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Yo.del: (verb) \\to yodel\\ the ofďŹ cial means of communicating by the inhabitants of mountainous regions\\

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Yo.del: (verb) \\to yodel\\ the official means of communicating by the inhabitants of mountainous regions\\

welcome contents March is one of our favourite months of the year at yodel. Here in Avoriaz the days begin to lengthen towards the promise of spring but we can still swoosh our way down the perfectly groomed pistes of the Portes du Soleil. It really isn’t a bad life out here in the mountains!

Avoriaz Restaurant Guide .......................................4 Yodel’s favourite food stops in Avoriaz

Chemmy Alcott ........................................................5 The UK’s best female skier talks to Yodel

The 82nd Geneva Motor Show ...............................8 The world’s most important room of cars

How to make an Igloo ...........................................10 5 easy steps to a new winter holiday home!

En Francais… .........................................................11 The French you’ll need to get about town

For this issue we had the absolute pleasure of talking to the UK’s

Legal Off Piste........................................................12 Don’t get caught out!

Ride Safe .................................................................12

best skier and Dancing on Ice star

Freestyle safety tips from SnowZone

Chemmy Alcott. She was a right

Avalanche Science .................................................14

laugh and we’re all rooting for

Snow awareness saves lives

her on the show. You’ll also find

Through the Keyhole .............................................15

all your other regular favourites including a full calendar of events for





pages. Enjoy and we’ll see you next month when spring should have well and truly sprung!

Inside Restaurant Le Bistro

James McPhail .......................................................18 Life as a pro snowboard photographer

What’s On? .............................................................19 Events in and around Avoriaz during March

Johan Baisamy .......................................................20 A pro snowboarder growing up in Avoriaz

Helios Design Labs ................................................22 Brothers Alex & Felix on designing for K2

French Property Update ........................................25 What will quarter of a million get you?

The X Games..........................................................26 We preview Europe’s biggest snow sports event

Basscamp Festival .................................................28 It’s nearly here!

Onesie of the Month ..............................................28 The fashion fantastic return

The Perfect Vin Chaud ..........................................29 Yodel’s favourite recipe stay in touch

Gadget Corner .......................................................29 The most effective ski boot warmer!

The Yodel Competition..........................................30 Win big with attack attack and Salomon

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Avoriaz Restaurant Guide There are so many tasty dining options available in Avoriaz. Here’s Yodel’s handy list of where to eat and when. Breakfast


Le Tavaillon on the Place Centrale, opposite the Office de Tourisme is THE breakfast spot of choice for locals and those in the know. The full English breakfast is generous and the coffee is perfect. Breakfast is served until midday. Call +33 (0) 4 50 74 14 18

Lunch For a snack on the go, Le 383 Café, again on the Place Centrale offers a huge fast food menu with great service. Choose from sandwiches, crepes, burgers and salads, all reasonably priced. Call +33 (0) 4 50 74 12 64

Lunch For a restaurant lunch, Le Fantastiqe on the Place Centrale, opposite the ice rink is great value. Yodel’s favorite is cheeseburger and chips for just €9.50 and on a sunny day their terrace dining is amazing! Call +33 (0) 4 50 74 09 15

Lunch In the mountains, our favourite spot for lunch is Lindarets where Mamos and Le Chaudron down the in Goat Village offer delicious piste-side grub. You’ll find Mamos opposite the Lindarets Express chair lift and Le Chaudron on the right hand side as you ski into the Goat Village. Mamos - +33 (0) 4 50 74 20 68 Le Chaudron - +33 (0) 4 50 74 05 35 LES LINDERETS

Dinner Le Bistro on Place Centrale, next door to the Office de Tourisme specialises in traditional Savoyarde dishes. The restaurant is smart and chic on two floors and the menu and wine list are extensive. Call +33 (0) 4 50 74 14 08 4

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Chemmy Alcott is the British number one alpine ski racer competing on the World Cup circuit in all five ski disciplines. In December 2010, Chemmy suffered a horrific crash during training which caused a double fracture in her right leg. Since then, Chemmy has not been able to ski but has taken a different path albeit temporarily by competing in the UK’s Dancing on Ice. Chemmy spoke to yodel about life as a skier and now…ice skater. You started skiing at 18 months old, which must have given you a pretty good head start; do you think an early start is a necessity for people with ski career aspirations? I think if you are from Britain and want to be the best you have to start younger than your peers. It is all about time on skis and skiing in all conditions, you get a lot of feeling when the conditions are bad so don’t stop just because it is foggy or soft. Just lessen the tempo! Having said that I did start very young - I was a very fast learner and was already walking so my parents decided I was ready! Did you ever see yourself becoming anything other than a professional skier? I lived in a fantasy world when I was younger and wanted to be a skier in the winter and a tennis player in the summer - that was my other love at the time. The older I got, the more realistic I became and had to give up one sport for the other. Skiing was always going to come first! Do you find it easier dating someone else with a similar career who understands your constraints and aspirations? (Chemmy’s boyfriend is British downhill skier, Dougie Crawford). Most definitely. Dougie and I connect on every level from professional to personal. From the outside world we seem very different, I am just a bit more uninhibited and sillier than him! We understand when the other comes second place to skiing and that is what makes our relationship perfect. You had a pretty terrible skiing accident when you were 12, how did that affect your confidence? Maybe I am saying this with the beauty of hindsight but I don’t remember having any issues psychologically after I broke my leg. When you are that young you definitely think less! Injuries are just a nuisance as they stop you from playing. When you get older you have more responsibility to your family, friends and sponsors so the mental recovery is a lot tougher! 5

