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Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013

FOUR TO SIX WEEKS OUT... Maintain Your Relaxation Rituals Sometimes, nothing calms frazzled nerves like quiet time alone curled up in a chair or in a warm tub with your favorite book. Before things get too crazy, load up on some of your favorite calming triggers, such as lavender bath oil, scented candles, and chamomile tea so you’ll have them on hand when you have a quiet moment to reflect. KIND Soap Company 43 South Old Orchard Webster Groves, MO

Take A Fun And Wellness Trip With Your Bridesmaids! At Miami’s Canyon Ranch Hotel and Spa, more than 40 fitness classes (including three types of yoga in a beachfront studio) are offered each day, along with a dizzying array of massages, wraps, scrubs and facials. At night, head to sexy South Beach, which is just a few blocks away. Or stay local with a day trip to the Four Seasons. Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis Spa & Salon 314-881-5800 999 North 2nd Street St. Louis, Missouri 63102

Consider Acupuncture This ancient Chinese therapy isn’t just for pain relief. Proper needle placement can increase circulation, balance energy - chi - and drain away anxiety without drugs or side effects.

Community Accupuncture, St. Louis LLC. 2006 S. 39th St, St Louis MO 63110 314-772-4325

Put Your Best Face Forward For smooth, clear skin on your wedding day with no redness or irritation, schedule a resurfacing facial, which will rid your skin of its dull outer layer and reveal the fresh face underneath. Plan to make this appointment for at least a month before you plan to say “I do.” Daily use of sunscreen and moisturizer spiked with licorice or another brightening agent will keep dark spots at bay. Go! Spa 11735 Manchester Rd., Des Peres MO 63131 314-822-0772

ONE WEEK OUT... Hit The Massage Table

A dose of full-body TLC doesn’t just make you feel good, that healing touch can release feel-good hormones, work out kinks before they turn into major problems and push toxins out of your system. And you’ll need it: research has shown that stress hormones can make those tight muscles even more painful. Load up on water afterwards to help your muscles heal from the good stress they’ve just received. Massage Luxe Various St. Louis, MO Locations

Get Glowing

Not only will a facial remove blackheads and pimples, but the focused pressure will rev up your skin, discourage puffiness and leave your face nourished and glowing. 12

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013

However, don’t get too aggressive. This is a time to infuse your skin with antioxidants, lightly smooth away rough spots, iron away fine lines and soothe redness. Another way to glow is to add a little color. Visit a sunless tanning salon to brighten up any dullness. Sol Organic Sunless Tanning Boutiques Two Locations in the St. Louis Area 314-459-3930

Get Smooth

A full-body scrub and bikini wax will get you soft, smooth and bikini-ready for your honeymoon. Spa Lucca 116 Chesterfield Commons E. Road, Chesterfield, MO 63005 636-536-9426


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013

Dr. Humaira Rosinski of Creve Coeur Dental Helping You Put Your Best Face Forward Compassionate, patient centered care for over a decade – The moment you walk in our door you’ll know you came to the right dental office. Dr. Rosinski expertly handles all of your dental procedure needs. Our facility places your overall health first. We want you to leave our office happy, healthy and with a better smile on your face than the one you came in with! We will exceed your expectations every time you visit. Finding a good dentist can be difficult. Sometimes, people get stuck and stay with the same dentist out of convenience, without investigating their dental options. That’s why our office takes the time to apply their experience, and exceptional skills to ensure our patients know what superior dentistry should be like. We want you, your family, and your friends to become part of our dental family—for a lifetime. Our shared dental experience will be the best! Our promise to you, is this, you will never feel rushed or hurried. We make sure we’ve devoted all the time and energy required to achieve your beautiful smile and overall health goals. All dental care is performed as gently as possible. We want your trip to the dentist to be the same as a trip to the masseuse. Not something you fear, but something you look forward to, something you even enjoy!

See What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying... “I just want to say for someone that is deeply afraid of needles and even more scared of dentist, from a history of bad dental practitioners. Dr. Rosinski and her entire staff did an incredible job at making me feel relaxed and knowledgeable during the entire process. I did the sedation dentistry due to my anxiety and fear, and it couldn’t have gone any better. I have found the dentist I want to go to for the rest of my life! Thank you so much Dr. Rosinski and Staff! God bless all of you!” - Brandon G. “I can’t express how grateful and thankful I am for all of your kindness and compassion you’ve shown and given me. I never imagined I would say this, but I am so happy with my teeth! My dental anxiety is gone now because of the excellent care you have given me and I cannot thank you enough! Who knew a dentist office could be so pleasant? You guys are hands down the best. I will be recommending Creve Coeur Dental to everyone I know. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” - Jennifer T.

