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PBL Process Project Based Learning is a learning process with five steps. 1. Read your entry document that was given.

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2. Write a list that includes stuff you know about the document. 3. Write a list that includes stuff you need to know about the document. 4. Write your problem statement. 5. Find out your next steps. PBL helps students teach themselves how to solve real life situations.

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Welcome to New Tech at Ardis. We are built on nine 21st century skills and three essential principles. We are a unique school with new techniques and technology.

By Kelsey Scott

21st Century Skills Collaboration • Two or more people working together for the same goal. • Sharing knowledge • Requires leadership • The more the collaboration, the better the project.

Use of Technology • Using 21st century technology • Using it to get things done.

Three Essential Principles Trust We have confidence with our classmates to be responsible , we can rely on them, and we are respectful to them.

Respect We respect each others thoughts, feelings, and personality. We also respect ourselves.

Responsibility Work Ethic • Working hard to get something done. • Not procrastinating.

We can trust people with our projects to be done on time. We need to be responsible with our technology we are given.

Connections At New Tech, we are not only fellow classmates but we are friends with each other. We can trust each other to get things done and we work together well. I enjoy everybody here and all the classes. I recommend New Tech to any incoming freshman and their family.

Sigma Kelsey S