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2012 CHILE TOUR REPORT “YOA has captured the hearts of so many, from all walks of life, in all corners of the Americas and beyond. Thanks to the beautiful music they are making together, musicians and audiences alike are experiencing the transformative power of music.”

PLÁCIDO DOMINGO Artistic Advisor YOA Orchestra of the Americas

“We are sure that this will be an element of great inspiration for our youngsters, who will surely benefit a great deal from this collective work of excellence. I invite you to become a part of this cause by supporting YOA during this beautiful trip through Chile.”

CECILIA MOREL MONTES First Lady of the Republic of Chile President of Fundación de Orquestas Juveniles e Infantiles (FOJI)

“For musicians and audiences alike, YOA’s multicultural ensemble—playing together in harmony—imparts a deep sense of belonging to a greater humanity and the rewards of enriching the lives of others.”

HILDA OCHOA-BRILLEMBOURG Chairman of the Board YOA Orchestra of the Americas

“We celebrate the fact that YOA is supported by some of the most recognized artistic figures in the world such as Plácido Domingo. We welcome YOA Orchestra of the Americas and hope the music and culture take us down a road of development, education, and social exchange.”

SERGIO GAHONA SALAZAR Mayor of the Region of Coquimbo

“Our Council has focused on the internationalization and professionalization of our artists and this tour certainly contributes to both. This will be a memorable musical trip; a true rhapsody that will involve our geography and will bring audiences and musicians together around one of the most beautiful and unique of artistic expressions.”

LUCIANO CRUZ-COKE CARVALLO Minister President National Council for Culture and the Arts

PAGE 3 “Symphonic ensembles are discovering that their contribution to humanity is much more than showcasing great art. Orchestras play a vital role in the social development of communities. It is certain that YOA will ‘wow’ audiences with this enormous display of talent.”

FELIPE BULNES Ambassador of Chile to the United States

“YOA has a well-deserved reputation for musical excellence and its efforts to promote harmony among peoples throughout the hemisphere. We at the U.S. Embassy are pleased to help facilitate this important cross-cultural initiative.”

ALEJANDRO WOLFF Ambassador of the United States to Chile

“To be collaborators on this tour represents a transcendental opportunity for cultural exchange and for experiences that will greatly strengthen the permanent institutional work developed with mysticism and enthusiasm in the Coquimbo region.”

DR. NIBALDO AVILÉS PIZARRO Rector Universidad de La Serena

“With the inauguration of Teatro del Lago in 2010, Frutillar is on track to position itself as a destination for music, education, and quality of life. It is a great pleasure to welcome YOA to our theater at the gates of the Chilean Patagonia.”

ULI BADER Executive Director Teatro del Lago

“The participation of such a notable organization will be a valuable contribution, example and experience for the formation and professional development of our young talents.”

SYLVIA PRIETO Executive Director Fundación Beethoven

“We know of the important role that YOA fulfills in the formation of young and talented instrumentalists. Their work is an invaluable contribution to the development of art and culture.”

DAVID DAHMA BERTELET Director of Universidad Santa María Director of University Radio



79 musicians from 20 countries of the Americas arrived in the coastal resort town of La Serena, Chile on June 28, 2012. An orientation on June 29 introduced musicians to the history of YOA, the significance of the upcoming project, and the activities they would be engaged in for the next month, as well as presenting YOA staff, faculty, and delegates from the Residence Hosts – Intendencia de Coquimbo and Universidad de La Serena. This was followed by highly anticipated seating auditions, where the musicians played for Faculty to determine their placement within each section. The concertmaster position was awarded to 19-year-old Canadian violinist Éliane Charest-Beauchamp of Montréal. Following the intensity of this first day of work, musicians, faculty, and staff were welcomed to an informal mixer to break the ice and celebrate the beginning of what would soon become a life-changing Tour. The 2012 La Serena Residence kicked off the next morning, with a full day of rigorous sectional rehearsals at Escuela de Música Jorge Peña Hen – the music conservatory of Universidad de La Serena. Work in individual sections led up to full orchestra rehearsals with YOA Music Director Carlos Miguel Prieto and Guest Conductor Benjamin Zander.

I cannot put into words how amazing my experience was as part of the YOA in Chile. The time spent performing and doing music outreach has changed my life forever, and I will never forget it.”

