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Time to Vote, Yogis


Yoga for Creativity




Iowa’s medical marijuana program is expanding, and with it, Iowans’ curiosity about the benefits of cannabidiol. Here’s a quick intro to CBD.


Yoga teaches us to unify and create a better world. Now as much as ever, that better world begins at the polls.


This creativity-boosting sequence includes twists on classic poses to keep your mind and body engaged.


Ten yogis from around Iowa discuss (and show off) their favorite yoga wear, accessories and style inspirations.


Meet Kathryn Budig, Yoga Celeb


Kundalini Eats


Breaking with Bikram

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It’s never too late to dive into yoga. Master your breath and follow these tips for beginning a yoga practice at an older age.

CBD 101

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Holistic Health and Nutritional Coach Facilitator, Tending Your Inner Garden

Starting a Yoga Journey: Yoga for the Late Bloomer


The cover model, podcaster, author and international yoga teacher shares her journey to yoga and a yummy cold-weather recipe.


Get a taste for Golden Milk, Potent Potatoes and Apple Delight, three Kundalini-approved dishes to warm your body and soul.


Bikram Choudhury founded one of America’s most popular yoga styles. He also betrayed and abused his followers. Examining Bikram yoga in the Me Too era.


Mandalas as Meditation


Why the Comfort of Your Clothing is So Important


Vedic Astrology Forecast


YogaIowa Recommends


How Sioux City’s Katie Ortega went from a “soulless” job to finding her calling: painting mandalas.


Learn to apply Ayurvedic principles to your wardrobe by wearing natural fabrics and loose-fitting designs.


Jupiter is seen as a teacher, judge and guru. Here’s what to expect during Jupiter’s months-long transit of Scorpio.

Four book and podcast titles we’re digging.

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ON THE COVER Kathryn Budig’s star continues to rise. Illustration by Jav Ducker

• fall/winter 2018-19


Starting a Yoga Journey:

Yoga for the Late Bloomer BY TANYA ENGLISH

The practice of yoga has been in my life off and on for 40 years. Currently it’s on! I found a great teacher who listens to my concerns and is used to working with older people. It’s challenging, that’s for sure, but the rewards are numerous. When I was 19 I could do Tree Pose, bend forward, touch the floor and come back to standing pretty easily, but at age 57, that’s a different story! As a healer in practice of chiropractic and energy work, I often advise my patients and clients to begin yoga practice. It is an excellent way to encourage more flexibility for older people (aged 49-85) who often lose flexibility as they age, even if they are doing some regular exercise. Many other types of exercise do not concentrate on fluidity in movement or in using the body/mind/spirit in a way that allows for the organic flow of energy. Weight training, bicycling, running and walking don’t really place emphasis on bringing the mind and spirit into the equation. It starts with taking the proper breath—not too short or shallow. In fact, the one thing that I make sure to teach everyone is four-count breathing, with each count lasting about a second: Four counts inhale, four counts hold, four counts exhale (always through the nose) and four counts hold. Many people find this a challenge. When we connect our attention to our breath we connect with life. One can live without food for some time, without water for a shorter time, but go without air for four minutes or less and you’re in serious trouble (though free divers train relentlessly to overcome that limit). Pranayama, breathing practice, is one of the main keys to living relaxed and healthy. This alone can change the trajectory of our life as we age. Many people believe that to get older means they will be less flexible and less able to do things, leading to less fun and joy. Sounds like a curse more than a lifestyle. But with simple breathing practice that emphasizes the connection with mind and spirit, amazing fonts of peace and energy can become the day-to-day experience.



The first place that older people lose strength in is the shoulder area—no more reaching up, no more carrying heavy loads—so these muscles can atrophy quickly. You will

Let your healing journey flourish CRYSTALS, JEWELRY AND GIFTS • LOVING AND TALENTED HEALERS CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS (319) 351-2907 • 1700 S. 1st Ave. Eastdale Plaza #11c, Iowa City, IA 52240 m


• fall/winter 2018-19

be using them in yoga poses, and it may feel weird. Be gentle with yourself as you start to bring circulation back to areas that may be unused to working. I also see much loss of flexibility in the feet! One thing you can do before you go to yoga class is to roll a golf ball under your bare feet as you sit, massaging and bringing more circulation to the muscles in the feet. There are thousands of nerve endings in your feet that help create your posture. Keep the circulation going! You’ll be using your feet for all the standing postures. A few things to look for in beginning practicing yoga as an older person: • Find a teacher that encourages you to do your best and not to keep up with the class and also has experience working with older beginners. • Make sure the class includes pranayama as a major component. • Try different classes and spaces until you find a good fit. • Push yourself to your limit and a little bit further, but not into pain. • Allow yourself plenty of time to cool down. • Ask a buddy to go with you. More fun for both of you! • Listen to your body and honor what it’s telling you. If you’ve stretched too far, take time to recover in Child’s Pose or other calming poses. You can start a new exercise practice at any time in your life. The only limits to your new beginning are in your mind. Bring all your fears and inconsistencies to the mat. Your presence is your gift! Dr. Tanya English has been working for 30 years in the healing field, first as a massage therapist, then as a chiropractor and energy healer. She owns Quantum Healing International in Coralville, Iowa.

Andrea Parks

Inspiring & Practical

Weekly private & online classes for the whole family in Yoga, Meditation, & Qi Gong! Yoga Teacher Trainings & Reiki Master Teacher 2019 Yoga Retreats Tulum, Mexico | Greece | Montana

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highly trained, minimally 200 hour

Chiropractic Center of Cedar Rapids

certified, instructors. We focus on the

1849 51st St NE, Cedar Rapids

168 Story Spa Massage Therapist

breath, alignment, and encourage

707 Story St, Boone

freedom in your own practice. Come

Chiropractic Clinic of Iowa

flow with us!!

214 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids

Cedar Valley Reiki Center

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702 Main St, Cedar Falls

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Frequency Massage

Chiropractic Healthcare Associates

Beyond Yoga 703 Greene St, Boone

Body Mind Integration 806 7th St # U1, Boone

2000 Falls Ave, Waterloo

Khan Chiropractic 228 Mamie Eisenhower Ave, Boone

515 7th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids

NRG Pilates 1250 College Square Mall, Cedar Falls

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Touch Therapy

2720 1st Ave NE #108, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402 | (319) 721-0368 Learn more at

Christianson Chiropractic 1756 1st Ave NE, Cedar Rapids

New Dawn Hot Yoga 6301 University Ave, College Square

Cummings Family Chiropractic

Mall, Cedar Falls

1520 Midland Ct NE #100, Cedar Rapids

State Street Yoga Coop

Dennis Chiropractic

602 State St #1, Cedar Falls

3047 Center Point Rd NE Ste C, Cedar

710 Arden St, Boone



Sol Yoga Mother Moon Yoga

6301 University Ave, Cedar Falls

Yoga For You

Discover Health Chiropractic 5815 Council St NE # A1, Cedar Rapids

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Havertape Chiropractic 410 Ashton Pl NE # B, Cedar Rapids

217 Jefferson St, Burlington

Associated Chiropractic & Soft Tissue

Health and Wellness Chiropractic

3255 Williams Pkwy # 1, Cedar Rapids

1803 1st Ave SE, Cedar Rapids

Christianson Chiropractic

Be The Light Yoga

Heat Yoga

504 N Clark St #2, Carroll

716 Oakland Rd NE Ste 400,

3607 1st Ave SE C, Cedar Rapids


Cedar Rapids

Hirschberger Chiropractic

Kneads Therapeutic Massage 322 E 6th St, Carroll

4715 Grand Ave ~ Des Moines Across from the Des Moines Art Center

4825 EP True Parkway ~ West Des Moines 515-277-9721 Let us guide you on your Fitness Journey

5300 Edgewood Rd NE, Cedar Rapids

Prudenz Family Chiropractic


209 E 6th St, Carroll

BIRTHFIT is here to support corridor

329 10th Ave SE #115, Cedar Rapids

women through the motherhood

The Healing Arts Center

transition. Offering 3 prenatal, and

715 N Clark St, Carroll

5 postpartum class series per year,

Integrative Health and Hormone Clinic

in addition to consultations and

1731 Boyson Rd, Hiawatha

CEDAR FALLS/WATERLOO Ananda Holistic Movement Studio

workshops, to support moms with fitness, nutrition, mindset, and

Jenkins Chiropractic

connection. Find us on Facebook and

1146 Blairs Ferry Rd NE #5, Cedar Rapids

Instagram. You’re strong as a mother!

Lovar Davis Kidd, RYT & LMT

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Breathing Room Yoga Balance Hot Yoga

Visit our website for a Complimentary Class Pass for a Yoga, Strength Training, Total Barre, or Pilates Mat class.

