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651 W. Southport Road Kissimmee, Florida 34746 February 6 - 13, 2012 Phone : (419) 865-3990 Fax: (419) 865-4595


EXHIBITOR INFORMATION Exhibitors who participated in the display area in 2011 have the opportunity to select the same location in 2012, provided we receive their application and payment by November 15, 2011 (cannot accept credit card payments). The remaining spaces will be assigned on a “first paid, first served� basis. The order in which Yoder & Frey Auctioneers, Inc. receives your payment is the order in which spaces will be allocated. If you are interested in securing a location, please complete the enclosed registration form and return it with your payment. Yoder & Frey Auctioneers, Inc. reserves the right to limit the number of spaces per company. Yoder & Frey Auctioneers, Inc. will contact you to choose your spot, by fax, after payment has been received. You will be given 24 hours to select your spot or Yoder & Frey Auctioneers, Inc. will choose it for you. The auction office will open Monday, Jan. 30, 2012 for buyer registration.

Exhibit Areas The layout of the display area is enclosed, however Yoder & Frey Auctioneers, Inc. reserves the right to make changes to this layout as needed.

Exhibit Setup We recommend that displays be set up by February 3. Setup assistance will be provided through February 3, 2012. Vendors requiring loading assistance will be charged as follows: Crane Fees: $200 per hour, minimum $100. Loader or Forklift Fees: $100 per hour, minimum $50. Tent, table, and chair rentals can be arranged through: KirbyRental: 407-422-1001, Jeanette 321-229-4654, or Taylor Rental: 407-847-7063

Exhibit Parking Two vehicle passes will be issued to each vendor completing the financial and insurance requirements. Passes, maps and instructions will be mailed in late January. Vendor passes are for loading and unloading only. If your booth is not large enough to accommodate your vehicle, it must be parked in the parking area. Parking in the aisles will be grounds for revocation of your parking permit.

RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. BY ORDER OF THE OSCEOLA COUNTY FIRE MARSHALL, THERE SHALL BE NO: a. Compressed air cylinders under tents b. Gas cans under tents c. Vehicles under tents d. Smoking under tents 2. Each vendor must provide a certificate of insurance showing Yoder & Frey Auctioneers, Inc. as an additional insured. Insurance should be for a minimum $1 million general liability and, if applicable, workman’s compensation. 3. No overnight camping is allowed by ordinance of Osceola County. 4. No cutting tools may be sold in the display area. 5. The placement of signs, banners and advertising materials will be subject to the approval of Yoder & Frey Auctioneers, Inc. 6. NO promotional material may be placed on auction participants vehicles. 7. Yoder & Frey has an exclusive agreement for golf cart rentals on the property with Georgia Golf Carts. No golf carts are allowed on the grounds to be rented out except thru them. 8. Because of insurance requirements, letting others solicit out of your booth is grounds for eviction. 9. No computers or cell phones using a wireless card are to be used on the premises as they interfere with auction activity. 10. The vendor area must be vacated by 10:00 pm each night. 11. There will be no tear down of display sites on any auction day.

PRICING General Display This area is reserved for people displaying equipment, products, or services. Size 25’ frontage x 70’ depth 25’ frontage x 40’ depth 10’ frontage x 10’ depth

Price $950.00 $850.00 $600.00

There will be sales tax and a $35.00 license fee added to all prices listed above. There are no electric or telephone services available in this area. Tents that are erected on the 10 x 10 spots should be white in color.

Tent Area Booth # 77-92 - Trucking companies & freight forwarders only 10’ frontage x 20’ depth $850.00 Booth #98-103 – Advertisers only 10’ frontage x 10’ depth


There will be sales tax and a $35.00 license fee added to all prices listed above. Tents are provided for every company in this area; however, the tables and chairs are the responsibility of the vendor. There are no electric or telephone services available in this area. Any trucking company soliciting loads from buyers MUST have paid for a booth and provided a copy of its ICC license to Yoder & Frey Auctioneers, Inc. We will also require original Bills of Lading from the trucking firm, along with booking numbers at the port, on any item being trucked for export.

Refund Policy Written request for cancellation is required and must be: Received before January 1, 2012 = 50% refund Received after January 1, 2012 = NO refund

NEW ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY COST: $50.00 (Available to people renting an exhibitor space.) Your company contact information will appear on Yoder & Frey Auctioneers, Inc. website for a year. If a customer clicks on your website or email address it will link them directly to you. If interested, please complete the attached card and return with your contract and payment. Email the company logo to EXAMPLE:

Yoder & Frey Auctioneers, Inc. Contact: Sharon Bernath Phone: (419)865-3990 Cell: (419)376-5017

Company Name: _______________________________________ Contact: ______________________________________________ Phone: _______________________________________________ Cell: _________________________________________________ Website: ______________________________________________ Email: ________________________________________________ $50.00 Detach and mail with the contract and payment. Email the company logo to:

CONTACT INFORMATION Sharon Bernath – Vendor Exhibit Coordinator Home office until Jan. 26, 2012 Kissimmee office starting Jan. 27, 2012 Email:

HOME OFFICE: 1670 Commerce Road Holland, OH 43528 PH: 419-865-3990

KISSIMMEE OFFICE: 651 W. Southport Road Kissimmee, FL 34746 PH: 407-396-6060 FAX: 407-396-8181

Yoder & Frey Auctioneers, Inc. 38th Annual Winter Kissimmee, FL Auction  

February 6 - 13, 2012