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Downtown Yoga June 1-8, 2013

Retreat Yourself  with  Downtown  Yoga   June  1-­‐8,  2013            Ebbio  |  Tuscany,  Italy            Price:  $1,875  Twin/Triple      early  $1675*     A  time  to  stop  and  rest  so  you  can  go  on  again. A  time  to  return  to  basics:  basic  attitudes,  basic  beliefs,  the  basic  balance   of  life. Description If  you  like  Italy,  yoga,  wine,  organic  vegetarian  food  and  relaxation  then   join  Downtown  Yoga  in  Tuscany!    We  look  forward  to  sharing  some  of  our   favorite  places  with  you,  all  wrapped  in  the  comfort  of  daily  yoga  and   meditation  practices.   Ebbio  is  a  magical  place  surrounded  by  an  evergreen  forest,  nestled  in  the   heart  of  an  ancient  volcano  that  was  sacred  to  the  Etruscans.  Located  in   the  breathtaking  countryside  of  Tuscany,  it  is  only  42  km  from  Florence,  11   km  from  Siena,  9  km  from  Castellina  in  Chianti  and  1km  from  Monteriggioni,  a  little  medieval  jewel  a   short  walking  distance. Ebbio  is  an  800  year  old  classic  rustic  Tuscan  farmhouse  converted  into  a  charming  yoga  retreat.   Looking  out  one  of  the  many  windows  of  the  different  accommodations  in  Ebbio,  you  will  be   captivated  by  the  undulating  hills  swept  with  thriving  vineyards,  olive  trees  and  enchanting   evergreen  forests.  The  amazing  part  of  Ebbio  is  that  it  is  still  a  working,  organic  Tuscan  farm  with  its   own  Chianti  wine  production  and  delicious  Olive  Oil. Ebbio's  kitchen  serves  vegetarian  meals  only.  Most  of  the  produce  comes  from  their  organic   production.    Water  and  seasonal  fruit  are  available  throughout  the  day.    Daily  meals  are  served  in   the  outside  porch  if  the  weather  is  warm  and  not  raining;  otherwise  they  will  be  served  upstairs   where  the  bedrooms  are  also  located  in  a  common  living/dining  room.    That  room  is  a  living/ gathering  place  where  there  is  quiet  time  between  10  pm  and  6  am  to  respect  the  people  sleeping   on  the  2nd  floor.

Retreat Yourself  with  Downtown  Yoga  Information Price  Includes 7  night/8  day  accommodations  &  Florence  Airport  transfer.   Daily  vegetarian  meals  at  Ebbio  including  wine  with  lunch  &  dinner  and  fresh  fruit  available   during  the  day  (dinner  on  arrival  day  and  breakfast  on  departure  day) 2  yoga  classes  daily  on  most  days  (one  before  breakfast  and  one  before  dinner  usually)  or  yoga   workshop. One  day  trip  to  the  Mediterranean  Ocean  with  a  delicious  picnic  lunch  included  and  a visit  to  the  natural    hot  springs  on  the  way  back. There  will  be  one  excursion  to  the  wonderful  town  of  Siena   on  Wednesday  where  they  have  their  open  air  market-­‐day,  food,  discounted beautiful  Italian  clothing,  etc.  Vendors  line  the  streets.  Your  lunch  while  there  will  be  self-­‐ catered  and  not  provided  by  Ebbio.  Once  you  are  there  you  are  on  your  own  to  shop,  explore   the  cobblestone  streets  and  have  fun  until  we    meet  to  be  taken  back  to  Ebbio.  Be  sure  to    see   the  magnificent  Duomo  di  Siena  while  you  are  exploring  the  town. Note:  The  itinerary  can  be  changed  at  any  time  by  the  discretion  of  the  organizer. Gratuities  &  Other  Info Taxes  are  included  however  gratuities  for  housekeepers  and  drivers  are  welcome.    Please  use   your  cell  phone  in  the  privacy  of  your  own  room.    There  is  no  Wifi  at  Ebbio.    There  is  one  Internet   connection  for  your  lap-­‐top  that  can  be  used  when  available.    It  is  shared.    Check  with  your  cell   phone  provider  before  going  to  make  sure  you  are  signed  up  for  International  Service  and  Data   Plans. The  retreat  is  a  smoke-­‐free  environment.    Quiet  hours  are  from  10pm  to  6am,  while  using  the   main  upstairs  gathering  room/dining  room  every  day,  to  ensure  a  peaceful  retreat  for  everyone.     All  bedrooms  (except  for  the  apt  suite-­‐Booked)  and  the  bodywork  room  are  located  on  the  2nd   floor  of  the  main  farmhouse.  Built  in  the  1300s  the  floors  are  stone  and  tile.  They  can  be  cool  in   the  non-­‐summer  months.  Bring  slippers. Getting  There:  Flying  or  by  Train Please  simply  secure  your  airfare  to  Florence.    Pick-­‐up  from  Florence  airport  is  included  in  the   price  at  12pm  noon.           Driving If  you  are  driving  to  Ebbio,  simply  reach  Monteriggioni  Castle  and  go  to  the  local  information center  directly  next  to  the  church.  From  there,  they  will  direct  you  to  Ebbio. On  Site  Activities At  an  additional  charge  paid  In  cash  (euro)  you  can  arrange  on-­‐site:  horseback  riding,  mountain   biking,  hiking  with  guide  and  massage  at  your  expense  in  cash  (euro).

