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Saturday, January 27 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 1 p.m. - Fashion Show & Giveaways Missouri Baptist Breast HealthCare Center digital mammography van will be at Plaza Frontenac from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Call 314-996-5170 to schedule an appointment.

Vendor space available! Call 314-781-8822 Ext. 104 to make a reservation.

Get Focused Focus allows me to see beyond the distractions and remain mindful of my purpose. When I realized what a distraction my contacts and glasses were, I decided not to keep letting them get in the way. LASIK at Brinton Vision gave me back my focus, with clear, sharp vision and no more contact lens hassle. Now I’m free to pursue my big goal: becoming the ‘me’ I want to be. – Amanda L.


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St. Louis’ Premier LASIK Practice | www.brintonvision.com | 555 N. New Ballas Road, Saint Louis Missouri, 63141

From the Publisher Stacy Oliver Neal

Yoga & Spa Volume 8, Issue 6


Ralph Turney Chief Visionary/Principal Stacy Oliver Neal Publisher Elizabeth Diebold Editor in Chief elizabeth@yogaspamag.com Becca Van Ess Marketing Assistant assistyogaspa@gmail.com

Inspiring Minds Want to Create The holidays are upon us once again. The season is generally busy and filled with excitement, there seems to be something special to do every day. Whatever it is that fills your traditions and memories, isn’t it also wonderful how inspiring this time of year can be? The holiday season can inspire us in many ways. We are inspired to connect with loved ones. The emotion of the season can stimulate our innate desire to create. We might be inspired to host parties and entertain. We may want to find the perfect gift for our loved one. The perfect inspiration always comes if we take time to allow it to appear. I have always been one to enjoy and give experiences as much as material gifts. Taking a family getaway over the holiday break can make memories that last a lifetime. Taking the train to a historic town can be romantic for the parents and enjoyable for the entire family. Creating fun family traditions outside of material gift giving can create a deeper bond and meaningful intimacy. The holidays can be challenging, too, if the year brought change through death, divorce or other loss. Feelings may be intensified by the season of togetherness if you are unable to be with the ones you love. Extreme self love and care are called for in these situations. Creating new traditions and rituals can soothe and heal our broken hearts. Most importantly we should not fight our circumstances or feelings. Within loss can be found great strength. To create the perfect holiday season for your heart’s desire, make some quiet time to reflect on the many experiences and gifts of the past year. Ask yourself how you want to honor the closing of this year and how you want to welcome in the new year. Practicing gratitude is a sure path to inspiring new ideas for the year ahead. May your holiday season be full of inspiration, creativity and joy!

Editing/ Proofing T ina Far mer Graphic Design/Layout MaryAnn Russum Advertising Sales 314-781-8822, ext. 104 Monica Koch Health & Fitness Editor Contributing Writers April Porter Dr. Beth Barnes, DC Dr. Brenda Kingen, DC Donalee Gastreich C. Michael Unterreiner Dr. Ed Katcher Erica Hunt Jodie Avery Joseph A. Muccini, MD Karen Gelb Kellie Mathes Kristin Mayer Laurie J. T illman Lynn Schroeder Matt T itus Marsha Yost Bradford Dr. Michael Gerdine, DC Monica Koch Pamela Adams Sharifa Black Sheila Hunt, MA, LPC Dr. Seth Gerlach, DC, DABCI Dr. Steve Zielinski, Phar m.D T ina Far mer Wendy Breese Dr. Zinia Thomas, M.D. On the Cover: 9Round STL 9Round StL Owner, April Porter Shot on location at 9Round StL Photographed by: Jon Koch www.kochphotography.com 314.497.8308 Yoga & Spa Magazine, LLC does not endorse any information contained in the articles or advertisements and suggests consulting a healthcare professional before beginning any therapy or medical treatment.

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Contents NOV/DEC 2017

Cover Story

Gut Health.........................................................................42

9Round - The Transformation Formula.............................34

Where Did I Leave My Reading Glasses?.........................43

Trending Now.................................................... 8 Inspire Gift Guide.......................................14 Spa & Beauty

Solutions for Hormone Imbalance...................................44

‘Tis the Season for Self-Care.............................................12

MD Health & Wellness - We want you to succeed!..........48

Falling in Love with Lemongrass Spa Products................18

Is Poor Posture Aging You?................................................49

Eternity Med Spa - Xeomin®............................................19

The 8 Minute Secret is Out!...............................................50

Look Bright Holidays for the Without Skipping a Beat......20

Stress Management Techniques.....................................51

Fact or Fiction-Mineral oil isn’t doing any favors for your skin? .........................................................21

The Inspired Life.................................................................52

When It Comes To Your Looks, Trust Only the Experts......22

4 Habits of Above-Average Retirement Savers.................55

Care-Filled Nail Services Delivered Straight to YOU!.........24

6 Tips for a Stress-Less Holiday Season.............................56

Pure 111 - Sculptra® Aesthetic.........................................25

Home & Family

Yoga & Fitness

How to Choose the Proper Nutrition for an Active Lifestyle........................................................46 Skeletal Strength Improves Overall Health.......................47

Eyes that Inspire................................................................54

The Spotted Pig ................................................................57

Fashion Fitness by Laurie Jane Active Wear....................23

At The Natural Way-Fenton, Self-Care Is a Family Affair...58

7 Hormones Are Preventing You From Losing Weight.......26 Five Ways to Keep Klean During the Holidays..................28

Get the Results you Desire by Eating Healthy, Exercising and Resting Properly........................................60

Holidays or Holimonths? – You decide!............................29


Reduce Stress & Inspire a Greater Quality of Life with Yoga....................................................30

Tennessee Fitness Spa......................................................61

Local Yoginis......................................................................32

Restaurant Rave

Men on the Mat...............................................................33 We Bring Yoga Directly to You!..........................................36 Fit 4 Me Foods...................................................................37

Living Fit Ready to Take Your Life to the Next Level?.......................38 Fall Into a Routine This Season.........................................41



Arkansas Luxury Resort & Spa Get Away.........................62

A Taste of the Southwest..................................................63

Y&S Resource Guide..............................64 Y&S Interview Interview with Joe Goldberg, Owner of TruFusion St. Louis........................................... 66

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Letter from the Editor Elizabeth Diebold



Say Hello to a More Inspired You! SAFE & EXCLUSIVE EQUIPMENT




TOWN & COUNTRY 13456 CLAYTON RD. 314.548.2178


When you think of the word inspire, what comes to mind? A creative thought or an aha moment that fills you with excitement to take the next action on something in your life? Did you know that, with intention and practice, you can live a more inspired life every day? Everything flows from the seat of inspiration. Living life from a place of inspired action versus “having to do something” is simply much better for your wellbeing. How can one get in the flow of inspiration, you might ask? There are many ways to approach the challenge, but it all comes down to one thing. Getting in tune with your inner self. Uncover your deepest desires, and follow the light of your intuition. Practices such as yoga, meditation, art, and journaling may help you discover your true callings and tap into inspiration. When you can feel that divine spark within you and fan that flame, you will feel yourself lighting up from the inside out. From that place of inner joy, taking inspired action feels wonderful, light, and carefree – like you are on the right path. Taking care of your self is an important part of this as well. Make sure that you are taking care of you during this holiday season, too. Spend time with those you love, and be in gratitude. Hopefully, within these pages you will feel inspired to enhance your wellbeing and encourage your abilities to thrive and flow. We hope our Inspired Gift Guide will make gift giving a little easier this year too! We’ve filled it with unique ideas designed to delight and inspire everyone on your list. May your joy be an inspiration to others!

It is our belief that one should create a BALANCED yoga practice and a life of Mind, Body and Spirit. 129 West First Street, O’Fallon, IL 62269 618-624-1900 UnityYogaAndWellness.com

Meet Y & S team member, Becca Van Ess Please meet the newest member of our Yoga & Spa team! Becca Van Ess, Marketing Assistant. She supports our advertisers with their marketing needs by driving traffic to their businesses and events with social media and email campaigns. She is from St. Louis, and earned a BS in Business from Missouri State University in 2015. She has a passion for traveling and a strong cup of coffee. Having grown up in the healing world of yoga and meditation, she continues to incorporate it into her everyday life.

6 - YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

Don’t suffer with varicose veins – they are treatable. Trust your legs to a board-certified Washington University vascular specialist and get rid of painful and unsightly varicose veins for good. Call today for more information on our non-invasive treatment options.

314-362-LEGS (5347) | veins.wustl.edu

Four convenient locations: St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles/St. Peters, Rolla

Trending Now... by Becca Van Ess

HAMAMA makes it incredibly easy for anyone to grow their own superfoods at home!

With their Grow Kit and Seed Quilts, you can grow microgreens in just 7-10 days. The best part? You only water once. That’s right, now even you plant killers can grow some food at home. It’s a subscription service, so you never run out of seeds, and you can grow year-round. Check them out at www.hamama.cc

Take activities on the go with vívosport, the latest GPS-­enabled smart activity tracker from Garmin Vívosport is a smart activity tracker and a sports watch in an ultra-­slim, ultra-­sleek design that features fitness monitoring tools with valuable data to monitor changes in your fitness level. Increased activity like walking the dog or training for a 10K will improve these numbers over time. The vívosport also includes all-­day stress tracking by measuring users’ HRV (heart rate variability). The ability to view both current stress levels and a longer timetable of stress on Garmin ConnectTM allows customers to identify patterns and consider making lifestyle changes to better cope with stress-­inducing situations. With built-­in sports apps for walking, running, biking, cardio and strength training, the vívosport is the perfect accessory for running the neighborhood, conquering a high-­intensity interval training class or counting reps and sets in the gym. And thanks to Garmin Move IQTM, the vívosport automatically classifies multiple activities, making it even easier for users to get credit for their workouts.

For more information, visit garmin.com or follow us at facebook.com/garmin, twitter.com/garmin, or youtube.com/garmin.

YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017


Take Your Hair to the Next Level

Are you tired of damaged and aging hair? MONAT’s hair care naturally based products are clinically proven to rejuvenate and return a youthful glow to all hair types. Our products hydrate the scalp to stimulate natural and noticeable hair growth. MONAT’s pure and sustainable products will provide a healthy environment for hair while protecting it from synthetic coloring and aging. Jennifer Evans | Independent Market Partner 636-465-4843 | www.JenEvans.MyMonat.com

Comfort for a Cause

Through strategic partnerships with organizations dedicated to making the world a better place for elephants, we make sure that a portion of every sale goes towards helping create a sustainable future where elephants thrive. By aligning ourselves with both global and localized grassroots operations, we aim to make a difference for elephants everywhere. While every elephant herd faces its own unique challenges, the tactics needed to overcome them all have one thing in common: humans working together. With partners on the ground wherever there are elephants, we aim to use our products and the lifestyle they inspire as a vehicle for real change. 10% of our net profit are donated to Save The Elephants.

www.theelephantpants.com 10 - YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

Stitch Fix: Your Online Personal Shopper

Stitch Fix is an online styling service that delivers a personalized shopping experience, just for you. The Stitch Fix experience is not merely curated, it’s truly personalized to your taste, budget and lifestyle. Stylists handpick a selection of five items just for you. In fact, no two clients have ever received the same selection of items. Stitch Fix saves you a trip to the store by shipping items directly to you. Our personal stylists also save you the time and trouble of selecting clothing and accessories. Returns are easy. Simply slip the items you’re returning into the prepaid mailing envelope and drop it into any USPS mailbox. Shipping is always free at Stitch Fix! www.stitchfix.com.

BioClarity’s Clear Skin System Get naturally better skin with BioClarity, an acne solution that harnesses the smarts of science and the power of plants for your clearest complexion, sans the harsh chemicals. BioClarity is a twice-daily skin care regimen with three simple steps:

Step 1 – CLEANSE: This rich, foaming facial cleanser combines mild surfactants with botanical extracts – cooling cucumber; detoxifying and antioxidant-rich green tea; and calming chamomile leaf – to wash away dirt, oil, and environmental pollutants. Step 2 – TREAT: A complexion-perfecting Acne Treatment Gel that utilizes maximum-strength, prescription-grade Salicylic Acid (2.0%) to effectively treat blemishes and prevent future breakouts.

Step 3 – RESTORE (WITH FLORALUX®): The soothing green gel features the brand’s proprietary, patent-pending ingredient: Floralux®. Floralux® is naturally-derived from chlorophyll – known for its healing, regenerative properties – and is clinically proven to alleviate dryness, redness, and irritation. It’s BioClarity’s secret weapon and serious skin superfood.

Step 4 – HYDRATE: is a NEW lightweight, breathable moisturizer, suitable for even the most sensitive skin, that penetrates deep to heal without harm. The deeply nourishing formula features the exclusive Floralux® compound, Argan and Olive Oils, three different ceramides, vitamins A & E, Jojoba, and Shea. Products available for purchase at BioClarity.com YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

- 11

Wellness for Everyone Relax. Energize. Play. Heal.

Our physician-guided natural treatments include: • Float therapy (including pediatric floats) • An infrared sauna • Cryotherapy • Halotherapy (salt therapy) • Vitamin D light therapy • IV vitamin infusions • Yoga and meditation classes (for children, too)

‘Tis the Season for Self-Care

Between Nov. 24 - Dec. 23, 2017, receive a complimentary $25 gift certificate for every $100 gift certificate purchased! (Offer not valid online)

Recharge with Us & Share Wellness This Season: Gift Cards & Private Parties Available Reserve your services online today at:

www.RadianceSTL.com 1760 S. Brentwood Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63144


As the leaves change and pumpkins abound, the start of the cooler season also brings some health-related changes. Some may start battling virus after virus during cold and flu season. For others, the reduced amount of sunlight we’re exposed to during the fall and winter months can trigger seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. Circadian rhythms and serotonin levels (which affect mood) are affected by the lack of Vitamin D from sunlight during these seasons. And, while we all want to be jolly during the holidays, sometimes they bring more stress -and unwanted weight gain -- than we’d like.

The key to staying healthy and boosting your mood? Prioritizing yourself. At Radiance Float + Wellness, we offer natural remedies to help you recharge, de-stress and improve your overall wellbeing so you can enjoy all the season has to offer.

