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The 15-concert 2016 Nordic-Baltic Legacy Tour promoted cross-cultural exchange between 80 exceptional young musicians from 26 countries of the Americas, and the community of Nordic and Baltic nations. Throughout Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany, YOA musicians demonstrated the Americas-led movement of orchestral training for social development, embodying their roles as youth leaders through interactive performances and workshops. Involving the participation of outstanding members and alumni from the renowned Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, participants gained insight into first-hand Nordic and Baltic leadership and legacies, ranging from gender equality to environmental consciousness. As part of a commitment to social inclusion, the Tour involved local music camps and work with refugee communities, among other engagement activities. Through the Nordic-Baltic Legacy Tour, the capacity of YOA musicians as artistic leaders and citizen-musicians was enhanced, empowering participants to bring the best models from the region back to their home communities across the Americas.


For more than two thousand years, the Baltic Sea has been a meeting place in the story of humanity. In the days of the Romans, the tribes of the North were venerated for their honor and beauty, for the purity of their lives, and for the moral compass that defined their actions. They inhabited a place of mystery, with gods of the land, monsters of the sea, and lords of the sky. Vast migrations saw the tides of history reshape the Baltic region. The arrival of Christianity transformed the facade of Norse temples into towering wooden churches, and later, stone cathedrals. With the arrival of the Crusades, the Baltic Sea became a gateway between Asia and Europe, enriching Viking traders who raided, settled, and transformed lands to the south. These adventurers sailed east to Constantinople and west to modern day Canada. They imparted diverse legacies, including Western Europe’s first modern assembly and what would become the fundamentals of European law. The Hanseatic League later united the Baltic communities through commerce, building vast wealth and regal city kingdoms from Tallinn to Visby. Today the Baltic-Nordic region is one of the most modern places on earth - a beacon of advanced society, integration, and welfare. Despite this modern facade, the communities of the Baltic region retain the spirit and dignity described by the Roman historian Tacitus 2,000 years ago. This remains a land of nature and music; a region filled with voices, singing, and enchanting melodies. YOA Orchestra of the Americas explored the legacy of the Baltic through a 7-country tour across the countries whose shores touch its cobalt waters. Baltic ships made the first known crossing between Europe and the Americas 1,000 years ago. Today, this Hemispheric orchestra made its own crossing back, sharing its own cultures and traditions with the living communities of these ancient Baltic lands. Music is a white light that contains all colors. Only a prism can divide the colors and make them appear. This prism is the spirit of the listener.



Now in its fourth season, the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra has already established itself as an established artistic institution in the cultural and educational fabric of Boston and beyond. BPYO made its Carnegie Hall debut in December 2013. The New York Times review of that concert noted that the members of BPYO “play with a maturity and cohesion well beyond their years,” and described their performance of Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony as “a brilliantly played, fervently felt account, enriched with silken strings, robust brass, and eloquent solos.” The inaugural 2012–13 season of the BPYO culminated in a 5-city concert tour of the Netherlands, featuring a performance of Mahler’s Second Symphony in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, and two superlative reviews in the national press. Subsequent tours have taken the BPYO to the major concert venues in Berlin, Prague, Lucerne, and other European cities and back to Carnegie Hall for two sold out performances. BPYO’s motto is “Shaping Future Leaders through Music.” Complementing their musical assignments, BPYO members receive weekly leadership assignments from Mr. Zander. The orchestra members carry on a dialogue with Mr. Zander through weekly “white sheets,” wherein they are invited to reflect on the leadership assignments, and offer feedback about the rehearsal process and their musical and life experiences. These conversations often lead to stimulating discussions on personal leadership and effective contribution. BPYO members participate as musical mentors in the Crescendo! programs of the Boston Philharmonic, working with younger musicians in local schools and El Sistema-inspired programs. Since 2013, BPYO has cohosted an annual El Sistema Greater Boston showcase, which has brought together nearly 400 children from up to 12 different programs. The 120 members of the BPYO range in age from 12 to 21, and are chosen through a highly-selective audition process. They reside or attend school throughout New England, and come together on Saturday afternoons for sectionals and full orchestra rehearsals at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, in Boston’s South End.

PLMF was inaugurated on February 7, 2003 by soprano Pille Lill with the aim to support the development of talented professional musicians by organizing master classes, opportunities to perform and by introducing them internationally. The organization launched with a concert-reception in the Town Hall of Tallinn, in the presence of its Patron, The Earl of Carlisle as well as the Cultural Minister of Estonia and many Ambassadors to the Republic of Estonia. Estonian friends of Opera and Music from all walks of life were also present.

LETTERS FROM TESTIMONIALS FROM TOUR TOUR LEADERSHIP LEADERSHIP We applaud YOA’s work to bring the joy of symphonic music to communities all around the world. HER MAJESTY QUEEN SILVIA QUEEN CONSORT OF SWEDEN

YOA’s visit has been mutually inspiring and will enrich our cultural relations. THOMAS HENDRIK ILVES PRESIDENT, REPUBLIC OF ESTONIA

This orchestra is an inspiration to young musicians around the world, and a reference for the world’s nations about the power that is possible through collaboration beyond borders. WANDA ZWINOGRODZKA VICE MINISTER OF CULTURE & NATIONAL HERITIGE, REPUBLIC OF POLAND

We hope that your concert in the ancient village of Sorø acts as a bridge between the countries of the Americas and the community of Danes present. BERTEL HAARDER MINISTER OF CULTURE, KINGDOM OF DENMARK

We salute YOA’s work to bring the transformative power of symphonic music to communities across the world and to share the universal language of music with new generations.

YOA showcased that the power of music for cooperation serves as an example to us all, and what is possible when countries work together towards the very best objectives.



We enjoyed your music and sharing the great tradition of the symphony orchestra with our audiences, young and old alike.

I am very pleased that you chose Estonia as a destination during your tour, and I wish that your stay was full of experiences!



I hope you had you a wonderful time in Sweden as you shared the experience of music with a new audience in my country.

In celebration of YOA’s 15th anniversary, I am proud of the lives that this organization has impacted across the globe.



We are very proud to have supported the historic cultural exchange of YOA’s visit to Estonia.

It was thrilling to see the young musicians of YOA and BPYO joining musical forces, learning and growing together, and sharing their passion for music and life with the people of the Nordic and Baltic region.



