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Quantumwave Lasers – Still Point THE STILL POINT HEALING WITH LIGHT Recharge Western physics has finally caught up with what traditional Chinese medicine and most native traditions have been telling us for the last 5,000 years. Every living thing on the planet, including our bodies, is made up of energy, light energy. Soft lasers are a healing tool that makes use of this light energy that underpins everything by donating photons to the mitochondria in the cells of the body, increasing the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and thus recharging the cell’s battery.

What are Quantum Wave Lasers? Cold lasers, also referred to as low level, therapeutic or soft lasers, have been around for about 30 years. They are very different from the lasers used in surgery, or industrial lasers as they do not cut, or burn. For the purposes of this article they will be referred to as soft lasers. There are many peer reviewed studies to show the beneficial effects of these lasers. Soft lasers are totally safe and work to regenerate healthy cells.

What’s different about the Quantum Wave Laser? The unique features of the Quantumwave Laser are that the Scalar Wave effect can clear cell memory by bringing the body into neutrality, or Still Point, dissolving stress and tension, other Lasers on the market have a columnated beam, the beam in the Quantumwave laser is defused.

What’s a Scalar Wave? In the late 1880s the Hungarian physicist, Nikola Tesla described the Scalar Wave, or “standing wave’ where there is no past, present or future. Everything is energy and can therefore be represented as a 2

wave. Where there is an aberrant wave, disease or dysfunction occurs. To correct this aberrant wave we can introduce the opposite frequency. The points where these waves intersect are called still points, or zero points. They are scalars, points of measurement that have no directionality. Joining up these points produces the scalar, or standing wave, hence the scalar wave laser. The consequence of introducing the opposite wave is to collapse the original wave creating a vortex where healing can take place.

The Inventor – A Remarkable Man The Quantumwave Laser was created in the USA by Paul Weisbart who has a cranio-sacral background. He started working with lasers when he had a problem with a front tooth. Not wanting to have it removed, he worked on re-growing the jaw bone which had necrosis. Eventually he was able to have an implant into new bone. As a result of this he began to research more and more into the capabilities of lasers and the revolutionary scalar wave laser is the result. It is the first laser embracing digital technology enabling it to have 110 preset programmes and the ability to have customised programmes which can be created by the individual user.

The Protocol Paul’s approach to healing echoes the Eastern philosophy that all cells and body systems are designed to function in a state of harmony, or balance known as homeostasis. The aim of the Quantumwave Laser is to restore harmony to the body and this is first achieved by using the Still Point Protocol. This protocol “unwinds” or clears the cells, organs, glands meridians, charkas and plexuses of the body and entrains the body with the universal energy that surrounds us all. The benefits of this are many, on both a physical and psychological level. For someone who needs to heal a disease or dysfunction, it means that the body is returned to a state where it can begin to heal itself. This is an important and often overlooked fact. The laser is not 3

“doing� the healing, the client’s body is the healer, the laser is a facilitator of the process.

What is Cell Memory? The Universe is full of coherent neutral energy. When people become stressed and tense they hold onto cell memory which keeps replaying like a tape recorder. This makes the body incoherent, or contracted. When the body is incoherent it can no longer tap into the neutral energy of the Universe and this affects the ability to heal. Cells replicate in the contracted state rather than returning to their original, perfect state.

Trauma Where tissues in the body have been traumatised, or where the endocrine system has become dominated by adrenalin (most people nowadays) the body is stuck in polarity, and the cells electrons spin to the right, blocking light and stopping the brain from seeing that something is wrong. The body chemistry flips between adrenalin and cortisol, losing oxygen which causes aging.

Why Still Point? By unwinding cell memory and finding still point, the cells can begin to spin to the left and let light into the body. The brain can then see something needs fixing, energy flows with vitality and abundance and coherence can return, the auric field expands and dis-ease disappears.

Versatility The Quantumwave Laser can be used on the body systems i.e. glands, organs, musculoskeletal, chakras and meridians. It works for acute and chronic problems. It can be used for detoxification, antiaging protocols as well as dealing with stress, pain and emotions.

Restore Harmony In using the laser to unwind cell memory, the body can regenerate with unlimited vitality from the quantum unified field. All cells are 4

designed to be relaxed and at ease in neutrality. When we relax and unwind the polarity, or cell memory, the cell opens up to still point. Harmony is restored and the body can return to its natural state.

