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The Healthy Woman Issue

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Volume 7, Issue 4 Ralph Turney Chief Visionary/Principal Stacy Hunsicker Publisher Elizabeth Diebold Editor in Chief Ph: 314-781-8822

Publisher’s Letter

Broaden Your Health Horizons Expansion always brings growth and broader perspectives, and it is with excitement I announce that Yoga & Spa Magazine will be

Sherry Farmer Ambassador of Good Will & Promotions

expanding not only to six issues in the new

Judy Dante Graphic Design

territories. These new resources will bring fresh information on health, beauty

Kelly Brown Senior Sales Executive Monica Koch Health & Fitness Editor Katie Reigelsberger Marketing & Social Media Associate Advertising 314-781-8822

year but also into the new territories of St. Charles and Illinois. As the magazine

grows we will be looking for resources for the additional readers in these new and the luxe lifestyle that Yoga & Spa Magazine promotes.

In this Healthy Woman issue you can find many opportunities to expand your mental, emotional, physical and even financial health. Fall is a great time to

moderate your health routine after a busy summer; a good time for a physical cleanse as we head into the quieter times. Change up your diet to match the growing season, join a group cleanse or detox, or try a hot yoga class to sweat out your toxins. Be sure to hydrate extra well through any type of cleanse! A

mental and emotional cleanse can also be liberating - eliminate all negative thoughts, people and activities.

Contributing Writers Michele Heizer Monica Koch Marilyn Eagen Karen Gelb Trent Koppel Donna Lesniak, RN Richard Poynter Stephanie Stemmler Dr. Julie S. Rhee Dr. Ed Ernstrom Dr. Bryan Deloney Dr. Seth Gerlach Dr. Christine Salter, MD, DC Dr. Christopher S. Ngo, D.O. C. Michael Unterreiner, ChFC Becky Brittian, Ph.D, R-DMT Dr. Russell T. Imboden, D.O. Becky Brittain, Ph.D, R-DMT

As humans, we are innately driven to expand. Change can be scary, but it is the

On the Cover Jasmine Huda shot on location at Wellbridge in Clayton. Jasmine is wearing lululemon athletica Photographed by Jon Koch 314-497-8303

Our mission at Yoga & Spa Magazine is to bring you as many opportunities as

greatest opportunity for transformation. We can consciously choose to change

and broaden our health horizons or we can let life force change upon us. There is nothing like a medical diagnosis to wake us up from whatever denial we are living. We can heed the call to surrender or resist it, but what we resist persists.

Why not live healthy daily to prevent extreme health issues in the future? Having just kicked a life-long sugar and carb habit myself, I know how hard it is to eat

clean. Asking for help is essential - having a support system is key to success in any endeavor. We are here to inspire you and support you.

When the opportunity comes knocking to broaden your health horizons, do you hide behind the sofa or run for the door to see who has come calling? possible to broaden your health horizons and expand your healthy lifestyle.

Yoga & Spa Magazine, LLC does not endorse any information contained in articles or advertisements and suggests consulting a health-care professional before beginning any therapy or medical treatment.

Yoga & Spa Magazine, LLC 6590 Scanlan Avenue, Suite C St. Louis, MO 63139 Office 314-781-8822 Ext. 104 Fax 314-781-8848 Copyright 2016


Cover Story

41 Jasmine Huda 8

The Healthy Woman

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Contents Fall 2016

15 Prepare, Repair & Recover 16 5 Simple Ways toward "Fall Fertility" 17 Recipe for Your Individual Health Challenges 18 Clear Your Biofields 19 Natural Solution for Osteoporosis 20 Be Still and Know 21 The Number One Killer of Women! 22 Beauty Rest 24 Your Fall Cleanse: Colon Hydrotherapy 25 Where you get your Mammomgram makes a Difference 26 Maintaining Your Machine

Spa & Beauty

27 Latest in Skin Tech


28 30 Days of Charcoal: Take the Spa Challenge 29 Let's Face It: Your Face Doesn't Have to Reveal Your Age 33 Don’t Let Facial Aging Define You!

Yoga & Fitness

34 Fall into a New Fitness Routine 35 Exercise Coach: Quality over Quantity 36 Get in. Get Addicted. Get Fit with 9Round! 38 Empowering Women through Fitness 39 Men on the Mat 40 Rising this Fall at Title Boxing Club


30 The Antidote to "Fast Fashion" 32 Sports Bras 101: 4 expert fit tips


42 Change your Subconscious, Change Your Life 43 Not the Same Vein 44 Gifts that Inspire 50 Real Estate: A Year in Review 53 Local Fun 54 Self Knowledge is Your Key to Change 55 Taking Control of Your Finances 58 Needed a New Direction


46 Wine Country Weekends 48 Connect with the Caribbean: Win a Cruise for Two!

Home & Garden

51 Enjoy What’s Good for You! 52 The Element of Warmth


Letter from Editor, Elizabeth Diebold

New Beginnings As the leaves begin to turn colors and we enter a new

season, this becomes a perfect time to reflect on our

summer, release what is no longer working for us and look forward to a fresh start.

Because EVERYBODY Should Feel This Good!

314.771.1866 3121 S. Grand Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63118

As women, we tend to juggle many hats between our

careers, home life, social life, family and loved ones. This change in season can be a perfect time to slow

down, find some stillness in your life and reflect on what it means to you to be healthy woman. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, a massage, journaling or maybe just taking a quiet

walk in the park, find whatever works for you and helps you to settle down and just be. Listen to the answers that come up for you when you ask yourself these questions.

Did you feel your best this summer? What could have you done better? What is no longer

serving you? What does optimal health look and feel like to you? What are some things

you would like to change? What lights you up as you go about your day? What do you look forward to? What small steps can you take toward your health and fitness goals this season?

The fall season is also a wonderful time to let go of what you no longer want in your life. Let it just simply fall away, and then go back to the drawing board with a blank slate. Imagine

you at your peak self with increased energy enjoying life at its fullest. Create a strong

foundation and network of people and resources to support you in that journey to be the best you can be! Surround and immerse yourself with love and support. You are worth it!

This new beginning for myself as Editor-in-Chief signals one of gratitude for this much

welcomed opportunity. With a previous holistic background in massage and wellness, I look forward with great excitement to help support this wonderful publication. St. Louis has so many talented health and wellness professionals, fitness and yoga classes, healthy eating options and so much more just waiting to be discovered and embraced! I hope you find

St. Louis Juice Press Fresh. Simple. Delicious.

what you are looking for within this issue to assist you in becoming the healthiest woman you can be. Here’s to celebrating the Healthy Woman living life to her fullest potential!

Because EVERYBODY should feel this good! (314) 771-1866

We Deliver!

Sherry Farmer Ambassador of Good Will & Promotions Veteran broadcast professional and native St. Louisan Sherry Farmer has joined Yoga & Spa Magazine. She will take on the role of social media, promotions and overall goodwill ambassador of the magazine. 6

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016

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Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016



Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


Trending Now by Katie Reigelsberger

When you feel good inside, you radiate wellness and beauty outside. This fall, Yoga & Spa Magazine is focused on products and services that will help you reach your peak state of health. Some of these trends have been around for years and are making a comeback, such as hot yoga and acupuncture, while some are using new technology to put a spin on natural methods. With our readers in mind, we have gathered some of the biggest health trends of the season. Treat yourself with luxurious body cream, detoxify with hydrotherapy, track your beauty sleep with a simple app, and boost your confidence with professional treatments. Take over autumn and be the best version of yourself. Yoga & Spa Magazine found the best because you deserve the best.



Say hello to Yogi Surprise, it’s like a yoga retreat delivered right to your doorstep! It’s the perfect way to nourish and support your mindful life of movement. Each month, you’ll receive 6-8 full size yoga-inspired products designed to support your well being, vitality and growth. Become a subscriber today and get your own Yogi Surprise boxes by signing up at www.

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring 2016



While the temperature outside is dropping, there’s no better time to try hot yoga! Pure Hot Yoga St. Louis conducts classes in a heated room to improve circulation, help eliminate toxins, and reduce the risk of injury. To learn more about Pure Hot Yoga St. Louis and the various classes they offer, visit their website at With a new schedule and Intermediate Class on Sundays, it’s the best time to try out Pure Hot Yoga St. Louis!

Smooth & Sexy Skin Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream (Sephora, $45) An addicting, fast-absorbing body cream that helps tighten and smooth the look of skin. Powered by guaraná, a native Amazonian plant with one of the most potent forms of caffeine on the planet and a Brazilian blend of nourishing cupuaçu butter, antioxidant powerhouse açaí, and super-conditioning coconut oil for irresistible, touch-me skin. 10

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016



We know Botox & dermal fillers are used to diminish forehead lines and crow’s feet, but, a skilled provider can use them more creatively. To lift the corners of your mouth, raise eyebrows, fill in scars or even out your nose and lips.

Before After

For more information, visit

Treatments from top professionals! SEXY LEGS! The Washington University Vein Center offers the latest technology in minimally invasive treatment options to get rid of painful and unsightly varicose veins. Our board-certified vascular specialists are expertly trained in all facets of venous disease. To learn more about how the Washington University Vein Center can help you, call 314-362-LEGS (5347) or visit them online at Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016



For thousands of years, acupuncture has been used to help heal the body and mind. It can be effective for the treatment of discomfort as well as chronic illness, depression, fatigue, allergies, and more. Center for Mind, Body & Spirit offers acupuncture services with professional acupuncturists, including Dr. Lily Liu.

Dr. Lily Liu is one of a few acupuncturists who holds both an MD and Ph.D degrees with Oriental and Western medical training. She is now a nationally certified acupuncturist by NCCAOM, as well as a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Missouri. Learn more at

Take your wellness to the next level! FEEL GREAT, INSIDE AND OUT! Colonics gently wash away debris from your core leaving your body rejuvenated and beautiful. With the most top of the line equipment, including a Biomat, customized treatment plans, supplementation, colonic additives and private bathroom with a bidet, Raindrop takes colon hydrotherapy to the next level. Learn more at


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


Beauty Rest Lack of sleep is an epidemic and while it is best to get at least eight hours of sleep each night, many adults report to get less than six hours. While this app may not put you to sleep, it does help you track your healthy and unhealthy sleep habits. Sleep Cycle is an iOS app that uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to track your sleeping habits. You can also use it to set alarms that will go off at optimal times for you to wake up according to the time you fell asleep and your sleep movement. Sleep Cycle also records your habits so that you can check them out at any time. Sleep Cycle is available on the Apple App Store for $0.99.

LEARN MORE ABOUT FERTILITY HEALTH As awareness of infertility increases, reproductive endocrinologists and infertility specialists like Dr. Julie S. Rhee, of Vios Fertility Institute, look to educate on fertility health. Read 5 Simple Ways toward “Fall Fertility” on page 16. For more information about Vios Fertility Institute, please visit

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016



Meet - Treat - Change Lives

Call today! Mention “Yoga & Spa” to receive one free laser trial or Rocktape application ($25 value each) for first timers

300 Chesterfield Center STE 140 Chesterfield, MO 63017 | O: (636) 778-2075 C: (208) 520-7109 | Follow Dr. Ed on Facebook at Ernstrom Spinal Rehab

Have you checked your fertility health? INCLUDES BLOOD WORK ULTRASOUND SEMEN ANALYSIS

Our $99* Vios Pulse Fertility Wellness Checkup can give you peace of mind. Alone these tests can total over $500.

314.266.2062 | VIOSFERTILITY.COM *The first 20 people to call and mention this ad get the Vios Pulse Yoga & Spa Magazine Special Rate of $49!


