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Things have changed in 5 months. Our daily amount of readers have multiplied by six, people are responding positively on what we write and at this moment we can finally say we’ve even started a magazine. As we speak, we’ve just hit our first 50.000 views. We believe those are notable achievements for the first 5 months. However, as encouraging and motivating those numbers are, this is just our first half year. We’ve got so much more in store and with the summer coming, The Lavish World is going all out. When we started this magazine, it was purely for our portfolio. The plan was to start a blog, post everyday on the newest music and fashion and find inventive ways of promoting the website. This would go on for not much more than a year, after which we would all go our own way, applying for internships at the best magazines known to mankind. However, this website grew in viewers. There had to be a magazine, something for those out there that liked what The Lavish World had to offer, but didn’t have the time to read everything we posted. It would become a summary of the blog, but also a practical exam. How well did we know our own website and would we actually be able to create a magazine? But again, things changed the last 5 months. 4

We’ve scouted advertisers, did exclusive interviews and gathered first hand information. Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought of accomplishing this on our own. Not everything went according to plan though. See, this magazine was supposed to be published online on the 19th of May. Obviously, that never happened. We had a delay in interviews, the advertisers who had to design special campaigns just for our magazine took longer than we expected and of course there’s the problem of a magazine itself: it takes time. Eventually, it was worth the struggle. Not only did we get to interview David Sokesh of Brooklyn Watches, we’ve also interviewed companies such as WhatTheFox, who have been most helpful in the process of creating this magazine, and recent PSFK speaker Abe Burmeister from Outlier.

This is for them, this is for all of you out there that enjoy the positive side of life and for those full of ambition and dreams. As this is our first magazine, don’t be shocked if things might change in the next issue. Like I said before, this is just the beginning, as the Lavish World is in it’s first year: The time of rising and growing, of becoming a disciple of our mistakes and improve till they’re changed into wrongs. While this magazine still has room for improvement, this is our first offering.

Name The Spy Occupation Classified Speciality Research and interviews Interests National secrets Favorite drink Vodka Favorite Movie James Bond

Name The Nerd Occupation Programmer Speciality Gadgets, movies, games Interests Gaming Favorite drink Virgin Cosmo Favorite Movie Star Wars


Comment: The spy can’t actually comment on his past, since he’s been through a fair amount of scabby moments, but the positive side to that is that the man has it’s connections. His thorough and exclusive interviews can be thanked to the information he gathered over the years.

Comment: The nerd doesn’t care, he knows. And that is what defines him. He doesn’t care about social standards and ethics, but he does care about the newest gadget or movie you have to go see or get. And ignore the attitude, if you look past the arrogance and the cynic undertone, you’ll see he means well.



INTROSPECTIVE MONDAYS Every month, The Lavish World shares it’s thoughts on the four most diverse subjects. Spread throughout the magazine, we’ll talk about the more important things in life other blogs won’t talk about. Since this one is next to an interview by the spy, we let him write this.

IDENTITY Growing up is hard, but finding who you are is even harder. I’ve been there, so has everyone else. Observe people on the street and analyse how easily they’re influenced by their friends. You’ll see that everyone is trying to be like each other. It was at a lecture where one of my peers shared the shocking truth: “We men and women aren’t that different from each other. We’re like a flock of sheep, conforming to the ideal image of what our lifestyles should be like. We try to define ourselves by means of clothing and the places we go to, instead of our thoughts and actions” Finding yourself is almost an art, with yourself being the canvas. Paint until you like it. See life isn’t that hard when you know who you are. Set yourself some values, look at the more beautiful things in life, try to contribute to that and be good to the ones that are good to you. 8

The Spy met up with Simon Freund, CEO of Simon&Me and enthousiastic snowboarder, to ask him a few question about himself and the company. The Spy is known for his deep research before he contacts his ‘victims’, just to make sure you don’t get the information you already know.

Simon & Me has been up and running for 4 years now. How did the brand start conceptual wise? You’ve started out as a company inside your fathers company, but how did you come up with the idea of clean, snowboard and skateboard inspired streetwear? And in the end, what is the goal? I already had the idea for Simon&Me six years ago, after I watched the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore. In this movie, which I actually watched with my mom, it was all about global warming and the effect it will have on our earth. Being an active and motivated snowboarder I instantly thought about the melting of the snow and the idea was born. To do something against global warming with streetwear was just a logical step for me, since I always have been interested in design and streewear.That was four years ago. Now we concentrate more on the streetwear aspect then on the global warming aspect. Not because we don´t care anymore, on the opposite. we are even more environmentally friendly, but just because we want to stay away from all those new brand that try to make money by promoting green. We are green and we will stay green, but that’s in the nature of the brand. It just comes natural to us, it’s no promotion trick.

The shirts come from Turkey, the hoodies from India. Sustainability is a very important part of you brand, how much checking do you do when chosing manufacturers? I think with being an entrepreneur without a lot of money and contacts, google still is your best friend. It hardly ever happens that other companies tell you their manufacturer, or that you find your next fabric printer while walking on the street. But also, tradefairs are a good way of getting the right contacts. In the end you just need to search and don´t stop untill you’ve found what you’re aiming for. Producing environmental friendly products makes the whole process even harder. I have tons of people that would love to produce for us, but if the quality and the sustainability factor isn’t right, I keep on searching.

