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Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


Publisher’s Letter

April Showers Bring May Wildlife and June Brides Volume 2, Issue 1 Copyright© 2011 Yoga & Spa Magazine Stacy Hunsicker Publisher 314-965-6133 Dianna Lucas Editor-In-Chief 314-495-9960 Lucinda Moore Art Director Jill Duncan Food & Wine Editor (314) 216-1116 Toni Schmidt Proofing & Editing Pamela Primm Yoga Consultant (314) 724-9169 Advertising Leslie Schaye (314) 422-3114 Gabrielle Schwartz (314) 378-7776 Charity Lamprecht (618) 420-4321 Contributing Writers Dr. Rene Gassner Janette Lonsdale Dr. Gregory Neff Jennifer Phillips Tracy Saaks Patricia Sartini Dr. Cheryl Shea Photo Credits Laurent Torno III, Cover Feature Dianna Lucas, Men On The Mat On the Cover: Danielle Tridenti is our cover girl this Spring issue and is wearing her favorite shawl. She is pictured at the Jewel Box in Forest Park, Saint Louis. Yoga & Spa Magazine does not endorse any information contained in articles or advertisements and suggests consulting a health-care professional before beginning any therapy or medical treatment.


Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

Spring is finally upon us. It has been a long, cold and white winter in St. Louis. It’s this particular change of season that I love about our hometown. I love to bike the Katy Trail in early spring to watch the mother geese push the goslings off the cliffs – time to leave the nest! It is quite a noisy scene and somewhat dramatic. Nature is dramatic. It can heal us dramatically too. Yoga in nature is wonderful and the outdoor classes in our beautiful local parks will soon begin. My most recent and a favorite spring wilderness memory is of a float trip on the Current River in the spring of 2008. I was in awe of the abundant Missouri wildlife. After four years of living in Colorado with rugged mountains, huge elk, hungry bears and mountain lions, the fertile Ozark National Scenic Riverway was a welcome, nurturing trip. The blue heron and red-tailed hawks in the air mesmerized me as our group floated casually down the river. The raccoon at the water’s edge during the day had us wondering what he was up to. Wasn’t he supposed to be sleeping? I built a miniature meditation garden of rock cairns on a sandy beach. The owl and fox surprised us as we drove out of Pulltite Campground. The deer running along the highway at the top of the hill at Pulltite, escorting us out of the magical forest, were incredibly sweet! I was still in awe as I flew back to Colorado. I knew it was time to come home to Missouri. What kind of adventure would you like Spring to bring? A new romance? Fun in the fresh, sunny weather? A canoe trip on the Ozark National Scenic Riverway? How about a spring cleanse consisting of yoga classes at any of the numerous studios advertising in Yoga & Spa combined with the new infrared sauna at Holistic Fitness. Ten days of yoga a month will be transforming and help you transcend any emotional or physical blocks. Yoga helps us release anything that holds us back in life. Set an intention as you step onto your mat to release blocks that hold you back from leading your fullest life. Intention is everything. Your thoughts create your reality. Like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”. Wedding season is also upon us. If you are the maid-of-honor or best friend in charge of the bachelorette party, the Destination Spa feature on pages 12 and 13 will give you some fantastic adventure ideas for a bachelorette spa party trip or a girls weekend away. Memories of this occasion will put a Ann Husch, the Grandmother of Yoga in smile on the entire bridal party’s faces for St. Louis, died peacefully in her home on years to come. Memories of any getaway February 9, 2011 at the age of 90. She had lived weekend I have taken with my girlfriends in St. Louis all her life. A visionary ahead of her always puts a smile on my face. time, she was ingeniously “green” when it was Join Yoga & Spa Magazine at our “Hot still just a color. She rode her bike for errands off the Press” party to celebrate this Spring into her 70s, and reused everything imaginissue on Wednesday, April 20th at Salt at able. Ann taught Yoga until she was 87 years 4356 Lindell. Wine and cheese from 5:30old. She studied with the first yoga teacher in 8:30pm. Make your dinner reservations by St. Louis, Arvilla Droll. Lilias Folan from the calling Salt at 314-932-5787. PBS yoga series was a frequent house guest. She had a boundless zest for life and was Namaste , a giving, sharing and generous soul. She saw herself as a connector, whether building community or bringing new ideas to St. Louis. Transcendental Meditation groups met in her living room, the Holistic Health Center was founded there in the early 80’s, and Feldenkreis Stacy Hunsicker was taught there when no one else had heard Publisher of it. Ann remained open in heart and mind, flexible until the end. With gratitude we honor her life. by Helene Frankel & Rebecca Wiederkehr


Face The Facts

Age defying solutions.

A Yogi’s Journey

By Jennifer Phillips One person’s journey to yoga.


Spring Spa Getaways

By Janette Longsdale The best spa getaways in the region.


Recipes for Energy

By Dianna Lucas Tasty smoothies to energize your body.


Natural Migraine Relief


Making a Baby... a Healthy Way



By Dr. Gregory Neff Improved, safer management for migraines.

By Dr. Cheryl Shea Alternative solutions for infertility.

Danielle Tridenti

By Dianna Lucas Danielle tells us about her yoga journey and her studio.

Smart Tanning

By Tracy Saaks The many benefits as well as sunless options.


Spring Clean Your Relationships





By Patricia Sartini, LMFT Spruce up your emotional connection with your partner.

Yin & Yang of Wrinkle Removal By Janette Lonsdale An alternative solution to wrinkle removal.

Craves & Raves

By Jill Duncan Bistro 1130, authentic French dining in west county.

Coping With Hand Strain

By Dr. Rene Gassner Symptoms and solutions for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Men On The Mat


Y&S Interview


By Stacy Hunsicker

By Pamela Primm Solar & lunar yogini, Shiva Rea.