Tackle SAD, Boost Immunity and Your Mood: Make your day Blissfully Beautiful with our full-service salon, Bliss Beauty Bar, and Bridal Suite (636) 329-9261 www.BlissBeautyBarstl.com 1120 Technology Dr. O’Fallon Mo 63368

With Vitamin D Light Therapy, boost the production of neurochemicals, like serotonin, the “happy hormone.” And, IV Nutrient Therapy delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids intravenously, so you absorb 100% of the nutrients. Our blends can improve mood, the immune system -even mend your holiday hangover.

12 - YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

Warm Up & Burn Calories in the Infrared Sauna: Sweating and detoxing in our far-infrared sauna can burn 500+ calories/ session, eliminating toxins and improving your metabolism, skin and overall health.

Declutter Your Mind & Achieve the Ultimate Relaxation with Float Therapy: Spend an hour floating in our pool of skin-temperature water, where external stimuli is removed and gravity is non-existent. Floating helps with anxiety, pain, sleep, stress and much more.

Prevent Infection & Speed Healing: Pharmaceutical-grade salt is diffused through the air in our halotherapy (salt) room, and the pink Himalayan salt wall produces wellnesspromoting negative ions. Whether you contract a cold or want to prevent one, take a breather here. Check out our massages, yoga and meditation classes in our halotherapy room to manage stress, too. Give yourself the gift of self-care this season. We promise it’ll be well worth your time! Be well, Dr. Zinia Thomas, M.D. Owner & Chief Healing Officer 1760 S. Brentwood Blvd. (Across from Whole Foods) www.RadianceSTL.com www.Facebook.com/ RadianceSTL



New clients only, must mention this ad at the time of scheduling.






Now at the lifestyle Center J-Plasma B O DY LY F T




J-Plasma FAC E LY F T


314 . 863 . 5556

10287 CLAYTON R D. SU ITE 360 ST. LOU IS , MO 631 24

Inspire gift guide ➊




➎ 1  The Gift of Vision Give the gift of sight! Brinton Vision is the first dedicated, full-time

refractive surgery center in St. Louis, and one of only a handful of practices in the United States to offer LASIK plus its six modern variations. We provide laser vision solutions to adults of all ages regardless of astigmatism or many other complicated vision issues. Brinton Vision, 555 N. New Ballas Rd., Ste. 310, Creve Coeur 314.375.202 | www.brintonvision.com

2 Empower Your Life Master Your life, Achieve Success. Empowering organizations and leaders in implementing change and new behaviors allowing the training to stick, providing measurable results and permanent change. Donalee is skilled in recognizing and empowering the client in overcoming limiting beliefs and habits that show up unconsciously, keeping them stuck. Helping You Create a Life You Love. Complete Solutions in Life Mastery Life Mastery with Donalee. Connect at 314-640-6633 or donalee@complete-solutionsllc.com

3 The Gift of Beauty  Nouveau, A Boutique Medspa is located in Kirkwood, Missouri,

known for loyal clients whom we call friends and family, practicing Regenerative SkinCare. Buy a Nouveau Gift Card for Holiday Giving and pamper yourself as well. Purchase a Gift Card Value: $100-Receive a complimentary $25 Gift Card. $250-Receive a complimentary $50 Gift Card. $500-Receive a complimentary $100 Gift Card. Call Today: 314-394-3314, 320 S. Kirkwood Rd., Ste.104, Kirkwood, MO 63122, www.nouveaumedspa.com | beth@nouveaumedspa.com

4 Sweet Peace Yoga

 Would you like to inspire health & wellness? Sweet Peace Yoga has a Boutique with that perfect inspiring item. It may be a comfy pair of Elephant pants or a locally handcrafted Mala Bead Anklet! Some of our favorites are the Scent of Smadhi (a herbal body fragrance) or an inspirational yoga tank. We also carry a full collection of yoga props: mats, blocks, straps and even a small cushion perfect for under the knees or elbows. Come visit us before or after class. Look for our Special Boutique hours online at www.sweetpeaceyoga.com. Gift Cards for classes are available online or in the studio. Sweet Peace Yoga, 142 W. Monroe Ave., Kirkwood, MO 63122, 314-394-8946 | www.sweetpeaceyoga.com

5 Botanical Beauty at Lemongrass

 Show your family, friends, co-workers, teachers, employees and loved ones how much you care this year by giving them the gift of wellness!!! Lemongrass Spa offers a fresh, clean & natural gift for everyone on your shopping list, from stocking stuffers to luxurious holiday bundles and everything in between. Call 636-220-9569 or online at www.wendymbreese.com Wellness From Wendy from the outside in with Lemongrass Spa

14 - YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

6 Delightful Eclectic Gifts

 Interchangeables Jewelry - These bracelets are designed as an Les effortless way to bring color and sparkle to all the facets of your life, the full collection is handmade in Paris with couture-quality stretch ribbon and genuine Swarovski Crystals. The Spotted Pig (A shop with something for everyone), 9218 Clayton Rd., 314-274-7768 | www.thespottedpigstl.com

7 Yoga Delivered to You

 Give The Gift of an individual, stress-relieving, rejuvenating yoga experience to yourself or to someone in your life as a meaningful gesture. Our yoga specialist meets you where you are on your yoga journey. 1 gift: $60.00 or 2 for $100.00. Yoga To You, Call: 636-368-8156 or email at: contact@yogatoyoustl.com

8 Keep Mom Going Strong All Year Long

T he Exercise Coach would like to give you the gift of strength. Finding it tough to fit in a workout with your busy schedule? Our World’s Smartest Workout will give you the energy you need to get through your daily activities. We create the perfect program for your lifestyle, goals, and physical level. Come experience it for yourself with 3 FREE sessions and no obligation. Webster Groves, 235 W. Lockwood, 314.764.2451; Town & Country, 13456 Clayton Rd., 314.548.2178. Clayton location-coming soon! www.exercisecoach.com

9 Complete Fitness

 omplete Fitness is a fitness center designed specifically for C women, featuring the 20 pounds in 30 days hormone balancing and weight loss program. Because every woman’s fitness needs are different, we customize a program to suit YOUR needs. We pride ourselves on being able to assist every woman at every level; no matter what age, shape or size. We look forward to meeting with you soon! 1051 Century Drive, Edwardsville, IL 62025 618-655-1515 | www.complete-fit.com

10 Weight Loss and Body Sculpting  MD Health & Wellness offers highly effective Weight Loss Programs

specially designed to lose weight fast and easy. LipoMelt the Ultimate Light Body Sculpting to lose fat and inches in those stubborn areas. Bio-identical Hormone balancing for Men and Women to bring back your health and vitality. “We help you look and feel good about yourself.” MD Health & Wellness – 11903 St Charles Rock Rd., Bridgeton, MO. Stop by today, or call us at 314-770-2334 | www.mdhealthwellness.com

YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

- 15

Inspire gift guide


Xentuate the Positive



11 Laurie Jane Activewear


 Laurie Jane Active Wear provides high quality, fashion inspired fitness apparel that functions in the gym but can also be worn as everyday fashion, lounge wear or travel wear. This versatility has been missing, until now! Fall in love with their brand new Fall/ Winter Collections, and do your holiday shopping online this season at www.lauriejaneactivewear.com.

12 Mobile Manicure

 Mobile Manicurist Today pampering services at your location. Aromatherapy such as oils and herbal products. Gift certificates available for purchase this holiday season. Featuring a Chocolate Mint Foot Pedicure blended with real cocoa – an absolutely lovely gift for that special person! Book appointment by website www.mobilemanicurist.today or by calling​314-332-4410

13 Personal Wellness Pharmacy


 olonial Village Pharmacy is a great place to start when you C want to improve your health or optimize your wellness. We provide professional grade supplements from OrthoMolecular products, pure Encapsulations, and Xymogen. Bring in your 23 and me profile and we will build a custom diet, exercise, and vitamin regimen for you based on your profile. For more info visit us at www.colonialvillagerx.com

14 Xentuate “Your” Positive

 Xentuate the Positive - A Boutique Medspa where privacy and personalized services include: Medical Grade Skin Care, Facials, Peels, Botox, Filler and more. Treat yourself while treating someone special Purchase a gift card for a facial service for $85 and receive one FREE for yourself! See Website or call for details xentuatethepositive.com | 314-392-9190

15 Conscious Beauty

16 - YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

 HNESTI [pronounced honesty] is a toxin-free, organic-based A hair care line that follows EU standards for Cosmetic Safety - yet performs at the salon level. Created by a former stylist, salon owner and wife of a three-time cancer hero, AHNESTI embodies the green indie-beauty movement, offering conscious-beauty consumers a refreshing, more-thoughtful alternative to toxic hair care brands. Shop online at www.ahnesti.com



16 Salt Room

We Bring Ocean Air To The Midwest. Dry Salt therapy is by far the BEST method to maintain a Healthy Respiratory System and Reduce the risk of Colds, Flu and Sinus Problems. 100% Natural DRUG-FREE treatment for Asthma, COPD, Bronchitis and other Respiratory Problems with no reported side effects. Connect with us on FB and other social media www.facebook.com/stlsaltbox. By appointment only. Private room for 2-3 people (friends or family+kids) 314.691.1693 | www.stlsaltbox.com



17 Your Source for Naturally Inspired Gifts

Now under new ownership, The Natural Way in Fenton specializes in helping you stay healthy and fit. With a wide range of natural teas, whole foods, vitamins and supplements, and guidance from our knowledgeable staff, we help you feel your best inside and out! 468 Old Smizer Mill Rd, Fenton 63026 636-343-4343 | www.thenatway.com

18 iCare Nails and Spa

Come Relax & Rejuvenate in our NEW Beautiful Salon Services Offered: Acrylics, French Manicures, Polish change, Manicure, Pedicure, Gel, Power dip, Nail art design, Foot reflexology, Hand massage, Paraffin wax 140 Chesterfield Valley Dr. Chesterfield, MO 63005 | 636-778-9588


19 Fit4Me FoodsÂŽ

Fit4Me Foods provides easy ways to feed your family healthy, chef prepared food. Individual or family sized portions for breakfast, lunch, & dinner are available. Just microwave and enjoy! Grab our healthy snacks too. Call to learn about discounts on gift cards. 6219 Mid Rivers Mall Dr., St Charles, MO 636-244-5689 | www.fit4mefoods.com.

20 Hair Rejuvenation


Give the gift of younger, healthier more vibrant hair!! MONAT is clinically proven to rejuvenate and return a youthful glow to all hair types. Monat hydrates the scalp to stimulate natural, noticeable hair growth. MONAT’s pure and sustainable product will provide a healthy environment for hair while protecting it from synthetic coloring and ageing. Jennifer Evans / https://jenevans.mymonat.com/ 636.465.4843 / jen@totallytrips.com

21 E3 Performance & Fitness

Looking for the support to reach your fitness and nutrition needs? Let the certified professionals at e3 be your guide to success. Look better, Move better, Feel better! e3 has the targeted fitness and nutrition solutions that have worked for hundreds of individuals just like you. Gift Certificates specials available for Fat Loss and Golf Fitness. In Creve Coeur at 758 N New Ballas, call (314) 375-6348

YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

- 17



Falling in Love with Lemongrass Spa Products

By Wendy Breese

Wellness From Wendy

How do I love Lemongrass Spa products? Let me count the ways: I fell in love with Lemongrass Spa products three years ago. I had been in the industry for 20 years but had never found a company quite like Lemongrass Spa – what a joy to find a company truly committed to excellence. In order to find high quality products, you must look for a company with impeccable production integrity. You want to look for truly natural and organic ingredients. A company that uses beneficial botanicals and plant extracts. Lemongrass Spa products is just such a company, offering high-quality, U.S. made products that provide safe alternatives to all personal care needs for babies, children, teens, moms, dads, and grandparents. So began my mission to bring Wellness from Wendy from the outside in and to introduce Lemongrass Spa products to the greater St. Louis area, and beyond. You will love that our products contain no harsh toxic chemicals. They are made with natural and organic food grade ingredients. Yes, you could eat them and not have to call the poison control center. However, they won’t taste as good as they smell! You will fall in love with the remarkable qualities the Lemongrass Spa Products possess, and then discover that the company is generous beyond measure. Serving others and giving back is a huge part of its foundation. You will love our Freedom Feet Kits given to service members overseas and stateside to show them appreciation for their sacrificial service to preserve our freedom. Here at home, you will love our Serve and Protect Collection, honoring the heroes in our lives. A hero such as a police officer, firefighter, EMT, nurse, teacher, daycare

provider, mom, dad, and anyone else who serves and protects every day. This collection is a marvelous way to show appreciation to our heroes in a tangible way! You will also love the TLC (Tender Loving Care) gift set for those who are battling cancer. It helps patients endure skin issues during treatment. I love that every October, Lemongrass Spa encourages those bravely fighting any type of cancer to share their story and in return they receive a Loving Care gift set. You will love that Lemongrass is a U.S.based company and all products are made in the U.S.A. You and your budget will love that the products are affordably priced! For example, our 100% organic mascara is only $16. We have a luxurious anti aging, customizable skincare kit with six products that transform your skin to be softer, smoother and more radiant for only $124. The best part is that small investment in your health lasts for months! You will really love our Host Rewards program. As a host, you can relax and enjoy an hour of pampering with friends, family and loved ones and receive free and discounted products and free shipping. An ultimate party of $1200 (or more) earns the hostess $240 (20%) in free products of her choice, plus four half-price items of her choice. The sweet spot for a party is $500. The hostess receives a free gift from the company (different every month), 15% of sales ($75) and two halfprice products of their choice. With the holidays approaching, you will love that Lemongrass Spa has beautiful scent collections and gift sets for everyone on your shopping list,

18 - YogaandSpaMagazine.com | SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017

from newborn baby to great grandpa who has everything! What a wonderful way to show your family, friends and loved ones how much you care by giving the gift of wellness from the outside in with Lemongrass Spa products. My goal is to provide Wellness from Wendy from the outside in with Lemongrass Spa products to the greater St Louis area, one family at a time. Wendy M. Breese, certified skincare consultant, entrepreneur and mother of three sons and 11 grandchildren has been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 35 years. She is currently a consultant for Lemongrass Spa Products, a 15-year-old U.S. company that manufactures and provides organic and natural personal skin care, antiaging, and cosmetic products. For more information or to schedule a free spa hour, visit wendymbreese.com, call 636-220-9569, or email lgspa@wendymbreese.com.