Creve Coeur Dental Offers the Following: ∙ General Dentistry ∙ Cosmetic Dentistry ∙ Emergency Dentistry ∙ Smile Makeovers ∙ Facial Cosmetic Services ∙ Financing Options

How to Contact Creve Coeur Dental: Call for your free consulation: (314) 569-3141 677 North New Ballas Road, Suite 207, Creve Coeur, 63141

And Example of Our Before and After Work:

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013


Organic Hair Care at

Salon KJ Julie Patten, owner of Salon KJ in Webster Groves has always been passionate about natural health and beauty. Her love of apothecary blending didn’t disappear when her career in cosmetology began fourteen years ago. She has now combined her love of natural and gentle hair care. The salon uses All-Nutrient products, a certifiably organic, gluten-free, and sulfate-free color line. The use of these products and other rising new creations she is able to provide a unique method for hair design that is healthier for the stylist and for the client. When Patten learned of the incredible products from the All-Nutrient line, she knew she had to give them a try. She was instantly sold. The products made the clients’ hair more vibrant, luxurious, and all around healthier. What does it mean to have certifiable organic products? The All-Nutrient products use a 100 percent all organic base. Theis means that it uses a foundation of all natural ingredients that adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The stylists at Salon Kj report that the AllNutrient line is the most gentle product they have ever used on a client. The clients love that the product does not burn their eyes or scalps during a coloring. This, among other reasons is mainly due to the sulfate-free products. Sulfates (whether ammonium lauryl, ammonium laureth or sodium lauryl) have been the cleansing agent in hair care products for many years. The sulfates are responsible for removing oils, dirt and product buildup. However, 24

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013

it is not a gentle process. Sulfates strip the hair of necessary oils that keep locks smooth and shiny, and further, the scalp becomes deprived of its natural lubricants. AllNutrient surfactants are derived from seed oils, such as palm or coconut oil, and possess numerous advantages over their chemically manufactured counterparts, including low toxicity, biodegradability and synthesis from renewable raw materials. Along with the salon’s incredible products, Patton and her employees are committed to up to date beauty trends in the most natural way possible. They believe in getting to know their clients and working with their natural beauty. Their focus is styling, creative cutting, color services, hair strengthening treatments, and waxing. Using, whenever possible, certified organic ingredients and vegan products, they respect the integrity of the hair while bringing out its natural, healthy vibrance. Julie Patten, Salon Kj owner/concept stylist Board-Certified Cosmetologist, Board-Certified Instructor 7931 Big Bend Blvd Webster Groves, Mo 63119 314-378-2459


BREATH Exploring yoga practice in the Grove

Every long-time yogi most likely remembers the excitement of those first few classes, or the first time that they managed a headstand, or finally touched their forehead to their knees. But what they might not remember was the moment when their occasional yoga habit blossomed into a full-fledged practice, and yoga truly became an integral part of their everyday lives. For these teachers and students at St. Louis-based Urban Breath Yoga, however, that blossoming was no accident. Each of them resolved to make yoga their lifestyle, whether through a teacher training, a month long commitment, or even just an extra class every day at 6 a.m.! Read on to learn more about their journeys, and get some ideas about how you could take your own practice to the next level, such as through the new Urban Breath Yoga Teacher Training and Student Immersion programs, whose oneweekend-per-month format will allow for a gradual and significant integration of yoga into your life. Danielle Harrison, a teacher at an all-boys high school, wasn’t very excited about taking her first yoga class. After months of encouragement from a friend, she decided to 26