34 Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


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Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

Letter From The Editor Many things happening on our planet might make us want to stay indoors with the shades drawn and covers pulled over our heads. War, revolution, natural disaster, threats of nuclear disaster, issues closer to home like US economy and the demise of public media- it’s enough to make your head spin. We may feel out of control and that we have no choices. We can choose to rely on outside sources for guidance but whose version shall we believe? The news stations seem to sensationalize the tragedy and gloss over other areas of interest. Ecological, scientific, and agricultural information seems hard to come by in the typical national media with any amount of accuracy. I often read blogs and turn to the foreign press for information. Some people in my life bring me the news, whether I ask for it or not. Point being, it is all coming through one kind of filter or another. Several weather birds in my life call me with up-to-the-minute meteorological reports. I prefer to look out the window, or even stick my head out to see what’s coming. Which brings me to my next point. Perception is 9/10ths of reality. The following are excerpts paraphrased from 2 bloggers in Tokyo, finding ways to weather the storm. “ What exactly is “danger?” The etymology of the word “danger” comes from Old French “dangier”, which in turn comes from Latin “dominus”, or “lord”, the same root as “domain” and “dominate”. So the original sense was about jurisdiction or power. Power of something over something else, no longer under one’s own control. Hmmm, that makes sense: when we give our power away and abdicate our responsibility to choose, we put ourselves in danger. Daily meditation is about the only thing holding me together right now, reminding me where my center is. Most of us have lived in some kind of danger zone for most of our lives, possibly without being aware of it. That danger is in living in our heads, cut off from the flow of our feelings. Numbing ourselves from the neck down and trying to get by only on rational thinking. That’s how we go down the wrong path, that’s how we miss the signs, miss chances to change courses. “No one is more of an expert on your own situation than you are.” How can we get past fear and back into our own seat of power? Turn off the “noise” that is causing you to feel danger including the TV, the computer, the telephone. Slow your breath with meditation, yoga, or just controlled breathing. Do small things you can control such as cleaning or gardening. Face the worst-case scenario and define a game plan, you may never use it, but your mind can stay quiet when those thoughts come up. Visualize your best-case scenario and focus upon that instead. Take constructive action- make up a backpack full of emergency items and important paperwork. Maybe your constructive action could be making a phone call or getting something checked out, or opening the scary envelope or looking at your online balance. You’ll feel better if you just do it, I promise. Let your body release - any way that you enjoy - yoga, work out, dance, sing, and consciously show yourself beauty. Repurpose yourself or get grounded in something you have already chosen. Nothing costs as little and is worth as much as a smile. Relax, let yourself smile and see the light come back to you tenfold! Remember, you are the boss of your own energy. Stop waiting for someone to make you feel better, reassure you, or tell you what to do. No one can declare dominion over your life besides you. Be your own leader. What are you waiting for? Forget about the umbrella and boots, run outside and splash in some puddles, make the most of every moment. Some people may not understand, may naysay, try and rain on your “passion parade”, but that is none of your concern. It’s your life, your choice, and it’s your rainbow.

Helping you achieve pregnancy in a safe, healthy, natural way. Call today.

Cheryl Shea, DC

P: 314.822.7900 F: 314.909.1605 Dianna Lucas Editor-in-Cheif

10807 Big Bend Blvd. Kirkwood, MO 63122 Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


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Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

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Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

A Yogi’s Journey Home by Jennifer Phillips

I left New York City and my life of striving to be a professional dancer to return home to St. Louis. I was feeling utterly disillusioned by the search for a path that would fulfill my life’s mission. Amidst the chaos of my mind’s hopes and fears lay the distinct desire in my being to be of service in my work. I knew I had to move deeper into self-exploration and submerge myself in a practice that would ground me and give me a place to rest from my wandering. The call to deepen my own yoga practice and to use my knowledge and experience to teach others led me, by grace, to Jane’s House Yoga Teacher Training Program. Robin Buck’s passionate teaching of Hatha Yoga in the Dynamic Yoga Method and the warmth of the studio’s community convinced me that Jane’s House of Well Being in St. Charles was the place that would hold both my desire for integrity within practice and support my spiritual evolution. Although I arrived as a shy, quiet girl, who was afraid to let her voice be heard, the river of transformation soon swept over me and all I could do was go along for the ride. My year-long training included eight 25-hour intensive training sessions. I realized that my journey into teaching a yoga class would be an extension of my own yoga practice. The same cues I was learning to give my students, “don’t struggle; look for the middle way; remember yourself”, were the same instructions I needed to hear as I practiced teaching. I relished every moment of compassionate critique from my teachers, Robin Buck and Christy Whetzel, who smoothed out the rough edges of self-doubt. With the structured compression of the teaching method they polished me like a stone until my true radiance began to shine forth.

About half way through the training year the class was graced by the arrival of Matthew and Holly Krepps, master teachers and originators of the teacher training program. Their guidance led me to a level and depth of philosophical and spiritual practice I could not have navigated on my own. The doors of my mind and heart were blown wide open. After one weekend intensive with these teachers my heart burned with so much desire to go deeper that I inquired into a stay as an apprentice at their sustainable farm and residential yoga center, Circle Yoga Shåla in Jasper, Arkansas. After six weeks of working on the farm, studying yogic philosophy and applying the teachings to daily life, I was fully submerged in the foundation of yoga practice: compassionate self-inquiry and surrender to what is. I returned to St. Louis with a clear vision into my own depths, past my reticence, to the teacher in my soul. I began to teach. As I saw myself through my own inner gaze, passionately sharing my knowledge and experience in relationship with my students, a sense of certainty washed over me. It felt right. I felt right. I came home to myself and it was there that I found a place to rest. Jennifer Phillips, RYT completed the Jane’s House of Well-Being 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in November 2010 with Robin Buck and Christy Whetzel. She teaches regularly, and continues to study with Matthew and Holly Krepps of Circle Yoga Shåla.

Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


Spring Spa Getaways By Janette Lonsdale Whether you are seeking comfort, the healing power of nature or a Zen place that offers you a luxury retreat from life, we have scoped out the best full service spa getaways in the region and their ‘must try’ treatments.

Chateau Spa at Chateau on the Lake Stepping into the lobby of the Chateau Spa is breath taking. The-30 foot tall floor to ceiling Swarovski crystal chandelier sets the scene for the old world opulence that waits inside. The detached 14,000 square foot spa is part of the AAA, Chateau on the Lake Resort Spa and Convention Center. The Dogwood Signature Facial is one treatment not to be missed. A foot soak is followed by a facial, eye treatment, scalp massage, and a warm paraffin treatment to nourish your hands and feet. In just 80-minutes, your skin will be left glowing and hydrated. For a unique gal pal getaway, end a day at the spa with a “chick flick” in the resort’s 54-seat movie theater. Chateau Spa at Chateau on the Lake, Branson, MO 888-333-LAKE (5253)

Big Cedar Lodge Sometimes Mother Nature provides all you need to find your equilibrium. That is exactly what is waiting for you in the rustic cabins and spectacular scenery of Big Cedar Lodge. The complex offers two spa locations, the Carriage House and the Lakeside Spa. The top spa pick at the lodge is the 90 minute Hot Shell and Cocoa Butter Massage. Each tiger clamshell is stuffed with a heat generating mineral pack. For those traveling with youngsters, the spa offers treatments for kids including facials and massages using Strawberry Smash products. Big Cedar Lodge, Branson, MO 800-225-6343


Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

Heartland Spa Get your life back on track at the Heartland Spa where the focus is on overall wellness, including healthy cuisine, activities and fun. Spa treatments provide the relaxing and restorative elements in the action packed schedule that includes an abundance of exercise classes including yoga, strength training and dancing. Voted best value in the Midwest, Heartland Spa is an easy, stress-free drive from St. Louis. Guests book into the Heartland Spa for two, three or five night all-inclusive stays. Heartland Spa, Gilman, IL 815-683-2182

The Ruby Room The experience here is of a tiny European inn, blended with a spiritual spa and wrapped in Chicago’s historic Wicker Park neighborhood where it’s surrounded by boutiques, restaurants and lively nightspots. But in any of the eight Ruby Room guest rooms, the focus is on you; there is no TV or phone. Energy work inspires everything in the spa and treatments begin with an intuitive card reading to open your heart and mind. Energy therapies include numerology, aura therapy and astrology. If you choose just one treatment from the spas extensive menu, pick the Chakrassage. Massage is infused with Reiki to unblock the seven chakras, releasing stress, anxiety and allowing your chakras to spin with positive energy. The Ruby Room, Chicago, IL 773-235-2323

Peninsula Spa by ESPA at The Peninsula Hotel High above the hustle and bustle of Chicago streets is the Peninsula Spa by ESPA. Here you will be lavished with personal attention in an environment devoted to indulgence and deep relaxation. At The Peninsula spending $85 on a pedicure is a luxury worth every cent. When therapists discover you are facing mental stresses, they recommend the Uplifting Mint Experience. This two-hour indulgence begins with a tea ceremony and foot ritual and includes a marma point massage. However, if you are looking for two hours of pure ecstasy, book the four hands, synchronized Purva Karma massage. It just might be the most relaxing two hours of your life. Not only will the massage release deep tensions, but it will put you in an extraordinary state of relaxation. Peninsula Spa by ESPA at The Peninsula Hotel, Chicago, IL 312-337-2888

Arlington Hotel and Spa Some come to the 80-year-old Arlington Hotel & Spa for its traditional Southern hotel hospitality, others come for the sightseeing, but we recommend that you come for the thermal baths. The healing properties of the local hot springs have been known for centuries. Modern science has revealed the water contains 10 minerals in a combination found in just two places in the world, here and in Baden-Baden, Germany. The thermal waters are cooled to around 100 degrees and pumped directly into individual bathtubs. For a nod to tradition, pair your therapeutic thermal bath with a massage. Arlington Hotel and Spa, Hot Springs, AK 800-643-1502 Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


Recipes for Energy by Dianna Lucas

Smoothies Many people have developed allergies to gluten, soy and peanuts which can interfere with protein consumption in a vegetarian or vegan diet. Try these simple and delicious smoothies which are full of protein, fiber and energy. Drink a green smoothie daily for one week and you will enjoy noticeable results in your energy level, skin, and digestion.

Revitalizing Energizer

Yields 1 quart

6 young grape leaves (they contain resveratrol, which triggers longevity genes) 3 leaves dinosaur kale, stems removed 2 mangoes 1 pint strawberries 2 cups orange juice

Rocket Fuel

Easy Frozen Fruit

2 cups green or red seedless grapes 3 golden kiwis, peeled 1 ripe orange, peeled, seeds removed 1 small leaf of aloe vera, with skin 5 leaves red leaf lettuce 2 cups water

1 cup mixed dark berries including cherries 1 whole frozen (peeled) banana 1 cup baby kale 1 cup baby spinach 1 cup water

Yields 2 quarts

Yields 1 quart

DIRECTIONS: 1) Place all ingredients into a blender and mix well. Add ice if desired.

Gluten-Free Vegan Banana Muffins To satisfy your sweet tooth and comfort food cravings try this gluten-free, vegan recipe for banana bread or muffins, you won’t miss the gluten or the dairy, and it is suitable for people on an anti- inflammatory diet.

serves 14 muffins, total time 50 minutes 1 cup turbinado sugar 1-1/2 cups mashed*, very ripe bananas 2 tablespoons ground flax meal 1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoon hot water 9 ounces (1-2/3 cups) brown rice flour 2 ounces (1/3 cup) potato starch (kosher section- or substitute arrowroot) 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum 1/2 cup soy-free shortening (coconut oil)


Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

DIRECTIONS: 1) Adjust oven rack to middle position and preheat oven to 350°F. Line 14 standard muffin cups with paper liners or grease with a non-stick cooking spray. Set pans aside 2) In small bowl, combine mashed bananas and turbinado sugar. In another small bowl, combine flax meal and hot water. Stir to combine. Allow banana mixture and flax mixture to stand for 10 minutes. 3) In medium mixing bowl, whisk together brown rice flour, potato starch, baking powder, baking soda, salt, and xanthan gum. Set aside. 4) In large mixing bowl, cream shortening until light and fluffy, about 20 seconds. Add flax meal mixture. Cream until smooth. Scrape down bottom and sides of bowl. 5) Add half dry ingredients. Blend until smooth. Add banana-sugar mixture. Blend until well incorporated. Add remaining dry ingredients. Blend batter until smooth, about 20 seconds. Batter will be thick. 6) Fill muffin cups 2/3 full with batter. Bake muffins until deep golden brown, about 25 minutes. Transfer muffins to wire rack to cool. Store in an airtight container for up to four days or freeze up to one month. *To mash, place bananas in a bowl. Use a fork and mash until smooth with no large pieces of bananas remain (small pieces of banana are fine).




Natural Migraine Relief By Dr. Gregory Neff

The pain of a migraine attack can be crippling and the effects of the migraine headache are many. Work absenteeism, loss of productivity, and social withdrawal are some effects which can become major disruptive factors in the life of the sufferer. The debilitating capacity of migraine headache is rated as more severe than that of a major fracture or rheumatoid arthritis. On a pain scale of 0 to 100, many sufferers consistently rate migraine headache pain at 50 or above! Migraine is a complex headache disorder. In its typical form it is characterized by episodic head pain, frequently in association with neurologic and psychophysiologic (affects the person emotionally) symptoms. The attacks are commonly one-sided at the onset and are commonly associated with anorexia, sometimes with nausea and vomiting. Episodes usually last from 4 to 72 hours and the migraine sufferer is usually sensitive to light, sound and even smell. Migraines occur more in women and 50% of sufferers have a family history of this disorder. The cause of migraines is unknown and poorly understood. Certain foods can trigger its onset as well as hormonal changes and changes in barometric pressure. Some research suggests a vascular origin but no single cause has been confirmed. Migraine sufferers are spending billions of dollars annually for drug therapy and very little relief or patient satisfaction is being reported. Although medication is the primary method of treatment, fewer than 50% of all patients treated report a reduction of