BIRTHFIT Cedar Rapids

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2215 College Street Suite B, Cedar Falls Kara Yahn Mulder-Owner/Operator

Byrnes Chiropractic


5225 N Park Pl NE, Cedar Rapids

1062 7th Ave, Marion

yoga studio focusing primarily on

Cedar Rapids Chiropractic

Maria Dummermuth Sage Practices

hot vinyasa flow. Our teachers are all

1962 1st Ave NE, Cedar Rapids

329 10th Ave SE, Ste 122, Cedar Rapids

Balance Hot Yoga is an innovative

• fall/winter 2018-19








IMPORT SERVICE SPECIALISTS Audi, VW, BMW, Volvo, Subaru, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda, Mini Cooper, Jaguar, and other imports

Designed to bring beauty to everyday life. FURNITURE | LIGHTING | HOUSEWARES | ACCESSORIES from the world’s greatest classic and contemporary designers On the corner of Dodge & Davenport | Iowa City 319. 354. 2623 | 6

• fall/winter 2018-19



CBD 101

As medical marijuana becomes more accessible, Iowans mull over making CBD a part of their wellness routine. BY KIM MCDERMOTT The popularity of cannabidiol, or CBD, oil has recently exploded in Iowa the way fireflies appear on a warm summer night. As a natural foods retailer, I see firsthand the burgeoning interest in CBD, with customers regularly stopping in to learn about this promising new supplement. Due to its newness, customers have lots of questions about CBD that range from curiosity to skepticism to hopefulness. What is CBD? Is it safe? Will it make me high? Does it work? CBD is a phytochemical extracted from the cannabis plant, but has virtually no THC. It’s one of over 100 phytocompounds naturally occurring in hemp, along with other health-promoting molecules. Medical marijuana, its more familiar cousin, has higher levels of THC, the psychoactive component responsible for its famous “high.” The most popular brand of CBD oil sold in Iowa natural food stores is produced from tall, lanky European hemp plants, which have very little THC, and as defined in the 2014 Farm Bill must contain no more than 0.3 percent THC to be legally imported into the U.S. Scientists are finding CBD has strong antioxidant, antiinflammatory and neuroprotective properties. Fascinating research is revealing the existence of a regulatory bodily system called the endocannabinoid system, which maintains balance in the body. Cells throughout the body contain receptors for endocannabinoids, and CBD interacts with this system, thus playing a key role in supporting the body in a deeply therapeutic way. Experts surmise that stress reduction techniques like yoga and meditation also benefit this system (so keep doing your yoga!). Customers report using CBD for a wide variety of issues, including supporting healthy sleep, mood and pain levels. I see people from all walks of life using CBD, from 20-somethings with sleep issues, to 70-year-olds with achy knees. CBD comes in lots of forms, including soft gels, tinctures, lozenges, gummies and topical creams. Newer

research is showing that full spectrum, whole plant CBD oil is more therapeutic than an isolated CBD extract. When shopping for CBD, ask if the oil is full spectrum, and how the oil was extracted from the plant. CO2 extraction tends to be the gold standard, resulting in a superior product, while solvent extracted oils should be avoided, as often low-cost solvents are used that can leave behind toxic residues. Iowa is slated to open five medical marijuana dispensaries in December 2018, to sell medical-grade CBD that legally can contain up to 3 percent THC. These dispensaries will serve a small subset of Iowans with qualifying serious health conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. People purchasing CBD at natural food stores represent a different population than those seeking an Iowa medical card. These folks are quite healthy overall, and are looking to augment their overall quality of life. The product provided by the dispensaries will likely be a more highly concentrated form of CBD, while what is available in retail stores now is more a whole food supplement. I believe there is room for both the dispensaries and the retail outlets to provide high quality CBD products. The future looks very bright for CBD products, from a consumer and manufacturer standpoint. The farm bill that is currently making its way through Congress has language that would legalize hemp farming in the U.S., and allow for a wider access of hemp products. This makes a lot of sense, and could afford some great opportunities for Iowa farmers. Perhaps there will be a time in the not-too-distant future when CBD will take its place alongside Grandma’s chicken soup as an everyday tried and true remedy. Kim McDermott is a wellness manager at Wheatsfield Co-op in Ames, Iowa. She has an interest in natural foods and natural healing, and has been following this passion for the past 25 years. • fall/winter 2018-19


Time to Vote, Yogis BY LEAH CULLIS

A constant yoga practice teaches

us how to bring things together; how to unite body and breath, the mind with intentions, and actions with purpose. This November, it’s time to bring yoga together with politics. Yoga is meant to be a daily practice, and with this dedication, commitment and focus, the physical practice gives you access to the results of yoga that are loudly and widely broadcasted. With consistent practice, you will start to transform, because yoga will work on you from the inside out. This commitment to practice generates energy, and eventually becomes who you are, whether on the mat, in your work or in other arenas of your life. It’s time for us as yogis to extend this energy and alignment to the polls in November.

a long yoga pose. We practice being kind to ourselves on the mat, and extending this mindfulness into relationships with others. We learn that the quality and kind of food we eat makes a difference in how we feel, and where we shop contributes to the environment and small family farms—or not. We buy from companies that invest in their people and give back to communities in need, because these are yogic values in action. Businesses must consider their impact beyond simply making a profit. Yoga teaches us to look at the whole picture as we vote with our dollars and align our values with those that do the same. And when companies commit to doing good, we tell others about it.

As yogis, community members and leaders, it’s our responsibility to discuss the current cultural climate and encourage The 2016 Yoga in our fellow America Study by yogis put our Yoga Alliance and yoga into Yoga Journal estimated action by ILLUSTRATION BY JAV DUCKER that 36.7 million voting in the people considered midterms, and themselves yoga keeping this practitioners in 2016. That’s up from 20.4 engagement going through the 2020 caucuses million in 2012. This is a huge voting block and beyond. and could make the difference in the next election, and it’s essential that we extend this Yoga is not just done on the mat, and it same lens of yoga to electing leaders who will requires action. It’s a living practice about work to bring us together and advocate for the building connections, not walls. Voting isn’t greatest good. something that is separate from yoga—it is yoga. Let’s put our values into action and get Yoga is no longer something on the fringe; out and vote for leaders who will lead with it’s part of mainstream fitness and wellness, yogic values in Washington. and local yoga studios serve our community centers where people gather, build deep trust Leah Cullis is a celebrated yoga teacher, holistic health and exchange ideas about how to be happy, coach and author of Power Yoga: Strength, Sweat, healthier and more connected. and Spirit. Leah is an Iowa native, now living and teaching in beautiful Austin, Texas, where she leads Within the walls of the studio we learn that teacher trainings and classes. To learn more, go to it matters how we move and who we are in navigating a challenging yoga sequence or


• fall/winter 2018-19

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102 3rd Avenue SW,

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Life Dimensions by Ilona

Metamorphosis Pilates

9010, 105 S 4th St, Council Bluffs

Center is a place allows you to listen to,

Prairielands Chiropractic Clinic

understand and become

300 W Broadway #712,

great friends with your

Council Bluffs

where your experience

body, mind and spirit — the catalyst to discover the true you. Offering


private and semi-private

and Barrels; Mat Pilates;

Acupuncture Center Decorah, Brenda Harris MSOM, LAc

Aerial Yoga/Pilates and Nia.

309 W Broadway St, Decorah

Prairiewoods Spiritual Center

Decorah Chiropractic

instruction on the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair

405 College Dr, Decorah

120 E Boyson Rd, Cedar Rapids

Discover Happy Pilates Studio

Redwing Healing Arts

518 Montgomery St,

2205 Blairsferry Crossing,



The Pilates Loft River Valley Chiropractic

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The Wellspring Massage, Bodywork & Energy Healing

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Synergy Healing and Massage Center

119 Winnebago St, Decorah

42 7th Ave SW,

Wildcrafted Acupuncture & Herbs

Cedar Rapids

111 Winnebago St, Decorah

Total Rejuvenation 1501 51st St NE Ste B, Cedar Rapids


Toula Yoga

Active Wellness

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8711 Windsor Pkwy #7,

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TriYoga of Cedar Rapids

Adamantine® Yoga

5250 N Park Pl NE #201,

2925 Ingersoll Ave, Des

Cedar Rapids

Moines Are you looking for a better

Zmoos Chiropractic

way to practice yoga?

4045 River Ridge Dr NE,

Adamantine® Yoga offers

Cedar Rapids

personalized instruction


and the inspirational support of a dynamic yoga community in our unique

Free Spirit Yoga Fitness

Guided Self-Practice

127 6th Ave S, Clinton

classes. Practice daily, Monday through Saturday

Nadi Yoga & Massage Center

at the Adamantine® Yoga

2319 Roosevelt St, Clinton

Avenue in Des Moines, Iowa.

studio, located on Ingersoll


The right hemisphere of the brain is proven

to be the seat of imagination, curiosity and creativity. Scientists know a handful of ways we can stimulate this region ourselves, and yoga implements most all of them! Yoga forces you to simulate the postures on both sides of the body, and for right-handed people, that means utilizing the left side more than we do on a daily basis and triggering right brain awakening. Auditory output like om-ing also fires this region. Furthermore, the Livestrong Foundation recommends yoga practices such as meditation and breath work, as relaxation is tied to receptivity in this area of the brain. Finally, experimenting with new variations of yoga poses can get your creativity oozing, so I’ve created a sequence that warms you up for a new twist on an old pose.