Thanks to the beautiful music they made together, musicians and audiences alike experienced the transformational power of music. PLÁCIDO DOMINGO YOA ARTISTIC ADVISOR

We are glad and honored that YOA’s first Residence in the Nordic-Baltic region took place here in beautiful Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. LEELO LEHTLA PLMF TRUST

Together we made possible the exceptional achievements of youth excellence, social entrepreneurship, and community engagement across the Americas.

YOA’s example of unity and collaboration across national borders is an example of the transcendent power of music.






Sala Operowa Centrum Kultur, Lublin

JULY 1-15 Residence at Tallinna Tehnikaülikool, Tallinn

Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor


Käru Kirik, Rapla County


Festiwal Ogrody Muzyczne, Warsaw


Vahastu Kirik, Rapla County

Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor


Festival Glasperlenspiel, Tartu

Benjamin Zander, conductor


Alexandra Soumm, violin

Leksand Kyrka, Leksand



XXIV Rapla Church Music Festival, Rapla

Benjamin Zander, conductor

Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor

Nigel Armstrong, violin

Jüri Reinvere, composer


Dala-Järna Kyrka, Dala-Järna

Pille Lill, soprano

Benjamin Zander, conductor

Sireen Women’s Choir

Scott MacIsaac, piano


Tallinna Tehnikaülikool, Tallinn


Stora Tuna Kyrka, Stora Tuna

Benjamin Zander, conductor

Benjamin Zander, conductor


Saint John’s Cathedral, Tallinn

Scott MacIsaac, piano

Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor


Vadstena Kyrka, Vadstena

Gautier Capuçon, cello

Carlos Miguel Prieto conductor

Nigel Armstrong, violin


Great Ambert Concert Hall, Liepaja


Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor


Sorø International Music Festival, Sjælland

Alexandra Soumm, violin

Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor

Alexandra Soumm


Pažaislis Music Festival, Kaunas


Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor

AUGUST 2 Kultursommer Nordhessen Festival, Kassel

Irina Zahharenkova, piano

Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor

Irina Zahharenkova, piano


International Emanacje Festival, Luslawice

Carlos Miguel Prieto, conductor

Gautier Capuçon, cello














Canada Day Celebration at Canadian Embassy in Tallinn


Noche de los Mayas

JULY 3 - 8


Symphony No. 1

YOA-led Music Camp in Tallinn


Two Lullabies


Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune


Candide Overture


Symphonic Dances from West Side Story

JULY 4 July 4th Celebration at US Embassy in Tallinn JULY 18

Performance at the Oncological Hospital of Kaunas, Lithuania


Work with Refugees in Sweden


Variaciones Concertantes


Work with Refugees in Germany


Songs in Fading Light (world premiere)


Violin Concerto in E minor


Cello Concerto in A minor


Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major


CARLOS MIGUEL PRIETO Perhaps no one embodies the spirit of YOA more than Music Director Carlos Miguel Prieto. Among Latin America’s most celebrated classical artists and one of the world’s renowned conductors - frequently leading top orchestras in Europe, North America, and Asia - Prieto dedicates five weeks each July and August to working with the musicians of YOA. His charismatic blend of vision, intellect, humor, authenticity, and most importantly, humanity, makes him an inspiration to the musicians. The way in which Prieto so effortlessly strides between the world of professional orchestras and the forum of giving back to the community makes him a role model to the musicians of the orchestra, demonstrating that it is possible to be both a great artist and a citizen musician.

Playing under the baton of Prieto is incredible. Through his energetic conducting, he inspires us to perform at our highest potential - and we do! Julie Rochus French Horn, Canada

Prieto has such a rare combination of brilliant musicianship, strong leadership, and genuine respect for the orchestra. He made everyone feel comfortable and have fun, even on the longest rehearsal days. Anna DeLoi Harp, United States

As a classical pianist, I tend to understand music as something very meaningful but mostly solitary. Through Prieto, I could see and understand the joy of making music as a group. Claudio Espejo Piano, Chile

Prieto had an abundance of energy that truly drove the ensemble to a higher level of musicality. Talia Hatcher Double Bass, Canada

BENJAMIN ZANDER Among the world’s greatest educators, Benjamin Zander brings young people to life like no one else. An in-demand motivational speaker for Fortune 500 companies, and the founder and Music Director of the Boston Philharmonic and BPYO, Zander’s recent video on the future of classical music education is the most watched TED Talk in China. Every minute with Zander both on and off stage is like a lesson book, opening witnesses to the world of opportunity around us all and within us all. One of the visionaries behind YOA since its inception, the impact of Zander’s time on the podium with audiences and orchestra musicians is equalled only by the power of his informal conversations, including two sessions held with the combined YOA-BPYO orchestra on “The Art of Possibility” in Estonia and Sweden.

Zander’s “Art of Possibility” talk encouraged me and gave me confidence to continue to challenge myself. Stéphanie Caplette Violin, Canada

The stories of Zander and the way he encouraged us to create possibilities in any situation will be something that I remember forever. David Santos Bass Trombone, Brazil

Zander’s work with the orchestra gave us a lot of energy and inspired us to give our best with each one of his movements. Jacob Ormaza Violin, Ecuador

Zander not only helped us to refine our skills as musicians but also taught us how to live happier lives through his philosophy of “the art of possibility.” Justin Cummings Bassoon, United States