the headache symptoms. Additionally, many medications are potentially addictive, have significant side effects, and become a considerable part of the problem rather than the solution. Naturally, migraine sufferers are looking for improved, safer management of their disease. Many people are unaware that nonpharmaceutical migraine treatments are available. For the past 20+ years researchers have been studying and publishing some very encouraging data regarding the treatment protocols for the migraine headache. Avoidance of trigger factors, diet modification, behavioral medicine, biofeedback, relaxation exercises, and chiropractic have all proven to be effective in managing migraines. However, more and more studies increasingly point to acupuncture as the most successful alternative migraine treatment. Coupled with herbal therapy supported by diet, exercise and deep relaxation, acupuncture has been seen to reduce migraine pain scores by as much as 43%. Some study participants even experienced complete relief of previous symptoms. Corresponding figures for medication intake were considerably less impressive. Acupuncture’s history is several thousand years old and has been widely employed in Chinese medicine for pain relief and a number of maladies. In the United States acupuncture was practically unknown until the 1970’s and has since experienced a dramatic growth, especially in the field of pain management. In Chinese medicine, migraines are Continued on page 32

A UNIQUE EXERCISE METHOD COMBINING MOVEMENT THERAPY, BREATHING EXERCISES & MUSCLE THERAPY • Begin a flexibility and strength training program like no other. • Three dimensional beneficial movement for golfers, runners, tennis players, dancers and swimmers. • After a few weeks of training you will feel a pronounced difference in strength, freedom of movement, and an overall sense of well - being. Your body will thank you!!

7750 Clayton Rd. • Suite 305 Richmond Heights, MO 63117 Cell: 314-409-0229 E-Mail: We have GYROKINESIS® classes which can be accessed through our web site at and click on the big pink button in the middle of the page to see our classes. GYROTONIC, GYROTONIC & Logo and GYROKINESIS are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.

Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


Move Naturally The Centre For Vibrant Health And Wellness offers a  comprehensive Breast Health Program that focuses  on nutrition, 

and hormone     

                 balancing; this 



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rates breast  

  thermal imaging 

(BTI) a non- 

  invasive infrared 

technology, which is FDA cleared for breast cancer  screening; studies have shown that a persistent abnormal  infrared image is the single most important marker of high  risk for developing breast cancer. The procedure is safe,  painless and no compression or x-ray is used.

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Healing Touchfor


Dr. Christine Salter 


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Anusara® Yoga Weekend Workshop with Noah Mazé, June 24-26, 2011.

To Register Contact: Georgia Zimmerman (314) 894-2035 or (314) 591-0853

Noah Mazé is celebrated in the yoga community as one of the most advanced and proficient practitioners and teachers of Anusara® Yoga.

April 30 - May 1, 2011 Mercy Retreat Center 2031 North Geyer Road St. Louis, MO 63131

STL workshop location to be determined. For updated info visit

Toni Schmidt, CHTP

Health and Wellness Facilitator Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

314.520.3416 St. Louis, MO



Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

(618) 975-5829

441 S. Buchanan • Edwardsville, IL

Making a Baby... A Healthy Way by Dr. Cheryl Shea

Once a month you experience the heartbreaking realization that you are not pregnant. Another month of checking your temperature, checking body signs, hoping, dreaming, envious of your friends with children. Another disappointment. An increasing number of young women are finding they are not able to conceive. You don’t have to be one of them. How does someone go about having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby? Start with the most important aspect; getting the right building blocks into your body. Improving nutrition is the first step. The most common issue when a woman is having trouble conceiving is that she is not getting good fat in her diet or supplements or she is not digesting and absorbing them well. Some symptoms of this include dry skin and dandruff. Both are signs of poor fat intake or assimilation. Another sign is low cholesterol. Some think that low cholesterol is healthy, but studies show when cholesterol drops below 180, your health may be at risk. Cholesterol is the starting chemical for all of your reproductive hormones and low cholesterol means not enough material is present to produce those hormones. The second nutritional factor in fertility is proper protein intake and digestion. Many women are protein deficient and it is reflected in their ability to conceive. After conception, protein deficiency is a common cause of morning sickness and hypertension and risk of pre-eclampsia. A diet with proper fats and proteins is recommended, along with digestive aids geared to stimulate bile, stomach acids and pancreatic enzymes to fully digest food. Proper fats are found in walnuts, flaxseed, avocado, pumpkin seed, borage oil, evening primrose oil, salmon, mackerel, chia seeds, and pecans. The next step is to examine hormone imbalances.

Your hormones work together to maintain the proper functioning of your body. Hormones include estrogens and testosterone, as well as thyroid hormones and insulin. They all function as chemical messengers from the brain and feedback messages to the brain. Endocrine disruptors are external chemicals that act like hormones in our system and disrupt the function of our internal hormones. Known examples of endocrine disruptors include DDT, most pesticides, phthalates (used in toys, flooring, plastics, cosmetics), bisphenol A (used in water bottles, baby bottles), some food additives and many chemicals used in body lotions and cosmetics. We are finding that exposure to endocrine disruptors cause serious hormone imbalances and can be an underlying factor in fertility. We have all been exposed to these chemicals. Other disruptors include birth control pills and most anti-depressants. These have a detrimental effect on the feedback messaging to and from the brain. Some signs you may have a hormone imbalance include poor sleep, irritability, sugar cravings, weight gain, acne, fatigue, low libido or PMS. A simple saliva testing can determine if these hormone imbalances exist. If so, there are natural compounds, which help clear out excess hormones and bring the body back into balance. Addressing your diet, digestion and hormones can increase your chances of having a healthy, happy baby. Dr. Cheryl Shea is a chiropractic physician, trained in nutrition, acupuncture,and endocrinology. She is the owner of Complete Wellness Center at 10807 Big Bend in Kirkwood. Call 314.822.7900 or visit www. for dates of our next Fertility Workshop. For health updates and video see Complete Wellness Center on Facebook. Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


