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Summer 2015

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October 5-8, November 12-15, November 16-19, January 1-3

August 13-16

CO-ED September 4-6

View the entire schedule at FOR MORE INFORMATION: 314-416-6400 or 1-800-643-1000 @whretreat

A Unique Non-Surgical Approach to Restoring Health to the Whole Body “With various healing techniques & manipulations, Dr. Ngo fixed my specific symptomatic concerns by addressing the larger neuro/skeletal problems that were the root cause. After two appointments. I have enjoyed 90% improvement to a debilitating 2 year old injury.�

Hands on gentle treatment that removes restrictions, restores function and mobility, and alleviates pain in the body.

Some ailments Dr. Ngo treats (but not limited to):

618-235-8422 Christopher S. Ngo, DO

Neck Pain Headaches/ Migraine Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Back pain Knee pain Sciatica Fibromyalgia Previous Sports Injuries

Board Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Member of AOA, AAO

Yoga &Spa magazine

Volume 6, Issue 3 Stacy Hunsicker Publisher Amy Turk Marketing & Sales Associate Ph: 314-781-8822 Judy Dante Graphic Design Katie Reigelsberger Marketing & Social Media Associate Graphic Design Intern Advertising 314-781-8822 Donna Spencer Senior Sales Associate & Account Manager Ph: 214-679-1466 Contributing Writers Mark Schopp Amy K. Davis, MD Katie Kelly Jennifer Hojnacki April Abbonizio Roxanne Krummacher Dr. Christopher Ngo Janie Oelke Kristen White John Schwab Edith James Dr. David Rozeboom Dr. Tom Gargiula Becky Brittain Dr. Peter J. Pagano Deborah Leeann Marilyn Eagen Shawn Grow Amy Turk On the Cover F.L.O.A.T St. Louis See feature article on pages 26-27

Publisher’s Letter

Live in Bliss How many of us live in bliss? Bliss is attainable

if we have the belief that it is possible. If you tell yourself "I don't deserve bliss" or don’t do the work to attain it, like any other goal, you will never

achieve it. If you tell yourself "I deserve this", and work towards being open to people, solutions

and situations you will have the willingness and awareness to attain the joy and happiness that makes up bliss. To unlock the door to a life of bliss I have found 3 keys:

Trust: I trust in my own process of growth. I trust that each experience can be an

opportunity towards fulfilling my destiny. I trust that I am being guided and that everything will work out for the highest good of all, including me, in the end. I know that each experience is perfect for my growth.

Listen: In stillness I will find the answers to challenging, scary or even tragic

situations. Stillness enables me to take care of myself by using the tools of yoga,

acupuncture and monthly sessions with my spiritual coach. It amazes me how those sessions always appear at just the right time. By listening and becoming calm these tools can help us navigate life gracefully.

Action: A daily morning practice of quiet meditation and or yoga gives me the

courage to take action in every aspect of my life. If I do not take care of myself I will not have the energy to face difficult situations or conversations.

These simple yet powerful keys lead to a daily life of letting go and knowing all is

well. This sounds far too easy, I know. While writing this I was triggered by family

drama. What now? Back to trust, then listen and get calm, and then take action which might be giving an apology or being able to receive an apology.

I hope you will be inspired to take advantage of the many resources in the Summer issue of Yoga & Spa Magazine to keep moving toward a life of bliss.

Yoga & Spa Magazine, LLC does not endorse any information contained in articles or advertisements and suggests consulting a health-care professional before beginning any therapy or medical treatment.

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Hair by Alis Mergenthaler at Studio Branca


Cover Story

26 Staying Afloat Beats Stress – F.L.O.A.T.

Living Fit



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Decreasing Pain, Increasing Range


Why Can’t I Lose Weight?


Grounded, Balanced and Centered


The Role of Nutritional Supplements


Disconnect to Connect

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Yoga as Medicine

23 Don’t Let Curves Keep You from Yoga 24 Finding Your Best Yoga Style 28 Thermography is for Everybody

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30 Summer Sun Swept Hair 31

A Sound Spa May be the Answer

32 Help Seniors Get Up and Go!


33 Better Feet, Better Life 34 A Preventative Approach 35 The Store Next Door 36 Visit St. Charles 37 Tons of Fun for the Family 38 Resort Bliss – 3 Amazing Spa Destinations 40 A Perfect Creation 42 Love Your Body


43 Aging Gracefully 44 Claiming Our Weirdness 46 Summertime Magic 47 Touching Your Soul

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45 Oceano Bistro

Y&S Interview

50 Stability & Mobility Pilates with Shawn Grow


Trending Now! From balayaged hair all the way down to gladiator sandal clad toes, what are this summer’s hottest trends? Summer is a time to relax poolside and soak up the sun that we missed during winter’s drearier months. Whereas bathing suits and the color white will always be staples of summer style, trends will come and go. It can be fun to discover something new by riding the wave of a popular trend. Make your look a standout with these top beauty trends. Also, try the health trends to ensure that you are feeling your best for the lazy days of Summer (even if you’re not lazy). Finally, Yoga and Spa magazine knows the world of luxury, so the list of course includes what’s trending there as well. Enjoy!





Sanuk Yoga Slings are Vegan, Vegetarian lightweight sandals that are so comfortable thanks to their two-way stretch knit fabric upper with sling comfort construction. Each sandal’s footbed is made from real yoga mat with a sealed edge and stitch detail and a Happy U sponge rubber outsole.

Celebrate a healthy, sustainable lifestyle at Farm to Yoga, presented by EarthDance Organic Farm School, Yoga Buzz STL, and Whole Foods Market Galleria! Tour the farm, hop onto the mat for adult & kid-level yoga sessions and then enjoy lunch prepared by Whole Foods.

Yoga Slings are available at Laurie’s Shoes, which you can contact by visiting

Location: EarthDance 233 S. Dade Avenue, Ferguson, MO 63135

A Bit of Luxury Wanting to add some luxury to your home this season? Onesta Construction is a company focused on Honesty, Respect & Quality that can provide services for you including designing and building a custom sauna. Relax in your new sauna after calling Onesta Construction because if you’re going to remodel, remodel it right! Call 314-485-4327 for your free consultation. Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


Sassy New Style

With materials sourced in the United States and products manufactured right here in St. Louis, "Sassy Chassis" uses the loveliest of Belgian-like laces without the Belgian-like price point. They come in six delicious flavors - Vanilla, Licorice, Marshmallow, Butterscotch, Red Hots and our new spring color - Lemon Drop. Check out!

BALAYAGED HAIR... Balayage is a freehanded color technique that results in a softer, sunkissed look to your hairstyle. With a reputation of excellence for industry experience and proven track record of success, Studio Branca strives to exceed your expectations every time you visit. If you are looking to balayage your hair, Studio Branca should be your first stop. Visit to find a location near you and schedule your appointment. 8

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


RELAXATION Floating is likely to be the most relaxing thing you’ve ever experienced. At F.LO.A.T. our goal is to provide this experience to anyone that values curiosity, serenity, healing, growth, exploration, connection, and introspection. Curious? Find more information at or visit us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @floatingstl

Pamper your body. Pamper your hair. TRISWIM HELPS KEEP IT SMOOTH, SHINY & HEALTHY Summer is here! This means endless days in the pool or on the beach, which also means damage to your skin and hair. Exposure to chlorine in swimming pools, salt water as well as every day environmental hazards cause severe dryness and damage to hair and skin. TRISWIM is here to save your lovely locks this summer! Visit for more information.

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


core 3 A Strong Core

Firm Skin

Core 3 is a new fitness concept located in Brentwood. Core 3 combines three cutting edge fitness modalities (SURFSET® ‘land based’ surfing, RealRyder cycling and TRX suspension training) to create a fun workout experience that is new to St. Louis.

One of the top 10 must haves for summer by Essence Magazine is NeriumFirm Body Contouring Cream to smooth dimples and crepe like skin on arms, legs & belly. Show your beautiful body. Get yours today and be sure to check out other great Nerium products.

For more information, call (314) 494-6900 or visit

Edith James, Nerium Brand Partner 314-960-1408


PRANIC HEALING Pranic healing is an evolved system of medicine that uses life force to stabilize the body’s processes of energy. Dr Christopher S. Ngo, D.O. at Osteopathic Horizons has professional experience with pranic healing and can help you today. With an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars with over sixty reviews on his bedside manner, knowledge, and communication, Dr. Ngo is known for being friendly and attentive to every one of his patients. Call 618-235-8422 to make an appointment. 10

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


FEELING LIKE A KID AGAIN Adult coloring books are definitely trending. Coloring is not just for kids! Many adults are finding the advantages of coloring books: they are relaxing and soothing as well as a great way to relieve stress, escape daily pressures, and are a great creative outlet. Give it a try! Deborah Zorensky, The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit

A little something extra... SOUL PORTRAITS Available in sizes from 8 by 10 inches to 18 by 24 inches and larger, Carol Lynn can connect with a photo sent to her of either yourself or a loved one and create a beautiful soul portrait for you to enjoy. See in a painting how your soul is expressed through a metaphor. Get yours today by calling 314-349-7600 or by going to Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


636-532-0700 132 Chesterfield Commons East Road Chesterfield, Missouri 63005

For as little as $2.33/meal, you can regain vitality as well as look & feel your best!

s o L ht g i e W d i p a vised R r e p u nS a i sic y Ph


Quick reduction in belly fat Glycemic reduction; reducing or eliminating pharmaceutical drugs Advanced bio identical hormone Diabetic, lipid lowering & blood pressure meds typically reduced or replacement therapy; eliminated testoserone & estrogen Liver volume decreses significantly & enzymes improve replacement for men & women Preserves lean body mass, spares muscle & targets weight loss from fat PXR Shakes are kosher, gluten-free, and have no fructose, artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013

Living Fit

Decreasing Pain, Increasing Range “To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.”

Doctors of Osteopathy, or DOs, are fullylicensed physicians traditionally trained to understand the ways that injury or illness in one part of the body can affect the whole person. By balancing all body systems rather than simply concentrating on treating symptoms, this minimizes reliance on medications or the need for surgery. The goal of osteopathic medicine is to correct abnormal structures in the body that cause disease. Whether back pain or a former injury that was treated but never resolved, a hands-on approach is applied with osteopathy to diagnose and treat ailments. By using techniques to move muscles, tissues, and joints, we use gentle tactile pressure, soft tissue stretching and contractions. This restores improved function to the impaired area. These manipulations strengthen the

At Touch  of  Class  Massage  and  Wellness  Services    

Andrew Taylor Still, DO, MD Founder of Osteopathy

With so many messages about healthy diets, exercise, medications and supplements, we can easily lose track of what health means and how to achieve it. It’s worthy of pause to reflect on where health originates: from within. Our bodies know how to heal and maintain themselves without conscious effort. We typically take this natural process for granted until we experience discomfort or disease. Diet, exercise, medications and supplements can help restore needed balance, but sometimes these processes can become blocked.

