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Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


Publisher’s Letter Volume 2, Issue 2 Copyright© 2011 Yoga & Spa Magazine Stacy Hunsicker Publisher 314-965-6133 Dianna Lucas Editor-In-Chief 314-495-9960 Lucinda Moore Art Director Jill Duncan Food & Wine Editor 314-216-1116 Toni Schmidt Copy Editor 314-520-3416 Pamela Primm Yoga Consultant 314-724-9169 Advertising 314-965-6133 Contributing Writers Dr. Rene Gassner Janette Lonsdale Dianna Lucas Linda Hoff Patricia Sartini Maya Bradstreet Katya Apekina Pamela Primm Photo Credits Laurent Torno III, Cover Feature Jessica Albhorn, Men On The Mat Wesley Law, Back Cover Art On the Cover: Dr. Rene Gassner on location in The Aloe Plaza at the fountain, “The Meeting of the Waters” which is across from Union Station in downtown St. Louis. Yoga & Spa Magazine does not endorse any information contained in articles or advertisements and suggests consulting a health-care professional before beginning any therapy or medical treatment.


Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

Walking On Sunshine

I did not know I had a theme song until someone asked me, “What is your theme song?”. I knew immediately – “Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina & the Waves. That song makes me want to dance, sing and thrive! Later in life, during my 4 years in the Rocky Mountains, my theme song changed to the Indigo Girls’ hit, “Fine”. Boy, have I lived that song. I have been to the mountain, looked to the children, drank from the fountain, followed the guru’s and found that the less I seek outside myself, the closer I am to fine (contentment). As my spirit and life shift around, my song changes, too. Walking On Sunshine seems a great theme for this new summer season in St. Louis. Yoga & Spa Magazine is kicking off the summer with another Hot Off the Press Party at Brio Tuscan Grille in Frontenac, July 11th. Join us for wine tasting, food, prizes and great networking 5-7pm. We will be raffling a set of Sheex for your bed. Check them out at sheex. com. This high performance bedding incorporates sleep technology for athletes and is sold at Brookstone and Bed, Bath & Beyond. See story on page 8. Summer is a great time to get active and lose those unwanted pounds, get fit and feel great! You will find several feature articles and tips about slimming down this summer in this special Weight Loss issue of Yoga & Spa. An article on yoga for weight loss using hypnosis is on page 29. Feeling great is the key to a great life. I work out to feel good emotionally and mentally and the body follows. My philosophy is the yogic philosophy of changing from the inside out. I always say I am slimming down slowly and permanently. I have lost over 25 pounds the past 6 years since beginning a yoga practice. Most of us have not had successful, long lasting results with dieting. I find healthy, fit people are people who practice self care. I’m not talking about skinny, workout crazed people desperately maintaining an outside physique to feel good about themselves. Yoga and Spa is here to promote and inspire mental, emotional and physical health. It’s all about balance, and don’t we all have plenty to balance! We balance work, family, finances and our health. I have always found the more I practice yoga and get plenty of rest, the more productive I am. As self love grows, time and money expand. The body will follow in-kind. Yoga & Spa columnist, Patricia Sartini, has a motivating guide for weight loss on page 21. Dr. Gassner, our Summer cover model and feature story, shares his journey from fat to fit. Read about his amazing journey and his thriving life on page 18. Our Home & Style section this issue has focused on Outdoor Living in the wonderful summertime. Read Janette Lonsdale’s tips for making your patio an extended living area to enjoy all summer. You will be walking on sunshine as you read this issue of Yoga & Spa and begin implementing the information into your life! Enjoy! I look forward to celebrating the beginning of Summer with you at Brio!

Namaste ,

Stacy Hunsicker Publisher

CONTENTS Summer 2011


Spa & Beauty


10 7 Ways to Slim Down this Summer

Dr. Rene Gassner; Yoga Doc

Dr. Gassner shares his secrets for thriving and helping his patients do the same.

29 Yoga for Weight Loss

Treatments and techniques to ignite your fat-burning fire.

13 Cosmetic Surgery For Every Age Turning back the clock.

Urban Breath studio uses hypnosis yoga for weight loss.

23 Cellulite Reduction

Living Fit


8 SLEEP FIT Technology

15 Stylish Outdoor Living

Restorative Sleep for Athletes.

9 Male Libido Enhancement RegenErect – A natural option.

21 Attitude Matters Commit yourself to an attitude adjustment.

Magic solutions to smooth, tone and tighten skin.

Extending luxury living to the patio.

17 It’s Hot Outside; Go Raw!

18 10

Gluten free and raw recipes to cool the body.

25 Sunglasses, Sunscreen & Style Summer chic options.

Every Issue 6 Letter From The Editor 27 Craves & Raves 30 Men On The Mat 34 Y&S Interview


Judith Lasater

Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


Helping you achieve pregnancy in a safe, healthy, natural way. Call today.

Letter From The Editor Do Less, Get more.

The theme for the summer seems to be ‘slimming down’. It has me considering how much we can ‘let go’ to lighten our loads. Over the years as a coach, I have watched clients change their bodies, lifestyles, marital status, and careers. The common thread for all: something had to ‘release’ in order to create change. Old ways of thinking prevent us from moving forward in our lives. We may wonder why others seem so happy, calm, successful, fit, slim, healthy, (you fill in the blank). Unconscious actions that create our life patterns are the blocks that keep us from realizing our true desires. The more we cultivate awareness, the freer we become to release old patterns. Our bodies store information on a cellular level. Naturally, when we embark upon a detox or cleanse, we have emotional releases as well as physical shifting. If you are trying yet another kind of diet or the 20th new exercise program achieving short term results, but return to your ‘default weight’, it may be that your internal programming is in need of a shift. Our culture emphasizes our physical appearance and tends to neglect the inner landscape. Most of us know that our weight and size correspond to the ratio of calories eaten vs. calories used. Most of us know how to make a choice of ‘good calories’ vs. ‘bad calories’. The primary obstacle is change. It takes the average human 21 days to make or break a habit. With assistance and some personal steadfastness, it can be done. Coaching sets up a relationship that offers a sounding board for your unconscious thoughts. Once you bring those thoughts to the surface you are empowered to choose something different and receive support to honor that choice for change. For many years, I exercised 5 or 6 days a week, sometimes for hours to incorporate weight training, cardio, and classes from African Dance to Body Conditioning. I experimented with myself for the past year, unannounced to friends and family and colleagues. I cultivated a lifestyle adjustment within myself, choosing to practice only yoga, Pilates, and meditation for one year.

Cheryl Shea, DC

Currently, I spend a lot of hours teaching, and you might think that would equate to exercising. The truth is, teaching isn’t doing, so I practice far less. I didn’t change my dietary habits at all, mindfully eating and drinking what and when I want. Can you imagine the results? To my surprise, I am stronger and more flexible than any other time in my athletic life, and my clothes do fit differently. Old friends who haven’t seen my year’s progression have asked, “what’s different”? My answer is yoga, yoga, yoga, but it’s more than just exercise, it is a lifestyle. I discovered that all of that ‘doing’ wasn’t nearly as effective as my new way of ‘chilling’. I practice what I teach. One of my favorite quotes, “Change the way you think and things will never be the same.” As a ‘coach’ who gets coaching, I (and my clients) have learned to change the core beliefs that no longer serve our total well-being. Creating a new internal dialogue to develop self love and self respect is the way to get and keep (to quote one of my coaches) “a life you love”.