Katie Wolber (French horn), United States


In addition to artistic training with a Faculty of Principals from the world’s top orchestras, the daily experience of YOA participants was shaped by a multitude of other educational components. Faculty members Mauro Maur, Michael Webster, Leone Buyse, Rob Weir, Craig and Mary Ann Mumm, and Fernando Meza led evening seminars on subjects ranging from Performance Etiquette (July 2), Audition Preparation (July 3), Orchestra Committees and Audition Preparation (July 4), and The Musician as Entrepreneur (July 5). As part of this lecture series, Benjamin Zander gave his acclaimed “Art of Possibility” seminar to an audience that included both YOA and local youth (July 7). Composer in Residence Juan Orrego-Salas spoke to the musicians about his life as a composer (July 8). Moving away from the tone of formal seminars, Michael Webster’s annual stretching and yoga classes at rehearsal breaks were a well-received addition to the daily schedule.

I know that this experience is one that will stick with me throughout many years of my career. It has taught me to keep the love for music, culture, and life always in my heart, and has instilled in me the duty to give back.”

Cristina Ceja (viola), USA & Mexico


Each day during the Residence, musicians rehearsed chamber music, forming small informal ensembles among themselves and with Faculty. Several ensembles performed in Vicuña at the Museo Gabriela Mistral on July 5, while others were featured in the Residence’s annual Chamber Concert on July 9 in the Chapel of Escuela de Música Jorge Peña Hen. Among other notable pieces, a percussion quartet played Vous Avez du Feu? by Emmanuel Séjourné, which is performed in the dark using cigarette lighters as percussion instruments.


YOA musicians established a close relationship with the hosting music conservatory, La Escuela Experimental de Música Jorge Peña Hen of La Serena University. The YOA musicians were treated to a special welcome concert by the Orquesta Sinfónica Infantil and the Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil “Jorge Peña Hen” on June 30. This performance demonstrated the abilities of the young Chilean musicians that YOA would be coaching over the next ten days. YOA conductor Benjamin Zander, YOA Alumni Nicolas Girodano and Franco Carranza, YOA Faculty Mary Ann Mumm, and select YOA musicians led sectionals and rehearsals throughout the Residence, preparing them for a concert on July 10. Local Chilean musicians also learned by observing YOA’s rehearsals. The conservatory students of La Serena were not the only ones to benefit; Peruvian trumpet player Franco Carranza and Mary Ann Mumm (former Metropolitan Opera Orchestra violinist from New York) led community engagement activities in the region’s schools and after-school centers. In La Serena, the pair taught young musicians at the Colegio Pedro Aguirre Cerda and Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de la Antena. In Pisco Elqui, they worked with the children at Orquesta de Niños del Valle del Elqui, and in Coquimbo at the Escuela Artistica Claudio Arrau.

It was so rewarding to see the eagerness in the faces of the young cellists and their desire to learn.”

Vania Garcia (cello), Bolivia


YOA’s visit to the region also held opportunities for musicians to interact with and learn from the local culture and geography. On July 5, YOA toured the Museo Gabriela Mistral in Vicuña, a tribute to one of Chile’s most treasured poets. The orchestra then toured a Pisco museum and distillery, sampling the distinctive flavors of the unique Chilean grape brandy. To close the day, the orchestra traveled to the Elqui Valley to visit the Observatorio Mamalluca. The crystal clear night sky opened up for an impressive display of the Milky Way and constellations such as the Southern Cross and Scorpio. Observatory guides pointed out individual stars with powerful handheld lasers, as musicians took turns viewing Saturn and Mars through telescopes.


The high-points of YOA’s Residence were the orchestra’s two concerts in La Serena. On July 11, Cecilia Morel Montes, First Lady of Chile, attended the morning dress rehearsal and spoke to the orchestra about the importance of their presence in Chile for people across the country. The orchestra showed their appreciation by playing YOA’s signature encore Tico Tico, a Brazilian samba that moves audiences to dance down the aisles. Though the large arena was not designed for orchestral performances, and the weather that week was unusually cold—even for Chilean winter—the community flocked to El Coliseo for this unique event. Composer-in-Residence Juan Orrego-Salas looked on with pleasure as the orchestra honored his legacy by performing his work, Obertura Festiva. The audience welcomed him as a beloved national treasure after being away from his home country for over 20 years. Filling the enormous venue to standing room only, 3,000 people responded raucously to 18-year-old guest violinist Timothy Chooi’s rendition of the Sibelius Violin Concerto in D minor. Though unfamiliar to most, Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5 was met with resounding applause and standing ovations. The musicians left the stage feeling an exhilaration they had never before experienced at a classical music performance. Enthusiasts swarmed Chooi and the YOA musicians, requesting autographs and pictures with their new idols. The orchestra said farewell to La Serena the following evening, July 12, with a more formal concert at ENJOY Casino led by Benjamin Zander and again featuring Timothy Chooi. The performance included Brahms: Symphony No. 4 in E minor, Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis, and Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Violin Concerto in E minor. Political dignitaries in attendance included the Governor of Coquimbo, Sergio Gahona, and a delegation of regional Senators. Benjamin Zander gave a memorable closing speech about the connections made during the Residence, and the legacy of this region for YOA.