Danielle Tridenti, In Her Own Voice by Dianna Lucas

photographed by Laurent Torno III

Danielle Tridenti is a lamplighter for many practitioners of yoga and the Bhakti path. Bhakti, in Hinduism, teaches the path love and devotion as opposed to the path of knowledge, or jhana. She has taught thousands of hours and brought many of her teachers and friends to share their gifts with our community. Graciously she related some of her influences and philosophies which I share with you here without paraphrase in quotations. How did you begin your yoga journey? “I was invited to go to a class with a friend at Yogaworks in Santa Monica during a trip to California. Saul David Raye was the teacher. I’ve been practicing ever since. Prior to that experience, I had always felt this soulful urging for connection, to know my Self, and to simply be in this world with a heart wide awake. This is the call of yoga; the great return home to the place of knowing, truth and peace. Yoga is happening inside of every moment. It is the constant unfolding of consciousness and energy inside. “ Who has influenced you along your path? “First, let me say that there have been mainly different waves of influence during different stages of my life. My initial immersion into yoga training was within a system that focused mostly on structure and alignment. This taught me about my own embodiment and how I actually experienced my body. As the process of yoga deepened inside me, I began to experience whole body awareness and understood myself as primarily an energetic being for the first time. This inner


Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

shift created a longing for greater creativity and freedom from the limitations of form in my sadhana. I evolved into flow practice and that drew me to the teachings of vinyasa. For me, vinyasa expresses the full continuum of yoga and is responsive to the unfolding of intelligence from breath to breath and moment to moment, intention to action through meditation, pranayama and asana. It also taught me to honor and trust the process of life’s rhythms and cycles. So I studied with teachers from the Krishnamacharya lineage, as well as teachers of Tantra and Ayurveda. Eventually the energetics of the teachings led me to the power of vibration, sound, and ultimately Bhakti, the yoga of devotion, love and surrender. Now, the teachers who are most influential and leave the strongest imprint on my heart are those who courageously answer their inner call and teach from a place of honesty – Shiva Rea, Erich Schiffman, Saul David Raye, Annie Carpenter, Sean Johnson and Steve Gold.” For some people yoga is a form of exercise, for others it is a way of life. The practice of yoga has many layers, some of them are discovered through learning asana or poses, as well as through meditation and

life choices. Danielle’s practice has transcended the studio and is reflected in her character. “Shiva and Shakti are my greatest influences. Shiva being the energy of transformation, the destroyer of illusion, the dissolver of ego and the seat of authentic power inside. Shakti being the divine creative force, unlimited potential, agent of change and the energy of true freedom at one with the entire universe. These energies are at play everywhere in life and nature, which are of the greatest influence. I have always been drawn to the mystery of the ocean and the moon and the boldness of the sun and the mountains. I have learned a lot about the path from them.”

energy, find balance, focus on alignment, build strength and power, create freedom and flow, turn yourself upside down, or sweat like it’s the middle of August…we have something for you!”

Besides the weekly class schedule, D’s presents workshops and events which can be found on the website or among the quotes and quips from the Facebook page. Some upcoming offerings include Tantric scholar, Chris Tompkins’ workshop in April, 2011; Salutations for Japan, an event to gather our energy in prayer, medi-

How did this translate into opening your studio? “During the 3 years prior to the opening, I had been traveling back and forth to LA for trainings and assisting one of my teachers. I went through some intense life shifts and deep openings during this time and wanted to create a space to grow the heart of the teachings that were given to me in LA in St. Louis. Then, D’s Yoga Home was born!” “D’s yoga is a very unique studio. We have the deepest respect for the tradition of yoga but do not take ourselves too seriously! You will immediately feel the warm, friendly and fun nature of our community. We have compassionate, experienced and highly qualified instructors who care about your individual needs and requests, and help you with your alignment so that you can explore poses and practices safely. Our instructors freely share their inspiration and wisdom with authenticity and playfulness. There are classes for all students of all levels, whether you want to relax, meditate, breathe, chant, shift your

tation and salutations to benefit and aid in funding the relief efforts for our global family in Japan on April 17 from 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM; Understanding Astrology, The Goddesses and the Divine Feminine with Chani Nicholas in June 2011; Kirtan with Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band in July, 2011; Kirtan and live music yoga with Girish in October, 2011. Check in often as events are added frequently. Your space can be reserved on line as well. Dianna Lucas is Editor in Chief of Yoga & Spa Magazine and a wellness specialist. Her mission is to help people balance their body, mind and spirit with their environment.

Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine


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Beach Bums Tanning Salon 815 Lincoln Highway, Suite 109 Fair view Heights, IL. 62208 618-624-TANS (8267)

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Beach Bums Tanning Salon Studio Salons/ Creve Coeur Studio #8 633 North New Ballas Road Creve Coeur, MO 63141

This is the time of year when we all start yearning for spring and the warmth of the sun. Many of us plan vacations to sunny locations which is the perfect reason to consider getting a base tan to protect yourself from the powerful rays of the sun. Tanning smart, in moderation, is the best approach to building your natural tan. Our bodies were made to tan. That’s why we have melanin. The most important thing to avoid when preparing your skin for the tanning process is burning. Many think they have to get a burn then it turns into a tan. This is not true. Burning your skin actually damages it by breaking blood capillaries. The best way to get a tan is by being conscious of the amount of exposure you give to your skin. The great benefit to indoor tanning is that the tanning process can be done in a controlled environment where you can regulate the amount of time you tan. We are not able to regulate the strength of the sun on any given day but by continued practice, the professionals at tanning salons do know the strength of indoor tanning lamps. Moderate and gradual tanning is a very effective way to have a healthy natural glow. Tanning is a process. It is recommended to increase your tan time gradually and slowly build your tan to the level of color you desire. Depending on your skin type this can take up to at least 3-5 indoor tan sessions. It is also highly recommended to use the salon approved tan-maximizer lotions. These products are designed to help produce melanin and bring it to the surface of the skin faster. The benefit of this is that moist skin tans better than dry skin. It increases your skin’s ability to take in the light therefore getting faster results and a deeper tan that lasts longer. Many find they don’t have to tan as often with the use of effective lotions. There are plenty of lotions that are made with natural ingredients such as aloe

vera, soy, shea butter, hemp oil, CoQ10, tea tree oil, silk amino acids. Antioxidants rich in Vitamins A, C, and E also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. For natural bronzing color the use of walnut shell oil, carrot oil, caramel coloring are commonly used. Most are paraben-free. If you’re considering tanning be smart about it. Tan moderately and use natural bronzing lotions. These two smart tanning tips will give you the best results. There are many who may view tanning or being in the sun as bad for you and your skin. It is important to know that indoor tanning is OK and can be healthy. Having a tan is what prevents our skin from burning. Another benefit includes receiving Vitamin D light therapy which helps with depression and Seasonal Distress Disorder, eczema and psoriasis. Who doesn’t like to have a healthy glow? Let’s face it, it makes us feel better. If ultraviolet light is something you need to avoid there is always spray tanning which actually gives you instant color. Unlike self tanning creams you apply at home, the benefits to airbrush tanning are much greater. You don’t have to worry about getting the cream applied evenly or endure build up of product on your hands and feet. Spray tans are applied in two different ways. One application involves standing in a machine that mists the sugar-water-based color on your body. While this seems like an effective way to get a spray tan, going to a custom airbrush technician is much more beneficial. Having someone spray you works well because they are able to cover your entire body evenly, even those hard to reach spots that a machine can’t see or cover. This sunless tanning process takes about 20 minutes. It’s recommended to prepare your skin by shaving and exfoliating prior to your session for best results. Sometimes you will experience instant color. If not, know that the color will deepen and increase with time. Waiting 6-8 Continued on page 32