You’ve been in magazines before. How did this help with the growth of your brand and what did this do for yourself? Being appreciated always feels good and indeed public media is always a great help in building a brand. For me this kind of attention feels especially good, after I droped my studies and can´t glance with good grades anymore. Being in these magazines, for me, is like getting a good grade for students. It keeps me moving, since there are more magazines that I’d like to be in. You started with a baseballcap collection, but Simon&Me now sells t-shirts, hoodies, glasses and jewelry. What’s next? Our aim right now is improving our basic products, rather then making new ones. For example, we are going to release a new SnapBack Baseball hat with Zephyr in a few month. The quality is amazing compared to our old ones. Our winter collection will improve as well, both in quality, design and style. Our newest project right now is SIMON&ME // MUSIQUE, which you can find on soundcloud, where we are interviewing and promoting young and talented artists. The latest artist we featured was the frankfurt based DJ Falscher Hase.

What do you want to achieve in your own life, next to Simon&Me? Right now there’s nothing more I want than bigger growth for the company. In some way, actually everything that I want to achieve comes back to the brand. But for me that’s a good thing, since I can combine my goals and my dreams with my work. What did you learn from your intern at Nitro, and what have you learned from the whole process of starting Simon&Me and the 4 years of running it? My internship at Nitro Snowboards definitely opened my eyes for the business that lies behind every successful brand, no matter how cool they look from the outside. Running a company is a lot of hard work and costs a large amount of money. With a snowboard company like Nitro, it´s just a little bit more fun! The most important thing that I learned over the last 4 years is never stop trying. It sounds very stupid to say this, but I really think that a lot of people don´t even start trying or just quit to early. If you really want to achieve something - go for it. But I also learned a lot of very basic stuff, like how to build a website, how to write an invoice, how to make a technical drawing and everything. I´m just building a new webshop and I´m really proud to actually do this my self, without hiring someone.




The temperature is rising and the clubs are packed with hot chickens wearing short skirts and revealing blouses. You might be the coolest fox in town, but you’re still waiting outside of the chicken coop. Don’t worry though, What The Fox will hook you up with the right gear to get yourself some piece of that action... It’s been 2 years since the launch of their website, which went online 4 months after the official launch party, and there is no doubt in saying that What The Fox has only just begun sprouting. With their farcical sense of humor and playful demeanor, the creators of the website have found another way to sell the products. By playing games, unlocking achievements which unlock items in their webshop, the customer has to actually put in energy. “People on Twitter said that we invented a kind of ‘gamification for e-commerce’, something that we’re very proud of,” laughed Nicolas Elalouf, founder of What The Fox. As you go to the website, you immediately get invited to a special party in the Coop Club. After entering, you’ll get the chance to try out three of their easy but rather promiscuous games. In “Slap N’ Smack”, you have to slap a chicken senseless after which you’ll engage sexual intercourse with her. Or you can go for “Chick Chat”, where you have to flirt with the chickens to get some action. Eventually this leaves us to “Wanna See My Worm”, probably the easiest of all, in which

you’ll have to feed a worm to the chicken before you can feed her your other worm. All three games eventually lead to The Polo Shop, where you can buy one of their high quality polo’s. By flipping up the collar of the polo, one can see “What The Fox” stitched in the back of the collar. So, how did you guys come up with What The Fox? We were really tired of seeing a vast amount of people wearing polos with boring animals as logo or family names such as Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Abercrombie&Fitch. We decided to use animals in a more original way and create a stronger relationship between the name and the logo. You launched the website in September 2010. Did you sell a lot of Polo’s back then and how did this grow over the years? Since we launched the website, we’ve been experiencing a steady stream of polo sales. The best part though is the visibility we’re achieving on a global scale. With sales coming in from every corner of the world. People from Europe, 11

the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia. We get orders from the big major cities, as well as the more local and smaller areas. At the end of the day, if there’s a chicken coop filled with chicks, there’s bound to be some foxes hunting for them. So how does it work? How will a What The Fox polo help you get inside and score? The brand is more of a lifestyle choice than just a fashion brand, so your attitude is just as important as your choice of clothes and the way you carry yourself. At first sight, while wearing the polo, people don’t realize what the logo is about. Once they do, it causes that eureka moment. Their reaction is always something like “What The...?!” and then you pull up the collar and say What The Fox! Of course it helps, because you differentiate yourself by your style. It also tells them that you are a fox, a chick hunter, as the brand is a men’s brand only. The games are rather simple and short, but unseperatable from the website and very unique. How did you guys come up with that? Glad that you enjoyed it and actually spent time on our website! Once again, we are trying to be original, creative and different in our attitude. All the other website are following the same dull model, creating one page with all the products and some models wearing them, sometimes followed by a video put together in a few minutes. Our website is interactive and fun. It starts with getting introduced to the lifestyle of What The Fox.