The energy and excitement was electric – this is how all concerts should be!”

Lauren Yu (bassoon), United States



Following the La Serena Residence, YOA traveled to the port town of Valparaíso. Benjamin Zander conducted YOA at Teatro de la Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María on July 14. The orchestra impressed audiences with Brahms’s Symphony No. 4 and Hindemith’s Symphonic Metamorphosis. Timothy Chooi performed Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto with vigor, which ended dramatically when, on the last triumphant note, one of Chooi’s violin strings snapped! The audience was astonished to watch Timothy humbly ask to borrow the concertmaster’s violin in order to perform his encore, which he delivered with true artistry. Maestro Zander’s final performance with YOA closed with three special encores: Edward Elgar’s bittersweet Enigma Variations, John Philip Sousa’s The Stars and Stripes Forever – both Zander staples - and YOA’s signature Tico Tico.

I felt highly inspired by working with maestros Prieto and Zander, and my fellow colleagues in an atmosphere that celebrates cultural diversity and pursues artistic excellence.”

Juan Sebastian Delgado (cello), Argentina


YOA spent four whirlwind days exploring Chile’s capital city. Plácido Domingo greeted the orchestra at Teatro Municipal on July 15, where they were treated to a private rehearsal with the world-renowned tenor. This session was followed by an intimate discussion with the orchestra, where Mr. Domingo gave career advice in response to questions from musicians about their dreams and goals. YOA Founding Chairman Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg also presented her ever-inspiring Leadership Seminar twice for the musicians—in Spanish in Viña del Mar and in English in Santiago. As part of the community activities in Santiago, YOA arranged for Maestro Zander and Faculty members Leone Buyse and Michael Webster to work with the musicians from the Chilean youth orchestra system (Fundación de Orquesta Juveniles e Infantiles de Chile). On July 16, YOA gave its first of three performances in Santiago at Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, where Carlos Miguel Prieto conducted chamber performances of Stravinsky’s Dumbarton Oaks Concerto, J.S. Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, Revueltas’s Homenaje a Garcia Lorca, and Chavez’s Toccata for Percussion. As a special treat, Timothy Chooi made a surprise appearance and performed the virtuosic Ballad from Eugene Ysaye’s Sonata No. 3 for the enthusiastic audience. Violinist Sarah Chang joined YOA in Santiago on July 17 for a performance at Teatro Municipal de Ñuñoa under the direction of Carlos Miguel Prieto. Her stunning interpretation of the Sibelius Concerto for Violin roused a standing ovation from the packed audience. Ginastera’s Panambi Suite and a particularly powerful display of Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5 rounded out the energetic evening performance. Chile’s First Lady, Cecilia Morel Montes, joined YOA for their final Santiago performance on July 18 at the dazzling Teatro Las Condes. Sarah Chang delivered a breathtaking display of musical skill and warmed hearts with a beautiful rendition of Bach’s Air on the G String as her encore, accompanied by full orchestra.

Sharing an experience like this with other likeminded musicians my age really made me become inspired again to be a musician. Our tour in Chile showed me how powerful music can be to a culture, and to the people themselves.”

Alex Applegate (viola), United States

Jackson Guillen (violin), Honduras

This tour has motivated me to help support the social programs that exist in my country. YOA has lit the fire in me to continue studying and practicing so that I may improve every day.”



After many days in Santiago, the orchestra continued south to Temuco on July 19. The orchestra stopped for lunch along the way at Museo Colchagua, a Santa Cruz winery in the Colchagua valley. In addition to a tour of the museum, the musicians had a guided tasting of the Colchagua valley wines. The following day, most YOA musicians were given the day off to explore the town replete with Mapuche culture. A small group of YOA musicians and Faculty members Craig and Mary Ann Mumm spent the afternoon working with young musicians in sectionals at the local conservatory. YOA’s concert in Temuco – held in the city’s Municipal Theater on July 20 – was marked by a triumphant first performance of Grieg’s Piano Concerto by guest soloist Louis Lortie. The performance also included Richard Strauss’s Don Juan and Modest Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, arranged by Ravel. The YOA musicians delivered a stellar performance that brought the hall to a standing ovation. On July 22, the orchestra traveled to the inland port of Concepción for a performance at the theater of the municipal university. Schoolchildren from the region attended YOA’s dress rehearsals, showing their appreciation by presenting the Chilean YOA musicians with ribbons to commemorate their visit to Concepción. Following the concert, YOA guest artist and acclaimed saxophonist Paquito D’Rivera met with YOA musicians and congratulated them on their successful concert.