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Your accident in 2010 was also pretty brutal, how did you find the road to recovery? I turned to my friends, family and Twitter! Seriously, UK sport dropped me, I had no support and my Twitter account became an avenue for rehabbing sponsors to get in touch. Third Space Medical Centre in London got in touch straight away and devised a fantastic recovery programme. Compex sent me machines to keep my dormant muscles stimulated. Game Ready sent me a fantastic icing machine without which I wouldn’t have been able to sleep. I had a house full of healing gadgets and tools and I became super busy doing all my rehab, which helped distract me from getting depressed. What is the highlight of your career? When I became the first British person to ever win a run at the World Cup in Sölden 2010. To be the best in Britain is special but to finally prove yourself on a world scale has always been my dream. What are the best and worst things about being famous? I am lent some fabulous things! From my lovely Range Rover, to dresses for premieres. Also it’s the feeling that you have the opportunity to inspire people. Since I crashed and have strived to come back so many people have written to me to tell me I have motivated them to get up and be healthy again. That is a wonderful feeling. The worst…well, the other day I got papped and I looked like I was picking my nose - it was just an itch honestly! Also, occasionally people judge you without knowing your whole story. Have you spent time in the Portes du Soleil? What did you think of it? When I was younger and stayed in Flaine a lot and we had lots of club races in Morzine and Avoriaz. I really like it there as I’ve had some great results. The skiing is also great as it’s high enough that you are guaranteed great snow. What are your hobbies outside of skiing? Surfing, tennis and stand up paddle boarding (I live on the river and love the peace and quiet). In fact anything sport related or creative. Do you think that there is a mass deficit in the UK government’s snowsports funding? Yes. I am ranked 8th in the world and have no funding. But I will come back despite their lack of faith in me.


How do you feel about being the ambassador for charity Snow-Camp? I was so honoured to be asked to be their ambassador! To get involved with the sport you love and to be able to spread that love to people who haven’t had the opportunity to try it is amazing. But Snow-Camp isn’t just about teaching people to ski, it is about teaching them skills which

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will enhance their life. From the camps they can opt to become teachers themselves, thereby learning responsibility, organisation skills, communication skills...the list is endless. How did you end up in Dancing on Ice? Is it something you ever saw yourself doing? No to be honest it wasn’t part of my life plan but nor was breaking my leg and not being able to ski two seasons in a row. But fate sometimes intervenes, ice-skating is providing me with the opportunity to do some level of sport specific training when I am still not ready to ski. Also it is helping raise my profile and the sport I love. It costs me and the Ski Federation £90,000 to allow me to ski each year and naturally with the economy as it is, it has got more and more challenging to find sponsors. My biggest fear is to fight back from this injury then not have enough money for a world class programme - what would be the point? So I have to work harder now than ever. What is your typical training and diet regime to ensure you stay in shape? It changes all the time depending on my goals and the time of year. My diet only changes in the amount I eat, if I am not training so hard then I eat less. I never eat carbs in the evening, always start the day with some kind of eggs and snack on maximuscle meal bars and fruit. I also love fish I am going to grow fins one day! Training wise we have aerobic progression stages where we spend up to 4-5 hours a day on the bike supplemented with core and endurance weights. Towards race season the weight goes up and the rep goes down! What are you most looking forward to at the moment? Skiing. I am dreaming of it and I feel so close right now. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the skating but skiing will always be my first love. Who is the most famous person in your phonebook? Zara Phillips and Mollie King from The Saturdays, neither because they are famous just because they are friends. Zara is a fellow worldclass athlete and we are really similar. Mollie and I went to school together and she was actually a fantastic skier! What would you have been if you weren’t a professional skier? Some other sport - I would have needed to find something to really get my teeth into, as I’m super energetic. Or doing what I am going to do when I retire…be a female adventurer! Thank you Chemmy! No thank you YODEL EL O OOH WHOOOOO!

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Morzine Shuttle.pdf

+33 (0)4 50 74 14 18



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Fiat 509


Alfa Romeo 8C2300


Citroen 7 CV


Jaguar E Type Coupe


Ferrari 260 Pininfarina


Maserati Bora


The 82nd annual International Geneva Motor Show or ‘Salon International de l’Auto’ takes place at the Palexpo Convention Centre in Geneva between 8th and 18th March. It’s the undisputed world champion of car shows and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. First held in 1905, the Geneva Motor Show once hosted the world’s first internal combustion engine, the first benzene powered cars and all of the most exotic supercars ever made have debuted in Geneva. All the major car manufacturers choose Geneva to launch their new models and prototypes and the show has a reputation for attracting an interesting mix of both production and concept vehicles. But why does the most important major international car show in the world take place in Switzerland, a country with no automotive industry to speak of?