Prasarita Padottanasana (Bound Wide-Legged Standing Forward Fold)

Parivrtta Adho Mukha Svanasana (DownwardFacing Dog with a twist)

Don’t hesitate to take up space as you widen your feet and slightly pigeon-toe in. Keep a suppleness in your knees to protect your hamstrings and lower back. Now interlace your hands at your sacrum or use a strap to bind. Let your shoulders open as gravity pulls your bind downward. This pose soothes your parasympathetic nervous system, allowing for relaxation and receptivity in the right brain while you stretch. Hold for 10 slow breaths.

Begin in Down Dog with feet hip-distance apart. Take your left hand to your right thigh, shin or ankle and pull your chest and gaze through for a twist to the right side. Relax your heels and keep your hips shooting upward. After five breaths, repeat on the other side.

Anjaneyasana (Crescent Moon Pose)

Vyaghrasana (Tiger Pose)

Grounded through your back knee, isometrically pull it toward your front foot until you feel a nice stretch through your back quadriceps and iliopsoas. To deepen the stretch, press your pelvic bowl forward and up slightly. Release your shoulders away from your ears. Take five breaths on each side, deepening if needed with each breath out.

Form Table Pose with impeccable alignment of wrists under shoulders and knees beneath hips. Tether your belly up and in for support before reaching your right hand around to capture your left foot. A strap is a great option for this bind if needed. As you kick into your hand, be mindful of not inviting pain into your low back. Allow time for five breaths on each side as you stretch your chest and open your heart. Cont. on next page >

To begin, I recommend a good Child’s Pose to establish breath work and intention. Follow with a few nice, slow Sun Salutations to prepare your body. As you follow this sequence, let your intuition guide you, filling in with any transitions, movements or additional postures that your body calls for. After all, this is the time to get creative!

• fall/winter 2018-19


Parivrtta Natarajasana (Revolved Dancer Pose)

Dandayamana Janushirasana (Standing Head to Knee Pose)

Bhadda Adho Mukha Svasana (Bound Down Dog)

If you liked using a strap in Tiger Pose, you’ll want to utilize it here as well. Balance on your right leg and let your right shoulder open as your right hand fishes for a bind with your left leg. Most of us are used to traditional Dancer Pose, so be mindful to capture the opposite foot instead! Only kick into this back bend as far as your knees and back allow. Hold for five breaths each side.

To counter our back bends, we’ll bind forward in this standing balance. Both hands find a hold around your left foot or ankle. Arch through your back and straighten your left leg only as far as you need to find a stretch through your lower back. To intensify, deepen your left hip crease, pushing your hip toward the wall behind you. Your nose will hover above or touch your leg for five breaths on each side.

This is a challenging pose with plenty of balance and flexibility work! Begin in Down Dog with your feet a little closer together than usual. Lift your left leg high and bend your knee. Now lift your right hand and get your balance. Patiently fish for your left ankle with your right hand. Many yogis will never find the ankle bind, but even without, there are plenty of benefits to breathing in this pose. Have a little fun with it for five breaths, then take it on the opposite side.

Dhyana (Seated meditation) Find an even, rooted seat with an intentionally stacked spine, chin pulled back slightly. Without controlling your breath, simply watch it from the inside out. Train your attention here for five to 10 minutes for a mental calm that will last all day. Thoughts will creep in, but we gently guide our awareness back to the breath each time. As you seal in your practice, finish with three long oms. Let the auditory stimulation perk your right brain before you dive into the rest of your day. Namaste!

Linsey Birusingh, RYT 500 YACEP, was called to teach yoga after it helped anchor her anxiety and heal her body. Beyond yoga, she is a philanthropist with a background in journalism, TV and print. She currently teaches trauma-sensitive yoga workshops around the U.S., and coaches a 200-hour yoga program.You can connect with her on Instagram @yogini_linsey or at

LIFE-CHANGING MEDICAL CARE AND WELLNESS COACHING FOR CHRONIC PAIN Are you tired of being in pain? ·Find out what foods help to reduce pain ·Simple steps to reduce inflammation Our 200 hour program specializes in the physical science and anatomy behind modern yoga and how to deliver safe and effective yoga to all body types. COST:

$2600 (including all meals!)

Acupuncture for acute and chronic pain

• fall/winter 2018-19

·Discover what the gut has to do with pain ·Understand how stress & anxiety amplify pain and what to do about it

Restore Quality of Life and Well-Being

The Bellinger Pain Clinic

Officially recognized as a Registered Yoga School (RYS) by the Yoga Alliance



In-depth expertise in Pain Management Functional Medicine

WINTER SESSION: Sat. & Sun. 9AM-3PM DATES: Nov 3, 4, 17, 18 Jan 12, 13, 26, 27 Feb 2, 3, 16, 17 Mar 2, 3, 16, 17 SUMMER SESSION: Thurs. & Fri. 9AM-3PM DATES: June 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28 July 11, 12, 18, 19 Aug 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16


Pain Management, Functional Medicine and Acupuncture 221 E. College St. Suite 212, Iowa City 319.338.5190 |

Yogaesthetics Iowa yoga teachers describe how they mix function with personal style on the mat. PHOTOS AND INTERVIEWS BY KIRSTI CARLSON

Cally Burkle

Owner, B-1 Yoga in Dubuque I like to wear your typical yoga pants with a tank and cotton yoga sleeveless tank or shirt. I like to be comfortable. However, I like to represent me and the studio. My style is sporty, feminine and natural. I typically don’t go out of my way to wear makeup and style my hair in anything other than a ponytail. I believe that we should all be our “raw” and vulnerable selves in yoga and this includes the yoga instructor. Yoga is the unveiling of the self and the ego, and after that I put clothes on that are fun and comfortable. I honestly don’t wear any accessories other than my mom’s high school class ring. Bracelets and beads tend to get in the way. Headbands also don’t work for me. [At my studio] I strive to create a warm, fun, energizing and calm décor. It’s also important that the space and colors are both feminine and masculine and not “too busy.” The space should be warm, simple and inviting. I stay up to date by traveling and going to other yoga studios when I travel. It is my favorite thing to do on vacation and I love absorbing every detail of the studios I visit including merchandise and fashion.

Karen Kramer

Owner, Dyersville Yoga Studio in Dyersville I like to wear yoga leggings and a tank but always, always have a cover-up like a light sweater, a longer tunic or a long shirt. I usually have running around to do after my class and need to feel comfortable and not too exposed to go into the grocery store, the dentist or even lunch with a friend. I like to look like a professional yoga teacher but also create a climate of total acceptance of whatever anyone feels is comfortable to them. Bottom line: a little of both without being a “designer-label snob.” My style is casual but professional—with a little flare of the outer layer—and versatile. So my favorite garment right now, as weather gets a bit cooler, is my lightweight knee-length sweater. It’s flowy and fun and feels good no matter where I go. My greatest influence by far is my students. They have taught me most about the true heart of yoga. I owe them so much and will be eternally grateful for them. I love my teachers as well and each has passed on their wisdom with passion and grace, but it’s my students who have had the most influence in the way I teach.

• fall/winter 2018-19



Mae Harriman Hingtgen

Instructor with Challenge To Change in Dubuque The most important thing to me in my yoga clothes is comfort and fit. If my clothes are moving around when I practice (shirt coming up in Down Dog, etc.) it is such a terrible distraction for me. I need to not think about my clothes in practice. However, fashion is also really important to me for before and after class. With the acceptability of wearing yoga clothes outside the studio, I do look at the fashionable aspect of clothes when I purchase them because I know they’ll go from studio to grocery store, to work and to play. I think my personal style is slightly conservative but fun and colorful. You won’t ever see me wearing clothes that reveal too much, but I like to use color and playfulness in my clothes. I have several pants that have fun prints like flowers, sports logos and other patterns. My favorite garment is a pair of pants that fit well, are soft and hold up with lots of use. Right now my favorites are the Lululemon Align pant and my new favorite Gold Sheep pants that I’m wearing in the photos! I’ll wear a mala to class, but usually end up wrapping it around my wrist or setting it aside. I’d say my favorite accessory is my “om” tattoo on my foot. I got this tattoo specifically for myself and my practice. It isn’t really there to show off or to have people notice it. I like to look at it during my practice and use it as my drishti in forward folds and balancing poses. My practice has brought calm and stress relief into my life in a way that no other form of exercise has ever done. Also, having the opportunity to set an intention each day helps me live the lessons actively throughout every situation and interaction in my busy life. Yoga has helped me live a kinder, more humble, accepting and loving life.