YOA COMPLETES FIRST BALTIC RESIDENCE YOA Orchestra of the Americas’ 2016 Tallinn Residence marked the orchestra’s first visit to Northern Europe. Hosted by the PLMF Music Trust, YOA’s Residence brought together 80 musicians from 26 countries of the Western Hemisphere with a teaching faculty of orchestral principals from the world’s greatest music institutions. The group completed two weeks of training on the campus of Audentes Kool, a high caliber sports school for aspiring Estonian Olympiads. At the Residence’s orientation, participants were encouraged to “learn from the best, be passionate about what you do, and always work as a group” by YOA’s Executive Team, Nina Weir and Mark Gillespie. During the 2-week training period, musicians received daily instruction from coaches representing the Berlin Philharmonic, Royal Concertgebouw, Rome Opera Orchestra, Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic, and Metropolitan Opera of New York, among other orchestras. On July 8, musicians performed side-by-side with section coaches in a formal Chamber Concert that showcased the talent of the Americas. In addition to learning from instrumental faculty, musicians were coached in full orchestra rehearsals and mentored by YOA Music Director Carlos Miguel Prieto (Mexico) and BPYO Music Director Benjamin Zander (USA/UK). “Passionate about music, Zander always relayed an inspiring story or experience that edified us as musicians,” praised Jovani Williams (Jamaica, violin). YOA participants also had the opportunity to receive life coaching from visiting members of the Board, led by Founding Chairman Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg. YOA-LED MUSIC CAMP FOR LOCAL YOUTH YOA’s mission is to empower young musical leaders to transform lives across the Americas and beyond. In this spirit, throughout the Residence, YOA musicians worked with hundreds of regional youth in the 7th International Rapla Summer Academy. Children, teens, and young adults received instruction from YOA coaches, took part in chamber music rehearsals and concerts, attended sectional coaching sessions and rehearsals, and participated in “instrument petting zoos,” which allowed the youngest to work with a musical instrument for the first time. The YOA-led Music Camp was a unique opportunity that showcased the power of music for youth social inclusion. The emergence of symphony orchestras as vehicles for social inclusion is inverting what the world imagines classical music to be and the role an orchestra can play in community development. YOA’s social work is playing a pivotal role in this movement. COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES In the first days of the Residence, YOA participated in a series of chamber music performances, including a concert at the Canada Day celebration at the Residence of Canada’s Ambassador to Estonia, Alain Hausser. A chamber ensemble was also honored as guests at the 4th of July celebration hosted at the Residence of the US Ambassador to Estonia, James Melville Jr. Additional chamber concerts took place on July 6 in Käru Kirik in the Estonian countryside, and on July 10 in Vahastu Kirik, both recitals presented by the Rapla Church Music Festival. On July 8, a group of more than 40 YOA musicians took over Tallinn’s main square to perform in

a Flash Mob. Led by Estonian trumpeter Mihkel Kallip, the group played a popular Estonian song by Raimond Valgre, Helmi, and in crescendo, gathered the attention of dozens of locals and visitors, who joined the group and followed them down the streets of Tallinn’s Old Town. Orchestra musicians took the opportunity of being in Estonia for the first time to explore regional history and outdoor activities. In addition to many walking tours of the walled medieval city, on July 9, orchestra members traveled with a scientific guide to hike and swim at a bog in the country’s interior. Orchestra members learned to identify edible plants and were also taught about the geological characteristics of the region. SYMPHONIC CONCERTS IN TARTU, RAPLA, & TALLINN YOA performed its first full orchestra concert on July 11 in Tartu at the Glasperlenspiel Festival. The concert, conducted by Benjamin Zander, showcased French violinist Alexandra Soumm, and featured Bernstein’s Candide Overture, Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor, and Brahms’ Symphony No. 1. “YOA is about learning from each other, transforming, and giving back. I share these values as a musician, as a human being, and as a humanitarian myself,” said Soumm. On July 13, YOA headlined the Rapla Church Music Festival, one of the longest running festivals in independent Estonia. Conducted by Carlos Miguel Prieto, the concert highlighted Estonian music. The orchestra, accompanied by the Sireen Women’s Choir (Estonia), performed Two Lullabies by Estonian Arvo Pärt, YOA’s 2016 Honored Composer. The concert also showcased the world premiere of Jüri Reinvere’s Songs in Fading Light with Estonian opera singer Pille Lill. Marking the 100th anniversary of his birthday, the concert ended with Argentinian composer Alberto Ginastera’s Variaciones Concertantes. YOA continued its tour with an educational concert titled “Classical Fever,” conducted by Benjamin Zander. This concert showcased excerpts from popular classical repertoire, including the Coriolan Overture, Op. 62 (Beethoven); Romeo and Juliet (Tchaikovsky); Divertimento in D Major (“Salzburg Symphony No. 1”), K 136 (Mozart); Symphonies No. 5 and No. 9 (Beethoven); Nimrod (Elgar); and the 4th Symphony by Gustav Mahler. “Everybody loves classical music, but they just don’t know it yet,” said Zander regarding this educational concert. St. John’s Cathedral, in Tallinn’s Liberty Square, hosted YOA’s final concert in Estonia on July 15. Showcasing French cello virtuoso Gautier Capuçon, the concert brought to the Baltic public the vitality and energy of great music from the Americas, including Bernstein’s Symphonic Dances from “West Side Story” and La Noche de los Mayas by Mexican composer Silvestre Revueltas. “I want you to imagine yourselves in a Mayan pyramid, and enjoy the poetry of this ancient Mexican culture,” said Prieto to the audience before the performance. A standing ovation and lasting complete silence at the end of his encore marked the success of soloist Capuçon, who enchanted the public with Saint-Saëns’ Cello Concerto in A minor.


LIEPAJA, LATVIA Following a two-week Residence in Estonia, YOA’s Tour continued south, with a journey that took the ensemble through western Estonia, on to Liepaja, Latvia, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. On July 16, YOA gave its premiere concert in Latvia in the Great Amber Concert Hall, a breathtaking theater winner of the “Popular Choice Award” in the prestigious architectural competition Architizer A+ Awards. The concert, conducted by Carlos Miguel Prieto and showcasing violinist Alexandra Soumm, delighted the audience with interpretations of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor. In addition to local audiences, the concert was attended by a group of visiting YOA Board Members and international supporters. At the concert’s conclusion, YOA’s signature encore, Tico Tico, received a standing ovation. Later that night, many musicians took the opportunity to explore the surrounding beach restaurants that lined the nearby Latvian shore. KAUNAS, LITHUANIA Kaunas, Lithuania hosted YOA for the first time on July 17 in the Kaunas State Philharmonic Society, presented by the XXI Pazaislis Music Festival. The concert, conducted by Prieto, featured Estonian pianist Irina Zahharenkova performing Mozart’s Concerto No. 23. The program also included Symphonic Dances from “West Side Story” (Bernstein) and Revueltas’ La Noche de los Mayas. The audience learned about the many peculiarities of the percussion section in this piece, which showcases ancient Mayan and Aztec instruments, “that you probably have never heard before,” said Prieto. Lithuanian National TV shared the news with the country of these 80 musicians from the Americas visiting its second largest city. After several days on the road, the orchestra enjoyed a free day in Kaunas, known as “the most Lithuanian city of Lithuania,” and home to a fully preserved Baroque Old Town. Its famous castle, dating from the Fourteenth Century, gave musicians the perfect setting to learn about the country’s rich history, and take countless pictures of the scenic setting. On bike and on foot, many YOA musicians made the city home for a day, while others chose to make a day trip to Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital. YOA encourages social responsibility among its participants. In this spirit, on July 18, in collaboration with the Pazaislis Music Festival and the Rimantas Kaukenas Charity Group, an ensemble of three YOA Canadian musicians (Stéphanie Caplette, violin; Katrina Chitty, viola; and Julien Siino, cello), visited the Oncological Hospital of Kaunas, sharing a performance with 10 children and their families aimed at bringing some joy and peace into the minds of those dealing with the stress of a serious childhood illness.