P: 314.822.7900 F: 314.909.1605 10807 Big Bend Blvd. Kirkwood, MO 63122 6

Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

Dianna Lucas Editor-in-Chief

Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


Michelle Marciniak, SHEEX Co-Founder, Former WNBA Basketball Player, and National Champion MVP, Tennessee

Surviving Between the Summer SHEEX Summer is upon us, and regardless of where we reside, SHEEX, the world’s first luxury performance fabric bed sheets, can help us achieve the restorative sleep we all need to boost our performance amongst the elements of both our natural and man-made environments. SHEEX bedding is The Preferred Bedding of Professional Athletes. This innovative bedding is made from the same performance fabrics athletes wear during training and competition in all climates and conditions. And, who knows better than athletes the importance of a good night’s sleep to achieving the ideal balance between mind, body, and spirit for the ultimate performance? The unique functionality of the fabric itself is on our side… SHEEX performance bedding holds a proven advantage over cotton in enabling and maintaining optimum thermal conditions for sleep. * Temperature and sleep quality are closely related. The human body experiences a slight drop in temperature right before falling to sleep. Sleeping too warm actually wakes us up and SHEEX gradually releases heat 2X better than traditional cotton bedding to keep us cozy but not too warm. SHEEX performance fabrics breathe, allowing our bodies to function naturally and most effectively as SHEEX wick heat and moisture away from the body, keeping us dry and comfortable, enabling deeper, more comfortable and restorative sleep. SHEEX, Inc. is a woman-owned business founded by Susan Walvius and Michelle Marciniak, two former women’s basketball coaches at the University of South Carolina. “Today, elite athletes wear only the latest performance fabrics because of the fabrics’ breathability and softness, as well as their moisture and temperature control. It makes perfect sense to introduce the finest of these fabrics to bedding.” -Susan Walvius, Co-Founder Feel SHEEX at a Bed, Bath & Beyond store near you and visit SHEEX on Facebook and Twitter to share your comments, be heard, and share your ideas for new products. You can also test new products and be eligible for exclusive discounts and giveaways. See SHEEX ad on page 3. *Testing conducted at the North Carolina State University Center for Research on Textile Protection and Comfort


Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


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Male Libido Enhancement by Janette Lonsdale

There is no doubt about it, erectile dysfunction can put a strain on your relationship. In many cases, it is not a sign that love has left the bedroom. “Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual intercourse,” says Dr. Charles Quigless, Jr., Alternative Care Center. “If a man can get an erection on his own, the cause is likely to be psychological.” Depression, stress, financial problems, anxiety and exhaustion can contribute to erection failures. In addition, diseases such as diabetes, some types of medication, smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, and poor fitness can all trigger or amplify the problem. Regardless of the root cause, if a man becomes fearful that he won’t be able to perform, he may develop persistence psychosocial impotence syndrome. Men suffering from impotence often display increasing anxiety, loss of self-esteem, tension and relationship difficulties with their partner. According to the National Kidney and Urological Disease Information Clearinghouse, 20-46 per cent of men in the US report Degree Successful Erections moderate or complete erectile dysfunction. Although incidence of the condition increases Mild 7-8 out of 10 with age, erectile dysfunction is not a natural Moderate 4-6 out of 10 part of aging. Severe 0-3 out of 10 The treatments for erectile dysfunction depend on its cause. “In many cases, impotence can be treated by dietary supplements such as RegenErect, an erectile stimulant that increases blood flow to the chambers of the penis,” says Dr. Quigless. “The more blood in the chambers, the larger the erection and the slower the blood comes out, the longer the erection will last.” According to the manufacturers, one dosage taken with a full glass of water may work within 90 minutes and the effects may last for up to three days. The products natural ingredients include silkworm, oyster and white willow bark extract. RegenErect is suitable for use by any male over 18-years of age. It is not for use by women or any person with allergies or sensitivities to shellfish. (Dr. Quigless offers treatments for allergy sufferers). Because erectile dysfunction can indicate other health problems, men with symptoms should consult a medical practitioner before they take RegenErect. RegenErect is available by calling Regeneca International Tel: 855-248-9980. Mention promotion code 53053 and be sure to ask about the free sample offer. The web site is www.RegenErect4me. com. RegenErect can also be purchased locally from Dr. Charles Quigless, Jr., Alternative Care Center, Chiropractic & Acupuncture 9441a Olive Blvd., St. Louis MO 63123, Tel: 314-385-2273.

Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Charles Quigless

Director of Physical Medicine 9441 Olive Blvd St. Louis, MO 63132 (314) 385-2273

Breast Health Awareness Issue Coming Autumn Issue 2011 (Sept-Oct) To participate in this feature call (314) 965-6133

Balancing Healthy Lifestyles

Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


Health coverage as individual as your family. We know how busy you are, so we make it easy for you to go online, search plans and apply for the health coverage that best fits your needs. Let Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield provide the coverage you need.


Ways to Slim Down this Summer by Janette Lonsdale

When your butt just won’t shrink and you need a little extra help to keep you on the path to your skinny-pants, there are treatments and techniques that can ignite your fat-burning fire. Drastic measures such as starvation and crash diets may look like the answer, but they throw your body out of balance and diminish your ability to burn fat. “Not only do you feel hungry and crabby, but they put your body into shock,” says Wellness Coach Dianna Lucas. “Calorie reduction and an increase in activity leads to weight loss; but sometimes you need some motivating results along the way.” According to Lucas, safe detox diets, wraps and other treatments can help you shed pounds and can make that mother-of-the-bride outfit a bit more comfortable.

KATHY BEAVEN Authorized Agent

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1831 Chestnut St. St. Louis, Mo 63103

In Missouri (excluding 30 counties in the Kansas City area): Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name for RightCHOICE® Managed Care, Inc. (RIT), Healthy Alliance® Life Insurance Company (HALIC), and HMO Missouri, Inc. RIT and certain affiliates administer non-HMO benefits underwritten by HALIC and HMO benefits underwritten by HMO Missouri, Inc. RIT and certain affiliates only provide administrative services for self-funded plans and do not underwrite benefits. Life and Disability products underwritten by Anthem Life Insurance Company. Independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ®ANTHEM is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield names and symbols are registered marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.


Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

1 Cleansing & Detoxing From the food you eat to your environment, harmful chemicals bombard you daily. Detox programs aim to remove these toxins and help you shed pounds more easily. Programs often include natural foods, herbal teas, vegetarian ingredients and vitamin supplements. According to Lucas she frequently recommends a master cleanse to clients who want to jump-start or enhance their weight loss efforts. “It is old fashioned but it works,” she says. “If you have been overindulging or relying on comfort foods or had a mad weekend, it can help you get back on track.” Toxins may also build up inside your digestive tract. A colon cleanse expels mucus created by undigested meat and other foods which may poison the body and cause you to store fat. Evacuation can be prompted by supplements such as dietary fiber, herbs, laxatives or supplements taken by mouth or through the rectum. Alternatively, colonic irrigation involves pumping water into the intestine via a tube inserted into the rectum. The waste removed may translate into lost weight loss and an improved ability to process fat.

2 Body Wraps Bandages soaked in metabolism stimulating minerals, herbs or oils and wrapped around your body are one of the most common weight loss treatments offered by spas. Once the wrap is removed you feel lighter, slimmer and your skin feels smooth and tight. It is possible to lose six to 20 inches from your body in just one treatment. For best results, have a wrap once or twice a week and combine with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

3 Massage A massage won’t actually make you lighter but regular massages can help you look slimmer by improving body contour and skin tone. Done properly, massage may burst the fat capsules under the skin and help correct texture imperfections such as cellulite.

4 Getting Hot Sweating promotes weight loss when your body is prompted to cool itself in a sauna, steam room or hot tub. Although the weight lost is mainly fluid, high temperatures do cause you to burn some calories. A fact harnessed in activities such as hot yoga which combines the power of heat with the muscle building effects of yoga poses. Tighter, toned muscles are noticeable after several classes.