Of all the games on, the most entertaining game on the website had to be “The Legend of Ze Fox”. In this Nintendo inspired video game, channeling an uncensored version of Zelda, you play as a fox trying to get passed the owl protecting the chickens. Not only does this old school, nostalgic adventure bring you back to the golden ages of Poke12

mon and Zelda, it’s actually quite challenging. Sure, you might get passed the owl and into fox heaven, but that’s not the only achievement. Even if you to satisfy the rabbit, lend a helping hand to the overly excited witch and supply a trippy bird with some questionable mushrooms, you’ll still have to find the secret spot. The Lavish World loves games, so if you’re ambitious, try and get

What did the free-sticker and the one polo, one for free action do for the sales? As a totally new brand, we had to find inventive ways to push the sales. Last christmas we had the buyone-get-one-free promotion, which was a big hit. As for the free-stickers operation, it goes right into our brand spirit don’t bother and have fun! People just had to enter their details online and we sent them a bunch of stickers. It also increased our fan base on our facebook page. You’ve had the “Website of the Day” award from Design Licks. How much do these things matter? We have been awarded by Design Licks but also by The FWA as well. This is very important for us because it generates a lot of traffic on our website. But it’s just as important because after many months of hard work our efforts have paid off with the web industry recognizing our website as the “site of the day”. This means that people have understood our brand and like the way we promote it. So what’s next? Our goal is to have all the foxes around the world wear one of our products. We want to be the new trendy brand, just by simply doing it. At the moment we have a designer dedicated on the new line of products, which will have t-shirt, underwear and shirts. This collection will become available later this year.

to the 5 chickens and find the secret spot within 2:05 minutes. If you do, make a print screen of your time and send an email with your name, your adress and size to The person with the fastest time will win a free white polo!


Name The Stylist Occupation Photographer Speciality Fashion Interests Fashion, beauty, guys Favorite drink Champagne Favorite Movie The Devil Wears Prada

Name The DJ Occupation DJ Speciality Music Interests Music, clubbing, mixing Favorite drink Bacardi Cola Favorite Movie Drumline


Comment: He’s an excellent photographer with knowledge about how to do a photoshoot. We didn’t have time for that this issue, to his dissapointment, but he did get the biggest piece of the magazine, the Fresh Guide. With his expertise, you’ll look amazing, whether you’re a hypebeast or a gentleman.

Comment: He knows about the newest music first, has an Itunes library with 20.000 songs and has an exquisite taste in music. Whenever an album leaks or a song pops up on the internet, he’ll know about it. For now, he won’t have a big part in the magazine, but next one is going to be ‘currated’ by him.



INTROSPECTIVE MONDAYS The Lavish World shares it’s thoughts on the three most diverse subjects. Spread throughout the magazine, we’ll talk about the more important things in life other blogs won’t talk about. For this introspective monday, The Stylist had something to say.

PRETENTIOUS Everyone has one of those moments that they do things that aren’t part of their lifestyle, but to seem cool, brag to a girl or just to feel better about themselves still do it. For example, that girl who says she can speak English without an accent and speaks in the most pretentious, posh old English accent one might imagine. It’s a great thing that people try to better themselves, but everyone has their standards. You grow accustomed to a certain lifestyle, one you feel comfortable in, but when insecurity hits you start acting silly. We at the Lavish World like our art, but not in a snobby way in which we know all the Monets and use big words to sound more interesting. If we talk about money, we don’t keep it real, we just share our thoughts. And fashion, we’re no Miranda Priestley, if you get the cultural reference.



In Framed, the Lavish World picks up everything that h hyde cows in restaurants to Mickey Mouse on a mouse you. Every month, we also cover the portfolio of a brilia sistant talent that you just have to see a summary of hi enjoy everything we have to offer this month. And aga more improvements over the coming issues.

has to do with art. From formaldertrap, if it’s art we put it in here for ant young artist that shows such conis work. For all you art enthousiasts, ain, things will change, we will add

Kid Robot and Ron English collaborated together on this $400 piece of cynical protestial art. The production is limited to 200 of these pieces worldwide, making it highly limited, as expected from Kid Robot. The idea behind the pinned Mickey Mouse on a black card is that everything is for sale, and so everything can be ruined.

Sure, it’s a cow with a chicken on his back, but it’s also the new Damien Hirst addition to London’s art scene. Located inside the Tramshed on Mark Hix’s East, a fairly popular restaurant with a menu focused around beef and chicken meat, this art installment was based on Cartoon Network’s “Cow and Chicken”.

No, this is not about Zevs Chanel logo, that’s old. This is about the biggest collection of street art in the world by Selim Varol. Works from KAWS, Phil Frost, Stefan Strumbel, Shepard Fairey, Banksy, Futura, Jose Parla and tons more will be on display, so if you’re in Berlin, do take the time to check it out.

As huge fans of Banksy’s satirical humor, we were delighted to hear that he’s done some new work. Although there’s more than this picture on the left, we appreciated the use of nature to visualise another kind of nature. It’s good to see Banksy hasn’t given up after builders accidentally broken his parachuting rat graffiti. 17


The celestial, dreamworld chaneling work of Angel Rivera is the subject of this months ‘Portfolio’. Although this University of Tampa student is only 17 years old, which is nothing short of impressive, he did start with graphic design at the age of 12. Hard work pays off, as he has been published in a vast selection of magazines in the last 4 years. While currently focusing more on school, we’re sure that we’ll be hearing a lot more of him in the future. 18


THE SPIN REVIEW With producer Seven back on the mixing panel producing almost every song, this album comes close to the intensity and versatility of his first album. “Kali Baby” sounds like an old American 50ties show theme song, but in a good way. This album has a shockingly subtle transition, going from humoristic old American family music to dubstep and eventually hitting a pause to rock out, eventually going to his singing roots to end the album. Especially the transition from “Spaz”, which lends the help of Tech N9ne to make it even more interesting, to “Dixie Cup” had us amazed at how versatile Krizz really is. For an artist to make songs sound 100% rock and dubstep, but to keep their own hiphop sound blended into that without sounding corny is rather impressive. However, this album never hits the peak moments that he had on “Vitilago”, causing us to think that the one really carrying this album is producer Seven himself. Of course, Krizz Kaliko’s voice, which has the flexibility of going as lower as Barry White to the heights of Usher, will still impress newer listeners.