Retreat Yourself  with  Downtown  Yoga June  1-­‐8,  2013 Participant  Agreement  Terms  and  Conditions A  $500  non-­‐refundable  deposit  will  secure  space  on  a  first  come  basis,  with  the  balance  of  $1,375   due  on  or  before  February  1,  2013.    Please  make  checks  payable  to:  Downtown  Yoga  (memo:   retreat).    The  total  cost  for  Retreat  Yourself  with  Downtown  Yoga  (the  Trip)  is  $1875.    If  registered   and  paid  in  full  $1675  by  November  1,  2012.   Late  Registration:  Trip  participants  may  register  after  November  1,  2012  and/or  February  1,  2013,   space  permitting,  however,  payment  in  full  is  required  at  the  time  of  registration  if  registering  on  or   after  February  1,  2013.     Trip  Price  Includes:   Yoga:  Daily  morning  yoga  classes  appropriate  for  students  of  all  levels  of  experience  and  and   evening  yoga/workshop  experience  on  most  days  in  the  evening. Accommodations:    double  rooms  for  couples/family,  limited  single  rooms  available  at  additional   cost,  double/triple  shared  rooms  all  with  shared  bath.    All  accommodation  is  at  Podere  Ebbio,   Tuscany,  Italy. Meals:  Breakfast,  lunch,  and  dinner  at  Ebbio  or  prepared  picnic  style  by  Ebbio.    All  meals  are   vegetarian.    A  complimentary  house  wine  is  served  at  lunch  and  dinner.    There  is  no  cash  bar. Transportation:  Pick  up  at  the  Florence  airport  (Amerigo  Vespucci)  on  arrival  day  June  1,  2013. June  1  Pick-­‐up  time:  12pm  noon  Florence Schedule  your  arrival  to  allow  sufficient  time  to  clear  customs/immigration  and  to  collect  your   luggage.    Note:  Pick-­‐up  at  Castellina  in  Chianti-­‐Montereggioni  (train  station)  may  be  arranged  in   advance. June  8  drop-­‐off  time:  9am Plan  your  departure  from  the  Florence  airport  at  least  2  hours  after  our  arrival  at  the  airport. Excursions:  Excursions  (depending  upon  weather)  are  planned  to  Siena,  Mediterranean  Sea,  Hot   springs,  Monteriggioni  (walking  trip).    Ground  transportation  by  van  or  car,  is  provided. Trip  Price  Does  Not  Include: Round-­‐trip  airfare,  bus  and/or  rail  transportation  to  Florence,  passports,  meals  in  transit  or  outside   of  Ebbio,  and  lunch  on  the  excursion  days  off-­‐site  locations,  health  and  wellness  services,  gratuities,   museum  entrance  fees,  wine  tasting  fee,  any  items  of  a  personal  nature. Changes: The  trip  price  is  based  on  the  current  rates  of  exchange  and  is  subject  to  adjustment  prior  to   departure.    Once  a  deposit  has  been  received  the  Trip  rate  is  secure  except  in  the  event  of  a   substantial  change  in  the  euro-­‐dollar  rate.      Changes  to  the  itinerary  are  not  anticipated;  however,   Downtown  Yoga,  Inc.  reserves  the  right  to  make  any  changes  that  it  determines  are  necessary,  with   or  without  advance  notice.    Changes  in  itinerary  will  not  incur  extra  charges  for  participants  or   result  in  a  refund  of  any  portion  of  the  Trip  price.   Initial  here:  _________________________    


Nature of  Trip: This  is  a  Retreat  Yourself  with  Downtown  Yoga  2013  Tuscany,  Italy.  You  do  not  have  to  attend  yoga   classes  and/or  participate  in  excursions. Cancellations/Refunds:   All  requests  for  cancellation  must  be  submitted  in  writing  to  Downtown  Yoga  (and  received  by  the   dates  listed  below).    Regardless  of  the  reason,  cancellations  result  in  additional  costs  and   processing  time  for  Downtown  Yoga.    As  such,  all  cancellations  will  be  subject  to  a  $100  cancellation   fee.    The  following  charges  will  be  assessed  for  cancellations:

           On  or  before  September  1,  2012  

$100 cancellation  fee

           On  or  before  October  31,  2012  

$450 cancellation  fee

On or  after  February  1,  2013    

100% of  trip  price

If the  participant  leaves  the  Trip  prior  to  its  conclusion,  refunds  will  not  be  made  for  the  unused   portion  of  the  trip.    No  refunds  will  be  made  for  an  excursion,  meal,  yoga  class  or  workshop  or   other  activity  that  the  participant  misses  or  decides  not  participate  in  for  any  reason. The  trip  is  subject  to  a  minimum  enrollment  of  fifteen  (15)  guests.    Downtown  Yoga,  Inc.  reserves   the  right  to  cancel  the  Trip  prior  to  departure.    If  such  cancellation  is  NOT  due  to  circumstances   beyond  Downtown  Yoga’s  control,  such  as  war  etc.  as  set  forth  below,  Downtown  Yoga  will  refund   all  payments,  constituting  full  settlement  with  the  participant.    No  compensation  or  refund  will  be   made  when  cancellation  arises  before  or  during  the  trip  from  circumstances  beyond  our  and/or  our   supplier’s  control  (force  Majeure)  such  as  war,  strife,  civil  disobedience,  strikes,  terrorist  activity,   adverse  weather  conditions,  fire,  natural  disasters,  etc.,  unless  or  until  Downtown  Yoga,  Inc.  is  able   to  recover  any  trip  related  sums.    In  the  event  of  cancellation  arising  from  circumstances  beyond   our  control  as  set  forth  above,  Trip-­‐related  sums  recovered  by  Downtown  Yoga  will  be  distributed   equitably  to  the  participants  after  Downtown  Yoga,  Inc.  deducts  all  out-­‐of-­‐pocket  costs  and  related   expenses.     It  is  recommended  that  participants  purchase  their  own  trip  cancellation  insurance.    Downtown   Yoga,  Inc.  is  not  responsible  for  expenses,  including  but  not  limited  to  lodging,  meals  and   transportation,  incurred  for  delays  and/or  detainments  beyond  the  trip  itinerary  as  a  result  of   circumstances  beyond  our  and/or  our  supplier’s  control  such  as  war,  etc.  as  set  forth  above. Passport:  a  passport  must  be  obtained  in  advance.    Each  participant  is  responsible  for  determining   their  specific  passport  requirements  and  for  obtaining  the  necessary  documents  prior  to  departure.     Non-­‐U.S.  citizens  must  consult  with  their  appropriate  consulates  to  determine  if  any  visas  are   needed. Medical  Insurance:  each  participant  is  responsible  for  checking  with  their  current  health  insurance   provider  and  insuring  that  they  have  adequate  medical  coverage.    Participants  must  carry  insurance   documentation  while  on  the  Trip.     Initial  Here:  ___________  


Phothographs/Video: Downtown  Yoga,  Inc.  will  be  photographing  the  Trip.    Downtown  Yoga,  Inc.  reserves  the  right  to  use   any  such  photographs/videos  in  its  advertising,  displays,  publicity  materials,  and  publications  without   obtaining  further  consent  from  any  participant.    Each  participant  releases  Downtown  Yoga,  Inc.  and  its   representatives  from  any  liability  in  connection  with  any  such  use  of  photographs  and  videos. Release/Responsibility The  participant,  by  signing  this  Trip  Participant  Agreement,  agrees  that  Downtown  Yoga,  Inc.  and  its   representatives,  except  for  their  gross  negligence  or  willful  misconduct  for  any  reason,  including  and   injury,  damage  or  irregularity  that  may  be  occasioned  for  any  reason,  including  but  not  limited  to  any   defect  in  a  vehicle,  the  acts  or  default  of  any  company  or  person  engaged  in  conveying  a  participant,   acts  of  God,  terrorism,  acts  of  war  or  detention;  delays  or  expenses  arising  from  quarantine,  strikes,   thefts,  pilferage,  force  majeure,  civil  disturbances,  government  restrictions  or  regulations,  accidents  by   aircraft,  boat,  bicycle  or  motor  vehicle,  or  in  any  restaurant  or  accommodation;  failure  of  any  means  of   transportation  to  arrive  or  depart  as  scheduled  or  changes  in  transit,  or  villa  services;  missed  airline  or   other  transportation  connections;  or  for  additional  expenses  from  changes  in  exchange  rates,  tariffs,  or   itinerary.   The  participant  agrees  to  assume  all  risks  associated  with  the  Trip  and  agrees  that  no  liability  will  attach   to  Downtown  Yoga,  Inc.,  its  employees  or  agents,  or  to  any  member  of  the  trip  in  respect  to  death,   personal  injury,  illness  or  delay  of  the  passenger,  or  for  any  loss  or  damage  to  the  property  (including   luggage)  of  the  participant  during  the  course  of  the  Trip,  howsoever  caused.    By  signing  this  Trip   Participant  Agreement,  the  participant  releases  Downtown  Yoga  and  its  representatives  from  any  such   responsibility  or  liability  except  as  hereinabove  set  froth.    The  liability  of  common  carriers  is  generally   limited  and,  therefore,  it  is  suggested  that  participants  purchase  their  own  cancellation,  property   damage  (including  luggage),  and  accident  insurance. For  the  benefit  of  everyone  on  your  trip,  Downtown  Yoga,  Inc.  reserves  the  right  to  accept  or  reject  any   Trip  participant  at  any  time  without  liability,  and  in  the  event  it  determines,  in  its  sole  and  exclusive   discretion,  that  a  participant  is  disruptive  to  the  harmony  of  the  Trip,  it  may  without  any  obligation  to   pay  a  refund  or  any  other  amount  whatsoever,  expel  such  participant  from  the  Trip.    Downtown  Yoga,   Inc.  will  have  no  responsibility  or  liability  for  any  participant  who  leaves  the  Trip  prior  to  its  conclusion   or  for  any  activity  undertaken  by  an  participant  which  is  not  included  on  the  Trip  itinerary.    

