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Course Catalog 200 Hour 1605 E 19th street Yoga Teacher Training Edmond, OK 73013 405-216-5133

Catalog Effective February 1st 2018

Namaste Dear Friend, we are excited about your interest in our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Our program has been lovingly crafted to open you up to your fullest potential, both on and off the Mat. We cannot wait to dive deep into the ancient art of yoga with you. There is a lot to discover and we are going to begin from within, one breath at a time. Our course offers all of the ingredients to awaken the teacher inside and leave you feeling open, strong and ready to embrace your unlimited potential. We look forward to sharing this special journey with you and supporting you every step of the way. Blessings & Bliss

Meet Darci Janzen, Director of Teacher Training & Creator of Yoga Bliss Studio Darci studied in Boston, MA at Open Doors School of Yoga in 2012. She has obtained certifications in Prenatal Yoga, Children's Yoga and is Nationally Registered as a 200 E~RYT with Yoga Alliance. Janzen has taught to thousands of students throughout the last five years and has accumulated close to 3,000 hours of hands on experience. Darci created a full time career out of yoga and it has brought her all over the country teaching in studios, gyms, businesses, parks, retreats, festivals, spas, homes and more. Darci's style of teaching brings balance and bliss to your entire being. You will cultivate a deeper understanding of the body you are living in by moving very slowly and having time to actually BE and BREATHE inside of the postures. Darci's style is a harmonious blend of Vinyasa & Yin with a strong emphasis on anatomical alignment. This teacher training will focus on the Hatha Style of Yoga which pairs the heating elements of the sun (vinyasa) and the cooling effects of the moon (yin) into one unique style that she calls Harmony Flow. Prepare for a blissful experience. In addition to being a studio owner and full time teacher, Darci is a wife, mother of two boys and lover of life! She cannot wait to share her love and passion for Yoga with you! See you on the Mat. Page 1

2018 Schedule We will gather on the 3rd weekend of every month. *Except for June & December, we will gather on the 2nd weekend for Father's Day & Christmas* There will be 12 Gatherings totaling 204 Total Contact Hours. *Breaks do not count toward Contact Hours* The remaining Hours will be Non-Contact Hours taking place outside of our Group Gatherings.

Saturdays & Sundays from 9am to 7pm. Breaks are 12:30pm to 1:30pm *We will sprinkle other short breaks in throughout the day* Holidays and vacation periods only reflect in June & December Calendar of school: First course begins April 21st, 2018 & the last course is on March 17th, 2019. Our Teacher Training Program runs continuously every year. The student has two years to complete all 12 modules for Certification. .

Educational Categories that we will be Exploring Together Techniques, Training and Practice Teaching Methodology Anatomy & Physiology Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle Practicum These 5 categories will be spread evenly and covered in depth over our 12 Month Course together. Twelve Weekend Workshops Book Reflection: Read a yoga related book approved by the School Director and write a minimum 4 page paper before graduation. Practicum: 10 Classes will be taught by each student at Yoga Bliss. The Director of Teacher Training must be present, for feedback and review. Observations: Each Student will Observe 20 yoga classes at Yoga Bliss and submit a short essay of each experience. *These Observations will be at no cost to the student* Personal Practice: Each Student must take 30 Classes at Yoga Bliss. This portion of the program is very important to keep your personal practice active during training. *Plan to Budget $150 for 30 Class Special Bundle* *$5 classes for Students in Training* 204 Contact Hours 249 Total Hours for Program