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Spring Fall 2016 2016

$49* Yoga & Spa Magazine Special

Julie S. Rhee, MD, FACOG Board Certified OB/GYN and Fellowship Trained Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist

The Healthy Woman

Prepare, Repair & Recover Dr Ed Ernstrom has been treating athletes and everyday people for the better part of the last 16 years. Although he is a chiropractor by trade; his focus is his office is to Prepare, Repair, and Recover the human frame due to physical activity. Between Aspen Laser Therapy, RockTape, RockBlades, and Chiropractic he accomplishes these tasks. Prepare Aspen Laser Therapy aids in physical activity preparation. The energy of the laser beam catalyzes the cells to make more energy from the inside out. This energy produced with this treatment is great to prepare muscles and joints, increase oxygenated blood to the area, and reduce inflammation before physical activity. RockTape works great to prepare your muscles, joints, and nerves for activity. When RockTape is applied correctly, the skin is lifted to decompress your blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and local nerves. This allows for increased circulation and better nerve conduction. RockTape can be applied directly before activity. However, the best results are 2 or more hours ahead of activity. RockBlades are a new IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) tools that came out in the summer of 2016. These tools are used to free the muscles from adhesions/scar tissue and trigger points. This freedom will allow for increased movability, circulation, and reduced pain during activity. Chiropractic care will prepare the frame and skeletal system for activity. On regular occasion, our in joints may become stuck due to over or under use. Many times we may try to stretch and maybe even self-adjust ourselves. The joints that lack motion will cause compensation problems usually causing dysfunctional movement patterns. The chiropractic adjust will open up the restricted joints to allow proper motion throughout the skeletal system. Repair Aspen Laser Therapy accelerates tissue healing. Whether you sprained an ankle, have a torn muscle or overcoming surgery; the laser speeds up the process of healing. The cells will have more energy available to regenerate, protein production, and increase blood supply for nutrient delivery.

the area after activity. Our lymphatic system is responsible to remove these chemical. The laser will open up the lymphatic system sparking the removal of these chemicals by sucking them out of the region. As well as removing waste from the area, blood circulation will open up, supplying my nutrients, oxygen, and hydration for energy recovery. RockTape keeps the blood vessels and lymphatics decompressed. By decompressing these vessels, the removal of waste chemicals and the import of nutrients, oxygen and hydration are improved over time. RockTape can be worn for days on end. RockBlades and Chiropractic allow for motion and circulation to continue after physical activity. Whichever physical needs are, you can contact Ernstrom Spinal Rehab and Dr Ernstrom will help get you to your physical goals.

RockTape, RockBlades and Chiropractic will help keep the circulation free to the injury and prevent dysfunctional movement while the body is attempting to heal itself. Recover Aspen Laser Therapy will remove imflammation and lactic acid after physical activity. Waste products in and out of muscles usually stay in Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


5 Simple Ways toward “Fall Fertility”

by Julie S. Rhee, MD, FACOG

1) High antioxidant diet Antioxidants are substances that naturally inhibit oxidation in cells, a process that produces free radicals which can be damaging to cells, and in turn the body. Increasing intake of foods naturally high in antioxidants may be beneficial to reproductive health by improving egg quality, sperm function and motility and also helping maintain a healthy pregnancy once conception occurs. Examples of foods high in antioxidants are blueberries, dark green vegetables, dark chocolate, cinnamon, and pecans to name a few. Antioxidants are beneficial not only for reproduction, but for eye and skin health as well.

2) Moderate Exercise Exercise is beneficial for overall metabolism, circulation and for ovulation/ egg production. However, keeping a good balance is of utmost importance, as too little or too much exercise can also impair fertility. On average, 30 minutes per day of moderate intensity exercise is recommended. Exercise in conjunction with moderate weight loss has been shown to improve ovulation and regulation of periods in women with irregular periods.

3) Ample Sleep Because hormone secretion is controlled by the circadian clock, lack of sleep can have a major negative impact on the production of the hormones that are necessary to release an egg and subsequently to conceive. An adequate amount of sleep improves overall 16

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016

physical health, mental health, libido and fertility. An average of at least seven hours per night is recommended for an adult.

4) Appropriate timing of sex It is a myth that you need to have sex daily when trying to conceive. What is most important is that it is well-timed at or before ovulation. It is ideal to have sperm present in the fallopian tubes before the egg is released. When you get a positive on an ovulation predictor kit (OPK), this signifies that you will ovulate within 24 hours, so it is ideal to have sex on the day the OPK is positive, followed by the next two days. There is no need to stress yourself out about having sex for an extended period of consecutive days—just the critical window of time before and at time of ovulation is most important.

5) Vitamin D supplementation Vitamin D has always been known to play a key role in calcium absorption and is important in keeping bones healthy and strong. Recently, however, Vitamin D has been shown to also be important in reproductive health. Both animal and human studies have illustrated improvements in egg health and uterine environment, which is necessary in helping establish and maintain a healthy pregnancy, in both fertile and infertile women. Consider asking your healthcare provider to check a Vitamin D level on you. If it is low, consider taking a daily Vitamin D pill (ask your provider for the recommended dosage based on your test results).

To learn more about your fertility health, consider the Vios Pulse Fertility Wellness Check Up, which tests your fertility health and your partner’s (if applicable) for just $99. To schedule an appointment, call 314.266.2062. Dr. Julie Rhee is a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist and founding physician of Vios Fertility Institute. She is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and completed her fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Washington University in St. Louis. Established in 2015, Vios Fertility Institute has offices in St. Louis, Missouri, and Chicago, Illinois. The staff at Vios is dedicated to helping each patient, couple and family with all their reproductive health needs by focusing on the patient from day one and developing a personalized plan best suited for the emotional, physical and financial needs of each individual. For more information, please visit



HEALTH CHALLENGES Dr. Bryan Deloney, Chesterfield, is bringing one of the newest advancements in natural health and healing to local residents. Deloney is helping patients reverse health challenges, such as excess weight, diabetes, sleep apnea, thyroid disorders fibromyalgia and autoimmune issues, using the NutriMost Resonant Frequency Technology (NRF).

Everyone Gains Weight Differently Due to Hormones NRF technology can target your hormone imbalances and get to the cause of your weight gain, overcoming weight loss resistance and solving your weight challenges. First, patients undergo a fast, painless scan of their body’s cells by using the comprehensive electro-impedance resonant frequency (NRF) technology. This allows Dr. Deloney to take a “hormonal fingerprint” of every factor that affects weight gain, including fat burning, fat storage, metabolism, the organs involved, hormones, neurotransmitters, vitamins, minerals, metals, toxins, bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, candida, parasites and nanobacteria. It gives him the capability of measuring and assisting the body’s innate healing abilities. NRF technology is so advanced and specific it can determine hormone imbalances, organ function weakness, and much more. Deloney explains, “we determine your personal recipe for healthy weight and healing using resonant frequencies”. Using an understanding of resonant frequencies, Dr. Deloney can determine precisely what the body needs to bring it into its optimal fat burning zone and keep it there. This is done by measuring the baseline of each factor being measured (hormone, neurotransmitter, heavy metal, bacteria, virus, organ, etc.), and then the doctor can determine what supplement or formula is needed by observing what the effect of that item is on the baseline (whether it makes it more coherent or less coherent). The program displays the results and identifies the biomarkers (vitamins, minerals, hormones, neurotransmitters, toxins, microbes, etc.) that are out of range regarding the fat burning zone. Once the out-of-range fat biomarkers are identified, the program will determine exactly what is needed to bring the biomarkers back into fat burning. It will identify what is needed nutritionally; but more than that, the foundation of the whole program is the ability to determine the exact “recipe” for each person’s fat burning. The program creates a “recipe” for hormones/ neurotransmitters, a “recipe” for detox and a “recipe” for the fat burning formula. LET THE BALANCING AND HEALING BEGIN! Once in this balance state and fat burning zone: • You experience no hunger or cravings, unlike other weight loss programs • The typical fat loss is between ½ pound and 2 pounds of fat per day • You will have more energy, better sleep, and you will be in a better mood • Your hormones will become more and more balanced • You will enter a state of autophagy, which helps the body overcome all sorts of health challenges

The NutriMost Ultimate Fat Loss System is safe, fast, and effective. You’ll clear out harmful toxins and balance your hormones as you lose fat at an unbelievable pace. Typical results see patients losing 20 – 40 pounds in 40 days. And the best part? The results are permanent. Following your 40 days of fat loss, NutriMost will reset your metabolism and weight set point, so you can keep the weight off for good. This safe, doctor-supervised system works in just 6 weeks, guaranteed.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! Dr. Deloney offers FREE Consultations

Participants may purchase: > Body Composition Analysis


Value: $100 Contact NutriMost Missouri at 844-STL-MOST for more information or to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Deloney PSc.D. Simply Health 126 Hilltown Village Center Chesterfield MO 63017 Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


Clear Your Biofields by Becky Brittain, Ph.D, R-DMT

Try our 4 amazing regimens that work on the 4 main skin concerns...aging, sun-damaged, acne-prone, and sensitive skin

Do you know energetic biofields exist and surround every human body in layers? There are separate fields that hold emotional, mental, and spiritual information about you from this lifetime and from other lifetimes. Every person has a unique energetic signature. Personal auras come in a range of colors that reveal a lot about you, and your field may radiate outside of you by inches or feet, depending upon your energy frequencies in the moment. Dr. Valerie Hunt, author of The Infinite Mind, professor and acclaimed scientist at UCLA, taught me much about biofields. It was an honor to be her research assistant, soon after she was the first to discover the human energy field. She collaborated with Russian scientists to prove the existence of auras around every living thing. She worked with NASA to develop instrumentation in her lab that could measure the subtle energy and high frequencies at 25,000 Hz. 314-280-9569

Bee Hopeful, Bee Inspired, Bee Beautiful.

Special through December 1 Buy Three, Get One FREE, plus free shipping!

(until December 1, 2016, online order only)

Urban Nectar is a St. Louis based company with an apiary in Innsbrook, Missouri. Our nail polish is inspired by honeybees and the plants they pollinate. 18

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016

Dr, Hunt’s research helped to contribute scientific validation for the field of energy medicine, which includes acupuncture. She studied individual aura patterns over a 30-year period and discovered that healthy individuals display coherent wave patterns, while those individuals with disease show jagged frequencies at high or low spectra of energy. There are two types of anti-coherent disease profile patterns: deficiency diseases, like cancer and fatigue syndromes, are at the low frequency range, and hyperactive conditions, like colitis, hypertension and skin problems, are at the high frequency range. It is critical for health reasons to clear blockages, distortions, and unhealthy attachments in your fields. Personal energy needs to be clear and bright. Gray or black clouds in the field hold much stagnation. A buildup of negative thoughts, feelings and old trauma can accumulate and clog up the energy field. It has been postulated that disease first enters the etheric body or energy field of a person before entering the physical body. Therefore, it is critically important to consciously maintain healthy fields. A somatic therapist can use energetic methods to clear disturbances in the biofield. Therapeutic assessment and work can clear internal imprinted energetic programs from early conditioning that unconsciously cause mental and emotional instability. We live in a toxic world where there are many external negative influences that can affect auras. It is important to also develop conscious awareness of personal healthy lifestyle habits and diet that promote clarity in the biofields. Clear your field and get your vibe up! Becky Brittain, Ph.D., is a body-centered psychotherapist, registered dance movement therapist and adjunct professor at Washington University who teaches Authentic Movement. More information at or email

Natural Solution for Osteoporosis Have you been diagnosed with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis, or concerned with bone loss, strength and balance? Do you do everything you can to “not” take pharmaceuticals? If you have been affected by lower bone density and are searching for a non-pharmaceutical option, Osteostrong could be your answer. OsteoStrong St. Louis, the new wellness center in Creve Coeur, offers a drug-free option for those with bone loss. Their patented system of equipment simulates high impact activity, without the risk of injury. It’s safe for all ages and conditioning levels and only requires one short session once a week. Research shows exercise does not build bone as much as once thought. Walking, running, and strength training are good for your overall health, but does very little to slow the effects of osteoporosis. According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, osteoporosis is estimated to affect 200 million women worldwide and causes more than 8.9 million fractures annually. (That’s an osteoporotic fracture every 3 seconds!) Most have heard that the best thing to do for bone strength is weight bearing exercise, but research suggests that multiples of your body weight of force is required to trigger osteogenesis (formation of bone), which is impossible to do with conventional weight training for most people. The system at OsteoStrong was developed by Dr. John Jaquish, PhD. Dr. Jaquish’s initial intent was to reverse his own mother’s osteoporosis.