Switzerland has been long known for its neutrality as a nation and it’s thought that the event provides a level playing field for the world's automakers. Because there are no Swiss car manufacturers there is no bias or leaning towards local producers as in other countries and there is no political agenda. Usually at car shows, low volume and specialist carmakers are relegated to low visitor volume areas. In Geneva the most high profile cars are placed around the outside of the huge convention hall, while the smaller carmakers occupy the display space in the centre. Geneva itself also has a history of attracting and servicing global leaders – many of the cities 5* hotels offer bedrooms for over €1000 per night during the motor show. There are two dedicated media days at the show each year. Scores of new cars are launched to the public and there

Audi Quattro


Citroen Xantia

Yodel-Avoriaz-March-12-Final.indd 8


Mercedes A Class



Lamborghini Gallardo

Skoda Yeti

13/02/2012 12:41





French lessons - Private, Group and Intensive Courses - Increased variety of courses to suit all budgets - Locals discounts

can be as many as 65 individual press conferences each day. The most high profile car launch in the history of the Geneva Motor Show is thought to be the legendary Jaguar E Type in 1961. Each year the ‘Car of the Year’ award is fiercely contested. The seven finalists have already been shortlisted for this year’s event and they include the Citroen DS5, the Fiat Panda, the Ford Focus, the Toyota Yaris and the new Range Rover Evoque. The Geneva Motor Show is a great day out, either from your base in Morzine, Les Gets or Avoriaz, or if you're flying out of the nearby airport. Between Monday and Friday the show is open from 9am until 8pm each day and at weekends between 9am and 7pm. Entry for adults is 16 CHF (around €13) and entry for children is 9 CHF (around €7.50). Parking is 20 CHF per day. For more details visit

If you are a French registered business or are employed on a French contract, then you could be eligible for a training budget to cover the cost of lessons.

Translation Services tel: 06 10 40 10 92 email: web: Fantastic.pdf 1 14/11/2011 11:12

English & French Breakfast Non stop food from 11.30am - 5.00pm Apres ski & “Apero” on our sunny terrace



Enjoy cocktails & tapas TV’s showing sport all day

Nissan Juke

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Aston Martin Virage

Avoriaz centre, near the Office de Tourisme


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How to Make an Igloo

They are warmer than a tent, they can be built anywhere and they are fun and easy to make. Here’s Yodel’s guide to building an igloo. You’ll need: Lots of snow, a snow shovel and a saw Jump up and down on a flat space of snowcovered ground and mark out a circle shape to form the footprint of your igloo. Don’t exceed 10 feet in diameter – the dome will be too big! Using the saw, cut rectangular blocks of snow from the ground. If the top layer of snow is soft, hard snow can usually be found underneath. Large snow bricks are used at the base of the igloo, smaller ones are used at the top. Try to make your snow bricks about 10 inches thick, adjusting the height and width accordingly. Stack your snow bricks one on top of the other in spiral layers. You have to bevel the edges of each brick so that the whole thing corkscrews upwards. Pack in any gaps between the bricks with snow, keeping the interior wall smooth so moisture can run down the side of the wall instead of dripping from the ceiling. Make your entrance. Build a door in the ground about 18 inches lower than the ground inside the igloo. Tunnel below the wall into the igloo. Using a stick, ski pole or something similar poke airholes all the way through the snow bricks from the inside to the outside. You don’t want carbon dioxide poisoning!


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For more inspiration, check out our competition on page 30.

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Anyone who has left their ski boots in the car overnight will understand the pain of trying to ease your feet back into them. But could this agony be resigned to the history books?


The Go! PEET portable boot dryer could be the answer to your prayers as it dries and warms your ski boots ready to put on. The dryer contains small ceramic stones, which heat up your boot and dry the residue moisture. While these may not be effective in the same way as the commercial boot dryers found in many chalets, this downside may be replaced by sheer convenience.





The PEET boot dryer comes with two adapters which means that it can be used not only in your home but also by plugging into your car. The dryer will set you back approximately €40 but we consider that a small price to pay for the luxury of warm dry toes in a ski resort! You can learn more at

food�&�bar food bar sur�place�& &�à�emporter sur�place�&�à�emporter eat�in�or� eat�in take�away eat�in�or�take�away 47 promenade du festival, Avoriaz Tel: +33 (0) - Email: 11

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The Avoriaz snowcross slopes offer skiers and snowboarders the thrill of off-piste powder skiing but without the extra risks involved. These pistes are not groomed but are surveyed and kept safe by setting off avalanches and fencing off areas that are deemed too unsafe for the public. The Combe des Marmottes (2,080m long) is a snow playground that is easily accessible by the Fornet chairlift. There is also the neighbouring slope called The Pschott, which is more technical with its successive natural canyons. Brochaux (1,340m long) is a naturally bumpy wall that is accessible by the Brochaux chairlift. The Frontaliére (1,150m) can be accessed from the top of the Mossettes chairlift and is a long and wide route down to the bottom. The Crozats (3,122m long) starts from the Hauts Forts and joins up with the world cup downhill run into Prodains and is sometimes referred to as the ‘mythical’ Crozats run due to its wild nature. 12