5 Mindful Eating Sometimes, being alert to what you eat can make a big difference fast. Keeping a food journal may reveal you are consuming extra calories hidden in snacks and coffee drinks, soda, cocktails and processed and restaurant food. Fill up on lean protein such as skinless chicken breast and whey protein shakes, fiber rich green vegetables and healthy fats from fish and flax seed, along with healthy nuts like almonds and walnuts. Break meals up into six small servings so your system always has fuel to draw on. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day. The colder it is, the more calories your body will burn just warming it up. Water is an essential component of the chemical process that breaks down fat.

6 Pump Up Your Activity Your muscles get comfortable with the same old routine so try something new to confuse your muscles into working harder. A qualified personal trainer will help you get fast results by focusing on specific problem areas. However, doing some form of moderate-to-intense cardio three or four times a week along with twice weekly strength training will yield results.

7 Relaxation and Sleep If you are stressed and sleep deprived you have very little chance of losing body fat quickly and safely. Tiredness and stress sap your energy and motivation to eat well and exercise effectively. Worse than that, they lower your metabolism and increase the hormones that cause you to crave energy dense food such as sugar. Most people need at least eight hours of sleep per night. Stress also contributes to unhealthy fat storage around the abdomen. Always consult a medical professional before embarking on any new regime or treatment.

Jane Arrington, R.N.

Medical HCG Program For the past few years Tranfigure Total Health, through the HCG diet, has enabled clients to lose up to 30 pounds or more over a period of several weeks. Many people who have been unsuccessful using other diets have gotten into shape through this 1950’s program that focuses on releasing and recirculating stored body fat. Recent research has confirmed the efficiency of this tried and true plan. “It’s so exciting to watch people lose so much weight so fast using our program,” says Jane Arrington, CEO of Transfigure. Usually the program starts with an optional detox week, including only fruits and vegetables. The goal is to clean the colon, liver and intestines quickly. Clients begin to feel better almost immediately and start losing some of their cravings. “The fact that they also lose weight during this period only proves to stimulate them even more,” says Arrington, a licensed Registered Nurse. Transfigure Total Health is now offering a medical HCG option. This new, enhanced weight-loss program provides physician-directed services offering the highest level of medical supervision for those who may have special concerns about dieting. As we frequently hear, it is always a good idea to consult a physician prior to engaging in any weight loss program. For additional information, contact Jane Arrington, R.N. at 314-304-3380.

Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


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Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

An integrated approach to healing and wellness. • Diet & Nutrition • Detoxification • Massage • Energy Therapy • Physical Therapy • Meditation • Yoga • Nia • Acupuncture • Gifts (Health, Spiritual, Eco, Fun)

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mind, body & spirit


Cosmetic Surgery for Every Age

by Janette Lonsdale

Turning back the clock may not be possible, but with the help of the surgeon’s scalpel, more and more people are finding it’s possible to hold back the years. Not only do the procedures available change depending on your age, but also the reasons for considering treatment vary as you advance through life. When you are in your 20’s plastic surgery is all about fixing things you don’t like about your appearance. Women consider breast augmentation surgery, rhinoplasty (nose job), and liposuction to tackle inherited fat deposits. For anyone with acne scars, minimally or moderately invasive treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing can help fade the scars and tone the skin. In your 30’s fine character lines start to become permanent marks around your eyes, mouth and on the forehead. BOTOX and derma fillers can smooth out persistent wrinkles and help prevent new ones. “Starting in your thirties and forties and through your sixties Botox can be used to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” says Michelle Kichura, owner and director of Eternity Medical Spa in Creve Coeur. She adds,“Botox also serves to help prevent the wrinkles from getting deeper. Botox injections are usually administered in the forehead, glabellar (the frown lines between the eyes) and the crows feet. It is a great way to freshen your look and rejuvenate your appearance.” Discovering obstinate pockets of fat on your body is a sign that age is slowing down your metabolism. When diet and exercise don’t work, plastic surgery offers a range of body contouring procedures. Liposuction can remove fat from almost any part of your body, and tummy tucks, butt and arm lifts are a popular way to reshape your form. After childbirth, pregnancy fat and excess skin can be unsightly. The increasingly popular Mommy Makeovers combine breast and butt lifts with tummy tuck, liposuction and other procedures. The mommy makeover is so ubiquitous that surgeon Michael Salzhauer has written a book My Beautiful Mommy to help moms explain the procedures to their children. As you enter the next decade, hormones, gravity and changes in skin elasticity take center stage causing wrinkles and loose skin on

your face. For your 40’s brow lifts and eyelid surgery offer dramatic enhancements for sun-damaged skin with repetitive expression lines. More subtle results can be achieved with BOTOX, which may be combined with derma fillers to plump out the wrinkles. Less invasive cosmetic dermatology treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser skin resurfacing can refresh aging skin. Face-lifts are the recommended treatment for loose skin around the mouth, cheek, neck and jaw. Although they offer good results at any time in the next three decades, relatively good skin elasticity in your 40’s means results that last longer.

How To Choose a Doctor

Check that the surgeon you select is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery or an American Society of Plastic Surgeons member. The ASPS is the largest organization of board-certified plastic surgeons in the world. The body also goes through changes in your 40’s and women notice that their breasts begin to droop and lose volume making breast lifts with or without implants popular. For those who have lost significant weight, a lower body lift is designed to re-sculpt loose skin to a slimmer form. “I am doing a lot more surgeries for weight loss,” says Dr. Edmond Cabbabe, Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery, at St. Louis University School of Medicine. Other popular treatments at this stage of life are liposuction for stubborn fat deposits, thigh, butt and arm lifts, cellulite and vein removal. Continued on page 33 Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


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Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

1-2_V_3.5x9.75.indd 1

8/31/2010 11:45:58 AM

(314)Â 569-9400

Stylish Outdoor Living by Janette Lonsdale

Garden views, a comfy chair in the sun, a cooling breeze from the outdoor ceiling fan and the smell of barbecue wafting from the outdoor kitchen; outdoor living has never been so good. Not long ago, outdoor luxury was a rocking chair on the porch with a glass of lemonade. Today, your outdoor living space is as important as the family room and just about anything you have inside your home has an alternative for the outdoors. The basic patio dining set can now be augmented with matching deep seating options such as billowy sofas along with coffee tables and more. Matching pieces allow you to maintain the same look and style across different spaces from the pool to the patio to the deck and beyond. Here in the Midwest, where the elements of nature seem to breed heat, wind and rain in fast succession, selecting the perfect piece for your outdoor space has as much to do with your sense of style and how you use the space, as it has to do with the elements. When selecting chairs and other furnishings for windy locations and lofty balconies there are two key factors to take into account. Your pieces need to be heavy or feature an open design that allows the breeze to pass through. For weight, heavy Adirondack chairs made out of recycled plastic are beautiful, maintenance free and stable. Bright candy colors compliment the traditional shape and bring a feeling of the shore into your back yard. Cast aluminum and its traditional cousin, cast iron, are heavy and the gaps in the chair backs are wind friendly. Dark earthy tones with bronze-like highlights are the colors of choice for most people in St. Louis. Market umbrellas, cushions and other items that are less

costly to swap out, allow you to enjoy the changes and achieve a new look for the price of a set of seat pads. According to Forshaw Sales Manager Jenni Zolman, people like solids and stripes for cushions. Red is the most popular umbrella color while blues are the least favorite. In many cases, umbrellas that have suffered wind or mildew damage, or the unwanted attentions of a sharp-toothed mouse, can get a new lease on life simply by replacing the umbrella fabric. Cushions, whether for your dining set, deep seating or chaise, are some of the most fragile items routinely left to the mercy of the elements. Those with ties have an obvious benefit for windy spots where cushions are prone to take flight across the lawn. For sunny locations, be prepared to protect those pretty prints from fading by taking them in or covering them when they are not in use. Fabrics where the color goes all the way through fair better than prints under strong sun light and are frequently available in solid colors or stripes. The humidity of the St. Louis summer makes soft furnishings prone to mildew. “Dirt and water make mildew,” says Zolman. “Simply wiping fabrics down with warm soapy water is generally sufficient and will remove tree sap and bird droppings.” For pool-side locations, where chemicals and soaking cause wear and tear, consider easy care chairs with vinyl straps and sling chairs that can be dried off with a towel. Cream, taupe and other earthy colors are the most popular, but according to Zolman, the navy blue fabric paired with white frames is a crisp pool-side look. This relatively light furniture is made from a tubular metal frame and is ideal for places where you need to pull up a seat for an extra Continued on page 32 Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