In his research he found that gymnasts frequently had high BMD (Bone Mass Density), along with “any athlete that absorbed very high impact force”. That high level of force that a gymnast’s body absorbs is able to be accomplished safely through the osteogenic loading equipment at OsteoStrong, in just one short session a week. OsteoStrong is not just for increasing bone density, the treatment also helps increase strength and balance, and is helping reduce joint pain as well. Improving strength and balance for someone with low BMD is extremely important in achieving the goal of preventing falls and ultimately preventing fractures. OsteoStrong offers 2 FREE sessions to anyone interested in learning about osteogenic loading, if you’re interested, please call and schedule your first FREE session. 314-300-6902.

(314) 300-6902





Osteoporosis? Poor Balance or Strength? Back or Joint Pain? Type II Diabetes?


w w w. O S T E O S T R O N G S T LO U I S . c o m Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016




Are You Determined and Motivated? Yoga & Spa Magazine is expanding and hiring!

Experienced Sales Executives Please contact us for a full job description. Inquiries and resumes may be emailed to:

Did holiday stress get the best of you? For a FREE quick energy balancer, visit, click on DVD and experience Your POWER of Being! 1290 S. Mason Rd., Ste 100, Town and Country, MO 63131 20

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016

Be Still...And Know!

by Marilyn Eagen Moving through times of incredible change offers each of us a valuable opportunity to learn and grow. This experience is available to everyone right now, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey. Growth is unlimited and we can choose to see each day in a new light. There are many of you who are just now realizing that you are old souls put on this earth right now for a purpose. If you are reading this, you are probably one of these old souls. Your energies may be opening up so fast that you are seeking answers about what to do from other people. Having an energy community to support you in these challenges is very important, as is having a few trusted energy workers to help you navigate these times. However, it is important for you to realize that only your own “Divine inside” can truly know what is best for you. I recently had a situation that was not easy to process and I called upon my own energy community to assist me. I received very valuable insights that each one harvested from my energy field - these were important pieces for me. I know that each person was truly giving me accurate messages and connected to me in a kind and compassionate way. There were some very different messages presented to me, and I found that to be confusing. Then, I realized the Universe was teaching me discernment at a whole new depth. It was time for me to be still and know inside myself how to handle this situation. Each piece of information was extremely valuable, and I needed to find my truth in the situation.

This lesson of discernment is of utmost importance right now and the Universe is sending that message to everyone. Make sure your energies are aligned, centered and balanced, then utilize and value the insights shared with you. Spend time inside yourself. The answers are all about love, self love, the Divine inside, woven with the Divine in others and the Divine that surrounds us at all times. Each of us has unconditional love deep inside, although we may need others to help us find it. Your Divine Inside has the truth you are searching for. Be still...and know! Marilyn Eagen of Holistic Harmony Lifecare is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Shaman and Life Coach who is certified and trained in many modalities. She is available to help you find peace, calm, balance and joy in your life through one-on-one sessions, classes or small group workshops, speaking at your event or the many ceremonies and groups that she offers at her office, The Peace Place, located at 2841 Barrett Station Rd. Contact her at, me@marilyneagen. com, 314-330-4156, or Facebook at Holistic Harmony Lifecare. You can also join her closed Facebook group, The Peace Place.

The Number One Killer of Women!

by Christine Salter MD, DC, ND ABFM, ABIHM, ABoIM, ABOM The disease most feared by women - breast cancer - is not the disease most likely to kill them. According to the CDC, heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women. In fact, more women die from heart disease than from the top four cancers combined, including breast cancer; this is especially true of women who are postmenopausal. Chronic inflammation is the main cause of heart attacks, which is why heart attacks can occur in the setting of normal cholesterol levels. According to the CDC, almost two-thirds of women who die suddenly of coronary heart disease had no previous symptoms, meaning even if you are asymptomatic, you may still be at risk for heart disease. Heart disease in women is often referred to as a “Silent Killer” and is often not diagnosed until a woman shows signs or symptoms of a heart attack, stroke, angina pain, or pain in neck, throat, jaw, upper abdomen or back. The symptoms of heart disease in women tend to be more subtle than in men. Women need to recognize the following symptoms of heart disease such as heart attack (chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, extreme fatigue); arrhythmia (fluttering feelings in the chest); heart failure (shortness of breath, fatigue and swelling of legs/ankles); stroke (sudden weakness, trouble speaking, numbness of the face, legs or arms). Women are more likely to experience chronic lower-grade angina symptoms rather than sudden dramatic signs, which are more common in men. Because of this, when women have angina, the chest pain is often mistaken for gastrointestinal problems.  The InterHeart Trial International Study done in 52 countries with more than 27,000 participants revealed that depression, social isolation and a feeling of hopelessness increased a woman's risk of having a heart attack more than diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking or obesity.

To address this often overlooked issue of heart disease in women, the Centre For Vibrant Health and Wellness offers a comprehensive heart health program that: 1. Detects heart disease early 2. Quantifies the plaque burden as well as vulnerable plaque 3. Quantifies risk factors such as: -High blood pressure -Insulin Resistance -Metabolic Syndrome -Type II diabetes -Tobacco smoking -Sedentary lifestyle -Hormone Imbalance -Depression -Stress 4. Monitors the response to interventions designed to prevent progression of early disease that are personalized and precise 5. Reduces the risk for later adverse events Our global comprehensive heart and cardiovascular program called Love Your Heart, which also includes a hormonal evaluation, is an excellent program.  Using advanced diagnostic and therapeutic tools from both a holistic and conventional perspective, heart and cardiovascular health can be significantly improved. Life is not a game, and there is no something now to make a real difference in your heart health.

Call 314-395-9777 or email to enroll in your personalized “Love Your Heart & More” program. The best part is that the “Love Your Heart & More” Program is affordable and effective.

Remember what Jim Rohn said: “Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live!” Christine Salter MD, DC, ND ABFM, ABIHM, ABoIM, ABOM, a native of Great Britain, obtained her BSc (hon) in Physiology & Biochemistry from the University of Reading, UK, and Naturopathic training at the British College of Naturopathy & Osteopathy in London. She is also a graduate of Logan College of Chiropractic; she obtained her medical degree from St. Louis University School of Medicine, and completed her residency in Family Medicine at Mercy Medical Center. She is the founder of The Centre For Vibrant Health And Wellness in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Salter has extensive training and experience in osteopathic, naturopathic, allopathic and chiropractic medicine; she is an expert in the practice of Integrative Holistic Medicine, otherwise known as Functional Medicine. Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


Lo-res; need hi-res

Sleep well. They’ve got your back. 22

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Beauty Rest with The Back Store Offering Saint Louis the largest selection of Tempur-Pedic and Rem Fit Active lifestyle bedding, pillows, and accessories.

It’s Like No Other Mattress Store It’s Like No Other Mattress That’s because TEMPUR® material is not typical memory foam. Our proprietary formulation changed the way the world sleeps. And it can do the same for you. Precisely adapts to your body. • TEMPUR® material responds to your body’s temperature, weight and shape for truly personalized comfort and support. No more tossing and turning. • As it conforms to your body, TEMPUR® material minimizes pressure points that keep you awake. Helps you both sleep undisturbed. • TEMPUR® material dramatically reduces motion transfer so your sleep partner’s movement won’t disturb you.

The Back Store is St. Louis’s ONLY locally owned and operated TempurPedic ELITE Retailer. We display every model available and some you won’t see anywhere else. Our focus is on you, the sleeper. • While we can definitely tell you how the bed is built, it is more important we learn about how you sleep - the challenges you face and how we can improve your rest each night. Factory trained and Better Sleep Certified professionals. • Our team’s training is ongoing and not limited to just products. We invest in our education of sleep sciences to better understand your needs. Your satisfaction and comfort is our guarantee. • Every new bed we deliver comes with a minimum 90 night comfort trial, and some even longer. Rest assured, we make sure that you make the best choice. The Back Store (314) 643-8432 | Located in Chesterfield Mall, St. Louis Galleria, West County Center, Plaza Frontenac, and South County Center Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


Letting Go and Letting in Balance

Your Fall Cleanse: Colon Hydrotherapy by Karen Gelb, Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy As the season transitions into autumn, our bodies also transition into a time of preparation, a time for relaxing into shorter days and longer nights, a time for the body to match the rhythms of the earth. Historically, as the summer turns to fall and autumn to winter, it is also the time to cleanse and support the body through colon cleansing. Colon irrigation, or commonly known as colon hydrotherapy, dates back to ancient Egypt, India and Greece, where it was used for therapeutic purposes. Throughout history, Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions have practiced cleansing of the colon to assist the body in transitioning during seasonal changes in daylight and temperature. Regular colonics in the fall and winter boost immunity, hydrate the skin, reduce internal inflammation and support organs of elimination and detoxification. As the seasons change, regular colonics support the proper balance of gut flora, which leads to greater immune function. The autumnal equinox is the time for reflection and rest, and now is the time to find balance. Pay attention to any signs of toxic overload, including digestive complaints, joint problems, persistent allergies, frequent colds/flu, headache, fatigue, weight gain and brain fog. Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy is proud to offer the top-of-the-line colonic services for cleansing, as well as optional additives to further enhance digestion and detoxification. As the holidays are celebrated with rich food and drink, we offer support to the body and mind through regular colonics. You can choose to add coffee to your hydrotherapy session to detox the liver, along with probiotics to help establish a proper balance of gut flora. Specific supplements and dietary recommendations are also available based on your individual needs and are included in the unique symptom treatment plans given to all clients. Autumn is also a wonderful time to focus on meditation and honoring the needs of your mind and body. Regular cleansing supports physical 24

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Testimonial “I highly recommend trying colon hydrotherapy with Karen. She is the best colon hydrotherapist I’ve ever met! She makes the entire experience comfortable and relaxing. Afterwards my skin glows and I feel renewed energy and inner radiance. My health has dramatically improved with my routine colonics. I am very grateful to Karen of Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy.” --D. Myers

and emotional health, which leads to inner peace and balance. Space clearing is also beneficial to promote healthy emotions during this change, as well as clear germs related to colds and flu. Sage is available to “smudge” your space and diffusing of essential oils are also available for you to take home. We are here to support you through balance in body, mind and spirit. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment. Karen Gelb is an advanced certified colon hydrotherapist I-ACT with ten years of experience in the St. Louis area. Over time, she has perfected her techniques and her personal approach to holistic healing and detoxification. She is very excited to incorporate these skills into her own business, Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy. Now she can really make the colonic experience truly amazing! Visit to learn more.

