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Biolit brochure CLASS:OMEGA

by:Masad!q Muhammed Biolit

Due no ealier $an 10/7/10

SCIENTIFIC METHOD There are 5 steps to the scientific method.

Graduated cylinders are used to measure the volume of objects.

1 . Ask a Question Ask what your doing or want to do. 2.Do research. Research what your looking for like tools or chemicals or if you should use caution with what your doing. 3. Make a hypothesis. Write down or store what you think is going happen. 4.Do an experiment. Test your hypothesis. 5 . Write down the results. Put the results in a safe place.

Rulers are used for measuring things in inches and centimeters.

Beakers are used for holding liquids and pouring liquids.It s also used for holding rapid changing temperatures in liquids.

3 h#r

Biolit Dependent brochureand independent variables. Independent variables are what the person changes.Dependent are the ones that are the outcome.

Peters Problem Real life situation

Peter has been working on the assembly line for 15 years at a toy factory.He thinks if he looked more professional one day Mea surin g t a p e i s u s e d f o r

was the heat would transfer into

measuring how long or tall

the other cup. We did the

something is.

experiment and were right. Heat

1.Question:Will his Idea work?

transfer was an experiment

2.Research if he looks professional will he get promoted.

where we got two cups of water

3.If he works efficiently and looks professional he ll get

one hot and one cold . We had to


measure the temperature with a

4.Peter gets promoted from working efficiently and looking

thermometer and we had to


write down the temperature

5.He posts what he did on to show other people.

every minute.

The independent Variable is peter being professional.

Labs 1 . The question was how can we stack the liquids.Then we tested the experiment.We made a hypothesis of what we thought was going to happen. We did the experiment .The stacking liquids

and did his work better he ll get noticed and get promoted.

The dependent variable is him getting promoted.

was an experiment where we had to get water beakers that all had different color water. We had to stack them on top of each other in a graduated cylinder like the photo on the right.


2 .The question was how can we


transfer the heat. We made a hypothesis


Doesn’t change

BOTH something goes in and out.

 VARIABLES output Changes


Biolit Due no ealier $an 10/7/10 CLASS:OMEGA Ask what your doing or want to do. There are 5 steps to the scientific method. Research what yo...