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Spring Clean Your Relationship By Patricia Sartini, LMFT

Ah, Spring. This season of the year symbolizes new growth. As Mother Nature shows us her magic of awakening the dormant, sprucing up the landscape, and adding new sprigs and shoots, she inspires us to add a bounce to our step, a fresh look at ourselves, and an increased energy to our relationships. Whether you are committing yourself to a new relationship or have been a veteran of many seasons of a love relationship, it is a good time to dust off the cobwebs and get the energy flowing again. Here are a few tips for spring cleaning your relationship… First, change it up. Over the winter of a relationship, the couple can get in a rut with their lives becoming so predictable that boredom can set in. Start with simple alterations. Switch sleeping sides in bed. Sit next to each other when watching a television program. Have breakfast foods for dinner. Next, re-charge your relationship’s battery. Add a new physical activity that you both are interested in. Again, it doesn’t have to be overly ambitious, just something that requires energy, like going for a walk, dancing in the living room, or hitting the gym together. A tip for sprucing up your emotional connection with your spouse is to add the niceties back into your relationship. Treat your partner as that special someone. A husband feels important and needed when his wife thanks him for the little things that he does. A few words of gratitude go a long way for a man to feel connected and motivated to please his wife. Appreciation affirms that his wife loves him. For a woman, a husband can send messages of love, demonstrating his commitment to his wife. She never tires of hearing “I love you.” When a woman receives an unsolicited token of love, like flowers or a card or her favorite candy bar, she is reassured of her special place in her mate’s life. Gratitude and assurance of love are golden gifts that guarantee new growth in the springtime of your relationship. Take advantage of this time of year to spring clean your relationship. It will set the tone for long-lasting vitality in your marriage. Patricia Sartini, Ed.S., is a licensed marital and family therapist, working with couples in the St. Louis area. As a relationship specialist, Patricia educates people in the fine art of compassionate communicating. Her company, Women & Relationships, has developed a program dedicated to improving relational dynamics for women. For more information, visit our website at or contact us by phone 314-731-1133.

2nd Annual

Women’s Weekend

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Let us scientifically explain why you feel the way you do and discuss the newest standards for natural support.

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Dr. Sharon Fitelson

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you need to know is inside of YOU... Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a one on one therapeutic approach engaging dialogue, body awareness and supported yoga postures for encouraging personal growth.

Yin & Yang of Wrinkle Removal by Janette Lonsdale

If the face in the mirror is getting a few too many character lines, but the surgeon’s knife seems a bit too extreme, cosmetic acupuncture may be your key to a more youthful appearance. “It is somewhere between a facial and surgery,” says Dr. Charles Quigless Jr. of the Alternative Care Center in St. Louis. “It (decreases) wrinkles, tightens the skin, increases the growth of collagen and makes you look younger, but the result is less dramatic than a surgical face lift.” Unlike face-lift surgery, which involves a myriad of risks such as infection, scarring and nerve damage, an acupuncture face-lift is a surprisingly relaxing and non-invasive procedure that treats your skin from the inside out. And, unlike its surgical counterpart, there is no recovery time whatsoever. According to Quigless, most patients are nervous about the needles, but they quickly relax once they realize just how painless the treatment is. As each hair-thin needle is inserted into the skin, the patient feels a very tiny pinch. The disposable needles are used just once. Facial rejuvenation occurs when the needle increases the flow of blood and Qi (energy) to the face. Practitioners say that the process stimulates the body’s own physiology to produce collagen and elastin to repair and improve the look and texture of the skin. By adjusting the needle, the doctor manipulates and energizes the skin’s underlying tissue to tighten. The treatments tone the face, smooth out wrinkles and plump fine lines out of existence. During the first consultation, an electronic device known as an AcuGraph is used to identify any imbalances or underlying problems that could hinder the results of the cosmetic acupuncture treatment. This also helps identify which acupuncture points should be treated. For best results, Quigless recommends a course of ten treatments, conducted over a period of four to six weeks. Patients are then encouraged to schedule a regular maintenance treatment every two months to keep-up their youthful appearance. In traditional Chinese medicine the balanced flow of Qi energy through the body’s network of meridians – invisible pathways that map roughly to the nervous, lymphatic and vascular systems of western medicine – is what keeps the body in a state of physical, spiritual and mental health. Acupuncturists apply this principle holistically, inserting needles at precise meridian points to aid the normal, free-flow of Qi. They balance the “ying” and “yang” of the body, like light balances dark. The Chinese believe that emotions and spirit are reflected on the skin, particularly on the face. Since your face is a reflection of your health, you look your best when your health is balanced and harmonized. To find out more about the Acupuncture Face Lift, Contact Dr. Quigless, Alternative Care Center, Touching Lives & Making Changes; Healing From the Heart, 9441 Olive Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63132. Phone: (314) 385 2273. Website: Freelance writer Janette Lonsdale is an internationally published journalist, who, despite living in Asia for a number of years, did not take her first yoga class until she returned to the US. She is Reiki trained and meditates often.