Where You Get Your Mammogram Makes a Difference by Stephanie Stemmler At Siteman Cancer Center, radiologists interpret only breast exams Siteman Cancer Center is committed to early detection of breast cancer through mammography and other screening methods. At Siteman, a dedicated team of Washington University radiologists and radiologic technologists who specialize in mammography interpret more than 50,000 breast exams every year. That’s all they do, all day, every day. They are mammography experts with the skill, expertise and experience to make a difference. At Siteman, every mammogram is read by radiologists who specialize in comprehensive breast imaging. That means 100 percent of the time, these specialists are dedicated to interpreting breast images. All of our radiologists are Washington University physicians affiliated with the internationally recognized Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology. All radiology technologists on staff have advanced certification in breast mammography and have undergone rigorous training in breast anatomy and physiology, positioning and compression, as well as imaging of patients with breast implants. Their expertise and experience mean clear images the first time and every time. At Siteman we provide all digital breast-imaging services, including: • Screening • 3-D mammography (tomosynthesis) • Diagnostic mammograms • Breast ultrasound • Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) • Minimally invasive breast biopsy For your convenience, Siteman provides mammograms at four facilities as well as in a mobile mammography van: • Joanne Knight Breast Health Center at the Center for Advanced Medicine, 4921 Parkview Place, at Washington University Medical Center. • Highlands Medical Building, 1110 Highlands Plaza Drive East, St Louis, MO 63110, south of Forest Park. • Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, 969 N. Mason Road, Creve Coeur, MO 63141. • Center for Advanced Medicine-South County, 5201 Midamerica Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63129 Suite 1600 Siteman’s mobile mammography van offers screenings by appointment at various locations in the St. Louis area and beyond. Using state-ofthe-art digital equipment that emits the lowest possible radiation dose, technologists obtain two views of each breast. Each exam takes about 15 minutes, requiring very little time from a woman’s busy schedule. To schedule a Siteman mammogram at any location, call 1-800-6003606, or visit Stephanie Stemmler is a former television journalist and is now a healthcare writer based in St. Louis, MO

Colon Hydrotherapy (also referred to as colonics)

Schedule your Fall Cleanse for only $240.00 Karen Gelb

Advanced Cer�fied Colon Hydrotherapist, I-ACT

Look for Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy on Facebook!

(314) 335-0395 | 7921 Clayton Rd. | St. Louis, MO 63117 Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


Christopher S. Ngo, DO Board certified

Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine/ Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Maintaining Your Machine “Not only must you be able to locate the obstruction, but you must have the skill to remove it.”

-Andrew Taylor Still, DO, MD Founder of Osteopathy

LIVE PAIN FREE Get a free consultation and 10% off your first visit! To schedule an appointment,

call 618-235-8422 Osteopathic Horizons Stillpointe Wellness Center 2135 Dorothy Dr. Suite 6 Belleville, IL 62223

A specialty clinic in NEUROPSYCHOLOGY

Gateway Neuropsychology is a clinical neuropsychology practice, providing comprehensive services to help identify psychological problems and pinpoint behavioral solutions. Schedule your appointment, today!

989 Gardenview Office Parkway Saint Louis, MO 63141 314-591-5564 | 26

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by Christopher S. Ngo, DO Sometimes we take for granted that the human body is an amazing machine. It is extremely durable and complex, and is fully selfregulating. The body is constantly active, running 24/7 while simultaneously able to withstand stresses placed upon it. In addition, the parts of the body are extremely intricate and interconnected. Science is constantly making new discoveries about how the body works. Despite how much activity is occurring within the body, we are unaware of the majority of these processes. The body subconsciously knows how to repair and manage its needs by itself. However, like any machine, the body can still break down. Constant wear and tear, injury or trauma, repetitive motions, stress all take their toll on the body’s parts. Malfunctioning of these parts may manifest as pain, discomfort, decreased function, inflammation, or fatigue. What we call disease is simply a broken part or process no longer able to function properly. Fortunately, many of these parts can be repaired before permanent damage occurs. When we experience simple pains and aches, this is similar to a warning indicator on your car dashboard or computer. Something should be checked before a more severe problem occurs. If we ignore the issue long enough, permanent damage may result, requiring a replacement. An osteopathic physician is simply a technician for an extremely complicated machine. Through simple touch, they are able to evaluate and localize the problem at its cause and correct the malfunctioning part. For the majority of cases, this correction restores the self regulating component of the body. This allows healing to occur, relieves discomfort, and gives the patient the ability to increase their activity and live their life again. Christopher S. Ngo, DO, is board certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and owner of Osteopathic Horizons located at Stillpointe Wellness Center, 2135 Dorothy Dr, Ste. 6, Belleville, IL 62223. To schedule an appointment or for more information call 618-235-8422 or email

Spa & Beauty

Latest in Skin Tech


Hair Today


by Donna Lesniak, RN A specialized and unique experience is now available in the St. Louis area of helping individuals get healthy from the inside to the outside and then beautify the skin on the outside! They have amazing treatments for body contouring, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, permanent hair removal, aging spots, acne and stretch mark scarring removal, a nutritional cleansing line and pharmaceutical skin care products with Stem Cell Therapy to help their clients look and feel their absolute best! To make sure they provide you with the best care, they start with a free consultation. They also offer complimentary wellness coaching with a huge support system. Some of the treatments are mobile, so they can go to you as well! Donna Lesniak, RN, Mary Ann Kuehl and Julie Funke are the founders of Aesthetics Medics STL. They are located in Meche Salon, a quaint Brentwood hair salon located at 8943 Manchester Rd. All three owners are fitness enthusiast and teach a variety of classes. Julie is the proud co-owner of St. Louis Spinning also located in Brentwood. She is now certified in Thai Massage and will be incorporating that in our salon.

Advanced technology to reduce hair growth

Innovative real-time cooling system to increase your comfort

Effective & virtually pain-free

No downtime

Venus Versa™ is transforming hair removal by using Intense Pulsed Light with SmartPulse™ technology to effectively reduce unwanted hair growth all over the body. Inquire about what else Venus Versa™ can do for you. Before Courtesy of Venus Concept

After Results after 2 treatments

Buy 1 Venus Versa™ Hair Removal Package for 1 Treatment Area & Get Another Treatment Area For Free!


Here are three of the latest technologies in skin esthetics, FDA approved for facial and body treatments: Venus Viva™ is a revolutionary, fully customizable solution for facial resurfacing. It helps decrease visible pores, reduces signs of aging, evens out textural irregularities, reduces acne scars, diminishes deep lines and folds, corrects neck lines and tightens lax skin. The Venus Legacy™ treatments delivers 100% safe, painless treatments for all skin types and provides the following immediate and long term results for the face, neck and body: non-surgical body contouring, cellulite reduction, wrinkle reduction, circumferential reduction and skin tightening. The Venus Versa™ is a powerful, non-invasive intense pulsed light treatment that reverses the signs of the greatest cause of premature aging...the sun. It helps the embarrassing brown spots on your face, hands, chest or any area that remains uncovered that ultraviolet (UV) rays that are responsible for. It is also the first IPL that is safe for dark skin permanent hair removal. Fall is the perfect time to start on an IPL series, call them today to get started! Aesthetic Medics STL | 314-517-8765 | 8943 Manchester Rd. |

make any moment

a Celebration Turn every day into Nothing Bundt the best. Chesterfield 159 Lamp & Lantern Village (636) 220-6087 Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


beautiful products, safely made


best face FORWARD BEAUTYCOUNTER’S MISSION IS SIMPLE: To get safer products into the hands of everyone.

Contact Consultant Michele Heizer:

For one month, we’re detoxing with the beauty darling of the moment - charcoal - and we want you to join us! Take the 30-Day Spa Challenge. Post your progress on Instagram and make sure to tag me @bcmichele so I can follow along with you! We’ve created a simple, four-week routine for you to follow that includes our favorite deep-cleansing classics, including the charcoal mask and cleansing bar. For 15 minutes a day, enjoy a spa-grade facial treatment and reap the complexion-clearing benefits. When used regularly, mineral-rich charcoal delivers a deep, purifying clean that nourishes, soothes and refines the skin. Absorbent yet nondrying, it draws out impurities and toxins, leaving a brighter, clearer and more even complexion. Like all of our products, our charcoal mask and cleansing bar are sourced with safer ingredients vetted by our rigorous Ingredient Selection Process.

The Routine Mask on, mask off, for a fresh face. Step One: On damp skin, work the Charcoal Cleansing Bar into a soft lather, then rinse with warm water. Made with antioxidant-rich green tea and organic coconut oil, this bar is gentle enough for daily use and won’t dry out your skin. Step Two: Pour warm water over the Cleansing Cloth, gently squeeze out excess, and press into skin to open pores. Step Three: Avoiding the delicate eye area, apply the Purifying Charcoal Mask all over your face. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse. Made with a mix of kaolin clay and charcoal, this mask is highly absorbent and gently exfoliating. We suggest only using it twice a week, so your skin doesn’t get too dry. Step Four: Spritz Nourishing Rosewater Mist onto skin to instantly refresh and hydrate. Step Five: Massage Nourishing Night Cream into skin for ultimate hydration and a brighter-looking complexion. Beauty Tip: For a 10-minute spot treatment, dab a tiny amount of Purifying Charcoal Mask directly onto oily or congested areas and blemishes. If you’d like more information on the opportunity, please contact me and we can chat about the different ways Beautycounter can fit into your life. Call me or email: 314.406.2210,


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Let’s Face It: Your Face Doesn’t Have to Reveal Your Age by Dr. Russell T. Imboden, DO

“Beauty is only skin deep” is a phrase we often hear; however, it may not always be the phrase we want to hear. It’s no secret that, at some point as we grow older, we will all search to find that legendary fountain of youth. You see, as we age, our skin subtly loses valuable elasticity and collagen, resulting in a sagging, wrinkled, and dull appearance. Although it may seem like this transformation happened overnight–that is often not the case. This is a slow, natural part of the aging process. However, just because that’s how it’s always been, doesn’t mean we have to accept our aging skin.

An integrated approach to healing and wellness. • Diet & Nutrition • Detoxification • Massage • Acupuncture • Chiropractic • Meditation • Trasformational Breathwork • Energy Therapy • Gifts (Health, Spiritual, Eco, Fun)

Experience The BioMat at The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit

Rather, I’d like to recommend another strategy on the fight against aging: Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. Perhaps, you’ve heard this terminology used in the treatment of athletes and sports-related injuries. And, that would be quite accurate. PRP has been historically used to help replenish the essential platelets and cells used in our bodies’ natural healing process. Many top athletes have used this methodology to aid in the natural healing of ligaments, tendinitis, and soft tissue damage. Is PRP Safe? PRP treatment has been used medically for over two decades. It’s used in numerous surgical fields to enhance bone grafting, accelerate healing, and reduce the risk of infection post-surgery. Nothing foreign is added to your plasma, other than a necessary anticoagulant, to help prevent clotting during the procedure. Rest assured, I’ve been practicing medicine since 1987. I am certified in PRP Procedures for Aesthetics from Empire Medical Training, and I am certified in Stem Cell Therapies through the Orthobiologic Institute.

Drink Juice. Feel Amazing.

