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Shape Up for Spring

by Jenny Baker

Spring is just around the corner which means it’s time to refresh, rejuvenate and get back to feeling your best! Shake off those winter blues and spring forward into a new season of endless opportunity. When we think of spring we think of new growth and fresh starts. The same goes for your health! A healthy body starts with nutrition, water and physical exercise. Whether you’re trying to tone and strengthen muscle, or you’re just working on having healthier habits, take advantage of the spring season to get back on track. Try this asana sequence to feel more grounded and shape up for spring.

Chair Pose

Mountain Pose

Slowly rise back up to mountain pose. Feel your feet grounded back in the mat and sit down in your imaginary chair. Feel your abdominals working as you maintain consistent deep belly breathing. You’ll feel your muscles tightening to maintain the pose while increasing leg and core strength. In addition, this pose will open your chest and shoulders allowing you to embrace the newness of the spring season.

Begin the new season by rooting your feet into the ground like a tree in tadasana. Allow your mountain pose to be firm, stable, and gentle. Relax your shoulders while keeping your spine straight and upright. Take multiple deep breaths while you’re here. This pose will make you feel powerful and strong while increasing mobility in your feet, legs, and hips.

Standing Forward Bend

Revolved Chair

From mountain pose, slowly fold forward while keeping your back flat. If you feel tightness arising in your legs, give your knees a slight bend to send some relief to the hamstrings. You’ll feel a gentle stretch in your low back while your arms dangle loosely in front of you.

Photos by Erin Gregory

Incorporate this asana sequence into your practice this spring and cleanse your body from the long winter’s rest. You’ll be on your way to a healthier and fitter you during the spring equinox. Asheville Yoga Center is the South’s largest yoga studio, serving Western North Carolina and beyond for over 20 years. It is the mission of \Asheville Yoga Center to provide the highest education of hatha yoga, offering over 100 classes per week, world-renowned teacher trainings and \workshops in their first of its kind green campus. For more information, visit

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Shift your chair pose over to one side by bringing your hands into prayer position and move your left elbow on top of your right knee. Remain in the twist with even, steady slow breaths. Don’t forget to keep your body balanced and work both your right and left sides. When you’re ready, take your revolved chair pose to your opposite side for optimal stretching. Twisting allows detoxification of the organs and will help your body feel cleansed and renewed.

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Yoga & Spa Magazine March/April 2019 Optimal Health Issue  

Yoga & Spa Magazine March/April 2019 Optimal Health Issue  

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