Ride Safe Freestyle Guide

The Portes du Soleil is well and truly on the freestyle snow sports map. More and more of us than ever before want to experience the thrill of bouncing off jumps, jibbing off rails and running through the boardercross. But nothing ruins a good day on the hill more than an injury. Here’s a handy guide to getting the most out of the local freestyle terrain while playing it safe. Know your limits and your ability level and select the appropriate freestyle terrain for you. Natural and constructed terrain features in a dedicated snow zone are marked with difficulty levels. Choose yours wisely. difficulty levels XS






Only attempt a feature or trick if you are confident you can land it. When you lose your balance you can cause yourself serious injury. Push yourself, but be sensible!

We all love the thrill of off-piste skiing but let's be safe, not sorry!

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Consider the condition of your equipment, your speed, balance, body movements, alignment and trajectory as you approach a freestyle trick. These things will directly affect your desired outcome and ultimately your success!

Look before you leap – scope around the jumps first, not just over them. Work in pairs to check that your landing is clear. Know where to land. Focus on landing between the knuckle and the centre of the landing zone. As soon as you’ve landed clear the area quickly.

1. Approach

This is the zone for setting your speed and stance to use the feature. 2. Take Off

This zone is for making moves that start your trick. 3. Manoeuvre

In this zone you’ll control your body in the air and prepare for your landing. 4. Landing

The prepared slope between the knuckle of the feature and the run out slope beyond it. 2

Know the intended use of the freestyle terrain you have chosen. Some of the features are intended to be used in a series with no stopping such as a boardercross circuit and some are designed to be used for individual tricks such as kickers and jumps. The difference between the two will determine where you stop! You can break a snow park feature or module down into 4 sections.

3 4


Stay in control so that you are able to stop or avoid other people or objects if necessary. Remember that skiers or snowboarders ahead of you have the right of way – it’s your responsibility to avoid them. Only stop in places where you are visible from above and always observe all posted signs and warnings.

Be aware that freestyle features can change constantly due to snow conditions, weather, usage, grooming and the time of day. Always wear a helmet and body armour! Have loads of fun but be safe! For more information on the Avoriaz Snowzone visit Helmets and body armour are recommended

WARNING! Always clear landing areas quickly

Respect nature and the environment, Use bins


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Avalanche Science

An avalanche has three ingredients; snow, a sloped surface and a trigger. It’s a common misconception that they strike without warning but most avalanches occur when their victims trigger them. Preventing an avalanche is far easier than surviving one. Having an awareness of the conditions that increase the avalanche risk means you’ll be safer on the mountain. Atmospheric conditions such as temperature and humidity affect the size and shape of snowflakes as they fall to the ground. The snowpack – that’s the snow already on the ground – is made up of different layers of snow that have different properties according to the atmospheric conditions when the snow fell. Digging a couple of feet into the snowpack, the different layers of snow will be visible. Some of these layers will be stable, other layers on top will be less stable. One layer can detach from the other when there is a trigger. Avalanches can occur on slopes that are between a 25˚ and 60˚ angle to the ground, but most occur

on 35˚ – 40˚ slopes. We asked avalanche experts Recco, the makers of avalanche rescue technology about the dangers of backcountry or off-piste skiing. ‘Getting caught in an avalanche is not simply bad luck. Avalanches happen for particular reasons at specific places and at specific points of time. Avalanche safety therefore relies more on identifying the danger as much as recovery’. How do we identify the danger? • Avalanches are most likely to occur after a fresh dump of snow. This new layer of snow could slide off the existing snowpack. • Check the avalanche risk at the lift station in the morning before you venture off-piste. • Avalanche paths are often obvious. An open slope, bowl or gully will be more affected by atmospheric conditions. Know when to say no. • High winds on exposed pistes could trigger an avalanche. Stay low and sheltered when the avalanche risk is high. You can download Recco's 'White Book' on avalanche safety for free on the yodel website.


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le bistro avoriaz

Through the

key hole Le Bistro restaurant in Avoriaz is a medley of dark, modern and yet welcoming tones. The building encapsulates Jean Vuarnet’s original design of the resort with the porthole style windows and angular architecture. There is a strong Cubist theme running throughout the restaurant as the lighting perfectly accentuates the various nuances of the ceiling. The walls are lined with surrealist paintings of mountain animals in historical human poses that are interesting to say the least! The sleek dark wood furnishings are perfectly juxtaposed against modern art pieces including the cardboard polar bear and glowing reindeer head. The bar area is enveloped in subdues lighting that perfectly compliments the stylish leather sofas and chairs. The restaurant’s beautiful centerpiece table is the direct cross section of a tree retaining the wood’s natural form and lines. The mix of modern and organic forms creates the perfect brooding ambience for this unique restaurant.

Images © yodel magazine 15

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James McPhail, photographer, has been at the forefront of creative snowboard photography for over a decade and his work for magazines such as Whitelines and Document Snowboard have taken him to remote corners of the globe. Here James tells Yodel about life as a professional snowboard photographer.