Morgan Freeman opening the album ìs exactly what we would have never expected to happen on this album. It’s as if the movie just started and we already gotten through the popcorn of corny pop. “Bombs Away” is the typical sing and rap formula that every artist seems to rock these last years and honestly B.o.B is not giving us something different. Songs like “Both of Us”, “Castles” and “Arena” that sport radio favorites Taylor Swift, Trey Songz and Chris Brown will work the charts, however they do not show us anything different from the last album. There are songs that actually did interest us. For example, the two Young Money featured songs “Out of my Mind” and “Strange Cloud” sound as if they came from his last mixtape, showing us exactly why TI signed him in the first place. Nevertheless, this album will probably spin a lot on the radio, but definitly not on our own sound systems. To be blunt, the album doesn’t take risks and picks up exactly where his last one ended. Still, for those pop fans, this is exactly the record to buy.


Krizz Kaliko Kickin’ & Screamin’ This being his 4th album, can Strange Music’s choir boy get his fans attention again by kickin’ and screamin’ or will the kid never see the candy store again.

B.o.B Strange Cloud Making hits was never a problem, but numbers don’t lie. As his last album barely got passed gold, what will Strange Cloud offer us?

Santigold Master of my Make Believe She has shown versatility throughout her first album, but if you’ve crossed all genres before, what else is there to explore for Santigold?

Eric Benet The One He gained a wave of fans when Lil Wayne said this artist was the only one he listened to in jail, but will he be able to handle the pressure?

The answer is, a lot. See, the genres haven’t changed, as she still effortlessly takes every sort of music and turns it into her own thing. The harder part was to make it listener friendly, since her last album was harder to go through thanks to the dark undertone. Songs like “Disparate Youth” and “God from the Machine” sound as a little more La Roux and easier for the ear, which is exactly what she was going for, but it isn’t all sweet and pop-ish. “Freak Like Me” shows her capability to bring bubbling dancehall in the equation, while “Pirate in the Water” combines sweet caribbean sounds with her trusted own sonics. Although a rather fair amount of songs feel more gentle and calm, “Look at these Hoes” is more hardcore tribal. Although the album sounds more positive and radio friendly, the ending of the album still gives us classic Santigold. If the end of the world is really coming, this concluding, versatile piece of make believe will be played as soundtrack from the big ending credits to the monumental arrival at heaven.

Everything sounds really sensual, but seriously: singing about regretting cheating is becoming old. “Harriet Jones” is like an old Usher song, but more soulful and honest. Which brings us to “News for You”, a smooth song which will do well in the bedroom. It’s like “Warm Bed” from Jamie Foxx, but again, smoother and more regulated. His impressive range on “Real Love” makes us reminisce to “Sometimes I Cry”, which was typically enough also the third track, but on his last album. His high voice, the passionate breakdowns and the emotional lyrics create a pure moment that you don’t get a lot on R&B records. It’s like Benet uses the same formula, but can you blame him? If it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it. No, this album will not be different from his last album, neither lyrically and sonnically, but we still love songs like “Waitin”, “Come Together” and “Lay it Down”, the later sounding like magical sunrise in the penthouse. Give it a try, definitly not alone but with your lady, and let the moment that occures during be the judge of how effective this album is.




SUMMER The temperature is rising and it’s never been hotter. So how to survive those oven warm office hours without melting?


htb by lue C Za ot t r $1 a M on S 25 an uit

Go 100% cotton! Although you will survive the summer with wool, cotton is better suited for the coming sunny days.

hir S d ipe cci r t k S y Gu 5 n i b $38 P





This is the HM3 Moon Machine. Together with Stepan Sarpaneva, MB&F created a timepiece that’ll show you both the time and moonphase. A nice detail in the face display are the seven brightest stars in Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, forming the Big Dipper, Big Plough, Big Bear, Little Dipper and Little Bear. The US retail price will be $98,000 and will be limited to 18 units per variation (titanium, black titanium and gold).

Recently revived boutique brand Badollet introducedtheir latest creation at this year’s Baselworld fair. The watch, dubbed Ivresse, is unique not for its complications, but for its shape and execution. The platinum case is slightly arched and is broken into two levels, the base and the bezel. The base sitting tall under the rounded bezel. The Badollet Ivresse is limited to 30 pieces, all will be set at a price of 188,000 CHF.

Graffiti artist KAWS and watchmaker Ikepod have collaborated together on this simple yet playful and inventive timepiece. Like all Horizon models (this version is a remake of the old Horizon models), this special edition will be 44mm, powered by an ETA 2892, and made of solid titanium. What is so intresting about these watches is the seemless integration of the bezel, which you can hardly tell exists separate from the case. The price for the Ikepod Horizon by KAWS will be $14,000 and they will be available at Westime in Los Angeles and at Collete in Paris.