This tour helped me grow not only as a cellist and musician but also as a person. I lived situations that taught me a lot about people, music, and even about my long-term goals.”

Vania Garcia (cello), Bolivia


On July 23, following a long and scenic bus ride from Concepción, YOA reached the German-settled Lake District of Chile at the gates of Patagonia – the final destination of the Tour. The orchestra was housed for the 5-night residence in the resort town of Puerto Varas, overlooking Lake Llanquihue. On July 24, the orchestra performed with Sarah Chang in the nearby village of Frutillar. As one of Latin America’s most acoustically advanced concert venues, Teatro del Lago lent itself to an exceptional performance of the Sibelius Concerto for Violin, Ginastera’s Panambi Suite and Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5, conducted by Carlos Miguel Prieto. Following the performance, the orchestra organized an impromptu talent show that included Sarah Chang as a judge! July 25 was dedicated to exploring the incredible natural beauty of the Lake District. The orchestra traveled with tour guides from the Ministry of Tourism to a series of waterfalls, followed by an unforgettable boat trip on Lake Todos Los Santos. The following day, YOA musicians traveled to Teatro del Lago for a chamber performance in the theater’s glass-shelled recital hall. Attended by local school-children and their parents, Maestro Prieto and the YOA musicians engaged the audience in an in-depth question and answer session.

It was an incredible, life-changing experience unlike anything I have ever done. I had never spent time in Latin America before, but I fell in love with the culture and with Chile. I have a new appreciation for the Americas as a whole and for countries that I had never given much thought before but that are the homes of many of my new friends.”

Andrea Beyer (double bass), United States

2012 CHILE TOUR REPORT On July 27, YOA divided into community engagement groups. One group visited Escuela Básica Claudio Matte, an elementary school in Frutillar, and performed Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto. The musicians also performed solo pieces that showcased their individual instrument for the students. In Puerto Varas, YOA musicians divided into small groups to engage the SOS Children’s Village, a community that provides housing and loving families for around 100 orphans and at-risk children. After a day spent engaging local youth, YOA musicians met back at Teatro del Lago for a private screening of the Opening Ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics. Later that evening YOA musicians gathered for the annual Música Folklórica de las Américas concert—an informal recital where musicians from each country showcased their local folk music and traditional dance.

FRUTILLAR (Continued)

July 28 marked the end of the 2012 Chile Tour. Music Director Carlos Miguel Prieto and Board Chairman Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg congratulated the musicians and staff on their successful Tour and presented each member with an award certificate at the Graduation Ceremony. The finale performance in Teatro del Lago featured Louis Lortie’s phenomenal performance of Grieg’s Piano Concerto and an electrifying Don Juan and Pictures at an Exhibition. Musicians exchanged hugs after the concert with tears in their eyes, as they shared their final moments as an ensemble together. They were brought back to Puerto Varas for the Finale Party, where speeches, toasts, and dancing brought the final day of the Tour to a close. The musicians and staff left Puerto Montt Airport throughout the day on July 29, each member bringing home new ideas, skills, connections, and a newfound appreciation for the power of symphonic music.

SPECIAL EVENTS YOA is immensely grateful for the many individuals and organizations that made this Tour possible, including the generous hosts who supported YOA through Special Events for the musicians, Board of Directors, and supporters in Chile.

JULY 8—ANNUAL FACULTY DINNER Hosted by Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro, Rector of the University of La Serena

JULY 12—RESIDENCE FINALE PARTY Hosted by Rolf Meijer-Werner at Brooklyn’s Club, La Serena

JULY 15—ISLA NEGRA TOUR Arranged by Mirella Levinas at the home-turned-museum of Nobel Laureate poet Pablo Neruda

JULY 15—BOARD LUNCH Hosted by Loreto Leyton at her home near Isla Negra

JULY 16—CHAMPAGNE RECEPTION Provided by the Centro Gabriela Mistral, Santiago

JULY 16—SPONSOR’S DINNER Provided by the Amigos del Teatro Municipal at Camino Real Restaurant, San Cristobal, Santiago

JULY 17—SANTA CAROLINA VINEYARD TOUR Arranged by Mirella Levinas for the YOA Board of Directors

JULY 17—YOA BOARD VISIT TO THE CHILEAN WHITE HOUSE Hosted by First Lady Cecilia Morales Montes, Santiago