Getting Skin Celebration Ready

Brides and wedding party up to 50% off! Bride’s treatment is FREE when her wedding party of four or more come in for a pre-wedding treatment

(314) 469-2946 www.Eter nityMedSpaSTL.com

Lemongrass Spa

Xeomin before and after picture. Patient was treated with Xeomin only. Photo is untouched. When I compare Xeomin vs Botox injections to my patients, I also explain that, in my opinion, there is a difference in how Botox and Xeomin feel to ®


the patient. As a patient myself, I have received both Botox and Xeomin. Xeomin feels much lighter and more natural than

Save $50 off your

Wake up your skin with our new assortment of coffee products.

first treatment.

Botox, in my opinion. With Xeomin, the wrinkles disappear, but I still maintain a little bit of motion in my eyebrows and facial features. Botox tends to be a bit stronger, in my opinion, and results in a “frozen” look. It has a heavier feeling on the brow, and it tends to limit muscle movement.

Coffee Bar

eternitymedspastl.com (314) 469-2946 12309 Olive Blvd, Creve Coeur, MO 63141

• Handcrafted with 100% organic ingredients • Features fair trade coffee grounds • Anti-inflammatory • Antioxidant • Natural • Effective • Indulgent • Purposeful

• Reduces cellulite

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Bright for the Holidays Look

Without Skipping a Beat.

With the coming of the winter holidays there’s always much to celebrate. We all enjoy parties and all of the various celebratory activities, but with all the celebration and joy comes a lot of pressure to look our best. Many of us experience a natural reluctance to embark on cosmetic interventions as the holidays loom. No one wants to be in the midst of a recovery period when there is so much to do and when many people will see us at any number of gatherings. But many procedures are available that can help improve our appearance in these special months that do not require significant downtime, and the results can help us feel more confident as the season unfolds. After active summer months it makes sense to do simple things to buff and freshen our appearance. Many simple treatments are available to help brighten the skin, smooth surface texture, exfoliate, mitigate damage from summer sun, and even tighten things up a bit – again with no significant downtime. Chemical peels come in many strengths and degrees of aggressiveness. Superficial peels can provide a brightening effect very quickly. Medium depth peels are slightly more aggressive, but would still be tolerable in these months, and they can help improve color irregularities and remove layers of withered cells. Dermaplaning is an immediate way to smooth, exfoliate, and remove fine surface

hair, which provides an instantaneous brightening effect. Microdermabrasion can be used as an excellent adjunct for a slightly turbocharged effort. It can also be used as a stand-alone treatment by itself. Radiofrequency (RF) energy treatments can provide some increased capacity for skin toning and collagen generation/ remodeling. To step up the effort, microneedling treatments can also be done, either alone or in combination with a radiofrequency strategy, to provide even greater enhancement. As with the other treatments above, there is little to no downtime for RF and microneedling treatments. While we are developing our holiday rejuvenation strategy, we should also remember that fillers are within reach of the season also – just not within days of a major event. Many of us think about fillers on the grand scale along with the possibility of bruising this brings. However, as with anything else, there are varying degrees of aggressiveness available in this category too, and a less aggressive strategy reduces downtime. For example, superficial fillers can do a great deal to enhance skin under the eyes and around the mouth, and to define the lips in a subtle, restorative way - improving facial appearance without looking artificial or obvious. Finally, keep in mind there is never really a season that is bad for Botox or similar botulinum products, and that is especially

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true of the holidays. In just a few minutes, we can be on our way to a more relaxed look with fewer wrinkles or a less severe expression, and that might be just the thing we need to help feel good when we are stressed about what we have to do, where we have to go (and how often) or possibly, who’s coming over to OUR house for the holidays. While many things about the holidays can be complicated, looking our best is not one of them. There are many options available to help us look our brightest without skipping a beat this holiday season! Call today to schedule an evaluation and consultation to see if you may be a candidate for one or more of the rejuvenation treatments described in our article. 314.878.0600 222 South Woods Mill Road Suite 475N | Chesterfield 63017 www.MidAmericaSkin.com On the campus of St. Luke’s Hospital.

Fact or Fiction-

Mineral oil isn’t doing any favors for your skin? By Jaime Rutherford

Mineral oil... what is it? It sounds lovely, doesn’t it? It may remind us of minerals and rich oils but is it? Mineral oil is often found in personal care products, specifically skincare products including moisturizers and foundations, but can also be found in hair care products and even baby products! It is colorless, odorless and a nice slippery ingredient for moisturizers. It is also a very controversial ingredient. Mineral oil is a cost effective filler so, the use of mineral oil is often incorporated in products because it is an inexpensive choice, not because it has amazing health benefits. Mineral oil is derived from petroleum. Environmental Working Group suggests that mineral oil may be contaminated with cancer-causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Other groups like the International Journal of Cosmetic Science states that cosmetic-grade, “highly purified” mineral oil is not dangerous because the refinement process serves to remove harmful impurities and carcinogens. Bottom line, mineral oil is the liquid byproduct from the distillation of petroleum in making gasoline (yup, gasoline!). The impact, as noted on livestrong.com states, “mineral oil attracts needed moisture from cells deep inside your skin. This means that cell renewal is slowed, collagen breaks down, and the connective tissue is destroyed. Normal cell development is slowed down, and the skin ages prematurely when skin cells are robbed of moisture.” The suggestion is that mineral oil instead robs your skin of moisture. Yikes!

Physician-administered treatments: • Precision Tx™ Laser Contouring • Pearl® and Pearl Fractional® Laser Resurfacing and Skin Tightening • Botox,® Juvederm,® Radiesse,® Restylane,® Kybella®

Esthetician-administered treatments: • Pellevé® and SkinPen® Skin Tightening • Microdermabrasion, Facials, Peels • Laser and IPL Therapies • Waxing and Eyebrow/Eyelash Tinting

314.878.0600 222 South Woods Mill Road Suite 475N | Chesterfield 63017 On the campus of St. Luke’s Hospital Joseph A. Muccini, MD Board-Certified Dermatologist Member of AAD, ASDS, AMA

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Try our 4 amazing regimens that work on the 4 main skin concerns...aging, sun-damaged, acne-prone, and sensitive skin

While the debate of whether mineral oil is safe and beneficial in skin care products will continue, there are better options. Mineral oil is an inexpensive, filler ingredient it doesn’t actually moisturize. In the end, it’s all about making an informed decision about what products work best with your skin. At Arbonne, we use botanically inspired formulas using the best of what nature has to offer. Free from all the nasties, leaving pure, safe and beneficial products to hydrate your skin. Visit jaimerutherford.arbonne.com for skin care options that do not contain mineral oil. Jaime Rutherford has been helping people just like you get educated and healthier since 2011. Consulting for Arbonne International, she offers beauty and nutrition guidance for feeling and looking your very best, while striving for optimal health. Contact Jaime now for a free consultation, to sign up for a workshop, or to get a free skincare sample.

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When It Comes To Your Looks, Trust Only the Experts. Get beautiful, more radiant skin with proven rejuvenation treatments The key to achieving your most youthful appearance is in receiving the right treatment for your skin type, lifestyle, medical history, and goals. Common cosmetic procedures that can help you achieve your most youthful appearance are: Microdermabrasion: A noninvasive procedure, which reveals more radiant skin while promoting growth of healthy new skin on the face, neck, chest and hands. Chemical Peels: They reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone, and reduce blemishes and freckles on the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. Injectable neuromodulators: Botox®, Xeomin® and Dysport® can help reduce and soften “expression lines” such as laugh and frown lines and horizontal forehead wrinkles in the face.

Injectable dermal fillers: They come in many forms such as Juvéderm® and are designed to plump the skin, smooth wrinkles, and re-contour or volumize specific, targeted areas of the face, such as around the eyes, the cheeks, lips and chin. Skin rejuvenation treatments have never been more accessible and popular. But, when deciding among the dizzying array of cosmetic or injectable treatments available to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance, how do you ensure you’ll receive the right treatment for achieving your goals? It’s important to seek the advice from a medically trained professional regarding the many options for cosmetic and injectable treatments. Choosing a medical-based clinic ensures peace of mind that your skin is cared for by professionals with in-depth knowledge of skin biology. Dermatology-owned clinics that conduct their own research to prove that the treatments and products offered produce real results are the best bet.

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A dermatology clinic with expertly trained medical staff is in contrast to cosmetic day-spas. Many of which employ staff who are not medically trained and who may be responsible for selling services, creating treatment plans, and even performing procedures outside their licensure. Even for less-invasive procedures like peels, microdermabrasion, or facials, it’s best to choose a clinic operated by a board-certified dermatologist with certified medical professionals for whom patient safety is top priority. Laser & Dermatologic Surgery Center is the premier center for cosmetic dermatology, laser skin treatments, and Mohs surgery in the St. Louis area. The clinic was opened by board-certified dermatologist George J. Hruza in 1999, after 11 years teaching dermatological surgery. The center’s staff includes a medical assistant, nurses, a physician assistant, and nurse practitioner, several of whom have been with Dr. Hruza for more than a decade.



Fashion FITNESS Laurie Jane Active Wear provides high quality, fashion inspired fitness apparel that functions in the gym but can also be worn as everyday fashion. How can luxury be part of the athletic wear market? How can cute workout clothes be fashionable and yet be a part of a woman’s everyday all-day wardrobe? Simply (but not so simple) add fashion and quality from the fashion runway to fitness clothes for women.

workout clothes for women that have design elements such as asymmetry, color blocking, silhouetting, contour seaming and catwalk quality trims and zippers? There was a void in the marketplace of “Fashion Fitness” clothing for women. Laurie Jane is filling that void.

We at Laurie Jane combine both worlds of fashion and workout.

We provide high quality, fashion inspired fitness apparel that functions in the gym but can also be worn as everyday fashion, lounge wear or travel wear. This versatility has been missing, until now!

Laurie Jane combines her passion for fashion while being a fitness enthusiast. Laurie Jane asked the marketplace why the fashion runway was missing from fitness wear. Where are the stylish

Shop online at www.lauriejaneactivewear.com

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Care-Filled Nail Services Delivered Straight to YOU! Mobile Manicurist Today was started by Pamela Adams, who has been a licensed nail technician specializing in nail care for over 30 plus years. Pamela is wellknown for her unique herbal mixology techniques when it comes to using precise ingredients for clients’ specific pampering needs. Mobile Manicurist Today specializes in 1 on 1 Eco-Friendly mobile services, which puts health and the environment first. We offer an intimate experience with indigenous treatments made on our premises from ingredients such as herbs, fruits, and botanicals. Clients also have the hands-on opportunity of creating spa products using oils, herbs, mud, and masques mixed to suit specific pampering needs. In addition, we offer a variety of services including custom made manicures and pedicures. To better insure the health of our clients, disposable manicure and pedicure kits are used (which include disposable gloves, nail files, cuticle pusher, nail buffer, pumice pad & foot bath liner for worry free

nail care service). Our travel services technicians provide the towels, folding footrests, petite folding tables, lap mats, floor mats and pedicure basin. Mobile Manicurist Today takes pride in traveling to deliver care-filled nail services to individual homes, hospitals, seniors assisted living, nursing homes, offices and special events. Prices of services vary, and may be more expensive than traditional corner salons due to the quality and convenience that on-site nail services provides. Our experienced mobile nail technicians absorb the inconvenient hustle, bustle and hassle of going to a traditional brick & mortar salon, which in turn, translates to the cost differences in services. Let’s discuss your individual or group mobile nail care needs. We’d love to answer your questions and explain in greater detail how our mobile service

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works, based on your personal needs. Once we know what you need, in most cases all we’ll need is access to water, and Mobile Manicurist Today will bring everything else! Please feel free to view our pampering services and book online at www.mobilemanicurist.today or call 314-332-4410 Like us on facebook @ Mobile Manicurist Today Email: mobilemanicuristtoday@gmail.com

"Sculptra® aesthetic is a facial rejuvenation  treatment becoming wildly talked-about for it's  spectacular subtle and long-lasting results".

Sculptra® Aesthetic | anti-age for the modern age Sculptra's® secret is gaining popularity, it helps gradually replace lost collagen, which restores facial volume and gives lift to the face over time.  Sculptra® Aesthetic is used for smile lines, deep facial wrinkles, hollow cheeks and can be used to contour the buttocks, loose skin on knees and decollate as well.

Sculptra® Aesthetic may be the right choice for you:

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7 Hormones Are Preventing You From Losing Weight By Erica Hunt

For women, especially over 35 years old, weight loss and maintenance is often an ongoing battle. It can be confusing determining what is best with all the options out there for weight loss. The reality is that all of them (low carb, low fat, no sugar, portion control, exercise) will enable you to lose weight. What most women struggle with is keeping that weight off. Let’s face it, yo-yo dieting can be frustrating, costly on your closet and just downright exhausting. At Complete Fitness, we offer a program that not only focuses on healthy eating choices, but also on another key component: balanced hormones. We educate our members during our 20 pounds/30 days Fast Track Program about the hormones that hold them back, and guide them through the process of resetting that delicate balance so their bodies become efficient at losing body fat. Once we reach the ideal hormonal balance, we begin to customize each member’s personal eating plan

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through the Listen to Your Body program. Imagine what it could be like to know exactly what foods help your body to lose weight and keep it off! The benefits don’t stop at weight loss. Our members report that the health benefits they notice far outweigh the results on the scale. Many experience lower blood pressure, more restful sleep, lower cholesterol, joint pain alleviated, hot flashes and night sweats gone, acid reflux gone and increased energy to do the things they love. Our goal is not just weight loss; we strive to teach our members a lifestyle that will keep them happy, healthy and fully alive. To begin living your best life contact Erica Hunt, Licensed Weight Loss and Life Coach, at 618-655-1515 or visit www.ericahuntwellness.com for more information about our upcoming FREE Seminars.