What Can PRP Treat? As I mentioned previously, PRP has been used in the treatment of a variety of ligament, soft tissue, and sport-related injuries. This in-office treatment can also help with facial rejuvenation, alleviate wrinkles of the skin, acne scarring, stem cell face lift, facial vein treatment, joint pain/arthritis, and much more! Contact me today at 636-477-6731 and ask for a patient care coordinator to learn more about this exciting, advanced treatment in the fight against aging. Now, face your age with excitement, because you have the best-kept secret in the defense against aging. We can have you back to NOT looking your age in no time. Dr. Imboden’s practice is located on Wolfram Road in Weldon Spring. To learn more about the PRP therapy and Dr. Imboden’s services, visit

Opening soon at Berry Road Crossing off of Manchester Road in Rock Hill. website Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


The Antidote to “Fast Fashion”

The Rib Trim Coat is a timeless must-have – throw it on over workout gear for an instantly elevating effect or pair it with office attire and you will be ready for the the day, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

Kinross Cashmere Creates Sumptuous Knitwear, Designed for Living


Kinross Cashmere is a luxury knitwear label with a rich heritage of craftsmanship that dates back over a century to its origins in Scotland. With over 100 years in cashmere production under their belt, it’s no surprise the company is the global leader in the category today, recognized for their sumptuously soft styles that withstand the test of time.

The antidote to “Fast Fashion,” Kinross’ commitment to timelessly elegant design and a thoughtful production process is a breath of fresh air in fashion. Here are a few of our favorite pieces from Kinross that we can’t wait to cozy up in this fall, now available at select luxury retailers & spas nationwide, including

Cashmere is the rarest of commercially available natural fibers, harvested by hand-combing cashmere goats each spring. Kinross is dedicated to sourcing the best quality fiber for all of its garments that are hand crafted to endure. Every step of the creation process at Kinross is thoughtful, the company utilizes bluesign® Systems Partners exclusively in its supply chain as part of its commitment to use resources responsibly, treat people with respect and do no harm to the environment.

o o o o o o o o

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Canyon Ranch, Lenox MA Dovecote, Pittsboro NC Blackberry Farm, Walland TN Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur CA Meadowood Resort, Napa CA Estancia, Scottsdale AZ Tamarisk Country Club, Rancho Mirage, CA Paws Up, Greenough, MT

The ultimate upgrade to loungewear, the Exposed Seam Sweatshirt, comes in 14 beautiful shades for everyday living, and we might have to add one in each color to our shopping bucket list.

A perfect dress-up or down sweater, this 100% cashmere, Apres Ski Cable Crewneck will keep you looking chic all winter long without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

The Matisse Print Scarf just might become the most worn item in your closet season after season. Perfect for throwing on after a yoga class or dressed up over a cocktail dress, it will be hard not to find an occasion to wear this colorful piece.

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Sport Bras 101: 4 expert fit tips Here are 4 sport bra fit tips every woman should know: 


YOUR SPORT BRA SHOULD FIT LIKE A REGULAR BRA While your average pullover bra is perfectly fine for low impact activities (walking, yoga), a sport bra with more structure will benefit you in the long run. Opt for a bra with adjustable straps, which helps you customize your fit. If you’re a larger cup size, don’t be afraid to get a sports bra with underwire support to lift and support.


Strap support - If you notice over time you’re constantly adjusting the straps or band, that’s a clear sign they have stretched out and it’s time for a new bra. 


Time - Your sports bra has the same shelf life as a regular bra, which is equivalent to approximately 100 wears and washes. If you’re working out 4 times a week, about every 6 months it’s time to get out with the old, in with the new.


Once you find the sport bra that fits you like a glove and you feel good exercising in- take care of it and make it last. Hand wash bras in cold water and avoid any fabric softener or bleach that can compromise the fabric. Dry flat or line dry- no drying machines! Visit the Wacoal Store at Taubman Prestige Outlets in Chesterfield for a free fit consultation. Receive a free gift with $100 purchase.


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Don’t Let Facial Aging Define You! As time moves forward, the toll taken by life on the body makes itself more and more apparent. The constant pull downward of gravity, rays from the sun and the wear and tear of facial skin from the numerous expressions we make every day slowly culminate to a loss of volume in the face and wrinkling of the skin. Many patients cannot pinpoint exactly what it is that’s making them look older but know they no longer feel like they look like themselves. Injectable fillers are continuing to gain popularity due to the ease of the procedure and their ability to produce dramatic results, without surgery. Botox®, Juvederm® and Restylane® stand out as the popular choices to inject into areas of the face in order to add volume or smooth wrinkles. A newer injectable called KYBELLA® helps to eliminate unwanted fullness beneath the chin. This submental fat can make a person appear older or heavier than they actually are. KYBELLA destroys the fat cells and once destroyed, those cells are absorbed by the body.

key is to find a skilled practitioner who can address the small problem areas with a little bit of filler over time. When injectables are used with precision, restraint and a deep understanding of human facial anatomy, patients will have a more natural-looking, younger and long-lasting outcome.

Patients who use injectables are also starting at a younger age. By treating patients in their 30’s and 40’s less product will be used, and the effects of time can be chipped away in a proactive manner. The

Visit or call 314-878-3839 to learn more about our skilled and certified practitioners and schedule your initial consultation today!

Save 15%* on Cosmetic Procedures! State of the art facilities. Best Doctors. Advanced Treatments. Through our life-long approach to caring for your skin, you’ll have the dermatologic care and treatments you need, at any stage of life.


Medical Dermatology | Cosmetic Dermatology | Mohs Surgery

George Hruza, M.D. Mary McKaig, R.N. 1001 Chesterfield Pkwy E #101 St. Louis, MO 63017 (314) 878-3839 *$200 deposit required. Offer valid Oct 1 – Nov. 30, 2016. May not be combined with any other offer. Restrictions apply. Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


Fall into a New Fitness Routine by Monica Koch

When it comes to fitness, it’s so easy to fall into a routine. If you are doing the same workouts all the time, you’ll get bored, and when your mind is bored, your body is bored. If you want to get stronger and challenge your muscles, you need to switch it up. Many fitness classes are based on a script, with you doing the same few moves every class. That’s fine if you are not interested in seeing changes in your body and becoming leaner and stronger. However, if seeing changes in your body is important to you, you need to try a HIIT class. High Intensity Interval Training is a training strategy that alternates short periods of intense exercise with less-intense recovery periods. HIIT workouts burn more calories than a “traditional” workout, especially AFTER the workout. The post-exercise period is called “EPOC” (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption). This is a period of time after exercise (about two hours) where the body restores itself to pre-exercise levels and therefore continues to burn calories. There is a new HIIT class in St. Louis you have to check out - Pure hot HIIT. This is a class like no other! Pure hot HIIT is done in a heated room with the perfect temperature and humidity levels to safely and optimally heat your body from the inside out. One of the greatest things about this class is that it’s perfect for all levels. There is no jumping, and the high intensity comes from the unconventional technique of intentional movements. If you are looking to energize and strengthen your heart and body, this is the class for you. Give it a try - it just might be your new favorite! Classes are held at Pure Hot Yoga, 6630 Clayton Road. Check out for class times. Monica Koch (owner of klean&lean) has been in the fitness industry for 30 years and has developed her own innovative technique that takes you out of your comfort zone. She is a certified personal trainer, instructor for group fitness classes, a food and fitness motivator and the Health & Fitness Editor for Yoga & Spa Magazine. 34

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016

Yoga & Fitness

Exercise Coach Quality Over Quantity For many years the idea of exercise has been shaped around the notion that if we just “get moving” we can burn calories, improve cardiovascular health and tone muscles. Even though people exercise more now than ever before, and our nation has an obsession with dieting and eating less, optimum health and fitness have eluded the majority of Americans. Since the inception of The Exercise Coach over 16 years ago, we have created an evolutionary approach to exercise that aides in the improvement of overall health and fitness by focusing on Muscle Quality. If we take the approach that maybe “calories in / calories out” isn’t the solution and focus on how muscle quality can improve our quality of life, we open ourselves up to a more effective and efficient approach to exercise and fitness. Muscles have been called the windows to every system of the body. If we start with this premise we can see how transformative whole-effort exercise can be by requiring the body to make positive adaptations. As we improve muscle quality we also positively affect neurological activity and the ability to recruit more muscle fibers, which leads to muscular growth and the ability to improve glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Other benefits include improved cardiovascular function, stronger tendons and bones, better food digestion, endocrine system enhancement, and aiding our body to actually slow down the aging process. At The Exercise Coach we use advanced technologies to measure the unique muscular ability of each client and activate more muscle fibers with our Smart 20 Workout. Every one-on-one workout is performed with the guidance of a Certified Coach and features real-time digital feedback. Enjoy Strength! Contact us to set up four FREE sessions and experience the Nation’s Smartest Workout. Webster Groves 235 W. Lockwood Avenue Webster Groves MO 63119 p. 314.764.2451

Town & Country 13456 Clayton Road Town & Country Mo 63131 p.314.548.2178

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Get in. Get addicted. Get Fit with 9Round! “30 Seconds!” It reverberates through the room like a battle-cry, as the thump-thump-thump of gloves on bags increases in speed and intensity, and the fighters put forth a final burst of effort before the next bell. “Ding-ding-ding! Jumping Jacks!” The tide turns and everyone begins to move as one, while the trainer visits each station, explaining what combination the individual will do next. “Next Round!” Each person begins a new set of strikes, working and honing every muscle in the body, as sweat gathers in a pool at their feet. The trainer moves fluidly through the mass correcting technique, encouraging high performance and spreading energy like a rock star at a concert, and the audience is smiling. Every person in the room is getting their butts kicked and smiling about it. This place is something special. The members call it “addicting,” which may be why 9Round 30-minute Kickbox Fitness has risen the ranks of the fitness industry in record time. Named as One of America’s Top Workouts1 and among the

Fastest Growing Franchises2 in the nation, 9Round has expanded to over 400 locations in 10 countries with three currently open in St. Louis and another three opening before the end of 2016, all women-owned. What makes 9Round so attractive? 9Round owners understand the pressure that today’s adults are under to make the most out of every 24 hours, and that that sometimes comes at the price of personal health and fitness. So, they provide solutions. No time? Pop in for a workout at your convenience because 9Round has no class times and no appointments. A new 30-minute, full-body workout starts every 3 minutes with a trainer. Yes, that’s right, With-A-Trainer, every time. The high-energy trainers personalize the workout to an individual’s fitness level, accommodating for injuries or other limitations. To accurately tailor the workout, the trainers look to the heart rate readings displayed in the gym on each individual. Training by heart According to Men’s Health Magazine According to Entrepreneur Magazine and INC. 5000

1 2


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016

rate ensures that each client is working to the top of his or her individual fitness level, burning fat and retaining muscle. Of course, exercise is only half of the battle. To address nutritional concerns, 9Round includes online meal planning and coaching with every membership, at no additional charge. This knockout combination of intense workouts for any fitness level, heart rate training and nutritional assistance leads to noticeable results in as little as three weeks, and results help people stick to a routine.

“This is the longest I've stuck with any workout or facility! It's an intense workout in just 30 minutes and with no class times, so no excuse to not make it!! All of the trainers are awesome and make your workout fast and fun!” – Shannon E., member of 9Round StL - Wildwood

The First Workout is Free and memberships range from $70/mo to $99/mo for unlimited workouts with a trainer. 9Round members may workout at any location owned by the same company. 9Round StL, 4 locations powered by Porter Health & Fitness, LLC Website: | Phone: 314-392-9538 9Round Creve Coeur 9Round Kirkwood-Des Peres, Coming Fall 2016 9Round O’Fallon-Winghaven 9Round Wildwood 9Round St. Peters, Coming Fall 2016, powered by MPT Enterprises, LLC Website: | Phone: 636-244-3219 9Round Metro East, 3 locations owned by V-eight Ventures, LLC Website: | Phone: 618-409-5325 9Round Edwardsville, IL, Coming Fall 2016 9Round Fairview Heights, IL, Coming Soon 9Round O’Fallon, IL, Coming soon

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


Real Women. Real Workouts. Personal Training | Group Training | Nutrition Coaching

Convenient to St. Louis Hills


Strong Body. Calm mind. Balanced life.