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Each weekend will be Theme related to the Yamas & Niyamas of Yoga *External & Internal Ethics of the Practice* April 21st & 22nd~Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics Part 1~ Cultivating Compassion/Seated Postures with Applied Anatomy/Study of the Yoga Sutras/Learn about Living our Yoga/Understanding the value of teaching yoga as a service and being of service to others (Seva). May 19th & 20th~Pranayama/Meditation/Mantras Part 1~ Truthfulness/Standing Postures with Applied Anatomy/The Anatomy of our Breath/Explore Ujjayi Pranayama/The Posture of Meditation/Loving~Kindness Metta Meditation/How to create and practice Mantras. June 9th & 10th~Teaching Methodology Part 1~ Non~Stealing/Hip Opening Postures with Applied Anatomy/Qualities of a Teacher/Teaching Styles/ The student learning process. July 21st & 22nd~Anatomy & Physiology Part 1~ Moderation/Shoulder Opening Postures with Applied Anatomy/Explore the Fundamentals of Anatomy/Studyof the Upper Half of the Body~The Shoulder Girdle, Arms, Hands & Trunk. August 18th & 19th~Explore Vinyasa Yoga with Applied Anatomy~ Non~Greed/Forward Bending Postures with Applied Anatomy/Explore this flow style of yoga that harmoniously blends our breath and our body in the moment. There will be hands on practice and application. September 15th & 16th~Anatomy & Physiology Part 2 ~ Purity/Side Bending Postures with Applied Anatomy/Fascinating Fascia//The Breath Connection/Study of the Lower Half of the Body~The Pelvic Girdle, Legs and Feet. October 20th & 21st~Explore Yin Yoga with Applied Anatomy~ Contentment/Back Bending Postures with Applied Anatomy/Explore this slow and nourishing style of yoga with hands on practice and application. November 17th & 18th~Teaching Methodology Part 2~ Self~Discipline/Binding & Balancing Postures with Applied Anatomy/Communication Skills/Teaching to the individual needs of each student/Principles of Demonstration, Observation, Assisting and Correcting/Business aspects of teaching yoga, including marketing and legal. December 8th & 9th~Pranayama/Meditation/Mantras Part 2~ Spiritual Study/Twisting Postures with Applied Anatomy/The Anatomy of our Breath/Explore Nadi Shodhana Pranayama/The Posture of Meditation revisited/Explore other styles of Meditation/Affirmaton Creation January 19th & 20th~Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics Part 2~ Surrender/Core/Inversion/Arm Balancing Postures with Applied Anatomy/Study of the Bhagavad Gita/Living our Yoga/ Ethics for yoga teachers, such as those involving teacher – student relationships and community. February 16th & 17th~ Explore Hatha Yoga with Applied Anatomy~ Review the Yamas and Niyamas/Explore how to teach a hatha class that blends different styles of Yoga. Review of the Amazing Anatomy of the Asanas. March 16th & 17th~Review & Exam

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Prerequisites for this Course We suggest that the applicant has held a consistent yoga practice, in any style, for at least six months prior to our teacher training. A familiarity with the postures will help but is not required. Applicant must take at least one class with Lead Instructor, Darci Janzen, to catch a glimpse of our approach to the practice of yoga. This course satisfies all of the requirements for Yoga Alliance and is a total of 200 Hours. Yoga Bliss does not require a High School Diploma or its equivalency (such as a GED) for admission. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Yoga Bliss does not transfer hours from other teacher training programs or give credit for prior hours of training or work elsewhere.

Graduation Requirements & Certification Yoga Bliss School wants you to thrive as a yoga teacher. If the student's work is not turned in on time or does not reflect adequate attention to the assignment, they will have 30 days to complete or redo the assignment. This is the only academic probation. Yoga Bliss School has the right to dismiss any student that misses more than two weekend modules. The student will receive the 200 Hour Yoga Certification once all 12 modules and non~contact hours are complete, as well as an 80% or higher on Final Exam.

Student Conduct Policy At Yoga Bliss School we hold very high standards for everyone participating in our teacher training program. We expect respect toward all beings and to honor confidentiality for your classmates. We will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment or biassed behavior. Any violations of state or federal laws, or proven dishonesty will result in an automatic dismissal from our program.

Policy Regarding Attendance, Tardiness & Leave Please be on time to every gathering. We offer a 10 minute grace period before it counts as Tardy. Tardiness does not count as an absence. If you are tardy more than three times you must retake the portion of the modules missed in the upcoming training. Please respect yourself and others by being on time. Students have two years to complete all 12 modules. If there is any emergency that comes up and interferes with the two year timeframe, the student must formally request in a letter the reason for extension. With approval from the school director, the student will receive additional time to complete the program. Each case will be treated individually. If a student fails to return for the remainder of the program they will not receive certification. If the student chooses the pay as you go option, there will not be a refund.

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Investment Payment Schedule: Tuition is $2,400 Enrollment Fee is $500 Books are approximately $200 30 Hours of Practice is $150 Total Tuition Fee is $2,900 Total Fee with Extra Expenses Included is $3,250 Payment Options for the $2,900: Option 1 $500 Enrollment Fee due with signed Enrollment Agreement and $200 per module due anytime before dates attending. Option 2 $2,400 Check or Cash paid anytime before the first module begins. This option waives the enrollment fee. *All Twelve Modules must be completed within 2 years from start date.* Effective Date of Enrollment At Yoga Bliss, our classes are in a modular educational format. Your Enrollment Begins upon submission of the Signed Enrollment Agreement and the Enrollment Fee (if applicable).