Five Ways to Keep Klean During the Holidays By Monica Koch

You know the drill ... the holidays come around, you over indulge and then promise yourself you’ll get back on track come January. In the meantime, you feel sluggish and frustrated that your go-to outfit is tight. Aren’t you over it? I am. I’m over it because you should be able to enjoy yourself during the holidays! I mean it! Part of living a nutritious and nourished life is doing things that are enjoyable and fun.

Fill up your plate with veggies: Holiday parties and traveling make it hard to stay in control of what you eat. If your options are limited, load your plate up with veggies because they’re filling and energizing!

Make time to eat: The holidays

Try these five tips to help you find balance this year.

are easily the most hectic time of the year. There are a million errands to run and next thing you know, it’s 3:00 p.m. and you haven’t eaten since you left the house hours ago. Fuel up with proteinpacked snacks before heading out for long shopping sessions. That mall cookie will seem like a good idea until you crash later!

Klean up your cocktails:

Don’t skip your meal prep:

Swap out sugary syrups and mixers for natural flavor boosters like cinnamon, nutmeg or peppermint leaves. Yum!

When your calendar is full, keep your fridge full, too. Make time to prepare meals in advance so you always have something to grab on busy nights. This is a game-changer for me when life gets crazy! This is also a great thing for the whole family to do while kids are off school or in town visiting.

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Try, try again: You don’t have to call it quits over one slip. Get back on track with one of your prepared meals! Monica Koch is the owner of klean&lean and has been in the fitness industry for more than 30 years. She uses her experience to help her clients make small changes to see big results. Monica Koch AFFA personal and group fitness Dimvaloo Presenter Sponsored by 1st PhormClimawear Ambassador, Lululemon Ambassador www.kleanandlean. com

Holidays or Holimonths? – You decide! by Dr. Beth Barnes

Holiday parties, family meals, office celebrations…the list goes on and on for the months of November and December. By January 1, many people are literally dying for a health change, deeply desiring to lose the 10, 15, 20 extra pounds they gained in the past two months, and hurling themselves into a near-impossible fitness and nutrition regimen that, statistically, ends by about day 11. If we count how many actual days of celebration there are during this season…3-6…and then count how many days we celebrate said holidays, there’s a massive gap. We have a decision to make – the next two months can either be filled with wonderful book-worthy memories with our loved ones OR they can be filled with another diagnosis, another medication, another night spent in the hospital, and a head full of painful memories. What you choose to do right now will set the pace for your holiday health and what I’ve found, is the way you do one thing, is the way you do everything. As a leader in natural and preventative health, if there’s one thing I would recommend to keep your health in check this holiday season, I would recommend you take the absolute best care of your Central Nervous System (CNS). Why? Because it’s the one system in your body that orchestrates ALL OTHER systems—your digestive system, immune system, respiratory system, etc. It’s what animates life and when it is healthy, you are healthy.

Dysfunction in the CNS involving the brain, spinal cord, and/ or nerve roots can cause symptoms such as depression, anxiety, headaches, poor digestion, reflux, high blood pressure, poor sleep, and earaches – young and old. Your CNS is surrounded and protected by your skull and spine and these two entities have one ideal position to be in for your CNS to function at it’s optimum. Having your spine evaluated and cared for by a corrective care chiropractor will not only ensure that symptoms stay at bay this holiday season, but it will provide resilience against the havoc the holidays may wreak on your body and ensure that by January 1, you’re better off! Nothing happens in isolation, which is why at Turning Point Chiropractic, we focus on total wellness. My team and I are ready and willing to help you take your health to the next level this holiday season! Dr. Beth Barnes is a Chiropractor, Maximized Living Doctor, and owner of Turning Point Chiropractic located at 14784 Manchester Road Ballwin, MO 63011. Her health clinic delivers care that allows patients to turn towards a lifestyle of health and healing. She is on a mission to eliminate unnecessary sickness and suffering in her community. Dr. Barnes may be reached at 636.220.3091 or www.MLTurningPointChiropractic.com YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

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Reduce Stress & Inspire a Greater Quality of Life with Yoga By Kellie Mathes

Physical Health – Yoga is the anecdote to a busy

Your one stop shop for high quality, fashion inspired fitness apparel that functions in the gym or worn as everyday fashion.

Tel: 314-520-5952 | 314-743-9559 Lauriejaneactivewear@gmail.com 30 - YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

modern life. It’s a game changer and is taking our world by storm. According to a study by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal completed in 2016, the number of people practicing yoga in the United States nearly doubled between 2012 and 2016, with 20.4 million and 36.7 million practitioners, respectively. The discipline of yoga, which links breath with physical movement and mental focus, is just what society is craving. Scientists have known for years that elevated levels of the stress hormone Cortisol are linked to decreased memory and immune functions, increased weight gain, bad cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease, and the list goes on. Through weight bearing, breath guided movement, the whole body becomes stronger. The result is improved health for body systems, encompassing everything from muscles and bones to organs and circulatory system. When our bodies are strong and healthy, stress is reduced.

Dance. Community. Empowerment.

Belly Dance Qoya

Yoga and Spa readers, buy one class and get one FREE! Register online now for a 2 Class Pass and use the promo code Y&SBOGO to receive your special discount.

S Factor ÂŽ

Call now: 314-398-8184

Red Tent Gatherings And More!

1368 South 5th Street, St. Charles, MO | www.SacredMovementStudio.com

Mental Health – When we focus on breath guided movement, the mind calms and most individuals report an improved overall sense of well-being. People practicing yoga get physically and mentally stronger, healthier and calm. I have witnessed huge transformations in people. As yoga practice becomes consistent, lives improve. We learn to trust and believe in our bodies. The confidence in our bodies and mental ease we feel inside beams out into the world. While many practitioners start doing yoga for the physical benefits, they are delighted when they realize the mental clarity and ease that accompanies a consistent practice. Most practitioners have a hard time choosing whether they love yoga more for the physical or mental benefits. Kellie Mathes, a Baptiste and Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP) and founder of GO YOGA! Express, teaches yoga classes and workshops, leads yoga teacher trainings and provides continuing education for yoga teachers. For more information and to view the class schedule, visit goyogaexpress.com, call 618-416-5199 or email info@goyogaexpress.com

Go Yoga! express specializes in hot power yoga.


MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP (four month min.)

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216 Frank Scott Parkway East Swansea, Illinois 62226

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LOCAL YOGINIS by Tina Farmer

The holidays bring fun and excitement, but they can also be stressful and exhausting. Sometimes it can be tough to keep focused and positive with so many activities and celebrations. This issue’s featured yoginis find their practice helps them control and reduce stress and find mental clarity, even during the busy holiday season. Each has favorite poses they use to help maintain strength, flexibility, and balance.

YOGA CORE & MORE Jessica Pollock (TOP)

Currently a teacher at Yoga Six St. Louis Jessica Pollock, a 49-year-old mother of three with a PhD in immunology, started practicing yoga with her children in 2007. The practice was a healthy activity that they could all do together and it complemented her other passion, running. Though her initial interest in yoga was to improve her core strength, Jessica noticed other benefits to her practice, including breath control, stress relief, and mental clarity.


Stephanie M. Kinney (MIDDLE) A natural athlete with varied interests, Stephanie began practicing yoga 20 years ago, but it was until she fractured her foot and couldn’t run for six months that she began to take yoga seriously. Confined to a boot, she started her practice with deep stretch and slow flow, and then progressed to more challenging classes and poses, finding herself more aware of not just the changes in her body, but her breathing and the sense of “chill” she felt as a result of her practice. After 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Stephanie recently shifted to a full-time yoga career. Stephanie finds Vinyasa yoga deeply satisfying, the continuous movement and transitions simultaneously provide a challenge and a respite for the mind, body, and soul, but she is practiced in many

forms, including Bikram, Hatha, Ashtanga, as well as Vinyasa. Currently the program manager at Yoga Six and Des Peres Studios co-facilitator of Yoga Six 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program, she counts Yoga Six, Sanctuary (when it was open), Pura Vegan, Namaste, and Practicing Yoga among her favorites. A mom, wife, businesswoman, friend, artist, and yogini, Stephanie says the impact of yoga in her life is immeasurable. Yoga has changed her body, mind, and heart.


Diane and Dana (BOTTOM) Dynamic mother and daughter duo Diane and Dana have been practicing yoga together for several years and today they have a dedicated practice incorporating a variety of classes. Mom Diane started her journey as a yogini seven years ago, when she attended a Vinyasa flow class with a group of friends. She felt a deep and immediate physical and mental shift and became RYT certified in 2013. Dana began her yoga journey two years later, with lots of encouragement from her mom. She immediately noticed that her practice of yoga offered not only physical benefits, but helped strengthen her emotional well being. Their shared practiced has also strengthened their bond, and today they can be seen practicing side-by-side at Go! Yoga Express, on a rooftop, on a lake, or almost anywhere, anytime they are together!

MEN MAT on the

by Tina Farmer

As the weather chills, bringing cold and flu, and the holiday season fills your calendar, maintaining your mental and physical health goals can be more challenging. And there are days when getting outside is simply unpleasant. Our featured Men on the Mat find that their regular practice helps keep them strong, energized, and balanced.


In 2010 Tom, a college athlete and outdoor enthusiast, attempted yoga for the first time at the request of a friend and the practice made quite an impression. You can imagine his surprise when he thought he was going to “die” after his first few hot yoga classes. Though he practiced off and on, it wasn’t until a knee injury brought his exercise routine to a halt in 2015 that he dedicated himself to regular practice. Within six months, he found the increased range of motion, flexibility, and relief from constant knee pain he needed to be able to play with his children again. Tom says that his practice, at Go Yoga! Express provides more than just physical benefits. The combination of breathing, self-awareness, and mindfulness help him better handle the daily stress of work, personal relationships, and family. While he enjoys a sense of accomplishment from his yoga practice, he appreciates that it has helped him build his confidence, energy and ability to center himself in his busy life.


At first glance, Martin Caupp may not be what comes to mind when you think of a “yogi.” He’s a personal trainer, deer hunter, and Army vet who served in Guantanamo Bay after 9/11, and he reminds us that yogis come from all walks of life. Martin was quickly hooked in 2014, after his friend and teacher Becky Vollmer convinced him to roll out a mat and try

a few poses. Martin was immediately drawn in by the promise of bringing back the flexibility he lost by over-focusing on strength training, but his first deliberate breath really changed everything. For Martin, breathing became a tool he used to calm, to quiet, and to connect. He found his twice-weekly Vinyasa practice so physically and spiritually powerful and compelling that he decided to become a teacher. Martin observes that walking down the philosophical path of yoga practice has absolutely changed his life. Today he is ready to share that with others and leads a “guys only” yoga class at Sweet Peace Yoga, bringing him full circle from student to teacher.


Dale is a well-rounded IT professional with an interest in athleticism and fitness who also enjoys playing piano. An avid follower of the P90X program, staying physically and mentally sharp is an essential part of his daily routine that complements his commitment to fully appreciating life. Dale found that his yoga practice helped him improve his life balance as much as it aids physical balance. Flexibility, balance, coordination, and a calmness of mind of other benefits he’s discovered through his practice. Dale also credits his practice for his increased lung capacity, the seamless union between his heart and lungs, but also notices that he’s learned patience, crediting yoga for giving him the calm he needs to search inward.

YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

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Transformation Formula

34 - YogaandSpaMagazine.com | SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017


hen it comes to losing weight, everyone is looking for the unicorn solution – an undiscovered magical factor that will eliminate the need for good old-fashioned nutrition and exercise. It’s time to face the fact that this may be a fruitless quest. Toning up and slimming down requires fueling the body for healthy gains while burning fat by exercising at the top of a person’s fitness level. There is one other factor that is often overlooked, but essential to completing this winning equation: accountability. At 9Round, we call the trifecta of exercise, nutrition and accountability the Transformation Formula. This knockout combination is the key to fast results and long-lasting success. In fact, the roller-coaster history most Americans have with diets and exercise programs stems from participating in systems that lack one or more pieces of the Transformation Formula. You may recognize this story. John begins working out at a big box gym. At first, he really likes his results, but then he plateaus. He begins to get frustrated because he is no longer progressing. Eventually he loses motivation, stops going to the gym regularly and begins to regain the weight.

faster results. Finally, 9Round trainers provide the accountability piece, tailoring workouts to individuals using the heart rate training technology, learning how to best encourage each person and checking in on every members’ progress throughout their journeys. 9Round StL is locally owned and operated with four locations – Creve Coeur, Kirkwood, O’Fallon and Wildwood. Its commitment to the community has resulted in several recognitions throughout West County, including being named the 2015 Business of the Year, named to St. Louis Business Journal’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in 2016 and 2017, and named the inaugural winner of the 2017 Wildwood Business Appreciation Award as chosen by its citizens. At 9Round StL, the first workout is always free. This holiday season, they are changing people’s lives through the 6 Week Free Challenge, encompassing all three aspects of the Transformation Formula. Text 314-392-9538 for more information about starting your own transformation.

Likewise, Susie signs up for a diet program. She is following the meal plans exactly and checking in with her accountability coach, but the topic is always nutrition. She has tried to exercise on her own, but isn’t sure what to do and her nutrition coach is unfamiliar with weight lifting or heart rate training. Although Suzy has lost several pounds, she isn’t feeling stronger or finding the energy she expected because she hasn’t added any muscle to her frame. At 9Round, they want to change those stories from frustration to success. 9Round takes the guesswork out of the Transformation Formula by providing everything their members need to hit and exceed their personal goals. 9Rounders love walking in and working out without having to make appointments or wait for a class time. And, burning 500 calories in 30 minutes means they do not have to feel guilty about taking time away from their families to work out. The 9Round nutrition plan is designed to complement the high-intensity workouts, so you’re burning fat while building muscle, increasing energy and producing

9Round StL, powered by Porter Health & Fitness, LLC April Porter, owner 314-392-9538 St. Louis: www.9round.com/stl Creve Coeur: www.9round.com/CreveCoeurMo Kirkwood-Des Peres: www.9round.com/kirkwooddesperes O’Fallon-WingHaven: www.9round.com/OfallonMoWinghaven Wildwood: www.9round.com/wildwood

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We Bring

Yoga To You is a concierge yoga service where a personalized yoga class is brought to the client. In our increasingly busy society, people are becoming more comfortable with services and products delivered to them. Whether it is in your home, office space or a nearby park, yoga can be practiced anywhere. People today are seeking ways to better their minds, bodies and spirits. We will come to you to help you accomplish your goals, and to re-calibrate the highest part of yourself, your purpose. As one of the true gurus of yoga Saji Iliyemi said, “Some people are busy working on their pose instead of their purpose.” The main style of yoga we teach is Hatha, “Ha” means “The Sun” and “Tha” means “The Moon.” In Hatha Yoga, the poses (asanas) are incorporated with the breathing exercises (pranayamas). Contemporary Hatha style is at a slower pace, including more stretching, working on your individual alignment, controlling your breathing, and increasing your muscle strength, as well as flexibility and relaxation. The teachers at Yoga To You are experienced in guiding students through safe, effective and relaxing yoga sessions. Cues, support and challenges to the client, when needed, are given to ensure you experience the full range of movement.