10% OFF FIRST PACKAGE 2315 Technology Drive, Ste. 121 O’Fallon, MO 63368


Change Your body...change your life! 38

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016

Empowering Women Through Fitness When Renah Jones created Dragonfly Fitness, she saw a need for a training option that gave women the opportunity to try new things and to push themselves in a welcoming and comfortable environment. She wanted to create a space where all women interested in strength training were welcome, regardless of age or previous experience; a space where women who may have once been intimidated or afraid of lifting a barbell or hanging from the bar are now celebrating these accomplishments; a space where women come to learn, grow and give their all - without worrying about what others think. Nestled between the St. Louis Hills and SOHA neighborhoods, Dragonfly Fitness has become that and so much more to the more than 130 women who are members there. “Everyone needs great support systems for success, and from day one we have always strived to be more than just a gym or a workout,” says Jones. “We are truly a community and a support system, and I believe that shines through when anyone steps through our doors.” She says that not only do trainers and staff know all the members, but members get to know each other as well. So, what about the workouts? The studio offers personal training memberships and group training memberships, which include a variety of classes from Lift to TRX to RowEndurance. Jones says all of

the workouts are challenging, but work for all fitness levels because of the talented and caring coaches who help each individual scale the workout to her needs. They also offer personal and group nutrition coaching. Remaining true to its mission for more than four years, Dragonfly Fitness is dedicated to empowering women to become strong, confident and healthy so they can live their best life. Dragonfly Fitness & Training is located 4924 Hampton Avenue, St. Louis. More information at, call 314932-7747 or email

MEN on the MAT DAN Dan is a yoga instructor at Om Turtle Yoga & Spa. His yoga journey began after turning 21 years old when he was plagued with habitual feelings of self-doubt, anxiety, and powerlessness to improve the negative aspects of our society. He began practicing merely as a new form of physical exercise. Getting more than he bargained for, an endless stream of benefits has come forth since his first time on the mat. Finding his haven at Om Turtle Yoga & Spa in his hometown of Ferguson first as a student and now as he begins his journey as a teacher feels as though he has found his destiny. Dan feels honored with each chance that he gets to share what he has learned with his community. Namaste.

KEITH Two inspirations for Keith to begin your were: First, his beautiful (in more ways than one) wife, Kathy, had been practicing for several years. Second, his favorite artist at the time was Sting. Sting is only four years older than me. Sting and his wife are long time yogis, both having been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal. When Keith saw Sting interviewed on TV he noticed that Sting looked very healthy and strong. Later I Keith learned Sting had been practicing yoga for several years. Sting pushed him over the edge that Kathy had started. He began practicing asanas at the fabulous Blue Bird Yoga studio in St. Charles, MO in May 2011 and still practices asanas at that same studio six to seven days per week. Keith is retired from the computer industry. His hobbies are riding my motorcycle cross-country frequently, computers, and listening to hip-hop, but don’t tell Sting. Most significant effect of asanas in his life: Improved range of motion and balance, greater flexibility, increased strength in general, and most importantly a stronger core.

Dan Baldwin

Keith Irvin

DARRYL Darryl’s wife introduced him to hot yoga. A new studio had just opened the area. He loved the sauna at the gym. His wife loved the vigorous workouts. Darryl saw it is an opportunity to workout together with his wife. When asked what he loves most about yoga, Darryl replied, “The heat!”. He is more flexible, appreciates the detox and the incredible knowledge of his instructors at Pure Hot Yoga St. Louis. Darryl is a lawn care specialist. Loves to dance and travel. Yoga is always great for coordination, balance and timing!

Darryl Smith

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016



Rise This Fall at Title Boxing Club TITLE Boxing Club’s no-hit boxing and kickboxing classes are led by trainers who will show you how to wrap your hands, work the bag, and master moves that will transform your body. In between rounds, you’ll tackle toning exercises that keep your mind focused and your muscles challenged. Every TITLE Boxing Club class is designed to be an energizing experience from start to finish. The Workout:

Get out of the slow lane with high-energy, boxing-inspired workouts that will take you to a whole new level. That’s how you earn your TITLE.

NOw OpEN 9494 Manchester Road Rock Hill, MO

314.925.1523 |

– THE WARMUP: The workout begins with a solid stretch to prepare your body for kicking and striking the heavy bag. – THE ROUNDS: Once your body is warmed up, your trainer will teach you the fundamentals. From front kicks to roundhouses to back kicks, plus jab, cross and hook punching techniques, your legs and arms will tone and strengthen with each punch and kick strike on the heavy bag. – CORE AND COOL DOWN: After your 30-minute kickboxing workout, you’ll do a series of innovative toning and sculpting exercises. With each hour-long kickboxing workout, the pounds and inches will melt away fast. The Membership options:

St. Louis’ original hot yoga studio Designed for all fitness levels Offering 60 and 90 minute classes

TITLE CARD Great for TITLE loyalists, this annual membership delivers the lowest monthly payment. CLUB CARD If month-to-month is more your speed, this is the option for you. Switch to a money-saving annual membership at any time. We are located at 9494 Manchester Road in Rock Hill, MO. Feel free to call us at 314.925.1523 or email at

Now offering Pure Hot HIIT! High Intensity Interval Training designed with the yogi in mind. Come try the hottest workouts in town! {hot yoga} 314.644.2226 {cool people} 6630 Clayton Rd. 40

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


Kindred Spirits Take Back Their Lives with Yoga by Trent Koppel, A Detective in West County I remember the day we made the connection. She just wanted a story and I just wanted to get through the many return phone calls I needed to make to my victims. Working as a detective can be extraordinarily stressful and to be honest with you the relationship between the media and the police at this point had been very trying to say the least. So when my Chief walked into my office and said, “Trent go do the story with Jasmine, she’s in the lobby waiting”. I rolled my eyes and did what was asked of me. It wasn’t that I didn’t like her or the media for the matter; I just didn’t want to make time for anything other than my case files. Once I had entered the lobby and began talking to her all I could think about is, one, what do I have in common with this person? Better yet, why should I care? I’m fairly certain Jasmine recognized my lack of enthusiasm for this task.

The story we did that day was not groundbreaking, but what I do remember is it required a little bit of creative filming. The particular camera angle she was looking for required us to film the inside of the trunk of her car. That is when we made the connection! Inside of the trunk of her car was a yoga mat! I made the comment about how I also love yoga. From that minute on there was a whole new energy which seemed to surround our conversation. We talked mostly about what yoga studio we preferred, our favorite poses and how we’d love to be doing yoga that very moment instead of working! Jasmine stated that since she started doing yoga she felt a new sense of strength. I could totally relate to that! We both agreed that yoga not only gives you a physical strength, but a mental strength. We spoke about the meaning of

Chakra and merely understanding how it relates to yoga will enable you to take on your day in a whole new way. It will bring a sense of calm in times when you may not even realize it. The more we spoke about our love for yoga the more I realized that she and I had more in common than initially thought. What we had most in common was for the longest time we had been allowing situations outside of our control to take on a life of their own inside of us. Yoga was definitely our release! Having had done yoga for years, it was invigorating to see Jasmine’s excitement for her new found love. We only hope and pray that others will give yoga a try. Try it, you’ll not only improve your flexibility, but hopefully it will allow you to regain control over your mind, body and soul as it has for us! Namaste Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


Change Your Subconscious, Change Your Life. Fall has arrived, and most of us are ready for it. It seems when the seasons change, we find ourselves ready for change in our lives as well. Hypnosis can be your key to change. Most people have misconceptions about hypnosis based on things they've seen on television, in movies or at night clubs. This is how I describe it to people: your conscious mind is where your thoughts are, and your subconscious mind is the part that you function from. You can only have one conscious thought at a time. You can have many thoughts, one right after the other, but only one at a time. The subconscious part of your mind is like a big filing cabinet. It holds a record of everything you've ever experienced. All of your habits, behaviors, responses, reactions, memories and emotions are stored there, as though there is a file about every part of your life. That is the information that you function from. When you come into my office to be hypnotized, we discuss what you want to change. Essentially, I'm trying to find out what is in the file right now, because that is the information that you are currently working from. When you are in hypnosis, what we are doing is getting

WACOAL OUTLET STORE Shop best selling styles at full manufacturer’s suggested retail price and stock up on fashion colors at outlet pricing, all in one place. Our gift to you: free cosmetic travel bag with your purchase of $100 or more. While supplies last. One per customer.

TAUBMAN PRESTIGE OUTLETS Suite #145 17057 N. Outer 40 Rd Chesterfield, Mo. 63005 Ph: 855.216.5446


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016

the subconscious part of your mind to open up intentionally (or pulling open the filing cabinet) so that we can put a new file in about how you want to function (i.e. being a non-smoker, having different eating habits, being more confident). After the session is over, your mind has new information to begin to work from and doesn't need to keep going back and working from the old information. So, if you're ready to take control of your life, you'll want to use the most powerful part of yourself that you possess: your subconscious mind. Give me a call. I can help you with that. Joan Krueger 314-962-7558


Not The Same Vein Varicose veins and spider veins are treatable. Trust your legs to a board-certified Washington University vascular specialist and get rid of painful and unsightly varicose veins for good. Call today for more information on our non-invasive treatment options.

314-362-LEGS (5347) | Four convenient locations: St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles/St. Peters, Rolla

It is a common misconception that spider veins and varicose veins are the same. Though both can be visually unattractive and are caused by faulty valves in the vein, these problems are very different and are treated in very different ways. Both conditions result when the valves that should keep blood from running backward from the heart to the legs become damaged, stretching the veins. Spider veins are tiny, but engorged, veins. They look like a nest of fine blue or red lines just under the skin. Spider veins are generally more of a cosmetic concern, and people develop them as they age. They are more prominent in women. Varicose veins, on the other hand, are enlarged superficial veins that afflict millions of Americans. They often have a bulging, twisted or coiled appearance. Varicose veins can cause aching, ankle swelling, night cramps or feelings of leg fatigue or heaviness after prolonged periods of standing. If left untreated, they can progress to cause skin damage, including darkening of the skin or even ulcers. Both men and women can develop varicose veins. They can occur in any age group, starting in adolescence. Pregnancy, weight gain, long periods of standing, and a family history of varicose veins are all risk factors for this disease. If you suspect you have a vein condition, visit or call 314-362-5347 (362-LEGS) to schedule an appointment with the Washington University Vein Center and learn about treatment options. Minimally invasive techniques are available to allow for a short recovery time and quick return to daily activities.

Varicose veins Spider veins Effective treatment is available for both spider veins and varicose veins.