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013

try the 30 days for $30 new student special at Urban Breath, even though the idea of a public class was intimidating. “I had such a low body image,” Danielle says. “I was trying to follow the instructions on a [yoga] DVD workout [at home,] and I have to admit... that DVD gathered a thick layer of dust, and the mat stayed rolled up.” After a friend encouraged her to try Urban Breath, though, it didn’t take long for Danielle’s attitude toward yoga and herself to shift. “My first class was amazing! Not exaggerating! The teacher was gentle and encouraging, and the class setting was wonderful. I noticed that no one was looking at me; everyone was focused on ‘their mat’, which gave me the freedom to really let go and just enjoy the movements.” After that first class, Danielle made it a priority to visit the studio regularly and try a variety of class styles, despite her busy teaching schedule. While she’d expected the physical benefits (she slept better, felt stronger, and had fewer headaches) she never anticipated how powerfully yoga could heal her inner self. “I started to accept my body and embrace it right now, as opposed to waiting to find

self-worth after losing a certain amount of weight. Friends noticed that I walked differently; more importantly, I found that I stayed more even-keeled with my emotions. I was beginning to experience real freedom!” Danielle’s yoga journey didn’t end after those 30 days. She signed up for a monthly membership at Urban Breath and continues to practice most days, despite some physically and mentally challenging moments on the mat. “After a while, I started to notice that I would cry during the practice - and not because I was physically hurting! It was as if old emotional wounds were coming to the surface, ready to be dealt with,” Danielle says. “But I knew it was because I was starting to really embark on healing... and I knew that if I wanted to be transformed from old hurts, now was the time.” To continue her healing journey, Danielle has decided to enroll in Urban Breath’s Student Immersion program, a five-month intensive designed to allow students to expand their physical practice and integrate yoga into their daily lives, even with the pressures of a 9-5 job. “I am so excited about the future: about what I am learning and what I will learn on this journey,” she says.

Ron Lindsey, a minister at a progressive religious congregation in the Central West End, came to yoga mostly for the physical benefits. He was also motivated by the 30-day special for new students at Urban Breath, but he wasn’t sure when he signed up that he’d continue in his practice after the deal expired. “At the end of that first month,” Ron says. “I had lost 14 pounds and was feeling better than I had in years. Before the end of the month, I found myself arranging my days around my daily yoga practice. I knew I was hooked.” In addition to weight loss and fewer aches and pains, yoga has helped Ron “release tension and turmoil, and seek peace.” He has even integrated time on the mat into his daily prayer life. “I find the ancient traditions and rituals of yoga to be incredibly rich and energizing, and that richness and energy extends beyond the mat and influences my interaction with friends and colleagues.” Yoga instructor Nathan Wolff spent most of his early adulthood following a path that others expected him to follow. Since he was a bright student who performed well in math and science classes, he decided to earn a college degree in chemical engineering, and even landed a lucrative engineering job right out of school. But when Nathan began an after-work yoga practice, he started to realize that something was missing.

to those deciding to take a leap in deepening their yoga practice: “Whether you plan to teach or not, an immersion will expand your self-awareness. Set the intention that you will do it, and trust that opportunities will arise.” Joe Kaufman also traded in a successful corporate career to become a full-time yoga teacher. Anyone who’s taken one of his challenging, dynamic classes at Urban Breath would never believe that he got cold feet on the way to his first yoga class and did a U-turn on a busy street, even though he’d spent months researching yoga styles and studios. “I was afraid I’d be the only man in class!” Joe says. But when he finally got up the courage to walk into the studio the next week, he found that he left feeling amazing even though he was, indeed, the only man on the mat. He kept going back, and after ten weeks, the chronic pain in his shoulder was gone, his blood pressure decreased, and he’d lost fifteen pounds without dieting. As well, he noticed a new stillness in his mind. “I was a believer, and I knew then that I would become a teacher so that I could share with others what I had found.”

Joe credits his yoga teacher training experience as one of the most powerful learning experiences of his life. “It not only deepened my understanding of yoga, but of myself, and the world around me. It was truly a vehicle for strong personal and spiritual growth. The mind-body-spirit connection can not be realized if the body is broken and the mind is scattered. Yoga practice and teacher training made clear the oneness that had always been there, but had been somewhat elusive and difficult to grasp in everyday life.”

Urban Breath Yoga’s new Yoga Teacher Training program begins in June 2013 and will convene one weekend per month for ten months. The comprehensive curriculum will consist of in-depth study of anatomy and the alignment of yoga postures, exploration of yoga history and philosophy, and safe, effective teaching methodology. The fivemonth Student Immersion (module 1 of the Yoga Teacher Training) is an option for those who want to deepen their physical practice and integrate yoga into their daily lives, but aren’t yet sure that they’re interested in teaching. Find more details at www. or by calling 314-421-9642.

