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Science Tools

Method Rulers: They are used to measure smaller areas that can be measured in inches or centimeters.

Safety goggles: They are used in all labs. We use them to protect our eyes during experiments.

Brochure Karl McAllister Jr

Beakers: Used to measure amounts of liquids.

10-7-10 1st hr BioLit Balance: Used to measure the weight of objects.

Scientific Method

Heat Transfer Lab

Stacking Liquids

Step 1. Make observations • different colored liquids • some were more clear than others Step 2. Ask a question. Step 2. Ask a question Ask a question about what your doing with the • How can we stack the liquids materials. so that they are on top of each other? Step 3. Hypothesis Step 3. Hypothesis Make if...then....because statement. If we maybe put the less dense ones on top we will be able to Step 4. Test the hypothesis have them stack. Test your if then statement. Step 1. Make observation Step 4. Test the hypothesis One cup was hot and one was cold. The metal bar Try putting the liquids in the test Step 5. Conclusion was cold at first. tube in a way that they might Tell wether your hypothesis was true or not. Step 2. Ask a question stack. How can we make the heat from the hot water Step 5. Conclusion Independent and Dependent transfer to the cold water? The hypothesis was some what Step 3. Hypothesis Variable true.You had to have a certain If we heat the water hot enough and but a conductor Independent variable: The factor that is changed by the order of stacking them for it to between both of them then the water will transfer. person who is doing the experiment. work. Step 4. Test the hypothesis Put the metal in both cups of water. Then put hot Dependent variable: The factor which is measured in the water in one and cold water in the other. experiment. Step 5. Conclusion The hypothesis was right. If you heat hot water hot enough and put a conductor between them it will transfer. Step 1. Make observations. Observe your materials.

Real life situation using the Scientific Method Step 1. Make observation We are making a camp fire. Its cold outside. We have a lot of fire wood. Step 2. Ask a question How will we make the fire last using not a lot of fire wood? Step 3. Hypothesis If we put a lot on at one time then it will maybe burn hotter and longer. Step 4. Test the hypothesis Made a fire and put lots of wood on there. Step 5. Conclusion It did work. The fire went longer without having to put more on there.


 Karl McAllister Jr Science Tools 10-7-10 1st hr BioLit Beakers: Used to measure amounts of liquids. Balance: Used to measure the weigh...

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