8th Annual

Living Fit Expo at Plaza Frontenac Presented by:

Yoga &Spa magazine

January 28, 2017 10am-3pm Limited Vendor Space


For more information


Patrick Geraghty MD; Jeffrey Jim, MD; and Brian Rubin, MD, are board-certified vascular specialists. These physicians work with patients to diagnose vein problems and determine how best to treat them, for legs that feel and look better. Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016




#1 BEAUTYCOUNTER HOLIDAY COLLECTIONS Share the gift of luxurious, safer beauty this holiday season, and purchase one of our gorgeous Beautycounter Holiday Collections. A favorite is our Winter Warmth Palette. Mix, match, and take the guesswork out of creating beautiful looks. SAFER WORKS: Winter Warmth Palette has passed Beautycounter’s 5-step Ingredient Selection Process. #2 KINROSS CASHMERE The 100% cashmere Hooded Zip Cardigan is the perfect gift for your fitness/spa friend who is always on-the-go. Available in bright and neutral colors, this zip up could be worn over any workout outfit and is the perfect length to throw on over leggings. Purchase online at #3 URBAN NECTAR With 20 colors to choose from, how can you pick just one? Purchase three and receive one free plus free shipping for online orders prior to December 1st. Urban Nectar nail polish is perfect for stockings and holiday gifts! #4 LITTLE FOX TAROT Autumn is a wonderful time to clear away the clutter that's accumulated during the year. Start planning for the new year to come and laying to rest those things that no longer serve you with a reading from Melissa. #4 #3


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016



#5 SOL SWEAT The simple act of sweating is a way for the body to regulate itself, allowing one to heal and remain healthy. Sol Sweat offers private 40-minute sessions in state-of-the-art infrared saunas. Infrared light is radiant heat absorbed into the body to provide more energy, less pain, and beautiful skin. Gift Certificates available. $25 for Sol Sessions and $35 for Sol Mate Sessions. Call 314-609-0555 or visit #6 WACOAL Visit Wacoal Store at Taubman Prestige Outlets for all your Holiday Gifts! Wacoal designs exceptional lingerie that combines fit and function with beautiful design. Beautiful Designer Lingerie! Beautiful Designer Sleepwear! Free shipping! Free Gift wrap! Stop in for a free fit consultation!


#7 JUICE PRESS The St. Louis Juice Press is St. Louis' FIRST cold pressed juicery! We juice fresh daily. Our juice is raw, vegan, and amazing! Never heated or oxidized, our juice is the highest quality juice in the area. Drink juice, feel amazing. It's that simple. We deliver! www. #8 MIRAGE SPA A spa experience usually includes putting heat on your back, a deep tissue massage and perhaps a foot massage. You could have that in your own private area at home! Having a Sundance spas hot tub is like having a spa vacation at your home every day!



Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


Wine Country Weekends Plan a Fall getaway in Missouri's scenic wine country. Head west on scenic Highway 94. Stop at Montelle Winery in Augusta for lunch and incredible views of the Fall foliage on your way to a guest house nestled on the Katy Trail or a B&B with a pampering spa in historical Hermann, MO.

Montelle Winery Augusta, MO

Nestled in the Augusta region, Montelle Vineyard's philosophy is to farm their vineyards with a respect for the land and the environment. They produce four kinds of brandy: apple, peach, cherry and grape (grappa). Klondike Café offers fresh, high quality cuisine to complement their wines to be enjoyed from their vast deck, where it is easy to lose yourself in a magnificent view of the Missouri River Valley. The next time you have a meeting, event or just a weekend outing to plan, please keep “Missouri’s most scenic winery” in mind.

Serenity Place Hermann, MO

Located in Hermann, MO, Serenity Place is the perfect place for girlfriend getaways and romantic retreats. At Serenity Place, we strive to pamper our guests with a uniquely relaxing experience. We invite you to create your own perfect spa package for Romantic Retreats, Girlfriend Getaways or Enlightening Escapes.


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016

Travel Halcyon Spa Augusta, MO

Historic Wine Country in Augusta, Missouri provides a perfect geta-way weekend close to home. The wine region offers more than 10 wineries. You may want to get active biking along the Katy Trail or a hike in Klondike Park. Relax at Halcyon Spa, Salon and B&B with a massage, facial, or the pumpkin body wrap. Practice yoga at the wineries or sign up for a Kundalini Workshop with Sound Healing sponsored by Halcyon.

Chaumette Vineyards & Winery Ste. Genevieve, MO

The award-winning winery is located in beautiful Ste. Genevieve, MO. Set amidst their vineyards, The Spa at Chaumette provides each visitor a unique experience, enhanced by the peacefulness encountered when walking into the luxury and warmth of the Spa. Enjoy their villas for overnight stays, pool, restaurant, and more.

Adam Puchta Winery Hermann, MO

Nestled on the edge of Frene Creek on the original family homestead, Adam Puchta Winery is the oldest family-owned winery in the country. The Puchta family, now in the 7th generation, continues to produce award-winning wines in a unique, charmingly historic setting. Come enjoy a wine tasting with our knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Little Hills Winery St. Charles, MO

“Little Hills Winery” and is locally owned and operated. The Restaurant is open daily at 10:30am, 7 days a week, all year! You can dine outside on one of our Three beautiful garden terraces which features a beautiful Pond during the spring summer and fall, or dine next to one of 7 Fire pits in late fall, winter and early spring. We now offer Live Music for your enjoyment. Please stop in, look us up and experience Little Hills Winery, where we are ‘More then Just Wine’

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


Connect with the Caribbean in a whole new way with Fathom’s pioneering cruises

Travel for the mind, body and spirit Most of us think about traveling as an opportunity to escape from our everyday lives for a few days and disconnect from the world. But traveling mindfully can have a significant impact on your mind and body. And when you travel with Fathom, your spirit benefits, too.

destination by bringing you into local communities to meet the people who live those cultures every day. Through thoughtfully tailored onboard programs, travelers connect with their destinations before they even arrive, making the powerful bonds they forge while ashore even stronger.

A pioneering travel company built for our changing times, Fathom travels differently. We don’t just meet the cultures of Cuba and the Dominican Republic; we go deep inside to understand them. We don’t just introduce travelers to local people; we start conversations that lead to amazing things. We don’t just explore the Caribbean; we give travelers the chance to help grow its future.

Discovering the Dominican Republic

Immersion means understanding Every one of Fathom’s seven-day cruises immerses you in the culture of your


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016

In the DR, Fathom’s trips focus on Puerto Plata, an unspoiled land of turquoise waters, golden beaches, stunning mountains and arresting beauty. With the ship as home base, travelers spend four days doing what they love most: immersing into the local culture, exploring the landscape, relaxing on the beach and participating in impact activities—engaging pursuits that contribute to educational, environmental and economic development.

Managed by established local partners, impact activities connect travelers with local volunteers dedicated to improving their communities. Plant seedlings, turn cacao into chocolate, build clay water filters, assist in the installation of concrete floors— whatever your passion, there’s an impact activity for you. A solid grasp of basic English is one of the fastest ways to prosperity in the DR, and Fathom’s English learning activities turn the simple act of conversation into a better future. Connecting with Cuba Discovering Cuba with Fathom means literally becoming a part of history. The first travel company in over 50 years to be granted approval for round-trip travel to the island by both US and Cuban officials, cruises here visit the historic ports of Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba.

Travel for mind, body and spirit Bold Cultures. Powerful Experiences. Fathom brings you closer to the Caribbean than you could ever get before. Set sail for the Dominican Republic or Cuba aboard a small ship to experience vibrant cultures, forge powerful lifelong connections with fellow travelers and locals alike and leave a lasting impact on the communities you meet. Travel with Fathom today and become a part of something bigger.

Cultural immersion and human connection are front-and-center on these trips, with travelers gaining a deeper understanding of Cuban culture through direct contact with those who life it every day. A neighborhood at sea The intimate 704-passenger Adonia ties everything together. A perfect spot to connect with companions and new friends, squeeze in a little yoga, or unwind after a busy day, the ship features a state-ofthe-art fitness center, pools, a running track, and a state of the art spa. Traveling is more than seeing and doing; it's about connecting, immersing yourself in new things, sharing stories and engaging with locals and fellow travelers on a personal level that transcends culture or language and turns complete strangers into friends. When we share, we understand. And when we understand, we all grow. Take advantage of Inaugural rates this fall. 7-day journeys starting at $249 for the Dominican Republic and $1599 for Cuba. Visit fathom. org, contact your travel professional, or call 1-855-932-8466

• Dominican Republic departures from $249 per traveler • Cuba departures from $1,599 per traveler

Come closer To learn more and to book, call 1-855-932-8499 visit, or contact your travel professional. Promotion Code RD1, restrictions apply. ©2016 Fathom Travel Ltd. Fathom TM and the Fathom logos are trademarks of Fathom Travel Ltd. All rights reserved. Ship’s registry: Bermuda.

Stop by the Living Fit Expo on January 28 from 10am-3pm to win a Fathom cruise for 2! See ad on page 7 for more info. Airfare not included. Must be present to win

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Stephanie Connell | A Distinctly Different Agent • Lifetime Sales of Over $110 Million • Broker Associate as of 2015 • Multi-Million Dollar Producer • 5 Star Real Estate Agent In today’s increasingly complex and competitive real estate market, buyers and sellers of luxury homes need an edge to ensure a smooth transaction. Experienced buyers and sellers lean on Stephanie for that edge. Here’s what her clients are saying: “Stephanie Connell went above and beyond our expectations as a realtor. She worked on our behalf from setting the price of our home, getting it ready to sell, and through the closing requirements. She is an expert communicator who demonstrates diligence with great kindness. It is a pleasure to recommend her to all who are wanting to buy or sell their home.” - Creve Coeur Seller

Condo Market Review (January 2016 - August 2016) Area Price Number Average School Range of Units List Price District Sold

Average Sale Price


$908,204 37




Central 500+ West End


$1,007,883 $981,885

Median Sale Price Days on to List Market Price Ratio


95.3% 98.6%

Source: Mid America Regional Information Systems

Contact Stephanie at 314.265.4739 or visit Proud to Be Locally Owned and Operated Since 1936 314.721.4755 |

Infrared Therapy Health Benefits - Detoxification - Weight Loss - Pain Relief - Reduced Blood Pressure - Improved Circulation - Skin Purification

Natural Moments Skin Care – Phone: 636-696-6187 E-mail: 50

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016

It's never too early to start planning for the upcoming spring market. If you're thinking of buying or selling your home or condominium, call Stephanie Connell today! A Distinctly Different Agent 314.265.4739 | 314.721.4755 | Stephanie Connell is one of Gladys Manion's top producing agents. She has been selling residential real estate since 2002. With over $110 million in lifetime sales, she has consecutively reached Multi-Million Producer, 5 Star Client Satisfaction Award, Top Agent Award and Gold, Platinum and Elite sales with Gladys Manion. As a St. Louis native, her expertise covers the surrounding areas in the St. Louis Corridor. This includes homes for sale in the Central West End, University City, Clayton, Richmond Heights, Brentwood, Ladue, Creve Coeur, Olivette, Frontenac, Town & County, Kirkwood and Des Peres areas. 