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Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

Raw Recipes for a “Cooling” Summer by Maya Bradstreet

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with raw foods. It’s hot outside and eating raw has a cooling effect on the body. Live enzymes galore. Foods in their original state will add fiber, nutrients, not to mention putting energy into your diet. Have fun experimenting with these 2 recipes. They are also gluten free!

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DIRECTIONS: Drain cashews. Blend all ingredients in blender until well incorporated. Refrigerate up to 3 days. Shake before drinking. Drink on ice or blend with more ice to make more ‘milk-shakey’.

RAW KALE SALAD 1 bunch kale, chopped juice from 1 lime juice from 1/2 piece ginger 1 garlic clove, minced 1/2 red bell pepper, julienne or diced pinch sea salt 1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds add soaked sun dried tomatoes for extra flavor DIRECTIONS: Combine all ingredients and mix together with hands to macerate the kale (breaks down fibers for better digestion). Marinate from 2-24 hours.

Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


Dr. Rene Gassner, Yoga Doc by Stacy Hunsicker

photographed by Laurent Torno III

When a self-professed yoga skeptic, martial arts expert and chiropractor announces that yoga has changed his life and begins to tell others to take a class; it is only natural to stop and listen. How could downward dog challenge him? After all, he has a forth-degree black belt in Koykushin. For many years he had been an instructor, competitor and champion of this ancient form of Japanese karate. However, even a karate black belt must listen to his wife from time to time, so at her request, Dr. Rene Gassner, reluctantly unrolled his first yoga mat four years ago. Not only did he discover that yoga offered a tremendous workout, but the challenge of perfecting those poses was irresistible. Even after the first class, he was aware that something had changed inside him. In addition, he credits his ongoing athletic success to his yoga work. For him, it is an integral part of staying healthy, maintaining flexibility and detoxifying. In November of 2009 Gassner completed Australia’s most difficult half marathon up Mount Wellington in Tasmania. He insists his yoga practice augmented this 22K run at an elevation of more than 4000 feet.


Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

As a martial arts instructor and competitor he continues to be amazed at the support yoga lends to preparing for events and maintaining a thriving life that includes seeing 40 to 50 patients per day in his Chiropractic office in Ballwin, St. Louis. This yoga doctor is in demand as a practical doctor and a holistic healer. And for just about every patient he sees, he now recommends taking up yoga because its many benefits are so complimentary to the treatments he offers. Gassner believes in leading by example, so when a patient came to him with a weight problem early in his practice, the doctor realized that he needed to get his own life in order if he was going to guide any patient through a challenging weight loss program. He had piled on the pounds when the rigorous curriculum of study at Logan School of Chiropractic had left little time in his life for

workouts. Following six months of detoxing, healthy nutrition and a balanced lifestyle, Gassner felt in better shape and was confident he could help others find a path to health. Gassner treats a wide range of health issues including cerebral palsy, a disabling spinal condition. His successes have even reached Europe. Natalie Preston is a young sufferer he met while he was standing in line on a trip to Disney World in Florida. Desperate to find relief for their daughter, the Prestons remortgaged their home in Liverpool, UK and traveled to the USA. Within just a few treatments Natalie had gained muscle usage and speech. It made headlines in the Liverpool Echo. Seeing the story, another girl with the same disease came to America to get treatment from Gassner. Gassner’s mission is to make it feasible for his patients to get the treatment they need. He recommends taking a one step at a time approach. According to Gassner, chiropractic is a relatively simple discipline. “Don’t wait until it hurts. Embrace a proactive approach to your health, similar to yoga,” says Gassner. “Yoga is a preventative practice as is chiropractic medicine.” As his yoga teacher says, and he is certain his professors at Logan would concur, a healthy spine is a healthy body and a healthy body is a healthy life.

“Health does not have to be complicated,” says Gassner. “The simplest approach is easier for the patient to follow and typically the most effective.” Gassner believes that if he can support his patients in respecting themselves and assist them in making one decision at a time to take responsibility for their health, he is empowering them to also take the credit. Personal responsibility is key in healing and maintaining a healthy, thriving life. Pictured below, Gassner is treating a patient, Jimmy, who came to him for lower back pain. Having already received one back surgery, his surgeon refused to operate again. In agonizing pain, Jimmy found Gassner. After one treatment he felt relief and after two weeks was free of pain medication. Exercises prescribed by Gassner and regular visits keep Jimmy (71-years-young) pain-free and active. Jimmy’s wife is also a patient. She came to Gassner with a knot in her shoulder. After just one treatment, the pain went away and has never returned. She returns for regular visits to maintain her healthy spine and body. Remember, don’t wait until it hurts, preventative chiropractic treatments and a yoga practice will keep you healthy and thriving. Stacy Hunsicker is the publisher and owner of Yoga & Spa Magazine. Dr. Gassner is wearing Prana “Maverick T” from Little Shark Athletic Co.

Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

photo courtesy of Dr. Rene Gassner

Gassner’s medical philosophy includes working with a patient’s family physicians and dentists. There is a close connection with the spine and teeth.


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omens W Weekend 3

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Balancing Healthy Lifestyles


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Attitude Matters

Licensed Teacher Training Studio for The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO

By Patricia Sartini, LMFT

Ah, it’s the time of year for tank tops, shorts and bathing suits. Uh oh, what happened to the New Year’s resolution to lose that extra 20 pounds before the summer season? Although the time has flown by, it is never too late to begin treating your body with kindness. The simplest formula for weight loss is “eat right and exercise.” As you set your plan of healthful eating and moderate exercise, it is crucial to add one more component – your attitude. Without an attitude that supports a positive outlook regarding your lifestyle, your success will be sabotaged by negative thoughts and feelings about the entire process. The attitude to accept yourself fully in the now, even while you desire weight loss or toning, is actually helpful towards effecting change. Self-acceptance speaks of loving oneself, even though you have the desire to make changes or improve yourself. Think of when someone says, “I’ll look for a new job when I lose some weight;” or “I’ll start dating again when I look better.” That attitude denies self-acceptance and leads to missed opportunities and less quality of life. And, what happens if you live with someone who is too focused on your losing weight? They may try to “encourage” you: “Do you really want that roll?” “Have you exercised today?” “When do you weigh yourself again?” You know the reaction to those questions can be defensive. Certainly, these queries are not heard as helpful, but more as pressure. Often, making a lifestyle change affecting your diet and exercise can bring reactions from those around you that aren’t helpful. It seems at times that the people who love you the most become the greatest saboteurs of your goals. Whether they try to micro-manage your plan or tempt you with highcaloric delights, they are bringing a negative pull to your desire to change, whether intentional or not. Commit yourself to an attitude adjustment. Imagine yourself at the appropriate body weight for you. Use self-talk to validate that you are going to be that size. Do precisely what your mother used to say: Sit up straight and stand tall. Carry yourself in a way that oozes selfacceptance. Take deep breaths periodically, expanding your chest. The energy that is released from these simple postural changes can motivate you to behave in a fashion that supports the notion that you will achieve your goal. You will move more freely, use more energy, choose foods wisely, and even sleep better…all contributors to changing body shape. As you continue to practice this mindfulness, you will feel a positive spirit naturally evolve and be a motivating force for you. Be patient. Be kind to yourself. Stay focused. Imagine a bubble protecting you as any negative energy or temptation is sent your way. It will bounce off the bubble and fall powerless to the ground. Remember to eat right, exercise, and have a positive attitude. These are the keys to a lifestyle that results in a physical design that is just right for you. For more information, visit our website at or contact us by phone 314-731-1133.