“I was always in my head, always thinking; yoga made me realize there was more going on…in the heart,” he says. “I realized what I was doing day to day didn’t add value to my own life, or others’.” He began to think that he needed a change. And the change that he decided on was a colossal leap - he quit his job and travelled to the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts to participate in a month-long yoga teacher training program. At the time, he didn’t aspire to be a full-time yoga teacher; instead, he saw the program as a “gift” to himself and a way to deepen his yoga practice. “My yoga teacher training transformed me,” Nathan says. “It gave me the power to create my own path and put my life back in my own hands. I learned a deep sense of surrender and decided to let go of having a plan and instead let life come to me.” After completing the yoga immersion, life took Nathan to Denver, where he co-owned a yoga studio for a few months before his meditation practice (and his girlfriend) encouraged him to move to St. Louis. Now he teaches yoga full-time, at Urban Breath and other area studios. He offers this advice Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013


Living Fit

How to Maintain

Weight Loss

by Teresa Scott Syed

Pounds and Inches Away in Creve Coeur offers a comprehensive approach to weight loss. Their mission is to provide the tools, support and encouragement necessary for their clients to become proactive in taking control of their lives both physically and mentally to maintain permanent weight loss. Our Solutions Include: Weight Loss: Medical and Homeopathic programs using HCG as the tool. Fitness: Vibration technology using muscle confusion to strengthen your core and reduce fat. Distinct Personality Profile: Comprehensive assessment (TCI) measuring an individual’s level of well-being and happiness. Psychological: Small support groups and individual sessions by Jennifer Lustman, MSW, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 30

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013

We pride ourselves in providing ideas and concepts useful in sustaining permanent weight loss and wellness. The hardest part of any diet regime is maintaining the loss once you’ve reached your goal.

Here are 12 rules we believe will help you maintain your weight loss and ensure you will become a fat-burning machine. Rule #1: Eat the Right Fats. Healthy fats are essential if you are going to lose weight and balance your hormones. They also play a big role in your brain health and the quality of your mood. Eat as many sources of Omega 3 fats as you can. The higher your ratio of Omega 3’s to the rest of your fat intake, the faster you will lose weight. This includes fish oil, flax or chia seeds and fish at least three times a week. Limit saturated fats. Read labels and stay away from processed foods high in saturated

fats. Avoid butter, cream, margarine and shortening. Choose nonfat or very low fat sources of yogurts, cheeses, and meats. If or when you eat beef, choose only grassfed beef. Do not eat more than two eggs with yolks a day. And make sure your eggs are organic. Stay away from Trans fats. Just don’t do it!

Rule #2: Eat the Right Carbohydrates. Carb Rules: The best source of quality carbohydrates that give you high energy, WITHOUT negative effects or weight gain, is vegetables. So eat at least 6 servings of vegetables per day. Eat 2-3 small servings a day of these fruits only: Cherries, Blueberries, Grapefruit, Strawberries, and Pomegranates. A serving of fruit is no bigger than a tennis ball – do not overdo it. Eat at least 2 – 3 servings of beans a day (a serving is a half cup). Avoid empty sweeteners: no honey,

what does an



actually look like? By Debbie Haikal, RN, Wellness Alternatives An invisible illness is a medical condition that is not immediately apparent. Autoimmune conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type I Diabetes, Psoriasis, Lupus, Thyroid Disease, Celiac Disease, IBS, MS, Migraines, Fibromyalgia, and more fall into the category of an invisible illness. Autoimmune Disease is a dysfunction of the immune system where symptoms are varied, lingering, and typically involve more than one bodily system. In Autoimmune conditions, the body does not recognize its own organs and tissues and rejects them, causing inflammation and sometimes destruction. Patients, physicians, and the general public need to recognize this disease for what it is; a shadow disease from a difficult to diagnose origin which results in inevitable progression. Those with invisible illness are our sisters, aunts, wives, mothers, daughters, friends and even our grandchildren. These women do not want to be sick. They are more concerned about how they look on the inside than the outside. These women are often smart, motivated, successful, yet feel strained. Their support systems are drained. According to Kristin Flynn Peters, PhD, University of Missouri, women with AI conditions are 70% more likely to be divorced than the general population, too. One in five women have an Autoimmune Disease. According to Donna Nakazawa, author of The Autoimmune Epidemic, “In