STREETWEAR No, this is not that same tacky leopard print that appeared back in 2010, we hated that too. This is the renewed, more edgy and agressive leopard print that’ll bite anyone trying to bite your style. Ronnie Fieg’s KITH has a nice collection set out for this spring/summer, together with the Red Label Project. For the rest of the collection, check out their website. Leopard Varsity by KITH Red Label, $225

Bape always comes through when it comes to sneakers. Although their last couple of seasons have been repetitive, this Crocodile Pattern Manhunt looks perfect for the summer. The rest of their collection also has a lot of crocodile patterns, so we guess that animal patterns and prints are hot again! Crocodile Pattern Manhunt by A Bathing Ape, Price TBA

Supreme’s new collection is going to feature the ever popular Floral Camp cap, as well as a lot of lighter, softer colors. a neon beanie and printed tees with Pam Grier. For the whole collection, check out their website. Floral Camp by Supreme, $54 25



We had a short conversation with Abe Burmeister, recent PSFK conference-speaker and cocreator of Outlier, a brand that sells durable clothes for a fair price. Although his conference was clear on the process of how Outlier started, we wanted to know more about him. Are there still those eureka moments where you think: Okay, we really need to make this, because I’m really in need for it myself? All the time! In some ways its almost easy, because over the past few decades so many companies have forgotten how to make quality products. There is way too much influence on the minutia of profit and not nearly enough focus on how to make great products. There are exceptions of course, Apple being the most blatant, but too many enterprises are run by business school grads who are out for the short buck, rather long journey towards making really amazing products. Every time a company cuts corners, a new business opportunity opens up for people who actually care about product quality. 26

How much impact do events like PSFK have on the popularity of Outlier? It’s great for getting the word out to new audiences. We’re still a tiny brand and most people outside a tiny strata of the internet are pretty unfamiliar with us so it’s always great to open up to new people. What are the hardships of owning a successful company with a crew of 10 people? The hardest bit is realizing that all these people are counting on you to pay their rent and put food on the table. I’ve always been a freelancer or entrepreneur so I’m pretty comfortable with taking all the risks on myself, but once you realize other people count on you too it’s a very different game.



Brooklyn Watches is one of those few companies that still keeps craftmanship alive. David Sokosh, creator of the watches at Brooklyn Watches, has taken some time to explain why he prefers watches over phones and why he feels his watches are more alive. It’s an interesting life, the one of a watchmaker. Especially the path this man took. David Sokosh dropped out of college, then went working for a clockmaker for two years. After that he went back to college, studying photography. Eventually he graduated and started a gallery, which failed due to the recession. He started selling things on the Brooklyn Fee and started offering antique clocks and clock service. But to get to watches from clocks isn’t a simple move. The technology that makes a mechanicle clock work and the technology that makes a wristwatch work are rather similar, but the way you deal with them is different because a watch has a smaller mechanic. After a few years of studying, he started Brooklyn Watches.

Why do people still wear watches, when in a time like this you could easily check your phone? I think there’s this resurgence of interest in analog mechanics. There’s a little bit of a luxury in having something mechanical on your wrist. It’s more alive. So what makes Brooklyn Watches so different from other brands? Well, other people seem to appreciate the simplicity, that they’re really clean and simple and that the dials aren’t cluthered with unneccesary stuf. The pieces that I work with are pocket watch movements from Switzerland. So it’s more a service, a rescue than a reconstruction. Maybe that’s what I enjoy most. It’s reincarnation. 27


WOMEN On the 26th of April, French fashion designer Laura Blagogee showed her most recent collection “Sous Le Ciel Divin”, which means “Under the Devine Heaven”, exclusively to The Lavish World. The collection, in which she uses the lightest and softest materials, is feminine and elegant, the dresses are revealing and bold, with the majority made from silk. The whole collection breathes, as if you were lying under the Look at the pictures of the intimate viewing in luxury store Silk in Amsterdam, which sells Laura Blagogee’s clothing since 2011.

Laura Blagogee was born in sunny Saint Tropez, France. She studied at the fashion academy in France and in 2001 she moved to Holland. After she worked for the late Percy Irausquin, Monique Collignon and Emmanuel Nahon, she decided to start working on her own couture line for the last 3 years now. Her collections are filled with many different items like blouses, suits, shorts but main focus on gowns. Cocktail-, evening- and wedding gowns is what she loves to make the most. She describes her style as classic but edgy, colourful and feminine, with natural shapes and many unique details. 28

INTROSPECTIVE MONDAYS The Lavish World shares it’s thoughts on the three most diverse subjects. Spread throughout the magazine, we’ll talk about the more important things in life other blogs won’t talk about. Again, a piece by the Stylist, who’s been having a lot on his mind lately.

These new Givency heels with signature floral design are perfect for this summer. The inside is made of leather, open toe and fastens around the ankle with a printed strap with a gold cylindrical buckle and five eyelets. Bird of Paradise Stilettos by Givency, €1155

The crow was once revered as the messenger of the ‘Gods’ held in high regard for its stealth and intelligence amongst people and other creatures. It’s effect is the opposite: wearing this ring will get you all of the shine. The stones in the eye of the crow are clear CZ stones. Harbinger of Death Anniversary Editions by Jewel Heritage €75

SAVE OR CHEAP It’s probably one of the hardest choices when it comes to fashion, but seamingly superficial. It isn’t though. See, that cheap ring that you bought at H&M might look good enough, but since you’ve got taste, congrats: Everyone is going to buy it. Saving money for something that’s a little more exclusive might not sound like a good idea, because you’ll get sick of it quickly, but what does this say about your loyalty. Isn’t it maybe that the standard of what you’re satisfied with is low when you go shopping? I’ve had purchases that I still feel as hyped about as I did back when I bought it in the store. For instance, a few years ago, I bought a Louis Vuitton sneaker which they made with Kanye West. Now, every time when I wear them, I still feel as if they’re one of a kind, the quality is amazing and the thing is: They’re unreplacable. Saving is just a matter of patience.


