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IN FLORE ESSE E&E glasses presents their first ecofriendly collection - In flore esse. Made of 100% recycable, degradable and ecological materials. All handmade in the mountains of Italy. For us at E&E, it’s natural to think about sustainability because of our history and closeness to nature, this collection is the first landmark of our commitment to more sustainable eyewear, both today and tomorrow.







Astragalus frigidus


svedel can be almost four decimeters high and blooms in mid summer with its pale yellow flowers. It is one of the largest wild growing flowers in the mountains and is easy to recognize, if you have the luck to find it. Isvedel is very rare, and you can only discover it nearby the Mountain streams high up in Swedish Lapland.

SKOGSSTJÄRNA Trientalis europea


kogsstjärna can be found in several forests around Scandinavia. The flower even grows close to the Artic Ocean and on top of the highest bare mountains. Skogsstjärnas dark green color and characteristic star shape comes from the lack of sun deep in the forest.


Pedicularis lapponica


appspira is located in the northern part of Sweden. This plant deserves to be titled as “the most delicate mountain perfume� because of its significant rose scent. How do you distinguish Lappspira? Look for an asymmetric honey colored flower.

FJÄLLSKÄRA Saussurea alpina


his plant, with its small violet flowers can be noticed from a distance because of its strong vanilla scent. It is said to have started growing in the north, due to its survival of the ice age. Fjällskäras epithet is “Alpina” (from the Alps) meaning that it is mostly common in the Swedish Mountains.


Tanacetum vulgare


enfanas bitter taste and strong herb scent, makes its an ideal medicine plant and are used for various diseases. Because of its multiple practice, you can find Renfana almost everywhere in the North of Sweden. Today villages in Swedish Lapland still grow this plant for its medicine purposes, but you can also use it to color fabric with, since it has a strong green color.



pine tree

arctic raspberry

mountain stream


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E&E In Flore Esse Collection

E&E In Flore Esse Collection