KC Mitchem

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist Practitioner


Breast Health Awareness Issue Coming Autumn Issue 2011 (Sept-Oct) To participate in this feature call (314) 965-6133

Balancing Healthy Lifestyles

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Dine with the GoddessES Traditional greek cuisine, Tappas Style


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American Farm to Table Fare

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Creve Coeur 10425 Old Olive Street Road Suite LL1 (314) 993-2424 Central West End 22 N. Sarah (314) 534-1566

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Y&S Craves & Raves

Bistro 1130 by Jill Duncan

Opening Bistro 1130 is a dream come true for husband and wife team, Eric and Mikki JonesMiranne. Since falling in love on Hilton Head Island they have followed their food quest, passing along a truly unique, authentic French dining experience in West County. The love story lends to the elegant, romantic decor. Upscale, yet inviting and cozy, Bistro 1130 houses an intimate bar which seamlessly flows into the 50-seat space. Mikki, also a spaowner, designed the interior while a friend painted the ornate touches. A local carpenter constructed the stunning bronze wine rack and matching rolling ladder; the couple built the tables and long, satiny booth. Glass-blown hanging lights are eye candy, adding depth to the space. Eric, a French-native, and the waitstaff provide an exquisite experience. His passion for people’s happiness warms the bistro and blesses customers with unexpected, yet welcomed, treats as they happily lose track of time. And, oh là là, the food! Southern French flavors focus heavily on what is not – citrus and herbs – rather than cream and butter. The menu explores both the exotic (think escargot and fois gras) and simpler fare. With smaller portions, luckily it’s easy to graze through a variety of dishes. Eric explained that fresh food here means a kitchen sans freezer, and fish sourced from the Mediterranean for more pronounced flavor from warmer waters. An amuse bouche of butternut squash soup in a tall shot glass led the dining adventure one evening. An appetizer special of green lip mussels broiled with garlic, wine, gruyere and cream served open-face was delightful. A nice selection of les salades and les soupes bridge the gap with lobster bisque and white truffle cream to entice. The partially deconstructed arugula salad with stilton, walnuts and cranberry vinaigrette sits alongside a red wine poached pear bathed in its own thick, puckering, blood-colored reduction. It’s sinfully delicious. Wild stripe sea bass, spinach and tomato provencal with herb tomato sauce is fresh and light. A trio of lamb chops – one crusted in goat cheese, one Boursin, and the last herb de provence – with potato dauphinois and ratatouille should not be missed. Beautifully presented entrees are perfectly portioned and balanced in flavor. Chef Karim, although Moroccan, was trained in classic French cuisine and turns out divine desserts. Chocolate Grand Marnier mousse is enjoyable even on a full stomach. Banana flambés, an entertaining dessert experience, is cooked table side, flames included. Rumors have it that Eric and Chef Karim use Skype when practicing sweet techniques with Eric’s father in France. With impeccable service and an enchanting vibe, a balanced blend of lightened old-world French fare and a wine list that graces all of France, it’s no surprise that one might be torn between asking for an overnight cot or booking the next flight out to France! Merci beaucoup, Bistro 1130! Located at 1130 Town & Country Crossing Drive in St. Louis, MO 63017. Call for reservations (636) 394-1130. Jill Duncan is currently the Director of Marketing for Bon Appétit Management Company in St. Louis. She enjoys traveling, wine & food, yoga, serves as the Outreach Chair for EarthDance FARMS and is certified as a wine sommelier.


Book your private parties now. New event room seating up to 75 people. 6611 CLAYTON ROAD - CLAYTON MISSOURI 63117 PHONE 314-727-8585 - FAX 314-727-8589

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IAMPROJECTYOGA BLOG 365 days of continuous yoga lessons,  reviews and inspiration.

Coping with Hand Strain By Dr. Rene Gassner, D.C., N.M.D. Have you had pain or numbness in the index and middle fingers? How about a tingling sensation or trouble opening a jar of pickles? Do you occasionally wake up at night because your hand “fell asleep”? You might be experiencing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) which is very common in people working on computers or with small hand tools. Women are two to five times more likely to be affected, especially between ages 30 and 60. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is often not recognized until the symptoms are so severe that medical intervention becomes necessary. What exactly is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway for ligaments and tendons, nerves, and blood vessels. It derives its name from the eight bones (carpals) that make up the tunnel. Forceful or repetitive movements of the hand, especially with the wrist in bent position (like when you are using the mouse) can cause swelling of these ligaments and tendons which leads to compression of the nerves and blood vessels that run through the carpal tunnel. How do you treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? CTS should be diagnosed and treated by either your physician or chiropractor. Both conservative medical care and chiropractic treatment have shown equally effective in scientific studies. The National Institute of Health also suggests acupuncture is beneficial in the treatment of CTS. Other options are homeopathic remedies, such as Arnica

Montana, or herbal preparations with green tea, bromelain, or turmeric. Eliminating food allergies and supplementing Omega-3 fatty acids can also be beneficial. The treatment of CTS can be complicated by other health problems such as a forward head posture, diabetes or arthritis. How can I prevent CTS? Start with the simple things first. Modify your work space so that your screen is properly positioned in front of you. Get a mouse pad to support your wrist. Switch between mouse and a trackball every week. Stretch your wrists, neck and back muscles every hour for about 5 minutes. The best way to prevent any health problem, including CTS is a healthy life style. Exercise, balanced nutrition, and restful sleep along with a regular yoga practice can keep your body young and vibrant. What if I experience CTS symptoms? First, modify your workplace as described. Schedule an appointment to be properly evaluated and diagnosed by a physician or chiropractor who can recommend an appropriate plan depending on the severity of your case. The choice between medicine and chiropractic is simply a matter of your personal preference. If you need help finding a doctor or if you have questions in regards to symptoms you might be experiencing, you can always call Dr. Gassner at (636) 527-6333 or email her at

Pamela Primm

Barefoot Yoga Studio Align your body. Calm your mind. Step into peace.

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Men on the Mat by Stacy Hunsicker

Jay Feuerbacher works for Merill Lynch as a private banker handling over two billion dollars in assets. Three years ago a painful pattern began to emerge. Jay began experiencing pain, light sensitivity and irritation in his eye. He was diagnosed with iritis, which his doctors felt may have been caused by stress and was treated with steroids. His symptoms appeared again 6 months later, just after his usual 7 week busy time of travel and board meetings. Jay’s wife had been attending yoga classes with Danielle Tridenti, who suggested that yoga might help the iritis. Jay was willing to give it a try. He has not had a single breakout of iritis, nor has he needed steroids, ever since he started practicing yoga one year ago. Coincidence… or does yoga actually cure dis-ease? Jay says, “I’m not into the chanting and all that. I go to stretch and relax”. Having had five knee operations and a torn ACL from years of playing basketball, yoga not only helped his iritis, it also keeps him flexible. At 55 years old Jay wants to continue to be able to play basketball and keep up the energy it takes to run a multi-billion dollar department. In addition to yoga and basketball, Jay works out twice a week with a personal trainer. Jay said, “I’m going to do whatever I can to help me last as long as I can.”