It took quite a few years of hard graft, shooting in the winters and working at other jobs in the summer to save for the season. Back then I was submitting freelance to all the UK and French mags. Most of my work went to Whitelines first so they got the best of it. I started shooting full time when I landed the job as senior photographer and photo editor for Whitelines. My first trip for the mag was a tour of Eastern Europe with about ten other people....... it was carnage!

Were you interested in snow sports before photography? Which came ďŹ rst? I got my first 35mm camera when I was eighteen and started shooting whatever caught my eye. I didn't start snowboarding until much later. How did you become a snowboard photographer? What was your ďŹ rst commission? At first I just started shooting my friends and a few of them started to get really good and pick up sponsors. The best tip I can give to anyone who wants to shoot is to get yourself some friends that are keen and have got skills. Without good riders you're not going to get good photographs. When my shots started to look as good as the ones in the magazines I started submitting and things just grew from there.

What is the best part of your job? I feel very lucky to have spent as much time as I have in some of the most amazing mountains in the world. Travelling and getting to ride powder in far-flung countries is definitely top of the list. What is the worst part? Hiking with a backpack full of camera kit then watching as somebody else gets the best lines. If you weren't a professional snow sports photographer, what would you be? I used to build boats before snowboarding and I liked it lots so either a boat builder or an astronaut.


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Fri 2nd Mar 10.00am . . . . . Rossignol Demo Tour . . . . . . . . Bottom of Pleney, Morzine

Sat 3rd Mar 12.00noon . . . . Live Sport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bar Le Tavaillon

Sun 4th Mar 12.00noon . . . . Live Sport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bar Le Tavaillon

Mon 5th Mar 4.00pm . . . . . . Apres Ski DJ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Globetrotters

Wed 7th Mar 9.00am . . . . . . AM Chapelle Competition . . . . . . . . La Chapelle Snowpark

Thrs 8th Mar 10.00am . . . . . Annual Geneva Motor Show . . . . . . . . . . . Palexpo, Geneva

Fri 9th Mar 10.00am . . . . . Annual Geneva Motor Show . . . . . . . . . . . Palexpo, Geneva 4.30pm . . . . . . Live DJ – Surprise Guest . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Le Fantastique Sat 10th Mar 9.00am . . . . . . Annual Geneva Motor Show . . . . . . . . . . . Palexpo, Geneva 12.00noon . . . . Live Sport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bar Le Tavaillon 4.00pm . . . . . . AperoMix & Happy Hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shooters Bar Sun 11th Mar 9.00am . . . . . . Annual Geneva Motor Show . . . . . . . . . . . Palexpo, Geneva 12.00noon . . . . Live Sport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bar Le Tavaillon

Event listings\\March 2012\\

Mon 12th Mar 10.00am . . . . . Annual Geneva Motor Show . . . . . . . . . . . Palexpo, Geneva 4.00pm . . . . . . Apres Ski DJ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Globetrotters

Tue 13th Mar 10.00am . . . . . Annual Geneva Motor Show . . . . . . . . . . . Palexpo, Geneva

Wed 14th Mar 10.00am . . . . . Annual Geneva Motor Show . . . . . . . . . . . Palexpo, Geneva Thrs 15th Mar 10.00am . . . . . Annual Geneva Motor Show . . . . . . . . . . . Palexpo, Geneva

Fri 16th Mar 10.00am . . . . . Annual Geneva Motor Show . . . . . . . . . . . Palexpo, Geneva

Sat 17th Mar 9.00am . . . . . . Annual Geneva Motor Show . . . . . . . . . . . Palexpo, Geneva 12.00noon . . . . Live Sport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bar Le Tavaillon 4.00pm . . . . . . AperoMix & Happy Hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shooters Bar Sun 18th Mar 9.00am . . . . . . Annual Geneva Motor Show . . . . . . . . . . . Palexpo, Geneva 12.00noon . . . . Live Sport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bar Le Tavaillon Mon 19th Mar 4.00pm . . . . . . Apres Ski DJ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Globetrotters Fri 23rd Mar 8.00am . . . . . . Ascent of The Crot – ski mountaineering . . . . Le Prodains 4.30pm . . . . . . Live DJ – Kris Metteo & Guests . . . . . . . . . Le Fantastique Sat 24th Mar 12.00noon . . . . Live Sport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bar Le Tavaillon 1.30pm . . . . . . Rock the Pistes-Louis Bertignac Top of Belvedere chairlift 4.00pm . . . . . . AperoMix & Happy Hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shooters Bar Sun 25th Mar 11.30am . . . . . Rock the Pistes Festival – Medi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lindarets 12.00noon . . . . Live Sport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bar Le Tavaillon 1.30pm . . . . . . Rock the Pistes Festival – Gerald de Palmas . . . Le Crosets Mon 26th Mar 1.30pm . . . . . . Rock the Pistes Festival – Shaka Ponk . . . . . Plaine Dranse 4.00pm . . . . . . Apres Ski DJ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Globetrotters Wed 28th Mar 1.30pm . . . . . . Rock the Pistes Festival – Archive . . . . . . . . . . Arare Piste

Fri 30th Mar 10.00am . . . . . Girls only slopestyle comp . . . . . La Chapelle Park, Avoriaz

Sat 31st Mar 9.00am . . . . . . 12.00noon . . . . 4.00pm . . . . . . 6.30pm . . . . . .