LUSLAWICE YOA continued on tour to Luslawice, Poland, a well-known summer community near Krakow. Here, famed Polish composer Krzyztof Penderecki has led the construction of one of Europe’s most important new performance spaces - the Krzyztof Penderecki European Center for Music. On July 20, this concert hall hosted a sold-out performance of YOA featuring Capuçon and Prieto. The concert dazzled audiences with Saint-Saëns’ Cello Concerto in A minor, before Capuçon surprised the crowd with an encore involving the full orchestra: Meditation de Thaïs (Massenet). The evening culminated with a triumphant interpretation of Brahms’ Symphony No. 1 in C Minor. Following the concert, Adam Balas, General Director of the Krzyztof Penderecki European Center for Music, proclaimed, “This is the best performance that this concert hall has ever hosted, and we are sure that it will remain uncontested for a long time.” In a post-concert dinner, the orchestra thanked Capuçon for being an inspiration, to which the renowned cellist in return congratulated the orchestra musicians on their passion and commitment. “Enjoy every minute of this experience. I also took part in festival orchestras in my younger days, and remember them with special fondness. We will all meet again soon as musical colleagues around the world,” said Capuçon. LUBLIN The next day, #YOAEuroTour traveled north to Lublin, one of the most venerated cultural cities in Poland. The city’s earliest settlements date back to the 6th century, with its Old Town home to one of Poland's largest networks of historical buildings. This “City of Inspiration,” as it is known, houses the Centrum Spotkania Kultur (Center for the Meeting of Cultures), where YOA performed for a full house on the evening of July 21. The Lublin concert delighted the audience with French composer Debussy’s Prelude à l’après-midi d’un faune, Argentinian composer Ginastera’s Variaciones Concertantes, and Mexican composer Revueltas’ La Noche de los Mayas. At the end of the concert, Elzbieta Penderecki, President of the Ludwig van Beethoven Association and General Director of the Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival, addressed the musicians: “On behalf of my husband Krzyztof Penderecki and myself, I thank you profoundly for a wonderful performance and for all your passion. I wish you the best of luck in your journey through Poland.” WARSAW On July 22, YOA gave its last of three major concerts in Poland in the Royal Castle of Warsaw. Conducted by Prieto, the sold-out concert delighted the public with Bernstein’s Candide Overture and Symphonic Dances from “West Side Story,” finishing with an energetic performance of La Noche de los Mayas. YOA’s concerts in Warsaw saw the presence of many distinguished private and diplomatic guests, among them the Ambassador of Uruguay to Poland, H.E. Pablo Scheiner, the Ambassador of Peru to Poland, H.E. Alberto Salas Barahona, and the Ambassador of Venezuela to Poland, H.E. Luis Gómez Urdaneta. At the end of the concert, Uruguayan, Peruvian, and Venezuelan musicians had the opportunity to exchange unforgettable moments with their country’s representatives.


YOA’s Tour flew north from Warsaw to Stockholm, to embark on an adventure that took the group to the Dalarna Region. This rural area is famous for being the heart of Swedish cultural life, and for its endless lakes of exceptional beauty, which attract urbanites during the warm summer season. LEKSAND On July 24, YOA welcomed back renowned conductor and TED speaker Benjamin Zander for an unforgettable concert in Leksand Kyrka. The performance marked the furthest north that YOA has ever played. The event showcased YOA’s concertmaster, American virtuoso Nigel Armstrong, who performed Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor. After a dramatic moment when one of Armstrong’s violin strings broke in the final movement, the soloist continued flawlessly by reaching for the associate concertmaster’s instrument to finish the piece. His performance culminated in one of the loudest roars by an audience YOA has ever received. The concert also showcased Debussy’s Prelude à l’après-midi d’un faune and Brahms’ Symphony No. 1 in C minor. “It was a very special moment for the orchestra. After what Nigel did, the energy in the whole orchestra just changed,” said YOA violinist Ana Aparicio (Venezuela). Leksand’s Minister Sten Boman eulogized on the event to the audience, proclaiming, “What we saw tonight is an example for all of us in life. When strings break, don’t give up, find a way forward. You musicians have taught us all a valuable lesson for life.” SNÖÅ BRUK The next day, YOA musicians enjoyed of a day off, and took the opportunity to explore the nature and the surroundings of Dala Järna. Three canoes served as transport for dozens of musicians, who took on paddling and sailing to explore the lake next to the hotel. The experienced kayakers shared their knowledge with the novices, while navigating the rocks that made the entrance to the lake an exciting challenge. Other musicians simply enjoyed the water by participating in diving sessions and swimming races. ENGAGING REFUGEES IN NÅS YOA is committed to work with the local communities and promote music as a vehicle for social change. Thus, on July 26, and thanks to the support and collaboration of the Vansbro municipality and the Church of Sweden, a group of YOA percussionists, trumpets, and clarinets visited a refugee camp in Nås, Sweden. YOA musicians led a series of workshops to inspire and motivate distressed youth and families through the universal language of music, and performed brief chamber music concerts. Scott MacIsaac, Grand Prize Winner of the 2015 OSM Manulife Competition, joined the group of YOA musicians involved in these community engagement activities with refugees of Syrian, Afghan, and Iranian origin.

