, and unique shapes, a fruit bouquet will surprise and delight everyone on your list. We love the colorful designs and fresh scents of Edible Arrangements. Whether celebrating a birthday or anniversary, expressing sympathy, organizing corporate

! W E N

events, or simply a kind gesture, Edible Arrangements is the perfect way to show you care. From hand-crafted fruit bouquets to elegant boxes of chocolate-dipped strawberries, apples and bananas, each gift is the definition of decadence and indulgence without the guilt.

Go ahead, upset the fruit basket ;) One of the things we love about Edible Arrangements is that, with arrangements priced from $24 to over $250, Edible Arrangements has options in many sizes and virtually every budget. Each of the more than 50 arrangements consists of fresh, handsculpted fruit combinations: pineapples, honeydew, cantaloupes, strawberries, Granny Smith apples, bananas, grapes and oranges; mangoes, kiwi, and watermelon are available by season. The gourmet semisweet chocolate is an option our staff found irresistible.

The Talk of Your

Thanksgiving Table Celebrate with us this year!

Autumn Swizzle Bouquet

fruit bouquet featuring leaf-shaped pineapple dipped in chocolate with swizzle and Cinnamon Chocolate Apple Wedges ®

12117 Manchester Road, Des Peres, Missouri , 63131 | 314-394-2394

2550 S. Brentwood Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63144

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*Offer valid at participating locations shown. Containers may vary. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Visit for details & restrictions. EDIBL E ARRANGEMENTS® & Design and all other marks noted are trademarks of Edible Arrangements, LLC. ©2013 Edible Arrangements, LLC. All rights reserved.


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013

As if that weren’t sweet enough, each arrangement can be tailored to the customer’s taste and enhanced with plush animals, balloons, jars of chocolate dipping sauce, jars of sugar-free chocolate dipping sauce and greeting cards. With two St. Louis locations, giving a gift of fresh fruit has never been easier (or more delicious). One call placed to your nearest Edible Arrangements store can send your selected arrangement to that hard-to-buyfor friend across town, across the state and even across the country. Or, in our case, right here to our offices ;)

A fruity idea In 1999, a floral shop owner in East Haven, Connecticut had an idea. Tariq Farid thought the appeal of fresh, preservativefree fruit bouquet The result was Edible Arrangements. The first franchise opened in 2001 in Massachusetts; in 12 short years, his simple fruit bouquet business has grown to over 1100 stores located throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe Hong Kong, and the Middle East. Two convenient St. Louis locations: Des Peres 12117 Manchester Road Des Peres, MO 63122 (314) 394-2394 AND Brentwood 2550 S. Brentwood Boulevard Brentwood, MO 63130 (314) 962-9494

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013



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Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013

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Y&S Interview

Flat Belly Yoga: Yoga for Athletes’ Kimberly Fowler One look at Flatbelly Yoga author Kimberly Fowler’s website says it all: “The New Face of Yoga,” it proclaims over a background of tiny skulls. Kimberly’s unconventional approach has landed her both praise and criticism from conservative and fusion instructors alike. Recently, the teacher who says, “I am not your guru, you are” let us pick her brain about all things health, business, and skulls. Y&S: Wow, what an inspiring story; is that when you decided to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry? KF: Ha ha, actually, no; I finished law school. I tookthe Bar exam on Dilantin (an anti-seizure medicine) and passed; I practiced law for 18 years. Y&S: How has your health been since then?

Y&S: Kim, thank you so much for taking time for us. So our first question is, when and how did yoga become part of your life? KF: I was an outdoor sports enthusiast originally: biking, swimming, rock climbing, you name it. Then in 1984 during my last year of law school at South Texas College of Law in Houston, I suffered a broken collarbone in a biking accident. My physical therapist was also an Iyengar yoga instructor. One month into PT, I took my first teacher training at Sivananda Yoga Farm in Grass Valley, California. It was very traditional. I was chosen to ring the bell waking up the Swamis each morning. Y&S: That must have been quite an honor. Is that when you decided to teach yoga full time? KF: No, I continued honing my yoga practice while finishing law school. Then within a year of beginning yoga, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. That just made me more committed to my health: I decided, “Not only am I not going to die, I’m going to push myself even more.” So I began doing triathlons. 54

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013

KF: I have written several books and produced several DVDs Yoga for Athletes®, The No Om Zone and Yoga + Weights; I was featured in Prevention Magazine’s Flat Belly Yoga DVD. I have a clothing line called YAS Yoga & Sportswear. Y&S: Your clothing is known for its tiny skull design; what is significance of the skull design on your clothing line and website?

KF: The brain tumor dissolved, but I still have issues and see a neurologist. It’s inoperable due to its location, so it will never totally go away on its own. Another game changer was a rock climbing accident in 2000, in which I impaled myself on a stump. It was during that recovery period that I discovered spinning while continuing to do yoga; to this day, those are my two loves.

KF: It was a motivator for me since I had a racing bike with a skulls on it back in the 80’s. It became my triathlete symbol. If you show up to a race in skulls, you better be a badass!

Y&S: You seem to have a propensity for treating injury with exercise. After recovering from your climbing accident, how did you continue to integrate these two loves into your daily life?

KF: Currently, I spin and do yoga. I walk my talk. I have a wonderful life partner and three dogs. My partner is also the VP of my company and teaches.

KF: I turned them into a business (smiles). Y&S: Smart move, Kim. Your yoga spin class was the first of its kind. What inspired you to combine these two different activities, and what do you find most challenging about it? KF: I love yoga and I love Spinning. People who come for yoga might also like Spinning, but people coming to spin aren’t yogis. It’s challenging to get them to understand the benefits of yoga. Y&S: What other areas of the fitness industry are you involved with?

Y&S: And you’re probably right! ...Changing the subject, tell us about a day in your life.

Y&S: What else would you like our readers to know about you? KF: If you want to be part of my life you have to be into Yoga and Spinning! The next time you visit southern California, please stop by and say hello! Y&S: Thank you for your time, Kimberly. It was a pleasure. KF: Thank you! The pleasure was all mine. Kimberly Fowler is the Founder and CEO of YAS Fitness Centers, with four locations in southern California: Venice Beach, Silver Lake, Downtown LA, and Costa Mesa in Orange County.

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Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2013


Yoga & Spa Magazine Fall 2013


Yoga & Spa Magazine Fall 2013