Yodel-Avoriaz-March-12-Final.indd 19

Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam . . . . . . . . La Chapelle Park Live Sport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bar Le Tavaillon AperoMix & Happy Hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shooters Bar Jazz Up Festival – Tribute to Nougaro . . . . . . Festival Hall


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WINTERXGAMES EUROPE The third European Winter X Games will be held in Tignes between the 14th and 16th of March. But just what are the roots of this extreme sports competition? The X Games were started by American broadcaster ESPN in the summer of 1995 and were held on Rhode Island. They were originally called the Extreme Games and the first lineup consisted of mountain biking, street sledging, rollerblading, skateboarding, bungee jumping and sky surfing. The games were a revelation in a country where baseball, basketball and football were the staple sports. Despite being just its first year, the magnificent arena reminiscent of the gladiator games attracted 200,000 spectators. The X Games became popular so quickly that in 2006 a second annual event was announced in the shape of the Winter X Games. While the winter games had previously been focused in America and Shanghai, in 2010 a European Winter

X Games was debuted in Tignes and has continued to be held there. Based in the centre of Tignes Val Claret, the Games hosts 8 events in total including men’s and women’s slopestyle and superpipe. The 2011 Tignes X Games commanded 1900 hours of television coverage, which was broadcast across 198 countries and has only grown in popularity ready for this year. In 2012, more than 150 athletes will be heading to Tignes for the event. We take a look at just a few of the hopefuls.

2012 Hopefuls Jamie Anderson, 22, is an American snowboarder from Lake Tahoe and is one of the greatest Slopestyle riders in the world. In the US X Games she claimed 3 gold medals, two bronze and a silver and took gold at Tignes in 2011 by spinning


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three different ways off the three kickers. Jenny Jones, 32, is a British professional snowboarder and an X games stalwart. In 2009, she became the ďŹ rst British rider ever to win gold at the US X Games by completing a front-side 720 on the last jump of her third run. Overall, Jones has won two gold and a silver medal at the US games in Slopestyle and a gold in the 2010 European games.

Shaun White to have ever landed this trick.

Iouri Podladchikov, 24, is a SwissRussian professional snowboarder and has been competing since 2000. At Tignes 2010, Podladtchikov successfully landed a Double McTwist 1260 making him the only other person in the world alongside

The Winter X Games in Tignes will be particularly poignant this year following the death of Sarah Burke. A four-time Winter X Games gold medalist, Burke died following a training accident in Salt Lake City in January.

Kevin Rolland, 22, is the French freestyle skier who is hot tipped to take medals at Tignes 2012. He has won gold in Superpipe at Tignes 2010 and 2011 as well as three further medals in the last two Aspen X Games meaning he’s taken back-to-back golds at the US and European Games in the previous two years.


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Helios Design Lab is run by brothers Alex and Felix Wittholz and is a design studio that has completed work for K2 snowboards and Coca Cola. The siblings talk to yodel about their lives as designers. What are the roots of your company, how did you first set it up? Alex: I graduated into a recession; there were no jobs so I started freelancing and just never stopped. Eventually some other people stuck around as well. Felix: I joined a couple of years later after a two season snowboard bum stint in Whistler. What is your personal background in design? Alex: I went to the Ontario College of Art and got me a fancy degree. Felix: No degree here. Photoshop and Illustrator were brand new when we started and I just picked it up.

on a Nokia commercial. Felix: Having our own clothing line OK47. As they were your first snowboard graphics, how did you go about designing for K2? Felix: They contacted us after seeing an ad of ours in Vice magazine. Alex: We just did what we wanted and they liked it. Is it hard to design something original for someone like Coca Cola who have had such a wealth of different adverts over the years? Felix: It’s always hard to do anything original and get paid for it.

What has been your most exciting / challenging project?

How would you describe your work?

Alex: Other than running your own business? Getting to work with explosives and high-speed cameras

Alex: We try to come up with surprising or unexpected images that work for our clients, but usually there’s


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a bit of humour in there. Felix: Surreal irreverence and experimentation tempered by corporate necessity. Who is your dream client? Alex: Any client that hires us for what we do well and then trusts us to do it well…and pays on time. Felix: Someone willing to let us experiment with new techniques. What are your main influences and inspirations? Alex: The concept of collage; movies, music, art, books. Anything that’s nothing to do with advertising. Felix: I used to follow specific designers, but now I just go on late night internet freestyle sessions. How do you go about creating a project? Alex: Depends on the project of course. We usually try to get as much information as we can and let it rattle around our heads for a while. Sometimes we’ll get an idea fairly quickly and other times it's like pulling teeth. This part of the process can be great or frustrating. In the end if we’re really stuck I find that if you just sit down and start things will happen. Do you come from a very artistic background? Alex: No, but we travelled a lot as kids.