Name The Architect Occupation Architect Speciality Interior Exterior Interests Art, buildings, city trips Favorite drink Beer Favorite Movie Michael Clayton

Name The Chef Occupation Sous Chef Speciality Food Interests Cooking, herbs, gardening Favorite drink Red wine Favorite Movie Wedding Crashers


Comment: This man has been all over the world, knows a fair amount of interior design and is very passionate when it comes to New York architecture. As we quote: “That city is heaven on Earth. Architectural utopia #1, without a doubt!”.

Comment: The chef has been in many restaurants, so he knows a thing or two about how to prepare a decent meal. Every month, he’ll be giving youn advice on what to do when the parents come over for dinner, whether you’re a grown man or just a student living on your own.








London-based studio SHH Architects has completed the Hyde Park Townhouse project. The architects have redesigned the interior of this 2,800 square foot, four story, luxurious townhouse located near Hyde Park in central London, England, UK. It’s filled with pop art, comfort and design, an eclectic combination that sounds perfect to us. And not only that combination, but also the use of materials that the studio chose work perfectly. This Hyde Park studio channels Martin Margiel and Armani in the same room, together in perfecy harmony. From the greyscale carpet in the livingroom combined with the copper contrast of the pillows, which compliment the painting, to the soothing garden balancing nature green with dark-


grey design, which go well with the lightwood laminate floor. There is a vast amount of details within the interior of this house, which may come off a little chaotic and random. For example. take a look at the hallway. As inviting and tastefull it seems, it’s actually more complex than that. The long, thin feet of the welcoming coffee table form an alliance with both the stairs and the lamp hanging

from the ceiling. As comes natural with contemporary design, it’s about finding the balance between overdoing it and not doing it, without making it easy on yourself by playing it safe. This house is perfect for a family or a wealthy single bachelor, probably both options not being you, but this still is a perfect house to come home to in your dreams.



From m usic to the big screen, tv and a rt N*E*R* D lea , the d-singer and fash ion icon Ph William s has do arrell ne it all and has b ee and se n everywhere en eve rything. Now, to s h a r e an celebrate , he’s w d to r i travel bo tten a ok and an with photo’s ec those ex dotes about perience s.

And he’s not alone. With the help of p West, Jay-Z eople like Ka , Nigo, Ta nye k eshi Murak Wintour, th ami and A is book will nna document b work and the oth his bod solid impact y of he made in th You can pre-o e last 20 years rder a copy n . ow at Amazo can be bough n or Rizzoli a t in stores at nd the 16th of O ctober.





Starbucks® Dark Espresso Roast

LAvazza® GRAN FILTRO Dark Roast

What the package says: Flavourful zenith of dark, caramelly sweetness, much like the sugary crown of a creme brulee.

What the package says: A full bodied, bold and distinctive cup of coffee, well balanced, smoky and caramelized in flavor.

What we say? A rich blend with high acidity. It’s body is fuller, the taste is more complex and somewhere we do taste the caramel sweetness described.

What we say? First sip luxury, coming off mellow and sweer, than superficial and watery. It’s low acidity doesn’t combine well with our expectations of a dark roast.

Douwe Egberts® Espresso Dark Roast

ILLY® Dark Roast

What the package says: A powerful espresso, slowly roasted for it’s intense flavour. Our most powerful coffee.

What the package says: Energetic and straight to the point. A flavourful contrapoint of cacao, caramel and roasted bread.

What we say? A smoky taste with medium acidity. Still rather complex, although not as rich, intense and developed as hoped and described.

What we say? A flat, bland but mellow cup of coffee. There is a hint of cacao that we can taste in the watery substance, but this makes it more bitter.




Fogo Island lies just outside of Newfoundland, Canada and is home to a gentle, independent kind of people who have living between wind and waves for centuries, in pursuit of calmth, fresh air and fish. This self providing and soothing way of living might just be what a man needs in this hectic world.

This 1300 square foot studio located on the Canadian island isn’t big enough for a family to live in, but with the environment it would suit well as a getaway house. Black from the outside, white from the inside, it’s the perfect balance. It feels remote and distance from far away, but once inside it’ll come off as more inviting and inspiring, the perfect remedy for a writers block. “The central portion is left open and mostly exposed to be fully immersed in all that is offered by the long summer days on Fogo Island. The end and main body of the studio is fully enclosed to provide an area of protection and solitude from the outside environment while still providing a connection to the landscape through a strategically framed view of the dramatic surrounding,” says the representative at Saunders Architecture about the exterior.




Hello, I’m the Chef and I will be helping you out with all food related problems and situations. For this month, I’ll be talking about something that will help out a lot of students and single men. There’s this moment when you’re living on your own and your parents want to come by and stay for diner. Since you’re a well raised man, of course you want to give them a michelin meal. However, does the sharpness of your words match the sharpness of your knife? I’ll teach you how to do it. See, with making an amazing diner, it’s all about preperation. You’re obviously not home a lot, since you’re either at school or you’re at work (depending on your age and life situation). Therefore, slaving in the kitchen for 2 hours isn’t possible. You see, think about what you’re going to make. It’s the little things that make the difference. Sure, you could do a risotto, but that takes at least 20 minutes. Why not instead do a cous cous, which is easy to prepare and finished in 3 minutes. You need to plan, understand at what moments you have to wait for something and how to fill that time with either entertaining the guests or preparing the next meal. But, let’s go to the table.