We are also certified to teach Yoga for Seniors, Children’s Yoga, Flow - Moving from one pose to another without rest between poses, also known as Vinyasa, and Restorative or Gentle Yoga. We work with all experience levels.

Our Mission: To bring the benefits and advancements of yoga to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to participate because of time and/or distance constraints. Our Vision: Yoga is for everyone! We meet the needs of all, from the most flexible clients who need a challenging practice to those who may be in a wheelchair and just need small, slow movements and relaxation. We are knowledgeable and eager to share our passion for yoga with everyone! Yoga To You began as a business through which we could share with others our passion for yoga. It has become a journey of helping our clients on their life journeys, instilling in them a learning and loving of the practice of yoga. In our classes, we stress, through the yoga poses, not only progress physically, but also personal growth for the whole mind and body.

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Directly to You!

We offer a free consultation to discuss your particular yoga needs, and to determine if we are the right fit for each other. To schedule your consultation with Yoga To You, please call 636-3688156 or email yogatoyou00@gmail.com Yoga has been a part of Johanna (Jodie) Avery’s life for 14 years. She is certified in Yogafit I, Yoga Alliance 500HR, and Integrated Yoga for Seniors. Jodie is the owner of Yoga To You L.L.C. Jodie also is a part-time YTT instructor for West East Yoga of St. Louis.

Phone: 636-368-8156 Email: yogatoyou00@gmail.com Website: www.yogatoyoustl.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/yogatoyoullcstl Instagram: www.instagram.com/yogatoyoullc LinkedIn: www.linkedin.comin/johannaavery-88366714

Providing Fit. Fast. Food.™ that everyone can enjoy! Fit4Me Foods® has made a name for itself serving healthy, grab and go meals to families in St. Peters, Missouri, for the past two years. In doing so, it has created easy ways to feed your family fresh, healthy, chef prepared food on a daily or weekly basis. Now with four pickup locations in St Louis, Fit4Me has never been more convenient to the St. Louis community. “Healthy Eating Made Easy® is our motto, and I am a true believer that a healthy diet is essential to everyone, no matter your age,” Owner/ Operator Matt Titus said. “At Fit4Me we are providing Fit. Fast. Food.™ everyone enjoys.” Whether you are looking for healthy, easy meals for your busy day, or to send with your loved ones for breakfast or lunch, Fit4Me has portioned out breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options that are ready in under two minutes. One loyal customer said, “When there is no time to make lunches or no healthy dinner options between driving kids to practices, Fit4Me has food everyone enjoys, and we can eat on the go. My retired parents love it when I drop it off for them too!” You can shop Fit4Me Foods’ 50+ options at our retail store located at 6219 Mid Rivers Mall Drive in St. Peters and Enact Wellness in St. Charles. You can also order online for pickup at our retail locations as well as our pickup locations below: • STL Workout in the Central West End • e3 Performance & Fitness in Creve Couer • Wild Horse Fitness in Ballwin To see a menu, learn about delivery, or discuss catering and family sized options you can reach Fit4Me Foods at 636-2445689, Fit4MeFoods.com, or contact Matt directly at matt@fit4mefoods.com.

Healthy Eating Made Easy. FIT4ME FOODS is making the way people eat healthy more convenient by creating fresh, all natural, flavorful on-the-go meals . Health and wellness are the foundation for creating nutritionally balanced FIT4ME FOODS meals for you and your family.

Visit our store or order online 7 days a week. To learn more about our delivery options, catering and family sized options call 636-244-5689 or go to



Fitness Strategy Session

and receive 14-day FREE Access

Let us empower you today! 758 N New Ballas Rd, Creve Coeur, MO

Call (314) 375-6348 www.e3performance.com

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Ready to Take Your Life to the

Next Level? By Lynn Schroeder, Business and Life Coach

Maybe you’re a woman trying to balance it all, but feel like you’re failing and you’re ridden with “mom guilt,” maybe somewhere along the way you lost confidence in the woman you were made to be, maybe you’re stuck in the “comparison trap” and think you never measure up, maybe you think that beauty is what’s on the outside and not what’s on the inside, or you’re simply tired of putting everyone else’s needs first and want more for yourself.

The right skills and the right belief mindset are key to your success. I’m passionate about teaching others how to become entrepreneurs on their terms to meet their goals: how to think, how to share, how to believe in themselves, how to juggle it all, and how to create a life with more time, purpose and possibilities.

Perhaps you’re after time freedom, financial freedom, success, confidence, better relationships, and just taking your life back for your own. Maybe you’re ready to make a fresh entrepreneurial move or take your existing business to the next level.

Visit my website at: Lynnschroeder.com Contact me at: lynn@lynnschroeder.com 314-280-9569

Not only has my life been turned around from my success in business, but it’s changed the lives of many on my team.

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Let me help you reach your possibilities

St. Louis’ original hot yoga studio Designed for all fitness levels Offering 60 and 90 minute classes

Come try the hottest workouts in town! yogastlouis.com {hot yoga} 314.644.2226 {cool people} 6630 Clayton Rd.

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8 Signs It's Time for an Insurance Review Take a moment and think about last year. What changed in your life? Whether it is for your home, life, auto or any other policy, it's important to adjust your coverage when things change. Talk to your Shelter agent about your changes and they can also see if you qualify for any new discounts. › Getting married... or divorced › Building or buying a new house › Having or adopting a child › Opening a small business › Remodeling your home › Accumulating new possessions › Moving into an apartment or condo › Retiring

Are You Ready to Feel Sensational? What is Geneveve™? Geneveve™ is a clinically-proven, single-session treatment that safely and comfortably revitalizes vaginal tissue.

Do I need the Geneveve™ treatment? Vaginal laxity is an extremely common issue for women that results from childbirth and/or aging. There are many symptoms associated with vaginal laxity, including: • Looseness of the vaginal wall or lack of tightness • Urinary incontinence •L  ack of sensation and sexual desire •V  aginal dryness and lack of lubrication during sexual activity

Christine Lieber | 314-878-6160 4700 S. Lindbergh Blvd., St. Louis www.shelterinsurance.com/CA/agent/CLIEBER These are just a few examples of when an insurance review is helpful. We suggest meeting with Christine Lieber for a personal insurance review every year or two to keep your coverage up to date.

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Call or text: 314-395-9777 or email:


Fall Into a Routine This Season By Karen Gelb

Owner and Advanced Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy

We are beautiful and strong women, and quite unique creatures. We are creatures of habit, creatures of routines and cycles. Our female bodies follow the cycles of the moon. Each month, the moon follows a pattern, and our bodies along with it. We emerge from these cycles or transitions renewed, refreshed, and ready to take on the world. Throughout history, women have come together to love, support and celebrate these transformations, and we can still honor our bodies with love and healing and support each time the moon changes in the sky. Our colons are our core, our instincts, our emotions, our immunity, our everything. Our colons are where to start loving and healing our bodies. Colon hydrotherapy can do just that in a gentle, loving and safe manner. Cleansing our colons can wash away any residual toxins that may reducing our energy levels, clogging up our pores, bloating our bellies and impairing our immune systems. A clean body will undoubtedly function at more optimal levels.

Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy has created a safe, clean and relaxing environment to honor and care for your body, as was always done for women throughout time. The therapy room has all the spa amenities to create relaxation and healing. Beautiful flooring and soothing blues on the wall, dim lighting much like a massage setting, and a private bathroom within the treatment room with a bidet to provide a fresh feeling. Alkalized water, a probiotic, calming sounds and relaxing essential oils all will aid in fading away all distractions and stresses allowing you to rest in comfort of healing and honoring your body.

Achieving great health starts with boosting immunity and 70% of our immune system is in our colon. Optimize your health with colon hydrotherapy and replenishment with our new state-of-the-art water alkaline system. Visit us at: 7921 Clayton Rd. St. Louis, MO 63117 (314) 335-0395 www.raindropcolonhydrotherapy.com www.facebook.com/ raindropcolonhydrotherapy

Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy offers only top of the line treatments from a Clinical FDA approved system, to enhancing relaxation by laying on a Biomat along with a Mother Earth Pillow, and offering optional additives to enhance healing. Colonics may help us improve mental clarity, sleep better, increase energy and help you to look amazing doing it.

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TIRED OF COVERING UP SYMPTOMS? WANT RESULTS THAT STICK? WANT TO GET YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE BACK? Finally address the underlying cause of your health concerns!

Naturally Addressing:

• Fatigue • Thyroid Disorders • Autoimmune Conditions • Stress and Weight Gain • Depression and Anxiety • Hormonal Imbalances • Heart Disease • Diabetes • IBS and GI Issues

Functional Medicine: Healthcare for the 21st century Core Health is a functional wellness clinic committed to breaking the mold of conventional medicine by finding and fixing root-cause ailments for people suffering with chronic disease.

1034 S. Brentwood Blvd., Suite 1450 Richmond Heights, MO 63117

314-449-1712 www.corehealthstl.com 42 - YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

Gut Health By Seth Gerlach, DC, DABCI

“All disease begins in the gut.” Wow, is that true? Hippocrates spoke those works in 460 BC, but the premise couldn’t be more accurate today. Symptoms and complications like gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation are thought of when mentioning the gut. But did you know that things like brain fog, fatigue, achy joints, autoimmune disease, heart disease, thyroid disorders and even diabetes can be perpetuated by the gut? Yes, we need our gut to digest and absorb our food, but the role of the gut is much more in-depth. -70-80% of your immune cells are housed in your gut. If the gut is inflamed, full of infections like H Pylori or parasites, poor diet, or if you are taking lots of medications, the immune system can be activated. An activated immune system can lead to unwanted symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, achy joints, and even progress to autoimmune conditions. -Your gut has trillions of bacteria, all of which have to be in good balance to have good health. In fact, bacterial cells in our body outnumber human cells 10:1! The intricate balance regulates mood, helps to set metabolism, and produces neurotransmitters like serotonin for the brain. Bacterial imbalance can be caused by antibiotics, medications like NSAIDs or birth control pills, eating processed foods and refined carbohydrates, and toxin exposure from the air, water, and food. For good gut health: • Include fermented vegetables or bone broth to your diet. These can feed the good bacteria in your gut and also help to maintain the integrity and lining of the gut wall. • Eat an anti-inflammatory diet rich in fats like olive oil, ghee, wild caught fish and grass fed meats. Vegetables are extremely anti-inflammatory and you should aim for at least 6 servings per day. • Lifestyle factors like more sleep and de-stressing can also have powerful impacts on healing the gut. Seth Gerlach, DC, DABCI is a functional medicine practitioner and wellness mentor. His professional practice includes nutrition, hormone balancing, lifestyle modification, functional lab testing, and gastrointestinal conditions. He is also the founder and clinical director of Core Health, located at 1034 S Brentwood Blvd, Ste 1450, Richmond Heights, MO 63117. 314-449-1712 www.corehealthstl.com

“Where Did I Leave My Reading Glasses?” The Ins and Outs of Presbyopia It’s one of life’s milestones that we could all do without: That moment when we walk down the aisle at the drugstore and not only see the stand of colorful reading glasses, but actually stop to pick out a pair. Once we’re over 40, it’s only a matter of time before those reading glasses become less of a fashion statement and more of a daily need. By the time we are in our 50s, most of us have several pairs around the house (usually in places we can’t find them) just in case we need to read or look at something up close. Wouldn’t it be nice to be unshackled from reading glasses? Presbyopia, often called “over-40 vision,” is what makes it difficult for us to read close print, see our cell phones, or see in dim light. It is as natural as graying hair and wrinkles, and not a single one of us can escape it without help. We don’t have to live with presbyopia. Advanced LASIK, RLE, and Kamra and Raindrop inlays have been developed with presbyopia in mind. Though they are safe and effective, only a handful of refractive surgeons in the United States have invested in the training and technology to provide them for their patients. Dr. Jason Brinton of Brinton Vision is one of the nation’s top ophthalmic surgeons, and is among only a handful of surgeons trained and certified in these state-of-the-art laser techniques. Come to Brinton Vision and see what you’re missing!

Level 10 Mastery is one of the fastest growing podcasts in the world. This powerful program meets at the at the apex of business strategy and personal motivation. We interview the best and brightest men and women in their particular fields. L10 shares the daily routines and strategies of these trailblazers to help our listeners become the best version of theirselves in all areas of life.

Upcoming Guests: Jeremy Johnson, UFC Dr. Ed Logan, Dentist/ Business Coach Chad Remley, CEO of DFM Patrick Conner, Partner at Husch Blackwell David Porter, Popticals Jillian Tedesco, Fit Flavors Duane Roth, Roth Companies Amy Lescher, Amy Lescher LLC Stacy Oliver Neal, Yoga & Spa Magazine

Find out how you can lose your reading glasses for good. Brinton Vision 555 N. New Ballas Rd. St. Louis, MO 63141 314.375.2020 brintonvision.com

Gunner DeFlorian

Ben Lawler

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Solutions for Hormone Imbalance by Dr. Steve Zielinski, Pharm.D

Hormones in men and women exist in harmony with each other - partners in a delicate balancing act. When hormone levels fall out of balance, our normal function is disrupted, which can lead to chronic symptoms, disorders, and even disease. When hormone levels begin dropping in men or women a deficiency of one hormone may appear as a relative excess of another, resulting in symptoms of hormone imbalance. This is called menopause for women and andropause for men. Menopause in women typically occurs around the age of 50, but may start as early as mid to late 30s depending on stress levels, diet and exercise. Symptoms typically start with irregular cycles, anxiety, insomnia and headaches. Andropause in men indicates a natural decline in testosterone contributing to weight gain, bone loss and sexual dysfunction. Symptoms are gradual and may include a subtle downward shift in strength and energy, loss of enthusiasm for competition and sexual activity. Comprehensive baseline testing gives you and your healthcare provider an in-depth picture of your hormones. Testing reveals your individual level of hormone production and identifies imbalances. These results, combined with an assessment of additional symptoms provide a detailed picture of how hormone balance is affecting your life and well-being. From there, we can customize an individual treatment program.