Shane Achenbach Yoga instructor, Quad Cities

Yoga provides a healthy body with a mind at peace. I like to wear Adidas, and it’s all about function on how it fits. My style is all gym wear. My yoga is more about the asana than what I’m wearing. As long as it’s comfortable and forms to my body, I wear it. [My tattoos] are all done by Doser at Silver Key. My grandfather was a descendant from a small Indian tribe in the Council Bluffs area, so I started with that as I loved tribal. My tribal on my upper right side is the same as what my husband has in his upper left side! As my passion for yoga grew and grew I felt compelled to get yoga and the om symbol on me. After thinking of where and how I wanted it done, we incorporated it in my tribal on my sternum, kind where they say the sound “om” starts. Then I added the seven chakras on my back in black and grey. I love them. My latest one is my version of Ganesh (right outside calf). I wanted my own take on it and this is what we came up with. I love the story and what he represents: the remover of obstacles.

Betsy Rippentrop

Owner, Heartland Yoga in Iowa City I love yoga clothes and for me it is about both fashion and function. I’ve always loved clothes and the artistic expression that comes with putting pieces together. Yoga wear is no exception. I always wear yoga pants (obviously) and some kind of yoga top, but then always put a tunic or dress over the top. After I finish teaching yoga in my studio, I walk the 10 steps into my office where I see therapy clients all day, and so I specifically choose clothes that allow me to go from teaching a class directly into my clinical work without having to change. My personal style is hippie chic/bohemian. I love colorful printed tunics over yoga pants, chunky jewelry, and Birks in the summer and boots in the fall/winter. My favorite garment is Lululemon pants—they always fit so beautifully! But my favorite accessory is a small silver bracelet that says “namaste” that I bought at least a decade ago at an art fair. I wear it almost every day layered with other bracelets. I’ve tried to create a décor in my yoga studio of light, brightness, warmth, clean modern lines and color (have you seen my pole?). I specifically have several original yoga art pieces in my studio from three different local Iowa artists, not only because they add beauty to the space but also because I love supporting local art. I am a firm believer that the space does make a difference—the energy and intention you put in a space is palpable. Our students are always commenting on the power of our space, and I completely agree that just walking into the studio takes the weight of the world off your shoulders.


• fall/winter 2018-19

Toni Kettner

Founder of Driftless Adventure, Dubuque I think comfort and fit are key—it allows you to focus on poses. I typically wear a good pair of leggings and a fitted tank because they stay in place better and are less distracting. Breathable fabric is nice especially if you are in a dynamic class or doing hot yoga. I usually bring a cover-up of some kind for Savasana. I would say my style is practical and down to earth, allowing for a flowing practice and lots of breathing. I love to bring in some color, especially in my tops. I do think that I am able to express my style in my clothing. I love my yoga bracelets but typically remove them during a practice. I also have a pair of Buddha pants that are fun to wear. I strive to create a space that is calm, simple, beautiful and inviting. I love a sense of openness and incorporate the five elements—ether, air, water, fire and earth—symbolically whenever I can. The same applies to my style: simple, grounded and down to earth. Nature serves as my muse.


Angela Stewart

Yoga instructor, Moline, Illinois While I do have a slight addiction to my Chuck Taylor Converse shoe collection, I like to keep my clothing pretty simple to practice yoga. My choices are based more on fit, comfort and function than fashion—a basic solid color tank and black yoga pants are a staple. Yoga philosophy teaches concepts like non-attachment, nonhoarding/non-greediness, non-striving, non-clinging and non-identification. So I guess my personal style is a reflection of that minimalist philosophy. After all, for thousands of years people practiced yoga without the latest brand name fashion or “high-quality” yoga mat.

Chris David

Yoga instructor, Des Moines

[Yoga] helps open up my body for injury prevention in my other practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

My personal style is functional, efficient and not constrictive. I wear dresses to work for that reason, and feel yoga wear should be as effortless as possible. How can you fully let your practice unfold if you’re worried about discomfort in your clothing?

I usually wear just shorts during heated yoga practices but like to wear spats during unheated classes. I dress for comfort and function first. I have little concept of style so that really helps open my options. The clothes I choose to wear for practice allow for the most movement.

Karen Winter

Yoga instructor, Quad Cities I love wearing fun, funky leggings and tops that allow me to move. [My style is] casual, comfortable, bright and bold. I feel like I can express myself with fun leggings, colors and prints that make me smile! There’s nothing like a fun pair of leggings to lift your mood.

Anne Pham

Des Moines

I have a couple pairs of shorts that I really like but have tossed around the idea of a smart watch to monitor my heart rate during practice.

I wear what allows me freedom of movement. I love to practice deep into the hips, so the stretch in my pants is important. I originally wanted to achieve greater mobility, and in the 12 years since I first stepped on a mat I’ve learned that yoga is so much more than that. Yoga connects me to my physical and my mental presence. The better your relationship is to yourself, the better your relationship is to others.

• fall/winter 2018-19


Meet Kathryn Budig, Yoga Celeb

I have learned to practice what my body appreciates. –Kathryn Buding

big shifts in her life. Though her yoga practice has changed dramatically over the last decade, the one constant has been her faith in how it helps people. She has never doubted yoga’s ability to heal, to transport her mentally and to help her body and soul feel good.


“I have learned to practice what my body appreciates,” Budig told me. After a difficult divorce followed by a new love, Budig is willing to let change flow through her life, which includes incorporating more food in her career. You can follow her yogic and culinary exploits on her Instagram, @kathrynbudig, where she shares new and flavorful recipes she’s trying. You can check out her podcast by searching out Free Cookies on your favorite podcast app, or visiting


You may have seen Kathryn Budig on the cover of Yoga Journal once or four times. Maybe you’ve taken one of her 176 classes available on YogaGlo, or perhaps you’ve read one of her two books, or her work with Women’s Health magazine. You might have even heard her talk yoga, sports and equality in the podcast Free Cookies, co-hosted with her partner Kate Fagan, an ESPN reporter. Budig is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher who is passionate about cooking delicious healthy meals; loves to write about all things life, yoga, health, wellness and love; enjoys an oat milk latte after a glass of roomtemperature water first thing in the morning; and is a refreshingly authentic woman unafraid to forge a new path for herself, especially if it means following her heart. Budig earned dual degrees in English and drama from the University of Virginia, which is also where her relationship with yoga began. It started out as a workout option, until she discovered ashtanga, and fell in love with both her teacher and the practice.


• fall/winter 2018-19

Yoga became the highlight of her week. It was her opportunity to play and experiment with what her body was capable of doing. Pushing herself further and further, she transitioned into a vigorous two-and-a-halfhour daily ashtanga practice with vinyasa on the weekends, and then moved to Los Angeles to pursue theater. Instead of a career in acting, she found herself in the competitive L.A. yoga world. After completing her 200-hour teacher training through YogaWorks, she continued with her vigorous practice and started filming classes for online content with YogaGlo, teaching workshops all over the world, writing for the wellness website MindBodyGreen, contributing to Yoga Journal and working as a yoga editor for Women’s Health. In 2012 she also published Women’s Health’s Big Book of Yoga. While exciting, this fast-paced lifestyle and advanced yoga practice started to lead to injuries and burn-out. In my recent interview with Budig, she confided that she’s working on making some

A Mini Q&A with Kathryn Budig What advice would you give to a yoga newbie? You are only a beginner once. Enjoy the wonder and beauty that comes with it! What advice would you offer a yoga teacher? Learn as much as you can, keep practicing, try all sorts of styles, allow yourself to be truly authentic to who you are and know what your message is. What advice do you have for people who are struggling to find the courage to follow their heart/gut? Look at the big picture and decide what kind of change has to happen. Ask yourself what you are willing to sacrifice in order to be happy or unhappy. Remember that nothing is permanent and that change is likely not going to be easy. You also need to decide what is going to suck more: going through the challenge or staying with things as they are.


Kathryn’s Go-To Cool-Weather Comfort Food Zucchini Lentil Bolognese Lasagna Place your onions into the food processor and blitz it into tiny pieces. Place the onions into a separate bowl, and then repeat the blitzing with your carrots and celery. Warm your olive oil over medium heat in a large, deep sauté pan. Toss in your onions and sprinkle generously with sea salt and a smattering of black pepper. Sauté for five minutes, then add carrots, celery and chili pepper. Sauté for another five to seven minutes.


Add your red wine to the mix and stir well. Let the mixture simmer for roughly three minutes. Mix in tomato paste, coconut milk, and lentils. Taste for additional seasoning (I tend to be generous with the sea salt). Let this pile of goodness cook down for another five to 10 minutes, and then remove from the heat. If it seems too watery, let it simmer a bit longer or kick up the heat. If using ghee or butter, melt and stir into the mix.



and DEC. 14 – 15 SATURDAY, 9 AM – 1 PM


Ingredients ••2 large zucchini, cut into thin ribbons ••2 large carrots ••1/2 sweet onion ••2 stalks of celery ••1 fresno or red chili pepper, minced* ••1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil, plus a bit for drizzling

••1 cup red wine ••2 Tablespoon tomato paste ••1 can of organic brown lentils (or 1 1/2 cups

Place enough sauce into the base of a square casserole dish to lightly coat the entire base. Cover with one layer of zucchini noodles, placed side-by-side. Crumble a third of your cheese on top of the noodles and add another thin layer of sauce to cover the zucchini. Repeat this two more times (you’ll most likely have three layers of zucchini) and top the final layer of zucchini with sauce and a good drizzle of olive oil and sea salt. Save the ricotta for the top.

