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Index 1. Who are the Muslims?(Historical background) 2. The significance that Jerusalem haves to the muslims 3. The impact that the crusades had in our group 4. What is your perception of the other groups?

Muslims: Who are the Muslims? Muslims where people that follow Islam, their religion started with Mohammed that he saw the archangel Gabriel that told him the real religion that there was only one god, so after a time of thinking he spread the religion that there was only one god. But the people of there was angry so thy send him to medina, on there he spread the religion to the people and on there he was starting to be believed, so he had followers. So they had a war between them because of religions, the people that follow Mohammed they won so they took power of mecca. So like that it came their religion. After the death of Mohammed came the caliphates of Islam, and they made many achievements to the Islamic people. The caliphates started with Abu Bakr and it end with Ali that was the last caliph. After the death of Ali came the split known like Sunni and Shia. With the split things were start to go bad because they were not united. Then the crusades that affect the Islamic people because they were not prepared, because they were separated.

The significance that Jerusalem haves to the Muslims

Jerusalem wasconsidered a holy city for many religions, but for the Muslims people Jerusalem is a very important and religious place. The events that happened on there were all of Mohammed. On there the Mohamed go a moment of his life. On there he meditates and on there he goes and visits to heaven.

The impact that the crusades had in our group The impact of the crusades on the Muslims were many, during this period of time, all the crusades, make the Muslim people having other thoughts about what they are doing with other religion and even with its own religion, Islam. The first and one of the main impacts that the crusades had on Muslims were that before the crusades start the Muslims were tolerant people with other people and with other religions, but after the crusades the Muslims become less tolerant to other religions so they will not think it twice when they have the chance of tacking Christian land or killing Christians. Now Muslims thing that the Franks are primitive people and when Franks come to the Middle East to spread culture and even religion, Muslims don’t like it because they think that they must not be tolerated I the Muslim community. One of the other impacts that Muslims had during the crusades time was that they gained power. This is because they were winning a lot of battles and gaining land because of this the Muslim community was getting stronger because they were getting united to defeat the

Christians and defend their religion. They were capable to do all this things because of the Jihad; they can conquer land and defeat other communities together to make a stronger religion over all. In this time the Muslim community was the most powerful of all because of all the power that they have gained in battles.

What is your perception of the other groups? Muslims perception of Byzantium is that they want to affect the Islamic image of Byzantium. The earlier image of them is connected with their physical beauty. Another perception is that Byzantines unequaled skill in building, craftsmanship, and painting. Muslims also saw the Byzantines as the most skilled nation in painting. So

before the Crusades, Muslims have a bad perspective about Byzantines. Muslims think that they have accusations of sexual immorality, lack of generosity, treachery, and women's improper behavior. Then, after the Crusades, Muslims start getting a better perspective of Byzantines. Muslims start focusing more in their incredible architecture, and other cultural things because they were getting impressed about all the things that they can do. With Jews, it was almost the opposite. Before the Crusades, Muslims accepted Jews to live in their empire, but Jews need to follow their rules. They not tolerate each other so much. During the Crusades Muslims started losing their empire and Jews decided to help them to protect the Muslim empire. So after the crusades, these two groups were friends. About the Franks; the Franks are enemies for the Muslims

because of all the historical fighting that they have fought. But Muslims also have a very low perspective of the Franks, Muslims see them as animals possessing the virtues of courage and fighting, but nothing else; just animals.

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During the Crusades Time


During the Crusades Time