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144 Hours It is April 23rd, 1967. Today was just a normal day, or atleast I thought it was till my bestfreinds house burnt down. Okay, lets back up a bit. My name is Tre Macorav. I am 13. I currently live with my dad, neighbor Destery, and my brother Walden. We live in, or used to live in, an estate overlooking New York City. My dad was a very wealthy man, he was the CEO of Makarov Inc., a computer making buiseness. We were on top of the world, we were the richest family in New York, but then it all went down hill.

"C'mon! Move faster!" We hear a voice of an older boy coming from down the road say. "Will you quit whining ?" A boy that looked about my age replied. "Both of you be quiet and just carry your bags in." Said a man that looked like he could have been an older brother. I couldnt have been more excited. We were finnaly getting new neighbors. I ran over to meet them and we were instantly best freinds. The younger boy’s name was Destery lnfraquin. The older person was his dad, who was only 31. They lived together in an apartment down the road. Turns out they were nothing but trouble. In the next couple of weeks, me and Destery really got along well and were always together. He told me everything and I told him everything. One afternoon, he showed me how to make a flame thrower out of hairspray and a lighter. We thought it was harmless, we just burned action figures and stuff. But then, it got dark so we brought it inside. I slept over that night, and he decided

to play a prank, by setting my pants on fire. I woke up and started yelling "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ARE YOU INSANE!?!?!" He was laughing and saying calm down i’ll get some water. But he was not quick enough, before we knew it the carpet was on fire. He immediately threw the bucket on me, but then we remembered his dad, who was still asleep. The whole house started to burn and all we could do was watch. Unfortuanately, his dad never made it out.


"Wake up guys time for school." My dad shouts. Me and Destery both rolled out of bed and stumbled to the kitchen so we could get some food. He is staying at our house now, until his grandparents can pick him up, but that won’t be for about a year. My brother, Walden, is in college. I can’t stop thinking about how he’s doing at school. But we haven’t heard from him in a while. We ate, showered and got out the door in time and arrived at school. This was our first day, so of course somthing would happen to screw it all up. "TRE MAKORAV AND DESTERY INFRA-FR-A-QU-QUIN... TO THE FRONT OFFICE IMMEDIATELY." We hear our teacher say when she came back into the room. "What did you do this time..." I mutter to him. When we got there, my dad was there in tears. I had never seen him cry, or show emotion, before in my life so i knew it was going to be serious. He did not say a word, just showed us a letter that read :

To the Makarov Family This is me, Walden reporting to you. I know I have been gone for a long time, and you all thought I was at college. This is not entirely true, but I have some things to explain. I have been at war for the 5 days in a desert, and everything was fine up until about 18 hours ago. I have been shot in the leg and will be coming home within a month. I am in Egypt right now fighting for Isreal in this war. We are very out numbered, by about 150,000 troops but we are still ahead. I wish you all the best of luck and I will be fine so dont worry. I miss you all greatly and wish i was with you From Walden Makarov

We all thought Walden was in college but i guess not. A tear ran down my cheek because I was thinking about the chance of survival for him and they are slim to none. I have always hated war. I thought it was pointless and that it was the worst way to decide. I never really thought about how much it could impact you, until it happened to someone in my family.


"We are in the middle of a desert right now... Can you hear me.... YOU THERE." I say into the walky, hoping to get a hold of someone.

"We are too far out of range. The Walky Talkie's are too far out of range to work. I guess its just us three for now." I yelled to my troop as we stumbled along a desert on our camels. We had uzi's with us. We were in egypt, looking for any egyptians that were left, because most of them had been wiped out on day 4. We had been walking for 4 hours, and were not expecting anything out of the ordinary, so we decided to rest and have some water and food. When all the sudden, we hear shouting in the distance. "Pack the bags, get your guns ready, I heard noises in the distance." I shout. We all got up on our camels, but they would not get up. They had fallen asleep, but this was a problem, because we had around 100 pounds of luggage each. So the only option was to leave all the food and drinks behind. We walked, and walked, and walked some more, but then we started to get hungry, and tired. When the day turned to night, we decided that we had to sleep. I had been asleep for a while, but then i heard a faint noise, but it woke me up. I stayed still, because if they thought i was dead, they would not disturb me. They started talking, and it was deffenitely Egyptian. I thought that playing dead would work, but they had shot us all in the stomache before they had left. I felt like i was going to explode with pain, it was the hardest moment in my life.


My father, Destery, and I were all waiting at the train station, waiting for my brother to get off the train. We were all so excited to see him, we could not believe it was finaly the day. Then, his train pulled up. I dont think I had ever been so excited to see

him. That moment he stepped off the train was the happiest day of my life. I respected my brother, and what he did. I was more proud of him then I have ever been.

Author’s Note

The Six Day War, also known as the Arab Israel War begin on June 5, 1967. It started when there were numerous minor border clashes between Israel and its Arab neighbors,

particularly Syria. In early November, 1966, Syria signed a mutual defense agreement with Egypt. In May 1967, Egyptian president, Gamal Abdel Nasser received false reports from the Soviet Union that Israel was massing on the Syrian border. Nasser began massing his troops in the Sinai Peninsula on Israel's border. Israel took this as an action of war. On June 1, Israel formed a National Unity Government, and on June 4 the decision was made to go to war. The next morning, Israel launched Operation Focus, a large-scale surprise air strike that was the opening of the Six-Day War. On the eve of the war, Egypt gathered over 100,000 troops. These forces had 950 tanks, 1,100 APCs and more than 1,000 artillery pieces. Israel only had around 50,000 troops. There forces had 800 tanks, and 300 air combat vehicles. Israel’s first move was a surprise attack on the Egyptian Air Force, and they destroyed about 420 aircrafts. When it turned to night time, Israel Assault Troops invaded the northern part of Egypt and fired over 6,000 bullets in under 20 minutes, and were highly successful. Many attacks like this accrued during the war and it ended up with Israel the victor on June 10, 1967. -Derek Fader

144 Hours  

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