JULY 17—YOA BOARD DINNER Hosted by Arturo Fermandois and Carolina Santa Cruz at their home in Santiago

JULY 18—YOA CAST PARTY DINNER Hosted by Drina Rendic at her home in Santiago

JULY 27—YOA LUNCHEON Hosted by Teruca Martínez at her home in Puerto Octay

JULY 28—PRIVATE LAKE VIEW RECEPTION Hosted by Uli Bader, Executive Director of Teatro del Lago


TOUR FACTS Strong turnouts in Chile The Chile Tour reached record numbers of audiences, with over 3,000 attending the opening concert in La Serena alone. In total, over 10,000 concert-goers had the opportunity to witness YOA concerts, and even more were reached through educational outreach and seminars.

Countries Represented by the 2012 YOA Orchestra YOA is made up of the finest musicians representing 20 countries from North, South, and Central America. Each year a new orchestra is assembled based upon new auditions.


SCHEDULE JUNE 29—JULY 10 LA SERENA RESIDENCE JUNE 30 LA SERENA LA SERENA CONSERVATORY "Welcome YOA!" concert La Serena Children’s Youth Orchestra Hugo Dominguez, conductor JULY 5 VICUÑA CULTURAL DAY Gabriela Mistral Museum Planta Capel Tourist Center Mamalluca Vargas Alfaro Observatory JULY 6 LA SERENA CABAÑAS MAR PACÍFICO "The Art of Possibility" seminar Benjamin Zander, guest speaker JULY 8 LA SERENA AVENIDA DEL MAR Annual YOA Faculty Dinner JULY 9 LA SERENA CABAÑAS MAR PACÍFICO YOA Musician and Faculty Recital JULY 10 LA SERENA TEATRO DE LA UNIVERSIDAD DE LA SERENA “Jorge Peña Hen” Orchestra of La Serena University Benjamin Zander, conductor Hugo Dominguez, conductor Felipe Hidalgo, conductor JULY 11 LA SERENA EL COLISEO MONUMENTAL DE LA SERENA Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor Timothy Chooi, violin JULY 12 LA SERENA ENJOY COQUIMBO GRAND BALLROOM Benjamin Zander, conductor Timothy Chooi, violin JULY 14 VALPARAÍSO LA UNIVERSIDAD FEDERICO SANTA MARIA Benjamin Zander, conductor Timothy Chooi, violin JULY 16 SANTIAGO CENTRO CULTURAL GABRIELA MISTRAL YOA Chamber Concert & Champagne Reception

REPERTOIRE Johannes Brahms: Symphony No. 4 in E minor, Op. 98 Alberto Ginastera, Suite del Ballet “Panambí”, Op. 1A Edvard Grieg, Piano Concerto in A minor Paul Hindemith: Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64 Mussorgsky-Ravel: Pictures at an Exhibition Juan Orrego-Salas: Obertura Festiva, Op. 21 Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5 in D minor, Op. 47 Jean Sibelius, Violin Concerto in D minor, Op. 47 Richard Strauss, Don Juan, Op. 20

JULY 16 SANTIAGO CHILE TOUR SPONSORS DINNER Hosted by Amigos del Teatro Municipal de Santiago JULY 17 SANTIAGO TEATRO MUNICIPAL DE ÑUÑOA Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor Sarah Chang, violin JULY 18 SANTIAGO TEATRO MUNICIPAL DE LAS CONDES Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor Sarah Chang, violin JULY 19 SANTA CRUZ CULTURAL DAY Museo de Colchagua JULY 20 TALCA TEATRO DEL MAULE Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor Louis Lortie, piano JULY 21 CONCEPCIÓN TEATRO UNIVERSIDAD DE CONCEPCIÓN Orquesta Sinfónica de la Universidad de Concepción Julian Kuerti, conductor JULY 22 CONCEPCIÓN TEATRO UNIVERSIDAD DE CONCEPCIÓN Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor Louis Lortie, piano JULY 24—28 FRUTILLAR RESIDENCE JULY 24 FRUTILLAR TEATRO DEL LAGO Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor Sarah Chang, violin JULY 25 FRUTILLAR CULTURAL DAY Lake Llanquihue JULY 26 PUERTO VARAS COLEGIO PUERTO VARAS Educational Concert JULY 27 PUERTO VARAS REGIONAL SCHOOLS YOA Musical Exchange JULY 28 FRUTILLAR TEATRO DEL LAGO Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor Louis Lortie, piano



An exciting and insightful communicator renowned for his charismatic presence on the conductor’s podium and his versatile command of various composers and styles, Carlos Miguel Prieto is considered one of the most dynamic young conductors on the classical stage today. Currently music director of the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Mexico and the Orquesta Sinfónica de Minería in his native Mexico, and the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra in the United States, Maestro Prieto is also in high demand as a guest conductor.