Corn & Pepper This is probably racing with the cous cous for the easiest preparable meal. It takes about 6 minutes, but tastes sweet and is full of minerals and vitamins.


The Best Puffed Potatoes The preperation can be done the night before, right before the usual nightcap (or during, it’s that easy). This does take 20 minutes to make, but doesn’t need much looking after so don’t worry.


Chicken Piri Piri With chicken, there’s one rule that (if ignored) will ruin the whole meal: if touched, wash hands. This chicken will blow your mind from all of the spices and herbs, but then water your mouth because of the tenderness.


Cous Cous There’s a few things in this world that take minutes and taste like nothing you’ve ever had before. Right up there with humus and those delicious corn cobs is cous cous. It sounds easy, well, it is easy. Just add hot water, make sure it’s spiced well and if you want, add fruit or nuts.





Ingredients 3 Corn Cobs 1 Red Paprika 1 Tomato Olive Oil How to Make It You’ll want to eat this cooled down, so this one will be made first. Put the corn cobs in boiling water for and heat up a frying pan. Meanwhile cut the red paprika in long strips. This should take about 3 minutes, after which you put olive oil in the pan and put the corn cobs in there. You can put the heat as high as you want. The indicator for when the corn’s ready is the paprika. If the skin of the paprika is slightly burned, as if put on a grill or bbq, then everything is ready. Afterwards, make sure everything looks well presented. Cooking is half the taste, half the way it looks before you eat it. This is where the tomatoe comes in. Cut the tomatoe from the top, but don’t slice it in half. Make sure the bottom is still intact. Do this 8 times, so that you can pull it open. It’ll look like a flower.


Ingredients 6 Potatoes Juice of ½ Lemon Salt Olive Oil Dry Thyme How to Make It Cut all the potatoes in half and wash them. We don’t take of the skin, since this contains all the nutritions and it absorbs all the flavors. Once washed, put them in a bowl. First sprinkle them with the juice of half a lemon. Then add about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and season it with salt. Now for this next step, you’ll pass me off as crazy, but believe me: put plastic wrap over the bowl and put it in the microwave for 15 minutes. The plastic wrap will make the bowl like a sauna for the potatoes. As soon as the temperature reaches a certain level, the lemon juice and the olive oil will mix with the salt and transpire, until it eventually transcends onto the potatoes. The skin of the potatoe will then absorb it, causing it to become the most flavorful potatoe you had in months. Now, during those 15 minutes, make that chicken.

Ingredients 3 Pieces of Chicken Thighs Juice of ½ Lemon ½ Red Onion 2 Cloves of Garlic 1-2 Bird’s-Eye Chilies 1 tbsp Sweet Paprika Powder 2 tbsp White Wine vinegar 1tbsp Worcestershire sauce Fresh Basil How to Make It Put the chicken thighs on their skin in the frying pan that you just prepared the cobs with and turn them around after 3 minutes. Turn the heat down and let them slowly simmer while you make the piri piri sauce. Put the red onion, the garlic, the lemon, the chilies, the paprika powder, the vinegar, the worchestshire sauce and the basil in the blender and process until you’ve got a smooth sauce. Add a cup of boiling water with this and process again. Than put the chicken and the sauce together in a bowl and put this in the oven for about 8 minutes. Now it’s time for the cous cous.

Ingredients 200 gr Cous Cous Juice of ½ Lemon ½ Peruvian Yellow Chili 2 tbsp Capers Fresh Mint Curry Powder Olive Oil How to Make It Put all of the ingredients together in a bowl (slice the chili’s and the mint as fine as you can) and add hot water to it. It’s hard to say exactly how much is enough, but what always works for me is adding water untill it rises 1 cm above the cous cous. Now, while the cous cous is soaking up the water and all the ingredients, get the potatoes out of the microwave (be careful, they’re hot) and cut them with a spoon. It’s important that you’ll do it with a spoon, since that won’t be able to slice the skin, but will crumble it a little. Add the dry thyme After this, the chicken should be about ready to be taken out of the oven. Stir through the cous cous, which now will have the same texture as rice an, and as I said before: presentation! (Ow, and enjoy!)


Name The Bowtie Occupation Dandy Speciality Socializing Connecting Interests Parties, fashion, girls, alcohol Favorite drink Champagne Favorite Movie James Bond

Name The Grease Monkey Occupation Mechanic Speciality Vehicles Interests Cars and bikes Favorite drink I Don’t Drink Favorite Movie Fast And The Furious


Comment: He knows every mix, has a network that might surprise you and is great friends with the Stylist and the Spy. He goes to the best parties, gets into every club and never comes home to an empty bed (or he’ll fill it with what he brought back from the club).

Comment: Worked on a lot of racing tracks, but now owns a small grease shop. Because he knows a great deal about the soul of a car (and it’s organs), the richest come to him to get their car fixed fast and right. This way, he sees and hears everything that races these roads.





With the drinks getting sweeter and more herbal, there is one more trend for this spring you should be on the lookout for when it comes to alcohol: Gin. The spirit who’s predominant flavor is derived from Juniper berries is ready for it’s comeback.


And believe us, it’s gonna be big. Although it has been around for ages (the Middle Ages, to be exact) the drink wasn’t that popular the last years. Whiskys and Cognacs gained popularity thanks to the AMC show “Mad Men”, but now gin made it’s comeback.