Dancing Prairie

Massage Therapy College


••1/4 cup light coconut milk (the white part) ••6 oz Kite Hill Ricotta (or regular ricotta) ••Sea salt and ground black pepper to taste ••Table salt for the zucchini sweating ••1 Tablespoon ghee or organic butter (optional)


Bake covered for 20 minutes and remove the lid for 10 more, or until the zucchini have golden speckles and you’ve got some good bubbling.

Science and Wonder in your Education Comfort in your Practice

Remember this isn’t traditional lasagna, so be dainty when you cut into your pieces and transfer to individual plates. I recommend using a large spatula. *If you don’t like spicy, you can skip. If you can’t find

Layer your zucchini ribbons onto sheets of paper towels. Sprinkle salt on each ribbon and let sit for roughly 10 minutes while you prepare the sauce. The zucchini will start to “sweat.” Blot off the excess moisture, flip them, re-sprinkle salt and repeat the process. This may seem unnecessary, but it will prevent your lasagna from being soggy. Trust me. Zucchini needs its sauna time.

a good chili pepper, you can always use dried red chili pepper flakes, or a spicy olive oil like Lucini’s Fiery Chili Extra Virgin Olive Oil (in which case, do 1/4 cup regular oil and 1/4 cup spicy). **If you can’t find Kite Hill Ricotta, and you prefer a dairy-free cheese, blend 1 cup soaked cashews, 1/4 cup veggie broth, 1/4 cup coconut milk, 1/4 cup

Class es s tar tJ a

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

8! y ar u n

nutritional yeast and a good pinch of sea salt. Adjust your liquids to find a ricotta-like consistency.

Elissa Cirignotta is a writer, teacher, world traveler and change-maker. When she’s not teaching or practicing yoga in Des Moines, Portland, Oregon or Sicily, you can find her growing plants, planning trips and writing stories. She founded Happy Mindful People to provide kids, teens, educators and parents with the tools and support they need to inspire healthy personal changes and find more joy in the day to day. For more info visit

2441 James St. Suite 5A, Coralville, IA 319.351.9766 • • fall/winter 2018-19



These three snack recipes have deep roots in Kundalini tradition and are healthful, yummy and soul-warming to boot.

Golden Milk This hot drink lubricates the joints and promotes spine health. Golden Milk helps to break up calcium deposits and is particularly beneficial to students of meditation who spend a long time sitting in cross-legged positions. One of the main ingredients, and what makes the milk golden, is turmeric. Turmeric is a root that is ground up into a powder and is one of the main ingredients in curry powder. In fact, it is what gives curry its yellow color. Turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and can aid in digestive healing.

• 1/8 teaspoon turmeric • 1/4 cup (65 ml) water • 8 ounces (250 ml) milk (you can substitute any other type of milk you want such as rice, soy or almond) • 2 Tablespoons (40 ml) raw almond oil • Honey to taste • Cinnamon to taste, if you’d like some added sweetness • Boil turmeric in water for about eight minutes until it forms a thick paste. If too much water boils away, add a little more water. Meanwhile, bring milk to a boil with the almond oil. As soon as it boils, remove from heat. Combine the two mixtures and add honey (and cinnamon) to taste. To garnish, sprinkle some cinnamon on top. • If you like, prepare a larger quantity of the turmeric paste. It will last up to 40 days if refrigerated.


• fall/winter 2018-19

Potent Potatoes The spices in this recipe promote purification of the blood, stimulated digestion and increased energy. The potatoes are considered earth foods, which can also give you great energy when you have a lot to do! To get the greatest nutritional value from potatoes, they should be left with the skins intact. The amount of pepper or cayenne can be adjusted based on your preference. • 4 large baking potatoes • 1/4-1/2 cup (65-125 ml) ghee or vegetable oil • 2-3 onions, chopped • 1/4-1/2 cup (65-125 ml) ginger root, minced • 1/4 teaspoon caraway seeds • 1-2 tablespoons (20-40 ml) garlic, minced • 1 teaspoon black pepper • 3/4-1 teaspoon turmeric • 1 teaspoon cayenne or crushed red chilies • 8 whole cloves • 1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon Optional: • 2-4 Tablespoons (40-80 ml) soy sauce or salt to taste • 1/2 pint (500 ml) cottage cheese • 1/2 pound (225 gr) cheese grated • 1 red or green bell pepper, diced*

Scrub potatoes, rub with small amount of oil and bake at 400 degrees until well done. Heat ghee or oil in large skillet. Sauté onions and ginger until they begin to brown, then add garlic and spices and cook for 4-5 minutes longer. Add a little water if necessary. Add soy sauce (optional). Stir and remove from heat. Cut baked potatoes in half, lengthwise. Scoop out the insides and combine with onion mixture. Add cottage cheese (optional). Mix well and refill potato shells, covering each with grated cheese. Broil until cheese is melted and bubbly. For a nice touch, garnish with bell pepper. If you like, serve with yogurt.







Baked Apple Delight Apples are body cleansers and blood purifiers. They are high in potassium, magnesium and vitamins B and C. An apple eaten at the end of a meal can aid in digestion. • 1 apple • 1 teaspoon nut butter (any kind) • 4-6 oz plain yogurt • 1 pinch cinnamon • 1 pinch cardamom powder • 1/2 teaspoon honey Peel the apple (optional) and remove its core, then bake until soft. Replace core with nut butter. Top with cinnamon, cardamom and honey. Serve in plain yogurt. These recipes and more can be found in the book Foods for Health and Healing: Remedies and Recipes based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Bridget Toomey, RYT-200 teaches Kundalini yoga at Heartland Yoga in Iowa City. She is a Reiki Master Practitioner and is currently working towards her RYT-500 in the Kundalini tradition in Kansas City, Missouri.

• fall/winter 2018-19


Breaking with Bikram

Yoga’s #MeToo moment began more than five years ago, and the community is still trying to figure out what to do with Bikram yoga. BY EMMA MCCLATCHEY

That Bikram Choudhury became

massively successful after moving to America in the 1970s, touting a fresh take on an Eastern wellness practice, is not hard to believe. It’s a pattern followed by gurus of many kinds, especially in the ’60s and ’70s, when it seemed like everyone was looking for a charismatic leader to show them a “new way.” A fitness craze—in this case, a 90-minute yoga class consisting of 26 postures and two breathing exercises in a heated studio—can easily become a deeply personal, spiritual practice for those who find their lives changed by it.

others. She met Choudhury, and attended classes led by him. “Sometimes he would just talk and talk and talk and the class would go two hours or more. He would pick on people in the classes, too. Call someone out, not always in a nice way. He was definitely not worried about being nice.”

But in 2013, when two women filed lawsuits against Choudhury alleging sexual battery, rape and discrimination, among other charges, it shook the yoga community. Bikram was a hero, his name and “dialogue” the foundation of thousands of instructors’ livelihoods. Most had seen or heard stories of him berating students over their gender, body type, race or sexual orientation, but that was all in the name of motivation, they said. He wasn’t a soft-voiced meditation leader—he was a tough, blackSpeedo-clad fitness coach.

Choudhury claims to have been the student of yoga master Bishnu Charan Ghosh, earning numerous national yoga and weightlifting awards in India. He developed his signature 26 postures, and took his program to Japan and, finally, California, where he attracted celebrity students including Shirley MacLaine, Quincy Jones, Candice Bergen and Raquel Welch. The heated studio was meant to reflect the heat of Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta), where Choudhury grew up. (Luckily, an electrician took up Bikram yoga in 1999 and helped its teachers adapt their studios to handle temperatures up to 108 degrees.)

“Bikram has a very large and dominant personality. His class was always really hot and hard,” said Megan Wheeler of Johnston, Iowa, who completed the nine-week Bikram teacher training in Hawaii in 2007, along with about 300

“He was harder on the trainees than he would be in his public classes,” Wheeler said. “I didn’t really take his comments personally and so I enjoyed his class because it was so different and crazy sometimes.”

Unfortunately, it’s also unsurprising that a figure of Choudhury’s status, with plenty of mystique, wealth and devotees, abused his power. Two years of #MeToo revelations have seen dozens of influential men revealed as sexual harassers and abusers, and Choudhury fits the profile.


• fall/winter 2018-19

Most of the students at his $10,000 training courses were young women. He often called a few up to the front of the room—or his hotel room—to massage his feet or brush his hair. Several former students said he would find a way to get them alone in a room, then touch them without consent and/or coerce them into sexual acts.

I have seen so many people’s lives changed and improved because of this yoga, including my own. It is absolutely worth saving. –Megan Wheeler

“I think when I heard rumors about Bikram there was a mix of not being surprised because I knew what he was like, and also not wanting to believe it because he was someone I respected at that time,” Wheeler said. “I don’t know what the senior members of the community knew or didn’t know, I didn’t hear any first-hand accounts. I’m sure like all abusers he had enablers.”