Relax –  Rejuvenate  –  Replenish  

Kirkwood’s  Little  Gem  

New Client  Special  

(2)  90  Minute  Massages  for  $145    

musculoskeletal framework and positively affect the body’s nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. At Osteopathic Horizons, we take time to thoroughly listen to patient’s medical issues and then initiate individualized treatment plans to improve a patient’s ability to function in everyday activities. By decreasing one’s pain and increasing range of mobility, we help patients achieve a more balanced bodily system. Christopher Ngo, DO is board certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and owner of Osteopathic Horizons located at Stillpointe Wellness Center 2135 Dorothy Dr., Ste. 6, Belleville, Illinois. For more information call 618-235-8422 or email


Swedish or  Deep  Tissue    

Touch  of  Class  Massage  and  Wellness  Services   325  N  Kirkwood  Rd.  Suite  G-­‐9  Kirkwood  Mo.  63122     Combining  the  best  therapeutic  massage     modalities  for  a  total  relaxation  experience   e-­‐mail  -­‐   Phone-­‐314-­‐677-­‐8682  

Health In Motion Through Vibration The Whole Body Vibration Machine, a breakthrough in advanced vibration technology, is based on worldwide research from over 60 universities. - Saves Time - Tones and Firms Muscles - Reduces Pain and Stiffness - Low Impact - Improves Bone Density - Improves Flexibility, Range of Motion, Balance and Mobility - Aids Ability to Heal Contact us for a free introductory consultation.

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


GET OFF THE DIET ROLLER COASTER! • Build healthy, lasting habits • Improve fitness • No gimmicks or expensive prepackaged meals • Have fun in the process

Partner with a health coach. Get to a better place.


Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

by Dr. Mark Schopp

As a Doctor that often deals with weight loss, I am well aware of all the reasons that can cause weight loss to stall. There are many reasons why, even with diet and exercise, weight loss can suddenly halt. Of course the menopausal females experience the most difficulty, but anyone in our program can lose weight. By looking at health as a whole and addressing issues that are present and unique to any individual, one can achieve the results they desire. I will cover briefly a few reasons that can stall weight loss that I address every week with my patients.




Whether it’s a few pounds or a large amount of weight, our Physician-monitored weight loss system will help you lose weight and improve your health.

Call TODAY for your FREE weight loss pre-consultaaon! 314-843-WELL (9355)

Schopp Nutrition and Chiropractic Clinic 11422 Gravois Rd. St.Louis, MO 63126

Dr.Mark Schopp Clinician Nutrition, Chiropractic Physician, Acupuncture, Whole Food and Herbal Nutritional Therapist 14

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015

First, there is the hormone, Leptin. Leptin has two functions. It travels to the brain to reduce appetite and therefore reduce cravings and it boosts metabolism by encouraging the body to burn calories from fat cells. When this does not occur the patient tries to lose weight but cannot. A patient can develop Leptin resistance which can halt this process. When this occurs I use the proper supplementation in order to change this so the patient can lose weight. Another problem can be insulin resistance. When a patient has insulin resistance the cells are resisting insulin and the sugar in the blood is increased. This will disrupt the insulin/glucagon ratio and cause the body to store fat. This can also cause a halt in weight loss or at the least make it much more difficult. By addressing this properly it can assist the patient in losing weight. Another, which I see a lot, is estrogen dominance. The body will deposit estrogen in yellow fat. This will cause more fat to be stored so more estrogen can be stored. In the female this deposits in the abdomen hips and triceps area making these areas more difficult to lose weight. This happens because of an adrenal hormone, androstenoine which can convert to estrogen. When we find these problems as well as others we may need to use additional supplementation in addition to the weight loss program. Proper evaluation and an effective program is essential to weight loss. For example. decreasing inflammation does not only assist in weight loss but makes tremendous changes to one’s health. Dr. Schopp treats patients with Clinical Nutrition as well as Chiropractic and Acupuncture. He analyses the seven pillars of health in order to treat patients. Utilizing in office testing he develops a nutritional protocol with Clinical Nutritional Supplements to give the body what it needs to get well. If you desire to lose weight or have any other health problem please call and speak with him today.

Back to School with Hunter boots Available at Laurie’s Shoes

Grounded Balanced and Centered by Stephanie Martinez

About 40% of adults utilize Complementary Alternative Medicine according to This statistic spotlights a growing trend. Many people are familiar with generic terms related to this field of medicine. As a result, many people use the interrelated terms incorrectly, since they often overlap in meaning. So, the question arises: how do we navigate the myriad of wellness terminologies? We can begin with the terms most familiar and recognizable in an attempt to make wellness a more accessible goal. The goal of wellness is universal. We begin with the desire to live a healthy life. Next, we build a foundation of emotional, physical, and mental wellness. We all aspire to be well and let’s face it, nothing prepares us for day-to- day stressors like being grounded, balanced and centered.

281 CHESTERFIELD MALL CHESTERFIELD, MO 63017 636-532-0017 9916 MANCHESTER RD ST LOUIS, MO 63122 314-961-1642

These three words are all technically synonyms of one another, but in Energy Medicine, they actually denote varying levels of spiritual, physical, and emotional experiences. To be grounded can you also be simultaneously balanced? Is it the same thing? The term “grounded” means being mindfully aware of physical happenings without being emotionally overtaken by them. Moreover “balanced” implies a sense of energetic homeostasis within the physical body. Furthermore, being “centered” is a spiritual and/ or mental sense of being shored up within oneself; that our higher self is playing nice with both our inner child and our responsibilitydriven adult self. We often aspire to achieve all three in the hopes of achieving a sense of true wellness.

Ashiatsu Bodywork & Energywork Free DoTerra Essential Oil Classes Aromatouch

We are all on individual life paths of a rather unpredictable nature. It is up to the individual to accept that sometimes it is inconceivable to achieve all three at one time, yet, at other times it may be possible. So the next time you feel balanced and centered (but not grounded) after your yoga class or meditation, fret not. Truthfully, it is rare that one’s physical, emotional and spiritual selves are grounded, balanced and centered respectively. Ortho Touch Therapy is located at 1034 S. Brentwood Blvd. Suite 300A, Richmond Heights, MO 63117. Telephone: (314) 720 6750 314.720.6750 Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


The Role of Nutritional Supplements in Optimizing Health by Dr. Amy K. Davis, M.D.

Balance your fitness with yoga and CrossFit! Schedule your FREE first workout today.

Crossing Back to Health is not always an easy journey, but it’s one of the most rewarding ones you can take in life. Unfortunately even when you are ready, it can be confusing. Which diet is best? Do I have allergies or intolerances? Do I need support and which supplements would support my metabolism? How can I prevent developing the diseases that run in my family? Should I detoxify? It can be very confusing to decide what to do given all the information, opinions and options available today. How do you choose what is right for you? The answers are highly individualized and depend on your goals. By using Functional Medicine, I can help treat illness from its roots and reduce symptoms without involving more toxins or invasive treatments. I am frequently asked “Can I get all the nutrients I need from food if I just eat better?” Ideally a healthy diet rich in organic, whole, fresh foods would be able to supply all the nutrients we require if we lived in a perfect world.


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015

507 South Hanley Road Clayton, MO 63105 314.726.4702

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts we still fall short. Here are a variety of reasons why supplements are frequently needed: • Diets with processed foods, trans fats and excess sugar • Nutrient poor foods - Over farming which results in nutrient depleted soil paired with lengthy periods of storage and shipping. • Food processing and cooking depletes nutrients


• Prescription medications may deplete important nutrients – e.g. Statin drugs deplete Co-Q-10.

body needs. Over supplementation can create its own stress. Children should always take supplement formulas designed for their needs.

• Poor digestion, not chewing food well and flora imbalance make it difficult to absorb nutrients.

I suggest a consultation to identify the nutrients that are specific to your needs based on your goals, symptoms, family history and risks. In this way you only take what you need to support your body to heal without creating any new stress.

• Family tendencies – we inherit genetic weakness – e.g. family history of cardiovascular disease or cancer. • High physiologic demands from genetic weakness, toxic burden, infections, biochemical stress, immune disorders and chronic inflammation • High stress lifestyle • Oxidative Stress which can result from environmental toxins, dysbiosis, poor nutrition, chronic infections require extra support of antioxidants. Evidence shows we need nutritional supplements. Nutrients are important as essential helpers for our biochemistry and metabolism. Widespread deficiencies in our population include omega-3 fats, vitamin D, folate, zinc, magnesium and iron. It is most beneficial to take only what your



At Crossing Back to Health we strive to accommodate your needs. My staff is knowledgeable and happy to answer your questions. I offer consultations using a Functional Medicine approach to individualize your health transformation. We will address the whole person, body, mind and spirit, and strive to help you to manifest greater harmony and joy as well as physical health and wellness. I wish you the Best of Health! Dr. Amy K Davis M.D. Crossing Back to Health 636 778-9158 Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


An integrated approach to healing and wellness. • Diet & Nutrition • Detoxification • Massage • Acupuncture • Chiropractic • Meditation • Trasformational Breathwork • Energy Therapy • Gifts (Health, Spiritual, Eco, Fun)

Experience The BioMat at The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit

The original hot yoga. {healthy} {hot} {happy}

Beginners welcome! Our classes will challenge and invigorate you. 6630 Clayton Rd. St. Louis, MO 63117•314.644.2226•

May I Be Happy - Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Join Cyndi Lee September 18-20, 2015. This series will use Maitri -- traditional Lovingkindness practice -- as the framework for asana and meditation sessions. Through dharma talks, guided meditations, discussions and journaling, Cyndi will offer inspiring reminders that we already have everything we need to experience happiness, health, a sense of safety and ease every single day of our lives. Weekend Retreat Guests will have VIP status at the Yoga Rocks the Park event September 20th.

TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE, PLEASE CALL 816.612.8740 For more info visit: 1901 NW Blue Pkwy | Unity Village, MO 64065 Located at Unity Village


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


We are a St. Louis yoga

studio that offers the highest quality of yoga instruction for all levels in a safe and

Disconnect to Connect by Roxanne Krummacher

The constant exposure to technology, whether it be texts, emails or social media, combined with a barrage of bad or depressing news stories can result in a very loud existence. Add to that nonstop multitasking, which feels obligatory to meet all of the deadlines imposed on us by the frenetic pace of everyday life and it’s no wonder that so many people are stressed out. Even long term yoga practitioners are prone to these stressors. It is so tempting to grab for ones phone at stop lights or if someone steps away from the table at a restaurant. It can be hard to be alone, without distractions. By relying on social media or other technology to fill the void, however doing one misses out on the beauty that’s held in the moment. So how does one stop living in fear of disconnecting technologically?

comfortable setting. We are

an extended family here and

present each member of our community an experience

that will relieve stress, improve health, and tap into one's innate inner Awesome.

5755 Chippewa, St. Louis, MO, 63109 | 314.399.0491

bikram yoga chesterfield New Owner - Jeff Busbee

Special Intro Package $49 One Month Unlimited Available to all students that have not practiced since 1/1/15.

There is such power in allowing oneself to simply be. In a society that is overly connected to external sources, many people are desperate to be connected to their inner self. Technology is not likely to slow down, but it doesn’t have to overpower people’s lives. The key is to pay attention. If the mind is racing, take a moment to breathe. Notice when the breath has stopped due to stress or anxiety and then take a moment to breathe fully. Do one thing at a time and trust that you have what you need in this moment. In short, practice yoga. Try taking a break from Facebook. Limit checking emails to those times when it’s possible to sit and formulate thoughtful responses. Also, it’s a good idea to turn the phone off for good portions of the day in order to be present for oneself and for others. No one’s perfect. It’s hard to break habits and many people have a serious addiction to their cell phone. It’s like the grown up version of the pacifier. Often times people will grab for it unconsciously and then realize it after having scrolled for a good minute or more on social media. Habits are very hard to break. But everyone can practice and practicing is what it’s all about. Practicing Yoga, 5755 Chippewa St., St. Louis, MO 314-399-0491

Come on Back! Let’s Sweat! Near Clarkson & Baxter Rd in Chesterfield 636-536-2663 Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


Paddleboard Yoga You may have seen stand up paddle boarding on TV or even tried it on vacation in a tropical locale. Most St. Louis residents do not realize that it made its way here in 2012 and that it has continued to spread thanks to a local company, SUP St. Louis. SUP St. Louis was founded by Fenton resident and pro athlete, Shane Perrin, who with the help of his good friend, Darren Wolf, have grown the business to now operate in two locations Chesterfield and Valley Park and have a fleet of 24 boards.

Sup St Louis is a full service Mobile outfitter and hosts a variety of services. If you’re a beginner and are looking to learn SUP (Stand up Paddle) the SUP 101 class is for you. You’ll be educated on land first with paddle basics, technique, transition from kneeling to standing, and the equipment you’ll be using. Next up is the on water portion where you’ll put everything into practice with further instruction. The 1 hr 45 min class will give you a full body workout that won’t even feel like working out.

If you’re a yoga enthusiast, and let’s face it that’s why you’re reading this article, then SUP yoga is where it’s at. There’s no technique or skill needed to paddle out as you’ll be paddling on your knees (really easy to do). We’ll get you into position and then have you drop anchor. Paddles will be stowed on the front of the board, and then your instructor will bring you through a 45 minute flow that will be as enjoyable or as challenging as you’d like. Every move has variations to allow beginners to well versed yogi’s the opportunity to explore the yoga on water. Post class you get 30 minutes to free paddle or play with positions on your own or through the instructor.

Instructor Eric Betz 20

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


Yoga As Medicine


by Katie Kelly People look to yoga for many different reasons. As a yoga practitioner, teacher, studio owner and soon-to-be licensed nurse, my love for yoga and health has shifted into the birth of my newest love, a hand crafted style of Yoga As Medicine (YAM). The anatomy and functionality of the human body are innumerable. Having taken into account the many different specialties in both eastern and western medical traditions, the concept of Yoga As Medicine integrates these paradigms into a dynamic, moving philosophy that bridges spirituality with science. For those who are skeptical of yoga, YAM brings with it evidence-based practice from a clinical setting to inspire preventative strategies that help to keep the body in a balanced setting of homeostasis. The idea came to me in my last term of nursing school. I had always known that I would integrate my two loves (yoga and medicine) but it became clear to me that my passion for knowledge and subsequent knack for teaching was to lead me in a new direction. The ability to know about the human body is empowering. The level of one’s health and wellness is truly an inside job. In crafting this unique style of yoga, my mission is to give students the tools to embrace and change their lives not only through yoga, but through education as well. In this approach, students do not merely practice yoga from just a mental or physical perspective. Yoga As Medicine integrates practical knowledge with ancient wisdom. A typical class may be centered around one organ or system of the body, for example; the liver. Students would gain an understanding of the functions of the liver, including it’s ability to metabolize and break down fats from the small intestine, produce certain proteins in blood plasma and it’s magnificent ability to detoxify the bloodstream. The integration of yoga in this practice teaches us how to identify the liver (located in the upper-right quadrant of the abdomen) and brings knowledge on how to maintain optimal performance of this organ. Extended Side Angle Pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana) and other asanas aimed at lengthening the (right) side of the body and applying gentle pressure which stimulates blood flow to this region are greatly therapeutic. For more information on Yoga As Medicine please visit www. or visit Shanti Yoga on Saturdays from 10:4512:00 PM. You may also email regarding private instruction focusing on your area of concern.

636-541-2424 | 17237 New College Ave., Wildwood MO |



Now offering an interval training course based on Pilates Principles. Please Contact for further details.

Located on a quiet, private lane in Town and Country, the Grow-Fit studio is dedicated to keeping clients in shape through Pilates workouts and customized fitness programs

For more information:


follow on Instagram: @grow-fit Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


Add some adventure

to your workout. SUP St. Louis was founded through a passion through ultra distance racing. That passion has grown to a love for all disciplines including SUP yoga, SUP fitness, and SUP paddling.

Sumits Hot Yoga St. Louis TWO Weeks of Unlimited Yoga for $25 $7 Community Classes weekly

Today is a great day for you to be out on the water!

The practice doesn’t change but you do!

636.346.7473 B R I A N B Y R D

17668 Chesterfield Airport Road Chesterfield, MO 63005 636-536-3799 • Facebook: Sumits Hot Yoga St. Louis

Essential Connections Transforming your Stress, Relationships & Health with Energy, Intuition and Forgiveness Through this work, what is most important to you will be quickly and thoroughly defined. A personalized meditation recording will be created for you, helping you align at a deeper level with your intentions and goals.

Ten years of results!

Search Living Social for my bootcamp deal for the new year, and Groupon for a special on Personal Fitness Instruction.

314-369-6511 22

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015

is what distinguishes us in the health care community. We provide each individual patient with the most up-to-date health information and we compliment our care with alternative and natural therapies including nutritional testing, supplements and Bioidentical Hormones. We focus on the quality of a women’s life and it is our commitment to each and every patient. Please call our office at 314-292-7080 for an appointment.


With expertise in: -Weight Loss -Total body -Strength training Conditioning -Sports Specific Training Training you where it’s convenient

Caring for your complete health care needs

Dorothy Tomasic, M.A. Certified Practitioner of Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT Works) and Emotion Code 636.821.1158

All of our providers enjoy the opportunity to educate women about women’s health.

456 North New Ballas Road | Suite 386 Creve Coeur 63141 314-292-7080 | Monday ~ Thursday ~ Friday: 9 to 5 Tuesday ~ Wednesday 9 to 6 SAME-DAY APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE.

Don’t Let Curves Keep You from Yoga by Jennifer Hojnacki There are many yoga class types to select from these days. Now there is one designed for rounder bodies to feel comfortable getting on the mat. Curvy Yoga™ classes and workshops emphasize self-acceptance and empowerment, modifications to make poses safe for bigger bodies, and affirmations to motivate students to continue their yoga practice. Charli Prather, a psychotherapist and certified yoga instructor, is one of two Curvy Yoga-certified teachers in Missouri. Her Curvy Yoga classes build strength and flexibility without pressure to do things such as handstands or manipulating a leg behind a head. “There is a threshold issue for people who may want to try yoga but are intimidated because of their size. Local yoga studios typically only show thin people wearing trendy yoga clothes in their advertising materials, so it can seem inaccessible to curvier people,” Prather says. “When working with me, students come to understand they can modify poses to their own comfort and capabilities. Then they can continue at home or move on later to a more advanced yoga class.” According to Prather, Curvy Yoga emphasizes three key areas: 1. Embracing curves. You don’t need to be a certain size to do yoga. If you get on the mat now, your body will progress and transform with you. Acceptance is a pathway to change.

2. Body image. A Curvy Yoga class drives stress from the body. You leave feeling empowered and strong. 3. Pose modifications. Getting up and down from the floor can often be challenging, so standing poses are commonplace. Balance-focused poses help students prevent injury in day-to-day activities. Lunges are modified for potential knee issues for larger bodies. Special blocks can bring the floor a little closer for students with curvy bellies, thighs and bottoms. Finally, adjustments to backbends and twists help students work with (instead of against) larger breasts and bellies. Prather points out that modifying a twist can be as simple as making a few adjustments. Being confident, making modifications and realizing that nobody is watching and judging you requires a supportive environment and empathetic instructor. Curvy Yoga classes are on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at Valley Vinyasa Yoga Studio in Chesterfield. Jennifer Hojnacki is the owner of Valley Vinyasa Yoga Studio. More information and registration at or by calling 314-753-3661. Located at 130 Chesterfield Towne Center.

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Finding Your Best Yoga Style For those just starting with a yoga practice, welcome! With six branches of yoga to consider, (hatha being the most common), selecting the type that’s most in-line with your experience level and your wellness goals can be confusing. Here’s the low-down on what’s important to understand about hatha yoga: It’s the physical aspect of the yogic disciplines and includes countless physical postures or asanas, performed while seated, standing, lying on the floor and sometimes using inverted positions. Basic movement patterns include backbends, twists

Yoga Type



and forward bends. Postures are designed to open the channels of the body—especially the main channel, the spine—to promote energy flow. The common focus underlying all yoga styles is the union of mind and body. There’s no one yoga style that will resonate for everyone. This reference table can help you select the type most aligned with your goals. May you approach your practice with patience and self-love and leave comparisons at the door. It’s about you and connecting to your divine self.