Required Books for the Course Scientific Keys Volume I: The Key Muscles of Yoga by Ray Long, MD Yoga Mat Companion 1 through 4 by Ray Long Yoga Sequencing & Yoga Adjustments by Mark Stephens The Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar Bhagavad Gita by Stephen Mitchell The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Sri Swami Satchidananda The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga: The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark and Sarah Powers The $200 above for books used in this course includes your personal selection for the Book Reflection Assignment. Please note that all of the books we have carefully chosen have had a profound impact on our understanding of yoga. This investment offers you a wealth of knowledge right at your fingertips. You will surely cherish and treasure them forever, as we have. *Supplies are provided by Yoga Bliss Studio* We offer yoga mats, bolsters, props, chairs, blocks, belts and more for all of our students. It is always recommended to use your own mat but please know you do not have to purchase one to participate.

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Yoga Bliss Cancellation & Refund Policy (a) Termination date. The termination date for refund computation purposes is the last date of actual attendance by the student. The school shall require notice of cancellation or withdrawal to be given by certified mail. The school requires that notice be made by parent or guardian if the student is below legal age. If there is a failure to notify the school in writing, a penalty of $25 will be issued. (1) Rejection. An applicant rejected by the school shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid minus any stated application fee, not to exceed $25.00. (2) Three day cancellation. All monies paid by an applicant shall be refunded if requested within three days after signing an enrollment agreement and making an initial payment. (3) Other cancellation. An applicant subsequently requesting cancellation shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid minus a registration fee of 15% of the contract price of the course, but in no event may the school retain more than $150.00. (4) First week. For a student terminating training after entering school and starting the course of training, but within the first week, the tuition retained by the school shall not exceed 10% of the contract price of the course, plus $150.00 but in no event more than $350.00. (5) After first week. For a student terminating training after one week, but within the first 25% of the course, the tuition retained by the school shall not exceed 25% of the contract price of the course plus $150.00. (6) After 25%. For a student terminating training after completing over 25% but within 50% of the course, the tuition retained by the school shall not exceed 50% of the contract price of the course plus $150.00. (7) After 50%. A student completing more than 50% of the course is not entitled to a refund of any tuition. (8) Special cases. In case of student prolonged illness or accident, death in the family, or other circumstances that make it impractical to complete the course, the school shall make a settlement which is reasonable and fair to both. (9) Discontinued class. If a class is discontinued by a school while students are still enrolled in that class, and the school is still offering training in other areas, all monies (student loan, grant, and etc.) paid the school for students enrolled in the class at the time it is discontinued shall be refunded to the entity legally entitled to the refund. A school shall have thirty (30) days to restart the class or pay the refund.

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Yoga Bliss Cancellation & Refund Policy Continued (c) Application of policy (1) Percentage of course completion shall be computed on the basis of the amount of time in the course as expressed in modules as listed in the catalog. (2) Any refund due shall be paid within 60 days after cancellation or termination, unless the refund is payable directly to the applicant or student, in which case it shall be paid within 30 days after cancellation or termination. (3) Students shall not be liable for periods of enrollment which they did not attend. (d) Extra expenses. Items of extra expense to the student such as housing, board, instructional supplies or equipment, tools, student activities, laboratory fees, service charges, rentals, deposits and all other extra charges need not be considered in tuition refund computations, provided they are separately shown in the enrollment agreement and catalog. When items of major expense are separately shown for this purpose, the school must also state its policy for reasonable settlement of such charges in the event of early termination. (e) Severability of refund policy. The provisions of this section are severable and the invalidity of one shall not impair the enforceability of the remaining provisions. Grievance Procedure: All grievances should be reported to the School Director in written form. Complaints will be carefully reviewed and discussed to aid all concerned parties in reaching a satisfactory conclusion.

In the event that the student is not satisfied, COMPLAINTS AGAINST THIS SCHOOL MAY BE REGISTERED WITH THE OKLAHOMA BOARD OF PRIVATE VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS, 3700 CLASSEN BOULVARD, SUITE 250, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73118-2864. PHONE (405) 528-3370. Our Yoga Teacher Training Course is Nationally Registered with Yoga Alliance and is licensed by the Oklahoma Board of Vocational Schools to Protect and Insure the Quality of Your Education. In the future, Yoga Bliss will host several continuing education workshops with a variety of teachers. Stay tuned!

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