Bikram yoga is still alive and well, as is its founder, dodging arrest warrants and pending court cases abroad. His wealth has been depleted—he also faces multiple charges for fraud and mismanagement—but he’s still leading teacher trainings overseas, his photos and dubious backstory still featured in a gushing “Meet the Founder” page on Though he once kept a close eye on Bikram instructors

to ensure they followed his standards to a T, his former students are now free to make the style their own. “Lots of teachers didn’t know how to proceed, they didn’t know if they could or should continue to teach. People felt, rightfully, betrayed and upset. Now most Bikram studios have dropped his name and have started offering other kinds of yoga and exercise,” Wheeler said. “There are other trainings now. It is a completely different community.” Wheeler stopped teaching Bikram yoga in 2013, but not because of Choudhury—she wanted to focus on parenting, and has since moved on to other styles, including Baptiste yoga. Even though she’s lost respect for Choudhury, she doesn’t see Bikram yoga as doomed. “Of course you can separate Bikram Choudhury from the yoga,” she said. “Most people who practice his yoga aren’t even aware of who he is. I have seen so many people’s lives changed and improved because of this yoga, including my own. It is absolutely worth saving. Bikram did some horrible things and he should be held accountable for that, but I do think his yoga will live on.” If you or someone you know has been affected by sexual assault, you can find support by calling the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800-656-HOPE, or visiting Emma McClatchey is YogaIowa’s managing editor.

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Mandalas as Meditation With a lot of love and a little serendipity, artist Katie Ortega makes a living turning reclaimed pallets into works of art. BY ALLY KARSYN

A row of red, orange and yellow paints sit at a foot of the pallet wood canvas. Katie Ortega’s sketchbook is off to the left, laying open to an intricate design themed around passion and desire. She’s just started painting the center of the mandala with the fiery hues. She’s tapping into the energy of the first three chakras. Red is the color of the root chakra; it symbolizes security. Orange is the color of the sacral chakra; it carries a meaning of creativity. And yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, associated with self-confidence. The painting is partly inspired by the number nine, which is represented by a nine-petaled lotus. Among its many meanings in numerology, the number represents spiritual awakening and service to humanity. “That’s what I’m going through right now,” Ortega said. “I have this desire to fulfill my life purpose and to be of service to others. I’m still battling fear.” Growing up, she didn’t think she could make a living as an artist. She ended up dropping out of college to take a wellpaying job in the debt collections department of a bank. That detour lasted nine years. By the time she left, she was “soulless.” She recovered that piece of herself by picking up a paintbrush again. “I started asking myself: what’s the one thing that I do for me that nobody has to tell me to do? What’s the one thing I can wake up and do all day? That was art,” she said. “Through my art I can inspire other people to meditate, to look within, to find their true worth.” Ortega took a winding journey to arrive at this level of enlightenment. She worked a few odd jobs after the bank. Then, two years ago, she made a bold move in a twist of fate. Not long after her grandpa died from liver cancer, she looked at her work schedule and noticed she had a whole week off. She thought, Oh, that’s nice and considerate, then made travel plans to drop off a painting at Herbs & Arts, an eclectic metaphysical shop in Denver. On the Sunday before her trip, she got a message from her supervisor about needing to be at work the next day. There was a mistake in the schedule. She was never supposed


• fall/winter 2018-19



to have the week off. But her plans had been made. Her boyfriend said, “Let’s just try this out and see what happens. If it’s meant to be, we’ll go from here.”

Through my art I can inspire other people to meditate, to look within, to find their true worth. –Katie Ortega

In her studio, there’s a painting that she loves, but she’ll have to let it go. The painting is for an aspiring photographer who wants to travel and blog, but she’s worried that she won’t find security. The symbol for the throat chakra emblazons the center of the circle; it’s there to help the other woman express herself the way she needs to. Ortega incorporated eight elephants and eight-petaled lotuses for strength and abundance. There’s a bright green ring around the symbols to give the photographer the confidence to listen to herself, her intuition. It’s a message Ortega needs, too.

She quit her job, went to Denver and left her painting there. Three months later, it sold for $400. She’s been making art ever since.

When Ortega paints, she sits in quiet surrender, feeling into the intuitive process.

“We can do whatever we want, but we get caught up in our fear,” she said. “Everything is surrounded by love. When we walk with love, we can do it.”

Now, the evening sun shines through the window of her small in-home studio. Her mandala paintings hang on the walls of the living room and the dining room. In Sanskrit, mandala means “circle,” and at the most basic level, it represents wholeness.

“Mandalas are meditative,” she said, adding a bit of history about the Tibetan monks who painstakingly create mandalas out of sand; there’s a brief moment of beauty before everything is blown away, making space for something new.

Ally Karsyn is an award-winning journalist, photographer and founder of Beacon Story Lab, which creates more courageous, compassionate and connected communities through the healing art of storytelling. Karsyn offers storytelling workshops, coaching sessions and other creative services. She also produces live storytelling events and a podcast. More details at



8 AM - 2 PM!

117 N LINN STREET | IOWA CITY | DEVOTAY.NET | 319.354.1001

reinventyourspace Repa319-248-0561 i rs Rem o del s A ddi ti o ns


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Why the Comfort of Your Clothing is so Important

What you put on your body can be as important as what you put in when it comes to good health, according to Ayurveda. In the era of synthetic fabrics and tight skinny jeans, many of us often sacrifice comfort for fashion. Over time, though, wearing uncomfortable clothes can lead to a host of health complaints. Here are a few reasons why comfy clothing is easier on your body.

It’s More Breathable Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it needs to breathe to stay healthy. Tight, synthetic clothes made of polyester and acrylic can trap heat against your skin (much like a plastic bag might!), causing discomfort, irritation, skin rashes and even headaches. Fabrics like cotton, linen, flax, hemp, wool, cashmere and angora are natural fibers that allow the skin to breathe. Look for pieces that fit well and feel good. Ideally, clothing should be comfortable and not too tight, especially around the stomach. If you

like form-fitting styles, no problem! Just make sure you can move around, bend down and sit easily and comfortably without feeling constricted.

It Supports Good Digestion & a Healthy Reproductive System Wearing tight clothing for long periods of time, especially while sitting, can restrict circulation and disrupt Vata—the mind-body element (dosha) that governs all movement in your body, including the blood flowing through your arteries and veins. Constrictive clothing particularly affects Apana Vata, the downwardmoving subdosha of Vata, which governs the genitourinary tract. Tightness around the waist and groin can disturb digestion by placing a strain on your stomach and intestines, which could impact digestion and elimination, the urinary tract and fertility health. Underwear that has a tight elastic waist or is made of polyester-blend fabric tends to hold heat in the area, instead of allowing it to naturally flow out.


ecospirituality retreat & conference center

s d o o w e on i r i sformati a

focusing on holistic health, ecology & spirituality

PPrlace of Peace and Tran A

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Good for one event in 2018 for which Prairiewoods accepts registrations.

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It’s Better for Your Circulation Tight clothing that constricts your waist, groin or legs can exacerbate poor circulation and varicose veins, according to the Cleveland Clinic. From the perspective of Ayurveda, varicose veins are primarily a Vata disorder caused by an imbalance in the subdosha Vyana Vata that leads to increased pressure affecting the valves and elasticity of the veins. Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing lets your veins do their job naturally, pumping blood throughout your body unheeded. Other tips for good circulation include: inverted yoga poses, elevating your legs when sitting for a long time and getting up to move around every 30 minutes if your work is stationary.



Comfortable clothes and underwear made of breathable natural fabrics without tight waistbands allow your digestive and reproductive systems to function naturally. If you have a job that requires you to sit in one place for long periods, try to take frequent breaks to stretch, walk around and avoid retaining excessive heat in the genitourinary tract. You might also consider a standing desk that allows you to move around, stand or sit during the day. This is also important for promoting ojas, the substance that maintains life and promotes bliss and longevity. Too much heat can decrease your ojas production, as ojas thrives in a balanced environment.

Tip: Dress According to the Season

What you put on your body can be as important as what you put in.

With cool, dry Vata season underway this fall and winter, it’s also important to dress seasonally and layer up with warm, natural fabrics. (Wool scarf and cableknit sweaters, we’re looking at you!) Come spring and Kapha season, you can lighten those layers and mix in some cotton. And in the heat of summer, Pitta season, favor breezy, cooling styles in cotton, linen, hemp and other natural fabrics. Valerie Brown is a yoga teacher and the creative content manager for Maharishi Ayurveda.

