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Volo Yoga Studio

Volo Yoga has partnered with Pura Vida Fitness and Spa to simultaneously launch the next evolution in practice of yoga. Volo Yoga, a form of aerial yoga, is a purposeful cross training and restorative method designed for the athlete, yet accessible and beneficial for all. The classes have a progression easing the practitioner safely to the next level at their own pace.


Yogadurango, located in the picturesque mountain town of Durango, has been in successful operation since 2006. With two locations, Yogadurango serves the community as a place to connect, grow and learn both on an interpersonal and intrapersonal level.

WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT YOUR STUDIO? A studio in the air, with the world’s leading state of the art suspension equipment imported from Italy, the Queenax System designed as a solution suspension fitness and aerial yoga in the same practice space. The studio is situated on the fourth floor of Denver’s premier health and spa club home to some of the top trainers in the nation, members are able to find a balanced training program of innovative fitness and yoga programs. Pura Vida offers 60 yoga classes a week in two studios as part of the membership.

WHAT IS THE POWER OF COMMUNITY AND COMING TOGETHER TO PRACTICE? Having that common sanctuary to see familiar faces and friends and share a space with those who have parallel intentions and goals.

WHAT KIND OF YOGA DO YOU OFFER? Volo Yoga; a new and purposeful practice of aerial yoga with four signature methods; Volo Restore, Float, Flow and Invert.

WHY DO YOU THINK YOGA IS MAKING A POSITIVE IMPACT ON THE WORLD? Yoga is helping our planet’s collective consciousness reach a higher level of mindfulness, while improving the physical health and balanced lifestyle of the individual practitioner.

WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT YOUR STUDIO? We strive to make our studio a welcoming place to be. Our aesthetically beautiful, clean studios enhance the practice environment but are without extra bling and embellishments. We prioritize our relationships with our clients, getting to know them authentically and developing healthy, supportive relationships. We want our clients to feel that they are known and accepted regardless of their experience with yoga.

WHAT IS THE POWER OF COMMUNITY AND COMING TOGETHER TO PRACTICE? When we are open to others getting to know all parts of who we are, we are also welcoming support into our lives. When we practice together, we are creating a collective energy that recognizes pure potential. We breathe together, om together, put sincere effort and action into our practices and we find calm together. We simplify and see one another through greater clarity in the mind and hold space in a relaxed body.

WHAT KIND OF YOGA DO YOU OFFER? We empower our instructors to teach what they love, practice, and know. Because of this philosophy a sampling of classes on our schedule looks like: beginner, prenatal, ashtanga, hatha, yin, bhakti, and vinyasa.

WHY DO YOU THINK YOGA IS MAKING A POSITIVE IMPACT ON THE WORLD? Whenever we are realizing more about ourselves, we make a difference. We require quiet spaces to clear the mind, release the dramas, and be clear enough to see purpose and path. When we decide to live in the present, honor our purpose and share our gifts, we change the space around us.

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