Our saliva testing kits can either be collected in home or at the pharmacy. Once the samples are collected and mailed to ZRT, the lab results are processed and results sent to the pharmacy in 3-5 days. You then meet with one of our pharmacists to discuss results and appropriate treatment options. Lifestyle treatment options include diet, exercise and supplements. Some of the lifestyle tips our pharmacists commonly recommend include get adequate sleep, drink plenty of water, eat a rainbow of fresh, colored vegetables every day, limit intake of processed foods and alcohol, maintain a healthy body weight, and limit exposure to chemicals. Treatment options, when needed, are specifically formulated to the results of the saliva kits, to ensure we are addressing the individualized results of each patient. For women, this may include compounded dosage forms including troches, capsules, transdermal creams, or suppositories containing a combination of estrone, estradiol, estrone, progesterone, and/ or testosterone. Compounded topical and oral preparations are options to help patients with low testosterone. Commercially available products such as AndroGel, Testim, Striant. Injectable testosterone may not provide normal physiological serum levels for patients. In addition, patients may need specific dosing adjustments that may not be managed with these products.

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A compounded preparation could be an alternative if patients are having issues or concerns with commercially available therapy. For more information regarding saliva testing, supplements, or compounded therapies schedule a consultation with one of our pharmacists at Colonial Village Pharmacy. At Colonial Village Pharmacy, you will find everything you need to optimize your health. We provide personal care that the mass market pharmacies have long ago forgotten. We also provide custom compounded medications, superior supplements and vitamins, a wealth of information, health classes, immunizations, home delivery, and a smile. Visit us online to learn more about our products and services.

7945 Big Bend Blvd, Webster Groves, MO 314-962-1065 Colonialvillagerx.com


Red or brown pigmentation, crepey, lines, or wrinkles in your skin?

Call today for an appointment

(314) 394-3314 y beth@nouveaumedspa.com y www.NouveauMedSpa.com 320 S. Kirkwood Rd, Ste 104, Kirkwood, Missouri 63122

Drink Juice. Feel Amazing.


Let us show you how custom clothing can reflect your personal style, from the fit, to the fabric, to the details. We take the time to learn and understand: • What you do • Who you interact with • How you dress • What professional clothing you already own • What needs to be updated • What needs alterations Our goal? To learn more about you so we can better advise you on clothing that will make an impact and help define your style.

www.tomjames.com Ben Lawler - 314.914.1177 b.lawler@tomjames.com

Now Open at Berry Road Crossing off Manchester Road in Rock Hill. www.ilovejuicebar.com YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

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How to Choose the Proper Nutrition for an Active Lifestyle Model: Debby Seigel, RYT of YoGoGirls

If you’re an athlete or runner, chances are you need a little extra get-up-and-go in your diet that supports your active lifestyle and rockin’ body. For anyone serious about their health and performance, emphasizing the overall importance of nutrition leads to excellence. In recent years, athletes have been bombarded with information pertaining to the best ingredients that support a lean body: skinless chicken breasts, protein shakes and even chocolate milk. However, these foods and beverages aren’t as “clean” as they seem. Some animal-based foods contain very inflammatory sources of fats and proteins. Drinks with high protein content contain heavily processed ingredients such as protein extracts, for example, protein blends from plant-based food ingredients or whey protein. What’s more important for individuals who live an active lifestyle is paying attention to the source of the nutrition rather than the benefits of each individual nutrient. Female 19–30 Recommended Daily Caloric Intake Carbohydrate, g Carbohydrate, % kcal Protein, g


When you think about it, the food we eat is what we end up becoming. Food is just language that speaks to our bodies’ cells. Cells are pathways of communication that control everything from our metabolism to our brain function. Through millions of years of evolution, human cells had never been exposed to processed food ingredients until very recently, much less than a century. It’s unfortunate, yet not surprising, that processed foods cause all kinds of health problems, from food allergies to serious diseases including diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. For individuals living an active lifestyle, high-quality sources of nutrition are needed. What isn’t needed are inflammatory foods or foods with high amounts of cholesterol, saturated fats, sugars, toxins and contaminants from processed ingredients.

For example, protein blends are so highly processed that we can’t determine what actually takes place during production. Runners need specific amounts of carbs, fats and protein to thrive, nutritionally speaking. These macro-nutrients should come from clean, plant-based foods and should be eaten at each meal. This balance will provide your body with fuel for performance and speed up recovery, muscle growth and repair. It will also prevent any nutritional shortages that can hinder performance. Choosing the Karuna Divine Three PlantBased Nutritional Smoothie, soon to be known simply as “Harmony,” means choosing a clean beverage for speedy recovery post-workout. With no-added sugar and simple, clean, natural whole plant ingredients, a 12oz bottle of Karuna Divine Three (Harmony) contains 8 grams of natural plant protein (16% of DV) and 6 grams of dietary fiber (21% of DV). In addition, these smoothies contain excellent amounts of iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc from clean, natural whole plant sources, not from purified ones. In the end, educate yourself beyond what is being promoted to you as an athlete. Proceed with caution after seeing advertisements for whey protein or plantbased proprietary protein blends. Instead, make plant-based whole food products for performance your go-to! These foods provide living nutrients your cells easily recognize and can process into energy. They also care for your muscles, heart and body overall. Be active and be smart. Choose your food based on the proven and truthful medical benefits that support your choices. You can use the chart below as guides to calorie consumption and key nutrient ratios for your gender and age:

Male 19–30

Female 31–50

Male 31–50

Female 50+

Male 50+
























Protein, % kcal







Total Fat, % kcal












Added Sugars, % kcal







Saturated Fat, % kcal







Dietary Fiber, g


To learn more about how Karuna is pioneering a new generation of plant based nutritional products, please our website at www.mykaruna.com.

Skeletal Strength Improves Overall Health The skeletal system is the foundation for your body and provides more than just strength and protection. It is arguably one of the most critical systems of the human body; and by implementing a strategy to care for and strengthen it, many experience the following results: • Improved Athletic Performance • Improved Bone Density • Improved Posture • Improved Balance • Less Joint and Back Pain OsteoStrong is a unique place where you can go to improve your overall health by focusing on the one thing we all have in common: a skeletal system. It works for people of all ages and levels of activity to promote skeletal strength, which impacts the entire body in many ways using a process known as Osteogenic Loading. Sessions are quick, painless, and the results are measurable and happen quickly. OsteoStrong’s Spectrum system was invented by the Father of Osteogenic Loading, Dr. John Jaquish, Ph.D. Dr. Jaquish is the Chief Science Advisor for OsteoStrong and author of Osteogenic Loading. Dr. Jaquish has been a frequent speaker at the World Congress on Osteoporosis and is on the board of American Bone Health. His contributions to the OsteoStrong brand have been invaluable in bringing this technology to the world. Research shows that the stimulus required to trigger osteogenesis (growth of healthy bone tissue) is 4.2 multiples of body weight (4.2 MOB). Achieving that level of stimulus would be difficult for many without the Spectrum System. However, OsteoStrong members easily, safely, and without injury or pain achieve

forces in excess of 5 to 12 times their own body weight. High-impact is one of the most powerful stimuli the musculoskeletal system can experience. The scientific research shows that the results are available to people of all ages and fitness levels. Spectrum consists of 4 separate devices. Under the supervision of a trained technician, each Spectrum device allows individual members to experience the precise level of force for their musculoskeletal system. Members only need to experience brief levels of force to get the benefits. The entire circuit only takes a few minutes to complete and once the stimulus has been experienced, the central nervous system can trigger osteogenesis.

Proven Results You Can Trust Discover the Healing Benefits of Chiropractic Care We offer the following services: • Efficient Spinal Correction • At-home Spinal Care Exercises • Nutritional Recommendations • Health Talks and Workshops • Supplemental Health 14784 Manchester Rd. Ballwin, MO 63011 636-220-3091 mlturningpointchiropractic.com

Improved Athletic Performance OsteoStrong technology has been shown to trigger bone density growth, but why does this matter to an athlete? Other than protection from fractures, skeletal strengthening in many cases eliminates limitations to plateaus and muscle growth. As many have seen with OsteoStrong, bone density can be brought to levels more than two standard deviations above what is considered to be normal. This means your body has a more powerful frame, will allow more muscular engagement and, thereby, more muscular strength and power. Now open in Creve Coeur: 12333 Olive Blvd, 314-300-6902 and our newest location in O’Fallon: 44 Crossroads Plaza, 636-238-8696 To experience this profound system for FREE, CALL OsteoStrong today and request 2 FREE sessions! or go to: www.OsteoStong.ME

FALL CLEANSE SPECIAL Cleanse Your Body - Special Offer! $30 OFF regular package price

Karen Gelb

(expires December 15th) Advanced Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, I-ACT


Look for Raindrop Colon Hydrotherapy on Facebook! (314) 335-0395 | 7921 Clayton Rd. | St. Louis, MO 63117

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We Want OUR ONLY FOCUS IS ON YOU LOSING AND THEN MAINTAINING YOUR WEIGHT LOSS. We offer a variety of weight loss services including: • • • • • •

Customized Programs Lab Testing Full Blood Analysis Body Fat Analysis Electrocardiogram B-12 and B Complex injection

• • • • •

Lipo B injections Lipo Plus injections Diverse Meal Plans Vitamins Online Community

314-770-2334 www.mdhealthwellness.com 11903 St Charles Rock Rd, Suite A Bridgeton (St Louis), MO 63044


to succeed!

Try our customized weight loss programs designed to fit your life. At MD Health & Wellness you will receive a customized weight loss program that includes personal medical counseling from our specialists who will: • Consider various factors – not just diet, but lab results to evaluate hormonal balance and body function, motivational factors, triggers to help you lose weight and keep it off through a change in lifestyle. • Monitor your progress. • Make the necessary adjustments that will allow you to best achieve your short and long term goals.

An integrated approach to healing and wellness. • Diet & Nutrition • Detoxification • Massage • Acupuncture • Chiropractic • Meditation • Trasformational Breathwork • Energy Therapy • Gifts (Health, Spiritual, Eco, Fun)

Experience The BioMat at The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit

 lthough our primary goal is to help you reach your target weight A quickly and easily, the focus of care is to allow you to maintain your weight loss. • We use the most powerful laser frequency LED light energy to help reduce the stubborn areas around the tummy, hips, thighs and underarms, and tighten loose and flabby skin. • We recommend natural appetite suppressant through Dr. Emma’s HCG program. • We also offer the latest FDA-approved weight loss prescription medications along with B12, B complex, and Lipo Plus injections. • Our optional nutritional products are available only from medical doctors. • You can earn your way into our Winners Circle for additional incentives to maintain your new healthy lifestyle. Procrastination is all that is stopping you from feeling and looking better.

Call us today for the results you desire. MD Health & Wellness – 11903 St Charles Rock Rd., Bridgeton, MO. Stop by today, or call us at 314-770-2334 www.mdhealthwellness.com Let’s talk about your lighter, brighter future. Weight loss is very hard. At MD Health & Wellness, it is very easy. Ask about no interest financing.

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“Sit up straight!” “Don’t slouch!” I’m sure we’ve all heard those admonishing words more than once from our mother when we were growing up. And most of us would roll our eyes and as soon as mom walked away we’d slump back over in a hunch. Little did we know that there was a reason behind the madness! In fact, she probably wasn’t aware of all the implications of poor posture herself. But somehow your mother always seemed to know best.

Live Strong. Be Your Best Self. $49 Initial Consultation/Examination

Call 314.646.0013

to schedule your appointment!

What is good posture anyway, and why is it so important? Posture refers to the body’s alignment and positioning with respect to the ever-present force of gravity. Whether we are standing, sitting or lying down gravity exerts a force on our joints, ligaments and muscles. Good posture entails distributing the force of gravity through our body so no one structure is overstressed. As a Chiropractor I learned that posture affects how you walk, run, jump, lift weights, and execute other skills. Because of its many benefits, such as ease of movement, good balance of muscle strength and flexibility, proper positioning of the spine and proper functioning of internal organs, your body “feels” good, and you therefore feel good!

Here are six other reasons good posture is important for your health: 1. P  ortrays a better, more confident image

Good posture will boost self-confidence. Think of the people around you that you “see” as confident.

2. B  reathing becomes easier and deeper

Notice the difference in your breathing slumped over versus sitting up straight.

3. I mproves circulation and digestion

Poor posture has been proven to be a contributing factor to several digestive problems from acid reflux to constipation and even hernias.

4. M  akes you look slimmer and younger

With good posture, you will instantly take off 5-10 lbs. in your appearance.

5. H  elp your muscles and joints

Good posture helps you keep your spine and joints in correct alignment so that your muscles and ligaments are used correctly. This decreases the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces that could result in degenerative arthritis, joint pain, muscle strain/pain, and extremity pain. It also allows muscles to work more efficiently, allowing the body to use less energy and, therefore, preventing muscle fatigue.

Chiropractic Acupuncture BStrong4Life Program SHAPE Reclaimed Program Posture Correction Program Aspen Laser Therapy Active Release Technique Extremity Adjustments Adults, Seniors, Children

Dr. Brenda L. Kingen 25 years of experience

314.646.0013 | kingenchiropractic.com 2001 S. Hanley Rd., Ste. 220 Brentwood, MO 63144

6. C  hange your frame of mind

Posture also affects your frame of mind and your frame of mind can affect your posture.