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$30 before August. 6 $35 thereafter, online or event day. The Centre For Vibrant Health And Wellness offers a  comprehensive Breast Health Program that focuses  on nutrition, 


and hormone     

                 balancing; this 


                 program incorpo-

rates breast  

  thermal imaging 

(BTI) a non- 

  invasive infrared 

technology, which is FDA cleared for breast cancer 

(Additional donations are always welcome.)

Live Music! Bradford Smith & Friends Chair Massage Raffle Prizes!

screening; studies have shown that a persistent abnormal  infrared image is the single most important marker of high  risk for developing breast cancer. The procedure is safe,  painless and no compression or x-ray is used.

For more information about this  innovative Breast Health Program  please call 314.361.0111  or visit  Dr. Christine Salter



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Register Online at For more information, call 314-660-1055 or email St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness (SLOCA) and St. Louis area yoga studios are teaming up to create awareness and fund research for ovarian cancer. Come for all 108 sun salutations or come for just a few. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Cellulite Reducing

Body Wrap

Cellulite Reduction What do all women want at this time of year? Better make that any time of year? All together now, INCH LOSS and CELLULITE REDUCTION! We are all looking for that magic solution to smooth, tighten and tone our bodies and skin. While there is no magic potion, there are very effective holistic treatments available today. What is cellulite? Cellulite is not fat, but rather a toxic body condition combined with edema and lack of circulation. Any size person can have cellulite. Cellulite does not respond to normal weight loss and exercise programs. In order to permanently reduce cellulite, you must start at the source and detoxify internally. If you have a toxic colon, it hampers the elimination of toxins. Putrefied materials stored in the colon are carried into the connective tissue, where they are deposited, forming cellulite. Cellulite is a condition of uneven fat, water and wastes that have become trapped in connective tissues, just below the skin surface. The biggest contributor to a cellulite condition is poor blood circulation. Loss of blood flow is caused by lack of exercise, excessive sitting, clogged arteries or nutrient deficiency. Toxic accumulation and fluid retention are also major contributing factors. Other factors include eating fatty, overcooked foods; increased hormonal activity; drugs, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine; crash dieting followed by weight gain; not drinking enough water; constipation; excess weight; stress and a toxic lifestyle. Contouring/Inch Loss Body Wraps and Internal Detoxification work hand-in-hand to enhance elimination of cellulite and help prevent formation. Developed by a biochemist from UCLA Medical Center, this wrap process was originally formulated to encourage circulatory and lymphatic flow in patients. Research showed that because of

By Linda Hoff

increased flow of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, the patient was also experiencing cleansing of the tissues. This in turn caused healthy inch loss through internal cleansing. Inch loss, diminishing of cellulite and body contouring can be permanent and completely safe. The Contouring/Inch Loss Body Wrap has been helping people lose inches for over 25 years. The benefits include: Lose up to ½ dress or pant size with each wrap; guarantee of 4 – 14 inches loss in one hour; provides cellulite reduction through detoxifying body cleansing; benefits are immediate and inch loss is real; addresses the real causes of cellulite in a holistic way; not a water loss wrap – the skin and body stay hydrated; inch loss is permanent and helps restore elasticity to loose, flabby skin. For best results a series of 3 -6 wraps is recommended. There should be 4 – 7 days between each wrap. In conjunction with a weight loss program, a wrap is suggested for each 5 – 10 pounds lost. For severely toxic conditions Internal Detoxification may also be recommended. The Contouring/Inch Loss Body Wraps received in conjunction with daily exercise, eating cleansing foods, massage and the use of at-home care products, produces impressive results. Come in for your free health screening and consultation today.

Linda Hoff, owner of Healthy Beauty Solutions, is a Licensed Esthetician, Certified Wellness Consultant and Certified Sugaring Practitioner. Healthy Body Solutions is located inside Steel Magnolias Spa at 110 N Kirkwood Rd. 314-822-4450 or 314-803-0784 (cell).

Healthy Beauty Solutions Located inside Steel Magnolias Spa & Boutique

314-822-4450 110 North Kirkwood Road  Kirkwood, MO 63122

Breast Health Awareness Issue Coming Autumn Issue 2011 (Sept-Oct) To participate in this feature call (314) 965-6133

Balancing Healthy Lifestyles

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Balancing Healthy Lifestyles

style. glamour. perfection.

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Changing the way the world thinks about health-care. Neiman Marcus Saks Fifth Avenue Kate Spade Juicy Couture Louis Vuitton lululemon athletica Teavana MAC Cosmetics Tiffany & Co Stone Water Spa L’Occitane Eileen Fisher Now Open TUMI TUMI. Coming Soon BrickTop’s Restaurant.

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5/25/11 3:48:59 PM

Teacher Training with Master Teacher, Mitchel Bleier 200-hr Yoga Alliance® Certified August - November 2011 More details at

Sunglasses, Sunscreen & Style




Sunglasses are about more than fashion according to Dr. Traci Hahn of Contemporary Vision Center in West County. They need to block the sun’s ultraviolet rays that can damage the cornea, lens and other parts of your eye. “Sunglasses must have 100 per cent ultraviolet blocking,” says Hahn. “I would rather you did not wear any sunglasses than wear anything less.”

Eternity Med Spa offers an excellent pharmaceutical (medical grade) sunscreen that also serves as an anti-oxidant. Melashade Anti-Oxidant Facial Sunscreen SPF 30 is a combination of micronized Titanium and Zinc Oxides, fortified with the powerful anti-oxidant Melanin, an anhydrous silicone based gel. Its fragrance free, paraben free and preservative free. It also serves as a fabulous makeup primer that allows your makeup to go on very smoothly. It has a silky rub-in matte finish. Melashade leaves no shine, no stickiness and no odor on the skin.

Lori Coulter Made-to-Order Swimwear takes the drama out of swimwear shopping and marries high-end fashion with a figureflattering fit. Every suit is made-to-order incorporating your fit and design preferences.

Behind uncoated eye-wear, your pupil is dilated allowing damaging levels of ultraviolet radiation to enter your eye. This protective coating is essential for children because eye damage is cumulative over time. Sunglasses offer protection against excessive exposure to light, including its visible and invisible components and cancel out harmful UV rays from the sun. Smith Optics and Suncloud sunglasses offer this needed protection and are available at Missouri Running Company (

Melashade is great for all skin types including sensitive skin, oily and dry skin. Melashade is also ideal for post laser and peel treatment that leaves skin dry or irritated. Melashade is a must have year round.

The design process is focused on the individual woman. The TrueMeasure digital measurement system records 140 measurements of your body in less than a minute. Then work with a Lori Coulter style consultant in-store to create the ideal look including colors, fabric, and stylish hardware options from more than a million possibilities. In about two weeks, you’ll have a one-of-akind swimsuit designed specifically for your body and exactly to your taste. These swimsuites can be found at Macy’s in Chesterfield.