Jeffrey Howard, shown here in Floating Lotus. Jay Siefert, our final Spring Man on the Mat (pictured below) is the owner of Studio Element in Clayton. He has owned his studio for 4 years and focuses on personal training. As a trainer and runner, Jay turned to yoga for stretching and relaxing those muscle groups that get so tense from resistance training and running. Jay found a Groupon for D’s Yoga Home which is right up the street from his home in Webster Groves. He religiously attends yoga class with Lynn Rosemann once a week. Before bed every night, Jay goes through a 10-minute practice of his favorite poses that he has found to be best

Jay Feuerbacher, shown here in Pigeon Pose. When asked how he found yoga, Jeffrey Howard answered “it found me”. He resides in the town of his birth, Mount Vernon, Illinois (population 18,000) where there aren’t many yoga studios. However, six years ago, a friend invited him to a class in her home taught by Dr. Marya Mann, creator of the Quantum Creativity process in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. He agreed to give it a try. Initially Jeffrey was surprised at how physically challenging it was. He loved it so much he started driving 180 miles round-trip to Webster Groves, MO to take the Saturday 9:00 am Weekend Warrior class at D’s Home Yoga with teacher Danielle Tridenti. He appreciates how she incorporates the breath and yoga sequence to help him open up physically and personally, allowing him to move forward in his yoga practice. This, in turn, has helped him in his life as an attorney, dealing in real estate, wills and trusts, and in his spiritual life as a member of the Episcopal church in Mount Vernon. Jeffrey says yoga has given him a sense of well-being and balance. He continues to take classes from his first teacher in Mount Vernon, Susan Minor. He also attends the Yoga Church class offered on Sundays at 9:00 am at D’s Home Yoga.


Spring 2011 | Yoga & Spa Magazine

Jay Siefert, shown here in Back Bend. for his body. “Lifting weights and running makes me tight.” As a professional trainer with a degree in Exercise Science he knows what the body needs…flexibility and restoration of muscle. With yoga he get all this and more. He says, “The smaller muscles are strengthened Continued on page 32

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seen as an upward counter-flow of chi (electrical energy) into the head. This counterflow is usually due to liver meridian depression. Utilizing thin needle insertions into specific therapeutic points, the acupuncturist is able to substantially reduce frequency and severity of migraine and tension headaches. By precise placement of needles, acupuncture adjusts/corrects the flow of chi in the body, leading it to areas where it is insufficient and draining it from areas where it is stuck or excessive. The goal in acupuncture is to restore the harmonious natural balance of the body and to effectively eliminate symptoms and pain.

hours before showering or doing any physical activity will give you the best results. This type of tan typically lasts approximately 5-7 days depending on your lifestyle. Daily moisturizing will help maintain your color as well. So the next time you are putting on shorts or that new spring dress and realize a little golden glow would be nice, consider getting that instant color and call for an appointment.

and yoga provides balance for the body.” Having suffered with sciatica – painful!, he tried yoga for relief and has run pain-free for the last 5 to 6 months. Jay constantly recommends yoga to his personal training clients. He truly believes that it is complementary to all forms of exercise; including running, resistance training and cycling. Jay’s main interests are snowboarding, mountain biking, backpacking, and many other outdoor activities. He loves spending time with his wife and two children; 5 and 2 years old.

Dr. Neff graduated Cum Laude from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1998. He is licensed to perform acupuncture. Dr. Neff practices at InMotion Health Center in Richmond Heights, MO.


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Stacy Hunsicker is the publisher and owner of Yoga & Spa Magazine. She is dedicated to inspiring others to heal and transform so that they may live life to the fullest.

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Balancing Healthy Lifestyles


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Y&S Interview

The Solar & Lunar Yogini, Shiva Rea By Pamela Primm

Y&S: What is your yoga philosophy? Shiva Rea (SR): Yoga should not be defined by movements such as Chataranga. Yoga is a natural state that all beings are born with and there are many ways to cultivate yoga. Yoga is a unified state of consciousness. I believe the essence or focus is on “being” yoga rather than “doing” yoga. I am in a constant state of evolution in my yoga. I work with world music and chanting in my classes as a means to help people syncopate with their natural rhythm and feel more at home in their skin. ( Y & S: What would you say to new yogis? SR: It is very important to keep trying different classes and teachers until you find a style that lights your fire. Y&S: What would you say to teachers, like me, who are continually deepening their own practices? SR: You absolutely have to have your own self-practice at home. Self-practice does not have to be long. When you combine daily energy flow and different self-practices, you will deepen your practice. Once I became a mother I learned to work with the time I had. I have many forms of self-practice. Design a practice that works with your time schedule. Find your authentic voice through movement and mantras. This will deepen your inner guru. Be in a state of acceptance and have an insatiable curiosity and love of learning for all the different branches and aspects of yoga. Y&S: When did you start yoga?

Yoga & Spa’s Pamela Primm (photo, right) attended Shiva Rea’s (photo, left) recent workshop in Memphis, TN, where Shiva spent a portion of her childhood. The event was hosted by Give Yoga Memphis studio and was held at the Opera Memphis Theater. Pamela says Shiva was authentic, funny and real. The workshop increased awareness of the students’ personal energy. Pamela felt as though she was the only student in the room, alone with Shiva, although there were approximately 200 students. “I felt as if it were just me and Shiva practicing yoga together”, says Primm. “The experience was enlightening as it connected my breath easily with the yoga movements. Shiva’s way of teaching created a space of symbiotic energy.” The theme of this workshop was the Sacred Mandala of the Year. This calendar is a way of seeing our journey around the sun as an invitation to live in sync with our natural, ancestral rhythm. Sacred Mandala of the year reunites the Solar and Lunar calendar to live in a circular, sacred flow from new moon to full moon and new moon again using the procession of the solstices and equinoxes so you know the optimal time for meditation, celebration, reflection and making love to life in all forms.

SR: The seed was planted with my given name, Shiva. I was named by my father, a surfer and artist. He gave me the name Shiva because he loved Nataraj. Nataraja or Nataraj, the dancing form of Lord Shiva, is a symbolic synthesis of the most important aspects of Hinduism, and the summary of the central tenets of this Vedic religion. At first I did not like my name as a little girl because everyone else seemed to have more everyday names. I checked out a book on yoga from the Memphis Public Library when I was 14 years old and began practicing alone in my bedroom. The book was The Radiance Sutras, a version of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, by Lorin Roche, Ph.D. This is my favorite text of all time. It was my initiation into Yoga. This teaching was my first love and has given me entryway into the vast wisdom at the heart of tantra. I feel I have a home base now. Primm says they ended the workshop with yoga trance dance, a free form of dance and movement, which began by lying on the floor swimming around like fish. That gave way to a lowly illuminated lightshow, with green spot lights on the ceiling, and a very high energy self-expressive dance. Pamela Primm is a consultant for Yoga & Spa Magazine. She is a certified yoga instructor and creator of IAMPROJECTYOGA BLOG at


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