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Body Moves Fitness and Wellness Center

No Limits Personal Fitness

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Dancing Prairie


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house of conflicts, debts,


disputes, health issues and Jupiter ruling your ninth house of

financial issues. This placement

Jupiter ruling your fifth house

divine grace, good fortune, father

is not ideal for your health

of higher education, children,

and religious figures, and long-

(hips, liver, pancreas and

investments and creative projects

distance journeys will be transiting

gallbladder) and the health

will be transiting your fourth

your eighth house of vulnerability,

or finances of your spouse/

house of parents, property,

setbacks, obstacles and delays.

partner. Consider doing a liver/

vehicles, fixed assets, home

This can cause obstructions

gallbladder cleansing diet during

life and domestic peace. Work

and disappointments relative

this year-long transit. There can

out of your home on teaching,

to father, religious figures and

be debts, disputes and health

publishing, consulting and

Vedic Astrology Forecast

travel. This transit is not ideal for

issues in relationships. Consider

advisory roles. Connect your

your health (hips, liver, pancreas

teaching, publishing, consulting

homelife with higher education,

(Oct. 11, 2018 – Nov. 5, 2019):

and gallbladder). Consider a

and advisory roles related to

children, investments and

liver/gallbladder cleansing diet

fields of health and finance.

creative projects. This is a good

sometime during this year-

There is some support for your

time for comforts in your home,

long transit. Focus on writing,

finances and relationships if

new business opportunities

teaching, publishing and advisory

Jupiter is strong in your birth

and gaining recognition in the

roles connected with research,

chart. In general, be vigilant

workplace and at home during

language, mystical sciences and

with relationships and take care

this transit. It is safe and favorable

ancient knowledge. If Jupiter is

to avoid debts and disputes.

for you to use yellow clothing and

afflicted or badly placed in your

If Jupiter is weak in your birth

furnishings—and to wear a yellow

birth chart, it may cause serious

chart, it can cause serious

sapphire gemstone.

issues during this transit. It is safe

problems with relationships

and favorable for you to use yellow

during this transit. It is safe and

clothing and furnishings—and to

favorable for you to use yellow

wear a yellow sapphire gemstone.

clothing and furnishings—and

Jupiter ruling your fourth house

to wear a yellow sapphire

of parents, property, vehicles,


fixed assets, home life and

Jupiter Transits Scorpio BY SARA HAWTHORNE Jupiter, also known as Guru, is personified as a teacher, judge and religious leader. When strong in the birth chart of a person, it gives growth, wisdom, good luck, education, children and intelligence. It makes one generous, spiritual and humanitarian. It also indicates inclinations towards teaching, publishing, consulting and advisory roles. When Jupiter is weak in a person’s chart it can cause issues with the law, luck, religion, morality, children and education, along with health problems with the hips, liver, pancreas and gallbladder—and issues relative to the house where Jupiter rules Sagittarius in a person’s birth chart. It should be noted that for a short time, from March 29, 2019 until April 22, 2019, Jupiter will also spend time in the adjacent sign of Sagittarius, which is a favorable transit—and then it returns to the sign of Scorpio. From April 10 until Aug. 11, Jupiter will be in retrograde motion. For the most part there is no need for concern. This is only a visual phenomenon, occuring due to different speeds of the planets in relation to the earth. Retrograde planets, however, can cause adverse effects if that planet is unfavorable for a particular rising sign, or if that planet comes into contact (by aspect or conjunction) with another planet that is an unfavorable planet for that person. From July 22 to Aug. 31, Jupiter will be stationary at 20 degrees, which is likely to cause stress for the Taurus, Cancer or Capricorn rising sign persons—as Jupiter rules their eighth, sixth and twelfth (inauspicious) houses, respectively. These rising sign persons, with a 20-degree rising sign, or with any planets in Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces at 20 degrees, are especially vulnerable to health, financial, relationship and professional issues. Every one of us can nurture and nourish the guru within by taking time each week (particularly on Thursdays) to help or spend time with one’s spiritual guide or teacher. Having some sort of spiritual practice on Thursdays such as yoga, reading spiritual literature, performing morning prayers or listening to chants for Ganesha (the remover of obstacles) are all great ways to connect each week with Jupiter in your chart. The following information provides an overview of the impact of Jupiter through Scorpio for each rising sign as per Vedic Astrology, and is not based on the Sun sign as used in Western Astrology. Additional information can be provided by overlaying the transits of the planets on your individual horoscope.


• fall/winter 2018-19



domestic peace will be transiting Jupiter ruling your eighth house


of delays, setbacks, obstacles,

your third house of self-efforts, independent projects, writing

accidents and vulnerability

Jupiter ruling your sixth house

and communications and

will be transiting your seventh

of debts, disputes, health,

entrepreneurial ventures. Focus

house of marriage, partnerships,

legal and financial issues will

on independent projects, self-

relationships and joint ventures.

be transiting your fifth house

initiatives and entrepreneurial

When Jupiter is strong and not

of mind, emotions, children,

activities connected with

afflicting it can help support

education, investments and

teaching, publishing, consulting

marriage, windfalls and inheritance.

creative projects. Focus on

and advisory roles. This is a

When afflicting it can cause

higher education, investments

good placement for happiness,

stress in marriage, partnerships,

and creative projects

comforts in your homelife, luck

relationships and joint ventures,

connected with teaching,

and financial gains. It is safe and

as well as cause setbacks

publishing, consulting and

favorable for you to use yellow

with comforts living abroad.

advisory roles. If Jupiter is

clothing and furnishings—and to

Connect marriage, partnerships,

strong and not afflicting

wear a yellow sapphire gemstone.

relationships and joint ventures

planets or houses in your birth

with research, language, mystical

chart it gives good health and

sciences and occult knowledge as

finances, and the ability to

well as with teaching, publishing,

overcome issues in life. If weak

Jupiter ruling your third house of

consulting and advisory roles. It is

or afflicting in your birth chart

self-efforts, independent projects

not safe or favorable to use yellow

it causes issues for children,

and entrepreneurial ventures

clothing and furnishings or to wear

higher education, investments,

will be transiting your second

a yellow sapphire gemstone. You

creative projects, emotions,

house of wealth, status and family

can help teachers and religious

friendships, older siblings,

life. Connect your wealth and

leaders and listen to chants for

father and self (on account of

status with teaching, publishing,

Ganesha on Thursdays.

health and financial issues). It

consulting and advisory roles. Put

is not safe or favorable to use

extra attention on your wealth,

yellow clothing and furnishings

status and family life during this

or to wear a yellow sapphire

transit. This is a good placement

Jupiter ruling your seventh

gemstone. Instead, you can

for your own self-efforts and

house of marriage, partnerships,

help teachers and religious

initiatives. Expect financial

relationships and joint ventures

leaders and listen to chants for

gains and focus on new and

will be transiting your sixth

Ganesha on Thursdays.

independent opportunities—and



Health & Wellness Index MASON CITY

Motherhood Matters

The Yoga College

2010 E 38th St, Ste 201B, Davenport

705 Douglas St Ste. 250, Sioux City

speak up as a consultant, teacher,

consulting. If Jupiter is weak

publisher. It is safe and favorable

and afflicting in your natal chart

for you to use yellow clothing and

it can cause losses, expenses,

Eternal Harmony Wellness Center

(563) 200-1846

furnishings—and to wear a yellow

depression, separations,

203 1st St SW, Mason City

The Wellness Center

sapphire gemstone.

hospitalization, imprisonment,

Motherhood Matters is collaboration of

409 Pearl St, Sioux City


insomnia and trouble living

Live Love Yoga

practitioners whose mission is to nurture,

abroad. It is not safe or favorable

124 N Delaware Ave, Mason City

support and educate women as they

to use yellow clothing and

traverse the many stages of life. Our

Total Wellness Massage Therapy & Bodywork 3500 S Lakeport St, Sioux City

Jupiter ruling your second house

furnishings or to wear a yellow

Yoga Central Studio

services include: birth doula, chiropractic,

of wealth, status and family

sapphire gemstone. Instead, you

412 E State St, Mason City

acupuncture, yoga, intentional movement,

life will be transiting your first

can help teachers and religious

postpartum doula, strength/conditioning,

Underground Yoga

house of self, health, appearance,

leaders and listen to chants for

massage, lactation support, infrared sauna,

4026 Morningside Ave, Sioux City

reputation and personality. Focus

Ganesha on Thursdays.


on teaching, publishing, consulting, religion and law. Enjoy wealth,

rehabilitation, nutrition, and more.


status and family life. Expect

Brick House Yoga 713 1st Ave N, Mt Vernon

success and happiness with

Jupiter ruling your eleventh house

relationships, children and parents.

of gains, income, friendships and

Mt. Vernon Chiropractic

This placement is favorable overall

older siblings will be transiting

216 2nd St SW, Mt Vernon

for you and your family during

your tenth house of career and

this particular transit. It is safe and

professional life. If Jupiter is strong

Rolling Hills Yoga and Wellness

favorable for you to use yellow

in your natal chart this placement

122 1st St W, Mt Vernon

clothing and furnishings—and to

will be favorable for your career and

wear a yellow sapphire gemstone.

professional life—connected with teaching, publishing and consulting.