The Essentials

Restorative Beginner

Basic poses, relies on props such as blocks and straps. Usually 4-5 postures, held for about 15 minutes; goal is total relaxation.



Traditional poses with a focus on 12 asanas with sun salutation sequence.



Focus on precise anatomical alignment using as many as 200 classic asanas. Uses props.

Ashtanga Intermediate - (a.k.a. Power Yoga) Advanced

Equal emphasis on strength, flexibility, mental and physical stamina. Progressive series of asanas and breathing methods. May be done in a heated room.

Viniyoga Beginner, most (a.k.a yoga therapy) often taught 1-on-1 Kripalu 3-level style

Therapeutic application of the classical asanas. Focus on coordinating breath and movement. Instructor moves your body in and out of postures, so physical demands are minimal. Level 1: asana basics Level 2: prolonged holding Level 3: moving meditation

Bikram Advanced (a.k.a. Hot Yoga)

Typically 90 minutes, 26 pose series done at 90-105 degrees. Challenges balance and strength.

Kundalini All (?) Somatic Intermediate

Focus on awareness, postures and breath control with release of energy in the spine. Focus on contracting muscle groups then relaxing. Ends with guided meditation and relaxation.

Gentle Yoga

Beginner - Intermediate

Often involves finding the point of tension past the joint’s normal range of motion. Poses held for several minutes. Calls for great awareness of body.

Vinyasa or Flow

Intermediate-Advanced Links breath to movement. Good workout.

Jivamukti All

Based on five pillars: shastra (scripture) bhakti (devotion) ahimsa (kindness) nada (music) dhyana (meditation) Supported by chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation.

Yin Yoga

Focus on 36 postures, each held for long time periods, with emphasis on moving energy via breathing patterns and meditations.

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NEVER UNCOMFORTABLE Sanuk Yoga Slings are lightweight and comfortable thanks to their two-way stretch knit fabric upper with sling comfort construction. Each sandal’s footbed is made from real yoga mat with a sealed edge and stitch detail which, alongside the Happy U sponge rubber outsole, keeps your feet feeling good all day. Yoga Slings are Vegan and Vegetarian, so everyone wins!

Buy Yours today!

281 CHESTERFIELD MALL CHESTERFIELD, MO 63017 636-532-0017 9916 MANCHESTER RD ST LOUIS, MO 63122 314-961-1642 Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


Staying Afloat Beats Stress F.LO.A.T. was born out of a passion for floating and a desire to share the experience of floating with others. Our mission is to provide the Saint Louis community with a unique floating experience not limited to floating, but also including what happens before and after each float. Our goal is to provide this experience to anyone that values curiosity, serenity, healing, growth, exploration, connection, and introspection. At F.LO.A.T. we collectively bring thousands of hours of professional experience in physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional healing. Our vision is to make the benefits of floating accessible to everyone in the greater St. Louis area, while maintaining the highest quality standards. We met one another in an environment that focused on compassion, healing, growth, and wellness. After meeting, we found further connection through our shared experience and interest in floating. Together, we began to reflect on elements that enrich the process of human connection, healing, and growth. As our bond grew, we continued to explore and expand our personal concepts of connection, healing, and growth. Our shared ideas ultimately inspired us to design F.LO.A.T. In the end, we gathered the courage to make our vision of F.LO.A.T. a reality. F.LO.A.T. is an extension of our collective prior experiences and our shared vision. So what are the components that make up the F.LO.A.T. experience? One is that you won't be fighting gravity. The 850 pounds of Epsom salt in the water takes care of that while you lie on your back. 26

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Epsom Salt or Magnesium Sulfate is reported to provide better sleep, relax the nervous system, support the growth and maintenance of muscles, increase muscle flexibility, support the integrity and strength of bones, re-mineralize our teeth, alkalize the body, hydrate the body, provide relief to our digestive system, and support enzyme function. Sulfates are found in every cell within the human body and play a role in the production of collagen, detoxifying the body, supporting the digestive system, pancreas function and the secretion of digestive enzymes, as well as having antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Second the water is kept at 94.5 degrees. This is skin-receptor neutral, which means you lose track of where your body ends and the water begins. Also your ears stay just below the water, and the tanks are insulated against sound. So noise from the outside doesn't reach you. After you shut the door and turn off the light, you float in total darkness. During your float the outside world is gone, and amazing things happen.

“ … allows a space for our mind, body, and soul to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.”

It turns out that when you're not fighting gravity or constantly taking in information your body has a lot of extra resources at its disposal. Your mind is free to mull things over without distraction, your brain pumps out dopamine and endorphins, and your body gets to rest, de-stress, and heal. The tanks are not completely zero-gravity (as in outer space). But, they create a near zero-gravity state, which allows our bodies to rest and heal. This state will place your mind in a unique environment, which supports the creation of new neural networks and unique processes. When we float, we are able to regulate the amount of environmental stimuli that are received through our senses. This allows a space for our mind, body, and soul to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Ever hear of the phrase: human beings have become human-doings? For the modern human, it is a foreign concept to set aside 90 minutes for the sole purpose of rest and relaxation. While developing a regular meditation practice is a lovely concept, it can be hard for some people to put into practice. At F.LO.A.T, clients can choose to inhabit a space that is void of distraction. It is a private, quiet and peaceful sanctuary. St. Louis and the surrounding region have really embraced floating. More and more people are having amazing floating experiences and telling everyone they know. Floating is expected to continue to grow in the area and it is exciting to provide a venue for individuals to be introduced to its benefits! Come visit us at to learn more and book your first float today! Floating experience in St. Louis 3027 Locust St. St. Louis, MO 63108 314 833 3444 Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


ERNSTROM SPINAL REHAB Dr. Ed Ernstrom DC, MS Meet, Treat, and Change Lives

Sports injuries Low back pain Headaches Hip pain Knee Pain Shoulder Pain

Thermography Is for Everybody by April Abbonizio 300 Chesterfield Center Ste. 140 Chesterfield, MO 63017 C: (208) 520-7109 | F: (636) 778-2075 |


Unlock your soul’s purpose. • Unlock and release

patterns at a core level to provide clarity, direction, and personal growth. • Identify barriers and

create a strategy that eliminates road blocks and puts you on a path to success • Step into your natural

abilities and soar!

Receive a complimentary ½ hour phone consultation. 28

Beth Thater

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1 (636)299-8694

Thermography, also known as Infrared Thermal Imaging, is a reliable tool that provides precise and objective information that can lead to successful diagnoses and treatments. It is quick, painless and radiation-free. Thermography is based on infrared heat emission from our body’s tissues and presents information as a digitized image. Our bodies should be thermally symmetrical and when they are not, it’s an indication of dysfunction. Abnormal patterns reflect abnormal conditions in our bodies. Thermal imaging is a way to detect unhealthy physiological changes, so we can plan to reverse disease before it progresses significantly. Thermography can help detect many conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain sources, nerve damage, breast disease, disc disease, inflammatory pain, fibromyalgia, dental and TMJ issues, skin cancer, sprains, stroke screening, vascular disease, thyroid disease, digestive disorders and more. This tool can be used to assess a woman’s risk of breast cancer. It is particularly helpful for women ages 30 to 50 who have dense breast tissue because there is no mechanical pressure with the exam. It is also safe for women with breast implants. Thermograms detect abnormal blood supply (which is a precursor to dysfunction in the body) well before cancer is large enough to be noticed as a lump in an exam. An issue can be detected at its earliest stages. An exam is not limited to breast tissue; it shows patterns in surrounding areas from the neck to below the breasts. Because there is no mechanical pressure or radiation, it does not increase cancer risk or promote cancer spread. April Abbonizio, a certified clinical thermographer and integrative nutrition practitioner, helps individuals through thermography and nutrition practices achieve their optimal health. She is owner of It’s Simply Nature located at 13418 Clayton Road, inside Silver Lining. For more information, visit or email

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Spa & Beauty

Summer Sun Swept Hair Complimentary Haircut with any Balayage, Highlighting, or Single Color Process Service (New guests only. Up to $89 value.)

s t u d i o b r a n c a . c o m STUDIO BRANCA Creve Coeur, MO (314) 469-1222

SALON BRANCA Chesterfield, MO (636) 536-1615

Studio Branca Salon and Spa has gained a reputation for excellence within the Midwest community thanks to their industry experience and successful track record. At Studio Branca, your satisfaction is their highest concern and they strive to exceed your expectations every time you visit. From cuts to colors and massages to skincare, their goal is to enhance your beauty and well-being. With over 25 years of beauty experience under their belts, the staff and customer service has become legendary. Their team is made up of licensed specialists who love what they do and who are passionate about making sure that each guest receives the personal attention and great service that they deserve. Enter one of their two locations and you will be showered with a full service experience. Their comfortable, relaxed atmosphere will make you feel right at home!

Eliminate Excess Fat ... Without Surgery! The Amazing LipoLight Body Sculpting Program allows fat cells to shrink and so will you!

Start the New Year with a New Look for a New You! Investing in your health with the physician supervised Amazing LipoLight Body Sculpting Program only costs $2495, but for a limited time only, save $500 with our Yoga & Spa Living Fit Expo special. Pay a total of only $1995 and save $500!

Call (314) 395-9777 or email 30

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Their hair salon features a fabulous menu of services including Balayage, one of the trendiest hair color techniques this season! Balayage literally means "sweeping." The color formula is painted directly onto the hair by master colorists in sweeping motions to create a more natural effect. This method recreates the effortless sun-kissed highlights everyone wants, especially during the summer months. If you are unsure if the Balayage technique is right for your style, contact them for a color consultation. Whether you’re looking to liven up your hair style, get silky skin or prepare for a special day, Salon Branca is ready to make you look and feel flawless. Visit them soon and discover what sets them apart from other salons and spas. 12627 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63141/ 314 469 1222 /

A Sound Spa may be the Answer to Healing your Addictions, Anxiety & Stress by Kristen White and John Schwab Imagine if you could relax, truly settle in and immediately enter a deep meditative state… effortlessly. Within this quiet space, your negative thoughts and troubling behaviors would simply melt away. You could stop smoking, lose weight, even, overcome cravings and addictive behavior A blend of ancient medicine and quantum harmonics has achieved all of this and has proven itself as a powerful tool for advanced holistic healing It’s called the Satorispace™. Over a series of sixty minute sessions, offered in a dimly lit room, the relaxing, yet state of the art, sound bed will take your subconscious on a journey to its deepest place of rejuvenation. In this sanctuary, suggestions are made to activate your subconscious to immediately begin to act in ways that support your healing.

care, which uses music and sound to aide healing. Those who practice sound and music therapy are finding a benefit in helping cancer patients, children with ADD, and others. Hospitals, Wellness Clinics, and Addiction Recovery Centers are also using sound and music therapy to help with stress, to help create calm in patients. Scientific evidence suggests that it is in these states of deep relaxation and meditation that true mind/body rejuvenation occurs. This reality is the reason why we have taken such care to create spaces that foster this powerful mind/body regeneration. To experience Satori at the Energy School in Clayton, please schedule an introductory session by calling 314-863-3949.