Dr. Brenda Kingen has been helping patients improve their posture for over 25 years. For more information please contact Kingen Chiropractic Wellness Center at 314-646-0013. www.kingenchiropractic.com

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The 8 Minute Secret is Out! by Dr. Michael Gerdine, DC

Did you know research has shown that the body needs proper nutrition, air to breathe, and electromagnetic energy supplied to it from external sources? If the body goes without these key components, our self-healing mechanisms will become weakened and can no longer protect us against the challenges of modern society. Today, we know that a great majority of people no longer give their bodies the best care, due to environmental problems, poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Proof of this is the alarming increase in chronic disorders over the past few decades. Most, if not all, acute and chronic disorders, have a common thread – poor circulation.

Did you know that enhanced blood flow is known as the main road to optimum health? 76% of the blood vessels in our bodies are comprised of Microvessels, not large arteries and veins! Microcirculation is so important to avoid the onset of cellular dysfunction, which ultimately leads to tissue or organ dysfunction where we observe symptoms of diseases. Every single living cell in your body needs a consistent supply of oxygen and nutrition. As cells receive these raw materials, our body can maximize

optimum cellular health and accelerate metabolic waste removal.

How can we do this on a daily basis?

one can accelerate general blood flow even further, which correlates with more rapid chakra alignment.

Let me introduce Bemer Vascular Therapy – BEMER has been scientifically proven to optimize several key physiological parameters in blood circulation that are vital for healthy cellular metabolism, so that the body is more efficient at healing itself. This means that whatever condition(s) or disease(s) you may have, BEMER will be your most effective and most reliable complementary therapy to positively influence your body’s ability to heal itself.

It can be said without exaggeration that BEMER represents a revolutionary breakthrough in alternative health.

BEMER does not heal or cure anything – it is not a drug or medicine. In only 8 minutes twice per day, our breakthrough technology uses a very gentle and soft pulsating signal that stimulates microvessels to optimize blood flow to all tissue and organs. This unique signal is transmitted into the body via an electromagnetic field.

I encourage you to take a test drive of this amazing technology at my office. Call (314) 361-4650 and mention this article to save 10% off your BEMER Sessions.

It’s one of the most researched physical therapy systems available in the world – 5 international patents, FDA registered, German designed and Swiss manufactured, listed in 50 medical publications, over a million users worldwide, and used in over 4000 clinics and hospitals.

The fact that the body’s own healing processes can be activated by transmitting information (the BEMER signal) is a ground-breaking discovery which opens the door to unprecedented new treatment options. Practicing yoga helps with general blood flow, but what if there was a way to accelerate enhanced nutrient and oxygen supply and cellular waste disposal even further? By using BEMER,

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Dr. Michael Gerdine, DC West End Chiropractic 4255 Laclede Ave, St. Louis Phone: (314) 361-4650 www.westendchiropracticstl.com

Stress Management Techniques By Sheila Hunt, MA, LPC

Stress is created by our reactions to situations, rather than the events themselves. We can’t always control events that happen in our life, but we can control how we respond. Here are some helpful tips for how to prevent and manage stressful feelings: • Visualize a scene that is pleasant, soothing, or brings back happy memories. • Take a deep breath and count to ten. Then, breathe out slowly and count to ten. Think the word “calm,” then the word “serene,” and then other calming words. • Exercise such as muscle stretching, yoga, sports. Squeeze a ball or lemon. Stand up and stretch. • Meditation and/or prayer. • Express yourself through art, writing, or a hobby. Games and puzzles. Read a book. •P  lan your time and prioritize. Pace yourself. Take one step at a time. •C  hanging your perception of the situation – or cognitive restructuring – can reduce or eliminate stress. Positive thinking - find the “silver lining.” Find the good in your stressful situation. • Tell yourself that this, too, shall pass. • S tand up and smile! Find humor in situations. •C  reate positive social interactions. Do something fun! • S pend time enjoying nature and the outdoors. Take a short, brisk walk. •D  ance or do aerobics. Listen to your favorite music. •D  o something that changes your focus, e.g., take a bathroom break, get a glass of water. When you come back to the problem, chances are it won’t seem nearly as insurmountable.

• S leep on it. Take a second look tomorrow. • Create time for self-reflection. •D  iscover your vision, values and purpose. Take responsibility for creating the life you want. •T  ake time to smell the roses. Do something enjoyable each day. •D  are to say, “No.” Set limits. Be assertive, but not aggressive (express your feelings without offending others.) •Q  uit blaming yourself when you really had no control over the situation. • Be proactive in finding peace. • Find people who can nurture and support you and learn to trust appropriately. Talk to a friend about your problem, don’t hold it in. •G  et help when you need help.


Effective Treatment for Depression

1 (800) 345-5407


• Counseling can help you to understand the root causes of stress and find solutions. •G  et a good night’s rest. Eat healthily. Avoid sugar and caffeine. Drink water and juice instead. •T  ake a warm bath – use your favorite bath fragrance, candles, lotions. Get a massage. Sheila Hunt, MA, LPC CenterPointe Hospital 4801 Weldon Spring Parkway St. Charles (Weldon Spring), MO 63304 800-477-5407 (toll free) www.CenterPointeHospital.com

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Please join us in health and wellness! - Yoga - Massage - Arts & Crafts Classes - Dietary & Nutritional Counseling - Mental Health Counseling - Reiki - Group & Personal Fitness Classes

- Meditation/Mindfulness Classes - Chiropractic - Naturopathic Medicine - Health Coaching - Childcare - Professional Trainings, Workshops & Seminars

20% off any of our classes or massages. Use promo code: YSMAG717

The Inspired Life

Breathe in

11042 Manchester Rd | Kirkwood, MO 63122

(844) GO2-DHWC | (844) 462-3492


By Marsha Yost Bradford

This is the literal meaning of inspiration, and one of the foundational practices of an invigorated life. We are all trying to avoid sleepwalking through our lives, and when we are graced with moments of inspiration, we feel ourselves caught up in the currents of joy and meaning that cast away our sluggishness and let us live intentionally and help us grow into our glow. Sometimes, we breathe it in, and other times, our environment breathes it into us. Diversified Health and Wellness Center was created to provide an environment that sparks inspiration. We recently added an additional 5,000 square feet of classrooms, studios, treatment spaces, and a daycare to jumpstart an inspired life. Whether you find your inspiration through yoga, art, massage, nutrition, or fitness, we have a wide range of offerings for self-improvement and personal growth. Though we each have our individual path to traverse as we seek inspiration and build our way to better health, we are never alone. Indeed, to be

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more fully inspired, we have to find our health in and as a community. At Diversified Health and Wellness Center, we are thrilled to be a part of a growing community of inspired, passionate providers that promote the best of health and wellness. Marsha Yost Bradford is a licensed professional counselor with over two decades experience in the health and wellness fields. She is the owner and founder of Diversified Health and Wellness Center. For more information, visit diversifiedhwc.com, call 844-GO2-DHWC (844-462-3492) or email: marsha@diversifiedhwc.com.

Don’t delay. Schedule your next eye exam today! Eye exams available 7 days a week. Most major vision plans accepted. On site lab with same-day glasses available.

Visit us at one of these convenient locations:

Dr Eric Kamps

13329 Manchester Rd Des Peres, MO 63131

314-965-4435 Wide selection of designer frames including: • Tom Ford • Marc Jacobs • Prada • Kate Spade

Dr Kathy Anderson OD and Associates 1758 South Hanley Rd Richmond Heights, MO 63144


Call or go online to schedule your appointment today!




Eyes that Inspire

By Sharifa Black

You hear the word “inspire” and think in grandiose terms, but you don’t have to be iconic to inspire. When looking for inspiration it is easy to gloss over the small things, and it is even easier to miss the correlation between your vision and the role it plays in your life. Think about the everyday tasks that require us to see: driving a car, reading instructions, composing an email. While those things may seem mundane, they help us to live a full life. You are able to drive to watch your child in their school play or read instructions to bake a cake for a loved one’s birthday or compose an email to express your gratitude for an act of kindness. With healthy eyes you are able to be more present in and inspired by the world around you. A yearly visit to your neighborhood eye doctor is the best way to aid in the health of your eyes. A comprehensive eye exam can not only detect vision loss but diabetes, glaucoma, patterns in blind spots that can alert your doctor to macular degeneration, and even tumors and certain cancers. There are measures you can take to safeguard against vision loss, such as wearing polarized sunglasses, even during the cold-weather months, to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. But, the best tool you can possess is knowledge. A comprehensive eye exam should always include dilation or some form of retinal imaging. The average person does not fully understand how important this piece is to complete the picture of eye health.

Most people hear the word eye exam and immediately jump to eyeglasses or contacts, but there is so much more to a comprehensive eye exam than leaving your doctor’s office with a valid prescription. Once the health of your eyes has been compromised it is very difficult, and sometimes impossible to undo the damage. The majority of the damage done to your eyes happens by the age of 18. Factor in vision-deteriorating accelerants, such as changes in climate, which allow for an increase in UV rays and the evolution into a technologicallybased society and what scientists are now learning about the effects of blue light from electronic devices, and you understand why being adamant about annually checking the health of your eyes is becoming increasingly important. Whether taking in the kaleidoscope of color in a sunset, visiting a favorite museum, or a weekend spent bingewatching Netflix, your eyes are a very important tool. Capable of processing 36,000 pieces of information per hour, your eyes deliver data for your brain to process so that you can contextualize and evaluate it instantly. This is the primary means by which most people understand art, writing, etc. In essence, everything that surrounds you. For this reason, everyone needs to have their eyes checked, regardless of whether or not vision correction is necessary.

From left to right: Dr Eric Kamps OD, Dr Kathy Anderson OD

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4 Habits of Above-Average Retirement Savers By C. Michael Unterreiner

As we work, we essentially trade our time for money. But we’re not just building a bank account; we can later trade that money for time. The concept of “retirement” is evolving. Your motivation could be the opportunity to work part-time instead of full-time, with the ability to spend more time with family, friends, or traveling. In order to have flexibility, you’ll want to have a “nest egg” in place. Here are four habits practiced by successful savers.

1. Save consistently

Invest regularly and avoid withdrawals. “Pay yourself first.” Put your savings on autopilot through bull and bear markets. Employer plans are an easy way to implement this habit because they are automated before you receive your paycheck. If you can’t access an employer-sponsored plan, set up a monthly bank draft so that savings are automatically taken from your bank account.

2. Use tax-advantaged accounts.

Tax-advantaged accounts are wonderful for optimizing savings. When you start a new job, enroll in the 401(k) on day one. Contribute as much as your budget allows, but at least the amount required to maximize any available company match. If you’re eligible, invest up to $5,500 annually into a Roth IRA in addition to your 401(k).

3. Think long term

Successful retirement savers have an eye on the future and are less inclined to splurge on short-term pleasures and shiny objects. Workers who max out their savings instead of buying luxury cars and frequent expensive dinners know that their sacrifice today will pay off years later. This long-term plan requires short-term action along the way.

4. Ignore market fluctuations

Reacting emotionally to market fluctuations is normally a mistake. Trying to guess the direction of the market is a losing strategy, especially for someone with limited investing experience.

Implement these four habits to maximize your wealth and financial security. C. Michael Unterreiner, ChFC, founded Financial Legacy Associates to create an environment where financial professionals could serve their clients better by sharing their experiences and ideas. He has served his clients by recommending investment and insurance solutions to their financial planning, retirement planning and college funding challenges. 16020 Swingley Ridge Road, Suite 100 Chesterfield, MO 63017 | 636-777-7099, mikeu@financiallegacy.com www.financiallegacy.com/michael-unterreiner. YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

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6 Tips for a Stress - Less Holiday Season

The holidays are always a time of year when it’s easy to find your self feeling extra stressed – about plans, gifts, appearances, making the right impression, getting everything done on time, stretching the budget, and on and on. But they don’t have to be that way. Your mindset is a powerful force in helping you have a less stressful season and clear intentions and a few simple reminders can help. The holidays can be stressful, expensive, and a lot of work or the holidays can be joyful, affordable, and easy. Step one is to decide which mindset we wish to embrace. Step two is to guard our thinking to keep us there.

There is power in setting intentions. As we set an intention for something to BE a certain way and mean it, our imagination begins to create an image of what will be. Organization begins in the mind with our thoughts and ideas, and in our heart with dreams and desires. Before the holidays begin, spend some time writing a description, drawing a picture, or just meditating until you have your intentions firmly set in your mind. Setting an intention connects us body, mind, and spirit with the desired outcome. Best of all, where we put forth an intention, our “attention” naturally flows. We all know that when our attention is focused on what we want we feel inspired, confident, motivated, and encouraged. We know that “LIKE attracts LIKE.”

Staying happy and healthy through the holidays is much easier when we decide it will BE. Sometimes, we forget that we share the infinite power and intelligence of this one presence that breathes life into all living matter. We have the freedom to choose what we want. As you enter the holiday season, use your intentions as your guide. Ask yourself “will doing this help me realize my intentions for the season?” If the answer is no, consider what other choices will provide a “Yes.”

‘Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it’ ~ Charles R. Swindoll

Often times, we might recall a past holiday, where things did not end up so well. Maybe there were words or actions that left both individuals feeling hurt or angry. Holding onto feelings, emotions, and memories can cause us stress and play havoc on our immune system, making us more susceptible to illness, fatigue, and disappointment. If you find a memory or encounter stirs up negative feelings, this may be the right time to make an intentional choice to forgive or move on. If we continue to recall the outcomes we don’t want, we will certainly struggle to create that which we do want.

56 - YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

By Donalee Gastreich

Here are a few tips to remember for creating Amazing Holidays in 2017: • The past does not define the future •E  veryone can change practice forgiveness • S tep into confidence creating the outcome we want •H  old firmly in our mind a perfect image of the desire • Do not take anything personal • Life is 90% how we react If you’re feeling overwhelmed or struggling this holiday season I’m offering a holiday gift to you. It’s an invitation to join me in a complimentary Session to help you truly enjoy the season and find peace. Wishing all a holiday season of love, peace and joy! Contributed by: Donalee Gastreich a certified Life Mastery Consultant helping busy professionals get the results they desire in work, health, relationships and life. For more information visit: www.complete-solutionsllc.com or call: 314-640-6633 or email: donalee@complete-solutionsllc.com

HOME The Spotted Pig features a rustic take on home decor, offering unique, free-spirited household furnishings, vintage and statement jewelry, natural and enticing apothecary lines, and more. Kristin, the owner of The Spotted Pig, scouts home, gift and vintage markets for inspiration. She has a knack for finding that perfect place on a road trip for one-of-a-kind finds.