DALA JÄRNA The Dala Järna Kyrka served as concert hall for the second concert in Sweden and first of soloist Canadian pianist MacIsaac, who delighted the audience with Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major, K 488 on July 26. Led by Zander, YOA performed Debussy’s Prelude à l’après-midi d’un faune, and Brahms’ Symphony No. 1 in C Minor. “This has been the most extraordinary moment of my life,” said a moved local attendee to Zander. “This concert was very inspiring. It reminded me that music is what I want to do!” said Tove, a 19 year-old Swede who attended YOA’s performance. STORA TUNA On July 27, YOA visited the town of Stora Tuna for its last concert in the Dalarna Region. The Stora Tuna medieval church, built in 1469 and with an 86m high tower added in the twentieth century, hosted YOA’s concert and the second part of inspirational Zander’s talk “The Art of Possibility,” in which the musicians reflected on their journeys in the tour. Led by Zander, the program highlighted Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major, K 488 performed by MacIssaac, in addition to works by Debussy and Brahms. VADSTENA The last concert in Sweden took place in the historic town of Vadstena, whose beautiful renaissance castle dates from 1545. Though it was originally intended to shield Stockholm from possible attacks by the Danes and the Smålanders, the castle was turned into a palace for Duke Magnus, King Gustav Vasa’s son. Directed by Prieto, and showcasing violinist Nigel Armstrong, YOA’s concert delighted the audience with an outstanding performance of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor, Debussy’s Prelude à l’aprèsmidi d’un faune, and Revueltas’ La Noche de los Mayas. YOA’s signature encore Tico Tico had the audience on their feet and ended the concert on a high note. “People were greeting us and thanking us all at the end of the concert. It was such an amazing experience,” said YOA musician Gabriel Polycarpo (viola), from Brazil. Following the concert in picturesque Vadstena, the orchestra spent an extra day in the town exploring its waterfront, swimming in the lake, and relaxing at numerous cafés. The evening served as the annual celebration of long-time YOA supporter and friend, Rolf MeijerWerner’s birthday party, held at a farmhouse restaurant outside of town in the middle of agricultural fields. The orchestra feasted on local seafood delicacies, before turning to the restaurant’s game room and dance floor for a night of celebration in honor of Rolf.


SORØ, DENMARK Led by Prieto, the penultimate concert of the tour took place on July 31 in the medieval Sorø Klosterkirke (Soro Abbey), built in 1440. Before founding Copenhagen, Bishop Abasol founded Sorø in 1161, and is buried in its Abbey. The concert showcased music from the Americas, including Bernstein’s Symphonic Dances from “West Side Story,” and Revueltas’ La Noche de los Mayas. French virtuoso violinist Soumm delighted the audience with an outstanding performance of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor. As a surprise encore, Danish saxophonist Aske Drasbaek performed Piazzolla’s Oblivion with the orchestra. YOA’s signature encore Tico Tico ended the concert on a high note, a local journalist noting that a day later that “the hair on my arms is still standing.” KASSEL, GERMANY On August 1, the orchestra reached its final destination in Kassel, Germany, to perform in the Kultursommer Nordehessen Festival. YOA welcomed back Irina Zahharenkova as soloist for the closing concert of its Nordic-Baltic Legacy Tour. Prior to the concert, YOA musicians engaged in community engagement activities serving nearly 50 refugees (old and young), who had the chance to listen to chamber music and learn about the instruments used in a symphonic orchestra. Led by Prieto, the concert showcased Brahms’ Symphony No. 1, while Zahharenkova delighted the audience with an emotive performance of Mozart’s Concerto No. 23. Prieto addressed the audience before the “good-bye” of the final encore. “We know how this piece starts, but we never know when, how, or where it will end,” Prieto remarked. The audience joined the musicians dancing and singing in celebration of the completion of #YOAEuroTour. After 7 countries, 15 concerts, and 2,790 minutes of music making together, YOA musicians said good-bye, exchanged promises of future visits, and rushed to add anyone not yet in their list of Facebook friends. The tears, the hugs, and the incredible music will remain forever in the hearts of the musicians who took part in YOA’s 2016 Nordic-Baltic Legacy Tour. On August 3, YOA musicians traveled to Frankfurt’s International Airport, where they took off to their home countries.


Age range of concert attendees 9 - 85

While listening to music... 33% felt inspired to do new things.

After attending this concert... 1 out of 2 audience members will listen to more classical music.

Why did you come to this concert? Half came to see young musicians from across the Americas.


85% of musicians reported important artistic growth.

4 out of 5 musicians developed improved leadership skills.

70% of musicians reported strong growth of their support network.

80% of musicians gained a significantly deeper appreciation for the cultures of the Americas.

2 out of 3 musicians grew significantly more passionate and motivated about music.

YOA is the human representation of the best of every nation on the continent.

YOA is a family where we come to work really hard, to give our best, and to celebrate.

Kaylet Torrez French Horn, Venezuela

Ernesto Estigarribia Viola, Paraguay

Before music, I did not have that feeling of wanting to accomplish something. Music gave a reason to live.

YOA is like family. You meet people from different countries but they all make you feel like you are at home.

Raul Fernandez Dominguez Viola, Mexico

JesĂşs Flores Trumpet, Mexico

Music is love, fantasy, fire, passion. Music for me is essential. StĂŠphanie Caplette Violin, Canada


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DENMARK Dit Sorø, SN, Dagbladet

Liepajniekem, Diena, TV Net

GERMANY HNA, Hessische Allgemeine, Kassel Live LITHUANIA Kauno Diena, LRT - Lithuanian Radio & Television, AMERICAS 7 News (Belize); Times & Transcript (Canada); 15min, Delfi, Alfa El Diario de Hoy (El Salvador); Le Nouvelliste POLAND Polskie Radio, Wiadomosci,, (Haiti); The Gleaner (Jamaica); TV Azteca, El Di- Zakliczyn, Miastons, Lublin TV, Dziennik ario de Juárez (Mexico); El Pueblo Presidente, Polski, Warszawa Naszemiasto, Onet, Radio Canal 2, Nueva Ya, Radio Nicaragua, Radio Lublin, Wydarzenia Zinica, Xornal de Galicia, Nuevo Diario, La Viz del Sandinismo (Nicaragua); ABC (Paraguay); Noti- tarde (Venezuela)



Estonia 2

Estonia 23

Germany 3 Denmark 8 Sweden 7

Poland 11

Americas 6

Latvia 4 Lithuania 6

Lithuania 1 Poland 1

LOCAL HOST VS. YOA INVESTMENT YOA’s value to the community inspired local partners to share in the project costs. Total project value = $833,839 $225,000



$200,000 $175,000

ESTONIA: PLMF Trust, Festival Glasperlenspiel


LATVIA: Great Amber Concert Hall


LITHUANIA: Pažaislis Music Festival


POLAND: Krzyztof Penderecki Center, Spotkania Kultur, Warsaw Royal Palace

$75,000 $50,000 $25,000 $0




Host/Partner Investment Total = $344,916



Direct YOA Investment Total = $488,923



SWEDEN: Svenskakyrkan, Leksand Kyrka, Dala-Järna Kyrka, Stora Tuna Kyrka, Vadstena Kyrka DENMARK: Sorø International Music Festival GERMANY: Kultursommer Nordhessen


15 Full Orchestra Concerts 3 Chamber Concerts

1 Flash Mob 1 Week of YOA-led Music Camp

2 Days Coaching Refugees CONCERT AUDIENCES


8,740 Total Audiences Reached


Germany, 30

2,785 2,502


Sweden, 12

2,000 1,500 1,089 1,000 540

500 0



Lithuania, 20

Estonia, 124

202 Estonia (4 concerts)

Latvia (1 concert)

Lithuania (1 concert)


Poland (3 concerts)

Sweden (4 concerts)

Denmark (1 concert)

Germany (1 concert)


4,207 miles traveled

39 Tour video clips received 200,000+ views.

78 hours on a bus

43% increase in YOA Instagram subscribers between first & last concert.