At the center of all satorispace™ meditation rooms is the patented VibrAcoustic Wellness System, a beautiful lounge chair which gently delivers specific vibrational frequencies throughout the body, physically balancing the energy centers, while you listen through headphones to the Quantum Harmonics sound and music, guiding your brainwaves to levels of deep relaxation and meditative states. Research has shown that music has a profound effect on your mind and body. In fact, there’s a growing field of health

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Help Seniors Get Up and Go!! Health In Motion Through Whole Body Vibration Helps Ease Pain and Improve Mobility by Janie Oelke

Where Friends Go! to Have Fun Bring your Friends to Go!Spa for the Girl’s Time Out Package includes Spoiled Rotten Facials and Pedicures for 2 with a box lunch, each service is 1 hour. $225

11735 Manchester Rd., Des Peres, MO 314-822-0772

We all know how important it is to keep our body’s moving for optimal health. But, what happens when someone has an injury that limits their mobility? The people who hate to exercise or who don’t make the time, but who know that it’s important? All the seniors who are in too much pain or have limiting conditions? Individuals who are handicapped and/or in wheelchairs? If you or someone you care about can relate to any of these categories, then experiencing Whole Body Vibration Therapy(WBV) might be the answer that keeps your body, mind and spirit thriving. Worldwide research from over 100 Universities has found that almost everyone can benefit from WBV for either exercise, physical therapy or massage. In theory, WBV helps activate muscles, strengthen bones, improve circulation, activate the lymphatic system and nourish the cells in the body. While standing on the plate, your muscles experience continuous contractions creating a more effective workout in a shorter period of time. In fact, the best part is, 10 min = 1 hour workout. Seems too good to be true? As huge skeptics, we thought so too, until we gave it the age old “test of time”. After 5 years of personal and professional use, this technology has proven itself worthy for chronic conditions like arthritis, lower back pain, stiffness and depression just to name a few. Myriam Boter has been practicing Massage Therapy for over 2 decades and these are some reasons why clients seek her services. “A sluggish, dense, bloating feeling keeps me from enjoying my life.” “Getting up in the morning is difficult.” “My body aches and is stiff.” Myriam is blessed to assist in alleviating their pain using WBV, which helps her clients improve their ability to stay in control of their physical body. Every session she begins with 5 minutes to activate the Lymphatic and Circulation flow. By enhancing local circulation, it builds a stronger immune system, aids bone remineralization and reduces joint pain. Using WBV has been instrumental in helping preserve her hands, her stamina and the life of her practice. At HealthyZone they are committed to helping clients optimize their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Their focus is on the client’s needs and offering various tools to improve her quality of life. They incorporate LifetimeVibe WBV when called for because it really works! Because it’s easy, effective and enjoyable clients find it effortless to use consistently and are thrilled to be getting results. Discover for yourself by joining them for a free demonstration or visit their website to view the myriad of videos from Chiropractors and Physical Therapists, as well as client testimonials. Health practitioners all over the world are incorporating vibration therapy as part of their treatment. With the rental or purchase of a machine you will receive a personal program tailored to your specific issues. What have you got to lose? Pain in your joints, tight muscles, stress, being overweight, depression, frail bones or discomfort in your low back. Wishing each of you the pleasure of re-claiming your health! Please contact us by phone or email. or 314.608.3236


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step inside your comfort zone Shoes that look great, feel even better and fit like they’re made for you.

Better Feet, Better Life! by Edith James Shoes matter. Shoes can make an outfit as well as make us feel various ways from sexy to comforted to miserable. Female or male, footwear is an article of “clothing” that can contribute to well-being, mental and physical…or damage well-being, mental and physical. If your feet hurt, you are not alone. 2 of every 3 Americans experience some degree of foot pain every single day according to the Institute for Preventive Foot Health’s survey in 2009. (




11693 Manchester Road, Des Peres, MO 63131 •

Wearing “ugly” shoes is dreaded even though taste dictates “ugly.” Style appeal and acceptable styling is individual and unique just as strength, flexibility, and bone structure vary dramatically. Experienced and educated shoe fitters are rare. Nowadays Pedorthists are the shoe-fitting experts of the medical field. Like pharmacists for feet, pedorthists fit scientifically and provide solutions for painful conditions that may radiate to ankles, knees, hips, and backs. Educated in advanced shoe fitting and foot conditions, there are 2355 of these allied medical professionals accredited in US per Bottom line: Painful feet result from poor support and/or fit. Wearing well-fitting, realistic shaped shoes makes deposits into your Foot Health Account. Deposits = healthier feet. Then special events when Super Cute Shoes are worn, health and stamina are available for some withdrawal. However, if Foot Health Account is BANKRUPT, exhaustion, weakening, pain are usually the result. Foot pain is way too common but it is not natural. Locating pedorthists and professional fitters for assistance will contribute comfort and support to your well-being and your feet will be grateful for your support! By Edith James, Certified Pedorthist Comfort Shoe Specialists 11693 Manchester Road, St. Louis (Des Peres), MO 63131 See our Toe Talk Blog for Cute Shoe Rescues LIKE our FB Page Comfort Shoe Specialists for more Toe Talk! Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


University City Chiropractor St. Louis Natural Treatment Center 924 N. McKnight Rd St. Louis, Mo. 63132 314-997-2308

"Getting to the root of the problem" DISCOVER THE SALON HAIRCOLOR



A Preventative Approach by Dr. David Rozeboom

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

(Attributed to Benjamin Franklin)

Starting back in 1895, chiropractic facts state that the body gets stressed out and broken down over the years by three forms of stress, mental, chemical and physical. (D. D. Palmer) So the secret to reversing the damaging effects of stress is to find and correct the damage done in each category.


CHROMATICS available HERE! ..........................................

$20.00 off Color & Cut

First-time clients only.

In 1973 the physical stress damage was the most prominent type of damage, which has an easy road to correction by itself. We now find that chemical stress has become the biggest type of stress. Failure to address it will render any other attempt to help a patient useless. Thanks to recent developments in the types and potency of chemical supplements, nutritional deficiencies and toxic chemicals


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015

in the body can now be easily and quickly remedied. The damage done by physical stress is corrected quickly by the precision corrections that were discovered and which have been taught in Chiropractics dating back to the 1960’s. Mental stress is often caused by chemical or physical stressors. Correction of the chemical or physical stress damage sheds light on what purely mental problems a person may have. A healthy approach to these three areas, Chemical, physical and mental, can apply that ounce of prevention. In this way the side effects and damages of other treatments can be avoided and the body will be truly healthy for many years. Give it a try; you will soon see the benefits. Dr. Dave is a chiropractor at St. Louis Natural Treatment Center, located at 924 N McKnight Rd., St. Louis, MO 63134; (314) 997 2308.

The Store Next Door

“Silver Lining: An Inspired Space”

Now Open!

We’re a hopeful comfort in the midst of the commitments and chaos of everyday life. Our distinctive establishment allows you to enjoy shopping, gathering with friends, classes and numerous healing therapies. Come ... visit for awhile and find your inspiration.

For a complete list of classes & offerings, please visit our website “Unbeknownst to me, there is this little hidden gem of a space in St. Louis County. You know how you sometimes have to look hard for the silver lining in any challenging situation? Well, that's what this inspired space is called: Silver Lining. I walked in and my hand went straight to my heart and my jaw fell to the floor. It was like a store made just for me. I looked around and saw books I would read, things I would wear and eat, cards and gifts that I would give, events I would attend, and a yoga room I would use.” This is what Mika Ross posted upon discovering Silver Lining and it perfectly explains how this new inspired space strives to touch each and every customer.

13418 Clayton Road, Town & Country, MO 63131

Joan Krueger

Silver Lining, An Inspired Space in Town & Country MO, is the creative vision of two friends seeking to provide a space where clients can form friendships, have their spirits lifted, enjoy beautiful items, learn new ideas, and find inspiration. Most of all, they wanted to build an entire community of energized people. They further form connections to the community by proudly featuring a variety of locally created goods, adding to the uniqueness of their merchandise.


Going to Silver Linings is like visiting a friend. Everyone is welcomed in with open arms, offered a refreshment and given the grand tour! Customers can try on clothes and model them in front of new friends, find something to spruce up their home décor, shop for a special gift, or just grab a good book and relax in the “living room”. There is always a story to hear about the happenings there, or an eager ear waiting to listen.

• Smoking Cessation • Weight Loss • Stress Management • Sleep Disturbances and Insomnia • Pain Management • Fears and Phobias • Self Esteem • Depression

Go visit the ladies that created this gem, Meg Berry and Cara Potocnjak. Silver Lining is located at 13418 Clayton Road, Town & Country MO 63131. Visit them online at or give them a call at 314-548-2999


220 W. Argonne, Suite A Kirkwood, MO 63122



A Key To Change

Specializing in Hypnotherapy

10% OFF First Session (Reg. $120)

One discount per person. Must present coupon. Expires 9/1/15 Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


Visit St. Charles Just west of St. Louis you'll find Saint Charles, a river city with a unique historical perspective, beautiful sites, friendly people and a pace just a little slower than that of the big city. Founded as Les Petites Cotes (The Little Hills) by French Canadian fur trader Louis Blanchette, Saint Charles grew into a thriving riverfront trading center for a young America. Thousands passed through on their journeys westward, replenishing supplies before departing into new territory. Saint Charles is a source of historical encounter: the Lewis and Clark Rendezvous, Missouri’s First State Capitol, origin of the Boone's Lick Trail, and home to Daniel Boone. Step back in history as you stroll along the brick paved streets of Historic Main Street - Missouri’s oldest and largest historic district - to visit unique shops, explore a museum, try your luck at the casino, or discover a great place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a tasty treat. As a historic hub for westward expansion and river travel, Saint Charles continues to provide excellent lodging for both eager visitors and weary travelers. Today, with I-70 running east-west and Lambert-St. Louis International Airport nearby, Saint Charles is an easy and convenient destination offering first-rate hotels, unique bed and breakfast venues, inns, and guest houses. While you’re in Saint Charles, tour the Foundry Art Centre, visit

the Shrine of St. Philippine Duschesne, try your luck at the casino, discover the Streets of St. Charles, stroll the aisles of Bass Pro, or take a day trip to Historic Missouri Wine Country and bike the Katy Trail. The people of Saint Charles have labored lovingly to preserve and share its treasured river heritage. A destination for almost one million visitors each year, the history of Saint Charles comes alive to welcome you. Experience the charm and beauty of a city that has been welcoming visitors since 1769. Discover Saint Charles.