Felix: Our mum painted flowers on cabinet doors once. Do you listen to music while you work, if so what sort? Alex: Yes. All kinds. Actually no, only the good kind. Felix: I specifically hate Dixieland, Opera, New Country, Jazz Fusion, and Portuguese folkmusic. What are you working on at the moment? Alex: We’re building an app that will show you the location of free drinking water in your area, working on an interactive documentary about the dangers of off-shore oil drilling, re-branding a sports channel, building an interactive virtual walkthrough of a university campus and renovating my house. What is your average day from morning to night? Alex: Pretty average. Felix: Coffee. Walk dog to work. Coffee. Work. Walk dog home. Beer. What do you think you would be doing if a career as a designer had not worked out? Felix: I always wanted a caretaker job, like Jack Nicholson had in “The Shining”. Alex: Raising unicorns and farming their tears. Find out more at:


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For many it is just a dream to own a property in the Alps. For some the dream will surely come true but for others it may have to stay that way after ski property prices bucked the trend for collapse following the global recession. Many property markets in the Eurozone are facing collapse as a result of the global financial crisis. For example, Spain has become littered with up to 1 million unwanted properties and there are reports in Ireland of brand new houses facing demolition because it is cheaper than selling them in the current climate.

factor in the ski property market for all buyers. Many buyers are more interested in the actual infrastructure of a resort such as the lift system and accessibility to the nearby ski area. With easy access to over 650km of pistes throughout the Portes du Soleil, this has made Avoriaz a popular destination for its great value properties.

As a country, France has remained popular due to the stability of its economy, making it an attractive country to invest in. This is especially true of the ski property market.

The increasing popularity of Avoriaz as a summer resort has also increased demand, expanding the letting potential to encompass another season. Other ski resorts, which may have great winter letting practically shut down in the summer with little to no chance of summer rentals.

One major reason for the continued appeal of ski properties is the potential for a second home or bolt hole that also has excellent potential as a rental property. France is the most popular destination in Europe for buyers interested in the ski market and attracts a third of the market. An important factor for buyers today is stability over fast returns. Ski property in the French Alps attracts wealthy buyers that are less likely to panic sell during times of economic uncertainty, which in turn creates a stable market. Contrary to popular belief, altitude is not the most important

Stanhope Mews East, Central London. The exceptionally large lock up garage comes with a door and pretty much nothing else! Bali – A luxury 4 bedroom villa with private swimming pool and views over the Indian Ocean on the tropical island of Koh Samui can be yours for just €248,000. Burnley – You could buy 10…yes 10 properties in this town in North West England! The average twobedroom terrace house will set you back around €25,000 and consists of two beds, a bathroom, lounge, kitchen and yard.

Things are looking good for the ski property market across the French Alps and specifically in the local area in 2012. It may be just about time to think about making that dream investment!

Paris – For €257,000 a ‘cosy’ apartment with an overall floor space of just 22m² could be yours. The apartment also boasts one room with a separate bathroom and kitchen…but no bedroom!

How does our resort compare? An average 2 bed apartment in this area will set you back approximately €250,000, but what will that money get you in other destinations?

Monaco - You can get a 4 bedroom, four bathroom apartment in the centre of Monaco with a private roof terrace and swimming pool. Or at least you can live there for just under half a year with a whopping rental of €49,000 per month.

London – For €270,000 you could own a garage in


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Johann Baisamy Johann Baisamy, 22, grew up in Avoriaz and is now making his mark in the world of professional snowboarding. Johann specialises in half-pipe and came second in the Snowboarding World Cup last year. “I was really lucky to grow up in Avoriaz. Jean Noël Calvet has always worked really hard to make the snowpark bigger and better every year. Just for that I think there is no better place for me to have grown up snowboarding. I started snowboarding when I was just four years old. My parents were already snowboarders and I wanted to do the same. When I first started I was not allowed to get on the lift with my snowboard so I had to wear my skis, change them over at the top and get my parents to bring them down for me. I really wanted to improve my skills so I joined the Avoriaz snowboard club when I was eight. I try and get back to Avoriaz as much as I can during the winter but ironically I don’t ride very much when I’m back because I just like to relax and spend time with my girlfriend.


My proudest moment so far in life was getting a podium spot when I came second at the Half-Pipe World Cup in

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Bardonecchia. I was really stoked at finally getting a reward for all the hard work I’ve put in over the years. The people I most admire are my parents. They have always loved and supported me in whatever I wanted to do and I know they always will. I will always be grateful for all the sacrifices they have made for me and my career. In 2010, I was badly injured twice. After just missing making the cut for the Olympics, I broke my ankle in the Pyrenees. It took me a month to get back on my feet and I had to have physiotherapy twice a week. Just three months later, I almost broke my back after landing flat on it from a height of about six metres! Now I think of that as my luckiest escape because my injuries could have been so

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12 RIL 20

TH AP ND - 6






much worse. My ultimate goal in life is to make enough money to stop working and just travel and discover the world…but that’s more like a dream! In my career I hope to progress much further and get good results in major events like the Olympics and TTR. I think the most important aspect in learning a new sport and especially in snowboarding is to take your time and don't try to skip any steps. It is better for beginners to learn with an instructor, it helps you to avoid all the wrong moves that might come naturally. Then find a good crew of friends and progression will come naturally alongside the fun you have, you just need to follow your instincts. Snowboarding is funny and as long as you smile, you will progress! It’s that easy! I have always been very passionate about snowboarding and to do it professionally was always one of my dreams and goals. I am so lucky to just be able to ride all winter. I know it is not a career that can last a lifetime so I’m enjoying it while I can, but even when I stop doing it professionally, I know I’ll be snowboarding until the day I die.”








