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Are teachers prepared for the new era?


ith the advance of technology, new fields as

regards education are established in society. The implementation of subjects which deal with the usage of innovative tools becomes a great necessity within community. CALL subject in the Teacher Training College comes up with the idea of enhancing learning throughout online and software tools. Within the variety of tools, all of them are of useful function as well as instructions of how to use tools and proper internet connectivity are required. In order to promote learning, learners should be exposed to contexts they most enjoy. The employment of computers and online resources in classes may be compelling at the time of teaching. Some of the tools applied to CALL classes were related to videos, songs, voice recorder, pictures post and vocabulary lists. By making use of video editor such as Dvolver Moviemaker, Veengle, Vialogues, and Keek, teachers may introduce a specific topic in the lesson or learners could put contents into practice. Online tools such as Voki,

Tubeoke, Skype and

Voice-thread allow

teachers to check


pronunciation and

fluency. The

multimedia tools

applied to pictures

post are PhotoFania,

Lino, Flikr,

PhotoPeach which are

employed to modify

and show images to

teach particular vocabulary or structure. Tagul and Wordle are also applied to teach vocabulary items according to specific contexts. Not all individuals know how to use technological tools properly. It is a matter of experience, constant learning and improvement. Future teachers should get the idea that later generations come to be digital natives and trainers require preparation for it. Two relevant points are pointed out. Firstly, every multimedia tool has its procedure to be used, some of them are time-consuming and some others undergo complex processes. Consequently, lengthy and practical training is required during the

acquisition of novel methods in technological fields. Secondly, another issue to consider at the time of employing technology is that online resources demand proper internet connection. The place where learners work and internet quality have a powerful influence when dealing with online resources. The new era is already immersed in our society


individuals may take full advantage of the new implementation of technological fields. The novel methods of teaching and learning throughout online resources become a practical way of imparting knowledge and generating enthusiasm during the process of learning.

By Yoana Robol

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