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Book your private parties now. New event room seating up to 75 people. 6611 CLAYTON ROAD - CLAYTON MISSOURI 63117 PHONE 314-727-8585 - FAX 314-727-8589

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Brio Tuscan Grill BRIO Tuscan Grille, located at the corner of Clayton and Lindbergh roads at Plaza Frontenac, boasts an elaborate yet comfortable patio that offers the perfect escape for guests to indulge in delicious food, great weather and an energetic crowd. Plush outdoor couches are positioned around fire pits to offer both comfort and warmth, while umbrellas line the tables for shade and bar height tables offer guests a new view. BRIO is an upscale affordable restaurant open for lunch and dinner, featuring grilled entrees such as Gorgonzola Bistecca, Beef Medallions with Shrimp Scampi, Chicken Under the Brick and Grilled Salmon, as well as housemade pastas and fresh entrée salads including the Strawberry Balsamic Chicken Salad and Salmon Salad. BRIO’s weekend brunch lasts until 3 p.m. and offers a menu ranging from White Chocolate Raspberry French Toast to Crab and Shrimp Crepes to Egg Benedictano. A children’s menu is always available with traditional options as well as “grande kids” options (adult meals in kid portions and prices) such as the Pork Chop, Chicken Parmesan and Grilled Salmon. Happy Hour specials include a $2.95 Tuscan Tasters and $5 Martini Wednesday with a vast array of options such as the Razzberritini, Lemontini and White Chocolate Raspberry Martini. BRIO Tuscan Grille is a full-service, high-energy, white-tablecloth restaurant serving authentic Northern Italian food in a Tuscan villa atmosphere. BRIO means “lively” or “full of life” and draws its inspiration from the cherished Tuscan philosophy of “to eat well is to live well.” BBRG owns and operates 37 Brio restaurants in 17 states. The cuisine at BRIO is simply prepared, using the finest and freshest ingredients, with an emphasis on steaks, chops, fresh seafood and made-to-order pastas. BRIO also offers creative seasonal specials, an extensive wine list, carryout and event catering. In 1992, Rick and Chris Doody of BBRG (then called BDI) in collaboration with Executive Chef Phil Yandolino opened their first BRAVO! restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. After growing to eight BRAVO! units in 1998, BDI was approached by a real estate developer to create an upscale Italian concept to be one of the centerpieces of Easton Town Center, a premier retail shopping center in Columbus, Ohio. And so the BRIO concept was born. BRIO was voted the Nation’s Restaurant News “Hot New Concept” award in 2002, thus paving the way for further development. BRIO Tuscan Grille in Frontenac accepts walk-ins and reservations. For more information or to make a reservation, call (314) 432-4410.


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Y&S Craves & Raves


by Jill Duncan

A nine year success rate on Page Blvd led Jim Sandhe to open a twin Gokul Snacks and Sweets, his thriving 100% vegetarian “fast food” Indian haven now dangling on the east side of the Delmar loop. The new eatery is a fresh, colorful, simple cafe full of windows at the corner of Delmar and Rosedale. Catering to the widely Orthodox Jewish community in the area, Gokul has been certified kosher and provides a 100% vegan dinner buffet two times a month (first and third Mondays at the Delmar location). Dishing out vegetarian, kosher eats combined with authentic Indian flavors accessible to most any palette (not overly spiced) has proven to be a winning combination for Gokul that one can experience while dining among a surprisingly diverse population of age groups and ethnic backgrounds. A traditional, yet unique to St. Louis food lovers, northern Indian a la carte menu is available at lunch or dinner (daily 11a-9p). A buffet at both meal times is also a reasonable choice with plenty of offerings at a fair price, with the dinner buffet being slightly more expensive. The a la carte menu presents a plethora of choices unique to our city. Of note is the large variety of “Chaat”, sweet or savory dishes found in the street stalls of India. Chaat tend to be small dishes – either eaten alone as a snack, or combined to form a meal, and therefore have a noticeably smaller price tag. An Indian food truck hasn’t hit the area yet, so this is your best bet if searching for a quick, savory snack much like those found on the streets of Delhi. Stop in to nosh on the “Delhi Chaat”, a unique plate of Indian nachos. One day’s lunch buffet consisted of fresh naan, pakora (garbanzo bean batter fried veggies), samosas, vegetable soup, mixed bean dal, potatoes sauteed with bell peppers, vegetable korma, mutter paneer, a variety of chutneys, a fresh fruit bar and more. The variety is a welcomed addition to the other ethnic offerings in the area and distinguishes itself, being the only Indian eatery on Delmar, enticing casual shoppers as well as the business lunch crowd.

Come check out our new expansion! Traditional Spanish Tapas 11-11 ~ 7 days a week BAR open late nightly Music on Wednesdays 34 N. Central Ave. Clayton, MO 314.863.9909

NOW OPEN! Featuring all homemade pastas and pizzas Lunch & Dinner Mon-Sat ~ 11am -10pm Brought to you by your friends at:

16 N. Central Ave. • Clayton, MO 314.932.1040 •

Love Indian food, but not the post-belly bog? Try the “Delightful Light Dish” section of the menu for less substantial, yet tasty treats. Looking for something a bit more filling after a long day? Don’t miss the section of samosas or kachori (round balls made of fine flour and filled with peas, chilies and spices) broken up and topped with beans, herbs and spices, chutneys and yogurt…. sure to be a palette party! Whether looking for a place to dine solo, with a lively group of friends, or a visitor following a kosher or vegetarian diet, make sure to add Gokul to your list. The website even has an online ordering option for carryout or dine in, a smart choice for a prePageant concert pick-me-up. Jill Duncan is currently the Director of Marketing for Bon Appétit Management Company in St. Louis. She enjoys traveling, wine & food, yoga, serves as the Outreach Chair for EarthDance FARMS and is certified as a wine sommelier. Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


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Barefoot Yoga Studio

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Align your body. Calm your mind. Step into peace.

Grand Opening Special: Unlimited Yoga for $40/month!

Pamela Primm

7519 Mexico Road St. Peters, MO 63376 (314) 398-8184

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Balancing Healthy Lifestyles


Chiropractic, acupuncture, rehabilitation, massage services, wellness and family care plans, sports injury and performance care Creve Coeur 10425 Old Olive Street Road Suite LL1 (314) 993-2424 Central West End 22 N. Sarah (314) 534-1566

SPECIALIST in healing from the inside out


Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

Yoga For Weight Loss

By Katya Apekina

What do you picture when you hear “yoga for weight loss”? Students racing around from one challenging pose to the next, struggling to keep up with the teacher? “That is not the case with the Yoga Method for Weight Loss,” explains the program’s instructor, Stacy Broussard. Her unique approach to weight loss is all about reducing stress and creating a healthier self-image for her students. The yoga postures and techniques taught in this class are designed for those with larger bodies to feel comfortable, strong and capable, while the hypnosis helps students see themselves as healthy, fit and deserving of the life they want. “Most of my students are so busy taking care of their jobs, their homes, their family and their friends that they forget to take care of themselves. They believe that they don’t have time to exercise or make healthy meals, so they create a lifestyle that makes that belief system true.” Lots of people make the decision to change their diet, exercise every day and lose the extra weight. You might start off on the right track and go strong for a few days or even weeks but then you have a stressful day and before you know it you’re right back to your old unhealthy patterns. So what happened? Well, the decision to lose weight was made in the conscious mind that governs your logic and reasoning, but the subconscious mind may not have been on board. The subconscious mind thinks it’s helping you by storing your old patterns and habits and assuming that if they worked for you in the past, then they will keep working for you. For example, if you were comforted with sweets as a child then you’re likely to turn to sweets when you’re feeling uncomfortable as an adult. This can be quite challenging when you make the conscious decision to lose weight while the subconscious mind is driving you to eat a cookie every time you have a bad day or to clean your plate even when you’re full. The Yoga Method for Weight Loss encourages students to recognize what they are doing subconsciously to maintain an unhealthy weight so that they can reprogram their subconscious mind to say that they are worthy of a healthy and happy life. “I was surprised how quickly I came to look forward to the class as a weekly rejuvenation point!” says a current student. “By the second class, I was feeling noticeably more relaxed and motivated to make healthy eating and exercise choices.” With a combination of practical tools, yoga postures, meditation and visualization the Yoga Method for Weight Loss has helped students lose over 50 pounds.