A leading interpreter of Mahler and Beethoven, Benjamin Zander is known for his charisma and unyielding energy and for his brilliant preconcert talks. Since 1979, Benjamin Zander has been the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic. He is known around the world as both a guest conductor and a speaker on leadership. He uses music to help people open their minds and create joyful harmonies that bring out the best in themselves and their colleagues.


Juan Antonio Orrego Salas is one of Chile’s most important musical icons and among the most widely known Latin American composers of our time. Orrego Salas studied with Randall Thompson and Aaron Copland in the United States, and later he settled in that country in the early 1960s to work at Indiana University, where he co-founded the Latin American Music Center.


French-Canadian pianist Louis Lortie has attracted critical acclaim throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States, not least for extending his interpretative voice across a broad repertoire range rather than choosing to specialize in one particular style. The London Times, describing his playing as “ever immaculate, ever imaginative,” has identified the artist’s “combination of total spontaneity and meditated ripeness that only great pianists have.”


Sarah Chang is recognized as one of the world’s great violinists. Since her debut with the New York Philharmonic at the age of 8 she has performed with the greatest orchestras, conductors and accompanists internationally in a career spanning more than two decades. In 2012, she will have recorded exclusively for EMI Classics for 20 years.


18 year old Canadian violin prodigy Timothy Chooi has won numerous prizes including the Grand Prize in the 2010 Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal Standard Life Competition. He is presently studying at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia. In 2010, Timothy was a Prize Winner at the Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition (Senior Division) in Oslo, Norway. He has also won First Prize at the Canadian Music Competition, Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival (two time gold medalist), and the BC National Festival of the Arts.




Luciana Arraes, Brasil Cesar Aviles, Puerto Rico Fabrício Basso, Brasil Éliane Charest-Beauchamp, Canada Laura Cividino, United States Marian Crucci, Argentina Sri Gopal Diaz Martinez, Venezuela Tania Donoso Torres, Chile Paulina Andrea Elgueta Castillo, Chile Gonzalo Alfredo Escuti Toro, Chile Anastasia Falasca, United States Carlos Roberto Gándara García, México Jackson H. Guillen, Honduras Diego José Hernández Sánchez, El Salvador Mike Jiménez Franco, Colombia Heather Mastel-Lipson, United States Ruža McIntyre, Canada Aurora Mendez Irizarry, Chile Haggeo Mora, Chile Jacob Ormaza Vera, Ecuador Gabriela Rodríguez, Paraguay Lucía Rodríguez Martínez, México Magdalena Rojas, Argentina Ingrid Solano Mora, Costa Rica

Emmanuel Toledo, United States & México Iván Javier Valbuena Páez, Colombia Brian Viliunas, United States

BASSOON Ananta Diaz, Venezuela Federico Sardi, Uruguay Lauren Yu, United States

FRENCH HORN Gerardo Diaz Arango, México Miller Reyes Sanchez, Perú Rose Valby, United States David Villegas Chávez, Chile Katie Wolber, United States

TRUMPET VIOLA Alex Applegate, United States Jean Daniel Barahona Zamora, Chile Cristina Ceja, United States & México Lianna Dugan, United States Marcela Giordano, Uruguay Manuel Ignacio Moreno Heredia, Ecuador Daniel Osorio Cuesta, Colombia Carlos Miguel Toc Polanco, Guatemala Enrique Felipe Victoria Obando, Perú

Noah Dugan, United States Sergio Fuentes Ibarra, Chile Juan Pagán Moreno, Panamá

TROMBONE Francisco Javier Cordoba Yela, Colombia Madeleine Doyon-Robitaille, Canada


Pablo Ruiz Henao, Colombia

Rose Bart, United States Juan Sebastian Delgado, Argentina Vania Andrea Garcia-Hinojosa, Bolivia Diego Ernesto Hernández Vidal, Colombia Claudio Reyes Camacho, República Dominicana Axel Gonzalo Rojas Vallejos, Chile Liam Veuve, United States

TUBA Victor Gomez, United States & Argentina


Leonardo Mandujano Madariaga, Chile

Andrea Beyer, United States Andrew Chilcote, United States Manuel Figueroa Bolvarán, Chile Edward Leaf, United States & Chile Fernando de Jesus Martinez Flores, México Ivy Wong, United States