1600 7th St Suite D, Sioux City

2007 18th St, Spirit Lake

Jupiter ruling your first house

award or recognition. It is safe and

301 N 1st St Ste b, Oskaloosa

of self, health, appearance and

favorable for you to use yellow

personality will be transiting

clothing and furnishings—and to

your twelfth house of losses,

wear a yellow sapphire gemstone.


expenses, separations, hospitals,

2220 33rd St, Spirit Lake

patient with losses, expenses

Hamm Chiropractic Clinic 1330 Lake St, Spirit Lake


Michelle Schwartz-Webb 3301 US-71, Spirit Lake

Absolute Massage & Bodywork 2605 Floyd Blvd, Sioux City


Elite Health & Wellness

Tapas Yoga Shala 100 19th St, Rock Island

Mahaska Chiropractic

Dixon Family Chiropractic

TriYoga Quad Cities 2033 Fillmore St, Davenport

Expect luck in the workplace.


Sol Yoga 919 40th Ave, Bettendorf


Vital Wellness Chiropractic

One Tree Hot Yoga 2660 E 53rd St #4, Davenport

You may get a raise, promotion,

prisons and institutional life. Be

workshops, birth education, functional

Cosgrove Chiropractic

Open For Healing 2207 Okoboji Ave, Milford

1429 Albia Rd, Ottumwa

{be}Studio Yoga, Healing, Inspired Living 1101 4th St, E3, Sioux City

Becky’s Massage and Body Therapy

Yoga Okoboji - RYS®️ 3735 Zenith Ave, Spirit Lake, IA 712.336.9642

4700 Gordon Dr, Sioux City

Studio Owner - Janine Gustafson

is strong in your natal chart this

Ottumwa Temple Studio of Fine Art and Dance Center for the Arts

foreign lands or away from your

placement is favorable for luck and

228 2nd St East #3a, Ottumwa

Evolve Yoga and Wellness

Yoga Okoboji is a Yoga School and Studio

birthplace. Consider a spiritual

recognition in the workplace. Ask

411 Pearl St, Sioux City

located in the heart of the Iowa Great

journey or spend some time being

for a raise or promotion. You may

Reiki Reverend

reclusive or living in an ashram,

come into your power as a teacher,

Osceola St, Ottumwa

convent or monastery. Focus your

publisher, consultant or religious

fitness practice on stretching

leader. It is safe and favorable for

and strengthening your hips. It is

you to use yellow clothing and

favorable for you to use yellow

furnishings—and to wear a yellow

clothing and furnishings—and to

sapphire gemstone.

and insomnia, and protect your

Jupiter ruling your tenth house of

health and reputation. Take care

career and professional life will be

Downtown Fitness

of your hips, liver, pancreas or

transiting your ninth house of good

203 W Fourth St, Ottumwa

gallbladder. Consider a liver/

luck, divine grace, religion and

gallbladder cleansing diet. Teach,

long-distance journeys. If Jupiter

publish, consult and advise in

wear a yellow sapphire gemstone. CAPRICORN ASCENDANT Jupiter ruling your twelfth house of losses and expenses will be transiting your eleventh house of gains, income, friendships and older siblings. If Jupiter is strong and does not cause afflictions in your natal chart this transit is favorable for connecting your income and friendships with teaching, publishing and

Sara Hawthorne is a “Systems’ Approach” Vedic astrologer and educator. She specializes in helping people with career, relationship and health advice. Subscribe to Planetary Sara’s weekly newsletter, email and check out her Facebook and Instagram pages. All her services including life readings, yearly transit reports and compatibility readings can be found at


Studio Manager - Mindy Leinbaugh

Lakes. We offer classes 7 days a week and

Life Matters Massage and Wellness

trimester-based Yoga Teacher Training.

1119 4th St, Sioux City

Our professional yoga teachers are all Registered with Yoga Alliance and combine

Meraki Massage and Reiki

for over 50 years of teaching experience.

4242 Gordon Dr., Sioux City

Backwards Yoga 116 N 2nd St, Eldridge

Mind Body Connection Massage Therapy


Barre 563

1925 Geneva St, Sioux City

Future of Health Massage

4931 Utica Ridge Rd, Davenport

1703 Superior St, Webster City

Priority Massage Centered Therapies

3301 5th Ave, Sioux City

2185 E 53rd St, Davenport

North Central Chiropractic 639 2nd St, Webster City

Seven Circles Healing Center Davenport School of Yoga

4501 Stone Ave B, Sioux City

735 Federal St, Davenport

O’Hearn Family Chiropractic 1415 Superior St, Webster City

Hagemann Chiropractic

Siouxland Core Physical Therapy and Pilates

Shanti Wellness Day Spa

2906 W Central Park Ave # 1, Davenport

3655 Maplewood St, Sioux City

620 2nd St, Webster City

Indigo Hot Yoga

Studio83 Holistic Wellness

5161 Utica Ridge Rd, Davenport

4501 Stone Ave, Sioux City

• fall/winter 2018-19


recommends BOOKS

ben driscoll


Power Yoga: Strength, Sweat, and Spirit by Leah Cullis “With Leah’s expert guidance and this four-week plan, you are sure to build a strong foundation for a lifelong yoga practice,” writes none other than Baron Baptise in a foreword to Leah Cullis’ brand new book. In Power Yoga, Cullis, an Iowa native, presents the strength-building yoga that has helped her heal physically and mentally over the years and, she says, “access my inner wisdom.” She also gives an overview of yoga’s 5,000-year history, the principles of modern fitness-based yoga and the way a yogi can draw inspiration from both, from setting an intention to mastering peak poses. (Turn to pg. 8 to read an article by Cullis.)

What Made Maddy Run by Kate Fagan At 19 years old, the world was Maddy Holleran’s oyster: She graduated high school with wonderful grades, plenty of friends and a top-tier track career that earned her a scholarship to an Ivy League school. But beneath the surface, something was very wrong. Right before she was about to start college, Holleran committed suicide. Kate Fagan originally began looking to Holleran’s life for an espnW article, but found the story to be bigger, one that touches on the complexities of depression and the pressure faced by college athletes, and young people in general, to fit a perfect mold. It’s an effecting read for parents, athletes and anyone whose lives have been touched by mental illness.

PODCASTS Black Girl in Om Podcast Through an online magazine, blog and podcast, the lifestyle brand Black Girl in Om, or BGIO, presents holistic wellness, self-care and empowerment tools geared towards women of color. BGIO’s founder Lauren Ash, a yoga teacher and wellness innovator hailing from the Twin Cities, hosts the BGIO Podcast with the brand’s art director Deun Ivory. The two interview subjects with a range of expertise, from singer Jamila Woods to GLOSSRAGS founder Randi Gloss, who combines fashion design with activism. The result is a podcast packed with inspiration as well as thoughtful commentary on what it means to be a woman and person of color in America today.

30 for 30 Podcasts: BIKRAM In May 2018, the podcast offshoot of ESPN’s stellar 30 for 30 documentary series focused on a rather unexpected but illuminating facet of the sports/fitness world: Bikram yoga. Over five episodes, ESPN commentator and former Bikram yoga practitioner Julia Lowrie Henderson takes listeners through the history of Bikram Choudhury, from his near-mythic background in India, to his arrival in L.A. and subsequent success as the toughlove yoga teacher to the stars, to 2013 on, as stories of Choudhury’s greed, fraud and serial sexual abuse continue to come to light. For Bikram practitioners and the yoga community in general, the “Bikram” series is urgent, if not necessary, listening. (See pg. 18 for more about Bikram yoga.)


• fall/winter 2018-19

furniture • cabinetry 319.364.0604


AWAKENING HEART Friday, November 2, 6:30-9:00PM | $60 This class will support and focus on the awakening heart within each of us through asana, breath work, meditation, and chanting.

PRANA SHAKTI - SOUL SADHANA Saturday, November 3, 9-11:30AM | $60 A healing prana-based asana practice, breath work, meditation and live music.


W H O L E N E S S. Individual Psychotherapy Yoga FOR THE Mind Workshops Meditation Training Weekly Yoga Classes

PRANA: UNLOCKING THE SACRED HEALING POWER OF OUR BREATH Saturday, November 3, 2-4:30PM | $60 We will dive into the ancient and sacred science of breath. We will practice different techniques of breath for 4 main actions (cleansing, energizing, balancing, and calming).


Saturday, November 3, 7PM | Suggested donation $20 An evening of ecstatic chanting to uplift, inspire, and reconnect us to the heart.




UNTYING THE KNOTS OF THE HEART: HEALING YOGA & MEDITATION Sunday, November 4, 10AM-12:30PM | $60 Weave together essential teachings and inspiration from slow healing yoga and deep heart centered meditation. Class includes lecture and live music. Yoga classes will include a short dharma talk with Saul and beautiful live music with master musician/sound healer Jim Beckwith. Individual Workshops - $60 | Whole Weekend (reduced rate) - $225

 E COLLEGE, SUITE , IOWA CITY | () -

Friday, November 2 - Sunday, November 4




NUTRITION TOUR Throughout the week, your Hy-Vee dietitians host free nutrition tours. Join the group as we tour the store and discuss topics including diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. Contact your Hy-Vee dietitian for more information.

Making lives easier, healthier and happier.