this country, autoimmune diseases when taken all together are a huge health burden. They are the eighth leading cause of death among women, shortening the average patient's lifespan by eight years. The annual healthcare cost for autoimmune diseases is nearly twice the economic health care burden of cancer.” Autoimmune patients are typically bankrupt physically, emotionally and most often financially; it’s exhaustive and expensive to be sick. According to Dr. David Peterson, “Stress, hidden or chronic infections, allergens, exposure to toxins, and lifestyle factors like diet and exercise can be root causes for autoimmune conditions. We can determine the status of the immune system and the underlying cause of immune dysregulation through patient history and interview and ordering a few significant diagnostic tests.” He continues, “We work with so many patients that struggle with invisible chronic conditions such as: Migraines, Asthma, Arthritis, Hormone Dysregulation, Thyroid Hashimoto’s and more. These patients are living life with challenges that others cannot see. Often these are brilliant people that have to make compensations in order to function in daily life. Patients need

bio-chemical support so the repair process can occur. Nutritional plans, customized amino acid formulas and special multivitamin blends can be extremely beneficial.”

If you are looking for an expert in Autoimmune Conditions, please call 636-227-4949. One of our professional case managers will be happy to triage your questions. The following is a testimonial from Stephanie, a patient at Wellness Alternatives: “As you know, I was addicted to self-diagnosing on the internet, but I want you to know you are the reason I am ending my affair with the internet because I now trust that I am getting the medical help I need. I feel fortunate to have found Wellness Alternatives. I have worn a superwoman cape for 2 years because I didn’t know what was happening to me. My selfadvocacy and survival skills were exhausted. After 30 days with 2 visits and 3 tests, I have hope for the first time in 2 years."

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013


Craves & Raves

Comfort Food Meets Exotic Cuisine


Sameem’s in The Grove

by Elizabeth Macheca


2 I regret to admit that the first time I had eaten at Sameem’s Afghan Restaurant was for our Spring issue Restaurant Rave. Being a vegan in St. Louis can be quite the challenge. When I called Fahime Mohammad, Sameem’s owner, prior to the dinner to let him know of my dietary restriction, he didn’t even bat an eye and said it was “no problem.” The publisher and graphic designer omnivores also came along to give Sameem’s a try. Upon arriving at this cozy restaurant we were warmly greeted by the owner, Fahime. All of our appetites were well accommodated. The variety of food on their menu was a pleasant surprise, even for a vegan. We wanted to try it all! The first item brought to us was a type of sampler which consisted of creamy hummus, cucumber salad that was a literal taste of summer, tabouleh, rice wrapped in grape leaves, cheese, and a grilled vegetable kebab, with a side of soft flatbread. I tried everything but the cheese, and found everything to exceed my taste expectations. The steaming plates kept coming. Our vigilant waiter brought out Eggplant Boorani (1) which is eggplant sauteed first, next cooked with 46

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013

tomatoes, garlic, green chilies, curry and finally topped with garlic infused yogurt and dry mint dolloped onto Afghan flat bread. The sauteed eggplant was cooked to a savory perfection while the curry spices warmed up the flavor. According to Jill, the yogurt drizzled on her plate was a nice compliment to the spicy curry flavor. By this point, I was wondering how much more food I could try, but then the waiter brought out the next few enticing dishes for us to dig into, and I couldn’t resist. Jill’s favorite of the group was the Aash soup (2) which is also know as "Afghan Penicillin." It is made with noodles, chick peas, kidney beans, potatoes, carrots, cilantro, mini meat balls, in a thin broth, garnished with garlic infused yogurt and dry mint. On this chilly March day it seemed to send Jill right into Nirvana. The dish that won over my heart and my stomach was a curried vegetable and rice dish. The curry complemented the veggies and rice perfectly while not overpowering the entire dish. The spices in the curry were warm and well balanced with hints of cinnamon, cardamon, tumeric, and garlic. I could taste

1 the passion that the owners obviously have for the delicious cuisine engulfing my senses. My standards for curry are high and this easily passed my test. The big show stopper devoured by the omnivores was the main course dish Lamb Qabelli (3) which is braised to perfection lamb shank with premium basmati rice cooked in a lamb stock and garnished with sauteed raisin and carrots with cardamom. This is one of Sameem’s signature dishes, and as I looked around at other patrons, I saw this dish at a few other tables. The only thing stopping them from eating the whole thing was the sad fact that they were all overly satisfied by that point. Sameem’s went above and beyond to make us feel welcome as reviewers of their exotic, comforting food. We were not the exception. Everyone in the busy restaurant was well attended to by Fahime and his attentive staff. I now have one more restaurant to add to my vegan friendly list, where my meat eating friends will also leave with full bellies and satisfied grins on their faces.