Home & Garden

Enjoy what’s good for you! Natural Moments offers residential or commercial saunas for purchase OR individual sauna sessions in a private sauna room. Infrared Sauna Health Benefits Infrared saunas are an effective tool for natural healing and prevention. Infrared light has the ability to penetrate human tissue which in turn produces a host of anti-aging health benefits making infrared saunas one of the “hottest” home therapies for overall healthier living. If you want to get yourself back into balance, an infrared sauna may be the ticket to achieving your wellness goals. ·





Weight Loss


Pain Relief


Blood Pressure




Skin Purification


Wound Healing


Cell Health

Quality Materials Ensure a Safe, NonToxic Sauna Every element of our saunas are designed with quality and safety in mind. Our saunas are made with 100% premium wood throughout the entire cabin – no hidden plywood is used. Not only are our Solocarbon heaters proven 95-99% efficient, they contain a proprietary blend of FDA-approved materials and are heat-sealed to withstand temperatures above and beyond the operating temperature to ensure no unhealthy gases are released during heating. Plus, extensive third-party testing has been conducted to ensure all of our materials are safe and non-toxic -Low EMF Levels Provide a Safe and Effective Sauna Experience -ETL Certifications Ensure Electrical Safety -Patented Solocarbon Far Infrared

mid, and far infrared heat at the precise levels needed to provide specific results, based on 56 research studies. Sunlighten has taken sauna therapy to the next level with NASA-inspired, near infrared LEDs, and preset wellness programs. Are you ready to experience a Sunlighten sauna? Contact Natural Moments Phone: 636-696-6187

We are a proud dealer of Sunlighten Saunas. Sunlighten was built on innovation. Their patented Solocarbon far infrared heater technology revolutionized the sauna industry in 2002. In 2010, they rewrote the rules again when they launched their Solocarbon 3-in-1 infrared sauna. It’s still the only sauna technology that delivers near, Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


The Element of Warmth by Richard Poynter The air begins to take on a crisp new scent as the leaves brighten and turn. Every night seems to be perfect for relaxing outside under the stars. Fall is here. Nothing can compare to a warm and inviting fire by which to reflect and relax. Creating a warm feeling in an open space is quite possible with the inclusion of flame. Fire elements will often complete the look and feel of patios, pool areas and outdoor spaces. Blending with existing features or allowing fire to be the main focus generates an extension of the home into the outdoors. Take advantage of available areas or repurpose an existing space to include this warm invitation. In many homes, a fire element is the final touch needed to accommodate family and guests in all seasons. Tall, beautiful natural stone fireplaces can serve as the anchor in a privacy screen. A tasteful and elegant structure can become the perfect inclusion to create much desired quaint spaces that obscure the surrounding world. Perhaps privacy is not a concern - crafting a classic fire pit with room for seating is best in many cases. Put a personal touch on a fire feature with a seating wall or expand a patio space that lends definition to an open area. Walking into an outdoor space should feel no different than walking into a room - inviting and with encouragement to stay. Open flame is highly versatile; the possibilities of adding that finishing touch are everywhere. Feature a dark corner, highlight the most enjoyable view, or focus attention on the beautiful lines created by a pool. With the many applications available, embracing the warmth of fire elements is sure to invite and entice those extra moments of relaxation.

HOMES - CHALETS - CONDOS 30 Minutes West of Chesterfield Open Houses Every Weekend!


Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016

Finding the right element for your home is what Poynter Landscape Architecture does best. Start the conversation at www.PoynterLandscape. com or call to schedule a consultation.

St Charles CVB Halfpage Article Here

Local Fun There are few places where you will find what Saint Charles has to offer. This charming community, located on the banks of the Missouri River, has been welcoming visitors since 1769. Saint Charles is a vibrant community that - while firmly anchored in history - has a variety of unique neighborhoods, districts, and a full calendar of events. The Streets of St. Charles is our newest development with dining, shopping, nightlife, and entertainment for everyone. Plan dinner and a movie with friends, you can try out Prasino St. Charles, our premiere eco-friendly restaurant featuring the highest quality, farm-to-table ingredients and then make your reservations for the most comfortable seats in town at the AMC theater. If you’re feeling lucky you can plan a staycation at the Ameristar Casino & Resort Hotel. With an all-suite hotel, 7,000 square-foot

full-service spa, indoor/outdoor pool, casino, restaurants, and entertainment options, the Ameristar is a destination in its own right. Step back in history as you stroll along the brick paved streets of Historic Main Street, Missouri’s oldest and largest historic district. Visit unique shops, explore a museum, or discover a great place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a tasty treat. Fall is a great time to explore the region and discover first class festivals. In October head down to Main Street Saint Charles for our newest event, Legends & Lanterns, a “spirited” journey through Halloween history. This festival will take place on October 22 & 23, 28, 29 & 30. With 13 ghostly guests, Legends & Lanterns will find its inspiration from the past. From the vintage charm of Halloween in the 1910s-1930s, to the historical rituals and customs brought to the holiday by the Druids and Victorians, to the ethereal atmosphere depicted in American ghost stories and Brothers Grimm fairy tales; this event will offer treats and tricks for guests of all ages. From November 25 to December 24, Main Street Saint Charles will be transformed into a place where Christmas past and present become one, where storybook characters come to life before your very eyes, and where the typical hustle and bustle of the holiday season melts away and allows you to enjoy the yuletide sights, sounds, and magic of yesteryear. Celebrating its 42nd year on Main Street, Christmas Traditions is an iconic festival that will be sure to help you celebrate! From our unique neighborhoods to our signature events, Saint Charles always has something new to explore. Plan your visit today at www.



Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


Self Knowledge is the Key to Change Past Life and Present Life Regression is a profound relaxation therapy which unlocks important memories and leads to deep healing. Achieve a deeper understanding of who you are and learn to . . . • Free yourself from anxiety, phobias, and relationship problems • Tap into your inner wisdom and creativity • Create an “aha!” experience by accessing the root of current issues Call Peggy at 314.644.3339 for a free phone consultation . . .

Peggy Levinson LCSW, LMFT 7750 Clayton Road St. Louis, MO 63117

Joan Krueger CERTIFIED HYPNOTHERAPIST 220 W. Argonne, Suite A Kirkwood, MO 63122


Specializing in Hypnotherapy • Smoking Cessation • Weight Loss • Stress Management • Sleep Disturbances and Insomnia • Pain Management • Fears and Phobias • Self Esteem • Depression


A Key To Change

10% OFF First Session (Reg. $120)

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Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016

Self Knowledge is Your Key to Change A smart man once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result. Sometimes, both personally and in my psychotherapy practice, it feels like I am running into the brick wall over and over again and expecting a different result. All of the usual techniques aren’t helping. This can be incredibly painful. The suffering that we’re trying to heal from can be compounded by a sense of despair. No matter what we do, it feels like things aren’t going to get better. It seems like there must be a missing ingredient - some key thing we could do differently that would result in a different, more transformative, outcome. 15 years ago, I put my Mind-Body training at Harvard to work with some patients, using guided imagery. 10 years ago, I incorporated light hypnosis into parts of my work after studying at UCLA. In 2013, I began training with Dr. Brian Weiss on past life regressions. All of these tools rely on a simple principle - using relaxation to tap into different brainwave frequencies. When we enter these very relaxed states, something amazing happens. We get in touch with past experiences and past conditioning in a whole new way. We can then engage with dysfunction in a different way than our usual “thinking” mind does. It takes us away from our usual “thinking” mind into our unconscious. Many memories that come up help us gain new insights. A good example is how present and past life regressions can help phobias and irrational fears caused by all kinds of trauma: death by fire, drowning, suffocation, animals, knives, insects, natural disasters. Another common theme I see in past life regressions focus on material insecurity and eating disorders. Past life memories of starvation, famine, economic collapse or inescapable poverty may manifest as anorexia, bulimia or obesity. If we do re-engage with a past traumatic experience, it's critically important that a therapist be available to facilitate healing on the other side. Sometimes, we need to experience new insight, new perception, and new self-knowledge in an emotionally real way. If we’re ready to put in the hard work that comes with changing painful habits and patterns, these experiences can be the catalyst to breaking through the brick wall and finding healing on the other side. Peggy Levinson LCSW, LMFT has been a practicing psychotherapist for over 40 years. Please visit her website at and call her for a free phone consultation at 314-644-3339.

Financial Fitness: Taking Control of Your Finances by C. Michael Unterreiner, ChFC Your financial needs are unique to your situation. Would you like to buy a new home? How much of your child's college education would you like to fund? Are you planning for retirement? Whatever your circumstances, it's important to understand your overall financial position. Most people call this financial planning; I call it Financial Fitness. The three main steps to Financial Fitness involve: • Understanding your current situation • Setting and prioritizing goals • Implementing appropriate saving and investment strategies Understanding your current financial situation A budget is first. If you haven’t already done this, consider establishing a spending plan. Budgeting requires you to: • Identify your current income and expenses • Evaluate your spending habits • Monitor your overall spending Your income includes not just your earnings, but also dividends and interest, child support, etc. Next, add up your expenses, classifying them as fixed or discretionary. Fixed expenses include things that are necessities, such as housing, food, transportation, and clothing. Discretionary expenses include entertainment, vacations, and hobbies. Be sure to include out-of-pattern expenses (e.g., holiday gifts, car maintenance) as well. Setting and prioritizing financial goals The second step to Financial Fitness is to set and prioritize financial goals. Start by making a list of things that you want to achieve, including both short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals may include making sure that your cash reserve is adequately funded or paying off outstanding credit card debt. Long-term goals might involve a new home, early retirement, or funding your child's college education. Once you have listed your goals, prioritize them. Setting priorities is important, since it may not be possible to pursue all of your goals at once. You will have to decide which more goals are most important and which you may have to place on the back burner.

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Implementing saving and investment strategies After you have determined your financial goals, find out how much it will take to fund each one. Then you can focus on implementing appropriate investment strategies. To help determine which investments are suitable, ask yourself the following: • What is my time horizon? • What is my tolerance for investment risk? • What are my liquidity needs? Once you've answered these questions, you'll be able to tailor your investments to help you target specific goals. C. Michael Unterreiner, ChFC, founded Financial Legacy Associates to create an environment where financial professionals could serve their clients better by sharing their experiences and ideas. He has served his clients by recommending investment and insurance solutions to their financial planning, retirement planning, and college funding challenges. 16020 Swingley Ridge Road, Suite 100 Chesterfield, MO 63017 | 636-777-7099,

C. Michael Unterreiner, ChFC 16020 Swingley Ridge Road Suite 100 Chesterfield, MO 63017 636.777.7099 “Securities and investment advisory services offered through Royal Alliance Associates, Inc., member of FINRA/SIPC and a registered investment advisor. Additional investment advisory services offered through Financial Legacy Associates, LLC a registered investment advisor not affiliated with Royal Alliance.” Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


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Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016

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Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016



A New Direction by Dr. Seth Gerlach

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Today’s healthcare system is in need of a serious overhaul. We don’t need to discuss Obamacare, health insurance or who should pay the bill. Rather, I’d like to talk about different ways of looking at health and a cutting-edge approach to medicine. Modern medicine has a certain way of dealing with disease. It typically happens in a three-step process; name it, blame it and tame it. With that being said, if someone walks in to their doctor’s office with symptom A, the doctor will first give their condition a name. This name could be fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome or hypertension. Next, the goal is to blame it. This usually means that all of the patients’ health problems will be correlated with the said condition. An example would be, “Mrs. Jones you have chronic fatigue syndrome and that must be why you are so tired all of the time.” The last step is to tame whatever condition the patient came in with, meaning that the doctor will most likely just prescribe some sort of medication to slow down or curb the symptoms of the disease for a period of time. Many problems come with this model: 1. Naming a symptom does nothing to aid the patient in getting better. — Read that again and let that sink in. Functional medicine is asking why and not just what. 2. Most people have different causes for their health problems. • For example: if two patients walk into their doctor’s office with depression, chances are they both have different causes and possibly different types of depression altogether. 3. While taming the condition may alleviate symptoms for a short while, it does nothing to fix the underlying problem. With that being said, when underlying health issues are not addressed, the patient’s long-term health suffers.

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Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016

Think of the check engine light in your car; when it comes on, it means something is amiss in your car and it should be further inspected. Your mechanic will take your car, put it up on the lift and analyze it for hours before fixing the initial problem. By contrast, today’s way of taming conditions is equivalent to putting a piece of tape over the check engine light and driving faster down the highway. Don’t you think we should treat our bodies as well, if not better, than we treat our cars? Functional medicine lifts your proverbial car (your body) and checks the function of the entire body. This could include how your gut health is digesting food, how your hormones are balanced, how you handle inflammation, your genetics and how they are affecting your health. Functional medicine rips the tape off of your check engine light and revs up your engine, airs up yours tires and replaces all of your fluids. Functional medicine is the future of healthcare. It is a way of treating the person, not just the condition or disease. We already know that every person is different, so why would their medical treatment be the same?

Yoga & Spa Magazine • Fall 2016


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