Take time to pamper yourself and leave feeling restored and renewed

Contact Us For Your Free Visitors Guide


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Making Memories - Family Getaways

Tons of Fun for the Whole Family Bike Surgeon opened its Shiloh, IL store in 2009 and is widely recognized as one of St. Louis’ premier bike shops. Bike Surgeon is much more than just skinny dudes clad in lycra zipping around on ultra-light, ultra-expensive road bikes. Bike Surgeon is a family friendly, fun-oriented destination shop for riders of all levels. On any given day countless children cruise through the store testing out Strider balance bikes or turning the pedals on a bike without training wheels for the first time. Who doesn’t remember the fun and freedom that came with that experience? For mom and dad there are tons of bikes to choose from, hybrids to cruisers and fat bikes to tri bikes. If the kids are too young to ride along they also offers pull behind trailers and tag-along bicycles so the whole family can enjoy a day on one of the many hundreds of miles of paved bike trails in the region. And because they believe in whole body fitness they also offer in shop professionally guided yoga on Wednesdays evenings at 7PM for $5 per session. Bike Surgeon holds a ton of events too; one of the most family friendly is the now famous Southern Illinois Fat Tire Festival. In its 11th year, Fat Tire Fest takes place at Camp Ondessonk, in the beautiful

Shawnee National Forest. The weekend long mountain bike and outdoor festival offers plenty to do for everyone. Awesome mountain biking, chill leisure rides, phenomenal hiking, challenging trail running, paddling, swimming, zip lines, climbing, arts and crafts, an adventure race and more. Food, drink and live entertainment are all included and if that’s not enough, lodging is also included in rustic open air tree house cabins. This year’s event is October 23-25, 2015 and you can find all the rest of the info and register at bikesurgeon. com/ftf. Check these guys out, they do it right and they keep it fun. Located at 3348 Green Mt Crossing Dr., Shiloh IL 62269; telephone: (618) 622 1693.

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Resort Bliss

Three amazing spa destinations Grand Velas Riviera Maya Riviera Maya, Mexico

Voted “Best Spa in the World” by Virtuoso in 2010, The Spa at Grand Velas Riviera Maya is 90,000 square feet, inclusive of separate hydrotherapy facilities for men and women. Included with any treatment 50 minutes or more, the Grand Velas Riviera Maya Hydrothermal Journey is composed of seven different water experiences, including a sauna, color therapy steam, clay room, ice room, experiences showers, polar pool and experience pool with various water elements. The Spas at Velas Resorts have won numerous industry awards, including Most Excellent Spa Hotel by Condé Nast Johansens, Virtuoso’s Best Spa in the World, Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice Award for Best Spa Hotel, a SpaFinder Readers’ Choice, and Travel + Leisure’s Best Spas, among others. Tracing back to its cultural roots, Mexico’s Grand Velas Riviera Maya is now offering guests its new Bacal Massage, an authentic Mayan treatment utilizing one of the Mayan’s most sacred plants, corn. A one-of-a-kind cultural journey, the Bacal Massage begins with a soothing honey exfoliation that detoxifies the skin, followed by an essential oil massage using Mayan corncobs to apply pressure to the skin in a unique method. The Bacal Massage is part of the Spa’s Journey Though Ancient Mexico collection, which also includes a Coffee + Cocoa Experience, Mayan Jade Facial and Mayan Shawl Massage. The 50-minute treatment costs $236 USD. For more information on spa specials, visit www. For reservations or more information, please call 877-418-2963 or visit


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Ponte Vedra Inn & Club Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

A grand hotel with a storied pedigree, the AAA Five-Diamond rated Ponte Vedra Inn & Club brings to mind images of quiet opulence — of grace, stateliness and history. The region’s largest spa, the 30,000 sq. ft. spa at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club in north Florida combines peaceful surroundings and ultra-modern facilities with an impressive selection of more than a hundred beauty and pampering services. The Spa has an exclusive partnership with Zents, allowing for guests to customize their experience by combining specialized scents with their treatment. The spa recently began offering a new Swe-Thai Massage (80 min/$195). Blending the relaxing strokes of the Swedish Massage with the stretching techniques of a Thai Massage, East meets the West in this complete head-to-toe massage routine consisting of specially developed techniques that reduce stress and strain on one’s body while allowing for a highly therapeutic massage. A highlight of the Spa for pre- or post-treatment is its Hydrotherapy pool, which boasts five relaxing grottos, including standing bubbler, chaise lounge bubbler, Jacuzzi, swimmers treadmill and waterfall.

Spa al Mare at Casa Marina Key West, FL

Spa al Mare, located at Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria Resort in Key West, debuts a physical expansion and upgrade in services including three new large treatment rooms, two of which are for couples, featuring private showers in each room. Beautifully presented in the resort’s existing Fitness Center building with a crisp blue and white color palette inspired by its nearby ocean location, Spa al Mare now features close to 1,300 square feet of new spa operations for indoor treatments. Spa-goers will also enjoy a new reception waiting area, an upgrade in the spa’s menu and personalized aromatherapy enhancement to finish every treatment. A Key West island retreat, Spa al Mare’s two oceanfront cabanas remain open for guests opting for their service outdoors amidst the sounds and scents of the beach – a signature Florida Keys experience. From Swedish to deep tissue massages, facials to full spa packages, Spa al Mare offers a wide range of healing and relaxing services by a team of certified, trusted spa therapists. Among additional spa offerings are a restful yoga class held on Casa Marina’s scenic pier over the Atlantic Ocean. For more information on Casa Marina or Spa al Mare, please call +1 888.303.5717 or visit Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


A St. Louis Chiropractor with a Bold Mission

“My goal is to help as many people as possible during my lifetime – especially children!” says Dr. Gargiula.

Call today for a free evaluation *some restrictions apply*

9717 Landmark Parkway Drive #216 St. Louis, MO 63127

(314) 849-4120

A Perfect Creation by Dr. Tom Gargiula People who are educated make better decisions. Chiropractors know this and aim to educate all those who want to learn about our practice. There are many benefits to living a wellness chiropractic lifestyle. Most importantly, children need to grow up seeing a correct lifestyle modeled for them in order to build a healthy central nervous system. Living life more fully is the essence of quality of life. If our bodies are not healthy and happy, we have a low quality of life. We then become less of a person physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. In this state we are a fraction of what we could be. This is not living, so it must be dying. Everyone experiences interferences with their health, some even from before birth. Some are so imperceptible that we may even perceive them as normal or correct. My purpose in life is to use Nature’s never-ending palette of colors to inspire a change within you. I do this by unleashing what God has already put inside of you, a potential for greatness. When a very specific chiropractic adjustment is made at the right time, the interferences


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015

begin to lift from our lives. Like the cleaning of a dirty window, we begin to see the incredible beauty that was always there. Our body can have full, unlimited control over itself, be free to heal and recreate the life that seemed so hopeless. When we are unleashed to express the incredible gift of life that God so perfectly placed within us, it is like beginning life anew. No one can put limitations on such a creation. Who do we think we are to have conscious control over the awesome power of God? God’s love for us is so perfectly expressed in the innocence, purity and love of a new born child. God has given us everything we need to live through the innate intelligence of the body. We need nothing extra, nothing from the outside. We are truly a perfect creation. I thank God for this Vision and for His incredible gift of Life. Dr. Tom Gargiula is a doctor of chiropractic and owner of Windmill Chiropractic Wellness Center, located at 9717 Landmark Pkwy, Ste. 216, Sunset Hills. More information at, call 314-849-4120.

Green Living

DAMAGE TO YOUR ROOF OR SIDING IS OFTEN NOT SEEN IN THE INTERIOR OF YOUR HOME We will work directly with your insurance company to submit a claim (if needed).

Eco Conscious Quality GoEcoExteriors is a locally owned, full scale contractor located in quaint downtown Labadie, Missouri specializing in all of your new construction and home improvement needs since 2007.

Save Money Go Green Top Rated Angie’s List Company

A+ Rating on BBB

Call for a

free inspection!

Their focus is on serving their customers with eco-friendly and energy efficient products. With their full team of qualified tradesmen, they're able to offer services which include the repair or replacement of your roof, the installation of energy efficient windows and doors; installation of custom built decks and sunrooms; the installation of siding, railing, skylights, soffit, fascia, shutters, gutters and gutter guard for our residential and commercial clients.

108 Front St. Suite 102 Located in downtown Labadie

Their outstanding attention to detail guarantees that they do every job right. They've satisfied their customers with their exceptional abilities and they would welcome the opportunity to extend their services to you!

(Upgrade your purchase from 3-tab to architectural, up to $2500 value)

They want to offer you, the homeowner, the highest quality products at an affordable price. They take pride in all of the products they offer and install in your home. They service and warranty every product that they provide. Their goal at GoEcoExteriors is not only to serve the customer but to also serve the environment by offering their energy efficient products. They are continually working to give you the most effective energy saving products at a fair price. At GoEcoExteriors. com they have the experience and expertise you need to accomplish any of your exterior home improvement needs! Their goal is to satisfy every customer. With referral from their customers being their most valued asset , they want to make sure their customers are happy with the work and products that they provide. As a member of Angie’s List they have an A+ rating with many reviews from their satisfied customers, not only do they have an A+ rating from Angie’s List but also with the BBB. Call them today for a free estimate!

636-451-6540 FREE SHINGLE UPGRADE Summer Special Expires 10/31/15

$199 Thermal Insulated window (Up to 101 U.I)

Summer Special Includes Installation Expires 10/31/15

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Has Your Pharmacy Stopped Compounding Your Hormone Medication? Call us today and let us help you with your hormone therapy.