Y&S Interview

Magical Heart Yoga with Peter Goodman Peter Goodman, Certified Anusara® yoga teacher will be teaching a weekend workshop called Magical Heart Yoga at Jane’s House of Wellbeing on May 31-June 2. Y&S Publisher Stacy Hunsicker had the pleasure and honor of interviewing Goodman about his yoga journey and the upcoming workshop.

Y&S: Tell us how and when yoga found you. PG: While working in California in the mid- 90’s, the company president offered that she and her husband drive me along the coast for a weekend of site-seeing. We would meet at their Friday evening yoga class and then have dinner. After a bit of resistance on my part to meet for yoga and her insisting I join them at yoga, I agreed. Yoga and I connected and I began considering what type of yoga I should focus on. With help from friends I started Iyengar yoga. As my residence was in Boston I read an ad for a free intro class and thought I would give it a try. I loved the teacher. After a short while I began practicing four times per week. Shortly after finding yoga, I wanted to experience a yoga retreat to immerse in for a week. I had found a retreat that looked interesting in Utah called Inner Harmony. I called six months prior to the retreat and it was already sold out! I would not take no for an answer believing there was always a room and a way. Somehow I convinced the host it was important that I be there and she said yes! I arrive to the event and in the van from the airport with other attendee’s I was asked “How long have you been studying with John?” It became obvious this was an advanced week 50

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013

with long-time students of the teacher. I shrugged my shoulders and asked, “Who’s John?” That first evening it came time for me to share. I could feel the teacher thinking, “Who is this guy?” The teacher was the infamous John Friend and the retreat had a 100-person waiting list. I was ecstatic after the first day, like I had found something out of the realm of the ordinary. It was an experience of freedom of the heart. Being in the often-so-serious business world so much of the time it was a relief to retreat and laugh. I immediately had 55 new friends, which I had fallen in love with. I remember them all. Every night this guy would come to play and sing music, I learned this to be called Kirtan. The “guy” was Krishna Das, recently nominated for a Grammy Award.

Y&S: What teachers have you trained and practiced with? PG: Some of the teachers that helped me evolve further are Roni Brissette, the Iyengar teacher in Boston, Desiree Rumbaugh, Sianna Sherman, Deb Neubauer, Benita (BJ) Galvan, Todd Norian, Mitchel Bleier. John Friend and many more. I have over 3,000 hours of training and practice and will be forever grateful to all my teachers for their unique individual offerings.

Y&S: How would you describe your perception and experience of yoga? PG: Yoga is more than bending over and stretching. Yoga is living life. For me It’s really about living in my heart. It’s about the people you meet in everyday life that teach you something. A few weeks, years or months down the road you realize, “Oh, that’s what that person meant.”

Y&S: What will the focus be for the St. Louis weekend workshop? PG: The weekend will focus on connecting with your heart. Friday afternoon 2-5pm, will be for experienced students and teachers to learn ways to access postures through a biomechanical process of aligning the body. Friday night 6-8pm will focus on the “Accepting Heart”. Saturday morning 10am-12:30pm, the “Uplifted Heart”. Saturday afternoon 2:30-5, the “Grounded Heart”. Sunday morning 10am-12:30pm “Living in the Heart”. You are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions. A key focus will be the awareness and remembrance that it is ok not to be happy, ok to be in the shadow and ok to be in the Light or to be Happy! During the weekend each asana class will offer a little different sequence, some to explore the hips others to blow open the heart but everything ties back into the heart.

Y&S: What do you say to people who resist or say, “Oh, I don’t do yoga! I’m not flexible enough.” PG: Neither was I. Like anything else practice a little bit at a time and we begin to open up. The football goes further. The basketball connects with the basket more often. The tennis ball lands inbounds. It simply requires willingness to practice and saying ok to trying it. The more you practice the more you can achieve and the energy channels of the body open up helping you move into postures you don’t typically access. This clears our stuck energy, helping our blood and emotions to flow, which expands our ability to feel good about our lives and ourselves. For more information on the Magical Heart Yoga weekend workshop with Peter Goodman, contact Robin Buck for more information at 636-255-YOGA (9642) or go to 1112c First Capitol, St. Charles, MO 63301

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013



Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2013

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