2,745 workshop minutes 5,535 rehearsal minutes 2,790 concert minutes

6,000+ Instagram reactions to official Tour posts.

YOA ORCHESTRA VIOLIN I Nigel Armstrong, United States, Concertmaster Fernando Muñoz, Cuba, Associate Concertmaster Ana Andrea Aparicio, Venezuela Elizabeth Ehrlich, United States Carlos Roberto Gándara García, Mexico Costanza Goldenberg Thiery, Argentina Kseniya Khvashchynskaya, United States Priscilla Montalván, Costa Rica Jacob Ormaza-Vera, Ecuador Armando Rios Rodríguez, Cuba Jesus Saenz, Peru Sabrina Tabby, United States VIOLIN II Zuriel Bermúdez Cisne, Nicaragua Stéphanie Caplette, Canada Julia Churchill, United States (BPYO) Sarah Colimon, Haiti Eric Dalmau, Dominican Republic Courtney Gillett, Belize Mike Jiménez Franco, Colombia Nadine Quiroz Gersdorf, Mexico Gilberto José Reyes Figueroa, El Salvador Jovani Williams, Jamaica Cameron Zweber, United States (BPYO) VIOLA Katrina Chitty, Canada Raúl Fernando Domínguez Cortez, Mexico Ernesto Estigarribia, Paraguay Rodolfo Mijares Cótiz, Venezuela Jesus Eduardo Mujica Parra, Venezuela Gabriel Polycarpo, Brazil Mario Rivera, Honduras Manuel Alejandro Toc Polanco, Guatemala CELLO Erin Busch, United States Anna Isabel Chan Flores, Mexico Emma Churchill, United States (BPYO) Abigail Lorimier, United States (BPYO) José David Marquez Carrero, Venezuela Taide Prieto Carpio, Peru (BPYO) Valeriya Sholokhova, United States Julien Siino, Canada DOUBLE BASS Jesús González, Mexico Dayana Guevara, Venezuela Talia Hatcher, Canada Jorge Hernandez, Mexico Wilson Pepper, Venezuela

FLUTE Kelly Herrmann, United States Michelle Sung, United States (BPYO) Katherine Velasquez, Bolivia (BPYO) OBOE Camila Del Pozo, Chile Nicholas Tisherman, United States (BPYO) Juan Sebastián Velasco Correa, Colombia CLARINET Julian Hernandez, Puerto Rico Celeste Markey, United States Luz Elena Sarmiento, Colombia (BPYO) Iván Javier Valbuena Páez, Colombia BASSOON Justin Cummings, United States Diego Llanos Campos, Chile Federico Sardi, Uruguay FRENCH HORN Anthonny Calderon, Puerto Rico Alfredo Otoniel Carrión Merino, Peru Nate Klause, United States (BPYO) Julie Lynne Rochus, Canada Kaylet Torrez, Venezuela TRUMPET Jesús Antonio Flores Díaz, Mexico Mihkel Kallip, Estonia Huber Wilfredo Lopez Callupe, Peru TROMBONE Jose Ramon Alvarez Patiño, Venezuela Dante Batista Samudio, Panama David Santos, Brazil (Bass) TUBA William Andres Castillo Acuña, Colombia TIMPANI Caroline Bucher, Canada PERCUSSION Alexandre Lavoie, Canada Jéssica Ornaghi, Brazil Guillermo Ospina Martinez, Colombia Francisco Piñero Herrera, Venezuela Matt Richards, United States PIANO Claudio Espejo, Chile HARP Anna DeLoi, United States (BPYO)


CONDUCTORS Carlos Miguel Prieto, YOA Music Director Benjamin Zander, BPYO Music Director

GUEST ARTISTS Gautier Capuçon, cello Alexandra Soumm, violin Irina Zahharenkova, piano Scott MacIsaac, piano Nigel Armstrong, violin Jüri Reinvere, composer Sireen Women’s Choir Pille Lill, soprano

FACULTY Leon Spierer, violin & Head of Faculty, Berlin Philharmonic Otto Derolez, violin, Brussels Philharmonic José Aurelio Castillo, violin, National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica Craig Mumm, viola, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Ilmari Hopkins, cello, Stavanger Philharmonic Dominic Seldis, bass, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Mary Ann Mumm, community engagement, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Leone Buyse, flute, Boston Symphony Orchestra Gordon Hunt, oboe, Philharmonia Orchestra Michael Webster, clarinet, Rochester Philharmonic Rodion Tolmachev, bassoon, Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra Catherine Larsen-Maguire, bassoon, Hoschule für Musik Rostock Javier Gandara, French horn, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Mauro Maur, trumpet, Rome Opera House Orchestra Karl Frisendahl, trombone/tuba, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Fernando Meza, percussion, University of Minnesota Birgitte Volan Håvik, harp, Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

TOUR CREW Nixon Bustos, Librarian Raúl Gomez, Tour Producer & Cover Conductor Oswaldo Gutierrez, Communications Officer Roger Hobby, Associate Tour Manager Román Landeros Licea, Stage Manager Ed Leaf, Media & Production Associate Gilberto Martinez, Site Coordinator Marisol Medina, Nurse Colleen Murdock, Intern Andrés Ortiz, Special Situations Officer Gregory Parra, Community Engagement Coordinator Paul Pietrowski, Personnel Manager Robin Pineda, Videographer/Photographer Pedro Vargas, Stage Manager David Vogel, Tour Manager


2002 YOA performs at The Kennedy Center, The Americas Society and OAS in its Camerata Concerts Series, under the baton of Plácido Domingo, Gustavo Dudamel, and Benjamin Zander. YOA tours USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Venezuela, and performs with renowned guest artists including Yo-Yo Ma at Palacio de Bellas Artes, and Teatro Colón, among other famed concert halls.