We specialize in Bio-identical Hormones & Pet Medications

Kirkwood’s local compounding experts



301 S. Kirkwood Rd. (Next to Spencer’s) 314.391.2404

Transformation starts with you.

Loving Your Body by Becky Brittain Body image pressures are everywhere. Our western culture has ideals and norms for beauty that can seem impossible to achieve. Unhappiness with our physical selves is common. Many of my clients report that, even after they achieved their desired level of beauty and fitness, they still feel empty, uncomfortable and unsafe within their bodies. Body image research, which is conducted across many disciplines, affects an individual’s emotions, thoughts, behaviors, sexuality, selfesteem and relationships. It directly impacts perceived quality of life. The term Body Image was first coined by Paul Shilder, who defined it as “a picture of our own body that we form in our own mind.” Regardless of your body image accuracy, your feelings about it are real and important to pay attention to. “Your body keeps the score,” says Bessel van der Kolk, M.D. It remembers and stores all of your life experience. It hears and reacts to everything you say. Communicating with your body helps you get in touch with its past history, present awareness and future desires. Loving your body is an important life choice and multi-layered process. Yoga, good nutrition, regular exercise, and high quality health, beauty, and holistic treatments are positive and helpful first-level supports. However, for some people, inner dissatisfaction continues. Body-centered coaching and therapy is energizing and goes deeper to make body image repairs, acknowledge feelings, release pain and defenses. To experience an at-home body-centered approach, first relax, tunein, and listen to your body. Pay attention to your physical sensations. Identify the feelings you associate with the sensations. Name and accept them without judgement. Release and receive a new sense of ease. Set-up open channels of real connection. Talk to your body with loving appreciation. Tell it what you like about it. Touch it with gentleness. Help it feel your loving support. Be amazed by your body’s capacity for wholeness. Instead of taking an analytical or critical view, simply experience what is going on. For example, your body may be feel stressed that you are pushing it too hard or upset that you are ignoring its messages. Create a sense of safety. Loving your body involves having regular two-way conversations with intimacy, honesty and nurturing communication. Learning to love your body to its core is essential to achieve lasting happiness and well-being. You can begin this process at any age or stage of life.

Sufanna Bernarduci Wellness & Life Coach 800-603-1618 ext. 301 42

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Becky Brittain Ph.D. is a body-centered psychotherapist, registered dance-movement therapist and adjunct professor at Washington University. More information at or email

Aging Gracefully Includes Prevent Oral Bone Loss Preserving Facial Structure Caused By a Lost Tooth All-Inclusive Dental Implants at Artistic Dentistry Make Tooth Replacement Simple

by Dr. Peter J. Pagano Beverly Hills 90210 actress Shannon Doherty once commented that she looked forward to wearing the natural laugh lines and wrinkles that come with aging. She viewed them as acquiring character in her face. This natural progression of lines and wrinkles might be what’s commonly regarded as “graceful aging.” The graceful process of aging can be accelerated by tooth loss. Tooth loss leads to bone loss and a cascading series of events that speed up the appearance of facial aging. Without a tooth, the surrounding bone no longer has a purpose and begins to shrink. This can cause: · · · ·

Teeth to shift, which shortens the distance between the chin and nose; Skin to sag around the mouth; Lips to collapse into the mouth; The once-prominent jawline to lose definition.

A dental implant is the best replacement option for a missing tooth because it halts the process described above. The implant acts as a natural tooth to hold the bone in place and give it a purpose. Other teeth are prevented from shifting into the missing space left by the lost tooth - plus, it's easier to floss. One of the first steps to replacing lost teeth with an implant is determining how much bone is present. This can be done in our office using a CT scan, or "3D imaging," as it's also called. The CT scan helps determine if a bone graft will be needed. It’s also used to determine the exact position and angulation for an implant.

A SAME DAY IMPLANT IS POSSIBLE … when placed at time of tooth loss or soon after. Keith arrived in St Louis in the morning and flew home with his new implant and temporary crown (pictured here) a few hours later.

MISSING A TOOTH? Find Out What Your Options Are At Artistic Dentistry, we’ve been offering All-Inclusive Dental Implants since 1999 and most dental procedures in our office. From cleanings to implants and everything in-between, our patients appreciate not having to run around town for dental care.


Bone grafting today is a minimally invasive procedure. Material from a donor is placed in the areas of missing bone. Through a process called "guided tissue regeneration," the human body recognizes the graft biochemically as its own bone and over time resorbs and replaces it with the patient's own native bone. Although dental implants are the preferred tooth replacement option, not everyone is a candidate. Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if you qualify for an implant procedure or if an optional treatment would be indicated.

Dr. Peter J. Pagano Trusted Dental Implant Provider Since 1999

12334 Olive Boulevard,PleaseCreve Coeur, 63141 provide changes/corrections tom 12334 o live Blvd, St sales rep within 24 tsdhours louis, Mo 63141| wyour ww.stlouisdentalimplan of receiving this proof. • PROOFREAD your ad – especially name, address, phone and website • COlOR vARiEs on all computers & printers, this proof is not color-accurate • ThREE PROOFs are provided with each ad, charges may apply beyond that All ADS musT bE APPROvED OnE wEEk PRiOR to ISSue DAte.

If unavailable to sign proof, ad will run “as is” and advertiser assumes responsibility. •

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Claiming Our Weirdness – Our True Selves by Deborah Leeann What gets in the way of building trust, intimacy or achieving the belonging we so desire at our core? We strive to belong. A common yearning as humans is to belong. So, we go along with society’s norms, so as not to stand out as ‘weird.’ We dim ourselves down to fit in. We prefer to not claim our weirdness, our uniqueness, our true Self! To Belong. However, every time we turn away from being our authentic Self making up an excuse for breaking our word, ignoring an unkindness or disrespectful act, we are creating little breaks in the foundation of our own Self-Trust. Those cracks can, and do, crumble our Integrity and Self-Esteem and ultimately create distance. Belonging comes from being True to our Self; acting, speaking and living from our ‘perfect imperfectness.” This takes Trust! Trusting our Self is at the root of growing relationships, both professionally and personally, that bind us to where we Belong. What if we showed our true colors; claimed our weirdness and brilliant uniqueness? You can. Start small. What is one area of your life where you know you could, honestly and with integrity, bow out of an activity or project that no longer brings you joy? That small step can lead to others.

Your mammogram shouldn’t be either.

What would our world be like if we were our unique, shining, bright lights of Weird-Ness? What if we gave our Self permission to dance to a different beat, wear clothes that we enjoyed, not conforming to the current style? What if we spoke our Truth? *Gasp* Yes, it can be done with loving-kindness and integrity!

Announcing the 3D mammogram. With 3D, our doctors can examine your breast tissue layer by layer, looking for cancer in a way never before possible — especially for women with dense breast tissue. Missouri Baptist’s Breast HealthCare Center is one of only a few hospitals in Missouri to offer 3D mammography. To schedule your 3D mammogram, call today: 314-996-5170.

You are not alone, I assure you, you do belong – all of your trueSelf. I took the path to stand out and dance to my own tune. I am allowing myself to connect to the people who make my heart sing, laugh at my jokes and “get me” in all my weirdness. And, you can too! Rediscover your brilliance and beauty by re-connecting to the Wild, Wise, Woman within you! 3023 N. Ballas Rd. • Building D • Suite 630 • St. Louis MO 63131


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015

If you are ready to own your Unique Brilliance, stand out and be noticed for your gifts and visionary leadership, connect with me at deborah@ or go directly to my calendar and schedule a cup of coffee or tea (in person or virtually) to learn more at DeborahLeeAnn.

Restaurant Rave

Finding fresh fish in the Midwest can seem difficult at times. But since 2007, Clayton has been home to Oceano Bistro, a world-class fresh fish house. Owner Amer Abouwardah’s mission to offer guests outstanding quality and exceptional value has made Oceano Bistro the premiere seafood restaurant in the St. Louis Area. Oceano’s fish is flown in fresh daily and never frozen, providing the same demanding standard of quality enjoyed by seafood lovers on both coasts. Executive Chef Patrick Hartman creates unique and exquisite dishes that use local produce to showcase Oceano’s first-rate proteins, the quality of which is unrivaled in the area. Oceano Bistro is open for lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch, providing exemplary cuisine to delight every palate. Lighter fare is offered on all three menus, from wonderful salads at lunchtime to lean and luxurious dinner entrees to fluffy omelets for brunch. They also offer a Fitness Menu which showcases items designed to be low-calorie and gluten-free without sacrificing flavor. And if by chance you want to indulge, not to worry: They offer decadently rich plates as well, including an excellent “land” menu. And unlike many seafood restaurants, this portion of the menu isn’t phoned in; these offerings are as expertly crafted as the fresh fish for which the restaurant is known. For those looking to imbibe, Oceano boasts one of the best happy hours in town, with insanely good deals on appetizers, wine, beer, and cocktails. The crowd is usually pretty lively, too, making it an ideal spot whether you’re looking to catch up with old friends or make new ones. Finally, while the cuisine is first-rate and the bar is robust, no phenomenal restaurant experience is complete without excellent service, and Oceano Bistro has that in spades. The standard of service and attention to detail are impeccable, and guests are well taken care of from the moment they enter until the time they leave—and they leave satisfied. No one is overlooked, and no one on the staff is friendlier or more accommodating then owner Amer Abouwardah himself. It is this level of service that has set Oceano Bistro apart and kept all of Clayton coming back for nearly a decade.