Traditional Savoyard Dishes Bookings recommended Open 9am - 5pm every day

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Sur le Piste d’Avoriaz, Village des Chevres, Les Linderets 27 Tel: 06 75 25 28 15 / 04 50 74 05 35

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PRIL 2012

A 2ND - 6TH


The neighbouring resort of Morzine has been gearing up for this one all winter and as new headline acts have been added to the line-up, festival wristbands have been selling like hot cakes. The Basscamp Festival is Morzine’s first electronic music and snow sports festival, featuring acts such as The Correspondents, FOAMO, A Skillz and Thomas Gandey along with about 30 other international acts and DJs. Events take place in exclusive Basscamp venues in the heart of Morzine, from après sessions to late night club parties. There’s a stonking fancy dress theme for each day and there’s piste side amateur ski and snowboard comps too. We expect it’ll take some time for Morzine to recover from this one. Basscamp Festival wristbands are priced at just €100 for the full 5 day event. To win yourself a Basscamp Festival hoodie answer this simple question – there are two Basscamp après parties in Morzine each week this winter. Where are they held? E-mail your answer to before 31st March for your chance to win! WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/BASSCAMPMORZINE


ONESIE IE OF THE MONTH We can always find lots to scream, laugh and cry about in The Stash to be honest. And then we came across this beautiful specimen. With enough fur on that hood to rival Shreddie, this onesie offers perfect powder protection. Whilst looking so awesome though love, you may not have realised… you’ve lost a ski pole somewhere. Ooops.


go to the Yodel website for your chance to win a stunning Retro Rentals onesie PLUS free rental for you and your mates...

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If you want to look this cool this winter, get in touch with the Retro Rentals boys – 13/02/2012 12:43

Vin Chaud When you think back to your snowy holiday in Avoriaz, you’ll probably be able to taste the warm spiced red wine. Did you know how easy it is to make at home?

Ingredients: 1 bottle of a fruity red wine 4 cinnamon sticks Zest of ¼ of an orange 4 tablespoons granulated sugar 2 cardamom pods (not essential, but they help with the spiciness)

5 whole cloves 1/3 cup Cognac Method: Mix all of the ingredients except the Cognac together in a large saucepan. Bring the mixture to just under a simmer over the lowest heat setting – it’s really important that you don’t allow the wine to boil The Vin Chaud is hot enough when the sugar has dissolved. Strain the wine through a cheese-cloth lined colander. Pour 1-2 teaspoons of Cognac into a glass or mug and ladle the Vin Chaud over the top.


En Francais s’il vous plaît Ever get a little lost around town? Help is here! Lost in Translation Language School ( helps you to find your way around with some basic directional phrases.

Directions I’m lost. Can you help me? Je suis perdu. Pouvez-vous m’aider? (Je swee pair-doo. Poo-vay voo may-day) Go straight Continuez tout droit (Con-tin-u-ay too dr-wah) Turn left/right Tournez à gauche/droite (Tour-nay a go-che/dr-wat) Where is…? Où est….? Oo ay….? -The Police Station -La gendarmerie (La jon-darm-er-ee) -The Hospital -L’hôpital (Lop-it-al) -Post Office -La Poste (La Poss-t) -Supermarket -Le supermarché (Le super-mar-chay) -The Opera nightclub L’Opéra Discothèque (Lopera disco-tek) -Bus Stop L’arrêt de bus (L’arr-ay de bus) -The Town Centre -Le centre-ville (le son-tre veel) Uphill Montée (montay) Downhill Descente (Des-sont) 29

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tack ome at e awes e offering h t n io e ar r petit ’s com Morzin opefully ou h month rd shop in r u is d o h n t y A r a e o . F nowbo rize bundles igloo will b s k c a p n att azing our ow two am n making y o ow article ion… s of sn t picture ther this r u o y inspira o see tures. Whe kicker want t nth we res and sculp well placed eative o m is r u r u t c Th c o t y u e r , an d st e to g inspire prize snowm e want you ill choose th r w be you cosy igloo, wttack attack h! t r a or you ow. Matt at d of the mon n n e s e dard h h it tt w l’s stan tries a o Yode t midnight. t t best en c je sub 012 a ition is 1st March 2 ompet This c d closes on 3 e-mail to: n rules a ur entries by o agazin Send y odelm y @ n titio compe

Girl's Prize cket Pow Ja g h s e r F andba H h a n Vans van nt - Sa Eleme nie . - Bea Elm Co

Boy's Prize


10 G - XPRO n o m Salo nie . - Bea Elm Co


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Avoriaz March 2012  

March 2012 issue of Yodel Magazine for the ski resort of Avoriaz.