Catch a glimpse of the latest additions by following Thespottedpigstl on Instagram or stopping by the shop. Kristin is available for personal consultation and eager to help you find the perfect gift for the holidays or yourself!

The Spotted Pig 9218 Clayton Rd., St. Louis, MO 63124 | 314-274-7768 www.thespottedpigstl.com

Holiday Necklace $125

Brass Pig Cannister $89

Holiday Trees and Ornaments

Mini Emergency Kits with 17 essentials $22

Balloon Dog Ring Holder - $12

Animal Hair Coaster, Set of 6 - $75

All Natural Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Skincare

Holiday Napkins $12.50 Party Pig Ornament $18

Kristin Mayer, owner

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Where Eclectic Meets

Rustic Soul

At The Natural WayFenton, Self-Care Is a Family Affair

Offering unique, free-spirited household furnishings.

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Experienced Sales Executives Please contact us for a full job description. Inquiries and resumes may be emailed to:

Healthy living takes commitment and there are no shortcuts, but whole foods and natural supplements and vitamins can help you shine through the holidays and into the new year. That’s why this is a great time to make a point to focus on health and fitness, and The Natural Way in Fenton is a great local resource. Jim and Katie Thomas, owners of The Natural Way-Fenton, invite you to visit them for all your holistic care needs. Motivated by a desire to promote natural, healthy living in beneficial ways, the Thomas’s strive to purchase and stock local products at fair rates. With a wide range of whole foods, teas and herbs, supplements, vitamins, and body care products as well as certified holistic nutritionists, The Natural WayFenton wants to help you feel healthy and fit, inside and out.


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In March 2017, the Thomas family made the decision to buy the established Fenton business, keeping it independent and locally owned. An important part of the community, Jim and Katie believe that sourcing and shopping local helps everyone, and they want to hear from you! Please stop in to shop and feel free to let them know about products you’d like to see stocked.




Shop at The Natural Way - Fenton for all of your holistic care needs â&#x20AC;&#x201C; whole foods, teas, herbs, supplements, vitamins, body care products and more to help you feel healthy and fit, inside and out.


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Get the Results you Desire by Eating Healthy, Exercising and Resting Properly By Dr. Ed Catcher

Asset Protection & Trusts Probate Avoidance Wills & Power Of Attorney

BF Skinner was a famous psychologist who created the concept of, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Operant Conditioning,â&#x20AC;? simply put, the modification of behavior through positive and negative reinforcement. He proved through multiple experiments that we will modify our behavior based on a stimulus. It sounds simple enough if only we had perfect judgement. We go to the fast food restaurant for a stimulus, unfortunately in the form of a cheeseburger. However just the knowledge that BF Skinner taught us lets us know that we respond to reinforcement that we perceive to be positive. Therefore, we must adjust our values of how we evaluate various stimuli. For example we skip the cheeseburger and eat a great organic salad. In time we lose weight and that is our stimulus. BF Skinner loved to do experiments with rats. Once he worked with three of the little fellows. Rat one was put in a cage where it could see a cup of food. When the rat hit a well-placed bar no food came out. It was the only option he had so he beat the bar receptively. With no food there was no stimulus and the rat finally quit. Rat two was placed into a similar cage with some visible food and a bar. Only in this scenario very rarely and occasionally a food pellet would come out. It was rare that the bar would work but sometimes it did and there was the very inconsistent stimulus. Rat two was a highly agitated and anxious fellow. He would consistently and frantically beat the bar hoping for the elusive food reward. Rat two was an unhappy guy.

Randall J. Levesque RJL@LelderLaw.com 636-681-1359 www.Lelderlaw.com The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements.

60 - YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

Rat three always got his pellet. Every time he hit the bar food came out. He was calm and happy. Of course we as mature individuals are not rats but there is a lesson to be learned from BF Skinner and his rat partners. We must understand that we respond to stimulus and not all stimulus are positive. We need to pick the salad and not the cheeseburger. In addition, good things or good stimuli are consistent. Eating healthy, exercising and resting properly will consistently give us the reward we want. Thank you rat three, we will look for those consistent and positive reinforcements. Dr. Katcher is presently Vice President of ABC Parenting, an organization that enhances parenting skills. Dr. Katcher earned his doctorate from The University of Missouri in Columbia and has been an executive administrator, university professor and is an active consultant in multiple areas. He also holds five lifetime teaching certificates from the state of Missouri. For more information, please contact Ed Katcher at: edkatcher@yahoo.cm edkatcher@gmail.cm | www.abcparenting.xyz

Like Summer Camp for Adults • We are an affordable fitness and weight loss resort, located 2 hours southwest of Nashville at the beautiful and historic Natural Bridge. • We have a caring and motivating staff, well-educated in good health and nutrition. photo by Ashley Brilliant

• We are a weekly program, but 3-night packages and extended stays are also available.

photo by Moriah Yex

• Mention this ad for a free one-hour massage with a one-week or longer stay.

Check out our affordable rates, event calendar and specials at www.TennesseeFitnessSpa.com For reservations, please visit website, call 1-800-235-8365 or email: reservations@tfspa.com

&S TRAVEL Arkansas Luxury Resort & Spa Get Away Y

Nestled within the vast Ouachita National Forest along the shoreline of the pristine Lake Ouachita, Mountain Harbor Resort and Spa is a full-service, 900-acre resort with an array of amenities and services for every family size and budget including: inviting residences; lake-view restaurant; renowned Marina; watersport equipment; Turtle Cove Spa and Salon; riding stables; RV spots; sprawling hiking/biking trails; and much more. Guests choose from a variety of accommodations including: lakeside cottages, poolside cabanas, lake-view guest rooms, and now a convenient roadside inn. Formerly known as the historic Colonial Motel, the Joplin Inn offers the same economy pricing and vintage appeal, now under Harbor’s management. Families now have another way to enjoy the resort’s amenities and lake adventures. Family owned and operated for 55 years, it is no secret what makes Mountain Harbor memorable – its staff and management families are dedicated to sharing this lake village with friends, families, and guests from all over. The Harbor crew ensures that guests arrive to a home, not just a location.

Graceful Aging Intensive Facial Featuring Eminence Organic Skincare and Image Skincare products, the Graceful Aging Intensive Facial at Turtle Cove Spa pairs spa history and tradition with the latest in

product technology and skin care expertise. This advanced facial is designed to combat all of the conditions that create the signs of aging. Your licensed skincare specialist will use specialized esthetic procedures designed to promote cellular turnover and renewal, and increase product penetration. You will immediately notice a diminishing in the appearance of wrinkles and an increase in overall skin tone and hydration. The Graceful Aging Intensive Facial includes an enzyme peel, both a lip and an eye treatment, an aromatherapy hand or foot treatment and a relaxing neck and back massage. Prior to your treatment, a skincare specialist will consult with you about your skin type and skin condition. A comprehensive home maintenance program is essential for best long-term results, so your skincare specialist will recommend a regimen suitable for you to continue at home. Call 870-867-2191 to visit with Harbor staff about holiday events, restaurant menus, marina rates and services, special packages, unforgettable spa therapies, beautiful lakeside weddings, or just to chat about your lake destination vacation. You can also connect online at www. mountainharborresort.com, or via Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. Arkansas’ premier resort experience: Mountain Harbor Resort on Lake Ouachita, 25 scenic miles west of Hot Springs, at 994 Mountain Harbor Road, Mount Ida, Arkansas, 71957.



A taste of the Southwest Canyon Cafe offers customers a distinct taste of the Southwest that isn’t found anywhere else in St. Louis. In a renovation that took place last Fourth of July, the restaurant now boasts an atmosphere that’s as modern and welcoming as its food is scrumptious and unique. A new collection of charming antiques has been brought in to replace the collection that had occupied the restaurant for the last ten years. As before, traditional Southwestern motifs are sprinkled throughout the café.

The bar underwent the most impressive transformation of all. Glittering, multi-colored mosaic tiles serve as the backdrop for Canyon Cafe’s renowned collection of liquors. The minimal, contemporary lighting hanging above the countertop creates an inviting glow even during the daytime. Meanwhile, the offerings from the kitchen remain as up-to-date and delicious as ever. Executive Chef Francisco Bravo prepares a number of dishes from his hometown in Mexico that are consistently huge hits with restaurant-goers. The street tacos come in many varieties and can be mixed and matched for a customized experience. The chimichanga, a flour tortilla that is stuffed with grilled chicken, bell pepper, sweet corn, and Jack cheese, and then fried, is another of the restaurant’s most popular items. Plus, the famous Limit-2 margarita, often called “the best margarita in town,” is made with only top-of-the-line ingredients (and thus why you’re limited to having two!).

Book your next business or holiday party today! Visit the website: www.canyoncafe.com | Call: (314)-872-3443

Street tacos: (top left photo) - Crispy Chicken Taco: Tossed in honey hot sauce with cilantro dressing and fruit salsa

- Al Pastor: Sweet & spicy pork meat with pineapple salsa, tomatillo avocado sauce, fresh limes and cilantro - Chili Relleno: Poblano pepper, adobo mushrooms, fajita steak, snakebite beans, cheese and ranchero sauce - Blackened Fish: Remoulade sauce, margarita slaw, fresh limes, pico de gallo - Bison Picadillo: Spicy ground bison with pico de gallo, mixed cheese, sour cream and fresh cilantro - Vegetable: Char-grilled mushrooms, asparagus, peppers with pico de gallo, margarita slaw and Cotija cheese - Crispy Shrimp: Remoulade sauce, margarita slaw, fresh limes, Cotija cheese

Fire-Grilled Tuna: (bottom left photo) Served over oven-roasted vegetables and southwest rice. Topped with an avocado fan and chipotle sauce. YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

- 63

142 W Monroe Ave. Kirkwood, MO 63122

• Aromatherapy Mixologist Concept Spa Services • Waterless Pedicures and Manicures Mobile Manicurist Today is here to pamper you in the comfort of the relaxing location of your choice.

Your pampering technician Pamela Adams

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• Acrylics • French Manicures • Polish change • Manicure

• Pedicure • Gel, power dip • Nail art design • Foot reflexology

• Hand massage • Paraffin wax

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Yoga & Spa magazine

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Chiropractic, Family Systems Facilitator, Psychological Astrology

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Experience pure, safe and beneficial products wi

Arbonne Internaonal from any of our beauty, heal and wellness lines.

Call Jaime at 314-608-7997 for a free skincare, cosmec or nutrion consultaon and see at makes Arbonne so unique!

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With Gratitude,

Complete Solutions in Donalee Gastreich Life Mastery Speaker, Workshop Facilitator,


(314) 412-2048 www.precision-massage.com

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We’re your Shield. We’re your Shelter.



Christine Lieber Agency LLC

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Medical Aesthetics It's You... Only Better! Activate the JOY in your life! www.marilyneagen.com 314-330-4156 The Peace Place 2841 Barrett Station Rd.Ballwin, MO 63021

info@pure111.com | 1405 N Green Mt Rd., #511, O’Fallon, IL 62269

618-208-1111 www.pure111.com YogaandSpaMagazine.com | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017

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Interview with Joe Goldberg, Owner of TruFusion St. Louis

Y&S: Joe, tell us a bit about yourself and your background. GB: I was born and raised in St. Louis, and I’ve spent the past 15 years helping people improve their financial wellness. I’m excited to follow my passion, and start helping people boost their mental and physical wellness. I find helping others – and ensuring that help is accessible – extraordinarily fulfilling, and believe in the immense power wellness can have. It truly enables people to become better versions of themselves.

Y&S: What do you do to stay healthy? GB: Wellness has always been an important part of my life – playing sports and staying in shape remains a natural habit. As life evolved with business and children, I had to prioritize my workouts at 5 a.m. to ensure I got them in. While I initially thought it was to stay in shape, with the everyday stress of a busy life, I realized the benefits were far more than physical. I saw mental benefits as well, including increased concentration and happiness.

Y&S: What made you decide to open TruFusion in St. Louis? GB: I was going to 2-3 different studios for a well-rounded fitness and yoga routine and noticed that many others were doing the same thing. Some were settling for a single boutique because they were paying as much as they could afford. I felt St. Louis needed one place that had it all; TruFusion will offer unlimited access to 65+ class styles in both roomtemperature and heated rooms, at an accessible cost.

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Y&S: What are you envisioning for TruFusion when it opens in early 2018? GB: Our mission is to positively impact as many lives as possible by ensuring we have a welcoming and comfortable experience for people at all levels. We are here for those who are just wanting to get started and for those taking their current routine to the next level. Our instructors, who are as motivating as they are knowledgeable, are focused on creating a supportive environment inside and outside of class. Additionally, members can pre-order meals or fresh-pressed juices to be ready after class from our restaurant led by Simon Lusky, who fuels many of the best professional athletes in St. Louis and elsewhere. We know that factors such as the experience somebody has when they walk in the door and the cleanliness of the facility, along with features including spa-like amenities and organic personal care products, are just as important as the quality of our classes. Our focus on these details is what we hope will help people WANT to spend time at TruFusion, instead of “having” to go to the gym.

Y&S: How can our readers learn more about TruFusion? GB: We are hosting free classes leading up to our grand opening early next year – for details, follow us on Facebook at TruFusion STL or on Instagram at TruFusion_STL. For a free day pass and membership information, please visit www.TruFusionSTL.com. I very much look forward to welcoming Yoga & Spa readers to the TruFusion St. Louis community.


9th Annual

Living Fit Expo at Plaza Frontenac

Saturday, January 27th 10am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3pm

1pm - Fashion Show & Giveaways

Vendor Space Available! To reserve your exclusive sponsorship for this extraordinary event please contact us: 314-781-8822, x 104 or AssistYogaSpa@gmail.com www.yogaandspamagazine.com

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Yoga & Spa Magazine Nov/Dec 017 Inspire Issue  

Yoga & Spa Magazine Nov/Dec 017 Inspire Issue