2003 YOA chamber ensemble performs with Paquito D’Rivera in the United Nations and The Kennedy Center under the direction of Carlos Miguel Prieto. YOA performs 17 concerts in Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, and Mexico under the baton of Carlos Miguel Prieto.





YOA chamber ensemble performs in Boston, New York, Washington, and Costa Rica. The First Lady of Mexico and the First Lady of the United States attend a concert in the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.

YOA chamber ensemble performs at Harvard University, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and Carnegie Hall for Paquito D’Rivera’s 50 Years in Show Business celebration. YOA plays for local Virginia and New York public schools.

YOA debuts in the European countries of Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, and England, and performs with acclaimed artists including Plácido Domingo, Pilos Popovic, Plamena Mangova, Edmundo Ramirez, and Gabriela Montero.

YOA prepares and performs Benjamin Britten’s The Rape of Lucretia at Castleton Farms under the baton of Lorin Maazel, launching the first Castleton Residency for Young Artists.

YOA performs in Mexico City, Puebla, Cuernavaca, and Morelia in its first exclusive Mexico Tour.

YOA tours Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina led by Carlos Miguel Prieto and Gustavo Dudamel and performs with renowned Venezuelan pianist Gabriela Montero.

YOA performs four concerts featuring Bach’s Saint Matthew Passion under the baton of conductor Kent Nagano.

2008 YOA performs for the OAS Annual General Assembly in Medellín. YOA performs with saxophonist Paquito D’Rivera and soprano Brenda Feliciano. YOA tours Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay featuring pianist Nelson Freire and cellist Antonio Meneses under the direction of Carlos Miguel Prieto and Marcelo Lehninger.

2009 YOA tours the United States and Canada, performing in the Domaine Forget, Palais Montcalm, and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra’s Knowlton Festivals. YOA participates in the Orchestra Program for Youth at Risk in the Caribbean, with the Organization of American States. YOA participates in the VIII Festival Internazionale di Musica e Arte Sacra directed by Helmuth Rilling.

2010 YOA performs in Carnegie Hall with Valery Gergiev, Julian Rachlin, Joshua Bell, and Carlos Miguel Prieto. YOA performs 24 concerts in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil, under the batons of Carlos Miguel Prieto and Dante Anzolini featuring Joshua Bell and Philip Glass. YOA presents two concerts in Santo Domingo’s Teatro Nacional as 2010 Cultural Capital of the Americas.

2011 YOA leads a 17-concert tour of Mexico, performing in Mexico’s most famed theaters including Palacio Bellas Artes. YOA performs in the Young Euro Classic Festival in Berlin and in Philip Glass’ Days and Nights Festival in California. The China Tour marks YOA’s Asian debut, with a Residence and Tour under the leadership of Jose Serebrier.



YOA leads 11-concert national tour of Chile and performs with acclaimed violinist Sarah Chang and pianist Louis Lortie in cities ranging from La Serena to Frutillar.

The 12-concert, 6-country tour of Central America completes the “Connections Tour” series, a celebration of the significance of Central America as a bridge to the world.

The unveiling of YOA Global Leaders Program saw the selection of 24 bright young leaders, who were sent around the globe on missions training young musicians and enriching lives.

YOA Global Leaders Program continues in its second year, with over 17 missions hosted by 13 countries, and more than 30 pioneering faculty lecturers from many of the world’s top academic institutions.



YOA leads a pioneering tour of the Caribbean, performing concerts in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, marking the first orchestra concert in Jamaica in over 50 years. YOA leads community outreach in Haiti, working with over 300 young musicians.

YOA serves as a headlining orchestra at the Pan American Games in Toronto, in addition to touring in the provinces of Quebec and holding the Residence in Moncton hosted by the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra and Sistema New Brunswick.

YOA Global Leaders Program expands to include Missions in Europe and Asia.

YOA Global Leaders Program partners with Oxford and McGill Universities to offer graduates certification in Social Entrepreneurship, Teaching Artistry, and Orchestral Leadership.

ABOUT YOA YOA IS A WORLD-CLASS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA of gifted young musicians, ages 18 to 30, representing 26 countries in the Western Hemisphere. YOA’S MISSION is to empower young musical leaders to transform lives across the Americas and beyond. YOA has become an international brand by bringing renowned artists—from Yo-Yo Ma to Paquito D’Rivera, from Plácido Domingo to Philip Glass—into the lives of young musicians and diverse audiences. FREE AND OPEN AUDITIONS are held annually via YouTube, removing the cost of international postage, to ensure that any deserving and eligible musician can apply. Following adjudication by prestigious faculty, all musicians in the new orchestra participate on full scholarship, to achieve the greatest equality and diversity possible. THE SEASON CENTERPIECE is a July-August Residence and Concert Tour held each year in different regions of the world. Musicians, Faculty, Conductors, and Guest Artists gather for a 2-week Residence of daily full-orchestra and sectional rehearsals to prepare diverse and challenging repertoire to take on a month-long tour. YOA HAS PERFORMED more than 300 concerts since its 2002 Inaugural Tour in settings that range from the most prestigious concert halls of Europe and the Americas to outdoor venues not often associated with symphonic music. YOA has reached millions through live performances, television and radio broadcasts, CD recordings, print media, and documentary films. THE GLOBAL LEADERS PROGRAM is an annual yearlong training course that supports the transformation of exceptional musicians into leading social entrepreneurs. The Program combines unique on-site leadership development in diverse international settings with remote classroom training guided by a pioneering faculty. Leaders are taught to act simultaneously as cultural entrepreneurs, mentors, teaching artists, advocates, performers, administrators, and fundraisers. THE IMPACT OF YOA stretches far beyond its programs. Participants return to their native countries to share experiences and gained knowledge with their communities. YOA connects musicians to institutions of higher learning and professional job opportunities. YOA has served as the model for music education startups in Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama, Saint Lucia, the United States, and Uruguay.