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Did holiday stress get the best of you? For a FREE quick energy balancer, visit, click on DVD and experience Your POWER of Being! 1290 S. Mason Rd., Ste 100, Town and Country, MO 63131

Summertime Magic by Marilyn Eagen The summer months are meant to be a magical time for fun, friends, family and lots of activity. However, this time and the various activities that it offers can feel like too much in our systems. We may need a little help adapting in order to feel more connected to the activities and the people we love. Being grounded and connected are two different things, but it is totally possible to be both at the same time. Full connection, both spiritual and in our physical bodies, is the key to feeling good and balanced through these busy times. The energy of the summer is joy, fun and love. We certainly prefer to embrace these feelings rather than feeling overwhelmed and hectic. This is a very simple exercise that I have used for years on myself and almost every client that I have worked with. It has been tried and tested and it works! 1. Follow the central vessel that runs up the front center of your body. Use your hands in a leap-frog fashion, starting at your pubic bone and cupping your fingers. Then, digging into this vertical line, take one hand at a time and move upwards all the way to your chin (going lightly on your throat). As you do this, tell your body, “I am safe. I am safe.” Repeating all the way up. 2. When you get to your chin, hold your chin with one hand. Take the middle finger


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015

of the other hand and place it on the back of your head in the hollow point. Hold there also repeating the mantra “I am safe.” While here, visualize this energy moving up from your tailbone through your spine to this point on your head. Then move that finger up to the top of your head, and repeat again “I am safe.” Breathe deeply and focus on this energy connecting your entire body. This one simple exercise shifts so many different energy systems in your body. These shifts allow your energy to flow in and out of your body in a healthy supportive manner. This exercise connects your energy in both directions so that your are grounded into the earth and connected to the energies that move in from above and provide guidance. Doing this first in the morning will open up your energy system so that everything else you do to support your body works better and easier. With these energies in balance, you can begin to enjoy all of the activities this season has to offer. Allow the magic to happen! Marilyn Eagen is a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and QSCA Certified Life Coach. She is also trained in many other modalities. Go to for more information and a FREE sample of her DVD that demonstrates this exercise and many more. Holistic Harmony Lifecare is located at 2190 S. Mason Rd. Suite 100 Town and Country, MO 63131. Phone 314-330-4156.

With time, Lynn realized her own personal healing was escalating. Her conscious ability to see the wide world around her and within her was expanding as well. The paintings she created took on greater intensity and frequency and then she did something surprising: she set the paintings ablaze to release anger and grief. It allowed her subconscious to let go and eventually, it evolved into a technique for reality creation. Lynn now uses her Fire Paintings for sending love and healing to the world. She shares the healing experience with clients as well. Sitting before a canvas, she vocalizes, “Show me something of my true self.” From this, her Soul Portraits were born. Lynn wants to share this powerful experience with all who are willing. This artistry form is one that people of any ability can enjoy.

Touching Your Soul

A Journey Towards the Light ‘Accidentally finding one’s way to consciousness using a paintbrush,’ summarizes the story of St. Louis artist Carol Lynn. Her journey began on an auspicious day when a neighbor asked her to paint a mural in her son’s bathroom. Standing before a blank wall with a paint brush in-hand and her heart pounding, Lynn froze. “What now?” she wondered. “Just put the brush on the wall and move your hand.” From that moment forward, her brush has hardly left her grasp.

As she plays with paint on the walls, co-creating with her clients, Lynn’s typical state is pure joy. She senses her soul and her essence. Her mind and heart open widely. As an artist, healer and intuitive, Lynn teaches Fire Painting and Intentional Painting. She also leads Paint, Sip & Grow events. Regardless of format, her goal is the same: to inspire and enlighten others on their journey to becoming their true selves. Divinely Inspired Expressions (located in Silver Lining: An Inspired Space) is located at 13418 Clayton Town & Country. More information at, by email at VisionsOfHealingArt@gmail. com or by phone at 314-349-7600.

Award winning L’dara Advanced Anti-aging Serum has proven to beautify skin from the outside and out. Now its time to take your results to an whole new level from the Inside Out with L’dara Within ™.

To received a free 5 day L’dara Duo breakthrough experience Contact Veronica Grimes L’dara Marketing Partner

Exclusive LBP-5 Complex ® derived from the goji berry, this one of kind duo is the foundation for achieving your healthiest, most youthful looking skin.


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Upcoming Features in Yoga &Spa


Call now to book your spa treatment or fitness class!

(314) 685-2085

5840 Hampton Ave., St. Louis, MO 63109

Divinely Inspired Expressions Sacred Space Murals, Soul Portraits & Healing Art

Let your soul speak to you...

Carol Lynn

Artist ~ Healer Intuitive Counselor

Soul Portraits

20% off through September 15, 2015

Private Healing Sessions, Workshops & Art classes

314-349-7600 www.Visions of Silver Lining: An Inspired Space 13418 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO 63131

Fall Wine Country Getaways The Health Conscious Woman Healthy Holiday Gifts

Winter New Year - New You! Living Fit Expo at Plaza Frontenac January 30th. 10am-1pm. Vendor space available. Beat the Winter Blues Warm Spa Getaways Winter Workouts 48

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We offer hair care, massage, facials, and manicure/pedicures waxing since 1996. Stop by our boutique for that last minute gift. You deserve it. Remember gift cards fit everyone. Save $20.00 on any service over $30.00 Call 636.227.1900 or visit

Live Your Best Life Now Holistic Massage - Energy Therapy - Crystal Therapy - Aromatherapy Transformational Coaching - Intuitive Readings - Fitness Training $20 off Avalon Therapeutic Massage - Use Promo Code “RENEW”

11628 Old Ballas Rd Ste 119 & 120 | Creve Coeur, MO 63141 | 314-288-0771

Y&S Resources Daniel Lacroix, LMT Spiritual Wellness Clinic . 314.313.6013

Spiritual Healing

SHAMANIC Energy Medicine from the Tribes of Peru

John Schwab

Shaman. Life Coach. Ceremony 7306 Wise Ave

St. Louis, MO 63117

314-496-9525 8029 Clayton Road • Clayton, MO 63117

true nature healing arts Yoga, boutique, ayurvedic spa and high prana foods kitchen near Aspen, CO.

INTUITION IGNITION Intuitive Life Coaching

Meet your Angels • Understand your Relationships Discover your Life Purpose • Tune into your Wellbeing

100 N 3rd Street, Carbondale, CO 970-963-9900

all about kids

MJ Corcoran, MEd Certified Parent Coach

All About Kids2, LLC phone 314.221.7996 web email answers to questions about life with kids

Kristen White

#1 Bestselling Author and Top 10 Psychic in St. Louis

314-863-3949 8029 Clayton Road • Clayton, MO 63117

The Bottom Line: Our Relationships Heal, strengthen, and grow your relationships with self and others. Rebecca integrates Energy Psychology tools with her psychotherapy, making her work magical. Rebecca Wiederkehr, LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker (314) 822-4752

Certified Clinical Thermographer

Integrative Nutrition Practicioner

April Abbonizio

Thermography - Total Body Imaging Personalized Nutrition & Wellness Programs Ionic Detoxifying Foot Baths Aromatouch Therapy Sessions 13418 Clayton Rd, Town & Country, MO 63131 314-882-7529

Hope Varwig

Certified Holistic Health Coach & Certified Personal Trainer, A.C.E. | Maplewood, MO | (970)-903-6643

Enrollment open for 200-hr Yogahour® Teacher Training, July-Nov 2015

-Targeted workout plans -Weight loss/meal plans/nutritional coaching -Thyroid & hormonal inbalances -Address holistic health concerns -Health talks & parties 314-805-2246 /

636.493.9293 • 416 South Main Street, Suite B, St Charles, MO 63301 Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015


Y&S Interview

Stability & Mobility Pilates with Shawn Grow had increased movement in his stiff joints. No matter what your fitness level, Pilates is ideal because it raises body awareness which in turn helps to correct improper alignment due to injury or habit. Anyone can do Pilates and everyone can benefit from it! The following is a testimony from one of my clients, Ridley Pearson, Best Selling author of Peter and the Starcatchers and over forty other novels:

Why did you choose to specialize in Pilates over other types of workouts? I was first introduced to Pilates after having my 4th child. From the first time I tried a class, I could sense that there was something different about this form of exercise compared to any other kind I had ever tried. I have been physically active all of my life, but I feel that Pilates is unique in its emphases on a mind-body connection. As I continued to take classes, I could feel a change, not only physically (muscles toning, flexibility increasing), but mentally as well. I felt more confident. No other exercise regimen had ever affected me in this way. Who benefits most from Pilates? For example, new moms, athletes, people who are overweight, etc? Could you share a testimonial from one of your clients? Anyone can benefit from doing Pilates. I have worked with student athletes on their flexibility and fluidity of movement. Also, I trained a young man who had to learn to walk again. Thanks to Pilates his balance improved, his core strengthened, and he


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Summer 2015

“Besides the aches and pains associated with aging over 60, last year I faced total shoulder replacement surgery. Like total hip, total shoulder is a complex and potentially painful surgery to recover from. Already a grateful Pilates client, I turned to Shawn Grow to help me strengthen my shoulder before surgery. I’d been through rotator cuff surgery two years earlier and understood that the work done prior to surgery is equally as important as the work that follows. Shawn worked with me for 8 weeks before surgery, three times a week. My post-surgery recovery was nearly pain free and my movement miraculous. I began light Pilates 8 days later. On my first follow-up with my surgeon he tested my (new) shoulder strength and was amazed at my ability, my lack of pain, and my progress. We both agreed it was all due to Pilates and Shawn Grow’s excellent program.” How does Pilates differ from yoga? Pilates is different from yoga in a couple of ways: First, in Pilates you complete a few repetitions of an exercise with precision, whereas in yoga you typically hold a pose for a few deep breaths. Secondly, in Pilates, the exercises are focused on starting with one's center (core) and extending through the limbs, however in yoga the emphasis is on the breath and then deepening into the pose. There are similarities as well, For ex-

ample, both are grounded in the mind-body connection and are transformative in their effect on one's spirit, movement, and wellbeing. Both also teach us to be 'in the moment'. I feel that Pilates' emphasis on that is through controlled movement, while yoga seems to be more focused on the breathing and being still. What do your students learn in your Pilates sessions that can help them in their daily physical activities? In a Pilates session students will be guided through different movements that help them understand how the body moves. We all move through our day without giving a thought to how the body does what it does - walking, sitting, reaching, etc. Overuse, injury or improper form all cause imbalances in the body. Students learn the importance of having movement be initiated from the center through forced exhalation which engages the core muscles. Pilates teaches stability first, then mobility. Tell us about the unique 45 min. interval training classes at your studio. Grow-Fit's Interval training classes are unique because the Basic Principles of Pilates will be incorporated and taught in order to ensure proper form throughout the exercises. Proper form and muscle engagement are more important than completing reps if the reps are performed with improper form. The format of the class can be either 10 sec rest/ 50 sec work or 30 sec cardio/ 50 sec work. There will usually be 8 - 10 different exercises performed in this format and we would go through them 2-3 times, depending on level of difficulty desired. Class length is 30-45 mins. long. And there is a maximum of 4 students per class.


Nurturing the B e aut y in You...Consc ious ly


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