Initial Here:  ___________________    


Downtown Yoga’s  Retreat  Yourself  Tuscany,  Italy  2013 I/we  have  read  and  understand  the  forgoing  Trip  Participant  Agreement  for:  “2013  Downtown  Yoga’s   Retreat  Yourself  in  Tuscany,  Italy”  and,  by  making  my  advance  payment/deposit  as  set  forth  below,  agree  to   the  terms  thereof.     Please  reserve  my/our  space: Signature  _____________________________________________        Date:  ___________________________ Signature  _____________________________________________        Date:  ___________________________ Please  Print: Name  (as  appears  on  passport)  ________________________________________________________________ Name  (as  appears  on  passport)  ________________________________________________________________ Address  ___________________________________________________________________________________ City/State  (Province)/Zip  (Postal  Code)  __________________________________________________________ Country  _________________________________________ Telephone  home    _________________________________  Cell  _______________________________________ Email:  _____________________________________________________________________________________ Name  of  Emergency  Contact:  _________________________________________________________________ Telephone  of  Emergency  Contact:  _____________________________________________________________ Name  of  Second  Emergency  Contact:  ___________________________________________________________ Telephone  of  Second  Emergency  Contact:  _______________________________________________________ Enclosed  is  a  check  or  money  order  (US  funds  only)  in  the  amount  of  $________________________________   (please  check)  ______  payment  if  full (please  check)  ______  deposit  for  2013  Downtown  Yoga  Retreat  Yourself  Tuscany,  Italy. Note:    Check  or  Money  order  in  US  funds  should  be  made  payable  to:  Downtown  Yoga.    Please  sign  and   initial  each  page  of  the  Trip  Participant  Agreement.     Fill  in  all  required  information  above  and  return  the  entire  Trip  Participant  Agreement  with  your  payment  to: Downtown  Yoga   532  E.  New  Haven  Ave. Melbourne,  Fl  32901

Please maintain  a  copy  of  the  Trip  Participant  Agreement  for  your  own  records.

Trip Preparation Don’t  forget  to  Bring •  Valid  Passport  (check  expiration  date  make  sure  it  is  valid  6  months  from  expiration) • Comfortable  clothing  for  yoga • Slip-­‐on  shoes  for  indoors  (Shoes  are  not  permitted  in  Yoga  Studio) • Walking  shoes  and  clothing  for  outdoors  and  hiking  trails,  sunscreen,    hat  and  sunglasses • Camera,  extra  batteries • Toiletries  shampoo  &  conditioner • Casual  clothes  for  any  excursions  you  may  take • Bathing  suit   • Beach  Towel  For  Our  Day  Trip  To  The  Mediterranean • Save  room  in  your  luggage  for  any  clothing  you  may  buy  while  there  especially  on  market  day  in   Siena  that  we  will  be  visiting • Check  with  sites  for  the  best  prices  to  Florence.  Florence  is  designated  pick-­‐up/drop-­‐off • AC  adapter  (for  220V  compatible  electronics) • Washer  is  available  at  5  euro  per  load  (Clothes  are  dried  on  a  line  outside) • The  farmhouse  provides  linen  and  towels • Sheets  are  the  same  for  1  week  and  there  is  a  change  of  towels  mid-­‐week • Yoga  Mats  are  provided  by  Ebbio • Your  Happy  Face

Downtown Yoga Retreat Yourself in Tuscany, Italy  

Downtown Yoga Retreat Yourself in Tuscany, Italy 2013

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