Smoky Martini

Tom Collins

Gin Tonic

2 ½ parts 5th Distilled Gin 1 splash Scotch Whisky

2 parts 5th Distilled Gin 1 part Lemon Juice Drizzle of Sugar Syrup Chilled Carbonated Water

1 ½ parts 5th Distilled Gin 1 ½ parts Tonic



Code Magazine has been relaunched, now officially as a men magazine. After six years of Code they realized that their expertise was more focused on male fashion than on women, leading to this event. The Lavish World was invited to check out the new magazine and have a drink while doing so. At the time they said drink, The Bowtie was already on his way. The big question for us was why? After six years of covering both, why would they focus on men only? Does the world need another men magazine? The Bowtie found out...

As I entered the room, the first thing I did was get myself a drink. It was rather quiet for a launch party, making me reconsider if this was the right place for me. But soon, people came walking in and it became crowded. The first thing for me to do was find the magazine and look through it. I had seen the magazine a few times before and I have to agree: They were better at

men. However, I was interested to find out what this shift in interest would change in the articles. As you can see in the picture below, I’m trying to smell the scent of an after shave, one of the many featured in a certain article about Skins Cosmetics. The magazine also interviews a selected group of perfumers, right before that article, and I have to say that I already notice a change. The after shaves

are all exclusives and, compared to what you’ll find in other magazines, no jokes. Which brings me to what Lars Tibben, Accountmanager Denim & Menswear at Code Magazine told me: “We had the feeling that there aren’t any great men fashion magazines.” Although a bold and rather simple answer, he was right. The question is, are the people at Code capable of solving that problem?



Range Rover is known for it’s functional cars, this small beauty focusses on the esthetic part of the Evoque. This might not come to any surprise, since this limited edition ride was designed by Victoria Beckham. The hand-finished matte gray paint job, contrasting glossy black finishes on the roof side, vents, wheel arches, and 20-inch wheels have a typical posh but stylish look that you would expect from the Beckham’s.

The Porche 918 might still be a prototype, but it won’t be for long. As the good people at Porsche are test driving this maniac right now, there has been word that this car will finally see the light of day in September 2013. Why is this so amazing? The 918 is the first hybrid car projected to have more than 700 horsepower and get 78 mpg. Porche explains that the V8 engine takes care of 500, a pair electric motors produce 218 horsepower. Name one big American company that’s not good at selling their product. To promote their Chevrolet Sonic, General Motors teamed up with Jeff Soto to show that the Sonic is manoeuvrable enough to create an artpiece (and fast enough to escape the cops). A computerized control panel in the car helped Jeff streamline the work being done by the Sonic, and render precise drawings with the car. Being capable of pulling off street art has to be one heck of a unique selling points for the Chevrolet Sonic. To see the viral campaign, go to The Lavish World and enter Sonic in the searchbar. Enjoy!





Can we get much higher? With the launch of this magazine, the hard work we put in and the loyalty of our viewers we’ve been getting more viewers every month. And we had some major moments. For instance, in Februari we hit our first 500, in April our first 1000 and in May our first 2500 viewers in one day. Maybe now, while this magazine has launched, we have hit our first goal: 50.000 individual viewers in 5 months. When we first started out, we never imagined ever getting more than 500 people a day to visit this website. Like we said in the editors note, a lot has changed in 5 months, and we’re proud.



This magazine is only a child compared to what it’s potentially going to be. There will be photoshoots, there will be a better, more consistent graphic design, there will be more exclusive material and advertisements that will give you discounts. Just give us time, let us do what we do best and in time, we’ll evolve. Women lie, men lie, numbers don’t and if you look at the numbers, you’ll know that this is just the beginning. So if you like what we do, keep coming to our website and tell us what you think of our articles. Help us find out what you guys like, because the reader is king at The Lavish World.

TLW NEXT ISSUE The Crew is going to Belgium. Not only will we be covering on the beautiful city of Antwerp, but we will also be attending the Watch The Throne Tour. For those who haven’t seen the European leg yet, it will have some additional songs and performances, but we’ll be covering it just to make sure you won’t be missing out. Lamborgini Mercy!

On the 9th of June, a new breed of sneakers will crawl through the concrete jungle. The Air Yeezy II will be released throughout the world, but where and how? Although we can’t promise anything, we’ll try to get a hand on one of these rare gems.

It’s going to be a Cruel Summer. With the release of Mercy, I Don’t Like, Burn and Exodus, what is the album itself going to sound like? Rumors are saying either trap or dubstep, but nothing has been confirmed. And what about the Cruel Summer featured movie that was showed in Cannes? You’ll find out in the next issue.

All eyes are focused on the Maybach Music Group labelhead, as he’s about to release his 5th solo album. The album has been postponed for a long time, but on the 31st of July, we’ll finally hear what the Bo$$ has to offer. Artists in the game are already calling it an instant classic, but what will the crowd say about “Lord Forgives, I Don’t”.

Martin Esso is the newest kid on the street. Both his website Montaignestreet, which he owns together with two friends Mo and Shyne, and his fashion brand are turning big hiphop heads, he goes to the hottest parties, the biggest runway shows and has all the inside info. The Spy will be doing a big interview with the man to find out his secret.

OddBall Animations has reached a rather impressive 2 million viewers for his latest short movie RUIN, has worked in hollywood for 10 years and done everything, from working on DVD’s, music videos and CGI. Together with his team, he’s had his fair share of the movie industry experience, something the Spy is very interested in. 49

Lavish World Magazine: The Debut Issue  

The first issue of our magazine.

Lavish World Magazine: The Debut Issue  

The first issue of our magazine.