FLUTE Beatrice Anabel Ovalle Ortega, Chile Daniel Velasco Ayala, Ecuador Kelly Zimba, United States

David Hernández Tinoco, México Relmu Levalle Campusano, Chile Juanmanuel López Arrieta, Costa Rica Pablo Pallero King, Chile Sidonie Wade, United States

HARP Julian Cardenas, Colombia

OBOE Kristin Kall, United States Rafael Monge Zuniga, Costa Rica Elizabeth O'Neil, United States

PIANO Sergio Escalera, Bolivia


FACULTY Otto Derolez, violin José Aurelio Castillo, violin Craig Mumm, viola Bernhard Lörcher, cello Daniel Krekeler, double bass Leone Buyse, flute Michael Webster, clarinet Gordon Hunt, English horn / oboe Rob Weir, bassoon Javier Gandara, French horn Mauro Maur, trumpet James DeSano, trombone / tuba Brad White, trombone / tuba Fernando Meza, percussion Jennifer Swartz, harp Ricardo Castro, piano

Brussels Philharmonic National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Stuttgart Philharmonic Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Boston Symphony Orchestra Rochester Philharmonic Philharmonia Orchestra San Francisco Symphony Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Rome Opera House Orchestra Cleveland Orchestra Houston Symphony University of Minnesota Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal Haute École de Musique de Lausanne

OUTREACH LEADERS Mary Ann Mumm, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Franco Carranza Cárdenas, La Semana de la Trompeta Peruana Nicolás Giordano Pisano, Sembrando Talentos Uruguay

“I had the chance to work with first rate professors from whom I learned a lot; world renowned directors that are also wonderful human beings and full of potential, that got the best out of all of us; and famous international artists like Sarah Chang, Timothy Chooi, and Louis Lortie, that filled us with invaluable motivation and energy.”

Ingrid Solano Mora (violin), Costa Rica

PERSONNEL SENIOR MANAGEMENT Katarina Weir Executive Director Mark Gillespie General Manager & Artistic Manager Emma Moores Operations & Marketing Manager Julia Ernst Development Officer

TOUR MANAGEMENT Samuel Robles, Project Manager Susan Anderson, Tour Operator Margie Apfelbaum, Personnel Manager Felipe García, Logistics Facilitator Gilberto Martínez, Site Coordinator Marisol Medina, Nurse Andres Ortiz, Intern María Pombo, Communications Officer Gerardo Tornero, Head Sound Engineer Mauro Torres, Stage Manager Hitomi Tsuchiya, Head of Library Maria Ignacia Valdés, Photographer Raul Vergara, Residence Facilitator





Hilda Ochoa and Arturo Brillembourg / VISION, Inc Gift in honor of Ray & Barbara Dalio Carol Grefenstette & David Bates Dr. Gaston Ormazabal and The Hildegard Behrens Foundation

Guillermo & Cecilia Schultz



Cementos Pacasmayo Hannah Crow de Mendiola General Mills Foundation Jacqueline & Marc E. Leland Foundation Jorge Paulo Lemann The McGraw-Hill Companies Jorge & Costanza Montoya and GAP Foundation Odebrecht Drina Rendiç and Chilean friends of YOA President & Mrs. Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada

Katherine Brittain Bradley Bridgewater Associates, LP Chopivsky Family Foundation Gabriela Febres-Cordero Rhona Wolfe Friedman, J.D. & Donald Friedman Brian C. McK. Henderson Mr. & Mrs. John J. Mason Moisés & Susana Naím Nuria Malla-Robles & Mario Robles



Cosette Alves Banco Bradesco The Dorothy G. Bender Foundation Cristina Vollmer de Burelli & Pedro Burelli Mary & Armeane Choksi Isabel & Ricardo Ernst Alejandro Figueroa and Corporación Banco de Bogotá para el Fomento de la Educación Fundación IRSA Yael Marciano and Venezuelan Friends of YOA Lorenzo Mendoza and Empresas Polar Ben, Hoy & Tori de Menil, in honor of Marc Leland Michael Olding, M.D. Nelson & María Ortiz Thomas Pheasant & Juan Carlos Rincones David M. Schwarz and …a chance... fund Seguros Bolívar and Fundación Bolívar Davivienda Select Equity Group Foundation Buzz & Ursula Tenny Suzanne Siskel Leslie M. Westbrook & Paolo Frigerio

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There are not enough words in the world to express how thankful I am for this great opportunity you have given me, not only to me but to all my fellow colleagues in the Americas. I hope to be able to share everything I learned from the professors that took part in the tour with every musician I meet in the future.”