healthier way of life to check out Hypno-yoga for Fitness on the open class schedule. Inspired by the success of this program Stacy is now offering the Yoga Method for Stress Relief at Urban Breath and the Yoga Method for Childbirth is on its way. To learn more about these classes and others and to register for the next session visit Katya Apekina lives in St. Louis and just completed her MFA at Washington University.

Urban Breath recommends the Yoga Method for Weight Loss for those who need to lose 20 pounds or more to reach a healthy weight and encourages those who are seeking positive suggestions for a Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


MEN on the Mat written by Dianna Lucas

photographed by Jessica Ahlborn

Josh Nichols is extending into Titivasana (Firefly Pose).

Edwin Swindle is in Ahshtahvahkrahsanna (8 Angle Pose).

Brian Hanke is in Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (King Pigeon Pose).


Summer 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

Josh Nichols owns Kink Hair Salon in Maplewood and commutes from his home in Saint Peters nearly every day. His yoga journey began with a Bikram class and a genuine desire to create a healthier lifestyle. His first teacher helped him step into a a healthier lifestyle including a decision to ‘go vegan’. Taking a hiatus from his practices to open a new salon created an opportunity to notice the extremes of those choices and he began to seek out the middle ground. He returned to practice when a new studio opened closer to his home. Josh walked through the door of Bluebird Yoga in Saint Charles to find his first-ever teacher, Sarah Pauzauski, there to greet him. She introduced him to Vinyasa and he was transformed. Josh realized knowing what to expect of the same movements in the same order had become tedious for him. “ Now Vinyasa holds my interest. Every practice is different. Every practice is pertinent. I surprise myself each time I go to class with what my body is capable of.” The demands of owning a business are rigorous, but yoga brings him back into balance even if he can sometimes attend just once a week.

Edwin Swindle is a mechanical engineer at an aerospace firm. He has an easy smile and a quick wit. A motorcycle accident 11 years ago brought him to yoga to help mend his broken clavicle. His wife, Laura, had been practicing and suggested giving it a try. He found it to be “ a good fit”. His strategic mind compelled him to complete Hatha yoga teacher training to deepen his practice and to gather the knowledge of “why” he was doing the poses. He is currently studying yoga philosophy at Jane’s House of Well Being with Robin Buck. Ed indicates that “…the parasympathetic nervous system becomes healthier, to keep the ‘fight or flight syndrome’ in check. It’s a physical form of meditation, a practice.” In layman’s terms, “The reason for all of this is the mind/body/breath connection that helps me become calm.” Ed says that this is the one practice that is truly just for him. Even while surrounded by a group of people during class, he can look within to find what he needs to strengthen, stretch, and relax. “I need the peacefulness that comes from being with a group of somewhat like-minded people.”

Brian Hanke’s company, Executive Personal Computers responsibly recycles used, high-tech equipment to its constituent material. Brian also creates tables out of trees, which he refers to as the ‘anti-yoga’ or man vs. tree. “The guy approach is to grab and pull” in yoga “we learn to float or flow into a position. It instills a gentleness in people.” With thirty-two years of martial arts experience, Brian has developed a deep understanding of the differences of force vs. power. “If we spend any time in introspection we get to an understanding of where we fit into that balance”. He asks himself “How can we use non-effort? How can we learn to shed the useless crap and tread in the direction of the gentle stuff?” Brian does yoga to stay strong, but is quick to remind himself that thought is rooted in insecurity. “Yoga teaches me to face insecurity without going into battle.” Sometimes the nature of a man is to push beyond the usual limits of strength and endurance that manifests in muscle-fatigue, rigidity or an injury. “As a maturing athlete I find that yoga is very good for undoing the damage I do outside of (the studio) with falls and the like. I come to yoga to get myself back into alignment. Used to be a couple glasses of wine and sleep it off, but that doesn’t work so well any- more.” He drew a Yin Yang symbol on a Post-It note and said, “That’s what it’s all about.”

Find Your Balance

at The Club at Chesterfield. Call for a FREE 11 day guest pass. Yoga & Pilates classes included.

636-532-9992 JOIN NOW! and receive a complementary 30 minute massage, 30 minute private training session, or 1 hour of tennis court time. (New members only, promotions excluded.) Offer valid through August 31, 2011.

Your Club. Your Community. Not just another fitness chain.

The Club at Chesterfield At The DoubleTree Hotel 16625 Swingly Ridge Road Chesterfield, MO 63017 636-532-9992

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Find a Studio Near You! Yoga Studios

3719 S. Kingshighway, St. Louis, 63109 314-353-1004 /

636-536-2400 / www.

CHESTERFIELD Bikram Yoga – Chesterfield Baxter Rd. & Clarkson Rd. 636-536-2663

Urban Breath Yoga 1220 Tamm Ave, St. Louis, 63139 314-421-9642 /

Performance Pilates 110 Chesterfield Tower Center, Chesterfield, 63005 636-536-6555 /

The Club at Chesterfield – Yoga & Pilates At the Doubletree Hotel 16625 Swingly Ridge Rd, Chesterfield, 63017 636-532-9992 Clayton & Ladue The Pilates & Yoga Center of St. Louis Owned by Karen Prechtl 9825 Clayton Rd., Ladue 63124 314-569-9400 / Bikram Yoga – Richmond Heights Big Bend & Clayton Rd. 314-644-2226 Body Fusion – Yoga & Gyrotonic Exercise 7750 Clayton Rd., suite 303, Clayton Between Hanley and Brentwood 314-409-0229 / lululemon athletica in Plaza Frontenac 1701 S Lindbergh Blvd #97, Frontenac, 63131 (314) 994-7662 Des Peres Prana Yoga – Des Peres 11771 Manchester Road, Des Peres, 63131 (314) 821-2267 / Edwardsville, Illinois Hot Yoga of Edwardsville 19 Junction Drive, Edwardsville, IL Between Walmart & Walgreens 618-205-6167 St. Charles County Barefoot Yoga Studio 7519 Mexico Road, St. Peters, 63376 314-398-8184 / Blue Bird Yoga 416 Main Street, Suite B, St. Charles, 63301 636-493-9293 / Jane’s House of Well-Being 1112 C First Capitol Dr., St. Charles, 63301 636-255-9642 / St. Louis Southtown Yoga


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Indigo Massage & Wellness – Yoga & More 1901 Arsenal St., St. Louis (Arsenal & Hwy. 55) 314-276-9882 Rock Workout 3001 Locust, Ste 103, St. Louis 314-531-ROCK / The Center for Mind Body Spirit 7649 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, 63130 314-725-6767 Suzanne Fischer – Private Classes lomi-lomi, thai massage, yoga for pregnancy 314-569-5744 Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy KC Mitchem 314-707-8085 Optimal Lifestyles Barb Michael 314-984-0592 Sante Fitness lower lobby of the Chase Park Plaza 212 N. Kingshighway Blvd, St. Louis, 63108 314-633-3020 / Webster Groves D’s Yoga Home 425 Marshall Ave, Webster Groves, 63119 314-884-0108 / Big Bend Yoga 88 North Gore Ave., Webster Groves, 63119 314-918-9642 / Studio Rue – Pilates & Yoga Classes 7905 Big Bend, Webster Groves, 63119 314-651-0418