The Quantum Field Yogis and mystics refer to still point as the “space between the breath”. Cranial osteopaths work with the cranial rhythm to calm the sympathetic nervous system and bring the parasympathetic system in line. In a neutral state we connect to the vast neutral field of energy that makes up the Universe. The quantum field is a shift from linear progression to a place where everything happens at once. It’s a bit like going from early one line internet connection to high speed broadband where information is limitless.

The Glands The glands are key in the process of finding still point as they govern the cranio-sacral wave, the nervous system and chakras. The theory is that the hierarchy of the glands works through the principle of entrainment. Simply that they are conditioned by their surroundings, the family they are born into. This is the same principle that happens when women live in a house together and their monthly cycles come together. Still Point changes this entrainment in a systemic way, working on the cranio-sacral system and all cells in the body simultaneously.

Adrenaline In our modern world most people are running on adrenaline – we are addicted to it, it’s an epidemic and it is responsible for chronic pain, stress, high blood pressure, diabetes and aging. Other important glands such as the thymus get shut down, so immunity is compromised. The telomeres in DNA become shorter limiting the ability to grow new cells. Oxygen supply is depleted and aging occurs.


Adrenaline Dominance v Healing Adrenal dominance can start soon after birth if a baby is not breastfed and the TMJ (tempero-mandibular joint) in the jaw is not released by the sucking action. By sucking, the baby’s TMJ is brought forward, releasing the pressure on the area of the spine where the vagus nerve exits the skull. The vagus nerve is the tenth and longest cranial nerve. Vagus, from latin meaning the wanderer, having many functions from controlling muscles involving the throat, heart rate and function of abdominal organs. It also activates the hypothalamus, therefore the child copes with stress and fear in a better way – they can let go of emotions.

Stress Patterns Dissolve As the adrenals are unwound and the adrenal/cortisol pathway stops flipping, the higher centres of the brain, hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal, can come into play. Neurotransmitters such as oxytocin are released and alchemical changes in the body start to happen so there is more coherence – all the stress patterns dissolve, a more peaceful state of being is achieved.

Lymph is Life Our lymph system has the ability to carry messages around our bodies at the speed of light, but in reality most people’s lymph is stagnant which can lead to pathways of communication being blocked,

Detox The biggest detoxification organ is the skin and the way the body transports the toxins from the liver to the skin is via the blood and lymph systems. Keeping the lymph moving in the body is paramount to good health. This can obviously be done by daily exercise, but the Quantumwave Laser can play an important role by activating the lymph system via the lymph nodes in the neck, axilla, groin, behind the knees and at the back of the ankles.


Under the Microscope Since the arrival of electron microscopes it has been discovered that there are ultra microscopic, subcellular, living and reproducing forms called “somatids� which have a pleomorphic or form-changing life cycle that has 16 stages.

The first three of these stages are normal, but when the immune system is weakened or disrupted by things such as chemical pollution, ionising radiation, electric field or poor nutrition the somatids go through the other thirteen stages mimicking fungus, bacteria, viruses etc and creating the forerunners to degenerative diseases. The Quantumwave laser, along with clearing cell memory, has the ability to return these somatids to their first three healthy stages.

About the Diodes The hand unit of the Quantumwave Laser has 8 red laser diodes, 8 infra-red laser diodes and 20 violet LED diodes and is preprogrammed with 110 frequency settings and a digital processor. There are also three pulsar probe attachments: the red, infra-red and violet.

The Red Probe The red probe is used for skin, muscle gums, soft tissue, blood and lymph.

The Infrared Probe The infrared probe is used for medium to deep tissue such as bone, ligament, cartilage and teeth. It can also be used for smoking cessation and weight loss protocols.

The Violet Probe The violet probe holds the most information and can be used on or off the body. It is an important tool in working on DNA/RNA. It also works in the subtle quantum anatomy ie meridians, charkas, plexuses 7

and the auric field. It can also be used to clear rooms, food, water and for rejuvenation.

Still Point Protocol When starting to use the laser the Still Point Protocol should be used first before addressing any other issues. It is used over the adrenal glands, tailbone, back of the head and thymus gland behind the breastbone. The effect of this protocol on the client will relax them and with repeated use over time will enable them to experience Still Point. At this stage other issues can start to be addressed.



Still Point  
Still Point  

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