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Stylish Ways To Wear Yoga Pants The story Inherently linked to, and totally inspired by travel, LATY is a lifestyle brand that proposes collections with an effortless modern style for those who are active, cool and authentic. Our vision is to create mindfully designed timeless products integrating humanity, sustainability & technology. Easy to wear/carry pieces transgressing boundaries between chic and comfortable urbanwear and activewear.

For more details on our products and services, please feel free to visit us at Stylish yogawear, yoga bags and accessories & Yoga accessories The name LATY is the acronym of four powerfulwordswhich are the core values of the brand: LOVE , AWAKENING, THANKFULNESS, YEARNING. *Love = Amour, Awakening = Eveil, Thankfulness = Reconnaissance, Yearning = Aspiration) Values One of the essential characteristics of human beings is to create and evolve, there has always been and will always be the need to create, it is beyond explanation; it is just as it is! In this rapidly changing era, many more of us are awakening and wondering about the purpose of our existence. We are in search of more meaningful lives and thus searching for careers, relationships etc that feed our souls. With that in mind I quit my corporate job in Fashion and decided to embark on this new adventure: a brand that combines traveling, photography, yoga (and other “well-being” activities) and fashion for urban people whose lifestyle and philosophy are anchored in the universal principles of love and respect. With Laty, I hope to be present and to be part of the world by contributing to it even in a small way. As a company and brand, if we can inspire or help or empower others, it would be a great achievement.” The origins Yetta Lee founded LATY after several years of working experience in Fashion. Yetta was born in South Korea and grew up in Mexico. She followed Fashion studies in Seoul (Yonsei) and Paris (ESMOD & IFM) where she decides to live; she integrates prestigious houses Yves Saint Laurent and Chloé. After nearly 12 years of being in-house she decides to leave to pursue her dream. As a result of her multiculturalism and her experience, Yetta creates LATY with a vision in mind: to create mindfully designed timeless products integrating humanity, sustainability and technology. Voyage and travel are deeply anchored in Yetta’s journey. Photography came as a natural element with the trips and thus it became one of Yetta’s passions.

Stylish ways to wear yoga pants