All of these experiences and learning would not be possible without your generous support, and that is why I thank you with all my heart, because as the YOA’s motto says, you have transformed my life, in all areas and it is my humble commitment to persevere to ensure that this legacy reaches as many people as possible.”

Rafael Monge Zúñiga (oboe), Costa Rica

Diego José Hernández Sánchez (violin), El Salvador


LEADERSHIP ARTISTIC Plácido Domingo, Artistic Advisor Carlos Miguel Prieto, Music Director

ARTISTIC ADVISORY COUNCIL Martha Argerich Joshua Bell Sarah Chang Thomas Clamor Paquito D’Rivera Gustavo Dudamel James Ehnes Christoph Eschenbach Nelson Freire Philip Glass María Guinand Miguel Harth-Bedoya Alex Klein Louis Lortie

Yo-Yo Ma Branford Marsalis Roberto Minczuk Gabriela Montero Ennio Morricone Cristina Ortiz Helmuth Rilling Leonard Slatkin Leon Spierer Emmanuel Villaume John Williams Benjamin Zander David Zinman

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FOUNDING INSTITUTIONS New England Conservatory Vision, Inc

BOARD OF DIRECTORS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg, Venezuela & USA, Chairman José Antonio Abreu, Venezuela, Vice Chairman Mark Churchill, United States, Vice Chairman Carol Grefenstette, United States, Treasurer Cecilia Schultz, México & USA, Secretary

Cristina Vollmer de Burelli, Venezuela & USA, Member At-Large William A. Delphos, United States, Member At-Large Rolf Meijer-Werner, Venezuela, Member At-Large Barron M. Tenny, United States, Member At-Large Simon Welsby, United Kingdom, Member At-Large

DIRECTORS Maria Izabel Erthal Abdenur, Brazil Pilar Arosemena de Aleman, Panamá Ana Cristina Alvarado, El Salvador & USA Cosette Alves, Brazil David J. Bates, United States Sari Bermúdez, México Ellen Brager, United States Michael F. Brewer, United States Ana Maria Sosa de Brillembourg & Alfredo Brillembourg, Venezuela & USA Arturo Brillembourg, Venezuela & USA Elisabeth T. Brillembourg, Venezuela & USA Guillermo Bron, Costa Rica & USA Teresa A. L. de Bulgheroni, Argentina Mariana Fariña de Bush, Perú & USA Mario Cáder-Frech, El Salvador & USA Jane Lipton Cafritz, United States Juan Cintrón Patterson, México Jonathan Coles Ward, Venezuela & USA Terry L. Coles, Canada Lizette Corro, Panamá & USA Felipe Antonio Custer, Perú Pauline & Roberto Dañino, Perú Isabel & Ricardo Ernst, United States

Gabriela Febres-Cordero, Venezuela & USA Alejandro Figueroa Jaramillo, Colombia Leonor Filardo, Venezuela Terence Ford-Gladwell, Panamá Rhona Wolfe Friedman, United States Leonor Gonzalez-Luft, Venezuela & Germany Katya Gorbatiouk, United States John Harris, United States William A. Haseltine, United States Brian C. McK. Henderson, United States Donna Lauderdale, United States Daniel & Mirella Levinas, Argentina & USA Loreto Leyton, Chile Yael Marciano, Venezuela & USA JoAnn Mason, United States Jorge P. Montoya, Perú Michele Morales, Dominican Republic Moisés & Susana Naím, Venezuela & USA Claire Nelson, United States Michael Olding, United States Gaston Ormazabal, Chile & USA Nelson & Maria Ortiz, Venezuela Timothy E. Owens, United States Efrain & Emma Paesky, Argentina

Pedro Palma, Venezuela Héctor Manuel Payares Blanco, Venezuela Sagrario Perez-Soto, Costa Rica Thomas Pheasant, United States Juan Emilio Posada, Colombia Andrew Quale, United States Samuel Antonio Quirós, El Salvador Drina Rendic, Chile Juan Carlos Rincones, Venezuela & USA Nuria Malla Robles, Venezuela & USA Guillermo Schultz, México & USA David M. Schwarz, United States Pepita Serrano, México Suzanne Siskel, United States Jody Steiger, Costa Rica & USA Catherine Stevens, United States Donald Thulean, United States Juan Santiago Uribe, Colombia John Waterston, United States Leslie M. Westbrook, United States Patrick Woodard, United States David Yanovich, Colombia Linda Zou, United States






YOA Chile Tour Report  

YOA Orchestra of the Americas Tours Chile with Conductors Carlos Miguel Prieto and Benjamin Zander; Guest Artists Sarah Chang, Louis Lortie,...