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September 2013 Issue 7

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A few times a month, I take perks to chill and clear my head. Lol! The only problem is most of the time, I can’t remember what I did. Anyway, about two weeks ago, me and this chick was on our chill jawn, and I hit, but I can’t remember if I used a condom. I was really F-Uped cause she’s alright, but she’s not my main jawn and besides all of that, she can’t remember either. So I went to get tested for STDs just to be safe. The dude from YOACAP told me that I should think about changing some of my habits, but its only perks. My test results came back negative, which is cool, but I have some other things to think about. I told my homies they should get checked out, and I’m seriously considering fallin back from the perks.

MOBILE UNIT SCHEDULE (6 pm — 9 pm): Monday Venango & Old York Road 22nd & Somerset

Wednesday 15th & Erie 16th & Allegheny

Tuesday 16th & Butler 15th & Dauphin

Thursday 19th & Susquehanna Ave. Germantown & Juanita

Free resources: Condoms STI testing Job Readiness training Computer training Tutoring GED class Afterschool Programs

We Come To You During the Fall months, YOACAP will be providing workshops for people in zip codes: 19140, 19132, and 19129. We will be coming to your community events, meetings, or to an event in your neighborhood to provide information directly to your family, friends, and neighbors. Call us @ (215) 851-1968 to schedule a presentation. Learn about jobs, education, and other resources as part of the workshop.

Ann Miller Pamela Munroe Kenzo Nakauntase

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YOACAP has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. We use social media to send information free and quick to people who may need it. When we find out that an employer is hiring, we post it. When there is an internship opportunity that will benefit people, we post that information as well. We are asking you to follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

@Yoacapphilly. We also want you to LIKE our posts so your friends can have the information too. The more resources we can share, the healthier our communities will be.

Trash, Cats, Abandoned Cars?!!!! Do you have graffiti on your walls? Is there a lot of trash in the lot across from your house? Are there 7 or 8 cats running loose on your block? Then you can report these non-police emergencies using your mobile telephone, laptop or desktop computer. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Attend our monthly training and have the direct connection to city services that works for you. Call (215) 851.1968 to attend this training and become a Neighborhood Liaison.

Amity & Drexel Universities We want to thank Drexel University for being there for us. For the past two months, students from MIS 347 @ Drexel have been working with their peers in India to re-create YOACAP’s website. They divided into five groups, to have a friendly competition. They worked endless hours to create five spectacular websites that illustrates our mission, vision and agency culture. This is a good example of how local universities continue to partner with community based organizations to grow businesses globally. Thanks to Amity & Drexel Universities! Look for the new website to be unveiled soon

2 Much Time, Can Lead 2 So Many Things If you are sitting or lying around because you do not know what to do with your time, we have a few solutions. Let us help you find a jobs, internships, or volunteer opportunity. When doing positive things, it often leads to exciting new opportunities. Some may have police records, but there are opportunities for you as well. If you are interested, please call (215) 851.1968 to find out where.

After School Programs For Teens If you have a teenager (14-18) who is trying to improve themselves, enroll them in a FREE program that can support them academically and socially. Youth are exposed to chess, college trips, cooking or home economics, life skills, college prep and more. Students come directly after school and are empowered to achieve and be successful. Our goal is to help them take small steps to be ready for adulthood. For more info, call (215) 851-1968.

YOACAP TIP: Men, 18 years & older, who want to play semipro, full contact football, call (215) 851-1968 to get involved.

How Important is Education? Education can determine your overall health. We understand this and are making every effort to partner with organizations, people or businesses that support informing, educating and engaging people. One of those partners is OIC in North Philadelphia. They provide a host of services, including GED prep and testing. If you are interested in getting your GED or taking college courses, call us at (215) 851.1968 so we can refer you to the right agency for your needs.

HIV– STD Spotlight       

HIV is spread during unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sex with someone who has the virus Symptoms show up several months to several years after contact with the virus that causes AIDS HIV cant be cured. Medicine can help control it. HIV turns into AIDS, which causes illness & even death A mother with HIV can give it to her baby in the womb, during birth or while breast feeding Flu like symptoms can occur when you have HIV To schedule an appointment to get tested for HIV or other STDs, call Tajuana Wall at 215.851.1968 Blood to blood contact including sharing needles with someone who has the virus

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