Pilates, Personal Training & More Chesterfield Pilates of West County Clocktower Plaza 124 Chesterfield Commons Rd. East, 63005

Clayton & Ladue Movement Center of St. Louis 7750 Clayton Rd., Suite 305, St. Louis, Between Hanley & Brentwood 314-322-9928 / Clayton Pilates Studio 8240 Forsyth Blvd., Clayton, 63105 314-721-3616 J.O.E. Fitness Studio 9751 Clayton Road, Ladue, 63124 314-432-239 / LIN-Z Fitness – Personal Training Lindsay Kaye Johnson 314-616-8832 / Dianna Lucas Wellness Specialist Private and Group Classes, Retreats 314-495-9960 Webster Groves The Scoop – Pilates & Gyrontonics 111 W. Lockwood Ave, Webster Groves, 63119 314-968-9629 Town & Country The Bar Method 1048 Town & Country Crossing, Town & Country / www. St. Charles County Academy of Traditional Thai Massage & Energy Work 1272 Jungermann, St. Peters, 63376 636-498-5544 / www. Pilates for Life – Pilates & Yoga 2315 Technology Drove, Suite 121 Next to Spa WingHaven 636-561-9030 / West County Flex – Fitness for Women 13645 Big Bend at Dougherty Ferry 636-861-3539 /

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guest or where you move your furniture to follow the shade. If you get little natural shade, a cantilevered umbrella, which can be moved 360 degrees, can shade you all day long from the beating sun. When not in use the umbrella folds neatly away. Garden furnishings in weather resistant woods such as teak are experiencing a come back according to Zolman. The amount of work they require depends on whether you like the grey look of the weathered wood or prefer the rich browns of stained or oiled furniture. For the latter, the wood will need regular oiling or staining. Whether your outdoor space gets full sun or shade, kick back, relax and enjoy the dog days and all the elements that the St. Louis summer has in store for you with practical and comfortable outdoor furnishings.

By the time you reach your 50’s plastic surgery techniques can restore a youthful jaw and full cheeks with facelifts, in combination with chin, cheek and lip implants. And powerful skin rejuvenation procedures such as laser skin resurfacing and deep chemical peels can combat wrinkles, uneven skin tone, age spots and sun damage. Liposuction and other body contouring techniques can help retain your body’s shape and hand rejuvenation surgery can remove excess wrinkled skin. Although risks and healing times increase as you age, plastic surgery is still an option up to retirement and beyond. “It has more to do with physiological age, than chronological age,” says Cabbabe. “Someone who is in their early 80’s and is healthy and free of disease can have the same risk profile as a person in their 40’s who is not healthy.” Whether you are seeking the help of a surgeon for the first time or considering a second facelift to build on the work you had in the past, facelifts, brow lifts and eyelid surgery can turn the clock back on your looks. Liposuction and other contouring

procedures such as tummy tucks can remove excess skin, fat and restore your silhouette. In 2010, surgeons performed more than 13 million cosmetic procedures in America, a five per cent increase over 2009. Women, between 40 and 55-years-old are the most likely to visit the surgeon’s office, however men are increasingly joining them. Facelifts for men rose by 14 percent in 2010 and male liposuction increased 7 percent. Freelance writer Janette Lonsdale is an internationally published journalist, who, despite living in Asia for a number of years, did not take her first yoga class until she returned to the US. She is Reiki trained and meditates often.

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Y&S Interview By Pamela Primm

Y&S What is the most beneficial thing yoga has done for you personally?


Judith Lasater This internationally renowned yoga teacher, will be leading a workshop at Big Bend Yoga Center in Webster Groves October 7-8th. Judith Lasater, who has taught yoga since 1971, holds a doctorate in East-West psychology and is a physical therapist. Judith is president of the California Yoga Teachers Association, and has been an advisor on three National Institute of Health studies on yoga and health. Her yoga training includes study with B. K. S. Iyengar in India and the United States. She teaches ongoing yoga classes and trains yoga teachers in kinesiology, yoga therapeutics, and the Yoga Sutra in the San Francisco Bay Area. Judith also gives workshops throughout the United States, and has taught in Canada, England, France, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Peru, and Russia.


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I make distinction between an asana (pose) and yoga. Asanas have a spiritual component to them, but Yoga is bigger than that. Yoga has a lot to do with perception. Yoga understands the prison that our mind makes for us. Don’t believe everything you think! The big concept of yoga is about the way the mind works and how not to be at the mercy of your mind and your thoughts. The biggest thing I have learned from my practice and study of Yoga is a process I call dis-identification. When we use savasana we relax the body by slowing the breath and let our thoughts go. That is the beginning of dis-identification. To become a witness to our thoughts and not to believe them. For example, these are thoughts that may pop into our minds and this is how we can integrate our understanding of the process these thoughts come from within our larger and best selves. Do we say to ourselves, “I am angry.” or do we say, “I am having an angry thought.” You might tell yourself, “I no longer believe that thought. I don’t identify with the thoughts. They are (there), but they are not me, neither do they define me.” Go on regular thought safaris in the jungle of your mind to observe and then dis-identify with your thoughts. The biggest lesson we can learn in this life is to begin to understand that I am not my thoughts. The more I believe my thoughts the more I suffer.

Y&S What would you say is the

most important thing to focus on for a new yogi?


In the very beginning, be picky about the teacher you choose. Spend time and call ahead and watch the class. Find the teacher who speaks to your heart, who honors boundaries and who has a maturity about their teaching. Find the method you like. Pay attention to your own needs in order to find the right person. The student/teacher relationship is at the core of what this work is about. The teacher is the key thing.

Y&S What would you say to

experienced yogis to keep them motivated to continue to practice?


I encourage people to try a new style of yoga, or a new teacher or a new class. We make a mistake when we expect yoga to be the same through all the decades of our life. For example, we don’t eat the same way we did 20 years ago. Let yoga take you inward. Let your practice evolve. Think of an asana (pose) as a question not an answer. Enter the pose with a curious mind. Try to feel one new sensation in a posture, be mindful to pay attention to any resistance in the body that may arise in a pose. The asana is not the yoga, anyway. The yoga is the residue the asana leaves in your nervous system. What happens if I don’t stay as long? Ask a question of yourself as you are in the pose. Try not staying in a pose as long, ask yourself how that feels. This is especially important if you are a teacher. In my book, “What We Say Matters,” the focus is on the intention behind your words. Being connected to what you say, feel and mean, and essentially practicing spiritual speech. In other words, knowing that what we say changes the outcome of our lives. The book attempts to integrate the ideal of satya in the yamas in The Yoga Sutra – with right speech from Buddhism which means speech that is clear and non-harming. How can I speak to myself, my family and my coworkers along with the the world at large, so my words communicate clearly and create a connection instead of disconnection? If you say to someone: You always, or you never, you will not connect with them and not get what you want. Try starting a sentence without -— you!

Y&S What do you plan to do at the Big Bend Yoga Workshop in St. Louis?


I always have a philosophical part to my workshops. For example: how can I integrate the truths I love from the mat into my life; or we have to laugh a lot, we do not laugh enough. The topic is not yet finalized for the St. Louis workshop but the emphasis will be on deepening our practice and reawakening our love of the practice. (

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