Advisory Councils ARTISTIC COUNCIL Martha Argerich Joshua Bell Sarah Chang Thomas Clamor John Corigliano Paquito D’Rivera Roberto Diaz Gustavo Dudamel Tan Dun James Ehnes Christoph Eschenbach Ingrid Fliter Nelson Freire Philip Glass Giancarlo Guerrero María Guinand Miguel Harth-Bedoya


Alex Klein Louis Lortie Yo-Yo Ma Branford Marsalis Roberto Minczuk Gabriela Montero Ennio Morricone Yannick Nézet-Séguin Cristina Ortiz Helmuth Rilling Leonard Slatkin Leon Spierer Maximiano Valdes Emmanuel Villaume John Williams Benjamin Zander David Zinman

José Antonio Abreu The Hon. Madeleine K. Albright Mr. & Mrs. Oswaldo Cisneros Paulo Coelho Cecilia Morales Montes David Rockefeller, Jr. Mario Vargas Llosa League of American Orchestras The Americas Society Organization of American States Venezuela sin límites

FOUNDING INSTITUTIONS New England Conservatory Vision, Inc

Board of Directors EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg, Venezuela & USA, Chairman Mark Churchill, United States, Vice Chairman Carol Grefenstette, United States, Treasurer Cecilia Schultz, Mexico & USA, Secretary

Cristina Vollmer de Burelli, Venezuela & USA, Member At-Large Rolf Meijer-Werner, Venezuela, Member At-Large Timothy Owens, United States, Member-At-Large Barron Tenny, United States, Member At-Large

DIRECTORS David Bates, United States Arturo Brillembourg, Venezuela & USA Elisabeth Brillembourg, Venezuela & USA Teresa de Bulgheroni, Argentina Pedro Burelli, Venezuela & USA Mario Cáder-Frech, El Salvador & USA Jane Lipton Cafritz, United States Nigel Clarke, Jamaica Terry Coles, Canada Margarita Copello de Rodríguez, DR Lizette Corro, Panama & USA Fernando Cortés McAllister, Colombia Felipe Antonio Custer, Peru Pauline & Roberto Dañino, Peru Isabel & Ricardo Ernst, United States Gabriela Febres-Cordero, Venezuela & USA

Alejandro Figueroa Jaramillo, Colombia Leonor Filardo, Venezuela Terence Ford-Gladwell, Panama Leonor Gonzalez-Luft, Venezuela & Germany William Haseltine, United States Carlos & Maria Lacayo, Nicaragua Donna Lauderdale, United States Daniel & Mirella Levinas, Argentina & USA Yael Marciano, Venezuela & USA JoAnn Mason, United States Jorge Montoya, Peru Michael Olding, United States Pilar O’Leary, United States Gaston Ormazabal, Chile & USA Nelson & Maria Ortiz, Venezuela Efrain Paesky, Argentina

Thomas Pheasant, United States Juan Emilio Posada, Colombia Andrew Quale, United States Drina Rendic, Chile Juan Carlos Rincones, Venezuela & USA Nuria Robles, Venezuela & USA Javier Sancho, Spain Arturo Sarukhan & Verónica Valencia, Mexico Guillermo Schultz, Mexico & USA David Schwarz, United States Pepita Serrano, Mexico Suzanne Siskel, United States Jody Steiger, Costa Rica & USA Enrique Valdez, Dominican Republic John Waterston, United States

ADMINISTRATION Nina Weir, Executive Director Cayla Inserra, Operations Manager Jose Pedro Zenteno, Global Leaders Academic Manager

Mark Gillespie, Creative Director & General Manager Raúl Vergara, Head of Global Leaders Program Mary Marcellin, Accountant


Circle of the Americas


Anonymous Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra Brillembourg Ochoa Family Foundation

Noreen & Kenneth Buckfire Pedro & Cristina Burelli Fundación Bolivar Davivienda Ambassador Emanuel Gonzalez-Revilla & Mrs. Luciana Miro de Gonzalez-Revilla Carol & David Grefenstette-Bates Jorge Paulo Lemann Thomas & Jeannie Rutherfoord

Patron Anonymous …a chance... Fund Santiago Fernandez Castro Mary & Armeane Choksi Fundación Azteca Fundación Sinfonía GAP Foundation Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation Hildegard Behrens Foundation Sachiko Kuno Foundation Inc. Jacqueline & Marc Leland

Member Jorge & Costanza Montoya Michael Olding, MD S&P Global Guillermo & Cecilia Schultz Barron & Ursula Tenny

Antoine & Emily van Agtmael Eric Bendickson Katherine Brittain Bradley Mark Churchill Dr. Nigel Clarke Isabel & Ricardo Ernst Fulbright Association William A. Haseltine Jeffrey Hsu Mirella & Daniel Levinas Rolf Meijer-Werner



Mary & Armeane Choksi Lizette Corro Foly Hoag Terence Ford-Gladwell Goldman, Sachs, & Co. Ronald & Rosabel Goodman Dr. Katja Janovsky John & JoAnn Mason David Menachery Tobin Moore Kim Hyun Seok Jose Solis Betancourt Lindsay Hart Thompson John & Lily Waterston Wennett Cader Frech Foundation

Cosette Alves Richard Arentz Sharif Atta & Sandra Missmar Brigitte Bentele Clara Brillembourg Elisabeth T. Brillembourg Jane & Calvin Cafritz Honorable William & Laryssa Courtney Gabriela Febres-Cordero Ernesto Fernandez Irma & Richard Frank Ambassador Jorge & Paola Guajardo

Bernie Holland Kay Kendall Katherine Kimpel Nikki Kraus Donna Lauderdale Susan Lehrman Leslie Libby Ken MacLeod Eugenia Meijer-Werner Stanley & Linky Motta Beth Renee Myers Susana Naim Nelson & Maria Ortiz Nora Pouillon Andrew Quale

Brian Murdock Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal / Arianne Riou Timothy Owens Drina Rendic Nuria Malla Robles Suzanne Siskel Klaus Luft Stiftung Harry Weller

Kendall Rose Honorable & Mrs. Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada Arturo & Veronica Sarukhan Frank Saul Karin Schultz Paige & Tim Shirk St. Croix Foundation Annie Totah Langdon & Mary Katherine Metcalfe Wheeler Jorge Zappi

Additional Sponsors

*List as of September 30, 2016.


YOA Orchestra of the Americas 1001 19th Street North, 16th floor Arlington, Virginia 22209 USA +1 (703) 236-0010

2016 Nordic-Baltic Legacy Tour Report  
2016 Nordic-Baltic Legacy Tour Report